Savage Police State Beat Down: Video Captures Eight Cops Pistol-Whipping, Punching and Kicking Man Over 50 Times After He Surrenders

by | Apr 10, 2015 | Headline News | 227 comments

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    (Pictured: Francis Jared Pusok, victim of shocking police brutality)

    Eight San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies are under investigation after a police helicopter captured a savage beating of a suspected horse thief. The latest incident shows, yet again, the culture of violence and total disregard for the rule of law that exists within America’s police departments from coast to coast.

    As you’ll see in the following footage, captured live and apparently without the knowledge of officers on the scene, it’s not just about the color of one’s skin. Francis Jared Pusok, the man shown being tased, pistol-whipped to the head, punched, and kicked, is white. And while his record of resisting arrest, animal cruelty and robbery are certainly an indicator of his propensity for criminal activities, does it justify the life-threatening beat down dished out to him by officers of the law?

    The clip shows 30-year-old Francis Jared Pusok frantically attempting to flee pursuing cops on horseback through the Deep Creek area of Apple Valley yesterday afternoon.

    When the horse is spooked by a police helicopter, Pusok falls off before he is approached by an officer who tases him. Pusok is face down in the dirt and obviously not resisting, but another cop arrives on the scene and immediately begins violently kicking and punching Pusok in the head. The other officer also appears to pistol whip Pusok with the taser.

    Seven other officers then arrive, some of whom also begin kicking and beating Pusok while he lay prostrate.

    “In the two minutes after the man was stunned with a Taser, it appeared deputies kicked him 17 times, punched him 37 times and struck him with batons four times. Thirteen blows appeared to be to the head,” reports NBC Los Angeles.

    “The man did not appear to move from his position lying on the ground for more than 45 minutes. He did not appear to receive medical attention while deputies stood around him during that time.”

    Source: Paul Joseph Watson / Infowars

    Just seconds after Pusok is tased the video clearly shows he surrenders by first putting his hands up and out on the ground, and then moving them behind his back in a position that they can easily be handcuffed. But rather than following procedure, officers immediately begin punching and kicking him in the head and the rest of his body.

    And like a pack of wolves, other officers arrive and jump in.


    While Pusok has a fairly long list of criminal violations over the years, and he had allegedly stolen a horse and attempted to flee police, once he was taken down with the initial tase and showed his intent to surrender by putting his hands behind his back the incident should have been over.

    Such police brutality has likely been taking place for a long time, but with the advent of the internet and real-time video streaming the American people are now seeing the God-complex of many of those in uniform tasked with protecting us.

    Pusok is obviously not an isolated incident. Earlier this week an officer executed a man with several shots in the back after he was reportedly pulled over for a broken taillight and then fled on foot. Last year Eric Garner was killed by NYPD after being detained for selling cigarettes to make extra money – he was put into an illegal chokehold for 15 seconds.

    A couple of weeks ago a friend of the author was pulled over, detained and threatened with arrest for simply failing to register her vehicle.

    The culture of violence against the American people must stop. It begins with every officer authorized to carry a deadly weapon in America being outfitted with a body camera when performing their public duties. Those who are found to be violating their sworn duties and acting outside of the law should be charged, tried and punished accordingly.

    If average Americans must follow the law and be held accountable, so too must those who purport to enforce it.


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      1. There is no reason to beat the guy. NONE.
        But 50 years ago if you stole a house they would hang you!

        • Riding drunk on a horse is a “HUI”???

          • It looks like the Deputy with the ball cap wanted no part in the beating. As soon as he saw the suspect getting kicked in the head, he ran away to go hold the horse.

            • He is why most people say that there are no good cops. He saw something being done wrong by his co-workers, yet took no action to even try to mitigate it…he turned his back.

              THAT is why people paint police with the same, broad brush.

              Sgt Dale, nice to see you didn’t get hit by the tornado…

              • this happened right in the town i live in, and i probly know a couple of those cops….looks like they are gonna get their OWN BEATDOWN soon enough….but no, they are probly now on a paid vacation for a few weeks/months until this is all sorted out, and then back to work, with the sheriff sayin’…”they followed department policy”….remember, shoot FIRST, and ask questions, NEVER!…wink wink…time to put a thumb on these guys…you’re right six, every single one of those guys in that video are complicit, so we throw in a “under color of authority” charge too.

                • Don’t taze me Bro !

                  It looks like they now have a lawsuit on their hands.

                  • STOP RESISTING OR THE HORSE GETS IT NEXT!!!!!!!

                    • Fucking filthy dirty pigs.

                    • At 2:20 into the video on the left side of the screen you will see two cops give each other a fist bump. A real class act.

                • These costumed clowns need to be put in the general jail population preferably in with the Latino gangs. See how bad they are then. This crap is out of hand.

                • Hello everyone, I’m back after several days of BS that kept me away from the computer. My retired state trooper cousin e-mailed me about this incident. I watched the video and was sickened. I don’t care what the guy did, there is no legitimate basis for eight cops to do what they did to the suspect once he voluntarily surrendered. Once he has surrendered and been secured, he should not be harmed at all. If I had been in the guy’s position and tried to surrender, I would have started resisting any beatdown. They want to slap on an extra charge, so be it, but I won’t take any unjustifiable physical abuse from any cop for any reason, period. The suspect would have been right to put up some resistance. It’s his natural, God-given right to do so.

                  • like i have always said….. when you come to TAKE MY GUN ,from My cold dead hands,,, Warning !! the Barrel WILL be HOT!!

                  • Cuz it’s a good thing you finally showed back up, if you had been missing one more day I was going to SPCA and file a missing persons report. Welcome back Cuz. And I knew you wouldn’t have laid still and took a beatdown like that.

                    • NGIC, for once you made a sensible comment. And you’re right about anyone trying to hurt me does so at their own peril.

              • There ARE no good cops, what the hell are you talking about?

                This isn’t 1950.

              • Six
                Missed me by several miles got a couple trees down, and some limbs but nothing hurt. FIRE WOOD!

              • six,
                his house is sitting in a geographical location with relativity to water and hills to be some what protected by tornadoes.

              • Six,
                His house sits in a geographical location that is somewhat protected from tornadoes due to water on one side and a hill on the other.

              • one question I HAVE…what’s the difference between beating/torturing the guy HERE,….and doing it in JAIL tomorrow?….the U.S. doesn’t torture, PERIOD!…..right?……RIGHT?

            • “And like a pack of wolves, other officers arrive and jump in”…

              I like how you put that. However, its actually much worse. Wolves kill because they are hungry. These b*$^&^@! are doing it for the fun of it. They are like psychopaths.

              • quote: Wolves kill because they are hungry.


                i’ve witnessed wolves kill, just for the fun of the hunt and kill.

                it’s what predators do!

                • Please shut up. I’ll kill a nasty stinking wolf too

              • they are psychopaths,,
                & sociopaths too..these scumbag cops thoroughly enjoy beating on people,& if they get lucky enough..beat a unlucky soul to death..they have zero compassion or empathy for human beings,therefore beating someone,& especially to death,is immensely pleasurable to them,& gets the endorphin juices flowing BIG time..
                in every single one of these videos we see the same thing,over & over & over..suspect is,& has been secured for all intensive purposes & 20 cops show up late & want to get in on the fun anyway..give me one good reason 20 more piggs always always always show up AFTER the suspect has already been obviously immobilized, & is no longer a threat to any officer,but these late comers on the scene MUST JUMP IN THE MELEE,& get a LATE punch or kick in,and/or plant the tip of their jackboot somewhere on the suspects body,sometimes just enough late & uncalled for violence,that that last kick takes the suspects fact it happens ALL THE TIME NOW & ITS G.D. GOT TO STOP!
                we continually watch this gangland type of behavior
                it goes on the same whether it’s a murder suspect,or for a non-violent crime like smoking pot,jaywalking,shoplifting,or even stealing a frickin horse!
                there is but one,& only one reason for this behavior..THEY HAVE BEEN WELL TRAINED TO & ABSOLUTELY LOVE BEATING THE SHIPT OUT OF THE them?
                we ARE the enemy!& THAT IS ABSOLUTELY THE PROBLEM NOW! WE ARE NOT THE ENEMY!..THE BANKSTERS & their subordinates are!..
                as they are taught well,by the Israeli Mossad,
                teaching them to beat the shipt out of a death even..regardless of the crime,& ain’t nothin gonna happin..PERIOD
                they teach that a crime is a crime is a crime,& all crimes should be handled the same way..beat,taze,or shoot the suspect.. to death even..
                questions &/or dialogue is for later..

                always remember officer dick,that that badge IS your license to kill!,
                & murdering a scumbag criminal,is reeeel coool,& WE MUST ELIMINATE THIS SCUM!

                today’s militarized police, ARE well taught by Mossad agents/teachers,that using maximum violence is how the citizenry is controlled..authority come from the barrel of a gun,a tazer,a balled up fist,or the tip of a jackboot..
                nothing but nothing will happen to any of them..they ALL acted in accordance with dept. policy..not a one of them will spend one day in jail,or will lose one penny of pay..most likely they will be promoted,just as ALL overly violent officers are now, in America,
                land of the debt slave
                home of the shaking in fear coward..
                in our Israeli controlled militarized police state..

            • The truth finally came out on this incident. When he fell off the horse he fell in a nest of scorpions and they was trying to save his life. No good deed ever goes unpunished. Trekker Out.

        • Some things never change. The PIGS of the sixties
          have just evolved into razor backed hogs with tusks
          in the 20 first century. Same old, same old.

        • I thought that too– in the old west it was ” a hangin offense”

          PS: I’d love to see just once, the third and fourth cop who showed up on the scene wrestle the thug cop who was kicking and punching to the ground and slap cuffs on him for assault or possibly attempted murder–instead, each cop that shows up shows their thuggish solidarity by putting in a kick or two to the man who is prone and not resisting.

          PPS: did you notice the man completely obeyed orders? First on his face spread eagled, then he crosses his hands on his back waiting to be cuffed. Maybe the message concerning cops and arrest is the same about being held by a home invader–NEVER let yourself be restrained! Maybe we should take our shots and go out in a blaze of glory? This is what the thugs in uniform are teaching us citizens–acquiesce and you are acquiescing to a beating or worse.

          • This is EXACTLY right!

          • …and they wonder why people run from them…

          • The message is that if the fucking pigs are going to kill you anyway even if you surrender, then NEVER LET YOURSELF BE RESTRAINED.

            This will only change after a few fucking pigs are shot dead and the public laughs about it. Cops aren’t very smart, but it needs to get beat into their thick skulls that this behavior wont be tolerated.

            Do you see in his pic at the top that said scumbag has a fucking sexy girlfriend? Fucking cunts will never change. If cunts want a bad boy then lets give them a bad boy.

            • Word on his girlfriend. Totally man. She’d pop out 5 kids for this c*cks*cker too, no doubt.

              Idiocracy was only half right. The future will be both dumb AND violent.

              No respect. What a waste of perfectly good prior-generation genetic material she is.

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              • ABID, that’s a very interesting description of acid.

          • So what is the “worse”?

        • house or horse


          Even as the poor are staring to death, you brain dead fucking GOPers, you stupid fucking old people are still running the propaganda mill about how life is so fucking hard for the rich and they should have to pay less in taxes as they outsource our jobs and transfer all their funds to the Bahamas.

          Still cheerleading capitalism, chewing on your Metamucil, you fucking wrinkled fucktards? Still think redistribution of wealth is a harbinger of the apocalypse? You fucking morons. Make fun of left libertarianism, you cunts.



          Tell me about how fucking horrible abortion is while we have so many fucking goddamn people in this country 25% don’t have jobs.

          Tell me about rape culture and war on women as testosterone levels have shrank 30% and sperm counts are down 50%. You make fun of my adventures and my desire to be a badass? At least I make a daily effort to improve my mind and body. More than I can say for the facebook generation.

          New Amerikkka now: porn, video games, minimum wage jobs, and mindless reality shows.

          When will the collapse come? We’ve been posting here for years and it’s never happened?


          • Your mouth Acid is creating global warming. ranting on old people again and anybody that might be a tad right of you. Give it up

          • Your mouth Acid is creating global warming. ranting on old people again and anybody that might be a tad right of you. Give it up


            Clearly you don't know shit about economics or the situation we're really in.

            It'd be best if you just STFU, you ignorant fool.

            • Anon, way to go. Get him, get him!

          • Dude, you should never skip your evening meds. You are living proof that acid and pregnancy do not mix

          • Acid, you need to take a good, long, hard look in a mirror at yourself. You say you try to improve your mind? WHAT mind? If you had a brain, you’d be really dangerous. You say you support socialism? You know damned well you’re in the wrong place to mouth off that BS. You know damned well how the posters here feel about socialism, me included. Go down to Cuba where my wife was from for about a year and then tell us about your experience. You couldn’t survive in that hellhole. So you think you’re a badass? Castro’s bunch would LOVE to have someone like you to play with.

        • So what are you implying sargy, we go back to the ” good ole days” when you could hang somebody for stealing a horse? Why do old men turn into such bitter old douchebags the world will never understand.

          • if OLD men turn bitter,…it sounds like acid must be at LEAST a hunderd’n’twenty

        • Yes there is Sgt. Dale. When you run from the police you put them in danger trying to catch. The mother f’er is a horse thief. I don’t know where you come from but this is a hanging offense even here in California. Tired of making excuses for low life’s who think they can break the law and suffer no consequences.

          The guy in S. Carolina? Are you kidding? When will black people understand that when a guy with a gun says stop you need to stop and defend yourself or just stop. How hard is that to understand? I know that if a guy with a gun says stop I have two choices, one is to stop and the other is to defend myself.

          Black lives matter. STFU, all lives matter.


          • I think you’re either a troll or a dope.
            Sideways ball cap anyone?

            • Nope, no troll here. Could be a dope 🙂 Been here for many a year. Just because someone has an alternate thought process does not mean they are a troll or a dope Uncle Mike.


            • Done!

          • the beating ENDS when the guy is subdued. did you WATCH the video? i just finished my conversation with a prison guard friend of mine, who is retired now from san bernardino county prison system, and like HE SAID…..can’t happen in prison like that….you GOTTA have an off-switch…well, it shouldn’t happen outside either! if you aint got an off-switch, then you better find a different job!…or be willin’ to do prison time YOURSELF.

          • Tired of making excuses for low life’s who think they can break the law and suffer no consequences

            Tired of making excuses for low life’s who think they ARE the law and will suffer no consequences.

            Yeah he’s a scumbag. So guess what, you arrested him so get over yourselves. You are the legal system’s equivalent of postal delivery boys.

            • I agree, the guy is no doubt a dirt bag. But he still has rights. One of those rights is to not be turned in to a human punching bag when he surrenders to law enforcement. If anything, the sheriff’s deputies may have made arrests everywhere in the country more difficult. The next punk may be armed but instead of chilling out and giving quietly, will opt to go out blazing rather than submit to a world class beat down by porky the pig. I am a normal law abiding kinda guy but if I thought I was in for a beat down, the ol’ FAL would be smoken.

          • BigB, the lives of GOOD black people DO matter in my book. Those are the people who suffer more from crime than anyone else in this nation. FBI and DOJ have statistics to support what I’m saying. The statistics of black-on-black crime will knock your socks off.

            • Nobama, I couldn’t agree more.

          • I agree big b.

        • You took the words right out of my mouth, Sarge.

          • Old Cop, my retired cop cousins turned me on to this article in an e-mail earlier today. They all told me back when they served that if any of them had done such a thing, they would have been held accountable and punished for such an action. They served with honesty and integrity, something that’s lacking in too many of today’s breed of cops.

            • The sad part is that you believe them.
              The good ol boy blue line has been around since they created the corporate thugs called police.
              They don’t hand out more beating they simply get caught more.

              Simple fact. Pigs lie.

        • Everyone of those chicken chit phucking cops took a shot at him… pathetic….!

        • Car thieves today should be beat or hanged to death just like horse thieves 100 years ago.

        • Yes, I agree. Article makes a good point though…cameras aren’t enough! we have to make it so that what the camera records is viewed as wrong LEGALLY. Right now it’s “legal” for them to shoot fleeing suspects, etc. and just about anything is legal if the subject is “resisting arrest.” Let me tell you, if you have one guy putting his knee on your head or neck and maybe another or more on your back, you WILL squirm. It’s human nature. Then they call that resisting and beat on you. Ridiculous. We have to make it so that police are accountable for their actions once more.

        • ITS 20 15 DAMMIT

        • ITS 20 15 DAMMIT
          It’s Two Thousand and 15

      2. How about this. Don’t run from the cops. Seems so simple to me. I have been pulled over in several states over my lifetime and not once was I beaten

        • When the SHTF, you may not be so lucky.

          • too late

            obviously its already hit

          • Well sixpack, the shtf hasn’t happened (officially) so when the guy with the gun says stop, fricken stop. Or take evasive maneuvers and counter attack.


          • Six

            reading some of these peoples comments, I’m getting that puking feeling again. God help us.

            Really people, when a man with a gun says stop running you better stop and do exactly what he says or it’s ok for him shoot you in the back eight friggin times….Are you friggin kidding me. Maybe when they tell you to shut up and you don’t it’s ok to shoot you in the face 8 times. Or hell… how bout if they demand you to talk or falsely confess and you assert your fifth amendment rights,…it’s ok to shoot you 8 times. WAKE THE F**K UP PEOPLE!!!!

            Just possibly doing wrong doesn’t mean an unconstitutional unelected official with a badge and a gun can just execute you because you didn’t listen to them.

            Let us just pray that the cop in Charleston serves a nice long prison sentence, to the victor go the spoils:), and horse thief or not, that was a gang bangin beat down…. not friggin police work. I’d like to see yalls take on that many blacks jumping somebody….but I already no what it would be. Let us pray they they get their spoils as well ( though highly unlikely)

            Let ferguson, let Charleston, let California, let em all BURN!!!!

            • Not saying it’s right Richard Head, just saying it is the way of the world at this point in time. The words live with it or die ring true. If you don’t like it, fight back but don’t be stupid and give them a reason to shoot at you.


            • Agreed Richard– I’m stunned ( only half stunned I guess) by how many people advocate the brutal beating of a man who has surrendered, is face down and is not even attempting to defend himself.
              How can you all not see that this is only a tiny step away from those jump squads who go to the wrong address and brutalize innocents and are shoving M16’s in your 4 year old daughter or granddaughter’s face? Some are advocating hanging for car thieves???? What’s next, chopping off the hands of shoplifters and castration for adultery?–Sharia sounds good to you all?
              These are supposed to be law enforcement–they are to arrest those suspected or even guilty of crimes and bring them to jail, then court for charges and sentencing. This beating down and even murdering of citizens sets them as judge, jury and executioners…society will be lawless and the police state and martial law will only grow as people start rising up even more and it takes larger force to quell the unrest.
              Think people before you call for the brutal, prolonged beat down of a compliant citizen- regardless of the crime or guilt–because next time the bar for a beat down gets lowered just a little bit more….
              PS: and I am not a defender of scumbags, we need capital punishment used for any and all murderers–an eye for an eye…..

              • good one javelin…but it don’t surprise ME…a while back i got an email about torture. yes, i’m all for torturing these damn terrists was the message….well, that’s what THIS is…it’s TORTURE, pure and simple….and the U.S. doesn’t torture!…until lately, anyway….it seems like there’s a HUGE percent of the population is FOR torture now….it’s a slippery slope, to be sure….sad to see how far america(ns) has fallen.

              • amen javelin,

                Cops are suppose to take you into custody and take you to jail (safely), where you will go before a judge. But I will add one thing. It’s the judge and MOST IMPORTANTLY a JURY of your peers. That’s who really judges you and thank God we have the jury system in America. But we’re getting further away from it, and so many here are fine with letting the rulers and elites and power structure become judge jury and executioner. And I don’t know if it’s scary, or a disgrace or just plain sad that they can’t even see the problem with it. Like you said eventually the bar will be lowered for a beat down. God Help us, I don’t even know why I bother trying to explain it to people anymore.

                • Whatever we allow them to do to “criminals”, they will end up doing to US in due time. DO NOT forget, WE’RE NEXT.

                • Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is running for President and has a hard-on for police brutality, he will neuter these cops if they persist torturing/killing suspects.

                  • PFFT!…you give the american people to much credit…we HAD that chance last election to elect his dad, and america decided he wasn’t fit….poor poor dumb americans.

        • I think the vast majority of Americans would agree with you. It’s the .01% of the police force who go rogue and end up on the 6 o’clock news that make it both difficult and dangerous for the rest of the LEOs out there. It’s a shitty job to begin with they just made it worse.

          • Another apologist.
            It is not .01% who are bad cops but .01% who are good.
            Remember Dorner?
            Cop who turned his trainer in for abuse?
            That man hunted dead guy whose story we never got to hear?
            There was your good cop.
            The rest are worthless human excrement.
            And you apologists are no better.

            • abso-fukin-lutely right, hermit….that’s why there will be some citizens protesting this crap monday morning at the police station in apple valley.

              • 3 people showed up for the protest….america IS dead afterall.

        • Numb, if someone has a gun and wants to kill you, you either shoot back if you can, or run, or both.

          • ” if someone has a gun and wants to kill you, you either shoot back if you can, or run, or both”

            That is an asinine statement.the video leading up to the incident shows the cop as very polite and well mannered. The problem just like all these videos is that the key components are never shown. I don’t agree that someone should be shot if there fleeing but we have know idea what happened. This very well may be an out of control cop. But after Rodney King, the “hands up don’t shoot” LIE and all the other BS, I would like to wait and see what the hell happened.

          • And on this story of the guy leading cops on an extensive chase, Are you going to tell me that those cops all of a sudden decided to try and kill this guy so he not having a gun to shoot back took off running to keep from being shot?
            Again, I say that’s an asinine comment.

      3. This kind of action by COP’s is why it is now Officially Open Season on COP’s! Beware

      4. So he stole a horse, made the cops chase him into the middle of BFE and he got his ass kicked for it. I’m good.

        • Yo a dumbass. What if your family member made these same stupid mistakes and what if one of these blows was fatal? Cops should have some fucking ability to restrain themselves (then again, he’s not in a coma or dead so maybe they did.). Not everyone is perfect like the cops are.

          • Yo pinhead. If you don’t do something stupid, you don’t get tangled up with the cops. Plain and simple. You can “what if” the hell out of anything. In the military they call it Code Red? If the stupid SOB doesn’t get that following the rules is the way to go, he gets his ass kicked. It’s really not to hard to figure out. So our industrious horse thief gets pummeled by the cops, code red. Bet he don’t do that **** again.

            • People do stupid things, very frequently teenagers do really dumb stuff , sometimes desperate people do desperate things. That’s why there is a criminal code with different punishments according to the crime. Most crimes are not crimes that carry capital punishment. Any of the blows to the head while lying down could have killed the man. If you are ok with cops being judge, jury and executioner and then you would have loved Nazi Germany. Please employ some critical thinking and draw a line to where over time this sort of behavior by police takes the country if it is tolerated.

              • Judge jury and executioner. Another effin altruism.

                Here’s ya some critical thinking:
                Watch the video. The hitting motions remind me of professional wrestling on TV. Some of blows looked open handed. Slow movement and/or short strokes. The kicks didn’t seem to have the effort I would expect if someone were really trying to do some damage. Doesn’t pass the smell test with me. Still going with CR and or the guy was freakin’ out knowing he’s going to prison.

                Better Video
                ht tp://

                • Yeah redneck, sounds like you’re of the right mentality to watch professional wrestling on tv, then probably followed up with endless reruns of ” cops”.

                  • One of the tactics of the socialist takeover…replace the powers that be by demonizing them. If you don’t support what’s in place now, you deserve what will take it’s place, comrade.
                    Of note…all of the cops involved in the recent highly publicized atrocities are being disciplined.

                    “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. 
                    Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote.”
                    – Benjamin Franklin

                    Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.
                    – Benjamin Franklin

                    • How they’re going to be ” disciplined” remains to be seen there comrade. Remember that maybe someday it’ll be your turn in the barrel to get beaten within inches of your life for the crime of simply looking like somebody else they may be after. Bet you won’t be so all enamored about law enforcement if that happens.

                    • Whatever cub scout.

                      So you are a subject matter expert on how these police will be disciplines based on ???

                      You’re replies indicate you seem to be living in a robust fantasy world based on boob-tube cranial programming. You’re replies are conjecture based on unrealistic and unlikely interactions with cops. Quit watching so much TV. Me I prefer live in the real world. Try it sometime.

                    • Heeyuk heeyuk there redneck ole buddy, your description of me sounds like it’s a perfect reflection of your own pitiful life spent sucking badge, is THAT real enough for ya?

            • Oh really like the time when I got hit in the ass at 60 mph by a drunk driver, finally managed to get him to pull over, one cop showed up, drunk boy knew he was going down permanently this time as it was a repeat pattern for him, so he stabbed the shit out of himself in the back seat of the squad car. I’m not making this up. There was only one cop and he was taking my info. Then this b*stard claims I stabbed him (the guy claims this, not the cop) before the cop arrived on the scene.

              Next thing you know it’s the damned Normandy Invasion.

              I was lucky to have good cops that night (something like the 12 of them that actually exist in the world) and they did what they had to do to make sure I was restrained and then that it wasn’t me that did it but no more than that.

              If I’d had these jack-holes I’d be permanently fucked up or dead right now.

              “If you’re not doing anything nothing’s gonna happen” pffff… yeah. Welcome to the real world.

            • Redneck said……….”If you don’t do something stupid, you don’t get tangled up with the cops. Plain and simple.”

              I’m calling BS….over 30,000 SWAT raids per year with dozens and dozens done on false info or on wrong addresses. These are people getting awakened at 4 AM with gun barrels shoved up anuses and nostrils and did nothing wrong–little kids have been blown away in front of the eyes of parents and grandparents for no other reason than walking out of their bedroom sleepy-eyed.

              TSA at airports randomly pull every 300th or so passenger into a back room for “advanced searches”….sporting events, airports, and numerous public venues and events have total strangers laying hands on you, your wife and daughters–waving their wands up and down their legs and taking “crotch readings”..

              Wake the F up.. you actually believe what you wrote? “If you don’t do something stupid, you don’t get tangled up with the cops. Plain and simple. ” I’ve read a lot of good things you’ve written redneck and I find it hard to believe that you are defending police thuggery–sure this guy is a scumbag with a long record of petty crime also ( I looked up his history) but we can never advocate brutality by those who are supposed to uphold the law and ORDER.

              • Perfect post Javelin.

                • yup! thanks for taking time to post sumthin’ WORTHWHILE, javelin!

              • Thank you Javelin. You have brought up a viewpoint that needs some attention.
                WE live in a country of 300MM people. We have people who are entirely frustrated with our “system”. We have people, whose numbers are increasing greatly on a daily basis, forced to be criminals just simply to get something to eat.
                The government is playing flat out lying about economic statistics to convince the publik everything is OK even though we know it isn’t.
                To add to the frustration, we are being told by our great leader that we must pay for the illegal aliens healthcare, schooling, housing and even their food. We are paying for healthcare for our welfare schleps, many who haven’t worked a day in his/her life.
                My point…Social unrest in here to stay in this country for the foreseeable future. It’s gonna be like the Great Depression. We won’t be seeing soup lines these days because they’re using EBT cards. There are so many people who are unemployed and can’t find jobs. They’re going crazy with nothing to do. They’re gonna start acting up in bigger numbers because there are more of them. Get used to it.
                The media outlets are going to play on this to no end. Demonizing the cops, the gov and anybody else the can sink their claws into. All for ratings. If your going to let yourself get worked up over this ****, don’t watch TV.

                I don’t waste my time worrying about things that can’t be changed or are not worth the effort to change. If you have 1000 people affected by “police atrocities”, .00033% of the population is directly effected. .00033% kind of puts things into perspective huh. Most of the “perps” will be dealt with internally by the police. The cop who shot the guy in the back is going up for murder charges. Do the math.

                Today, I went to a fellows house. His old junky POS car was INOP. The only one he has to get to work to feed his family. So we did the bailing wire routine, scraped the spark plugs and distributor. The standard redneck tuneup. Now he can get back and forth to work for a few more weeks so he can keep his next to minimum wage job. If you want to burn your time on something, burn it on something worthwhile. Try helping your neighbor or volunteer for something.

                • redneck 101,
                  First you side with the cops for beating the pi** out of somebody then you are a good Samaritan. You have a lot of ground to cover to pass me up in the good Samaritan category.

            • we hate due process and the Constitution Very conservative hu? Nope.
              The only time we should sentence a man to death is when he kills someone in cold blood or kill pedophiles too.
              No one here is perfect,we have all done something in the past and I’m damn glad I’m alive.

          • i was first on scene at an accident a few months ago. a girl ran off the road and slammed into a rock and had some injuries, so i was assesing her condition when the cop showed up, and i let him talk to her(asked if she had been drinking), then i let him know what I SAW…bleeding from forehead, pain in wrists, pain in legs,…through all this i heard maaaybe she had been reported drunk driving….she passes out, and the cop seemed none too interested in her health, so i stayed to make sure she kept breathing, since the cop wouldn’t, until the paramedics got there…what if she had never taken a drink in her life, and she had bad news and gotten drunk…..first time, does she deserve to DIE for that….it’s that kind of attitude i saw at that scene….who gives a shit, she’s drunk….and that’s what i saw here in this video….let the sumbich die…tsk tsk tsk…

            • It’s not a cop’s job to save lives. Their job is only to run a chain of evidence at the scene in order to make charges stick…by hook or crook. Notice how, when approaching a stop, they will leave their prints on the rear of the trunk or fender. Evidence of vehicle stop in case of fleeing. They also often carry a “throwaway” knife or gun to plant on dead perp as evidence for “feeling threatened”.

              Thank’s for caring about the victim…you can tell the cop did not. Maybe you should get an award to hang on your wall, too, like some cops like to brag about.

              ME – “Do you LEOs have to follow the law, too?”

              COP – “Son, I AM the law.”

              Nuff said.

              • I’m not an EMT, but I still carry oxygen and EMT bag. Most of the other Deputies I work with have saved several lives recently, just like me. Out here in the Redoubt we are still first responders, often arriving 15 minutes or more before the ambulance. Hearing these stories on SHTF of these suckass cops from other parts of the country is just plain disheartening.

                • Old Cop, I’m glad to hear you’re still out there trying to help people in some form or fashion. My retired cop relatives did the same when they served and still do in retirement. Thank you for your service and keep up the good work.

        • Bet that will make him end his life of crime. Wrong!

          • Nope Mt. Trekker the beating won’t but a bullet will.

            Attention all would be criminals: You fuck with the cops and they are going to hurt you or kill you. Stop being a criminal!

            It’s that easy.


            • you’d do well in Iran or Saudi Arabia–they have the same mentality in Sharia states…..

              • What if your “javelin” is illegal, comrade?
                Since the constitution hangs by a thread, you could find yourself in a more ProgreSSive State that outlaws some firearms that were previously Legal! What do You do?
                Obey? all Laws may not be Constitutional or moral. The Nazi Ovens were Legal……..

        • redneck 101,
          Your comment shouldn’t surprise anyone. You are an arrogant jackass.

          • By all means, please elaborate. IF your capable. Name calling doesn’t have any affect on me BTW.

            • redneck 101,
              Go back quite a few months and REREAD the derogatory comment you made about myself and a few others. Maybe you think it’s fine when cops cross the line but I don’t.

          • X and Anon
            Biting on the latest hot button issue, in this case police “brutality”, is what your types do. You two have this progressive/communist perspective that ekes through your vernacular each and every time you try to make a stand. You seem to have an agenda. You bite on this stuff because it’s what is pushed to you via the media. You don’t really think about what your doing, you just jump on the latest media induced atrocity and twist things to meet you agenda’s needs. This type of incident has been going on since man has walked the earth. There’s nothing new under the sun.

            .00033% of the population is affected. With the current state of our world, the social unrest, unemployment and on and on, do you really think stoking this type of thing serves the best interest of anyone? Of course not. People are struggling to simply put the next meal on their table. Why sensationalize and stoke this type of thing when it effects so few.
            Most people who have had bad experiences with police were engaged in criminal activity to begin with. In my view and I’m sure a lot of other people feel the same way, once a person has committed a felony, they have forfeited most of their rights and liberties. Our horse thief is well into felony territory.

            It is remarkably stunning that our country has gotten to the point where we defend criminals with more effort than we enforce our laws.

            • Redneck 101,
              Why stoke this kind of thing? You certainly have plenty to say regarding this article. You certainly had something to say regarding my opinion on this subject in the past. You need to keep your facts straight. And it’s Ms. X, not X. If I jumped on the latest media bullshit like you accuse me of, I wouldn’t be on this site . Been here longer than you.

      5. Some Cops are A-holes, some are nice guys. The same can be said for Doctors, Pastors, Plumbers, and even Preppers.

        I’ve found that the people who react very strongly to stuff like this usually have “A Past” with Law Enforcement.

        Some ignorant people call Law Officers “pigs”, so I’m tell’n ya’ll to keep your nose clean and watch out fur them hogs!

        • The 95% make the 5% that are good look bad.
          Always been that way.

          • now, you guys just leave all the good cops in america ALONE!??….BOTH OF ‘EM!

            • 🙂

        • Yes I do have a past with them, prior to that incident I was pulled over (once walking, twice driving) for just looking scummy (had been working on a car). Apparently I looked like white trash so they decided to punk me, and I don’t appreciate two guys with fucking semi-automatic handguns strapped to their hips barking at me and then asking why I look nervous. Why do you think, Mr. Hand Cannon? You don’t exactly like me, do you?

          Similar experiences with friends for “driving while black”. Etc, etc.

          • You are always guilty in their minds until proven innocent or killed by them, whichever comes first.

        • hogs

          “I’ve found that the people who react very strongly to stuff like this usually have “A Past” with Law Enforcement”

          You mean like a past where because of some minor infraction or youthful mistake they were mistreated, brutalized, violated, bullied, and beaten by a group of men with badges and guns whom all claimed to have the right and the law on their side???

          If so….then yah I’d say you’d be right. It’s funny how everyone gets so elitist when they say, oh well just obey, or I’ve never had any run ins, or just don’t get arrested. Tell that to the good honest people during Katrina, tell that to the people in boston, tell that to the mother and daughter nearly shot to death in their truck during the Dorner fiasco in LA, tell that to the families not allowed to return home to their children in PA after Frein, tell that to the many of innocent people killed, beaten, and victimized everyday by power tripping tyrants. I’m happy for you that you have never had to deal with them in such a way, but these days in MANY officers eyes we are all would be criminals, if not the enemy. I am not against law enforcement, but law enforcement must be held to a higher standard and should always be carried out with the utmost respect for the LAW and professionalism. I shutter when I read so many people condoning brutal thuggish gang type actions. I’m done, I can’t go on trying to explain it anymore, It makes about as much sense as paintin a picture for the blind

          • Yes, yes, and yes.

      6. I saw the video of the guy getting shot in the back the other day and I must say, that was so fake it was incredible. Supposedly shot 5 times he was running away then stopped, went to his knees, flopped over forward. No blood whatsoever. They are manufacturing shit to keep the race game going.

        The video above has been going on forever, roided out cops that love to beat people. Those pigs will have their day guaranteed!

        • ask the cop that is going to trial for murder if it was fake

          • The trial could be fake too. Explain the way he fell and the no blood whatsoever.

            • Genius. You sound like you struggle performing simple tasks.

              • Anonymous, you sound like you struggle with critical thinking. I suppose you believe the 911 shit and sandy hook etc.

            • takes a little before the blood flows.. its really nothing like the movies

              • He layed there for a while and his shirt had no stains at all. And the cops acted like they didn’t see the person filming it? C’mon man this shit stinks!

                • When we kill animals we generally do it in such a way the heart pumps the blood out, chickens, hogs etc. Cows are another matter, they are too large to take that track. I can tell you there is little blood when you shoot a cow in the brain, they need to be hung up by the back legs, and it takes some time to drain the blood.
                  It is NOTHING like the movies.

                  • No, it’s not always like in the movies, with blood spurting everywhere and spreading pools of it covering the floor.

                    When my cousin and I were kids, he accidentally shot himself with a .22 at close range. He was handing it to his brother when it went off by accident.

                    We didn’t know it at the time, but the bullet ping-ponged around inside him, lodging near his spine. We didn’t see no blood at first. It took a while to realize there was a bullet somewhere, we just didn’t see any blood. About 5 minutes later, my cousin collapsed.

                    We called an ambulance and then and only then, we found out what happened. My cousin lived, after they opened him up like a frog to repair all the damage the ricochet caused.

                • He was shot in the heart. Blood flow stops when the heart stops pumping?

                • blood flows to the ground it cant go against the laws of nature

                  the pool of blood would end up on the grass/dirt ..not up on top of his back , and as i said before takes a while

                  the only time you might see “pink mist” is if you blow off an entire body part like an arm or head with a high caliber projectile

        • Genius. Time you made yourself a new tin foil hat.

        • Sorry, but you better change your name to “Not so smart”. Shot lots of deer. Sometimes lots of blood, sometimes not. IF he fell forward and was shot in the back , just how is the blood supposed to leak out? No picture I’ve seen would have showed blood anyway. Clothes soak up a lot and act as bandages. You know not of what you talk.

      7. Someone installed “a bug” here.

        Facebook claims ‘a bug’ made it track nonusers

        “Facebook researchers have found “a bug” that caused it to track people, even if they had never visited its website, the social media giant acknowledged this week.

        The bug caused the company to place cookies — a common way to track people’s browsing habits on the Web — on “some” people’s browsers, even if they had never visited to sign up for an account, the social media website’s European Public Policy Vice President Richard Allan wrote in a blog post on Wednesday.”

        • Nice cover for the surveillance of dissidents, right? But only when caught.

      8. Lets be clear…a vast majority of these so called victims deserve what they get. Yes, the police have a higher culture of violence these days, but only because of the increased violence of the criminal class. Police often find themselves outgunned by crazed drup-induced pychopaths, or just a general public that has little respect or disregard for the rule of law. Once we force cops to second-guess or hesitate in an arrest or pursuit situation, your going to see many more dead cops than dead criminals. This is not to say that we have rogue cops that should be dismissed or indicted for crimes against the public. But it is clear that a general continual constraining of law enforcement, will lead to an increase of the criminal class, putting all of us at an increased risk. Case in point, that if the officer that shot Michael Brown (a criminal) had hesitated to draw his sidearm, for fear of violating Browns civil rights…and possible indictments, we would have yet another dead officer instead of a dead criminal. Be very careful for what you all wish for, and where this all goes.!!!!

        • I’d prefer cops take a second to THINK about what they’re doing, rather than acting on pure animal instinct. It seems today, they teach them the instinct to kill, but not how to control that deadly instinct.

          Actions without any control are always dangerous.

          I’ll say it again —if a cop is so terrified that he thinks everyone is out to kill them, then he/she should quit and go bake bread, load trucks, flip burgers, etc…

          • Sixpack, I understand when you’re coming from, but the time to THINK about how you will handle any hypothetical situation is when you’re OFF DUTY and NOT in the situation itself. If/when you get into such a situation you don’t have time to think; you have to act. Go over every possible situation step-by-step in your mind when you’re not at work and try to develop a plan of action for every such scenario. Whatever you do, you’re the one who has to live with the consequences no matter what they turn out to be. You have to be able to look in the mirror and say to yourself you did the right thing, pick up the pieces, and move on. Every time I got into a fight when I was in school, I went through the same things. To this day, I can still look in the mirror and say i was right to act in self-defense. I still walk tall and hold my head up high.

            • You remember kid fights from 40 years ago? Sheesh, you must really lead an interesting life{sarc}

              • Joel, I WAS in a lot of fights as a kid, not because I wanted to be, but because I was forced into them. I never wanted any of those incidents to happen, but they still happened anyway. You just don’t go and let anyone with bad intentions toward you have their own way with you. Something like that can and will get you killed. I hold the concept of individual self-defense near and dear to me. That’s how I was raised, the RIGHT way, NOT with any of the politically correct BS. I wouldn’t have it any other way and I’ll never apologize to anyone for that.

                • I was in a couple of fights as a kid. They kept picking on “the new kid” until I finally let loose on their asses one time. I went for blood, bruises and black eyes…

                  They left me alone after that.


                  I believe we should be able to defend ourselves, even against a cop, IF he’s doing wrong. I’s like to see citizen mobs step in and stop a few beat downs with force. Pull the cop off and subdue him until someone comes to ARREST THE COP.

                  Here are some examples I recommend you watch:

                  ht tps://

                  ht tps://

                  Here’s one so bad, you have to sign in to prove you’re old enough to see it”

                  ht tps://

                • Braveheart, fyi EVERYBODY is involved in some kind of fights growing up, it’s the way the world naturally works. If you try to understand my comment, it’s not unusual to get into a few, what’s really strange about you is remembering them 40 years later into later stages of adulthood,when most have long forgotten who or why they ever happened in the first place.

        • Certainly I’m not hoping for cop killing, but rather that the police departments start screening out the psychopaths that want the job for power, or the gun, or whatever.

          Yes, the guy led them on a three mile chase on a stolen horse. The adrenalin Is up, and with it the rage. However when he fell off, was stunned and put his hands behind his back the cuffs come out, and he gets walked out. So says the constitution of these United States.

          As Deputies, these men are officers of the court, THE COURT. Sworn to uphold the constitution.

          They collectively knew this, and yet as a group acted in a manner that people with such responsibility should not.

        • Bullshit. There are many examples of perfectly innocent people be tazed, beaten and/or killed by the police. If I were so inclined I could make an *extensive* list, but you can do the same research as I.

          Eric Garner, Kelly Thomas and Jose Geurena could not be reached for further comment.

      9. fucking oinkers

      10. It’s just another day in the “Wild Wild West” of “Cops Gone Wild”

        There is an evil element running throughout the land. It has corrupted the minds of LE.

        We citizens are now “Guilty, until proven innocent”.

        Stay home, stay out of trouble, and most of all….avoid LE by all means possible. You never know when they are about to snap and take out a lifetime of pent up anger on an innocent bystander.

        • there is NO GUBMINT EMPLOYEE that i want to interact with….NONE!!!.not even a postal worker.

      11. The person who stole the horse started it all in motion.
        Bad Karma. Should have stayed in bed.

        Do Police go around kicking the shit out of everyone they meet? No. But things should change. If you do not want repeat offenders, than make jail a place that the criminal does not talk of it as a pleasure palace. Cruel and unusual punishment you say. Then don’t bitch. Also if you are the same cops beating people for no reason then they should go to jail and placed in the general population of the prison.

      12. All I can say is thank goodness for video. If it wasn’t for the news video it would never have come to light. You have to wonder how many millions of cases of police murder and abuse have been swept under the rug. I guess this is how police are being programmed to deal with minor infractions and the general public.

        • Seeing all the videos lately, it is damn scary to wonder how much of this shit is going on. It is all fun and games until your the one that they decide has committed an egregious crime such as driving with a tail light out.

          • Gonetoolong,

            My concern is that everyone has their breaking point, and police are pushing the boundaries of those limits daily. How much more abuse can people take before they begin to retaliate? At the current levels of police militarization, if confronting police is seen as a civic duty, things will get ugly and bloody very quickly. The police will show no mercy or restraint in their reprisal.

            It is obvious now, even to an oblivious observer, that many police are taking some degree of pleasure in hunting down, assaulting, and killing unarmed people over misunderstandings and minor infractions. This cannot go on forever. Bad times are ahead for sure.

          • Agreed. Ferguson was rife with people being pulled over for minor infractions with massive tickets. Over half of the cities revenue was from tickets. People would go to Jail for not being able to pay.

            This is contrary to the 14 amendment, BTW.

            I believe the people felt pushed into a corner, and they finally struck back. Sadly, Michael Brown was not the man he should have been, as has been repeatedly pointed out.

            None of us are.

      13. It is not okay to do what these officers did to this man. They are important and must be an example to the rest of society of following laws, not breaking them. Sad, because now this long time criminal has an excuse to sue and get tax dollars because of the behavior of these officers. There are good and bad people in all professions but in law enforcement they can not be tolerated.

      14. This does not surprise me one bit cops are violent. I can tell you stories but I will spare you. The thing that gets me is all the cops partaking in this guys beating. Cops are all bad but there are some that arent. It used to be most cops are good guys but there is a few bad ones. It’s safe to feel that most cops are criminals. For them it’s a green light to commit crimes. It’s about time people started filming their crimes. People the police are a brotherhood. They look out for each other. They do not care about what the public thinks of them. They would rather we fear them. It’s more beneficial to them. They keep this shit up there will be a huge backlash by the community. It’s coming.

        • Well guys and gals, it would appear there is another video coming out that shows the real story so I am just going to hold judgment on this one.


      15. Everyone is beholden to the rule of law NO DOUBLE STANDARDS

      16. Luckily, that guy can keep his doctor.

      17. I was on that response (Summit valley not Apple valley). The deputies were serving him a warrant at his residence and he ran, stole a horse and led the deputies on a chase. This showed the second set of officers, which just got off the helo. The first set had several cases of heat exhaustion from chasing him on foot.
        The guy that ran is a booger eater and a moron. That being said, the deputies stepped waaayyyyyy over the line on that arrest.
        The Sheriff will not tolerate actions we just witnessed, has already started an investigation and the feds will be involved.
        BTW, the suspect already has an attorney calling for the dismissal of the deputies. He is going to have one hell of a big payout.

        • Uh huh…and if it wasn’t caught on video?

          • I think you already know the answer to that question…..

        • I don’t know about all of yall, but if I’m going to be arrested I’m at least going to make the cop chase me first.

          You never know if you can get away unless you try.

      18. Simply amazing. I suppose some of you think it is perfectly acceptable that if some drunk guy, with multiple arrests for DUI, accidentally walks into your house, thinks, “Oops! Drunk ass me,” and walks out and on down the highway, you have the right to chase him down and shoot his ass. Or, at the least to kick him in the balls, and repeatedly kick him in the head.

        Here is the facts assholes. We have a justice system, despite what some of us think of it on either side of the spectrum. This man, despite his “criminal” record, gave in and gave up. Except for the stun-drive that made him twitch, he put his hands behind his back. End of story. Knee between the shoulder-blades and handcuffed. Go to jail. Go to court. Possible jury trial. Sentenced.

        What you people fail to understand, is that the continued police abuse is bringing us closer and closer to SHTF. Your acceptance of this behavior, is the promotion of the Police State. The more that this type of behavior is accepted, the more that this type of behavior goes unpunished, the more it will grow, and grow, and grow… until one day, you find it at your doorstep. Nazi Germany did not happen overnight. It happened in baby-steps. A little condoning here and a little condoning there. But, but, but… Hitler promised to save us! From the criminals and the bad guys! And it grew and grew from there.

        Now, in accordance with the theme of this website, can’t you just wait until you are a criminal… and justice is met out to you?

        • Thank you

        • Wow, I loved your comment. After watching video, my heart began to pound hard and fast. This man was a petty criminal compared to the criminals we discuss here week after week. Have you all forgotten who the real trouble makers are?

        • Curtis, damned good post.

        • Yep. Thanks.

      19. American cops just killed more people in March then the U.K. did in the entire 20th century

        htt ps://

        • I agree, the UK needs to be killing more criminals.

          • Good one Smokey

      20. Police body cameras will do nothing to stop this. You are buying into the Hegelian dialectic if you promote this. The videos taken by these cameras will be subject to editing and regular folks will be banned from taking their own videos.

        • Both good points and I had similar thoughts — the hope would be this:

          1) Body cameras live stream directly to the internet for the public to view at any time — kind of like the crowd sourcing they do in astronomy
          2) The Supreme Court has already upheld that a citizen can record an officer of the law in a public venue or in an environment where the offifcial has no reasonable expectation of privacy so for them to ban video recording by average folks they would have to get that overturned (which, at least, gives us some level of protection for now).

          On another note: I find it somewhat ironic that I am advocating for body cameras everywhere despite Orwell’s warnings of what that could lead to… But then again, the gov is already watching all of us at this point and we have willingly put monitoring tech in our pockets, purses and homes… so we might as well get to watch them back.

          • “we have willingly put monitoring tech in our pockets, purses and homes… so we might as well get to watch them back”

            WINS! My favorite statement of the day.

          • that’s the best idea i’ve heard in a long time mac!….and thanks for a great blog!!!!!one of my top 3 faves and must-read every DAY(several times, thanks to the comments section!)…now get to work on them thumbs!……purty pleeeeeze?

          • Body cameras will do absolutely nothing. For one thing they must have an on and off switch, unless we decide it’s ok to live stream the police taking a dump in the restroom, or maybe talkin to their partner about their cheating spouse or their husbands erectile disfunction. Police are afforded some privacy too. But if they can be turned off they will be turned off at just the right times. Secondly, look at the vantage point you get from them, all you see is a crappy view in front of officers camera. That won’t do a single thing to stop police from shooting unarmed citizens and then simply saying “they went for my gun”. Thirdly, I’ll just say it’s one step even closer to Happy New Year 1984!!!!

            So my point…To hell with body cameras, We have to revise police training, and individual police and police departments as a whole must respect and adhere to constitutional rights.

            Though I also believe we need to work out a system of only elected officials, such as sheriffs and deputies and constables. There’s a reason that county sheriffs deputies are generally easier to talk to and deal with than city and state police. It’s a big problem that we have allowed to grow and grow and grow. So trying to rush and fix it with body cameras, etc., etc. Is kind of like deciding you should wear rubbers and eat more vegetables after you find out you have full blown AIDS

      21. This is a disgrace, as I plundered the deserts I treated victims better than these hoodlums. How times have changed…

      22. I hope this thing doesn’t take hold

        First report of a new crop virus in North America

        ht tp://

      23. Animal cruelty convictions in his past, really.

        I would have kicked the crap out of him myself for that.

        Maybe next he can take up shaking babies.

      24. That behavior is the kind of behavior that makes good everyday cops look bad. I am friends with a few Cops and they hate this type of crap, that makes them look bad. These goones have damaged the reputation of good cops.

        • Both of them?

      25. The latest incident shows, yet again, the culture of violence and total disregard for the rule of law that exists within America’s police departments from coast to coast.

        Wrong, this is Los Angeles.

        What the hell do you expect?

        Did you really thing Christopher Dorner was WRONG?

        … really?

        Oh, yeah… the house he was holed up in “mysteriously” *cough* caught on fire… yeah. Uh huh yup.

      26. end all be all for those defending the cops…

        its not their job to be Judge Jury and executioner ,, end of story .. this is an epic fuck up

        and it escalated from 2 cops beating a drunk guys ass that might not have even known wtf he was doing , like you aint never been stupid drunk in your life.. right spare me, shit! countless cops all getting their kicks in..It Is SICK

        its a culture of violence and its spilling out all over the dam place .. wait until it enters your life, yeah just sit at home sucking your thumb cause your too afraid to go outside wtf is that?

        and no I havent had any ill encounters with cops and never been arrested but i sure know excessive illegal force when i see it and im not sucking any cops ass thinking they are above me or the LAW

        this was completely uncalled for no excuses cuff and stuff the drunk ass, and avoid making yourself look like an ass and a thug , aint you guys hated enough already?

      27. When “Law Enforcement Officers” do this, the anger and resentment of government grows, especially when those individuals are not punished the way a civilian that beat a cop would be. Society is segregating now, and not just along racial lines: Those that support the status quo vs. those that don’t. Violence is coming.

        • …again, this is part of the NWO plan…another form of ‘divide and conquer’.

      28. This cannot be tolerated. When the people charged with enforcing the law so flagrantly break it, the rule of law collapses, and so does our society. In America a man is innocent until proven guilty and he is given a fair hearing in a court of law before punishment. Even frontier lawmen gave people a trail before hanging them, they didn’t beat them to death first.. Finally if people believe they will be beaten to death of they give up peacefully, what incentive is there for them to do so. These cops are actually making their jobs more dangerous with this bullshit.

        • Bigbluedrew, AMEN to your comments.

        • Couldn’t have said it better, thanks.

        • Bingo.

      29. Government schools and complicit media have indoctrinated Amerikans to approve of violence. Few schools teach the genocide that “won the West” with anything other than approval. To this day, the lie that using the two atomic bombs in Japan was militarily necessary persists … unquestioned by the vast majority.

        We are all properly outraged when a Chechen kid in Boston commits an act of terrorism. When an F-18 slaughters have of a village in the Middle East … and who cares. They’re “the enemy.” Is it only Amerikan lives that matter?

        There has been a perspective change in how LE have been trained the last 20+ years. Officer Friendly, the peace officer, is a rarity. You teach a self-selected 3% of Amerikan youth to be killers for the government. When they come home and decide to be cops, because they caught a taste of being our hired thug and liked it, BIG SURPRISE that they act like an occupying army. We mundanes are “the enemy.”

        I doubt if one cop in a hundred has ever read that Constitution he swore an oath to defend. With a compliant media and judiciary, anytime he feels like brutalizing someone, in the (mostly) confident belief he will get away with it, “Officer Safety”
        trumps everything else.

        Our rights? We don’t have any, except in rare cases.

        The Amerikan public has been comfortable in its assigned role as “managed farm animals” for at least two generations. We’ve got the government and the law enforcement we deserve.

        You’re perfectly fine with violence, have been every day for years. So long as the victim is somebody you’ve been indoctrinated to think has no claim to your respect. So don’t act so shocked to see what it looks like.

        • Great post John_Allen….

        • And don’t be so indignant when it happens to you or yours.

          You bought it. You pay for it.

        • good one john!

        • Another +1 for John_Allen. Good post.

      30. Remember, those asshole cops will be at home guarding their homes and families when the shtf. Sure they wont be given any shit like the rest of us will get but they still will be on their guard for their own safety. They have to remember, the stuff they pulled on ordinary citizens will come back to haunt them. Most folks who were treated badly will hold a grudge, I know I will! They need any help or support from any one they will have to look to their own. The Blue Wall will be even higher.

        • MarkOwen, I agree. What comes around still goes around.

      31. I never understood why these people run from the police. It seems to make the police more angry and more likely to respond with violence.

        • Yeah, when a peasant fails to bow low enough to a king, it tends to make said king angry.


        it reminded me of what happened to rodney king.

        funny how as much as things change over the years and humans evolve , some things never change.

        it’s due to humans evolutionary origins, deep down inside humans are still just predatory animals!

      33. Actually it is quite simple. Obey the law, cooperate with Police and you will not be subjected to negative responses physical or otherwise. All you bleeding hearts need to quit blaming the Cops for getting in the gutter and cleaning up the crap you don’t want to admit exists.

        • @ Ltpar

          You’re such a good little fascist. Do you get all butthurt when a citizen, acting within his constitutional rights, challenges your “authority?”

          Actually it is quite simple. Sit down for a few hours. Read the Bill of Rights. For the first and only time in your thug life. That’s the supreme law of the land. Obey it.

          • John Allen, excellent post. Ltpar doesn’t realize the cops already look at him as crap, thanks to federal/DHS brainwashing at the academies since 9/11.

        • problem is
          eventually YOU will be regarded by the cops as “crap”

          wake up
          read a little history

          • Yes.

      34. Red Leader,sixpack, the guy in the ball cap is NOT off the hook.He was obligated to stop it,he did not. Take his badge along with the others. The fact that there was a reporters helicopter taking all this in,and they never noticed,tells me they were beyond,beyond control.

      35. The deputy’s WERE wearing body cameras. So says the Sheriff

        • oh GOODY!

      36. To my understanding the horse kicked him too.

        Was the horse pissed off too ????

      37. Didn’t read the posted article and won’t Only came here to note that this blog-whore is annoyingly spamming this piece in comments on real websites to up his clicks.

        If it were worthwhile reading perhaps others would spread the word, but, evidently, not.

      38. Yup. Slimy spammer is slimy and keeps spamming.

        If slimy spammer actually had something worthwhile to say it wouldn’t be necessary.

      39. PDs really need to delete mentally defective officers from their ranks.
        How the hell did they pass their psych tests and where are their profiles !?

        At what point does a badge and a uniform turn people into animals who think they are lawfully justified into beating an alleged suspect to death almost, or in that other homicide case to empty a mag at a suspect jogging away !?

        If either events police reports do not match the video sequences, then we will all need video devices for our own protection.

        Both recent events are obscene and disgusting.

      40. There is only one “Coin” in play, Comrades. There is only One Pol Party in reality, All ProgreSSive, All the time. With the population of the country being divided for eventual takedown. The National Socialist Police Forces must be “reformed” (part of the “change”)and above all Strengthened. How to get the “Law& Order” Whites on board?
        Criminals and Rioters. How to get the minorities on board?
        Police Tyranny and Racism. Then comes the Big Feral Gov. “Solution” for the problem the Progs created in the first place. The sheeples play “checkers”, while the Oligarchs play “chess.”

      41. Hey, if they didn’t want them to beat people, they wouldn’t give them night sticks.

        • Amen

      42. Typical PIG pussies. Reciprocate their actions in kind. Semper Fi. III

      43. The article says that the beating was caught by “a police helicopter”. It was NOT. NBC channel 4 is the one who caught it. If the cops caught that, it would have never seen the light of day. And those criminal goons probably stopped beating that poor man around the 6 mns mark only probably because someone radioed in that they were on TV. Heyyy, smile bitches, you’re on Worldwide television!!!

        An investigation?!?!? what investigation?!?!? …yet one more wasteful empty one. Count the blows and punches this guy got when he was fully compliant and submissive. That’s the only investigation that will ever be needed. They were put on PAID leave, when they should have been rounded up and thrown to the zoo lions, very hungry lions. Now, that will be fun to watch. LOL. And just see how the cowards will be begging for mercy then. laughing hyenas maybe be better to maximize the humiliation.

      44. running from police never pays. Just stop and do what you are told

        • Snowden ran.
          It has paid wonderfully for his freedom balance.

          Your perception is faulty.

          • Oh yea he’s living the high life alright. Once becomes no use he will become fish bait.

      45. How many cops does it take to throw a suspect down the stairs…..NONE HE FELL

        Francis Jared Pusok Address –
        21157 Del Oro Rd Apple Valley CA 92308
        Convicted Felon Francis Jared Pusok Invaded our home at 4am on Monday April 06, 2015 while my family slept in house he cut open my fence, cut pad lock off my gate, jumped my block wall, entered my garage, entered my home, stole my street bike, my lock and cable and violated our family. What would of happened if one of us or our dogs would of encounter him? We are offended at the publics reaction to the police encounter with him. The public didn’t encounter him. He sought out this attention. You don’t invade someone’s home or steal in the dead of night and expect to be greeted with less than deadly force.
        Our house was not the only one robbed and damaged by him. It won’t be the last either. He shot his girlfriend’s dog. If my dogs were outside, what of his plan to do with mine? My wife can’t sleep due to the situation he created. She worries that none of us are safe. Our daughter is scared to come home, our son is concered about leaving our home unattended and our other son is fearful to leave his children at our home over night now. This Francis Jared Pusok individual is broken and can’t be rehabilitated. His girlfriend is aware of his criminal behavior and allows him to store stole property at their home, where their children live. She has received stolen property, protects and supports Francis Jared Pusok criminal behavior. Law Enforcement recovered my street bike on Thursday April 09, 2015. Still have missing property, property damage and other issues caused by Francis Jared Pusok.

        • IF ….IF, he did all that, then he should be found guilty by a jury of his PEERS, and sent to the electric BLEACHERS…what, you don’t believe in the electric chair?…well, if I’M ELECTED king, we will have electric BLEACHERS for this muhfugguh, and his like……but we STILL won’t be beating citizens AFTER they are cuffed, and i know of no civilized country that could find THIS acceptable. so, are they beating him NOW, as i type this, several days later? you’re ok with that too, right?….when does the beating STOP…..after he’s dead?….why not AFTER he’s dead? why shouldn’t we keep beating him?….just remember, when it’s YOUR turn for a beatdown, you said it was ok to torture. san bernardino county sheriffs just put THEIR policy out there for ALL to see……what are you going to DO about it, america(ns)?

      47. The population won’t believe for much longer that these are just a few isolated ‘bad apple’ cops, if all the ‘good apple’ cops don’t collectively speak up condemning them and demanding they be fully prosecuted.

      48. See i keep telling you that once you let the police start to execute blacks on the streets and are allowed to get away with it then it is you thats becomes the next target.

        The police are out of control because all the judges are on the pay roll but that does not stop some dumb arse american from banging on about democracy and the land of the free.

        What the US has today is worse than what germany had in the 1940’s and it will only get worse unless you yanks stop being cowards and learn how to kick back.

      49. Steal my horse, I shoot you! This guy got off easy.

        • but he hasn’t “gotten off easy”…has he?…he’s going to be tried, probly convicted, and do some SERIOUS jail time?…unless, of course, he gets set free to do his thing AGAIN ….BECAUSE these dumbshits BEAT him, when they had no right OR JUSTIFICATION to do so!….meanwhile the perps get time off for “good behavior” while the guys that DID IT investigate them(selves)!…like my prison-guard buddy says, “if you aint got an off switch, you better find another line of work”….

      50. FWIW, something I never see people point out, is the chase impulse that all human beings (and a lot of animals) share. Cops chasing a bad guy are just as likely to experience feelings of hyper aggression when chasing a bad guy as dogs chasing prey or soldiers chasing retreating enemy troops. If you read about ancient wars, the time right after one force broke and ran was when the massacre happened.

        If you’re going to run from the cops, even if you haven’t done anything, expect to be chased.

        Next issue-the more cops in that group, the more likely they’ll resort to violence. That’s not because they’re cops, but because many people lose their individuality to the group they’re a part of and go with the group’s actions. If the first cop to catch the guy whipped out his club, the following cops are just as likely to jump in. It would be the rare individual who could resist the group think and try to stop the mass. It’s the same impulse you see when a protest suddenly turns into looting and violence. It only takes a couple people smashing in a store window, and not being stopped, to lead a crowd into widespread looting and chaos. The same phenomenon has been studied in the Final Solution and the My Lai Massacre. (remember how it was one dude who tried to stop the My Lai Massacre?)

        To put it more succinctly, in the immortal words of Mr. Chris Rock, “If the cops gotta chase you, they’re probably bringin’ an a$$ kickin’ with them!”

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