Secretary of State? Bolton Advises Trump to “Confront Russia, China, Iran and Embrace War Forever”

by | Nov 16, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 70 comments

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    This article was written by Kurt Nimmo and originally published at his Another Day in the Empire site.

    Editor’s Comment: At this point, Americans should be getting awfully tired of the false promises and empty dreams that are continually sold, and which so regularly ring hollow. Despite a campaign based around opposing the establishment, normalizing relations with Russia and pulling back from the failing empire, Donald Trump’s rumored pick for Secretary of State – John Bolton, who served as U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. under George W. Bush – is advocating for a neocon platform of expanding war, and taking on the major powers.

    If put into action, this disastrous policy would lead to only one thing: world war. Trump must be persuaded to cut ties with this crowd and fulfill the promise of draining the swamp, but it remains to be seen if this will possible.

    John Bolton: Trump Needs to Confront Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and Embrace Forever War

    by Kurt Nimmo

    Because Donald Trump has zero foreign policy chops, he will delegate that job to his new secretary of state. With every passing day, it appears the person to fill that job will be John Bolton, a diehard neocon.

    On Saturday Bolton spelled out what he considers to be the foreign policy priorities of the new administration.

    Bolton writes the top concern for America on the foreign policy front are “the closely related threats of radical Islamic terrorism and the Middle East’s spreading chaos.”

    This is followed by “nuclear proliferation” by Iran, a country that does not have a nuclear weapons program.

    Trump may say he wants to make peace with Russia, but this is not on Bolton’s agenda. “Vladimir Putin’s Russia is on the prowl in Eastern Europe and the Middle East in ways unprecedented since the Cold War,” he writes.

    Trump’s VP, Mike Pence, has similar thoughts on Russia.

    Bolton forgets Russia was not “on the prowl” prior to the US placing missile batteries on the border in Poland, or before the State Department engineered the takedown of the government in Ukraine.

    He also wants Trump to confront China in the South and East China Seas. “Continued failure to deal firmly with Chinese adventurism and intransigence will result in more Asian states falling under Beijing’s sway, as the Philippines appears to be doing, simply accepting their fate as Middle Kingdom vassals.”

    On Sunday, Bolton took to the pages of the New York Post. “Iran is now on a path to deliverable nuclear weapons, legitimized by Obama’s wretched deal, which is providing untold economic benefits to Tehran through unfrozen assets and renewed trade and investment, especially from Europe. Iran’s support for terrorism continues unabated, and its provocative international behavior has only worsened since the nuclear deal. Russia’s influence in the region is higher than at any time since the 1970s,” he writes.

    Bolton pushed creative destruction and order out of chaos, the favored approach of neocons. “Either a new state must be created out of the wreckage of Syria and Iraq, or some other durable approach must be found,” he writes.

    “I still think the decision to overthrow Saddam was correct,” Bolton said last year during a failed effort to run for the nomination. “I think decisions made after that decision were wrong, although I think the worst decision made after that was the 2011 decision to withdraw U.S. and coalition forces.”

    He also wants to force Russia out of Syria. “Moreover, the new Russian airbase in Latakia, Syria, has dramatically changed the strategic environment in the eastern Mediterranean and beyond.

    “Unfortunately, the base cannot be made to disappear simply by reversing Obama’s erroneous policies.”

    According to Bolton, “Israel and America’s Arab friends are desperately waiting for a strong American president who understands who his friends are.”

    Israel and its well-organized and financed lobbying effort in the United States has long determined US foreign policy in the Middle East.

    As for our “Arab friends,” this is a reference to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the Gulf Emirates, the very folks who are responsible for fanatical Wahhabi Islam embraced by al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, and the Islamic State.

    None of these psychopathic groups would even exist if the CIA had not built up the Mujahideen in Afghanistan during its covert war against the Soviets. The Saudis, the CIA, and the Pentagon are directly responsible for the cancer now growing in the Middle East, not Iran.

    On Tuesday, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul pointed out the hypocrisy of a Trump administration selecting Bolton as secretary of state.

    “Bolton is a longtime member of the failed Washington elite that Trump vowed to oppose, hell-bent on repeating virtually every foreign policy mistake the U.S. has made in the last 15 years—particularly those Trump promised to avoid as president,” Paul writes.

    Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani is also being considered as Trump’s secretary of state. He also embraces the neocon ethos.

    This article was written by Kurt Nimmo and originally published at his Another Day in the Empire site.


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      1. Vice President – ELECT – Pence is in charge of the transition team. He will provide advice on leading candidates for Secretary of State. A thoughtful and measured candidate will be selected. We, as a world, are much safer with the folks Trump will select for the Cabinet.

        • Bolton will not be Secretary of State. TRUMP wants reconciliation with Russia not confrontation. His dumping of Christie and Christie’s appointments tell the tale of a TRUMP administration.

          I have a FRANKLIN that says Bolton will not be SOS. Any takers ??? 🙂

          • DK, I sincerely hope you’re right about Bolton NOT becoming SOS. Bolton is anything BUT diplomatic. He would go to war with his own shadow if it didn’t keep up with him. Trump had better not take up Bush Jr.’s bad habits.

            • Seems we have a lot of followers of Neville Chamberlain. One day were making fun of Obama as a whimp and thrilled with Putin because he’s a strongman. Now we’re afraid we’ll have war if we are strong in the face of aggression. We must have diplomacy through strength and thats what you will get with Bolton. Trekker Out.

              • Bolton is a NWO NEO CON. Their agenda is aggression and wars of crony capitalism to extend the Empire globally. That is not “Peace Through Strength”.

                That is Fascism. 🙁

              • Didnt vote for Trump to have more bs neocon wars. We had that under the last GOP president.

                Of all of Obama’s failing, foreign policy was not one of them.

            • Bolton is good, but not at an SOS level. He is the kind of guy you want around as a sounding board.

              No president has yet done it, but I think certain administration positions should have three people in charge, so there can be three 8 hour shifts, with one being named boss of the other two. Currently they work 16 hours a day at times, make mistakes and burn out.

              Trump is one on those amazing people who only needs a few hours of sleep a day. With the right staff there’s no nation he can’t outclass. He doesn’t need to sleep, he’s working while everyone else is napping. This is going to get very interesting.

          • Nope DK only suckers buck the house. Sure is interesting though to watch this all unfold.

            • I think people are reading Bolton wrong. I don’t think he’s out spoiling for a fight, but I don’t think he’ll take a load of garbage from anyone who wants to start one either. I like him. He’s straight forward, direct, no nonsense kind of guy that has his head screwed on straight, is alert, and keeps his head up. He’s a good man who can be trusted.


              Son of Liberty

              • John Bolton is a fine Israel firster fellow. But Donald promided us a promotion… to America First.. Therefor Bolton wont do.. Plus his confrontational style just makes enemies, messes and expense….. Try someone sane instead…

                Don,t forget Boltons days of fun at Plstos Retreat that cost him a wife. Then there is Melody Tounsel and Lynne Finney too accusing him of assualt and Harrassment in the workplace..

          • i agree DK, I think one of the first things Trump will do is pair with Russia to destroy Isis. I love how the media is just throwing one tantrum after another lately.

            • America has a lot in common with Russia at every level: oligarchs, strong men, and family values. The Russian people are well educated and primarily Christian.

              Those NWO POS (including GWB) who have worked to strip America of its power, economy, unity, and moral strengths are the same crowd who have been spreading the propaganda against Putin (just like they did TRUMP). Putin is a NATIONALIST, doing what is best for RUSSIA.

              Now America has a nationalist and Patriot in the Oval Office as I predicted. And I predicted a LANDSLIDE. Yes, its in the archives.

              First Patriot since Reagan. They will find common ground. 🙂

        • ru f@cking stupid? did you not read this article?

        • Trump should try to get Nikki Haley and liein’ Ryan. That would get them out of their present spots, and Trump could quickly fire them both. A twofer!

      2. With a mustache like Bolton’s…. Russia has no chance.

      3. The voters have spoken. If DJT does NOT remember that when choosing his cabinet, this will be an issue. He needs to choose capable and qualified leaders that do not have Washington cartel DNA. They need to be proven leaders and not necessarily politicians. They do exist and should be reviewed. Long Live the Republic!

      4. I don’t know what the future holds for America . But it sure would be nice if we could stop being the world’s unpaid and hated policeman.

        It’s time to place Americus needs first . For too long we’ve tried to provide an illusion of peace based on a military industrial complex which has been funded by wars around the world . Talk about an oxymoron .

        It seems rather obvious that the national debt is going to preclude our ability to fight and win a future war . It’s time to come home and rebuild . Let the world take care of itself for a while .

        • Bolton is the Worst of the Worst. He is nothing more than a full fledged Establishment War Mongering Hating Globalist that would love to destroy all of Humanity for his pleasure.

          This is what the Devil looks like, and what Trump needs to avoid. Oh he will listen to Bolton all right, then probably do the opposite. But listening to these war monger freaks say, lets Trump realize how far out of the perception of Reality these Neocons are.

          • Zeus, spot on about Bolton. He’s been in bed with AIPAC forever.

            • Glad you said it Brave, If I said it, it would not have been posted.

              This is an interesting article. And it cuts across many sectors.
              Fearmongering Propaganda Is Immensely Profitable–and Distracting
              11-16-2016 •
              ht tp://

              Like I said, the Election of Trump reduced the Global Fear Threat Levels down to about 15% from 98% of an all out Nuclear War, WW3, Police State Zionism if Hitlary was appointed. All that needless fear, just got booted out the door packing. Good thing. So go back and start enjoying your lives gain, and keep one eye open. Sleep well. So what’s going to happen with the FEMA Camps? Club Fed for Hillary Criminals?

              • This is the Stuff we need to be discussing. The Housing Bubble is Popping. Miami…

                News Link • Housing
                Whiff of Panic in Miami’s Condo Market
                11-15-2016 • by Wolf Richter

                ht tp://

                **If we reflect back to 2005 & 2006, the Condo Market is the (Canary in the Coal Mine) indicator to be the first part of the housing Market to Crumble and collapse, which will create a snowball of Foreclosures across the entire housing market. Which again is exactly collapsing right now. Some Lenders are now refusing to lend to condo borrowers. They are way over priced and values are dropping fast. New construction is coming to a halt. Economic collapse will lead to mass loan defaults and foreclosures.

                So if you own a house, lock in a cheap new interest rate ASAP, and or Pay the sucker off and be debt free if at all possible. Get out of your 30 yr loan and go to a 7 or 10 Yr loan, or double up on payments. But get it paid off ASAP.

              • Zeus, like I said earlier, Bolton would go to war with his own mother if he found a reason to do so, and if not, then he’d fabricate a reason. we still face the threat of civil war 2/revolution in this land which is bad enough. we don’t need any more foreign wars. All my options are still on the table. Just got home from the BOL earlier. Back to the old grind for me.

        • Flee NATO! The rest of NATO has NEVER paid their way. That’s how Europe has been able to afford to play around with their socialist schemes.

      5. “This is followed by “nuclear proliferation” by Iran, a country that does not have a nuclear weapons program.”
        This statement alone disqualifies the articles author from being a valid source of information for us.

        • Shroom, i agree with you 100%, if the author of this article doesn’t think Iran has a nuclear program, then he must be OBTUSE!!!!

        • suprisingly … even the UN Inspectors say that Iran is not, nor have the capability of producing weapons grade plutonium – Nuclear Energy is all that is taking place – only the West & Israel is claiming otherwise.

          Iran fits into the rest of those other countries (Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia ..etc.) that the U.S. has claimed to be an enemy to us & Israel.

          Iran has not invaded another country in over 200 years!
          Can the U.S. & Israel claim the same?

          Iran does not even need Nukes to destroy Israel – Their military will do the job just fine if need to be. Watch who the instigators and agitators are in the World … and you’ll quickly realize who is the problem.

          • FTW, was it true that Iran supplied IED materials and knowledge that killed and maimed so many of our soldiers in Iraq?
            I would not trust the mullahs that rule Iran. Sounds like you would.
            They’re ‘religious’ leaders, so we should trust them?

            • was it true that Iran supplied IED materials and knowledge that killed and maimed so many of our soldiers in Iraq?

              Ketchupondemand –

              Who knows if that is true or not, it is possible I suppose.
              Seems to be … anything negative coming from the the US Gov/Israel about another country holds no merit.

              What I do know is this … people that live in Iran … want to be left alone. Any hostility that the Iranian people may show towards the US Gov – is simply because … the US Gov has been screwing around with their country for a long time.

              A day eventually comes … when another country (Iran) has had enough of our US Gov. Foreign Policies. I can’t blame some of these people for feeling the way they do … it appears most of us here at SHTFplan feel the same way about our own Government.

              Is there a difference in feelings between them and us?

              I would have to believe that most people could agree to a point and say: “NO”

              • I should also add …

                Iran is a very diverse country when it comes to Religion.
                There is a large concentration of Christians, J*ws, & Muslims.

                Guess what???

                They get along with one another … there are virtually no problems amongst themselves. – probably the most peaceful place … when it comes to Religion.

                The World should observe and take notice!

                • “probably the most peaceful place … when it comes to Religion.”

                  Bullshit. Google Bahai’s and get back to me.

                    • The beef is not with the Bahai’s. It is with the religion of peace in Iran that murders Bahai’s.

        • The idea of “nonproliferation” has never worked. Any nation that has decided to build a nuclear weapon has done so. Israel wants Iran kept out of the nuke club because Israel is presently the regional superpower.

          The dream of “nuclear zero” is just that, a dream. You can’t unring the nuclear weapons bell.

      6. yet more fear porn you dont know bolton have never met bolton yet you speak as if you were in the room when he was selected yet another disgruntled clinton child no one is falling for your cheap shit anymore

      7. Trump Needs to Confront Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and Embrace Forever War?

        With that lineup, ‘Forever War’ is a given. Just what do you think has been going on for the last 8 years?

        Please appoint a strong Secretary of State that won’t appease these people. War is the price of pacifism, not peace.

      8. Following World War I, the European nations drew boundary lines for “less developed” populations. Most of those created nations have split up into smaller nations. If it didn’t work then, why does anyone think it will work now? Iraq and Syria were both created out of the former Ottoman Empire and have diverse populations that want to go their own way.

      9. Wars run on money. Obama ripped up the last credit card the U.S. had when he ran the debt up to $20 trillion. We can no loner finance another big war like the $6 trillion Trump correctly pointed to as the cost for Iraq and Afghanistan. Russia, China, Iran and North Korea know we no longer have the money for more foreign wars and are trying to fill in the void.

        All we can do is sit back and lick our wounds and at least try to rebuild the military. If I were Trump my first act would be to reinstate the military leaders and personnel Obama purged (with total back pay and a bonus) and rebuild our military in a defensive posture (no foreign wars) .

        • I agree Rabbitone.

          Give the Generals back their former positions with honors for not being Obama’s yes men.

          I hope we get someone as Secretary of State who is an American First, Last, and Always.


          • B from CA ,
            I agree Trump needs to review those officers that Obutthead fired and IF they have merit REHIRE them and make a BIG deal out of it, THAT would go a long way to showing our soldiers (whom most hate obutthead) some new signs pf hope that the military has not been abandoned.

        • Nicely spoken imho rabbitone, meaning the part about rebuilding our military using a defensive posture with NO WARS (as none are truly needed in the least at a time when Obama is trying to convince America that it is a must we destroy women and children daily, and with conviction.

          Just as did Hillary, he too will continue to lie until the day his ass is out the door forever. (I am pretty sure Trump won’t invite him back, unless it is to let him know who’s boss now). lol… If Obama is going to be an ass in the days to come, why not kick it around a bit?

      10. Bolton probably threw his name out there making look like Trump was looking at him in hopes of Trump throwing him a bone!

        • Yeah a bone with no meat on it.

      11. With war brings money …somewhow. Whether or not it is “strong or soft” is unknown to me.

        I was trained to believe everything being done was in the name of Freedom. Well, at that time it generally was, and yet I could “sense” a change in the overall feeling of everything by the time I signed off @ 21yrs.

        I don’t see Trump keeping soldiers stationed anywhere for any length of time unless the individual leaders oppose him, and then he’d “oblige” as expected. Since HE plans on some major military spending, on some ‘racy’ toys, I am 100% for it given what China just cranked out for a ‘Flattop’ with a nice ‘lift’ at the bow (be a bitch to land on her backwards though)! That was a record time build afaik, and it was amazingly fast (assuming it runs).

        This article speaks of Bolton when I was under the impression that Guilanni(sp?) had already been chosen. I must have read it rightside down and up I dunno…

        Trump is going to need “businessmen” more than politicians at his “round-table” in order to pull off everything he’s got in mind (and that’s much more than what he intends to make public until he’s sure he can pull it off, to everyone’s advantage).

        Amidst all that will be the “hecklers and trained-paid-protesters from or courtesy of George Soros attempting to poke holes into all that Trump attempts (or at least at The Democratic Level we should expect lots of ‘nays’ on everything …until they realize they are being considered for target practice as well).

        I really can’t picture much of nothing happening that would trash this nation. I think we’d be able to handle about anything thrown at us, including an EMP (hell, we’ll throw a few back and missiles too to make it all very, very fun)! All the way back to The Stone Age before they realize their next meals are coming from their ability to forage in the wild (or kill a beast) for food, from now on. They have exactly what they’d been bitching for and then bitching about how hard it was.

        Shoot’em. There ain’t no pleasin’ thems type of peoples.

      12. Rabbitone, spot on. We don’t have the kind of wealth we once had. Might as well default on the national debt. Even the banksters know that can never be repaid. All current weapons programs need to be reviewed. The ones which have proven to be problems need to be scrapped. Surely there’s some way to get more bang for the defense dollar. Also change the way they go about procuring weapons. As a last resort go back to old technology. No chips to worry about.

        • It’s very basic to blow the fecal matter out of an area you are correct why create new tech to kill when the old tech worked just fine lol

        • Brave the reason why we don’t have the wealth is the (((Rothschild federal reserve bank))). Get rid of all of (((those people))) and you’ll be amazed at how much more money we will have.

      13. Secretary of State? Bolton Advises Trump to “Confront Russia, China, Iran and Embrace War Forever”

        “Hey Bolton – Our current U.S. Foreign Policies do not work …
        STFU and make yourself disappear !!!”

      14. I think Hillbilly should be Secretary of State.
        Day one: Have 1000 gallons of 190 proof Moonshine sent to the Putin administration.
        Day two: Bomb the hell out of ISIS.
        Day three: Have everyone in NATO take a U.S. civics exam, all failures require a retest.
        Day four: Bomb the hell out of ISIS again.
        Day five: Bomb the hell out of the U.N. building, No civics test for them.
        Day six: Apologize to Saudi Arabia for bombing the hell out of them cause the whole middle east is so smokey from the bombings they all look alike. My bad..
        Day seven: Gone fishing…..

      15. This is why I continue to prep because those people will not be changing at all..amd once you remove them, their allies with all the equipment jade helm, etc, 350,000 chinese soldiers and hundreds of thousands of other nationals in he country, they have brought in amd entire army to fight against the population and I know you may find this hate to believe but extra terrestrials are running the show behind them…this is and alien versus alien war with humans as proxies doing the fighting for them.. if anyone says that what I just said is bullshit, I wil have to iform you that this is fact of life and I have been told that this is really happening. the Russian and chinese leaders, fuckers like Le Ka shing of Hong Kong, is in on it with the Rothschild banking families..All that stuff you have been hearing a David Icke is talking about its all true and a it’s all real..I am telling you all this and I am going to tell you all this again..i have had severl confirmations that this is the case.

        • OkieDokie HCKS.

          You might want to send that shit back to Hillbilly, ’cause it was supposed to go to Putin. So it’ll be about 5 gallons short, who cares?

          Or did your state legalize marijuana and you went berserk on day one?

          Frankly, the above post doesn’t sound like you at all.

        • There aint any Chinese army that will invade the USA. There aint any extraterrestials running any show. Hicks whatever kind of drugs you are taking aren’t working today. One glaring fact the Russians where our allies in WWII. And they lost a entire generation of young men. They deserve as big a slice of the pie as they want. They are like a rattle snake leave them alone and they wont bite you.

      16. HCKS… I come in peace. Take me to your leader. Bolton completely sucks. The worst possible selection. Visible shadow government securing their places.

      17. Bolton is a Globalist. NWO, remember that? Bolton is part of that scene. The situation in Ukraine is not Russian aggression. It is Globalist aggression. NWO aggression. Russia reacted to that. Who the Hell wants an unnecessary war with Russia? Our government is already insolvent.

        • Him –

          Well said Post!

        • Russia does not in the least desire a confrontation with The USA. They know as do we that such a war would end in nukes, with no winners, thus forcing us to (sooner or later) form a GOOD STEADFAST ALLIANCE with not only Russia, yet China as well. (On a world-standard none of The Nations will ever be able to dominate the other, and so working together is the only acceptable alternative (and I can live with that much, but I’m NOT into making Earth a “One World Order” (because THOSE are people wrongly seeking power and money and to be ‘above the law’ …like Hillary).

          She is now finding out the hard way what her flapping jaws lying her ass off got her, absolutely nowhere to the tune of billions of dollars (and upon losing of course it is the fault of everyone but herself but of course)!

          Not that long ago, China and Russia were meeting, trying to decide how they’d go about handling a Hillary presidency, knowing she intended to carry out a “First Strike” (because Hillary WANTS World War 3)…she could have made billions from it.

          All that is “off the table” in favor of whatever “new” is rolling in (because militarily speaking it just never stops, and never will as long as politics exist).


        Kerry Cassidy is a real whistle blower and has real contact, and I have been informed that she is the real deal and she has gotten death threats and other kinds of threats and people she has interview has wound up dead, and other incidents of all kinds. I have learned to trust her info and the scientist had backed her up also. This alien verus alien war is going on, Trump is in the way, and I have told you all about this split. See link to get info on whats going on with Donald Trump. Trump is pissing off the rogue factions controllers.



        • I would like to dismiss HCKS on his latest posts … but I can not.
          The “theory” of what he says … has been talked about for some time now and it makes one ponder if it is actually fact or fictional.

          For us (humans) to be the only living “intelligent” lifeforms in this universe is nonsense. Maybe we are in our own solar system … but not the Galaxy.

          Anyone who disputes that … may be reading too much into their Bible or Talmud.

          • Christians speak of wars of principalities.

            Are alien wars and spiritual wars one and the same?

            Are the last days, now?

            As a Christian I know scripture tells me we are in a war, even if it’s not obvious yet, people will survive. It can be done. It’s highly unlikely it will people who haven’t prepared.

            I have no problem with anything HCKS is saying.

            I think we may have a reprieve with Trump being elected. Don’t be fooled, the progressives will be back after this defeat for blood. Take the time this election has bought you, to round out preps.

            • Christianity refers to “aliens” as … Fallen Angels.

              I believe there is more to the historical Bible findings … then what has been so far revealed.

              The Bible in essence … is withholding information from the public.
              The information is miscued/distorted to a degree to per’se believers.

              Christians can thank the “chosen ones” for the efforts implied here.

          • Forget even The Milky Way Galaxy and let’s talk about The Entire Universe combined with the knowledge we have that there are also (apparently) different “planes” (or something to that effect) (levels?) of existence, perhaps as many as there are galaxies, which The Hubble has not yet ceased finding no matter how deep we look into space. One “sector” of no light was chosen to study, and The Hubble was aimed exactly then left untouched with OPEN irises on the cameras. Nearly three weeks later “light” started forming on the screen and nearly two months later we have found that “the dark region is just a giant area of not much of anything, and quad-rillions of light-years later there is more universe, packed even tighter, than exists near our Milky Way Galaxy, with The Andromeda Galaxy closest to us, and the nearest star is what, Alpha Centauri about 4.0 or so light-years distant?

            For those who wish to state there is no life out there, go right ahead and believe as you wish. For myself, I believe there are millions if not trillions of life-forms, some of them on or within our own planet without our knowledge. Same thing goes for “Space Time Continuums” – – (or “levels” or “planes of existence”), looks to me that it reaches out “forever”, which is not possible for us to contemplate …but maybe in a few million years we’ll finally get it right.

            Did anyone catch that film of wild-monkeys using ‘hooks’ made of wood and ‘grass lines’ to fish (successfully) with? Fascinating!

            • If we look at the example of life on earth, God went overboard on creation and created millions of types of life. In the bible glimpses of heaven show up a large number of super beings.

              Point is God loved to create things, and what exists in the universe that we haven’t seen is likely quite awesome!

        • MJ12 has been around for far longer than BEFORE I joined The Navy. They were only called The Majestic Twelve (written) back then, and the only political figure, that any people knew of, was The USA’s POTUS, the other 11 being people so danged high up in “seat’s unknown” that they are pretty much untouchable, if indeed they do exist.

          I’ve found equal amounts of evidence proving they do and don’t exist, so I’m dumbfounded ‘at best’ but leaning to the side of “anything is possible” therefore MJ-12 is nothing new on the table. I remember my father speaking of them (back when politics were kept extremely low key).

          • Um, as for Hillary being any part of them, or what they’ve supposedly done, that article points to NOTHING that “the true” MJ-12 is purported to have done in times past. (Such as ordering JFKs assassination and any other ‘questionable’ event that has ever happened without “full disclosure.”

            That ‘article’ about MJ-12 is “out there” – especially when it speak of Reptoids, Space Command and Hillary “guarding our secrecy” on Earth’s Surface.

            …smokin’ better shit than mine THAT’S for sure. 🙂 j/k

      19. PTPO, I don’t know if everything HCKS says is true or not but I think it’s important to have an open mind to what he says. The way things are going anything is possible these days. And yes, the left will be back for total vengeance. They may be down but they’re not out. I fully expect them to go all out. So my prepping continues, I’m still armed, and all my options remain on the table.

        • Well said Braveheart1776, especially when you mentioned you felt that they will “go all out.” Of course they will because they’ve now NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE even if they attempt and fail …so that boils down to but one, nasty possibility. They are not going to let up nor stop for any reason. This time is going to require the total obliteration of THEM (or they’ll never stop nor cease attempting to commit the same upon us). In fact, that may well be their intentions “coming right up” since these Muzzies are being kept “in the ring” for some reason.

          I don’t have the time to follow HCKS, yet who is there that can truly state who is wrong or right upon any topic in these times? I like HCKS, and just because his “cadence” is a march to that of a different drummer does NOT make him “questionable, nutty, on drugs, or any different than anyone else here. We are a “potpourri of preppers” from all walks of life, and for the greatest part we’re all on the same page or pages aren’t we? I believe so.

          Reminds of the old song; “One Tin Soldier” (Where one people (People of The Valley), totally wipe out another people (on the mountain) and steal their just reward, The Mountain People’s Treasure. When opened, the treasure was an engraving saying nothing more than “PEACE ON EARTH.”

          People like Obama, Hitlery, George Soros and his paid minions, to me represent the People of The Valley, wanting all the treasure, money, control, fame and by God if they can’t get it fairly they are more than willing to kill and cheat in order to get it all.

          Would it truly be THAT difficult to “purge the planet” of those that refuse to be anything but human? We are not demons, but they WISH they were and act like they’d love to be, and even have their satanic rituals, pedophile “play-mates” and other disgusting little “get-aways” (yet being “above the law” means it is OKAY for them to do such things, unpunished since they too are Gods).

          I am hoping they refuse to cease with their bullshit so that I am fully justified in filling them with Precious Metals so rightfully worked for thus delivered with a smile. 🙂

      20. “..Iran…a country that does not have a nuclear weapons program.”
        They don’t, eh?
        hm…got a bridge I’d be willing to sell you…

      21. We have a deliberate radical Islamic assault on the West. It’s first shot was the attacks on 9/11 (which was also accompanied by a financial and economic attack on the US) and since then they have a) put a sympathizer in the White House, b) infiltrated the entire global development architecture, in particular the UN, c) flooded the West – and this is every country and every crevice – with Muslims, d) destabilized economically and politically Europe, and e) killed hundreds of thousands – and possibly millions – through terror attacks and the ISIS caliphate.

        If that is not screaming “Put an Asshole in the Job of Secretary of State” I do not know what does. Bolton does not mince his words; he means business; and Bolton’s business is to take this crap down – hard.

      22. fuk bolton, may trump bring some peace to this world

      23. You do not want Bolton anywhere near a government position like that, or ANY ‘gov’ job for that matter, he’s cracked in the head.

      24. Why is Bolton always so focused on confrontation? I think he has a confrontation mentality. He’s very fearful, centered much more on fear than faith, than trust. The Russians are people too, they love their children and would much rather live their personal lives…….just as Americans would much rather live their own personal lives.
        Except that people like Bolton get in the way and remind us that we need to be fearful more than we need to be trusting and compassionate.

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