Update: Radioactive Material Hijacked In Mexico Found Abandoned

by | Dec 4, 2013 | Headline News | 219 comments

Update: The Associated Press reports that the truck involved in the theft of radioactive material in Mexico has been found and the material was reportedly abandoned at the scene. 


With America’s borders completely exposed and open for anyone willing to cross the Rio Grande, smuggling humans or drugs into the United States has never been easier.

That’s why the following report from Mexico should sound an alarm for a Homeland Security apparatus that has, thus far, completely ignored the potential threat of terrorism originating from our southern neighbor.

Thieves have made off with a truck in Mexico carrying a dangerous radioactive source used in medical treatments, a material that could also provide an ingredient for a so-called “dirty bomb”.

The U.N. nuclear agency said it had been informed by Mexican authorities that the truck, which was taking cobalt-60 from a hospital in the northern city of Tijuana to a radioactive waste-storage centre, was stolen near Mexico City on Monday.

Apart from peaceful medical and industrial uses, experts say cobalt-60 can also be used in a dirty bomb in which conventional explosives disperse radiation from a radioactive source.

“At the time the truck was stolen, the (radioactive) source was properly shielded. However, the source could be extremely dangerous to a person if removed from the shielding, or if it was damaged,” the IAEA statement said.

“Cobalt-60 has figured in several serious accidents, some of them fatal,” nuclear expert Mark Hibbs of the Carnegie Endowment think-tank said. “If dispersed, cobalt-60 or other radioactive source material could cause radiation poisoning locally.”

We can reasonably assume the following:

  • This was a planned hijacking (despite claims to the contrary by officials), so whoever took the material knew exactly what was in the truck
  • Considering that drug cartels are able to make thousands of tons of illicit substances disappear on a yearly basis, and that it often takes Mexican police and military years to track down drug cartel leadership, officials in Mexico likely haven’t clue as to where this radioactive Cobalt-60 is.
  • Since hijackings and other criminal activity in Mexico are in almost all cases linked to the cartels, we can assume it is in their possession. In all likelihood, however, the cartel would have no use for such material as it does not produce a nuclear device that could be used for assassinations.

If the above is true, then this hijacking was likely instigated at the behest of some other organization, perhaps one with ties to terrorism, or worse, to groups looking to execute a false-flag style attack within the continental United States, something Charlie McGrath warned could be part of a much broader plan in the very near future.

Via The Daily Sheeple:

Also known as a Radiological Dispersal Device, a dirty bomb uses a source of radiation and conventional explosives. When the bomb explodes, radiation is scattered, making the area radioactive and curtailing use of the area without full radiological precautions.

Dirty bombs are not primarily aimed at killing people. Their use is in the disruption that they cause.

Imagine that a dirty bomb went off on Wall Street, or outside a major airport, or on the top edge of a medium height building in a busy urban area. That area would be closed, and until a lengthy and costly clean up was completed, it would remain closed. The economic damage would be huge. As these bombs use conventional explosives there could well be infrastructure damage which again takes time and money to rectify.

These devices do not have to be big, it wouldn’t be like looking for a truck bomb. The radioactive component is frighteningly small, and the amount of explosive would only need to be enough to break open the canister, though a larger amount would disperse the radiation over a wider area.

We know for a 100% fact that members of foreign organizations listed by the U.S. government as terroristic in nature regularly cross into the United States by way of Mexico. The Department of Homeland Security, though they have done nothing to prevent it, even has a name for these people:

OTM: ‘Other Than Mexican’ Border Security Threat

“We have left the back door to the United States open,” former Rep. J.D. Hayworth told the station. “We have to understand that there are definitely people who mean to do us harm who have crossed that border.”

Now we know those organizations and their members don’t need to smuggle nuclear material into the United States from Iran, North Korea or Russia. They have access to it just a few hundred miles south of our border.

Consider the panic that would ensue should such a device be detonated on U.S. soil… and prepare accordingly.

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    1. Rob

      Great…just GREAT. Keep on with those preps…shameful and corrupt, yes..Be decent with yourselves and those you love

      • Unreconstructed Southron

        There’s a storm brewin’, and it’s glowing.

        • WarriorClass III

          “If the above is true, then this hijacking was likely instigated at the behest of some other organization, perhaps one with ties to terrorism,” like the US government.

          • James Donovan

            There was also 3300 warheads found off the coast of Jamaica, but the mainstream media didnt even mention it.

          • Iowa

            I bet mexican drug cartels have a higher polling than the US Govt.

            • OutWest

              The dumb bastards probably want to
              snort it for the ultimate high.

              • Be informed

                A REAL terrorist group would break up X amount of radioactive material and break it up into 10 or so 1/10 X amounts and dirty bomb 10 separate targets rather than the whole thing in one. The ONLY goal of a REAL terrorist group would be the mass clean up and the financial disruption and fear. Any radioactive material like this will increase the risk of cancer, but so will eating anything in contact from the Pacific Ocean via Fukushima.

                A TRUE dirty bomb is a freaking nightmare and made out of something like plutonium powder or other very dangerous nuke material. The fear here is the real goal and a few people getting sick would only add to that fear. I would be more worried about nuclear bomb material in small amounts, not enough for critical mass for a muke, that someone could spread through high explosives. This is something that we all should be concerned about as this world get crazier each day.

                • durango kidd

                  My guess is that it is headed for Venezuela. 🙁

                • Paranoid

                  The amount in one medical device is small, I have seen this article several places and none of them have said how much there is. I doubt if you split it into 10 chunks you would have very much. But in any case I’m making bread today. And I hope it’s discovered stuffed up HS’s ass. They are just a new name for KGB. etc.

                • REB

                  Seems to me just tossing it in a city water reservoir would cause a few headaches before they figgered it out?

                • gino schafer

                  They will not be able to break this material up, its not like that. This is a radioactive source material, which means it is extremely highly radioactive. If someone were to open the source container they would be subjected to massive doses of gamma radiation and would become sick and die, possibly within hours. The source container acts as shielding to prevent exposure, once its opened, all hell will break loose. The material will be spread inadvertently and the whole area and anyone there will be contaminated and exposed to gamma radiation. Keep in mind contamination and exposure are 2 different things. You can be contaminated (have radioactive material on you) but not suffer debilitating effects of radiations exposure. Sorry for this being so ling, but I spent years as a radiochemist at a nuke plant, and can ramble on about this stuff for hours.

                • Be informed

                  @ paranoid. I don’t know how much actual material was stolen, but I am going by the old notion of the way they can spread out a weapon. If some terrorists have enough nuclear material for 10 bombs, do they make a large fission bomb to take out more of a target, or do they take 10 targets out on a smaller scale. This is one reason that smaller nuclear bombs on ICBM’s are packed into buses rather than a large 20 megaton. The more the targets that are hit the more destruction to their “enemy”. Even something small split into 10 smaller pieces MIGHT be better for the terrorists than one. Might because there is a point of dimishing returns. I would have to know the exact amount to estimate this. Even if split into two pieces this would cause more psychology damage than just one.

                  Look at what we are talking about here. This is nuts that we even have to live in such a decayed world that this would even be thought of that could happen. Why someone would not be preparing their family for the shortcomings of the next SHTF is way beyond me, 99% of them is still shocking to me. 🙁

                • Mike in VA

                  Just another thing to prepare for. The list of things to prepare for seems to keep growing. Still no one seems to care.

                  Be Informed you asked me one time why we have become what we have become. I responded with a list of things off the top of my head. I have considered this further and come up with a depressing conclusion. We have lost all morals. We are all are to blame. We all have succumbed to the 7 deadly sins.

                  Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Anger, Greed, and Sloth.

                  Most people have no problem with these sins anymore. Those of us who do should have stood up long ago. I am saddened when I think of this. I am partially to blame.

                  Sadly it is going to get much worse I fear.

          • sportsfan

            Has anyone made a connection between this theft and the smoked filled arena in Mexico City last night that caused the Spurs and Minnasota game to be cancelled? The arena filled with smoke after a generator overheated.

        • Old Gringo

          In reality, radioactivity is easily traced. I’m willing to bet the NSA knows its exact location as of NOW.

          • The Old Coach

            True. You’ve never seen those detectors at border crossings? Or even Interstate toll booths? One of them was set off by a guy who’d had a radiation treatment for cancer some days earlier. Just the microscopic residual was detected. There’s a bunch of unidentifiable somethings on poles along Interstates leading away from Detroit. I was living there when they out them up about a year or two after 9/11. I’ve always thought they were radiation detectors.

      • DRD5508

        Wish the thieves would take off with the DC toxin, it would make a lot of people breath a sigh of relief.

        • sixpack

          I can’t say as I’d cry too hard if a dirty bomb detonated on wall st., but I can think of a couple of other places where it might be more useful…like maybe on Pennsylvania Ave…

          • Slick One

            I wouldnt cry if the matreial found its way into EBT cards. 🙂

      • Peterson

        Scared a little bit?

        I’ll say it again…. if you are true Rightwing Nut Job, time to put down the bucket and get your ass away from those over populated states!

      • Mclovin

        My ex must be a terrorist considering how many activities she likes to pertake to ‘south of the border’…

        • Wilson

          Could her radioactive activities “south of the border” explain that burning sensation you mentioned a few months back? Good to hear from you. Hope things are going well for you.

          • Mclovin

            Wilson, I’ll admit I took a bit of a break from shtfplan after some of the disparaging comments made about Military Veterans from the community, but I appreciate your support bro.

      • Jonny V

        I hope to God they use the dirty bomb to wipe out the Kardashians……..

        • 7 3/4 tinfoil hat

          it would take more than a dirty bomb…maybe some lysol and a really good brush?

        • OutWest

          The Kardashians have so much crotch rot,
          they probably douche with Cobalt-60.

          • wrong


          • sixpack

            What I don’t understand is, kim k has an ass the size of Nebraska and thunder thighs from hell— I thought that was every girl’s nightmare, now it’s sexy because it’s on kim kardashian?

            I don’t care how fashionable it is— I don’t want my ass to have it’s own zip code.

            • Factoid

              SixPack Who wants to play with a used toy that was slobbered all over and screwed by a stupid rap singing gorilla?

              • sixpack


        • Wilson

          All I want for Christmas is….. to be able to go for one week without any mention of the K’s.

          • ready down under

            And Miley Cyrus – geeeeeeeez I’m sick of hearing about what that airhead is doing!!


        • Tacoma

          That would be a lot of arse to wipe

      • arco

        Just read that they found it near where it was taken. Probably a highjacking and they didn’t know what they were getting.

        Scary part now is what stops someone who knows what to do with it from doing it again.

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        Potasium Iodide Tablets are an Important Prep. Get a bunch NOW for an emergency. They even make tablets for your pets. Be the Hero in your Neighborhood, buy a case load. Put them in every bug out bag, in your glove box, medical kits,etc..

        • slingshot

          Can you tell the dosage? Does age or weight affect the dosage?

          • Facebook Page

            Yes and if over 40 45 was to take. You be dead from old age before the Caners wins. And high dose iodine is not good in the short term to you thyroid.

            Cure worst than the maybe Caners later

        • arco

          I read somewhere that you need to take them BEFORE you are exposed.

          • slingshot


            You must saturate the gland with good iodine before it becomes contaminated with radioactive iodine.

            • Greg

              slingshot… One time i put some iodine on my prostate gland and it burnt like hell. I won’t do that no more!!

          • Facebook Page

            You better go read more

      • Gregory8

        A lot of hard and very dangerous work for such a small payoff-possible dirty bombs. There are much easier and more effective ways of causing severe disruptions and death such as taking out a few power sub-stations that would only take seconds to shoot up and days, if not weeks to repair and replace transformers. Or what about those hundreds of miles of water pipes out west that are above ground and unprotected. Again, a number of big holes for a few miles would cut off incoming drinking water for places like L.A. Cutting off power and water for a few days to any large metro area would cause as much panic and death and be a lot easier and safer than Cobalt-60. This sounds more like another possible false-flag event since most folks don’t difference between various types of radioactive materials and their potentials.

    2. J Walker Red.

      If it moves across the US border to a large city like Houston, and is exploded, the prevailing SE winds will make most of Texas uninhabitable.

      Where will these Texans go? They will go to Washington and burn the fucker to the ground, will all hands on board. he White house will become no house. Congress will be removed. FBI, CIA, IRS, DHS, and all the other unlawful agencies will be eliminated.

      The government should direct their terrorists to someplace like California instead, where they have no will to fight or remain free. They can die living the libtard lifestyle they desire.

      • Peterson

        Its isn’t THAT large dude.. Its NOT a nuclear warhead!… you need to learn up on what dirty bombs are. LOL ….. take out Texas. LOL

        • jerrytbg


          “If dispersed, cobalt-60 or other radioactive source material could cause radiation poisoning locally.”

          The operative word here is “locally”…

          In the realm of hundreds of yards, no more…

          Quite frankly…Walkers post was emBAREASSing to read…

          • Peterson

            Thanks! There is just so much out there that a person could take in right now, and not nearly enough people here have a darn clue.

            • Facebook Page

              Over time the arm chair survivalist are showing their hands. This was a good story to so how wrong many of you are.

      • Not so Much

        “the prevailing SE winds will make most of Texas uninhabitable.”

        ummm. perhaps you should consult a map. Houston is as SE as you get in Tx, so no you’d be wrong.

        • Not so Much

          Nvm, I read your post wrong.

        • Sgt. Dale

          Cobalt 60 would only make a dirty bomb. It would contaminate a small area. But would cause a lot of panic.

          • Indiana Jones

            I’d be more concerned about the up coming super bowl in New York. If they were able to make a bomb and explode it at the top of the stadium that is down wind it would cause a lot of panic at the very least!

          • OutWest


            If I was to take a wild guess,
            I would say it was nothing more
            than a simple car-jacking with
            them not even knowing what the
            contents were.

            They will steal anything that
            isn’t bolted down in Mexico.

            • Sgt. Dale

              I hope you are right!!!
              Just think that if you are right when they open up their surprise. They won’t have to buy batteries for their flashlights any more, and they won’t be hard to find at night. GGLLOOWW WWOORRMM!!!
              But if you are wrong that is a different can of worms.
              Thanks for the positive thought.

              • REB

                Scrap metal maybe?…you called for me boss?..si Pedro…cut up theeez truck we steal and theeez containers in the back too…we make beeeg monies…buy mucho tequila, si…. 🙂

      • California Girl

        Actually, I grew up on a farm in Texas and moved here a few years ago due to my husbands work, so gee, thanks a lot!

        By the way, the suburbs where I live are way more conservative than I thought they would be before moving here. Surprisingly so. You just don’t hear about us little people from the MSM.

      • jimb

        I am by no means even close to an expert, but didn’t the government ground detonate several nuclear bombs in the west back in the 50’s? I don’t recall any place becoming uninhabitable. Not that I’m saying a dirty bomb would be a good thing.

        • The Old Coach

          Yup. The first test bomb was detonated near Alamagordo, NM. You could still see the black spot when I flew by there in 1966. It was a ground burst – on a tower about 100 feet high. But not long after they moved all the tests to Bikini Atoll in the Pacific.

          This Mexico hijacking is a mountain/molehill situation. The amount of Cobalt 60 material is small, it’s probably in a form that could not be broken up into the powder needed for a dirty bomb without very expensive robotic material-handling equipment, (or a suicidal effort by the terrorist). Then you have to transport a highly radioactive device to a target. It would easily be caught at the border by the radiation detectors, unless you somehow flew it in on a plane. But the shielding necessary to keep anyone near it alive weighs tons, so that’s probably a non-starter. Walk it across with a drug mule? Even drug mules can’t carry 1000 lb. lead canisters.


      • hammerhead

        Jwalker red , DUDE, Back off on the caffiene ! LOL

      • Jonny V

        Yep, you know the old saying…..

        “The problem with Texas, is that it’s plumb full of Texans…”

      • TheGuy

        It can’t be THAT radioactive. I could see it irradiating a part of downtown Houston in your scenario, but the entire state???

        By that logic, Nevada should be a radioactive exclusion zone. All those above ground tests…

      • Christian Man

        Dreamer @Johnny Walker Red aren’t you?

        How could any Christan possibly wish something like a “Dirty Bomb”, on any group of Citizens, simply because of their of a difference of Political views?

        Keep hiding your preps and just pray you never need them. In spite of what you may dream, there will always be some group out there, who has more people, fire power, provisions and nerve than you do. Think more on how you can save the members of your family and/or group to fight another day.

        No Preps, material possessions or hide away is worth the injury or death of a single member of your family/or friend.

        Keep prepping but do it smartly.

    3. Ugly Truth

      IF the perps that stole this were to bring it to US soil it would most likely be used as a dirty bomb. There is no fissable or nuclear yield potential here. I’m not greatly concerned about this. I believe these people will be caught though. You can’t hide something like this for long.

      • Peterson

        “You can’t hide something like this for long.”

        ….. says who? Your wishing on a star now Pal, did ya read the article?… people and the El Cartel hide shit for a living, and they are also not afraid to fight and kill people. Come on and step into the real world here…

        • hammerhead

          maybe they are savin it for the convention of states.
          I dont think the white house socialists want to see what comes from that .

          • Peterson

            You could be right!

        • Ugly Truth

          @ Peterson – well peterson the ugly truth is that whomever stole this couldn’t even seal the deal! Thankfully for us it sounds like they got spooked, thier buyer bailed or whoever took it didn’t know what they had and freaked once they found out! Lol. Of course there are some who believe that the story of findng it abandoned is false. God I hope not.

          • Peterson

            It’s a available in every clinic…. X-ray machine, CAT scan. Let us not forget how easy it is to ruin someone’s day with a few pounds of nails and a pressure cooker.

        • The Old Coach

          Hard to hide anything that’s screaming “here I am” with ionizing radiation.

      • Paul

        Dear Ugly Truth, The ugly truth is that with people like Mohamed Elibiary, of the Muslim brotherhood heading Homeland Security, they not only won’t get caught, but will probably be aided by these traitors. Of course there is also Valerie Jarrett, from Iran, who is Obama’s chief adviser. She was personally responsible for firing the top generals in charge of nuclear weapons. The list goes on and on and on with this leftist government of traitors.

        • Paul

          Slight correction, that should read:
          Dear Ugly Truth, The ugly truth is that with people like Mohamed Elibiary, of the Muslim brotherhood leading adviser to the President for Homeland Security, they not only won’t get caught, but will probably be aided by these traitors. Of course there is also Valerie Jarrett, from Iran, who is Obama’s chief adviser. She was personally responsible for firing the top generals in charge of nuclear weapons. The list goes on and on and on with this leftist government of traitors.

    4. Peterson

      Crazy shit… proof that you don’t need a gun to ruin someones day!

      • Peterson

        Thanks for typing this story up also there Mac, you did a pretty good job buddy!

    5. James

      Wonderful, just f$%^&&%$n wonderful! This is one thing that I, for one can not really prepare for. At least I live in zip code EIEIO. God Bless and merry Christmas! James

    6. rainyday

      I’ll take False Flag for $1000.00 Alex.

      • Peterson

        I don’t know if id go that far…. id say its the El Cartel if anyone, with some possible help from the US Government.

        • rainyday

          Honestly who knows anymore. There are so many potentials out there that it can make your head spin. Just one more reason to keep preppin while the preppin is good. Just another good reason not to live close to a target rich environment!!

          • Peterson

            Yep, you are right!

        • SilverSax

          “…possible help from the US Government”?
          Conspiracy theory nut…

          • hammerhead

            “Conspiracy theory nut…”

            Probably one of them Tea Partiers no doubt.

            • SilverSax

              Show me some evidence…ANY evidence…until then, it’s a CONSPIRACY THEORY.

              • hammerhead

                EASY BIG FELLA , sarcasm . LOL
                WAY TOO TENSE

          • Peterson

            No I just like violence. We could all take a few lessons from the Mexican El Cartel, and the Columbians I guess.

      • Hammerun

        If there’s any validity to the dirty bomb senecio, it most likely would be initiated on the east coast. New York or DC. If it was played out by an insurgent faction, they’d be going after mass casualties or strike at a political power base. If the latter is true, when and if you see our lothsom politicians on a plane getting out of dodge unexpectedly in mass,
        Political leaders won’t get caught up in their own false flag attacks and they won’t put a uncontrollable easterly plume across the countries food and bread belts.

      • Government Guy

        Is everything a false flag? It’s supposed to snow here next week. Is that a false flag? You’ll probably blame that on HAARP. Maybe preppers are a false flag. Perhaps they were invented so TPTB would have an excuse for gun confiscation and a list of people to target so everyone else will comply voluntarily.

        • rainyday

          @government guy,
          Obviously you missed my attempt at humor. However in the world we live in, the truly sad thing is that seemingly benign things can and will be used as an excuse to take away more of our freedom. To answer your question, no, not everything is a false flag, however if you recall the immortal words of O’s former chief of staff and now the mayor of Chicago Rahm Immanuel, “Never let a crises go to waste.” Is this hijacking the work of our govt., my guess is probably not. Could it be? Your darn right it could. Don’t underestimate the evil of the people who seek to control your life or you will end up eating a nutrition pellet from a metal pipe at the FEMA camp they dump you into for the crime of visiting this free thinking website.

        • Muddy

          Well, all I can say is my wife keeps asking why I’m walking around with a FF. Now I wonder what she means?

        • Greg

          This morning they was a jet airplane spraying insectasides all up in the air. I could smell it and it smelt kinda like hot shot bug spray. It must be something to it or else I would a not seen it.

    7. Tom Thatcher

      Looks like Obama and his criminal crew want to get out minds off all there criminal crimes. Beware of a false flag soon…

    8. James

      Sorry did not sign in properly! The cities could be screwed. Living in Zip code EIEIO isn’t so bad afterall God Bless, James

    9. Swinging on a star

      I wouldn’t be surprised if the regime stole the truck themselves in order to raise a great big red flag, you know, distract from the obomacare Ponzi scheme. I never in my life thought I could contemplate such an evil concept but these are the times we now live in. The regime lies about everything and the entitlement crowd believes them.

      Every day another lie is told to the American people and the mass media barely blinks while they repeat the dear leaders lies with no uproar, no real anger, no accountability, no honesty, nothing but white noise. We are screwed and there is no denying it now.

    10. VRF

      Like I said before..clowns all of them

      no gps tracking on that truck or shipment? how incompetent can they be?

      oh and now the cartel or some group has the makings of a dirty bomb..nice going idiots

      • rabbt

        yes no GPS on something that important. “Juans radiation removel” We do it cheaper

        • Peterson

          LOL….. Mexicans and Cubans, always good for a laugh!

          “Cheech’s Dirty Bombs & Bongs”

    11. Shooter

      I’ll second that or they’ll sell it to the Chinese.

      • Peterson

        Why would they need to sell it to the Chinese?…. its a X-ray machine? Im sure they already have plenty? ….

        This story SURE is showing who is retarded and who isn’t?

        • hammerhead

          ya pete and its showin us who the keyboard commandos are.

          • Peterson

            Least a few are learning what a dirty bomb is!

            Where is Che Brave Guevara and his trusty 38 combat revolver at?

            No one better nuke his preps, he’ll come out the front door like a pissed off badger I tell ya!

          • Peterson

            …. trying to cut me right there wasn’t ya?

        • newbee

          Why are you so bitter yes some people make some comments that are a little less then intelligent but not all of us knows everything about everything like you peckerson.

          • Peterson

            It was pretty stupid to think that they didn’t ready have access to one, wasn’t it? Probably shit themself if they knew they had everything we have…. wake up call time I guess huh?

      • KY Mom

        Speaking of the Chinese…

        600 acre “China City of America” proposed in the Catskill’s in New York state.

        “If approved, every province in China would have an office there and foreign investors funding the development would receive green cards for their $500,000 checks…”

        Fox News

        • nevermind

          buggers; another free trade zone. We really do need to get rid of congress and the idiots in the WH. They are giving America away.

        • Emily

          @ KY mom ~ Hey, I live in Upstate New York.
          Bw Buffalo and Syracuse.
          Why are they targeting the NY Catskills?
          I’ll have to read your posted link, KY mom.
          Thanks for the information.

          • Peterson

            I WONDER….. Feels like home to them already right?

    12. gone under

      Mark Hibbs, JOURNALIST at the LIBERAL Carnigie Endowment Peace think tank. Colbalt 60 used for treatment at hospitals, Half life 5.27 years. Dangerous to the Handlers. Almost Worthless as a dirty bomb except for the Media fear coverage. would require a tremendously powerful bomb to spread it over a large area and a whole lot of colbalt 60 at hospital grade concentration to get anyone sick.. It was on its way to a disposal site, (in mexico, means probably the dumps)Not like a fuel rod storage pool. As a bomb, it would be more of a “terror” than a “killer”. For those paranoid preppers who enjoy the Fear Porn, hit the red thumbs and take your prozac, cause I only post for the level headed preppers here.

      • Swinging on a star

        gone under,

        If your facts are correct then this is a good thing. I gave you a thumbs up.

      • Outlaw

        Thumbs up brother

      • Justin Case


        “The half-life of cobalt-60 is 5.27 years. This is short enough to make isolation a useful treatment strategy for contaminated areas.”

        confirmed – but still, a detonation of a dirty bomb with traces of this would cause mass panic beyond the actual effects.

        • Purple Dragon

          You are correct. If detonated in a frequently utilized public facility or even near to one, people would avoid that area like the Plague for years. The psychological advantage would go to the person who wanted to render the facility useless. But that’s the point of Terrorism right ? Implimenting an effective political/psychological change in a society by effectively seizing control of the populations fears. Remember a terrorist doesn’t have to kill anyone to be effective. They just have to take control away from you.

      • Peterson

        “For those paranoid preppers… ”


      • Happy Mom

        Thanks, and BTW…..Texas will be just fine!!
        Ya’ll keep preppin’

      • jerrytbg

        Thank you G U…

    13. VRF

      “Americans Want Congress Members To Pee In Cups To Prove They’re Not On Drugs”..well don’t warn them, just do it..we all have had to to remain employeed

      stronger majority said they’re in favor of random drug testing for members of Congress, by a 78 percent to 7 percent margin. Sixty-two percent said they “strongly” favor drug testing for congressional lawmakers, compared to only 51 percent who said the same of welfare recipients.

      Pee in a cup ?, How about all govt. employesse do a blood draw for a pre drug test and then a monthly pee test there after with a mandatary dismissal/fireing if they turn up dirty

      • Anonymous

        Nah give em a follicle test mandatory every two months

      • Anonymous

        Nah give them mandatory follicle tests every two months

        • Greg

          I dont want nobody touching my follacles no siree. I think thats going to far in my book.

      • PA farmer

        Drug test, sounds good on paper but they’ll just pay off the testing CO. or sick the IRS on them and put em out of Business. Besides they need Impeached not piss tested..

      • Purple Dragon

        Sounds good on paper. However, who is going to pay for all this testing ? The taxpayers of course. Then the people being tested will find a way to exempt themselves just like they exempted themselves out of Obamacare. I support drug testing for all gov employees and anyone who does buisness with the gov and anyone who gets a check from the gov. But who’s gonna pay for it ?

      • Pissed Off Granny


        After watching the congressional hearing on the potus overstepping his authority (what? again?) there is no doubt that some of those good ole boys have a huge problem with drugs if alcohol is considered a drug (which it is).

        One of the old boys had so many veins sticking out on his sunburned? face that it looked like a freeway map to hell.

        Guess all of us would become a “drug user” when you discover that you have to literally sell your soul to the devil to be one of the in crowd in DC.

        Pitiful bunch of pukes we have running the “sickest show on earth”.

    14. waterislife

      so shall we start a guessing game on where it will show up?

      choices: East coast rich area
      West coast rich area
      middle America poor urban area

      My guess for maximum tear jerk factor….urban area that is poor

      • hammerhead

        no , if this was to show up as a dirty bomb it would be a rather small bomb , so my guess would be a crowded mall or wall street .
        Lets hope it never shows up better yet .

    15. rabbt

      yup ,most wonderful time of the year

    16. Jim Bob

      Nothing to see here folks, just move along. The NSA is busy disregarding the story to concentrate all their assets on those damned murican terrists who might say something to offend the head chimp, like introducing reality to him and his slobbering pack of media butt lickers. THAT would be a threat to national security ya know….

    17. maddog

      When Diane Frankenstien appeared on the commie news the other day and said we are in more danger from terrorist than ever I told my wife that a terror event will be coming. Frankenstien is an American terrorist and like their counterparts in the middle east they prefer to tell their enemies in advance of the attack. Just sayin we might not want to let our guard down just yet. This bitch is one of the nastiest.

      • newbee

        Maddog I was thinking the same thing when I saw her say that. And its funny how a couple weeks before 2012 presidential election all the democraps were saying we have them on the run that we are safer then we have ever been. Why would it change I think its because they are planning something. When all this shits starts going down I wish there was a way for all of us to come together and make one hell of a fighting force to take back our country.

    18. Kulafarmer

      This smells of inside job bu the US government,,
      Why is our southern border so pourous?
      Why hasnt DOJ been hit for fast and furious?
      What does all this have in common with the “war on drugs”?

      The war on drugs is big money, both for feds, states, local police,

      Arms intentionally funneled to cartels, border purposefully pourus, now principal ingredient in a dirty bomb supposedly taken,
      Watch for an “event”
      TPTB need to have the sheep in fear, only way to do that is create an event that breeds it.
      This isnt about terrorism, its about money and greed.

    19. Tactical

      Who knows who stole this darn truck and for what purpose. Maybe someone thought it was carrying money…..maybe due to budget cuts for Border Petrol, they want to save on night vision equipments and just to make the illegals crossing the borders to GLOW in the dark.

    20. Orlandocon

      This my have been said, I haven’t read comments yet but…

      Look at how many executions are being carried out in Mexico, throats being slit and bodies being hung from bridges ect..all Mooselimb type’s of execution.

      Consider that Al Qaeda reading materials have been found on the Mexican side of the boarder on more than one occasion.

      Cartels aren’t the only concern coming from Mexico. Not by a long shot.

    21. Barn Cat

      It’s most likely an Iranian funded terrorist group that’s buying the cobalt-60 from the cartels. That makes Obama’s deal with Iran to let them build nukes to be interesting to say the least.

      The cartels have smuggling tunnels going across the border. It’s extremely easy for them to move things north through them and kidnapped white girls south into Mexico for prostitution.

      • John Q. Public

        Special Deee-livery for BarnCat:

        Comment ID 2864578

        • Pissed Off Granny

          Dang, John Q. Public:

          Barncat got reasonably close to the truth. You just have to substitute Mossad for Iranian and Israel for Iran and he would have been right on.

          • Pissed Off Granny


            You gotta quit drinking that kitty-koolaid!

            • John Q. Public

              Well, BarnCat finally got one right yesterday about how “public service” retirees are not simply receiving “what they paid in,” but are raping the taxpayers to sustain 6-figure retirement incomes.

              For Christmas, we should all chip in an buy BarnCat a complete BIble to replace the one he has with so many missing pages 🙂

              Comment ID 2864578

          • Tactical

            POG and JQP…..This is what we can expect from the reporters operating from a Dark Barn. Lord help us with the the uneducated. But I thank the Lord to have you two and Them Guys and Hunter and many other intelligent Americans.

          • John Q. Public

            As the saying goes… Even a stopped watch is right twice a day. [laughing]

          • Justice

            Guess you didn’t get the Memo. Hate speech isn’t welcome here.

            • Tactical

              Huh? You are confusing the hate speech with the truth. Normally corrupt individuals and Governments like to attack the truth and the truth tellers as haters.

              BTW. Don’t come back with your filthy comments about jail rape or other garbage. You seem to be the only one who is suffering from PTSD due to what happened to you in the past.

              • Pissed Off Granny


                J. Edgar Hoover quote on truth:

                “Above all, I would tell him to tell the TRUTH. Truth-telling, I have found, is the KEY to responsible citizenship. The thousands of criminals I have seen in 40 years of law enforcement have ONE thing in common, every single one of them is a LIAR.”

              • John Q. Public


                You are wise to their neurolinguistic weapons.

                Through talmudvision, H✡llyw✡✡d, their textbook empire, and weaponized words, the tribe has re-routed both thought and emotion. They have re-routed the natural revulsion to sodomy using “gay.” They have disabled rational thought and critical analysis with their “STOP THINKING” words, “hate speech” and “anti-Semite.”

                Good call against “Justice,” “Kevinaugh,” and the other aliases of the sayan assigned here.

                The goyim are awakening from their coma. Increasing awareness is making the tribe lose their neurolinguistic mojo. Soon the accomplices of Satan will have to do their own dirty work. They don’t like any of that and there just aren’t enough of them to do their own global dirty work.

                “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32

      • Tactical

        Barn Cat……Seriously? The last I heard, it was Mossad , CIA, and Saudis who were hiring and funding man eating monsters to kill the Christians in Syria and abroad.

        As far as prostitution ring that you have discovered, do some search and you’ll find out the latest one was inside one of our own American Military Base, conducted by a Godless soul of one of the commanding robots in charge and the WHITE girl you referenced was a 18 years old American White girl.

        Evil and Godless souls can be everywhere and anywhere on this planet but the most dangerous evil is to make up false stories since it does cover the true acts of evil.

        As an FYI. It was the Syrian Army who helped and rescued the Syrian Christians by killing the hired monsters. It wasn’t the Zionists, Filthy Saudis or CIA. Let’s give credit when the credit is due and let’s expose the evil under any shape or form without spreading false rumors. Else change your name to Diane Fienstien or Jim Rogers with your next comment.

    22. Mal Reynolds

      Just a rhetorical question here… If they detonated it in San Diego, would it kill more Mexicans or Americans?


    23. RICH99

      More fear ….just like that nuke transfer to south Carolina and the mussing nukes from minot north Dakota in 2008

    24. BigDane

      Well well, who cares ?! are people forgetting about Fukushima reactors?! Much much more dangerous and higher probability that this will destoy “us” Japan’s nuclear disaster is the real cause of a “glowing” doomsday.
      What will hit first ? Fukushima, economic collapse or Israel attack on Iran ? You pick.. Have nice day

    25. Sgt. Dale

      From what I know about Cobalt 60 is that it is a medical radioactive material. If mixed with a conventional bomb it makes a dirty bomb. Depending on how much they got the could make several bombs.

      NOW FOR THE GODD NEWS (if you want to call it that) From what I read years ago after 9/11 was it only takes about a quart jar full to contaminate around 20 or 30 city blocks. It won’t take out a whole City. If I remember right? I could be wrong. Dose anyone have more INFO?

      Some more good news? Now you could have the drug gangs with nukes and they could give them or sell them to some Muslim radicals so they can bring them across the border. Remember how secure the border is. Just ask Big Sis or who ever the hell is running the nut house (DHS).

      They only need to get 1 across the border. If they set it off then Obullshit could bring in Martial Law, and then the SHTF and then the Blue Helmets come in. Then it really gets bad. (AIM SMALL MISS SMALL)

      TSWHTF big time. Dose anyone remember the TV program Jerico? Remember TPTB will always give you just a little glimpse of what is to come and then wait a while then do it.

      Get your IODINE TABS as soon as you can. Also Gas Mask with ABC filters. Please don’t wait. Carry them with you. Put some in you vehicles. BETTER TO HAVE THEM AND NOT USE THEM THAN NOT TO THEM AND NEED THEM.

      You can also use regular liquid IODINE by placing it on and around your neck and forearms. This will help, but its not a cure to stop the radiation, This is for shittin and gttin out.

      Keep your preps up folks.

      Off topic. Silver is down and now is the time to buy if you can find it. I just left my dealer and was told that he is only getting in about 1/3 of the junk silver he gets in every week. Its has really slowed down.
      I just picked up
      $.50 – $8.50
      $.25 – &4.25
      $.10 – $1.70
      Its time to buy if you have been waiting, Its good to have it on hand, for when the economy collapses. One dirty bomb and the stock market will crash hard, and so will the economy.


      • Relax Francis

        I’m buyin’ I’m buyin!! 🙂

        I don’t hit the LCS any longer. My little way of going Galt; get it online, pay little to no shipping and ZERO tax. The zero tax thing alone as saved me a ton of $$ that I’ve been able to buy MORE Ag with!!

      • gone under

        @Sgt Dale. Good luck to the Gangs/cartel trying to make a Nuke out of colbalt 60 @ medical grade. I wouldnt be worried if the whole shipment was dumped in the middle of Los Angeles. Just a hazard mess to clean up. What would worry me is a actual high gamma dirty bomb (a real Gov sponsored one) detonated by “you know who” and then blamed on the coke sniffers in Mexico. And remember to rotate your KI and buy a few rad stamps too so you dont take KI (its not good for you) until needed. Also so you dont have too wait for the gov to tell you to take it when it is too late to help.

        • Sgt. Dale

          Very good points. They will more than get help form the feds to build a dirty bomb. You just need to put a jar of Cobalt 60 with a stick of TNT so that it would blow the Cobalt all over the place. . A Cobalt 60 bomb would be more of a pain in the ass than a weapon of mass destruction. You are right.
          This would cause more of a panic than anything. It would contaminate a area in a large city. This would cause a domino affect to other thing like Martial Law.
          Good to hear from you. With a different point of view.

          • Tactical

            Right on Sgt. Dale and Gone. The evil planners are more focused on creating panic Vs tangible damage these days. It is cheaper but more effective to squeeze the last drops of our freedoms.

      • slingshot

        Do you know if you are allergic to Iodine?

        If you are and you take those tablets, you’re gonna die.
        First reaction is you going to feel hot. Like a severe fever. Then become short of breath and finally tunnel vision sets in.

        How do I know? Because I am allergic to iodine.
        I can use Povidone-Iodine, (10% solution) by skin absorption to prevent thyroid problems. Four inch swab patch on stomach daily is enough. Still I take a chance.

        If you are caught in a dirty bomb blast. Of course leave the area. The main problem is contamination of your clothes. A good sudsy scrub in the shower and change of clothes is about all you can do. Bury the contaminated clothes Remember you can use a N-95/100 masks or a simple wet handkerchief to keep from breathing in radioactive particulates.
        Unless you have NEW Gas Masks and are able to DO THE MAINTENANCE on them to keep them viable, these Army/Navy masks are only good for Tear Gas and Pepper Spray. Maybe for a dirty bomb. But for Nerve Gas or a Chemical agent, I would not use them.
        Get real people and read up on Nuclear, Biological and Chemical agents.

        • Be informed

          @ slingshot. You know you mentioning this might have saved someone’s life if they decided to those tablets. People absolutely need to know what they are allergic to before SHTF. at leadt have an idea before you find out too late. Excellent comment.

          • Sgt. Dale

            B I.
            You are dead on with your post.

        • Sgt. Dale

          Hey thanks for the info. I didn’t know that you could be allergic to Iodine. Good advice. 4 inch swab across the stock I never heard of that but I could see how it would work.

          The iodine just might get you to an aid station so you can b e treated for both. If you do use it you are DAMNED and if you Don’t use it you are Damned.
          Good luck my FRIEND!!!
          Slingshot I’m more worried about Biological than Nukes or Chems. Do you have any insight on them? (Biological)
          Thanks again.

          • slingshot


            To add to the iodine problem. You have to pay attention to the dosage. I am not supposed to eat crab, shrimp or oysters but I do. They contain iodine but when I start to feel warm I stop. Believe me you will sweat and feel like you are in an oven in the beginning. If you quickly leave the area, shower and change clothes you should be fine. It is exposure time to monitor. Keep particles from touching your skin.
            Chemical agents are blood and nerve. One type attacks the blood cells to keep Oxygen from being carried in your blood. The nerve agents attack the central nervous system to shut down your breathing. Some will burn tissue( Lungs and Eyes) If I remember right, Antropine is the attidote medicine. Introduction is either by skin absorption or ingestion by breathing.
            Full Chemical suits are required for full protection. Then you have the problem of decontamination and disposal. Chemicals attacks can last for up to Two Weeks.
            Plants, insects and small animals die off quickly depending on the agent used. Mustard and Chlorine gas.
            Bio-Weapons especially weaponized. You are going to need the direct antidote/vacinations. Anthrax, Small pox are a couple that comes to mind. Again some protective coving will be required.
            Nuclear? I read some of the published reports from the firefighters who were at Chenoyble powerplant accident in Russia. They were cooked from the inside out like a microwave oven. They were Hero’s. Knowing they were going to die a terrible death. Stay out of the fallout and try to shield yourself. Most will not have Geiger counters or dosimeters to count Rads or the ability to calibrated equipment. Then you still deal with dosage and time exposure.

            Pretty scary, isn’t it?

            Anyone with corrections, please advise.

            • sixpack

              All I’ve got to say is…plastic and duct tape – plastic and duct tape, to go along with those particle masks…

        • Merree

          Iodine is only good for blocking the effects of radioactive iodine. Cobalt 60 is not iodine so iodine would be of limited use in a cobalt 60 release. Everyone seems to have a gut reaction to take iodine but it is of limited use unless there is a release of radioactive iodine.

          Melatonin can strengthen the body’s defense to radioactivity according to some studies. The dose is 1-4 mg PO before bedtime on a daily basis until the risk passes.

      • Night breaker

        Sgt Dale ,
        Be advised Iodine Tablets for anyone over 40 is NOT recommended. Only for those under 40 years of age should use them, consult a physcian before use there can be serious complications.
        On the Cobalt 60 the main threat is inhalation of the particles or skin exposure that can cause Nasty Beta burns on the skin. The main mess is going to be panic if something like this happens.
        The perpetrators will probably seek a high visibility target for effective media exposure.
        Make no mistake this is a terror weapon with limited area denial capabilities it’s main purpose is physchological in nature.
        How the regime responds will be the million dollar question who do you think will be blamed,for the incident?

        prepare it’s going to get nasty.



        Semper Fi 8541


    26. Relax Francis

      If I were a betting type I would put a 10oz bar of Ag on the square of it was probably some local bandito’s looking to take only the truck and have ZERO idea of what it’s carrying.

      I’ll put another 10oz bar on the square that says the cargo appears in an empty field sans the cab of the truck in the near future.

      I know, I know; it’s not a full on doom prediction or talk of how porous our borders are but that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!

    27. cossack55

      So….that means that Fukushima is not a nuke plant with 6 reactors, but a Radiological Dispersal Device. I guess that is why they are dumping all the contaminated water into the Pacific. Gotta love the glowing tuna and salmon.

    28. TheGuy

      What, you don’t have a drone that can pick up radiation?

      You got ones that can pick up body heat… ought to damn well have one that can pick up radioactivity…

      Then just figure the distance that truck could get in the time alotted, at 100 mph, make the site where it was stolen the center, Make the radius whatever distance that is, break the circle up into a grid and put like 12 drones on that grid pattern…

      • Night breaker

        With out getting into anything classified UAS systems exist with Hyperscan capabilities that can detect radiological emissions . NEST has that capability, dirty bomb components are easily detectable even with practical shielding.

        Nuclear weapons have a distinct signature in radio ( radiation) emission and signatures that are unique to this type of weapon system. Some systems use a very strong magnetic field to suspend the pit inside of a tamper / reflector assembly ( teller ulam levitated pit) and implosion assembly that surrounds the plutonium core, this has to hold its position at an exact distance and geometry for the system to work.
        This field can be detected with airborne or ground based systems .

        You really do not need ground based survalence at the border this can all be done remotely with the advanced UAS systems that are currently in use today.

        Even though it seems nothing is being done on the outside , rest assured vigilance is a high priority on this threat.

        Semper Fi 8541

      • sixpack

        Why would they want to FIND it? Then they’d just have to come up with some other scare tactic…just more work for them.

    29. NetRanger

      Sounds like the False Flag Express is heading north!

    30. mountain man 6-1

      HAha !! Have NO FEAR….DHS is HERE !! I can’t wait to see the look on Sheeples faces when they discover HomeLand Security IS NOT here to protect them , but to hunt down ,shoot or imprison Patriots who are against this Rouge Gov’t. of ours !! They’ll be standing by the highways ,waving little flags ,chanting USA-USA-USA !! As the armored vehicles roll by ,with guns hanging off of everything available ,it would drive right by this stolen truck !! Shone live in Exiting Times, Huh??……mm

      • NetRanger

        …and if they did track the truck down, low and behold they’d announce that xyz patriot militia (an anti-government group, you know) was planning on making dirty bombs to set up and kill people in Chicongo and scream “false flag!!!” to try and make the government look bad. But! Look at us! We are DHS! We are protecting you!!!

        There is really on one thing government is good at: telling lies. Who knows if this is even true. The whole thing could be made up so they can have cause to dirty bomb some poor city and screw over the population in general with an false flag, a fake false flag or a pseudo-false flag. These liars have it down to an art form.

        • VRF

          yep , they will make the problem, than ride in as hero’s to save the day.

          all as planed, just like F&F,, right Eric?

          tons of sheeple are buying it all hook line and sinker, yet they continue playing these games even though they know we know..

          • sixpack

            Did they ever find those missing warheads from TX?

            That would make a great substitute for cobalt, wouldn’t it? And most people wouldn’t know that the cobalt couldn’t cause that much damage, so the missing warheads would be kept completely out of the conversation…nice.

        • Sgt. Dale

          You hit the nail on the head!!!!

          • gone under

            Perhaps the Haz disposal company staged the highjack to avoid paying the high cost of storage. Maybe they just tossed it al in the dumps. It has happened before with Medical equipment and made workers sick.

            • Sgt. Dale

              Dead right on this one.

    31. Buzzfix

      I smell a false flag coming. What was that again? The “terrorists” were going to come up from Mexico next time around. Be ready!

    32. maudy fricket

      Maudy’s giving up tequila for the next 100 years.

      • VRF

        hahah screw that, I aint never givin up my tequila

      • Ugly

        Swith to Oly. It is a Man’s Man drink, but there are women that drink it too. It is American too.

    33. Jonny V

      You know, after reading this, I was worried for a bit that a dirty bomb might hit us and really make a mess of things. Seriously though, I bet that the only thing that happens is we get a few dead beaners out of it……

    34. NunjoBizness

      God, I hate messico with a passion. It’s a useless appendage – like an arm growing out of a neck, a boil on the ass of America.

      ….Jihadista anyone???

    35. Jonny V

      Even if they do get us with the dirty bomb, all we have to do is scrounge up $25 and go down to the Home Depot and hire 40 beaners to get working on the cleanup…..

    36. Be informed

      DUH! are the masses of people becoming stupider? If there is truth to this article, YES. Dumb-dumbs abound.

      I had to link this, I am sure everyone out there as come in contact with your rudimentary fool. Humbling known as the non-prepper for one.


      • sixpack

        Well, if human intelligence in general is declining, what does that say about the authors of this article—or are THEY not included in the human race?



    37. Mike

      Small potatoes compared to Fukushima.

    38. slingshot

      We are worried about a few pounds of radioactive material stolen in Mexico. While Fukishima reactors is an on going event for over a year.
      Anyone do preps or research if the reactor rods blow up?

      • TPTB are liars

        A fuel dump explosion will not be like an atomic bomb blast. Preferably don’t be downwind or within 50 miles of it. If she blows, lock yourself in the basement, cover and tape as much of the openings as possible and don’t come out for a minimum of 9 days. If possible stay inside for at least 3 weeks. Radiation is not carried by air. It attaches itself to something.

        The only way a fuel dump will melt down and explode is if it loses power and the cooling pumps aren’t running. It would be a grid down shtf when this happens, so how will anyone even know when it blows? Which is why everyone should have a radiation meter. You can pick up a decent low priced geiger counter for less than $300. Remember, keep in a faraday cage.

        When it’s time to go back outside, everything will have radioactive dust on it that will need to be wiped down and disposed of. Including soil. The top few inches of your garden or fields will need to be scraped and gotten rid of.
        molon labe

        • slingshot

          The last time I know of, is the military established a working limit of 200 rads per hour. In an emergency 400 rads for 30 minutes. Anything above that range you were to die.

          Food for thought.

    39. Chris45

      It’s getting serious, folks. Something evil this way comes.

    40. Sgt. Dale

      I just figured it out.
      They took the Cobalt 60 to make Glow Worms for the Tequila. That way thy don’t have to turn on the lights at night to find it.

      • gone under

        Colbalt 60 is also used to sterilize FOOD and Spices that we eat. Anyone here build a “root cellar” yet? Prep lesson… do not store apples next to cabbage and potatoes. Just can the apples and forget about keeping them in the cellar. There is some kind of reaction with other vegetables causing tsome to sprout and others to rot.

    41. IDF Man

      I think it is time for all red necks to go hunting on the southern border. 🙂

    42. gone under

      Guess I should have radiated the cabbage.

    43. Satori

      Looting spreads in Argentina’s third largest city as police go on strike


      civil society breaks down in about oh…15 minutes or so

      • sixpack

        serves the thieves right.

    44. thisTexan has had enough

      Fox News says the truck has been found, but it is empty. Also, if the people who removed the load were not wearing proper equipment, they will die.

    45. slingshot

      Heated a can of beans on a car exhaust manifold once but have to try cooking cabbage on the radiator.

    46. Ancient Echoes

      This could be a set up, guess we will know in a few days. Glad there are knowledgeable chemists on this site that know about Cobalt 60 and can inform the rest of us . If something happens that could not be caused by the Cobalt but they blame it on that than we have valuable info. I still worry more about Fukushima than this missing truck. Live today and enjoy each moment everyone. Peace!

    47. 21Bravo

      While zer0 has slept…. Hezbollah has moved into Central America, South America, Cuba and is now in Mexico and now aligned with the drug cartels there. Don’t forget the drug tunnels under the uS border. These tunnels are believed to be designed by Hanas because the construction is similiar to those found under the Gaza Strip…..
      Don’t you all feel safer now that the open southern US borders are wide open….



      Do a dem a favor and don’t hire them. Then they will realize that communism does not work. The new economy is for capitalists.

      Move to Russia you dem pukes.

      And stop taking prayer out of the schools.

      I always new dems were commies!

      Now they are proving me right.

    49. slingshot

      Having visions of people running around their home with duct tape to doors and windows or spraying insulation foam in cracks or door jams, to keep fallout from coming into the home. The number one thing to do is to turn off your air conditioning or heater. It will suck outside particles through small crevices into your home that you can’t see. Then it is spread throughout your home.

      • sixpack

        I wouldn’t do the insulating foam in door cracks. You just might have to get the hell outta there at some point and gluing the exits shut is pretty risky. Duct tape works as well and comes off much easier.

    50. wrong

      News Flash!!! Its been recovered.

      Next Article….

      • The

        I’m sure this bit of overhyped paranoia will soon be deleted and replaced with the next story that can potentially be twisted into something that should terrify us.

    51. The

      A truck was stolen. So, why is the word hijacking used over and over in this story? To suggest….terrorism perhaps?

      “Since hijackings and other criminal activity in Mexico are in almost all cases linked to the cartels…”

      This is a reasonable assumption?

      For one, it is a vehicle theft, not a hijacking.

      Almost all cases of criminal activity are linked to the cartels? Really?

    52. watching and waiting

      According to MSM(7:47PM), the lost truck has been found. Allegedly not far from where it was stolen.
      This info is from a Mexican Media Government Source.

      No pictures of the truck when found, just the empty parking lot from where it was taken.

      It’s probably still lost……

    53. lonelonmum

      If you think the border with Mexico is a bad joke try living in the UK.

      We are an island, surrounded by at least 21 miles of water the whole way round yet we are expected to believe that our Great leaders cannot control immigration (clue – almost every illegal immigrant I met in Londistan can’t even swim!).

      If anyone thinks that this mass uncontrolled immigration is unplanned then they need to wake the fook up fast! Border controls are more about monitoring the movements of productive taxpaying citizens and control than anything else at this point in time. It’s all part of the darn plan!
      (You could always get into the USSR – you just couldn’t get out again, history rhymes once more).

      off topic:- Just came across this site & thought it might be helpful to beginner preppers.


      Lots of nice video tips on a variety of topics from how to cook acorns/broadleaf so they don’t taste of cardboard, to making vaseline cotton wool firestarters & a simple system for processing your humanure safely.

      Like I said above, it’s not one for ex-special forces uber preppers with 40 years experience. However for the newbie suburban Mum with no gardening experience etc I think it could possibly really help you out a good deal to take a slow browse through the above link.

    54. The Rifleman Next Door

      I pity the useful Idiots that the ringleaders will use to unload the stuff…..who will then go home and die an agonizing death from lethal radiation exposure.

    55. Relax Francis

      Need I say more…

      Comment ID: 2866258

      I love it when I’m right!

    56. Trayvon Zimmerman

      We should all calm down and behave here. We need to get a grip and take care of what matters in our own worlds and help each other. The only way to slay the great beast is with knowledge. You have to step back and take stock of what truly means something. In no way shape or form will I let my life or my mind be controlled by another. I pray for you all. Good Day!

    57. Kevin2

      Back in Chicago in the early 1930s Al Capone’s mob with Frank Nitti in charge stopped helping the common bank robbers with hide outs because it became bad for business.

      The drug gangs would hunt down dirty bomb terrorists in Mexico for the same reason.

      I’ll bet that someone did a hijack and picked the wrong damn cargo to take.

    58. lonelonmum

      If it was a hospital van they probably hoped the cargo was full of pharma grade drugs.

      Agree TZ.


      This link might help people with prepping their car this winter. $25 is an amount most can raise in order to have 10 days food/water/cooking/basic survival supplies stowed under the back seat in case of emergency. In bad weather conditions £25 dollars is a good deal for an insurance policy that could potentially save your life.

      I’m done with the relentless fear porn mongering and am far more interested in what can be done to help new preppers escape the victim mentality of MSM indoctrination.

      We may not have the millions in the bank and the army at our back that the elite do, but I see no reason to just roll over and give up.

    59. jimbow

      I wonder if this is another way to plan a false flag event.

    60. mongrel warrior

      This story is already on Wikepedia. Just google cobalt 60 and scroll down to Safety. That’s hairy.

    61. NWOresponseTEAM

      Well at least we know what’s going to be stealing our freedoms for security when the next false flag happens to roll out the police state/martial law. Oh wait were was the NSA on tracking the telephones and electronics on the people who did this. Thats right its just for the scum public only. FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE at work again.

    62. Bird-dog

      I think if the thieves who may have stolen this stuff get sick or worse, the Mexican goverment should be held liable for any injuries suffered or loss of life to those involved. If that’s the case, the thieves should sue and be compensated at a minimum for any losses. I think Mexico is negligent here. Because if Mexico had adequately provided security for the transport of this material so that it couldn’t be stolen, the thieves wouldn’t have been able to steal it. This is all Mexico’s fault.

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