Seattle to Be Sprayed With GMO Bacteria, Agency Warns “Stay Inside After the Spray”

by | Apr 22, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 53 comments

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    U.S. Army photo.

    What’s that being sprayed in the skies?

    Residents living in Western Washington are about to be doused with a bacteria called Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), as a government agency attempts to control gypsy moths who plague agriculture in the area.

    It has many people alarmed at the use of the genetically modified pesticide in the area where they live and breathe.

    KOMO News in Seattle reports:

    A controversial pesticide program will be underway Saturday in Pierce County.

    “Once [the troubling gypsy moth] become established it becomes very difficult to do anything that slows it down,” said Hector Castro, spokesperson for the Washington State Department of Agriculture. “We don’t want it to become established at all in Washington State.”

    […] Saturday the state will start spraying seven areas in Western Washington with a pesticide called Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki or Btk.

    As Your News Wire points out, this insecticide has been genetically engineered by leading biotech firms specifically for use on GMO crops:

    The program, opposed by many residents, will spray a bacteria with pesticide properties called Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), the same bacteria gene commonly used in GM crops to kill insects.

    Now, residents across Washington state are part of an unannounced experiment where they are being sprayed with a pesticide that can admittedly accumulate in the body, and has been found in tissue samples of people throughout North America. Though the exposure level is said to be low, it doesn’t mean that there is no effect.

    The state authorities claim that the pesticide is safe for the general population, yet conversely admit that it could affect people with health problems:

    Lauren Jenks with the Washington State Department of Health… says people who could be impacted by the spraying are those with repertory issues.

    “We recommend they try to minimize their exposure to the Btk by staying inside for up to a half hour after the spray,” said Jenks.

    However, the USDA and other organizations claim that the acidic diet of most Americans renders the bacteria harmless, though it is persistent in produce and food products. It is widely used on crops, and is even used on organic crops.

    Nevertheless, in countless cases, agencies throughout the government have proven far too willing to accept ‘minimal risk’ in favor of policies for the great good, even if it means a negative health impact on the community.

    In the past, the government has tested bacteriological agents over American and British cities, including San Francisco.

    The tests, conducted in secret, have now been declassified, but their negative impact has been minimized.

    What happens when they decide to treat us all like bugs?


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      1. will it kill the skeeders? Or are they spraying skeeders eggs?
        If not, Why?

        • don’t work on skeeters… it isn’t a poison, it’s a naturally occurring bacteria.. stops caterpillars from being able to digest their food…basically… and they starve to death..

          • What part of “Genetically Engineered” exactly is naturally occurring? Don’t say stupid things.

            • Just because a GM label is attached to a product does not make it evil. Ouch is correct that it is a natural bacteria. While you may be unable to grasp the concept, it was not a stupid comment.

              • Yuppers. Bt is naturally occurring bacteria and is commonly sprayed on ORGANIC corn and vegetables.

                The only relationship it has with GMO foods is that there are varieties of corn that have been genetically modified to produce Bt entirely on their own.

                This article is full of half truth and innuendo.

          • Yeah , What could go wrong ? hmm ?

          • It actually is a beneficial bacteria.
            It is no longer present in most soils to to use of other Argo chemicals.
            I use at my farm on turnips and other root crops to control root maggot.

        • Last year Dallas Texas was forcing people and pets to be poisoned by their spraying.
          There were very few bees left alive after spray. Had problems in our garden due to lack of bee’s pollination.

          The Government is poisoning people, Water with Flouride, Flu Vaccines, Spraying.
          False so called Emergency is created to make people accept being poisoned.
          They make you afraid of a made up situation so you will allow them to poison your cities with arial spraying. Zika, west Nile, etc. are used only as pretext. You get afraid. Then you allow them to spray and poison you and your children.

          I have known many people who developed Cancer shortly after they received Flu Vaccine.

      2. says that we are totally completely dead. They even built the website to make sure that we understand that they will be killing us in mass.

        Let the fun begin. At least we know that they have been plannig to kill us off in Mass from 350k+ to 30k+, a more managable level.

        Read the book Between Two Ages by zibignew brezinski. The piece of sh…t polish phucker things that we exist to serve the elites. You think this is anything, you aught to read Super Class. They are the super class, and we are the slave class.

        Before is was easy to control a million people, now its easy to kill a million.

        zibigew brezinski…

        These stupid dumbphucking trolls like to come here to prove me a mentally insane person. I have read over 400 books on the masons, the illuminati, etc. I have also read the Keys of this Blood by Father Malakine Martin, who personally worked for pope John paul. Yet i amd told that i don’t know shit.

        welcome to the agency ass clown trolls. Agency ass clown trolls have one thing in common, and its low IQ. people with high IQ will not be working for shit, crap employers like that. You all like to research trends, how about this trend. 100,000,000 pissed off people with guns will be a challenge for even the average chi-com coming here.


        phucking trolls.

        • Degal (dot) com is a web design company. It has no connection whatsoever with what you’re talking about. Please give a link to an actual website next time.

          • Don’t waste your time. Most people just ignore his rambling nonsense posts.

      3. Folks… really ??? Try checking stuff out before you publish ? It’s available in almost everywhere and is considered to be an highly desirable alternative to pesticides… gee… even Wiki knows it pasted from Wiki.. Bacillus thuringiensis (or Bt) is a Gram-positive, soil-dwelling bacterium, commonly used as a biological pesticide. B. thuringiensis also occurs naturally in the gut of caterpillars of various types of moths and butterflies, as well on leaf surfaces, aquatic environments, animal feces, insect-rich environments, and flour mills and grain-storage facilities

        • So you say GOV troll .
          What gives them the right to spray caterpillar guts in my face ?
          What gives them the right to play god here ?
          They dont want us to exhale either , we cause global warming , are you gonna stop breathing the next time the government has a brilliant idea ?
          Nothing makes spraying people with chems alright , nothing .

        • Formerly lived in Gypsy moth areas and was in a home under construction right under the crop duster that sprayed the bacterium. No affects. I hired the them to do it with 3 other home owners who had acreage. It was to kill the caterpillars earlier than the outside areas affected because this bacterium would eventually kill them without spraying.

          The caterpillars strip off all the leaves of certain trees until no leaves are left and they weaken when they don’t have as much food. That’s when the bacterium takes it’s toll and they always run up tree trunks in a compact colony at night to spread the disease. We lost several oaks due to the stress of re-sprouting new leaves, but it provided firewood to heat our home. 40% of the hardwoods in the state were lost to the Gypsy moth that year. You are right that the bacterium is common everywhere, and soon enough the Gypsy month succumbs to the bacterium on its own, and why they have a cycle of 7-10 years and suddenly die out.

        • Ouch. Don’t get too worked up. A lot of people in here make comments that truly reflect how much they really know. Very very little. You can’t totally blame them though, many articles posted here seem to be designed to incite rather than inform. Jeremiah Johnson comes to mind. He sells fear porn and a lot of these guys are buying it. Anyway, there’s a few articles a week that are worth reading and commenting on as well as some in this community who actually do know what they’re talking about. A little advice if I may, don’t waste your time trying to defend anything, as you can see, you will get argued with from the ill informed people who always seem to need to fight with someone about anything they can. Stay quiet Be smart.

        • ouch
          I majored in biology, plant science. The second someone says “naturally occurring” I know they are blowing smoke. Some of the worst toxins are naturally occurring, and the phrase itself is idiocy. Never mind that things that are naturally occurring in small amounts are toxic in large amounts. Lord have mercy, carrots are healthy in normals amounts and make you sick in large amounts.
          Monsanto and their brethren with the help of government have turned us into lab rats. You can say what you choose, it is a free country. Odds are that you make a living out of these bizarre practices. I have gardener naturally over 30 years without gmo, toxins, or fertilizers. Every bit of these things sold in the market economy is purely worthless at best and a crime against humanity at worst.

      4. It is ONLY toxic to caterpillars… don’t be stupid and drink it or spray it in your eyes; but it is NOT toxic to anything except caterpillars… jimminy.. it is 100% natural and even is allowed and recommended to be used on Organic Certified farms….

        • So whether or not this spraying is good or bad, GMO food has been shown to cause tumors in rats under clinical trials. Rats eating GMO food get Cancer.

          Eighty per cent of corn grown in US is GMO. Packaged food often is sweetened with high fructose corn syrup made from GMO corn.

          Commercial vs Organic: you get 100 times the nutritional value by eating Organic. If you eat half as much, you still get 50 times the nutritional value making it way more cost effective to eat Organic.

          Don’t let the lies of the GMO Monsanto murderers fool you. GMOs are poison.

          • I buy my corn, as well as various other veggies from the Amish. Can’t go wrong. Healthy and cheap. Stay quiet Be smart.

            • guess what the Amish use on their organic corn?

              Yup… Bt!

          • Wow, just wow… Where do you come up with this stuff?

            Do you understand what a 100% increase is? You want to push organic, knock yourself out, but be realistic.


        • You work for GM companies, huh? This is a genetically modified bacteria that makes the insects stomachs explode. Their stomachs burst open and it kills them. Stop peddling disinformation.

          • uh… no its not. Nothing in this bacteria is “genetically modified”. The only relationship this bacteria has with GMO’s are the breeds of corn engineered to produce Bt on its own.

            Bt is a naturally occurring bacteria.

      5. They have sprayed that product in Michigan for more than a decade, and nothing much perceivably noticeable afterwards other than eradication of gypsy moths — which are nasty creatures which actually “rain” out of the trees and eat the trees bare.

        • They also drop on roads and it gets slicker than driving on ice but on green slime.

        • Yeah the government will fix it .
          Just like the water in Flint , yep .GOV has it under control …

          • I trust Monsanto to do anything that benefits nature like I trustthe Catholic Church to not a abuse children

            • what does Monsanto have to do with any of this..? They don’t distribute Bt. As a matter of fact, Bt is a direct organic competitor to their chemicals and gmo plants.

        • Pwypreach
          Imbalances in the ecosystem causes imbalances like that. Spraying keeps it out of balance. Scientists know this and everyone makes a living… it is all mentally unbalanced. People give their lives to chemicals and gmo products mostly out of laziness, willful stupidity, and greed.

      6. Hi folks,
        Just got back to main camp an hour or so ago. Haven’t really slept since we rode out.
        Lots to tell but very tired cold
        Definitely NOT hungry lol.
        I’ll post the highlights.a bit later. Gross lol somebody NEEDS A BATH I reek lol
        Night all

      7. BT is an organic pesticide, I use it all the time on my crops, its hardly a GMO. IT CAN cause respiratory problems in humans and pets so don’t breath it (common sense).

        Its only toxic to caterpillars and I would not be able to grow any meaningful amount of Mellon or squash without it.

        Gypsy moths will utterly destroy entire forests if you don’t nip an infestation.

        Substance-less fear porn.

      8. AB: Would you/could you please give us a capsule brush-up on the where/what/how/why of what you are doing? Unfortunately, have only been able to find a couple of your snapshots of your adventures in the multitude of articles and thousands of replies that appear on Mac’s site over the last couple weeks’ time — maybe a quick recap, then your day’s adventure? Thanks in advance!!!

      9. Other than apartment grown MJ. I wasn’t aware of much food agriculture in the Seattle, Tacoma, and Everett areas, however there are a whole lot of naturally occurring fir, alder, maple, and cedar,trees in the surrounding areas. I personally believe the trees are more important than the liberals infesting the area. So spray away! I can say that as I spent the majority of my adult life working, being educated, and raising a family, within 35 miles of Seattle.

      10. Mothra vs. Moochzilla

      11. This stuff as far as I know isn’t GMO. Its a natural bacteria. The sub species of BT isrealinsis (spelling?) Is used for mosquitoes. Its the active ingredient tin those mosquito plunks. And acceptable for organic farming.
        That said I believe the confusion comes from the fact that Monsanto’s BT corn is genetically modified to produce the same toxin the bacteria produce.
        The problems with genetic modification are much farther reaching than just the toxin the BT corn produces. The toxin does paralyze the intestine of the caterpillars that eat it, and there is the potential for the same thing happening to us when we eat gm corn. Howe’er one of the bigger issues is that the genetic spice inserted into the gene of the corn can cleave out and insert into other genes of other cells.
        I might be slightly incorrect on some of the specifics here, but the meat and potatoes of what I’m saying is well documented, although somewhat suppressed buy the people (Monsanto, syngenta) that stand to lose the most money from this information being widely known.
        Don’t believe me? Do some reading. Don’t be lazy and just believe one source, gather info and make your own decisions.


        • Thanks for trying to be a voice of reason. Sadly, many posters here will have none of it.


      12. Bacteria and viruses are the biggest killers EVER, and not only do they play around with microbe blueprints they ignore the fact these things evolve incredibly fast, are incredibly small so can be transported virtually anywhere, and they can eat shit.

        Maybe it isn’t nuclear war that kills mankind off after all.

      13. FREE … 2016 Food Revolution Summit

        April 30 – May 8

      14. Germ warfare–against the people.

      15. Bt is certified for certified organic use. It controls cabbage and corn worm larvae. The gmo aspect of Bt is that it has been genetically modified and inserted into corn and cotton seed that are also resistant to Round-Up at a rate approx. 4000 times higher than an organic farmer would use. Bt rapidly degrades in sunlight when applied as as spray but does not when bio-engineered into a plant’s DNA. These gmo corn and cotton seed are required by law to be sold as insecticide rather than seed. No public studies show if such high doses of Bt combined with gylphosate(round-up) resistant crops are harmful. I am guessing that it is very harmful but the information is being suppressed.

      16. Mac, When you publish an article like this, it makes me doubt every article that you have ever written. And I have read your articles from the beginning. BTI is biological, not GMO. It is safe and effective in killing mosquito larvae and caterpillars. It is not poisonous. It actually has a nice pleasant earthy smell. With all of the crap that is going down now and what is coming, you publish this BS. Now I will not know when you write something whether or not it has anything truthful or serious in it or if it is designed to scare people for nothing. Shame Shame Shame. You are doing a disservice to your readers!!! Shame!!

        • Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) is a natural occurring, soil-borne bacteria that has been used since the 1950s for natural insect control. It consists of a spore, which gives it persistence, and a protein crystal within the spore, which is toxic. That toxic protein differs, depending on the subspecies of Bt producing it, yielding a variance of Bt toxic to different insect species (or none at all). When the bacteria is consumed by certain insects, the toxic crystal is released in the insects highly alkaline gut, blocking the system which protects the pest’s stomach from its own digestive juices. The stomach is penetrated, and the insect dies by poisoning from the stomach contents and the spores themselves. This same mechanism is what makes Bt harmless to birds, fish and mammals whose acidic gut conditions negate the bacteria’s affect.

          Recently, Bt has been questioned because of its inclusion in Monsanto’s genetically modified corn and cotton. The difference between the Bt used by organic farmers around the world and that genetically inserted into Monsanto’s corn is dramatic. Naturally occurring Bt is contained within the bacterium. The Bt gene inserted into genetically-modified corn contains only the final toxin without its containment. Bt has a short half life when exposed to sunlight and the elements. By the time the insects that have consumed it are gone, so is the Bt. Its genetic counterpoint persists within the corn. Insects have developed immunity to the genetically-modified Bt–containing corn when the GMO corn has, against best agricultural practice, been planted in the same plot year after year. Targeted use of Bt insect control products used on appropriately managed plots have not resulted in insect resistance. Depending on which strain is used, Bt continues to be effective on cabbage worms, tent caterpillars, potato beetles, mosquitoes, black fly, and a variety of other insect pests.


        Oh, wait…that was something different…


        ….or WAS it?….!

      18. The cattle are to be sprayed and the water under there feet will be fracked but the cattle are too dumb and stupid to do anything about apart from die so the bankers don’t have to pay out too much in pensions.

        Cancer rates have never been so high and the drugs they are putting in the water is turning men into cowards and gays and this is why sperm counts have all gone down

        Welcome to the farm folks.

      19. I used it during tent caterpillar plague on Whidbey Island. I don’t believe there was any reason to GMO it. It is a natural pest of caterpillars. The respiratory risk is probably due to whatever is in the spray carrying the bacteria rather than the bacteria itself.

      20. Sorry trolls , the bt is dangerous . The bt cotton that was planted in Alabama is now banded by the state . People living near the fields and surrounding area developed respiratory problems.

        • Bt is a bacterial organism. Bt cotton is a genetically modified form of the cotton plant that produces Bt on its own. Its TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS.

          They are not spraying GMO cotton into the air, lol. They are spraying a naturally occurring, organic bacteria that’s harmless to humans.

      21. https ://

      22. … because nothing succeeds like biological engineering. After all, there are only a few factors you have to control for. Well, somewhere between a few and a quadrillion. So enjoy bureaucrats tampering with nature using bacteriophages, I am sure nothing bad could possibly happen. Some of these guys have college edjamafacashuns. I don’t think any of them have seen many low budget zombie movies because this is how most of them start.

      23. Bt consumption is controversial. It seemed to be linked to pretty dire illnesses in goats and sheep who grazed on Bt cotton in India in 2006 or so. Jury’s still out, IMO.

      24. Just wanted to let you know that they are spraying here in NJ as well. They of course, say it’s safe for us and itselects plant eaters, but I’ve heard it’s toxic to our gut microflora. The toxin effects their pathways. joking matter. Problems with gut is linked to autism, autoimmune disease, malnutrition, allergies etc.

      25. Just wanted to let you know that they are spraying here in NJ as well. They of course, say it’s safe for us and itselects plant eaters, but I’ve heard it’s toxic to our gut microflora. The toxin effects their pathways. joking matter. Problems with gut is linked to autism, autoimmune disease, malnutrition, allergies etc.

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