Security State: TSA “Freeze” Training Caught on Tape

by | Sep 27, 2012 | Headline News | 110 comments

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    This article was originally published by Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars.

    “Obedience training” is part of TSA’s Code Bravo security drill:

    The TSA’s bizarre new policy where it orders travelers who have already passed security to “freeze” on command has been caught on camera, with the clip illustrating once more how the federal agency has implemented a series of ludicrous policies that seemingly have no other purpose than to act as an obedience test for the traveling public.

    The video shows the final 24 seconds of a 2 minute period during which travelers were ordered to “freeze” by TSA workers and were not allowed to move.

    One TSA screener is heard to say, “stay right where you are,” at a man who is walking through the airport, as the other static travelers look on in bewilderment.

    According to the You Tube user responsible for uploading the clip, “This video was shot within the “secure” area of the terminal, BEYOND the security gate.”

    “Note that the TSA “guard” is offering no explanation, only giving harsh threats and orders to stay still. Note that there was NO event or threat taking place of any kind,” he adds.

    As we have previously highlighted, the “freeze” policy, which has been experienced by numerous travelers across the country, is known as Code Bravo Sierra or simply Code Bravo by the TSA.

    New York Times columnist Joe Sharkey described how he was caught up in the policy on two separate occasions last year while traveling through airports in Atlanta and Los Angeles.

    When Sharkey failed to obey a TSA screener who shouted “freeze,” he was assailed by another traveler who “growled” at him, “You’re supposed to freeze!” as other passengers complied with the bizarre demand. Sharkey later discovered that the TSA had no power to force travelers to comply with the command.

    “Passengers are not required to ‘freeze’ in place like statues,” TSA spokeswoman Kristin Lee admitted.

    “It was clear to me that travelers believed they were required to stop and stand motionless — even those who had cleared security and were merely within shouting distance of the checkpoint. Officers seemed to reinforce that impression, too,” writes Sharkey.

    As’s James Babb describes, this is nothing more than “obedience training.” The American people and travelers in general are being ‘broken in’ to accept their subservience in what represents the human equivalent of horse training.

    “There is literally no other purpose to this “drill” than to reinforce the notion in travelers’ heads that this is a “security state”, and that you may be told to stop dead in your tracks by a TSA “voice of authority” at any time. Legally, TSA has NO RIGHT TO STOP YOU… but it’s hard to imagine that defending your rights by walking away would end well in a (phony) tense situation if there happens to be an armed police officer nearby,” concludes the You Tube user who uploaded the video.

    This absurd policy has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with security. Would a terrorist really be so dumb as to make himself stand out from the crowd by refusing to freeze and making himself look conspicuous?

    It makes no sense whatsoever, until you realize that this is just another “layer” of pointless TSA security theater. It’s about reinforcing the notion that people are mandated to obey every order made by someone in uniform no matter how asinine.

    The TSA has also provoked controversy by implementing other preposterous policies which have a tenuous security justification, most notably a new procedure where TSA agents test travelers’ drinks for explosives after they have already passed through security and purchased beverages inside the secure area of the airport.

    Given that these bizarre policies are solely based around coercing obedience and have nothing to do with genuine security, we are encouraging Americans to show civil disobedience and reclaim their human dignity by opting out and filming TSA procedures during Thanksgiving week November 19-26. Click here for more details about the campaign or click here for the Facebook page.

    Remember, it is your right to opt out of radiation firing naked body scanners and the TSA’s website also admits that it is perfectly legal to film TSA procedures, whether that’s inside an airport, in a subway, at a political event, a music concert or wherever else TSA screeners have infested. The TSA also admits it has no power to force you to “freeze” as is depicted in the video above.

    This article was originally published by Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars


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      1. what is particularly infuriating is
        there is NO effort what so ever on the part
        of our political “leaders” to rein in this foolishness

        I have to believe at this point that it is all part
        of a a larger plan to get us used to this sort of thing

        we are truly a “soft totalitarian” society

        • The only one was Ron Paul…

          • Look at Supreme Court Judge Roberts: he was opposed to Obamacare and could have shut it down but many near him feel he was gotten to. He let it go through and told us to do what we could about it.
            Senators want to keep their jobs and have been threatened by their own parties to shut up and go along or be pushed out.
            This is what silence brings when thugs have taken control.
            Of course Obama wants us to rise up and fight. The is what he is waiting for. He will use that. So what do we do? The reason the republican convention tried to not allow some delegates in is because they vote face to face and in front of cameras. No computer to swap the vote inside and in secret. We need to go back to that. Face to face, show id and sign in and go into a booth and vote with a pen and then slide it into a locked box. No computers. The votes are counted by groups of people under camers and tallied. It would take days but it would be real and honest and the garbage would be voted out.

            • Paper ballots, photo ID, locked under armed guard, counted under armed guard, vote counters 4 hours maximum, receipts for every vote.

          • Rand as well.

        • Fucking zombie droid motherfuckers. Tell those nitrile glove wearing pansies nothing. Keep walking and completely ignore them. No asshole barks commands at me like a fucking dog trainer and gets a response. Not when I was young, not as a younger man, not now, not ever. These pathetic sacks of pus obeying on command make me sick!

          • I once had a Yorkie named Rocky. He could sit, speak, shake, roll over, play dead, and oh yeah …

            He would “freeze” upon command. 🙂

            Engage your employees or be enslaved by them.

          • Well spoken!

          • Order: “Freeze!”

            Response: “Sorry, Dickhead. You forgot to say Simon says”.

          • Achtung! You Vill Freeze.Das iz Vorboten! Yeah Were There! I would Blow Past that Ole Fart, and DARE him to make me Freeze! When are we going to tell these Assholes enough is Enough? Good God are we THAT stupid? People its time for MASSIVE Civil disobedience! I hope they try that shit with Me, I am sure to hit the 11 O”clock News!
            I cannot stand this abuse of authority anymore!
            I would Rather Die On my Feet Than Live on my Knees!

            Semper Fi

        • I am flying this weekend, without my family or the requirement of being anywhere on time. I hope these clowns try to freeze me, I will get arrested before I will stop. I hope I make the news, I will fight this crap!

        • First of all don’t get even near a plane if you at all can avoid doing so. Next, where the hell is the innocent till proven guilty philosophy of the country’s basic foundation? I guess it is shoot now and ask questions later. Where the hell is the false accusations of innocent people here? It is going towards a police state so quickly. This is why not for a nano-second can anyone let their guard down in regards to the 2nd. amendment, not at all. The right of citizens to defend themselves is the only thing keeping the freedom of the people from being dragged into total enslavement. Satori is right, it is infuriating to see this and that none of those from either of these A$$hole parties is doing anything.

          • TSA screening isn’t just for airports anymore.

            Coming soon to a near you!

          • I don’t fly anymore. And I do not understand why anyone would put up with this dehumanizing treatment at all. Just stop flying. The airlines and hotels will scream bloody murder and TSA will go away if people just stop flying. Make it hurt them for a change!
            As for the TSA in other locations: call those locations and tell them that you would like to attend but due to the dehumanizing presence of the TSA you will go elsewhere with your dollars. How many dollars would it take before the TSA would be forced to move away? VOTE WIth YOUR FEET AND YOUR MONEY OR BRING POWDER BECAUSE THOSE CHAINS WILL HURT PRETTY SOON.
            Right now you are voteing with your silence and your presence in the airports and locations that have TSA. You are telling them it is ok. So if you fly, you do not get to complain about the TSA.

            • Ditto. Even if it’s 2000 miles, I drive. Being retired and having the time make it possible, of course. But one factor that pushed me into retirement was having to endure pat-downs inflicted by animals I wouldn’t let in my yard when I had to do a business trip. That was before the scanners, too.

            • EXACTLY! Until CITIZENS begin to boycott, in large numbers, The Airports and Airlines. None of this will change. WAKE THE HELL UP! ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ have all the power to change this but very few want to use that power. Just think- What if everyone, EVERY- damn one of us Refused? Refused to let these pedophiles in uniform lay hands on our children, ourselves and veryone else? WE ARE NOT CRIMINALS SO STOP ACTING LIKE PRISONERS AND COMPLYING WITH EVERY IDIOTIC OR SICKENING DIRECTIVE ISSUED BY SOME FLUNKY IN A UNIFORM!! The fact that these animals lay hands on our Children should have been enough for a violent revolt…WAKE UP. REFUSE.REVOLT. REFORM.

            • If there was ONE day, that enough of the public would vow not to fly, this crap would stop. Money talks, and the hotel industry and other businesses would be all up in arms, and stop this ridiculous assault by the TSA. Americans are being trained like dogs, but we don’t even get a treat when we comply. enough is enough.

            • There is a problem with that. The sheeple believe the gov’t that there is a ‘war on terror’ and that the ‘terrorists’ will blow them up if they don’t submit to this conditioning process.

            • I fly because my continued employment requires it.
              I agree about Theatrical Security Agency showing up at other places, though. I’m not going to put up with that.
              We visit my elderly parents & inlaws who live 2000 miles from us a couple times a year.
              And we don’t have enough time to drive 2 days each way.
              Freeze? I don’t think I’m going to play that game.
              But, we’ll see.

        • Flying this weekend, I hope they try it on me. I WILL resist!

      2. That is why I do not fly if possible….

        • The quickest way to get this nonsense stopped is for at least half of the people to stop flying. Just don’t fly. Find another way to get there. The airlines would quickly get it and do away with the tsa morons.

        • Evening

          The entire effing world has gone mad. Totally insane.

          Take care

        • I don’t fly at all. Never had a need or desire, and never will. Besides, since I don’t sit and fetch on command they would try to keep me off the plane anyway.

          • maybe the TSA is recruiting more “agents”—those who squat quickly enough get an application…

        • Yes Eppe, I stopped flying two years ago. But if I did have to fly for some reason, which I would avoid at all costs if possible, it would be impossible for me to let someone test my drink or make me stop on this silly command. They would have to grab me and hold me. There would be just no way. Period.

        • you guys might as well fly.

          unless you have a cell phone at least 5 years old and a car probably at least 10 years old, the government owns you. they can find you, stop you and detain you as they see fit.

          and it’s just going to get worse and there’s nothing you can do about it.

          we’ll see if enough americans are left to turn back the tide once enough of them realize just how intrusive the government is today, but i dont think so.

          • Lena, I agree. This system is bought with school lunches and free phones. Mouth breating voters vote for free stuff that everyone pays for in more ways than one. Problem is you can’t fix stupid or greed.

      3. I won’t fly anymore. If I got some tsa asshole giving me shit I would go into an uncontrolable rage.

        • If Of one of the touched my kids the way they screen adults.. well I wouldn’t be walking out of there…

        • “Uncontrollable rage” loses. It may feel good for a few seconds, just before they shoot you dead.
          The only way to stop this in it’s tracks is for enough people decide not to fly.
          If the terminals are empty, the policy will change. That way nobody dies from TSA gunshot wounds.
          Shutting down the government BS would be easy. All we need to do is have enough people decide not to participate in their games. And that is the hard part.

          • You are exactly right. I told my wife we will not fly for that reason. “rage” definitely would be happening with some TSA guy trying to touch my kids… so driving it is.

            • Driving ends up being cheaper anyway. AND you don’t have to rent a car when you get there. Better yet, rent (or buy) an RV and have a great time going and staying where you choose. Yes, it takes a bit longer to get to “Disneyworld” (you DO know they require fingerprints to get in don’tcha?) but the journey is the adventure, not your destination.

              Get back flying when they want to treat you like people again. Until then… Unless I have to for some reason – I’ll take our boat (coastal) or take a car or RV.. How much are 4 tickets to your favourite venue anyway??? Car rental? Even with the low mileage of an RV (the one we bought gets 27 MPG – Small Nissan) I’ll bet you that gas is way cheaper that your airline, hotel and car rental. Maybe have to take an extra week for the driving, but we work too hard anyway.

      4. Code Bravo Sierra? Aka… “BS”?


        Just apt.

        Reminds me of the assholes that I hadas teachers in school.

      5. Don’t accept the training, especially when no treat is offered.

        That not only includes the TSA, but any other uniformed goon anywhere that might bark a command at you. By following a command, you consent to whatever else they want to do to you.

        Best to ignore them totally and go on about your business. If they care to get a warrant, then let them. Until then, hear nothing, say nothing.

        • God’s Creation, I think you mean…


      6. I only fly about once a year, but if I could I’d avoid it. I’m reminded each year how most of TSA are idiots when I check my firearm in before boarding. Clueless.

        • Didja see the story about the TSA goon who found a (legal) pistol in a flight attendant’s bag, and discharged it trying to unload it?

          • I didn’t see in the story where it was legal for her to bring it in her bag. As a matter of fact she stated she forgot she put it in the bag and was as surprised as the moron who pulled the trigger.

      7. All over the world airports are nothing like in USA. They still carry millions of passengers and don’t have the absurd paranoid mind control tactics. One of the reasons I want to get out of this country. The population are totally unwilling to stand up for their rights, they will just accept anything.

        • Ranch

          Where are you headed to?

          • I’ll go too! Just name the place. The libertarian city in Honduras?

            • Why not Canada?…I hear canada has only aprox 10% of usa POP. Ok thats like 30-33 Million total persons right.

              Now if canadians vote same as americans does?..Thats only 1/2 vote there too. Minus too young to vote types and any others laws disallow to vote, so they probobly have maybe at most…10-12 million total voters?…Cant be too much more right?..Maybe alot Less vote there?

              Ok so what if we did like that Free State project that moved to new hampshire 5yrs ago or so. Only we had more like 5 or even 10 Million total americans move to Canada.

              I suppose they have alot of fed up like we are folks that are also Progun-pro liberty etc right.

              If I heard correct Canada is even easier for leagle And illeagle imigrants to enter and remain. If true then they wont be able too easily to force us out.

              If we hooked up with Very liberty minded canada folks who could run for office at every level at same election cycle, we’d have a huge majority and be easy to win most every office from top to bottm nationwide in one fell swoop.

              Then what would stop Our and Canadas petriot types from getting Our new elected officials to switch to every us const and bill of rights stuf america used to be?

              In One single election canada can be so transformed we could even tell the Queen of England to take a hike!

              Together with patriot canadians we would be a Majority of entire country with new constitution etc and begin new lives as free as our early founders had it!

              It may take only 3 million americans to do so. I bet Daisy can give advice on it.

              Daisy,What do you think Please?

              Seems alot easier to me than to fix america with 315 million and 99% who dont care and are ignorant of reality etc.

              Canada is near exact in every way as usa is right. Only Bigger land mass yet! Resources galore. Wilderness galore. Almost exact same as here is.

              I aint heard any better ideas yet….

        • Where can you go without disarming yourself?

          • “Where can you go without disarming yourself?”

            Uruguay.  I’ve checked.

      8. That video was pretty lame and the title is a bit dramatic compared to the actual video….he calmly said hold it and not all the dramatics of the article

        • Exactly Rich. Mountain out of a mole hill. If a bomb went off at that airport, you all would be bitchin! I can hear you all now, “Well the TSA screwed up, again.” I’ve been caught up in 2 of these one in LA and the other in Miami. Afterwards, a couple of TSA officers circulated through the crowd and explained it. Sure, I was a little startled at first, but did it kill me to do it? Well, here I am. Oh yeah… do you stop for traffic signs, slow for yield signs, go in the In door and out the Out door, do you drive the speed limit, do you carry ID where ever you go, stand in a line in a grocery store ETC… You’ve been trained!!

          • Baaaaa

      9. Everybody ignore this crap and just keep walking. If everyone does it, trust me, you’ll like the results!

        • BJ

          The problem is that most know no better, the indoctrination has worked and the humanity has been lost, most likely permanently.

          The TSA wouldn’t need to stop the walkers, the well trained two legged animals that follow the commands would stop them.

          The best thing for all to do is stay as far away from the masses of people as possible. Get a house in the country, stock it with what you need, and mind the business of living your own life.

          It is a sick world we live in. Collapse, by comparison, would probably be far more enjoyable than watching people act like clueless little children be guided by clueless little goons who need a uniform to feel important.

      10. Just training the masses to obey….like a good domesticated animal. At least my dog gets a treat when he obeys.

      11. no one without a gun says freeze to me and gets a reponse, unless laughing is concitered a response.

        Joke!..I would not respond as in a group to one blue shirt fuck saying freeze and expecting everyone within ear shot to obey.

        what if your deaf? whats he going to do leave everyone he said freeze run you down? than if so what would be the point

        • But that is the point, they aren’t worried about the ones who stop. They are out to stop only the ones who still resist authority. Cops are the same way in many cases. It is all about control.

          They remind me of an old black security guard I once knew at the Garden city Pier. He was finally given permission to carry a weapon, and after the owners went home at night he harassed every white man on the pier. I always laughed in his face and called him Barney Fife. He never bothered me again. We are headed for a bloody civil war folks. Hope everyone is ready.

        • And pedophiles.

      12. This is one of the tip top reasons why I chose to quit my job as an full time analyst traveling nearly every week. The pay was extraordinary, as it should be for travelling full time, in the 6 figures, but even the pay was not worth the ever increasing stress taking its toll physically and emotionally the last few years, and this after over a decade of full time travel remembering the more carefree travel days, even right after 9/11 it was not this bad.

        But this, this and worse were happening back when I traveled out of Atlanta weekly, and to be honest, I haven’t the temperament (and I know it) to have some asshat try to man handle me or use some faux authoritarian horseshit and decided it was time to call it quits, change jobs and accept something with no travel. Its been a little over a year and I am thankful every time I see stories like this. My previous employer, ironically is hitting me up to go back to work for them, with some travel of course, after seeing this story, I’m not even considering it…

      13. Which is the whole reason why I don’t fly! If I can’t be treated like a human being like the wealthy who fly private then I will drive to wherever I am going. I’d rather get to see our beautiful country from the ground level anyway.

        • Driving is awesome 🙂

      14. The re-education of everyone under 25 is officially complete. They accept excessive rules, lack of freedom, cameras everywhere, etc as the norm.

        Now they are working on the 26+ crowd. We are being led like lambs to the slaughter house.

        What can we do to stop this?!?! It’s government agencies doing this – not elected officials!!!!!

        • they can forget the the 45+ crowd, i do not consent, like I said I will stand in line next to any of you (ithink I would, I hope I would), to defend our freedoms, and our country. never been in a fire fight, but what are the options, turn over your weapon, live in a camp, bend over a few times a day, and do as they say. no thanks im gettin to old for that sh@t, if you cant enjoy your life why stick around, i would rather go to the firing line fighting than to go blindfolded.

          • Back in 1861, a bunch of folks in NC and other States said they would “never submit” just as you are now. Sadly, four years later, after being starved and having their cities burned to the ground they did submit albeit at the point of a bayonet. I believe the scenario will be repeated.

            And please don’t anyone try to tell me the it was a “civil” war or that the cause was slavery. History books are always written by the victors.

            • Back then, the physical lines were much more distinct.  Not so today, though.  As evil as fedgov has become, I can’t see them burning “their” cities to the ground; that’s lost revenue.

              NCPrepper, I’m of the same mind.

              Casey, agreed regarding the War of Northern Aggression.

        • “What can we do to stop this?”

          First of all, voting won’t stop it.  If voting could change anything, it would’ve been outlawed long ago.  How about planning a deed, doing the deed, and taking all knowledge of the deed to your grave?  It’s an opportunity to let your creative side blossom!

      15. Take a look at the employee making the demand,enough said.

      16. They the DHS GESTAPO TSA …

        “Take in Inches

        What you can Take in Yards.”

        -Sun Tzu

        * Soon the DHS TSA will be wearing your favorite las vegas trip bathrobe , spider-man under-roo’s , fluffy slippers and snogging your significant other in your VERY COMFY recliner easy chair Commie AmeriKa … Whatcha gonna do then ya’ buncha ZIONIST FASCIST AmeriKan tax debt slave COMMIES ???

        Give em’ your youngest born as tribute ??? And hope they don’t take your other children for their ZOG FEDGOV run controlled pedophile capital hill congress GAY BROTHELS homo lesbo sex slave auctions ???

        Ya’ buncha Commie AmeriKan POUSSEE’S !!!



        ya’ buncha carbon credit vat tax debt slaves …

        FREEDOM IS EARNED , NOT GIVEN to weak ignorant spineless AmeriKan cowards !


        YOU MUST EARN IT PHYSICALLY PROTECT IT and you all will soon have to KILL FOR IT !


        • Zeig Heil!!!!

          • Das speckenzie est forboten.

            • My German is very very poor but at least One person gave me a thumbs down. Made my day.

            • Poor? It’s not even German.

        • What continent is the “Just Desert” on. I looked it up but to no Avail. LOL

      17. The fact is, the wages paid to these people are part of the stimulus package. It is paid out but produces nothing tangible. It robs the economy of productivity. Its like a dragging brake or a leaking fuel line. It uses resources but gives nothing in return.

        • Ranger, It pays off plenty for the purpose it was designed to fulfill, and those who put it in place. All of those sheep stood still on command, demonstrating just how productive it has been.

          It gives plenty in return for the investment for those who made it. It’s just no benefit to the people. But it was never supposed to be.

          If it was meant to benefit the people, you would be 100% correct.

        • You mean like most govt agencies??

          • Just because it is a government entity, does NOT mean it is FOR the people.. AS a matter of fact Government agencies are out to expand themselves. NOT look out for the people.. Just like any other business – Total monopoly is their goal.

      18. Does anyone know how to find out if you are on a no fly list? I really don’t want to buy tickets then find out I can’t fly. Driving 1600 miles is a little to much for me so that’s really not an option.

        • The list are classified. Otherwise they would not get the opportunity to harass so many folks.

          Just a thought, but if you live that far away from any family you care about seeing, you should probably move closer while there is still time.

      19. I have not flown in over 40 years, since returning from Vietnam early in 1972, being drafted to serve the evil war mongers attack on the good people of that country. The rejection of unwarranted authority by criminals at the top of our supposed democracy should be the starting point of revolution. Young people, stop offering yourself up to the lies of war. You are only enriching this decline of America. We have no enemies. except those inside our government who are hell bent on smashing our liberty.

        • Aww, c’mon John Kerry, use your right name.

          • Good one!!!!

      20. On Monday I took a flight whereby I was neither a first class nor “priority” (whatever that means) passenger. It became very apparent that the TSA is violating the equal protections clause because none of the first class or priority passengers were faced with the microwave or grope-down…not a single one. So if this all about “security,” I’ve either just discovered a huge flaw or a huge farce.

      21. HEY TSA FUCK YOU: ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐

      22. Slingshot, your German sounds better than the limited Spanish I learned from my late wife. NCPrepper, I’m with you all the way and standing up and fighting. I’ve always been independent-minded and questioned everything; always had a rebellious streak in me. I’ve never accepted anyone’s propaganda about anything. I’ve never had what it takes to be someone’s mindless robot. I learned how to think for myself when I was young; never apologize to anyone for that. If someone disagrees with me on something, OK, that’s their right, but nobody has any right to tell me what to think about anything or anyone. Plus, I don’t have to consider any opposing viewpoints if i choose not to. I don’t submit to political correctness EVER; anyone looking for me to be PC, forget it. I haven’t flown since before 9/11; no more flying for me. If I can’t drive to get to someplace, then I just don’t go. Take care and keep prepping.

        • @ Braveheart.

        • Say Braveheart.
          It pains me to no end what has happened within the Med.Sea Countries. Those people were so nice and to just learn a few words like please and thank you meant so much. I have been within Arab culture and all they want is respect, like all of us. I have been with the Jews the Greeks the Italians the French the Egyptians the Spanish and they all want to enjoy life. Yes. An American who Never Ever had a problem. A US service man who played with the children and gave to the needy on the streets. Just what the hell happened.

          • And just to let you know. I have contact with Serbians. Russians, Haithans, Cubans, Chinese and other asians Pardon my spelling. They just want to earn a living.

          • Respect? Meaning jizya.

            You must have a bad case of Stockholm syndrome there, slingshot.

            • @Old Coach.
              Meaning they were a threat by my own stupidity?

      23. That was just a power play on their part. Ignore those idiots, and they’ll quit doing it.

      24. Sorry officer, I thought you said SQUEEZE!

        • LOL. Sorry officer, it sounded like you said “BEES!” so I ran!

      25. I probably would have jept walking thinking he was talking to somebody else….Why did everybody stop. I thinkj maybe people were intimidated by the blue gloves..I mean really that whole bend over and cough thing ya know

      26. I’m afraid it wouldn’t end well if I was involved in something like that—I don’t play well with others, and I damn sure wouldn’t play well with the TSA!

      27. Stop Flying !

      28. The insanity goes on. They look at us as a bunch of lab rats to experiment on and then terminate. Be careful because this rat can bite.

      29. Stay away from airports.

        Add “Do Not Fly” to your own list.

      30. Wait until this senario unfolds one day..

        Imagine, a pretty good sized well fit man with some self defense skills, is walking thru a terminal, already past screening..has his ear buds in and is rocking it out to his favorite tune. He cant hear any goober flexing his TSA hormones, so the TSA goon, jumps him from behind(’cause you know they are all cowards with a badge)..and Big guy Krav Maga’s the TSA goon to the floor with a foot on his throat..

        now who provoked what? TSA provoked a smack down is what just happened, will they view it that way..oh noooo, they will try to prosecute this self defender, and make an “example” out of him..for the rest of us to see

        wait for it

        • The other 4 tsa goons nearby would unload their full clips of .40 S&W hollow points into him….

        • Most of TSA are older , overweight , and out of shape , crap , the average postal worker is in better shape than most of the airport gesapo ……thats why it usually takes 2-4 of them to subdue an 85 lb woman . They get a strong , fit , healthy man …..they almost shit themselves . They have to reach for their guns otherwise the absolutely KNOW they are going to get their fat asses kicked .

      31. Ever notice in school they never teach people about “fascism”?

        I think it’s because the people that run the country are fascist & would rather we argue about communism & socialism.

        • Notice they also dont teach the REAL reason of the civil war ?

      32. With technology the way it is now , business travel could be cut in half if not more , the face to face isnt really needed . Start taking vacations by car or train a little closer to home . Another thing ……..if there is a total economic collapse ….NOBODY will be flying except military and government ……….the assholes will be out of a job overnight .

      33. There is some respite offered by the Paralyzed Veterans of America to collect less than civil interactions of its members & TSA. I am a incomplete paraplegic, cannot walk unaided, so when I fly generally my scooter and self are treated like mobile IEDs- veterans, get your organizations to take up this cause a they can present concerns directly to Congress, and are easier to remove from their offices should they not represent you.

        Their ‘drink inspections’ & Viper Teams work only because they can deny boarding to your flight, train, &c. by intimidating or physically blocking you. “…yes Officer* I was in fear for my safety** …the safety of ___ traveling with me, so I had to…” *Areal sworn officer/cop. **Know the defense escalation ROEs of the state you are in or visiting.

        Ask them to state their ’cause’ for the stop. If you have someone with you, get that smart phone recording subtly! They do not obey their own [web site] posted rules. Burn off copies of relevant TSA ROEs for you, fold them and keep them on your person at all times. Be smart if you are going the Civil Disobedience route- read your Abby Hoffman first.

        Be well and raise Hell.

      34. knock knock, whos there, TSA,,, BLAM BLAM BLAM through the door MFer. see all u in the gate way to your future home, HELL

      35. they have a “freeze policy” Ihave a drop dead and murder me policy, the faster to the end the better.

      36. all of you are SCUM!!! without a doubt and your leader Karl MArx. get in my face you fn freaks.

      37. I pray for you TSA passing everyday, and when I read in the obits that , he/she worked for the TSA, I know they are standing infront of there new god , SATAN as he lets them in. enjoy your etenity scum TSA.

      38. I travel frequently , and I have a big day pack as a carry on , most of the time I remember to get out all the sharp pointy things so they dont get confiscated and put them in my checked luggage . I forgot to take out my German Army utensil kit . For those that have never seen one , they are FULL SIZE , can opener , spoon , fork , and KNIFE , overlapping each other with tension lock . I got on the plane with it , ex rayed and everything . So point is ….the system doesn’t work …..we are the only nation that makes you take your shoes off ….its all propaganda .

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