Selco on Martial Law: Forget Your “Movie Illusions About Being a Freedom Fighter”

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    This report was originally published by Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper

    Selco interviewed by Daisy Luther

    Let’s talk about martial law. This is when the normal law of the land is suspended and the authority comes from the military or federal government.

    One recent example of undeclared martial law in the US was when the police were looking for the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing and went door to door, forcing innocent people to come outside with their hands on their heads at gunpoint, while their homes were searched without warrants. 

    It turns out that many of us have some serious misconceptions of what it’s really like to live through a martial law situation. I asked Selco, who has personally been through it, to clear up the myths and tell us what it’s actually like. You can always count on him for the unvarnished truth, and that’s what we need to be prepared to survive extreme situations.

    Would you say that your city in Bosnia was under martial law for any part of your ordeal? How long did it last?

    During Yugoslav wars, in different regions (states) based on particular timing and events you can say that martial law was in place, or “state of direct war threat” as some call it here.

    There were different “stages” or even levels of it, but one common fact is that during that all normal civil rights and laws were completely and absolutely a matter of the will of the “war government.” (Or “military council” or “war headquarters”.)

    The names were different for different regions, even cities, but the results were the same.

    In the case of my city in that particular time, it was “war government” that had little influence on ordinary citizen simply because there were too many factions.

    But prior to that time and after that year I experienced and went through something that looks more like real “martial law” as your readership imagines it.

    Many people in the prepper community think they’ll be able to take on the militarized police or army rather than bending to the new rules. How do you think that will go? Can you give any examples of people attempting to defy the military?

    Yes, I am aware that lot of preppers imagine martial law to be like some black and white situation (with clear causes, solutions, and views). In reality, it is quite different.

    It is a situation where all stakes are much higher, and solutions-actions  that the government ( ruling  party, military leaders or whoever in your case) wants to achieve will be attempted with all means. That can include some new rules where what you think about it usually does not mean anything.

    Lot of preppers think about “martial law” but in reality they think about it still in normal terms, with rights, law, constitution, and rules…

    You cannot defy military , at least not openly, because they will deal with you fast and efficiently. In times like that it is so easy to get labeled that you are dangerous, an enemy of the state, a terrorist or anything similar, and most probably you will not have any help.

    Forget about the movie illusions of openly being a freedom fighter.

    No matter how well-organized you are, those who impose martial law have better organization than you. Remember that martial law usually means an information blackout.  “They” will own information and present it to the public the way that they want to present it.

    There are a lot of myths about martial law in prepper lore.  Can you discuss a few of them?

    In my opinion here are few really widespread myths in prepper movement about martial law:

    “The UN will somehow “occupy” my land, impose martial law.”

    When it comes to martial law I would choose to be worried about my own government first when times get really hard. That’s because most probably your freedom will be taken by those people through the martial law so they can achieve they own goals, or in order to stay in power when all goes to s..t.

    It is not about who lives where, and what kind of system you have, and how much you love your country. It is about powerful people staying in power when times get really hard, even if that means taking all your rights and eliminating all possible threats from the common folks.

    Patriotism does not have anything to do with that.

    While you are looking for some outside “exotic” threat, the danger may be next to you all the time.

    “I will recognize the threat (coming martial law, repression etc), and fight against it.”

    Most probably you won’t because it will be arranged into something easily “digestible.”

    For example, it will be a fight against terrorism, foreign threat, patriotism euphoria, or something similar, and then one day you’ll realize you are living in the middle of “no more rights” situation. Maybe even you’ll even be labeled as an enemy of the state simply because you have a weapon, or an off-grid retreat or similar.

    Do not expect to see one day a big neon sign that says “martial law is coming”, because it will be smartly packaged into something reasonable and understandable. And most probably it will not be called martial law.

    It will be packaged in a way that most people will actually welcome it, because they will not recognize what is actually, and those who openly recognize it and call it by its real name will be the first in danger.

    The majority of people will look for it and ask for it, because they will think it will resolve a hard situation.

    If you are going to be able to fight it, most probably you’ll have to fight it in a silent way, like a real underground resistance movement.

    “I just need to obey the rules and look after my own business and all will be fine.”

    Actually yes, this is true. But it is hard to obey rules when those rules actually take all of your freedoms.

    One of the first actions in martial law situations is to eliminate possible threats – or let’s say “subversive elements”.

    It can be done in a soft way by shutting down free press. for example. Or making you obedient (docile) by taking away your resources, and making you dependant on resources that they will give you. Or it can be done the hard way by making “problematic” people “disappear” after raids for example.

    You can be that problematic man if you are openly opposed to them taking your rights, if you have other political opinions, are in the prepper movement, or similar.

    Maybe you are already on some list of “emergency detention people” in case of an event.

    Run away, or obey publicly while you are silently working whatever you can against it.

    You simply need to be grey.

    What is life really like under martial law?

    There are two faces of it:

    The outside face: martial law is there because of whatever reason. There are new rules, and if you obey all will be fine.

    The real face: martial law means whatever they want at a particular moment. For example, the military may confiscate all your food and meds and you’ll be hungry and sick the day after. Or you may be detained for as long is necessary, or even killed.

    The real problem is that in the case of serious martial law for a prolonged time (nothing like bad weather event or similar) people will hear only information that “they” want you to hear (remember free press and speech is gone). So it will be quite easy to after some time to make the majority of people to believe in whatever they want them to.

    It is really scary how easy it is to make people believe in something ridiculous if that is repeated enough times and i the situation is out of ordinary.

    There was a period in time during martial law here in my region when the order was that people were to leave all doors (on houses and apartments) unlocked and only partially closed (ajar) because the authority issued an order that all folks are subject to house searches at any moment. The authority did not want to lose time breaking through the door. Any closed and locked door would be considered a threat and would be attacked.

    Now you can say “I will defend my home”, but I will say that if you are already caught in that situation (you did not bug out somewhere or you do not have a big organization) you will simply die, and everybody else in that house will too, because you’ll be labeled an enemy of the state or a terrorist.

    Homes like that did not even get searched or checked. They were blown up from the outside.

    You were labeled simply as a threat.

    Just obey in situations like that.

    How much do the laws change?

    There are no “laws.” There are proclamations which direct your aspects of living. You obey or you are a target.

    In some of the regions here where martial law was in rule but still no real war or violence, the press that still worked had completely identical headlines, full of praise for the rulers, generals or those in power.

    It was ridiculous to see the same stuff in every newspaper, but people read it. Actually, most people, after some time, believed it.

    That is scary.

    I remember the case of one journalist who opposed ruling people in some article in his newspaper.

    A few days after, he disappeared. Later he was found dead. He had been tortured.

    Years later the truth emerged that the ruling party leader paid a few criminals to do that.

    But what was really scary is fact that in the moment of his death most of the common folks commented with words like, “He got what he deserved” and  “he was traitor.”

    The point is that after some time of living in martial law conditions, a lot of people start to believe all that is “for their own good.” They are ready to get rid of everybody who thinks differently, even if that means one day they will be next who will “disappear.”

    The sad truth is that a majority of people are sheep.

    How does martial law hamper your efforts to survive?

    It is completely opposite to what survival movement is about.

    A big part of survival is having the means to be independent, self-sufficient, and ready all the time.

    Martial law is about having people under control, with less than needed resources(so they can be controlled by it), with constant fear and threats of the unknown. It is about taking your rights and freedoms.

    It is about control.

    You are not in control anymore. You are not in control of your life.

    Were there ways that people got around the rules of martial law or were able to fight back? 

    Yes, but you are going to be “outlawed” and hunted like a mad dog. You’ll be labeled as a “great danger” and you will not have any rights at all in terms of expecting to be spared.

    It is (again) how strong you or your group is, if you are common man with family, you need to obey or look like you obey.

    If you have some organization, maybe a prepper group, and you belong to something bigger and stronger, then your options are different.

    But the big thing here that you’ll be labeled by the majority of folks as a “enemy” or “terrorist” or” lunatic” or whatever because it is what majority of folks are going to believe. In times like that, the majority of folks will obey because of blind trust, fear, or simple stupidity.

    Are members of the military held to different standards of behavior during a martial law situation?

    Yes, there were different actions from them based on the individuals who were in charge during the particular situation.

    There were cases of soldiers rejecting orders from some officers because they felt it was against everything they were taught.

    Usually those soldiers disappeared too.

    Military was big machinery, and parts of that machinery operated on orders like any military. In martial law times, orders are rarely questioned because punishments for that were hard.

    Can you tell us anything else about this?

    Do not adopt opinions about some romantic version of martial law, because that does not exist.

    You as an individual may have huge preps and means and plans, but in a martial law situation, you are way to small to count on any real results if you try taking your rights and freedoms back.

    More from Selco 

    More information about Selco

    Selco survived the Balkan war of the 90s in a city under siege, without electricity, running water, or food distribution.

    In his online works, he gives an inside view of the reality of survival under the harshest conditions. He reviews what works and what doesn’t, tells you the hard lessons he learned, and shares how he prepares today.

    He never stopped learning about survival and preparedness since the war. Regardless what happens, chances are you will never experience extreme situations like Selco did. But you have the chance to learn from him and how he faced death for months.

    Real survival is not romantic or idealistic. It is brutal, hard and unfair. Let Selco take you into that world.

    Read more of Selco’s articles here:

    And take advantage of a deep and profound insight into his knowledge and advice by signing up for the outstanding and unrivaled online course. More details here:

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      1. STOP the FEAR PORN!!!! There is not enough man power or resources to declare martial law over the entire US. Just stop dammit.

        • Selco is full of shit. He claims he lived through a civil order breakdown, yes, but his go-to solution is usually to keep your head down and do nothing and hope you don’t get noticed. But almost everyone gets noticed eventually. Other people have lived through similar events and tried more proactive strategies, like organizing their community against the tyrants (the villagers that organized successfully against cartels in Mexico are one example). Hiding in your little secret hole in the ground only works for a little while. If you are dealing with tyranny that might last for generations, you have to do something about it or die trying. There’s no other option.

        • The author forgets that just 3% of the population took on the most powerful army in the world at that time – the British and won.

      2. Selco, thanks for another great article but I don’t go to movies or have any illusions about what’s coming. And I WILL be problematic for whatever new ‘authorities’ come along claiming they can do whatever they please. Things don’t work that way with me. As long as they avoid contact with me they get to live. If they want to screw around and try to do something to me then I have bullets with their names on them.

        • You really didn’t read this, did you?

          • haha, I read it and I gave my response to it. I don’t follow orders from anyone. I’m not someone’s mindless robot. I’m not someone’s toy to play with. F#$% with me and you die, plain and simple.

          • JS, good video. That will be mine also.

        • Selco’s first mistake was living in the City. Here in the country there are NO Police. And only about 1 County Deputy per 1000 people. Most everybody in the Country has many weapons. And we dont call 911 out here. Yes learn from Selco’s mistakes and miscalculations. Any body trespasses on my Property gets shot. Any questions. My weapons are better than those cops have in grey in the photo. Put up another motion detector on the canal. Anybody comes up will be surveiled at a rifle point. Step on my bank and he gets lead poisoning. Make sure you have plenty of No Trespass signs up for olenty of warning.

          • actually guy – the WROL was 10X worse in the rural/small village areas during the Balkan Wars – whole village populations were decimated – single farm houses didn’t fair much better …

            by percentage – the city population survived better ….

      3. Good article. Very sobering.

        • Sounds like his experience was lawless bullies, not martial law.

          Americans think of Martial Law because be think the government will be the bad guy.

          I personally think it will be a lack of functioning government where people openly disregard regular laws and don’t have any repercussions.

          This will lead to pseudo governments forming….. Like drug cartels running Mexico.

      4. Seems a large % of your preps need to be buried way out in the woods?

      5. Selco – as always, you’ve nailed down many good points. One question I’d ask you. In Bosnia, did you start off – the chaos, war, civil collapse – with the country as patriotic as it is here in the US? Granted fully half of Americans are registered not so; but, there is a very large number that are true patriots. I’ve often wondered if your nation had the same …… inner feeling of love of their country when it began over there. I agree that to be a freedom fighter could very well be a fantasy that will kill many; but again I must ask, here – in America – is there not a difference? I may be kidding myself; but, I think there is.

        • yes, there will be a difference here in america….it will be MUCH worse, because we don’t have any core values here anymore….watch black-eye-day videos of walmart to get your clue.

      6. Yes….I too will be “problematic”. If I had lived in Boston when they issued the “shelter-in-place” (martial law) order, I would NOT allow them to enter my home without a warrant. If you try to break in you will be SHOT on site. AND, I will leave my home when I dam well want to. Try and detain me, and you will be SHOT on site. The scary thing about Boston is that almost everyone complied with their illegal order…..making the ones that didn’t comply an extreme minority, and vulnerable.
        This country is filled with Sheeple, and we are ripe for a dictatorship. That’s the scary part.!!!

        • J: the sad truth is that YOU would of ultimately been the dead one my friend…they always get your ass eventually – just saying.

          • Yep! J is a dead man walking! “I will fight to the end!” Boom! The End….

        • The Cities are full of compliant Lackeys. FagsNPussies. Thats why they live in the city. They cant think for themselves and need lots of instructions laws and policies. Everything has to be convenient so they have more time to eat TV Dinners and watch Lie TV and play video games. Those in the City are screwed in any collapse, huddled and corraled like cattle to slaughter.

      7. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote this…put it to memory in case one day TSHTF….remember it…it’s the only way to make the machine run off course. Rolling over will make the process easy for those in charge.

        “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

        • Well said. That is Selco’s point—not one person but the entire community. That will never happen just as it did not for Alex S. We in America have a vast multitude who will believe the new order hs something wonderful to give them—like a free cell phone!

      8. I just wonder what would happen if all the Gangs of ALL cities and all the (sick) people that will kill whomever,, would only go after the Rich and Elite,, I have assumed that the masters want us to kill each other and not look their way,, Hypothetically speaking what would happen,, sorry a little off topic verylittle

        • The rich and the elite are using the gangs and knuckle-draggers for Divide and Conquer. The Martial law goons will be on the side of the gangs just as the traitorous US special Ops are on the side of ISIS in Syria. The US elite will use the lowest common denominators to kill the middle class. That
          is the whole idea behind Obama and Hoder’s Operation Fast and Furious.

        • In the eyes of desperate drug addicts, vicious drifters, and career criminals, YOU are “rich” because you have a roof over your head and a little money in your pocket.

          To those who have nothing, everyone who reads this site is a “fat cat” and a target.

          Perspective is often a two-edged sword…..

      9. Always read everything Selco had to say about prepping and a war type SHTF – and agreed with him a majority of the time …

        But – the USA is not the Balkans – we don’t have a history of being occupied and subjugated under foreign and dictator rule …. and by last count there 300 MILLION guns under civilian control – if there was ever a country better determined and equipped to counter an unlawful martial law – it’s the USA …

        • 300 Million they think they know about

          and I believe this is whats stroking them out , they dont know about the many many not registered, or home built
          as the technology advances in this country , many people are currently building their own , off the records and off paper and completely legal ( Fk em anyways if it weren’t)

          This computer age , smart people , a CNC machine and much of the gun technology isnt all that hard to understand and build if you have any smarts

          The Tyrants see what they think is a problem , only to find its much bigger then they realize , and they are having a fit over it

          LOL i laugh in their faces , and if ever given the chance to produce my own .. I’d definitely do it

          • After bump stocks, they’ll probably go after the 80% lowers next, and ban all unlicensed home manufacturing. Maybe their next false flag staged shooting will be done with a home fabricated off the books firearm just to drive their agenda.

            And then after that, home ammo reloading. Their bullshit will never stop. Soon it will be time to put the second ammendment to its intended use.

      10. These are the best articles

      11. Yeah good read but this is also America, the most well armed private populace in all of history not to mention entirely different geographic variables than in Bosnia. There’s a reason for the urgency/movement to disarm Americans…TPTB know their success depends on it. 3% participation isn’t unrealistic and would certainly be a problem to deal with..just look how much trouble the worlds leading military had occupying Afghanistan/Iraq…ultimately its the fear/compliance of the people that martial law relies on to be effective, if large enough %s refuse to comply it spells failure..better to die on our feet than live on our knees. None of us are getting out of this life alive anyway, might as well stand for something that might positively impact the future of humanity rather than contribute to its eventual demise. Long live freedom of the individual

      12. “Need to obey,or look like you obey.” Makes sense. Nothing short of an all out guerrilla war and that is what it will be. Shades of gray, trust very few, suspect everyone, no illusions, give no quarter, trust in God, your weapon and yourself.

      13. This article only reinforces what I’ve always believed martial law would be like, it would be whatever the martial law authority say it is – mostly arbitrary, and based on what is happening at a particular moment. Preppers WILL BE one of the first targets. Under the guise of “lawful authority” they could take your food, medicine, fuel, vehicles, guns, whatever could use for themselves. However, they wouldn’t be the worst, in urban areas there would also be hardcore violent gangs to strip away anything they want; they will steal, kill, torture, rape, and take your wife and daughter. It goes without saying the worse it gets the more ruthless and desperate it would be.
        It’s not enough to plan, to prep, and accumulate all necessary materials/supplies, that’s the easy part. You would have to find a way to hide it and keep, and maintain security for your goods and those with you. Once it appears the sh*t is really getting ready to hit the fan it would also be wise to preemptively identify and deal with any local threats. Once TSHTF you better be part of a large group who have weapons and know how to fight if necessary, or else have already bugged out to a safe predetermined location that is stocked. If not, later when you have nothing to offer but hungry mouths you’ll be told to move on.
        Most of all, you will have to be smart, be able to adapt to really horrible situations (mentally, emotionally, and psychologically), and be willing to do anything for you and yours to survive.
        In Bosnia and the surrounding region when it was finally all over, gang members, marauders, trouble makers, and abusers, with many of their family members, were hunted down and rounded up by the locals, and promptly shot.
        Fortunately, I believe a scenario as described in this article is not soon likely, and not likely to occur in all areas. Many areas would probably have some semblance of order with no martial law. We Southerners would know how to survive.

      14. Our revolutionary war was going against the greatest military power on the planet, And obviously a lost at the first shot fiasco? And after 7 years of losing , won. Semper fi.? Christmas dinner at valley forge was a spoonful of rice? The tribulation will be the worse 7 years? This planet has ever seen ?And what’s nesesary to end satanic rule? Semper Fi?

      15. There is really only one “freedom” I would be concerned about. That is Don’t come in my house.

        Outside of that, who gives a shit. I can do what ever I want in my house and nobody would know about it. Be when they knock and want to come in, then it is do or die.

      16. ht tps://

      17. Good article!
        But I fear most readers will simply ignore it.

      18. The U.S. military all ready lost a policing action (martial law) once to freedom fighters. They were called the Viet Cong.

        • But do Americans have that same zeal and fortitude to fight for their freedom? Does America have enough forest and wilderness left for hiding? First and foremost we American patriots need some kind of organization and communication to make the joint effort it will take to destroy and conquer the evil agenda of our government. I don’t see any organization, if so, how will you know who you can trust. The only thing I do know right now is my family will fight to the death taking as many of them as we can with us. We would rather be dead than be slaves.

      19. This is absolutely true for city-dwellers.

      20. Really good piece and accurate.

        I was trained by those who implemented martial law in my home country in the early 1970s and then I served overseas doing this to other countries. 99% of the population get in line. That is a fact. I have worked with many Americans over the years and can catagorically say the average American male is a flaming coward and a douche bag. They will get in line.

        We used to train in urban areas doing patrols in the evening and at night. Nobody saw us because everyone was watching TV. We learned how to move quietly through major cities and to do snatches: quiet grabbing of dissenters who would then be disappeared. Bodies can be got rid of easily.

        But controlling a civ pop is a science and the military is the expert on this. There are some political activists who stir up trouble but today’s political activists are total pussies compared to what we faced in the late 60s/early 70s (hardcore Maoists, Marxists, Red Brigade etc.). As for those GIANT FLAMMERS who call themselves Islamic Radicals: that is nothing but a giant homo hop and 99% of them are on the government’s take.

        Watch the film Taps to see what happens to ‘heroic preppers’ in a martial law scenario.

      21. I have had quite enough of SELCO. The conditions he lived under have no relation whatsoever to those in the United States. He grew up in a Communist police state, an artificial creation with a subservient and disarmed population. There will be no repeat of his experiences here.

        • Awe did selco disappoint you with reality.
          Take away your Daryl Dixon fantasy
          It behooves you to pay attention. His story rings true. Some folks have this very dangerous idea that one day there will be tanks and UN troops marching down your street. NEVER HAPPEN. NO MAD MAX No RED DAWN. Your shiny new 300 win mag will probably never fire a shot unless of course after the take your weapon away they shoot you and your family with it to save bullets you know.
          Imagine that eh, every 3rd family executed on their front lawn. You’ll give up the guns and rat on anyone that has them.
          That’s the truth.

      22. She’s right up there with Tarot Readers, Nirubu freaks and Three Card Monty.

      23. Whoooa, I see she is hawing her product at the end of her INFOMERCIAL.

      24. I respect Selco, but in this case he is talking about the success of Martial Law in his town. Prior tot he conflict, no one had guns, food or supplies. Its easy for a government to shoot you, starve you and arrest you, when you do not have a way to make them pay for their actions.

        America is not that way.

      25. Pretty much what I’ve been saying the whole time get out run and hide.
        Try to fight you die.
        I kinda get the feeling that alot of folks are disappointed in selcos description of martial law. Anyone who fights will be burnt out. Exactly how many of us have fireproof and bullet proof walls. NONE

        • ” Exactly how many of us have fireproof and bullet proof walls”

          well… actually…

        • Made me think of Waco Texas! They were burned out, just like Chris Donner.

          “Anyone who fights will be burnt out. Exactly how many of us have fireproof and bullet proof walls. NONE”

          Also, what happens if they storm your home at 6 a.m. ACP rolls up, 10 stack right of your door with orders to “shoot to kill” who’s bullet proof at 6 a.m.? Best sleep with your AR500 plates on.

          “War is hell”.

      26. I am 63 when martial law comes my survival will only be a priority for one person, ME. I have no plans to storm the stormtroopers. The Bastille took a horde of revolutionaries. I will be carefully seeking the horde.

      27. Problem with being in an organisation that’s illegal; there is always one or more rat that will give you away. A valid resistance will only rise from normal people who were fully part of the system and who are disgusted by the new one. The real resistants are people who don’t even know yet that they’ll resist. You can meet them in your political party, in your church, kids’ school, voluntary organisation, etc.

      28. How good is your gas mask? Not for tear gas: nerve gas! The US military has destroyed thousands of tons of useless, now illegal, nerve gas over the years. BUT it has replaced ALL OF IT with new even more effective replacements! Bullets with a nerve agent in them where one or two rounds through a wall will make your house un-survivable without full protective gear! Remember, NO war crimes laws will be in effect to prevent them using these weapons against you! You with your thousands of 224 bullets and your AR will be thrashing around on the floor, dead in minutes, not even knowing where the deadly bullets came from!

      29. these comments are great. not one analytical or thoughtful response (or any indication the article was actually read), just more “I’m Billy Badass and I’ll kill the entire Chinese army barehanded if they come onto my property”.

        Seriously, its time for some introspection. Even if you chose to throw your life away, you will be dumped into a nameless pit, not remembered as a “freedom fighter”.

        Consider… how much of a positive change to the situation could you effect by remaining alive rather than being black bagged?

        • I’ve said all this before, you can’t take on the military. You’ll be routed out or just burned alive inside.there will be no heroic freedom fighters because there is no central leadership and if there was who would follow ; ie, all the individual thinkers. Who would supply it with food weapons medicine. If your unfortunate enough to live in a city and its locked down selco is right keep your head down and blend in. Bugging out depending on where you live could be a problem as well.
          -30 middle of winter not likely your getting far. Of course this all assumes fully implemented m/l with a strong gov.
          If your out on a farm chances are a drone has you and your property pegged your machinery animals fuel supplies.
          I honestly do think if at all possible have a small cabin off grid off paper and try to slip out as quickly and quietly as possible. Farms will most certainly be patrolled weekly especially if they think there is a threat.
          As for bring “problematic” the only problem your gonna cause is the inconvenience of the guy who’s job it is to deal with ” problematic people”
          So: he’s 5 min late for dinner that night.

      30. Many responses from people with their heads still up their bung holes! Selco is right on. Start waving your gun and you will die. Some of the best prep/survival advice comes from those few who teach, “Become the Grey Man.”
        NOW, if you want to get some training from movies watch those about the resistors in Nazi Germany. I suggest “Max Manus, Man of War.” As you watch notice most of these men and women were young and almost all were killed, but they took a toll on the Nazis.

      31. Good article and helpful to dispel many “notions of glory” held by preppers and armchair patriots. The Balkans were more of a civil war along factional lines of religion/ethnicity not so much imposed martial law from a cohesive centralized authority. Our USA situation may be regionalized martial law after a disaster or less likely nationwide imposed by DC. In the first case keeping your head down is probably the right idea if however DC goes unconstitutional I suspect things will be much more difficult for the authorities. Sure the cities will be easily controllable through control of resources but outside of the cities partisans will rule the night and like every guerrilla movement choose the time and place of engagement. Gray men will be helpful. I think this is extremely unlikely unless we get an EMP or an asteroid.

      32. I usually like selcos stories but trying to equate his experience with martial law has no resemblance to what would happen here, except, maybe, in the few cities they chose to hold. First of all, the military is NOT, for the most part, going to obey laws imposing martial law on people not breaking The law, they are not unthinking monkeys. Maybe in the cities to quell the natives from looting and rioting, maybe but they aren’t sweeping the country trying to impose martial law. Neither the manpower nor the will exists in any anywhere near the amount needed to come even remotely close to affecting martial law on the whole country.

      33. When this goes down there will be no news ,internet or phone service. The military and police will take out areas one by one . You won’t have a huge patriotic response because no one will know what’s happening. Probably the government will false flag some kind of threat. In each area they will call all the patriots to come out because they need help fighting ,fill in the blank enemy, then wipe them out. If all American patriots started fighting back at the same time throughout the country all at once they could win. Sadly you won’t get the chance.

      34. Roger that on the drones, that’s some scary tech. They can shoot you from 2 miles up and you won’t hear them coming. Military has all the toys, thermal night vision is the norm. The tech is so affordable now people are using them for hunting on their AR10’s and AR15’s, imagine what the military has?

        7 years of tribulation is right!

        Never forget what selco said a while ago. I’m paraphrasing.

        “The rambo’s were all killed in a month after SHTF started, we could smell them rotting in the streets.”

        “What do you do when you see a tank rolling down your street with a platoon of soldiers? That changes everything and all plans go out the window!”

      35. WTF? What, some folks on here sound like a bunch of cowards and losers. Run to your hidey hole, don’t speak out, don’t organize a resistance. Sure keep a low profile, but If enough fight, we (Americans), will eventually win a war with a tyrannical martial law goverment. You need to be getting ready, not only with weapons, ammo, chow, meds, commo, fuel, seeds and what have you, but in physical fitness, your mind and HEART. When your body is giving out and your mind turns to mush only what you have in your HEART is all that will get you through.
        YOU CAN RESIST!!
        NEVER GIVE UP!!
        You do not have to be a Green Beret, Ranger, Seal or Rambo. You should not go quietly, if enough will stand up, we can WIN!
        3% defeated the British and my fellow Special Forces Brothers are not going to let our founding fathers down. If the SHTF, for real, join with us, we are everywhere in the USA, and defend our FREEDOM.

        • Special Forces, Many times I have informed people here about these forces you speak of. But most live in a distorted sort of prepper fantasy and are not capable of much of anything to include thinking correctly. If you have already given up in your own mind, you are already done and will be a victim.

          Selco has changed his stance or position on various matters and subjects many times. I had him up at my site with links for a long while and then I realized he is not a real person, just a created character like Tyler Durden is not a real person or Mac Slavo for the matter is likely not a real person ?

          Preppers are not the real thinkers, not even close. They are usually not the doers as well, just another form of the herd and talkers.

          It is possible some people might think there is or was a reason to hide ones true identity back in the Obama days. Not any more and I have never done so even back then nor will I ever ! I have also been one of the loudest an clearest voices against the maniacs for years now and likely far more effective than most of you can grasp. Stop living in the echo chamber and do something REAL !

          Daisy is simply a person that got caught up in the initial prepper fantasy created by the Obama fears that were quite real. She does put out some good food related stuff and general homesteading things. But she has zero experience in anything else and no clue about anything else, thus supposed interviews with a supposed person like Selco. She is simply trying to keep her stuff alive. Nearly every prepper site will be gone soon as many are already gone for good reasons.

      36. Hard to imagine any of you believe this crap. Daisy and Selco are a joke. There was not one word that actually revealed anything at all. Pure BS.

      37. So, this Selco tells you to give your freedoms up and live like a slave. NO. Not gonna happen selco. ragtag goat herders in Afghanistan beat the Russian army. So, did the North Vietnamese when they defeated the United states. Gorilla warfare will win. So, i cant believe you would suggest the people to give up. Are you writing this piece for the New world order or soros?

        And another thing Selco. Those people in Boston were pussies. They could have said no, but they let the police do this to them. I would rather live like a lion for a day than a sheep for a 1000.

      38. Selco.

        Heard of some goat herders in Afghanistan called ‘The Taliban’?

        They seem to have been putting up a pretty good ‘resistance.’

        For centuries.

      39. Sounds like Selco country didn’t have a 2nd amendment…we do and the outcome will be different!!!

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