School Board Removes “Lynch” From The Name Of Three Schools Because It Was Deemed Offensive

by | Aug 10, 2017 | Headline News | 48 comments

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    Every time that the absurdity of political correctness reaches a new peak in our culture, it’s easy to assume that it can’t get any worse. But if we’ve learned anything over the past few years, it’s that it can always get worse. For people who have their entire identity wrapped up in being oppressed and downtrodden, the limit to what they can be offended by is absolutely bottomless. Which is why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a school board in Oregon recently voted to remove the name “Lynch” from several elementary schools. You can probably guess why.

    Lynch Meadows Elementary, Lynch Woods Elementary and Lynch View Elementary were all named after a local family who donated land to the school district in the late 1800s.

    In recent years, school officials say they have received complaints from people who are concerned about the name’s connotation with lynching.

    ‘There were an increasing amount of questions and some complaints from families of color around the name,’ Centennial School District Superintendent Paul Coakley, who is black, told the Oregonian.

    ‘Our diversity is increasing every year, with families coming in from Northeast Portland and out of state, so [the names] needed to be looked at,’ he added.

    The fact that “Lynch” is an actual surname held by perhaps tens of thousands of people and has been around for hundreds of years, was of no consequence to the perpetually offended people who wanted these schools to change their names.

    “I don’t think any of you have ever seen a picture where one of your decedents was hanging from a tree,” said one man who testified in favor of the name change.

    “I know the majority of you guys are white and it’s hard to know how that word could have an effect but it does,” added a young student who testified. “If a simple name change could make students feel safe, then why are we holding back?”

    Actually, there is a very good and practical reason why these school names shouldn’t be changed. We have to ask ourselves, where does this end?

    Perhaps any “people of color” who happen to work for Merrill Lynch should be outraged. Maybe director David Lynch should have his name scrubbed from his films. Maybe the residents of Lynch Town Kentucky, as well as 10 other cities across the country that happened to be named “Lynchburg” should vote to change the names of their communities. Maybe this surname should be banned entirely. After all, we can’t let these people be a walking reminder of a terrible crime that they had nothing to do with, now can we?

    In case you’ve ever wondered why the culture of political correctness is always capable of reaching new levels of madness, now you know. Once you permit one absurdity, every absurdity is on the table.


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      1. I prefer to think it was removed because Loretta Lynch is offensive.

        • No doubt. She does deserve a noose as many others do.

        • MSM would have us all believe lynchings happened every day. Not so.

          While it did happen, it was not nearly as common as we are led to believe.

          This same gang would have us all believe that slavery existed only in North America.

          Fewer than 5% of African slaves ended up in North America. Brazil alone had 10 times as many African slaves as were brought to North America.

          The enslavement of White Europeans by muslims is completely ignored.

      2. Best news so far this year. What this now means is Loretta Lynch in now officially offensive and must be removed from public.

        • “removed from the population”….there, i fixed it for yuh.

        • @Joel, Exactly what I was thinking. And I thought that was what this article was going to be about. Not an old fashion hanging….Good Grief This people are going to have more than a rude awakening when they get older!

      3. I find it offensive we has a us attorney general named lynch,a fucking criminal progressive,good for the schools doing this,they want in no way to even be mistakenly attached with that scumbag.

        Any real justice left in this country we could hopefully one day name a federal prison cell after the bitch,am good with that!Wonder if good ole loretta is a lesbian,oh wait,my mistake,she discussed grandchildren with bill!

      4. Joel, for Loretta Lynch it’s different because she’s BLACK. Isn’t affirmative action wonderful? [SARCASM]

      5. When it comes to the PC crap, this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. That school board doesn’t owe it to any black people to change the name of their schools. If those people don’t like it, they’re free to go somewhere else. It’s just more black BS. Nobody owes any minority people anything. They get so much special treatment out there under federal law and make all of these false complaints. It’s white people who get treated unfairly nowadays.

        • Worldwide, White people are a minority.

          I welcome the push to stop ‘cultural appropriation. It means that only White people can live in a modern society.

        • Braveheart, I think I should be forced to change my screen name because many Americans will “triggered” because Justice and Equal Protection have been killed in America.

          • Justice, make your own decision regarding that or anything else. Don’t let anyone coerce you into anything against your will.

            • Braveheart, sorry I was being sarcastic. The last thing I worry about is upsetting some snowflake.

              I was taught to be polite and respectful of others, however, political correctness has gone crazy. It is really about thought control and power. At this point I believe in saying things just to exert my right to say it. (Although I am getting a little old to be a “Street Fighting Man”).

              • Justice, I recognized the sarcasm. You’re right about the PC crap getting out of hand. I was also taught to be polite and respectful to others but ONLY if they act the same way toward me. Respect still has to be earned last time I checked. Any way people treat me I treat them is what I was taught. There are LIMITS to repsect and courtesy. Nobody owes any courtesy or respect to any thug, bitch, etc. Courtesy and respect ARE A TWO-WAY STREET, NOT A CUL-DE-SAC.

      6. What P.C. B.S.

        Wait till these turds get into the REAL WORLD!!!!


        Off Topic.
        Why in the Hell isn’t MSM saying anything about India and China about to go to war?????


      7. The sorry ass saga continues.

      8. Reminds me of the time the sitcom “Duke’s of Hazard” was removed from cable tv and labeled a “racist” show,yet the gangster shows depicting violence,drug dealing,drug abuse,sex,money and trashing of a particular race are still allowed on cable..

      9. Idiocracy! Remember the movie- this is really insane

        • yes, i remember that documentary from a few years ago.

      10. Yeah, their relatives might have gotten lynched; mine were burned at the stake or stoned to death. The PC ninnies need to grow up!

        • Oh, and disemboweled ( William Wallace). Cry me a river.

          • Now you’ve done it. You’ve gone and triggered Braveheart. LOL

      11. The people who are so offended by this name should be lynched.

      12. “I don’t think any of you have ever seen a picture where one of your decedents was hanging from a tree,” said one man who testified in favor of the name change.

        Decedents did he mean decendants?
        If he said decendants and meant ancestors then why listen to somebody that dumb?
        If he meant decendants then how is seeing someone hanging different from a gunshot OR being cut.

      13. The winners get to write the history. The losers get to die from it.

      14. Stupid ‘americans’

      15. “I don’t think any of you have ever seen a picture where one of your decedents was hanging from a tree,” said one man who testified in favor of the name change.

        Guaranteed that imbecile hasn’t either.

      16. Better get rid of the word death as in Death Valley. Fry a bad word also as in fry in the electric chair. Hang no good either like hanging out in the hood. Nobody should be subjected to such evil words.

      17. It’s ethnic cleansing of Western Culture. Not something to be taken lightly. Removing historical statues because they fought on the Southern side of the Civil War. Removing Thomas Jefferson’s name from schools because he owned slaves. Same for George Washington. This is what they think of White people. I find MLK Blvd. to be highly offensive to me. Take all of those MLK signs down. And change the name of every state that has Native origins. It’s offensive to them. And the name America is offensive to me, too. Amerigo Vespucci (spelling?) was just a map maker. He didn’t find anything.

        • Him… yeah I take offense at removing historical statues and such monuments that some find offensive. MLK named streets don’t bother me because he spoke against injustice and opposed war, nobody with a national voice of common sense and truth exists in America today.

          • Aljamo, I find all of the PC crap offensive. I’m offended at this ILLEGITIMATE BLACK CAMPAIGN AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE. I’m offended that any time white people violate someone’s ‘speech code’ they get required to take a course called ‘sensitivity training’ and have to pass the course in order to keep their jobs and livelihood. The ‘speech codes’ are aimed against ONLY one group of people and that’s white people. Never used against any other group of people at all. The decision to have said white offender take ‘sensitivity training’ IS A RACE-BASED DECISION MADE AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE. IT IS OPPRESSIVE AND DEGRADING TO WHITE PEOPLE. IT’S ALL A BUNCH OF BLACK SHUCK-AND-JIVE.

      18. School Board Removes “Lynch” From The Name Of Three Schools Because It Was Deemed Offensive

        “Lynch” the complainers – problem fk’n slolved! ツ

        • FTW, I was thinking the same thing. In fact, I saved that noose picture at the top to my computer and may just set it as the background.

      19. Well we have Lynchburg and Lynch Station nearby here.

        • My favorite location name in Maine
          –and yes, it really is an actual place:

          Dick Head, Maine

          ….we also have “Tumbledown Dick” and “Dick Mountain” !

      20. Great news. Let’s start removing EVERYTHING that is offensive to ANYBODY. Gotta luv the Orwellian Newspeak. The goal of the fascist left if to get everybody on the leftist blue pill (go watch videos of the “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters 8 years ago as Exhibit A).

        Next up: Polygamy, bestiality, partial birth abortion you name it. Say it enough times, and that, too, will seem “normal.”

        • TEST, the libturds never tell me wtf to do.

      21. Try this folks, the truth sounds like hate, to those that hate the truth.

      22. Don’t forget Lynchburg in Virginia. Change it to something else. What about California? The “Calif” is too much like “caliph”. Separation of Church and State requires it be changed to something non-religious. How about “Too many liberals”. Maryland has to be changed. Los Angeles has to be changed. Chicago has to be changed. The Spanish word for girl is “chica”. Combine it with “go” and it appears anti-female. Ron Emmanuel needs to change his last name. Where does it stop? With all the problems, why fool with the silly stuff?

      23. The white race in general has got to stop worrying about being called racists.No other race cares if their called racists,so why should the white race? Ever noticed how “pc” only applies to one particular race?

      24. I, for one, am glad that some of those “offensive” statues of historical figures were removed. I found them offensive myself. After all, some of those historical figures were democrats. They probably wouldn’t have been removed if people had realized that. There probably wouldn’t have been such a big outcry about the Confederate flag if the complainers had also realized that the flag represented the ideals of democrats.

      25. Liberals are always looking for something to get upset about so they can shoot their mouths off. There is an old adage “sometimes it is better to keep silent ant thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” Shame they never learned it.

      26. Yeah, well I want MLK and Malcolm X removed from schools sporting those names, as I find THEM to be offensive.

      27. I believe that there will be a race war, but the typically-more-effete whites will not be culpable. When prompted to create your own safspaces, circle the wagons, or do anything independently, at all, you prove Barbara Lerner Spectre and Alexander Tytler correct.

        Typically-more-nervy minorities are still clamoring for a toehold, at the bottom of the social foodchain, so have more to fear in eachother, in a ‘Gangs of New York’ kind-of way, afaic.

      28. Wonder what they will do when they figure out you can spell negro from the letters in Oregon?

      29. I’m waiting for to be used to hunt down the descendants of people who might have owned slaves, so the left can persecute them. They’ll want to strip them of any wealth they have ever earned, and give it to the descendents of slaves. With a little off the top for activists running the operation for George Soros.

      30. The snowflakes lose their alleged minds over certain words or names. Some great people have “Lynch” as a last name. The Progressive fools want “offensive” words removed from the language. They can forget about it. Grow a spine and realize some discussion will make you uncomfortable. You have no right to silence others.

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