Security Guards Stand Down As Attackers Beat and Rob Teenager Two Feet Away

by | Feb 11, 2010 | Headline News | 4 comments

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    The following video clip shot January 28, 2010, in a Seattle bus tunnel should make it clear that when the SHTF, the only person you will have to depend on is yourself (or family and close friends if they are near by).

    King 5 News reports that this teenager was attacked by a single individual, though a “crew” of ten others were involved. Note the male in the green jacket, who takes the teen’s purse and other belongings.

    Directly prior to the beating, the teenager signals to a security guard that a group is threatening her, yet the security guards stand down as she is subsequently attacked and beaten.

    This just happened to be caught on tape. But situations like this happen to thousands of innocent victims throughout the country daily. Who can you depend on once the government outlaws your right to carry a weapon and police response times are too slow to provide any help at the time a crime is occurring to you?

    Sometimes, mace and pepper spray are not enough, especially if multiple individuals are involved in the assault.

    For those who do not have the ability to carry a firearm, self defense classes or martial arts, no matter your age, could one day save your life.


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      1. Heck with that , carry the gun anyway !  Which would you rather be , Carried by six or tried by twelve ? and as a side note , calling 911 and the police do not respond ….well  thats just too bad , you have no legal recourse , thay cannot be sued . so a gun in your hand is better than a cop on the phone .

      2. The reality is that Security Guards are usually not City Cops who would have intervened, had they been “moonlighting”. Security Guards, for legal resons, are typically charged by their respective companies to AVOID personal involvement and to call the police instead. All the more reason to pack your own “heat” for self defense.

      3. Nearly every state in the Union has a declaration that the people have a right to bear arms in defence of themselves and the state. Yet, almost every state in the Union then takes and guts that right with their bullshit laws that contradict the constitutions. Yet, again, law enforcement officers take an oath to uphold and protect the constitution.  Why is it that people won’t stand up for their rights? Why is it that law enforcement aids in that violation of our rights? For instance, in The Indiana Constitution, Article 1, Section 32 says “The people shall have a right to bear arms, for the defense of themselves and the State.”

        Uh, no, they don’t. Not if you go into a post office. …or in a school. …or in a daycare.

        Really? The right? If we have a right, then, we have a right and nobody can take it away without repealing Sec. 32 otherwise Section 32 is being violated by other parts of the Indiana Code. Police Officers routinely take an oath to uphold the constitution yet prosecute their duties and violate its very core.

        We either have the right or we don’t. The right does not say “…within the discretion of the Indiana Legislature.” No, its says “The People Have The Right”.

        I agree with Airborne71, carry it. Use it. Don’t be stupid with it.

        Pardon me, but, I can’t see how a HUMAN CAN STAND BY AND WATCH ANOTHER HUMAN STOMP ON THE FACE OF YET ANOTHER HUMAN. I have violent reactions to such stupid behavior. I would have stabbed, beaten, dismembered or broken bones of the person doing that to someone helpless on the ground. My only conclusion to the video, therefore, is the security guards are soulless, husks that need punished just as much as the soulless perpetrator of such barbaric behavior. Aid and abed. Is that the security guard way? I would personally brought a suit against the security guards. They did nothing to stop the attack.

      4. Thanks Zukadu and Net Ranger ,

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