Science Catastrophe In South America Could Kill Millions

by | Sep 29, 2019 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 29 comments

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    The releases of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) into the natural environment is having a catastrophic and irreversible impact on our planet. A company known as Oxitec, based out of the United Kingdom, which had announced plans to release genetically-engineered, or transgenic, mosquitoes into the wild.

    Oxitec’s stated goal was to eradicate native mosquito populations carrying potentially deadly diseases like Zika by infiltrating their ranks with transgenic impostors. These impostor mosquitoes, we were told, do not have the ability to reproduce, and thus pose no risk of causing long-term changes to the natural ecosystem, according to a report by Natural News.  What could possibly go wrong?


    However, it appears that Oxitec was wrong about their GMO mosquitoes. As revealed in a new study, which was published in the esteemed journal Nature, Oxitec’s transgenic mosquitoes are not only able to reproduce, but their presence within native mosquito populations is actually causing super-mosquitoes to spawn. The world will have to face an onslaught of super-mosquitoes that are more resilient than the ones that previously existed in nature.

    “To summarize the findings of the study, this mad science GMO experiment managed to create a super mutant population of mosquitoes that now carry genes that are potentially tied to enhanced insecticide resistance, making them harder to kill than ever before,” Mike Adams wrote for Natural News. “The experiment utterly failed to achieve its promised outcome of wiping out mosquitoes, too.”

    Failure is an understatement.  Since the goal was a decrease in the mosquito populations that carry infectious diseases, this quote from the conclusion of the study bears mentioning:

    The results of our tests of the infectivity of one strain each of the dengue and Zika viruses in females of the OX513A strain and the Jacobina natural population (before releases) indicate no significant differences (Fig. 3). –Nature

    The mosquitoes are still carrying infectious diseases at the same rate as before the GMO mosquitoes were released. The study states that this whole plan broke down because the natural female mosquitoes prefer to mate with male mosquitoes that were known to be fertile, and no the infertile GMO mosquitoes released by Oxitec.



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      1. Can you spell DDT?
        We listened to lying frigging idiots and eliminated the best
        mosquito killer around.
        Bring it back!
        Millions have died because this one Democrat loser lied and wrote a book filled with fake data.
        Want to save the world? Ki ll an American Democrat!

        • They did not learn with the African bees.
          Or, maybe they did, so they created a more dangerous mosquito.
          They do want to depopulate the world, after all.

          • The planet was evolving just fine after 50 million years, then man showed up and started manipulating it to his arrogant will.

            It’s that religious manifest destiny BS. better than though. Do as I say.

            Globalists……had announced plans to release genetically-engineered, or transgenic, Democrats into the wild..

            How’s that transgender bathroom scheme werking out for ya skippy?

            • “…natural female mosquitoes prefer to mate with male mosquitoes that were known to be fertile, and ***not the infertile GMO mosquitoes released by Oxitec.***”

              Works just fine.

              Preferred females mated with preferred males, to create super children.

              Degenerate lines would have died out.

              • Maybe the ***… (male) infertile GMO mosquitoes released by Oxitec.*** wound up mating with other males, thereby nullifying the whole ‘experiment’.

            • Gadzooks man I hope not. Can you just imagine Schiff’s head on Pelosi’s body?

          • JustMe is absolutely correct. Globalists want to depopulate THEIR world. Look at how the ability of future Montanans to feed themselves has been adversely affected. Evil FedGov has not only reintroduced gray wolves into our State but then made them federally protected. Both of them need to go.

            • Not so Montana Man. Watch this video

              How Wolves Change Rivers
              ht tps://

              How Wolves saved Yellowstone national park
              ht tps://

          • Didn’t these scientists see “Jurassic Park”? “…Life will find a way”

        • Yep Rellik, Bed bugs also. Now we are having a tidal wave of resurgence. Thanks assholes.

          • Bed bugs were exterminated in the US by DDT, a great insecticide, though over used.

            Turns out bed bugs can’t handle +140 F, no insecticide needed, remove food, remove candles, shut off refrigeration, add a few heaters and the critters are dead.

        • Rellik, I say send our dems and rinos to South America and see how well they fare.

      2. we all know the quality of products has really gone down. look at what they call boots. the welt is glued to the sole. they always seperate and they still want $200 for em. i of course wont buy anything that isnt stitched with quality soles. in our consumer economy products are designed to fail from the start. nevermind built in life span or planned obsolete. an economy based on consumption means if that pair of boots fails sooner your back buying another pair that much sooner. why would anyone think they wanna make such a quality product. that would be end of their business sooner. used to be able to get a decent product for a decent price and some of those products are still working. my point of all of this is we are all forced to be consumers and the quality of stuff will continue to decline as long as its profitable. this will leave us consumers a slave to the consumer economic model. this is enslavement to goods we need to live a daily existence. ive always said dont buy anything cus your working against yourself. know the difference between consumer junk and durable goods. brand doesnt dictate quality because big box stores have major brand manufacturers cutting corners to fit price point. the mom and pops are all gone for the most part and this was done to create a consumer economy. people need to refuse big box stores and name brand products.

      3. Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but if memory serves me, I read these experimental mosquitos were also released in the Miami area. Oops.

      4. Reminds me of the horror movies we watched as kids,

        “It’s alive. It’s alive! It’s alive!!”

      5. Seriously, wasn’t this a plot to a bad SciFi movie back in the 80s????

      6. Sensationalist adams again with no data to back his claim of super mosquitos or mass death.

      7. Rather than “create” some kind of transgender mosquito, why not make a lot of “lesbian-feminist” ones. This way rather tan mate, they will just fly around and $**k each other. Or someone could mount a campaign to increase the populations of bats which will eat the mosquitos.

      8. Man trying to play GOD
        God wins every time – duh
        Humans are still very primative craetures
        However, Liberals think we are gods.

      9. Man trying to be GOD – Man fails every time.

      10. The half life of all the atoms in the entire universe expired 13 billion years ago, so dig a hole and click on the Amazon link in the store.

      11. Saaaaay…I think I seen one of them skeeters.
        It had a head that looked like Jeff Goldblum…

      12. What happened to my comment?

      13. The greatest human catastrophe in the history of the world by far was WW I & WW II. These were wars where those of European ethnic descent, extraction, parentage, heredity, stock, and lineage killed each other off in such vast numbers that those nations gene pools have never really recovered. It would take a least a hundred years under normal population replacement, but Europeans have decided to stop their native populations growth and instead allow it to decline. Those millions and millions of men (on all sides) killed in each of those wars, had the strongest and most aggressive innate survival instincts, and were never able to perpetuate their DNA.

      14. God only knows whats been artificially created that we don’t know about ! A half human, half mutant chupacabra in some clandestine lab in the basement of Area 51.

      15. The scientists don’t want to kill us. They just want to inflict us with something that will make us miserable. They’re probably laughing themselves silly watching us all scratching and itching like a son of a gun and going broke buying pink calamine lotion.


        • You neglected to say that this entire franken-bug experiment was FUNDED AND SPONSORED BY BILL GATES.

      16. Let’s come up with GMO scientists to mate with these scientists who are so in love with anything GMO to put these bastards out of business forever.

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