San Diego: Flu Season Still Going Strong, Hepatitis A Outbreak NOT CONTAINED

by | Apr 10, 2018 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 14 comments

It’s shaping up to be a rough year for those living in San Diego.  With the flu season still going strong in the area, their Hepatitis A outbreak is also not yet contained.

This flu season was especially hard on the city of San Diego. The city boasted a record 20,131 influenza cases and 326 deaths all confirmed by San Diego’s Health and Human Services Agency.  “No one knows really why this season is so much more severe than other seasons,” said Dr. Sayone Thihalolipavan, deputy public health officer for the County of San Diego.

Thihalolipavan said flu season in San Diego typically ends by March. Now in April, the county’s latest report shows 247 new flu cases and seven more deaths. “Especially earlier on the predominant strain of flu was one that is more [sic] deadlier,” Thihalolipavan said. “And that was the H3N2 strain. Now currently we’re glad the predominant strain is the influenza type B or B strain, which is less likely to result in hospitalizations or deaths.”

Meanwhile, the county board of supervisors declared an end to the hepatitis A health emergency in January, but the outbreak is still not over. “We’ve seen about 9 cases this year so far I believe,” Thihalolipavan said. “Unfortunately, mostly centralized in the North County area.” During the peak of the outbreak, San Diego was averaging around 80 hepatitis A cases a month. Since the outbreak started in November 2016, 20 people have died and 587 cases have been confirmed.

The majority of those sickened by this viral infection outbreak have been homeless people. A letter from San Diego County health officials stated that hepatitis A is being spread through contact with a “fecally contaminated environment” as well as person-to-person transmission. A big part of the problem is an apparent lack of public restrooms in areas where the homeless population congregates.

Hepatitis A is a highly contagious viral infection, which can prove fatal. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the virus attacks the liver. Adequate personal hygiene and sanitation can help prevent the spread of the virus. -SHTFPlan

The city and health officials continue to have limited or no success at stopping these infectious diseases. Their one suggestion: get the flu shot and get vaccinated for hepatitis A.

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    1. Heartless

      I’ll just say it. Filthy 3rd-world savages, thieving, illegal invaders, ignorant uncivilized cretins …… are the cause of this. OH, let me add- with the blessings of the government of the State of California. C’mon San Andreas – let ‘er rip.

      • laura ann

        Yuup! Let her rip big time, problem is where would our Chinese goods come in? LA is one of the largest ports for cargo. It would have to be re routed to Seattle or Vancouver.

        • Grunty McPhereson

          Agree, Laura Ann. Let er rip!


      • Anton Chigurh

        WOO-HOO!! Someone finally noticed the stinking brown elephant in the room!!
        Let’s get this SHOAH on the road!!!

    2. Concerned Citizen

      Just keep using the streets and the sidewalks as toilet to take dumps, what could possibly happen there that would turn out negatively?? ALL of those mutts deserve what they get out there. Hopefully Chinky Chink China or Rocket fag will nuke the worthless liberal hell-hole!!

      • Genius

        The san andreas is taking wayyyy too long. We need to wall them off NOW!

      • laura ann

        C.C.: In Europe, Muslims are using streets, parks or anywhere they can find to dump, pee and even throw trash anywhere legally since Europeans are dumb enough to be conquered and want to live in filthy rat holes. Some main city streets there are full of trash and homeless invaders, soon to kill off the conquered and move into their housing. Insanity, total breakdown of law and order. California is headed there.

    3. Anonymous

      How many of those flu cases have actually been confirmed as the flu through medical testing?

    4. lena

      more diseases coming your way the more immigrants come in unchecked.

      TB was eliminated where I live until immigrants started coming in at better than 100,000 yearly.

    5. Fed up Goy

      Can’t say much snit the flu, but hep A comes from either tainted shellfish or analingual contact. . Winder what the source is here?

      • laura ann

        Food places like Taco stands or fast food places hiring Mexicans, etc. do not wash hands after using bathroom, and handle food. Spread Hep A, E-coli,etc.

    6. Brian

      I always thought the “San Diego Crouch” was a dance move! Compared to Los Angeles and San Francisco, San Diego is one of the lesser known California cities. Now, it is becoming famous for something!

      • Grunty McPhereson

        ???. ??????

    7. B from CA

      Chem trails might have something to do with liver problems.

      Maybe do a liver detox. They are available over-the-counter.

      _ See a doctor, a homeopathic physician, if you’ve got the money. Insurance won’t pay.

      A regular M.D. is not always bad. Use caution.


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