Sacrificed At the Altar Of Obama: CIA Assets Ordered to “Stand Down” During Libya Attacks; Delta Force Spec Ops Waited For Hours For Deployment Orders

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    It’s a month after the incident in Bengzahi, Libya and the Obama administration is still trying to shift blame and responsibility.

    First, the President claimed the attacks were nothing more than a riot that got out of control as a result of a video that insulted the religion of Islam. This narrative was shot full of holes almost immediately, because as we know, a CIA safehouse, which no random rioters could have possibly known about, was also attacked.

    Then we were told by the State department and others that this was an Al Queda cell that we had no prior knowledge of. Except, of course, the Ambassador, as well as military leaders in the area, called for additional security assistance days and weeks BEFORE the attacks. None was granted.

    Finally, we were told that there was no way for anyone to know what was going on at the time of the attacks, a story that Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta is sticking to even today. Except that there were two (2) drones in the air observing the incident in real time. Not only that, but military assets, including the Delta Force special operations teams, were standing by ready to deploy within minutes, yet they were told to wait – for what? – we can’t imagine.

    An exclusive report from FoxNews now claims that the situation was much more clear than the administration has made it out to be, and that repeated real-time calls for assistance, while drones surveyed the area, were ignored.

    Fox News has learned from sources who were on the ground in Benghazi that an urgent request from the CIA annex for military back-up during the attack on the U.S. consulate and subsequent attack several hours later was denied by U.S. officials — who also told the CIA operators twice to “stand down” rather than help the ambassador’s team when shots were heard at approximately 9:40 p.m. in Benghazi on Sept. 11.

    Former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods was part of a small team who was at the CIA annex about a mile from the U.S. consulate where Ambassador Chris Stevens and his team came under attack. When he and others heard the shots fired, they informed their higher-ups at the annex to tell them what they were hearing and requested permission to go to the consulate and help out. They were told to “stand down,” according to sources familiar with the exchange. Soon after, they were again told to “stand down.”

    At that point, they called again for military support and help because they were taking fire at the CIA safe house, or annex. The request was denied. There were no communications problems at the annex, according those present at the compound. The team was in constant radio contact with their headquarters. In fact, at least one member of the team was on the roof of the annex manning a heavy machine gun when mortars were fired at the CIA compound. The security officer had a laser on the target that was firing and repeatedly requested back-up support from a Spectre gunship, which is commonly used by U.S. Special Operations forces to provide support to Special Operations teams on the ground involved in intense firefights. The fighting at the CIA annex went on for more than four hours — enough time for any planes based in Sigonella Air base, just 480 miles away, to arrive.

    Fox News has also learned that two separate Tier One Special operations forces were told to wait, among them Delta Force operators.

    Earlier this week President Obama, when answering a question from a reporter’s 6-year-old son, referred to Governor Romney as a “bullshitter.”

    Given what has transpired from the beginning of this President’s election campaign through today, it is clear that the bullshitter here is President Obama.

    And for those apologist out there that will claim Mr. Obama was not the one making the decisions surrounding the Bengzahi incident, or that State was in charge, or that Secretary Panetta was making the military calls, we say BULLSHIT.

    President Obama is the Commander-In-Chief of  The United States of America. He, and he alone, is responsible for the deaths of the four Americans left to die that day. 

    We had live, real-time video of the incident as it occurred. We had live, real-time communications from CIA assets that were within yards of the incident. We had CIA assets lazing targets for air strikes. We had direct requests for military assistance. We had four hours to respond.

    And, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta claims we are all “Monday morning quarterbacks” for calling it like we see it?

    We hold the utmost respect for our military and intelligence assets. We can not say the same for the leadership at the executive levels of our government. Four Americans died as a result of the incompetence of this President, and we’re only discussing it because whistleblowers within the military, intelligence community and the administration have felt compelled to provide the American public with information.

    Moreover, President Obama recently met with the father of Tyrone Woods, one of the men killed in Bengzahi, and according to the elder Mr. Woods, the President couldn’t even look him in the eye when he spoke to him (apparently with little empathy or care) about the death of his son:

    “When [Obama] came over to our little area” at Andrew Air Force Base, says Woods, “he kind of just mumbled, you know, ‘I’m sorry.’ His face was looking at me, but his eyes were looking over my shoulder like he could not look me in the eye. And it was not a sincere, ‘I’m really sorry, you know, that your son died,’ but it was totally insincere, more of whining type, ‘I’m sorry.’”

    Woods says that shaking President Obama’s hands at his son’s memorial service was “like shaking hands with a dead fish.”

    “It just didn’t feel right,” he says of his encounter with the commander in chief. “And now that it’s coming out that apparently the White House situation room was watching our people die in real time, as this was happening,” Woods says, he wants answers on what happened—and why there was no apparent effort to save his son’s life.

    Our suspicion is that countless others have died over the last four years as a direct result of the incompetence of this President and his surrogates, except their stories have been covered up by giant piles of bullshit.


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      1. Thank you Mac…YOU SIR ARE A GREAT AMERICAN!

        • This situation is a disgrace to our soldiers and the United States of America.

          • Maybe Obama was on vacation. That means we can’t blame it on him right?

            • He went to bed and hoped he’d feel better in the morning. What an amateur.

            • He doesn’t even rate that status.

            • Who ever was the thumbs down must beleive then that he is a Pro.

            • @ Refreshing

              Naw…he was awaiting his orders from Tel Aviv, as those cretins had to egress their mossad operative assassination teams…out of harms way!

              Can’t have our spec-ops troopers wasting their hit squad, now could we?
              Makes for a nasty diplomatic can-o-worms if we did.

              For the hopelessly indoctrinated here, especially GOPwhatever…ask yourselves per the geo-political arena!

              Who benefits?

              See…Cui Bono?

            • You just don’t know how hard it is to run things when you’re on the golf course. Unless you’ve been there, you just can’t understand.

            • So does anyone Know where the funeral for Stevens was, ho thats right there was not one so where is he living now.

          • Makes the Watergate 70’s scandal look so trivial. This one takes the cake. Fact: politician scum cannot be trusted period! George Bush, after hearing about the towers being hit, stayed in a classroom with the students (again apathy)like it was no big deal..another low life president who let the housing crises get out of control. Another ex: FDR knew about the planned attacks on Pearl Harbor; L.Johnson: gulf of Tonkin lies ( to start Viet Nam war) was a farce..all this to get wars started. Can anyone running for high office be trusted? Absolutely not.

            • @Laura

              What does Bush have to do with any of this?

            • What was Bush to do. Run around and start a panic.What you wanted to see him grab the football and start pushing buttons. What did you want him to do. I am not a fan of all of GB actions. I saw that a a true leadership move. He new. He new that he had people to handle the crisis that was at that point. And when it escalated he was secured as the plan that are set to secure the president were s in motion. What did he do wrong.

              Wasted all the expect waste all the political capital on some real stupid shit.

            • W stayed for those few minutes in order not to upset and panic the kids. Staying also gave him a few moments to collect his thoughts before having to address the people and the press.

              As for the housing situation: the Bushes, father and son, are really fairly liberal. W really believed that ownership would equal responsibility. Both George H.W. and W were easily rolled by Congress. That is the explanation for reversing “read my lips”.

              No President is perfect. OTOH, never before have we had a POTUS who disdained America, Americans, the Constitution and our history.

              Trust, but verify. Obama loses on the verification point.
              So far, from what I have read and learned, Romney is the epitome of watching what people do when they think no one is looking. I think he is honorable. We’ll find out, of course.

            • Laura, are you insane, to suggest that Bush spending a few minutes likely to gather his thoughts and steel himself, is the equivalent of the Dead Fish’s lack of action that went on for HOURS and culminated, after a good night’s sleep, with some partying in Vegas for a fundraiser?

            • 5 minutes reading the goat book is not the same as 7 hours humping the first wookie

            • Stand your ground, Laura. Most people don’t get the connection.

            • How long did Bush stay in the classroom? 15 – 20 minutes? What was he supposed to do in front of the children, panic, run around yelling OMG, OMG!?!?

              You have ZERO knowledge that he thought it was no big deal. He calmness in the situation does not equate “no big deal.” Were you in his brain at the time? Do you have mind reading super powers? Had he shown any other reaction and upset the kids, that would not have been an ideal way to handle it.

              Please seek help for your Bush Derangement Syndrome. Bush was not a great President, but picking on this issue is best.

          • Tina

            Indeed! In fact, why aren’t we hearing about ambassadors resigning in protest everywhere?

            Gives a whole ‘nother meaning to “Don’t ask–Don’t tell”.
            Let’s ask the trolls if they would appreciate that level of support from their bosses.
            Might wake up a few.

            • mama bear & Rev Ike: Bush knew according to patriot talk shows/reports that it was going to happen/planned to get us into war. The end justifies the means to the Elite. This all proves that presidents mentioned were planning/or condoning these acts. Take 9/11 and listen/read the info on various websites, that this scandal is a fact; we let these guys in the country as students, and didn’t send out the air force after the first hit on the towers, causing four incidents incl the Pentagon and fl #93. Just for the record I am non partisan and distrust both main parties. I’m simply showing that Obama is not the only liar/phony to be in the Oval ofc. there has been many.

            • What we may be seeing is just how many Trolls are just beating up on other trolls here and on many other sites. The comments everywhere seem to be just an pile of shit. All to draw the biggest crowd. So who cares.

          • “”””Our suspicion is that countless others have died over the last four years as a direct result of the incompetence of this President and his surrogates””””

            Incompetence is not the right word. Murder and cover up are part of Obama and his handlers core competencies and they are good at it.

            He would love for you to believe it was incompetence rather than what it truly was.

            Premeditated Murder driven by a criminal agenda, and directed by a master criminal.

            • laura, kindly explain how Bush’s failure and corruption justifies Obama’s failure and corruption.

            • GC
              Rest assured, that as far back as we can remember
              And much further, incompetent leaders have caused
              The deaths of many
              It is the folly of man that we follow
              That we forget
              That we allow those at the top
              To continue to rule without suffering the consequences of their actions

              the Watcher

            • Laura, sorry, I don’t believe in the 19 terrorists on 9/11 theory. Pentagon was a Tomahawk cruise missile. Other three planes were 757 drones flown by some Amero/Israeli. Just unlucky for the passengers on board those planes/drones. All planned to drag us into decades of conflict. As for Building seven? Well, guess that should be a red flag for anyone. Two planes in New York, yet three towers came down. Lairs liars liars. Big money scamming people into war yet again. For what? Korean War was a scam, Vietnam, Panama!!! Israeli 6 day war!!! First Gulf War 1990/91 Saddam invades Kuwait, because Kuwaiti based FOREIGN oil companies are drilling sideways under the border into the Ramala oil field, on the Iraqi side, stealing Iraq oil!!??? So we spend the next 20 years destroying them???

          • what is odd to me is that the CIA thought that this admin would have behaved differently

          • I say we have the pretender in chief take up that role and wait with a few highly trained men when a platoon size element attacks with small arms and mortar fire and find a win in a situation like that when standard air strike options are taken away from you. IF they survive it would be a great wake up call for him. I bet P.I.C (Pretender in Chief) can’t even get through a basic rifle qualification without WHINING FOR A BREAK. Worst Commander In Chief ever!
            I am ashamed to call him the president of our Great Nation.

          • Prepare for the horror of horrors as this news flows.

            I submit that it’s a damn good guess this catastrophe is NOT incompetence by Obama but rather, the unspeakable—that he ordered the stand down in real time so as not to exacerbate a still higher degree of attention that all out combat with rushing troops would’ve screamed in the news on 9/11.

            Translation: the Embassy’s people were sitting ducks for slaughter—like the last scene in ‘Scarface’—for political machinations.

            The only action in real time at the flat-footed White House was Obama’s PR slime dogs hurriedly concocting the clownish angle of a YouTube video for plausibility. The corrupt network TV and newspaper rats in his pocket, with their shocking censorship to sabotage the truth, were counted on to play along. (By the way, Fox News owns this story with superb journalism).

            This was the Marxist’s chosen path to protect his political image just 4 days after his convention boogiefest. May he be crushed in the election. Crushed.

          • I was outraged when I found out about this. Society has collapsed in this country and perhaps the world. Things are about to change for us all wether we like it or not.

          • Tina

            Here’s something that’s being kept from the American public that’s even more disgraceful…& its cost the lives of countless American soldiers.
            This article first appeared at Veterans Today per Gordan Duff…Zen is merely re-posting & opining.

            Be sure to read the entire text, then watch the videos, they’re short.


            • Anton: Check this out…

              Excerpt from:

              THE CONTROVERSY OF ZION by Douglas Reed (book finished in 1956, published in 1978).

              Chapter 21: THE WARNINGS OF DISRAELI (p 124)

              “Then, after the outbreaks of 1848, Disraeli returned to the subject, telling the House of Commons in 1852:

              “The influence of the Jews may be traced in the last outbreak of the destructive principle in Europe. An insurrection takes place against tradition and aristocracy, against religion and property…

              The natural equality of men and the abrogation of property are proclaimed by the secret societies who form provisional governments and men of Jewish race are found at the head of every one of them.”

              ***(exactly the same thing recurred in Russia, in 1917, that is, seventy years after the 1848 outbreaks).***

              Disraeli added,

              “The most skilful manipulators of property ally themselves with Communists; the peculiar and chosen people touch the hands of all the scum and low castes of Europe”.

              This, he said, was because ***they wished to destroy Christianity***.

              The reader has already met some true prophets among the many false ones, during this journey through the centuries, but he will not meet another quite like Benjamin Disraeli, whose liberation from Talmudic bonds gave him this “absolute freedom from prejudice”.

              His name was significant, for he was of the breed of the Israelite prophets who denounced Judah.

              He was proud of his descent, and yet was enabled by his detachment to feel a love of England which those of native ancestry often cannot emulate.

              His ironical comments on public affairs and human events are refreshing to read today, when politicians shun the truth as the devil might shun holy water.

              Disraeli practised the teaching of Christianity; he was not merely “a baptised Jew”.

              for this is what he said after the Indian Mutiny in 1857, when the spirit of revenge was ravening in the land:

              “I do without the slightest hesitation declare my humble disapprobation of persons in high authority announcing that upon the high standard of England ‘vengeance’ and not ‘justice’ should be inscribed… I protest against meeting atrocities by atrocities.

              I have heard things said and seen things written of late which would make me almost suppose that the religious opinions of the people of England had undergone some sudden change, and that, ***instead of bowing before the name of Jesus, we were preparing to revive the worship of Moloch***.

              I cannot believe that it is our duty to indulge in such a spirit.”

              These words contain an allusion which reaches every Jew and Gentile. Talmudic Judaism is “the worship of Moloch” and Disraeli knew this when he chose the words.

              The whole dispute between ancient Israel and Judah of the Levites raged round this false deity and his demands, and Israel turned its back on Judah on this very account; this is the root of the controversy of Zion, three thousand years ago and now.”

              Excerpt from THE CONTROVERSY OF ZION (p. 132-133)

              “The Talmud contains no lofty law of righteousness applicable to all men, but sets up the creed of Moloch, shorn of the universal applications; it is one book, not two. It is the *uncompromising response to Christianity* : “the precepts of justice, of equity, or charity towards one’s neighbour, are not only not applicable with regard to the Christian, but constitute a crime in anyone who would act differently.

              “The Talmud expressly forbids one to save a non-Jew from death… to restore lost goods, etc. to him, to have pity on him” (the former Rabbi Drach, already quoted). This was ***The Law*** of the Slavic Ashkenazim in their ghettoes; the Ashkenazim, under stern direction, became the engineers of the world-revolution; and according to the Judaic authorities the Ashkenazim are now “the Jews”, or 85 percent of them.”

              “Thus a formidable, secret sect, in parts of *Russia* little known to the outer world trained a compact mass of human beings for an onslaught on the nation-states of Christendom and the West, and in the 19th century began to unleash the force which it had generated.

              “For the next hundred and fifty years (until the present day) the revolutionary force worked with spreading effect to disrupt the West, always following the plan originally disclosed in Weishaupt’s papers, and “men of Jewish race” were constantly found at the head of it.

              The results have shown: Europe, once a land-mass of prosperous and virile nation-states, is now a place of bewildered peoples who struggle to make their way out of the new Dark Age and into the light again.

              The effects have spread far beyond Europe; Disraeli’s “destructive principle” today beats on the doors of all the world.

              Possibly another hundred years must pass before the force let loose expends itself and the Ashkenazim (like the Sephardim before them) find the pull of mankind too strong for them, so that the Cabalist’s dream of world dominion fades.

              ATTEN:! All Who Aint yet Convinced of ZIO/JEW=KOMMIES!


              Excerpts from pages 141-143 of THE CONTROVERSY OF ZION (1956, published in 1978)

              On to the beginning of the XX century…

              “…while Europe outwardly appeared to be slowly moving towards an improving future on the path which for eighteen centuries had served it well, in the *Talmudic areas of Russia* Zionism joined Communism as the second of the two forces which were to intercept that process.

              Communism was designed to subvert the masses; it was the “great popular movement” foreseen by Disraeli, by means of which “the secret societies” were to work in unison for the disruption of Europe. Zionism set out to subvert rulers at the top.”

              “Neither force could have moved forward without the other, for rulers of unimpaired authority would have checked the revolution as it had been checked in 1848.”

              “Dr. Chaim Weizmann’s book is the best single fount of information about the twin roots of Communism and Zionism and their convergent purpose.

              He was present at the birth of Zionism, he became its roving plenipotentiary, he was for forty years the darling of Western courts, presidential offices and cabinet rooms, he became the first president of the Zionist state, and he told the entire tale with astonishing candour.

              “He shows how, in those remote Talmudic communities nearly a hundred years ago, the strategy took shape which in its consequences was to catch up, as in a vortex, all peoples of the West”…

              “The LIFEBLOOD and TREASURE of the WEST were to be spent on the promotion of these two complementary purposes like water from a running tap.”(and so it Has eh!)

              “Emancipation was for this group the final aim, and it chiefly contained those Jews who, by talent, diligence and fear of Talmudic rule, had escaped from the ghettos.

              “Dr. Weizmann dismisses it as small, unrepresentative and “renegade,” and as it was swept away it must also disappear from this narrative, which belongs to the two other groups. By the edict of the Talmudists it has “disappeared from the face of the earth,” or been excommunicated.”

              “The remaining mass of Jews in Russia, (that is, those that lived in the ghettos under Talmudic rule) were divided into two groups.”

              “Both groups were revolutionary; that is to say, they agreed in working for the *destruction of Russia.’ The dissension was solely on the point of Zionism.

              The “Communist-revolutionary” group held that full “emancipation” would be achieved when the world-revolution supplanted the nation-states everywhere.

              The “Zionist-revolutionary” group, while agreeing that the world-revolution was indispensable to the process, held that full “emancipation” would only be achieved when a Jewish nation was established in a Jewish state.”

              “Of these two groups, the Zionist one was clearly the superior in Talmudic orthodoxy, as destruction, under The Law is but a means to the end of domination, and the dominant nation is that ordained to be set up in Jerusalem.”

              “Neither of these groups could have taken shape, in those sternly ruled communities, against the will of the rabbinate. If the rabbis had given out the word that Communism was “transgression” and Zionism “observance” of “the statutes and judgments”, there would have been no Communists in the ghettoes, only Zionists.”

              “*The ruling sect*, looking into the future above the heads of the regimented mass, evidently saw that both groups were essential to the end in view; and Disraeli, in one of the passages earlier quoted, named the motive.

              “From the middle of the last century the story of the revolution is that of Communism and Zionism, directed from one source and working to a convergent aim.”

              “Such was the state of the *two-headed conspiracy* in Russia when Dr. Weizmann grew to manhood and began to play his part. The word “conspiracy”, frequently used here, is not the author’s; Dr. Weizmann candidly employs it.

              “Loathing Russia, he went (without hindrance) to Germany. The sight of “emancipated” Jews there so repelled him that he longed for the ghettoes of Russia and returned to them during his holidays, then resuming his part in “the conspiracy”, as he says.

              “Then, at various universities in the emancipated West he continued his “open fight” to de-emancipate the Jews of Europe. They recognized the danger and turned faces of fear and enmity to these Ostjuden.”

              “The warning to them came in 1896, …, when Theodor Herzl published The Jewish State. With that, the cat was in their dovecot, and not very long afterwards the doves were in the cat…”

              “Christendom, which had as much cause to be perturbed, remained blissfully unaware for another sixty years.”

            • Angelo M

              Got it. Its on my bookshelf.

              If you have the time, scope out the articles @ the following web-site, its owned & run by a retired US Special Forces commander…guy pulls no punches & tells it like it is.


          • See what happens when you let a bunch of ASSCLOWNS run the Government. After this America will never let someone like this become president, this, this arrogant little man.

            • Anton: yep I’ve read Joe Cortinas stuf also. I rekon if you know of Joes site you also must know of or read stuf from Bro Kapner eh?(Ex-jew Now orthodox Christian etc).

              Almost wish we caould make a law to get all americans to read about the real truths of the past 100 yrs or so.

              If we could do so…America would be fixed Proper in 2 yrs flat. Maybe even Less than 2yrs!!

              I am begining to think that the Vast Deception written of for last days scenario in book of Revelation, is in fact the major deceptive brainwashings of todays vast majority of folks worldwide, concerning the kommies Tribe zios.

              If its not that?…That has to play a Huge role in the deception. I can’t really think of any other “deceptions” which has so affected so many folks as todays zio-lies etc.

          • He took a decision to let them die. Inaction is action. In this case it was a despicable one. Vote this lying traitor out.

        • Mac is a great American..!!

          He posts articles to inform us all..
          never interjecting himself..albeit rarely.
          never interrupts like the rest of the so called truth seekers and hosts.
          and never promotes himself nor products in a fear based mode to buy or die..

          for that let me personally thank you..Mac

          That being said.

          This is a perfect justification..proof perfect..of how our system works and then gets caught with its pants down and lies lies lies incessantly..
          Then deflects the problem with more lies upon lies and all the media complicit in the coverup..

          Meanwhile the liar in chief gets indignant when questioned and states that the Ambassador was his I say…
          If our entire intelligence,military, state department, and all the other abc departments heard this live streaming and had 7 hours or more to act and did nothing.. for their assets..friends..and were all told to stand down..??..and then they were all killed!!
          Then what the hell does that tell us about the rest of us and our fate with these f’n pieces of shit running the show?

          And not a single General,dept head or other has the g.d.balls to stand up and shout the truth..?

          Then we are truly screwed my friends..

          Collateral damage indeed..

          Get the nooses ready..
          Because if they all allowed an Ambassador and several ex seals and CIA assets die while pleading for backup..

          just imagine what these assholes have in store for the rest of us..


          • Well said
            If they will stand down and let friends die
            That says everything in my book

            the watcher

            • Well said Laxative. I agree with what you expressed there.

          • Those seals were told not to go to their aid also,just like all other assets were told, There was ZERO security there after the Libyan security left. That is exactly what I believe was planned.

            Why else would they leave an ambassador with no ,zip, nadda US security, when they usually have a 25 – 50 man security force even for our embassy in France?

            I think they wanted the ambassador to be captured for ransom or something but the arrival of the two seals made that impossible without a lot more force, and the attackers had to ratchet up the violence to try and still achieve their goals and ended up killing instead of capturing him.


            And then the Texas two step began.

            I just want to know what they wanted to trade for him?
            Guess we will never know.

            If this isn’t high crimes and get prosecuted (and it wont) I don’t think at this point anything will.

            Ahh the good ole days of getting impeached and run out of dc on a rail for catching someone breaking into a hotel room and stealing some Dem. party papers,and you actually might have had knowledge about it.

            • To imply that this administration and POTUS are incompetent is foolish.
              Things are happening and are allowed to happen with very clear objectives in mind.
              They are very successful vis a vis of their goals for the US, Israel and Islamic Caliphate.

            • He wanted to trade for one of the higher up Al Quaeda we are holding.

            • why does it have to be the texas two step?why not the chicago two

          • Off topic..but.

            Interesting Press Release

            from the same co-sponsors of fast and furious….

            News Release

            The Violent Crime Bureau

            For Immediate Release

            October 26, 2012


            Contact: Office of Public Affairs

            (202) 648-8500 Office

            ATF Urges FFLs and FELS/FEL/PS To Prepare For Hurricane Sandy – Other NatuRAL Disasters

            WASHINGTON – In preparation for Hurricane Sandy and other natural disasters, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) today urged federal firearms licensees (FFLs) and federal explosives licensees and permittees (FEL/Ps) to be prepared and protect their merchandise and facilities. ATF has prepared guidance, which is available online, regarding how to plan ahead before disasters strike.


        • Please do not forget, that one President Bill Clinton also denied fire support from an AC-130 gunship to the US Army Rangers, in Mogadishu, Somolia.

          You see, the parasites, and thier marxist lackies, want real Americans all dead…

        • Why are there pro-0bama ads on shtfplan now? Isn’t that kind of wonky? Maybe it’s just me?…..

          • I think the ads are figured through buzzwords. Article mentions obama, you must be interested in obama according to how ads are done.

        • This is O’Bummer’s October Surprise that blew up in his face. The raid on the embassy was a put-up job by U.S.-run Al Qaeda. They were supposed to kidnap the ambassador and O’Bummer was going to send in the SEALs to get him back so he would look like a hero right before the election. But the dumbasses killed the ambassador and the plan fell apart.

          Hey, O’Bummer – it’s October. Surprise!

        • Fox News, guys. FOX News, lmao.

      2. I for one will NOT be voting for our current
        COWARD In Cheif!!! Always knew he was a liar and his current campaing tactics if were used in a jr. high school by an eight grader he would be suspended for bullying. Just hope enough people see thru his crap and vote for the future of this country and not for someones bullshit.

        • Off Topic…

          HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah (CBS St. Louis) — “Boeing successfully tests a new missile that can take out electronic targets with little collateral damage. …

          The missile, known as CHAMP (Counter-electronics High-powered Advanced Missile Project), fired a burst of High Powered Microwaves at the building, successfully knocking out the electronic systems and computers, and even taking out the television cameras recording the test.”

          “In the near future, this technology may be used to render an enemy’s electronic and data systems useless even before the first troops or aircraft arrive.”


        • Finally, some common sense. Thank you bob.

        • Please, point me to a candidate WHO IS NOT BULLSHIT, and I’ll cast my vote there!

          • Sixpack,

            Gary Johnson

            • Good point.

      3. but, but, but I heard Leon Penetta say just yesterday on national TV that they could not commit forces into the conflict because they didn’t have any intelligence and didn’t know what was happening!

        • @Jim,

          EXACTLY, Panetta got it right when he said, they didn’t have any intelligence.

        • Panetta is a lying sack of shit that should be in prison. He said “We couldn’t put forces into harm’d way without knowing everything about the situation”. This was an outright lie, and anyway, ask the forces in question and they’ll tell you they ARE the harm. Does anybody really believe Delta Force couldn’t have turned the tide?

          Never served myself, but I think it’s a safe bet that the guys firing at the compound were the bad guys in question.

          • The public will buy that answer. Didn’t know what was happening so we couldn’t act. I find it very untrustworthy since its being reported they had a drone overhead and saw it all real time. That is real intelligence, but it begs to another question. The source on the ground FOX NEWS is reporting said they had lasered targets and were asking for missiles which then strike the lasered targets. Mr. Penetta that’s not putting men in harms way its launch a G.D.Missile so WTF why wasn’t one sent? A US war plane from Italy could have put a missile over Benghazi in 20 to 25 minutes.

      4. anybody wanna speculate as to the motive for sitting back and doing nothing ??

        what could Obama possibly have to gain by screwing this up ??

        • Retalliation just prior to election?

        • There, are of course, a variety of theories we could posit.

          I am thinking Occam’s Razor on this one… Perhaps they saw it playing out on DroneTV and the President didn’t want to ‘enflame’ the situation (his domestic political situation) by sending troops in there two months before the election because everything was supposed to be stabilized. I think maybe they were ‘playing it safe’ and the situation got out of control… Their immediate response was basically, “yeah, this video got the rioters fired up” and they were going to play it off as standard operating procedure for mid-east extremists protesting in the streets…

          That’s one thought…

          Of course, it could be much, much deeper… The may have had another plan/narrative, but it got FUBAR as a result of all the whistleblowers disseminating information to the American public…

          Whatever the case, it’s clear that the Administration has completely dropped the ball.

          • I’m sure that the Obama believed it would fizzle out. They would do as they always do shoot from a distant. Make some noise burn a flag. Normally that is what they do. Look how embassies are built these days. They are designed to take the heat from a mass group. So there has to be no response except for clean up when they go away because the cameras left.

            But do the US people still have it in them to “Rise Up” I Am stating to believe as a people that has been breed out of us as a people. Its the old that remember the USA as it was when most gave a shit. Now it is about the TV and the newest toys.

            Some have from natural selection have grown to be better people but that number is decreasing.

            I truly believe it is going to come down to food in the belly. to cause the people to stand up to anything anymore.

            We created this mess. And with all that I have seen in the last week I am even more behind this statement.

            We cannot change course there is no way out. We must as Individuals survie the death of all that we have created and allowed due to our own stupidity. All are responsible. The ones that survie its death will hopefully be able to learn from are mistakes and built a world that will make it next time.


            • Well said for an old Fl. Cracker.

            • Facebook page your are difficult to read.

            • I know I just type what I am thinking No script no proof read. No plan just therapy for me.

            • @ FbPg

              Applause to you! Your best post by far, facebook!

            • FP are you an old fla.cracker like Ike says

            • Not as old as he is. Fl yes

          • Dropped the ball Mac?

            How about..

            No Honor!

            No Shame!

            No Humanity!

            No Civility!

            No Allegiance!

            IS this what we have become and are expected to accept?

            We, of all peoples, accept this, and dismiss it with platitudes and excuses for total treasonous acts?

            Where is the outrage..or have we become comfortably numb?

            Have the PTB won the battle and we who fight against the tide accept this as the normalcy bias now?

            Just where are the the patriots now..?

            Just where are the proud,faithful,honorable men and women who stand up and just say enough is enough?

            Are we all just relics in the history books and movies of the past?

            Are we all conditioned to accept the norm and shut our mouths or face the wrath of the Roman modern day prelates?

            Is their not ONE SINGLE government official anywhere who has the balls to stand up and speak the truth anymore ..and accept their fate for speaking out for the rest of us?

            We are truly doomed as a whole if this be the case..

            and so far..not one has spoken out..

            It is obvious that the entire system of our once great nation is under control of a vile corrupt system that has everyone scared..or so cowardly that not a single one will speak out..

            May God Bless this country..

            as it has been overtaken by demonic/treasonous/nwo minions..

            And I am not religious at all..nor a conspiracy theorist..

            But after this..

            all bets are off..


            • Possee, You Sir Nailed It,I wish there was ONE Patroit in a position of Power, to pull the Plug on this GD Administration, and start Impeachment! Where are the GUTLESS republicans?I would have thought by now, its apparent BHO is a Enemy to this Republic! His total Crew needd to brought up on Treason, and delt with, Obama, Pelosie, Reid, Jarret,Axlerod, Emanuel,Carney,Holder, Nappalitano, (Butch)and all of NBS, CBS,CNBS, MSLSD, and all the czars fired…Enough of this Shyte already!
              Semper Fi

          • Mac, I read somewhere tonight that Egpyt had it in mind to trade Stevens for the blind sheik. Could you check into this to make sure it’s not an urban myth?

            • Cameraman

              Semper Fi as well..




        • Murder most foul.

        • satori
          glen beck has really been on this you might check out his site
          basicly stevens had brokerd the missle deal with the libian rebels and it appears he was trying to get the missles back and got in over his head and the whole thing went bad
          i think obama didnt think the rebels would actually kill the ambassador and the whole thing would just go away by blaming it on a stupid video
          but if he would have sent in the troops it would draw attention to the fact that they had supplied alqueda with 20,000 missiles and now they are showing up i siria. kina like fast and furious on steroids

          • Mark..your answer sounds a lot better than mine–anything to keep the sheeple from knowing the sick, twisted, treasonous truth.

            • jay jay
              all i know is that the middle east is a total mess right now and the obama administration is involved in it up to thier eyeballs. and judging by past foriegn policy i’m sure it’s going to come back and bite us in the ass big time

        • One more time–the word on the street is he wanted ambassador kidnapped so later he could arrange the swap for a blind shiek and get a notch on his belt for re-election.
          The plan went awry.
          Sounds plausible to me.

          • jayjay – that also could explain why the ambassador was suffocated, while the other three were shot.

        • A Musslom cannot attack another Musslom so he let the infidel’s die. Cant you all see it! look into the rings he has on his hands google his rings fools wake up

          • Uhmmmmmm…..Muslims have been killing each other for centuries.

          • It must have been all those christians and jews running the streets. Heh?

        • Obummer cannot make a decision to save his life….
          What is worse he would not take action that could or might go South right before his election….He was thinking of Jimmy Carter and burning helicopters in the Iranian desert…

          If he took action and it failed he was toast, so he decided to do nothing and blame it on a spontaneous uprising over some video that no ever watched…..

        • maybe they had an asset inside the militia that was more valuable to them than the CIA team in the safe house/Embassy. War is war and those choices need to be made. Just sayin”

        • I’m not so sure Obummer had anything to gain, and that was the whole point. I’m no Obummer fan at all, but I believe his handlers are displeased with him, and this was staged to help get their REAL party boy into office—make Obummer look as bad as possible and put Robme in the WH. Obummer’s actions tell me he had no control over what happened—BUT HE KNOWS WHO DID, AND WHY. Think about it–If Obummer was working out well, TPTB would KEEP HIM IN OFFICE, rather than waste time breaking a new one in…

      5. This is by far one of the best articles you have ever shared with us. Thank you Sir, let’s just hope the rest of America gets to hear about this.

      6. I have not read your past posts.

        having read this post though has made me think you look at a single side of a[at the very least]2 sided story.

        I left the 1 sided thinking in December of 2010,this is exactly what the right-wing thinking did where I used to live.Their way of thinking or it was wrong.

        I believe you have jumped to a conclusion before all the facts were presented..and seek stories only which support your views.

        This is typical of directional reporting which both sides are guilty of.

        • Thanks for your comment ME.

          My question is… What is the OTHER side of the story? As far as I can tell, there are NUMEROUS other sides which have been presented by the administration.

          Are we to believe the first official story? or the second? or the third?

          My prior posts should make it clear that I am not on either “side.” While I certainly don’t support President Obama and believe his domestic and foreign policies have further weakened this nation – perhaps irreversibly, I am not exactly a Mitt Romney fan either.

          The fact is that four Americans died during this incident. The President is the Commander-In-Chief. He makes the call. He made the wrong one (or more appropriately, NO CALL AT ALL), and then tried to sugar coat it and cover it up. This isn’t about sides. It’s about pointing out the incompetency of this administration.

          The guy couldn’t even look the father of one the men killed in the eyes when he spoke to him. Pathetic is the word that comes to mind.

          Gutless leadership that is out for their own self serving interests. This is the plague infesting all corners of America.

        • And so the Obama propaganda team begins their counter attack. Funny how somebody who has never posted before is suddenly driven to write in defense of Barry.

          Forget the facts, emails, ect. it is all “right-wing” bias, right?

          I smell an Obama-troll?

          • Save me a lot of typing Rev Thanks

            • Good one Facebook Page. You really threw that one out there.

        • Go back under your bridge.

          • Once more that is not the troll, trolls are. It is the trolling as in fishing. You know throw a line in troll for a bite. Not hide under a bridge and come out from under it.

        • ME in AZ – Appears to me you are still on the one sided thinking…yes, still on the incompetent, “gimmee” side. I can detect you are definitely a troll.

          It pains me to know I spent years of my life protecting some of most doofus, PC’d, ungrateful, under-commonsensed humans on the planet. Protect your incompetent leader at all costs. Your Messiah did not lower the sea level, but he certainly lowered the intelligence bar for PC/feel good/gimmee voters.

          Libs are people that screw up what works, then blame someone else for the failure.

          This is going to be one hell of a roller coaster ride into darkness. Prepare my fellow citizens as the bottom will hurt us all.

          • You DO understand that everything in this article can be applied to G.W. Bush regarding 9/11?

            4 in Libya vs. 3000 in America

            • Earth to Pooby: Be advised, G.W Bush has not been President of The United States of America since Jan.2009. That is all.

          • I wouldn’t give him enough credit to be “super” anything, except maybe, super stupid.

        • ME_In_Glendale AZ,

          When is your Pres. going to address this before the American people? Certainly not the day after cause he was campaigning in Vegas. This guy is heartless, gutless, creepy and ready to go down. He is a liar and a traitor. You can dress it up all you want but the truth is your Pres. is not only an embarrassment but an inept, ego maniac, psychotic piece of garbage. Have some more kool-aid while it lasts because they are running out of it.

          • ME_In_Glendale AZ,

            God has his hand in this one, I will bet there is a lot more to come before the election regarding the coverup and the blood that is on the hands of many in charge. Remember, the buck stops at the top, RIGHT? Landslide victory, Romney!

          • They gotta save some kool-aid for the FEMA camps…

        • “Me” is obviously a crack head cocco puffer on meth. Those of US in Arizona need to give this guy an “intervention” send him to Remuda Ranch for a month to dry out, then send him to therapy at the Goldwater Institute twice a week.

          I disown him.

          • Vulture Mine road right.

          • I think I will need a week there the way i feel this morning. DK great place to prospect i have one of those pretty serious wet trailors down hard work.

      7. Most people know or have heard rumors about embassy security. I entered this realm professionally as a government employee in 1984 and exited it in 1987 after a 3 year stint as a civilian employee of the Navy. My job was to protect high ranking military officers, a few congressmen and rarely a diplomat as they had Diplomatic Security Services (DSS). This name was given to their ranks in 1985. I ran into them and the Marines at embassies daily.

        Security at these facilities for these people was always elaborate then. The idea behind security at a foreign compound be it an embassy, consulate or “annex” was really simple. HOLD OUT FOR 2 HOURS. It was suggested that if the defenses could hold for 2 hours that a rescue could be granted. It is clear to me with forces in Italy and Tripoli that 2 hours was plenty of time, and I’ll bet our dear ambassador and most certainly those two navy seals that died knew that and wondered WHY isn’t anyone coming for them.

        It is treason that no one went into try and save them. Treasonous!

        • jim, thank you for you input here. this adds further credence to the timeline having alotted an opportunity for SOMETHING to be done. i am amazed that there was little to no security at this embassy…. it’s not like this was an embassy in western europe… this was essentially in the middle of a country that had just been ravaged by war, so it makes absolutely no sense to begin with!

          • Since day one I have wondered why the ambassador didn’t have a DSS escort. An ambassador in a country ripe with islamic terrorist on 9/11 in a town where our facility had already been assaulted twice and NOT ONE AMERICAN BODY GUARD? To be honest that reaks of something wrong. Ambassadors to Greece, Italy and of course my normal stomping ground Costa Rica, El Salvador and Panama were routinely protected by several body guards in the 80’s. Ok ok there was a civil war going on in El Salvador at the time but still is that any less troublesome then what was going on in Libya?

            • Sounds to me Like Obama just got rid of an enemy of his for reasons yet unknown to us.

        • Remember there was Marine QRF in the MED. I Believe 2 or 3 at the time. One of there forward operating missions are o be on stand by for embassy defence and extraction. That is why we forward deploy these asset all the time and why they are scattered around the world. To put boots quickly on the ground.

          I hope there are some Marines on those ships that are beyond pissed that they were not allowed to do their job. Put boots in asses.

          • As Rand Paul says…stop all foreign aid, bring home our ambassadors.
            And as his father states, stay out of their business and stop nation building for greed.

            • Rght after we kick their asses back to the stone age.

            • Not sure what Facebook Page was trying to say there but I do not think the USA is trying to Nation Build for greed. Where did you come up with such tripe jayjay?

            • Tick tock, Suzie-Troll. It’s time for your next blue pill. You’ll feel much better after you take it.

      8. father of Tyrone Woods: How did you resist the urge to slap the shit out of him?

      9. It’s up to we blogger/preppers to try to spread this story around as much as we can. If for no other reason than for the honor of our dead Servicemen.

        The MSM is attempting to bury it…..let us not let them do that, shall we!

        Obama has blood on his hands, good, red, Navy Seal, American blood. Hang the bastard!

        • R.Ike you are so right. Nothing on the MSM today outside of FOX. They carried the email correspondence a few days ago, but this is getting dropped under the storm rug.

        • Rev Ike It is time to bring back the word Survivalist again.

          Mad Max is not coming. But if it was at least we would have a basis to discuss for a plan. I am starting to believe we are going to be blindsided by something that is not even on the table yet.

        • I’ve been sending articles about this story for a long time..this one was sent before I even read it.
          Email–dontcha love it.

          • No offense, Mac, but every one of us can circulate this and in a week, it’t totally world-wide news.
            And thanks for the article.
            We women put ourselves in this wife’s place..any wife, mother, sister would.

            • @jayjay – ive been trying to post on msnbc , but for some odd reason my posts get deleted ? huh , puzzling.

        • …and while we’re at it, throw a rope or two for his handlers…

      10. Glen Beck has been all over this. There is a huge coverup going on and only a couple of people are reporting it. Four Americans are dead because we are arming muzzies in Syria. The president, sec def and sec of state should be charged with treason for their actions in this whole mess. What a disgrace.

        • Yeah, but their saving “treason” charges for protesters/domestic terrorists…

      11. The word is: This was Obama’s “October Surprise” gone awry. The plan was for the “militants” to capture the ambassador and hold him as a “hostage” so that Obahblah could rush in and save the day to make himself look good. Problem was that he security detail was not in on the take and they were better than expected. Things got out of hand and the ambassdor ended up dead and was no use. This is why the administration is tryig to litteraly sweep it under the rug and keep the details quiet because it is the essence of a false flag. IT also puts the commander n thief in the position of traitor?(which he is already anyway) murderer? he did facilitate the killing of one oof OUR people but thats nothing new either right(kill list). This was supposed to be a successful repeat of the Iran Hostage crisis replayed with Oblahblah as the HERO. what A Joke….

        • Thanks, archer–I was beginning to think that email was exclusively for me.

          • What e-mail jayjay? Be more specific? Did you think Glenn Beck was e-mailing you exclusively?

            • Susie-Troll, why have you singled out certain people to harass? Taking a page out of the paid shill guidebook in order to misdirect a conversation that is too close to the truth?

              Best case scenario, you just aren’t a very good shill – you are far too obvious. Despite your vehement support of Romney, I fear that you will be swiping your EBT card in very short order if this is how you make your living.

              Worst case scenario, you really are deluded enough to believe in your own superiority.

            • Susie Beware Daisy hold the rein that hold back the PAGE. So if she so desires, she could unleash this mystic creature to rain havoc upon you. You have been warned.

            • FB ~

              I only asked you not to pick a fight with people for no reason.

              Susie-Troll is on her own – go for it – you’ll get nothing but green thumbs from me! 😉

              ~ D

            • Susie

              You surely have the shtf commentators in an uproar ..

              Instead of being delusional from ‘Hopium”…

              you are equally delusional from your obviously autographed “Magic Underwear”..


      12. This piece is to the point. Let’s hope it (and the other articles on the subject) gain traction.

        Obama has lied so many times that he cannot keep the stories straight. The “strategy” to lie about the Bengazi attack is continuing to escalate as more and more evidence to the contrary surfaces.

        This is not close to being over yet. When the true reason for the non-action surfaces, more will be able to connect the story but for now there aren’t enough people piecing together the gun-running involvement between Obama and Syria into al-Qaida’s hands. For now though, we have a steady stream of incriminating evidence that none at the top can sluff off. We can already make the list of those guilty of second degree murder and failure by the Commander In Chief to protect and defend. Before it’s all done, I believe Obama may face charges of Treason, although it is extremely difficult to ‘prove’ legally. It all depends on whether “they” want him to take the fall or if top brass will be lined up instead. I’ve always said when ‘they’ are done with him, they’ll toss him out with the trash.

        • Bush wasn’t charged with Treason, Obama won’t be either. Kinda sucks.

          • How does Bush have anything to do with this?

            • Um, obviously I wasn’t referring specifically to “this.” But we, the public, apparently don’t hold our leaders accountable for their actions (unless they’re getting BJs). That’s what it has to do with it … in general.

              Bush did enough in his own right that a treason charge is not a stretch.

              For one, it was clear as soon as he started his campaign for president that we would be mired in the Mid East and in particular attack Iraq to finish what his dad left “undone.” And he found a way … “weapons of mass destruction.” Yeah.

              And the economic “package” that he and Paulson unleashed on all of us? Certainly Paulson’s behavior was criminal and Bush wasn’t far behind. Fortunately for him he cleared out of office before anyone cared to pull on any of the strings in any kind of investigation.

              Both of those areas are minefields for him and I can think of some others that were fairly well silenced that would stink like sewage if they were ever brought into the open. Alas, they won’t be and we’ll never know.

          • Bush committed no treason. He is fairly liberal, but that isn’t a crime. He is an honorable man and conducted himself as such while in office. Remember :”They will be hearing from us.”?

            • What do you mean, Bush allowed 911 to happen . Where have you been. He allowed over 3000 people to be killed.

            • The last honorable president was Eisenhower. Reagan seemed OK up until Iran Contra. At least he made everyone feel good about being American again after Carter. Bush was extremely polarizing to the nation as well as guilty of malfeasance … something that Obama has continued.

            • Honorable man???? MY,my,my; and to think I believed you were a reasonable man.
              Come one Blue, clean the sand from your ears and clear the brown stuff from around your eyes.

            • bush committed no treason?….
              Patriot act. TREASON. Nuff said. Next.

      13. The fact is obummer is not even smart enough to secure his own election, the guy is an idiot. Right now if any war was to start there is no way he would be voted out of office. He is not even bright enough to figure this one out. I have no respect for the stupid. Rombot will absolutely NOT be good for anything or anyone, but ONLY one good thing that would occur if rombot was elected would be that obummer imbecile would be gone. That is the ONLY posititve thing that would come out of the election, the ONLY

        • BI
          Not true, Mittens has nicer hair than Barry, a better smile, and more kids.

          Hey, as a one time Christian clergyman I have a real hard time voting for a Mormon. If given the choice between a Rhino and a Commie, I’ll settle for the Rhino for now.

          I know it sucks that we have to settle.

          • @ Rev. Ike. I have a difficult time settling between manure and a piece of crap. I so much wish that Gary Johnson, Ron Paul, or Jesse Ventura had about 35% of the vote right now. But the two party system, the two headed beast is in total control and won’t even allow the people to hear a third choice in any debate and let them make up their own mind. This censorship of all of us is truly what is the most dangerous part of the election, and why in my opinion NO ONE should support either one of these representatives of the 2 headed beast.

            • Johnson, Paul and Jesse? Hey, I’m from Minnesota and believe me, you don’t want Jesse as President.

            • Agreed. If you are thinking about voting for Romney because “he is a little” better than Obama, you clearly do not get it. Obama is a full blow socialist and Romney will say whatever it takes to get elected. Sure Romney might add a little less to the budget (while not reducing it) but what does that matter if he starts WWIII in the middle east? A choice between bad and worse is not democracy. The only wasted vote is casting a vote for a candidate you do not fully support. If a third party can gain enough traction maybe, just maybe, after the next terrible 4 years (regardless of who wins)Americans will open their eyes to the real problem. And vote in someone who can affect real, POSITIVE, change. It all starts right now though. Do not continue to make the decision between bad and wrose. We have already seen how that has worked. Or how it has not! Get educated and vote for a candidate you fully support. In the end it might not matter but at least you will not be part of the problem.

        • Obummer and rombot are BOTH bullsh%^ from the same cow. Obummed is ridiculous as a leader. Rombot has told so many different tales that he doesn’t even know where hereally stands as lying and deceit has a way of becoming a true habit. There has not been a president since 2008. Bush was a bad president but at least you knew where you stood with him. WE ALL LOSE no matter whom is elected. If obummed becomes president again the country is going down, if rombot becomes president the country is going down. The ONLY winners are going to be the preppers/survivalists, this to me at least is a total fact.

          • As for Mittens Romney, he flip flops more than John Kerry. At least John Kerry had 3 purple hearts from combat. Mittens & Obama look like they couldn’t take a bunch of girl scouts in a fight.

            We’ve gone from war heroes like Eisenhower to draft dodgers like Bush, Cheney, Romney, … & by default Obama(no way he’d ever volunteer to serve).

            • Kerry two scratches and a paper cut. Look 3 hearts and you was out.

            • John Kerry had one purple heart. He got it for a piece of rice that hit him in the ass when he threw a grenade into a pile of rice. He put himself in for the purple heart because his commanders never thought he deserved anything. The only thing Kerry did was to come back and make false accusations about our guys raping and killing innocents.

              Kerry was a puke then. He is a puke today.

              As for Mitt, it is him or the murderous, queer sociopath. I’ll take a Mormon.

          • So I guess that it’s all about your point of view and not our dead soldiers and sailors….is that what you are saying?

            Two headed beast? How do you know my Mother-in Law?

            • LOL!

            • Rev, I didn’t know we married sisters. Mum-n Low has two mouths but always speaks out her ass. She loves O-drama.
              Well, anyone that’s a dem. She hates me even worse when I call her “Obama Mama”. She wears her Halloween mask all year long. Little babies get a look at her and start puking and crying. I know how they feel.

          • Bi I am new here and have been reading your drivel for a few weeks and I know that you have some followers here. But I am not one of them You are not that bright I know. In fact you spout of quite a bit of nonsense and seldom think a thought threw to anything useful. I think you are dolt and if they choose not to post this repsonse to you then so be it. But I just had to voice my opinion.

            • You’re certainly making a fabulous impression, Susie.

            • Susietroll: Kindly Phuck-off

            • Dearest Susie. Lets see you are either totally into something I have pointed out that you that upset you. I wonder what that could be. Could it be that I don’t bow down to the two party nonsense? Could be? Could it be that I have a mind of my own and I have conviction to my views? Could be. Could it be that what I say makes too much sense for a blind, or at least someone with horse blinders on. Could be. The simple explanation is I don’t agree with you on one or more major issues that you find sooooooooo important in your life.

              As in having some following, everyone has a following here that contributes opinions and information. Copperhead and Norse Prepper are wonderful reserves of information that will help many people. I have a goal here, and that is to attempt to help people that have similar viewpoints on prepping and getting ready. If anything is wrong with that with you, then you belong on a site that caters to gossip and whom will be eliminated next week on dancing with the stars.

              Without tooting my own horn, I have successfully predicted many earthquakes using a system of polar earthquakes and from past earthquakes to predict where they are likely to occur, much the same as many pocket weather forecasters use. I don’t see anyone on the internet doing this with any type of reliable success. I said that after the Balleny Islands got hit again and again that a 6.5+ was going to occur as it has 90% of the time before. It did exactly where I said it would, 6.7. Then I said another earthquake was going to hit as one of the location was Vanuatu, it did, a 6.6 that was later downgraded on some seismic sites to 6.2. Then another 6.6 hit in Costa Rica. Past comments give proof of this. I fully admit that I thought the earthquakes were going to be larger, in the 7.3-8.6 range. A third sequence right now is underway from Oct.18-Nov.2. The previous areas I gave are still hot spots.

              Susie, know this, when you call me names and say I spit out nonsense and I am some idiot, you cannot even begin to fathom what I know. I recommend that instead of bringing up the name calling game, you attempt to try to contribute something that can help others. Do something positive. RICH use to criticize everybody for a long time, then started to give some really nice input and people started to see that everyone can add something this wonderful site. Two thumbs up ALWAYS to Mac.

              Now for my opinion, I think you idolize someone, that I insulted in someway, like an idiot that has a schoolgirl crush on someone that would think of you as less than a pool of toxic pond scum. In fact the person that I have offended you against probably would find you offensive physically as your looks would make them close their eyes to avoid flash blindness. Your personal smell that would back your idol off like would gorilla dung. Your voice would probably be shill and ear annoying to the individual. And finally if you touched your idol they probably would cringe back like they had been stung by a scorpion. Missy, you are the one that is a dolt. Many butt ugly people though live nice lives, they learn to wear paper bags over their heads. I little humour to lighten up someone that chooses to be a troll instead of trying to carry on an intelligent conversation or add something.

              My the way I have known many ladies that are named Susan or alternatives of the name, and I liked all of them for some reason. Until now.

            • @Susie…you are welcome to your opinion, but as I tell my students an unfounded or unsupported opinion is not worth the air used to express it. You may not care for what BI has to say, but he brings supported arguments and never uses the term “prove” to describe either his opinion or science. So, no offense, Susie, but your “opinion” is unsupported which means you are spewing useless drivel. Oh, and before you start talking about someone’s intelligence, ya might want to grammar check your work. Now, hobble off and go change your tampon then when you are ready to sit at the big people table, bring back a rationale supported argument or shut your pie hole.

            • So go troll somewhere else…problem solved.

            • susie susie susie ( hands her her worm back )
              sorry no fishies here for you today 🙂

              If your going to try and make some point give us some data to back it up not this he said she said bullshit.

              Be more like kymom she says somethign she posts links to where her information came from so we can decide for ourselves and to try and help her pull her point across.

              As for bi, I thought he was pulling shit out his ass at first with the geoquake stuff but I tell you if he told me there was a 7.0 hitting my house tonight my ass would be sleeping in the yard to make sure shit didn’t fall off a shelf onto me as I slept 🙂

              I know you want to be noticed for your opinions, and you want ppl to agree with you so you feel validated, but if your going to disagree with someone bring up the numbers and some data, maybe a link or two with some data on it to help try and pull your point across.

              And if your still on the seperation issue as I stated before you my dear ( woman? ) are a hinderance to the situation and will be treated as such. 🙂

            • @ AnonLegion. I would never state a false warning about a disaster. You can trust me that if you have to sleep outside, it will have very strong reasons behind it. If I feel an earthquake, manmade something, or other natural disaster is coming I have gone through much data to help support it. I cannot stand false warnings myself and I would never want to scare anyone unless I totally believed they were in danger. In regards to the Israel timeframe, I totally believe that netanyahu passed up a golden opportunity to what he wants to achieve. Not that I support it. I still feel that WHEN Israel does attack it will fall 5 days within a new moon, I could be wrong but I don’t think so.

              In short, I am pro-prepper and anytime I see something that can help others, to alert them to what is coming or what could be a hazard to them I will do this. I think most of the people are extremely helpful on this site, and it is too bad when someone just wants to attack and not contribute something constructive like dear susie.

          • Hey B.I.

            Dude, you’re moving up in the world!

            You’ve garnered yourself a feminist stalker. Awesome man!

            • @ Anton Hacki. I can just imagine how truly ugly this person must, I mean we are talking witch’s ass ugly.

          • So what’s YOUR solution? just give up? don’t vote? How does that change anything?? If you want to roll over and die then go ahead, but I still believe in this country and it’s people. Aren’t we all complicit in letting it get to this?? And you feel you have no responsibility to try to get us back to what is good and right in the country? Leadership had been in short supply in this country for the last decade. You haven’t done the research re: Romney so don’t make uninformed judgments. Your negativity does nothing, solves nothing and motivates no one.

        • @susie— my Dad used to say “I’ve forgot more than you’ll ever know”.

      14. Thanks for posting this fair and well written story Mac.

        We have a monster in the WH. A man bereft of normal morals and emotions. An empty suit of a man that seems to be filled with the most unspeakable darkness.

        Regardless of your politcal beliefs, regardless whom you would “prefer” to be able to vote for, regardless of whom you feel would be the “best” person for the job as President.. please consider that in the real world, we only have two choices. Re-elect this monster.. or vote for the most viable candidate with the most realistic chance to defeat him.

        I’m not big on Romney.. But, this, amoung so many other things has convinced me that the only option I have to help my Country to even have a SLIM chance of surviving is for me to vote against Obama and for Romney.

        The evil that I know that is now in the WH must not be placed back into office for another 4 years. The only constitutional and viable option left for me is to vote for Romney. I urge everyone to consider this well..

        This could possibly be the last relatively free election of our lifetimes.

        Regardless of whom you wish you could vote for or whatever third party candidate might really be the best choice.. WE, as a Nation have no choice.. we MUST vote out Obama.. we can deal with any replacement.. we can NOT survive another 4 years of this mad man.

        • You said it better than I ever could. I would give you 1000 thumbs up if I could.

      15. U can’t let a good crisis go to waste. Have to justify killing & invading in the Middle East & the fascist secuirty apparatus in the “homeland”!

      16. “President Obama (Bush) is (was) the Commander-In-Chief of The United States of America. He, and he alone, is responsible for the deaths of the four (three thousand) Americans left to die that day.”

        I have no problem with those who choose to criticize the inept Obama on this subject. I only have a problem with utter hypocrites who think this is a Democrat thing and Republicans don’t do it.

        • Just for the record: the President’s political affiliation makes no difference to me… i am currently without Party.

        • Boy, you Obama serial bloggers really do a good job. Post like you are Ron Paul supporters and change the subject as much as you can.

          Clinton got a bj in the Oval Office, can you work that into your nonsense too.

          • I starting to thing all of them needed a BJ in office. So let start blaming the first ladies for not doing there job.

        • Read my comment, then ask yourself why it is “Hidden due to low comment rating”.

          Did I lie, or just make you uncomfortable?

          • Pooby,

            You were correct in your earlier post,this has been obvious for years. Many of these knuckleheads listen to the right wing media( Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, ect.) and are not equipped to think for themselves. The right wing programming is too strong.

          • Perhaps it wasn’t clear what you meant. I saw it as a comparison of d’s and r’s bad deeds.

        • Hey Poopie,

          Get real, you love Obama and you know it. Like I said before, drink more kool-aid because they are almost out of it. Love the name, suits you.

          • as a centralist, fuck both parties.
            Who has been fucking us since lincoln?
            the republicans and democrats. ( lincoln being the first republican in the presidential office also was the person who brought us the very first version of the federal income tax )

            Republican GWB, Patriot act. fuck the republicans.
            Democrat BHO, NDAA 2011, fuck the democrats.

            These two parties have been moving this country into the shit storm it is now.
            How many independants been president?
            How many libertarians?
            How many anything but dem and rep been for the last 100 years?
            Ok ok ok ok new song for us all to sing alogn toInstead of its celebration time. we will sing!!

            SEP-ER-ATION time come on!
            Its SEP-ER-ATION time.
            Its SEP-ER-ATION time.

            Smeall that? mmm smells like our country burning to the ground. Yeah bitch about the other side its burning too 🙂

        • Thanks BA….This is what I was referring to the other day.Stevens was a diplomat in name only. He snuck in on a cargo ship to “assist” the Libyan rebels against Gadaffi. He wasn’t even named an ambassador until after Gadaffi was dead (as a reward I assume). In reality, he was a “gun runner” for Hillary and Barack. Our foreign embassies are “poison spears” for the CIA and other covert ops….not for promoting good will. Death is something this man should have been prepared for by his actions. I feel sorry for the families of the soldiers killed trying to protect him while they thought he was only a diplomat. BTW…spellnazi says ‘altar” not “alter”.

          • You may be right on about Stevens. Either way, it takes a fool to believe anyone can change the mindset of muslims; especially the radical ones. He put himself in harms way and was responsible for that. Just like all the other so-called “freedom fighters for democracy”. If you play around with shit, sooner or later you’ll start to smell.

      17. their own technology has told on them, and it told the truth..hahhahah

        they cant stop lieing..but drones dont lie, machines dont lie, if we get the footage and the audio

        also , they need to quit thinking were stupid, it really is an insult to OUR intelligence

      18. If this is how our President treats the Armed Forces of the United States of America, we can immagine how he would treat us lowley citizens if given the chance.

        Now more then ever, I am inclined to believe the “Conspiracy Theorys” that are traveling around the internet and conservative talk radio shows.

        Now is not the time to sit back and think of “HOPE AND CHANGE”. Now is the time to make a change in our country. Take the opportunity to kick this lieing sack of s%*$ out of OUR WHITE HOUSE.

        Make sure to VOTE and take responsibility for the direction on our country and our communities. Get involved and start a Grass Root Movement to “TAKE AMERICA BACK!”

        God bless and keep on prepping.

      19. I cant wait for their drones to tell on the cops, the mayor, the president..etc…

        Ha haha careful what you wish for..
        if they want drones, I say we give them to them,, every day every where they go..listen and see everything they do or say

        I said it before.. this technology can really fuck us, or we can use it to turn the tables..It table turning time

        • VRF–I don’t know about others here, but I am so paranoid now, I have familiarized myself with the keys to touch quickly for camera video on my cell.
          I did leave it in a drawer unless calling long distance; NOW…it remains charged, close by, and on at all times.
          Go figure.

          • huh? What? Is you going to turn some video into big sis? I don’t get it jayjay. Good thing I’m here to keep you on your toes.

            • Susie-Troll, are you under the mistaken impression that if you insult and denigrate the people who regularly post here that we will all believe you are an intelligent independent thinker?

              “That Suzie-Troll, she’s just amazing, she doesn’t follow the crowd! Wow, I want to be more like her! She really makes me think!”

              Unfortunately if that is your little fantasy it’s not gonna play out that way.

              Personally, I just think you sound like an asshole.

            • Susie Q,

              “Is you going to” Come on now Susie Q, can’t you write better than that? You should also work on your spelling, proof read some of your posts. I do not believe you are going to keep anyone on their toes other than yourself when you use them to type. You’re a mean little bitch but harmless.

      20. This article is not very true. If you are going to be so politically biased, just admit to it. Otherwise it makes what you write invalid.

        • Troll? You bet’cha!

          • Why is any opposition viewpoint a “troll”.

            For people that claim to be big on freedom, I see a ton of censorship…..

            • Poopy,

              A red thumb means you dissagree with a post, I would personally give you a thousand red thumbs if I could. So where is the censorship, anyone can still read your garbage if they click on it. I have the freedom to push a button and you have the freedom to tell me that I can’t. Was that so hard to understand?

            • Poopy,

              Clarification, I said “I have the freedom to push a button and you have the freedom to tell me that I can’t.” I should have said, I have the freedom to push a button and you have the freedom to peddle your crap somewhere else. However, if you do choose to stay here and lurch, then expect more red thumbs when you try to make us drink the kool-aid. This is what’s great about America, we can vote you out and we will vote the anointed one out.

        • Andrew says,

          Not very true? So you mean it is sort of true? I think the parents of the guys that were murdered might dissagree with you. This story is true and it will get worse, stay tuned Obama lover, just remember, kool-aid, gone soon, get your fill now.

          • The article is only untrue if the people ( sources ) are giving false statement. You can choose to believe the people who sad there was a riot going on or the sources. You could believe the govt that calls the Fort Hood Shootings work place violence or the sources. It is up to you. It’s just that one makes you kind of look like a fool.

      21. Never ascribe to incompetence, when it is obvious malice aforethought.

        The Ambassador was deliberately assassinated by the Moslem brothers of this president. He knew too much… maybe he complained?

        Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan? Watch your backs.
        The spirit speaks.

        • Piper Michael,

          You may very well be on to something.

      22. It is absolutely shameful — an abject failure on every level before, during, and after the death of four American souls. Mr Obama is an absolute piece of shit! Why isn’t there more outcry? What the hell is wrong that we have let this happen and aren’t calling Obama to the floor of congress. Why aren’t the people outraged! Good, brave, honorable people die and the president and secretary of state mislead, lie, and deflect.

        To all those in TRUE service of our country, and their families, Thank You and I am sorry that your honor is not better reflected back at home.

      23. Sounds to me, (and admittedly I haven’t looked into very much because I never believed any of it from the start) that the attack was deliberately allowed to happen (like Pearl Harbor or 9-11) for an ulterior motive (like entry into war), but at the last minute, Obama changed his mind and decided it would be “too obvious” (like a repeat of Afghanistan after 9-11, since after all going to war would draw a lot more scrutiny) and therefore, yeah, these 4 people lost their lives because Obama changed his mind on a political whim.

        The corollary is that Obama let the attack occur, to see if the outcry would be big enough to launch a war. Guess not. Like a “practical joke” that went horribly wrong, instead of not getting the outcry justifying a retaliation he had hoped for, Obama now realizes that he had not thought enough ahead to figure out the backlash he would have to contend with for NOT carrying out a retaliation.

        Which begs the question: Isn’t Obama spophisticated enough to realize he could have gotten more politicial “brownie points” by ordering a pre-emptive or at least full force rescue strike while the attack was in progress…. for 4 hours???

        Nothing like having one’s life wasted on a cowardly politician’s self re-election preservation.


      24. oh this is nice

        the S.O.B.’s who plunged us into a depression
        now demanding austerity measures in the US for poor little proles

        many of these companies make hundreds of millions in profits
        and pay little,and sometimes no taxes already
        and yet they want more ??

        the US will be the new Greece in another year or two if these bastards get their way

        get ready for that Social Security check to be slashed by 30% grandma
        and as for Medicare,all you old folks
        it will kick in after you pay the first 100K in charges

        nothing like being ruled by a bunch of greedy,self serving oligarchs is there ?

        welcome to the world of Jack London and his PEOPLE OF THE ABYSS

        • Satori, I don’t think the SS checks will be slashed, in fact they may go up 30% or 100% but after the dollar loses more and more value it still wont buy as much. It’s called inflation, compliments of our “Chosen” bankers.

      25. I think Obama deliberately sabotaged a CIA operation. One of the results was the Muslim Brotherhood getting a list of Libyans that were working with the US. Now all those people are dead. In the future, nobody with a brain will ever help the US with intelligence in a Muslim country. It was Obama’s way of sabotaging future American intelligence efforts because his ultimate loyalty is with Islam and not America.

        • And aren’t any ambassadors in countries of conflict now assessing their safety??

      26. This story has three sides at least to it.
        #1. Some of our people were abondoned to die fighting, when they could have been helped.
        #2. Our Leaders knew this and lied to the people that they are sworn to serve.
        3# Why? What are they trying to bury.

        This is not about: Right Wing bias, George Bush, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, my brother Daryl and my other brother Daryl, Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, Jesse “The Body” Ventura, or the price of gasoline in Des Moines.

        Our guys were left to die because somebody in the WH thought helping would hurt Barry’s chances to get elected again….WHY?

        • What is this with the US keeps leaving Men and women that they sent to die in Africa. This is not the first won’t be the last. If we want to be there the only way is to take the gloves off and go in an clean house. Until we do this we are just pissing in the wind.

          And what just make me fucking furious is someone in time will make a fucking movie about it.

          • Ah yes, kill ’em all and let God sort it out?

            and the global anger at us, is because we are the ‘good guys’ right?

            • Inever said it was right. We are the only country left that could do it. Inever beleive that I was a good guy. I just was the able to defend US. We are all bumping heads in this world. We are not going to get along. So it is time for the strongest to step up and be the strongest. Yes Kick thier fucking asses until they cause us no problems again.

            • Hell no I want them to think we re the badess mf in the world. And we ar coming to take their souls.

            • Baddest in the world?
              Try brokest.

              Attitudes such as yours are the reason we are in such trouble.
              What happens when the Lilliputians decide to gang up on us?

              No, you’re right, we aren’t the good guys anymore…
              (In case you didn’t see, Russia was parking nuke subs off our coasts, without our ‘new’ politically correct homosexual friendly military catching a whiff… it would only take a couple of those to permanently give you an attitude adjustment.)

              Uh huh.

            • I forgot, FB, you ever seen the elephant?
              Its usually all those armchair warriors who are the first ones to yell “hoouh”.
              Those of us who know what ‘hoouh’ means…not so much.

            • PM we are still the strongest force able to enforce our will. Ido agree we are falling fast. They are not catching up as much as we are falling behind.

              The problem with attitudes like mine are they are always stop to be politically correct. This attitude needs to be unleashed. Problems solved.

              And yes we are broke. Another reason to do it before it is to late.

        • “3# Why? What are they trying to bury.”

          That it’s blowback from our interventionalist foreign policy. Obama didn’t start it, it just continues under his ‘leadership’. Romney’s no better. He’ll take us to war (undeclared) with Iran to enforce the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty on them, in defense of our ‘ally’ that refuses to sign it either.

          Stay tuned folks, more blowback to follow. Guaranteed.

          • I think that you are 100% right Philo

          • @ Philo

            Actually if you do your homework, you’ll discover that Iran signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty many decades ago.

            Back in the ’70s, the US government provided substantial nuclear expertise to the Shah of Iran. It was only after he was overthrown, that Iran became a pariah nation, thanks to the propaganda organs of the American media.

            Thus under the treaty, the Iranians are entirely within their rights to pursue non-nuclear weapons research & development of nuclear materials.
            See nuclear energy construction projects & medical radio-nuclei materials production.

            The US government’s political damnation of the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program is due primarily, to their intention to avoid the Bretton-Woods usury dollar trade agreement for their oil sales. Thus eliminating the shysters at the Federal Reserve their cut of the profits, inherent to every Iranian petroleum sales contract.

            Its really is that simple.

            The other false canard is Israel, who is determined to fight & destroy every Muslim country…down to the last available American soldier.

            Seriously, we have no dog in that fight!

            And lest you think I am defending Islam remember, prior to the United States government becoming Zionist Occupied Territory & Israel’s bitch…we had no enemies in that geographical section of the world.

            • Sorry if this is a dup – Tor can be a PITA sometimes…

              Anton-you’re right, I should have left out the word “either”. The Shah, and how he rose to power, is another good homework assignment for those that don’t know the history. Is it any wonder they hate us, wouldn’t we if the situation was reversed?

              But I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that whenever a leader of an oil rich nation plans on selling oil for Euros (or gold?) that they are overthrown and killed. /sarc

            • Philo

              We are in agreement.
              Nice touch, per the history of how the Shah came to power.
              Thumbs up, dude!

              glad to see we have another smart one here at Mac’s site.

        • That’s EXACTLY what I thought! It always seems that the reasons behind these false flag incidents are MUCH deeper and more diabolical than what is presented. We’ve acknowledged that TPTB are PULLING STRINGS, yet some people refuse to acknowledge what is found after following the string.

      27. how would letting a US ambassador get killed help Obama’s chances of election ???

        he would have been helped if he had ordered “the cavalry” go in
        and kick some ass
        and rescue the ambassador

        • @Satori

          This is my humble guess.
          1. We are fighting a proxy war in Syria by supplying arms and men.
          2. They are being moved through Turkey, which explains why Stevens met with a Turk before the attack.
          3. Muslims loyal to Gaddafi or maybe even Syria planned the attack on us to expose Obama/Clinton’s actions in Syria.
          4. Because the whole thing was supposed to be hush-hush, The WH decided to hang these poor CIA guys/Seals/Stevens out to dry, to avoid a blow up before the debates.

          makes sense to me.

          • Makes sense to me too Rev

          • Glad to see a few here ‘get it’!! Previously, I said, ” It all depends on whether “they” want him to take the fall or if top brass will be lined up instead. I’ve always said when ‘they’ are done with him, they’ll toss him out with the trash.”

            Looks like top brass aren’t going to take the Obama-hit. Yesterday evening, the Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol posted this:

            “Breaking news on Benghazi: the CIA spokesman, presumably at the direction of CIA director David Petraeus, has put out this statement: “No one at any level in the CIA told anybody not to help those in need; claims to the contrary are simply inaccurate.

            So who in the government did tell “anybody” not to help those in need? Someone decided not to send in military assets to help those Agency operators. Would the secretary of defense make such a decision on his own? No.

            It would have been a presidential decision. There was presumably a rationale for such a decision. What was it? When and why—and based on whose counsel obtained in what meetings or conversations—did President Obama decide against sending in military assets to help the Americans in need? “

            • Bill Kristol=Head of APAIC and also conected heavily with PNAC, I may have it backwards?…PNAC Head=Kristol?…Its one or the other. And Both is bad news for america.

              Unless as an american you prefere to be an isreal/jew firster. Rekon it all depends where your loyalty is.

              Bill Kristols loyal to isreal and jews period. They outta change it from “Fox” news to Foxjews!

              USA Population of jews= 1.4% FOX TV POP of same=75% or More!….Same with every MSM outlet. Hmmmmm…ps panetta is tribe too…Hmmmmm…Whos in control of America especially at Fed levels?…..You Know who!….Duel citizen bolsheviks.

            • Angelo. I provided a source to a quoted tidbit from one of the first avenues of news/editorials on this. This wasn’t some kind of endorsement although I don’t have the intense hatred for Jews that you do.

        • And if that ambassador threatened to go public with information about gun running to the Moslem brotherhood in Libya…
          How would that affect his electability?

          • “How would that affect his electability?”

            Are you kidding me? You seriously don’t see how that would affect his electability? Nah, you’re just trying to stir the pot. Nobody is that stupid.

            • You don’t do ‘sarcasm’ very well, do you?
              Thought squids were good at it…
              I actually think Rev Ike’s Turkish scenario works better.
              But, something stinks to high heaven…

          • The ambassador to spend eternity in jail or worse, hung to die, for treason?
            That doesn’t wash.

          • Or what if he never threatened, BUT they intercepted communications that suggested that he was going to do just that. I’m telling you, this control/surveillance grid IS NOT FOR US COMMON AMERICANS. It is more useful in times like these where exposure was imminent…TPTB are watching the heavier boots on the ground, not us.

          • Zoltane: Wrong…You are confuseing Hatered of Kommies as hate of jews….Now I cannot help that 99% of kommies are jewish, and visa versa…Sounds as if You cant accept truth and are Blindly accepting of the tribe aka jews.

            I have shown absolute Proof beyond question, that communisim Was/Is invented and done by and For jews begining with them jews in Russia 1848 era.

            If you are still confused?…Just ask and I can Provide much More evidence/proof…

            Perhaps more recent Historian such as Douglass Reed’s book form the 1950’s but not published till 1980’s due to kommie jew blocking it from public view etc will assist your quest for Factual Truths?

            Reeds book is “The Controvercy of Zion”…Loaded full of actual quotes BY Jews such as Disreli(british Prime minister etc) and Chaim Wiseman for starters.

            However I do believe you Zoltane are very much like liberals who simply refuse any/all proof on “certain” issues or subjects…Thats sad, as you seem to possess alot of Potential.

        • It was only supposed to be a routine kidnapping, they didn’t want “help” going in and messing it up. A few days of news and then the dramatic rescue with Obama calling the shots (in the movie version he would have actually been flying one of the choppers in the rescue raid).

          • The great thing is that now the military higher ups are pissed off. Where do you think all of these inside “leaks” and intel are coming from?

            They might have been able to screw over some less connected military personnel trying to bring the eligibility issue to light, But the teams and the cia know how to play the game too,have a dog in this fight, and also have every asset available that the admin has to shed light to the mud.

            I was worried that this would just get covered up and go away like the Clinton’s and white water or the “plane” that crashed into the pentagon, but now that the brass are making inside intel available to use against the POS administration, I think some heads will roll for this and we might actually get a modicum of justice for this treason.

            I just hope the heads with the big wigs are some of the ones rolling, and not just the operators.

        • @Satori
          What Rev Ike said…

          You must learn to play chess, not checkers, grasshopper…

          • Great statement many think in the terms of checker or that you can win at Tic Tac Toe.

          • Piper Michael

            Checkers players in this administration? Come on dude, the only game they play at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave is called…hide the paperwork & hide the homo evidence.

            Not being sarcastic either.

            • You got that backwards my friend…

        • I beleive he has made a deal with many “Groups” in the ME and N Africa to just give him peace until after the Jan 13. This was a group that just didn’t get the message or was not on board with the greater plan.


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        say it is safe.
        Use the telephone only for emergency calls.
        Clean up spilled medicines, bleaches or gasoline or other
        flammable liquids immediately. Leave the area if you smell gas
        or fumes from other chemicals.
        Open closet and cupboard doors cautiously.
        Inspect the entire length of chimneys carefully for damage.
        Unnoticed damage could lead to a fire.


        Check for gas leaks–If you smell gas or hear blowing or hissing
        noise, open a window and quickly leave the building. Turn off
        the gas at the outside main valve if you can and call the gas
        company from a neighbor’s home. If you turn off the gas for any
        reason, it must be turned back on by a professional.
        Look for electrical system damage–If you see sparks or broken
        or frayed wires, or if you smell hot insulation, turn off the
        electricity at the main fuse box or circuit breaker. If you have
        to step in water to get to the fuse box or circuit breaker, call
        an electrician first for advice.
        Check for sewage and water lines damage–If you suspect sewage
        lines are damaged, avoid using the toilets and call a plumber.
        If water pipes are damaged, contact the water company and avoid
        using water from the tap. You can obtain safe water by melting
        ice cubes.

        • Thanks copperhead. Much of this can also be applied to us in the NE in case we get a blow of some kind.

          • I anyone going to even act like they are upset. Or just keep to there pre written stories they want to tell. How bout some from the heart or soul. We are so fucking screwed.

            • Who else is mad. Who isgetting mad.

            • I am very angry FB.
              I blame media for much of what is happening. Too much kept in the shadows.
              If the Dark man wins this election, we should do an “ALL CALL” for all vets, oathkeepers and loyalists in this country. (they also pushed under the rug, that this admin signed the UN Small arms treaty, after they didn’t sign it in public…)

              I swore an oath to that ‘old piece of paper’, don’t remember anyone ever UNoathing me when I got out…

              “…all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.”
              We should now add the Benghazi 4 to Brian Terry and how many other casualties to the Dark mans list.

            • Piper two of them will be on a different list for me.

        • Sorry Copperhead but on this one I wish you would of kept these long off subject for later. This one of the writing that should be kept pure to subject just to see if anyone is capable of getting mad any more. If yo can’t tell I am and the fury is growing.

        • @ copperhead. EARTHQUAKES, another preparation set of valuable tips for EVERYONE on the planet. I have seen earthquakes lately that are AWAY from plate boundaries. WE ALL RIDE ON THE SAME “MEGA THIN” CRUST. Sometime in the past ALL spots on the planet have been tectonic. Every spot on the planet below them is a raging oven of heat and liquid rock in motion. We ALL are in danger, especially from what I have been seeing. Just look at Hawaii as this is within this circle of earthquakes at the mid points of the pacific and Atlantic oceans I have plotted that don’t follow plate boundaries for the most part. You are certainly very busy digging up ways to save people and help people get ready. Three cheers for copperhead.

        • @copperhead:

          Yes Sir—-good info.

          Turn off the gas to your home, and alert your neighbors to do the same. Fires are the deadliest part of an earthquake aftermath.

          …shake…rattle…roll…be safe…BA.

      29. Emergency Food and Water Supplies

        If an earthquake, hurricane, winter storm or other disaster ever strikes your community, you
        might not have access to food, water and electricity for days, or even weeks. By taking a little
        time now to store emergency food and water supplies, you can provide for your entire family.This
        brochure was developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Community and Family
        Preparedness Programs which provides information to help families prepare for all types of

        Stocking water reserves and learning how to purify contaminated water should be among your top
        priorities in preparing for an emergency. You should store at least a two-week supply of water
        for each member of your family. Everyone’s needs will differ, depending upon age, physical
        condition, activity, diet and climate. A normally active person needs to drink at least two
        quarts of water each day. Hot environments can double that amount. Children, nursing mothers
        and ill people will need more. You will need additional water for food preparation and hygiene.
        Store a total of at least one gallon per person, per day.

        If your supplies begin to run low, remember: Never ration water. Drink the amount you need
        today, and try to find more for tomorrow. You can minimize the amount of water your body needs
        by reducing activity and staying cool. How to Store Emergency Water Supplies

        You can store your water in thoroughly washed plastic, glass, fiberglass or enamel-lined metal
        containers. Never use a container that has held toxic substances, because tiny amounts may
        remain in the container’s pores. Sound plastic containers, such as soft drink bottles, are best.
        You can also purchase food-grade plastic buckets or drums.

        Before storing your water, treat it with a preservative, such as chlorine bleach, to prevent the
        growth of microorganisms. Use liquid bleach that contains 5.25 percent sodium hypochlorite and
        no soap. Some containers warn, “Not For Personal Use.” You can disregard these warnings if the
        label states sodium hypochlorite is the only active ingredient and if you use only the small
        quantities in these instructions.

        Add four drops of bleach per quart of water (or two scant teaspoons per 10 gallons), and stir.
        Seal your water containers tightly, label them and store them in a cool, dark place.

        Hidden Water Sources in Your Home

        If a disaster catches you without a stored supply of clean water, you can use water in your
        hot-water tank, in your plumbing and in ice cubes. As a last resort, you can use water in the
        reservoir tank of your toilet (not the bowl), but purify it first (described later).Water beds
        hold up to 400 gallons, but some water beds contain toxic chemicals that are not fully removed by
        many purifiers. If you designate a water bed in your home as an emergency resource, drain it
        yearly and refill it with fresh water containing two ounces of bleach per 120 gallons. To use the
        water in your pipes, let air into the plumbing by turning on the highest faucet in your house and
        draining the water from the lowest one.To use the water in your hot-water tank, be sure the
        electricity or gas is off, and open the drain at the bottom of the tank. Start the water flowing
        by turning off the water intake valve and turning on a hot-water faucet. Do not turn on the gas
        or electricity when the tank is empty. Do you know the location of your incoming water valve?
        You’ll need to shut if off to stop contaminated water from entering your home if you hear reports
        of broken water or sewage lines.Emergency Outdoor Water Sources

        If you need to seek water outside your home, you can use these sources. But purify the water
        before drinking it.Rainwater Streams, rivers and other moving bodies of water Ponds and lakes
        Natural springs Avoid water with floating material, an odor or dark color. Use saltwater only if
        you distill it first (described later). Three Easy Ways to Purify Water
        In addition to having a bad odor and taste, contaminated water can contain microorganisms that
        cause diseases such as dysentery, cholera, typhoid and hepatitis. You should therefore purify
        all water of uncertain purity before using it for drinking, food preparation or hygiene.

        There are many ways to purify water. None are perfect. Often the best solution is a combination
        of methods. Before purifying, let any suspended particles settle to the bottom, or strain them
        through layers of paper towel or clean cloth.

        Three easy purification methods are outlined below. These measures will kill microbes but will
        not remove other contaminants such as heavy metals, salts, most other chemicals and radioactive

        Boiling is the safest method of purifying water. Bring water to a rolling boil for 10 minutes,
        keeping in mind that some water will evaporate. Let the water cool before drinking. Boiled
        water will taste better if you put oxygen back into it by pouring it back and forth between two
        containers. This will also improve the taste of stored water.

        Chlorination uses liquid chlorine bleach to kill microorganisms. (See page 1 for bleach safety
        information.) Add two drops of bleach per quart of water (four drops if the water is cloudy),
        stir and let stand for 30 minutes. If the water does not taste and smell of chlorine at that
        point, add another dose and let stand another 15 minutes.

        If you do not have a dropper, use a spoon and a square-ended strip of paper or thin cloth about
        1/4 inch by 2 inches. Put the strip in the spoon with an end hanging down about 1/2 inch below
        the scoop of the spoon. Place bleach in the spoon and carefully tip it. Drops the size of those
        from a medicine dropper will drip off the end of the strip.

        Purification tablets release chlorine or iodine. They are inexpensive and available at most
        sporting goods stores and some drugstores. Follow the package directions. Usually one tablet is
        enough for one quart of water. Double the dose for cloudy water.

        More Rigorous Purification Methods
        While the three methods described above will remove only microbes from water, the following two
        purification methods will remove other contaminants. Distillation will remove microbes, heavy
        metals, salts, most other chemicals, and radioactive dust and dirt, called radioactive fallout.
        Filtering will also remove radioactive fallout. (Water itself cannot become radioactive, but it
        can be contaminated by radioactive fallout. It is unsafe to drink water that contains
        radioactive fallout.)

        Distillation involves boiling water and then collecting the vapor that condenses back to water.
        The condensed vapor will not include salt and other impurities. To distill, fill a pot halfway
        with water. Tie a cup to the handle on the pot’s lid so that the cup will hang right-side-up
        when the lid is upside-down (make sure the cup is not dangling into the water) and boil the water
        for 20 minutes. The water that drips from the lid into the cup is distilled.

        To make a fallout filter, punch holes in the bottom of a large bucket, and put a layer of gravel
        in the bucket about 1-1/2 inches high. Cover the gravel with a towel cut in a circle slightly
        larger than the bucket. Cover soil with a towel, place the filter over a large container, and
        pour contaminated water through. Then, disinfect the filtered water using one of the methods
        described above. Change the soil in your filter after every 50 quarts of water.

        Family Disaster Supply Kit

        It’s 2:00 a.m. and a flash flood forces you to evacuate your home–fast. There’s no time to
        gather food from the kitchen, fill bottles with water, grab a first-aid kit from the closet and
        snatch a flashlight and a portable radio from the bedroom. You need to have these items packed
        and ready in one place before disaster hits.

        Pack at least a three-day supply of food and water, and store it in a handy place. Choose foods
        that are easy to carry, nutritious and ready-to-eat. In addition, pack these emergency items:
        Medical supplies and first aid manual
        Hygiene supplies
        Portable radio, flashlights and extra batteries
        Shovel and other useful tools
        Money and matches in a waterproof container
        Fire extinguisher
        Blanket and extra clothing
        Infant and small children’s needs (if appropriate)


        If activity is reduced, healthy people can survive on half their usual food intake for an
        extended period and without any food for many days. Food, unlike water, may be rationed safely,
        except for children and pregnant women.

        If your water supply is limited, try to avoid foods that are high in fat and protein, and don’t
        stock salty foods, since they will make you thirsty. Try to eat salt-free crackers, whole grain
        cereals and canned foods with high liquid content.

        You don’t need to go out and buy unfamiliar foods to prepare an emergency food supply. You can
        use the canned foods, dry mixes and other staples on your cupboard shelves. In fact, familiar
        foods are important. They can lift morale and give a feeling of security in time of stress.
        Also, canned foods won’t require cooking, water or special preparation. Following are
        recommended short-term and long-term food storage plans.

        Storage Tips

        Keep food in the driest and coolest spot in the house–a dark area if possible.
        Keep food covered at all times.
        Open food boxes or cans carefully so that you can close them tightly after each use.
        Wrap cookies and crackers in plastic bags, and keep them in tight containers.
        Empty opened packages of sugar, dried fruits and nuts into screw-top jars or air-tight cans to
        protect them from pests. Inspect all food containers for signs of spoilage before use.

        Short-Term Food Supplies

        Even though it is unlikely that an emergency would cut off your food supply for two weeks, you
        should prepare a supply that will last that long. A two-week supply can relieve a great deal of
        inconvenience and uncertainty until services are restored.
        The easiest way to develop a two-week stockpile is to increase the amount of basic foods you
        normally keep on your shelves. Remember to compensate for the amount you eat from other sources
        (such as restaurants) during an average two-week period.
        You may already have a two-week supply of food on hand. Keeping it fresh is simple. Just rotate
        your supply once or twice a year.

        Special Considerations to Keep in Mind

        As you stock food, take into account your family’s unique needs and tastes. Try to include foods
        that they will enjoy and that are also high in calories and nutrition. Foods that require no
        refrigeration, preparation or cooking are best.
        Individuals with special diets and allergies will need particular attention, as will babies,
        toddlers and the elderly. Nursing mothers may need liquid formula, in case they are unable to
        nurse. Canned dietetic foods, juices and soups may be helpful for the ill or elderly.
        Make sure you have a can opener and disposable utensils. And don’t forget nonperishable foods
        for your pets.

        How to Store Your Short-Term Stockpile

        Keep canned foods in a dry place where the temperature is fairly cool–not above 70 degrees
        Fahrenheit and not below freezing. To protect boxed foods from pests and extend their shelf
        life, store the boxes in tightly closed cans or metal containers.
        Rotate your food supply. Use foods before they go bad, and replace them with fresh supplies,
        dated with ink or marker. Place new items at the back of the storage area and older ones in
        Your emergency food supply should be of the highest quality possible. Inspect your reserves
        periodically to make sure there are no broken seals or dented containers.

        How to Cook if the Power Goes Out

        For emergency cooking you can use a fireplace, or a charcoal grill or camp stove outdoors only.
        You can also heat food with candle warmers, chafing dishes and fondue pots. Canned food can be
        eaten right out of the can. If you heat it in the can, be sure to open the can and remove the
        label first.

        Long-Term Food Supplies

        In the unlikely event of a military attack or some other national disaster, you may need
        long-term emergency food supplies. The best approach is to store large amounts of staples along
        with a variety of canned and dried foods.
        Bulk quantities of wheat, corn, beans and salt are inexpensive and have nearly unlimited shelf
        life. If necessary, you could survive for years on small daily amounts of these staples. Stock
        the following amounts per person, per month:
        Wheat–20 pounds
        Powdered Milk(for babies and infants)*– 20 pounds
        Corn–20 pounds
        Iodized Salt–1 pound
        Soybeans–10 pounds
        Vitamin C**–15 grams

        * Buy in nitrogen-packed cans
        ** Rotate every two years

        Storage and Preparation of Food Supplies

        Store wheat, corn and beans in sealed cans or plastic buckets. Buy powdered milk in
        nitrogen-packed cans. And leave salt and vitamin C in their original packages.

        If these staples comprise your entire menu, you must eat all of them together to stay healthy.
        To avoid serious digestive problems, you’ll need to grind the corn and wheat into flour and cook
        them, as well as boil the beans, before eating. Many health food stores sell hand-cranked grain
        mills or can tell you where you can get one. Make sure you buy one that can grind corn. If you
        are caught without a mill, you can grind your grain by filling a large can with whole grain one
        inch deep, holding the can on the ground between your feet and pounding the grain with a pipe.

        Nutrition Tips
        In a crisis, it will be vital that you maintain your strength. So remember:
        Eat at least one well-balanced meal each day.
        Drink enough liquid to enable your body to function properly (two quarts a day).
        Take in enough calories to enable you to do any necessary work.
        Include vitamin, mineral and protein supplements in your stockpile to assure adequate nutrition.

        Shelf Life of Foods for Storage

        Here are some general guidelines for rotating common emergency foods.

        Use within six months:
        Powdered milk (boxed)
        Dried fruit (in metal container)
        Dry, crisp crackers (in metal container)

        Use within one year:
        Canned condensed meat and vegetable soups
        Canned fruits, fruit juices and vegetables
        Ready-to-eat cereals and uncooked instant cereals (in metal containers)
        Peanut butter
        Hard candy, chocolate bars and canned nuts

        May be stored indefinitely (in proper containers and conditions):
        Vegetable oils
        Baking powder
        Instant coffee, tea
        Vitamin C and cocoa
        Noncarbonated soft drinks
        White rice
        Bouillon products
        Dry pasta
        Powdered milk (in nitrogen-packed cans)

        Ways to Supplement Your Long-Term Stockpile

        The above staples offer a limited menu, but you can supplement them with commercially packed
        air-dried or freeze-dried foods and supermarket goods. Rice, popcorn and varieties of beans are
        nutritious and long-lasting. The more supplements you include, the more expensive your stockpile
        will be. Following is an easy approach to long-term food storage: uy a supply of the bulk staples
        listed above. Build up your everyday stock of canned goods until you have a two-week to one-month
        surplus. Rotate it periodically to maintain a supply of common foods that will not require
        special preparation, water or cooking. From a sporting or camping equipment store, buy
        commercially packaged, freeze-dried or air-dried foods. Although costly, this will be your best
        form of stored meat, so buy accordingly. If the Electricity Goes Off… FIRST, use perishable
        food and foods from the refrigerator. THEN use the foods from the freezer. To minimize the
        number of times you open the freezer door, post a list of freezer contents on it. In a
        well-filled, well-insulated freezer, foods will usually still have ice crystals in their centers
        (meaning foods are safe to eat) for at least three days. FINALLY, begin to use non-perishable
        foods and staples.
        Blue racer

        • Not today Copperhead Not Today

          • FBP: What are we going to do about it. They all should face a firing squad but who is going to arrest them and who is going to try them. They will never be held accountable for this and we all know it. In a few days we cass our ballots and all will be forgotten and thats,that. It is so sad that it will come to that, but it will. Life goes on.

            • We can honor the dead by making sure that the truth gets told. Copperhead, this stinks and you know it.

            • Iknow Ijust so Fucking mad. This would be a bad day for me to run into someone stealing from my truck. I say it not worth killing over a thing but today right now I could find that numbing agent and do it so I could blow my top. Must fine Zen.

              CH everything WE can do is after the death of this shit. This is just one of those subject that get me going on a animal level.

              I seen teams drag in theshit andbeen unableto do a gon dam thing about it. This is proabllty going to be the same ad I can do even less for them. But I will admit My survie its death is creating many new ideas in my thought. Imay have to change my plans some.

              Thank you for the therapy. There may be a furious PAGE here all weekend. Sorry in advance. Iwould like to go and those Muntherfuckers

        • Copperhead
          I very much appreciate your post
          after all this is supposed to be something of a preparedness site

          we do seem to spend an INORDINATE amount of time talking politics

        • I needed those purification tips, but does anyone know how long a can of carbonated soda will keep (I don’t care about the carbonation part)before you can’t drink it? We were remodeling an old building and found unopened 80 yr old bottles of coca-cola, so I was just wondering.

          • Soda does go bad taste bad bad then it get dangerous. Plus filled old coke bottle have value sell them ebay and buy more preps.

      30. a friend of mine, his son emailed him after this event.They were stationed in Spain and were given orders to fly to Tripoli.They sat there for hours on the runway waiting for orders to go in…They were told to go back to Spain after hours of waiting..Him and his troop are in shock and cannot understand wtf happened as we are.I have a feeling there’s more coming out..a lot more

        • @ loulou
          Dead men tell no tales, that is why they are all dead. Let’s pray that the truth does come out.

          • Vry true. And dont think for a moment it is not being taught still.

      31. Funny, when we have a mass shooting in the U.S., you hypocrites blame the shooter and the shooter alone. Now, you want to blame a man who was thousands of miles from the scene. In addition to the hypocrisy, youmorons do not even have your facts straight. But, I should expect such morons as frequent here to not want to be confused by facts.

        • JoeinNC,

          Fort Hood? We blamed the shooter alone? No buddy, the Pres. blamed the shooter, we all knew it was terrorism but the big ass wasn’t going to go there. I believe he called it work related? Suck it up dumbo, this is another whole ball game and it goes deep. Your guy is up to his neck in lies and cover ups. This was planned and executed by terrorists and the pres. knew it almost immediately. Lie after lie after lie. The country is in the dumpster and the pres. is in with the devil, we are exactly where he wants us, hungry, desperate and frightened of what the next day will bring. Don’t believe it?, ask the average guy who isn’t drinking kool-aid and you will get the true answer. The buck stops with the loser in charge but not according to him, he has his own standards, you know the same as the Chicago thugs where his buddies are, or in the middle east where his other buddies are, the extreme muslims.

          Why don’t you get the hell out of my country you loser and take the dear leader with you. I am sure the terrorists will take really good care of you. Time for a change and it is going to happen, the human destroyers are going to get kicked out the door.

          • Don’t worry LFoD….
            When the time comes, and their kind decide to do whatever, I’ll take him out for you, he’s in NC, so he’ll have a ‘blue’ armband on.
            (He won’t even see it coming from 500 yds away… their nice ak’s, aren’t worth a crap over 100.)

        • Americans have had al-Qaida in their cross-hairs for more than a decade. And for good reason.

          It’s beyond lunacy that Obama has claimed to do the same, was even part of the continuing strategy to bring Osama down under those theoretically same cross-hairs, then assist that same terrorist organization in the Middle East but turn those cross-hairs on our own.

          Obama is no Patriot. He’s a traitor. I hope he hangs.

        • No, actually, I placed the bulk of the blame on the CIA handlers and the government, for using MK Ultra candidates for false flag operations, to push it’s anti-second amendment agendas, as did many others on this site and others…Where the hell have you been?

          • Hell-ooo Sixpack! Looks to be a false flag operation to me too… on many fronts. And not just guns and bullets.

      32. Mac – you might want to change the headline wording to “altar” rather than “alter.” This simple typo could affect the credibility of the site. Please delete this rather than approve it!

        • oh dear! i totlly missed that! my 1st espresso hadnt kicked in just yet.

        • I meant, you can delete my comment rather than approve it since it was awaiting moderation. I didn’t think you would want the public to see it and it would be fine with me if you deleted it. Just trying to help a brother out!

      33. Any news on who is responsible for the murder of Stevens? I have read that he was an arabist and advocated normalizing relations with Iran. So who wanted him dead? This whole situation gives the Obama admin a black eye. More reason to suspect an inside job…

      34. The death of our ambassador and two other Americans is an absolute outrage. Obama should resign in shame!!

        • correction THREE other Americans….
          Not to mention Brian Terry and hundreds of dead Mexicans from Fast & Furious….and no one in the Gov’t Media seems to give a crap


      36. Benedict Arnold was hanged for less

        • Clinton was impeached for much less.

          • Clinton was impeached for lying about getting a blowjob. What was frustrating was he got away with importing massive quantities of cocaine into Mena Airport, Arkansas. H egot away with the murders of Ron Brown, Jerry Parks, Jim McDougal, Don Henry and Kevin Ives and of course Vince Foster. He also got away with the rape of Juanita Broderick and using the IRS as a weapon against the NRA, Paula Jones and the Western Journalism Center.

            As bad as he was this puke is worse.

      37. Yes the truth needs to get out and then the chips will fall where they may. But deep down inside, you know no one will anwser for this. If you all think I don’t care you are so wrong. Because I’ve been on a reaction team that was not let go in and help my friends that I knew. I guess not posting about it was a way to block my mermories of that day along time ago. I’m SORRY!

        • I know there is time I wish I would of just said fuck the orders. The bigger picture doesn’t concern me. That is some of the worst choices I will have to live with. But at the same time if I was the one in the hole I would be praying no one risk anything to get me. Enough is enough. That’s what I sign up for. I volunteered.

          Keep the memories and fury close they keep you warm at night.

          • FB: As you know sometimes to warm.

            • I think I am there right now.

      38. Hey Mac,
        I just sent this as redundancy check on a previous message to the board…seem to be having connection problems, just here…

        • Check, check. 3:35pm, awaiting moderation…

      39. Mac:
        Off “topic”,but might it be possible to each comment have a number when posted?It get a tad tiresome to re-scroll to where you posted w\o having a good idea about where in sequence the post was placed in the topic.
        Just sayin’

        • on it GFG..i am working with our CodeWhisperer tonight with a wishlist!

          • Comments for CodeWhisperer:

            There should not be disabled reply buttons on some posts. It breaks the thread and doesn’t allow rebuttal.

            Numbering posts would be good. Some way to alert posters to replies to their comments would be better.

            Oh, is there some limit on # of thumbs allowed per comment? If so, not a great idea. If not, perhaps it is just me forgetting I had already checked someone’s comment.

            Since moderation is obviously not for purposes of cogency or civility, why not eliminate it. Can you use IPs to screen out commercial spam?

            Don’t use those horrid *copy this* screens, though. I’m not a coder, so I have no idea how all this is accomplished. It’s a great site, it just needs tweaked.

            • thanks h20! i will expand the threading to include a couple more levels of ‘replies’, but there has to be a limit on it otherwise the comments will squeeze in horizontally as the width of each reply is indented.

              will definitely get into the numbering and see about image/video embeds, as well as some text styling options.

            • Edit button too, please!!!

      40. Off topic- what does FUBAR mean??

        • EMILY: F-cked Up Beyond Any Recognition. Sorry but you asked. Again SORRY

          • He said, F’d up. LOL

            Here in the sticks, we do a lot of “shade tree” mechanic’in, so we use the word sometimes as: F’d up beyond all repair.

            • DT–that’s what I always thought it was!!!
              I’m a Tn. girl.

        • sorry cant answer im dealing with a SNAFU at the moment

      41. That’s why the A-hole needs fired! Not voting, or voting for a 3rd party candidate ain’t gonna get it done. Romney may not be exactly what you want. But one thing he isn’t, is a g-damn America-hating, Saul Alinsky-loving commie!

        If we’re going down, I’d rather go down with Romney at the helm. We’ll all have a better chance of making it through whatever happens.

        • At least Robme, as a Mormon, should be easier on preppers…

      42. I’m voting for Mitt Romney. Some of you tards just amaze me. That you would give our once great nation to the current imbecile. Shame on you.

        • yeah yeah yeah

          “THIS time it will be different”


          ha ha ha

          TOO funny

          you’ll have the same spiel in 2016

          • You see, that’s where the “hope and change” comes in — We all HOPE that if we CHANGE the puppets, things may get better for us…

        • @ susie. shame on you for trolling for the order of jesu. shame on you. also the law is on you. as in you are in violation of it. theres a prison cell with your name already on it.

          • Please let us know what law. Law of stupidity but that carries no time.

            If you follow the syntax you sound like her a little more each time we can compare your writings.

            • Nope, Eeder’s my friend. Susie and Eeder are not the same person, of this I am certain.

              ~ D

            • I truly am asking what law we keep breaking that will put me in prison. And how does eeder think I am Susie. I make way more spelling mistake then her or anybody.

      43. I have not participated in this forum before. But from what I see, I’m wondering if I even want to. Earthquake boy and cocopuff cracker are a bit much. I am voting republican because that is the only choice I have. The rest of you should do the same if you any respect for our once great nation.

        • Lay off the earthquake man.

        • Susie, we are a mixed bunch; but, that doesn’t mean we are “mixed up”. I agree, that Mittens is the lesser of the two evils and I am sick and tired of seeing that fake smile on “ole blue gums” odrama. You should really get your head out of the sand and stick around. You may just learn something useful.

        • Susie,

          Yoe are right to evaluate your reasons for posting here. I do it on an almost daily bases.

          Try “The Ulsterman Report” for hard (real) news, “American Thinker” and you’ll find the people on “The Survivalist Blog” to be very nice.

          God Bless

          • basis, not bases, it was late

        • susie, i mean facebookpage/southern boy, what do you not understand? its time to leave. if you keep spreading your vile crap, you too, can and will go to prison with the rest of the ZOGtrash. is that what you want? get to gettin outta here fool.

          • Eeder the PAGE was set free by the Lady Daisy. But by the time it arrived to do battle with the evil Black stain Susie the good people of SHIF had gather for the fight. So the PAGE has nothing to do. Instead a dumbass is seen on the hill waving his shit fill wand. So the he has been given a cause again. The battle with the dumbass will by e epic. May the games begin.

        • @ Susie, Stop “wondering” and move-on. Trolls come and go. GO! You are “pegged”…either prepubescent girl/boy (12 maybe) still in the process of personal sexual identity analysis. When you figure IT OUT, and are old enough to actually vote…try again.

          BTW, voting Republican isn’t the only choice YOU have. That declaration alone is an idictment of your lack of “critical thought” capacity.

      44. I am asking EVERYONE on this site to NOT fall into the TRAP. This trap occurs EVERY single cycle election cycle in which the nation is in a terrible condition and TOO many people feel that “this one” will turn things around. Then 4 or 8 years later the same people are talking about getting rid of the bum. “But this time, the new candidate will be the one to correct everything”. This is a cycle like a merry-go-round where someone just knows that this time they will snag the golden ring, and each time they come up empty.

        There is no way that either romney or obama is going to change anything for the better. This is a trap, an ugly MIND TRAP that those in control use to trap so many people into believing as a grand distraction to getting away with whatever they are doing. This trap is hazardous for the prepper/survivalist because it takes away the urgency to prepare and get ready like they should and likely will have to do to survive.

        i have noticed that when I talk about what an awful leader obummed is this is very popular, as it should be because he is an idiot. However when I put down rombot, people become upset. WHY IS THIS? “THE TRAP”. People still are falling into that trap that romney can turn things around. The same grabbing at air for the golden ring that always comes up short.

        I am hardly pro-obama at all. I am however completely against romney because I don’t want the good people out there to let there guard down and fall into this TRAP. Preparation is a constant thing we have to do, and falling into THE TRAP lets people put this positive prepping into a slower mode or a standstill, because this “ONE” will change everything. Horsesh&* they will. I have to point this out for a very good point about preparation that not one single person out there falls into THE TRAP.

        Forget about the economy, the state of the nation, war, or anything that man can and will do. When anyone RELAXES their preparation because of the horrible false hope of THE TRAP, they let their need for preparing go into a distant future event that might not even happen. Look at poor RICH that says 5-8 years from now, but in reality SHTF can happen ANYDAY, ANY WEEK, ANY MONTH, ANY YEAR.

        RIGHT NOW under everyone’s feet is a bubbling caldron, and the geophysical part of it is getting worse. The Sun has not even reached its maximum of CME to come. The climate is acting weird, this storm is something that the weather channel says has never happened like this. They say they don’t even know what to make of it, because they have not seen something like this before. In few words, SHTF can happen when everything is going economically well and everything is rosy.

        It is human nature to feel like when things are better that nothing is going to happen, this is THE TRAP. Getting a new president, that won’t do jack because the country is too broke, will give many a sense of relief and those will not continue to prepare like they had. All of a sudden the planet decides to unleash a series of earthquakes and volcanoes that make it look like a science fiction movie. Or the sun decides to belch up a nice X-100 flare directly at the planet and fry every single thing electronic not protected on the planet. Maybe even damage the ozone layer and let in dangerous levels of cosmic radiation. I short, we have to push ourselves to take every opportunity to prepare like it is going to happen tomorrow.

        No one fall into this trap no matter whom is elected. Neither of these bums is going to make any difference. The other difference that the prepper/survivalist is going to see is IF they fall into THE TRAP of total false hope and relax their preppering. SHTF can hit in this next minute from too many sources to mention, especially NON-MANMADE.

        • Agreed 101%


        • Well said BI.

        • Bi is dead on…

          Understand, there is no ‘left’ or ‘right’… they are the Illusion, populated by ‘useful idiots’.(Many well meaning people.) Who argue the THESIS and ANTITHESIS and thus arrive at the SYNTHESIS.
          The Synthesis is the ‘compromise’ that was intended all along by the men behind the curtain. The rest is Kabuki theater to keep you arguing and divided. This is best proven by looking at their ‘fruits’… has anything bad ever, EVER been repealed? Did the ‘right’ stab you in the back as bad as the ‘left’? (Patriot act ring a bell?)

          This was predicted long ago.. but preachers cannot grasp the full meaning of the statue of Nebuchadnezzar, as always things of scripture and spirit are on many levels, ironic how that works, if you pay attention.

          Babylon’s greatest invention was the Triune System… a system designed for the Elites, the House, to win in the Game of Life.

          First you had the money changers who operated out of the Temple of the Sun god. They invented fixed debt contracts. Knowing something would happen to a significant fraction of lendees that would deliver their lands to the money changers(crop failure being prime). Then those contracts were backed up by the King’s Law and his force of arms. The people were kept in submission by the Priests, so the people would submit themselves to “Godly authority”. Sound familiar?

          It should, it was written into the Roman Canon, and then the KJV… This was not Christ, this was Babylon and it Mystery religion’s influence on the Orthodoxy. (Believe whatever you want. But learn how it was all put together before you jump on me…)

          Thus, Israel was conquered by debt first, and then by the sword. This is partly why John Adams said a country can be conquered by debt or the sword…

          Now we come down to our time, and guess what? We are DIVIDED on the two legs of LEFT and RIGHT, and the toes like Iron and Clay. Divided by rich man’s ideologies and the MYSTERY doctrines that people love to argue about. As long as they have you arguing, you ain’t paying attention to the HEAD of GOLD that makes the Rule of Gold; Whereby; He who has the Gold, makes the rules.

          You LOVE gold, or money, thus, you are defeated by the root of evil, the LOVE of money. You will accept any line of bullshit that keeps you making more money, or even hints that things will ‘get better’. You cannot accept that the debt money is going to destroy you.

          But you know why the politico’s aren’t worried about the debt? Because they know they’re not going to pay it back in ‘real’ money… No. The Two legged system of the statue, is going to morph into the global Beast of ten horns. The Ten horns are Shofars, not nations, the preachers can’t get that right because they would have to acknowledge they are part of the problem, the Harlot that rides the Beast speaking ‘mysteries’ in Babylon. They love The System and materialism as much as you, and gain tax breaks to help keep you in submission to “righteous authority”.

          The only question you have to ask is; where is righteousness?
          The only way to tear down the statue of the Rule of Gold, is with the Golden rule.
          The only way that happens, is if the entire system is GONE. We must simply not allow the Phoenix to rise from the ashes and reassert its rules. This is the final battle.

          • Bull crap! There is no Left or Right. Tell that to the poeple of North Korea or Cuba. You’ve fallen for GRU propaganda. Anyone who believes this is a mother!&%$#@!!! MORON. Stop misleading people!

            The greatest lie The Devil ever told was that he does not exist.

          • My God man, what kind of mushrooms are you eating to come up with this nonsense? The garbage you are spouting is not even Theology and flys in the face of 2,000 years of Christian practice.
            Sadly untrained “Biblical Experts” such as yourself always seem to find a following of a few folks.

            Can anybody say “Jim Jones”?

            • Sounds alot like New Agers stuf. Mixed with agnostic heritic stuf. From what seems to be a “watcher” is it he calls himself?…More like self apointed prophet.aka wolfs in sheeps cloths eh.

            • Sorry Rev Ike.
              I renounced your Catholic and Protestant nonsense.
              Based upon the Lies of Rome and their Babylon MYSTERY religion. Revelations is all about YOU GUYS.

              YOu PREACHER MEN are the ones who fouled it all up, with competing doctrines in conflict, and promoting a War god against a Loving God. You destroyed the writings of Jesus and called them ‘HERETIC’. You destroyed the HERETICS, and now your time of the MYSTERY of God is finished. The Piper has delivered the Sword of Truth, in the Holy Grail that proves the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The GNOSIS lives again.

              YOU say there is no left or right? You are the ones keeping the paradigm of Babylon in place.
              You are the ones keeping the Illusion alive.
              You are the ones taking your 30 pieces of silver from Caesar to keep the game going.
              You are the ones who worship MAMMON.
              YOu are the HARLOT that Rides the Beast of the 10 Shofars. (The Ten Tribes of the Evil white man’s leadership, and yes, I am white.)
              You are the ones who have 2000 years of the Roman Abomination that makes the people desolate, that was set up in the true temple of God, our minds.
              You are the ones who go to war in “the name of God”.
              You are the ones who destroyed and murdered the Heretics, the Libraries, the books, and the Knowledge of ten thousand years, because of politics and MYSTERY.

              Jesus’s teachings are found in the hidden and ‘Forbidden’ works, but your ‘fathers’ were too intent on setting up a mind control church to keep the Triune Babylon System going.
              Yes, I understand you disagree, of course you do. If you were trained in a seminary they took your mind away from the spiritual and into the material narrative.

              Your system is going to go down the drain, including the Churches. Let the true Temple of God come forth from the ashes.

              Keep supporting those politicians and bankers now, ya hear?

              I am; The Revenge of the Heretics
              pipermichael dot wordpress dot com

            • @Rev Ike and Angelo;
              We love you, but you’re both wrong, brainwashed by your 2000 years of MYSTERIES. You spit on ‘new agey’ stuff of spirit? I spit on MYSTERY.

              No ‘prophet’ here.
              Just a humble Piper, playing a new song of a Vision given by the Holy Spirit. Yes, the Piper saw the Light.
              I play a new song, that is the oldest song.
              A song you destroyed, and pronounced yourselves and your broken and divided book, God.
              A book that delivered ‘doctrines of devils’.
              We know you by your ‘fruit’ of war, divisions, denominations, murder, genocide, and arguing over mysterious dots and tittles for 2000 years.
              Don’t deny it, don’t say its “just ancient history”, because history creates the future, and the future, is NOW!

              The lady of 12 stars in her crown, clothed in the light of the Sun, while standing on the Moon. Is delivered in a NEW SONG to the twelve tribes, and the MYSTERY of God is finished…

              The Universe is about Cause and Effect, not; Crime and Punishment. I advise you both to pull your nose out of the bible long enough to learn something of The Light.
              Read the Apocryphon of the Piper.
              The Beginning has begun.
              The Piper is a Magi for The Christ spirit. Would you like my address so you can come burn me at the stake? That is what you do, isn’t it?

            • Sorry Rev Ike,
              Again I must respond to your emotional rant.
              Thank the Creator I am untrained. Thank the spirit for the Gift of the Grail.
              For I am a witness against your doctrines of Rome, doctrines of hate, doctrines of Money.
              You say I am ‘Jim Jones’? When you have the power of Darkness living in your churches, dividing the people and keeping them apathetic and complacent to the evil that says you will now submit to the righteous authority that is against God? That people must pay for abortions and the hedonist lifestyles?

              You sit on your keyboard and whine, but do nothing about this evil that takes the country into the drain? Where are your churches? Why are they not in the street? I see only a few recently who have stood up to the IRS, are you one of those mighty men of God?

              You see, I care nothing for your doctrines, only for The Way of Christ. Which is virtually identical to the Way of the Buddha. But you guys killed it, and wrapped it up in mens religions, so you fail to look inward for answers.

              Your answers have already ridden, and you are the riders of the horses of the apocalypse.
              You are the rider of the White horse, given a crown that went forth conquering and to conquer in the name of God, the Holy Roman Empire. That killed the saints.
              You are the rider of the red horse, of the Kings and Nobles that came afterword, that caused blood to flow in rivers.
              You are the rider of the black horse of the scales of democracy, that dies in the money failure of greed and avarice, that causes famine and death.

              You will see the rider of the green horse (the translators got it wrong, in the greek it was a green horse, not a pale horse… sorry, but the curse applies to the church already. That’s my job, to witness against you. )
              The Dark days of madness and Earth change comes in the Galaxies edge, and the Green horse of Islam will come with death and hell that follows it, for they are the only religion that worships death, the animal, a beast.

              You either drop your differences of doctrines, and come to The Light, and go into the wilderness(to leave the System) or you will … willingly die.

              The Father knows, only a very few will hear the song of Life, and not the song of death. The message of death, is given by The Preachers, that you must give up the head or the soul, when the time of the New Money comes. Know, there is another way, for He knows, all war is deception.

      45. again
        you are spot on

        EVERY 4 years we think
        “this time it will be different”

        stop playing the game peeps


        the red pill is a bitter one to swallow

        • Agreed again 101%


      46. Natural selection
        In America we pass laws that prevent natural selection from weeding out the stupid and weak minded

        Seatbelt law
        Helmet law

        Both are stupid laws
        Wearing seatbelts and helmets is just plain smart
        Stupid people need laws to keep them safe
        From them selves
        Smart ones do not

        the Watcher

        • Oh. Thanks for explaining that bit of brilliance to me. I feel so much smrt now.

          • Is smrt anything like “smart”?

            • good question Daisy

              I can’t wait to hear the answer !!!

            • Satori, one should probably use spellcheck when one is questioning another person’s intelligence, don’t you think? 😉

            • I’m sorry I try.

          • Susie,
            Why do you feel the need to be degrading to others?

      47. Daisy, If you hope to even keep up with me you will have to step it up. My intellect is far superiour to yours and you are a silly girl to even attempt a match-up. Now I know that I am the new girl on the block and as long as I don’t pick on Bi too much perhaps they will let me stay. But this place really needs someone to shake things up a bit. Red thumbs don’t bother me at all. Democrats do.

        • Susie, seriously, we’re good. I’m sure you can head over to the Mensa website and hang with those guys over. They’ll be happy to have you.

          • anywhere but here.

        • @susie-Q ;0P … seriously … get a clue … you are about two years behind the prepper knowledge curve with most of the posters here @shtfplan .

          all your doing is giving yourself up to the other @shtfplan poster regulars here as a New Play Toy to poke with a sharp prepper mental stick .



          ;0p pssszzt


          • Very good.

          • What is zog?

            • Dirtysox: A “ZOG” means…A Zionist Occupied Government

              Much like the USA-Britian/england-All european nations-Minus Iceland since a few months ago Iceland got jew-wise, and Booted jew zio banksters Out and even Jailed a few!…Iceland then Voided all Mortgages/Loans and their attached “Usuary/Intrest-fees” and began to Print their Own money withOUT jewbanksters control of it!

              Its what We in America Must do also if we are to survive as a nation much longer!

              Consider: Why should We americans and Our fed govnt “Borrow” our Own usa cash from “Middlemen” jews banksters?….And then also Pay Intrest for it?!!

              Get it?….If we are to keep this system of Private swindlers banksters going?….Then hows about for the Next 100yrs we let IRISH Whitemen to take control to get Filthy Rich on backs of 320 Million american citizens?

              You would think Greedy jew banksters after 100 yrs now have swindled enough TRillion of $$$ No?

              I Vote for IRISH banksters for a Change we can All live with!!!…..Or maybe eliminate INTREST FEES altogether eh!!….Then everyone can get wealthier!

              As Klintons slogan read: Its the economy…Stupid

              Well heres a Better slogan for 2012 era…

              Its NOT the economy Nor unemployment etc etc…Its the…JEWS Stupid!!…Bankster Jews!aka=ZOG!

            • Zionist Occupied Government

            • Dirtysox

              How does g-o-z spelled backwards, grab ya?


              I really couldn’t resist!

        • LOL @ Susie. Your “intellect” must have brainfarted with that spelling of “superior”. That just puts your chance of any credibility into the shitter.

          I try to offer help to those that need it, and it’s obvious you do need help, so let me start with this link to Webster’s.

        • susie Q,

          Have you proof read some of your previous posts, you might want to do that before you speak of you superior intellect, any by the way, you misspelled superior. I believe you will find your name under egomaniac in the dictionary. You are a legend in your own mind you silly little girl. No one really cares about what you have to say but it is amusing to read some of your juvenile posts.

          If you think you can take down Daisy then you are delusional as well as kind of dumb. You have no depth, no credibility and no manners.

          • Ranch

            I read the same article. Stevens was tied to the Arabist camp & was indeed an advocate for normalizing diplomatic & trade relations with Iran.

            Per his murder, ask yourself…who benefits?

            Then reflect on the huge number of suppressed comments of assorted politicians, bureaucrats, military commanders & even journalists…who have stated:

            “To publicly criticize -fill-in-the-blank- country & their international behavior, results in career suicide”

            Agreed per the inside job…but it was done under outside control.

            • Who benefits? Let’s see – Libya, Egypt, and Syria go down. Russia and Iran might feel like they’re gaining, but I think Turkey is the real winner.

          • Agreed Live free. Per your statement:

            “If you think you can take down Daisy then you are delusional as well as kind of dumb. You have no depth, no credibility and no manners.”

            To which I might add…Daisy possesses all the above in abundance.

          • ~Live Free ~ “If you think you can take down Daisy then you are delusional as well as kind of dumb.”
            I was actually thinking this as you posted it. I was also contemplating Daisy letting loose on this misguided person in a way that only Ms Daisy can do.

          • @ Live free or die. You are so correct about little susie trying to take down Daisy. The mere fact is that Daisy is a true prepper/survivalist and she knows what she is talking about. I have the utmost respect for someone like her and her family that take preparation seriously. It is extremely uplifting for me to see someone at the store that is buying up supplies for later, as it is not common to see this to often. Daisy is like most people that visit this site, more than intelligent enough to plan ahead for what is coming. If anything inflation is coming and you make money on the supplies you store up, especially non-rotatational items that you can store for practical ever.

            I have a fear, and it is the false hope trap that too many good people get snared into. Everytime people jump on the bandwagon on any new president they lose that urgency to prep. Everyone should never let themselves believe that nothing can happen because of some new false hope.

            People were very much into civil defense up until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. People stopped preparing for a global war, as the Doomsday Clock was moved to 17 minutes before midnight. People gave up in droves preparing for ANYTHING. Yet in 1995 the U.S. launched a weather satellite over Norway from the Bering Sea and to Russia it exactly resembled a submarine launch of a nuclear missile. For several minutes the leadership of Russia was in the phase of launch on warning and could have done just this. People unaware of anything could have looked out and seen ICBM’s going out and coming in without knowing that this was never but a misunderstanding, an accident.

            I have too often seen this, every election, people fall into this trap. People just know this is the one, and yet the same air without substance manifests itself. Each time people that once prepared and had nice stockpiles fall into the trap and no longer take survival as seriously. I know many LDS believers that no longer stockpile like they did, or not at all. There is a reason that number of ONLY 1% prepare, people including some mormons have gotten bit by the non-prepper bug. Then something happens like Frakenstorm and lots of people buy up all sorts of supplies, that end up on E-Bay after it is all over. They don’t keep those valuable supplies until next time, because they don’t ever want a next time.

            Yes, I am certainly concerned about some people out there getting caught up in this same trap of just knowing that either of these two candidates is going to change anything for the better. It just isn’t going to happen with either of these two character’s plans, it does not add up numbers wise. People like Daisy and many others will not take this illusion and slow or stop preparing because they know, they know what that means when something eventaully happens. Daisy I have found can more than handle herself against someone that is star struck with the same old notion that “this time” it will be different and the golden road awaits everyone by electing some “God send”. One SHTFplan motto that I have heard over and over again, prep, prep, prep, so true.

            • Be informed,

              You are a rare combination of intelligence, integrity and generosity. I always look forward to reading your posts.

        • I’m glad to see you used spell check when addressing me this time, Susie-Troll.

          And you’re right – I must be intimidated by your obvious brilliance, considering:

          ~ You know more about earthquakes that Be Informed
          ~ You are well aware that Mitt Romney is the second coming of Christ, the economic Messiah of America and *completely* different from the current de facto president
          ~ You have to degrade others to prove your intelligence
          ~ And of course, you keep telling us how smart you are

          Post something that shows some critical thinking. There’s no issue here with those who disagree as long as they have some kind of argument that isn’t something they are regurgitating from CNN. Give your hypothesis and PROVE it if you want respect.

          Presenting your case with provable facts and links makes you look intelligent. Being a b*tch does not.

          • Well said, Daisy; well said with clear dignity that was not earned by this gal/troll.

        • I don’t want to double post but the last one ended up in the wrong place for some reason.

          Thank you very much, gentlemen, for the kind words and the votes of confidence. 🙂

          • My computer is drunk too daisy.

            • Like I posted before. Americans Died and Obama lied!

              • Story update: Fox and The Ulsterman Report is reporting that a General Ham, who was commanding the Operation was told by Defense to “stand down”. He refused and 30 seconds after giving the order to help, was fired by The White House?

                The Renew America site also has some stuff on this mess.

                • Hurricane Sandy now has a pressure of 28.07 inches, or 951 MB. This is now what a strong Category 3 would be if the hurricane was not so large. You can expect 12 foot storm surge with this at least. IF the pressure goes down below 945 MB or 27.90 inches this would be a Category 4 hurricane in regards to the pressure. Watch the pressure readings and forget about the wind speeds right now. By the way 920 MB of lower or 27.15 inches would be a Category 5. The lower the pressure the higher the storm surge. Water is the most destructive force in a hurricane, not the wind. Watch that pressure.

                  • BI
                    Have you heard that AMC (the folks that brought us “The Walking Dead”) are planning a new show. It’s called “The Walking Dumb” and is about all of the Ron Paul supporters, Jew/Catholic haters, and Ayn Rand wannabe’s…..go figure!

                    Bye-bye and Gob Bless.

                    • @ Rev. Ike. I have not heard of anything like this, and people are still in the level of being absurdity and there is a monster storm off the east coast, and not a word on the news about near a 8.0 (7.7) in Canada. I was looking back at one of my comments on the article on USDA Alert, made on August 3, 2012. i was mentioning that for the Cascadia fault to break that a major earthquake to the north could let the Cascadia fault have the room to move. This 7.7 definitely was large enough and close enough. The Cascadia fault I beleive in capable of a 9.3, probably 8.9-9.1 though. This is a fault that has absolutely been affected by this 7.7.

                      It amazes me that nothing is being discussed about this, especially since it generated a small tsunami in Hawaii. Until Nov.2 the above areas mentioned in the comment I gave yesterday are still primed for possible more big earthquakes. This is something that could affect the entire country. The Cascadia fault is link to the San Andreas and the San Andreas (the central portion of it) is linked to the New Madrid.

                      Then everyone is not showing much concern about Sandy because the winds are just 75 mph. Yet the pressure of 28.05 is more like a strong Category 3 with winds of 125-130 mph. The Weather Channel people are finally trying to stress the pressure is what you look at, and that this has the same pressure as Hurrican Ike. Storm surge with pressure at this level is 12 feet. The lower the pressure the higher the storm surge, especilly with the full moon that will make it even higher.

                      I guess that is why we are the preppers and they are not, because we all see what they don’t( the masses). If the pressure gets below 945 MB that would be a Category 4. Storms like this create their own environment within itself, and this is why the pressure and strength can continue to grow like it does until it runs into land.

                    • @BI, any further insight or analysis of this quake and potentialilty on the Cascadia region would be appreciated. Thanks.

                    • @ corona. The Cascadia fault is overdue by about 50 years or so to break. That 7.7 let an area open for the Cascadia to move into on its northwest journey. The Queen Charlotte fault is what Canadian call their San Andreas. Any type you have movement north of this fault it not only lets a space open, but it puts tremendous amount of stress on the Cascadia fault. Seisomologists are in fairly close agreement that close by faults can and do shorten the length of time that a fault has to break. Many felt that the 6.1 Whittier earthquake in 1987 and the 7.3 Landers earthquake in 1992, helped put enough stress that the Northridge earthquake broke in 1994 that was a 6.7.

                      This earthquake was too close to the Cascadia fault, way too close. On an USGS map it was within 250 miles of where the Cascadia fault should break, even closer to the northern section of the Cascadia. I would be worried about this, real worried. A 7.0 could cause the Cascadia fault to break, a 7.7, definitely. I still use the word COULD.

                      As you can see from these predictions of earthquakes they are getting more and more accurate each time. The reason for this is because I am using polar activity to help predict what is happening. The planet rotates on an axis and you can assume that when tension builds on a certain plate, it transfers this energy to the polar regions. Past records have shown this to be true and why earthquakes are now being predicted. Not all earthquakes have this polar precursors. The huge tsunami generated after Christmas day mega quake did not. The Japanese earthquake last year did, a 5.6 11 days before at 59 degrees south by 17 degrees west and a foreshock at the location of the 9.0 2 days before of 7.3.

                      The Cascadia fault has both horizontal and vertical movement, thus the name mega thrust. Horizontal faults such as the San Andreas go a lot by what happens north or south of the fault, or in other faults, east and west. Thrust faults also go by the horizontal movements of the plates, but the energy of another earthquake seems to help trigger them, like that of the Northridge fault. The movement of the plates around them especially this is true, like the Nazca plate in collison with the South American plate.

                      What I would look for in relationship to the Cascadia fault is activity of course in the polar regions, but look to eastern Russia and the Asian plate. Earthquakes here seem to point towards the Cascadia fault. Lots of activity here, even a bunch of moderate earthquakes, or a lot of volcanic activity would seem to point to much tension on the Cascadia area. Also of course volcanic activity around the Cascadia as volcanoes have been active around the 1700 year when it broke. You start seeing this, especially after this 7.7, then look out.

                    • BI, you are correct.

                      Just heard from a friend who works in financial services. He lives on the 4th floor overlooking NY Harbor. He is merrily on his way back from a visit to NC and musing about how he has no food in the apartment, but being on the 4th floor will save him from the surge.

                      This guy would qualify as one of the 1%!

                    • BI,
                      What effect do you think the movement of so much water will have on earthquakes? It seems to me that water is very heavy and this storm system will be moving massive amounts of water. It seems like the increased water could increase pressure on some areas of the crust while reducing pressure in other areas. What do you think?

                      My best wishes go out to all of you facing the storm head on. I hope you stay safe and secure and look forward to hearing your first hand accounts. You will be in a position to give some direct feedback on what works and what doesn’t.

                      Meanwhile I offer a bit of gratitude to Sandy for delivering me from nonstop election coverage for the next week.

                    • The obama sheep are already talking about “postponing” the election because of the storm.

                    • @ Merree. This is an extremely interesting question that I asked my college professor many moons ago. Here is what he said. The effect of water on earthquake faults have to be a long term stress factor. In other words movement of this water is only brief. He said that the real key to extra weight on earthquake faults occur along dams. When a dam is built, nromally the engineers will try to use as less building material as possible. this means that they will try to use the sides of V shaped valleys as much as possible. Unfortunately these areas are often right on top an earthquake fault. The extra weight of the water puts stress on that area of the fault for years or even decades and will cause the fault to break sooner than it should have.

                      I once visited a place around bishop, california in the sierra mountains, and right on top of a reverse fault they sure enough had a dam. You could see the twisted rock strata, that these idiots tried to conseal by painting over it so people would not freak out that a wall of water was being held back right on top an earthquake fault. The deception is all around us, and anyone can see it that takes the time to look for it. When I saw this crap I just shook my head and said that they are fooling the 99% of the population.

                    • Isn’t the lower pressure (or more accurately inside/outside pressure differiential) what actually lifts your roof from your house?

                    • Rev that my favorite show I hope the writers are not so stupid that could make a show out of this. They are better than that. But that would be some scary stuff

                • Obama is now claiming that they gave the order to save them. If so, why the song and dance about the utube video?

        • you must be British with the way you spell SUPERIOUR. lol

          • nah, just a lefty troll trying to elicit negative responses/reactions to conservative ideas

        • Your intellect may well be, but your spelling is not. It must be nice to always be the smrtist person in the room. I will nickname you longarm. You have one arm longer than the other due to your habit of constantly patting yourself on the back.

        • Anyone that feels it necessary to “self proclaim” a level of intellect “superior” to the rest…is a “self proclaimed idiot and blow-hard” Blow-hard, among your only talents, no doubt.

          Congratulations, you are a thoroughly brainwashed left/right paradigm, willfully ignorant jackass that believes the current political system as it exist offers a solution. Prediction: Your “silly ass” will not survive here long. Especially if I take a “special interest” in you.

          You will be forced to “put-up” or “shut-up”. In that process, YOUR proposed intellect will be revealed for what it is…hot air with a healthy dash of PMS. Is that what “passes” for intellect in “your fantasy”?

          • Intended for “Susie”.

            • Yep…

      48. Thank you copperhead and don’t tread.
        Makes sense to me…..

      49. Go to Northeast Intelligence Network website for what really happened in Bengazi.

        • hhtp://

          The hidden real truth about Benghazi

          • oops, messing with the http…you all know. http

      50. this is “why” you prep …

        FASCIST AmeriKa’s National Debt is in the Trillions $16,789,000,000,000.00 AND RACING UPWARDS BY THE SECOND .

        AmeriKa after a series of Hyper-Inflation Fiat Dollar surges will “Default” on the World .

        then what you gonna do ???

        got silver ???

        Debt and China

      51. I really don’t care for either party or candidate, but when a psychotic megalomaniac, determined to undermine the very constitutional fabric that holds this country together, lies unconditionally and with such arrogance and egoism, I can only hope this Fraud meets the same fate as any traitor of any country.

        May his demise be swift and appropriate for his actions.

        • Agreed for the 3rd time



      52. both these guys bat for the same slave driving team. stop kidding yourself with this lesser evil bullcrap. stop paying attention to this horsesh*t circus show and keep preparing for the worst.

        bought another cart full of faux-meat. high calorie and sodium for the hard labor we’ll be performing once the grid comes crashing down.

        • Not me AP. I’ve got plenty of dumbass family members to do all my labor. Me and the little woman “have” worked hard for two years on stockpiling foods(150 quarts of canned green beans and 50 lbs. of dried) from the garden, just this year. We sacrificed on “eating out” just so we could “eat in” later.

          The idiots I call family and neighbors have about two weeks worth(if that much) of food stuffs in each household. When SHTF and I need firewood or hay for the horses, I will offer some food to the hardest workers. The lazy asses can stay home or get their asses fired up with BBs from the ole pump BB/pellet gun.

          They don’t even want to F with Tread. I have about 20 years worth of built up tension and whup-ass, that can be unleashed at any moment. At 4:30 this morning I was awakened by the telephone. It was our close friend that caught her husband of twenty years, screwing a 20 something (about a year ago). The little(20 something) whore broke up with his alcoholic ass and he decided he was coming back to his cushy house and dedicated,hard working,wealthy, little(about 110 lbs) ex-wifey, last night. She pleaded with him to leave and said she could never trust him again so she was “never” taking him back. He beat that little woman to a pulp and she had just had some surgery a few days ago. I was going over there to show that drunk bastard what a real beating felt like, but the little woman wouldn’t let me go. Why? She knows what all is pent up in me and was afraid I wouldn’t quit beating that low life pc-o-shit until I had killed him. Death is too good for him anyway. I guess he is in the local jail, and she is in the hospital.
          Sorry, I had to vent.

          • Judge to wife: why did you put 6 bullets into your husband while he beat you?
            Wife: cause your honor, when I pulled the trigger the seventh time, it just went ‘click’.

            • She wanted to shoot him, but everytime she came to enough to start for the bedroom where her gun was at, he would bash her head into the wall or knock her back out with his fists. The only reason she is still alive is because he got weak and held his gun on her while forcing her to fix him a sandwich. While the bastard was eating she made a run to the bathroom with her cell and called the cops. They arrived quitely and jumped him thru the patio door. She was transported to the nearest head/trauma center about fifty miles away. Our prayers were answered and she is back home recouperating. She is pitiful looking with massive bruises from her knees to the top of her head.

              The sick/evil bastard sent a text, before the cops arrived, thinking he was sending it to his young whore but instead it went to his wife’s phone; “I beat her up for you, baby”.
              That’s now “ammunition” for court.

            • That was me jayjay. I guess you figured as much.

      53. Commie China Laughs at Bankrupt Fascist AmeriKa

        What China Economics Professors Teach Chinese Students about Fascist AmeriKa …

      54. Mac Slavo, what affiliation do you have with Be informed? Please reply personally to me.

        • Susie, thanks for visiting the site.

          To be clear, and in response to other comments you have posted, this web site offers an open discourse. Numerous comments of yours were not approved for the simple fact that they were repetitive – this is why ‘only 1/3 of your comments’ are being posted. A solid 80% of the comments I have read from you aim to demean the person to whom you are responding, thus we made the call to keep this out of the thread.

          Again, you will note that we approve just about everything that comes through here (most of our readers can attest to this) if it ads even a smidgen of value, so please understand that our goal is not to censor you. But, as other posters have also noted, not a single comment I approved via our moderation queue had anything of value to share other than to attack the poster.

          With respect to my affiliation with Be Informed – I don’t believe this is something I have to respond to, but because you have apparently called into question BI’s credibility, I will. BI is a long-time contributor to this web site having published some of the most popular articles ever carried here with literally tens of thousands of readers and thousands of follow-up comments. His work has been re-published across the web to tens of thousands of others and I regularly receive requests from publishers outside of digital media requesting to carry his work in newsletters, bulletins, and on alternative media radio shows. While you may not agree with his positions, or understand the complexity of the research in which he engages, others here do appreciate the work he puts forth and shares, including me.

          While I value your visits to this web site, I suggest that you head somewhere else if you can’t engage in at least some sort of positive discussion. If all you want to do is blast others for their comments with one-line insults, perhaps this isn’t the place for you. Feel free to set up your own web site, blog or forum and do as you please, but if you want to hang here, at least try to have a bit of respect for others.



          • Thank you Mac. This Susie is a strange person. I have again and again stated my disapproval with obama. I have called him by names such as BO, obummer, and others because he has done nothing to help the country. Like someone with a huge credit card, he has hired workers at the expense of the national debt. He fools me not. I cannot however support romney because he has given me absolutely nothing to support. He has a terrible track record of the 2nd amendment and was awful in creating jobs in Massachusetts, 47th in the nation. I cannot force myself to support someone that I am clueless about how he actually stands. I worry about the follow preppers that they might let their guard down if he should become president. This is how dictators take over easier, they are allowed to by the public that doesn’t see it.

            If there had been a republican other than romney that was the candidate I would likely be supporting this person to oust obama so the country might have a chance of recovery. It is ashame when someone like this does not see that I am for the betterment of others’ lives, especially those that prepare.

            I don’t like to be insultive of anyone, but when an individual become belligerent like this, I do have to defend myself and the good name of others. Susie could instead present an argument on what IT feels is so wrong within ITS opinions. Susie could add to the site, as everyone single person out there has information that can help us all. Susie is a sad person with many serious issues that need deep personal thinking about why there is so much intense anger.

            Again Mac, thank you, and thank you for all that you do to help people ready themselves for what is almost certainly coming. I truly feel that many of us will benefit a lot from those that have contributed over time to prepping and learning. Hopefully I can hone in on the earthquake prediction so I can give really accurate readings, or someone will refine what I have done and predict earthquakes with some real accuracy. Still looking until November 2 for the third large earthquake in the same areas given before. This time I think it will be 7+

            • BI- Regaurding your earthquake predictions’
              y’know if you fail to accurately warn us
              it’s seven years in Gulag for you… 😉

            • @ Huh? I know the italian mafia will come and take me away, ha, ha, coming to take me away ha, ha. I am pretty sure though it is coming within one or more of these areas, the plates are sure pointing to these spots.

            • Gosh BI, my own intelligence gathering mechanism has indicated to me that the thickness of the crusts/plates is greater than it ever was in the past and we are therefore not on track for earth-shakings as radical as they were in the distant past, when the crust was thinner.

              I guess we can’t measure the thickness of the plates in the past so this can only be verified via reality.

      55. You do a mis-service to the public by espousing this crap and I am going to cease reading anymore of this site and intend to spread the word that this is one site to avoid. I pray Mittens wins the election and if he does I will be back.


        • @ susie. Why in the world would you ever bad mouth such a wonderful site? What is wrong with you? IF you have read all the valuable information that others give to help fellow preppers, out of unselfish need to share what they know, you would see what a truly get ready for what is happening site this is. People want to help others, and time and time again they have taken their free time without any sort of benefit to them other than they tried to do some good for their fellow human beings. Talk about narrow minded to the point of being totally radicalized. My God, talk about a loose cannon. I deeply respect women and I question if you are actually a lady or some guy, as most women that are so hateful are usually in prison.

          I also question if you are part of the government that is trying to void the internet of truly free thinking sites like this one. You attack me, fine, but you also attack others that have done nothing to you. Usually a mammal like this, irrational attacks on everything that moves, has rabies. If you want to have an intelligent conversation, cool, maybe you can point out something to me that can help me learn. To just go and call names is very childish, as I unfortunately got caught up doing this in an above post.

          To call this site anything but extremely productive is very unfair and something a government employee would do that wants to make everyone into some form of blind conformist. One finally question to end this on a positive note, do you prepare? If so then why not discuss your plans with others and ask questions on how to better be ready for what is coming. Do something constructive for all those that have only one goal, to save themselves and their families from what is coming.

          • BI: Watch out she going to call you on her BIG O phone!!!!

          • @BI. While it certainly doesn’t need to be stated, you have no reason to defend yourself to Susie. Your valuable contributions are priceless and it is greatly appreciated that Mac has this site that we can benefit from most all that are not fly-by-night guests. The WWW offers every being a place they can call ‘home’ and hopefully Susie will take Mac’s advise and wander off to one that is more her ilk. As for the Susie’s idle threat to trash this site, folks may just come to see for themselves. They, too, will stay as they find camaraderie even if we don’t always agree or go because this isn’t a HateFilled site to their liking. Sad for folks that live in this manner.
            By its very nature that you responded “@susie. Why in the world would you ever bad mouth such a wonderful site?” proves how grounded you are; (and further proof as if I even needed it) you are not only respectable but deserving of such.
            Carry on with safety – there be jackles pacing the parameter out there.
            Wee ~..~

            • @ WeeVoiceInTheWilderness. It really surprises me when I am attacked like this because I try to be polite to everyone. I try to state what I see so others are protected as much as possible from what is coming. I don’t want anyone reading this site to fall into any type of trap. Yet each time some form of false hope arises we lose good people to them becoming non-preppers and become fixated on not preparing for anything.

              I can remember a Quantrum Leap episode that was about the scientist that jumps into bodies in the past to help set straight, came into someone during the Cuban Missile Crisis. After the episode was nearly over, the producers of the show got a deep dig into preppers by mentioning that instead of bomb shelters they could build swimming pools, dealing in fun instead of fear. Not preparation, they just had to dig at preppers as being fear mongers. A similar cartoon episode called King of the Hill had the main character at the end of the show torching a mountain of toilet paper because nothing happened during the Y2K scare. This constant attacks on preppers is so widespread, and totally uncalled for.

              What I fear is that because of this idoitic cycle of a new presidental election, that some people would get caught up in this false hope should romney win. With obama gone, this is ALL people should be happy with and let it go. Unfortunately though too many people will all of a sudden get this renewed sense that “happy” times are on the way and lose that desire to prepare. This is the danger I talk about, because neither obama or romney are going to do anything to help this country. Both canidates are simply awful.

              I am truly only concerned about the preppers/survivalists as they are the future, the ONLY future and chance for humans to reach the 22nd. century. I don’t want to lose any of them to this trap of false hope that too many people fall into each election cycle or each time something happens in the world to give people an illusion that they do not need to prepare. It is far more difficult to get someone into preparing than it is for someone to drop out and become one one the masses. It would be terrible to see that 1% prepper rate drop to half of this.

        • …and you’re not gone yet?

          …are you still here?

          A-Buh a-bye, bye…

        • Suzi=Hasbrah paid troll

        • Let Susie depart without haste. Goodbye Susie, may you have better luck at other sites that relish your tone. We here try to respect each other, I to disagree with some comments placed here, yet I also feel that all LIVING people give respect where due. So I now salute your departure. Goodbye

      56. I’m waiting on Sandy to see how she’s blamed. Good article Mac. I usually turn to AM radio or ZH to catch the news. Dig me up, I need a drink.

        • Hang in there, Ted. I’ll toss you a bottle of scotch. You already got enough water, right?

          • Smokin-oh

            That really depends on his current abode, if you catch my drift.


      57. glad red thumbs don’t bother ya

        let me be the first

        when someone has to brag about their intelligence……..

      58. Romney should have nailed that lying POS to the wall during that debate regarding that attack but he didn’t.

        • Until all the facts and reports that would of been a dangerous move. This is one that history will have to sort out

      59. 2012 Leads to the End of AmeriKa — 10’s of trillion’s of dollars deficit cause historic Collapse of the HYPER-INFLATION Economy by End of the Decade …

        GOT A PLAN ???




        • 2020 is now your date or was it who needed extra hits on youtube.

          • @fbp … PissOff DimTard .

      60. I think I luv you Susie Q. Marry me where it’s legal.

        • I take that back. It’s not legal THERE.

      61. This story completely contradicts the view from Webster Tarpley that the CIA/Mormon Mafia (as he calls it) faction guarding the compound stood down and, in fact, disappeared, opening the door to the attack. The implication is that this was done to discredit the president and boost Romney’s ratings. So, which one is it? Did the president order the stand down, or was it the alleged pro-Romney CIA faction acting on orders from the old (neocon) guard? Either way, what occurred is despicable.

        • The fast growing Mormon empire has been subtly trying to take over this country for more than a hundred years — what better way to do it than by slipping quietly in bed with TPTB?

          The agenda may be different, but the end result is still control and slavery and greed…

      62. susie is a jesuit troll and is actually fagbookpage/southern booyh, pass it on!

        • Oh how easy this is going to be. Are you truly this stupid.

      63. Unbelieveable…… Fox news is the only media outlet that is even talking about this…. WTF????? BHO must be pleased that everyone else is ignoring it.

        • Yes, and many of the Obama trolls on this site as well.

          You can tell them by how they try to change the subject. Post super long 1/2 novels, or attack anyone with an opinion other than theirs. This story is exposing a whole lot of people for what they really are.

        • Uunbelievable? LOL The Main Stream News went .gov years ago. What people don’t seem to be bothered by is that Communism is much easier to usher in through controlled propaganda. All they care about is tv-drama and reality shows.

      64. wonder how much support he would have if he came on to say that all the EBT benifit crowd, had to go over there to fight his war?

      65. Daisy

        Be not concerned with the likes of susie and other monikers that abound the web..

        They only enter to disrupt and expect confrontations..

        That is their m.o.

        But it is truly entertaining to read then rebuttal..

        Enjoy the day …

        btw..where is Burt these days ?


        • Hi Possee!

          Silly trolls. *shakes head*

          Burt has been quite under the weather, actually. I’m hoping she’ll be on the mend and back soon!

          ~ D

      66. Ann Barnhardt, that Firebrand Catholic wonder woman, now calling out the Dark man’s administration for TREASON.
        Hmm… running guns to Libya…? Whoda thunk it…

        (Need to ramp up the Media Meme to; IMPEACHMENT regardless of election. Nah.. no balls left in Congress…)

        If you wish to read of my ‘Coincidence or Prophecy?’ post about the Islamic prophecy of the “tall dark man” of the West… go to;

        pipermichael dot wordpress dot com

        • Piper Michael

          Thanks for such a profound link per Ann’s site. I owe you big-time.
          Hard core truth sites are rare indeed & I am grateful for your reference.

          Again…thank you & thumbs up.

        • You’re welcome Anton.
          Ann has now posted her bank account online…
          She is in a final battle with the IRS folks…
          She needs our support.
          They say she owes 6 figures, and have now confiscated her bank account. She intends to stand up to them, whether she has to go to prison or not. She is a true warrior of God. The fact that she’s catholic means nothing to me, and it shouldn’t to you.
          That is the meaning of my New Song, we must DROP THE DIVISIONS of MYSTERY religions and parties. A house divided against itself, CANNOT STAND.

          The Spiritual Relativity is a way to come together and say ‘it doesn’t matter anymore’… whether you are catholic or protestant, agnostic or atheist, Buddhist or a tree worshiper… Love=Light = Universal Salvation and the ENEMY is THE SYSTEM.

          Ann is right, STARVING THE BEAST, and standing up to them is the way. You are in an economic war of the Haves vs the HAVENOTS. You cannot win any other way.

          The System is BABYLON because Babylon invented it for the Elites to win the Game of Life. The money changers invented FIXED contracts of debt, backed by the King’s laws, submission enforced by the Priests admonition to “submit to Godly authority”… sound familiar? This was a system designed to take your land…

          You love The System because you LOVE MONEY more than God or your own selves. It is time to learn the true meaning of Wealth; life, love and land. Not numbers on paper.

          We must go “into the wilderness” on the wings of an eagle. Barter eagles, gold eagles, silver eagles. Learn to produce again, even a hobby business that networks with other hobby businesses, can grow into a mighty mountain. The Golden rule can conquer the Rule of Gold, by the Power in the Rock.

          But, you must quit listening to PREACHER MEN who tell you to “submit to Godly righteous authority”. For there is no righteousness left in The System.

          You’ve had 5000 years of this Rule of Gold, because you demanded a “King to rule over us”. How’s that worked out for ya?

      67. Thank you Mac for taking the time to wait and then include Charles Woods and his comments in this article.

        When I heard what BO, JB and HC said to him concerning his son, I felt so sorry for him that he and the memory of his son were disgraced in such a way.

        Y’all Beware! I wonder if there are members of the CIA and Navy Seals that want nothing more than to see this group out of office.

      68. *blush*

        Thanks, guys. Seriously.

      69. I guess it is my training; former first grade teacher; former home-based preschool/daycare director.
        I do NOT now or ever argue with 3 year olds.

      70. anyone here out on the east coast?

        how is that storm Sandy ?
        hope all is well

        • I fished right through it in SC. It has now moved on, sure glad it missed our area.

      71. Hey Susie,

        Is you going to axe me a question, or are you just going to threw it my way too? I know you smrt than me or are you smarter than me? Don’t matter – had a lot of folks surfing from the bigger waves provided by Sandy here in SC.

        Daisy – thanks (it – Susie) has no idea the can of worms it opened.

        Y’all Beware! Be Informed – excellent description on ‘Now for my opinion’ as I started to think of another one SLUG as in Jabba the Hut.

        • @ Y’all Beware. I did a lot of going over the recent polar activity and there is a pattern. Often after these areas are hit, near to the Caribbean gets hit. The several large shakers are indicating a lot of stress built up there. That Puerto Rico trench area is something that is a major hazard for the southeastern coastline of the U.S, plus all the island regions. After Haiti many seismologists that are from the Central American countries gave much concern about the break that will occur to the east of Haiti. It is overdue. Anything over 8.5 in this area is going to be ugly for a lot of people in the way of the tsunami.

          One of the most disturbing features of deep trench areas are the undersea landslides that occur, and the longer one goes without any type of large scale disturbance, the worst it could be. IF there is anything over 7 there, the chance of it causing an underses landslide increases a lot. I would definitely be very caution about beach areas after anything large earthquake in the Caribbean Sea. These underses landslides can often by-pass tsunami warning systems. I hope people in your area and south of you are very careful when there is a large sea quake here. By the way, Daisy sure let susie have it didn’t she?

      72. Like I promised last night, I have gone back through the past records to determine which areas have before been hit after these sequences of earthquakes. First you had the Balleny Islands, then South Sandwich Islands, then the Balleny Islands again, then the quakes up in Greenland, then more along the Mid-Indian Ridge which is the southern Australian plate. There is a pattern. It seems that this south, south, north, south quakes seem to aim future big earthquakes at the following areas:

        -Again from the Soloman Islands to Tahati.
        -Kermadec Islands and North Island New Zealand
        -A line from Central Japan to the southern tip of the Kamchakta Peninsula.
        -Northern Chile to southern Peru,
        -Western Columbia
        -Southwestern Mexico about to 20 degrees north.

        No other areas in the past have had been hit after this scenario. This should pinpoint it a little better. I have noticed most of the time when large earthquakes have come in pairs or threes or more, the earthquakes normally grow in size with the largest one being the last. Had a 6.7 in the first sequence, then a 6.6 and another 6.6 in the second, the third ?, probably that 7+, 7.3-8.6.

        Okay other areas to watch for would be:
        -The area around the Mariana Islands
        -The Aleutian Islands and southern Alaska
        -Always watch the Leeward Islands, the Caribbean plate
        -Central Chile at about 30-36 degrees south.

        I don’t see any other areas that are primed like these places at this time. The recent polar earthquakes seem to point to only these places. It started on October 18 and 80% of the time with this a 6.5+ hits within 15 days, Nov.2. The 90% with the first two earthquakes were in different spots that are high prone areas for larger earthquakes away from the polar regions. These were in slightly less likely places, but still 80% are very good odds.

      73. VRF,

        Good drive south of Charleston, SC. Winds out of the NE 25 – 30 MPH with good surf lots of surfers having fun with light rain for now. Low 70’s.

        Y’all Beware! Surfs Up.

      74. Be Informed,

        I think many good people here gave Susie what was deserved.
        Even eeder jumped in on the pile and his was a good one too.

        I know you mentioned that we have about 5 hours in the Southeast before the big one is detected.

        With my luck, I’ll be sound asleep having a sexual nightmare with Susie and I wake up to a tsunami.

        Y’all Beware! That’s not the way I wanted to go!
        LOL anyway!

      75. I doubt Susie is a day over 14 years old.

      76. Catherine Austin Fitts; There Is No Fiscal Cliff In January 2013 Catherine Austin Fitts recently commented QE to Infinity and the Lie of the January Financial Cliff. She describes what the bankers are doing to us a Slow Burn. She believes that all assets are being taken away from us day in and day out and being given to the Global Elite offshore.

      77. If I was a bet’n man I’d put a franklin on SUSIE is a hairy leg. Well maybe a crossdresser anyway.

        • I guess we should turn her camera on.

      78. copperhead,

        Thank You for all of the valuable information. I now need to create an index file called – COPPERHEAD –

        Y’all Beware! ….INFO MAN….

        • Y’all: Thanks be to you. Just try’n to do my part.

      79. I’m sorry for this long post.

        There is an old adage to the effect that if the head dies the body will
        soon follow. [This is one of the truest statements ever made. The
        importance of mental preparedness cannot be overemphasized in planning
        for survival. When I think back on my days of training at the SF
        Q-Course and during Ranger Training, among the things that I remember
        most is the instructors constantly telling us that our greatest weapon
        is our mind!! After two years of combat, I can testify to the truth of
        this.] In this report, we will discuss the following:

        1. Motivation

        2. Mental Confusion

        3. Procrastination

        4. Attitude Improvement

        5. Guilt Feelings

        Remember, your state of mind before, during, and after [an event
        (economic crash, declaration of national emergency and suspension of all
        Constitutional rights, widespread rioting, major natural catastrophe, or
        man-made disaster)] is as important as your physical preparations. [To be
        sure, we must not neglect our physical conditioning, but a perfect body
        with the wrong mental preparation and/or attitude is a far deadlier mix.
        Nothing gets you killed quicker in a hot situation than a muddied mind
        and unclear thinking!!]


        To survive any major event as mentioned previously, and rest assured
        that one, some, or all of those events are likely to happen, you must
        face reality. Our society is in for hard times, and you must face that
        fact and be prepared to do everything for yourself. [Reality has a way
        of smacking a person in the face, unless that person is prepared to face

        The prophets of doom have many theories on the causes of what will
        befall this nation, and the world. Some of the more popular ones
        include nuclear holocaust, race war, invasion, famine, religious
        prophecy, oil embargo and economic collapse, [collapse of the economy
        under the weight of government corruption and unsound fiscal policies,
        major geological events, and more]. The first thing (and probably the
        most productive) you must do is stop worrying about which individual
        calamity or combination of calamities will end things as we know them.
        Don’t waste your time and energy in academic discussions on what horrors
        are likely to be the cause. Use your own judgement to predict a
        possible scenario, or two, and prepare for it!

        [Side Note: As a Christian, I believe that Biblical prophecy will come
        to pass and that will cause the events that bring about the collapse of
        this nation and nations around the globe. Then a world leader will
        appear on the scene to “save” everyone. More, I believe that among the
        things that I need to prepare for are major geological events, famine,
        wars, riots, and attacks on Christians by those who hate God and Jesus
        and, thus, hate all who do believe and stand up for that belief. This
        may not be your view. It does not matter at this point so long as you
        can see the handwriting on the wall that this nation is going to
        collapse. The actions of recent Presidents (Johnson, Nixon, and Ford)
        and the various Congresses show clearly that this nation is in trouble
        as the liberal left begins to take over government slowly but surely.
        More, be aware that not all politicians who spout off conservative
        ideals are in fact conservatives, nor do they have a deep love for the
        Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They’ll drop the pretense one day
        to the shock and chagrin of a great many.]

        Once you have started, never doubt your convictions. Others may make
        fun or comment about your “peculiar” lifestyle. Let them, and ignore
        them. If the end comes, you will have the last laugh. If things
        continue on a fairly normal basis (which I strongly doubt), you will be
        eating food at last year’s prices thanks to your storage program,
        enjoying an investment in firearms that are appreciating far more
        rapidly than your critics’ savings accounts, and feeling that secure
        glow that comes with a life jacket, [fastened parachute harness], or well
        thought out survival planning.

        The point is this: Whatever danger you see over the horizon, prepare
        for it now [physically, mentally, and spiritually]. Don’t wait until it
        is too late trying to decide on a particular peril to defend against.
        All survival preparations have some degree of overlap. So, if you have
        a retreat and stored food, you will probably be okay no matter what.

        Mental Confusion

        Believe half of what you see and none of what you read in the liberal
        media rags. This is the first step in putting your mind at ease. If
        you read the newspaper, watch TV, or listen to the radio in today’s
        world, you are being fed more garbage than the average hog! It is a
        good practice to ignore the media because they are telling you only what
        they want you to hear. Even worse, they do a great deal of harm by
        constantly bombarding you with the supposed failures of our country and
        an endless procession of other negative thoughts. Many sheeple are so
        depressed and frustrated by this type of “news” that they soon do not
        know which way to turn.

        The Jekyll and Hyde statements made by the government concerning the
        state of the nation should also be largely ignored. Most are outright
        lies or gross distortions serving no purpose beyond advancing the
        interests of a bloated, self-serving bureaucracy.

        Try not watching TV for one week. You will note an immediate and marked
        improvement in your mental state. You may be afraid that you will no
        longer be informed about events. Consider, however, that even if you
        watch the tube for 24 hours straight, at the end of that time you will
        still not be able to change the events you have seen on TV, and you will
        have lost 24 hours that could have been used in your own personal
        preparations. The most insidious thing about the TV is the way it has,
        with a single generation, changed America from a nation of doers to a
        nation of watchers.

        [It is interesting to note that not long ago ABC did a survey of
        journalist in print, radio, and TV. They found out that indeed nearly
        everyone of the journalists they interviewed were self-described
        liberals. In fact, one was honest enough to admit that he slanted the
        news stories assigned to him so that they carried the liberal view on
        everything. He saw it as his duty. Therefore, if you want to have a
        well-rounded view of world, national, and local events, read alternative
        sources of news, listen to shortwave radio to the various alternative
        programs that discuss events, and subscribe to various newsletters that
        offer an analysis of events. Also, listen to various radio talk shows
        such as Rush Limbaugh, G. Gordon Liddy, and others who present a
        different view on things. Then, do some reading of books and magazines
        that present various views contrary to the mainstream media and radical
        left authors of the day. Then, to balance everything off, think about
        what you’ve learned. If you are a Christian, take the time to pray
        about things. God will not leave you without an answer. Then figure
        out how to use your new insights to help you prepare.]

        Rely on your own instincts now; soon you will have to do it all of the
        time. Stop wasting your time on watching events by selectively
        restricting your intake of all types of mainstream media exposure,
        whether TV, radio, newspapers, or other publications. We no longer
        control our destinies as history shows that all empires reach a climax
        and then slowly decline. America will be no different. Use your own
        common sense in making preparations, and you will be amazed at what you
        can accomplish. As the great Teddy Roosevelt said, “Be prepared and you
        won’t have trouble.” Prepared people don’t fear the future; they
        welcome it.


        Procrastination is by far your worst enemy. By putting off what you think
        you can do tomorrow, your tomorrow may never come. If you do not act to
        prepare yourself NOW, you will be unable to obtain many of the vital items
        you need at any price. [Please note that with the recent gun and magazine
        ban passed by our traitorous government and signed into law by our
        radical left President, many will not be able to purchase the firearms
        needed to protect themselves should the need arise. Moreover, those that
        do buy now are being required to give the BATF the serial number of the
        firearm being purchased. This is the next step in the preparations for
        national firearm registration and confiscation. It will become law when
        Brady II passes Congress next year. Expect increasing media coverage of
        crimes using firearms and staged media events like the recent shoe line-up
        to win more sheeple over to the radical left side.]

        The cost of self-sufficiency is high now, but will be prohibitive in just a
        short time. Don’t make the mistake of planning to prepare “if things get
        just a little worse.” Things have been getting worse for the past 30 years,
        but so slowly that most sheeple simply don’t realize it.

        Neglect those things that really don’t matter and put your funds into
        survival preparations. The hour is late, the 11th according to a very
        famous and well-respected Marine Corps General. If I were just starting
        to prepare, I would embark on a crash program with an ironclad purchase
        schedule that would not be broken nor slowed under any circumstances. If
        family members consider you paranoid and advise you to stop, slow down, or
        delay your preparations, remember that their survival depands ultimately on
        you. When times are bad, the ones who objected to your planning and spending
        will be the very ones who will scold you for not having done more! So do
        what you must and do it now!! Remember, far better to be two years early
        than two hours too late!!

        Attitude Improvement

        During the course of your preparations, you may, at some point, ask
        yourself, “Why?” “Why am I giving up a new stereo and carpeting for
        the guest room and preparing to survive?” In recent years, many of
        us have had so many of our expectations concerning the American Dream
        shattered that life may not seem so wonderful any longer. You must
        realize first that, as an American, you have been fed more crap and
        falsehoods than any other sheeple on earth. You have been made to feel
        guilty because your country has been successful. You have been told
        that you are immoral, greedy, evil, and unfeeling. It has been said
        that you are racist, sexist, wasteful, and that your way of life and
        most of your beliefs, if not all of them, are wrong.

        [For those who are born-again Christians, you have been told that your
        beliefs are the cause of every societal ill and most of the deaths of
        “innocents” for the past nearly 2000 years. You have been informed that
        you have no right to cram your moral views down anyone’s throat, let alone
        discuss them in public. In fact, here is what the Attorney General, Janet
        Reno, calls a cult, and she gave this definition within a couple of weeks
        after the Waco debacle: “A cultist is one who has a strong belief in the
        Bible and the Second Coming of Christ; who frequently attends Bible
        studies; who has a high level of financial giving to a Christian
        cause; who home schools his children; who has accumulated survival foods
        and has a strong belief in the Second Amendment; and who distrusts big
        government.” Well, friends, that includes every Christian I know!! And
        like President Clinton said after the Waco incident, “Waco should be a
        warning to other dangerous religious cults, that the same thing can
        happen to them.” Could the meaning be any more clear!?]

        In analyzing the situation, we find that many of these claims are true.
        They are true of every race of sheeple on earth. [If you doubt this, take
        some time to study the Japanese culture and the level of racism one finds
        in that nation. The racism in this nation is nothing compared to Japan.]
        Most of these faults are inherent in all human beings, not just Americans.
        Our critics never seem to discuss the other side of the coin. The fact is
        that our country has done more, worked harder, spent more and made more
        progress in correcting these problems than any other nation on earth. The
        truth of the matter is that many of our problems today stem from the
        radical left’s unrealistic desire to create a perfect world, in their image.
        The population explosion, for example, is a direct consequence of successful
        efforts to control disease and famine.

        So, nuts to those who are down on America! We have our faults, but we are
        working to correct them. [And we are working harder that all other nations
        combined!!] You should be proud of your country. If anyone is due for
        criticism, it is the politicians, news media, radical left activists,
        socialist academics, and the religious left for making a bad situation seem
        worse, and in many cases actually making it worse.

        [As a Survivor, you are actually taking matters in hand and doing something
        about it. You are not a handwringing, limp-wristed, sycophant of the
        radical left and religious left. You are a person with vision. You are a
        person of great compassion. When all is said and done with, you will have
        provided for your family and prepared them for what is ahead. So ignore
        the negative aspects of life in America and think of the future that you
        and your family will help build.]

        [Final Thoughts

        I am often asked what to do about neighbors who think us fools and are not
        preparing. When the crash and major upheavals come, our neighbors will soon
        run out of food and other necessities while we will have our stores. Pray
        about this! Ask God what He wants you to do. Some will be led of God to
        share what they have. Others will not. But as Christains, we must always
        be sensitive to what the Lord God wants us to do. Some of you will be lead to
        defend your stores, and this is hard for some Christians to imagine let alone
        do. Killing over a piece of bread seems rather drastic, but remember that
        these sheeple were warned time and again that bad times were coming. They
        refused to listen. They didn’t want to hear bad news, and they didn’t want to
        face reality. They wanted to live in a dream world where they could suckle
        at the breast of big government and grow fat and lazy. When big government
        collapses, they’ll turn on us as well as government.

        So, do not feel guilty about having stores of food, water, and other
        essentials. You were obedient to prepare, and you were being obedient in
        taking care of your family, as the Bible says to do.

        I do know some Christians who have prayed long and hard about this. God is
        leading them to prepare not only for themselves but others. One person I know
        is preparing for literally thousands of people. It is quite an undertaking,
        but he is being obedient and faithful.

        Finally, let me strongly urge those of you living in cities to get out of them.
        I know that this is not easy to do. Moving out into the rural areas of America
        means giving up a lot. Often it means finding a job that probably will not
        pay anything close to what you are making now, but trust me, making the move
        will be a big help in the coming days. Cities will be the first to fall to
        riots and chaos, followed by martial law and citizens being rounded up like so
        much cattle. It is an old communist tactic that still works.


        • Copperhead:

          I wanted to let you know that I have printed off all of your recent posts and put them in a binder to have for reference later.

          Thank you for all that you share.

          ~ D

        • Copperhead

          Good post!

          Per your comment:…

          “Cities will be the first to fall to
          riots and chaos, followed by martial law and citizens being rounded up like so
          much cattle. It is an old communist tactic that still works.”

          IMO, the guard & the active duty types assigned to NORTHCOM, will be the ones tasked with riot control in the cities & securing critical infrastructure across the nation.

          Those responsible for the rural round-up operations, will be the DHS & State police after they’ve been federalized.
          From a logistics standpoint, this makes the most sense.

          I wonder if any ops will be outsourced to the likes of Blackwater aka Xe type companies?

          Any thoughts?

          • AH: The outsourcing I feel will more than likely be BLUE HELMETS.

      80. AMERIKAN FASCIST BANKER CIA SHADOW-GOV STRIKES BACK kills murders death Reporters children –

        This is Important Preppers … please read see the truth of the ZOG FREEMASON BANKER ZIONIST-CHRISTIAN-MORMON CIA FBI SHADOW MAFIA controlled FEDGOV …

        they’re killing defenseless innocent children on American soil because their Parents are exposing to the world the truth about the “VERY REAL” ZOG CIA FBI FREEMASON MORMON ZIO-CHRISTIAN AmeriKan BANKING SHADOW-GOV Mafia who really are the ones who RUN CONTROL AMERIKA – WHO OWN YOU !!!

        pls read …

        • AMERIKAN WallStreet BANKERS STEAL $43 Trillion in Bail Outs – THEFT EXPOSED

          $43 Trillion – WTF ??? ;0p

          Major Banks, Governmental Officials and Their Comrade Capitalists Targets of Spire Law Group, LLP’s Racketeering and Money Laundering Lawsuit Seeking Return of $43 Trillion to the United States Treasury …

          NEW YORK, Oct. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Spire Law Group, LLP’s national home owners’ lawsuit, pending in the venue where the “Banksters” control their $43 trillion racketeering scheme (New York) – known as the largest money laundering and racketeering lawsuit in United States History and identifying $43 trillion ($43,000,000,000,000.00) of laundered money by the “Banksters” and their U.S. racketeering partners and joint venturers – now pinpoints the identities of the key racketeering partners of the “Banksters” located in the highest offices of government and acting for their own self-interests.

          • Life Was in Chaos for Nanny Accused of Killing 2 Children She was unraveling. Yoselyn Ortega’s home was an overcrowded tenement that she yearned to leave. She shared the apartment with her teenage son, a sister and a niece, and roamed the halls selling cheap cosmetics and jewelry for extra money. She had been forced to relinquish a new apartment for her and her son and move back. A woman had chiseled her on a debt. Neighbors found her sulky and remote. She seemed to be losing weight.

            • I question this situation. I’m always up for a good conspiracy but while it certainly looks at first glance as though this is revenge for CNBC posting information the banksters wanted kept secret, some things don’t add up for me.

              The mother is reported to have walked in to find the nanny stabbing herself repeatedly in the presence of the dead children.


              I can think of a few reasons, some realistic, some maybe not:

              ~ She was consumed with guilt for having committed the murder
              ~ She was consumed with guilt for not having protected the children from the murderer
              ~ She had been “gaslighted” for months and this was the next part of her nervous breakdown

              There has been a great deal of attention paid to the fact she was undergoing psychiatric treatment over the past month or so. What was the reason? Just an organic breakdown or was she driven to it? Even a very well-educated mentally healthy person can be emotionally harassed to the point that they display symptoms of psychosis, especially if those doing the harassing really know what they are doing.

              So, this is my long way of asking, did the nanny actually commit the crime and if so, was she driven to it by a 2 month premeditated campaign to do so?

            • Daisy to get an individual to crack in this way 99.9% of the time it take much more time then there was available. Unless drug are use at the time of the act.

            • Possibly. But we don’t know about the presence of drugs. I don’t know enough about advanced brainwashing techniques to say for sure how much time a “programming” of this sort could take.

              The timing is extremely suspicious but I’m not 100% convinced that the nanny was a patsy. I think it’s likely but I would like more evidence to support that.

            • OK I’m on Board. Still can stand the rants no can understand.

            • @EVERYONE … CONSTANTLY question ??? everything .

              remember : “circles within circles within circles .” nothing is ever truly known , physical evidence can be falsely created FALSIFIED planted , information can be MISQUOTED MISPRINTED LOST STOLEN INTENTIONALLY falsified .

              ask this – ” WHO ULTIMATELY BENEFITS FROM THIS ACTION ??? ”

              two side notes :

              * the NWO BANKER ZOG shadow governments amerikan freemason cia fbi atf dea dhs u.s. military TOOLS are every where – even doctors crime lab techs police news reporters politicians business owners are traitor NWO ZOG SYMPATHIZERS … Organized and Individual ZIONISTS ZIO-CHRISTIAN FREEMASON MORMON are all suspect .

              * it is very rare for a “female” in general , but for a “Care-Giver” to violently physically murder children or even too commit such aggressive physical damage to her own body in the act of suicide by cutting her own throat with a dull knife is truly “Impossibly Rare” . it does not technically based on records of past suicides compute for someone committing suicide to cut their own throat . it’s just not done .



              ” circles within circles within circles – question everything everyone . ”


            • So using that premise, we could ascertain that:

              ~ the mother either lied to the cops about seeing the nanny cut her throat

              ~ the cops lied on the report and the mother has been silenced or is too beside herself to correct the statement


              ~ it happened as described except there is a sordid backstory – the nanny really was not in control of her actions and manipulated through MK Ultra-type brainwashing.

              However it happened, two small sweet innocent children are dead, the timing connects to release of information that the bigwigs would have preferred to remain secret and I do not believe in coincidences on this scale.

              Just wait – the next thing they release about the nanny is going to be that she was secretly a Muslim.

            • Remember when when/if a plan is devised for extreme action such as this. Unless it is a last minute deal. Look for the simple things. The rest is show or a screw up in the plan.

      81. Why is anyone surprised?

        Oklahoma City bombing and 9/11 were false flag attacks. The US government has been killing its own citizens for decades.

        And they will continue until 10s of millions of Americans WAKE UP!

      82. How to make hardtack

        It’s dead simple. Take white flour and mix with just enough water to
        make a stiff paste. Knead well and make rectangular cakes about one-half
        inch thick. You can poke holes in with a fork if you like. Bake until
        light brown. Turn down oven heat to about two hundred degrees and
        dessicate until they’re hard enough to beat a hole in the wall with.

        That’s hard tack.

        No salt, no seasoning, no fats, no sugar. No taste.

        You eat hard tack by soaking in water until soft enough to chew or steaming
        it until soft. Served with melted butter it’s not too God-awful bad.
        Tastes better when you’ve been in the field for at least three days.

        The sole virtue of the stuff is that if kept dry and free of insects it’ll
        last practically forever.

        Adding most anything to the dough will shorten it’s storage life.

      83. The mainstream media is SILENT about this. The only major networks covering this are Fox and The Blaze.


        Still planning on sticking to your principals and not voting this election?

        This loser has no problem KILLING Americans!

        Failure to Vote is a Vote FOR obama, the American citizen murderer!

        I’d rather have a man of God in charge in our coming difficult times than an incompetent murderer.

      84. The Universe is utterly indifferent to the fact that
        you do not realize the consequences of your actions,you will have to deal with them just the same.

      85. This clip isn’t about Limbaugh. This is all about the caller who is a SPECOPS guy. Listen to him. The default order is to rescue an ambassador under attack. They only way that DOESN’T happen is if an explicit order to stand down is given, and it must come from Washington from the very, very top.

      86. Puh–leeze delete one of the posts at 8:15PM.
        I have dementia sometimes!!

      87. Okay–I do not have dementia–why are my posts in the wrong place??
        Please members of this blog–watch Rush @ 8:15 pm above.
        Thank you.

      88. DPS helicopter opens fire during chase; 2 dead

        Now, please give me a moment to get my head around this; members of the
        Texas Department of SAFETY extrajudicially assassinated two people ?!?

        Wow, wait until they have 30,000 armed drones, as will other police departments; THAT will certainly be an interesting time in this country!!

      89. Wild Turkey Traps:
        This one has been seen to work well. String a trot-line up in an area
        frequented by Turkey. Put corn on all the hooks and lay it on the ground
        kinda mixed in with the leaves. When the Turkey eats the corn he will be
        caught on the hook. Sometimes you get more than one. Not pretty, but it seems
        to work good and the bottom line here is FOOD for your Family.

      90. Let’s be honest, Obama hates white people.

      91. The scareist thought is:that mr Obama or staff had a “stand down” in place til the man could get in place to look or act like he was in charge all the way. like the bin laden incident or the somolianpirate issue even thought our guys were in place way before the president even knew what was going on.they were going to take them out right away,but had to wait for his showtime presence.
        God i hope that wasnt the case here.

      92. Live free or die,

        Your name proves your political bias, “Romney lover”.

        • Andrew,

          Whatever you say Obama lover.

      93. Hurricane Sandy’s barometric pressure is sticking around that 28.35 inches. Using the Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale pressure this low would be a category 3 storm with winds of 115-120 mph, IF it was smaller and the wind isobars were more tightly compacted. However for pressure in this range you can expect a storm surge of 9-10 feet. This on top of a full moon and the tides being high when it is expected to make landfall, OUCH. If this sucker merges with the other low pressure system to the west, as many are putting it, it will be like a northeastern on steroids.

        You know what is amazing is how the news is now using the term “prepping”, and these idiots that now have a 3 day supply of what they need are calling themselves preppers. Stuck on stupid the masses are. I mean you look at the supermarkets cleaned out, and after this 99% of the people will forget that horrible sight of nothing in the grocery stores and no longer be that short term ‘preppers”. Imagine that, someone calling themselves a prepper because they stocked up for 3 days. It is almost comical if it was not so pathetic sad.

        • BI,
          I actually stopped in the grocery store tonight to get a pack of smokes and the people there were going crazy buying up any bottle of water and battery they could find. It was nuts!!!! However, I will admit that I loved seeing the expressions on their faces when some of these people walked in and found out that the shelves were almost bare. Really??? it’s 11:30pm on the eve of what could be a major disatrous storm and you’re surprised that the store is almost cleared out????

          ….and then the best was when I overheard the guy in front of me telling a woman “I’m just picking up a few extra things because I’m already well prepared, I’ve been prepping since Wednesday”.

          ….and then my foray into this madness ended when the cashier looked at me like I had 2 heads when I told her that all I needed was a pack of Marlboros. She said to me: “What, ain’t ya gettin no water or nuthin? You do know that there’s a storm comin don’t cha? You should get yourself prepared”
          ….I just silently paid, gave her a smile, and walked away.

          However, after seeing the craziness happening in the store I’m actually almost considering setting up a table in front of the store tomorrow morning and selling “D” batteries for $20 each.

          ….if I sold off only a 1/4 of my stock I’d be a millionaire by noon!!!

        • We’re gonna get hit here in Virginia. Always being prepared, we don’t need to follow the sheeple-chaos. lol

          Wanna know the extend of our “preps” for this storm that will bring heavy rains, wind-driven rains, flooding, then snowfall?? We threw a few tarps on some of our stacked hay sitting under the lean-to so it doesn’t get wet. That’s it.

          • I picked up 1/2 gal of half/half, milk, candy(T or Treat, if they are out!) and ‘mokes. Topped off truck and on board fuel tank. Patched genset into house, and reserve fuel supply. Put the grill in the garage. Pot of coffee. Done.
            Plan to enjoy the show. ( I’m right smack dab in the middle of it, hope I don’t reget those words!)

      94. There is new info on this, the head of the CIA said today that no one in his command, at any time, ordered that these folks were to be abondoned.

        Thus, the order had to come from the Defense Department, or the President Himself.

        Now let’s return to our regular nut job crazies rants, as they explain how the Pope and the Mormons are working with the Easter Bunny to stop Ron Paul from ever becoming President.

        (Gee, do ya think that our friend Susie was an Obama plant to draw attention away from this story?)

      95. The Drudge report is also covering this story. We’ll see if it is mentioned on TV Sunday morning.

      96. Americans Died and Obama lied!

      97. ALERT< ALERT< ALERT. 7.7 earthquake on Queen Charlotte Island in Canada. I gave my forecasts above 7.3-8.6, this was completely correct, by Nov.2 just like I said. A bit off from Southern Alaska. I knew it was coming. As you can see above this system works. I wish I could have gotten it exactly right, but at least the system works. I sure hope someday it will work to save lives.

        Hey susie, ain't so stupid am I. Hey susie, maybe you should learn not to open your mouth until you think before you say something.

        • Totally saw that too BI. I posted your prediction on International Preppers. You da man!

          • @ Gravlore. This is making seismologists that have seen this all over the world scratch their heads. Finally it is shown to those scientists of the world that can save lives by predicting earthquakes, IT CAN BE DONE. It is a wake up call to the whole world after those poor scientists face “heresy” charges in Italy for not predicting that Italian earthquake a few years ago. Those in the government don’t want people to know, even if it saves people. At least the italians can try to put me in jail now for false predictions ;). Thank you for showing others this, it is so important that others know that science has no boundaries, and events can be forecasted for those seeking it out to prepare.

      98. It is very interesting about this 7.7 in the third sequence of earthquakes after the polar activity that completely foretold of this coming. It grew just like before. The south, south, north, south scenaio has produced the same results. The Balleny Islands earthquakes are prime indications of big earthquakes to come. It occured within 10 days, as this has also happened before, 9-12 days. Earthquakes CAN be predicted and within a decent level of error, as southern Alaska, as given one the locations to look out for, is only 135 miles away from where this very large earthquake. We are not yet out of the woods, the other locations are still danger points until November 2.

      99. @ Be Informed. Masset Canada getting ROCKED with earthquakes. 7.7!! From what I can tell, this is on the San Andreas. Could this be the release of pressure north of California that will give the main fault much more room to move?

        Would love to hear your take on these!

      100. @ Be Informed. Last post didn’t go through.

        7.7 up in Canada on what looks to me as the San Andreas.


        Could this be the release of pressure to the north that you spoke of a few days ago?

      101. 7.7 in Canada on the San Andreas. Posted a couple times, but didn’t go through…

        • @ Norse Prepper. This area actually connects to the Alaskan faults to the north and the very dangerous Cascadia fault to the south. IF the Cascadia fault breaks, which I am not sure of right now as this will take some time study tomorrow, this will indeed let a space open for the San Andreas to lurch into. The San Andreas, if it continues this far north would several hundred miles off to the west. This did not surprise me as I was measuring on my globe the tension points, as I gave southern Alaska in my comment above. This was 135 miles off. Not bad, not quite perfect yet though. Got the time frame correct and the magnitude as I said 7.3-8.6.

          You know I really do try very hard to have something to back up my claims about anything I say on this site. I have been attacked often on the politics part of what I see, but what I see is perhaps what others don’t see. I started to really become concerned about people losing that prepper desire should a certain candidate get elected because they feel that golden times are a coming. I see the writing on the wall too well, just like this earthquake, neither of these presidental candidates is going to do anything to help America. We can never let our guard down because of the illusion of any election cycle or other event that gives us false hope. Preparation is necessary at at times and must not be relaxed because it appears unnecessary. Just like this earthquake, it can happen within an instance. You and I know this and I hope 100% of the people on this ite know this also, never to let the prepping for the future ease up.

          Will study this more and try to give more predictions, the other areas I gave are still in danger until Nov.2.

          • i was hoping you wouldn’t mention the ol San Andreas…. how could you not though….

            • @ asian prep. Okay, the Cascadia has been affected big time by this 7.7. The Southern San Andreas which runs from about Mexico to about Palmdale broke about 1700 when the Cascadia fault broke. The New Madrid broke in 1812 like a section of the central San Andreas. Coincidence? No freaking way. If you are concerned about the San Andreas, watch the Cascadia fault and/or anything large to the south that can help push the San Andreas to its northwest course.

              I wish I could give a really pinpoint forecast, but it gets better each time. I looked at that earthquake last night, and I said to myself, My God this forecast method is really working. I thought they were going to downgrade it from a 7.7 to a 7.0 or something out of the range of 7.3-8.6 that I gave, but this did not happen. A 7.7 is rare, usually only occurring 1-3 times a year. Look for polar activity if there is going to be further activity past this nov. 2 deadline.

      102. OK, for the record, @BI, you have absolutely no obligation to acknowledge Susie. You have been nothing but respectful to all on this sure, have contributed great knowledge and have credibility to all who have read the posts.

        Copperhead, please keep up the good work as well. I have enjoyed learning from you.

        To reciprocate, I will share a plan that will feed a family for a looooong time. Catch an elephant. I am serious. You may not know this, but it is a proven method of trapping.

        First, you dig a deep hole. I would suggest twice as deep as the elephant is talk as they are not proficient climbers.

        After the hole is dug, cut down some trees to use the branches to eventually lay over the hole. Before you do this, after you strip the trunks of their branches, burn them and place the ashes in the pit.

        Cover the pit with the branches to your satisfaction that it is camo’d well enough.

        Get peas from your garden and place them near the trap.

        Hide and wait. Eventually an elephant will come out to take a pee and at that point you kick him in the ash hole.

        Happy hunting!

        God bless… 🙂

        • Hehehe!

        • How do YOU eat an elephant?

      103. Be Informed,

        Thank you so much for what you have accomplished. Many will soon be able to benefit from your efforts. Many will not believe until they hear ‘I told you so’ – sad.

        I woke up at 4:35AM, turned on the weather chanel and heard quake in BC and psunami in the Pacific. I thought of your prediction and then thought of a big one in the Carribian islands and the potential of a big psunami on the Southeastern coastline. Is there a timeline for this one?

        Y’all Beware! Thanks again.

        • tsunami, dude. It’s early. BTW, on the Delmarva, ready to get hammered. I was hoping the Science channel had the hoodles to run the episode of the hurricane slamming into NYC!
          BI, I’m going to make a prediction. NYC gets overwashed with a huge surge, subways and underground utilities get flooded with seawater, and the erection is postponed by EO.
          If masses of sheeple can’t vote, because of storm fallout, complaints will be peeps were disenfranchised.
          Whoever the apparent winner is, the other side will not accept the results. Will make a hanging chad look like dingleberry.

          • @ Rick. New York getting slammed will depend on where the hurricane makes landfall. South of NYC, but not too far south, say New Jerssy and NYC will get hit with at least 10-15 foot strom surge if the pressure doesn’t go up much. If the storm goes further north, NYC will be spared. Watch that pressure, this is what is going to determine how much water is going to come in. Sandy right now has put up a type of protective wall against weakening, just like Wilma, Rita and Katrina did. Until it runs into land there is nothing to really weaken it. Even cooler water should not much because of this protective wall of low pressure it has around the core or center. This is a storm that could further strenghten because of the protective wall against the outside influences on it. Bad storm, and if it merges with the low pressure to the west, OUCH, and I mean OUCH. It would figure if the Caribbean plate also broke at this time and sent tsunami waves towards the east coast along with the hurricane, it would figure wouldn’t it.

        • @ Y’all Beware. Actually it is still pointing right now to the Caribbean plate, until November 2. If you start seeing more polar activity this will give me an idea what to expect. There have been times in which there has been a fourth sequence in earthquakes. With this the 4th is usually the same size of bigger than the third one. The above areas I gave about 40 posts above this one gives all the areas that are in danger until Friday of this week. The main issue with a tsunami from the eastern Caribbean plate breaking is to know the signs before a tsunami is going to rush in. If you ever see the bay or shoreline water being pulled out to sea, get out immediately to higher ground, the further inland and the higher the better. You may have only minutes.

          This 7.7 really seemed to relax the plates for the time being, more earthquakes eleswhere will tell for just how long. Look for polar activity from 58.5-90 degrees north or south of the equator. Also look at 55-57 degrees south. I would really look at the Cocos plate right now for the Caribbean plate to break. The Cocos plate runs from Panama to souther Mexico. Really the only way I can foresee earthquakes is to observe earthquakes on other sections of other plates, which works. To the tell the truth after I gave the other prediction above, I though it would be later in the week rather than on the same day. I was pretty confident of the size of it being between 7.3-8.6. I am very confident that WHEN the Caribbean plate breaks it will be 7.8 at least and more likely in the low to mid 8 range. Stay safe when it does break.

          • Mid 8 is an awfully bold statement. That would be a whopper! Triple Whopper even!

            • @ Gravlore. When the Caribbean plate breaks I can bet a decent amount of money that it will be a 8.0+. The fact that it is way overdue and it is a very deep thrust fault, I would say this could be even a 9. After the New Madrid Fault broke in 1812, a couple of months later in Venezuela where Caracus is now they had at least a 8.5 and on the USGS site to look up past earthquakes they said it was a 9.7. This I am suspecious of, but the 8.5 I am not. Deep thrust faults are horrible reserves of pinned up energy and the fault is very deep, the deepest in the region.

              I am saying that this area is ready, extremely ready to go, the eastern side of the plate is so stressed. The past earthquakes on the western side of the pate show this. I am waiting for the Cocos plate to do something, then I think it will go off. I will be able to tell as earthquakes present themselves. It sure would be a whopper, the tsunami would be horrible for all those island regions and the southeastern U.S. It though has happened before and will happen again, most likely pretty soon. The signs should present themselves.

              I know it is a bold statement, but so is saying that by Nov.2 that a 7.3-8.6 should hit, which it did. Also only 135 miles off from the southern Alaska area that I gave as one of the few areas to get hit. I try to not make a bold statement unless I am fairly confident about it, which I am about the Caribbean plate. The time I am not yet. I hate to look stupid when something does not happen. That troll susie would love me to eat crow even once. I did nothing to IT, and this creature attacked me and many others just for the fun of it. Go figure some individuals that would not enjoy adding something to such an excellent web site such as this.

      104. What I find amazing is that there are still Americans that do not believe obama is a muslim! This pos in chief is covering for his home slices in Libya, you know the muslim brotherhood and all. This year, if Romney does win he needs to assume the office immediately, the amount of damage obama could do in a couple of months is terrifying!

      105. *Be Informed*
        7.7 off the west cost of Canada, triggered a Tsunami that hit Hawaii

        • ” Up to 150,000 evac’d, tsunami came in at 2.5 feet. Caught officials initally by surprise. They at first thought this quake was located on land and not subsea.”

      106. To all: As you know one must prepare a plan and get a mindset and stick to it. Well I have done both, awhile back and stuck to it. Now I have reached a point in the plan and to stick to it I‘m going to ground, the only thing is it’s a week early, but I will be using the cover of darkness (SANDY). In doing so I want to say THANK YOU to Beinformed, your work is so invaluable on the planets happenings. There are so many on this site to say thanks to, so I will just say THANKS TO ALL. But to you MAC, you SIR should get a metal for having this site when this is all over.
        The elections are a week from Tuesday and who knows what that will bring, but deep inside I feel nothing good will come from them. Vote your conscience, but remember you must live with it. I wish I could have shared more on preparations for the tough times ahead. I to have learned so much, from all of you, that it is not funny.
        Share your wisdom and knowledge with others. (WISDOM SHARED IS WISDOM NOT WASTED).
        I hope to be back in the future, but time will tell. (No the dog is not for sale). Go to a mirror, stand in front of it, what do you see. A individual one of a kind, there is not another one like it. You also see, an unnamed source, a whistleblower if you will, we don’t want our real names all over the world, thats why we use handles. But, thats just me.
        Having said all of that- REMEMBER get right with the MAN upstairs, love your family, and prepare!

        Copperhead over and out!

        • You will be sincerely missed. Be safe.

        • Don’t ever forget us!
          🙂 which is a smiley face, but not on this site.

          Hear that Mac??

          • Oh, s**t, it worked!!! :-S

            • Oh, shoot, I am just playing, learning now.

        • I believe I would of enjoy a mission with you. You may be very right it might be time to close the bunker door. At least at night.

        • I believe I would of enjoy a mission with you. You may be very right it might be time to close the bunker door. At least at night.

        • Will miss you Copperhead,
          Check back if you are able and want to….

      107. Rick:)

        Thanks dude, I needed that!

        Y’all Beware! Tsunami

        • My son gifted a copy of “One Second After”. It was delivered Friday. I’ve been reading it, while the weather channel is on in the background. Not a good combo! The only good thing is, other than fuel and milk, prepped as well as possible. The book makes Sandy seem like a spring shower.
          Wifey bitched when I bought those 2 ( 3 actually) military gensets from GovLiq and put them in the yard.
          Yesterday; Did you hook up the generator?? Yes dear. Oh, good, I feel so much better. “we’re lucky to have it” !!
          Yeah, lucky. Research, on-site preview(pita) register, bid, watch, re-bid,win,PAY, recover (load out), batteries, repairs, filters,etc. Lucky.
          The third , small skid mount 3000 was loaned to a buddy, who has recentley hit a rough stretch.
          p/s, I was hoping for a storm thread, this thread is long and this is so off topic. I hope I don’t ck em later and see a note ” if you want it, write it”.

          Soon to be classic; NJ mayor, being interviewed; “we are not making evacs mandatory. Irene didn’t cause too much problems. Our guage is a Nor’easter in ’91.”
          EVERY single weather-person is saying this storm is unprecedented. I’m in disbelief of this ….oh well.

          • That’s the book that inspired me to ramp up the preps. Before that I was always the one with enough supplies to get through a really bad storm, but I wasn’t really a “prepper” – more of a “stockpiler” for economic reasons.

            The book is a real eye-opener for those new to prepping and for folks like you, who have been doing it for a while, it just confirms the wisdom of your choices.

            It made me cry my eyes out!

      108. The author has either not read the Constitution or has forgotten his civics lessons. The President is NOT the Commander in Chief of the United States. He is the Commander in Chief of the US military, and only the military. He can only (legally) give orders to the executive branch of the gov’t, of which the military is a part. He can NOT (legally) give you or I nor anyone not in the military an order to go to Libya and kill people.

      109. Regular old sensationalistic radio news said the grid-down from Sandy will affect 10 million for a week or more. Hype or truth? Time will tell.

      110. Oh, I thought it was about Cuban refugee, bible thumping, under-educated, right wing posers!

      111. anyone else hearing reports coming out that General Carter Ham was asked to step aside that nite, he too was gping to disobey orders to Stand down? ?

      112. has anyone. else hearing reports that General Carter Ham was asked to step aside that nite for he to was not going to Stand down???

        Bump…please read and listen to Rush.

        Posted by Ann Barnhardt – October 26, AD 2012 7:23 PM MST

      114. The military needs us to push for more help, better equipment and a new Commander-in-Chief.

        *****Romney 2012*****

      115. Off-topic: Bloomberg has ordered mandatory evacuations of parts of New York City.

        I can’t think of a worse place to be at a time like this. Can you imagine being an older person or an infirm person and being stranded on the 60th floor of a highrise with no power? Lugging up 5 gallon jugs of water to such a person? Being up there hit with super-high winds?

        *shudder* – death trap!

      116. This is from the weather underground web site from Dr Jeff Masters, he is the best I have seen on any site. Hurricane Sandy is going to have reduced wind shear and will be going over the Gulf warm waters later today. This means he is forecasting that the pressure will drop to 945-950 MB. The lowest pressure EVER north of Cape Hatteras is 946 MB during the 1938 Long Island Express hurricane that was so destrustive. Watch that pressure reading, anything under 946 as soon as it cross that line of Cape Hatteras is a record.

        Given also is a destruction index of 0-6. The wind forecast for this is only 2.6. The destructive potential of storm surge is 5.7 out of 0-6. The previous highest level was 5.6. It will depend on the time when it comes in, but Jeff is giving a 50% of New York subways being flooded. Much more information is available from this web site. It is interesting as I did not know that the lowest pressure ever was 946 MB. This should be broken today if the wind shear drops like it should. Another one for the record books, it seems like we are getting a lot of that lately. Prep, prep, prep, prep for what is coming.

        • BeInformed

          Thank you for the update.
          Will check it out.

          also..survivalblog just updated their info..storm impact has moved 50 miles north of prior projection..
          The NWS just updated(200pm) my area(Cape Cod) for hurricane force winds…

          200 PM EDT SUN OCT 28 2012


          Chatham is 20 minutes from me…Mashpee Cape Cod


          • Batten down, Possee – be safe!

          • @ possee. It was very interesting something I saw on the Weather Channel today. The trough of the low pressure system that Sandy will come into contact with could actually make the storm stronger. These troughs are really intense and there is a lot of uplift, and when Sandy comes into range of this the severe uplift with cause even more thunderstorms to form in Sandy. When more thunderstorms form, the pressure drops, just like around these supercells that spawn tornadoes. The pressure drops and Sandy becomes more powerful. They said the winds could increase and the storm surge will become higher. If this flooding is as bad as it could be, this storm is going to cost a country that is already bankrupt a lot of money. Not as much as Katrina, but one of the top 10 in history.

      117. Northern Atlantic Sea Surface Temperature:

        When Sandy passes over this darker orange ribbon that is paralleling the east coast, it should strenghten. this ribbon is the warmer Gulf Stream that will help feed it. It is 2:10 PM right now, it should pass this over this channel in about 6-10 hours. At that time if the wind shear drops like it should, the pressure should also drop.

      118. Thank you for keeping us updated Be Informed.
        I appreciate it.

      119. Two private marines out of boot camp and two M240’s (belt fed) is all it would have taken to enforce a laydown.

        Okay, maybe a couple of extra barrels.

      120. here are the latest predictions from Geryl
        the end of the world 2012 guy

        l had posted these some time ago
        looks like his track record is pretty decent

        “latest predictions from Geryl

        ” As promised, I sent a note to Patrick Geryl and asked him what his next calculated window is for solar flaring, which may be somehow related to quakes and such:

        “October 31, 2012: Conjunction Neptune – Mercury and the Sun strong X flare possible No real earthquake date…

        3 Possible 7.5 plus earthquakes:

        October 25, 29 or November 1

        October 23 – 27, 2012: Opposition Earth – Saturn across the Sun October 24, 2012: Line Up Neptune – Moon – Earth

        October 25 – 30, 2012: Long Triple Line Up: Mars – Earth – Jupiter

        October 26, 2012: Line Up Venus – Moon – Earth and Uranus – Moon – Earth

        October 29, 2012: Line Up Sun – Moon – Earth and Saturn – Moon – Earth

        October 31, 2012: Line Up Mercury – Moon – Earth

        October 31 – November 3, 2012: Long Triple Line Up: Uranus – Earth – Venus

        November 1, 2012: Line Up Jupiter – Moon – Earth and Mars – Moon – Earth ”

        Of course, if you’ve been following this discussion here, you already know there’s a ‘long as your arm’ long line-up astronomically in the December 10 to somewhere past December 23rd window.”

      121. They will violate your rights every chance they get

        1st they come for someone you are not, then they come for another that you dont compare to..than, after they have it all thier way..they come for you and there is no one to speak up for you, because you never spoke up yourself when it was wrong to begin with..

        case and point..
        The Supreme Court is about to rule on the use of Drug sniffing dogs as allowable in a first encounter, or to gain entry or to go against your 4th amendment.

        a statistic that i also saw posted on the same story
        “The retired Justice David Souter mocked that idea in a dissent from a 2005 pro-sniff decision, saying it supposes that a trained canine becomes an “infallible dog” that never errs.”

        Dog handler Bias:

        In a 2011 study published in Animal Cognition, the sniffing accuracy of 18 trained dogs was tested over two days. The dogs’ handlers had experience in drug and bomb detection. They were falsely told that the scents of drugs and bombs had been planted in rooms of the church where the test took place and that some of these points were marked by a piece of red paper.

        Recorders, who weren’t told the purpose of the study followed the dogs to write down where they raised an alert. Out of 144 searches, 123 raised a false alert.

        Most strikingly, the handlers were most likely to claim their dogs picked up a scent (which didn’t exists) when they saw a piece of red paper.

        More Dog handler Bias:

        In Indiana in 1979, 26 trained dogs sniffed 2,780 junior high and high school students, running their noses along the kids’ legs. They identified 50 students as drug carriers. The kids were strip-searched or told to empty their pockets…

        35 of the 50 students were clean, or the dogs were wrong 70% of the time.

        un quote

        Now the reason I bring this up isnt because im calling some of you druggies, Im bringing this up to inform you that dogs can be trained to sniff out just about anything..Guns, Food, a hidden compartment..etc…

        aparently from the above study they can get it to the 70% level..thats not good enough, and its not a proper use of policing.

        Yes, you could be met at your front porch with a swat team and a dog saying you have arms, and home made honey in your home, and we are going to arrest you, its what im trying to show you, this is called the creep..they slowly patiently creep on our rights by trying to attach their reasons for this action is to stop something wrong, when in truth when it really comes down to it, they are creeping in on your rights with false intent.

      122. this is my third attempt to post this..word is out that General Carter Ham was asked to step aside that nite because he too was not going to stand down




        headlines ripped from the web …

        *You’re Eight Times More Likely to be Killed by a Police Officer than a Terrorist

        *Cops shoot diabetic teen after car crash

        *Parents call Cherokee County, GA police for help to save their 16 year-old son from suicide. Police oblige, killing him with a sniper’s bullet.

        *Seattle Police a known abusive police dept … Given Approval To Deploy NDAA Spy Drones

        *Drone-murders of Americans ‘Totally Right, Totally Constitutional’: Homeland Security Chairperson

        *U.S. Troops Patrolling Poppy Fields In Afghanistan (Photos)

        *Leaked emails from the private U.S. security firm Stratfor cite a Mexican diplomat who says the U.S. government works with Mexican cartels to traffic drugs into the United States and has sided with the Sinaloa cartel in an attempt to limit the violence in Mexico.

        etc etc etc

        Before you call 911 EVER AGAIN … ask yourself this

        ” DO YOU FEEL LUCKY PUNK ???

        … WELL DO YOU ??? ”





        Ordering a Pizza with credit card triggers a DHS FUSION CENTER RED FLAG ALERT … MAN killed for ordering DOUBLE ANCHOVIES !!!

      125. Hurricane Sandy is just beginning to cross into that ribbon of much warmer water, the Gulf Stream, and its pressure dropped after it rose to 952 from 951, now it is now 950 MB. It only has to drop below 946 MB to be the lowest ever pressure this far north. The pressure will indicate the size of the storm surge, and if that gets down below about 940 MB, then you can expect 15 foot storm surge. Right now about 12 feet from the pressure between 945-950 MB.

        One thing to consider about the wind is something that is seldom mentioned, the duration of the wind. Wind over 60 mph all day long can cause most power to go down. Makes you wonder why those that can easier afford an electrical generator have not done so. The non-prepper will be sorry for the lack of concern of the future, but will forget about prepping after it is all over with. Interesting to hear all the people that “say” that they will prepare for next time and see the tiny number that live by those words.

      126. As the layers of $#!^ continue to pile up, it will be interesting to see how the mainstream media (e.g., MSNBC) handles this…

        …IF they handle it at all…

      127. I’m no Obama supporter. I believe he is dishonest and corrupt, as most politicians are.

        With that said:

        9/11/12 FOUR Americans killed in LIBYA

        There were warnings and actions could have been taken to prevent or minimize the damage.

        Nothing was done.

        9/11/01 THREE THOUSAND Americans killed in AMERICA

        There were warnings and actions could have been taken to prevent or minimize the damage.

        Nothing was done.

        Now watch as the “freedom” lovers censor me and namecall rather than debate me.

        I’m noticing that this website and others like it aren’t quite “keeping it real” as election day approaches.

        Truth doesn’t take a vacation.

      128. Yep….it looks like NOAA and NWS are expecting Sandy to hit the Southern to Central Jersey Shore then travel west and cause havoc in the Central Jersey/Eastern Central Pennsylvania area just North of Philadelphia and just South of NYC.

        Right on top of me 😉

        I’m in PA right on the Delaware River in a nice rural-ish area that always sees regular flooding just between Philly and NYC.

        So I’ll keep y’all updated as things progress to see if the first-hand account matches up with the MSM account 😉

        We’re used to the flooding and power outages and stuff here because of the river so I’m all prepped and secure. We’re ready for the storm but the real concern is the 2 days to 2 weeks AFTER the storm passes because if the power really does go out and stay out for a large portion of the 50+ million people along the Northeast for the expected 7 to 10 days (or more) then that’s when I really expect to see SHTF…especially once the sheeple finish their one case of water and 2 bags of Doritos that they’ve “prepped”. Civil unrest? Riots and looting? This could be very, very, very bad.

        To everyone else in the Northeast- Good Luck….I think that we’ll need it

      129. Yep….it looks like NOAA and NWS are expecting Sandy to hit the Southern to Central Jersey Shore then travel west and cause havoc in the Central Jersey/Eastern Central Pennsylvania area just North of Philadelphia and just South of NYC.

        Right on top of me 😉

        I’m in PA right on the Delaware River in a nice rural-ish area that always sees regular flooding just between Philly and NYC.

        So I’ll keep y’all updated as things progress to see if the first-hand account matches up with the MSM account 😉

        We’re used to the flooding and power outages and stuff here because of the river so I’m all prepped and secure. We’re ready for the storm but the real concern is the 2 days to 2 weeks AFTER the storm passes because if the power really does go out and stay out for a large portion of the 50+ million people along the Northeast for the expected 7 to 10 days (or more) then that’s when I really expect to see SHTF…especially once the sheeple finish their one case of water and 2 bags of Doritos that they’ve “prepped”. Civil unrest? Riots and looting? This could be very, very, very bad.

        To everyone else in the Northeast- Good Luck….I think that we’ll need it

        • Why did that post twice?
          Sorry bout that.

      130. Back on topic.
        Catherine Herridge on Fox, tonight, on Huckabee…
        She said the words, she believed;
        “It was all about weapons. Transferring weapons from Libya through Turkey to Syria.”
        The ambassador was the bagman/negotiator.

        Hmmm… who woulda thunk it.
        Lets do something different.



        NBC Phone (212) 664-3720

        ABC Phone (212) 456-7777

        CBS Phone (212) 975-4321

        CNN Phone (404) 827-1500

        I plan to call them ‘collaborators with high crimes and treason’.
        Get off your arse and do something.
        Remember JFK; “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”.

        Last chance.

      131. why didnt the drones take the shot???They were watching on live time at white house,target aready lased(which u only do when u know u have assets ready to go)who gave orders not to release drones firepower???It would have at least slowed the attack allowing gunship to come in,unless the goal was to have the first openly gay ambassodor killed by muslims,therefore setting the stage for having to (do something) shades of lbj…

      132. It is time for Obama and his asshole killers in the admin. to begotten rid of…….right now. There is no discussion to be had about this anymore. This administration needs to go…..NOW!
        We have any big talkers here, so out up or shut up.

      133. Ok so the truth is out and he cannot lie anymore! This happened on Obama’s watch and it goes to show that he is heartless and sociopath. Americans died on his watch and he is soley responsible for what he let happen, Our men died that day and there are still idiots going to the polls to vote for this slime ball…..He even covered up the truth about Fast and Furious when Eric Holder was involved– he covered up for him through an executive order–slime ball and traitor he is to the American People. I cannot believe that this country has come to this … has nbo one got any spine anymore? Where are all the men in this country gone to?

      134. Sorry I am late to the comments party, but Obummer needs the assets to be late or not show at all. He needs to stoke the war fire at the lives of others. He needs a compelling reason to move the war machine further toward Iran. I bet they will say these acts were funded by the Iranians! Saudi Arabia funded so many terrorist acts and we lose American lives in Iraq! Seems confusing to some and obvious to others what the real mission is.

      135. Everyone needs to vote this man out of office. And remember a vote for anyone but Romney is a vote for Obama. It’s a two party country folks. It’s not right, but that’s the way it is…for now…and maybe for ever. Everyone take your friends, family, anyone you know that can vote and go vote. That’s all WE can do. Hopefully Fox News, Rush, Beck, indie reporters, and people in the gov. can bring all the facts into the light before the election. But all we can do is vote.



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