Savage Confusion: ‘Obama Pays My Welfare Check’

by | Jun 16, 2010 | Headline News | 38 comments

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    A listener of the Savage Nation, hosted by Michael Savage, proves that no matter how many people we think may have woken up from their government slumber there are still millions asleep.

    Be assured that behind this women stand tens of millions of Americans who have absolutely no clue as to what is happening to their country, nor do they care to know.

    You really can’t make this stuff up.

    Hat tip to sister-in-law


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      1. Although it’s pretty scary, we all know these idiots are out there.    More than we think.

      2. I really believe in Zombies now. And they are sucking the life blood out of this country.
        Her  favorite song must be Imagine.

      3. I do believe there are people who think this way, however this particular episode seems contrived and this level of ignorance undoubtedly represents a very small percentage of the 40 million welfare recipients here in the U.S.
        While the statement  “Obama pays my welfare check” coming from an entitlement junkie certainly is offensive in nature to the average American taxpayer, why is it that Joe Government worker exclaiming “I pay my taxes”  doesn’t illicit a similar response?  Both of these people are getting a free ride compliments of the American taxpayer yet one is despised over the other.  Think about it.

      4. In my humble opinion I think 35 to 40% of the population have no clue. I’ve talked to people who don’t even know who the president is.

      5. Yeah Patriot, I definitely can second that statement.  Overall I find that most people I meet simply don’t read books or much of anything else for that matter. Rather than read, they prefer to listen to televisions and absorb whatever garbage, propaganda, and other mental/spiritual poison the lords of television decide to vomit at them.  Will that change? Don’t count on it.
        Certainly there are a lot of different people out there who all generally fall somewhere on a broad spectrum of “types”. A lot of folks are struggling at work and are so busy that life is basically coming at them day by day. They may not have an internet connection, which to me is a major limitation on one’s access to information. Many folks never really developed an interest in reading/learning more than they had to in school (which often enough does a terrible job at exposing kids to useful information) or to hold whatever particular job they happen to have. I’ve always thirsted for more knowledge. I think most folks on this site are the same. On some level I think most people have that same drive, which makes us ask why, or how, and so forth. BUT, I strongly feel, based on what I see around me and hear coming from the echoes of the masses, that a large majority are simply happy as can be with the buffet of bread and games that they have to choose from. The sad thing is that they don’t see it that way. Gameshows, American Idol, you name it.(No offense to anyone’s family members, I understand) I saw a preview on television (yes, I do own one!!) for some type of gameshow or dancing show(for me it is beyond my ability to describe it) and it made me really wonder how many people were that shallow to be “entertained” by garbage like that.  Forgive me if I’m starting to sound like some kind of intellectual or social nazi. I’m no angel nor do I see myself as any kind of ideal. But, its a tragedy for even one child to have to absorb that poison. The stuff is anti-intellect. Basically promoting mindlessness and when kids see “adults” in the middle of it all, they will just assimilate the stuff as “normal” behavior. And so the vicious cycle continues its march. Mac got it right when he said,
        “A listener of the Savage Nation, hosted by Michael Savage, proves that no matter how many people we think may have woken up from their government slumber there are still millions asleep.
        Be assured that behind this women stand tens of millions of Americans who have absolutely no clue as to what is happening to their country, nor do they care to know.”
        There is no big solution. I hear a lot of people different websites, or blogs say things to the effect of, “The elite control everything”, or “They control us all”. You get the point. Certainly there are a number of groups, organizations, families, and individuals on Earth who wield massive influence over the world’s population(s). I use the word influence, because I believe in free will. I do evil because I choose to do evil. The world may influence me as insidious as ole’ Mystery Babylon can be, but I am my own architect. My point is that each person wields there own influence over their environment for lack of a better word. Every word Mac Slavo writes on this site, every smile Patriot One gives, and every action I take has power and thus influence on this Earth. It may not seem like much to us, especially in light of the evolving and growing manifestations of wickedness and spiritual blindness that we see all around us these days.  I’m not speaking from a “Christian” view, nor any other “religious” context. I’m simply talking about the observable and undeniable realities that surround us.
        For those out there who feel like all your ills can be blamed on the self proclaimed “elite”, maybe you should step back and realize that it takes two to tango. Yeah, sure millions of Americans went home tonight to be bombarded by propaganda and lies in their own home. Yeah the propagandists are cheap and often nothing more than moral or spiritual prostitutes who seek to lead other people away from the TRUTH. But, those Americans have a free will and they are on their own journey called life. We should help our fellow humans when we can, but don’t make excuses for them. No, blaming the Global elite won’t solve our problems. It can identify what’s going on. Then spread the word, but like the lady on Michael Savages radio show, people are gonna be people. Good night.

      6. She is no different than the people lined up in Detroit for rent assistance checks. When they asked the people in line where the money came from that was supposed to help them, they replied it came from Obama’s stash.

      7. Two things I want to point out about this youtube video: 1. This lady sounds too stupid and too liberal even for a stupid liberal. I just have a 6th sense about these things and I honestly think this call was staged. I just have a very strong feeling that it was.

        2. More importantly, listen to what she says when Savage asks her where Obama is getting the money from.  She actually says “I don’t know… his stash.” That is exactly to the word what another woman said in this video. Check it out:

      8. Hah! Obama pays her welfare check! Is she serious?

        Because of people like that I welcome when the SHTF. I am out of the city and well out of the way when those people start killing and eating each other. It may sound cruel but people like that is the reason we are in the position we find ourselves in. People simply do not care anymore (at least the majority don’t anyway).

        While the rest of us struggle to pay our bills in this deteriorating economy I cannot help but feel contempt for these social leeches.

      9. These are the people that will be in the streets killing anyone they can get their hands on for a morsel of your food that you were smart enough to save…

        Please get ready boys and girls!!!

      10. If ignorance is honestly bliss …… then most Americans are amongst the happiest campers on the face of this earth.

        You’ll be OK if you just remember what Daddy used to say; “Son,  always remember that there are more horses asses in this world than there are horses”.

        Dr Simon is 100% correct in his representation that these are the people who will feel ENTITLED to rob and kill others in order to take what they have managed to put aside to help them survive the coming hard times in this country.

        My daughter used to ask me; “More ammunition daddy?”, when I would walk back in the house with another ammo purchase. Now she asks; “Are you sure that we have enough daddy?”

        Get ready, it’s coming quick!

      11. I am afraid I agree that most people these days don’t have a clue.
        Most are tv junkies who believe what they hear on “The View”. Or I could name any number of other ridiculous shows. Really digging into history and seeing what has transpired and what is going on is too much work. And the kids these days! If it isn’t on Facebook, Twitter or some other ‘social media’ outlet, they cannot ‘deal with it’. The sense of entitlement in this country is unbelievable. I don’t know where it’s going to end.

      12. Oh my… that clip just ruined my morning.

      13. xopatriot, hermes, etc:    I couldn’t agree more, as a retiree, I can’t believe the number of zombies and whimps of all ages! (not many real men today) even the older ones are moronic!  They live in front of the TV , and they don’t watch Nat Geo or the History ch or educ. stuff;  just crap..others are too busy at the golf course to care about future generations (kids &  G kids) I don’t think there are more than 5% in the USA that have a clue or understand the NWO, the org. involved or the people at the top of this.

      14. We’re in hell. America is screwed! Sorry, that’s the cold, hard truth.

      15. Great post form all. Hermes you are over the top. I have many in my own family who watch one mindless TV show after another. They are transformed into mindless people who can tell you everything about American Idol or The Real House wife’s, of you name the town, and Dancing with the Stars, but reject real facts.

        We can’t save the world. In the event of a real collapse 35 to 40% would die in a matter of weeks because they don’t know enough to find and drink water. Its a basic, Its simple and they will die waiting for the government to save them.

        Think about it, we have about 5 million first responders including our active and reserve military. America is made up of 3.79 million square miles of real estate and a population of about 309 million. The government couldn’t even get 1 bottle of water to the 309 million in a week.

        I said that, to say this. Unless you are cought in a major metropolitian area no help will ever arrive. Major Metropolitian areas will become large FEMA Camps controled by martial law.

      16. This is very very very frightening. When the shtf these will be the same people that will riot and panic and use violence when there is no govt aid. Patriot One there isn’t enough manpower to pull of martial law. Remember Katrina guys. There was many cops who stayed home during Katrina and it took  the national guard to come. Now imagine Katrina in every city over 100,00 and it goes on for years. This is why we are screwed the average American does not care that the Patriot Act took our rights. They do not care we went into Iraq for false pretenses. They do not care about our sacred second amendment,and they have no clue how Cap and Trade will destroy what is left of our economy. I have a challenge for you guys ask your average friends do they how much is our national debt. Ask them do they know what are unfunded liabilities.Ask them how much pension funds are underfunded both private and public.Ask them how many people are on food stamps. Ask them about the student loan,commercial real estate,muni bonds bubble. Tell them do they know about the alt-a and option arm resets that are coming mid 2011. They have no idea what awaits them.And they wil be the first tha will do extreme measures to survive.Get your gus ready because America is going to dissolve into chaos.

      17. Hey M.A. I am aware martial law will not work on a large scale, but they will be able the control the largest metro area with Martial law. My point was we have to much real estate and to many people for martail law to work. If every soldier reported for duty we would have a ratio of 1 soldier to every 3.62 square miles if we back out the sailors. Just how long do you think a soldier would last?

        “We the people” have more guns and ammo then all the armies of the world. Which for your information is only about 28 million troops world wide.

        We really need to wake up! The numbers say, we are in command..

      18. “We the people” have more guns and ammo then all the armies of the world. Which for your information is only about 28 million troops world wide…………

        Thanks for that info Patriot, I followed up on it and surprisingly enough I found the worldwide troop total to be closer to 20 million, a bit shy actually. The number of American gun owners is 80 million with some 258 million guns in possession ( legally LOL). You are quite correct……….we are in command, it will be a long sad day when that knowledge is commonplace; it’s too bad this scenario is the one wich has the biggest chance of playing out. Nonetheless, live free or die. It’s the American way.

      19. SanityJones

        I can’t remember where I got the number from. I did round up to 28M the number I saw was around 27.6M. Where did you find it?

        By the numbers and assuming they won’t go nuke on civilians we should be able to but them down quickly.

        I haven’t checked it out yet but the site says it can calculate anything.

        Thanks for the other numbers. I hope everyone reads them.

      20. Guys, don’t forget China can field a ‘Peoples Army’ of 200 million.  And we owe the Chinese a lot of money.   If I recall a SHTF article some time back Obama is already in the process of allowing them to seize U.S. assets as settlement of should these debts be defaulted on .  Warren Buffet has purchased a railroad line going to the Pacific coast.   He knows that we will strip the U.S. of it’s natural resources (coal and timber) to feed the China economic machine.   I believe this is the reason the Chinese continue to buy our bullshit U.S. Treasury bonds.  They will get paid………one way of the other.   Compliments of Obama, Geithner, Buffet, and other traitors.    Once this occurs the U.S. will lose it’s world power status and be acclimated into the global governance scheme.    Obama was put in place just to these this very scenario through to completion.           

      21. I guess the zombots think Obama is selling crack and using some of the proceeds to send them welfare.   This is how business works in the hood.

      22. I can’t remember where I got the number from. I did round up to 28M the number I saw was around 27.6M. Where did you find it?……

        Wiki……I checked in on a few secondary sources for comparison…….they are all fairly close to this number. Either way what’s 7 or 8 million more in the grand scheme of things?

      23. hoax…Listen to when Savage calls her out, “Of course, You’re pulling my leg.”  She speaks through a nervous laugh, and barely gets out “I’m serious.” 
        Sorry, not buying this one.

        PS (Although, I’m quite certain there are many among us who think this way)

      24. First of all, this does not surprise me, there are millions of people just like her.  Keep in mind that this country elected Obama even though he had never accomplished anything that would indicate that he should be the leader of our country.   Talking to these people does no good for they do not deal in facts but only in their emotions.  So forget them.  They will always be with us.

        Second, I am watching the CEO of BP being bombarded by our congress and it is so clear to me that he is much more intelligent than any of them.  It is very embarrassing to sit and watch the people we have elected as our leaders acting like children.  Even though I believe BP was at fault in this oil spill, I do have much greater respect for their CEO.  I doubt very seriously if I could have endured what he has today with as much self control. 

      25. This isn’t news at all, what’s the problem here? Obama does pay her welfare check….he also save’s the world from ignorant assjackets single handidly stopped the second great depression from happening and has been nothing but 100% honest with us since he’s come into office….Infact, Obama himself saved my life with all the hope and change he’s brought to Washington, he will easily go down as one of if not THE best most intergrital President of our nations history.
        People who agree with my statement above, please continue smoking or snorting whatever your current drug of choice is to keep your ‘reality’ going, anyone else interested on where to get the low down on Real News much like what SHTF posts here check out

      26. this call is a hoax

      27. I couldn’t stop laughing at that lady. It was TOO Much for me to handle. I want to cry, I really do but I think my laughter is my sanity safe system kicking in.

      28. I agree Stan.   Most every son of a bitch in that room is immoral, unethical, corrupt or all of the above.  

        I thought Hayward did a professional  job of fending off that pack of cowardly jackals.    He should have just told them all to f*ck off and wait until all the data was collected before hurling accusations, threatening jail time, and ass kissing on their hero thug in chief Obama.  

        It’s not like they or their false messiah Obama are going to personally hit a lick to help those striken states.   Oh sure, they’ll spend our tax money, walk on the beach, act like they care.  But you can be damn sure none will be on the beaches with the citizens trying to clean up the mess. 

        Washington D.C. is a giant cesspool of hypocrites from the White House on down.        

      29. It only took 50 thousand Nazi soldiers to exterminate 18 million civilians and enslasve millions more over a few short years over an area larger than the USA. You armchair analysts don’t have a clue as to how few soldiers it would take to send  millions of  Americans to FEMA camps for enslavement and extermination. Keep posting your bullshit about how your stash of ammo, food,gold  and relocation to the boonies is going to enable you and your families to survive when the SHTF. You  don’t have a fucking clue .

      30. You  don’t have a fucking clue dude. (to use your own vile words).
        It’s real easy to round up and exterminate an unarmed civilian population which has NEVER known half of the freedoms that we take for granted here in this country today. Yes…….there will be plenty of sheep who do not even NEED to be rounded up; they will be BEGGING for the false comfort and security of a FEMA camp. GOOD RIDDANCE…….I presume that you will be among them.

      31. Thank you SanityJones. I was going to fire back at that one , but figured I wouldn’t waste my time since he doesn’t even know his geography. Great job!

      32. Sanity got it right. The Germans had an easy time because the sheep they rounded up had no means to defend themselves. Look up “Bielski Brothers” And what they were able to do against the Germans in WWII. By your words you have given up before any shots have been fired. What about the Viet Con? Who left with their tails between their legs in the vietnam war? Here is a clue in case you don’t know your history; it wasn’t the Viet Con.

        One thing I learned in the Army… There is nothing more dangerous than a man fighting for his life, his family’s, and his liberty. When a man has nothing left to loose he has everything to gain.

      33. A woman could never look good on air with this doosh bag who likes to belittle people every step of the way.  DOOSHHHH

      34. This statement coming from one who doesn’t know or care how to spell “douche.” I am also nearly certain that the vast majority of the people who use this term couldn’t even tell you what it is…(hint: it’s mostly used as a medical device)
        Furthermore, the kind of logic one encounters in modern-day America is strikingly frightening. I am a young 20 years old, and I feel that far more often than not I am more mature and learned than the vast majority of the population. I apparently have some wonderful parents to which I owe my life, common sense, and intellect…

      35. My fiance is a fire fighter here n Florida and occasionally he has to work a shift on the ambulance. 95% of the patients they pick up and take to the hospitals don’t have insurance an openly talk about how Obama will pay their $500 bill for the ambulance ride and all of their hospital bills. People are so uneducated an just really have NO idea whats going on in their own country. It makes me sick every day.

      36. I just threw up in my mouth a little….

      37. People sicken me sometimes

      38. Although this particular conversation seems simulated on some level, the concept that anything near this level of oblivious – nay, ignorance – exists in our country is…alarming to say the least.  What a thoroughly unintelligent woman.

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