Scientists: It Is Possible To ‘Hack’ Your Own Brain And Get High Without Drugs

by | Oct 9, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Experts, Headline News | 30 comments


Scientists have now revealed that there is a way to hack the human brain in order to experience the feeling of “being high” without the use of drugs. The brain is a super complex organ, but with a few tricks, an incredible feeling of euphoria can be experienced using only the power of the mind.

This experience we all participate in known as “reality” is actually just a trick that our brains play on us by carefully filtering the sensory information that the world presents to us in order to generate a workable perspective on things. So scientists have summarized that the parameters of our consciousness can, therefore, be modified by destabilizing these finely tuned filters, and one way to do this is by altering their electrical signals, or brainwaves to give one the feeling of “being high” on drugs.

Depending on what you want to feel, you’ll need to choose carefully from the menu of different brainwaves and their associated effects. Theta waves, for example, have a frequency of 4 to 8 Hz and are linked to intuition, but can also lead to excessive daydreaming when they are too high in amplitude.

Heather Hargraves studies the therapeutic applications of altered states of consciousness at the University of Western Ontario, and told IFLScience that, when going into trance, “shamans enter into theta states, which is dreamy, intuitive, open but focused in an internal way.” Because of this, it was previously thought that theta waves were the key to psychedelic experiences, yet this all changed when scientists began performing electroencephalography (EEG) studies on people under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs. -IFLScience

The results of these studies revealed what Hargraves calls a “broadband squish”, whereby all brainwaves in the range of 0 to 20 Hz are “shut down” in certain regions of the brain, before “rebounding”. This effect was particularly noticeable in a brain network called the default mode network, which regulates consciousness and is largely responsible for maintaining a sense of self. This technique can be loosely described as meditation with a mirror. Hargraves says neurofeedback enables people to learn to control their own brainwaves and as a therapist, she uses it to help trauma patients regulate their alpha and beta waves, which tend to cause anxiety and depression when they are overactive.

For those without access to fancy gadgets, there are some more rudimentary methods of altering the mind. In the 1970s, when many psychedelic drugs had recently been made illegal, a Czech psychiatrist called Stanislav Grof began searching for a way to legally induce altered states of consciousness in his patients. The technique he developed, called holotropic breathwork, involves a combination of accelerated breathing, body work, and listening to music, and has remained a key element of Grof’s psychotherapy protocol for the past four decades.

The technique is thought to increase carbon dioxide levels in the blood, thus making it more alkaline and leading to vasoconstriction. This alters the blood flow to the prefrontal cortex, which is the part of the brain that processes subjective conscious experience, thereby creating an effect similar to that of taking a psychedelic drug.

In a recent study of 11,000 patients who underwent holotropic breathwork treatment, 82 percent said the technique produced a “transpersonal” experience, characterised by a loss of sense of self and feelings of universal oneness. And while some might associate this kind of talk with drug-using using hippies, it’s worth noting that many forms of psychotherapy aim at cultivating these same insights in order to improve mental health. –IFLScience

The brain is a very powerful organ, and when used correctly, scientists now say that the feeling of “being high” on drugs can be done by simply altering the brainwaves. It’s how to alter them that gets confusing.

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    1. PO'd Patriot

      YOU FIRST!

      • Michigan Wolverine

        hahha came to say the same

      • Heartless

        For once…… I’m speechless. Hack successful!!!

      • JustMe

        Breath Consciousness was developed several millennia ago, in the far East. It is little understood in the West. Most people have too short an attention span to learn meditation, and integrated breathwork.

        The human body is an electrochemical system, and the natural environment has a measurable frequency, which the body is attuned to. (Much of the world is now bathed in an un-natural electromagnetic soup, which is not conducive to health, etc.)

        Using integrated breathwork, while in a light Alpha state, the body is literally charged, which then charges various regions of the brain. Advanced meditation, and breathwork allows one approach Theta state, and experience the euphoric sensations mentioned in the article.

        • Neal Jensen

          Spot on comments.

    2. Arizona

      THERES GOING TO BE A WAR in america soon,ALL these scientists will be hunted down to the ends of the earth,AND THEN HANGED,nothing they have done with our TAX money has been good for the people,BUT EVIL has done very well,and will keep doing well till this crap is stoped,OH,,you want to know the TRUTH about the HOTEL SHOOTINGS,go read it,WHATDOESITMEAN,those IRISH GIRLS are on top of it,the bastards in washington DC,knew a week before it happened,THE POLICE GANGS and US MILITARY,and the CIA,were all in on it..

    3. MWK

      Great, just what we need. A bunch of people sitting around jerking off their brains. As if all the phonerbaiting wasn’t enough.

    4. rellik

      Mammals are incredibly complex bio machines.
      Humans the most so. We are all hostage to how
      we perceive and interpret the world.
      Anything that screws that up really
      affects how we act. I’ve eliminated all drugs
      except beer from my life, and I still keep a count
      on how many I have drank and when. I’m keenly aware
      that I’m under the influence of a drug and act accordingly
      eg I don’t drive, shoot, make money decisions, fight with anyone.
      When you do this artificial stuff you don’t know what your
      brain will dream up, It is hard enough to deal with day to day
      Schema’s and problems.
      Like drugs, I would avoid this kind of manipulation. It will cause
      you to destroy the things you love.

    5. Archivist

      I was looking for step by step instructions.


      • PO'd Patriot

        You’ll only go blind and there’ll be a hair growing in the palm of your hand.

        • Archivist

          They used to say that the first sign of insanity was hair in the palms of your hands.

          The second sign was looking for it. (You would say that after the mark looked at his hands.)

    6. Press 9 for English

      Hey Man!

    7. aljamo

      At least the hippies retained enough common sense to speak out against war. Who is doing that today? Brain dead opiate users, not a chance. Mass killers drugged out of their minds, yeah right. The process spoken of here comes with the kicker pay dearly at the window on your way out. Medical care today has morphed into a gaggle of charlatans intent on ripping you off at every opportunity. It’s as plain as the nose on your face. Based on the amount of schooling they have received like doctors and lawyers, they feel entitled to rip you a new one. Natural healing advice, forget it they know nothing as it was not part of the education. Just pill pushing of chemicals. What a disgrace.

    8. Richard Steven Hack

      Someone just figuring this out?

      Been known for centuries by practically every culture on the planet.

      The 1960’s want their news back…

    9. Kay123

      Geeez, sounds scarrrry!
      I’l stick to my own method.
      I get high on fresh air, turning off every electronic toy, painting a picture of where I would like to be at the moment, sitting in a warm tub with candle light, reading inspirational material, or
      walking through a botanical garden, flowers, bubbling brooks, watching puppies play, watching babies play,…. Enough already, nobody cares.
      Just an example of simple pleasures that makes me “high.”
      Don’t need pills, doctors, trances, Witch doctors, electric shock waves, alcohol, drugs or illegal plants. Don’t worry about death, people, news, goverment, or anything else bother me, when nothing can be done to change it. (Being prepared can change most everything.)

      Every one is different. You have to find your own happiness.

      • grandee

        chickens 🙂

    10. Anticommie

      All drug use and depression( low neurotransmitters) are caused by genetic degradation aka devolution

      • Anonymous

        On the flip side, a sense of superiority and little or no empathy is caused by genetic degradation. It tends to run in family lines.

    11. The Deplorable Braveheart

      Is that what’s wrong with HCKS?

      • Come-On-People

        Leave him alone, don’t be so mean.

      • Anonymous

        Why didn’t you say that to his face? You’re a hypocrite who brings nothing to this table but empty rhetoric and even emptier threats.

    12. Jim in Va.

      I’m keeping my aspirin………

    13. Archivist

      Music played from real records or high quality tapes on a good stereo system and good speakers makes me happy.

      I can play anything I want, depending on my mood, whether it’s Roy Acuff, 101 Strings, Kraftwerk, Glenn Miller, Les Paul, Bessie Smith, Duke Ellington, or Wes Montgomery. I have them all.

    14. aljamo

      Archivist.. what about CD’s? I’ve had record albums, 45’s, 8 track, cassettes, reel to reel and now just compact discs. I found a JVC CD player with small wood cabinents and ceramic speakers mid 1990s model that was expensive then in the dumpster. Why it was there I don’t know. It plays loud and great sound. Old people live around here and throw away valuable items, I don’t actually dumpster dive, I am tall with long arms so I just reach in.

    15. Kay123


      LOL….yeah keep the asprin. lol
      I know people with hobbies who are very content and happy.
      Woodworking… carving… playing a musicall instrument.. singing,,
      building….sewing…quilting…collecting… dancing…and even know
      some who find target practice and skeet shooting to be
      a therapeutic and relaxing hobby…….lol
      Imagine that!

      Archivest; You have some good music choices!

    16. Martus

      The Bible tells us that in the end days people will be marked on the forehead and this mark will see them go to Hell. These people will live a life of electronic highs controlled by the satanic elite and will become nothing more then animalistic cyborg pets.

      The first step are the implantable chips in the hand, then comes the surrender of the brain and once these people have become cyborgs have they will tell everybody how great it is to bring as many more into this as they possible can before they force everybody!

      Worse then crack and there is no turning back for these brain chipped druggies.

    17. Anonymous

      Feelings of universal oneness. When one is all and all is one. Just a part of the grand plan the entities are plotting.

    18. Kc

      Its called transcendental meditation…been around forever..

    19. Anonymous

      Oh look. Another mind control scheme disguised as science.

    20. Beaumont

      In olden times, people weren’t just “hacking” their brains to get drunk; they were supposed to effect measurable change in the physical world.

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