“Scare Tactics or Possible Threat?” Last Time Homeland Security Was Threatened with Budget Cuts, America Suffered a Terror Attack

by | Feb 23, 2015 | Alex Jones, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 190 comments

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    Threat advisories have been circulated about a possible terror attack on the Mall of America in Minnesota.

    And now the Somali-based al-Shabaab has announced plans to target shopping centers in the UK, Canada and the United States.

    Is there something in the works? Who knows…

    Secretary of the Deparment of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, has admitted that there actually is no specific threat concerning malls anywhere in the nation, but yet the fear has been sown.

    Nevertheless, there may be a threat to America.

    Before dispelling that threat, Johnson was actually playing it up:

    Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson urged mall visitors to be careful and said he was “very concerned” about the threat.

    Johnson said on CNN:

    “If anyone is planning to go to the Mall of America today, they’ve got to be particularly careful. And as the statement you read indicates, there will be enhanced security there that will be apparent… And it’s the environment we’re in, frankly. And it’s all the more reason why I need a budget.

    The last statement may be the most revealing… the politics over DHS’ budget is very much at play.

    The real source of the threats may not be Somalis, but rather from those upset about budget cuts and the flow of big dollars to expensive counter-terrorism programs with an unproven track record.

    The Homeland chief sharply warned:

    “To even contemplate a shutdown means contemplating cutting back on things that are vital to Homeland Security and causing terrible disruption with the American public right now,” Secretary Jeh Johnson warned.

    “A shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security in these times is frankly too bitter to contemplate, but we have to contemplate it,” Johnson said.

    President Obama warned state governors at the National Governors Association– particularly those possibly bidding for the White House – against ‘playing politics with Homeland Security funding:

    “We can’t afford to play politics with our national security.”

    “They all work in your states,” Obama said of the 200,000 Homeland Security employees who would not receive paychecks if Congress fails to reach a deal to fund the department before Saturday.

    “These are folks that, if they don’t have a paycheck, are not going to be able to spend that money in your states. It will have a direct impact on your economy and it will have a direct impact on America’s national security because their hard work helps to keep us safe,”

    Republicans in Congress have voted to fund Homeland Security with legislation that guts the president’s executive actions that could allow millions of undocumented immigrants to stay in the country legally. Democrats in the Senate refuse to advance the bill, and a stalemate remains with just days to go before DHS runs out of funding.

    Most of this is just budget drama, of course. Minor scare tactics.

    But what everyone should know, is that last time Congress tried to undermine the budget of Homeland Security, bad things happened.

    Remember the sequestration?

    Then Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano issued warnings that furloughs and sequestration of funds to her department would increase wait times at the airport, reduce cargo inspection at ports and cut border patrol staff.

    As Infowars reported, Napolitano even issued ‘veiled threats’ that the budget cuts could leave America vulnerable to a terror attack in February 2013:

    Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano issued veiled threats, claiming that automatic budget cuts, known as sequestration, could trigger new terror attacks by reducing operations funds and delaying processing times ahead of March 1, when cuts begin.

    “I’m not here to scare people; I’m here to inform and let people begin to plan,” Napolitano stated. “I don’t think we can maintain the same level of security at all places around the country with sequester compared to without sequester.”

    By April 12 – one week before the Boston Marathon bombing – DHS was still under threat of budget cuts, and issued this written testimony to Congress, titled:

    “The Impact of Sequestration on Homeland Security: Scare Tactics or Possible Threat?” 

    The testimony concluded:

    Hurricane Sandy, recent threats surrounding aviation and the continued threat of homegrown terrorism demonstrate how we must remain vigilant and prepared. Threats from terrorism and response and recovery efforts associated with natural disasters will not diminish because of budget cuts to DHS.

    Even in this current fiscal climate, we do not have the luxury of making significant reductions to our capabilities without placing our Nation at risk. Rather, we must continue to prepare for, respond to, and recover from evolving threats and disasters – and we require sufficient resources to sustain and adapt our capabilities accordingly.

    One can take this at face value and assume that reduced funding makes it easier for the terrorists to attack. Or, one can read between the lines and see the scare tactics that the federal government is willing to embrace to secure funding from Congress and support from a terrified public.

    Either way, the threat is real, and that is why we are seeing publicized threats to America’s shopping malls – despite the officially admitted absence of a ‘credible threat.’

    It is worth pointing out that Homeland Security and the controversial TSA passenger screening program have never caught a terrorist. They have never stopped a credible attack before it has occurred.

    Despite massive funding and much of the nation’s attention, the only attacks that have been thwarted inside the United States have been sting operations set-up and literally organized by the FBI – where suspects where approached, and armed with plans, weapons and cash – and then stopped before they could be carried out.

    Be vigilant, and keep in mind ancient Latin wisdom: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

    Translation: Who watches the watchers?


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      1. Wilson

        Scare tactic, threats, fear mongering, nah, business as usual

        • OutWest

          If you want to keep the chickens in the coop,
          put a chicken hawk decoy on the fence post.

          • sixpack

            It’s called DHS HOLDING AMERICANS HOSTAGE. Disband DHS and forget it. Arrest the head of the snake and end this hostage situation for good. Tell DHS in no uncertain terms that another terrorist attack will be seen as invalidating the entire agency, and IF it happens, DHS is gone for sure.

            Bite hard, and bite first…that’s what I’d do if it was up to me.

            • MAN

              Spot on! They fail and they are history.

            • gdw

              Too many layers and layers of non-producing, redundant, federal government and UN parasites in suits need evermore revenues for their opulent salaries, fancy offices and building complexes, maintenance and support staffs, energy expenses, vehicles, perks, benefits, lifestyles and stacked pensions.

              As federal gets increasingly more authoritarian and punitive toward it’s citizens.

              YOO HOO, who do you think is paying for all of that?

              WAKE UP, maybe next time you look at your pay check or worry about your own pension.

              The American middle class is being destroyed in a sustained, systematic undermining which is necessary if a (now growing) federal Islamic totalitarian police state can exist.

              One dollar spent on a ‘FEDERAL’ level cost 10 times more than if that same job was done on a ‘STATE’ level, logic would point to keeping federal government no bigger than our constitutional mandate, notice the federal government taking states property and states rights away from states and handing control of US properties and law making over to the UN?

              Now add in the cost of the BEHEMOTHIC UN and the obscene waste and inefficiency of ‘world’ dollars.

              YES our federal government is directly responsible for funding, with our taxes, the UN and it’s hundreds of thousands of foreign pensioners that hate Americans.

              Time to defund and reform federal into constitutional compliance, reign in regulatory down to it’s original intended purpose, defund the IRS and the Department of Education (responsible for all our LOW INFORMATION VOTERS), re-coup our state’s rights, take back federal land -our state’s property from the feds), time to take back control of our own waterways and national parks and de-fund the UN, kick them out of our country, claw back pensions and restitution of it’s assets starting with the IMF’s gold hoard.

              US citizens (working and paying taxes) fund 22% of the entire UN world budget & our ‘federal’ regulatory is also back door funding the UN (with your taxes, especially the EPA). We have been funding the United Nations University Institute for Sustainability and Peace (UNU-ISP) since 1972. How’s that sustainability & peace working out? How many of their ‘professors’ & administrators are now comfortably retired on obscenely fat tax funded pensions? The UN includes the ‘World Tourist Agency’, and it is tax funded.

              When our own US citizens were furloughed, why wasn’t the massive 22%++ of US tax funding of the UN and it’s countless agencies, organizations and commissions withheld or even mentioned by MSM?

              American citizens are on the globalist menu as are the Europeans, Russians and Chinese.

              Hey federal employees, the globalists can’t create their NWO without you.


              Time to Decide Federal Employees: Are You a Traitor or a Patriot …

              http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/ 2014/ 05/ 10/ time-to-decide-federal-employees-are-you-a-traitor-or-a-patriot/

              May 10, 2014

              • durangokidd

                Engage your employees or be impoverished by them one rule, regulation, or law at a time. Except of course with the Obola Administration which instituted 3400 new rules last year.

                Death to the New World Order. Death to the North American Union!!! Its totally Constitutional. 🙂

            • Maverick

              Sixpack, NOTHING that DHS or any other govt. agency does is legitimate anyway so I just totally disregard all of the alphabet soup agencies, period. NOBODY holds me hostage for any purpose.

            • Nimrod

              Thank you for taking the words out of my mouth, sixpack.

        • FuckingPissed

          The only time you should believe the government is when they tell you that they will kill you. Everything else they say is a damn lie.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            DHS has never stopped a single Terrorist Attack yet in its entire history. It is another Government Department in disguise to fleece the Tax payers out of their riches and to provide a slush fund pig trough of government funding to enrich the MICM (Military Industrial Complex Mafia). The Facts are the DHS is Run by Jews and 97% of their Grants that the DHS hands out has went to Jewish Organizations. 97% folks. So if you want to see the scam scandal just look how it is run and who really benefits. How about Christians get some funding, how about Irish get funding. Naw give everything to the F-N Jews that only represent 2.1% of the entire US Population. The DHS is designed to harass Americans and deny us of our Freedoms and Liberty. The Jews running the DHS also steer many purchase bidding contracts to Jewish Businesses again all designed to Fleece Americans. The ZOG has infiltrated our country at every turn. Wake up Sheeple and smell the Tyranny. These are the facts Nobody can dispute.

            • sharonsj

              You’ve made that claim before–that 97% of grants went to Jews. Yet anyone can go to the DHS website and read the lists of where grants go and none of them went to Jewish organizations.

              Stop repeating propaganda shit, do some fucking research, and pay attention to the real threat: corporations that run our government.

              • Sharon

                It’s good that you point this out, truth needs to be supreme whether it fits our worldview or not.

                Otherwise, we end up basing our opinions and actions on lies whether they were told deliberately to deceive or inadvertently from having been deceived into believing them, and lies only produce evil results. Lies never produce good.

            • Maverick

              WWTI, good post but I’m not so sure about 97% of grants going to Jews.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            BTW Today Tues -Gold is below $1200.00 opening at $1198.

            I see silver dipped too, in the last few days to $16.10 Currently at $16.26 If Silver dips below $16 I am going to start accumulating.

            I will provide a link coming up that you can buy $1 Oz silver coins .999 pure for only about .75 cents over spot pricing, which updates every 5 seconds. You can wire money or buy on credit card for a little more. WWTI

        • FreeSlave

          “Republicans in Congress have voted to fund Homeland Security with legislation that guts the president’s executive actions that could allow millions of undocumented immigrants to stay in the country legally.”

          Seems reasonable.

          Homeland Security should want to keep out illegal undocumented immigrants out of the U.S.A. That’s just plain common sense.

          What da heck’s going on?

          • KAYNINE

            FUC#KING word (folks)..TO DESCRIBE ALL/people/ AMERICANS.Regardless of where they came from.!!!Have you ever noticed that? He has even called the illegal ims folk’s.There just looking for a better life.
            Origin of using the phrase “folks” IS to refer to ONE’S parents. This phrase would suggest that our parents/ancestors would be ashamed of this type of dissent.towards our fellow Americans/parents. think about it?And on a side note ..I Have heard the useless pundits mentioning the FBI.MORE IN THE LAST THREE WEEKS THAN ANY OTHER TIME IN THE LAST 7 YEARS???

            • GrandpaSpeaks

              It dehumanizes the inhumanity of torture, for instance. “We tortured some folks”. It separates elites from commoners as in “We duped some folks”. It distances and insulates them from the reality of what they do. And marginalizes their victims who are us. Connotation changes allow the deception to continue. It is generational in basis. Take the word gay for instance. The word faggot once described a cigarette. A happy cigarette then was called a reefer or a joint for a time. In my youth folks was used as a short form of parents. I get confused too. Or is that two, maybe to, no it is 2. lol, another one I have grown to hate. Textspeak.

        • Acid Etch

          If the fucking goddamn government really wanted to stop terrorism they wouldn’t have created, recruited, trained, and funded ISIS and Al-Queda now, would they?

          If they really cared about terrorism, they would stop participating in it, wouldn’t they?

          They would stop giving $3 billion in arms per annum to the most brutal dictators in the world.

          If they realty cared about our safety, they would stop pissing off the entire world and making everyone hate us now, wouldn’t they?

          Fucking retards. “The terrorists are coming to get us”. What a bunch of fucking imbeciles.

          On a positive note, I have noticed that while when I first started posting here you old people were talking about your unquestioning support for our military and police, and you couldn’t figure out why I called you a bunch of fucking idiots, most of you now understand how the US government creates all of the fucking problems all by themselves. I give you credit for that.

          • Facebook Page

            No we still support them. We are just tired of having to deal with your nonsence.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Bingo Acid. Today’s US military are Prostitutes to the ZOG and fascist corporations strong arming control over 3rd world countries. And when these poor peasants try to protect their homeland from the US Military Invaders they are classifieds Terrorists. The US Military Today Has nothing to do with preserving Americans Freedoms or Liberty. American Government has lost its way. Its time to replace the current Government of thugs with a new government who will follow the constitution. And this too goes for the Black Water Mercenary types who will whore themselves out for profit, zero morals.

            • John_Allen


              All government, any govt, present or potential, sustains itself from coercion, theft and murder. Changing whose arse sits in which seat changes nothing essential. The few lording it over the many results in tyranny every time.

              The Constitution is better than nothing. But it was written by the majority Federalists to enshrine an aristocracy in power over us forever. If you notice those enumerated powers, they are all authoritarian in nature. If its implied purpose was to “limit the reach of the national government” it failed miserably.

              The next 56 people to visit this site could sit down for 3 months, write a document, then sign their names. It would have as much ethical authority as “The Constitution.” If I as an individual lack the power to loot your wallet, 50 or a million people lack it too. One cannot delegate power one does not have. Theft is theft no matter the bogus claimed authority or the alleged benevolence of the intentions. Don’t deify a piece of paper observed in its breach the last eleven generations. It was never intended to give “the little guy” liberty. It has succeeded famously in giving the few power over the many.

        • Acid Etch

          Today on the shitbox I saw that the MSM is praising Hillary for hiring women for the top slots in her department and her campaign.

          If you thought a kaffir was bad, wait till the cunts are in charge.

          What the fuck is wrong with people?

          Equal pay for equal work? Ask anyone who has ever had a female boss.

          • The Old Coach

            Women to whom she paid only 70 cents on the dollar compared to men.

          • Old Guy

            Thanks acid, I knew we could count on you to piss in the pond. I’m out of coffee, be right back and anticipating more venom. keep it up, we need the entertainment. We’re not worried, stating “you old people” tells us all what we really need to know about you. Cheers

          • anonymous2

            Hey acid etch….GFY.

          • Maverick

            Acid, you’re right about commie/feminazis. Hellery made damned sure that’s the only kind of women she would have.

        • Anonymous

          Well your vote has been invalidated with a corrupt voting system ..so vote with your dollar stop supporting the system take your money to the real farmers maRket not a gobalist store

        • John_Allrn

          @ Wilson and others

          The Amerikan Gestapo being defunded, having to shut down, would be a tragedy why?
          The WOT is bogus. What’s real is the war on Amerikan liberty.

          • John_Allen

            @ Wilson and others

            The Amerikan Gestapo being defunded, having to shut down, would be a tragedy

            The WOT is bogus. What’s real is the war on Amerikan liberty.

      2. Gregorio

        With DHS making statements about Mall violence, it would seem that there are plenty of factions that will do whatever it takes to be ‘legitimate’ to the point of making things up.

        Far too many anomalies in all the events of the past few years, whether it be 911, School Shootings, Marathon bombings, etc. to not be concerned about the lack of transparency and oversight. It would be better to shut these agencies down, build them up with proper oversight, and start anew.

        The problem is the entrenched government employees, their lack of accountability, and the inability to rid ourselves of the corruption and waste. I fear we are done for as a nation without the proper checks and balances that a true civilian oversight could give.

        The IG and OPM agencies have no ability to do their jobs, and are as infiltrated as they can be with the same level of incompetence.

        When we can no longer trust the key agencies responsible for revenue collection (IRS), security (DHS), protection (also DHS and most of the Police Departments, to include the IG), there is little hope that agencies will do the right thing.

        It is far more likely that agencies will continue in their corrupt and inept machinations until the country dies from this overdose of incompetence and arrogance.

        Look to whom we’ve elected and realize that this is the end. When lies are common and swept under the carpet, and those who question it are labelled and ridiculed, it is near the end. When an administration focuses on idiotic single issue concerns, be afraid… SHTF is either close or here.

      3. possee

        More Kabuki theater

        Pay no attention to the men ,and women,behind the curtain(s)

        It’s all a sideshow…


        The so called budget cuts are for the oncoming fiscal year

        DHS is fully funded…

        What another load of crap it all is..


        • Maverick

          Possee, any word on Manos?

          • possee


            Manos is fine….staying above the fray just as we are here.

            We communicate at least once or twice a week..

            I’ll convey your concerns..


            • Maverick

              Possee, thanks for that update. Glad to hear he’s OK.

        • monkeywrench

          I wonder, did he make the rounds on the other talking head shows…

          hahahaha…ah… this so transparent…

      4. TPSnodgrass

        Johnson is nothing more than a political pogue.Of course he is using scare tactics, and the sheeple are falling for it.
        If the good people of Minnesota want to be vigilant, they can exercise their Constitutional rights to keep and bare arms, and legally carry concealed weapons. It only took six legally armed citizens and plainclothes officers in Kenya, to put a stop to the massacre at the Westland Shopping Center in Nairobi, while the Kenyan Army and the police had a very public urinating contest over who would have command authority over the incident. In the time they dithered, many of the fatalities occurred. When the Army finally went in, they looted the place to the bare walls, set it on fire to cover their theft. While I don’t see wholesale looting by military or law enforcement occurring in this country, we can fully expect the Entitlement Brigades to engage in such despicable activity, while people are dying inside whatever soft targets Al-Shabab and the Minnesota-Somalis are going to pull. For the Minnesotans, it’s time for them to get their rights going and get armed and be responsible for their own personal security. Otherwise, like all the good little MarxistProglodyteSheep, they will be slaughtered. So be it.

      5. Stolz Vorfahren

        More scare tactics to expand on the Anglo Zio corporate fascist control.

      6. BJ

        Ignore them, do not pay attention, do not vote, do not turn on the media on the boob tube. Ignore and do not vote, to do other wise gives them your consent and them credibility.

        Just do a thing or two, that you can, to prepare today as any other day. Seek Yahwey’s face and will for your life and live/enjoy your life with loved ones.

        • NetRanger

          Gold Star for you!

          Are the muslims violent, murderous woman beating murderers? YES! But, they are so violent and so murderous that they can’t succeed in international influence without outside help. Enter the west: they use them as a tool. I’m for nuking them all, however, there is no way they can do a thing without at least a minimal Class C involvement.

        • Enemy of the State

          Been saying the same thing
          Render them irrelevant

      7. Sharon

        It’s a political thing, DHS funding being used to interfere with Obama’s amnesty needs to be turned around in the public mind and used against those not giving Obama absolutely everything he wants without question or restraint. This -particularly if it actually results in a (false flag?) attack somewhere- can be blamed on the DHS being “shut down”.

        Personally, I suspect this may be something the Republicans deliberately set up this way for themselves behind the scenes, to give them a public excuse as to why they couldn’t do anything about it. I suppose we’ll know one way or the other shortly and I hope I turn out wrong about this.

      8. confederate

        I wish DHS would shutdown. Perhaps we should defend ourselves instead of the damn govt. sticking it’s nose everywhere.

        • Maverick

          Confederate, the day is coming when we’ll have to defend ourselves against DHS and any other scum that are allied with them. DHS is just a big joke. TSA are nothing but a bunch of affirmative-action morons who can’t even find a cat in a paper bag.

          • Cede

            That’s just it Maverick, nothing’s ever going to happen while individuals stand up and fight for their own rights. The government can easily control a mass crowd of ONE!

            You hit the nail on the head when you say ‘DHS and any other (scumbag) allied with them’
            The TSA, DHS and Police, they are all Allied with each other and there in lays the problem. They control the masses because they are working together to control 300 million individuals.

            Defending yourself will have no impact whatsoever on the future. Nothing’s ever going to happen till enough people stand together, at the same time, same place and stand up to the same problem ….. Together.

            • Maverick

              Cede, I’ll grant you at one man standing alone probably wouldn’t mean anything. But out of 80,000,000 gun owners in this nation, I’m sure we can get a certain percentage of them to join together and rise to the challenge. The feds, even with foreign help, can never get enough people to take on all of us.

              • durangokidd

                Just make sure the cause you support with arms has the Constitution in your favor. The Liberty Movement doesn’t need another Rancher Bundy fiasco to muddy the waters.

                Eventually the FEDS will come down on this guy, and hard; as they should. None of his Constitutional rights were violated. NONE!

                He is a trespasser on US Taxpayer land. 🙂

          • Old Nam Vet

            I’m on board with that Maverick. If I wanted to be felt up I’d get my wife alone not TSA.

            • Maverick

              Old Nam Vet, damned good point. I’ll let a good woman feel me up before I let a TSA thug touch me. Might catch something from the TSA affirmative-action moron.

        • clinthospo

          Exactly, if people were not harassed for having a gun in their car, or common sense with a bunch of people shooting pop-cans in the country or safe area and cops shake-down the group. Stuff like that. We all know this, that we would do so much better protecting this county than any police or any other agency period could ever do. Obamas a full blown fag. Anyone who supports the hearty cock sucker, something is wrong with you.

        • Mountain Trekker

          But confedrate what about those 200,000 jobs Obama said they created for America? Kind of reminds me of the story about farmer Maverick when he came down the road and saw the poor old shinny mule in farmer Eppe’s barn lot, and he told farmer Eppe I’ll give you 50 dollars for that mule, and farmer Eppe says ok. So farmer Maverick took the mule home and feed him up real good for a couple of months and when farmer Eppe came buy and saw how good he looked he told farmer Maverick I’ll give you a 100 dollars for that mule, and farmer Maverick said ok. So farmer Eppe took the mule home and brushed and curried him up real nice and trimmed his mane and tail, and then farmer Maverick came by and saw the mule and saw how good he looked and said I’ll give you 150 dollars for that mule, and farmer Eppe said ok. So a couple of months went by and one day farmer Eppe went by farmer Mavericks and the mule was gone, so he asked farmer Maverick, where’d the mule go, and farmer Maverick said a guy came by one day and I sold the mule to him, and farmer Eppe say’s you dang fool, we were both making a good living off that mule. Soooo are you sure we want to get rid of HLS. Trekker Out. Hell Yeah!

          • Old Guy

            Old guy came buy with a skinny mule. Farmer eppe asked I see ya got a new mule. How much did he cost. Old Guy stated $100. Eppe exclaims that is only a $25 mule. Old Guy stated it was bought on credit. Eppe states cheep enough cheep enough!

      9. GOD

        Be very careful everyone, I may decide to stop, and start over.

        • Kulafarmer

          Please hurry!
          And thanks, there were a lot of good years, im ready to go now

        • Confederate

          But you did, the Book of Revelations.

      10. Maverick

        Everyone look out. I smell big-time false-flag coming. Oops, got to get popcorn for the show.

        • OP001

          Maverick, my thoughts exactly. This whole thing is nothing more than the old shell game….where is the pea under the shell? It’s all a bunch of crap!

      11. hammerhead

        BULLSHIT scare tactics to bring light to the partial defunding of DHS .
        Who cares ?
        DHS is an unnessesary big government Obama “private army” .
        I say defund and dismember DHS, dont need them.
        What is the natonal guard for ? HUH ?
        Its pretty sick that politics and the presidents personal beliefs are takeing president over national security and general well being.
        The damn mall is a gun free zone , so now its filled with cops with AR15 rifles , WTF ?
        Welcome to martial law .
        There is sooo much going on right now its like a full time job just to sort out truth from propaganda.
        I,m out ! UHHH

        • Maverick

          Hammerhead, I couldn’t agree more.

        • Kulafarmer

          We are living inside of one of Matt Bracken’s novels combined with Ayan Rand,
          Is total fucking bullshit,
          I think what is the worst part is that people just dont get it,
          The politicians in DC are ALL a bunch of crooked freakin turds.
          They are the ones creating this, the kenyan fruitcake isnt doing this all on his own, congress is complicit,
          My idea of hope and change doesnt involve status quo,

          • Tony Montana

            Kula –

            We still have a Congress? I thought Barack Obama didn’t need them, because he said he has a “magic pen” that signs executive orders and he can do what he wants. Congress still on the payroll? If so, this country can’t afford that useless waste.

            [110% sarcasm]

            • Kulafarmer

              Maybe as much as 125%

              Yea, dead weight the lot of them,

              Just imagine if we went back to zero on everything,
              We need absolute term limits, how can we get a ballot initiative going that puts term limits and NO ONGOING BENEFITS FOR POLITICIANS BEYOND THEIR TERMS!
              What the hell is wrong with this picture, all these creaky old geezers and grannies who are so incredibly out of touch with reality!

              Rather have a fresh batch every 6 years

              • Enemy of the State

                Term limits at the end of a rope

        • Shi-theed (Shithead)

          But who would grab your balls at the airport?

        • Thorin

          Very well said hammerhead! I could not agree more. I’m glad to see intelligence and intellect are still alive and well

      12. AC

        It also nicely explains away the abysmal consumer spending numbers – they’re going to try to blame the fictional terrorist threat for it.

        • Tony Montana

          AC –

          If not the Towelheads, then he’ll find a way to blame Russia, Iran or Syria. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if he followed up saying “these terrorist had help from those domestic White, Patriotic gun toting terrorist.

          Then after his remarkable, enthusiastic speech. He yells out peace to his Odumber followers, drops mic, turns around, hands up and walks off like some cool ‘jivin cat.

          • Kulafarmer

            Or worse yet, right wing gun nuts like me!
            I would not put it past these screwballs to run a false flag with some retarded billybob who cant add 1+1 and tie em to the NRA the GOA and the rest of us somehow, beware a government that is in danger, they will be more destructive and full o shit than anything else on Gods green earth

            • Maverick

              Kulafarmer, I have a similar suspicion. Can’t put anything past the feds these days. Time for a ‘reset’.

            • MXLord327

              Exactly!!! Ever notice how whenever there is a mass shooting, the idiot dinosaur media immediately tries to portray the shooter as some right-wing, TEA Party activist? But then the truth comes out, and they are almost always left-wing freakos, and that never gets reported.

        • Skeptic

          Most excellent point!

      13. hammerhead

        And the ya got some asshole mexican illegal EBT shopper on an awards show sayin that HIS people built this country . This is MADDNESS !!!
        And the people cheered !

        • hammerhead

          And they got some ….
          WOW , need ta profread my one finger typin…LOL

        • Pissed Off Granny


          Those “people cheering” are not American firsters. And the ‘boy’ from Selma got to say his phony speech about the “downtrodden” while fat Oprah had tears running down her cheeks similar to MSNBCs’ Chris Matthews’ tingle running up “his” leg.

          The whole sham show of the Oscars is left wing propaganda at its finest.

          • Maverick

            Good evening, Granny. The entire Hollywood crowd has theirs coming. It’s only a matter of time.

            • Maverick

              BTW, that muzzie in the picture looks like he’s wearing one of my BATHTOWELS.

              • hammerhead

                Thats not a bathtowel he’s wearing,
                Its a pair of Romneys “majic underpants” .
                Most likely still shit stained from 2012.

                • Maverick

                  Hammerhead, in that case, he can keep it. They can’t be too magic since Romney lost.

        • Kulafarmer

          Those same people cheering for that idiot are the ones who would disarm you and I and raise our taxes to pay for more spic babbies to ome to aMeriKa.

          Note to you leftie turds,
          You think LaRaZzzZa is a movement, KEEP PUSHING

          • Hymie from 'Get Smart'

            Interesting about La Raza, it means ‘The Race’. The quintessential racist organization. But do they mean pure Spanish ‘Castilian’ blood? Or Spanish/Mexican descendancy, or Mestizo? Or some other polyglot concoction?
            Damnit!!! Yet another exclusive club that I can’t join, because I’m the wrong kind of mutt…

            • Kulafarmer

              Yep, always seem to be a few shades too light!

      14. Captain Crunch

        Let’s get one thing straight Jeh , if any “terror” happens on our shores then we hold YOU personally responsible.

      15. the java junkie

        If D.H.S wasn’t letting these people/terrorists in welcoming them to live here we would have nothing to worry about, however the fight is no longer over there its in our own back yard!! Way to go OBUMER thanks a lot you P>O>S.

        • MAN

          Hay! Instead of calling the president a POS try emailing your Congressman and asking why the new Republican majority has not voted on articles of impeachment.

      16. Kulafarmer

        Scare tactics, is all bullshit, these assholes created these groups,
        I wouldnt be the least bit surprised if something does happen, then they will say
        See, we are indispensible,
        If we stopped bringing this garbage from third world shitholes here under the guise of refugees we would cure a huge part of this,
        Close the borders and deport every last fucker who doesnt have the proper visa,
        Penalize employers who hire these illegals.
        Recall politicians who do not uphold the laws we already have.
        I could go on,
        And they say liberty minded folks are the biggest threat,

        • Rellik

          Problem is you and I are a long ways away from the problem.
          On our respective Islands we are pretty well set up. Not much we can do to help stupid on the mainland. We can’t even control it here, Schatz et al. being a good example.

          • Kulafarmer

            Just look at the crap going on right here at home, the media doesnt even carry most of it and most of the people have no clue, sickening my friend

        • sixpack

          ..then WE could say See, DHS is ineffective, they couldn’t stop this terror attack, so we need to disband them and do something that DOES stop the terrorists.

          ‘Cuz DHS ain’t it!

      17. swampratt

        DHS is the ENEMY


        I think its safe to say now if you DO NOT have a
        CONCEAL and CARRY in your STATE which has proven to be a good measure of personal safety not only for you and the public. GET ONE.

        Or a least a OPEN CARRY in you STATE.

        Because I fear that these ASSHOLE SUM BAGS are going to hit a GUN FREE ZONE……

        Nothing against HOME LAND SECURITY, OR LAW ENFORCEMENT but can you provide security to ALL the citizens 24/7 ?

        You all know the answer every one.




        GOD HELP US ALL……..

        Straight Shooter Out

      19. Satori

        Prepper Tip of the Day

        Bosnia war survivor warns of things to come in collapse of America


        GREAT two part article
        the first is probably from Selco
        the 2nd is a post from TSHTF Plan

        and one CRITICAL thing the article points out
        is the IMPORTANCE of sanitation
        I’ve harped on this before
        it’s not a glamorous subject
        and everyone wants to talk about guns and ammo

        but dirty water and poor sanitary practices will be MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR causes of death in a shtf scenario
        millions die from diarrhea from contaminated water
        a simple cut can become infected and sepsis sets in

        make sure you have a clean source of water
        stock up on cleaning supplies

        great resource on a wide variety of health care topics


        • grandee

          Thank you Satori for the links.

          After having the sit-downs and the throw-ups this past month and trying to get better with just what i had in my preps, one finds that the preps go fast.

          The old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is a truth worthy of serious consideration.

          It would be hard to store all the preps you and your family would need for an extended medical event like i had with all family members sick, especially with young children. And then to find that you couldn’t replenish your stock.

          Also knowing how to make your own electrolyte solution would be helpful: THE PREPPER’S BLUEPRINT pg.237 It was my ‘life saver’ on the second go around.

      20. Paul Boyd

        Places people ……cue (you name terrorist group here)……and action!!!!!!!!’

      21. Joe in JT

        The regulators of Wall Street (the Security and Exchange Commission) had it’s workers slashed down to like one guy. Let’s take half of Homelands budget and give it to the SEC so we can throw bankers in jail.

        • Maverick

          Joe, better yet let’s take ALL of DHS’s budget and give ourselves tax refunds. That money can go towards preps.

      22. Spook89

        I smell a “fund raiser” coming on.

      23. Satori

        speaking of scare tactics

        U.S. and Israel Busted Lying About Iran’s Nuclear Program


        and don’t you just love this ?

        In 1967, the CIA Created the Label “Conspiracy Theorists” … to Attack Anyone Who Challenges the “Official” Narrative


        if it comes from government
        you HAVE to regard it as a LIE
        until proven otherwise

      24. Tony Montana

        “We The People” will defend America.

        All Governmental 3 lettered Agencies are to end immediately and effectively. Your jobs have been terminated, find something else to do for a living assholes. The expense of keeping you useless slackers employed has been a drain on our financial system.

        • sixpack

          Retirement fund? What retirement fund? You guys didn’t EARN no retirement…

      25. Northern Reb

        Of coarse they are going to cry foul!!! They will be out of a job that they should have never had in the first place;
        DHS is nothing but a political tool to control the masses. I’m having a very hard time finding there authority to police and even exists in the Constitution.
        I’m probably all wet, but I always thought that it is the militaries job to protect and defend the country. Not some brown shirt fat head organization.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

      26. NetRanger


        There are three activities of government. There are only three. Through these three they accomplish everything. EVERYTHING they set out to do.

        Now, you may say, “Oh! NetRanger, you’re crazy! Government does more than three things!” Yes, they do. But, you do realize that a computer only REALLY understands two number, right? Zero and one. Everything your computer does starts with that. In that same way, the computer accomplished video games, web sites, word processing, video, etc. So, also, does the government accomplish its goals: slavery, oppression, genocide, destruction. But, it starts with only three things applied strategically. In order of prevalence:

        1. Lie.
        2. Steal.
        3. Murder.

        90% of all government activity uses at least two of these.

        Now, you will dispute this, I am sure, but, think deeply. There is an element of one of these in every government program, law or action.

        If, since the year 1900, you can tell me one single thing government has ever accomplished that doesn’t include one of these activities, please tell me. So far no one has been able to give me anything undisputable. Can you?

        • Pissed Off Granny

          Great post NetRanger.

        • Kulafarmer

          Ill take What is a RESET for 1000 Alex!

          • Maverick

            Kula, you get the DAILY DOUBLE!

        • Maverick

          NetRanger, I couldn’t agree more. Great post.

        • Acid Etch

          You hit the bullseye.

        • GrandpaSpeaks

          We are living it yet again now in the Ukraine, NetRanger, yet we cannot counter effectively in real time. Why? Ask any recently unemployed Ukrainian gold custodian. How about a Libyan gold custodian, an Iraqi, an Afghan? Never heard of them right? Can’t find one, never existed, right? Numbers 1 and 2 are life these days. Endemic. I laugh at the investigation of the derivatives paper manipulation of the physical gold price until it is now lower than the price to mine it. All for confidence. It is a con alright. Investigating government wrongdoings is like changing boots while walking. Difficult, tricky and for most, impossible. Agencies that investigate themselves never convict and politicians and corporations are now making laws to exempt themselves from any liability. The steps are faint when they tiptoe past the gallows. The Ranger hears them. Thank you for the warmth of truth but take care. One can get too close to that warmth at times when your Rights are only Bills. Hear that one? It wasn’t tiptoes. It was faint, like tiptoes. I think it was Nanny’s computer clicking. The background noise of standard operating procedure now. You are either with us one’s or you are a zero. I am getting the point, slowly, reluctantly. I can still hear though it is making me use metaphors more and more. Their use is a sign post for freedom of speech you know. Now where is that dang tripwire, Ma. Right beside the magnet, dear. Right where you left it.

      27. Hbeacrealist

        In 1995, Clinton got “his” false flag, the Oklahoma City bombing.

        In 2001, Bush got “his” false flag, 9/11.

        You just know the illuminati is gonna give Obozo “his” false flag

        Methinks Obozo’s false flag will be HARD CORE!

        The sheeple will believe the propaganda that will be blasted on CNN, MSNBC, and, yes, Fox News. Then, the true patriots will have to hunker down since DHS will go full throttle.

        I know it’s gonna happen. Just waiting to see what cards they pull.


        • Captain Crunch

          My guess is 250 KT nuke in LA. Most of the other false flags happened on the east coast. They need to switch it up to keep the people buying their shït

          • fishandmud

            Over half the a$$ holes are on the West coast. It aint going to happen over their.

          • Maverick

            Take out Hollywood, Chicago, NY, DC. BOOCOO problems solved.

            • MXLord327

              I’ve been saying that for years!!! Add in SF, St. Louis, Seattle, and New Orleans to finish the job!!!

          • sixpack

            Since L.A. is almost all mexicans and liberals, who cares if they nuke L.A.? Good riddance, I say.

            • Nobama

              Let ’em nuke San Fagcisco too…

            • Nuke 'em all

              Hell, why stop at LA? Just nuke every Godamned state on the left coast and get em’ all at once, anything less than that is chicken shit. Good riddance to all of them is right!

          • hbeachrealist

            We should just do some sort of “football pool”, and bet which city gets hit and how many get taken out.

      28. hammerhead

        Has anyone noticed that this year is a little cold on the end of Febuary instead of January ?
        Well Y’all aint been payin yer damn carbon credits to the UN .
        Get with the program , pay the UN and lets get on with spring , dammit , i,m cold !

        I feel bad for you folks down south , the forecast is ice and some snow , i realize that youre not used to this shit , good luck and be safe .

        • Mensa141

          @haqmmerhead – you got it backwards. We are supposed to be getting too hot. The UN is not doing their job right. My fuel bills are high enough without paying a darned carbon tax!

        • Maverick

          Hammerhead, we just got finished with some of that crap in my part of the south. Spring can’t come soon enough for any of us.

        • Archivist

          Our personal Weather Service insider just told us to expect 3 to 4 inches of snow this week. We just got the multiple inches of ice melted out of our yard today. Now it’s supposed to sleet and snow tonight and tomorrow and then really snow Wednesday night into Thursday. I don’t know where the shopping centers are going to put all the snow. They still have 10 or 12-foot high piles of snow.

          Yesterday I saw a photo of a snowman lying down with a number of knives stuck in him. The caption said “Die, Winter, die!”

          I don’t care for the bad weather, but it doesn’t affect me much. If it’s bad out, I just stay inside. I’ve got food, drink, and plenty of propane.

        • Babycatcher55

          I was raised in CT, this is nothing. But I got spoiled, being in TN for 10 years…oh well, I can sew and do other things while the weathers crappy….;)

      29. Satori

        if you define terrorism
        as the use of violence to achieve a political end


        governments are the biggest terrorists in the world

        • .02

          Governments only killed 300 million last century give or take a couple 10 or 50 mil. Surely they can get up to 500 or a cool bil or 2 this century. All govs know is violence.

          • Maverick

            .02, welcome back and your post is 100% correct.

        • NetRanger

          Satori: to the point.

          Thank you sir.

          1. Lie
          2. Steal
          3. Murder

          Its what governments do. The terrorism angle combines 1 and 3 so very well.

          • BJ

            They steal our money to finance it……so it gets all three.

            Ignore them, don’t vote or turn on the tv. Leave the system as much as possible, do what you can today to prepare and seek Yahwey and His will. Then live/enjoy your life with your loved ones.

      30. mo ridge runner

        Take away the funding all assmonkeys feel threatened. This is more smoke and mirrors. Bureaucrats must justify their existence. Just what Obozo wants the people to need him and protect them from the boogeyman. The Sheeple need protection. He is no sheepdog.

      31. Mensa141

        Inside job if one does happen.

      32. Hillbilly

        I don’t fucking care, it’s all bullshit anyway. I don’t know where I read it, but they warned about Feb 28th. Seems to fit the mantra. I don’t give no fucks. If I lived near the mall, I’d probably go because I’m a defiant M/F.

      33. Borodino

        With all eyes on the great Mall of America, it will probably be a tiny mall in a small town that gets hit. I say all shop keepers, mall lessees and ribbon clerks need to be packin’ heat. Now that would be “protection.”

        • NetRanger

          That would be something, wouldn’t it? A bunch of government agen…, er, uh, terrorists whip out some AKs and get put down by a few Glocks, LCPs and pink framed Taurus TCPs! If it happened, you’d never see it. They’d turn it into something else.

          Perception management. Its all a game to these crooked bastards. Thats OK. They continue to make themselves more and more irrelevant. The more they speak, they more they betray themselves.

          Some rumors as to the 27th when something “starts”. Who knows because the BS flows in all directions with this government.

          • Chaos von Chaos

            Net Ranger,
            It will be nice to see Terrorists (including the ZOG Agents) get put down by Pistols when they try to attack Amerikan Citizens… True “Self Defense” … but on a technical note, I would rather be the one with AK. Bring on the ZOG Alpahbet Agents ,SWAT and CERT teams, then watch them Fall with 7.62 x 39mm AP. Throw in some 7.62 x 51mm AP for more distance, cutting through their level IIIa body armor like butter.

            Might be why Obunghole banned Importation of Kalashnikovs via Executive Dictator Order.

            Love them or Hate them , the “Novorossians”, DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic) Militia is utilizing the Kalashnikovs very effectively against the ZOG Ukrainian forces , winning and gaining ground.

            • Maverick

              CVC, welcome aboard. Head shots work in any caliber.

      34. PO'd Patriot

        Yeah I’m so sure DHS will take their toys and drag their asses home. Who do these numbnuts think their kidding. Of course this’ll open the door to a false flag event where the government will then run out and disappear those they have hired to pull it off. Next there will be a Benghazi type hearing that’ll drag on for several years and then just blip off the screen after everyone loses interest. And the faces of those killed will fade from memory except for the family members and the second amendment will again be under attack. Sound familiar?

        • Dean

          ‘they will disappear those they hired to pull it off’…
          These bastards stick to proven methods- (reference what happened to the Brown Shirts in Nazi FRG).
          Most of these delivery-boy dipshits presently doing the unprincipled deeds actually believe that when it all comes down they’re gonna be high and dry with thier handlers…
          They don’t get it-

      35. Copperhead

        We the people are being set up with a massive False Flag Event very soon. ALL OUR GROVERNMEMT is in lock step with the NWO in every way and everything. Yes all of our Government, the two entities that will be blamed for the event/events that are coming; Right Wing Extremists (Patriots), and Radical Islamic Extremists separate or operating together. The carnage and death will be massive make no mistake about it. That will kick the door wide open for Material Law to be imposed. Prepare is all any of us can do. There just may be a lot more Fire Works come this 4th of July. IMHO!!

        “Patriots will not go quietly into the night—They will not vanish without a fight”!!!!!!!

      36. AKAK47

        Recently we had a drug bust here in my neck of the woods. Good thing as it was meth and heroin. What troubled me as I read the article were the agencies involved. Troopers..ok…local P.D….ok..BATF….hmmm, ok…FBI,ok, but the one that makes me wonder is the inclusion of the Department of Homeland Security. Is this just practice for these guys?

        • PO'd Patriot

          Yup, practicing their door kickin’ and building entry with co-op agencies. You’ll see this type of several alphabet shirts on the scene routine more and more.

        • Chaos von Chaos

          Yes. The Feds Love to Train… The Military Loves to Train. As we know, Law Enforcement is becoming more and more Militarized.
          When the Training ends , the FUN begins. The ZOG thinks they have the upper hand…they are wrong.

          Law Enforcement should just stick to busting Drug Labs, Gun Runners and Murderers… but that would mean they would have to Arrest some Federal Agents and Politicians.

      37. Rellik

        More likely is since America decided to give the industry up, kill the transformers in substations on the east coast. That will kill the Eastern grid for years. We quit making large scale electrical things because of EPA. They aren’t things you can make overnight. The beauty of it is the targets are very soft and you aren’t killing millions right away. No military response due to emotional heat of the moment. No nukes needed. The malls all close, no mass transit, no food preservation. The people all get to freeze, die from thirst, and starvation slowly.

      38. Townsaver

        Look at the bright side. Silver is still on sale!

      39. Sgt. Dale

        Home Land Security Is not getting budget cuts. They have around 250,000 employees. 85% of them are essential personnel. They have to go to work and will get paid when the bill gets past. The 15% that are left are paper pushers.

        This whole thing is FEAR PORN by Obullshit and his buddies.

        You can bet your BUTT Obullshit and TPTB will pull off a False Flag attack somewhere.

        If I were you and could carry I would. Just friendly advise!

        • Sgt. Dale

          Also if you have been to the Mall of America, You will see that the doors have a no gun sign on it.

          No if you are a bad guy wouldn’t you go to shoot up a place where no one can shoot back?

          I can carry into places with these signs because I’m a Cop, and I can. I don’t think it is right that someone with CCW can’t carry.

          Please folks watch your 6!


          • fishandmud

            The bad guys can’t shoot up one of those malls with the no gun signs. Can’t you read? NO GUNS. I just figured it out. What language is those signs written in? If you can’t read English, the sign does not count. I don’t worry about the signs. I would have to play it by ear if I had to pull my weapon.

            • Kevin2

              They have about a 15 minute window in a year to catch me in a shopping mall. Bass Pro Shops, Outdoor World, well thats different.

              • Maverick

                Kevin2, I go to the BassProShop here in Memphis on occasion and love it. I stay out of malls, period.

          • Maverick

            Sarge, I’ll be carrying regardless. I had this same feeling right before the Boston Marathon false-flag.

          • Enemy of the State

            Sarge I can carry in those places too because I have a second amendment right and that sign isn’t a shield
            There’s no law broken , all they can do if they happen to see my Cc weapon is ask to leave

            • Enemy of the State

              I’ve been packing in every place around me with those door stickers since they were made , and I’m still doing it
              My philosophy is , if the doorway doesn’t have a metal detector to pass thru than my guns going with me . Period
              Besides conceal carry is called CONCEALED for a reason
              Fuck that false sense of security of some lame ass sticker
              Talk to the 45

          • Acid Etch

            If you decide to obey unconstitutional signs at least have a knife or pepper spray or a lead sap.

            And above all keep your eyeballs moving around and STAY AWARE.

            Situational awareness is harder when you are bisexual. You get distracted by twice the amount of people. hahaha.

          • Nobama

            All that sign is for is to make the libtards feel good. It means absolutely nothing to anyone else.

            Carry on!

            • Sgt. Dale

              No, Acid, Enemy, Maverick, K2, Fish.

              I agree with you on the signs they are B.S., but some states have laws making it a felony if you are caught. Some states makes it a misdemeanor if you get caught they can take your weapon.

              I wouldn’t do that I would refer them to the S/A office that about 90% of the time gets dropped.

              Guys PLEASE check your state laws on this I don’t want anyone getting into trouble.


              • Acid Etch

                What’s an S/A office?

                I googled it and there is no answer.

                • Sgt. Dale

                  States Attorney

          • possee



            In any given situation,which caliber to do you personally carry concealed…

            380,9, or 40..?



            • Sgt. Dale


              I carry and Kimber CC2 45 ACP. Loaded with 230 gr. Hydro Shocks. with an extended 10Rd. mag., and with Crimson trace laser grips. If I could I would carry my Desert Eagle 44 Mag. with 245 Gr. HP. I’m a good size boy, but she is too big.

              Really don’t need the laser, but I have just turned them on and had people stop what they were doing. Dog loves to chase it to. (HA-HA)

              There is nothing wrong with the three calibers you asked about. You just have to hit your targets with more rounds to put them down. Think about it. If you get some crazy shooting up a place he/she is HIGH, or has a Mental problem, and you want to put a stop to the fight NOW!

              Practice, Practice, Practice is the only way you will survive!


              • Acid Etch

                In the Israeli method the best target is the pelvic bone.

      40. slingshot

        Feb 27 or 28.

        Are you ready to RUMBLE!

      41. clinthospo

        If this new generation and everyone would follow the news, not MSM, but all sources we would know DHS is useless!! In the news, “Under current rules, border-crossers who are released are also allowed to compete against Americans for jobs, and to attend U.S. schools and to receive welfare, until their cases are decided by immigration judges.” This was in fox nation today. IF everyone knew this was happening things would be under siege. Not one penny should be going to any illegals. Our politicians are destroying this country so much faster than thought. NEVER give up your guns period!! That is our last line of defense and they know millions of us won’t. We know the real criminals are-our current democratic politicians and a few GOP’ers as well. Get in shape and get ready brothers and sisters. I’m back, been about 2 years since I was on here. I still see some of the old school’ers on here from 5 years ago.

      42. Jim in Va.

        This is a distraction to get more funding for DHS and to ignore the immigration problem. DHS is more worried about homegrown terrorism(militias,tea party,fill in your own) that is what all their ammo is for!

      43. Ass hat

        Just gonna have to pack in the mall from now on what other answer is there. The attacks are getting weaker as in killing less folks. The towers trump this there were a lot more people in the towers than the malls can hold these terrorists need a nuke. They are not too brite. One of the boston marathon bombers wife lived like 15 mins away from my house. I used to be a courier and used to deliver packages to the house but I think maybe a different family lived there not sure. These guys made pressure cooker bombs set them off at the marathon. Then they went on a spree. The police sent militarized police into the community searching houses. The younger brother ran over the older with a car trying to flee killed his own brother then was found hiding in some guys boat parked in his back yard. After all this his mother blamed America for her sons death. This bitch stupid or what. Man I’m glad mass troopers got this kid the police did a good job getting him they should have killed him though no trial needed. If I was the cop that found him in the boat he would have been double tapped on the spot and I would have said he reached for my gun. People want to let the justice system deal with murderers. Not me I’d murder the murderers. That’s fair and equal. This was the type of scenario to do it too. They knew it was him that did it.

      44. Ideas Time

        We get it. The traitors are in DC. Your scams do not fool us anymore.

      45. Ass hat

        I like the bass pro . We got a URE outfitters it’s good. EMS is awesome but all the gear is big$. I hate the mall myself it sucks they don’t have anything I’m interested in. The wife likes to get clothes there so sometimes I go. Probably about 2or3 times a year. My odds of being there when an attack happens pretty low. Good luck mall rats. Now that I’m hearing all this not going again see terrorism changes behavior. The malls are all owned by Jews anyway . I’m just a poor working slob.

      46. confederate

        I personally feel that if the people who read these articles and those who comment on this site were able to band together, meet somewhere say in Virgina or Tennessee, train for a period of time, than stealthy make our way to DC, I’m sure it would get their attention. Wishful thinking, between the trolls and the NSA we wouldn’t stand a chance. Nice thought though. Just sayin.

        • Kulafarmer

          Better not to do that, decentralized leaderless asymetric is much more effective,
          The question is
          When will it be time to say enough is enough,,,

          • Confederate

            I’m afraid we will be fighting our battles individually in the future and if your fortunate it enough to have help, you may survive.

      47. freeman

        shut the bitch down, please

      48. blazer

        Boy I cant wait for this country to take a BIG OLE GRAWLER!!!!!!!!!!!!! for definition on GRAWLER? SHIT!!!! this country out of its fucking mind anymore. it needs to fall and hard!

      49. retired Iraq Afghan Private Contractor

        The real threat to CONUS security is the millions of unvetted, ILLEGAL aliens streamining across our open southern border, it’s coming my friends, stay alert the perimeter has been breached…

      50. Lordchamp

        Yep, sounds like false flag time to me. Would not be the least bit surprised to see something happen in the next week or so just to “push” the budget process along.

        While they are at it, never let a crisis go to waste, add a few more rules and regulations to protect the “sheeple” while they are in panic mode.

      51. 41MagMan

        “We can’t afford to play politics with our national security.”

        Now that’s funny because this is EXACTLY what these SOBs ARE doing. If there is no attack in the US and their budget is at stake, one WILL be arranged. Is there any doubt about this in anyone’s mind?

      52. mallardhen

        I know that saying everyone needs to just stay home from the malls and other similar places but why should we have to; this is our country and we need to remove the people behind these so called false flags. Running and hiding really isn’t going to solve anything if we run now we will be running forever, I’m way to old for that besides I can’t carry my rockin chair very far. Why have “we the people” allowed this BS to go on for the last 6 years? Why have we allowed 11 million illegals to come in and take over our country and give them EBT cards, welfare, HUD housing and whatever else while our own countrymen do without? Why because our elected officials are weak and want to hold on to a job they have no idea how to perform, we need to clean house push the reset button and get on with it, our government has their nose where it doesn’t belong; today my husband had an appointment for surgery pre-tests he got grilled and drilled about when, where, and how the surgeries he had in the past took place, when he asked why they wanted to know he was told because the government needs to know, what the hell some of those surgeries are over 40 years old at this point why does it matter.

        The nurse got nasty when he couldn’t remember where his gall bladder surgery took place and how long ago, tomorrow is her day in court and I’m going to be asking the questions.

        The maple leaf is looking better & better.

      53. Tucker

        Nothing new about this suspicion.

        Remember, back before the Waco Mass Murders of nearly 100 Branch Davidians took place? The BATF and FBI had been under some pretty intense pressure from a growing number of Senators and Congressmen – who had been catching tons of heat from the public as a result of a whopping number of BATF directed ‘raids’ where these jackbooted dickbrains had dorked up and got the wrong address or bogus information from their informants and then wound up killing or injuring innocent citizens, who’s doors they broke down in the middle of the night.

        There was talk at the time of abolishing the BATF completely, or at a minimum, drastically cutting their budget as a means of reigning these thugs in, and reducing their ability to harass and terrorize American citizens.

        However, it is now fairly well known that the primary motivating factor that lead to the fiasco at Waco, Texas was that the BATF was looking for some big, sensationalized ‘bust’ in order to persuade Congress to not cut their funding or abolish their organization.

        Koresh used to jog into town on a semi-regular basis, and the BATF had plenty of opportunities where they could have confronted him about that unpaid $200 tax on the fully automatic firearm that we were told was the basis for the raid. It wasn’t until after the BATF raid went sour that Butch Reno and the Clinton’s started to spew all sorts of bullshit lies about Koresh running a meth lab or carrying on pedophile and other child-abuse activities inside the Davidian Compound.

        That bullshit was designed to condition the stupid, nose picking public into supporting the government’s desire to roast those religious nuts alive. And, true to form, the morons swallowed the Reno manure hook, line, and sinker and let our tyrannical government get away with mass murdering nearly 100 men, women, and children.

        • Kulafarmer

          Nobody will ever know the truth about Waco either, it all went up in flames.
          Most people believe the official MSM story and just take it as gospel truth.
          The official story was bulls

        • Kulafarmer

          Nobody will ever know the truth about Waco either, it all went up in flames.
          Most people believe the official MSM story and just take it as gospel truth.
          The official story was bullshit

          • Enemy of the State

            Up in flames — by design for the very purpose of destroying evidence against their claims

            • Tucker

              Yea, like the mysterious ‘missing’ front door to the Branch Davidian compound that somehow ‘disappeared’ from the FBI/BATF evidence room and which would have shown the direction of the incoming hail of bullets and prove who fired first.

              • MXLord327

                Have you ever seen the FLIR video of the AFT and FBI agents firing full-autos at people trying to escape out the back of the flaming compound? It was disgusting, I’m sure many of them were women and children. I have never trusted ANYTHING coming out of this illegitimate cabal posing as a government since.

                • Tucker

                  Yes, I have seen those videos – albeit many years ago.

                  These jackbooted chunks of pig shit deliberately pumped highly flammable CS gas into the compound, and then when the fire broke out – they were machine gunning anyone who tried to escape being burned alive.

                  But, if anyone thinks these pigs would never be able to top that atrocity, they would be wrong. In the below ground level concrete bunker where they had a bus parked, the Davidians had placed all the children and old people for their saftety, so they wouldn’t be at risk for catching a stay bullet – I’ve seen photographs that show the hole that the BATF / FBI thugs blew in the top of the bunker, where these pig turds deliberately placed a military grade explosive charge that was meant to explode in a downward direction, and which made sure all those old people and little children were blown to smithereens.

                  In the photograph I saw, you could see the steel reinforced iron bars that are used to support heavy concrete while it’s hardening bent downward, at a sharp angle. Proving the charge was set deliberately to cause that result and to murder those kids and old geezers.

      54. the java junkie

        Money, Money, Money. How about you people just do your jobs because its the right thing to do!! You know for the love of country! Oh I forgot you need a friggin budget to protect our country! W.T.F

      55. swinging richard

        DHS was formed by our politicans to make Americans feel safe. A better move might have been to make the FBI, CIA and the NSA work together. Our DHS out of Charlotte raided a chain of local smoke shops and arrested 12 American store clerks for selling a mislabeled product. Coordinated effort with ICE,ATF,FBI and local law enforcement and covered by the local media. What a joke. They were sure they were going to find illegal drugs but did not. Rather than own their failure, they found a product that left out an ingrediant on the label and charged the store clerks with that offense.

        • Anti Snakbarian

          No, DHS wan not formed to make us feel or be safe. The opposite.

      56. George Washington

        DHS should be shutdown, not funded with any money! They are the ones on the border letting the illegal aliens and muslim terrorists into this country. DHS does not guard any mall in America, that is up to state and local LE.

      57. Ass hat

        Where I live the attorney general issues the ccw permits and he don t issue them. I think there is a few folks out ther with them . The right to bear applies so why would I need a ccw permit I think it’s done like this to discourage carrying. When was the last time you were stopped and searched for no reason at all. Just don’t go into federal buildings and the airport how the hell is anyone gonna know you are packing folks. Just like 922r compliance it’s stupid is the cops gonna disassemble your gun to count the American made parts. Gaaay not happening. I never heard of these things happening either. If a gun is concealed properly nobody knows you have it on you. People a gun will do no good if someone sets off a bomb near you. Bombs trump guns every time just like guns trump knives. Never bring a gun to a bomb fight.

      58. YaRt

        Ya…if we don’t get our taxpayer money we will have to cut back and we won’t be laying off any janitors or low level people, we will immediately pull all the security screeners from every major airport and hang signs “open for terrorism”
        And if that doesn’t get you to move, we may even blow something up ourselves just to prove our point!

      59. sam

        If we do enough digging on DHS we will discover that most everything concerning control of the people has been turned over to this group. I need to try to get together a list. It is quite extensive.

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