Santurom Is A Wolf in Sheeple Clothing: ‘People Have This Idea That They Should Be Left Alone’

by | Jan 9, 2012 | Headline News | 235 comments

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    Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum, who came out of Iowa with a surprisingly strong finish last week, may not be everything he’s cracked up to be.

    For those who have been following the Republican primary, Santorum’s questionable ethics were called out by Congressman Ron Paul, but likely dismissed by most of Santorum’s supporters as the musings of an extremist simply because they failed to do their research. If you ask most people, they’ll overwhelmingly agree that a large percentage of Congressional members are corrupt. Yet when it comes down to casting their ballots, they often ignore the fact that the very politician for whom they are voting is one of those morally-challenged scoundrels. We hate to burst your bubble, but Rick Santorum is one such politician.

    From The  20 Most Corrupt Members of Congress Report (which includes snakes from the left and right):

    Today, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) released its second annual report on the most corrupt members of Congress entitled Beyond DeLay: The 20 Most Corrupt Members of Congress (and five to watch). This encyclopedic report on corruption in the 109th Congress documents the egregious, unethical and possibly illegal activities of the most tainted members of Congress. CREW has compiled the members’ transgressions and analyzed them in light of federal laws and congressional rules.

    CREW’s Most Corrupt Members of Congress:
    Members of the Senate:

    • Conrad Burns (R-MT)
    • Bill Frist (R-TN)
    • Rick Santorum (R-PA)

    It is stunning that one of the top three most corrupt Congressional representatives in America today is actually getting any play at the polls, especially in a climate where the lawlessness, corruption, theft, and destruction of individual liberties has played such a pivotal role in social consciousness over the last several years.

    You’d think Americans would be smarter and more willing to step outside the status quo just a little bit.

    We have conservative republicans around the country talking about Rick Santorum as if he’d actually be any different than President Obama. Sure, you may agree with him on some ideas, but his core ideologies and political relationships are part and parcel with those of our President and the rest of the sycophants in government.

    On his campaign web site Santorum claims that his greatest responsibility is “to protect the freedoms we enjoy.” But, as Judge Napolitano points out in the following report, Rick Santorum is no friend of limited government or personal freedom and individual responsibility. Like our President, when in public Mr. Santorum’s comments are carefully scripted to assuage the emotional needs of the sheeple. Every so often, however, even the most careful politician lets his true inner self slip out. Mr. Santorum did so in a recent radio interview:

    One of the criticisms I make is to what I refer to as more of a Libertarianish right.

    They have this idea that people should be left alone, be able to do whatever they want to do, government should keep our taxes down, keep our regulations low, and that we shouldn’t get involved in the bedroom, we shouldn’t get involved in cultural issues. That is not how traditional conservatives view the world.

    There is no such society that I am aware of, where we’ve had radical individualism and that it succeeds as a culture.

    We can think of one such culture that did just fine with radical individualism for quite a while, until politicians life Mr. Santorum decided they needed to get involved in the labor force, taxation, monetary policy, commerce, our right to be secure in our homes and persons, and our ability to defend ourselves against threats from those who feel the rule of Constitutional law does not apply to them.

    Rick Santorum. More of the same.


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      1. 1st heehee


        • Two thumbs down already — I feel the love, man!!

          Jamie: I wish we had time to bury them fellas.
          Josey Wales: To hell with them fellas. Buzzards gotta eat, same as worms.

          The Outlaw Josey Wales…



          • You’re #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • I thought it was “coyotes gotta eat, same as worms” Guess I’ll get the DVD out and check…

            • Buzzards gotta eat, same as worms.. wrong species of Aves Classifications.. hey the both big birds…they just aint yella

          • The Outlaw Josey Wales… easily one of the finest “westerns” of all time.

            “Now remember, when things look bad and it looks like you’re not gonna make it, then you gotta get mean. I mean plumb, mad-dog mean. ‘Cause if you lose your head and you give up then you neither live nor win. That’s just the way it is.”

            • I know…

            • I notice when you get to DISlikin’ someone they ain’t around for long neither.

            • I notice when you get to DISlikin’ someone they ain’t around for long neither.

            • You fellas gonna pull them pistols or whistle Dixie?

            • Bounty Hunter: I had to come back.

              Josie: I know.

            • I’d be paraphrasing, but this was one of my favorites:

              Bounty hunter: “A man’s gotta’ make living.”

              Jose Wales: “Dying ain’t much of a livin’ boy.”

              I’da pooped myself.

        • I just knew they could do it! God, it was good for me, how ’bout you? I think I’ll have a smoke…

          Ten Bears: These things you say we will have, we already have.
          Josey Wales: That’s true. I ain’t promising you nothing extra. I’m just giving you life and you’re giving me life. And I’m saying that men can live together without butchering one another.
          Ten Bears: It’s sad that governments are chiefed by the double tongues. There is iron in your words of death for all Comanche to see, and so there is iron in your words of life. No signed paper can hold the iron. It must come from men. The words of Ten Bears carries the same iron of life and death. It is good that warriors such as we meet in the struggle of life… or death. It shall be life.


          … #10 cans — crisp $10 bills …



        • What is your post about?

          • Don’t worry, it’s just you.

        • What in the world are “THEY” spraying over my home ALL DAY TODAY? I’ve counted over 75 flights JUST IN THREE HOURS. Are they trying to kill us off before the BIG LOSS at election time? What is in this spray?, WHO is doing this to my kids??

          • Hot damn…at least Kentucky isn’t the only one…it was so bad Saturday, the plume covered the entire sky, no sun showing at all; and when the clouds/plumes separated, the bastards were ABOVE the plumes spraying more of that s**t!!
            I have a theory; but you don’t want to hear it.

            Arizona?? Have you been here yet??
            I report when they spray really bad….but just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

            And yes, dh and I couldn’t even count the tic-tac-toes Sunday coming from church there were so many; he almost ran over a mailbox he was so upset. At least now I’m not the conspiracy nut any longer. He believes!!!

            • I do want to hear it…and thanks for the site. You can also check out…Its all very sad when you have young children, like me, not only are they REQUIRED by law to receive over twenty toxic shots BEFORE they are two, but are exposed to BPA in EVERYTHING they come into contact with, GMO foods,now ariel spraying in plain sight. Most I speak to about this just look at me funny and ask, WHY would the govt. do this to us? That is the 64 million dollar question. I wish Mac would expose this plan to more people, but maybe Mac is one of “them”.Keep your immune system strong,that is everyones BEST defense.Take grapefruit seed extract,elderberry,and a good multi. Remember the good old days when all you had to worry about was eating lead paint chips? Those days are gone forever,sad to say for my kids….Lock and Load my friend,this is going to get real nasty…

            • Who is doing the flying and which airport or airbase do the planes come from?

          • yeah-its bad in Oregon as well. Aluminum.
            Go check out Ken Adachi’s ‘Educate Yourself’.

          • Are you near an airport? Vapor trails are normally produced by jet engines going through cold air pockets etc.
            Your probably just being paranoid.

        • Mushroom always gets thumbs up from me! …I don’t care if he says Mac’s mother wears army boots…


          Now, I draw the line if he starts saying bad stuff about Ron Paul!!!

        • Now Santorum may not be clean as the driven snow but this list is HIGHLY partisan. Go to the site and check it out. Only 4 Dems on this 2006 list? Really? Chris Dodd and Barney Frank were not on it. Both of them were deep in the subprime mess and Dodd even got one of those special loans from Countrywide that were just for special friends of the CEO. Tax Cheat Charlie Rangel is absent for some reason with his million dollar tax problems. I’m all for getting the truth out but lets make sure we are honest about it.

          • Trevor seems to be the only one responding to this nonsense with a n y rational background or thinking
            THE TERM AUTHOR…. V E R Y L O O S E L Y!


            I have followed Rick Santorum’s record for some
            time now…. and the truth about him iS NOTHING
            as described in this article… and while I
            do not think that Rick Santorum stands a chance
            at winning the election….I know that people
            like Rick Santorum have begun to make enormous
            traction with the people of this nation… whether
            this author or any of the Ron Paul “Lemmings” like
            it or not….

            Rick Santorum’s records is an open book… He has
            fought for the values of political conservatism
            for years and has the voting record & the integrity in his own life to prove it.. I am extremely suspect of ANYONE who calls Santorum’s integrity into question…
            e s p e c i a l l y in light of the l o n g l i s t
            of Democrats he fails to call out by name…;
            many of whom have plundered the public coffers and
            whose reputation rightly have been called into question
            for decades!!!

            While Congressman Paul has my support regarding
            the healthy suspicion of the Fed & the devaluation of
            our currency…It is FRAUDULENT to suggest that
            Rick Santorum or any other republican is EVEN CLOSE
            to winning the prize for Most Corrupt Politicians
            in Washington!

            Leaving out the likes of Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Chuck Schumer,Maxine Waters, Shiela Jackson Lee, Dick Durbin, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, Henry Waxman,
            John Kerry, Charlie Rangel just to name a few… speaks
            VOLUMES as to the lack of integrity of this article and
            it’s author!!!!!

            Sorry… nice try …. but the American citizen
            is far TOO INFORMED… to fall for a line like this…

            It is just a shame…it has been included with my
            subscription of what I believed, up until now, was supposed to be a conservative newsletter!

            I will reconsider my subscription promptly!!!

            • why are groups that provide help to people who are in need slandered by
              others ,and made to look corrupt.Acorn
              was found by congress to be guilty by a set-up,followed by corrupt media filling your head with lies ,so as long as the truth inst revealed until the damage is done .
              example=That Irac,soddom had ties with Al Qaeda,911 and had WMD,s ECT
              Americans are lead by WMDs
              Kucinich-Paul 2012 !!!!!!!!!!!!
              Both should be supported by a caucus of all the various independent political parties.


      2. Me 2nd

        • Nope.
          Rich, is number 2

          • Yeah and we all know what #2 is……LOL

      3. Ron Paul or BUST!

        • disengage. ron paul won’t be any better or worse as president. stop placing your hope in a politician. you want real change? start with yourself. that’s a change you can believe in.

        • If those Diebold voting machines have a “malfunction” I fear it’s just gonna be a bust this election.

        • ROLFLMBO @ corrupt politician accusations!!!
          There’s plenty of corruption to go around.

          Read IF you dare…
          11 members of task force are directly linked to Soros.
          Talk to me when your favorite candidate is NOT connected to George Soros, progressives, socialists, and communists.


          These are the people Ron Paul is working with; notice their affiliations. From the last page on the report..

          The Sustainable Defense Task Force

          Carl Conetta, Project on Defense Alternatives
          Benjamin H Friedman, Cato Institute
          William D Hartung, New America Foundation
          Christopher Hellman, National Priorities Project
          Heather Hurlburt, National Security Network
          Charles Knight, Project on Defense Alternatives
          Lawrence J Korb, Center for American Progress
          Paul Kawika Martin, Peace Action
          Laicie Olson, Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation
          Miriam Pemberton, Institute for Policy Studies
          Laura Peterson, Taxpayers for Common Sense
          Prasannan Parthasarathi, Boston College
          Christopher Preble, Cato Institute
          Winslow Wheeler, Center for Defense Information

          • Dear “Dislike” voter,
            Are you aPAULed too at the Soros, progressive, socialist, communist connections to Ron Paul?


            Are you mad at this posting (thus the truth)?

            I have NOT decided to vote for Santorum…still investigating.

            However, here’s some irony…there’s no bigger BIG gov’t. ideology than Soros and communism. I will NOT vote for someone IN BED with a communist.

            • @ “Right Wing” Mom — It’s amazing how the pro-Israel shills here will do and say ANYTHING, no matter how ridiculous, to derail Ron Paul’s campaign, in order to maintain their favorite “entangling alliance” and thereby keep their favorite PARASITE living in HIGH STYLE — at the expense of the increasingly strapped US taxpayer, of course.

              “Right” Wing” (sic) Mom, if you want to look for communists under beds, try looking at the Neocons whose Israeli-Zionist swill you continually and pathetically dish up here. You can start with the godfather of neoconservatism and father of the Israeli lobbyist and propagandist William Kristol, namely Irving Kristol, who got his start in politics as a radical Trotskyite (or should I say more accurately “Bronstein-ite?) ideologue in New York in the 1930’s. See Here:


              Then there’s David Horowitz, the Jewish “former” Communist who is now a foaming-at-the-mouth chickenhawk and Muslim-hater who wants Amerika to engage in PERPETUAL WAR and the slaughter of yet more multitudes of INNOCENTS on behalf of expansionist Israhell. His bio is HERE:


              Then there is THIS article by Michael Lind in Salon Magazine of April 9, 2003, and I quote:

              “Most neoconservative defense intellectuals have their roots on the left, not the right. They are products of the influential Jewish-American sector of the Trotskyist movement of the 1930s and 1940s, which morphed into anti-communist liberalism between the 1950s and 1970s and finally into a kind of militaristic and imperial right with no precedents in American culture or political history…. They call their revolutionary ideology “Wilsonianism” (after President Woodrow Wilson), but it is really Trotsky’s theory of the permanent revolution mingled with the far-right Likud strain of Zionism. Genuine American Wilsonians believe in self-determination for people such as the Palestinians.”

              “The major link between the conservative think tanks and the Israel lobby is the Washington-based and Likud-supporting Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (Jinsa), which co-opts many non-Jewish defense experts by sending them on trips to Israel.” (End Quote).

              You can read the WHOLE article HERE:


              Now “Mom,” it is clear that you are “Right Wing” only in a “Likud vs. Labor” sort of way. Real right wingers are generally patriots, but since you side with Israhell (a country that spies on us, openly steals our secrets, engages in “black ops” on US soil and tampers with US elections) AGAINST AMERIKA, you are by definition NOT a patriotic American, but only a collaborator with a foreign and hostile power. There’s a WORD for that, you know.

              You OBVIOUSLY care only about ISRAHELL. Your “right wing” activity consists only of attempts to serve Israeli interests by convincing gullible Amerikans that Israhell’s enemies are THEIR enemies. Sadly for you, but happily for these long-abused United States of America, the people of this land are now waking up from their long slumber. They are awakening despite the pathetic efforts of Wolf Blitzer, Debbie Schlussel, Dorothy Rabinowitz and all the rest of the Zionist warmongers and spinmeisters — and despite your piddling and pathetic efforts too.

              The dual citizens are now RUNNING SCARED. That’s why Carl Levin pushed the indefinite detention proviso of NDAA, and that’s why Lieberman has sponsored legislation to strip Americans who object to being the Janissaries of Zionism of their citizenship. You and THEY will LOSE, Likud Wing Mom, and we WILL be FREE.


            • I see the Hasbara are out in force today, giving my ABSOLUTELY FACTUAL comments about the foreign slanderers of Ron Paul the “thumbs down” so that the real Americans here cannot READ them. To all you taxpayer-subsidized Sayanim in Zionist-occupied America and hunch-backed Hasbaras sitting at keyboards in moldering basements in stolen Arab villas in Haifa — I don’t blame you for not trying to refute my facts, because you CAN’T.

              You’ll have to wait just a little while longer for that “Internet Kill Switch” for which your Landsman Senator Joseph (Yossi) Lieberman has been pushing. You know — the one that will keep your American victims UNINFORMED, HELPLESS, DUMB and BLIND. A word of caution — history shows that your getting what you want invariably leads to your downfall.

            • Santorum is the only candidate whilling to play the religious card. He is a maggot, a piece of trash, like
              Obama the corrupt corporatist.

            • Where did you get the information connecting Soros to communism? What are your sources of your claim?

              The guy is a great capitalist. He just does not agree with you.

          • Come now, you are well aware of the fact that the “Sustainable Defense Task Force was formed in response to a request from Representative Barney Frank (D-MA), working in cooperation with Representative Walter B. Jones (R-NC), Representative Ron Paul (R-TX), and Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR), to explore possible defense budget contributions to deficit reduction efforts that would not compromise the essential security of the United States.” Yet, you are definitely attempting to color it in a particular way aren’t you?

            • Just the facts:

              The task force is loaded with Soros cronies and communists; yet, we’re suppose to trust THEM with defense budget and deficit reductions? Who better to “compromise the essential security of the United States” than a man (Soros) who is not a friend of liberty and has plainly said he would like to see the “orderly decline of dollar is actually desirable” and a new world order.

              (See 3:25 in the video)

              BTW…The color is RED.

            • Even commies have good ideas. The problem with communism isn’t communism. In fact, the Internet is a good example of how communist principals work. However, the problem with communism is corruption. This seems to be the problem with most systems. Communism and socialism (and a bunch of other “isms”) are easily corrupted.

              I don’t really give a crap who Ron Paul works with. What I look at is his voting record and what he says and where his campaign gets its money. If some commies have a good idea, should we not try it? You are simply trying the same old mantra: left vs. right. Well, hows that been working out for you?

              Ron Paul isn’t left of anyone or right of anyone. This left and right bullshit if *FALSE*. It is used to divide the people and expand government. Left and right do not matter as much as up or down. The corruptocrats have used this to their advantage and have had people line up on the (R)(Right) or (D)(Left). The (R)s claim that the (D)s will take your rights and your money (and they do) and then the (D)s claim that the (R)s will take your rights and your money and they do. WOW! So what the flip is the difference?

              Ron Paul is a different kind of candidate. Kinda right on the things that should be right and kinda left on the things that should be left. People that claim RP is right of left are simply shilling for the left or right.

              With Paul you have to look at the whole package to get a picture. To do anything else is simply to shill for your particular group. This is the problem with Ron Paul. Most people can’t loosen their grip on some set of leftist or rightist paranoia and, consequently, can’t look at the whole package. In every case, Ron Paul does not take a stand for one particular leftist or rightist principal, he takes a stand base on founding American principals and the principals or freedom.

              If you can’t see that then you’ll continue to shill for your camp and never see the truth.

              Frankly, I’ve been talked into believing I’m a “rightey” and now I find myself re-examining stuff and find that I’m no rightey. I’m way right on some things and way left on other things *BUT* regardless on what I’m right on or left on I’m totally find with others doing what they want. I want the government off my back. Then, I don’t care if it leans right or left because it will leave me the hell alone.

              Ron Paul isn’t rightwing or leftist, he’s a “government will leave us the hell alone -ist”. So, stop looking at it like a left thing or a right thing.

              See, that is the problem with a huge swath of the Amerikan public: they don’t want government to leave people alone. They want everyone to conform to their way of thinking. I DO NOT! …and neither does Ron Paul.

              GAFC and figure this out. We’ve got just one or two more election cycles and the Union is toast if we don’t get it right. Ron Paul can help us recalibrate our steering so we can at least get it back up out of the ditch. …unlike the current administration the keeps turning it harder into the left ditch or some others that want to turn it into the right ditch.


              Ron Paul appears to be the only one that is willing to do this.

              …and get us out of these shithole wars! Haven’t you pigs made enough money yet?

            • @Rightwingmom. First, Ron Paul did not choose the “Sustainable Defense Task Force” members, nor was he aware of the composition of that task force, it was formed independently of Congress or Congressional oversight. Independently, by the way of Ron Paul.

              As far as RED goes, I would say that Santorum has that color all wrapped up, he would prove to be a dictatorial leader seeking enough power to institute a very particular view of American, one that hardly resembles the Constitution. I dare say that his view of America would hardly be much of an improvement over Obama’s view, in fact if I had to choose between the two it would be a hard choice between two equal evils.

            • I’m neither party; and not votng to have my vote stolen this time; but was skeptical of the above as I received as an email..I just don’t believe it–I’m in Ky. and I can’t see Rand Paul being of this mind. If he is, he’a a great actor. Acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree?
              But, this is spreading fast and that’s the intent.

          • Your response speaks volumes!!!

            The Old Saying: “You are judged by the company
            you keep”…& “Show me your friends and I’ll show you who YOU ARE” seems especially appropriate here.

            Up until now… I had NO IDEA… that Ron Paul
            was associating with those I know to be avowed

            This is a disturbing list to consider!… If true, it
            renders Ron Paul… NULL and VOID in my book!!!!

        • That is correct.

          And let’s remember that Mitt Romney as the “Republican” nominee will be no better than our current dictator.

          The 2012 election will be a disaster, pitting a Light Obama vs. a Dark Obama. No difference between the two.

          Same policies, same Harvard Law School rank tactics of compulsive lying in support of crooked rip-off gangster banksters on Wall Street. Same $800 bailouts for thieves, same saber-rattling and war-mongering, same emotional gratification without any tangible results, same shove a mandate down your throat for socialized government healthcare, same-o, same-o.

          President Paul should run as the Independence Party candidate, and simply win. All decent Americans know who’s telling the truth. Unlike the spin that Mainstream Media criminals tell you, he appeals to moderates and independents from the center, and would TAKE AWAY VOTES FROM BOTH HUCKSTER SNAKE OIL SALESMEN. No use trying to change the “Republican” platform. It stinks, and all respectable people know it.

          • This is one time I agree with this tactic. I’m tired of this bullshit left/right paradigm wallow.

            Honestly, I think that it would be better for Obama to win that Romney or Santorum. How could I say this?

            If we elect Romney or Santorum, the people will go back to sleep thinking the ship isn’t sinking anymore and they’ll empower those guys even more than they would Obama, whom they already suspiction of running us aground.

            Nope! Anyone other than Ron Paul is even worse than Obama. Pay attention people! This Is Important! Stop your petty left/right bickering. It will be our undoing.

            • No, anyone other than Ron Paul won’t be worse than Obama – – he is about as bad as could ever be placed in office.

              However, the guy who got the USA into WWI was worse, as that set up the current big government control apparatus. Looking back on the performances of most presidents, we got a lot of sociopaths. Just seems that the job of USA president is concentrating awesome power so much that citizens are used for all kinds of schemes including supporting an overly aggressive warfare state.

              There doesn’t seem much “light at the end of the tunnel”. Even an election of Ron Paul may prove to be an illusion because his efforts will certainly be undercut. I am not / Anyway, it was a nice ride while it lasted, but my guess is that the USA union is about at the end of the trail.

            • @ Net Ranger

              Your comments are on the money. I truly respect you for seeing beyond the disinformation of the media, who are beholden to their bankster handlers. We must elect an excellent individual of integrity.

              Did you know Ron Paul has relinquished his federal pension? I am not sure I have ever heard of that. Ron Paul has the most highly developed moral conscience of anyone in public life I have ever seen.

              It’s so sad, frustrating, and despicable that this truly excellent, amazing individual may not be elected president the way he deserves.

              As for foreign policy, Ron Paul is a true conservative. He has enunciated repeatedly that he believes in a strong national defense. He wants the budget to be the same as in 2006. Is there any sane person who would argue that the American military would be any less powerful than in 2006?!

              Mitt Romney deferred to him in the debate yesterday morning as the Constitutionalist. Ron Paul gave an answer that no one has either the intellect or the integrity to give, namely, that the Fourth Amendment gives us an automatic right to privacy that throws the Unpatriot Act, and all other manifest erosions of our civil freedoms, out the window! I assure you not one other person had the presence of mind in defense of liberty to enunciate that simple thought and statement!

              I believe a President Paul is inevitable. If we continue down the road of the current Twilight Zone, we have many, many nightmares in store . . . The funny thing is, so many of them were already predicted by Dr. Paul ten years ago!


          • I can’t believe the blind faith people have in Dr. Paul. He HAS been in congress a long time. Maybe he would be better, but I have blind faith in no man.

            Dr. Paul would face incredible opposition to any “entitlement” reform. The number of people getting “entitlements” (including SS) is huge.They are not about to allow RP to tinker with that.

            Now commence with the the personal attacks…

            • What people specifically have blind faith in RP? I, like most of his supporters have examined his record as a congressman and and we’re able to SEE every point he stands for. BTW, Social Security is not an entitlement. While it may be the biggest ponzi scheme ever, people are MADE to pay for their “pension” their whole life. Not a personal attack but get your facts together.

      4. Barack Jefferson Walker Santorum

        • Its Sanscrotum.

          • Where were you when i was trying to come up with a title for this one?!


            • Stay classy Mac! (sniff)

              Now I realize how juvenile this site can be….unreal!

              • All in good fun… 🙂

            • HAHA!! I get older but I have never grown up!

            • Mac, I love this site, and would like to ask you if you will PLEASE expose what is happening EVERYDAY in the sky over my home. I live in LHC,Az and we have been getting thousands of flights over our homes over the past weeks,75 today alone,Our sky has turned to complete fog.Since WE are no longer “whacko’s” or “conspiracy theorists” and the “govt” has ADMITTED spraying us,maybe the shtf site could work on exposing this disaster. Our children are playing in this toxic cloud everyday,Not mine, I keep them inside,hoping to reduce exposure. I understand if you have been silenced,but if you could ,shed some light on what is happening to this country,where kids can be poisoned,and nobody speaks up for them. Recent doctor reports from Pheonix doctors show levels of aluminum and barium 150 times safe levels,IN CHILDREN. Please help get us answers. THANK YOU

          • +10!!!

          • Sac-scrotum.

          • Ha ha! I thought of the same appellation independently; only thing that would fit one as low in character as Tricky Ricky! Assholes like Sanscrotum are exactly why I will not vote for someone that calls themselves a conservative. The left wants to fuck your wallet and the right wants to tell you how you can fuck. I say both sides of the aisle can go fuck themselves; I will keep my liberties, thank you!

            Interesting how asses like Sanscrotum don’t believe in birth control and tend to breed like rabbits and vote like lemmings (well da preacher done told me i gots to vote for da mister santorum so i done voted for him). Is it any wonder that our country is drowning in a sea of stupidity?

            • A vote for Santurom is a vote for another war.

      5. i thought all of the corrupt politisians were from illinois

        • Many in Chicago….but that ain’t Illinois….its just a stronghold of commies holding out and occupying our land.

          To bad Miss O’Leary and here cow were unsuccessful…in freeing the Illini from the grips of corruption.

          “One dark night, when people were in bed,

          Mrs. O’ Leary lit a lantern in her shed,

          The cow kicked it over, winked its eye, and said,

          There’ll be a hot time in the old town tonight.”

      6. Romney, Santorum, Newt, etc.., except Paul, the ptb are sure stacking the deck aginst the American people.
        I haven’t heard anyone explaining how Santorum lost his re-election in Penn. He actually reminds me more of Clinton.
        The only real choice we have is Ron Paul and now they are trying to nail him via racial issues, not his abilities nor his record.
        What is happening, I believe, is people are so willing to rid us of obama they’ll compromise their principles/ethics in the voting booth. So tired of hearing who the msm sees as the repub.front runner.

        • Ron Paul is the front runner in my family and circle of friends. (meant to end my post with this statement).

        • For a good time, Google “Santorum”

          For more fun, —–> watch?v=6Hvuru-Slls

          Really, it’s a lot of fun. We may be getting these swine thrown at us by the mainstream media whores, so we may as well have a little fun while take another 2×4 up the rear without any lubricant. Who knows, maybe they’ll use a little lube this time and we’ll have a little left over Santorum on the stick.

      7. I can see it now, Barry O vs. Santorum.

        “And the walls came tumbling down”

      8. I wonder just before all the crap got started in the 1930’s in Germany if the people were feeling then, what we are now with Govt. and politicians. History seems to be repeating itself here, old Nazi’s replaced with new ones and good ol’ fascism all the way. Damn, need to load more ammo. Out.

        • When Hitler came to power, Germany had already been through lengthy hyperinflation with politician after politician trying to improve things with marginal success. The Nazis produced violence and people chose Hitler with the hope he would stop the violence- which he did for a while.

          But it is my impression that Hitler never had a majority of Germans behind him politically. I don’t know the exact figures but I believe he came into power with only about a 30% backing. I don’t think he even ever won an unbiased election. Maybe a history buff can elaborate…

          • Hitler only had 10% of the people’s support and 1% were actually socialist Nazi. They wanted stability and voted him gun to stop the violence on the streets (caused by the Nazi vs communists, hitlers own doing). Most people didn’t even know about the camps until after the war was over. My great aunt was a post war bride to my great uncle who was stationed there in 45 to 49 with engineer brigade dismantling camps and bombs. I listened to her talk of being a teenager during ww2 growing up and her fears of it happening again. Glad she isn’t around any more cause it would have killed her to see it happening again. Took a nap in her garden chair and had a stroke in her sleep in 94.

        • Yep, I mean we already have the modern version of The 1933 Enabling Act passed, next in line is to pass legislation to strip Americans of their citizenship…all necessary before they detain a “former” American indefinitely!

      9. Vote for me, I least I’ve got a pair!

        • @RICH99

          I can’t figure out how you get your pants on…they’re so big!



          • I don’t wear any.

            • You da man!

              … #10 cans — crisp $10 bills …


      10. It doesn’t matter who the sheep “elect” to lead them. What is important is who leads you.

        I elected myself years ago, for a life term.

        The gov corp can not grant or protect your freedom. It is up to you to do it, or die trying.

        The worst the corp can do is send me home to God. At least my ruler would then be fit for the job.

        • Momma, I’m coming home.

          • OZ!

        • Amen

      11. The ZIonists just love RIcky. He’ll do absolutely anything the want.

        “The third-ranking Republican member of the U.S. Senate, conservative Rick Santorum (Pa.), plans to introduce so-called “ideological diversity” legislation that would cut federal funding for thousands of American colleges and universities if those institutions are found to be permitting professors, students and student organizations to openly criticize Israel, which Santorum considers to be an act of “anti-Semitism.”

        Who runs the world? Who has the financial influence to take a “no name” politician, e.g. Barry O., and make them a front runner overnight?

      12. Really, No Dems on the top three??? Riiiight. More wealthy Dems in Congress than Republicans, look it up.

        As a PI, it would be extremely wise to check out the finances, top members, and directors of this “CREW” before any of their comments or “research” is given a nanogram of credibility. Just the 2nd Annual Report? Not saying it is true/false. Suspicious, hmmmm.

        We all now know about what Media-Matters is about.

        • Probably because its an old list. Santorum hasn’t been in the house/senate for what – 4 years? So how can he be on the top 3 “now.” He was likely on the top 3 “then.” I question any group that claims non partisanship in W.D.C…..even “politico” is filled with hacks who have an agenda.

          The list that deserves our scrutiny is the one Fannie and Freddie donated too before the 2008 fiasco. Newt was paid during this period by them, but not donated too – he was paid for professional services. Where as these 5 took in the top donations:

          1. Chris Dodd
          2. Barney Frank
          3. Barack H. Obama
          4. Phil Graham
          5. Hillary Clinton

          Those 5 belong in PRISON for creating the loan standards that caused the balloon to burst.

          • JIM – You nailed it ! That list is high among the looters of the taxpayers treasury.

            Just visualize the storage vault of Fort Knox being a vast echo chamber.

          • Read Clinton Casualties and you’ll discover Hillary belongs in prison for more than that….I’m still amazed at the citizenry here that know the latest Idol, but not her and Bill’s crimes..okay, so they only directed the hits, but that’s still the ‘m’ word.
            Suicides with guns 20 feet away; two shots in the head??
            Now, that was hard to do.

            It’s like the fraud in the oval office and the gay/murder allegations; IF these articles of alternative news are slander, then where is the suit of lible??

      13. Your preaching to the choir (at least here)…………..

      14. The one thing that remains is that out of the five remaining we have to pick one. Romney, as Rush Limbaugh called him “Milk Toast” and I concur whole heartedly. There is something about this guy that gets me and I have no idea what it is. Ron Paul, I like him but there is not a chance in hell he will ever be elected. The same with Rick Perry. Santorum, me personally; I get a good vibe off of this guy, that’s just me. But; here’s the guy I want to see go after Obama. Newt Gingrich. This dude is nothing but a Gurkha head knife. He’s been there and done that. He would run circles around Obama in anything he wants to get into. In an out and out debate, if Obama had the balls to do it, Newt would go through him like a red hot knife through spam and nothing but chunks would hit the floor. Obama can’t think off of the cuff, he isn’t that quick, Newt is.. and Newt knows what Obama is up to. Gingrich was in it and around long long time before Obama was. Gingrich will say anything, he doesn’t care who he is talking too, and especially if he has no respect for them. I don’t think Gingrich carries a lot of respect for Obama. (YUCK YUCK) I know and we have all heard about Newts past. I ask you this; “Who the hell doesn’t have one?” We need a down in the dirt gun fighter. We know and have seen the shity little tactics that the left will use and they don’t care if it’s true or not. Its time they get some of it back. It’s time for payback. I’ll bet a pile of dough that Obama and company don’t want anything to do with Newt Gingrich and they will be pushing hard for Romney, because they have an good idea they can beat him, Gingrich, not so mush.. it’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out.

        • I like Newt too, but you can’t say that around here and get thumbs up.

          The thing is Paul would be great, but his supporters don’t want to hear how unelectable he is. The man can’t score over 21% in a state he’s campaigned in for 5 years and that doesn’t include Democrats – just Rebubs – OUCH.

          Michelle Obama said it clearly out loud and for everyone to hear…”all we need is one more” and that quote was in reference to the Heller decision on the US Supremes throwing community gun bans out the window.

          • Unelectable? Not so according to the recent CBS poll:

            “Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, run neck-and-neck with President Obama in a general-election matchup, according to a new CBS News poll released late on Monday that shows the two front-runners in Tuesday’s New Hampshire GOP primary running stronger against the president than their fellow Republicans”.

            • @Hey You

              I believe Ron Paul would beat both Obama and Romney. The eminently electable Ron Paul would take away votes for himself from BOTH of these charlatans. Disaffected Democrats and Republicans alike, Centrists, Independents, Moderates, and the rest of the world itself would vote for Ron Paul. The Obama-Romney ticket would attempt to steal votes from Ron Paul, by saying the Constitution is “DANGEROUS” so they could then continue business as usual in the Den of Corruption (D.C.).

              Heck, if Ronald Reagan was alive, even he would vote for Ron Paul as a tribute for his endorsement back in 1976! People would quickly realize that Ron Paul is the most important candidate to run for political office since Lincoln. And unlike the latter, he would not ruin and destroy this country forever on behalf of the authoritarian regime of any government, trying to falsely represent that it represents the people as sovereign individuals in any capacity whatsoever.

        • Newt’s objective is to neuter you and the other sheep and make you like it.

          Pull down your pants, he’s ready if you let him.

          • Gods Creation;
            Newt’s objective is to neuter you and the other sheep and make you like it.
            Pull down your pants, he’s ready if you let him.

            That’s a lightly noninteresting perspective, whoever though I have been thinking the very same thing the last three years under Onumnuts. How in the hell did you come up with that notion anyway? You couldn’t possibly think, (short the next coming of Christ) that Romney could defeat Obama, could you? Let’s talk Ron Paul. Personally; I like the guy. I like what he has to say, but that’s just me and a few others. But let’s face reality. The majority don’t view him as a few of us do. Just another win for Obama. Somehow we need to kick the slats out of the Obama scourge in this country. In light of what’s coming anybody would be better than Obama. This dude just don’t and never has had the experience to handle that job. He is running our country like he was taught in his Soros funded education. The bottom line is if we are going to come out of this in good shape, one thing has to happen. Obama needs to be put the fuck out, period!!

          • BOHICA – GC!!

            Pull it out a little deeper, here it comes again!:)

            … #10 cans — crisp $10 bills …



        • While i consider Newt intelligent enough to be POTUS, i would also consider him to be too much of an insider to warrant consideration…

        • I admire Gingrinch. He wins hands down as the smartest guy. No, not just the smartest. At the debates and during interviews, this guys brain runs at Warp 11+ while everone else is running at 3/4 Impulse.

          But, I’ve got problems with Newt. He’s a globalist. …and think about it, he’s been married 3 times. THREE TIMES! I mean, he may be smart about “stuff” but there is a certain lack of wisdom there. He’s also a compromiser. We don’t need compromisers anymore. They’ve wrecked this country. Its funny, some of us thought Obama would do what he said. Well, he’s doing some of it. All the stuff he promised that is bad for America, he is doing. All the stuff he promised that is good for America? …well, not so much. Newt, also, is a compromiser. Maybe not as much as other corruptocrats but certainly enough.

          I don’t want a compromiser. I want someone that will do *MY* bidding and tell the clepto-, corrupto-, criminal- crats to buzz off and get to work. I’m tired of the government expansionists, the liars and the tax raisers. I’m tire of the neocon war mongers that scream “NATIONAL SECURITY IS JOB ONE!” and then won’t close the fucking borders!

          I’m just tired of all the lies.

          A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for HONESTY, INTEGRITY and CONSISTENCY.

          They are throwing EVERYTHING at this man and NOTHING sticks. Why? Because its all false.

          Just give in. You know he’s the one we need. Stop following your personal interests and the left wing lemmings or the right wing zombies. Just vote for America this time. Vote for *US*.

      15. Santorum hasn’t been shy about his plans to turn the US into a theocracy. My version of faith and his are from two very different places. There is separation between church and state for a reason.

        Santorum plans to bring a “Christian” version of Sharia law to the US.

        He might just be more dangerous than Obama.

        • It would be difficult to be “more dangerous” than barry, however it appears that santorum is just another big govt guy

          • More bigger government is more dangerous-er, er, uh, well, crap! You know what I mean.

            Daisy, you talk like you’re down here with us? (I don’t mind you analyzing it, you’re close enough that if affects you.) Did you shed your Canuck status? If so, Yay! If not, oh, well.

            • God save the Queen! Pip pip.

            • Maybe she’s in the CIA and protecting us up there.

            • Net Ranger…

              Soon. My oldest has one more year of high school and then I’m free to relocate…..I’m thinkin’ someplace WARM for a change.:)

        • At this point I’ll take a Christian theocracy over the Obama alternative. At least we’ll have some sense of morality and respect for other people. Obama is probably happy if there were an Islamic theocracy, which denigrates women to the status of barnyard animals.

          • Would it apply to his wife?

          • Certain types of “Christianity” (and I use that term loosely – we’re talking more “nominal Christianity” in this case instead of the real deal) are also not exactly pro-woman, Old Coach. Making an entire nation kowtow to one man’s version of God is a very dangerous thing.

            Do you want your church outlawed because it has a tenet that is in opposition to Santorum’s church?

            Do you want to rely on Santorum’s personal conversations with the good Lord for political policy?

            Are you interested in being someplace where the Bible is no longer open to personal interpretation and study?

            We would be opened up to witch hunts and morality clauses that have no reason to be in the political arena.

            Santorum is terrifying.

            • ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

            • Rey, no el presidente….

            • Yep…and I just bet he has something deep in the corner of his closet that he hopes no one ever finds out.

          • Ha! You’re being nice. Islamic women would be lining up to be treated like barnyard animals compared to the way the musloid scum treats them.

            Lets get one thing straight: islam is not a religion. Its a political system masquerading as a religion in hopes you won’t notice so it can invade the entire planet.

            I didn’t realize that my view about this aligned perfectly with Ann Barnhardt’s but it does and I’ve held this view after just a very little study.

            islam and sharia are perversions of anything we would call “religious”. They are anti-human, anti-freedom and anti-anything good. If I thought it would work, I’d pray that all trace of islam would vanish when I snapped my fingers and I’d snap them until they bled.

            …as far as what Obama would want, I think he just wants to stay on the porch and swing. From what I’ve heard he doesn’t really do much.

      16. SANTORUM just looks really scary to me He looks like a waxy zombie ready to eat little sheeple.

      17. Would be nice if the group that put this list out would cite examples. Would be nice to have some ammo to counter folks with when they start singing the praises of the “flavor of the week.” I love the folks who think that RP’s foreign policy is crazy. I just say, “Yeah, its crazy to bring our boys and girls home out of harms way and quit spending billions of dollars on wars overseas in a region that has never had peace.”

        • Yeah, isn’t it amazing how many think RP’s foreign policy is crazy and yet, when asked what that foreign policy is they have no clue, they just parrot what they have heard the various talking heads say and assume that must be it. The fact is that Ron Paul’s foreign policy is not only rational, but actually defends this country, these shores. Besides, when you read his book A Foreign Policy of Freedom and you read about all the NUTTY pieces of legislation, the CRAZY foreign policy decisions and why they were made. When you read about how we have armed just about ever side of every conflict in the world and supported enemies of this country and potential enemies the by comparison Ron Paul’s foreign policy is a prime example of rational soundness, pure national defense and prudence. His book, A Foreign Policy of Freedom is a great compilation of is speeches before the House, and denotes a man who has not only done his research, but knows his stuff!

          • Have to agree on that. The “mideast peace process” is a fool’s errand. That area won’t see peace until one side or the other is pounded into the dust(probably no real peace even then). I am not a rabid anti-Israel type, but sorry about their luck, USA has nothing to gain in that part of the world.

        • What crazy is that it would diminish the ability to bribe the world and it would diminish the profits of the “lets supply both sides” corporations of the world.

          Industry loves war.

          Yeah, whats crazy is that a foreign policy like Ron Pauls would just absolutely screw up the banksters, the neocons and the wall street bunch. Its no wonder the media has been ignoring “bat shit crazy” Ron Paul.

          (BTW, is bat shit really crazy? I have never understood that term.)

          • Bat shit makes plants grow like crazy, hence the phrase, bat shit crazy!

            Bat shit crazy is good crazy. Vote Ron Paul, we need a bat shit crazy nation to scare away mongols. We need a bat shit crazy economy too!

            Great name for a third party, Batshit Party! Batshit for the Tree of Liberty!

            That does it, today, I build bat-houses. brb

      18. Personal observation…The information, that our host here has given us to review, confirms my opinion the great mass of the voting public do not exercise an educated vote.

        The voters are voting for candidates based on sound bites, campaign slogans, appearance, and maybe even their religion. These are all superficial reasons and show no attempt at finding out who they are really.

        Lookup their voting record, who are their bigest financial donors, who they endose and who endorses them. No, that might shed to much light on the candidate.

        At the age off 70 and numerous Presidential elections, I believe that ‘IKE’ and ‘JFK’, even though the both had their faults, as Presidents stood up for this country an were honorable men.

        So as I said this is a personal opinion I would very much care to hear yours on the topic; less on infighting among our individual posters here.

        Thank You!! (MM)

        • If voting mattered do you think the powers that be would let you do it? Don’t you remember DUBYA? He wasn’t elected, he was selected by the Supremes in black robes. The first time ever in history the election was decided by the men in black.

          I don’t and won’t vote…just a SUPREME waste of time.



          • Hello Mushroom, Thumbs up! I do agree with you. What do you think of this two pie in the sky ideas?; Promote the idea nationally to vote none of the above as write in vote. promote the concept to vote out all incumbent office holders. I am very interested in your opinion! (MM)

            • @Montana Mike

              I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — If voting mattered would THEY even let you do it? I haven’t voted since Nixon, and frankly I just won’t waste my time. Who cares? Get yer wagons in a circle, it’s over! They are all the same from Obomber to Ron Paul (although Ron does have a streak of integrity). Incumbant politicians, like war — what are they good for? The system is run by the corporations $$$ – those that stole all the money from you and me. We are just a few years apart in age, but even when we were young and dumb and didn’t know any better it was the same way. Money decided who was elected then and who is elected now, not a vote. Democracy is mob rule as Jefferson said, but the money wins. Started way back before Lincoln. The Civil War wasn’t about slavery, it was about money — who would be the industrial might of the country and who would rule it. Didn’t the South have the right to preserve their way of life and seceed from the Union, just as the colonies had the right to seceed from England? If you really live in the Great Amerikan Redoubt ~Montana~ as your moniker suggests I would safely assume you already know this, and maybe are just looking for affirmation. There is no pie in the sky — all the horses are running for the same stable. However I will say thank you and I am flattered that you would ask for the old ‘mushroom’s’ opinion! Most everyone here won’t give me the time of day, let alone agree with what I say. If you don’t believe it, just count the number of thumbs down this comment gets!

              … #10 cans — crisp $10 bills …



            • So how many more times were they supposed to count? They counted them 5 times? I guess we could have just let them count forever?

              The supreme court did not select dubya. They simply declared the count finished. People who say this are nothing but leftist lemmings who never really understood the problem. For one who espouses that lack of wisdom of the American people for voting for sound bites, you just cut your nose off in spite of your face and shilled for the left.

              Try to be a little less obvious next time.

            • Well, yes, MM. I tend to agree. And being a WWII vet, I’ve been around to see even more of the shenanigans so feel well qualified to confirm your opinions. However, many years ago I decided not to waste a lot of time trekking to the voting booths to vote for “none of the above”; the vote counters don’t even see that choice.

              I also tend to agree with Mushroom. However, voting does matter in providing authenticity to the system. Collectively, we are easily led. The real solution is de-centralization. Anyone for secession? We can give it another try!

          • I agree with ya fully mushroom. It’s nothing more than a false belief that your in charge to all those still believing their vote matters.

            Anymore the only way I see my vote ever mattering again is if I’m voting with a large group of fellow Americans that have said enough.
            Rounded the traitors up, and now were just voting on how many knots on the rope and which tree were gonna use.

        • I believe you are correct in your assessment, and that is why RP has no chance. Many don’t want to even hear about “entitlement” reform. Alas, reform is coming one way or the other.

      19. It is going to take a genuine crisis to create real change. That crisis WILL come during either a second Obama term or during the term of the next Republican President. In short, unless it is Ron Paul, all Republican candidates will feed the current system, as will Obama. In the end, that will create collapse and true change. What we have to fight for, during this collapse, is change that restores a Constitutionally-based republic, but with much less room for the underhanded theft of liberty by the government established. The main mistake in 1787 was in doing anything more than was absolutely necessary to tweak the Articles to enable a functioning government capable of national defense and the promotion of commerce. The Federalist used the opportunity to establish a government with enough rubber language that it could be stretched and restretched to create the Leviathan under which we now suffer. Following the collapse during the next 4-5 years, we will have to do all we can to prevent that. Of course, the Statist Left will want to make the Central Government even stronger, so it may be time to found an alternative of like-minded, liberty-loving people in a single state or group of states.

      20. Santurom is irrelevant. Why are we even discussing him? He has even less chance of being president than Ron Paul who I admire, but is too extreme to beat Obama.

        The train cannot be stopped without derailing it. Whether we do so now or at end of the line, the resulting crash will be cataclysmic. Make your way to the back and be ready to jump off.

        • jump off now. tuck and roll

        • “Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, run neck-and-neck with President Obama in a general-election matchup, according to a new CBS News poll released late on Monday that shows the two front-runners in Tuesday’s New Hampshire GOP primary running stronger against the president than their fellow Republicans”.

      21. Why doesn’t this site get renamed ‘The Political Hit the fan Plan”?

      22. So……You’re joining with the PTB to make sure it’s Romney? Obviously as many sheeple here as read the WaPo and watch CNN.

      23. That’s what many said about Ross P. too. Look where we’re at now with our “reported” debt more than our GDP… Okie has more common experience. I’ve been over to his house and his hot tub is a blast with the Hooter Girls.

      24. DAMN Right! Mac. Good for you!!!!

        We got to shut down this SOB!

        VOTE!!! ~ Ron Paul 2012

      25. The National Inflation Association has an excellent video they just released explaining what a scumbag Sanscrotum is.

        • Yeah, man! They really ripped into him. …and rightly so. He’s just another big government politician. He’s no more for the common man that Big or Dubya.

      26. I concidered voting for him. However Like usual, I checked out his record. The guy is a LIBERAL no matter what he says. He says one thing than votes for the other. He has voted for everything that the typical conservative dislikes.

      27. Saying Ron Paul (or anyone else) is not electible so you shouldn’t support them is like saying I can’t like my favorite sports team just because they don’t have a good enough record. Hogwash. Your vote (and money and time) is for the person you think is best. Period. Don’t let any talking head tell you otherwise.

        Besides, don’t we all like rooting for the underdog?

      28. One big issue is the congressional races which are getting NO coverage. By not voting you have no influence on congress. Throw out the incumbents and progressives. Start at home elections in your town, parish, state and change things from a local level and work your way up to the top to fix this mess.
        A republic works but only if the population is informed and involved. We need the media held accountable and politicians held to higher standards than R or D. Constitution over party. If you don’t vote, they win.

      29. Santorum’s son died when he was two hours old and Santorum brought the body home for whatever reason, to grieve, to display the body to family members, whatever. In earlier times and other societies, this would be considered completely normal, even expected.

        But not in cold, clinical America. For Alan Colmes to judge and disparage Santorum for this is unforgivable. If Santorum shot Colmes dead in a fit of rage, I’d vote for acquittal.

        Just sayin’…

        • Anything with Alan Colmes name associated with it, is a lie. You ruined a perfectly good discussion by bringing that liars name up. He is to the dems as Carl Rove is to the repubs.

      30. Sanitarium_- Santorum

        I think not
        nuff said

        • I think the above comment:


          says it better…they are all ball-less 🙂

          … #10 cans — crisp $10 bills …



      31. There are simply no good conservative, freedom loving candidates anymore. The media destroys them or they self destroy.

        The end is near for our republic. We are self destructing. It’s truly painful and depressing to watch.

        • Their greed destroys them!!

        • Conservative and freedom loving do not belong in the same sentence. Conservatives want to take your freedoms too and they think it is okay because they are doing it in the name of morality and “public good”. Ron Paul is the only candidate that does not want to regulate your wallet or your bedroom. That is why even FOX tries to minimize and ignore him.

      32. For all the millions out there who say Paul can’t win, so you are going to vote for someone else… you just single handedly assured that Paul WON’T win.

        AmeriKans have the mind of a sun-baked worm.

        • Hey! I take exception to that!

          Sun-baked worms have feelings too!

      33. My fear with Santorum is exactly what this post speaks to. He’s got such strong opinions about what people should do with their lives, and will likely spend a lot of our money enforcing that.

        He did well in Iowa because he went out and shook more hands. By the way, doesn’t that just speak to our country as a whole? If a politician meets you or shakes your hand you vote for him. Does anyone look at their stance on the issues anymore?

        I feel too many people are out there saying, “I met him and he seemed like a good guy. I’m voting for him.”

        Scary man.

        • In New Hampshire he was quoted as calling himself “the Jesus candidate.”

          ‘Nuff said.

          • I like Jesus, without Saniterium.

            • Ditto. 🙂

        • They’re all nice guys when ya meet em. Its kinda like a friend with the hot wife…you think hes got it made but you don’t live with her…we all have a dark side..we just don’t show it in public. No one wants rocks thrown at them every time they go out in public.

      34. I haven’t taken the time to look in to Santorum’s ethics. He may very well be crooked. However, I am hesitant to trust the impartiality of a group that the NYT calls “liberal” and is directed by a woman that used to work for Biden, Schumer and Conyers. Other senior members of CREW’s staff worked for Media Matters and NAACP.

      35. There’s a reason we Pennsylvanians sent Rick Sanitation packing…he’s a dishonest, lying little worm. The man had his kids in school in Virginia yet we, the school tax payers of PA, were paying for their education, to the tune of almost $80,000.

        A vote for Sanitation is a vote for continued cronyism. Haven’t we swallowed enough of that medicine in the past decade?

        • Sanitation! I love it! LMAO! 🙂

          That kind of sewage should be investigated under NDAA and the Patriot Act. Mitt Romney Sanitation is a highly paid prostitute AKA lobbyist for War Murder Inc. Everyone knows how Mitt Romney & Sanitation launder illegal proceeds from selling heroin in Afghanistan through military industrial complex agents for the sake of funding their political campaigns. They are dangerous, extremist, radical saboteurs funded by foreign powers.

          Mitt Romney Sanitation Inc. provides taxpayer money as foreign aid to our enemies in order to provoke hostilities and war, then bails out its cronies to the tune of $787 Billion when the money runs out, and then starts it all over again for World War Forever through the Federal Reserve. They are the real deal Manchurian candidates.

          How is it possible that Iowa country allowed itself to be duped into allowing this shameless disgrace of Mitt Romney & Sanitation into the national spotlight?

      36. look at the very top picture of Santorum.., does anybody else think he looks a little like Jerry Seinfeld? 🙂

        • Seinfeld? Yes, and America would be better served by Kramer as POTUS.

          • Just make sure you stock up on sponges. Once Sanscrotum outlaws bc you will be forced to decide who is “spongeworthy”!

      37. hey we all have problems but Newt seems to be the smartest and the best pic. Mitt is another obama and is an idiot. ron paul I like but we do need a strong military. Huntsmen is a joke. Rick perry is ok but same democrat inside. I think newt is the best pic. Not perfect but a hell lot better than Obama. One thing we all can agree to is Obama needs to go.

        • Newt?? Why did he get booted as Speaker of the House??!!?? That guy is dripping with slime. Next you’re going to suggest Tom Delay or maybe Donald “the rummy” Rumsfeld. Ignorance knows no bounds!!

        • Eric, stop listening to sound bites. Ron Paul believes in a strong military. He just doesn’t believe it should go around meddling into the affairs of half the countries in the world. STOP LISTENING TO SOUND BITES!!!

          See, this the the problem. He wants to bring our people home and the military industrial complex paints that as “weak military” and parades it out amongst the sheeple and they swallow it.

          STOP IT! GET A CLUE. READ ABOUT AN ISSUE AT and stop the soundbite brainwashing!

      38. santurom = same shit from a different asshole

      39. Kinda think Santorum is a ploy.Something just not feeling like he is for real.Like a scape goat lie’s to some may bring vote’s to other’s who lie just not as bad.I see this as a ploy to bring vote’s to some one else ,who can’t say .But Just saying.

      40. Paulistinians need to face reality. He is unelectable and he will not be elected.

        His foreign policy lunacy alone would result in the death of millions and wars he can’t seem to imagine. Although the potheads, methheads, and crackheads would at least be so stoned they wouldn’t care.

        That being said, it really doesn’t matter who gets elected the financial corner we are painted into will be the most significant aspect of our reality, not which bad actor they replace the current bad actor with.

        • So, the current policies of our military *HAS* *NOT* resulted in the deaths of millions? …and resulted in wars we could never have imagined? (like undeclared “wars” on drugs and terrorism? Oh, save me great government from the boogeymen!!!)

          It does really matter. While we have been painted into a corner, at least we don’t have to slice our wrists, put our arms up and pretend it raining. All we have to do is walk out. We can repaint the footprints later. But, the current admin and the one Sanitation and Mitt Zombie and all the other Repubs would bring us would have you think it is the end of the world so they can get us to slit our wrists and bleed the last few drops for them to SUCK UP!

          I’m just loving all these people who say Ron Paul is unelectable. Really? Why, because people can’t believe the truth when they hear it or because they’d rather hear a pleasant lie? Its gotta be one or the other.

          Ron Paul is the real deal. Stop pretending he’s not. If he’s unelectable its because, once again, the lies drowned out the truth.

          • Watch the 13 minute video—then come back and talk to Net Ranger–he’s right about Ron Paul.
            The military support Paul; donations prove it.


            Me?? I don’t think there will be an election–the chemtrail spraying has been thrown in overdrive.
            EMP or mind control??

      41. GREAT POST, put together perfectly.

      42. The C in DC stands for cowards, and when they feel theyre losing they like sabatoge.freakin babies.

      43. Now lets not get distracted by the football game. Whether its an election or selection or Ron Paul or obama or Homer Simpson, IT IS A DIVERSION. If your done prepping and need some entertainment then politricks is all well and good but active involvement in the system is hardly a step toward isolating/insulating/protecting yourself from the system. Keep an eye on the enemy. no more. no less.

      44. I couldn’t agree more with this post and the comments here about this guy. Something doesn’t smell right.

        Three days before the Iowa Caucuses and this guy emerges from nowhere to challenge Romney and Paul?

        Romney has had the same level of support since the very beginning. Santorum is a straw man to make the “race” interesting and distract the voters from Paul.

        With either Romney or Santorum you get another Globalist putting Special Interests and the GB’s first, Americans second.

      45. No Sanitarium!

        He is there to split the vote.

      46. Yes. Here in Pa. Santorum was defeated in his bid for re-election by a large margin. He says what it takes to get elected but runs with the pack when he’s in office.I wonder who backed his initial run at the Iowa caucaus.He has little support here that I know of.

      47. @All… Tricky Ricky Santurom is just a nwo.zionist.goyim.slave oligarchy media corporate machine carbon copy of zionist.jew.puppet barry soetoro a.k.a. obsama obama and mitt romney and newt gingrinch! They are all owned by goldmansachs investments, zionist.israel and bank of rothchilds… just follow their voting records and the $$$… it’s like comparing pepsi to coke to rc cola to etc etc … it’s the same tap dance routine… same buckets of horse sheeit just different colors of horse sheeit!


        There is no substitute to DR. RON PAUL 2012!

        Debt, Civic Decay, AND Global Disorder is HERE NOW!

        Prepare to Defend Yourselves America… If Dr. Paul IS NOT elected President in 2012… GLOBAL Debt, Civic Decay, AND Global Disorder “HELL” will soon be YOUR… REALITY!


      48. Tricky Ricky Santurom

        @All… Tricky Ricky Santurom is just a nwo.zionist.goyim.slave oligarchy media corporate machine carbon copy of zionist.jew.puppet barry soetoro a.k.a. obsama obama and mitt romney and newt gingrinch! They are all owned by goldmansachs investments, zionist.israel and bank of rothchilds… just follow their voting records and the $$$… it’s like comparing pepsi to coke to rc cola to etc etc … it’s the same tap dance routine… same buckets of horse sheeit just different colors of horse sheeit!


        There is no substitute to DR. RON PAUL 2012!

        Debt, Civic Decay, AND Global Disorder is HERE NOW!

        Prepare to Defend Yourselves America… If Dr. Paul IS NOT elected President in 2012… GLOBAL Debt, Civic Decay, AND Global Disorder “HELL” will soon be YOUR… REALITY!


      49. Here we go again… SHTF plan changed to Politics hit the fan plan….

        who the fuck cares about any of this shit? They are one in the same. The last sentence has already been written.

        Get back to what this site USED to be about. It sure fuckin sucks NOW.

        • They USED to be one in the same. With Paul gaining support, this could be the year things change for real. Go ahead, ignore it. One itsy bitsy article about politics got you bugged. Sorry, we’ll get back with it soon.

      50. Greeting Everyone!
        I find it a trifle odd how a last place guy jumped to second.Ron Paul’s mssg.,what ever you think of him,makes the most sense in the whole clown circus of the Republican show.Mr.Two-faces Mitt is a cad,Santorum has all the ear marks of a up and comin’ dead serious demagogic “Jesus Saves us but not you” despot in training and good ‘ol Newt can’t even keep the same wife without being a whore for the Mega-Corps when out of office(guess the current missus needs several trips to Tiffeny’s).I would hope that Ron P. can overcome the voting machine fix that assists you in choosing the correct man for office.I used to like Mr. O till he failed on one too many promises.(though to his credit,He DID earn back some respect when he put a man in charge of the Consumer Affairs that had the consumers needs at heart,and not the bankers.The “Red” party,who was “cock blocking” the appointment at EVERY turn before the recess,lost more respect of my respect.Sorry about the phrasing of that one ladies,I couldn’t find a better term for the craziness the “reds” were creating over just that one appointment!If things continue Ad nausem in the GOP,Mr. O will win by default.By a landslide, especially so if Ron goes indie and becomes his running mate this year.
        We now only have a glimmer of hope as our Republic seems headed into the sunset like Athens and Rome before it.Still,Better a glimmer than none at all.There will no “Ships leaving for the West” for us(LOTR reference).No matter how much prepping that you do,no matter where your GOOD place is,supplies run out in the end.Then what? Do we go looking for a fat UBER-RICH guy and his almost safe and well fed family to dine upon?Hope there’s still some Gray-Pupon mustard around for the juicy,firm but still very moist and oh-so-tender UBER-RICH meat on the menu …..
        We could all repeat with equal glee the phrase from LOTR:”MEAT’S back on the table boys!”
        Might be quite fun
        Best to All
        Hope you have shelter and warm food tonight!

        • ~~~the voting machine fix that assists you in choosing the correct man for office.~~~

          I like the way you phrased that GFG…

          And Daisy–I never heard of Santorum till a few weeks ago and my dh still asks, who is Santorum.

          These anti-Paul comments remind me of the data presented about many abused women..they don’t leave because it gives them identity..the ‘injured victim’ and without that, they are nothing.
          Is that what this board has..victims of our sick govt that won’t consider Paul because they want to remain victims to maintain an identity?? If, so, see a psychiatrist, please!!

      51. Ah, but another one of Slavo’s uninformed slop job editorials. I feel better already. As a matter of fact, why dont we just write Santorum of for general purposes and not give him a chance ???? It seems to me this website is all for Paul!!! Honestly, am I wrong to say that ?

        • That was certainly rude.

          It’s Mac’s website. If he wants to make it pro-Ron Paul, he has every right to do so.

          If you don’t like it, create your own website. Or even put forth a valid argument on this one.

          I personally wrote Santorum off long before this editorial came out.

          • Maddam, I thought this website was about the truth whether we liked it or not. I didnt think this site would end up being used for a candidates personal gain. Whatever happened to truth. Oh… and by the way, you can drop the female name dude… lol!

            • OC, It’s not that I am pro Ron Paul (Admittedly, I do support him), it’s that I am anti-corruption and dishonesty. That’s all. Santorum’s comments need to be made public, that’s why i went with this post today. Rick Santorum could have been anyone – Romney, Hunstman, even Paul. I would have still run the Napolitano video.

              Many thanks for your comments.


          • Get a life Dazie.

        • Oldcrow:
          Slop jobs?
          Yes I do believe you’re incorrect to make an uninformed comment in favor of Mr.S…I DON’T favor a clown circus front runner as a good choice to run this Republic.But you’re entitled to your thoughts on Ron P….He’s good on some things,not so much on others…But at least he speaks the TRUTH,agree with him or no.

          P.S. while we fight like two bald men over a comb,check this out Mac:Plutonium From Fukushima Has Now Circled The Planet
          Sayer Ji, Contributing Writer
          Activist Post
          Keeps the whole non-election craze in the proper perspective
          Best to All

        • OC, you are correct. This site is mostly pro-Paul because most of us have dealt with our normalcy bias, have hobbled it, and put it in the barn. This allows us to give unbiased support to a candidate that lacks the quality known as corruption.

          Sorry you can’t see it. But, its ok. You’re still welcome here. Just try not to take the thumbs down too hard.

      52. anon.7:48…debt, civic decay, and global disorder is already a reality..and no matter who gets elected, it is gonna be a really bad situation no matter how it is looked at….and a whole lot worse than it is now…our debt is more than our gdp…unemplooyment rate is the likes of the depression era, and we have troops coming back home who have no hope of getting jobs that even come close to giving them the financial lifestyle they have become accustomed to….and it is not gonna be long before everyone and their mothers are royally pissed off about it. sadly, there is still alot people can do to make life a little be easier on themselves but i am just not seeing the sheeple do much of anything for themselves much less anyone else.. beans, bandaids and bullets…and hunker down time is coming quickly.

      53. One thing I can agree on about Newt, he tells it like it is. Something that is sorely needed. Also, this is the second site where I have read that posed this question:

        How did a virtual community organizer POTUS get elected with all his records, grades, thesis, birth records, medical records, the fact that he was not vetted, has people in high places scared of him, just where did this man come from? WHO IS REALLY RUNNING THE WORLD? Very scary to me.

      54. letting something slip is the norm for the personality disordered. you just have to listen and sometimes read between the lines.

      55. I don’t like Santorum….but the website listing him as corrupt fails to have pelosi or reid in the top 5…and the majority on the list are republicans…obvious partisan hack site

      56. go research this site quoted in macs article posting the list of “most corrupt politicians”, it is a leftist rag. while many of those listed may be legitimately corrupt, the fact that so many KNOWN democrat scum failed to make the list should send up the bs flags.

        cmon mac, due dilligence is your friend if you want to be taken seriously

      57. Ron Paul is a nut and the last one I could ever vote for, well there’s Nevel Chamberlin. Sorry the mans a little nutty.

        • Another sound bite fan! Stop letting lamestream news sound bites brainwash you today! Stop by and get a clue.

          Sorry, that was rather rude but, really, please tell us why you could never vote for Ron Paul…

          How is he “nutty”? In what way? You don’t think Obama is “a little nutty”? He got elected without ANY public records.

          How is Paul “nutty”? Why can’t you vote for him? Why the Nevel Chamberlin reference?

          I’m waiting with baited breath. (…garlic breath, actually, I love garlic powder on steak. Yum!)

      58. So here goes… Ron Paul is a kook eh? He’s unelectable? Tell me when did it become kooky in America to support the rule of law?
        When did standing up for personal liberty and speaking out against the bastardization of the concept of liberty become grounds for being unelectable?
        I understand the marxist media being against those things…I understand the retarded right being against those things…What I dont understand are the people who purport to be freedom loving patriots who by their words/ actions undermine those same ideals!
        How can we ever restore this republic if even those who say they want to be free cant support someone who wants to do it because they see them as extreme,or unelectable…who told you they were unelectable?…CNN?FOX?HOWDY DOODY?…GOD?…because unless it was God they have no credibility…if enough people believe that way then he wont get elected,thats not “unelectable” thats not elected,there is a difference!
        Cutting govt in all areas…gutting its ABC agentcies…getting rid of its wars on everything from drugs to farmers,plainly simply reversing this out of control beast called government is somehow kooky and extreme??…give me a freaking break.. you want extreme? got it right now,just look around,are you blind or in a coma?… we have never had a govt as extreme and out of sync with the founders intentions as we have now,we have never had a population so extremely ignorant and out of touch with the way its supposed to be…weve never had a govt so intent on controlling and micromanaging every aspect of human life and activity! WAKE UP!!Ron Paul is a kook and unelectable? but Santorum or Perry or whoever is more electable moderate,more acceptable to all the other kooks so we gotta go with them over Paul because even if we elect satan himself its okay as long as we get rid of Barry? REALLY??
        Why would we even bother?? I want rid of obama as much as anyone….but not just so I can say we got rid of him…I want rid of his policys and his ability to impliment them,I want him to go back to whatever hole he climbed out of and die there,I want rid of him and anyone like him…but I dont just want him replaced by some othe devil from hell who has a nice smile and a fancy suit just because hes ELECTABLE!
        This is why we never get any change in our elections….people say I love candidate X and I agree all most 100% with him/her on everything BUT he has a zit on his/her nose and while I could overlook that one little thing…well…its just that the media(or my friends or my enimies ect) they say that zit makes them UNELECTABLE so by God I wont waste MY vote!!! So because of one issue,one zit,the good canditate loses because we dont use our heads and we allow the media and others to make up our minds for us…grow a spine,get a pair!…if this is how we are going to behave then we cant be suprised when no one who believes in freedom and less govt even bothers to try,because they have seen what happens to people when they do try..they get eaten by their own,God help us!

        • Sound Bite Brainwashing.

          Its about sound bites and image and lies. After all, the current POTUS got elected on those. His performance is PROOF of that.

        • Quantity always outvotes quality. Anyone with the integrity to be a good candidate for public office will not stoop to the level of the mob to win elections, and those who have no such scruples invariably win elections; thus the present situation explains itself. I will of course vote for Ron Paul but if he does not win then it does not much matter what miserable bastard out of the bumper crop of miserable bastards wins because we will all lose.

      59. Wow is that my only choice Ron or Obama. Actually I don’t need the press to come up with my opinion, Ron did that on his own, I do like Ran though. I’m sure there is nothing that could change your mind about him. But when Iran starts waving it’s first Nuke around we can talk nice to them and they will go away, now was that Ron or Obama that said that I think they both said it.
        I don’t care to talk you out of your candidate. And you should do something about that breath. RELAX.

        • You’re absolutely right. Just because Rick Romney is so nutty does not mean we should not vote for him. We should not talk ourselves out of voting for this incredible person. Breath-e. Relax. Thank you. God bless you for your foresight.

      60. I’m voting for Ron Paul, at least he is concistent and a true conservative. I agree with him more than the others.
        And for the first time in a long time, I think we would have a LEADER not some corrupt jackass. Israel will take care of Iran.

        Terry Reed

      61. CREW claims not to be biased. Wanna bet? Media Matters much?
        Sloan received her B.A. and J.D. from the University of Chicago.
        Prior to starting CREW in 2003, Before becoming a prosecutor, Sloan served as Minority Counsel for the House Judiciary Committee, working on criminal justice issues for then-Ranking Member John Conyers (D-MI). Sloan also served as Counsel for the Crime Subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee, chaired by then-Representative Charles Schumer (D-NY). There, she drafted portions of the 1994 Crime Bill, including the Violence Against Women Act. In 1993, Sloan served as Nominations Counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee, under then-Chairman Joseph Biden (D-DE).

        BTW Santorum is a staunch social conservative, 1st and foremost, highly hated by the likes of Tim Gill and others.

      62. Ron Paul 2012!

      63. The forces raging against traditional values are diabolically wicked. Sadly, through people of influence like Tim Gill, through institutions like Hollywood, capitulating main stream Christian denominations, and now the Military this particular mark of wickedness is making sickening inroads that is imbuing our society with a taint so evil a person could soon no longer be allowed to buy or sell unless they embrace and accept the satanic illegitimacy of homosexuality as legitimate. It does not bode well for those that are not prepared to resist in these evil days.

        Want to hate Rick more? Check out

        • the mark of the beast is upon us, and is getting stronger as time goes on.

      64. Supporting Ron Paul is masturbatory political activity. You might feel like you have accomplished something with all your frenetic activity and huffing and puffing , but in November the results will be self evident. Enjoy it while it lasts if you close your eyes just tight enough you can almost imagine it as reality.

        As to your “normalcy bias”- If you think TPTB will allow Ron Paul to be elected you clearly have not dealt with anything.

        Don’t get too worked up.

      65. Seems like you to provide some information about what Santorum is accused of rather than just saying his name is on a list.

        I think I’ll put SHTF on my list of most irresponsible websites.

      66. LMMFAO , this cracks me up Lame styream media has the nation in a up roar. Even here on this great site. Facts are facts, yes I will vote for Ron Paul. will help no it won’t. The system is rigged..The system has us by the short and curly’s and it will not let us go until we make. Me I just can’t watch MSM any more..


      67. Politicians are usually just a reflection of society itself. I think that “Gresham’s law” is likely the most applicable way of looking at finances and ethics right now. When the morally corrupt are allowed to remain, unpunished, for their actions then it drives all the ethical people away. This is not difficult people, it is behavioral modification 101. If a child continues to emitt negative behavior and it is not consequenced then it reoccurs, and not just that but the child continues to up the ante. Why would you think that this scenario is any different. In Canada we have the same bunch of bumblers exept the primary difference is they don’t do much up here, which is what you need from your own members of congress.

      68. Wow you sure proved your point, all the evidence you presented clearly proves your case beyond a doubt. It’s all right there in back and white for us to SEE. Good work, extensive presentation. I don’t think I’ve ever seen better.

      69. I read lots of web site responses and without a doubt ,this one is one of the stupidest. the author makes a big statement and then backs it up with nothing. Then a bunch of readers jump in with bird brain comments and quotes, mostly about a 20 year old Western. And all the above passes for intellect? It’s no wonder we ellect idiots in to office.

        • born in mombasa

          Well one thing about it, I noticed that you read all the comments…. And if you don’t like the site, then don’t let the door hit you where the god lord split you!


      70. The clear choice is Ron Paul………..

        • Yeah!!!! Drugs for everyone!

      71. it’s the political class vs the middle class. There is no left and right, rep/dem. If they wanted it changed they would have done it.

        Santorum is a Catholic which is scary in and of itself, cause those buggers want to take over the world.

      72. saw this article/vid. last night…go there to check out the alex jones interview regarding sanscrotum…the one that connects sant. with the pedophile sandusky and the bunch of pedophiles that roam the halls of congress and the senate.

        I take alex with a grain of salt…I scan through everything I can a make my OWN judgements on what I have researched over the years…Many of our elected politicians are very bad humans supported by even worse humans…everyone needs to do there own research before ever voting again.

        If you even believe for one moment that things will change with any repub other than Ron Paul…you are still stuck in the right-left paradigm.

        H.W., G.W., obama, clinton, nixon, Johnson…all the damn same…all told what to do by the bankers…

        Just that simple…

      73. “The clear choice is Ron Paul…..”

        Turns out it does cause blindness. 🙂

      74. I’m no Santorum fan, but I have to point out that corrupt-politician list is from 2006. Santorum hasn’t been a senator for years.

        So I would say that he’s still corrupt, but probably no longer in the top 3….

      75. Got to give you credit, that was funny!!

      76. LOL I love Paul supporters they think there the only ones who have it figured out. I,m sorry but every time I see Ron I just dont see him kicking azz in foreign policy and yes I like some of the things he stands for. The system is so screwed up you have to get rid of so many of them at one time to clean out the crap. Every time a good conservetive gets elected he or she runs head first into the esablishment who then proceed to set them straight.

        • Santorum = Fluke.

      77. Hidden due to low comment rating
        (Sorry, you can’t click to read it)

        I was going to mention that it is really still the 5th century, but thought it best to go ahead hide the comment.

      78. Santorum stole all of Paul’s votes in Iowa country, otherwise he would have beaten Romney. Santorum has cost Paul the nomination and the presidency!

      79. Santorum has ruined the Republican party, and will now guarantee an Obama victory.

      80. In depth analysis will reveal that the Santorum victory in Iowa was not only a fluke, it also has potentially ruined the unity of the Republican party. Santorum has caused deep fractures in the Republican party. Santorum’s support of raising the national debt ceiling on five different occasions, while working as a lobbyist since being voted out of the Senate in 2006, is evidence of his corporate cronyism and career politician status. By taking votes away from Paul, Santorum has neutralized one of the strongest possible Republican candidates to run against Obama. In effect, Santorum’s serial hypocrisy will be a galvanizing factor behind Obamney’s inevitable victory in 2012.

      81. Duh. No coincidence that this CREW website lists the first three congressman as the most corrupt, are all Republican. Based on what? THEY’RE SUBJECTIVE INTERPRETATION? i REd the above quote and do not see the sinister intentions of Santorum that this so called objective website seems to see/

      82. This country is failing because of the systemic corruption of the people in the guise of “individual freedom”

        Dumb ass libertarians think they have found some new paradigm because they favor low taxes and small government but think that there should be no traditional moral code to this nation.

        The reason we have big government and high taxes is because everyone is lawless and and without any personal honor, hence the government must grow like a cancer in response to that lack of individual morality

        Santorunm was just addressing this fact

      83. The only reason he was second last night was because a bunch of Dems voted for him. I wish the ppl who vote for these ppl would have to put up when it goes south. When our enemies start to push us around and Paul does nothing to prevent it. Which in turn leads to military conflict due to a lack of forien policy. They put there kids up first to protect the country since there lack of any action caused it. But it’s much easier to blame someone else. Ows don’t get the support for that group, Lazy ppl who want someone else to supply them with the things my family works so hard for.

        • “The only reason he was second last night was because a bunch of Dems voted for him. I wish the ppl who vote for these ppl would have to put up when it goes south.”

          I often consider deleting the bookmark to this site, and then I remember how amusing it is to see comments like this that remind me why I don’t. Where else could one see the blind leading the supid off the cliff on a moment by monent basis?

          …#10 cans — crisp $10 bills …



      84. What we really need for a president is a statesman. Unfortunately all true statesmen that this country once had are either dead or they have been bought out. That leaves only politicians grovelling for the top spot, kissing every behind that might help to finance their quest.

      85. I voted for BO, becuz I thought he was gonna be someone from outside the system that would make a difference. Boy was I surprised. Same Shit… different Asshole is right! I have voted straight Democrap for 40 years, but I am re-registering as a Repukelicrat (California) just so I can vote for Ron Paul in the primary!If he does not make it to the general election, I will not vote. There is truly no difference between BO and any other candidate but RP.
        I love it when people parrot the MSM’s line that RP is “soft on defense” or “unelectable”, but don’t believe anything else the MSM puts on the evening “spews”, cuz it is biased. Don’t listen to the paid shills on the MSM, but look at the man speaking for himself (on Youtube, while you still can!!!!) Integrity is in short supply in WDC, and he has not been tainted and his positions have remained consistent and sound over the years. RP in 2012.

      86. This article is so bogus… how can you include a list of most corrupt members of Congress and not include Sen Harry Reid, D Nevada and SEIU man….

      87. For those of you that are trying to connect Ron Paul and Soros. It simply isn’t true. I am not sure what Soros or his ilk are up to, but I do know this. Ron Paul is NOT in any way, shape, or form a communist.

        Use your mind people, there are many ways that someone can make it “appear” that Ron Paul supports their group, or thought and by doing so can damage his campaign. A candidate can’t control what goes on outside their campaign.

        Simply use your OWN mind, and look at Dr. Paul’s record. Do NOT buy into whatever smear tactic is being used to attack him or to make him appear to be other than what he is…a true statesman that has dedicated his life to protecting our liberties, and our nation.

        Don’t be so easily duped!

      88. This a complete distortion!

        What Rick Santorum was speaking to – was that NO ONE has a RIGHT to be immoral. There ARE standards of behavior that our law is based upon – you can break these standards, and break the law – but it does not mean you are immune to the consequences.

        Stop lying – get it straight – we have more than an obligation to behave correctly, we have a responsibility to do so.

        THAT is what Rick meant by you can’t do whatever you want. There are no victimless crimes.

      89. .. That list is from a 2006 article. It also lists Dr. Bill Frist who hasn’t been in congress for years?! The website is bogus and referring to a 6 year old article just makes it more irresponsible. Rick Santorus is an honest conservative who speaks truth to power – without a teleprompter.

      90. I don’t know how anyone can look at Rick Santorum’s face and not realize there is something just not right about that guy. He really gives me the creeps. I couldn’t live in this country if he was President.

      91. Good sense is all that’s needed to realize this CREW website analysis is just political propaganda, and the author should have recognized this. Thumbs down for this.
        Corrupt governments have used the well known methods to accomplish their aims. “Bread and Circus” is what they feed us while the do the bidding of their masters.
        My sense of it is since $Billions in lobby money is spent every year on our politicians; they are allowed to retain this money in “reelection” accounts,so you can reasonably see how this money eventually bought more and more control. That no one has been convicted of a crime
        that has cost the American citizens $Trillions upon $Trillions suggests the extent of this control. It really doesn’t make a difference which party you vote for because they are both equally bought in this.
        So virtually anyone like Rick S. or Michelle B., Noot,
        or Mitty, who preach a variation on current government
        policies, are likely to continue to do the bidding of the masters. If any of them get elected, or more likely BO again, the people of this country, beyond losing their homes and jobs, will discover what should already be obvious – Too big to pay debts have consequences, and
        they no longer have rights, civil liberties, or the safety they were promised, yet have to pay these debts?
        Would it be wrong to say they will get what they deserved? An argument against this is recognizing all of us have been manipulated by the media bias for the last 40 years, by experts. They have willfully turned us into a materialistic consumer, tolerant of their white collar corruption, and on and on.
        Unfortunately we embraced this stuff freely and willingly
        and not since the late sixties,and early “Vietnam” 70’s has the public stood up in sufficient numbers to their employees in DC to protest. Even the folks who argue to not vote are victims- this feeds public apathy, to not care, to not vote for any reason is to deserve what is happening- why- because it IS OUR JOB to care and fire these people, and outlaw lobbying, and hire people who work for us. We seem to have conveniently lost touch with OUR RESPONSIBILITY. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to consider throwing the National Debt back on the banks, then shut them down too.

        You need to step back a moment and consider that we are among something like a billion people, considering Europe,UK, and to a lesser extent other allies, facing the same major problems, and acting like they have the same masters. But Europe is also getting aid from China
        and has not adopted “Fed printing”, instead attempting austerity. Our future depends on ending the $influence
        in Washington. I’ll vote for Ron.

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