Segregated: White Students Banned From Student Lounge At D.C. University: “Nothing More Important Than Being A Multicultural Campus”

by | May 18, 2017 | Headline News | 77 comments

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    As tolerance spreads across the United States, universities and their progressive student bodies are coming up with new and innovative ways to ensure a positive multi-cultural experience for everyone… unless you happen to be a Caucasian.

    At the American University in Washington, D.C., which is home to about 13,000 of our best and brightest, administrators and student activists have determined that the best way to ensure a a fair and equal environment is to ban all white people from their new student lounge. The meeting area, ironically named “The Bridge,” opened a couple of months ago as a place for people to gather, study and even sing on open mic nights.

    But shortly after its opening, the following sign, apparently with the blessing of school administrators, appeared around campus. It designates the new lounge as a safe space and sanctuary for people of color.

    In short: No Whites Allowed.


    WND reports:

    American University in Washington, D.C., has reportedly banned white students from using its new “student lounge” for the spring semester, according to the College Fix.

    The lounge, which is called “The Bridge,” opened just six weeks ago. It is planned to be “a community space that student organizations can use however they would like,” with open mic nights, slam poetry and “other student initiated programming,” Darcy Frailey, associate director for facilities and other event services, told the Eagle, American University’s student news site. The lounge seats 80 people and features large working tables, comfortable sofas and chairs, coffee tables, a television and a large stage for events. School officials said they plan to hire students who qualify for the federal work-study program to work at “The Bridge.”

    American University Provost Scott Bass agreed to the students’ demands. Bass said the college also signed a contract with Ibram X. Kendi, author of “Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America,” to begin an anti-racism center on the school’s campus.

    “There’s nothing more important, in terms of my administration, than being a multicultural campus,” Bass reportedly told the student protesters.

    For over half a century Americans have enjoyed equal protection under the law, regardless of the color of their skin. These were rights that countless citizens of all colors fought for since long before the civil war.

    We have made leaps and bounds in the way of creating a society that respects the religious and cultural backgrounds of all of our citizens.

    We even elected a President of African American descent, something that would not have been possible without the support of voters of all colors and creeds.

    Yet, it appears that all of that “progress” has led to this…


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      1. Cant even educate stupid

        • White people have been cowardly tax slaves their entire life, no reason to change now?

          • Speak for your fucking self only. I’m waiting for the trigger so I can kill these fuckers by the dozens.

            • ??

            • Agree Menzo,
              But could you start with that idiot that stated “White people have been cowardly tax slaves their entire life…”


              • “As tolerance spreads across the United States…”

                And as intolerance spreads across dog s*** websites like this, Poor white trash like you get your knickers in a knot

                • Just wait til you are staring down a barrel, Peter.

                • And just exactly what that make you? The supreme tolerant leftist of colors?

                  When slinging mud, be prepared to eat some.

                  Also, agree with Menzo. You need to see this from a very different and unique perspective.

              • Anxiously awaiting open hostility to ensue. A civil war is the only way we can hunt these leftists , freaks and traitors down and eliminate them.

                • It would appear that it was the altruistic European peoples all along who were serious about equality. The left, which included many whites(mostly Jews), played along for some time. As soon as the left was sufficiently popular and entrenched in political high places, they turned on us. Using blacks and a tidal wave of 3rd world immigrants, they showed their true colors. No equality you foolish whites, we want it all and you are being genocided. A total stab in the back. What’s going on in educational halls proves it.

          • Why is it that all your posts shout ‘Loser’?

          • I agree. Whities are all talk and no guts.

        • I love a good law suit. 🙂

          • DK, I don’t know if litigation will help, but I do know that college is violating federal law with this move. If they receive federal funding {student loans] they cannot practice any discrimination, period. Will be interesting to see how it turns out.

            • Other than Whiggers, what white person would WANT to mix with POC?

            • The sign shown above is not a school-approved sign. Totally fake news.

              Now it may be some campus group cooked this up, but just put 50 white students in there and it’s over.

        • All for it. Within months, it’ll be as nice as any “affordable housing” project. Whites seem to be the only race that understands it’s a bad idea to shit in your waterhole.

          • If the white students got their own lounge they´d probably make it very nice and fun, and then soon the poc would start begging to be allowed in there. The whites would be nice as always and allow in every color and creed, and soon they (the poc) would be back yelling racism because somehow this lounge is just so much better than the bridge, and on and on it will go.

        • Does anyone know the name of this school, I tried to look it up under what is in this article but nothing, if someone could give me the actual name that would be great, I would love to call this school~

            • a) this garbage post makes no mention of the incident that led to the so-called “ban” which isn’t a ban at all. Whites are most certainly allowed in the lounge.

              b) the incident leading to this involved the hanging of bananas from nooses around the campus in response to an african-american woman becoming class president. they were accompanied by notes that said things like “Harambe bait”.

              c) this entire site is trash

      2. Looks like it’s time for a history lesson.








        • They are wild, crazed SAVAGES, that is what they are. Violence and being of a very simple-mind is what they are all about my friends.

        • But I am a pretty cream color is that OK?

          • You tell us. Be a man.

        • Eisen, having fun in Haiti? Go back to predominantly white area so you can settle down.

        • White people desperately need a dose of racial pride if they don’t want to become extinct. All the POC have it.

          That said, if whites are bred out of existence, the final countdown on human civilization will have begun.

      4. When are white liberals going to realize that they are WHITE! They have a bulls eye on them whether they like it or not.

        Caucasian males are being blamed for all ills in America and it’s gonna get worse and worse. One day whites will be stripped of their wealth and denied employment in the name of social justice. It’s already underway.

        • Everyone forgets the millions of white veterans and hunters that have billions of rounds of ammo and hundreds of millions of weapons and have brains larger than a pea. Think these people are just going to physically take these things from us? The real war hasn’t started yet.

          • Menzo, spot on. I’ve got plenty of ‘lead and brass nutrients’ waiting to be used on someone and still getting more. I know no one’s taking anything from me.

      5. Lets see, a gun free zone full of racist infidels, where is a nutcase Jihadi with an AK47 and lots of magazines when you need one?

      6. Best off going down to the DC Zoo and watch the orangutans throw poo at one another. You’d be amongst better company.

        • PO’d: You got that right. WTF is really going on here guys? Blacks get away with murder literally and then whites are not permitted? Can you imagine if we set up a “white room” of sorts? OMG, it would be the end of the world. There would be more crying than when Trump won the damn election in this cobbled ass country. I just wish the Civil War would just got hot and let’s just do it already.

        • And like the orangutan house it’ll fall to disrepair, couches and chairs, rope swings, will be broken and torn, gunshots and stabbings will be the norm. I wouldn’t lower myself to apply at that university.

        • PO’d, at least we know where we stand with the orangutans.

          • Yeah, we stand erect, the Orangs don’t.

      7. BUTT WAIT! WHAT about ALL the ALBINOS? LOTS of BLACKS do not QUALIFY they are TO WHITE or LIGHT! Those are the ones that get dates.

        The story a few month ago said that there are BLACKS ONLY places way below decks on our US NAVY aircraft carriers, I know personally of BLACKS ONLY friday nights at officers clubs at some bases.

        WHY NOT have SEGREGATION again the BLACKS want it and the BLACKS and JEWS get WHAT THEY WANT or ELSE!

        • Nobody, good point. Who wants to be under the same roof with apes and chews anyway?

      8. The education system in this country is a huge problem. Think about it, it is a breeding ground for all of this ultra liberal garbage and teaching children at young ages that whites are bad and blacks are great and just have been abused in society & they are just poor innocent victims. My God, this country is doomed. . .

        • CC, they’re teaching that same garbage in grade school now.

      9. The white students on that piece of garbage campus need to storm into the bridge room, and not leave unless forcibly taken out…then sue the school into oblivion, hanging them by their own petard. Then the white students need to open a sbridge room for “people of non-color”. Then it would be obvious racism if the school objected….implying people of color have more rights than people of non-color. And sue again into oblivion. Final statement from white students to school after they win millions in the suit…”do we have an understanding?”
        This is madness……and it must be stopped in its tracks, or the end result will be the “final Solution”, and the extermination of Caucasians. Mark my words….its happened over and over again thru-out history, and is still happening today.

        • Yes but this is the most well armed white population that ever existed.

        • J, just cut off all federal funding to that school and freeze their bank accounts. That will get their attention quick. If the professors get their checks cut off…..

          • Caucasian parents need to vote with their wallets and yank their kids out of institutions like the one written about!

        • The white students on that piece of garbage campus are too busy apologizing for being white to “storm” anywhere. I’m pretty sure most are thinking “jeez, why couldn’t I have been born black??”

      10. The White students should stage a sit in.

        Followed up by lawsuits over racial discrimination as well as civil rights issues regarding being made to feel unsafe on campus because of University supported black racism.

        But it won’t happen, whites are too busy being ashamed of being white to take any action on a meaningful scale or in a meaningful manner against it.

        • Anonymous, that school is violating federal law with their actions as long as they receive federal funding, i.e., student loans. The schools depend on those loans to pay their professors. Cut off those loans and freeze their bank accounts. They’ll start singing a different song then.

      11. As we revel in our dystopia remember the Confederate statues that used to be. It didn’t take long, did it? They were put there to remember how far we had come. Full circle it is then.

      12. If my kid were going there I’d pull him out. If I were a student I’d leave. They can do without my money. I’ll go where I’m wanted….perhaps Alaska.

      13. I say: Give them the whole fricken campus. Let them have D.C., too. In fact, let them have the entire state. All the white people come here to CAlifornia. The surfs up and we could use some more white people with zinc oxide on their nose.


      14. Your government continues to send the same message to White people time after time. Your government is the enemy of White people. After all, the government legalized state sponsored discrimination against White men through “affirmative action”. You have to admire the ability of the commies to make discrimination sound great. Affirmative action, my rear end.

      15. When any color of race decides to act as a group they become strong. I fear the whites are so brainwashed and guilted about their own color they may never have any pride. The only way to fight back is stop spending your money and if you do make sure it goes to the color of your choice……..until the happening occurs. That being when they awaken to the fact they are causing their own demise and start doing the exact sit ins and riots that go unpunished today. Can you even imagine a large group of white men doing what we have seen with riots of color lately? The tanks and Air Force would have droned them…..but these snowflakes are given safe spaces Nd coloring books, place is fucked up beyond all recognition and will soon pay the price of complete economic meltdown once whites have had enough…..California will Ben the first to go down as they will only have a choice to literally try and enslave the whites to go work to tax their labor because the colored suck off the welfare tit as the sanctuary state wants this……until there is nobody working anymore……get ready it’s coming…..

      16. There was a researcher who wanted to see if it was true that Blacks from Africa have lower IQ than whites. He formed five groups according to the students grandparents. Group one was composed of white students where all four grand parents were white. Group two was composed of students who had three white grandparents and one black grand parent. He found that between these two groups their was very little difference, but the first group with all four white grand parents did slightly better than those with one black grand parent (your Hally Berry black).
        Then he compared these to group three who had two black grand parents and found there was a substantial decline in IQ compared to the first two groups. What was surprising is that the fourth group with only one white grand parent was even a bigger degree of drop in IQ. The fifth group which was composed of blacks with all four grand parents being 100%black were an even wider gap in IQ placing them so low in IQ that they could on average be considered mildly mentally retarded.

        This is Science. It does not account for or take into consideration environment, socioeconomic, or any other consideration. The purpose of this clinical trial was to evaluate the subjects from a purely biological perspective. As such, this real science experiment is solid evidence that proves that “race matters”. It proves that race is more than the color of ones skin.

        What is more, once one confronts reality regarding the difference in IQ; it becomes obvious that if human progress is to continue unimpeded into the future, preserving the integrity of the white gene pool by eliminating the act of procreation of whites with blacks becomes a white imperative. White people because of hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, and possibly having evolved from different species or breeds in the animal kingdom (chimpanzee rather than baboon for example) carry the only genes capable of building civilization. Throughout recorded history, the white man built civilizations, and it was only when the white man bred with colored peoples in his midst, did those civilizations come to an end.

        Going forward, there is but one path to higher knowledge and advancement into a golden age of achievement, white people must practice racial separateness from blacks and all colored people.

        This will ensure a better life for both white and black people. Black people simply can not compete with whites intellectually and will only become frustrated, angry and violent if they are forced. Let them have their own spaces without whites, and let whites have their own spaces without blacks.


        • I think that IQ 75 is now considered retarded. Used to be IQ 85, but had to be lowered because average American black IQ is 85.

          The average “African American” is about 1/4 white. African blacks have an even lower average IQ.

        • Very well said!

          Segragation is the only solution for both races. Blacks want it. Asians and whites are fine and flourish together, they marry and have beautiful children. We are at the cusp of a great age but what is holding back any future advancement is the resources wasted and chaos resulting from trying to integrate races that will never live happily together.

          There is a super modern development in our city: beautiful, modern buildings and apartments, clean and tidy streets, well manicured gardens. But there is a school nearby with mostly blacks students. So, twice a day they walk through this lovely place and throw garbage all over the street, fight, scream and swear. They behave as if they are stepping in from a jungle into some ultra modern world they can’t understand. And that is the problem: they seem like imposters faking it in the modern world around them. They did not create it, they do not maintain it: they just live off of it.

          OJ said it best: “What are all these n##gers doing in Brentwood!”

      17. Savages want to segregate themselves due to the overwhelming
        Energy it takes them to keep up with white students .
        We all know higher education is not education these days. It the new bubble
        of debt.

      18. I’m a Heinz-57-ancestry AMERICAN. Who knows what ancestry got in the hen house. Served in the Marine Corps. Worked for many decades in multiple industries. There are good and bad people of every race. Also, sometimes bad people do good things. Sometimes good people do bad things. Try to judge people by their actions, not their race.

        • Cranerigger, I completely agree. IMO, it’s more about the content of people’s character than their skin color as per MLK

      19. The NAPA’s will destroy the lounge like they ruin everything given to them and then “whitey” will have to rebuild it. I say if they break it they fix it and since they are not capable of doing so they can have their black meetings beneath the nearest highway overpass.

      20. Blacks against Asians, Blacks against Hispanics, Blacks against Blacks, Blacks against Whites…and the common denominator is?

        • Against

      21. It’s hard to deny that any area or country with a large % of brown people either is or turns into the third world hell holes we all want to get rid of? But how?

      22. Multicultural means everyone but white people.

      23. bring it on mo fo’s…you have no IDEA what you are getting yourselfs into. But when you do you will be sorry.

      24. There were sanctuaries for people of color, they were called segregated schools,neighborhoods,hospitals…..

      25. Pouts should write Executive Orders to pull federal Dollars to these institutions ASAP!
        That includes Federal Grants to students attending the Globalist Elite Indoctrination Facilities.

        Hit them in the pockets it hurts the most.

      26. hahaha USA is retarded white segregation lol wtf is going on with this world. like you dont have anythihg better to do with tax payer money. invest in science ! school should educate you not make you tollerant. you’re missing the point.

      27. Rolling in my grave.

      28. This is great! Racism is OK again! I was afraid it was going away forever and tolerance and equality would reign supreme, but thank God it’s legal and legitimate to be a racist again in America. Thank God racism is now legal in higher “education.”

        Now that racism is legally institutionalized, I hope the white students won’t draw the wrong conclusions and make the mistake of embracing failed ideas like self-hatred, “diversity,” equality, love, tolerance, or color-blindness and equality for all regardless of race, color, or creed.

        Obviously, the only lesson to learn from this is color DOES matter. Your color matters, other colors are potential enemies, and nobody who isn’t your color will help you in your struggle.

        In all seriousness, if this continues, the minority tyrants and the administration will, in fact, create the “racists” they’re pretending to fight.

        I always assumed people running colleges believed that line about colleges being places of free speech where ideas could be considered and debated peacefully. But when the college administrators embrace blatant racism and single out one race for 2nd class treatment, obviously that isn’t the case.

        I was always told 2 wrongs don’t make a right, so why it seems like a good idea to oppress one group based on their color or ethnic background is beyond me. This growing anti-white movement really will lead to disaster, because you can’t repress an entire class of people, especially the majority, and expect them to meekly take it. These idiots are laying the foundation for never-ending race conflict.

        I can’t help noting Ayn Rand stated, “The smallest minority in the world is the Individual. I hope a few of those poor white kids figure that out.

      29. Ah yes, the way that things happen mysteriously.
        Don’t worry about this. The left wants to ban all Christmas, and Easter festivities and that is actually good because they are actually Satanic holidays disguised as Christian. Kids can’t Trick or Treat because its a terrorist activity. Halloween is Satanic. The left shoots themselves in the foot constantly so having the Whites excluded just means that the Whites can now congregate together and not have to worry about racial bullshit interfering with their activities. Let all the other races stay together and create shitholes like Africa, South America, Mexico, Asia and the Middle East.

      30. So on one end they are destroying statues that remind them of racist America while simultaneously practicing same! Make it make sense! P.S., School should be closed down because they condone discrimination!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        I’m black and DO NOT AGREE with ANY of this!!!

      31. This is how the KKK was BORN — White CARPETBAGGERS (George Soros, the Clintons & Liberals) instigating the ignorant freed slaves to commit crimes and assault White People. George Soros’ DANCING DARKIES …….
        Bringing back segregation ….. GOOD
        Hardly anyone, even southerners, understand that racism in the South originated in the horrors that were inflicted on the South during the Reconstruction era that followed the military defeat of the Confederacy. The North inflicted blacks on southerners in ways that harmed prospects for relations between the races and gave rise to the KKK as a resistance movement. As Reconstruction faded, so did the KKK. It was later revived as a shadow of its former self by poor whites who were ambitious for personal power.

      32. Thanks for finally making me a full time racist }:-).

      33. Did anyone notice the language errors on that list of demands?

      34. I like how nobody bothered to click the links. Plenty of photographs of the idiot lounge. Engh, I have now written off this entire site as hysterical bullshit with dipshits too lazy to actually do basic verification.

      35. Trust the Universe folks. Remember two years ago, students at the University of Missouri rioted and forced the resignation of three members of the administration? The ridiculous demands of students were also met.

        Fast forward to 2016, enrollment was down 25%. State financial contributions were greatly reduced. In 2017, it is down 37%. The school is now struggling to stay alive. Programs are being dropped. Other getting huge budget cuts. Seven dormitories are being closed and yes there are going to be layoffs.

        These schools that pander to minority demands are losing white students and the income that comes in the form of tuition.

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