School Accused of Ignoring “White Student’s Claims of Racial Harassment” Settles Case

by | Apr 18, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 76 comments

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    There’s no doubt that many wrongs have been done in the name of racism.

    But, two wrongs don’t make a right.

    Reverse racism is no joke for white students who find themselves the target of random violence and intimidation inside schools that are filled with minority students, some of whom are vengeful and hateful against those with a different.

    A school district in Long Island, New York settled with a former student – who is white – who sued because the school refused to do anything to stop the racial targeting against him, despite repeated requests for them to do so. Instead, high school years were hellish for Giovanni Micheli.

    via New Observer Online

    The New York school district being sued by a white former school pupil for refusing to prevent racially-motivated attacks has agreed to settle out of court rather than go to trial.

    The decision by the Long Island Brentwood School District to settle without even posing a defense is being widely interpreted as an attempt to hush up the case to prevent similar legal actions being instituted by other whites.

    According to a report in the New York Post, the school district “accused of inadequately addressing a white student’s claims of racial harassment as a minority in a predominantly Hispanic and black school”  abruptly settled the case for an undisclosed amount.

    As originally reported, pupil Giovanni Micheli was repeatedly attacked, assaulted, and abused for being white in the majority nonwhite school. Repeated requests for help directed to the school authorities by Giovanni and his parents were ignored by the school staff.

    According to testimony in the case, Micheli was attacked on numerous occasions for no other reason than the fact that he was one of the few white students at a school that was overwhelmingly black and hispanic.

    Worse, the school’s administrators refused to address the problem – and do anything to stop the violence – solely because Micheli was a white minority. Requests to be transferred to another school were, ironically, refused on the grounds that they would then have to accommodate requests from other white students.

    Seems like there was a big problem… one that has echoed across the entire country.

    For years, the media has focused on cherry-picked cases of black victimization at the hands of police, while ignoring many would-be-high-profile cases about roaming gangs of black individuals randomly victimizing white people, or even other blacks, in order to portray an image of racism that suits the narrative.

    This video shows a black student beating up his white teacher:

    The phenomenon is real, but don’t be surprised when you don’t see it reported.

    Read more:

    Brutal Honesty: This Is The Video About Racism They Don’t Want You To See

    No Whites Allowed: Student Booted From Conference Because Of Skin Color: “Because I was white they would feel unsafe?”

    No Evidence: Police Say Video Beating of White Man By Three Black Men Is Not A Hate Crime


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      1. They’re stirring up racism for WW3. This is the time of the Great Tribulation (see Matthew 24:21-22). Unless we obey the Father’s instructions in Joel 2:12-20 so that He can intervene, the entirety of all flesh will be destroyed.

      2. A perfect example why I personally want SHTF. These monkeys will all starve/die off.

        • I think there was a song about that, “Some niggers never die, they just smell that way.”

      3. White people need to wake up, and face reality. What you see going on in Western Civilization, is not just about marxist takeover. It is ultimately about White Genocide.

        White people have been conditioned to fear being called a name, more than watching their own people be exterminated. the people who run the big game want you dead, Whitey.

        • Just like South Africa. It used to be a wonderful nation that was an industrial super power. Then the blacks took over now it is rated as a 3rd world country and the whites are on the run.

        • JustMe, spot on. We have similar things going on in “Memfrica” where I’m located. Every time white people here are victimized by black thugs, the local MSM outlets downplay the incidents and refuse to call them “hate crimes”. They’ll only call them regular crimes, etc. Our own mayor and police chief also downplay these incidents. That shows you how they really feel about the white community here. I’m not afraid of being called any name. I’ll defend myself no matter what color my attacker is. BTW, we do have a local branch of the “Black Criminal Lives Matter” group here. If they want to come to me looking for trouble, that can be arranged.

          • so true Justme, keep prepping and lock and load!

        • Spot-on!

      4. Scientists discover huge galaxy that appeared out of nowhere

        h ttp://

        Planet 9 just the beginning ?

        we don’t know what we don’t know !

        how in the hell did we miss a whole galaxy ???

        • It is called “Crater 2”, one of four galaxies orbiting us. It is really spread out so it took them a while to figure it out. Expect to see more of this discovery stuff. Many newer observatory instruments were designed to do surveys of large parts of the sky. Observatories have been putting raw observation data on-line for some time now. All you have to do is mine it and you’ll find stuff. A lot of these discoveries take many different Observatories and a lot of Phd’s to sift through data to make these discoveries. It is a big universe.
          There are more galaxies out there, than there are stars in our Milky way galaxy.

        • don’t panic its 391,000 light years away.

      5. My grandson was the only white student in his class in middle school in Nashville,TN.

        While he didn’t suffer any racist attacks against him, he did have to do an essay on MalcomX.

        He is finishing H.S. in an outlying public school in another county.

        • If you read X’s statements and substitute New World Order or the 1% richest people for the word white man it all applies. It is still the rich and powerful against us all no matter what our color. I being white without the money.

        • My daughter went to public school until one day while she was in the 4th grade she came home speaking ebonics. I took her out of the public school that day and put her into private school.

        • Grandee, once your grandson finishes high school, his best bet will be to get out of the Nashville area altogether. A few years ago I was looking for property in Middle and East TN. for myself, then my family in north GA offered me the arrangement for the BOL. I jumped on that since it was my only opportunity at that time to get out of Memphis alive before TSHTF. I’ve got another trip scheduled there for June. Most of my supplies and belongings are already there stored in a barn on the property. The way things are going, this could become the BUGOUT trip. Time will tell.

        • Why would anyone send their child to a niggern infested School?
          When are the white men of this country going to get fed up with what is happening to our women and children? What would the men of the 100’s and 100’s say about us? Do we not have any pride?

      6. Tomorrow we celebrate” The shot heard around the world”,Lexington and Concord,basically farmers who took on at time the worlds superpower,and won!

        We reflect on the insanity of the federal massacre at Waco and the equally insane but inevitable response 2 years later of the Oklahoma bombings.

        This day tomorrow is the new Chinese currency in theory backed by gold,yet another interesting event on April 19,tis a busy day in history.

        • Yep. Lotsa 4/19’s, give or take 24 hours.

        • Occultists love this time of year for their blood sacrifice(s).

      7. It does seem that there is an Agenda to water down the white races of people.
        Intermixing is encouraged by pop culture.
        But why?

        Is the power structure simply trying to cause conflict between races, so as to have an excuse for Tyranny and Control?

        Or is there some genetic trait the whites carry, that is a threat to the power elite?
        Cattle are bred to reduce their wildness, to make docile, manageable, easy to control.
        Is that what power structure is after?
        Maybe a geneticist or science guru can answer that question?

        I experienced same as kid in article. I learned that when 7 Mex kids jump you. You get the worse of it. Mex kids seldom if ever fought one on one. They fight like a pack of feral dogs as a group.

        I also learned to fight back hard. No matter the odds Against you. Fight back as best you can. Do your best to hit the leader. Cause them enough pain and they will mostly leave you alone. Doesn’t matter that you loose the fight. It matters that you made them bleed and cause them real pain, even as they beat you down. Fight back.

        • Pandora, welcome and I agree. Fight back regardless of the odds against you and make them pay a price so high that they’ll never want to tangle with you again. I’m a veteran of high school fights and speak from personal experience.

        • White people are harder to control than non-whites.

          White people have built pretty much everything that’s worth having in this world.

        • The phrase you are looking for is “Demographic Warfare.”

      8. This abuse of white people is ongoing because white people watch T.V. And go to movies designed by hate filled supremists of Semitic persuasion who are determined to brainwash European whites into self genocidal behaviors.

        The mothers of white students do not need permission from the school to take your kid out of school. The school gets $30.00 per day per student. Remove your kid from the schools. Watch the schools start cleaning up their act when the money train leaves.

        Your kid will drop out anyway. Wise up whitey. There is a target on your head and on your child’s head. Teach your kid in two hours after work 100 times what he can get at school. Then put him in a University. They are safer than high schools. Your kid can earn money toward his University education by working. Have him learn Chemistry, higher math, philosophy, biology, and physics; also Latin, law, and Spanish. Animal husbandry, horticulture, and astronomy are important. Send him to a school for martial arts. Give him instruction in music composition and get him an instrument. Require him to practice for one hour daily.

        Your kid will excel and leave the rest of them wishing they had left him alone. Being bullied is a great motivator to excel in Martial Arts.

        My advice to this woman in her sixties is to start juicing greens and join a Martial Arts Academy. This big bully is going to become famous when he appears on TV after being arrested some day. His mother will tell the world what a gentle giant he was.

        I’m sick of this bull.

        It’s past due for whitey to stop kissing-up to the racist Zionist controlled schools and their multi-cultured genocidal scheme to subdue and kill us by inter-racial sex.

        • B from CA, damn good post and nothing in it I can dispute.

        • B from CA you sir/madam are spot on!!

      9. “Being bullied is a great motivator to excel in Martial Arts.”

        I went to a school that was similar. The Zulu’s have a gang mentality and have no cognitive ability to weigh the repercussions as the threat of prison doesn’t deter them. You can’t get a decent education in that demographic environment as both the ciriculum is low and the discipline even lower.

        • Kevin2, I’ll go out on a limb here with this post. Going out on a limb is part of who I am anyway. This social experiment known as racial integration has been an absolute failure. Most people don’t know that when the schools were segregated, academic standards were higher and kids had higher SAT scores. Violence in the schools was very little to none and there was an abundance of discipline. More kids actually finished high school and more actually went on to college. It was a totally different atmosphere back in those days. I know because I was in a segregated school from 1963 until 1971 when they became desegregated by federal court order. Integration started out rough, and I do mean rough! That first year there were boocoo fights between students and even faculty in some cases. The curriculum also started changing for the worse. All the white students at my school were required to start learning “Black History” and to celebrate “Black History Month”. That course was nothing but antiwhite propaganda; total lies and slander about white people. BTW, I did fail that course BIG TIME. LOL.

      10. Unless whites stand-up to these animals it’s not going to change… My children are raised to defend themselves and we have NO guilt at all…. These animals deserve to be shot down for the way they act…

        • The time for standing up has long since passed. Now you just have to hunker down and ride out the coming SHTF.

        • Proud White American, welcome. You’re in the right place. I like your moniker. Again welcome.

      11. Hello all
        Last night after supper my cousin his wife and I ride 4miles through the bush to her brothers cabin.I can’t pronounce his name. When I met this fellow he had a steeled look in his face my instincts told me it was time to posture (respectfully) I held my own after some introductions and light conversation out came the knives tomahawks rifles and pistols a ftiendly competition my cousin I’m sorry to say is a pussy. Immediately I knew this was to test me my knife throwing skills are OK but nothing to brag about I can hit a 2’x2′ target. After 20 or so minutes if this he gave me some tips in throwing axes and knives I faired much better with the firearms I got the overall feeling Iwas accepted. It was starting to get a bit late and I was wanting to get back to my cousins place and put horse away. Weird looking beast I must say I’ve rode many diff rent horses but this one was different a breed called american Indian horse. Very powerful. Massive chest and hind quarters heavy hoof us say they must be some draft in her someplace.
        Anyway we got back to the acreage about 1030 pm to my surprise the3 middle age kids were waiting in the lane and took our mounts for feed and water house was cleaned up the little ones were tucked in.
        Shortly afterward I retreived my gear from my saddle bags sat on the porch watching the sun finely go down over the valley cleaning my rifle and pistol sharpening my knife all with my feet on a bearskin rug siping apple brandy.chatting with cuz.
        I’ve been asking questions any I can think of this place is very different from anything I’ve experienced. Most here do speak English but its a second language to them they don’t start learning it till later in life everyone has a job to do. This morning all involved were at the lodge awaiting the forward hunting party to return with news they gave their report prayers were offered some chanting some stopming .
        Even though I don’t speak the languade or know the customs it was very clear what everyone’s status was within the tribe the chief sat front center in the highest point 2 directly under him and 4 beneath them the chief himself was man is say in his late 70s his immediate (lieutenants) were in their late 40s -50s the 4 under them were late 20s early 30s that is the leadership.shortly after all that we all mounted up horses digs(at least 60) kids mules pickups wagons its all in there my horse was groomed saddled and painted although only 2 markings on his hinds the other horses were completely painted showing the riders acheivments. Its been explained to me this is how tribe members earn status and respect amongst their own. The hunt is a chance for all to advance to a better position in next years hunt only the smartest bravest strongest will climb.
        OK horse is ready weapons and gear are packed looks like we will be arriving at base camp from town in about 3 hours. The women and young folk will start out and ride ahead to prep base. Hunters and elders do nothing.there will be another ceremony tinight .everyone is dressed in traditional period clothing men have war paint buckskins hair braided its all there. My heart is pounding so hard these last two days.
        I realized I’m truly about to be put to the test not just my skills but my mental fortitude as well.
        I still can’t believe I’m here I am wearing my guns as I type 30-30 in the saddle scabbard .44mag ony hip and 30-06 over my shoulder rode right into town like that. Wow if I died right this second I’d die a happy man.

        • Sounds really fun. Like going back in time.

      12. I believe it. The government is all about giving everything to blacks. Whites need not apply.

      13. Reverse racism!? There is no such thing. What a racist thing to say. There are racists of all creeds and colors. If you hate someone because of their race you are a racist. The color of your skin doesn’t matter.

        You can’t be a reverse racist. Unless, I guess, you only hate them when they are walking backwards.

        • Anonymous:

          You are right. I reject the word reverse. It implies that one is reacting, not responsible. It is reminding us that we started it. That it is the other side of our racism. I reject that idea entirely.

        • Anon, who are you to lecture anyone with that PC shit? I stand up for my people and culture and won’t apologize to you or anyone else for it. the black campaign against white people has no legitimate basis to it whatsoever. You say our skin color doesn’t matter? Tell that to the black animals that are targeting us and let us know what kind of response you get.

          • Brave:
            I think this is about semantics. Anon, I think, isn’t saying that white people can’t be discriminated against. I like your passion for the white race. We have a right and a responsibility to insure the safety and preservation of our race just like every race. We are no different in that respect. It’s high time whites wise up and start defending the race, European Caucasan white people around the world, but particularly those of us who live right here in the United States of America.

            • I second that B from CA!

      14. Have you folks noticed the number of inter-racial couples there are in the commercials these days ? It’s getting to the point that every commercial has one couple that is inter-racial .

        • Yeah…I’ve noticed such.

          Ditto, I’ve also noticed the myriad talmud-vision outlets, who’re accelerating the agenda of “inter-species” breeding, via such adverts & now even prime-time shows etc…etc…so as to eliminate the (gentile)Caucasian genome, per their “diversity’s sake” mantra

          …while the brain-dead cattle…eat this shit up!

          …whilst never realizing said degenerative eugenics program’s end game…will result in a future low I.Q. “mongrel species”…easily controlled & subjugated by the same parasitic tribe, crafting such.

          ..that said; …hopefully, the synagogue-of-satan tribe’s dictum of strict inbreeding among themselves…will manifest yet another negative genetic trait..

          That proves “fatal” to them…in the near term.


          • Hunter, good to see you back.

        • Yup, to genocide the European race especially males. Take my advice and notify these companies and telling them you won’t be buying their products. Vote with your wallet!!

      15. If we feed into this race shit , TPAB win
        This is to get us to fight each other, rather than them

        And it’s all because we are scaring the shit out of them , so they want us to ignore what’s really going on and fight against ourselves

        Some will see it , most won’t because it’s easy to hate another race than to do something against our biggest oppressors

        • Now as far as this act , the administration of this school should have expelled the student
          And assault charges should have been filed
          And if in the future this teacher came up against this type of shit , they should have the ability to deal with it any way they deem necessary with out back lash from any one , or any establishment

          If they want to play the victim, fine .. Make them one

      16. Too bad the teacher wasn’t packing. That would been a clear case of self defense. Just one more THUG biting the dust.


        • Sargent Dale:

          Are you really in Law Enforcement? If you are, who’s side are you on?

          If this woman teacher shot this student she would have been charged for having a gun on school premisies, undue force, and possibly murder.

          Then after she was torn to shreds by the media who would lie, deceive, and confuse the public;
          We would learn every personal, irrelevant detail of her life.

          The news people would have a field day drumming up sympathy for the poor oppressed black people and then other whites will be victims when they defend her.

          Her career as a teacher destroyed; maybe she’ld get through it without having a stroke. But no guarantee.

          This shit sucks. The Law is twisted. But the time of the evil ones is about to come to an end.

          • B from CA, while you make some valid points, that teacher still has the right to self-defense. If I was in her shoes, I would’ve sent that ****** to the hospital and to hell with any consequences. The so-called ‘educators’ [MAN, HOW I HATE THAT WORD!] bring all this shit on themselves when they give these black animals so much leeway. What do they expect?

          • B
            Yes I’m and old time Peace Officer. I’m against a lot of the stuff they are trying to jam down our throats. Like I have told my Chief several times I’m not a revenue collector. I have given you folks a lot of info in the past when it comes down to me. As some of the old guy and gals on the sight.

            There are some schools that let teachers carry. You and I both know it is time to start standing up to these thugs. Like the old saying goes. God made man and Mr. Colt made them equal.

            After the third time he shoved her and knocked her to the ground she would have had reason suspicion that he was going to cause great bodily harm or death. Then she would have had every right to defender herself with any means necessary.

            Yes she would have been raked over the coals, but it is better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6.


            • Thanks Sarg:
              Just checking.
              The prosecution wouldn’t want me on that jury!!
              I was a victim of an assault. He got 30 days plus 4years probation.
              It should have been 4 years and 30 days with no chance for probation.
              If you saw me in person you would be surprised by how small and fragil I am. When the perp found out that I was being brought and would be seen, he plea bargained.
              I was hoping you would defend your position.

        • T, go somewhere else with your trolling.

      17. I was driving home a bit ago. A 15+- wetback saw me, whitey, driving and spit toward my vehicle. Some very bold and powerful statements were made by the boy spewing his saliva. a) he has excellent oral skills as demonstrated by the skillful control of his saliva. Oral skills should be a useful skill in prison b) by thinking spewing saliva towards anyone is anything other that showing evidence that the boy is nothing more than brown trash, the idiot loses any respect from a normal person. Normal person being a non racist. His kind does nothing but add fuel to the racial fire brewing in our country.

        Anti white racism is real and happening every day.

        • rednek101

          Its impossible to insult upward. He spits on your car. You own a car, he was walking. You will drive to a home that has a shed in the back yard better than his domain. Their lack of respect is hatred fueled by jealously. He would much rather be you.

          Its the “Sticks and stones” saying.

          • Kev

            There’s no excuse for the behavior. None. You can’t defend the behavior based on socioeconomic issues. I know plenty of people who are way better off than I am. I don’t act like I’m spitting on their car when they drive by. It’s all part of the ingrained anti white BS that’s been driven into the minorities mindset.
            BTW, I’ve seen the kid before. He lives in an upper middle class neighborhood. He’s not hurting at all. He’s just racist trash. Bet his family is the same way.

            • Rednek 101, spot on. We’ve got a lot of Hispanics in my area that are almost as bad as the spooks and go out of their way to avoid white people. Those are the ones that are part of the free shit army. White people’s tax money at work.

              • ANTI White Agenda Planned as far Back as at least, 1912!

                This is from one of the eliete’s Own small minority I cannot name here, he was a Khazar and also The TOP Kommie leader in England when/where he wrote his book in 1912.

                Today most whites Fear to research any book or other infos such as this stuff, this mass fear is an idiotic fear of being called a rassist or an antisemite and compared to an evil Nazi for speaking out truth and alerting fellow whites, and proving also to Blacks and Browns that Yes this is an Evil racist agenda AGAINST white folk mainly, and being perpetrated By…

                Those we cannot name or list here due to pc deletioning’s.

                ISRAEL COHEN (1912)

                “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”

                Israel Cohen, A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century, 1912. Also in the Congressional Record, Vol. 103, p. 8559, June 7, 1957

                • Them Guys, I’ve searched online for a copy of Cohen’s book and can’t find it. No surprise there. “Tribal” censorship at its finest.

                  • Braveheart: Not sure if it can be read at this guys site?? However!! This guy named HOFF lives in sweden, is a reg poster guy at incogmans website and several Others too…AND has his Own website called Hofflandia dot com or dot org or something very close to that and his website besdes the usual articles and comment forum contains well Over 100+ FREE books to read online FREE!

                    Many/Most of his well researched books are very Rare very Old, and many have been formerly Banned outright for showing abject facts and truths the entire tribe wishes us Goyim should Never ever see nor read about!

                    A certain poster guy Here at SHTF always posts the book name of “blask book of Communism” as his main reference source for all issues 1917 russia revolt etc.

                    And while Yes that book is kinda sorta okay for factual russian kommie era info etc…It also FAILS big time to Name names and Name that tribe I cannot name here.

                    Hoff’s Massive huge number of FREE online books on other hand, Do name names, Does alert readers to whom the main major culprits are and were and shall continue to be in all liklyhood….No wonder so Many such books were banned and removed from every book sellers shelves eh!

                    Some of these books are so rare that just one or two copies yet exist and to buy one would cost as much as a real van gough painting probably!

                    Don’t ask me how Hoff aquires such rare books??…but he does have them FREE to read at his website.

                    Plus some of americas best and most wide awkened forum poster folks contribute to his and incogmans forums daily.

                    Sometimes better info can be had thru the forums posters same as at shtf forums….Let me know if cannot locate hofflandia website and I will see if I can provide a link ok…Them Guys

                    PS Hoff Has and I believe was very First website ever to contain the Entire final Book of now deceased Alexander Soltizitzen(sp?) called..”200 Years Together”

                    That book also was Banned from english language printing! But a few very talented persons able to fully translate his final book into english from its orig russian language is Now online FREE to read also! and Hoff Has it!

                    I have Not yet read it but have read many excerpts so far and forum comments on it…Reason it was banned from usa sales and not written in english is obviously due to Alexander finally names as many names as he could recall etc and makes zero bones of the Facts that by 200 yrs together he speaks of the many issues surrounding the Two main types people in Russia then…REAL white and christian Russians Vs, those I can’t name here of which were the main key players of the soviets and cheka and did more mass deaths than any others in all of history.

                    No wonder They wish for Us goys to never read of such things eh?…It kinda severly Dampens their constant whinny crys of being victims once folks awaken to those who became victims of those who claim such.

                    Just check Hoffs site and incogmans braveheart for eye opening awakenings galore and unlike any you knew of prior, I 100% guarentee it!

      18. I don’t look at racism as a bad thing. Their attempts at making me feel guilty for being white don’t work. People if a race of people have hatred for your race you gotta do what you need to do. It’s racial survival. Blacks are inferior to whites it’s just the way it is. $ has nothing to do with race. White people are successful more often than blacks. I do have to agree with enemy of the state about tptb scared and exciting race war so they can slip under ground only to resurface when the war is over. Why wouldn’t they wanna do this it’s the fastest way to destroy a society. There is a definite hatred and blame against white folks. It’s undeniable. If it gets ugly we as a race need to band together to preserve our white European blood. I hate multiculturalism. White women that go with blacks are race traitors. thats filth. This crap can never be pushed on me. Blacks have affectively dumbed down all of society with their whiny singing and rap crap. What you think we ignant. Get a education. Not afraid of the nigs white and proud.

        • A.H>–>

          Dude…the nigs & spic brown-squat monsters…are merely a symptom.

          Its the parasitic-tribe’s curriculum of “cultural-marxism” that shoulders the responsibility.

          ..quit hacking at the branches…

          ..STRIKE at the ROOT!!!!!!!!!!

      19. The Big Dance is coming real soon folks.

      20. Its unfortunate that this happened to this young man. But try as you all may, as a black man i know that blacks are harassed way more than whites are. I wouldnt wish this to happen to any one of any race. But try walking down the street or driving while black!

      21. Asshat, I’m also a proud member of that club. That was one your best posts ever.

      22. Nat Turner, where are you? I’d be surprised if he DIDN’T show up on this thread.

        • Brave—>

          Nat’s on vacation.

          ..either that..or “PEST” has banned his ass forever (likely, methinks)!!!

      23. Tiara, I’m a straight white male and proud of it. I could also kick your trolling ass if it came to that.

      24. Braveheart: Nat is a PRIME grade A example of a totally deluded, ignorant black african fool that has 100% bought into every type or form of antiwhite crap spewed to him by his fellow blacks like sharpton…

        And if that were not bad enough..Nat also continues to “confuse” real euro true white men, with those I cannot name here, of which Nat recently named Two of his Prime example Teachers of antiwhite spew and outright Hatred of all whiteys….Those Two Nat named BOTH had last names that sound or end in someting akin to “Stien” and “Burg” and one in Specific names “WIESS”.

        Why does that guy Wiess matter?. Well for starters he is the Grandson of americas Most Famous New York Rabbi back in the 1920-30s eras…And one of the Top Tier who so promoted the Russian Bolsheviks of his Own kind, and constantly, Daily wrote articles for the new york times newspaper as well as many of their type tribal magazines all owned by fellow tribe members.

        His every article lavished vast Praise upon the most evil and nefarious and worst of the worst of the russian CHEKA Butchers, and praised most every evil action done by his Bolshevik brethren in russia and ukraine and poland in and during their 1917 Revolt against whites and christians all across eastern europe.

        While of course at same time in same articles he never failed to promote His own tribe of khazar kommies as “Always the persecuted innocent ones that never ever do wrong, yet for some unknown reasons keep being Booted from every nation they infiltrate! and in his/their warped minds, are of course The Only victims that ever should be mentioned or matter period”.

        And Natty-Boy wonder negro Learns thru this guy Wiess! who speaks at universities across america advising how all whites need be exterminated etc!

        Gee I wonder if his granddaddy rabbi of NY 1920-30’s fame is where this modern day wiess guy learned all his crap from eh?…Yes indeed…

        because Kazars such as Wiess and the too many to count khazar tribe within usa fed govnt and so dominant within every TV news show aired on tv 24/7 happen to “Look” white kinda sorta in skin color only…Natty Boy the angry negro whitey hater refuses to research these issues I speak of here and continues to Blame whites for what is actually Done BY and on behalf of, them I can’t name here!

        Nat also refuses to look at such facts as this because if he did actually research and learn such factual truths about the Vast difference between real euro whites Vs Khazars, which are also called another name I cannot name here…Then Nat would no longer be able to bash, Blame, and so hate white folk! Then Nat too would be forced to Admit these issues I write of are factual truths and Us white folk get the main blames while the khazar true Perps HIDE behind they too appear as a white, but in skin color ONLY!

        this is history repeats 101…and as past history proves beyond All doubts…This will continue till enough whiteys awaken to the khazar Threat, and then as usual next up is that big Boot Out, same as the previous 109 nations boot out’s for exact same nation wecker issues done by khazar tribe…Only This time around Is going to differ!

        For Now folks globally are awakening to all their past phony false crys of, unwarrented poysacutions!…This time Nobody else is going to fall for that scam again and Woe to them khazars whom refuse to Learn from past mistakes and Reform and Repeant and Change their entire tribal swindle upon the worlds Goyim…This time goys gets last laugh I predict!

        • Them Guys, everything you say is true. I’d like to think Turner will never come back, but I’m not holding my breath.

      25. Leave the blacks alone because they are being setup to feed inmates to the prisons for profit system once they leave school and lets not forget that the police can execute them at will and get away with murder.

        Both sides are being played against each other but even black jews living in Israel are being given money to leave because the bankers don’t like them and it is they who control Congress and by extention the USA.

        Blacks just don’t make good debt slaves, won’t kiss the bosses arse to make themselves look rich quite so easy as white folk do and few try to compete with Mr Jones.

        Keep ignoring what the elite are doing, blame him down the road and you are assued of race wars because we have become useless eaters, good for pen-pushing only, not needed anymore and the bankers want to keep our 401k

      26. The term ‘reverse racism’ should never be used and is a made-up media word to water down and marginalize what is happening in broad daylight. Racism is racism is racism. Call it what it is, it’s racism – plain and simple.

      27. Semitic people lived in Germany for a long time which is why many have white skin, and blue eyes and blend in with Caucasian Europeans but retain loyalty to their Semitic Clan. They are taught from childhood that they are Superior to all Europeans and other races, even though they mixed with Germans and some of them look white, they don’t feel white. They can spot another but Europeans and other races can’t. It puts European whites at a disadvantage. When a Semitic is caught commiting a crime, it is reported as a white man. When a Semitic wins a Nobel prize he is identified as a member of the clan. These people married the best and brightest in order to increase their IQ from among Europeans who have more brainiacs in their genetic pool than any other race. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any white dummies, there are. But when you hear how smart Semetics are, they sought and borrowed white’s smart genes. Think on that.

      28. I don’t know why people send their kids to government schools. They don’t care about you, especially if you’re white. Try homeschooling.

      29. So, it’s not really about equality, it’s about revenge?
        (it is)

        • And stupid misguided revenge, at that.

      30. Hello all. Long time lurker, first time poster. Just wanted to say I disagree with the term reverse racism as used in the opening. Racism is racism, no matter what color the players are. Using the word reverse makes it sound like this kind of racism is OK.

        Thought I would add a little middle Tennessee perspective. By the way, I learn tons of useful info from the regulars here. Pretty good site. Thanks and keep prepping.

      31. This is funny. I went to a mexican school and had the same routine day in day out, threats to get stabbed with pencils, beat downs, the works. They seem to leave you alone if youre a good shoplifter or do good graffiti,i still carried a screwdriver anyhow though. You dont have to be a wigger, i was a skater and i get left alone most of the time. The nerdy white kids paid dearly.

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