Secret Homeland Report Warns Solar Storm Could Leave 100 Million Without Power: “We Are Running Out of Time to Prepare”

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    Homeland Security officials are warning that a major coronal mass ejection, solar flare or electromagnetic pulse may be inevitable and catastrophic to modern civilization. The devastation to the electric grid and modern infrastructure could impact the lives of more than 100 million, and cause untold casualties during prolonged outages.

    Homeland Security conducted a study assessing the risks with these extreme solar events (as well as manmade EMPs).

    Via Free Beacon

    DHS’ Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) stated in an internal 2012 fact sheet outlining its response plan for severe “space weather” that the actual impact and damage from a future solar storm is not known.


    The report outlines the scenario for a major “coronal mass ejection” from the Sun that will first be detected by U.S. satellites. The magnetic band reaches the earth within 24 to 72 hours, affecting up to 100 million people.

    The largest such storms, called G-5s, would cause transformers and transmission lines to be “severely damaged.”

    The storms last from hours to a day but can disrupt electric power grid operations, GPS satellites, aircraft operations, manned space flight, satellite operations, natural gas distribution pipelines, and undersea communications cables.

    Though acknowledging they lack sufficient information about what exactly might happen, it is clear enough what kind of damage and disruption of service it might pose for the infrastructure that everyone depends upon.

    Major solar events happened in 1859 with the Carrington Event and in 1921 with huge magnetic storm. The federal government and the utility companies both admit that another event of this magnitude would take down the existing power grid and could affect some 100 million people, likely damaging many other services as well.

    Former CIA official Peter Pry warned that a large solar flare “could have catastrophic consequences for civilization.”

    “We are running out of time to prepare,” Pry said, noting that NASA reported in July that Earth narrowly missed a second Carrington Event.

    While the grid might be repaired within in hours and days for most, as many as 10 million could face prolonged life without electricity. It could be literally months – and possibly even years – before the power is restored.

    Are you even remotely prepared for that kind of event? The government is admittedly NOT prepared and has no way to feasibly take care of that many people during a mass disruption event:

    “How would the government deal with 10 million, or many more, Americans without power for two months, or even longer?”


    “An analysis of the space weather impacts indicates that the greatest challenge will be to provide life-saving and life-sustaining resources for large numbers of people that experience long-term power outage from damage to the U.S. electrical grid,” the FEMA document, dated March 1, 2012, states.

    The FEMA fact sheet noted the findings of a 2010 study by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the agency that monitors sun storms, warning that an extreme solar storm could leave “130 million people without power for years,” and destroy or damage more than 300 hard-to-replace electrical grid transformers.

    Even more worryingly is the government secrecy and failure to adequately prepare the public for an event that could happen at any time, and is considered ‘overdue.’

    The report was released only after Mark Sauter, a security adviser and published author on Homeland Security, filed a FOIA request:

    Sauter said FEMA’s more-than-200-page response plan for dealing with a solar storm was blacked out from the released documents.

    “This makes one wonder why FEMA is refusing to release the government’s space weather response plan,” he said.

    Sauter questioned whether the government is taking the threat of a major solar storm seriously, or is “just going through an obligatory bureaucratic exercise that in reality reflects DHS/FEMA crossing its fingers and hoping that such a plan will never need to be used.

    Though it should be strongly noted, it should come as no surprise that the federal government cannot and will not be able to take care of everyone during a massive power outage, and especially not during an extended breakdown of society, services and infrastructure.

    Many preppers have been hedging for this cataclysm for some time, and have known that extreme solar events pose a significant threat that, again, may prove to be a question of when not if.

    Daisy Luther outlines several important areas to consider when preparing to survive potentially prolonged power outages and disruptions to services. Going off-grid requires significant planning, investment and a reorientation of mindset – but it can be done.

    Have you planned for:

    Off-grid Water

    If you haven’t located water sources near your home,  it’s time to break out the topographical maps of your area and find them!  A low-tech water plan might include some or all of the following:

    • A manual pump for your well
    • Buckets and wheelbarrows for hauling water from a nearby source
    • Rain barrels for water harvesting (THIS is an inexpensive option with mixed reviews)
    • A gravity-fed water filtration system (we have THIS ONE)
    • A water dispenser for convenient access to filtered water (Be sure to get one with the bottle on top so that it can be operated without electricity, and not one that uses an electric pump to pull the water up from the bottom)
    • Storage units for water such as cisterns or tanks
    • Portable water filter bottles for safe water when you are away from home (we have THIS ONE)

    Off-grid Shelter and Warmth

    Homes these days aren’t built to function without a connection to the power grid.  If you aren’t fortunate enough to live in an older home that was designed for off-grid living, look at some ways to take your home back a century or so. A secondary heating system is vital in most climates.

    • An antique oil heater can use lots of different oils and requires little effort for installation (THIS SITE is loaded with information about Perfection oil heaters)
    • Have a woodstove installed
    • Clean your chimney and get your fireplace working
    • Set up an outdoor fireplace with large rocks to bring inside for radiant heat (this won’t get you super warm but it’s better than nothing)
    • Have a good supply of blankets, warm clothes, and cold-rated sleeping bags
    • Learn techniques to stay warm with less heat

    Off-grid Food

    Not only do you need access to food, but you also need a way to cook it and a way to keep your refrigerated and frozen items from spoiling.

    Off-grid Sanitation and Hygiene

    How will you keep clean and deal with human waste in the event of a long-term emergency?

    Off-grid Lighting

    The world is a scary place when it’s dark, and most of us have forgotten how dark TRUE dark really is, due to light pollution and the proximity of neighbors. Here are some lighting solutions for an off grid world:

    • Solar garden lights – store them outside to be charged during the day and bring them in and put them in vases where they’re needed at night
    • Oil lamps – you can recycle used cooking oil or use rendered fat to power these – they give a brighter light and can be used for reading and close-work (Learn more HERE)
    • Candles – stock them and learn to make them
    • Solar powered flashlights

    Renewable power is practical power.

    One exception to my no-generators rule is renewable power. If you can afford a solar set up for your home, then very little would change about your day-to-day life, aside from you being one of the few people with power.  You don’t have to go totally solar to have power for a few important items.  Assuming you have electronics in working order, they can be powered with solar, wind, or water.

    Most of us can’t afford an entire set up but these are some options to consider:

    • Build a DIY portable solar recharging station – learn how to make it HERE
    • Solar-powered systems for specific items – learn more HERE
    • Use wind power – learn more HERE
    • Use water power – learn more HERE

    Recommended Resources:

    The Prepper’s Blueprint: Prepare Yourself For Any Disaster

    52 Weeks to Preparedness (Free Online Web Series)


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      1. What a perfect false flag! shutting down a few grids blaming it on a Solar Storm, then set up ML in those regions while keeping everything in the dark with comms being down.

        How would you rate this conspiracy plan/strategy, based on a 1 thru 10 scale?

        • This reminds me I need to buy more toilet paper.

          • Do what the Arabs do squirt water up there.

            • SS No thats what the CIA does to the Arabs. They call that Rehydration.

              • We just called it an enema.

              • Negative that is what the civilian population does

              • I know that

            • water is to precious to waste on your ass or arabs.

              • Yet you’ll gladly flush twice and use over 3 gallons? Using the “water cleanse” method is only an option for when you want to prolong your supply of (limited) TP. If you want to use up all your TP and then switch to something else (phone book sheets, newspaper, corn cobs, leaves, old socks, etc.) then you’re free to do that. But a good ‘ol squirt of water will likely make you smell a bit better (your wifey will appreciate this) and avoid a rash.

                But to each his own. All I know is I have enough TP stored away to last my family almost half a year, and rain-catchment supplies to help with the water. 🙂

                • ahhh you’re one of those…man lots of paranoids on this site lol…

                  on really big poops, sometimes i need to flush 3 times… and btw, i live inside of reality…if i need to wash my dirty butt crack in a worst case scenario, i’ll just jump in the lake with a bar of soap…but yeah, you go ahead and save your 1 year supply of tp, could come in handy when you run out of food and need something to eat.

                  • Sometimes if Obama wants to “spend a second term in the White House” if ya get my drift, I may use more TP than necessary for those double-flusher scenarios.

        • Just remember who the enemy is’ All alphabet agencies of the fed gov and their stooges plus the mindless sheeple that will want what you have. Local sheriff is the only ‘authority’ I would recognize and that is only IF they follow the Constitution. Practice like it’s the real thing and KNOW what you will do. It’s them or you when it comes. I choose me.

          • FP, spot on.

        • What I don’t understand is; I was under the impression it would be much worse than they list. If LA has the big one it will be close to 15 million without power for years. The Northridge quake had every repair truck in the us there for about 2 months. A big quake would be over 100 times worse and they used all the spare stuff in the country for the little one.

        • I give it a solid 10 on the plausibility scale. On the “are they crazy enough to do it?” scale, I’d say around a 7 or 8.

        • Almost sounds like we’re being set up for a false flag event(EMP).

          • When those 3 nuclear warheads went missing it was eventually learned that they were put together as short range EMP devices and to be launched from Nebraska ( that means they would detonate over the US) to coincide with a solar maximum that the press kept saying was going to be one of the biggest on record ever. Their reporting was much bigger than the solar event. If they had been successful, many would have believed it was all due to the solar flares and a super powerful natural EMP. With most of the US suddenly off-grid there would not be any way to pass info. Other nations might have known but the US people would not. The orders for that came from the President.
            So at this point I don’t know what to rule out as “too crazy of a theory.”

            • Cara, we’ve all heard from numerous sources over the years that our entire grid can be wiped out by a nuclear EMP. Everything that has been said about nuclear EMP, even in testimony before Congress, is at best speculation. The US has NEVER been attacked by an EMP so no one really knows for sure what the true extent of damage from one would be. However, I still take the same precautions against EMP any other prepper would take. All the electronics I’m saving are in a metal trash can [Home Depot for $25] lined with bubble packing [$20 roll from The UPS Store]. I also stockpile boocoo batteries for said items.

        • MAC – Thanks for the Perfection heater link.
          I have an old Perfection water heater and need parts .
          Great news !
          And i thought it was gonna remain just a conversation piece .I never thought to do a search , dont know why….

        • Rating it zero. Far too much non-governmental information on solar storms available to fake it.

          • Plenty of information on buildings collapsing but that did little to hinder 9/11 from sparking a long war. There are even some theories now that claim the controlled detonation theories are COINTEL and that it was actually perpetrated by a Directed Energy Weapon.

            Once everyone gets caught up in the event it will be a long time before the truth is revealed.

        • yes more fear mongering by those “employed” to help us through these types of events. it just keeps getting better.

        • Cujo,
          I’m sure the ZOG USSA Fed Agencies thought about False Flagging the Goyim (cattle)Sheeple in this way. The only thing is that when a Coronal Mass Ejection or “Solar Flare” is headed our way, we will not only see the eruption on the surface of the sun, but will have quite a few hours of warning. In some cases we might have up to 48 hrs warning or less (the time it takes the Pummeling cloud of Protons to hit Earth’s Stratosphere and Earth’s Magnetic shield). Solar Flares of X flare magnitude have hit us in the past (the Carrington Event of 1859)and will again. They will be of such magnitude that it would be next to impossible for the ZOG USSA to false flag the whole world. They will use it as an opportunity to instill Martial Law, and they look forward to doing that. I rate the Conspiracy plan of a “Solar Flare” false flag low at a 2 because they would have to Dupe the whole world. but I rate the use of a Natural Disaster to enforce Martial Law and Gun Confiscation much higher at a 10 because they already did that in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. An EMP False Flag conspiracy would rate much higher because of ZOG’s Terrorism Propaganda fueled by ZOG’s actual Terrorism. I would rate an EMP attack (from Terrorists) False Flag conspiracy probability at a 10 also, because ZOG USSA has already done that to us: 9/11 , Boston Marathon Bombing/Drill, Shady Hook (Sandy Hook) Massacre Drill/ Fake Massacre.

        • On a 1 thru 10 scale? 100!

          The first telegraph network in late 1800’s in the US collapsed by this…

          If happened in the past, will happen again!

          This is doing to send us back to the stone age PERIOD!

          Get a Diesel car for mobility and camping gaz for cook!

      2. TP2B are setting us up for their Total Financial Collapse that will be cover, masked by an outside force. Grid down means they can wipe off the crime and bankruptcy out of their digital systems.

        I don’t specifically worry about a Grid Down probems, I worry about the 99% Population Masses that have not prepared for any grid down. The Great Culling, Prepare with Guns and LOTS of AMMO!!

        How about those wicked Tornadoes in LA?

        • Exactly. And I’d say “Homeland Security” is THE greatest threat to us, at this point.

          • Really, and they have millions of bullets with our names on them.

            • Jmac, there are millions more bullets out here with the FEDS’ names on them.

      3. RE: Light – A Day without sunshine is like…. Night!! ~Steve Martin

        • I am missing the thumbs up.

      4. I believe a total grid shut down would only serve to create unwarranted panic and control.
        I will never believe that there will be a total shutdown of the system. I believe that a disruption is possible, but short term.
        I am more concerned about the earth changes that are upon us.

        We live in a world of change.

        • Grid Down – How about those who live on the 80th Floor Penthouse high rises, that will need to walk down 80 flights of stairs, to fetch a pail of water, then back up 80 flights to their enclaves. They will soon get into shape. lol People have no idea, what they face, as to where they live in a Grid down situation. Or if the Highrise catches on fire, the highrise sprinkler systems no longer work. It will be a chimney full of scorched crisby critters. Oh the Great Culling, LET Er’ RIP!!

          • Right whodoo, and you’re the guy who doesn’t hate ANYBODY,right?

            • Anon, WWTI is starting to sound like acid/eisenturd.

          • They will have their slaves fetch water for them in exchange for safety from their goons and permission to use their property and eat from their stores.
            Just like society runs now, but on a smaller scale.

        • A event similar to the Carrington event in 1869 would badly damage our electrical grid. It would cause eddy current and burn out transformers and the electronics that control the grid. Utilities do not maintain enough spare parts to repair the damage. It could take years to recover.
          The utilities could harden the the grid against such an event but will not spend the money. A EMP attack would be even worse we would lose Transportation as well.

          • In all honesty, why would the power company spend money on infrastructure? I am served by AEP, and they won’t even trim trees to prevent outages because of the sweetheart deal they have with the Public Service Commission. The PSC guarantees utility companies a certain percentage profit. Anytime AEP has a storm clean up, the PSC passes a rate increase to offset the cost of the clean up. So AEP spends no money on preventive maintenance because the know they can’t recoup that cost and any bandaid maintenance will be paid for through rate increases guaranteed by the PSC. When the derecho came through in 2012 it caused week long outages. Linemen from 10 states away came to help with the clean up. They told me they had only seen the type of system we have in books, never in person. It’s a system of wires scabbed together with unions. In front of my house a line was down and they tied it up with a piece of yellow caution tape. It’s held for a couple years now. Out utilities are not buried but instead are carried on wooden telephone poles. So any summer storm knocks out power for days. I lose power at least 5 times a year, generally for a few hours but sometimes for days. The longest was the 2012 derecho when I was out for 8 days. I have what I need to cook, wash and can without electricity.

          • Wonder if the utilities own trucks with hardened electrical systems. I doubt it. They will be just as fried as the nearby microwave oven and cell phone. No trucks, no repairs. What I don´t understand is why the business community doesn´t say a peep. You would think the Apple´s, Google´s and Cisco´s of the world would be lobbying like crazy for a secure grid, since their very existence can be wiped out. Nope, not a peep….not from any of them. They are as complacent as the government is. All you can do is write your rep and tell him or her to get on the ball before it´s too late….and prep.

            • They are, they’re just doing it quietly. I recently attended a yearly conference by a special interest group on this very subject and let me tell you kids, the private sector is worried but won’t work fast enough, and the public sector is war gaming full blown collapse scenereos related to emp/grd down hacks.


                2- 230 watt solar panels.. 400 bux
                1- 24V charge controller… 20 bux
                4- 6volt deep cycle batteries… 320 bux
                1- DCtoAC 1500 watt inverter… 200 bux
                1- misc. wires and connectors… 60 bux

                There you have it, a 480 watt power station 🙂

                • Add a 600 watt 24V grid tie inverter from ebay for 160 bux and use the panels to lower your power bill when not using them for off grid. Help pay for the system too!

      5. Any excuse will do to cause havoc/make folks believe(falsely),they need more govt.The state of Vt. got hit hard and a few prepping friends got a wake up call on storm preps ect.I am again in a land of limited net so will be awhile befopre I post regularly,hope all have a good weekend and holiday preps to get together with friends/family,take care and remember,”Live for today,prepare for tomorrow”.

        • Warchild, hang in there and hope to hear from you again soon. BTW, stay well-stocked on goldfish. just got restocked today myself.

      6. Cooking- For a simple outdoor grill, just go buy the Replacement Grill racks at Home depot for about $20, and a couple of cement blocks for a $1 Buck each, Add wood or charcoal and Poof you got cooking. No need to spend hundreds of dollars on pricey gear. Do acquire Cast Iron Cooking Pots and pans for this open flame heat.

        Light- Get up at sunrise and go to bed when dark. Problem solved. People been doing that for Millions of years.

        Off the Grid Sanitation. – Acquire a shovel, dig a hole, put a 55 Gal Drum one end up open, a few cement blocks and a wide board across it with a hole in the middle. Build this away from drinking water sources. Basically like old time outhouses. Or buy a 5 gal Bucket and a Lug a Loo toilet seat $13, use plastic grocery bags after each potty stop. Bury the mess. Problem Solved.

        POWER? Why does anybody need power? To watch TV that is no longer? Just a few small personal portable solar chargers to keep your Ham Radios working. No more cell phone security blanket or texting. Buy Hand tools and stop depending on anything Power. Problem solved.

        Acquiring food? Buy some traps now, snares, and learn how to safely clean game and cook it over your camp fire. Meat thermometer 165 Degs Min, or more and your meat is cooked. Get an edible wild plants identification book, and start gathering like people have done for millions of years. Nuts, dandelion salad, Palm Roots, etc.

        The 3% already know all about this. The rest will just Die of helplessness.

        • RE For cooking
          If you have a quary near by go talk to the guys working there, i get used crusher screen free, makes excellent grills and are usually big enough that you can span them over piled rocks so you have all sorts of cooking or cooling/serving space. I got a big cast iron griddle from amazon, tons of uses when cooking, next thing im looking for is a big cast iron Wok, i have a big stainless one but something about cast iron!
          I also got a couple different size dutch ovens, tons of uses
          The monster one is excellent for baking in, i stick it down in the coals with a small grill in the bottom of it and can stick a pair of loaf pans in it to bake bread, can do rustic bread easy too with a round pizza stone down in the bottom of the dutch oven.
          Definitely gotta get cast iron pans etc, any other cookware just wont hold up even if you have a wood stove you can cook on.

          • Lacking a nearby quarry, you can buy crusher screen from

            It’s called woven wire. Not cheap, but you won’t need much. I used some for a grate in a small woodstove for two winters once.

        • Im with you on the power,
          Got a few goal zero panels and inverters for charging pda and i pad or my dozens of rechargeable batteries for head lamps or rifle scopes or kestrel.
          We have caster beans growing all around our property,
          Made an oil press i can clamp into my log splitter that goes on the back of my tractor, the castor oil can be used mixed with deisel to run the tractor or used straight up for that as well and can also be used as lamp oil, can use my small hand screw press too but 25 tons of hydraulic pressure makes short work of it,
          The waste that results is also incredibly toxic, not that i would ever use it but am just sayin

          • let’s remind the peeps to start practicing NOW on cooking with that cast-iron stuff over a fire, kula…good stuff here!

            • Thanks,
              Make sure you have lime, bags and bags of it!
              Has many many uses, especially if you are using an outhouse,

          • Yep Kula, I also have a Goal Zero system with multiple panels to hook up in series, the inverter, battery charger, etc. I need the battery charger to also run my GPS with Trail Maps program program, permitting the Satellites are still working. Always have back up Paper Maps with your Detailed County Map. You do NOT Want to be using any kind of Cell phone device GPS System, that will surely be tracked as to where you are. Any device hooked up to or dependent on the Grid should be disconnected, including pulling out your main electrical Inlet Pull Fuse. You don’t want any of those Power surges coming into your home blowing up your wall circuitry or devices, catching them on fire, as the grid flicker on and off to a stand still. Grid down will cause lots of fires. Have plenty of fire extinguishers and battery smoke detectors working. That’s also where rain barrels come in handy with a 5 gal bucket to put any fires out. Fire doubles in size every minute. Simple careless Stoopis Mistakes and your entire house could go Poof!! And another reason to cache half your preps out side of your home, hidden my a brush pile or some other clever disguised like in the trunk of an abandoned old rusty car, or hidden under a clever box under a dog house. Work on that now when you can.

            • I like the hidden access for the bunker in that movie Red,
              The hood of the old car hiding a stairwell, as for devices and tracking,
              Thats were thise silent pocket type things come in handy, double up and stuff it in your pack,
              Got too much info on some of those devices to all together ditch them.

            • WWTI, we have a system where in case of a power outage all I do is shut off the main breaker to the house and backfeed the panel from our solar. When the power comes back just disconnect the backfeed and turn the main breaker back on. Our system can be switched to grid tie inverter or charge controller for battery backup. We can also backfeed the breaker panel with a small honda 2000 watt genny that is very quiet. I also have a small 12 volt solar setup to run 12 volt stuff (uhf radios etc.).

          • Carrington Event: Anything plugged in at the time will be affected unless a fuse blows or breaker trips.
            EMP: any microchip electronics will be fried (TTL circuits or vacuum tube electronics are more immune) whether it’s plugged in or not. EMP protected (inside faraday cage) items will be safe.
            Point is in either event affected items will include solar panels unless they are protested.

        • You cook meat to 165 min if you want and you can eat it. Even pork only requires 135+-. You going to eat long pig perhaps. Unless you are a long way from anyone forget traps and snares. Wild animals won’t last much longer than cats and dogs. All the wild animals wouldn’t support a population of 10 million, forget 300 M plus. If the SHTF worst case, you had better hunker down for at least 2 winters.

          • No way will I eat long pig. I’ll draw that line right now, and accept the consequences. (death by stavation).

            • I hear ya on that one, same here. Some lines are not meant to be crossed.

      7. I have to agree it sounds like a false flag to me.

        • Not so much false flag as they want to get their budget boosted.

          That said, there IS a chance for another Carrington, and no engineering journal I’ve read suggests that we’d come through it without losing a lot of grid infrastructure.

          One of these days I should go to the annual meeting for the power co-op I’m on, and ask them directly, (nut not in front of the audience – that might get me a mealy-mouth answer.)

      8. If you have the money, invest in a night vision get up. Before it’s too late. Own the night.

        • Totally agree Prophet. Even get a simple IR – Infrared thermal detection vision minocular. You will be safest traveling at night out in the boonies. Good for night hinting as well. There will be no laws other than the laws of nature.

          • I’ve got an ‘el cheapo’ night scope I found at wallyworld back in 2003 for $150. suits my purpose just fine. I’m not rich so I can’t afford what is currently available. I spend that kind of money on other preps.

      9. The best thing to have is a close community of prepared people that will work together. Get rid of the word “I” and only allow the use of the word “We” , then we will be fine.

      10. I’d like to know who built and maintains the Georgia Guidestones. Why the secrecy? Someone said Ted Turner allowed the site on his property. A lot of people disagree with the population control indicated there. It must be a guarded site because I’d like to see it demolished and I’m sure others feel the same way.

        • So exactly why do you feel you have the right to demolish someone else’s property and opinion? And as far as population control goes; like it or not we are going to get it. One way or another. I for one would rather see people man up to their responsibilities and stop having children they cannot support. But war and mass starvation works.

          • Paranoid, you are correct, thanks for pointing that out.

        • Funny, I just saw a show called America unearthed tonight. It was about Denver airport and Georgia guide stones. The guy gave a fake name of RC Christian. The investigator spoke to the banker who handled the transactions in anonymity. He said the gentleman referred to new world order many times. The banker had An ambassador from the Pakistani embassy handle the translations into the 7 other languages at the UN per the instruction of this man. At some point in the future, another 8 stones were to be added and called the moon stones. There is a hole in the center stone that aligns on the summer solstice and is meant to serve as an archeoastrological calendar. The banker refused to give the true identity, because he gave his word that the person seeking the transaction would remain anonymous.

        • Very interesting, it is.

          Although, I am somewhat apprehensive of following a belief that Ezek. 38/39 is referring to a solar flair as the only plausible way for the destruction of Gog/Magog, I do see it as a possible “part”, of the planned destruction.

          Such a solar flair/storm/outburst could come in succession with the hailstones weighing as much as 120 lbs. Blocks and sheets of ice and fiery rocks hurling down upon millions of troops and equipment will be something horrific. It will most likely take place after some catastophic events that keep the intel and radar from seeing the advancing armies; unless it is an inside deal and cover up.

          What I don’t see, is how that many troops are gathered together within areas near the Nation of Israel and they not know it and do something about it. How do they make it as far in as the area East of the Dead Sea,
          where Scholars say the valley of HammanGog is, and not be detected by Israeli intelligence, and then nuked?

      11. Folk this country has been plagued with an awful disease brought on by Constance Brain Washing for decades. What is this disease TUNNEL VISION plan and simple. The vast majority of people can only see in one direction be it; sports, entertainment, food, the life of easy street, there are so many more. You get the picture, they think there is nothing going happen because my vision is clear and if something dose get in my vision, hey the Government will take care of it. This disease is going to kill millions and there seem to be absolutely no cure for it. Be thankful that some were born immune to it. We have a very rough road ahead of us with tuff decisions around the bend and the bend is in sight now. Prepare your HEART-MIND-and- SOUL because your destiny is at stake. It’s your life make it count and if it comes down to it don’t die for nothing. Be safe all my friends.

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

        • Copperhead, AMEN to your comments.

      12. ‘yawn’

      13. As Jacques Mallet du Pan (1749 – 10 May 1800), wrote in his 1793 essay exposing the hypocrisy and evil of the French revolution, Considérations sur la nature de la Révolution de France, et sur les causes qui en prolongent la durée, “…the Revolution always devours its own children” (“A l’exemple de Saturne, la révolution dévore ses enfants”)

        Per DW Ulsterman’s great site, this report: If you like your cancer and/or AIDS drugs to keep yourself alive you can’t keep your cancer and/or AIDS drugs unless you pay a LOT more out of pocket to do so. If you can’t afford those costs, apparently the Obama administration is fine with you up and dying as the Obamacare law deems you just too darn expensive to treat. I don’t wish ill on anyone. But once again – as has always and ever been the case – the left shows it’s true colours (as if the 100 MILLION murdered by the left last century wasn’t hint enough!) Source for this:

      14. This poses no problem for my brother because golf is played during the day requiring no lights.

      15. An EMP can destroy components in solar and wind power equipment, so I wonder why are they mentioned as a must have for emps?. Unless the electronic parts are in a correct faraday cage when it happens, you might be out of luck. Kind of a “duh” moment here.

        • I think they must have I little protection for lightning strikes.

        • The electric utility companies and Koch bros will love that frying of the wind and solar systems.

          They are trying to stop paying refunds to homewowners that have more electric power from their rooftop panels than what is needed to supply all there household needs.

          Our neighbor, bought a system and has been receiving monthly checks from the Power Company for three years. Basically she has a mini solar farm across the south facing side of a 40 X 80 metal roof on a huge garage/storage building.

          The Electric Company has tried to use many types of tactics to cause people to just stop fighting them over the authorizations, for tying into the grid with solar.

          But, my wife’s aunt is a hard core naturalist and a retired College Professor with a PHD; so, she didn’t get much static from the bastards.

          Others have tried and failed because they didn’t have the funds to fight them with lawyers.

          Too many precedents have been set and now they are trying to get laws passed to stop the refunds. Many have invested tens of thousands of dollars into solar and wind systems that won’t begin to be paid off until their grand children are grown.

          Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

          • There’s a reason they want these home power grid feedbacks limited, and it has nothing to do with your paranoia. Regulating the grid is a very tricky business. Literally second by second the generating capacity on-line must exactly match the demand. But the big plants can’t react fast enough to deal with alternative sources coming and going as the sun/wind varies, so the problem gets much worse. A power-system trade magazine I read recently said that if the percentage of solar/wind gets to 5% the grid will become so unstable that weekly large-scale blackouts will be the norm.

            If you’re going to generate for yourself, keep it to yourself. Don’t go screwing up the grid so you can save a few dollars a month.

            • Well, I had some thoughts that you might be a shill or a dumbass and now you have removed all doubt,on both counts, there tOC.

              Excess generation, if ever there were such, can be bled off thru transformers and such. No big feat unless you want it to be.

              Fuck you and your, “keep it to yourself” ideology.
              It is people like you that have bought into the lies of TPTB and got us to this despicable place in history of mankind.

              • You win the Internet for the weekend, in the “most scientifically moronic post” category.

                “Excess generation, if ever there were such, can be bled off thru transformers and such.”

                Any 12 year old electronics hacker knows better.

                Watch out for those robotically guided chemtrails, now.

        • Woogie, that is only a theory. Many people say that unless it is connected to very long wires (grid) it should be ok. If one was concerned about it just keep a spare charge controller and inverter in a metal trash can. Batteries and panels have no electronics so they would be immune. Now a lightning hit would certainly fook it up lol.

      16. Nothing but the dead of night back in all our little towns. I suppose that it will give the advantage to the NWO for night ops., where’s Plisken dammit!

      17. “Even more worryingly is the government secrecy and failure to adequately prepare the public for an event that could happen at any time, and is considered ‘overdue.’”



        This “secret” report has been all over all the news sites for days….

      18. So they are planning for 100 million to be without power? What about the other 250 million? Not affected at all? Something doesn’t seem right with their estimates.

        Also, they keep changing who the suspect is going to be. At one point it was the Syrians, then it was the Russians, now it’s back to the Chinese who are going to knock out our power grid. I wish they would just do it and get it over with already.

        • Its most likely going to be our own so called government,
          Just look at the mis information we get,
          I dont trust any of these turds any farther than i can spit. And ive never been a spitter!

        • You will know who it is when only the white areas lose power. lol

      19. I would have given my right nut for this site back in 1989 Soviet Union. This site would have saved thousands of lives because of the advice and products available. For instance: the availability of antibiotics and water filters, both of which were impossible to get in Russia at the time. You don’t know how lucky you are just reading this site. Now for those on a budget get Yankee Anti Zombie Survival Manual from Amazon for free, if member. The new edition for next year will mention this site for survival equipment. What’s in it for me? Too many Russians died because their government failed. No Russian I know wants hard working Americans to die. That’s it, the rest is karma.

        • REALRUSSIAN…..too many Americans are naive and BRAINWASHED about Russia and Russian people , I myself don’t consider Russia my enemy . What goes on between governments is theatrics and money and power

          • Thanks. I’m fortunate enough to know both sides of the coin. No difference between the two peoples at the core. None what so ever. But those at the top need to create hate, suspicion, jealousy, animosity and fear. Can’t kill people you like.

        • I don’t believe Russians want to nuke us, just because the MSM says so. I believe Putin would’ve pushed that button a long time ago, if they did. I recognize it as fearmongering in the part of our bought off and blackmailed govt players. I don’t think ANY country really wants it to come to that.

          The cry for war comes solely from people who will profit in some way from a war, contractors, spooks, war machine builders and the big banks who will happily finance all of the death.

          All the rest of us, including Russia, should be trying to avoid war, while trying to get a hold of the profiteers and eliminate THEM. That’s the only way I see the world having peace….by eliminating the big banks and the people who own/control them.

          Just my .02

          • Um, you left out the biggest criers for war in the world today, (and for the last 1400 years) – Islam. Eliminate your “contractors, spooks, war machine builders and the big banks who will happily finance all of the death”, and you still have a few million fanatics who will kill you with fire-hardened wooden spears if that’s all they have left. Because their prophet told them to.

            • True.

          • You are spot right, six pack. The hard working American has been raped by the system. The American is now being taught to blame the Chinese, Russians, etc, for the troubles caused by the bankers who run the USA. We are caught in the middle. You wanna knock off somebody? Make sure he’s the one that caused your problems, not some stupid kid forced and brainwashed to think he’s defending the red,white and blue.

            • If only the Norks would hack Citibank, instead of Sony……

      20. NASA = Never A Straight Answer

        DHS = Dick Head Sycophants

        What do they both have in common….they are the government……what has become the bane of our existence today in america.

      21. When the dollar collapses expect the electric grid to collapse from, “terrorist hackers.” Elites always have someone to blame and a plan in place to further profit from the misery of others

        • I agree with you. The cabal twerps will likely try to cover their tracks outta Dodge once they finally take everything down, leaving everyone broke and without means of resupply.
          Notice how NASA/DHS don’t seem to have any kind of time table, but they’re still trying to whip up some fear porn. There’s your indicator right there.
          Whether a CME or a economic collapse, about all I can say is plan for a hurricane x10.

      22. Does anyone here know what happens to a nuclear power plant when it loses its external power source? Think Fukushima Daiichi multiplied by approximately 250.

        Not a very pleasant thought, is it?

        TPTB know this fact. Even if they retreat to their vast underground shelters, they still end up dying in horrible agony down there, and they can never return to the surface anyway. Ionizing radiation doesn’t care how much money or political influence that you have. It is an equal opportunity killer.

        The greatest minds of the 20th Century came together and created the ultimate weapon in The Manhattan Project. Even when used for peaceful purposes, this technology requires CONSTANT supervision and maintenance. If not, the nuclear material quickly achieves criticality and melts down.

        I now know what Robert Oppenheimer meant when he quoted the Bhagavad Gita after witnessing the Trinity atomic bomb blast.

        “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

        • Generally speaking, nothing. Nuke plants all have plenty of backup on site. All engineers constantly are thinking “what if?”. (I uster be one. Maybe why I’m such a dedicated prepper.) There are several acronyms for the protocols whereby we identify possible problems, assess probability, assess effects, and decide how to adjust design or operating procedures to prevent losses. The details would bore you silly. But nuke engineers are among the best at this. They have to be.

          Not that there can’t be failures. The Fukushima engineers hadn’t anticipated a tidal wave big enough to overwhelm the diesel fuel storage tanks, thus contaminating the fuel and killing the backup. Had the backup gennys continued to work, all the reactors would have shut down normally, and you would never have heard the name Fukushima. A unique situation that won’t happen to several hundred plants at once, even in a man-made EMP event.

          • Fukushima not only missed the mark on “anticipation” being on that earthquake island, they also had a lot of things broke.

            It is why all nukes, now have a lot of work for the tradesmen right now…’s all called Fukushima work.

          • After the reactors are SCRAMed, how long must the emergency diesel generators be run to achieve adequate cooling of the core(s)? Assuming that you have enough diesel fuel stored on site, and no other electrical issues or malfunctions become evident, are there any further countermeasures that can be applied to avoid loss of containment? Once loss of containment has occurred, and the reactor vessels have breached, it will be much too late to apply contingency measures.

            No offence intended, but you may be presupposing that everything will occur as planned. That was the mistake that TEPCO engineers made at Fukushima. They didn’t plan for a truly catastrophic incident and subsequent loss of containment.

            Fukushima will take centuries to complete the meltdown process. Meanwhile, the Pacific Ocean is dying.

            • It depends if we’re talking a solar emp or a nuclear emp. One type will render certain types of electronics ‘fried’ while the other doesn’t. You must remember that power plants aren’t designed to use the power they create until it returns to them from the grid. Also, it’s not known if the generators will start or produce power after a grid down situation.

              Almost all of the reactors in the U.S. will be able to shut themselves down after a grid down incident. It may not be pretty if the rods have to SCRAM, but it will stop the reaction.

              Remember, though, if the generators aren’t running there is a bigger problem. Within from 3 to 14 days the spent rod pools will overheat and there might (probably) be a massive release of radioactive steam. This would not be good for you if you live close and downwind.

              If you are downwind of a radioactive release, stay inside for at least 2 weeks, preferable a month. If you want to grow anything scrape a few inches of topsoil off and go back to living your life.

              This is oversimplified, but if this happens, we will be the ones that have to get out and help others survive the chaos.

              Or, hide in your bunker for a couple winters and then come out to rebuild.
              molon labe

              • If your residence is downwind of a nuclear power plant, and there are warnings of a radiation release. Mow your garden down and have a tarp large enough to cover it all. Cover it and leave the tarp in place until the air is clear of fallout. Then carefully roll off the tarp and discard it. Avoid contaminating yourself or your garden.

                It takes years to build up good garden soil, it would be a shame to lose it.

          • OC, So if these engineers are so damn smart WHY ARE MOST NUKE PLANTS IN THE U.S. ON FAULT LINES? And why are a lot of them leaking radioactive shit into the rivers? Where the hell do you get your news? Have you ever seen how they store the waste? It won’t take but a couple of them to go down and you will get a REAL shtf man!

            • Show me ONE North American reactor that leaks ANY radiation at all.

              JUST ONE.

              Twit. Just where the hell do YOU get your news? Pick it out of the john?

              My father warned me – “Engineering is a fascinating profession”, he said, “but 99% of the people you meet outside it won’t have clue #1 about what you do.”

              • OK Hannover power plant has been leaking into the Columbia river for years. Look into it, it’s a fact!

            • Hadda come back – I just read Tam Slick’s blog and she nailed it:

              “Too dumb to survive as a sessile filter feeder.”

              Thanks, Tam!

      23. In a grid down situation i feel the the RV is a largely overlooked option. RV’s hook into the the grid, water and septic systems but are designed to be disconnected from such systems for a period of time. Beside having fresh water tank, pump, shower, sink, it also has septic tank, toilet,sink etc. Besides being able to simpley plug into a generator (if it doesn’t have one internal.) It has a 12v battery system that will run most other systems like lighting radio, propane heater,etc. Solar can be very easily added too along with an inverter for 120v. The toy hauler type also lets you haul machines and or cargo in relative comfort all in a neat little package. Kind of fun to use until shtf too. Good luck to all.

        • Good friend out in Idaho keeps a Road Trek for that very reason. As she puts it, “the house can burn to the ground, but I will still have a place to live.” Never drives it more than 200 miles a year.

          At the same time I can’t get her to install a generator to keep her heat running when the power goes out, LOL.

      24. Put all your extra and surplus electronics into a galvanized steel trash can cardboard-lined up, down, and all around, and underneath the lid with the lid on smugly, of course.

        • 55 gallon steel drums lined with cardboard is an inexpensive option also. They roll quite easily when tilted on edge too.

      25. I better start keeping my AC/DC vibrating electro-powerd buttplug in a faraday cage so I will have it when the EMP hits. It’s my most important prep item!

        • I just KNEW you’d have one of those ! But….do you have a backup? Two is one, one is none, y’know.

      26. Without the grid, life ends for 80% of americans in 6 months. Starving people will risk all for what we have.

        • If those people spent half as much energy preparing to take care of themselves, as they do trying to chase down something for free, we wouldn’t need much welfare but for the elderly and disabled.

        • Six months? For the iGadget generation, six minutes.

          They’ll be suicidal without their Faceplant and Twitter.

          Good riddance.

          • No, I take it back, they won’t know how to commit suicide without Siri to help them. Six days.

            They’ll dehydrate, because without Google Maps they won’t be able to find any Icelandic Geyser bottled water.

      27. I think you will find electronics in solar lights which are probably just as vulnerable as the grid .

      28. LOL….they been talking about this for years. Nothing is going to happen people. Continue to goto work and pay your bills. Also keep paying taxes…I like free money. Thank you all.

      29. my biggest worry is EMP, that is the 90% dead scenario,
        that is when i realized i was a DOOMSDAY prepper. my best
        prep for that is get out of town!!! rather die from eating
        a rotten squirrel than some nut job trying to see if i
        have any drugs in my gear.

      30. Thank you, Mac, for exposing an unanticipated by-product of the decision to unite nations and direct research funds to scientists (probably members of the Geophysics sections of the US NAS and/or UK RS) to build and maintain a “Matrix of Deceit” in 1945 to save the world from possible nuclear destruction by forbidding public knowledge of the source of energy that destroyed Hiroshima.

        These actions sixty-nine years ago instead:

        1. Prevented safe use of nuclear energy to benefit humanity;

        2. Destroyed constitutional limits on national governments;

        3. Created a delusion of conflict between science and religion; and

        4. Isolated humanity from the real Creator, Destroyer and Sustainer of every atom, life and world in the solar system.

        See: “Solar energy,” Advances in Astronomy (submitted 1 Sept 2014)

        Leaders of the US NAS and the UK RS are invited to discredit the above conclusion by publicly addressing the nine pages of precise experimental data that show the core of the Sun is not hydrogen – as the Standard Solar Model claims – but a pulsar powered by neutron repulsion.

      31. Lodge brand cast iron is pretty good, and USA made. Beware of Redstone and other brands made of Chinese ‘steel’.
        I’m a believer in having a good bow-saw and extra blades too.
        & I have an axe with a poly handle, a steel wedge and sledge, metal file…

        • -&- we keep our two-way radios stored in a TechProtect faraday bag, these are good to have for your Kindle, scanner, etc. – (as well as that metal trash can with lid)
          BTW, I wanted to say thanks to the usual suspects here for tips I’ve read over the last few years. I’ve acted on the Fish Mox recommendation, the calcium hypochrorite bleach idea, and picked up on some other things too.

      32. Im so tired of hearing the same dank shit about solar flares. There won’t be another carrington event.

      33. If an EMP occurs and you are in the effected area you and yours are for the most part toast. There will be no bugging out. It will be a stay in place scenario. Not many people will survive.

        If a CME occurs it is anybody’s gues as to how much will be effected. Even a little cause and effect will have major repurcussions. However if vehichles are still running a bug out plan is still an option for those prepared for such an event.

        I am prepared and acknowledge the odds in both those cases as to my survivability.

        But there is one other power grid down scenario that I have seen no one address and which because of the lack of knowledge scares the hell out of me.

        That is the hacking of the power grids. I see Sony still struggling two weeks later with a mild attack on thier system, I can only imagine about what would or could be done to a power or other infrastructure grid. How long before it could be up and running? Could a power surge have same effect as an CME to power lines and transformers? Either would take years to rebuild.

        Just one major power grid down, say for exapmle in Northern California for 1 week, would not just have a terrible effect for those living in the area but would most certainly cause a national or perhaps a worldwide financial collapse.

        Just throwing this out there for smarter people than me to comment on.


      34. The Sun’s pulsar core is probably the source of cosmic rays [1,2] and invisible force fields that hold subatomic particles together [3] in the solar system.

        1.Henrik Svensmark and Eigil Friis-Christensen, “Variation of cosmic ray flux and global cloud coverage—a missing link in solar-climate relationships, Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics 59, 1225–1232 (July 1997):

        2. I. G. Usoskin, B. Kromer, F. Ludlow, J. Beer, M. Friedrich, G. A. Kovaltsov, S. K. Solanki and L. Wacker, “The AD775 cosmic event revisited: The Sun is to blame,” Astronomy & Astrophysics Letters 552, L3 (2013):

        3. J.H. Jenkins and E. Fischbach, “Perturbation of nuclear decay rates during the solar flare of 2006 December 13,” Astroparticle Physics 31, 407-411 (2009):

        • Hello OK Man, kinda like pokey man 🙂

          So after reviewing your statememnts and pages it is apparent that like a weather person any predictions made based on currently known information is purley an educated guess? That is OK as many local and national weather forecasters are only right less that 50 % of the time.

          So I am l;efty to assume that no one really knows what the effect or can even hazard a guess as to what problems would present themslves based on even a moderat event from any source? You can estimate what a prior event did but not what it would do?

          Please correct me if I am wrong as you seem to have a working knowledge of how these celestial and man made celestial events are made or caused?

          A question. If a CME was to happen and Earth recieved a direct hit how much of the earth would be effected? I understand duration and North to South would wiegh in to your answer. Say like would Brazil be effected as much as say Alaska???

          It’s all about context my friend and that of the nuamces of ones writing.


          • BigB,

            Since cosmic rays are stopped by ordinary rock and dirt, our government could build critical lines of communication under-ground for protection in the event of another Carrington-like event or even short-term exposure to the Sun’s pulsar core.

            See: “The AD775 cosmic event revisited: The Sun is to blame,” Astronomy & Astrophysics Letters 552, L3 (2013):


      35. For anyone who wants to get more info on Solar Flares and the threats they pose I would check out
        , Major Ed Dames(US Army Retired) and (Remote Viewing). I attended one of his seminars on remote viewing and survival sanctuaries, and I was very impressed.
        A daily Sun Checker is (run by NASA) and you can view sunspots (some many times larger than Earth) that will be the actual producers of these Solar Flares.

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