Sean Hannity Destroys Liberal Rachel Maddow In Ratings: ‘It’s Not Even Close’

by | Nov 1, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 19 comments


The October ratings released Tuesday showed Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity went head-to-head with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. And the results? Well, it wasn’t even close.

Could it be a “sign of the times” that the nation is slowly becoming more conservative? It’s hard to say for certain, but was is definite, is that Hannity dominated cable news, according to the October ratings released Tuesday by Nielsen. Hannity finished the month in first place with 3.2 million total viewers, well ahead of Maddow, who landed in third place overall with 2.5 million total viewers. Fox News’ Tucker Carlson took second place with 2.8 million viewers.

Hannity was also up 15 percent compared to the same month last year.

Hannity’s rise to first place ends a strong run by The Rachel Maddow Show, which had finished the third quarter of 2017 as the No. 1 show in cable news, the first time any MSNBC show had finished first in the Nielsen ratings for an entire quarter. Fox News’ reworked prime-time lineup, which moved Hannity to 9 p.m., meant Hannity and Maddow would compete directly–and so far, Hannity’s winning that matchup. –Forbes

Perhaps this is a good sign that the nation is moving away from the communist policies of the left and embracing a more freedom-based dialogue.  Among viewers aged 25-54 (the key demographic coveted by advertisers), Hannity was first, with 686,000 viewers, followed by FNC’s Tucker Carlson (581,000) and Maddow (558,000). The Rachel Maddow Show was the highest-rated non-Fox News show on cable, and the only one to break into the top five in the key demo, which included Fox News Tonight in fourth place (468,000) and The Story with Martha MacCallum in fifth (450,000).

Overall, Fox News was dominant in October, beating MSNBC and CNN among total viewers and viewers 25-54. In prime time, Fox News averaged 2.6 million total viewers, well ahead of MSNBC (1.6 million) and CNN (919,000). Among adults 25-54, the race was closer, with the networks finishing in the same order: Fox News (477,000), MSNBC (349,000) and CNN (325,000). –Forbes

This trend isn’t likely a fluke either considering how badly Hannity’s show throttled Maddow’s. Perhaps some people really are concerned with the direction the country is heading.

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    1. TEST

      Thankfully, due to their intellectual dishonesty, and inability to rise above their OWN hatreds, the fascist left media is hoisting themselves on their own petards. And I, for one, won’t be sending flowers when they are gone.

      You get ONE guess how that NYC terrorist got into the US… “Sayfullo Saipov, the Islamist terrorist who attacked New York, entered the U.S. ****through a “diversity visa program” promoted by Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer and ex-president Barack Obama.”**** Nice work, Einsteins. Cited from

      • SterlingSilver

        While Fox is the only conservative competition in the ratings during those primetime hours, the liberal view is split between MSNBC, CNN, Headline News, etc. To make a fair assessment about overall viewership, does Hannity’s hour beat out all other viewers from all the liberal stations during that time? Thats the metric we should be considering, not whether or not he beat Maddows fragmented liberal viewership.

        • Genius

          Hannity the nutlicking neocon is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the false right vs. left propaganda. I absolutely can’t stand listening to that BS jerkoff. He is just fodder for the dumb ass right neocon crowd that can’t think for themselves and don’t have the intellect to discern information. Just a crowd of bobbleheads that need to be told what to think and who to blame. He steers people away from who is really behind the scenes doing this shit. Just like all the other so called conservative radio hosts they are controlled opposition.

    2. JOJO

      Good for Hannity and good for America.

    3. Sgt Bill

      Hannity and Maddcow are about as polar opposite as they get, which also defines our nation. If we could get the indoctrination system, oh excuse me the education system, to stop indoctrinating our kids into communism and moral degradation our nation would have a magnificent turn around.

    4. aljamo

      The only political speech on the radio is right wing voices. In my view that has been the case all along. There was Air America which was impossible to find on the dial. Rachel Maddow was on that channel before moving to MSNBC to become the left choice rebuttal psyop monger. It’s only fake news from both sides unless one side fits your outlook.

    5. TEST


      People 50 years from now will look back and wonder how and why so many people were drinking the KoolAid. But then, this comes from the same people that think Bruce Jenner – with EVERY single cell in his body having XY chromosomes, is a “female.” (Right. And I identify as a dolphin, despite my human genome, so call me “Flipper!”

      Per Patriot Post, 11/1, “All the evidence we have suggests that he was acting alone,” NY uber lefty Gov. Cuomo insisted…. except Cuomo then proceeded to contradict his own assertion, adding correctly, “You have to remember a couple of years ago [the Islamic State] telegraphed this — that they were going to individual acts, they said, ‘Use a knife, use a car, use a truck, use whatever you can get.” And then, proceeding to contradict himself, added, “We have no evidence whatsoever that this was anything other than a person acting individually. We have no evidence that it’s connected to anyone or anything, or there are any follow-up measures.”

      Never mind the evidence Cuomo had just presented. Indeed, Saipov used the same method and vile catchphrase that so many other jihadis have used and promoted.

    6. Nailbanger

      I have no interest in any of it anymore. Is all BS

    7. lena

      I like to watch maddow, she is so enthusiastic about her beliefs; but she cannot be taken seriously.

      the Monday of the manafort inditement, at no point did she mention everything he is charged with was years ago or that part of it was with the well known democrat podesta group.

      • rellik

        I watched Madcow once, just to say I did.
        All it did was re-enforce my understanding
        of how people like Pol Pot could justify
        killing millions. She and her ilk are a waste
        of air, water and food.
        “Since he is of no use anymore, there is no gain if he lives and no loss if he dies.”
        Pretty much sums up my opinion of Democrats and GOPe.

        • Archivist

          I like “she and her ilk.”

          Got ilk?

          ht tp://

          • rellik

            That’s what I like about,
            most people here are well read and educated,
            even if it is not a “formal” education.
            I could have used the word “kind” instead of “ilk”.
            Ilk implies landed wealth and power, that is why
            I used it.

    8. Kay123

      Hannity is ok…but I like Tucker Carlson. He digs down to the truth,
      growls and gives the liberal denials a good shake, then grabs the
      liberals by the tails and pulls them out of their holes, as he makes his point.
      Hannity is milder mannered, dances around a bit before pouncing on liberals.
      Sometimes never quite making the point strong enough.

      LasVegas Update;
      A “police officer” upon arriving on the hotel scene of the “suicide”,
      somehow fired his gun, BUT didn’t hit anything.
      This was in the Las Vegas Review Journal newspaper 10/30/2017.

      Well…well…the plot doth thicken, Sherlock…..
      Funny this didn’t come out from the begining, isn’t it???
      Who was the cop?

      • grandee

        …BUT didn’t hit anything…

        yes it did.

        would be fun to know EXACTLY the direction of said bullet and where said bullet lodged.

        wall? floor? furniture? picture on wall? closed bathroom door? Paddock???

        • Son of Liberty

          Good question. It DID eventually land – somewhere. Where? is the question.

          Boy, it seems like we get such mixed information all the time. It makes one wonder – what is the truth? No wonder there are so many theories floating around out there in cyber space. Who or what can we trust? Apparently, very few.


    9. Heartless

      Maddow who? The few times I’ve seen the woman being spoken of here when accidentally surfing the tube…. I thought I happened upon an old Mr. Ed show view shot from the rear of his stall.

      • Anonymous

        she’s janet reno’s daughter

    10. Sean

      TV ratings don’t matter much.

    11. Anonymous

      fox may be a little better than the others but it is still establishment media

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