Russia:”Syria Will Be Armed With Weapons That Have Never Been Seen Before In the Middle East”

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    Last week, Noble Peace Prize winner President Barrack Obama advised that his administration would be arming the Free Syrian Army with weapons to resist the armies of Syria’s President Bashar Assad. Furthermore, they would look to implement a Libya-style no-fly zone over the country, which like Libya, would likely involve widespread carpet bombing of suspected military strongholds and control centers.

    With boots on the ground around Syria’s borders, the United States is without a doubt preparing for widespread engagement across the region yet again, with the aim of the new U.S. supplied weapons being more killing and destruction in a civil war that has left tens of thousands dead in the last year.

    It is the assumption of the Obama administration that these weapons will tip the scales of power in favor of the rebels, many of whom have been identified as members of America’s arch enemy, Al Queda.

    But Russia’s KGB-hardened President Vladimir Putin has other ideas.

    This week, according to a British intelligence report, Putin reportedly passed on a diplomatic communique to the United States and France using British Prime Minister David Cameron as the intermediary.

    According to the report from Syrian-based Dam Press and the Dyar Newspaper, the Russians aren’t backing off their Syria policy and they are getting ready to double down by supplying Assad’s military with weapons the have never before been seen in the middle east.

    If and when Western forces engage the Syrian army you can be assured that it will be nothing like the 1991 conflict in Iraq when a hundred thousand of Saddam Hussein’s soldiers surrendered without firing a shot. Nor will it be a no-fly zone free-for-all where air forces will be able to target military assets as they did in Libya without being challenged.

    No, this time will be different.

    This time, Russia and America may well being playing with fire. The kind that leads the people of this planet head first into World War III.

    Global Research reports:

    The Patriot Missiles will be hit and repealed with S 300 SAM [already installed in Syria]Putin also threatened to deliver the more advanced S400 anti-aircraft missiles (see image below) far superior to the Patriot missiles and ranked as the World’s most advanced air defense system.


    He added that Russia will also supply Syria with state-of –the-art 24-Barrell rocket launcherswhich have a range of 60 km ranked as the most developed artillery weapon of its kind.(see video below)


    He added that Russia will supply 400 of these launchers which will be able to destroy all targets around Syria’s borders.

    The British intelligence site stated that Putin threatened to send other secret Russian made weapons to Syria which would tip the balance of power even further in favour of Syria and re-iterated that these weapons will not be used against Israel on condition that Israel will not participate in the war within Syria and neighbouring countries. {Lebanon, Jordan]

    Putin’s response came just over 24 hours after Obama’s statement on Saturday that he was going to arm the Syrian resistance.

    Putin clearly stated that the Middle East is going to witness a significant change.  Syria will be armed with weapons that have never been seen before [in the Middle East] including computer guided smart missiles that never miss their target.

    He also added that Russia will supply Syria with Skean 5 ground -to-sea missiles that are capable of hitting and sinking any target up to 250 km off the Syrian coast.

    Full report: Global Research

    In his documentary Strategic Relocation Joel Skousen suggested that one of the most critical threats facing the world right now is the real possibility that Russia and America will engage in a future nuclear exchange.

    While the weapons being supplied to Syria by both sides are a far cry from nuclear meltdown, the current policies of both nations can very quickly metastasize into a much more direct confrontation.

    Vladimir Putin comes from the old world of Soviet leadership; one that believes in Russian military superiority and rules with an iron fist. He has no qualms about going to war if he finds it necessary to the long-term interests of Russia.

    In the United States, President Barrack Obama is embroiled in numerous scandals and is presiding over an economy on the brink of collapse, giving him ample motivation to divert the attention of the public.

    Neither of these leaders, given their past, would give pause to the thought of killing millions of people if they believe it was in their interest, or in the interest of their globalist handlers.

    Wars in the 20th century, most democidal in origin, claimed the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

    Just statistics in the history books to leadership circles in the upper echelons of our governing apparatus.

    The lives of innocents have been sacrificed on the alters of power, greed and corruption since the dawn of man.

    The 21st century is no different.

    What IS different is that we have never before had weapons capable of killing every single person on this planet with the press of a button.

    War is coming in this century – just as it came to the good people of earth in every century before.

    Watch –  “The Last Day”  – What the first few minutes of World War III will look like:


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      1. As Gerald Celente has said many times. When the economies of the world go further into the crapper, expect our leaders to take us to war because war is always good business.

        • “Barrage” Obama— Nobel Peace Prize winner, my ass!
          He’s nothing more than a Whitehouse gunslinger.

          • This coming region wide conflict will produce three things:

            1. The destruction of Damascus.
            2. A First Strike by Israel upon Iran, and
            3. A Seven Year Peace Treaty.

            We know how the story ends.

            • There has to be a one world government before there’s a seven year peace treaty with Israel.

              • The UN IS the representation of that One World Government.

                • For they shall sow wind, and reap a whirlwind…” Osee 8:7

                  “As I told you, if men do not repent and better themselves, the Father will inflict a terrible punishment on all humanity. It will be a punishment greater than the deluge, such as one will never have seen before. Fire will fall from the sky and will wipe out a great part of humanity, the good as well as the bad, sparing neither priests nor faithful. The survivors will find themselves so desolate that they will envy the dead. The only arms which will remain for you will be the Rosary and the Sign left by my Son. Each day, recite the prayers of the Rosary. With the Rosary, pray for the Pope, the bishops and the priests. The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, and bishops against other bishops. The priests who venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their Confreres. The Church and altars will be vandalized. The Church will be full of those who accept compromises and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord.

                  “The demon will rage especially against souls consecrated to God. The thought of the loss of so many souls is the cause of my sadness. If sins increase in number and gravity, there will no longer be pardon for them.”

                  Our Lady of Akita, October 13, 1973

                  • “the good as well as the bad, sparing neither priests nor faithful.”

                    Show me one place in the Bible where God punishes or pours out his wrath on the good and the bad at the same time. God sends wrath on his own people?

                    If people actually read the Bible they would see that “prophecies” like this are ridiculous.

                  • “For they shall sow wind, and reap a whirlwind…” Osee 8:7

                    totally bogus.

                  • Job was a good man who was sent much suffering by God.

                  • “Bogus,” eh?

                    “For they shall sow wind, and reap a whirlwind” Osee 8:7


                    The Israelites are threatened with destruction for their impiety and idolatry.

                  • You Catholics KILL ME!!! I mean – ya’ll are like the Best people – and Worst (Inquisitions) all at the same time… if the Catholic Church got rid of their Idols, Traditions of men, and now – the little Satanic All Seeing Eye adorning so many Goth Cathedrals…. they’d be alright!!!

                • It’s obvious from the Bible that the world ruler will be one man possessed by Satan.

                  (Dan 9:27 NIV) He will confirm a covenant with many for one ‘seven.’ In the middle of the ‘seven’ he will put an end to sacrifice and offering. And on a wing of the temple he will set up an abomination that causes desolation, until the end that is decreed is poured out on him.”

                  (Rev 16:13 NIV) Then I saw three evil spirits that looked like frogs; they came out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet.

                • No. It will be Germany, the coming Forth Reich.

              • “World” does not mean the way we interpret the meaning today. For example, “Now it came to pass in those days, there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be enrolled.” Obviously Caesar did not take a census of India or China. So the understanding of “world” you refer to has to be interpreted by what the Bible defines it. Much less has to be accomplished than you infer.

                • Most Bible scholars see a one world government. Not merely one government covering the known world during the time of Jesus.

                  • Actually your statement is incredibly incorrect. Only scholars in the Dispensational camp see a one world gov’t in the future. The vast majority of Bible scholars think Dispensationalism is ridiculous. The vast majority of Bible scholars do not believe in a future one world gov’t.

                    That doesn’t make them right. But most disagree with you.

                  • Respectfully, the didn’t understand it the first time either.

                • Rudini is correct. There are many uses of “world” in the Bible where it is clearly not referring to the whole world.
                  I would go into an explanation of the Greek but since it disproves the whole one world gov’t prophecies bologna I know noone will even care. So I won’t waste my time.

              • I think we’re seeing the framework of that governance already with the corporatocracy whose tentacles are spreading into every nation and which is reducing sovereignty of individual nations. It is this network of corporations that will put the economic muscle behind the global government. More power will come from the control over the internet and digital communications which is already happening with the NSA.

                So the framework is there. Just needs more trade agreements and emergency decrees (and an emergency), and of course, a name.

                Respectfully, I don’t think it will be the UN. It’s possible the UN will be the face or facade for the governance, but none of the real power and decision-making will be in the UN. It’s all in the shadow government that’s here already.

                Of course, not everyone believes in Bible prophesy, but if you look at the shadow government in this way, it is pretty amazing all of the groundwork that has been done over the course of decades for the eventual one world leader to step in.

              • No, in fact you’re wrong. Read Ezekiel 38-39. This is the Gog-Magog war (not Armageddon) that brings about the anti-christ and the world gov’t. The anti-christ kingdom lasts seven years, and at the end of the Gog-Magog war Ezekiel says there will be seven years of peace for Israel. So the war ends, the anti-christ comes to power and signs a deal with Israel.

                • watch the papacy and its plans for access to the mount in jerusalem.

                  it is not yet time for the end government.

                • Frank, you are just parroting what most tv preachermen teach. Nobody Ever taught that stuff Untill a guy named Darby from england began his Pretrib Rapture ideas. That morphed into todays dispensationalist stuff. In other words Nobody and zero actual true scholors taught that stuff for the First 18-to-19 centurys of Christianity.

                  Darby based pretrib rapture all on some womans ‘dreams” she claimed she had. Then along came Scofield and his 1903(?) era scofileds explanatory bible. That was Funded by one of the “Rothchild” Bankster sons! Look up scofields history and darbys also!

                  Also to mess it all up even Worse today, most all seminaries and bible collages have Jewish Rabbi professors or teachers. Does anybody really believe any jewish prof or rabbi teachers has good plans for christianity? After all Apostle John says All who reject Christ and who/what He truely was/Is are of “Antichrist”.

                  How many jews or rabbi’s have You met that truly Believe in Jesus?!! Most Hate Him with a Burning Unquenchable Passion even today after 2000 yrs! Yet thats who teaches most baptist or protestant pastor wannabees?!

                  Read my Post below This post.

                  • The futurist belief existed before darby, Premillennialism was the most widely held view of the earliest centuries of the church. Philip Schaff has said, “The most striking point in the eschatology of the ante-Nicene Age (A.D. 100-325) is the prominent chiliasm, or millenarianism, . . . a widely current opinion of distinguished teachers, such as Barnabas, Papia, Justin Martyr, Irenaeus, Tertullian, Methodius, and Lactantius.” (History of the Christian Church, Scribner, 1884; Vol. 2, p. 614)

                    Premillennialism began to die out in the established Catholic Church during the life of Augustine (A.D. 354-430). Chiliasm was suppressed by the dominant Catholic Church, but survived through various “fringe” groups of Christians during the mediaeval period. During the Reformation, Anabaptists and Hugenots helped to revive premillennialism and it was adopted among some Puritans during the Post-Reformation era.

                • Christianity is a false religion. Only the Jewish scriptures apply.

              • You both parrot TV pastors who base all that 7yrs treaty etc and fall of damascus stuff upon Out of context, partial-verses from Danials book. Danials prophecys were mostly for and about the northern 10 tribed “isreal” Kingdom of the North, and “Judah” kingdom of the south.

                Both were prophesied to be taken captive and many killed off unless they repent and turn Back to God and their Covenant with Him.

                Neither the 10 tribes of north called “Israel” nor the southern kingdom called “Judah” would listen. Therefore Danial tells of the vast time frame of about 500-600 yrs of what occured to His people of Israels 12 tribes.

                All that abomination of desolation and end to daily sacrafices stuff promoted by Hagee and Jack Van Impe ET AL, has already happened long ago. Back around 700 BC era, up to when Judah got taken Captive by Nebuchadnezer, Taken TO babylon. That occured about 145 yrs After northern 10 tribed Israel(ONLY their 10 tribes Kept the name of Israel as Jacob blessed josephs twin sons Ephraim and Manesah and jacob said Their tribes will be called “Israel” NOT the southern tribes of Benjamin and Judah(jews for short). 145 yrs After 10 north tribes israel got Taken captive By Assyria. NOT “syria” but “Asyria”.

                It was in 167-165 BC, not today 2013, but Back in BC era that Jews fought wars with Syria and Egypt while they both vied for control of judah etc. They are called in Danial the Kindoms of “North”(syria) and of the “South”(egypt).

                A Despotic and 10th-King/ruler who usurped the title and rulership, named “Antiochos” was the guy who did that “abomination” in the Holy Place. Aka the jewish Temple and alters. He placed a staute of Zeus, the god of War and “Strongholds” Inside the jew temple to Desecrate it, and Banned any more “Daily Sacrafices”.

                Therefore regardless What Van Impe or John Hagee or any other Judaizer type false preachers spew to sell videos or books filled with Mis interpretations, and total disregards for actual documented Historic evedince that these Danial events Happened as danial predicted it to.

                But the KEY words are Danials predicted events Happened already 2150-2700 Years ago. They wont occure again. They Are fullfilled Prophecy. Only the other part of danial where hes told to Seal up info as it pertains to End days time frames, and is a Long ways into the Future etc are still YET to occure.

                Everywhere you see the words “israel” or “Jews” in the bible are NOT interchangable. TV pastors like van impe and the rest try to convince us that israel Always refers to jews and jews always refers to israel. WRONG!

                Ever since Solomon Died, 1000 yrs or so Prior to Christ birth, the 12 tribes Split into TWO Seperate nations, each with their OWN King, Own armys etc. They Fought at least Two civil wars!(ezekials 2-sticks verses proves me correct)

                God sent Many prophets and watchmen to Warn all in both “kingdoms” the northern 10 tribes(israel) as well as southern Judah and benjamin tribes. Including “Danial”.

                They both rejected and Murdered Most prophets sent. Untill God allowed his warnings of Captivities to occure. First was the North 10 tribed “Israel” Fell TO Asyrians.

                145 yrs Later, Judah the southern TWO tribes fell to Babylon and were taken Captive for 70 yrs. Then “some” scholors say aprox 45,000 Only returned to REbuild a 2nd temple. That 2nd temple was Defiled BY the “Abomination of Desolation” BY a statue of ZEUS put in the temple BY Antiochos.(in 165 bc era) Not only does Biblical history prove this, so does Secular Historians.

                Stop believeing whatever those False TV preachers and Wolves who worship Money keep deluding everybody with.

                Most all they spew is nonsense and Disinfo, UNfactual, and gives false hopes to get rich with jesus! get Pre any bad happens, Raptured out escapisim delusional invented BY them, with the Help of their Pharisee Rabbi who they All seem to always have with them on Stage and useing their Talmud to Teach those phony judiazer pastors. The new testement writers Warn us to Beware! of “Judiazers” type preachers who Lead their followers on the Wrong Path, the Path to Evil and Destruction!

                Go Buy a bible called the “new american bible” it came out aprox 30+ yrs ago. It is produced by the Catholics. I Am NOT promoting the vatican or catholics. But That Particular bible has Exallant side notes which Describe all of these important Historic events IN Context as it happened and what was Meant based on Hebrew or Aramiac languages translated to English.

                Are you guys even Aware Most of Danial was written In Aramaic? NOT Hebrew! Aramiac!

                Those side notes I mentioned List each BC century era, and years etc. And fully explain who or what each name or leader or nation etc was called.

                There is NO biblical references to any 3rd jew temple. Nor that it Must be built prior to Christs return like most tv preachers tell you of. That Entire spew was Invented by those preachers like van impee and hal lindsey Based entirely on Out of context wording. The Very words they use from Danial are “Put an End to Daily Sacrafices”! THEN, they conjure up a Fantacy of “Well for That end to daily sacrafices to End, then the jews have to have a Temple with an alter to do such sacrafices in…So that can only mean, jews Must rebuild a 3rd temple!”..WRONG INFO!! Where is it written to do a sacrafice Burnt animal offering to God it MUST be done Inside a “temple”? Did Abraham have a temple to sacrafice his Only Son Issac? NO! all he had was a crude made alter on side of the mountain! What of all the Many animal burnt offering sacrafices mentioned in the old testement eras?…NONE had a Temple! So Who says it is so? That they Must rebuild a third temple to “fullfill” danials “prophecys”? Its NOT biblicaly wrote.

                It IS 100% Falsehoods we were Warned to look Out for in the latter days. Many false teachers shall arise from amoung You(the church/believers)! as those Men or False preachers were Ordained from of Old to be Decievers of Gods children(christians aka the Elect, Not “self chozens” or jews, but Elect Christians is who it speaks to).

                Same for a “7 yr treaty or Contract”. That Happened back in Danials days. Even the “TEN Iron mixed with Clay Toes” stuff is about That BC era. It referes to attempts at Mixed marriages between syrian and egyptian leaders familys to creat peace and a force of One to gain total mid east control etc. Clay and Iron is about Mixed Race marriages mainly, and back Then that era.

                I promice you, if you read the exallant side notes about the historical stuff danial referes to, you will have a whole New epiphiny of knowledge. You never again will bother with such foolish phony false preachers again.

                Just Try it and see for yourself. Read those side notes. Its all In there and explains it all clear as a bell.

                Also to be considered is that the “end times” or Final “age” Began when Christ Died on the cross, and arose again alive. He ushered In the NEW-Covenant of Christianity, which Ended for Good the jews old covenant(the Kingdom Will be Taken from You, aka jews aka 12 tribed israel, and Given to Others aka Christians aka the Elect of the New covenant that replaced the Failed old covenant due to jews and isralites refused to honer it once too often, and it the New covenant shall be a Better one and a Permanant one NEVER again to be replaced).

                And once the end age or end times began Back then, many varied events and prophetic events also began to unfold and unwind. In others words most famous preachers today tell you that everything in book of Danial and especially Revelation, has been Waiting for some “future” event to kick it off or start it all. And Then all that stuff written shall all happen within a 7 year period. Thats wrong too. Some is yet to occure yes, but Much has been evolving or unfolding ever since the middle ages or even perhaps the first century after Christ was taken up to be with the Father in Heaven etc.

                Once you Clear your head from all those falshoods and wrong teachings, then your mind swells and fills with Truth like never before! Just first Empty your mind of Hal Lindsey or van impe spew, then RE read your bibles, and use a good side note info source like I described. You will Amaze yourselves! And you then will Know the Facts and Truths God wants us to know of. Instead of phony pro israel and pro jewish agendas based upon so many False Teachers and Wolves in sheeps clothings.

                • The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is a daily (except Good Friday) sacrifice that we believe will cease in the End Times.

                  Many Catholics believe that the “Novus Ordo Missae” (New Order of the Mass) penned by the Freemason “Buan” Bugnini is precisely Daniel’s “abomination of desolation.” Many Catholics believe that the Judeo-Masonic nature of the Novus Ordo have invalidated the sacrificial sacramental nature of the Mass, hence the sacrifice ceases.

                  Not only have Jesus’ Words been bowdlerized in the Consecration to invalidate it, but the Novus Ordo’s “Prayer Over the Gifts” (Offertory) was lifted from the same Torah SheBe’al Peh (“Oral Torah” = Talmud) that blasphemes Jesus Christ:

                  You begin to understand why the post-Vatican II “Popes” have been playing kissy face in submission to the Synagogue of Satan.

                  • What ceased at the cross was the need for the lamb sacrifice. Jesus WAS the sacrificial lamb. Remember when the high priest when in the most holy place and the angel ripped the curtain from the top down to the bottom. Bet he was really shocked.

                • Them Guys,

                  “All that abomination of desolation and end to daily sacrafices stuff promoted by Hagee and Jack Van Impe ET AL, has already happened long ago.”

                  That statement has to been in err.


                  Question made in Mark 13:4, “Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign when all these things shall be fulfilled?”

                  Yahushua answers in Mark 13:14, “But when ye shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it ought not, (let him that readeth understand,) then let them that be in Judaea flee to the mountains…”

                  Perhaps this sight might be of use for you.


                  • I think what Christ was saying of flee to the mountains was sepcific to Their generation, because Jesus warnned the jews and rabbi there 2nd temple will be demolished again and not a stone left upon another stone.

                    That occured in 70 ad just aprox 40 yrs later when Many of the christians He spoke to in person were still alive to witness it. Roman armys surrounded jerusalem and besides destruction of temple also killed off Over a million jews. Because They the jews never believed Anything Jesus said so it was mostly Christians who Fled to safty in mountains. Let him understand likly means understand as in it was Armys attacking when antiochaus placed a statue of zeus in the temple in 165BC, which then was considered a gross violatin and abomination.

                    The word abomination is used to describe Homo Faggots also right. So does That mean we should look out for a time when a faggot will stand where he ought not to and Then run to the hills.

                    You need to begin with Verse ONE,Mark 13, wher an apostle marvels at the temple and its awsomeness and says so to Jesus. Verse 2 Jesus says Not a stone be left standing etc. Later the men went with Christ away from crowds etc, thats when they asked Jesus to xplain it all what did he mean and how it will happen, the temple be again destroyed.

                    Keep in mind: The apostle writers ALL at first thought And Believed the 2nd comming will occure IN THEIR time, or by the end of First Generation of christians. Luke later realizes its a lot longer off into the future etc.

                    So what they wrote like mark ch 13 they believed it all will be acomplished Then in their times. That slants their writings. This is a major cause for upset of christians when Paul has to tell them calm down as they were told by Others that they Missed the resurection alredy!

                    Now THINK! Only due to the entire comunity of christians belived at first it all happenes IN their times, would cause such upset and confusions right. “IF” the early christians of Jesus’ day already knew it was set for Far into the future to occure? Then why would they get upset at being told They Missed the “Rapture” event?

                    Rememebr most if not all the new test, was written After jesus was Gone. Some of it aprox 150-200 yrs after. And the writers used wordings and terms their generations used or understood etc. Same as us cont founders wrote in Their word meanings of Their era. Also the writers of bible had nobody looking over their shoulder dictation it all word for word. They wrote it AS They recalled it, and some was wrote from Knowledge Told to others as those writers weent even Born before Jesus died.

                    Christ knew if he said watch for that abomination of DESOLATION, they all will recognize a repeat event of rome armys atacking the temple etc. Which Is exactly what happened in 70 ad. And the Christians FLED to safty. Jews stayed behind to get killed due to Disbeliefe in Jesus’s words and warnings.

                    Dainals 70th week also is about Atiochous and a statue of Zeus aka the God(false) of Fortress’s and WAR, that was in 165 BC era. It desecrated the temple, made it UNholy. Thats what Christ refered to so they’d understand it meant watch for Roman Armys and immenent attack etc then FLEE to the Hills. AND As foretold, that Lasted almost exactly 42-Months total. Or 3 1/2 Yrs. That “Contract” for ONE Week in Danials 9th ch. Was Made with the bad jews who turned away from God for help etc. There is NO 70th week of danial still to occure, and its is expertly decribed of in the SIDE Notes I mentioned. See end of this post for more on it.

                    You cannot expect to take every single word of each page begining, to end page of the bible and think each single WORD is told by God to the writer so WE can go by it as some type Manual step by step, like instructions to build a bicycle kit with complete Instructionb manual included.

                    Some of the bible has been verrified to be Misplaced, or lost in its orig, so no choice existed but to add parts they honestly thought “Fit” properly etc. BUT the Main plans of God for mankind and salvation etc is proper and intact. But not every single word of phrase is to be as if set in stone. Not sure if my answer is sufficent?

                    I suggest Buy that “New american bible” mainly For the exallant side notes which explain all these dates and events and many various rulers or leaders names etc.

                    Because I aint going to sit here and type out so much info, its massive amounts way too much to post here or type with One fingure methods I use!! Those side notes will greatly enhance your views I think.

                    Most non catholics wont consider it probobly. Thats too bad as they will miss out on Much great info NOT found in their baptist or protestant bibles probobly. I never seen such info in any other bibles as yet.

                    I aint promoting catholics, I Was raised as one, but basically stopped partaking at age 15, when I just “Knew” something was Not right in there any longer. Took me till a decade ago to realize or learn its likly Due to VaticanII(vatican jew I call it as its wrote more by jews than actual true christian catholics). But that dont make that bible I recomend invalid neither! Maybe its avail Online too? Exallant side note info is all I can say.

                  • I have to respectfully disagree with Them Guys on this one. Although, I will say we agree on a lot of things, from what I’ve read of their posts. Mark 13:14 is definitely prophetic and has not occurred yet.

                    The abomination of desolation is of course the Antichrist pretending to be the messiah in God’s holy city of Jerusalem.

                    The reason they are saying to leave Judea and flee to the mountains cause Jerusalem (aka Mystery Babylon) is getting ready to do down as he judges the great whore which corrupt the earth. So they better get their ass out of there if they don’t want to go down with it.

                    Course, Jerusalem is nowhere near holy right now.
                    When one realizes that Mystery Babylon is, in fact, Jerusalem that prophetic scripture makes all the more sense.

                    One more quick thing that gives you a clue as to what’s going on in Mystery Babylon.

                    Mark 13:17 But woe to them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!

                    This is usually misconstrued as some kind of pregnant lady warning or something of that matter. However, it says “them” not her/she. Them, being male or female so cannot be that. This is describing those that have worshipped the Antichrist/Satan and nursing the apostate religion. That’s why there is a WOE to them. A Woe is a warning of immense magnitude. That’s why at the end of the 4th trump it gives 3 Woes, cause Satan/Antichrist is on his way at 5th trump.

              • Daniel 2:44 said: 44 “And in the days of those kings(World governments)the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be brought to ruin. And the kingdom itself will not be passed on to any other people. It will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms, and it itself will stand to times indefinite. In the year 33 C.E., the fleshly nation of Israel lost its claim to be God’s chosen nation when it rejected Yahweh Son, the Messiah. The Messiah himself put it this way: “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the killer of the prophets and stoner of those sent forth to her . . . Look! Your house is abandoned to you.” (Matthew 23:37, 38) Jesus’ statement came true when in 70 C.E., Roman legions destroyed Jerusalem along with its temple and priesthood.

                • In view of all that God said of the Pharisees’ behavior and their fate, why do the followers of John Hagee serve the followers of the Pharisees?

                  “The Jewish religion as it is today traces its descent, without a break, through all the centuries, from the Pharisees. Their leading ideas and methods found expression in a literature of enormous extent, of which a very great deal is still in existence. The Talmud is the largest and most important single member of that literature, and round it are gathered a number of Midrashim, partly legal (Halachic) and partly works of edification (Haggadic). This literature, in its oldest elements, goes back to a time before the beginning of the Common Era, and comes down into the Middle Ages. Through it all run the lines of thought which were first drawn by the Pharisees, and the study of it is essential for any real understanding of Pharisaism.” [Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. 3 pg. 474]

                  “Pharisaism became Talmudism, Talmudism became Medieval Rabbinism, and Medieval Rabbinism became Modern Rabbinism. But throughout these changes of name, inevitable adaptation of custom, and adjustment of Law, the spirit of the ancient Pharisee survives unaltered.” [Rabbi Dr. Finkelstein, The Pharisees: The Sociological Background of Their Faith, The Jewish Publication Society of America (1946) p. xxi]

                • That also destroyed by FIRE all jew DNA or decendents Records Kept Inside the temple. Therefore no records Now exist to verify any jew claims as proof they decended from Any of the 12 orig tribes of israel.

                  And modern day(December of 2012! and also 2001) Jewish scientists and various dna and anthropology experts from hebrew univ, of BIO Ethics and dna studies, as well as John Hopkins Univ & Hospital, which Published the new dna EVIDENCE, After an Exaustive 2 Year vetting process Prior to agreeing to Publish it as FACT, PROVES,Beyond All Doubt, With DNA, Evidence Galore, that of ALL the worlds jewish folks alive in the world Today…As Many as 98%, that is NINTY EIGHT Percent! are “KHAZER” origin and NOT of ANY of the Orig 12 israel Tribes.

                  No sane person can debate Nor discount such highly Vetted work Published BY John Hopkins as Their reputation is at stake if they do not get it correct.

                  Therefore Anyone who’s reaction to reading of or hearing of this newer dna evidence etc, is of the Usual type Kneejerk Crys of racist or antisemite or Nazi! upon reading this info, are simply reacting based on Pure Raw Emotional “Feelings” ingrained into that type person due to a Lifetime of MSM-Public schools-Hollywood movies-that are All By Design, Propaganda and Dis or Mis info, designed to achieve its Intended ressults of…Always unquestionable defence and full support for Jews and All things jew related.

                  Time to remove Blinders, and have a Massive Awakening occure nationwide in America so folks will begin to rely on Factual Truths instead of Raw emotional feelings, based on decades or a lifetime of Brainwashings regarding this issue and The folks known as jewish.

                  Perhaps Then we can see an Ending of “Special” and “Extra” Rights afforded to their group soley based upon disinfo and outright Lies as seen in 800+ Hollywood movies…One of the Latest being Spielbergs “SWindlers List” movie of Little true facts, mixed full with Massive lies or propagands designed to Keep folks Under the gun, as well as Brainwash the Next Generation, Your Kiddies. Time to Boycott Eli Weazel and his 2% fact with 98% crapola books etc. as DNA Proof has shown us the massive Hoxes perpetrated on Us BY Khazer-Fake jews. aka “Synagouge of Satan”!

                  • The synagogue’s obsession with race is both sad and amusing. The Slavs pose as “Semites” while their own genetics research refutes them.

                    God did exactly what He said He would if they disobeyed Him.

                    Meanwhile, just as the Blessed Mother has warned at LaSalette, Fatima, and Akita, we too will soon have our turn at chastisement for our disobedience.

                    “Be not deceived, God is not mocked.” Galatians 6:7

            • Ah, you’ve been reading ahead 😉 The prophecy against Damascus was what came to mind as soon as I read the headline.

              • Probably next week.

            • durango kidd says:

              “This coming region wide conflict will produce three things:

              1. The destruction of Damascus.
              2. A First Strike by Israel upon Iran, and
              3. A Seven Year Peace Treaty.

              We know how the story ends.”


              And the Oracle speaks.

              Care to bet your life on that prediction?

              • I already have! 🙂

                • durango kidd says:

                  “I already have.”


                  So who is the counterparty on that bet?

                  Your Mother???

                  • Your Mama: Jesus Christ! 🙂

                  • nice

              • Actually, the Bible says Gog-Magog strikes first. Read Ezekiel 38-39 and you’ll see an EXACT description of what’s taking place right now right before our eyes.

                your moth’a, read the Bible and you won’t be so caught out unaware.

                • durango kidd says:

                  “Your Mama: Jesus Christ!”

                  So if Jesus Christ is a “counterparty” to your bet on the actions of man, then Jesus Christ is “betting” on the actions of men [free will] as you see it.

                  That sounds like what Wall Street, and the Banksters do!

                  So DK when your prophecy doesn’t come to pass, are you gonna “off” yourself to satisfy the bet?

                  I suspect not! I don’t think you even believe your own BS. That BS is just for Boobus.

                  And oh how they suck it up.

                • FRANK: Do You think Ezekial chapter “37” will happen Prior to those two chapters of 38-39 you mentioned?

                  Ch.37 is about Israel 10 tribes AND Judahs 2 tribes “DRY BONES” Prophecy. It is Obviously speaking about The Resurection to Life again. That Only occures at Time of Return of Jesus. Once again we see the main Method used by TV preachers like Hagee or Falwell et al being parroted.

                  Their method it seems is to First conjur up a “beliefe”. Then scan thru the entire bible untill various verses-1/2 verses-individual Words-are found. Then think of it as Their proof(?!) in a manner similar to…

                  Ok we Know, That over There means This…And we also Know that This over Here means That! So it can Only mean that whatever we Now think about this or that, Has to mean….This…because…What Else could it Mean class?!!

                  Gee I dunno, maybe it could mean a Hundred other things we aint yet thought of huh?

                  Them Wolves Posing as Pastors, self anointed preachers, use a mis mash mix of such 1/2 verses and Out of context verses and also disregard the Fact that a New covenant Replaced the old orig covenant. So that they can keep useing OT writtings and apply it to Todays times in most any Configuration of verses, to count it as proof of end times events and especially to Keep jews as The Chozens no matter what. The apostle bible writers called them “judiazers” and Warned us to Beware! Avoid them at all cost. I guess thats way None of such type preachers Ever speaks out loud about those verses and warnings.

                  How many have You heard on TV or In a church speak about REV. Ch 2 vs 9…IE: “You have those amoung you who call themselves Jews…But they are NOT, as they Are Imposters, and Of the Synagouge OF Satan!”…Jesus’s Own words(red letter editions) Or teach You, John Ch. 8 vs 44.

                  No none ever mention That and many More similar verses…Why Not? because how can they preach to Worship jews-israel and all things related to both, after they finally admit to these issues? They cannot!…Beware of Judiazer pastors. Get it Yet?

              • He is using the Word of God, All the followers of Jesus Christ will bet our life on that PROPHECY. No “oracle” involved, you willfully ignorant godless heathen.

            • Destruction of Israel along with the rest of us.

            • Israel will be a green glass parking lot long before Ddamascus.

        • RODSTER,not this time,money will be second on the list,OBAMA is about to destroy america,so him and his minions from hell don’t go to prison,BE PREPEARED FOR INVASION OF AMERICA,YES RED DAWN,its planned and ready to fly,and they don’t plan to lose……………..

        • It is not quite true. Obama or better say US banksters are those who are the aggressors. Putin is not an aggressor but a defender of Syria. There is absolute difference between these two leaders. The whole world is sick of American PAX which is actually worst hellish nightmare for those who had ‘luck’ to experience it. America is a criminal state, a murderer of innocent people men, women, children. There is no similarity between Obama/USA and Putin/RF. USA is satan’s country and sooner or later it will collapse. Even many Americans are sick of American government, not to mention all the other people around the world.

      2. Let’s start this off with a smile!

        Pfizer Corp. announced today that Viagra will soon be available in liquid form, and will be marketed by Pepsi Cola as a power beverage suitable for use as a mixer.

        It will now be possible for a man to literally pour himself a stiff one. Obviously we can no longer call this a soft drink, and it gives new meaning to the names of “cocktails”, “highballs” and just a good old-fashioned “stiff drink”. Pepsi will market the new concoction by the name of: MOUNT & DO.

        Y’all Beware! Keep Smilin’.

        • Y’all Beware

          I’ll take two bottles, just to
          keep from pissing on my shoes!

          • OutWest,

            Go for broke – get a six pack!

            Y’all Beware! Keep Smilin’.

            • LOL, no you’ll piss in your face. 🙂

          • OutWest: But you’re a midget, your claim is misleading at best!

        • In a crowded New York City at a busy bus stop, a woman who was waiting for a bus was wearing a tight leather skirt.
          As the bus stopped and it was her turn to get on, she became aware that her skirt was too tight to allow her leg to come up to to the height of the first step of the bus.
          Slightly embarrassed and with a quick smile to the bus driver, she reached behind her to unzip her skirt a little, thinking that this would give her enough slack to raise her leg.
          Again, she tried to make the step only to discover she still couldn’t.
          So, a little more embarrassed, she once again reached behind her to unzip her skirt a little more.
          For the second time,attempted the step, and, once again, much to her chagrin, she could not raise her leg.
          With little smile to the driver, she again reached behind to unzip a little more and again was unable to make the step.
          About this time, a large Texan who was standing behind her picked her up easily by the waist and placed her gently on the step of the bus.
          She went ballistic and turned to the would-be Samaritan and screeched, “How dare you touch my body! I don’t even know who you are!’
          The Texan smiled and drawled, “Well, ma’am, normally I would agree with you, but after you unzipped my fly three times, I kinda figured we was friends.”

            • JayJay—Hilarious! I love New York City Jokes.
              Another one goes like this:
              A man and his country friend were taking the bus
              through NYC when the country friend declared that
              he really had to take a crap bad.
              The guy tells his country friend that this is New
              York City, and you can get away with doing anything
              here. Just stick your ass out the window and let ‘er
              fly. So he did.
              About that time a couple of winos were walking along
              the sidewalk and the shit hit one right square in the
              face. Wiping his face, the wino says to the other one,
              “I wonder what kind of chewing tobacco that was?”
              The other wino with a wide eyed look says, “I don’t
              know, man, but did you see the size of them Jaws?”

              • OutWest & JayJay: One of my favorites goes like this; A Texan (Big Hat) was visiting NYC when he was spotted leaving the bathroom w/o washing his hands. The New Yorker spoke up and said “In NY we wash our hands after taking a piss” to which the Texan responded “In Texas, they teach us not to piss on our hands”, as he walked out.

          • Very funny…this makes the blogs as good as the article above

            • These jokes are really old and bad.

          • Good one, smiles and 10 thumbs up JJ

        • You know that if you don’t swallow it fast enough, you’ll get a stiff neck.

          • Archivist—yeah I know…your mother told me that.

        • LMAO!!!!

        • If you abuse this drink, you’ll be sent to a penile institution.

      3. Get the effin november-166- echo romeo out of office before he gets us nuked.

        • Joseph……… one is going to Nuke us… leat of all Russia. We can obliterate each other 100 times over…no one wins with that one.

          They are not nukin SHIT.

          • Keep spoutin off dipshyt. Its not if but when

            We already know damascus is going to get leveled.( isaiah 17 )..most likely by a nuke, as its only explination how so, so keep yammering your “we cant be beat” ignorant attitude, and hold on to your ass…lifes gonna get interesting soon for the world.

            • How about a nice game of “Tic Tac Toe”


              • +1 for War Games reference!

                • Would you like to play a game?


                  • Joshua, what are you doing?

            • If ya believe as I know – that America is Babylon…. SHE is descimated in one Holocaustic hour without so much as a whimper… she doesn,t get a shot off!!!

              • Amen.

                Heads down eyes up.

                Stock and prepare, the hour draws near.

                And if I die, I hope some unbeliever praying for help, finds my preps as an answer and is saved.

              • Also note…the two instances of babylon and prophecy against..,,

                There is the city of babylon, which can be seen as NYC or Rome

                Then there is the NATION of babylon.

                And before fools argue against the upcoming judgement of the US….I suggest you research the isaiah 9:10 judgement and how it all fits with the events surrounding 9/11, grwat book of fiction vased on 100% provable fact…. “The Harbinger” by Jonathan Cane (sp?)

                I pray those reading these words that the scales fall from their eyes, denying provable evidence is about as moronic as chopping off your tits cause you “might” get cancer

                • Here’s a less-well-known!!!
                  When Bartholdi (And Company) commissioned, designed and built Lady Liberty – she was originally made with a “CUP” (As opposed to the Torch). The NYPA, recognizing the need for a Harbor Light House and their opportunity in use of the Statue – sent request to Bartholdi for a design change – hence the Torch. The only problem in all this was that the CUP had already been designed and made — so comes the KICKER —- “Drum Roll Please” —- as all Bible Prophecy enthusiast/scholars/students should be aware of – the CUP (Of Trembling) in Bible Prophesy represents G-ds Wrath and Judgement (Comp/See Is 51:17-23, Jer 25:15-38 [And dream/vision of A. A. Allen]) —- and Lady Liberty’s CUP, then without a home, was auctioned off!!! Guess who baught it and where’t today sits?!!!

                  The Tsar of Russia…. Liberty’s Cup (The Cup of G-ds Trembling/Wrath) was sold to RUSSIA and today sits in Moscow!!!
                  Was G-d showing the Masons from where JUDGEMENT would come???!!!

                  • MagenD: good find about that lady liberty cup etc. But when you say cup of trembling and Gods wrath, thats not the same as the cup overflowing with the Blood of the saints mentioned in scripture with the Babylon woman of Revelation. Gods cup of wrath is a different cup unless you think gods wrath is prepared for his saints!

                    I’d say if lady liberty represents any parts of prophecy. Then it would be as in the Woman that Rides the Beast and it is Her cup. Thats Satans cup of violence and death to Gods Saints. Gods wrath cup would be totally different as His wrath is poured out on the evil doers etc and Not saints.

                  • This in response to “Them Guys” 9:03….

                    See A. A. Allens Vision! If you have then you know that he see’s the Torch (Of Illumination) ripped from Liberty’s hand and the “Cup of G-ds Wrath/Indignation” forced into it – from which she is Forced to Consume…. and then comes the Russian Attack….
                    When G-d brought WRATH against Israel (Lost Tribes), it was by the Assyrians. Then Judah – the Babylonians later Romans. When He brings Judgement against “Babylon” – it’ll likewise be from an outside source – Armies from the North. Whose NORTH???!!!
                    —- 200 years ago – the CUP that was supposed to go into Liberties (Ishtars/Isis) hand was changed by the ILLUMINATED ones to a Torch. Could it have been by Divine Providence that the “Cup” (Representing G-ds Judgement – in this instance) – was sent to “The Armies of the North” (Russia)…

                • Rome is NOT the “GREAT CITY” (Rev 18:10) – whom “The MERCHANTS of the EARTH will WEEP and CRY over because NO ONE BUYS THEIR CARGOES ANY MORE” (Rev 18:11).

                  No one would pull their hair out if “ROME” got NUKED into oblivian. Excepting family members/Catholics?! Who would “BEWAIL” the loss of Rome – or the WHOLE COUNTRY of Italy for that matter?!!!
                  NO ONE!
                  America is the Country!!! And HER Capital (Is New York – not DC) NEW YORK, THE BIG APPLE, GOTHOM – the GREEN CARD Capital of the World —– Is “The Great City”. Rev 18.
                  Period!!! No other place on Mercury, Venus, Earth or Mars fills the Bill. The WORLD will be utterly Astounded, Amazed and CONFOUNDED at HER (Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll – WOODSTOCK, CONDOMS AND VIAGRA AND COMEDY AND MTV AND HOLLYWOOD AND FREEDOM OF WORSHIP FOR ALL) CATYCLISMIC FALL…. in ONE HOUR will such GREAT WEALTH be brought to ruin (Rev 18:19)…… and they will NEVER SEE IT COMING because they’ll be to busy Watching the Newest Reality show. Or shooting up Zombies on PS3. Et Al –

                  • @MagenD – Sounds like propaganda! Anyone who knows about and understands U.S. history will have a good laugh at what you said:

                    “America is the Country!!! And HER Capital (Is New York – not DC) NEW YORK, THE BIG APPLE, GOTHOM – the GREEN CARD Capital of the World —– Is “The Great City”. Rev 18.”

                    LOL, New York is absolutely NOT the capital of the United States, but Washington D.C. is, and where the White House is located.

                    When they want to wipe a country off the map and put it under the invader’s control, the first thing they attack is the capital of that country.

                    NEW YORK STATE is known for: 🙁
                    – Corruption
                    – Unsafe
                    – The famous “Gangs of New York” & plenty of movies about them.
                    – Activities of Wall Street gangs and the Diamond trade
                    – High cost of living for no good reasons
                    – No manufacturing
                    – The last infamous attack on the day of 9-11

                  • @ MagenD,

                    Oh boy, sounds like America and Rome are expecting some kind of (man-made) disasters coming. There’re different versions of the bible, the Old Testament, King James Version, the Geneva version, etc….

                    King James version was revised, slanted, and published in 1611. The more you know the facts about history, the better you can tell which verse is true or false; some prophecies in King James version are actually plots. (As we learn Jesus was not allowed to spread his words). And Some of your quotes in your postings are ???/questionable.

                    1. MagenD said, Rome is NOT the “GREAT CITY” (Rev 18:10)
                    Really, I thought Rome is known as an ancient city. And it’s well known for its battles, their Crusaders, its famous paintings, and its fashion leather design, etc… It has always been called the great city.

                    2. MagenD said, “The MERCHANTS of the EARTH will WEEP and CRY over because NO ONE BUYS THEIR CARGOES ANY MORE” (Rev 18:11).

                    Take a lesson from Israel. Have your politicians make laws to penalize any company that boycotts Israeli products. In the documentary and in China’s written records, since the 4th century Attila/the Hun brought in his massive military and forced China and other small countries to open their trade routes.

                    3. MagenD said, “No one would pull their hair out if “ROME” got NUKED into oblivian.”

                    Decoding: Man-made earthquake. 🙁

                    4. MagenD said, “Who would “BEWAIL” the loss of Rome – or the WHOLE COUNTRY of Italy for that matter?!!! ……… NO ONE!” 🙁

                    No one? Really, how about the Vatican & 1.5 BILLION Catholics??

                    And the gals who bought Italian shoes, purses, and designer clothing?? LOL.

                  • Mystery Babylon is Jerusalem. The antichrist arrives on the scene at the 5th trump in Rev: 9. We know this cause in Rev: 11:7 “the beast out of the bottomless pit kills the two witnesses” Regardless of your teachings or what versions you were taught, all agree that the antichrist is the one that kills the two witnesses.

                    All over in Revelation it’s referred to as the “great city”, even in Jeremiah 22:8, Jerusalem is referred to as “great city”.

                    There is even a scripture in REvelation that leaves ZERO doubt what the great city is. Here it is word for word:

                    Rev: 11:8 And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of THE GREAT CITY, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where ALSO our LORD was CRUCIFIED”

                    Where was Jesus crucified? Jerusalem

                    Rev: 21:10 And he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain, and shewed me THAT GREAT CITY, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of Heaven from God

                    Much confusion is taken away from prophecy when we know the names of the players. Great Britain and America are Ephraim and Manasseh in the scriptures.

                    Isreal, is NOT the tiny nation of today. They are imposters: Hence Rev 2:9 and 3:9…I know the blasphemy of them that say they are Jews and are not, but are of the Synagogue of satan.

                    Isreal is the name of the peoples that are from the 12 sons of Jacob, whose name was changed to Israel. Eventually broke into two kingdoms. The northern kingdom became “lost”to their identity for a time. Jews were simply those that belonged to tribe of Judah (hence Jesus being a jew) or province Judean province.

                    I’ll try my best to summarize with such limited space. Satan is also the 2nd beast, that has control of the first beast and heals the wound of the first beast (one global government)

                    In some shape or form, the 1st beast is arranged into 7 regions with 10 heads of power. Some global catastrophe occurs that wounds one of the heads of the beast. The antichrist (Satan himself) comes to earth, heals the wound and saves the day. He performs miracles etc., and every religion is going to think he is their messiah and will save the day.

                    Satan sets up his kingdom in Jerusalem, period, he would not use some hack city somewhere else in the world. He wants to be worshiped as God and only Jerusalem will do.

                    I’ve watched the video of the 9 harbingers or whatever it was called. The rabbi is right, except he compares America to ancient Isreal, when in reality America IS PART of ancient Isreal. They are part of the 10 “lost” northern tribes, so yes Isreal is being punished for abandoning God but is NOT mystery babylon in the above scenario.

              • Mystery Babylon is the Vatican. Rome was built on 7 hills.

                (Rev 17:5-9 NIV) This title was written on her forehead: MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT THE MOTHER OF PROSTITUTES AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. {6} I saw that the woman was drunk with the blood of the saints, the blood of those who bore testimony to Jesus. When I saw her, I was greatly astonished. {7} Then the angel said to me: “Why are you astonished? I will explain to you the mystery of the woman and of the beast she rides, which has the seven heads and ten horns. {8} The beast, which you saw, once was, now is not, and will come up out of the Abyss and go to his destruction. The inhabitants of the earth whose names have not been written in the book of life from the creation of the world will be astonished when they see the beast, because he once was, now is not, and yet will come. {9} “This calls for a mind with wisdom. The seven heads are seven hills on which the woman sits.

                • do you think it might be possible that some of these Bible prophecies were meant to apply to the times of the readers and writers. Or was the entire Bible simply written for the benefit of America.

                  “Hear ye Oh people of Isreal. We are about to be invaded by the Babylonians. In your time of dire need I will now give you a prophecy about a country that will not exist for thousands of years, In my prophecy I will call that country “Babylon”. But about your current situation with the nation of Babylon I have no word.”

                  Gee thanks prophet.

                  • Why dont you study and readi it sonetimes, you will understand that the scripture was put together for the final generatiin, and the prophecys that peopke think already hapoened were NOT 100% fullfilled…,, so it s not describing things that passed.., close but not 100%, and thats the thing about prophecy, it has to be 100%

                    Stop trying to argue the fact prophecy is unfolding, by disputing partiality in past. It shows this generations half assed ignorance.

                  • Not sure if you are jesting or not, but will give you quick run down on who America is in the Bible. Being America is such a blessed nation and has all the military might and once was a great Christian nation blah blah blah, many want to add them to scriptures where they do not belong.

                    Yes, we were blessed as we should of been cause America is part of ancient Israel, being part of the “lost northern tribes”

                    Prophecy gets skewed when you try to place someone other than Jerusalem as mystery babylon. Regardless, Jerusalem is the most important city in Biblical history and is fitting that it all ends there.

                    Here are your keys to America. There are dozens of scriptures that detail who “Isreal” is in the Bible, or markers as they call them.

                    Gen: 28:14
                    Gen: 35:11
                    There is ZERO chance that those that call themselves jews now are of these prophecies. They constitute like 1% of global population or something like that. They cannot be numbered as the sands of the sea etc.

                    Now here specifically is America and Great Britain.

                    Gen 48:19 And his father refused, and said, I know it, my son, I know it;he also shall become a people, and he also shall be great: but truly his younger brother shall be greater then he, and his seed shall become a multitude of nations.

                    Great Britian (Ephraim), at one point, was the global power of the world. The sun never set on their empire, hence the company of great nations and settling the islands/coastlines of the world.

                    Mannaseh (America) shall be a great people as well, and of course we were founded from Great Britain.

                    Not sure why so many Christians fail to want to accept that the real Israel (those lost tribes and consequently all Christians) are the chosen people so to speak. Think about it, we are the one spreading the word and doing the missions etc. What does present day Israel do? They deny Christ to start with. It’s absurd.

                    Had it not been for the Christian nations the world would of been communist/anti god a long time ago, so yes Israel blessed the world.

                • “The (Not so) Mysterious Whore” is “The Queen of Heaven” (See Jer 7:18 and Jer 44:Whole Chapter). – Throughout the century’s, nations, states and Empires known alternately as “Ishtar” (Babylon), “Isis” (Egypt), “Athena” (Greece), “ARTEMIS” (Ephesus – See: Acts 19:23-41), Minerva/Libertash’ (Rome), LIBERTY (The WEST) — the same SPIRITUAL “prostitute” which has worked her IDOL/way into the Catholic Church as Mary (Mother of G-d – HA, G-d HAS NO MOTHER)!!!! It is HER that is full of “The Blood of the Saints” – just as 50,000,000 innocent/helpless Babies have been sacrificed in her “Liberty’s” name/honor. She has only semi-disguised herself as “The Catholic Church”… but is not THEM who are guilty of “The Blood of the Saints” – but HER HARLOT SPIRIT in the Catholic Church. The “BEAST” she rides is “SATANS/LUCIFERS” Idolotrous/Anti-Christ Spiritual Economic/Governmental system (“CHURCH” – if you will) that has spread over the “7” Continents (Not Hills/Mountains) of the earth…. cont’d

                  • Mystery Babylon (Part Deus)
                    Something to note about the “7 Kings/Kingdoms” (That ARE ALSO “7” Hills) is that by Johns day (90ish AD) – 5 Had already been (Come and Gone = Egypt (Pharaoh – of the Exodus), Assyria (Sennacherib), Babylon (Nebuchadnezzar), Medo/Persia (Xerses/Darius III), Greece (Alexander/Antiochus IV).
                    1 WAS/IS = ROME (NERO)
                    Then the 2 to come = Possibly Hitlers Nazi Germany and finally Anti-Christ Kingdom…. OR “Mystery Babylon the Great – West/America” and finally Anti-Christ Kingdom?! No Matter who you think MYSTERY BABYLON is – one thing IS clear from scripture (Rev 17:16) – The BEAST (Anti-Christ) and 10 “Horns” (Kings) will HATE THE WHORE (Babylon/That GREAT CITY – New York (Where the WHORE SITTETH) – and will “Leave HER naked and BURN HER with FIRE”… cont’d

                  • MYSTERY BABYLON (In Summation)

                    In summation – “Mystery Babylon” has been throughout World History the CAPITAL (Great City) of “Ishtars/Liberties” MYSTERY Religion – leading the World astray into VICE/CORRUPTION. She sat in Rome as Minerva in 90 AD. Today her capital is in NY. It is MARKED by HER IDOL in NY Harbor. It is MARKED by the Litteral Town/City of “BABYLON” on Long Island in NY. It is MARKED by all its PSEUD’s/Nicknames (Gotham, The BIG APPLE, LIBERTY CITY) – and – I Believe – is MARKED —– “For Destruction”!!!!
                    A. A. Allen believed it. (See/Google “Vision A. A. Allen”)
                    Henry Gruver believes it. (See/Google “Vision Henry Gruver”)
                    Many Having Visions/Dreams (Search Youtube)
                    Rabbi Johnathan Cahn “Strongly” alludes to the “Possibility” (Read his book – “The Harbinger”)….

                  • P.S. – Concerning my post above (12:11 am) – and all others, little confusing. Am saying that “The Mystery Woman” is the World “LIBERTY” Center – Her World Capital and Center is exactly where She sits – New York. It is NOT the Roman Church – my point was that the “Spirit” of HER has infiltrated the Catholic Church, as it has ALL Churchs…. the Harlot is Ishtar. Her house is in NY!!!

                • Food-4-Thought like!!!


         (A. A. Allen Vision)

         (Henry Gruver Vision)

         (About Jonathan Cahn’s “Harbinger”)

         (See all 20ish “FIDOKAVE213 Channel” Youtube).

                  Awesome NOTE concerning “A. A. Allens Vision of 1954” above. In his vision he mentions Intercepter/Defense Missles… not even thought of in 1954. Also – Submarine based BM,s virtually unheard of at that time. (Google – First Submarine Ballistic Missles).

        ,_New_York (Last but not least – thought I was lieing didn’t ya) – I’ve seen it somewhere that the First thing one see’s entering NY Harbor is the Water Tower for Babylon NY on Long Island – and reads “WELCOME TO BABYLON”!!!
                  Babylon – by the way, means – GATEWAY OF THE (PAGAN) GODS!!!

                  Rev 18 – “She Burns in 1 Hour”

                  • “FIDOKAVE213” – Sorry, meant “31” videos…. so much going on in the World now – he has to put them together each month!!!

                    P.S. – all note. For anyone checking the following link who likes and would like to keep track of this Youtube Channel “FIDOKAVE213” – he has 31 video’s at the following link – and now (BEGINNING VIDEO’s – MONTH OF JUNE) will be found on youtube at “SEVENTHVILE”. He has just created a new Channel and will be posting VID’s from this month (JUNE) on – there. See 2nd link below.

           (31 Video’s)


                • MagenD sorry but I refuse to place faith in some guy who claims hes seen the future in a vision or whatever. That is precicely what too many christians today seem to do. Hear about some new wannbee prophetic voice, then believe he Must be right cause well they Want him to be.

                  Like I said the BIBLE mentions a Differant cup the babylon woman who Rides the Beast is holding and its full of Saints blood aka MARTYRD Saints. Gods wrath cup is an all together seperate issue as biblically stated. Believe that guy if you care to. I prefere Gods word in the bible.

              • There is no “Magen David” (Star of David) in the Word of God.

                As to that hexagram, there is NO biblical reference to a “Star of David,” but there are references to the Star of Rempham (Acts 7:43) and Amos 5:26 notes:

                “But you carried a tabernacle for your Moloch, and the image of your idols, the star of your god, which you made to yourselves.”

                “And you took unto you the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Rempham, figures which you made to adore them. And I will carry you away beyond Babylon.” Acts 7:43

                • Your half right – your point is???
                  There was a Star of Jesus. The “WISE” men followed it to Beth-Lechem – and brought frankincense and myrrh to the Newborn King (Son of David). So – in a very real sense – there is a Star-OF-David…
                  His name was Yashua (aka Jesus of Nazereth, Son of G-d, Rightful Heir to the Throne of G-d most High)…. what therefore doth thou take Issue with???!!!

                  P.S. just a side note – Beth-Lechem (Bethlehem) comes to us from the Hebrew meaning “House of Bread”. When Micah prophesied that the Anointed Ruler, the Messiah, a “Prophet like Moses” (Dt 18:15-19) would be born in Beth-Lechem (Mic 5:2) – do you think he realized/knew that what he was Prophesying was that Jesus “The Bread of Life” (Jn 6) would come from the “The House of Bread” some 750 years later… you appear to know many things sire… did you know this???!!!

                  • You are seriously suggesting that the hexagram on the Deicides’ flag is meant to honor the One their Pharisaical forebears murdered?

                    You try to conflate the Star of Rempham and Moloch with Jesus Christ.

                    Get serious.

                  • The star is not an actual star in the sky, it’s an angel of the Lord. The same event is described in Luke Chapter 2 and it’s an actual angel telling the shepherds.

                    The wise men came from the east saying to herod in Matt 2:2 Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him?

                    Haven’t you always wondered why the wise men FROM the East saw the star IN the east, yet when they arrive to Herod it’s gone? And if the star was in the EAST and they are from the EAST would it not be left in the EAST as they traveled to the WEST. Doesn’t make sense. Let alone the fact that the star STOOD over Jesus. So do we believe that the HUGE intergalactic star that are like mini suns, dropped out of the sky right above Jesus and managed not to burn up 1/2 the planet upon entry, or should we actually read the Bible text and go with the common sense route?

                    Stars can’t stand but angels do and can. IT’s right there in our Bible but we choose to ignore what it actually says.

                    Matt: 2:9 When they had heard the king, they departed; and, lo, the star, which they SAW in the EAST, WENT BEFORE THEM, till it CAME AND STOOD over where the young child was.

                    Shouldn’t be too hard to agree with. There are multiple references of “stars” being used as something other than a star that hangs in the sky.

                    Not trying to be a smart@@@, but we Christians, need to stop just believing everything we are told and actually study from the book we were given by our Lord. Some of the things we are taught are absolutely absurd, and it makes we Christians look like buffoons when we stick to our guns, without actually doing our own analysis.

                • P.S. – the “STAR” you mention and with scripture was/is the Ancient symbol of the Babylonian godess Ishtar (By extention Moloch). It was in fact the Hexagram/Pentagram and is spread all over the World throughout the “Babylonian Mystery Religion, New Age Occultist” realm. The Hex is Kaballah. The Pentagram – straight-up satan Worship…. all the same.

                  • Jews SIX pointed star is not the same as a 5 point star. Two distinct seperate star forms. One is 6 other 5. NO sameness there.

                    Ishtar by extention equals or means Moloch? No again. Two seperate different Flase gods. Moloch= the fire god statue they heated red hot with a wood fire at bottom of statue. Then jewish mothers Lined up to await their turn to toss their first born babys onto the statues outstreached arms, also Red hot and Glowing from extreme fire heat, which burned the baby to Death as a Sacraficial Worship of the false god of moloch jews were then worshiping. Totally a diferent issue and different false god than the Woman Godess called Ishtar, and aprox a dozen other names down thru history.

                    Abortion today seems very simialar except of course in a more quiet clinical Private setting, since even most pro abortion folks of todays societies woud not likly support such Tossing of a baby into red hot fire arms of a statue as in days of moloch worship.

                    However I think it is more then meere coincidence, that Todays Major political proponents and those who support abortion with such a Religious fervor, and near utter insane Madness, at hearing of someone that does Not support thier barbaric Murderous killing methods know as abortion, are also themselves more often as not also jewish men and women. Such as the 1/2 dozen femnazi lezbos who invented and ran what we know of as the “Womans Liberation femminist Movement” begun in the 1970’s. It is Ironic indeed that a methodical maniacal system of such brutal pre meditated murderous killing of a womans Own baby child, for todays abortionist libs, are so similar to Moloch religious murders several thousands of yrs ago. And when you include the other irony of how so many pro abortists today are also of the jewish persuasions, it makes one wonder if todays abortion proponents are hiding from us that, yes indeed their entire zeal and ritualistic methodical systems of today mirror so much of ancient Moloch worship killings, as to not be simple coincidence, but to actually be a modern day updated version of ancient jewish Moloch worship.

                    To me if true that sure goes a long way in explaining why most pro abortionist persons, Especially the Female side, act as if anti abortion folks were actually Attacking the pro aborts Religious beliefs and practices!

                    No other hot button issue in the last 2-3 decades in usa has so effected such wild near savage protectionisim as shown by pro abortionists, whenever Anyone goes or speaks out Against abortion. A Religious Fervor indeed.

                • Ohhhh – got ya!!! You’re Catholic, hunh Sir???!!!

                  Call it even?!!! Blessings

                  • P.S. Got to do this though – since you pulled the BIG GUNS (Scripture) on me!!!!

                    Concerning the Venerated Idol Mary and Saints – G-d said:
                    Ex 20:4 – “You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.”
                    Lev 26:1 ‘Do not make idols or set up an image or a sacred stone for yourselves, and do not place a carved stone in your land to bow down before it. ”
                    Dt 4:16 – “so that you do not become corrupt and make for yourselves an idol, an image of any shape, whether formed like a man or a woman,”

                    And Jesus said –
                    Matthew 23:9
                    “And do not call anyone on earth ‘father,’ for you have one Father, and he is in heaven.”

                    How do Catholics reconcile themselves with these?!!!

                  • Are you seriously suggesting that you have no photos of your family? That you object to statues in the public square? Give us all a break. The commandment is about not worshipping graven images. Catholics do not worship Mary or the Saints. We honor them, just as we honor our fathers and mothers. Catholics worship only God.

                    As for “father,” what do you call the man who impregnated your mother?

                    Here is a more comprehensive answer:

            • JJ,
              Have you ever considered that someone could very easily use what you claim to “know” to manipulate you? TPTB are likely planning on this religous interpretation of world events and have your response as part of how they can help control things.

              I assume you also “know” why Matthew 16,28 and Luke 21,32 fall flat. I will say it for you, you interpret the bible to fit what you want out of it. If you agree it is literal, if you disagree it is metaphor.

              But to each their own.

              • And how does the scripture “fall flat”?

                Your own argument makes zero sense.

                Interpret how you want, my future is secure.

                Regardless how, if prophecy is fullfilled, its fulfilled…. or is your ignorance to big to see around.

                I dont interperit to fit anything, if you knew my background, the fact I even read it now, let alone the fact I learned to read it in original languages, would make you think twice.

                Dont doubt my views without knowing how I got there. Its ignorance that will be your downfall, not mine.

                • Not only does it “Not make sense” – but borders outright blasphemy!!! “Sorry G-d – your Words fell flat!!! :))))

                  Brother – I’m one of the worst kind of Pathetic Worthless Sinners – but I’d be in Sack-Cloth and ashes and Begging forgiveness in tears if I woke from a drunken stupor and found I’d typed such garbage!!!

                  P.S. – G-d Bless you Messianic Jew…. don’t you realize your one of the most protected men on earth???!!! All Jesus did for his JEWISH Brothers and Sisters was to become “Sackcloth and Ashes” for them —— Amen?!!! G-d Bless Israel!!!

                  • Since God is NOT a respecter of persons, and views all humans as equally loved by Him, it is absured to believe that the Same Jesus who’s death and sacrafice made it possible for all persons of all races or languages and national origin,to be eligable for eternal salvation, to somehow place a worth or value upon a “jewish” person as greater when compared to a gentile person.

                    Yet such is the nonsensical version taught by so many preachers today, when in one breath that pastor tells his flock of what I wrote above regarding God is Not a respecter of persons, then in the very Next breath, the pastor tells the flock that jewish folks are “Gods Chozens”!…Very contradictory to say the least eh.

                    Yet by observing many such flocks of christians while their pastors teach that to them, I notice none of those many flocks ever speak out nor question such an absurdity.

                    Then most go on to continue parroting that same absurd belief of total contradiction.

                    I also have a question for “messianic” jewish folks.

                    I get confused at times when sometimes Jews claim they are a distinct race, apart from all other gentiles races. Yet at Other times, jews claim that being jewish is NOT racial, but rather it is a Religious belief.

                    Then to totally distort it even moreso, some jews claim they are Both a seperate Race and a religion apart from all gentiles etc!

                    So basically My question is this. If you were a jew religiously before you became a Christian Believer, then why do you call yourself a “messianic” jew?

                    Is that somehow different from a normal regular christian?

                    My main reason to ask is due to what I have read of from several sources, a couple written By Jewish Rabbi’s, that they say what they mean by “messianic jew” is regards to their talmudic beliefs or teachings that the true jewish messiah will actually consist of All the worlds jews as one group, and only After they gain total world govnermental control and there messiah will consist of their Own making. In other words their messiah will Not be an actual person or Christ etc, but describes the messianic times they themselves create as a group for themselves. A type of self created messiah.

                    Sorry if I did not do as swell a job describing it as they do. But I think my description is legible.

                    I guess I view it much the same as the issue of if a person is an american citizen, then why have any need to add a hyphenated name up front? Example “african american” instead of just “american”. Same for “christian” why any need to call yourself a “Messianic Jew” instead of a Christian if indeed you are saying yes you consider yourself a christian, as it seems from what you wrote about yourself etc.

                    Thanks in advance if you can answer this question for me.

                  • @Them Guys….you have a most excellent question and one that should be asked by all Christians. What you say is asked rhetorically, yet is filled with truth. Yes, they are powerful and have hidden the truth. I will explain who “they” are.

                    With this limited amount of space a thorough explanation cannot be done, but will give you the abbreviated version with some scripture to get you thinking in the right direction.

                    As far as Messianic Jews, yes they are trying to play both sides of the fence. If they indeed are following Christ they should just call themselves Christians. Albeit, I’d say most of them do it out of just being taught that, and perhaps not getting deeper into it.

                    Basically Israel has been hijacked. Imposters have stolen the Israel birthright and claimed it as their own, to influence global policies in order to welcome their coming “messiah”.

                    There is a reason why the “jewish” religion avoids the new testament and they go by the old testament and their talmud which is a mixture of written and oral “tradition” passed on down etc.

                    IT’s all over the new testament and made VERY clear what those that say Jesus Chris is not come in the flesh, if of the spirit of the antichrist.

                    Here are just a few:
                    1 John 4:3
                    2 John 7
                    1 John 2:22

                    Even Jesus says in Rev:2:9 and 3:9….talking about those that say they are jews and are NOT but are of the synagogue of Satan and that they do lie

                    Jesus even dealt with these same people when he walked amongst the people. Look at John 8:44 “Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth because there is not truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own:for he is a liar, and the father of it.

                    Satan was the first liar in the Garden of Eden. Satan is the Serpent (see Rev 12:9), and Cain was the first murderer. Snakes can’t talk, but Satan sure can.

                    Long story short, these people Jesus was speaking to were the Sanhedrin, and the lineage he was speaking with were from the Kenite tribes. Kenites are the lineage of Cain.

                    Well what does that mean? Here is the quick rundown. This lineage of CAin has infiltrated their way into every power position on the planet. Banking, media, government, you name it they probably own it.

                    Now if you find my above post about who Mystery Babylon is and that it’s Jerusalem, this will all make sense to you. It explains who Israel really is and what a jew, in the biblical sense, really is as well.

                    The jewish religion of today, is not the same thing when you see jew in the Bible. The nation of Israel today, is not the same Israel in the Bible. The name has been hijacked and ironically, the real Israel and their parts is actually helping to bring about the kingdom of the Antichrist, while thinking they are actually helping God’s chosen people.

                    Quite the nice con indeed. Matter of fact, Satan is pulling off the ultimate con, and when he in fact comes proclaiming to be the Messiah, most Christians will worship him as such. Sad indeed.

                    Most Christians I speak to balk at such an absurd thing, saying they’d never worship the “antichrist”. But when the planet starts going to hell and some supernatural being comes in to save the day, who else are they going to think it is?

                    They are all being taught to be looking for some human being to be the guy, or get whisked away in some rapture. There is a reason the whole world wonders after the beast, it’s the ultimate con job that’s been going on for thousands of years, and will be coming to fruition soon.

              • Besides,..manipulate me for what?

                As a Messianic Jew..I know my ass is in crosshairs, and given the police state we live in, I already stay under radar, and live 100% off grid. The only thing fullfilling prophecy does is make me smile wider.

                Im one of the few going into the shit storm thats whistling with a smile.

                Zero fear, only faith, and even in these darkening days, I have joy…do you?

                • GREGG: Thanks for your reply. I know already most of all you wrote about. Although it goes deeper yet. They are Khazers a group a people from Khazaria, modern day lower russia area. Thet are a Mixture of Turk-Mongrol-Hunn-Caucasian. And their Kagan or King back around 800 AD made it a law for All his peoples to Convert to Talmudisim-Judaisim. So they did. That is who as many as 98% of Todays Jewish folks decended from. Khazers. They only became religiously jewish by their conversion in 800 ad era. Prior were a vast aray mix of many religions-pagans-atheists-witchcraft-all sorts of others too. Overnite the entire nation converted to judaisim/talmud version.

                  See My Post above on New DNA evidence Proves they are khazers, at least a likly 98% anyways.

                  That TURK dna connects them to ESAU too aka Edomites! Lifelong Mortal Enemys of True israel 12 tribes of Jacob. Esau was jacobs twin brother who sold the Birthrights for a bowl of lentil bean soup! And the fake khazer jews today has been trying to Steal those blessings ever since they figured out Who finally recieved the material and land blessings etc, passed down from Abraham to Issac to Jacob aka “israel”.

                  It is quite obvious America is who got the major protion of blessings. Most false preachers today teach and claim that, the jews are still waiting for Gods promiced blessings!…If so? they wait in Vain! I do think they know it though. The time frame after God Witheld the blessings THREE separate times as punisment, were on the third time withheld, were for like 2550 years!

                  Add it up and aprox as of the years 1800 AD is very close due to calanders been changed etc. Around 1800 began the Major Industrial age, and it began in England, soon came to usa, and sky rocketed white america to surpass the entire world in inventiones etc.

                  If one consideres those parts of blessings where God says. “Your decendants blessings shall so Oveflow that all nations and even every Family on Earth shall share the blessings! And..Your decendants Abraham shall number as the sands of seas and stars in sky! Won’t be able to Count so many!

                  If that is supposed to apply to todays jews? as so many pastors teach…Tell us who was Ever blessed by jews in last couple thousands yrs? When did it happen?

                  WHY are they still the smallest single group of people worldwide if shall number so many cant count?!

                  Sorry khazer Fakes and false preachermen, blessings were already done around 1800 to fwd eras. No Other nation Nor people has ever done as many good things for and shared Our good fortune/blessings with others like us americans has. And It Is mostly the whites of the usa who has done thses things. We even Gave stuff away free to africa etc!

                  Yep we got a huge master plan Con game going on alright. Khazer-Esua-Edomite-jew imposters attempting thru theft-deciet-lies-Mass murders-genocides of White Christianity(russia 1918 entire 20th cent mass deaths). Bribes of pols and especially False Pastors who has sold america Out for Filthy mammon aka CASH $$$.

                  Their gravy train of Cash bribes and free Jet Planes(hagee and falwell sr.) will halt fast unless they Keep up the false facade of “Ooooo You Gotta Bless them jews and israel! or else God won’t bless america and You!”

                  Nowheres in the bible does it say bless the jews. They convince folks to believe every place in the bible the word of Israel appears, means, Jews, and wherever they see the word of Jew that is same as israel as if Interchangable! Wrong! Wrong! Massively Wrong!

                  So the real major question is How can we awaken 50 million Deluded christians, especially them white ones who reject anything said negative of jews or israel regardless if true or factual? Because america has zero hope unless That bunch wakes up and Fast.

                  Like you stated they are paying for-supporting of-Voting for-Clamoring to-Rebuild a 3rd temple and funding all things israel or jewish withOUT question. All while so deluded, they Know not that it IS antichrist and his systems they are laboring to achieve!

                  Orthodox Christians for well over 1000+ yrs has taught that the antichrist man will be Jewish. So does the Protocols of elders of Zion if I recall it right.

                  Modern day Rabbis books about it claim their going to wait till the right time after a 3rd temple is built, then Install a jew male they will claim is from the house of “David” and he will be the new King ruler of Their NWO aka Jwo. Hmmmmmmm…And 50 Million Jewdeo christian zios is whos Paying for it and standing For it along with Hagee et al!!! God Help Us all!

            • @Joseph James

              “genius” is the “Durango Kid.”

              It’s obvious. Look at the sentence structure and choice of words.

              The “Tag Line” is also a dead give away… “Genius.”

              It’s all about ego with this guy.

              He thinks he knows… More than you.

              • Your Mama: I am not the poster “genius”.

            • Damascus got destroyed in Danials era back around 650-700 BC era. None of that part of danial pertains to todays world. Danial speaks of the centurys from orig Babylon era, to alexander the greats empire. Where it says his kingodm is broken into 4 parts, that is after alexander died. His 4 top generals split the empire into 4 kingdoms. The Two iron legs of danials statue dream, represents the TWO main nations OF the Four that MOst concerned Danial IN His era. Those two were the King of the NORTH(syria) and the King of South(egypt) as Both were vying for control of jerusalem etc.

              It wont be long now and we will see either most deluded christians awaken to all the falsehoods taught by so many preachers today, OR, those wolves and false prophet teachers of today will soon Re write and write New books or videos explaining how and why they were sooooo wrong all along with all that dispensational crap.

              Hal Lindsey and jack van impe probobly share Top place for how often their “prophecys” and predicted events had to be re wrote after proven Wrong…Again! and Again!

              The bible new testement writers Warned us long ago to Beware of such Falshoods and False teachers especially when close to the end game times. So You all been Warned!

              Of course if you continue to read mainly the Old test, and mainly Disregard the New test or new Covenant of Christianity, you likly wont ever become aware of these issues eh. Modern Preachers..aka…Judiazers who lead astray and take christians on a False wrong Path that ends in Total destruction and the second death!

              A Warning to avoid Judiazer preachers is also in the New testement books and Gospels. As is the mention of the new covenant Replaced the Old covenant of israel due to their failures to honor what they agreed to with God when first made with Moses at Mt Siani.

              Christ Fullfilled the Prophets and Law. And “Most” of danial happened long ago.

              • Since it hasnt ceased to be a city, then isaiah 17 has NOT been fullfilled, prophecy isnt 90% …it has to be 100% becase…, drumroll…, theres Still a damascus.

                Half assed ignorance afraid to study for themselves

                • Read isiah ch 17 in context of the first three verses. It speaks of Damascus will fall and vs 3 says also Ephrain will also Fall to asyria. It is Tieing BOTH together as one since Northern tribed israel allied WITH Syria to War Against the southern tribed JUDAH who allied with ASYRIA. Damascus got destroyed in 732 BC while Ephraim or Israel was destroyed BY asyria in 721 BC.

                  Isiah 17 is saying BOTH fall due to being allied. In verse 3 the fortress shall be Lost to(by) ephraim and the KINGDOM to Damascus. If that did not yet happen? Then Neither did the north 10 tribed Israel or “ephraim” fall and be taken captive BY Asyria. But Israel 10 north tibed DID have that alrady happen and way back in 721 BC thats the reason ever since Then they been called The “LOST TEN TRIBES”! So since verse 3 ties BOTH to the same incident of War as Allies, then Yes Damascus also fell destroyed.

                  It is some of You folks who take one seperate verse or partial verse from an entire chapter and run with that. Also the style of the writer prophet must be considered. NOT every single bible word is to occure as written. Much is musings by the writers in addition to the actual prophetic words God told them to write down.

                  Example “For the CRY has Gone round the land” That don’t have to mean litterally a CRY as a baby cries or a scared woman crys or even as a Sad person may “CRY” Nor does that have to mean cry with Tears falling from the eyes.

                  It is a term meant to confer something is all. Syria to be forever abandoned, does Not have to mean forever as we think it now. Forever can also mean a very LONG time frame to the writer. Same with large numbers in the bible. They never yet had the word “Million” then.

                  So instead they spoke in terms of Thousands of thousands. Meaning a Huge amount. But NOT necessarily meaning an actual Million number. But either way verse 3 mentions BOTH ephraim and damascus Together as Fallen both of them.

                  They LOST that War, and it already happened long ago.It ends verse 3 by saying “ARAM” shall have the SAME Glory(meaning zero glory as Losers aka zero glory) as Israelites(ephraim 10 tribes). “ARAM” means “Syria”

              • Them guys: You are an anti-Semite….how do you reconcile the fact that the Son of G-d is a Jew? Do you hate him too? Who needs to be smacked in the face for filling your head with all of the muck which clouds the very Words He spoke?

          • And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.

          • Rome did not fall due to one enemy’s attack. Neither will we. It is my guess that ALL of our enemies will synchronize an attack to bring us down. That is a war we cannot win…. Neither did Rome.

            • Concerned: You are wrong. The “Beast” is the EU. The ten horns the leaders of the original ten nation EU. The “whore” is the Catholic Church in Rome.

              Scripture always equates “whoring” as the forsaking of Almighty God and the pursuit and worship of false gods.

              As for your concern that America cannot defend itself against the entire world, you would be wrong. Read Washington’s Vision at SHTF Patriots. America shall prevail against all odds and all enemies.

              That is not to say that judgement is not coming upon America; it is. But it will take the form of massive Earth Changes which will turn OUR attention inward as WE retreat from the world stage and the end of the Age of the Gentiles comes to a conclusion.

              So it is written. So it shall be. The Oracle speaks! 🙂

      4. Russia’s only military base outside of Russia and the former Soviet republics is at Tartus, Syria. It’s probably Russia’s only warm water port, and it gives them a presence in the Med that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

        Think about that for a second. The fall of Assad would likely mean the end of that base. It would be a big geo-political blow to the Russians to give up that base. They aren’t going to give that up short of war, and Obama doesn’t have the sack to start a naval battle with Putin in the eastern Med.

        • Obama doesnt have the sack for shit, gutless wonder, typical liberal piece of crap.
          Long live the republic!
          MOLON LABE

          • Kula

            Obama doesn’t have a birth certificate because
            he was a nocturnal emission that survived.

          • In the old days leaders of countries or nations led the battles now they cower behind desks.

        • David- That’s the whole idea.

          Fuck Russia. USA needs control in the Middle East.

          Syria and Russia can kiss their asses goodbye if our Navy Unleashes on those freakin pepper shakers on top of a tank.

          You think those things were a secret to us? Maybe a reason WE don’t have them?

          WE don’t NEED them. Those will be sitting freakin ducks.

          And ANY weapon that ANYONE claims “can’t miss the target”………….. they are full of shit.

          I’ll end how I started. Fuck Russia and Fuck Syria.

          Our air force wont HAVR to take out those s300’s…. we’ll do it from 1000 miles off shore.
          Wanna play?

          • Seems like someone let Dick Cheney out of his cage.

            You must be some fool if you think we are just gonna nuke Russia and nothing will happen to us.

          • & this couch commander is that person to enlist, of course. I love these assholes who believe so much, but never stick their neck out.

          • Hey non-genius, the US doesn’t even control itself. If you want to know who runs it, just look to that shitty little country between the West Bank and the Med.

            What’s the beef with Russia? Are you pissed that there is a white country that is run not by circumcised hook-nosed central bankers but real patriots? Are you annoyed that their cities are not overrun by Africans and Arabs like those of the West European countries that are Amerika’s satellites (to their detriment and ultimate extinction)? Or does Russia’s policy of suppressing gay propaganda directed at children irk you?

            Do you dream of turning the Russian warriors, heirs of the Cossacks, the Czars and the defenders of Sevastopol and Stalingrad, into clones of the moronic, comic book-reading, drug-addled, obese, tattooed cuckolds like the typical impotent, sports-addicted, nominally “male” Merkin who dresses like a teenage gangbanger?

            As far as your chest-beating about Russia is concerned, I suggest you look at the wreckage of those empires that attacked Russia over the centuries – all of them made up of far better men than you. Today, only 25% of military age Merkins are fit for military service; do you think these otherwise unemployed and unemployable dregs / victims of a sick and dying “diverse” society can fight and defeat Holy Orthodox Russia in the interest of Ben Bernanke, fiat money, Hip Hop, Gay-Straight Alliances, feminism and High Fructose Corn Syrup when Napoleon and Hitler’s Wehrmacht could not?

            Dream on, or get some viagra to deal with your real problem (for which you are obviously overcompensating), moron.

            • It is hard to argue with the points you made. In the end, Russia just might be the savior of the white race. And to you people who think I’m racist, look at history.

              • no justice: took the words right out of my mouth! Russia just may be the final last hope for white folks everywheres!…I love viewing RT tv news documentaries where it shows Todays Reborn Orthodox Christian 99+% WHITE Russia. RT shows a video of Moscow today after all them jewish kommie oligarchs and billionaires got put in prison there or Booted Out when Putin came to power.

                If I recall right it says moscow has like 13 Million persons, and when the wide angle lens shows what looks like Miles down the main street of it, as far as the eye can see its ALL White folks! All white moms and dads with kiddies, gorgeous women folk, and Most are all smiles!

                Kinda like america was 50 yrs ago.Before what Ahab described of todays usa. Todays america is like the Ten Toes of danials statue. The Clay Mixed with Iron represents nations and races Mixing.(guess which is the Clay aka Mud) And Nothing today represents race mixing like american white women “Coal Burners do”…Watch MTV! its all they promote, and look Who Owns MTV…Sumner Redstone, whos True Birth name is a Jewish name I cannot now recall. A Typical antiwhite antichristian jewish zionist Bolshevik Kommie. Just like the rest of who owns every major Thing that matters in the usa today. Including the us congress and suprmemes and whitehous. A bunch of Kommoe Khazer edomites posing as jews of ancient israel!

                Americas future aint determined by some “vision” by George washington that cannot even be proven as real for certain! It has been all downhill since them khazers got hold of fed res banking in 1913. Our ancestors allowed the worlds Nation Wreckers in, and 100 yrs later we got what Ahab so well described. Monkys running wild, fat ass white women poping out Clay/Mud- iron mixtures of babies, and criminal zionist jews bankrupting and destroying all that matters.

                All because so many deluded white christians and others too reject what I am saying here due to Fear of the “Forbidden J” word. Oh! Oh! Run for the Hillls cause that guy mentioned jews!

                The fools fear being called an antisemite or racist more than fear of their Own deaths!…Due to 50 yrs of Hollywood and TV Brainwashings By and From…Khazer fake jews. If todays preachers, the TV phonys type, told usa christians who live By their every false prophetic utterance, to attack fellow whites so God will “bless america for blessing jews” the Vast majority would!

                There will be zero fix in usa, unless they awaken. That aint looking too swell yet.

            • I visited post Soviet Russia and couldn’t shake the thought that us murkins were lucky we never had to fight the Russians directly because of the enormous milage they got out of meager resources.

              • as I travel asia and meet Russians one thing I see is: they are very hard. They aren’t looking for friends, they look after themselves and stay in their Russian group. The men seem very macho, much more than men from usa and canada where i come from.
                I do not want to fight them, for sure. They would rip us to shreds. Maybe there are not tougher people in the world.
                BO – peace prize in the media zoo americans live under- wow. Pro gay pres – just awesome. Over.

            • I worked with Russians around the time of the Georgia war & boy did they get patriotic, Russians men are intelligent & hard working & despise those who stereotype them as been a slavic commie horde

            • Thank you for pleasant words, but your view is shallowy. There is evil here, as it everywhere. Our prophecies say Russia will be attacked by China and almost demolished first. Then China will be desrupted by America. Afterwards America will be totally eradicated with, as durango kidd absolutely correctly says, “massive Earth Changes which will turn OUR attention inward as WE retreat from the world stage”, escorted by nuclear missiles (yes, apparently russian). Sorry (. In fine practically we will all fearfully and cruelly die. God loves us. By the way, in Russia will not be Antichrist’s power, so if you will yet be alive RIGHT AFTER China’s elimination – take a chance!

              • One thing I know is that we see through a glass darkly and more will be revealed. The bible has to interrept itself. Women in prophecy refers to a church. Exampels. 11 Cor 11:2, Eph 5:23, Rev 19:27 And even in Gen 3:15 when he told us that He would put emnity between thee (Satan) and the women, and between thy seed and her seed… Great whore Well at the end its a city (city church of somekind) Ok just read what this angel says about it. 7Then the angel said to me: “Why are you astonished? I will explain to you the mystery of the woman and of the beast she rides, which has the seven heads and ten horns. 8The beast, which you saw, once was, now is not, and will come up out of the Abyss and go to his destruction. The inhabitants of the earth whose names have not been written in the book of life from the creation of the world will be astonished when they see the beast, because he once was, now is not, and yet will come.

                9″This calls for a mind with wisdom. The seven heads are seven hills on which the woman sits. 10They are also seven kings. Five have fallen, one is, the other has not yet come; but when he does come, he must remain for a little while. 11The beast who once was, and now is not, is an eighth king. He belongs to the seven and is going to his destruction.

                12″The ten horns you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but who for one hour will receive authority as kings along with the beast. 13They have one purpose and will give their power and authority to the beast. 14They will make war against the Lamb, but the Lamb will overcome them because he is Lord of lords and King of kings–and with him will be his called, chosen and faithful followers.”

                15Then the angel said to me, “The waters you saw, where the prostitute sits, are peoples, multitudes, nations and languages. 16The beast and the ten horns you saw will hate the prostitute. They will bring her to ruin and leave her naked; they will eat her flesh and burn her with fire. 17For God has put it into their hearts to accomplish his purpose by agreeing to give the beast their power to rule, until God’s words are fulfilled. 18The woman you saw is the great city that rules over the kings of the earth.”

                Just thouth it would be easier for the discussion to have it written out.

                • Could the king who once was and now is not be someone we previously thought killed…..but was actually not

                  • could be Dick Cheney.. I think he’s half mechanical I don’t know but the 10 horns who haven’t received their kindom yet I believe are these finacial families that are running the econemy. They give their finacial backing to this beast power. They are currently kings without a kingdom. I have lots of ideas but we are told to hide the word in our heart so when these things come to pass we are not dismayed. I think as things unravel we will have a clearer vision so I try to remain teachable on all this.

                  • I think the beast has to be a goverment..Daniel talks of these beasts.. Babalonian empire, Lion Medo persian empire-bear, Greek empire-leopard and Roman empire-beast. Most scholars believe that the roman empire is dead but than lives again. That these are the resurections of this empire. It is also described in the image of the statue that Nebacanesser saw. Toes were of clay and iron. Not mixing together well. For those that don’t read the old testament it would be hard to understand this book at all. Great whore seems to refer to a church that has started lots of false churches.(prostitutes) She has the blood of many saints on her hands. So this church was involed in killing Christians and will do so again. Of course the beast that she uses will turn on her because they only love money and destroy her. Lots of stuff getting ready to go down.

                • Could the king who once was and now is not be someone we previously thought killed…..but was actually not

          • Is your name really Genius? With such analysis try to change it please.

            The aberage man or woman in the USA will agree that these are NOT our battles to fight!

          • And USA wasn’t shocked by the MIGS in Korea, either. The US military hasn’t fought a world class opponent in almost 70 years.

            • they haven’t beat anyone in that long either.

              • Ummmm?? Care to try again?

        • EMP long before a nuke, Russia & China want out farm land & natural resources.

          my .02

          • I belive your right. No war goes as plan.

          • @ Luther

            Russia is the world’s largest nation. They cross nine time zones, have every type of climate and soil that exists. “They need our farm land” do they? … now that’s funny. They have an abundance of resources. China has been running around the Third World cementing alliances for exotic minerals etc but Russia doesn’t need to. So I’ve got to disagree.

        • I can’t believe I actually look at Putin sittin with Obama and I find myself rootin for Putin. What happened to me? I used to love all things America. Now I see more bad than good. When can we get the original back? Kind of like old Coke vs. New Coke.

          • I’ve had that same thought exactly. I don’t want to see American servicemen and women harmed but the corruption that Washington represents may well be the most dangerous on the planet at the moment. It seems to be run by people who are verifiably psychopathic.

          • We should be so Lucky to get a us Prez like Putin is! A True Christian White Man. We’d see change alright! Like an abrubt End to crazed dope induced savages running wild. An End to tree hugger-faggot lover-lezbodykes-and of course…Kommie Khazer nation wreckers!

            The Only bad thing from Putin Booting out all kommie khazer jewish bolsheviks from russia is that they came Here to the usa, and some went to england to join the rest of their NY and London crews of kommies.

            If like Most folks you agree that Communisim is/was The number one worst form of govnt etc?…Then What does that say for the Inventors of it?(that would be a Jewish invention based upon talmudic Master Race ideals as it teaches them).

        • Russia no longer enjoys a strong navy. When you have to send your ENTIRE pacific fleet to the Med to project your power, your lack of power is obvious.

          Now would be a great time for China to annex Siberia. 🙂

          • The annex of Siberia by china will happen after Russia invades the US, and I do not believe they will stop there.

            • Russia cannot successfully invade Europe in a conventional war. Neither does it have the capacity to mount a successful invasion of the USA.

              They have no ships and we can see them coming from our front porch. If appeasement was a viable option we could always give them Wasila.

              Putin is divorced. I am sure he would like to hit on Palin.

              • Russia cannot successfully invade Europe with conventional weapons. Poland is now with the West, and while it is no match for Russia alone, it has serious arms now like tanks, missiles, and F-16s.

                There will be no Blitzkreig of Poland this time around. it is part of NATO and NATO is always on alert. Russia has 150 million people. The EU has 3 times as many. If Russia were to use nuclear weapons, NATO could engage likewise.

                Russia CANNOT successfully invade Europe/NATO.

          • @ The Doctor,

            Russia did have a navy about a century before we had one, thanks to Peter the Great.

            From memory, from that world’s foremost expert on order of battle Wiki, grins,

            2/3 of the Russian Pacific Fleet is attack submarines with a few boomers. Lest we dismiss their undersea gang recall what ours did to Japan 70 years ago.

            I don’t know if their submarine skippers are better than our ASW. I do know our naval assets in the Med are well within range of their long range bombers. Which could launch cruise missiles from Russian air space and take out our carriers.

            And about China annexing Siberia … large as it is, the PLA is inferior to the Red Army. In an air war, I would bet on Russia over China.

            Oshitstain better realize he’s about to go against a nation that has a world class military.

            Let’s put elitist skin in the game. When Ivy League pukes start coming home in boxes watch how fast this ends.

            • Anon 6.8: Yes HISTORICALLY, Russia has always been a great naval power. Not now. You are correct in your assessment of the Russian Air Force being superior to China’s, but ultimately, its a ground war for POSSESSION of the land. That result is a no-brainer.

              Shoulder fired SAM’s are an effective weapon against a superior air force. That fact has been proven time and again.If the war escalated beyond conventional arms, China could absorb a First Strike and retaliate. Eventually Russia would lose against China, although it might be a toss-up …… for the next ten years.

            • The Russians figured out a long time ago that American carriers could be sunk by simply overwhelming their defensive screen. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess they have also been working on the drone concept and would use these to augment their cruise missles, bombers, torpedoes, and ballistic missles.

              I hope NSA sets up a toll free number for those of us who forget our email passwords. Maybe they’ll just go ahead and grant access.

        • Obama has the sack..he is doin a good job at cleaning up the mess he was left too.

          Russsia wont have Syria. The UNited States will. we get what we want. we have the might of no one else on this earth. China…russia….theire militaroes are a joke. Or Navy and AF are the best in world.

          Obama WILL have what he wnats in Syria…and it is what is best for us all.

          • Snort, that was a funny one, for a minute there i thought you were serious,
            Best to lay off the crack though.

            • Even a crackhead couldn’t have come up with that one.

          • Russia …. China …… Their Militaries are a joke???? That’s one big statement to make Gerald. Ever seen the US Army take on the Chinese soldiers on an obstacle couse completion on YouTube? Funniest thing I’ve seen. The Chinese made the Army look like fat overweight armatures. The US soldiers that stumbled across the finish line were beat outright, tired and stumbled across the line in dribs and drabs.
            The Chinese soldiers were tough, agile, hard and unbelievably well disciplined in comparison. They were all stood to attention in a line clapping their American counterparts at the finish line. I was embarrassed for our boys!!!
            Chinese are tough hombres. Russians are too. They breed em tough and train them harder in harsher conditions. They might only have two Carriers between them compared to our dozen plus, there Naval assets are fewer, their air Assets are fewer still. Their ability to shift vast amounts of equipment and troops to anywhere in the world at short notice is lacking in comparison to us also and, they are virtually incapable of refueling mid air.
            Equipment wise, we probably win overall. Now, I’m pretty sure China and Russia realized this some time back, but rather than try and match us, they’ve gone in a completely different direction Militarily to counter this equipment shortfall. Their missile systems are top rate and they have the ability between them to take out Carriers just about anywhere on the globe with out even leaving home. We know they can knock out satellites easy enough. And if that happened most of our equipment would become useless without GPS systems to guide our hardware.
            We might be on the brink of a global war Gerald, but never underestimate the opposition. The first step to defeat is believing you are invincible.

        • Between the fascist puppet obama and russia, all of us are screwed

          • Russia may be the only thing standing in the breach between us and WW3. It is, and always has been a knee-jerk response to hate Russia for as long as we all can remember. I have an 87 year old friend who was born in communist Prussia. I’ve seen private documents almost 100 years old, that say some of what we’ve been led to believe about our relationship with Russia was a lie, created for the “red scare”.

            Russia doesn’t want war with us and they never did…they just want us to get out of their ass and out of their face (read our “defense” buildup on their borders and in border countries).

            Honestly, when is the last time Russia provoked US? (not counting Hoover era war propaganda)

            • Sixpak: Us americans since end of WWII war era were led to think russian kommies were just white folks like us but spoke russian and also were atheists. Both of which were massive Lies. Like usa today, russia back at start of bolshevik kommie takeover in 1918, was done by and ruled over by a very tiny 2 to 2.5 % of russias total peoples.

              The entire scam was a huge swindle on us americans. Nobody ever told us who the true inventors of kommisim were. Nor the fact that a vast majority Change their Birth names to a less jewish sounding name.

              There are a few great websites with entire listings of all important kommies such as Marx-Trotsky-Lennin etc. And they include the Birth names to Prove that indeed russias kommie takeover was engineered and done by them. Khazers. Today they are doing it to the usa. Unless we stop them in time. Here in usa its even smaller numbers! more like 1.5% of them here, and not all are that way.

            • sixpack +50 ^^^

              What the average Amerikan “knows” about Russia is pure propaganda. Repeated endlessly. Everyone they know is as ignorant as they are … so it must be true.

              In 1100 years of Russian history their central problem has been having too few people to defend too much land. They have been invaded scores of times, and occupied, notably by the Mongols for a few centuries, several times.

              They lost 20 million people in the Eastern Front of WW2, which was mostly fought in the USSR.

              Several times more dead than we’ve lost in 240 years. War to most Americans is something they watch on television. War to most Russians is visiting Uncle Yuri in the national cemetery.

              Because they have been invaded so many times every healthy Russian male of a certain age does 2 years in the military. Relative to our population only a small fraction of US men have trained for war. Their reality is different than ours.

              Other than the Revolutionary War has the US ever been occupied by a foreign invader?

              No, but we’ve invaded many nations that have never done us any harm. Empire for profit.

              So to say Russia is eager for war is speaking from ignorance.

              Because it supports the PE’s warmongering that claim needs to be challenged.

              • About 20% of Americans even have a passport. Most are ignorant of the rest of the world. The whole world is figuring out American colleges aren’t what they’re cracked up to be. As far as schooling before college level, Russia does more in 10 years of education than America does in 12.

                • Once we know the truth, lies are short-lived. Thanks to both Anonymous and 6.8 for the informative posts. I should mention here, that I do speak Russian and reviewed the aforementioned documents and translated them myself…my views are based on that, not what someone else told me they said.

                  My family tree branches to the Ukraine and of American Indian descent.

      5. Obama’s goal is to help force out secular middle eastern rulers so they can be replaced by the Muslim Brotherhood. So far we’ve seen Tunisia, Libya and Egypt fall. Syria is next. Jordan after that and Saudi Arabia last. The ultimate goals are to destroy Israel and end the petrodollar system. Saudi Arabia is the key to that.

        • Not quite. Its Qatar and Saudi driving this train. Qatar wants to complete its pipeline to Turkeys Nabucco pipeline so it can sell its natgas to Europe and cut out Russia, and the Saudis want to install its Wahabi sect of Islam in Syria. Qatar is tight with the Brotherhood but the Saudis think they are not Muslim enough. I got to root for Assad on this one. BTW, Qatar has spent over $3 billion so far on weapons and mercs to fight Assad. Uprising my ass.

      6. Southern cops have a way with words!

        These are actual comments made by South Carolina Troopers that were taken off their car videos:

        1. “You know, stop lights don’t come any redder than the one you just went through.”

        2. “Relax, the handcuffs are tight because they’re new. They’ll stretch after you wear them a while.”

        3. “If you take your hands off the car, I’ll make your birth certificate a worthless document.” (My Favorite)

        4. “If you run, you’ll only go to jail tired.”

        5. “Can you run faster than 1200 feet per second? Because that’s the speed of the bullet that will be chasing you.” (LOVE IT)

        6. “You don’t know how fast you were going? I guess that means I can write anything I want to on the ticket, huh?”

        7. “Yes, sir, you can talk to the shift supervisor, but I don’t think it will help. Oh, did I mention that I’m the shift supervisor?”

        8. “Warning! You want a warning? O.K, I’m warning you not to do that again or I’ll give you another ticket.”

        9. “The answer to this last question will determine whether you are drunk or not. Was Mickey Mouse a cat or a dog?”

        10. “Fair? You want me to be fair? Listen, fair is a place where you go to ride on rides, eat cotton candy and corn dogs and step in monkey poop.”

        11. “Yeah, we have a quota. Two more tickets and my wife gets a toaster oven.”

        12. “In God we trust; all others we run through NCIC.”
        ( National Crime Information Center )

        13. “Just how big were those ‘two beers’ you say you had?”

        14. “No sir, we don’t have quotas anymore. We used to, but now we’re allowed to write as many tickets as we can.”

        15. “I’m glad to hear that the Chief (of Police) is a personal friend of yours. So you know someone who can post your bail.”


        16. “You didn’t think we give pretty women tickets? You’re right, we don’t. Sign here.”

        Keep the FAITH

        • Thanks Watchman….those were hilarious!

          • Hmm— looks like I’m being tail-gated
            by a red thumbed troll.
            When you get close enough behind me Mr. troll,
            give my ass a little kiss for me, will ya?

            • Outwest

              I’ll give you a green one to cheer you up x

              Take care

            • If you don’t get a few red thumbs on a post you’re not doin’ it right.

        • Big thumbs up on that one!

          Standing by in SC! out

        • Watchman


          Years back a medical student from Texas was working in theatres (OR) the boss comes in and speaking to her and the other four students asks what they would do if a man knocked their door one night and said he’d had an accident and his friend was injured and he needed help. One by one they all gave logical answers that included call the paramedics, check airways etc. the Texan girl pulled a few faces and nodded some times. Then her turn came.

          ” well?” Said the consultant
          “I’d shoot him” she said
          Every one stared at her like she had two heads.
          “You’d shoot him?”
          ” most definitely” she said.
          Incredulous the boss asked her why
          ” well, I live five miles from the nearest public road, to get to my place you have to go past three houses, across a creek with a rickety bridge, walk up a hell of a hill and then through half a mile of forest before you can even see the house. A guy knocking my door at night sure as hell hasn’t just had a car accident and it ain’t help he’s come for…y’all with what I’m saying here?”

          Still cracks me up just thinking about the look on everyone’s faces

          Take care

        • Thanks Watchman; we needed a laugh after yesterday’s and today’s articles. My favorite is “Relax, the handcuffs are tight because they’re new. They’ll stretch after you wear them a while.”

        • {Sarc/} When they kick down your door and lead you away in cuffs you can have a grand time with the comedians in blue. Sure your life is in ruins but doesn’t a funny joke about your discomfort or the potential death waiting to be dealt to you by these thugs take the edges off?{sarc/}

          I do notice “my favorite” and “love it” are where your funny cop is making a friendly joke about putting the hurt down on someone. Unfortunately for me I find no humor in people threatening others with violence.

          But to each their own.


          • Common moron. Are they really going to kick down his door? Why? You like being literal so I assume you think they police are gonna get him. You have his life in ruins and near death. Sarc.

            • {Snark}you are soooooo right! I totally forgot about the fact that police never use SWAT tactics, never force entry, never use flash bang grenades, and never ever use excessive force. The literally millions of pages of “law” does not equate to the average of three felonies per day by every single one of us. And as we all know my stupid use of “life in ruins” is completely wrong when describing what people feel when being taken away to jail. Surely I should have said “happy day, everythings going my way” my fellow inmates and I will shortly be having an intelligent discussion about the finer points of 13th century french literature and sipping a fine port while our friendly gaolers keep notes on who deseerves the evening back massage. I am no common moron but surely an uncommon moron as my level of complete retardation is not something seen every day.{snark}

              No worries it is not like they are spying on us or anything. Where do I get off thinking they might come for me next?

        • This is what an Indiana cop told me in my impressionable youth:

          “You probably can out run me. You may be able to out run my dog. But you cannot out run my .38 . Sit down on the curb and don’t blink!”

        • Southern cops are as big a dicks as the rest of them.

          • Cops are recruited based on being “dicks”. What do you want them to be like? A hipster? Hire a passive police department. Good idea. Pardon me mr drug dealer..I don’t want to offend you mr sir doper but selling drugs on a playground during school hours is just plain not right to do. I want you to stop by the end of the week or I will put you on report. Then I may tell someone. Naw. Give me an asshole any day.

            • Nice strawman Gippentrog,

              No middleground in the world, asshole roidraging violent fuckwads or pushover. No such thing as non stereotype humans exist. And I love how you immediately go to some crazy situation of a drug dealer hanging out at school. Just ignore the majority of cop/human interaction like your standard traffic stop or noise complaint where decent humans are forced to interact with those assholes you seem to love having in positions of power.

              And we wonder why things are the way they are.

              • Hello mr literal. Where did you get love from? You can parse petty scenarios all day. Point is I do like people who take care of business. Now to be literal, not all cops are assholes to all people in all situations. Just laughing at you and Gerald. Never had an issue with my treatment by cops. Perhaps they just don’t take your shit?

                • Yes, I take what is written to mean what is written. Unfortunately I cannot “read into” what people write because it can easily cause me to respond to something that is not there. As you have done with your “don’t take your shit” comment. See, I have never been under arrest. No steel bracelets have ever graced these wrists. But I do not need a wrong to be commited upon my person to see it as wrong. I can simply imagine myself in the place of those whose humanity gets trampled and know that I would be personaly devistated by having my freedoms taken away for what are often petty and contrived reasons. But it has never happened to you so we can all sleep better tonite.

                  • Common moron. You are not that stupid are you? Look at the “perhaps” before the take your shit. Nice try tho. I will consider the fact you take what is written into what is written. No more abstract for you.

        • I think I’ve heard one or two of those before… 😉

      7. O and the Rothschild clan will do what they think they need to do. Hope Congress might road block the previous sentence.

      8. Say to the nations far and wide: ‘Get ready for war! Call out your best warriors! Let all your fighting men advance for the attack! Beat your plowshares into swords and your pruning hooks into spears. Train even your weaklings to be warriors. Come quickly, all you nations everywhere! Gather together in the valley.’ And now, O Lord, call out your warriors! ‘Let the nations be called to arms. Let them march to the valley of Jehoshaphat. There I, the Lord, will sit to pronounce judgment on them all. Now let the sickle do its work, for the harvest is ripe. Come, tread the winepress because it is full. The storage vats are overflowing with the wickedness of these people.’” Joel 3:9-13 (NLT) People the harvest is ripe. The time has come. The chess pieces are in play. What you are witnessing is history. Prophecy? Well I’ll leave that up to what you believe. Regardless of what you believe there is a storm on the horizon. Wise men will take notice and prepare. Good luck to all. I for one honestly believe that it has begun.

        • It’s unusual for someone to be so open minded about the belief/faith of others. We need more people like that when the storm is over, God willing.

        • Justice
          How do I get to the valley of Jehosaphat? Since the battle will take place there.

          • What did Jesus tell the 12 apostles and later on an additional 70 more folks, and finally Every christian believer to Preach? Did Christ tell em all to spread or preach the Old testement? And tell then to preach that Old test events Will happen again in some future time scenarios?….OR….Did He say to preach and spread the Gospel of Christ, and the Kingdom Of God?

            Yes it is the Latter He said to preach to all the world. And Where would a person Find what is to be preached of? In the Old or New testement books? Obviously in the NEW testement.

            Actually if a person had nothing else to read But the new testement in its entirety, he or she could become a true believer christian even if no copy of the old testement books existed for that person.

            But reverse that. What if all they had to read was the Old testement books? Could anyone become a true christian believer based only on that? No, not possible. Without the new test gospels and acts etc nobody can become a christian. So in todays world, what is more important to study? Yes it is good to use the old test historys to prove prophecys of the comming messiah saviour. And learn what led up to it all etc. But to keep ones nose burried in old test prophetic events that already happened long ago and which directly affected the nation of the orig 12 tribed israel, and somehow think you can figure out todays events based on events already done in as far back as 750 BC or earlier yet?…Get a Grip!

            I just cannot understand Why so many christians do that and also why they try so hard to be Judaized, when we were warned to beware of teachers and prechers who are in fact judaizers.

            Has anybody considered the Great deceptions said to occure to decieve the whole world, except for the elect christians as Thats not posible, may indeed actually Be what we see occureing Today? Meaning, what if sold out preachers are teachings such Falshoods, in order to get a vast majority of folks to think if they see stuff happening thats described in old testement prophecys, which were For Israel and NObody else,but if they today believe it IS for us folks too, it just may be that it is really a plot to decieve christians into accepting a new world order govnt ruled BY jewish persons mainly to benifit jewish persons.

            In other words what “IF” Much that we see happen today is orchastrated to “Fit” old testement prophecys, and get christians to think its supposed to occure that way, so may as well accept it as it is without question, as long as some pastors says so. And being done to create a JWO govnt which was and still IS the Main goal of original Communisim that began in 1918 russia. After gaining control of russia the largest nation mass in the world, 3 times the size of the usa! The main goal of the bolshevik kommie rulers was to gain control of entire world and Rule it all BY communisim policies. And of course for the main leadership to be ONLY of Bolshevik Kommie jewish persons, and to benifit them Only.

            A glance back the last 1000+ yrs shows the Rest of the worlds folks wanted and Had, each group Their Own Nation state or country right. And it basically Remained that way a very long time, untill the Invention of Communisim in order to Subdue the entire worlds govnt into a nwo. But its really a “J” wo, as in Kommie Jewish persons, ruled by and For NON gentile jewish people as enslavers of the gentiles worldwide. Of which their talmud religion holy books Teaches IS their Main desire or goals and that Only They rate haveing a nwo aka jwo in Their total control.

            Perhaps this is the real deceptions that will soon lead to as it says in Revalation book, “The Whole world will be Decieved, by deceptions So Strong and So believable, that If it were possible, even the Elect(christians) also would Fall for it!”

            Convincing christianity to think like so many today do regarding Old testement prophecy such as Danials events meant for isreals 12 tribes, and which already have happened, will either happen again xactly as before…Or to believe they Never as yet occured! Which to me seems to be a vast majoritys beliefe today…That it hasn’t yet happened so is meant for Us today or very soon.

            I cannot think of anythng else that has so convinced not just christians today, but even non christians, and that also has caused such a march to NWO without any Protest from any quarters. And one look at Who the vast Majority leading the usa, which is leading the rest of the world into it, is done by folks with names such as “Finestien” and “Bloomberg” et al. Food for Thought perhaps eh.

            • 1 cor 10:6-11 Now these things occurred as examples to keep us from setting our hearts on evil things as they did. 7Do not be idolaters, as some of them were; as it is written: “The people sat down to eat and drink and got up to indulge in revelry.”a 8We should not commit sexual immorality, as some of them did—and in one day twenty-three thousand of them died. 9We should not test Christ,b as some of them did—and were killed by snakes. 10And do not grumble, as some of them did—and were killed by the destroying angel.

              11These things happened to them as examples and were written down as warnings for us, on whom the culmination of the ages has come. 12So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don’t fall!

            • Them Guys quote “Perhaps this is the real deceptions that will soon lead to as it says in Revalation book, “The Whole world will be Decieved, by deceptions So Strong and So believable, that If it were possible, even the Elect(christians) also would Fall for it!””

              Amen, brother. That’s exactly what it is. The “chosen” people have hijacked the Israel birthright and we Christian are helping them right along. The deception of Satan (the antichrist), will be so powerful that YES Christians will worship him as God.

              You can look up other of my comments for scripture quotes as far as the Synagogue of Satan, the spirit of Antichrist (christ deniers), John 8:44, Rev 2:9.

              Mystery Babylon is Jerusalem. See my above post for proof. Key words are “that great city”.

              Antichrist sets up his kingdom in Jerusalem. Satan himself is the imposter Christ not some human being.

              The 2nd beast (antichrist/satan), influences and has power of 1st beast(nwo or whatever). That 1st beast is set up into most likely 7 regions and 10 leadership positions. Something awful happens globally which wounds one of the “heads/regions” of the 1st beast. 2nd beast (satan/antichrist/5th trumpet) swoops in and saves the day. Heals the 1st beast, performs miracles, bringing lightning from heaven etc.

              In English language “anti” means opposite like “antifreeze”. However, in Hebrew it means “imposter”. So the “antichrist” won’t go around being evil and chopping off heads. He won’t fool anyone doing that.

              He wants to be worshipped as God, hence the massive deception to get God’s people, the Christians, to worship him as such.

              His kingdom is set up in Jerusalem, just as the REAL Christ will. Satan is a master Bible scholar and the father of lies. He will fool many.

              A vast majority of christians think the present day jews are the chosen people, therefore we are helping the International Judaic move along with their plans. IT was no accident that Israel the modern nation was Named Israel. It lends more than a little confusion to the scriptures.

              Here is the danger of Christians believing these two things and I”d say at least 95% believe one or the other of these two scenarios.

              Antichrist will be a human being. Problem: IT will be very easy for Satan to set up a human being to play that role and when he really does get thrown to Earth (5th trump), he simply kills the puny human and saves the day as “messiah”.

              Rapture theory. Huge problem here. When this does not occur, rapturists will be completely lost and doubting everything they were taught. The supposed Rapture happens before antichrist supposedly, so they will be looking at the first super natural being on the planet to be Christ and would worship the antichrist as such.

              That is the deception, and on a positive note I feel the “great tribulation” as it has been labeled will be shortened to 5 months from the original 3.5 years.

              Matthew 24:22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

              Rev:9:5 And to them it was given that they should not kill them, but that they should be tormented five months

              All those images in the fifth trumpet is satan and his fallen angels getting thrown to earth. This is same event as Rev: 12:9

              One perspective is from the Earth the other from Heaven. Same event. Antichrist coming down to Earth.

              • Greg: Satan is a Spirit. Like God the Father exists in spirit form Only. So satan cannot be in human form. He will need a human man for antichrist.

                The second beast it says if a False prophet. A Religious figure, Pope perhaps?

                That 5 months stuff only applies to That particular plague of some type evil like a swarm of Locusts, that come out of the smoke of the pit etc. THEY are only allowed 5 months to torment humans who took the “Mark” aka 666. But NOT kill them.

                Isreal is also sits on 7 hills or mountains. The bible names all 7. So yes it may be as you say where the NWO HQ will be located at.

                Satan IS already on earth a long time now. Bible calls satan the God and ruler of This world etc.

                It sounds as if alot of what you say is the same as a tv pastor guy his tv show is called “Shepards Chapel” I agree with “Some” of his beliefs. But Much of it I do Not agree with. He promotes what sounds like Us humans today lived before as Angels in a older earth-age Before Garden of eden etc! I aint buying it. He says we are fallen angels who are given our second chance to get it right This time around! If I understand him corectly.

                Thats BS nonsense at best. The bible says it as clear as possible. We humnas Live ONCE-Then we Die-Then comes the Judgement of God. Period. His bs sounds alot more like a mixture of Reincarnation(hindu=Falsehoods) and New Ager stuff. I reject it as bs.

                I agree after pretrib rapture Fails to occure as expected, many bummed christians are going to stop all former beliefs, even the Good belief and Truth. Due to that rapture expectations failing, they will think all they were taught is fake! Easy pickings for antichrists false miricles eh!

                In REV near very end I think it is at, it speaks of Jesus will Subdue BOTH antichrist and false prophet and toss BOTH stil ALIVE into lake of fire. That sure sounds like Both “beasts” are Human men eh.

                Same as Babylon has 3 seperate meanings, a World govnt nation in orig babylon aka nebukanedzer…And a CITY babylon destroyed in one hour, not a “Litteral” 60-minit hour, more like reference to a “short” time frame. And a Woman named babylon.

                So to does antichrist have several meanings. As a govnt system, as a Leader of that system human man, and all persons who fit description in bible as rejecting Christ etc are of antichrist.

                America since Prez Nixon was split into 10 fed regions for regional govnt. Only the Prez can appoint 10 persons for each region governer. They sereve for like 15 yrs, and only a sitting prez can appoint them and they answer ONLY to the prez.

                Can usa be that beast rises from the SEA? its the youngest nation that matters worldwide. It has 10 regional govners (10 kings as yet no kingdom?). And for at least last 100 yrs if not more it is the usa thats creating all things related to NWO. And also Controls all the worlds other nations and rulers etc mainly.

                New York fits Babylon CITY destroyed in one hr very closly. More so than any other city worldwide. And last week it was posted here in other article, YES NY Has Hills beneath the city before NY was Built! Sits on 7 hills was all thats missing for NY to be it I think. Perhaps its Not missing 7 hills after all eh.

                Also when John the revelator says he Saw in the vision that babylon citys destruction due to its wicked evils and sins etc..Suppose John was in heaven as he says, and was Looking DOWN at earth, when he saw that “City” of such evil and sins can it be that maybe to John he saw the ENTIRE USA Nation, But, to Him it appeared as a CITY due to zero fences-all the States and counties and citys run along as if america really was one giant size city?

                In othe words can america the entire nation BE that CITY destroyed in one hr? Nowheres else on earth has worse sins and corruption than the usa right. Hmmmmm…Makes me wonder!

                Christians are told “Therefore My People(gods folks) Come OUT of Her so You do not partake in more of her sins, and likewise you too get Gods wrath soon to be poured out etc”

                Where else Fits this stuff Moreso than america entirely? And can This be a clue to why so many folks are basically going “hermit” lifestyle lately? Like Most Preppers and Patriots are. “Come OUT of her my People!” Hmmmmm.

                Much of it all we just must Wait for answers as they Unfold. Meanwhile as Watchmen we need to Keep waking folks to these “Deceptions”. But we need verify what we say so we do not mislead them also!

      9. In this nightmare reality I have yet to wake from, (remember, I told you I fell asleep back in the early 80s reading a poorly written spy novel), it seems I’m rapidly approaching the point in the nightmare where shit gets so bad, you are forced awake. Seriously though, this situation in Syria and the games being played against Iran are literally poking the Bear in the East squarely in the abdomen. These jackasses on all sides of the equation better step back and chill out before we’re engulfed in mushroom clouds and fall-out disasters. Fuck sake, STOP!

        • @ JoeRepublic

          Most of the people that finally awaken will only do so for a millisecond.

          For many, death will be a blessing.

        • The secret weapon unleashed against U.S.A. will sound like people screaming “SELL! SELL!” “Where’d my 401k go?”

          • We have been warned, that the “Dollar kill switch”, will destroy us as surely as a nuke or EMP… when Saudi says no more dollars for oil, we’re done.

            The BRICS Development fund, and new gold trade certificate, will turn off our banking system like a light switch. At least, for China, Russia, the BRICS, and their ‘allies’… which now encompasses the globe, as more and more people’s hatred for America grows openly.
            I think, this is what the Elite are getting scared of.
            Jim Willie has been warning about this for over a year.
            (He is the guy who predicted the meltdown of 2008, to the month…)
            Maybe this is why the Black Caesar is provoking a conflict now… wag the dog, and blame the enemy.

      10. ‘But if you will not listen to me and carry out all these commands, 15 and if you reject my decrees and abhor my laws and fail to carry out all my commands and so violate my covenant, 16 then I will do this to you: I will bring on you sudden terror, wasting diseases and fever that will destroy your sight and sap your strength. You will plant seed in vain, because your enemies will eat it. 17 I will set my face against you so that you will be defeated by your enemies; those who hate you will rule over you, and you will flee even when no one is pursuing you.

        18 “‘If after all this you will not listen to me, I will punish you for your sins seven times over. 19 I will break down your stubborn pride and make the sky above you like iron and the ground beneath you like bronze. 20 Your strength will be spent in vain, because your soil will not yield its crops, nor will the trees of your land yield their fruit.

        21 “‘If you remain hostile toward me and refuse to listen to me, I will multiply your afflictions seven times over, as your sins deserve. 22 I will send wild animals against you, and they will rob you of your children, destroy your cattle and make you so few in number that your roads will be deserted.

        23 “‘If in spite of these things you do not accept my correction but continue to be hostile toward me, 24 I myself will be hostile toward you and will afflict you for your sins seven times over. 25 And I will bring the sword on you to avenge the breaking of the covenant. When you withdraw into your cities, I will send a plague among you, and you will be given into enemy hands. 26 When I cut off your supply of bread, ten women will be able to bake your bread in one oven, and they will dole out the bread by weight. You will eat, but you will not be satisfied.

        27 “‘If in spite of this you still do not listen to me but continue to be hostile toward me, 28 then in my anger I will be hostile toward you, and I myself will punish you for your sins seven times over. 29 You will eat the flesh of your sons and the flesh of your daughters. 30 I will destroy your high places, cut down your incense altars and pile your dead bodies[b] on the lifeless forms of your idols, and I will abhor you. 31 I will turn your cities into ruins and lay waste your sanctuaries, and I will take no delight in the pleasing aroma of your offerings. 32 I myself will lay waste the land, so that your enemies who live there will be appalled. 33 I will scatter you among the nations and will draw out my sword and pursue you. Your land will be laid waste, and your cities will lie in ruins. 34 Then the land will enjoy its sabbath years all the time that it lies desolate and you are in the country of your enemies; then the land will rest and enjoy its sabbaths. 35 All the time that it lies desolate, the land will have the rest it did not have during the sabbaths you lived in it.

        36 “‘As for those of you who are left, I will make their hearts so fearful in the lands of their enemies that the sound of a windblown leaf will put them to flight. They will run as though fleeing from the sword, and they will fall, even though no one is pursuing them. 37 They will stumble over one another as though fleeing from the sword, even though no one is pursuing them. So you will not be able to stand before your enemies. 38 You will perish among the nations; the land of your enemies will devour you. 39 Those of you who are left will waste away in the lands of their enemies because of their sins; also because of their ancestors’ sins they will waste away.

        40 “‘But if they will confess their sins and the sins of their ancestors—their unfaithfulness and their hostility toward me, 41 which made me hostile toward them so that I sent them into the land of their enemies—then when their uncircumcised hearts are humbled and they pay for their sin, 42 I will remember my covenant with Jacob and my covenant with Isaac and my covenant with Abraham, and I will remember the land

      11. I thought you didn’t censor?

        • You thought wrong.

        • I think the red thumbs are because most of us here own Bibles. Chapter and verse would be plenty, along with a reason.

          • I don’t mind the passage, it sames one the effort and time of looking it up. However, your point in referencing it would be good. The context was God speaking to Israel regarding the covenant relationship they had with Him. America is not under that covenant, though it would be far better for us to repent than to continue on as we are.

            • It’s my belief God’s moral law is and was the same. The law was a school teacher to show us our nature. Those that came here sought religious freedom to follow Him. We acknowledged God as a nation. Today we worship money. Lawyers, who are taught to distort the truth, rule over us. Adultry is openly accepted and allowed on every t.v. show, etc. When Israel was told to spy out the promise land all but 2 of them came back with the report that the enemy is too great for us. Because of their unbeleif they were not allowed to enter in to the promise land. His correction became incresingly severe. Today, we also are running from enemies that are not even upon us yet. We are fearfully worrying about how to store up goods to get through this time. We look at the enemies and stay they are giants. This battle is not ours but belongs to the Lord. He will fight for us. When the women flees into the mountains and the flood follows her the ground opens up and swallows the flood. Its my belief we should be focused on finishing the work God has given us to do not relying on our strength to escape a enemy that God, not us will crush.

              • And he did not do many miracles there because of their lack of faith.

            • And in God’s judgment the Israelites voided the covenant even BEFORE they connived the judicial murder of their Messiah.

              Jeremias 31:31-32 Behold the days shall come, saith the Lord, and I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Juda: Not according to the covenant which I made with their fathers, in the day that I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt: THE COVENANT WHICH THEY MADE VOID, and I had dominion over them, saith the Lord.

        • What does that old covenant with the 12 tribes of Israel, and the things as punishment God promiced He’d do To israels 12 tribes if they refuse to honor and uphold what They agreed to do, have to do with Todays world which Has been under the NEW covenant of Christianity, since Christ went to the cross 2000 yrs ago?

          Like I said in a prior post above, what if TPTB today are Causing these events we see happening that seem so near exact as what your old testement leviticus laws post stated, in order to get you to do whatever todays preachers tell you to do to remedy or fix it all?

          For example aliens amoung your lands will come to outnumber and rule over You. OR. You will become the Borrower instead of the Lender nation…..Yes that has happened. But WHO has caused it BY Their evil Policies that THEY enacted while IN High Power Offices of OUR Govnt?

          Its NOT God doing this stuff…It is mainly the dems libs for the last 100 yrs, and around the Reagan era neocon repubs began to royally screw us too till now both partys are against Us all. And who first got control of Banks and Money? Then used massive “usury intrest” Profits paid By us taxpeyers, to BUY Up ALL forms of MSM’s nationwide?
          (IE: they own all tv-tv news msm-most all important newspapers like the Jewyork Times of jewyork, Talk radio networks, etc)

          Then who used such mass money AND Power of the Press aka MSM’s as Weapons against Us folks, and weapons against Polititions if they refuse to keep screwing us folks?

          If you have read this site long enough, then you must have seen ample massive amounts of Proof Positive of exactly Who that small group of Nation Wreckers really are. For newbees or newcomers to this website forum. Heres a small “Hint”…The VAST majority, like 90+% of who runs-controls-decieves-destroys-militarily Uses-and Bankrupts America and us american folks all has names that sound alot like….Bloomberg-Finestien-Schumer-Goldsteen-Silverman-Goldman-Swantzazinsky-Swartza(negro in yiddish)-etc etc. Now WHAT Main single thing do All of Them have In Common compared to the rest of us “Goyim” gentiles?…Is that enough hints so you get it as yet?

          America was Founded By European White and Mostly Christian folks. So why today does so many who call selves christians prefere to keep attempting to live out our future more like Old testement judah jewish people?

          Wasn’t it Gods plans for jews of old covenant to accept Our new christian covenant, and All become a part of the body of christ aka christianity? If not? Why would God Replace their old covenant with a new one as is written of in the new testement by Paul and other apostles?(and also in OT Jeramiah he foretold of a new covenant soon that jews Must accept and Join or Perish)

          All of those threats by God to happen to israels 12 tribes if they rejected obedience etc DID occure to Them. Thats the reason God had to make a New covenant with a New group of folks(christains).

          I think They now are decieving america and the entire world, by direct actions Designed to cause and create situations that Copycat all of those old leviticus threats from God. So we will turn to Them and the OLD testement laws for relief and a return to normalcy.

          And Thats exactly what we were warned to avoid that Judiazer preachermen will try to convince us to do or be like…Like Old testement leviticus Moses or Mosiac Laws that Christ said He Fullfilled and did Away with for good aka Nailed em to the cross. He came Not do destroy the law and prophets, but rather to FULLFILL them. And Replace it all with christianity, aka the NEW covenant for ALL folks regardless what race or nation or language you are from or of. Inlcuding for Jewish persons too. Unless of course They rather Perish for eternity in that lake of Fire.

          So I guess I just don’t get why so many of todays christians so badly desire to keep trusting Judiazer type pastors, and so Cling to prophecys already fullfilled long ago and for OTHER people, and not todays world, Especially not for Christianity!

          I will Bet that at the end of it all, it will be Christians who Led Jews to Christianity, who get good “rewards” from the Lord, instead of christians who allow themselves to be Led to become like old covenant israel or jews, by such Judiazer teacher-preachers.

          “On that day, Many shall stand before the Lord and will hear Him say..Depart from Me! and to which they shall reply…But! Lord Lord! we fed the hungry in Your name! and healed the sick in Your Name! and Cast Out Demons! in Your name….Even we Raised the DEAD! and did it All in Your name!….Then again the Lord shall say to THEM…Depart From Me! You Wicked Workers of Inequity!(Sin).

          That indeed Has to be about “christians” right. Because Who Else have You ever heard make such claims? Ever hear any atheists say that? How about any Jewish folks? Ever hear any jews claim they did this or that in Jesus Christs Name?!…And You Won’t neither…Unless it is one of the “few” jewish persons who became True believer christians. A Rather Rare Breed Indeed.

          • This is how he says it in the new covenant when he refers to the old covenant. Revelations is definately Gods judgement. He’s angry because people won’t repent. (rev 9:21)Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts. Punishements get harder and harder..same as old testament. Christ was the same yesterday, today, and tommorrow. He was the God of the old testament. (1cor 10:3) In hebrews 3 He says.

            10 Wherefore I was grieved with that generation, and said, They do alway err in their heart; and they have not known my ways.

            11 So I sware in my wrath, They shall not enter into my rest.)

            12 Take heed, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief, in departing from the living God.

            13 But exhort one another daily, while it is called To day; lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin. 1john3:4 says sin is the transgression of the law. So breaking the law Hardens one’s heart towards God.

            14 For we are made partakers of Christ, if we hold the beginning of our confidence stedfast unto the end; We are not under the law if we walk in the spirit. However walking in the spirit does not lead one to break moral law of God.

          • 1 cor 10:6-11 Now these things occurred as examples to keep us from setting our hearts on evil things as they did. 7Do not be idolaters, as some of them were; as it is written: “The people sat down to eat and drink and got up to indulge in revelry.”a 8We should not commit sexual immorality, as some of them did—and in one day twenty-three thousand of them died. 9We should not test Christ,b as some of them did—and were killed by snakes. 10And do not grumble, as some of them did—and were killed by the destroying angel.

            11These things happened to them as examples and were written down as warnings for us, on whom the culmination of the ages has come. 12So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don’t fall!

      12. Obama gonna make George W Bush look like a pussy! Them patriotic military boys and girls and LGBT troops gonna make the Commander in Chief proud. Again. Stick a big red, white and blue boot up their ass while your on vacation Obama! USA! USA! USA!

      13. i will never understand the obummer administration

        • @ wally

          He’s not looking for your understanding, just your servility.

        • I think I will sit back have a cold brew and watch those
          assholes over there blow each other to hell

          • Beer. Poontang. USA!!!

            • were you ever stationed in Korea?

        • “i will never understand the obummer administration”

          I don’t care to understand it—I want to ABOLISH it.

      14. I’ve never been a fan of Russia or Russians, but this time I have to agree with Putin. The war in Syria has nothing to do with our national security. Obama needs to back off. Don’t give those “rebels” anything. Let the Sunni and Shiite wipe out each other; it’s what they deserve. We need to bring all of our troops back to the US; ALL OF THEM, PERIOD! We’ve got to stop interfering in other countries affairs and take care of our own. Only the NWO would benefit from WW3. We can’t afford another insane foreign adventure; can’t even pay for Afghanistan anymore. A lot of people have awakened since the Bush era. There’s no way a majority of people would support US intervention in Syria. That war is not our affair; not our problem; not our responsibility! However, I fear it may happen anyway despite our opposition. God Save America! braveheart

        • @Bravehart- Stick to your day job and don’t try to be a Military strategist.
          We ARE protecting our national interests by securing Syria.

          You know not what you speak of.

          But we already knew that.

          Russia WILL NOT be based out of Syria. Mark my words.
          Won’t happen. They are sending arms for sam reason we are.


          Neither Country cares about the people in Syria. It aint about that.

          Go read a book.

          • You must be the biggest fool on this site.

            • what he wrote makes sense if you think out of the box for once in your lives.

              • What makes sense is aprox a year ago Putin Vowed to Protect Christians regardless Where they reside. Now it seems Putin IS a Man who Keeps his word. He Is protecting Orthodox Christians, over a Million of them in Syria.

                Assad family has protected christians of syria the last 40 yrs. Untill usa/nato backed Alqueda rebels began to Rape-Pillage-Murder massive numbers of them. With Hobammys AND Hillerys blessings!

                I just Hope Putin meant American christians if the time arives we too may require arms and ammo etc as well as maybe top Soldiers like from Russian forces to come here to assist Us folks if our fed govnt at israels and jewish intrests behest, decides to attampt disarming us or starting a real Hot war against usa citizen patriots etc.

                What Box you stuck in? the Fox tv hannity israel can do no wrongs and are our best pals and allies Box perhaps? Sure sounds like it.

          • @ “genius”, There’s nothing like a brainwashed sheeple that can’t see the trees from the forest! But you ARE correct when you say that neither country cares about Syria.
            However, it’s none of our fucking business if the middle east cannot get along with each other!

            We are being aggressive, hegemonic, and most definitely imperialistic by intervening in Syria.
            For a “genius” you ARE thick-skulled!

            • @RickE…………… see the people here are not very smart.
              You missed my point completely, which is that Syria is an important ASSET to the USA. It has nothing to do with wanting the Middle east to GET ALONG with each other.

              We want the OPPOSITE, and as a strategy that is smart. We WANT a Middle East in Turmoil, because then WE can pull the strings the way WE want to.

              SYRIA is a VERY important pice on the chess board for us, and no WAY Russia will have it. We WILL go to a short ww3 if they think they can fuck with us.

              They will lose.

              We WILL have Syria, and it is VITAL to natl security for a NUMBER of reasons.


              • You must be one of the government guys,
                I always was told people who live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones, we got no business meddling in any of this crap.

              • I can’t see how there’s any argument with what ‘genius’ and Gerald said here, other than they insulted some people in the “in crowd”.

                Empires don’t just sit back and decide to go home. They have to keep expanding or they crumble. They cannot maintain their infrastructure and way of life without increasing their influence over the globe. You might not like the empire or the leader of the empire, but it doesn’t change things. “Go read a book” is a harsh thing to say, but it’s probably true in a lot of cases.

                I resent what our country is becoming as much as the next person, but the world is reaching the energy resource end-game. War in the Middle East is inevitable and so is the attempt to crush dissent of the people at home. The thing will play out until there is nothing left to destroy or nothing left to destroy it with.

              • While I get the whole thing about Syria being an important asset to us, and wanting the ME in turmoil…

                Russia will lose?

                … are you sure?

                1. Nukes
                2. EMP weapons
                3. Unshielded US electrical grid
                4. US bonds swinging in the breeze.

                We might “win” in the sense that we lock down all our own people in a medieval non-electrified hell hole and nuke the piss out of Russia, thus making us all glow.

                Short of that I mean… like… a “normal” kind of “win” like WW2 where we weren’t all glow in the dark slaves living by candle light?

                I don’t see how…

          • GENIUS sounds like you just graduated from the ZOMBIE
            ACADEMY dumbass keep preppin braveheart this guy is
            a dumbass

            • One bony Tampa Grampa thumb up for that, son.

        • Anyone who wants to take our guns and arm our enemies is not a friend. A real national security would arm and train its citizens and supply them with about 1000 rds each like the Swiss.

        • Gee golly brave heart. Most here have alway been huge fans of the Russians.

      15. I think we’re all encountered a smooth talking black gent in our day.
        We’re all so charmed by him. He dresses so well and just smiles things
        away and speaks from the heart sincerely.

        In reality….the gent is trying to bring down the USA and destroy the middle class.

        Seems the culture of the day has people looking at NRA members like they are home grown terrorists.

        In reality…we’re all that stands between them and Russia and China rolling over us and walking them through their own fema death camps.

        I think I read there are 5 million NRA members…then each member must have a few thousand rounds of ammo…and then also guns for their children…so triple that figure.

        So there you go.. a 15 to 20 million man army…of snippers fully dispersed all over the United States to protect liberty and freedom.

        Yet..the Socialist and Commies understood this…so they do a soft attack from within.
        They do this by having liberal professors brain wash our kids. By degrading prayer in the school. By taking shots at the pledge.

        I predict the time will come when the latest generations surrender to the green eco commies and enslave them with socialist taxes and steal their retirement.

        It’s all going bad and we’ll see a bad trend in time.

        I do wonder how long the dollar will float.

        I’m real happy they are taking down the price of metals.
        Shit…I’ll just keep buying.

        It’s real… and they cannot steal it.

        Don’t be sad to see things changing…
        Look for the opportunities.

        • First off…NO ONE will EVER invade the USA. The sniper BS is a delusion on your part.

          We don’t need weapons this day and age to turn on invaders.

          We need them for other reasons…

          one reason would be people like you that are paranoid.

          • Where did this dumbass troll come from?

            • One of Bo’s dumb ass cyber warriors from the NSA or some other alfabit crap agency

          • Genius evidently isn’t.

          • HAHAHA

            The industrial age represents 1% of human history.

            The COMPUTER age represents 1% of that 1%.

            I got some bad news for you sunshine. History tends to revert to the mean.

            “We don’t need weapons to repel invaders”… oh my sainted hat, fucking REALLY? Maybe we can sell them hamburgers from McDonalds and give them spongeform encephalitis and let them die 20 years later…

            We have no invaders RIGHT NOW… YET… because it’s economic suicide to any country to pull that shit on another one.

            That will be true. Until it isn’t. And then it won’t be.

        • Right on. The hell with AK-47 and AR-15, buy a good bolt action in .308 or .260 or .270 or such and get ready. The semi-autos will be available later.

        • Any one trying to invade has to get through the gangs of the cities, The regular townies of the cities, the cops and vets of the cities. After that ginding then they meet the 10-20 million hunters in the rural areas. Heck the army and gaurd will just wait until thats over then mop up. No one in thier right mind will try to invade. They would do EMP, Nuc, Biological/Chemical, Cyber, Economic. Yet even with all that thier are milloins of preped folks with guns who will fight for there home. It would make other wars look like nursry ryms (save the two word wars). Naa they wil use other means to try to end us.

          • For crying out loud, learn to spell.

      16. That movie clip was depressing. Seemed so real.

        • Holy crap! That video made the hair stand up on the back of my neck!
          people prep like you have never prepped before , Remember if this happens here
          DO NOT LOOK AT ANY FIREBALL ! Get low to the ground , try to put as much mass between you and the direction of the detonation. Cover your head , keep your mouth open so the concussion from the pressure wave does not rupture your lungs. Get Out of the area upwind from the blast cloud.
          That was probably the most realistic representation of being in the wrong place at the wrong time
          That I have seen in a while.

          Things may get really hairy in the next few months.

          Pray, Prepare like never before, get your things in order.

          Semper Fi 8541

      17. Okay.. I just have to ask this.
        With the horrible history of the US’s track record of abusing, manipulating, exploiting all situations to US’s advantage–how can this be??
        Arming the Free Syrian Army??? Where have they been for decades??
        Don’t they read???
        Do they think this time it will be different like the beaten, abused wife taking her husband back, just one more time???

      18. ‘Russia -n- Syria -n- Iran are going to “Kick the Sheeit outta ” zog ameriKa’s -n- israehell’s Ass !’

        I’m looking forward to seeing this happen .

        It’s time zog ameriKa and israehell were put in their place by the Russian Bear Putin !

        Just in-case none of you traitorous lyin thievin murderin zog nsa cia fbi dhs fedfucks have noticed , you may now consider me officially a ‘True Enemy of the zog Jew ameriKa -n- israehell Jew states’ , i intend to do All i can to see them both ‘Fail’ !

        NinaO ;0p


          So The Free Republic of the Unite States of America may be reborn under U.S. CONSTITUTIONAL LAW 1776 .


          N.O. ;0p

        • Obama Must Go! Russia Warns War Against America “Use With Nuclear Weapons”

          Medvedev Repeats Warning of Thermonuclear War
          Obama Must Be Removed From Office Now!

          Share this video! Upload!

          On the eve of his trip to the United States, where he will meet with President Barack Obama, Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev delivered an unequivocal message to Obama and his NATO cohorts, who are threatening to intervene with regime-change operations in Syria, Iran, and elsewhere: Such actions can lead to “full-scale wars, even with nuclear weapons.”

          Medvedev’s warning, delivered at an International Legal Forum in St. Petersburg, comes in the wake of similar warnings issued May 3 by Russian Chief of Staff Nikolai Makarov, that the U.S.-NATO policy of Ballistic Missile Defense in Europe could lead to a Russian pre-emptive strike, and by Medvedev himself last November.

          The Russians are making it clear: attacks on national sovereignty will not be tolerated. Yet President Barack Obama, operating under the thumb of the British imperial strategy to crush all national sovereignty, has stuck to his provocative policy, pressing forward against Syria, Iran, and Russia itself. Thus, unless Barack Obama is removed from office, by Constitutional means, the world is headed toward thermonuclear war.

          No, the Russians are not bluffing; they are deadly serious. The question is: are we? Can we face the reality that the exchange of nuclear weapons will likely exterminate all life on this planet? Can we fail to act when not only our family and posterity, but all civilization can be wiped from the face of the earth, because we tolerated a President who took his orders from Malthusian lunatics like Prince Philip and the Queen of England?

          British puppet Obama has already provided ample cause for his removal by virtue of Section 4 of the 25th Amendment, or impeachment, through multiple violations of the Constitution. Every day he is in office, the situation worsens. But with the British Empire facing financial implosion, and going for end-game confrontation with Russia and China, Obama is now being pushed toward actions which will provoke thermonuclear war. The United States, and the world as a whole, stand in the clear and present danger of extinction, unless Obama is removed.

          – Medvedev’s Warning –

          With U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder sitting behind him, Prime Minister Medvedev stated Russia’s principled position:

          “I would like to emphasise that we need to act in unison against such modern global challenges as the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, international terrorism, organised transnational crime, drug trafficking, and the threat of natural and man-made disasters. We can achieve this only through the collective efforts of states based on undeviating respect for the supremacy of law. …

          “One more thing that I believe is important, considering my experience in politics, is the concept of state sovereignty. It should not be undermined even if for the sake of achieving some immediate political gain, including an election to a particular post. Such attempts threaten global order. There have been many recent examples of the concept of state sovereignty being undermined. Military operations against foreign states bypassing the United Nations; declarations of illegitimacy of certain political regimes on behalf of foreign states rather than the people of the country involved and imposing various collective sanctions, again bypassing international institutions, are some of them. This does not improve the situation in the world, while rash military interference in the affairs of another state usually results in radicals coming to power. Such actions, which undermine state sovereignty, can easily lead to full-scale regional wars even—I am not trying to scare anyone here—with the use of nuclear weapons. Everybody should remember this especially when we analyse the concept of state sovereignty.” (Emph. added)

          Thus, when Obama threatens to repeat his unconstitutional Libya operation, this time against Syria, he is triggering not only a disastrous regional war, but a direct confrontation with the world’s second greatest nuclear power, Russia. He ignores Russia’s offers of cooperation, and presses on, toward death.

          There can no longer be any ambiguity as to what the consequences of allowing Obama to remain in office will be. Act now to politically remove Obama from office, or you will be culpable for an impending thermonuclear destruction of the planet. As of now, that destruction can be stopped. But only if you act.

          join to oust Obama, and build a real future for mankind.

          NinaO ;0p

      19. Russia – Fuck Yeah !!

        • IF everything we were taught in history class was TRUE—it should be the United States delivering that speech, not Russia…boy have we been fooled or what?

          • RT TV News showed a film clip of Putin with englands leader guy(cant recall his name now?) answering press-media questions from the podium stand both stood at side by side the other day. The Translators to english Quoted Putin asking Britians leader and the USA leaders as well as the entire press core….”Why are the western civilized powers Sending Arms-ammo and heavey weaponery to those Savage Beast rebels who are Cannabalizing their Victims after killing them by cutting open their chests and abdomens to EAT victims Hearts and Intestines?!!!!”

            I Did NOT give an exact quote word for word here as its from memory of a few days ago and a short tv news video its of. However, what Putin said in asking his question of American and england leadership is very close to exact.

            Putin Did say Cannabals eating victims innards etc!

            Putin made the usa and Brits govnt idiots look like the assholes they truly are. Nice to finally see a true patriotic White Man and a Christain as well speak out in such unbiased honest fashion eh. Straight talk questions from a straight shooter kinda guy aka Putin.

            I wasn’t able to wait for any reply to Putins question on why arming Canibal savages…”IF” that British leader even Had a answer! His facial look seemed kinda shocked to hear it though, also kinda nervous look.

            Incase of doubters to validity of cannabals syrian rebels? RT and Yutube has severl videos of Beheadings-Slicing open midriff body area and chest cavity to EAT Hearts-Intestines-and who knows what else!

            Americas favorite rebel armys=Alqueda Cannabals. Hobammys african DNA can likly relate to it eh! Save hobammys SheBOON wify a bite ok rebels. You know…Monky See… Monky Do!

      20. There is nothing nice about what is coming to our countries. I feel sad for those who haven’t had a chance to experience the beautiful side of life. I just left the river after fly fishing (my drug of choice), and sat down to this? The reality is, we are so close to total annihilation. Enjoy your time, friends, family and your drug of choice because time is running out for all of us.

        • Not a bad ideal Scott… Just finish cycling through my food pantry…

          Sat down and watch this pointless video and I’m saying forget it. Its Friday night and I’m going to go party!!!

          As always folks, PUFF PUFF PASS

          • Im going to wash & wax my car so that the fallout dont damage the paintwork

      21. Payback’s a bit*ch Israel and it’s bringing friends.

        • monsanto is deliberately intentionally ‘killing off’ the bee’s

          with monsanto roundup insecticide and gmo enhanced plants that excrete gmo plant produced pesticides

          so that they can then control the production of monsanto gmo bee’s and force the whole world to bow kneel to monsanto

          no bee’s means no pollination means no food grown or natural farm animal feed

          you control a global population by controlling its water and food supply .

          monsanto is pure evil

          NinaO ;0p

          • Honey bees are not native to North America.

            • @BDB you get a GOLD STAR ;0p

              Native Bees of North America
              Native bees are an unappreciated treasure, with 4,000 species from tiny Perdita to large carpenter bees, they can be found anywhere in North America where flowers bloom. Most people don’t realize that there were no honey bees in America until the white settlers brought hives from Europe. These resourceful insects promptly managed to escape domestication, forming swarms and setting up housekeeping in hollow trees, other cavities or even exposed to the elements just as they had been doing in their native lands. Native pollinators, in particular bees, had been doing all the pollination in this continent before the arrival of that import from the Old World. They continue to do a great deal of it, especially when it comes to native plants.

              NinaO ;0p

      22. Know this is off topic, but I have a couple questions for those of you veteran preppers out there. I have recently woken up to all the craziness that’s going on, December to be precise. I have this gut feeling that we are heading to a VERY bad time. I have been in prepper overload recently- cant stop thinking about keeping my kids safe in this coming horror as it unfolds before our eyes. My husband supports me fully and is really on board. My question is, other than my gut, how do we know that this isn’t just a crazy surreal time in history? I’ve been a daily reader for six months (I know that’s not long compared to some of u), but how do I know that I am not overreacting? Why do you all feel so strongly that we are heading into a completely uncharted territory? I guess I’m asking for some affirmation to my feelings. I have posted a few times with a different name, but figured, if the govt knows who I am and what I’m saying, I might as well say it proudly!

        I knew things were getting bad when my principal called me in to tell me I was spending too much time teaching my 4th graders about our constitutional rights. (And no, I am not a union member)… I about lost it. But having 2 little ones, I need my job for the health insurance.

        So back to my original plea…. Can anyone put it into better perspective to keep me motivated? I almost feel defeated with so much to do in soooooo little time. How can I be so certain something vicious is brewing when I can’t see it, don’t hear it (except here and the other blogs I read), and others think I am crazy?
        Thanks for the time.

        • What’s been predicted by so many people is (unfortunatley!) coming true right before our eyes… that would be my reason for not questioning your gut feeling.

          There is a book called, “The Gift of Fear” which tells how people, being reasonable creatures, usually try to suppress their gut feelings. Animals, on the other hand, go with their instincts. Right before tsunamis, for example, birds and other animals head for the hills. They don’t know what a tsunami is or how to spell it, they just go with that gut feeling and they survive. Humans, on the other hand, will stand there, with their mouths open, saying, “what the f–?!” until the waves return and drown them.

          Our reasoning ability has made us a superior to other animals but it often gets into trouble because we tend to suppress our animal instincts, which often times could save out lives!

          • We don’t know exactly what is true and what is false. We can prep slowly or we can prep quickly, depending on how much fear and extra cash we have on hand. Don’t be motivated by fear though. There is a lot of fearmongering everywhere. Keep prepping but don’t panic thinking that you don’t have enough time. That just causes great anxiety. By taking control of the things that only you have control over, day by day, your anxiety should diminish. I love alternative media, prepping websites, etc… but remember – they do make money selling you the idea that the sky is falling. So take your time, keep prepping, nobody is coming to get you right now. You will know when things are getting bad. The situation is escalating but we still have time so don’t believe the time scale of all these people and their “gut-feelings”. Now isn’t the time to waste precious cash on a vacation, keep doing what you are doing, buy Stephen Covey’s “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” and you will dicover the locus of control is within you.

        • first your perfectly sane

          second its very real

          third your proof it is really happening is the fact so many bankers , industrial executives , federal employee’s , military officers have bailed ejected from the financial markets withdrawn all their money savings cashed out their stocks and are just buying pm’s physical gold / silver , transferring their life savings over seas to central asia bank systems and buying agriculture farm land with water rights . SOME ARE EVEN BUILDING BUNKERS IN THEIR HOMES AND INSTALLING SAFE / PANIC ROOMS .

          * your focus should FIRST secure your home and children – take steps to develop a Family Safe plan . Arm Up and properly secure lock all weapons away from the kids .

          then preserving securing RIGHT NOW your personal cash savings wealth in real pm’s physically locked away near you in your direct control .

          then securing stocking up on enough long term food and water / water filters for 3 months minimum preferably 1-2 years .

          grow a year round garden to feed you and the kids .

          then energy / fuels for heat , cooking , light , emergency power (electricity generators, solar panels with marine batteries) .

          then temporary shelters tents tarps camper .

          then what else you , your family desire or personally need to survive .

          plan as a family a emergency bugout plan , designate a safe secure place for the kids to meet you in emergencies AWAY FROM POPULATION TOWN CENTERS or if you get separated , designate a few child safe houses with responsible child safe trusted adults for the kids to go to in case you are injured or killed AWAY FROM POPULATION TOWN CENTERS .

          this is really happening America is now a Failed State , the ZOG AmeriKan Fiat Dollar is now worthless .


          NinaO ;0p

          • would suggest that everyone prepare against them. They told us if we see something say something. Well if you see something or know of something tell someone about it, gather intell, after all they are gathering intell on the public. would start by mapping locations of all cameras and installations and activitities.

        • Paige our number one job as a mother, is to care for our children. I am a relatively new prepper as well (less than 1 year). Even if nothing happens, but that is wishful thinking, I have a peace about what I have accomplished in such a short time. Job loss, injury, hyperinflation, total collapse….no matter what happens my children will be well taken care of. Every penny goes to my childrens well being…for today, or tomorrow. Also in your preparations keep in mind the children will still need to learn reading writing and arithmetic.:)

          • Welcome, ILmom!

        • @paige4
          get yourself a copy of an old book “the gift of fear” i cant remember who wrote it (gavin something?)should be able to find it on e bay for couple $. it will fully explain what and why you are feeling as you are. what ever you do keep prepping…please do yourself a favor and go thru a weekend with no electric, no tap water ect ect..will give you a good look at what you are over looking…please do this as soon as possible…hug those kids and keep them close..

        • Paige4,
          Your question is, “How do we know that this isn’t just a crazy surreal time in history?”. I know that you want to have some predictive power yourself, to be able to approach certainty that hard times are coming soon.
          Nobody can actually predict what will happen in an extremely complex system-of-systems with so many moving parts, so many possible triggers, so many alternative cascades that could proceed from one or more of the many potential causative events.
          Howsoever, you’re not crazy. Granted that the bombs haven’t begun to fall, the dollar hasn’t been discarded as the world’s reserve currency, the next Depression hasn’t begun, the arable land hasn’t desertified, and gangs with rocket launchers and flame-throwers haven’t attacked your house, but…
          The US government is 17 trillion in debt, Japan is going to default on its debt, the Eurozone has not re-capitalized its banks after the last 4 years of recession and they are going to be officially insolvent soon, China’s growth has slowed drastically, war is already going on in Nigeria, Sudan, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Mexico, Northwest Pakistan, and less lethal conflicts in India, Libya, Niger, and other countries (cf.:, there are 1.2 billion hectares of formerly arable land with moderate to severe soil degradation ( and riots have been tied to the food price index (which is now above the critical threshold of 210,, and there are 7 billion unwieldy human beings roaming the planet. There is more than enough entropy to cause the shit to hit the fan.
          Don’t feel defeated. Do what you can. Get your body in good shape, stockpile food and water, learn emergency medicine, get good with a gun if you are so inclined, learn martial arts, pay off debt and save enough cash to pay your property taxes for a few years, learn a trade that will be in demand in a degraded economy, secure your house physically as much as you can, get to know your neighbors, buy a piece of land in the country even if it’s only an acre, maybe get a 16 foot trailer that you could tow to that land, get some experience hiking and backpacking, buy and train a German Shepherd (don’t forget to stockpile dog food!), and get close to God and pray a lot, if you are a Christian.
          Just do what you can. When you run a marathon, you don’t think about the 26 miles ahead of you. You only think about that next mile marker, that next water station. Set reasonable goals and prioritize, then execute. You will do fine.

          • Great advice , fear can sometimes be overwhelming but it’s there for a reason.
            Keep busy , go over your prep’s I believe we are more attuned on this site to what may eventually come. We are being warned by a power above us for a reason known only to him.
            We may well be the very ones that have been chosen to be worthy to survive and rebuild this world after its judgement .
            I remember once in the night nearly 22 years ago waiting in the dark looking out over the desert wondering what will happen in the next 24 hours, it was zero dark 30 January 15, 1991 I was on over watch part of an illumination Recon Team ( laser designator illumination team) the apprehension was real we could hear people ahead , sounds travel long distances in the night in the desert. My RTO operator turned to me seeing the thinly disguised fear on my face and said “We are on the right side of this , it’s in a higher powers hands , trust in his grace” this guy had never before expressed his faith before to any one in the unit .
            You know he was right not one of us had even a scratch on this deployment.
            What I trying to say trust your instincts they may be a subtle hint from above, keep doing what you are doing , do not let fear or apprehension get the best of you. There is a reason why we have been called to due this.
            As a further thought when we exfiltrated back to our FBO there were care packages distributed to us from the good folks at home , Cookies! Homemade too!
            In the package a person had written a bible verse ” For I will surely save you , you shall not fall by the sword; but you shall have your life as a prize of war , because you have put your trust in me, says the Lord. ” Jeremiah 39:18

            Pray , Prepare , Keep the Faith
            Semper Fi 8541

            • That post gave me chills, Night Breaker. Especially the last part.

        • Paige4—just the above honey bee die-off keeps me motivated.
          Add the drought/flood weather anomalies to that—and I’m proud to be 62 and having lived through the greatest decade EVAH!!
          The fricking 60s!!

          When it all gets too much—turn this on: 1965…this is what heaven will be playing…count on it.

          • Oh, I forgot…read Luke 21 every day.

          • thank you for this website…..calmed me down….stay safe…sunnybunny

        • Paige4 since you are a teacher I suggest you check out the Economic Collapse blog by Michael Snyder he presents a lot of facts and stats I think will help give you facts you seek. We have all been where you are, believe me. Until the last couple of months I was so scared it was hard to leave the house. But as you become more prepared it eases some. We now have our food,water sources,land,guns,ammo ,training and are getting much better with sustainable living. As for what others think, my husband and I think it is best to “stay low and quiet” for now. If scary times are ahead better to get prepared to take care of your family first. If others are not seeing or “feelingly” it by now I doubt they will. Good luck to you and your family.

          • Thank you all so much for the advice. I really appreciate it and jotted down many mental notes! Checked a few items off the list, will be able to sleep tonight.

        • Paige4,

          Since you mention that you have been reading this site for about 6 months, you probably have deduced that the US economic collapse will occur when the US dollar is no longer the worlds reserve currency.

          When we lose our status as the worlds reserve currency, hyperinflation will occur because of the incessant printing of money (increasing the money supply) by the federal reserve which in turn will bring the dollar to near zero value. This in turn, will then result in a halt to all economic activity as we know it.

          Note, we can get away with haphazard printing of money because all other economies related to the US dollar due to it’s reserve currency status. i.e. we inflate, everyone else inflates as well.

          What to look out for?

          One. Loss of investor confidence when the treasury has an auction. i.e. The treasury doesn’t sell enough bonds to foreign investors and thus the Fed steps in and “buys” the bonds with the printed money. So, watch the business channels and see how the monthly treasury auctions go. If they go bad, it means there is loss of confidence in the US dollar / economy.

          Two. Other countries form pockets of direct trading thereby bypassing the US dollar exchange. China, Australia, and New Zealand are currently doing this by using the Yuan as the reserve currency in all their international dealings with each other.

          Australia to Bypass US Dollar With China.

          Watch for Thailand, India, South Korea, or Japan to join. If they do, god help us all.

          Three. Changes in the percentages of the Special Drawing Rights (SDR) of the Bank of International Settlements ( with regards to national currencies. The Bank of International Settlements is the bank of all the world’s central banks. Note, currently the BIS holds the greatest percentage of SDRs on the US. Japan is second I believe. If there are any changes to the allocations, then we got problems.

          Four. The Bank of International Settlements says that the US dollar is no longer the worlds reserve currency.

          It’s going to be a while for this, but not too long. Item two really is the point of no return in my opinion. Three and Four become academic at that point.

        • Paige4, think of it this way…First, what could it hurt to be prepared and be stocked up on stuff you need, even if nothing major happens?

          Secondly, we are already in uncharted waters. Never has our freedoms ever been under assault like it is now. Never has our government been so fully highjacked by other interests in our history. Obummer is our first black president. Never has there ever been such a devastatingly huge surveillance3 grid set up anywhere on the planet. Never has technology been so advanced…the list of “never before” goes on and on, ALL reasons NOT to doubt that we are going where mankind has never gone before.

          Trust your gut above all else and protect your family above even that.

        • @Paige, it’s a thing called cognitive dissonance emerging from disruption of a long standing normalcy bias.

          We (post WWII) have lived in the most benevolent times in human existance, the Vietnam, Gulf Wars, Afghanistan not withstanding.

          Cheap and plentiful energy, expanding economies with real growth, world reserve currency status, population under control, fairly homogenous population, good affortable health care with advances in medicine and technology like cell phones and internet,affordable transporatation to allow surburban sprawl, a country relatively isolated form the rest of the world by 2 great oceans, plentiful low cost food, affordability to travel freely world wide, affordable housing and education etc, etc. You get the idea.

          Never in the history of humanity have we had it so good as in the latter half of the 20th century.

          But now, this is starting to come to a close. The politicians have steadily been giving away our country, debauched our currency, and solidified a fascist relationship with big coporations that has accelerated the demise of the middle class.

          Population growth will place increase demands and bickering over resources, while at the same time devalue human unskilled labor.

          So, do you stick your head in the sand and “party on” and maintain the normalcy bias, or at some point, do your observations start conflicting with this bias, making you uncomfortable? Do you find yourself wondering why other people seem to enjoy life more than you because they are blissfully unaware, or do you sacrifice the good life of the present to prepare for what may be a harder time in the future for you and your kids.

          So yes, you are not alone in feeling this nawing anxiety. It’s a thing called cognitive dissonance.

        • Paige,

          You can’t prep for every possible outcome of things, so don’t try.

          One thing you could possibly do would be to locate yourself to a place that won’t be a total nightmare if government services were cut off. And also a place where you would actually really like to live now. Then start taking your time and thinking things out and not rushing out of panic.

          Try preparing for something manageable that you have a concrete picture of, like the Great Depression. Remember, life is also for the living, right now. If prepping for a Red Dawn Russian invasion where you need gas masks and an underground bunker with sniper rifles means your kids not being able to be kids or your family not enjoying life, skip it.

          There are scenarios I do not prepare for, because there’s a point I would rather just quietly walk off into the woods than survive in a world that is as nightmarish as what some people predict.

          There are nut cases on these blogs. And there are people that feel overwhelmed by a changing world and have a fantasy where they will be finally be seen as heroes, fighting off the Commie hordes led by the black President. I’m sure they’re actually prepping but the blogs themselves are a bit of a fantasy land for some. Don’t get too caught up in it or you will become nutty, too. Stop reading these blogs for a while if it is making you fearful.

          Here’s another thing to consider: My dad became a survivalist in the late 70’s, during that wave. He dragged his aging mother to Idaho, then to Mexico. He gave up all other connections with friends and family. Then he finally had to come back to the US in the nineties to earn more work credits for social security. Now he’s getting close to dying.

          No one’s got a crystal ball that can tell you how soon things could fall apart.

        • Paige4,
          Late to reply, but take heart. As other posters have advised, baby steps. Further out, you might want to buy some chickens and goats if you can. You can milk goats, and of course chickens are dandy for eggs and meat. Rice is a handy carbohydrate, and can be found at Sam’s in 50 lb bags for around $20. Good for humans, dogs, and chickens. Must keep dry, dark, and cool, like a root cellar or basement. Food grade diatomaceous (sp) earth can be used to keep down bugs. Pasta and dried beans are also good carbohydrates. Store up some water in 55 gallon or higher drums while you can. Use catch water basins to capture clean rain,until the nucs go off. Fukashima (sp)is already messing up the West Coast, watch out for increasing radiation levels from the food there.

          Pray for guidance, and the peace that passes all understanding. God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of a sound mind. Use it to figure out what you need to do. May God Bless you and yours.

      23. Genius, explain to me and the rest of the people here how going to war in Syria would benefit the US. Putin has already thrown down the gauntlet. We’re far better off not going near that gauntlet. You can’t seem to see this is exactly what the globalists want. we’re being set up for a fall. I don’t want my country destroyed in a nuclear war that could be avoided and everyone else here would back me up on that statement. We have a traitorous government with some of the worst imaginable intentions toward not only us, but the rest of the world. A 2nd American Revolution is coming soon. It’s the only hope we have of saving this nation. That’s what we want because we love this country and believe in it. You sound like one of the neocons who are just as hell bent on destroying us as the liberals are. I’ll bet Dick Cheney is your hero, isn’t he? Well, just like the rest of the neocons and liberals, GO F@#$ YOURSELF! NOMI CATIMF BRAVEHEART

        • Bravehart dude—- your a fucking nut.
          Are you even American talking like that or form a commie County?
          The USA needs Syria…… if you don’t know why, you would never understand.
          You want to fight your own Country. That makes you a coward.
          NUclaer war? Are you off your rocker? AINT GONNA HAPPEN. When tow people can kill each other just as dead, neither is going to pull the trigger on that. Dont be fucking stupid man.
          You embarass yourself.

          A second revolution? Yeah right…this aint 1776 and we aint in kansas dorothy. IF you try that kiss your ass goodbye cause YOU aint fightin the troops with your ar-15.
          aint happenin anyway so go back to sleep or get some rest or something.

          • Gerald = Southern Boy = Facebook Page.

            • Hi, Ahab ~ Long time, no speak! 🙂 I have learned a great deal from the history lessons you are sharing here today, as always. Thank you for all that you add.

              I definitely agree with you about Gerald being a likely reincarnation of our “buddy”, Southern Boy, but I don’t think he is Facebook Page unless it is the most incredible revamp of syntax I’ve ever seen. It is no secret that I am not a fan of FBP, but I’m pretty confident he is not this particular troll. He is a stalker, not a troll. Equally repugnant, but different animals.

              Hope you have a great weekend!

              ~ Daisy

              • Ah, Daisy! Now that I know you’re here I’ll be sure to stay on the “right hand” path and be polite!

                Troll-ology is a complicated discipline, and you may indeed be right regarding “gerald” a.k.a. “genius” or Southern Boy.

                In its latter incarnation, this SINGLE troll always had a thing about calling men “Dorothy” or “Louise, which “gerald” has now done here (file this under “dead giveaways”).

                With that habit, I think he would really be much more at home in San Francisco, or at the Bush ranch in Crawford TX for a weekend romp with Dubya and Karl Rove, than in the “South,” don’t you?

              • Amazing all the soap operas that seem to play out here. Don’t any of you have a normal life or thinking? How can you stalk someone on a site like this. Weird.

          • It’s pretty clear our meddling in Libya and Egypt has shown us little real benefit. All we have now is radical Islamic and Muslim brotherhood threatening and attacking without reprisal, weapons and money to both.

            You and the other genius seems to think this game is worth playing, yet neither of you provide real fact reason or logic as to why; I can only assume you’re both fascists of the national kind.

      24. America hasn’t won a war since WW II. The only people to beat Russia is Russians. We’ll be lucky to only end up as a 4th world continent.

      25. BTW, genius, I and the rest of the people here DO know what we’re talking about because we live in the real world and know how to think for ourselves. None of us are anyone’s mindless robots. YOU’RE the one who is living in a fantasy world; you can’t see the forest for the trees. You used the wrong name to post under; it should be DICKHEAD! oh, and once again, go f#$% yourself! NOMI CATIMF BRAVEHEART

        • Braveheart, these are most likely some of the government shills talked about in another site, purpose to troll and disrupt civilized exchange by guys and gals like you and i and the other folks who are regulars here. Dont bite, thats what these donkeys are after. Keep the faith Bro and give em hell.
          MOLON LABE

          • Why would they type nonsense on a blog why the gov could just zap the computer? Why would the gov type rather than kill all of us? I think they are just people who disagree with some things.

      26. In Sweden, where there is REAL democracy, the people voted on the issue of underground bunkers and they all is law there all homes are required to have them. (In case of Nuclear war).

        In the U.S., we have been told by our government that bomb shelters would do no good in the event of a nuclear war, so very few homes have them. However, there are enormous underground facilities for the political elite, located in Virginia. They are so huge, they are large enough to go skiing… yep. OK for the elite… but for us?

        • @Grasshopper, our elites in the government think that they have an advantage with their hideout bunkers.
          Russia has already said that if necessary, they will hit us preemptively. This would give our government “leaders” almost NO time to go and hide in their bunkers. They would be just as fucked as we all would be!

          • We can only hope!:)

        • Sweden will be a sharia Muslim state in ten years. Those bunkers will make nice sound proof little rape rooms for the pretty blond Swedish women to learn to appreciate rough love. Mexico will be running the US in five years so we will have no worries.

        • Thank God we’re not a REAL Democracy. It’s bad enough that everyone is forced to have healthcare, when many can’t even buy their own food so we the taxpayer has to pay for their food stamps. So who do you think will pay their premium for their healthcare. Now you want the taxpayer to pay for building everyone an underground bunker, No Thanks said the Ant, to the Grasshopper. Or maybe it was the WASP.

        • The USA is not a Democracy. We are a Republic. a Democracy is mob rule. A Democracy is two wolves and a sheep on a desert island voting on who to eat for supper. I yawant a friggin bomb shelter no one is preventing you from having one. spend your own money on it. dont expect me to provide it for you.

      27. Paige4,

        Triangulation of information; do your research and find other pieces of info which support the concept/theories being put forth. It takes time and you may spend a few sleepless nights researching. Talk to other people of a similar mind as you…but be sure they are truly of the same mind. Don’t waste your words on untrustworthy folks.

        If you are a religious person, read the scriptures and pray and follow the guidance you receive. DO (active verb) all that you can but keep it quiet. Find others in your area of the same mind and be apart of a group to share knowledge and skills. Trust your intuition.

      28. Russia isn’t backing down! Good for them. We don’t need to be in another illegal, costly, and deadly war.

        Our war mongering hawks have met their match.
        We don’t need to lose anymore of our soldiers in a “war” that is NOT defending our country!! To say it IS defending our country is a lie and is absurd. We are forcing “freedom” at the end of a gun barrel!

        Our imperialist and hegemonic polices must come to an end.

        Our leaders are absolutely insane to risk world war with Russia.(and China).

        It would be different if Syria was attacking us directly. They aren’t.

        What happens in the middle east, must STAY in the middle east!!
        It’s none of our fricking business.

        • Crap. Next thing we know another bunch of Saudi terrorists will fly a plane into some building and BAM! … We are invading Syria.

        • Russia knows they have to stop the spread of Islamic radical states. They will have a severe internal security problem if they do not. Obama being a Muslim wants the Caliphate restored and Syria is part of that plan. May you live in interesting times indeed.

        • Russia isnt our enemy, our biggest enemies all take up space in Washington DC. They may be elected but they definitely DO NOT have our best interest in mind, but more deception and bullshit.

      29. Been mention before; get as many troops out of CONUS as possible to take the threat of them joining the people when Martial Law is imposed on us. They will have no way back home, but by the way of the Government’s blessing. This just may be our last INDEPENDENCE DAY, wave the FLAG HIGH. The day of reciting is approaching.

        Keep the FAITH

      30. WWIII won’t start until after Dec./31/2013, because the NWO is highly superstitious and believes that the #13 is bad luck.

        Russia and China will participate as soon as they have British & Yankee troops on the ground, and there is no need to convince them. 🙁

        In fact, the one who needs convincing is the British PM, Cameron; just like WWI and WWII because of oil concerns otherwise he would be the cause of an economic collapse. PM Cameron (Conservative party) may not win the re-election although he has received faulty intelligent and bad advice.

        • 1 inch lead under 20 foot of dirt.

      31. Besides the troll that seems to be skirming around here, everybody pretty much understands the seriousness that is going on here. Russia has more than enough of the most advanced nuclear weapons to end the U.S., Europe, and the rest of the world. This is a fact. The U.S. may have some super secret weapons that can take out some of these ICBM’s and SBLM’s, but the shear volume will mean that some will get through, enough to end easily end the U.S.

        Just the same as the Monroe Doctrine, Russia CANNOT allow itself to be encircled, and will stop this at all costs. A country surrounded has already lost before the war has begun. Russia has lost what is equal to the U.S. losing Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah California, and Oregon when Russia lost the ex Soviet states. Forget about the satellite states such as Poland and East Germany. Those countries such as Lativa are in NATO and an enemy of Russia. Imagine if the U.S lost those states above to China, there is no way they would aloow this to continue.

        The main issue is of course being surrounded by the enemy with Russia, that it can’t lose another country friendly to them. It really has to do with the Russian monopoly on natural gas to Europe. If Russia loses Syria, it will allow a pipeline of natural gas to be pumped through the Syrian regions and get to Europe at a much reduced cost. Russia then loses hundreds of billions of revenue that it has been milking out of Europe each year, especially with the recent cold waves. Money can lead to war every single time. This on top of the strategic importance is why Russia is loading the region ready to fire at a moment’s notice.

        Coventional war is of course recoverable, as the past two world wars have proven. The problem is that war leads to almost always every weapon being used, especially when one side is losing. When you are on the short end you tend to pull out your ace in the hole. Russia has several thump cards, the nuclear one, but also the chemical ace, and the worst one the biological weapons. Don’t think for a second a country that is paranoid will not use everything it has for its survival. Israel has Project Sampson to take out all of their enemies if there own survival is at stake or is gone.

        What the U.S. does may be not the issue here, it is what Israel does and acts on. Israel cannot be surrounded by their enemy, and exactly what is happening. Sunni arabs may be in war with Shi’as but when it comes to a common enemy, the muslims will go against Jewish people. That means that Israel is surrounded on the south by Egypt, to the east by Jordan’s arabs that still hate Israel, to the north by Syria, Hezbollah, and arab fighters in Lebanon. Israel decides to act on their own Monroe Doctrine, that it has every right to protect themselves, and it is game over.

        The U.S. has been over in the Middle East for way too long, and like Ron Paul says, deal with home first. Too long the U.S. has considered other people’s property to be their own. The U.S. could gain so much respect of others by treating oil exporters as business partners and that is it. The U.S. thinks it can go over and arm the rebels just like in Vietnam and look at what that brought about. This time the U.S. is screwing around with a massive nuclear country’s national security and their financial well being. I wonder how that is going to come out.

        Russia has been weak and allowed itself to be encircled. Promised to them back in the 90’s was that no NATO march east. It happened again and again. It stopped with the Ukraine and Russia showed what happened when the country of Georgia decided to become a little too west friendly. 3 days and Russia flattened the country and lost 3 billion dollars worth of advanced U.S. militiary weapons. The country of Georgia had the 5th highest per capita of military costs before that war.

        I am no fan of Russia, but I understand where they are coming from. A map of all the U.S. air bases, and countries friendly to the U.S. and NATO more than proves that Russia either stops this right now, or it has already lost their country. IF the U.S. had this happen to them, the war right now would be occurring. Russia has been quietly re-building its military and with the help of enormous revenue from oil and natural gas, this has been rapid and deadly.

        Now the pure skewed statsitcs of the U.S. spending more than the next 30 nations or so is ridiculous. There is so much money that is NOT spent on military hardware. Military pensions, much, much higher salaries, medical treatment for veterans, etc. takes up a major league portion of that 650 billion spent on the armed forces. Also overinflated budgets that spend 10 times as much for the same type of rifle or other equipment. China likely out spends the U.S. in military hardware in real dollars and real actual equipment. This is one of the most misleading stats there is out there.

        Your CANNOT push a bear into a corner and expect it to just huddle up. it will fight and fight with vicousness. As long as the U.S. decides to try to itimidate a country such as Russia and?or China, it will discover that one day the country’s infrastructure will no longer be around, about the time the first nuke hits the mainland to the last. It is that critically grave over there right now.

        • BI, it is interesting to note that the troll you mention is echoing suspiciously similar posts (similar in content, that is, but not necessarily style) that have suddenly and with apparent coordination appeared on a multitude of other sites’ comment sections today.

          This seemingly isolated gung-ho troll could in fact be part of a psy-op by the regime, or an intelligence gathering operation to see who objects to the regime’s pro-war jingoism and record their identities. It could also be indicative that the regime is testing the waters to gauge public responses to a war of choice with Russia.

          Great analysis, by the way.

          • @ Ahab. I have a philosophy for attempting to find the truth, try to be as unbiased as possible, only look to the facts. This has worked for example in forecasting earthquakes, just put all thoughts about what looks to be the the next target and just measure out everything on a globe and look to the past to what triggers what. Same can be said about war and geopolitics. Hate Russia and the arabs is fine, but look at what they are thinking to figure out what is actually going to occur. The Russians are the enemy, but to see what is going to happen, one has to think what they are going through.

            It is incredibly ugly over there, and the U.S. can’t push those countries any further. Russia has proven to be quite impulsive and jumpy, and more than anything totally unpredictable to just how much they are willing to go. In my opinion it is all the way. Russia is faced with less and less land to safeguard their time to protect themselves and cannot allow that time to get any shorter with more land lost to anyone.

            Israel I totally understand their fear. Their country is tiny and condenced. Literally 100 h-bombs could completely saturated the entire land. If I was Israel I would not allow my country to be encircled any further, they can’t, just like Russia. The U.S. has been very geographically privileged and needs to have a little understanding with other countries that don’t. The consequences are beyond too dire if they continue the same old policy, because this time the enemy will not back down one more inch.

            • BI, Russia is indeed “the enemy” of the regime that is doing in this country, but it is hardly the enemy of the American people or the historic American nation.

              You’re right that they feel themselves threatened, and I say justifiably so. I have lost count of the agreements made with Gorbachev (when the USSR was disintegrating) and then Yeltsin, that were broken by the USan regime. This includes no stationing of NATO troops in the territory of the former GDR, no NATO membership for former Soviet Republics, no forward NATO airbases in the Baltic States (about five minutes flight time from St. Petersburg), etc. Then there are the undeniably hostile acts of the US regime in supporting the thieving oligarchs like Khodorkovsky, probably supporting at least six assassination attempt on Putin, green-lighting the US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright’s announcement that [Russia’s] Siberia is “too big” and too rich to belong to one country — shall I go on?

              If one believes that it is morally incumbent upon Americans to support the looting of Russia by mostly Jewish “oligarchs” and the disintegration of Russian society via NGO’s controlled by western intelligence services (the Pussy Riot fiasco was a classic), then Russia is indeed the “enemy” for resisting these US initiatives. What benefit they accrue to the impoverished US people is left out.

              Russia under Putin, which has negligible to no foreign debt, and is not the initiator of aggression but the target of it, is the enemy only of the clique that has so unrecognizably distorted and weakened the American nation, usurped its political process and violated the basic law of the land.

              If Russia were indeed the “enemy” of Amerika as such, among other things, it could be flooding world markets with counterfeit US currency; smuggling Mexican irredentists and Reconquistas into US territory and arming them; poisoning the Amerikan food supply; directing hostile propaganda designed to deepen natural fissures in US society and dissolve its social structure; and surveilling US officials to uncover information that could be used to blackmail them into supporting certain policies. Now here’s the kicker: IT IS THE US GOVERNMENT THAT IS DOING ALL OF THESE THINGS, NOT RUSSIA. If anything, Russia is trying to prevent these things from being done to themselves by “Amerika.”

              Finally, I dispute your equation of Russia’s distrust and even “fear” of encirclement on its borders and that of the Zionist Entity called “Israel.” First, in the case of Russia, its hostile reaction to the encroachments of the USan regime is rather late and desultory; Israel, on the other hand, is a master of the art of “pre-emption.” Second, Russia feels itself in conflict with governments, while Isra

            • BI, Russia is indeed “the enemy” of the regime that is wrecking this country, but it is hardly the enemy of the American people or the historic American nation. I do get the impression that many Amerikans feel affronted by Russia’s casting off of communism (a Western import) and its return to its thousand year old Orthodox Christian and Slavonic heritage, as it upsets their simplistic view of “us” and “them.” The US establishment and media always found coexistence with the USSR quite palatable, but never coexistence with a traditionalist Russia.

              You’re right that Russia now feels threatened, and I say justifiably so. I have lost count of the agreements the US made with Gorbachev (when the USSR was disintegrating) and Yeltsin that were broken by the USan regime. This includes no stationing of NATO troops in the territory of the former GDR, no NATO membership for former Soviet Republics, no forward NATO airbases in the Baltic States (about five minutes flight time from St. Petersburg), etc., all of which were solemnly agreed to by Amurika .

              Then there are the undeniably hostile acts of the US regime in supporting the thieving oligarchs like Khodorkovsky of Yukos Oil, probably supporting at least six assassination attempt on Putin since 2001, refusal to repudiate the US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright’s announcement that [Russia’s] Siberia is “too big” and too rich to belong to one country — shall I go on?

              If one believes that it is morally incumbent upon Americans to support the looting of Russia by “oligarchs” with foreign citizenship and label this thievery “democracy,” and to promote the disintegration of Russian society via NGO’s controlled by western intelligence services (the Pussy Riot fiasco was a classic), then Russia is indeed the “enemy” for resisting these US initiatives. Russia in this case can win USan “friendship” only through abject surrender, though similar “amity” is invariably FATAL to the culture, economy and demographics of all of Amurika’s other “friends.”

              Russia under Putin, which has negligible to no foreign debt, and is not the initiator of aggression but the target of it, possesses resources and territory that is intended for planned but yet unbuilt pipelines to the West. It also constitutes a a powerful counterweight to the USan economic model of fiat money, debt, and the destruction of nation states as distinct ethno-cultural entities through globalization and mass migration. Its mere existence is a THREAT and stumbling block to the realization of the brave new world envisioned by the financial cabal that has long since taken over Amerika.

              Russia must of necessity be the ultimate objective of USan policy, and a goal to which Syria, Lebanon and Iran are mere transitory stepping stones, though the aggrandizement of Israel which would follow the destruction of these three states also figures highly in all official USan calculations, at all times.

              Russia has initiated NO hostile actions against Amerika or its puppets, aside from its defensive response to Georgia’s “testing of the waters” in S. Ossetia in 2008.

              If Russia were indeed the “enemy” of Amerika as such, there are many things it could be doing to BADLY hurt Amerika. Among other things, it could be flooding world markets with prfligately-printed counterfeit US currency; it could be smuggling Mexican irredentists and Reconquistas into the territory of the US Southwest and arming them; it could be poisoning the Amerikan food supply using genetically targeted weapons; perhaps it could be directing hostile propaganda designed to deepen natural fissures in US society and dissolve its social structure; and it could be surveilling US officials to uncover information that could be used to blackmail them into supporting destructive (to Amerika) policies. In fact, IT IS THE US GOVERNMENT THAT IS DOING ALL OF THESE THINGS, NOT RUSSIA. If anything, Russia is trying to prevent these things from being done to themselves by “Amerika.”

              Finally, I dispute your equation of Russia’s distrust and even “fear” of encirclement on its borders to that of the Zionist Entity, called “Israel.”

              First, in the case of Russia, its hostile reaction to the encroachments of the USan regime is rather late and desultory; Israel, on the other hand, is a master of the art of “pre-emption” and “disproportional” responses.

              Second, Russia feels itself involved in a very traditional form of conflict or even another “great game” involving the GOVERNMENTS of certain states, while Israel “feels” itself in religious and ethnic conflict with the entire non-Jewish world, and openly proclaims this as its very raison d’etre in its state ideology;

              Third, in the name of “self preservation,” Israel conducts espionage against its supposed and ostensible “ally” Amerika, including theft of military technologies and the transfer of same to third parties, as well as support for terrorist military operations — real acts of war, if you will — on US soil (Google “9/11 Five Dancing Israelis”), while Russia limits itself to much less armful (to Amerika) operations because its primary goal has been up to now the avoidance of conflict, not its precipitation.

              Fourth, Russia’s response to USan policies it opposes focuses mainly on diplomatic announcements and troop/fleet movements, while Israel deploys hordes of agents (a.k.a “our” elected officials) who actively and openly subvert and tamper with the US electoral process to sway policy, regardless of the consequences to Amerika and / or its people.

              Finally (and Fifth), due to the expansion of the Russian Empire under the Czars, Russia is a multi-ethnic state, while Israel is a racial-nationalist state that determines citizenship and legal rights by blood, which involves the dispossession and demographic destruction of populations ethnically and religiously akin to those of surrounding states.

              All of Russia’s actions hitherto are based on classic statecraft not unlike that practiced by a Pitt or a Metternich, and will remain so, at least until a shooting war begins. The actions of the captive USan regime, in contrast, can be said to be utterly “revolutionary” in their scope, beyond all human morality and in pursuit of an all-encompassing, totalitarian objective that is truly global. Nothing less than abject human degradation and global enslavement can be the outcome if they are not stopped.

            • It would also take seven or less nukes to destroy the US just by the economic damage. No need to go to the rubble bouncing stage. I suspect there will be a phony nuclear showdown between Obama and Putin after which Obama will announce nuke control. Once that happens we will have a nuclear strike on a helpless US followed by surrender. That’s what he meant when he told Medveded that he would have more maneuver room after the election. He is at heart a communist and hates America. He will be in his eleent betraying the country.

          • That’s probably the case.

            Hey you know what? If we can win it without fucking ourselves completely over, I’m fine and dandy with that.

            Please demonstrate how this may be accomplished.

            I thought we all invented ICBM’s to make this sort of situation a total deadlock…

          • Why would they waste the effort to post on a site like this. not like the sorry collection of dickheads that hang out here have any say in anything. Where did ol Eisenkratz diaper to? Miss his rants.

        • Be informed

          The fact that nuclear armed subs from China and
          Russia have encircled our coastlines and have given
          the US little “hints” of their presence from time
          to time, the long range nuclear missile type of war
          has moved into the realm of obsolescent technology.
          No guesswork now. They can’t miss.

          • No one is going nuclear over Syria. There are an abundance of cards to play with troubles getting more dire after each hand by all the players before they flip the table over and never play again.

          • @ OutWest and Ahab. It all means one word, BOOM.

          • Deterrent,
            Unless of course you are a sociopathic nut who will kill and enslave your own people to prove a point, guys like Kerry and McCain are going to be the death of us all if they are not checked. ALL of these folks who are gung ho to engage us in foreign wars are our ONLY REAL ENEMIES.

            • Right on Kula,
              These are more sock puppets, that simply go along with the power, trying to gain a seat at the table for what comes after…
              McShame sold us out a long time ago, and Kerry was born sold out…
              (Did you see what he did to his face? haha, he looks like a clown now, I didn’t recognize him with his new jaw. What a pathetic narcissistic ass-clown.)

        • Wonderful analysis BI, spot on.

          Obama is a sock puppet, and nothing ever happens on the world stage unless it is orchestrated in the background. Who woulda thunk we had any national interests in Syria?
          But then, I never thought we had any in Vietnam either, didn’t matter, it was just a proving ground for the first generation of smart weapons.
          Gotta keep that war machine satisfied.

      32. Must establish central bank in Syria,Iran and North Korea for complete control.

      33. 13 States.
        13 Stars.
        13 Stripes.

        Bad luck my ass.
        They dig the number 13.

        • Unfortunately, everybody knows #13 represents bad luck, that must be why plutocrats used number 13 in order to give America badluck!!!!

          Try to find an elevator with a 13th floor, good luck!

          Also with the help of the death of Franklin D Roosevelt in the White House, that really killed it. 🙁

          Roman and other empires in the past have been destroyed the same way the UK, and now America … Taxes, spending and with bad advice. 🙁

      34. If you do the research…..Russia is right and Obama is
        wrong! He is backing the wrong (Muslim) side !

        • Neither Muslim side is ‘right’ at this point. We should stay out of it.

        • Both sides are reprehensible. We should stay out of it and let them kill each other if that’s what they want to do. Anytime the Islamic world wants to engage in their favorite pastime, fratricide, we should allow them to go ahead on with what they were doing.

      35. Paige our number one job as a mother, is to care for our children. I am a relatively new prepper as well (less than 1 year). Even if nothing happens, but that is wishful thinking, I have a peace about what I have accomplished in such a short time. Job loss, injury, hyperinflation, total collapse….no matter what happens my children will be well taken care of. Every penny goes to my childrens well being…for today, or tomorrow. Also in your preparations keep in mind the children will still need to learn reading writing and arithmetic.:)

      36. Our government is famous for using biological weapons. From the time we deliver small pox laced blankets to wipe out the Indians along with killing off the buffalo. I often try to figure out what there next move will be. Right now they are using fear. Trying to get everyone to be afraid of his neighbor. This is the way it started in Germany. They reward people that side with them. To take the last bit of control they will have to do something big. I don’t think dirty bombs will do it so I think they will use a pandemic of some sort. To get your flu shot you will have to surrender to their system. Of course it will be probably some patriot group that will get blamed for releasing it. This will cause the hysteria that they are looking for. It would also allow them to shuffle people into Camps to get medication. Others have dumped flees with the plague in cities to exterminate the people so this seems to me to be there way of controlling the masses when they get ready to sieze the firearms. I remember one of the stategies in the art of war was to always let your enemy think he has a way of escape. Not that you will allow him to use it but he will not fight nearly as hard when he thinks he can flee. IF he knows he will die he will fight with all his strength. So watch for the so called way to escape what is thrown at you.

      37. Since early American History our government has relied on biological warfare. They gave smallpox laced blankets (along with killing off the buffalo) to destroy the Indians. I have often wondered how they will control the masses and do the final take over. I believe they will once again resort using this. They keep bringing up the idea of a pandemic coming on us. It would be easy for them to release something and blame it on these rebellious patriot groups. That way they could easily shuffle people into so called medical camps as they work out a vacine. In the book The Art of War, one of the strategies was to let you enemy have a route of escape. Don’t really let him escape, but let him think that he has that option. He will not fight nearly as hard. If he thinks he is going to die he will fight with everything he has. Keeping this in mine be aware of there so called come and go as you please plans. Or we will just hold your gun in a safe place while you visit our facility so we can help you with all of your needs.

      38. “In his documentary Strategic Relocation Joel Skousen suggested that one of the most critical threats facing the world right now is the real possibility that Russia and America will engage in a future nuclear exchange.”

        And, with that, I’d like to offer a hardy welcome to all the new preppers on behalf of us old-school survivalists.

      39. oops
        Sorry I thought it erased because I didn’t put a name on it.

      40. the “so-called leaders” will kill us all…damn them all to hell

      41. ”The Last Day” video was Awesome


        I couldn’t help but smile smugly as the Israeli Jews died in retaliatory Nuclear Bomb Blasts from their ‘self’ zio-jew created enemies .

        As Israeli Jews live by the Sword so they Shall Die by the Sword of their ‘self’ zio-jew created Enemies .



        ” THE ONLY GOOD zio-JEW BUG , IS A DEAD zio-JEW BUG !”

        NinaO ;0p


          just in case no one told you

          if a nuclear bomb is exploded near you within 10 miles seek immediate UNDERGROUND shelter and stay there for a week then flee upwind .

          if your downwind of it seal yourself deep in a basement with solid physical mass surrounding you dirt, bricks, stone, water , wood, to protect yourself from radiation exposure its a very real killer .

          if your upwind of the explosion seek protected basement underground shelter for 1 day , then flee upwind away from the explosion site .


          expect most electrical products will be dead fried in the nuke blast zone including vehicles

          plan to permanently vacate flee atleast 20 miles away preferably upwind from the nuke ground zero point of impact site never to return if you want to live .

          NinaO ;0p

          • If it goes nuclear do the following:

            1. Close all of your windows.
            2. Go to the lowest point of your home preferably below ground level.
            3. Go to the side of the most likely attack.
            4. Bend over.
            5. Pull your pants down.
            6. Kiss your ass good goodbye.

            You can protect yourself to some degree with an economic collapse. Nuclear war with superpowers? Nope. If they use nukes bio will follow it. Its a free for all at that point.

            • or you can relocate to some 3rd world country where its gdp is less in value to the cost of building & maintaining one nuke

          • @NinaO

            First of. Why are there thumbs down for someone trying to help you out of a jam. Don’t have to be a nuclear detonation, just a nuclear power plant meltdown like Fukishima. Not much in the news about that lately. Proves incidents like that have consequences that reach miles away. Air currents and Rain. Bringing more crap suspended in the atmosphere down on you. Do you think that one bomb is going to one site? Guess again? You might have two or more for ONE target. Especially if your near a major city or military installation. Do you think that we as a country will be able to handle it?
            We have discussed this before and we have only touched a small amount to survive. If it is survivable, crazy as it sounds should it happen. But a lot of hurt.
            There are those who say it will not happen. Those that prepare for it. Those that don’t for they believe the world would be to bad to live in.
            Do what ever turns your motor over.
            NinaO, put the info out and let the chips/bombs fall where they may.

            • @SlingShot … Respect .

              thank you for the kind words .

              NinaO ;0p

      42. We’re going to just see this continue to escalate until it blows. It will blow eventually. This is bigger than people think. I don’t think many other than us really understand how serious this situation is. The Cold War is about to go Hot.

      43. we will hold

      44. and the chess peices start to move again on the board….

      45. and the chess peices start to move again on the board….

        • a Fabian that’s ‘for liberty’?

          really? Do you know who the Fabians are?

      46. There’s a storm coming…

        • There has and always will be a storm coming on this site.

      47. we will win. we will get what we want. we will overcome. we will control the middle east, or at least keep it in turmOIL.

        russia never was shit and never will be.

      48. Former PM Winston Churchill (UK) using “APPEALS TO HONOR” 🙁 to convince UK citizens to join his war. Massive recruitment posters of British Soldiers asking compatriots to join the war effort, such as:

        WOMEN of BRITAIN SAY “GO !!!!”

        WINSTON CHURCHILL and his words speak volumes.
        “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

        “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”

        “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” More war, perhaps??

        “We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.”

        LOL 🙂


        The British LOST a lot of their soldiers, now they are unable to defend the British crown or their country. After WW2, it costs trillions of $$$ to rebuild their military. During WW2, in the month of March alone, they lost 300 ships. 🙁

        From Andrew Hurley’s book “One Nation Under Israel” pg124.

        “I’ve never seen a President (I don’t care who he is) stand up to them. It just boggles the mind. They always get what they want. The Israelis know what is going on all the time. I got to the point where I wasn’t writing anything down. If the American people understood what a grip these people have got on our government, they would RISE UP IN ARMS. Our citizens certainly don’t have any idea what goes on.” — Thomas H. Moorer (1912 – 2004) Admiral US Navy & Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff during a interview on August 24, 1983.

        • One reason AIPAC gets what they want is that 50 million born again voters support Israel and are part of the “Israeli Lobby”.

          • Well, at least you’re not selling me (MAN-MADE) earthquakes or volcanoes, etc…
            And is it done by HAARP or NUKES?? 🙁

            You’re making statements without supporting facts. It’s just your opinion; I found that trolls love to respond to me and more or less in this way.
            @The Doctor Is In,

            LMAO …. Going on the Internet playing Dr. JEKYLL & Mr. HYPE is fun, isn’t it? 🙂

            BTW, Mr. Hype I am not talking about voters/the voting system. Since you’re either ignorance or do not want to tell the truth, let me tell you that anything has to do with digital (electronics), can be manipulated, even thumbs up and thumbs down.



      49. One of your top ten Medicine Man.

      50. i no longer trust or support alex jones , but RON PAUL ROCKS worth listening too …

        Warning to America Economic Meltdown 2014 Ron Paul

      51. Listened to a talk show program this evening.
        He told his listeners that Obama backed down and
        changed his military stance regarding Syria.
        He suspected that it had alot to do with Russia
        saying, “Go Ahead, Make My Day.” (shades of
        Clint Eastwood)

        • Well… YAH cause how does THAT work out well for us?

          First action: Russia cuts off all Gazprom shipments to Europe. Europe comes screaming to us as all that supply has to be replaced. Somehow. Barrel of oil hits $250, conservatively.

          Second action: none needed.

          At this point in this hypothetical scenario, you got two choices:

          Apologise and kiss Russia’s ass… or nuke Russia.

          Oh… yeah our grid isn’t EMP hardened. So much for Choice #2.

          Checkmate, comrade.

      52. For some reason this one didn’t faze me. World War III? Syria as the starting point for US/Russian confrontation? War in the middle east? Oil to $300 a bbl? Bombs exploding in the video?
        Hmmm… I didn’t yawn (that would be rude) but, for some reason, I just couldn’t get worked up over it. Maybe I’m becoming jaded. Or, maybe I accidently double-dosed on my happy pills again. I do that sometimes. And it usually turns out to be a great day!
        Oh well, it’s Friday night. Pass the banjo and the jar of shine. Let’s get this shindig started!!…

        • Smokin….

          We can’t let the shindig start yet. Too much prepping to do. Still trying to perfect a method for freeze-drying Oly.

          I need help!

          Besides the shindig will be a bad day. We really don’t want that. Enjoy today. Tomorrow’s forecast is not good.

        • SmokinOkie

          Feel the same way you do. Just got my order of shine filled. Small glass bottles this time so it is an easy tote. Don’t like to put it in a metal flask.

      53. Just who have the russains beat on their own. No one. Eastern Europe was gifted to them by a crippled and sick president.The Germans were defeated by American industry and fighting a war on too many fronts and by making the same mistake that Napoleon made and that was over extending their supply lines and the russain winter. The russains are a bunch of inbred brain dead drunks and drug addicts. The Japanese whooped their ass twice, they were slaves to the mongols for centuries and it took the Vikings to set up a city and then kick the mongols ass to let the russains feel some kind of self worth. Why do think the russains are such pessimist, they wrote Murphy’s law that state, when things go from bad to worst, WTF the cycle will repeat. And Vodka is a woman’s drink.

        • Trying to summn some courage, are we? If wer’re so… well.. inbred, why bother writing about? Will you be so courageous to say it to me face-to-face? Or you’re just feeling safer behind the ocean? Typical.

          • Hello MilesN.

            Your the Russian? Read your post on Alaska and the mineral wealth of RUSSIA. To say your, “inbred” is to say you are weak. Anyone heard of the Russian Mafia? Our country has never had a purged like Stalin. Why is Russia buying gold and keeping what it mines. Oh, I have seen your ships and long range aircraft at sea. Your vast amount of trawlers that followed us picking up our trash for info and monitored our transmissions. Our President goes to Hawaii and Putin is always doing something manly. Shooting polar bears or flying some new military aircraft.
            He was head of KGB and ours is a lacky from Chicago. Russians have done without for many a years and waited in lines for hours for simple necessities. You have your drunks and druggies like every other country and a prison system, well I do not want to go there. Why do we go to the Russian Times to get info? Hell the Russian press does not have to use propaganda anymore, just point out the truth. Who else has the capacity to lift large payloads into space? Oh that’s right! We use your space vehicles to get our astronauts to the space station. Hmmmmmmm?
            Hope you post more to enlighten us on your points of view.

            • MilesN. You bring your Vodka and I will bring the moonshine.
              Na stro via. Is that right? ;0)

              • Close enough 😉

        • “Who was beaten by the Russians on their own?’

          The Third Reich. The guts were ripped out of the Wehrmacht in the gigantic land battles on the eastern front well before the Amurikans, Brits and Canadians even broke out of their Normandy Bridgehead. Until June 1944, the main operations of the US and UK consisted of burning up Germany’s medieval cites and the women and children in them in mass air attacks. The other allied operations in Italy and North Africa were sideshows involving comparatively MINISCULE forces.

          Overall Russian casualties were in the neighborhood of 27 MILLION while German losses in the East — including CIVILIANS — was in the area of EIGHT to TEN MILLION. How many Murkins died in ALL theaters (i.e. Europe, Pacific, N Africa) of the Second World War? HALF a MILLION at most. One million Russians died in one city, Leningrad, alone.

          The Russian front was at one point over three thousand miles long. Ever hear of the battle of Stalingrad? The Germans lost three quarters of a million men and enough materiel to equip a quarter of the entire Wehrmacht, the Italians lost one army, and the bulk of the Rumanian and Hungarian armies (German allies) were destroyed. Kursk in 1943? It was the largest tank battle in history, with 3000 German tanks vs 5000 Russian.

          At no time did the Western Allies face more than 25% of the Wehrmacht. As for American industry defeating the Germans, do you know that Sherman tanks were vastly inferior to the Soviet T-34 (Shermans’ gasoline engines tended to explode violently when their vertical, non-ballistically angled side armor was pierced by shells). Shermans and that the ones received as Lend Lease by the Russians were sent mainly to secondary fronts? On that note, one Soviet factory in Moscow alone turned out 40,000 T-34’s during the war. The other main products of Amurikan industry that made their way to Russia in WW2 were Jeeps, Spam and Hershey bars.

          But don’t take my word for it — read the monographs on combat in Russia written by captured German officers for the US Army after 1945, which are available from the US Gov’t Printing Office.

          I’m not a fan of FD Roosenfeldt by any means, but how could he have “gifted” Eastern Europe to the Soviets when they already occupied it? And if the Amurikans really wanted to keep the Soviets out of Eastern Europe, the time to do it was when Guderian’s Panzers were six miles from the Kremlin, not when Marshal Zhukov was in Warsaw.

          • The red-thumbers are here! I’m curious — are your thumbs red because you dispute the accuracy of my facts and numbers, or are they red because my facts and numbers hit you where you live and give an existential gut-punch to your lifelong faith in the childlike, sports-fan jingoist Murkin historical mythology (which ALWAYS serves the NWO agenda) that passes for “patriotism” in this bankster-run clown country.

            It makes you think, and even gives you an inking that your cherished myths are on par with a Marvel Comic strip drawn by a Stan Lee (a.k.a. Stanley Martin Lieber), and that HURTS, doesn’t it?

            If you were REAL patriots, you would hate all LIES that falsify and blur your perceptions and leave you abjectly ILL-EQUIPPED to understand what’s coming to YOUR country in the present and future. And if you RED THUMBERS had real self-respect, you’d be pissed at having been HAD, trained, steered and manipulated your entire insipid, Hollywood-influenced lives.

            All good wittle Murkins must NEVER engage in critical thinking, cause dat’s NAUGHTY! All good wittle Murkins must glorify stupidity and being ill-informed as a virtue, ’cause if you were supposed to KNOW something, your betters in Hollywood, New York and Washington would have already told you.

            • Sorry homegirl, the Russians were getting slaughtered by the third reich until the USA started arming them.

              Stalingrad may have been a wonderful victory for Russia but Leningrad was an UTTER FAILURE. More Russians died at Leningrad than Americans or British in all of WWII.

              Anything else is just fantasy.

              • Name the exact types of “arms” the USA sent to Russia that supposedly mad a difference in Russia’s operations. That means, my Bat Mitzvah’d friend, to provide us with a list of the types of tanks, artillery pieces and small arms that the Russians used more effectively and in greater numbers than their own weapons.

                BTW, when the Super Shermans went against T-34’s for the first time in Korea, the Merkins wet their pants.

                I’m going to enjoy this.

              • Southern Boy, or whatever your name is this week, I forgot to tell you — Leningrad (a.k.a. Saint Petersburg) was not a Russian “failure.” The city was successfully defended. That means it never fell and and the enemy eventually driven back, though most of the one million Russian dead there were CIVILIANS who starved to death the first winter of the SIEGE (this may come as a revelation to you, but cities generally have things called INHABITANTS). Coca-Cola swilling, gum-chewing assholes who spent the war singing about “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boys” would have no understanding of that kind of total war, would they?

                What books have you been reading?

        • Rick, I forgot to mention that most of the other points in your monograph on the last thousand years of Russian history consist of completely made-up shit. Tell us specifically how “the Vikings” kicked the Mongols’ asses, how the Japanese beat Russia “twice.”

          The Mongols in fact were on their way to the English Channel in 1241 and would have made it with NO problem, (since they had already defeated and “enslaved” huge Chinese and Turkic Armies that had advanced military technology in battles involving nearly one million soldiers) but they turned back to Mongolia because electing a new Khan (or Khagan) was more important to them. Read about the Battle of Liegnitz in Eastern Germany in 1241 and see what I mean.

          • Ahab,

            Thank you! Really. I’m REALLY tired of debunking POVs like that of Oregon in english-speaking internet. As an English-speaking Russian I see it as citizen’s duty… and arrogant ignorance is simply infuriating – at emotional level. It is that emotional tiredness that stopped me this time from writing a lenghty rebuttal and forced me to limit response to short emotional-like shot. I just thought “Why the hell bother?! This person’s POV is formed, and judging from emotional backdrop it hardly can be altered”. I am really thankful to yu for doing my job for me.

            If anyone need my take omn things as a Russian, write [email protected]. If I can, I will comment.

            PS. Note to self – I need a template post for that rebttal….

            • You’re welcome, or should I say Добро пожаловать?

              The kind of ignorance and juvenile, comic-book bravado displayed by many of those I am unfortunate enough to call my “countrymen” is a danger to Amerika and our civil liberties, not to mention all life on the globe.

        • @ Rick

          Don’t tell me let me guess. You were born around 1975 and as far as you’re concerned nothing that happened before then matters.

          IN 1100 years of Russian history their central issue has been too few people to defend to much land. They have been invaded scores of times, and occupied several times. The most notable occupations were the Mongols, Napoleon, and Hitler.

          Four-fifths of the fighting on the Euro-peon continent in WW2, and most of the LARGE battles, took place in the USSR.

          The Rzhev Meat Grinder. Roughly 50 separate battles in that campaign. Russia lost 350,000 in one of the large battles. We lost about 400,000 in WW2.

          So stuff the punk bravado about insulting their valor.

          You’ve swallowed the Western propaganda to over-estimate the value of Lend Lease. Only a small percentage of the materiel consumed in that theater came from the US.
          And was largely a case of too little too late.

          The Russian victories came from two sources: their generals being better than the German generals. And millions of physically tough Rodina loving Russians putting their bodies on the line, rifle in hand, to stop the invader.

          Russia lost 20 million in their “Great Patriotic War.” Which is roughly seventeen times more people than we’ve lost in every war in our relatively brief history.

          To doubt Russian martial valor says one of two things. You have no idea what you are talking about, aside from what you can google in fifteen minutes.

          Or you’re a pathetic troll.

          Read some Russian history before you embarrass yourself.

          I have more respect for the average Russian male or female than I have for you. You want to insult them please do it to my face too.

      54. Soon,

        Life as I know it won’t be as Life as I know it.

        We have a great World, but unfortunately we have a few World Leaders that wants to control everything. They are the ‘true’ control freaks. They get a ‘woodie’ at other peoples sufferings. A sick lot.

        Give someone a hug today. It could be their last hug.

      55. ‘Pop’ goes the world…..

        time to make final purchases and arrangements before asymmetrical warfare wrecks America’s power grid, pipelines, roads, rails and our real-time delivery of goods from the ports.

      56. Daisy,

        KMA, I will never bow down to a king/queen. U traitor.

        • Truth hurts, don’t it.

          • I’d rather be on food stamps then kiss that queens ass.

            • Where is the Big E?

            • If you accept food stamps you have your head shoved completely up the queens ass. No need to kiss it. just suck it.

              • Neither. F.O.

      57. HELL YEAH !!! ;0p

        GO RUSSIA !!! ;0p

        GO PUTIN !!! ;0p

        The Russians Strike Back at ZOG AmeriKa CIA AL-CIA-DUH FSA israehell mossad TERROR ARMY from the dark ocean deep

        Barry Obammer the ZOG AmeriKan CIA kenyan butt slammer is running scared of Russian Spetsnaz Shadow Warriors and Russian Submarines

        Russia exploded a russian VA-111 Shkval submarine torpedo directly under a huge ‘UNSINKABLE’ double hull container ship transporting 2000 containers of zog amerikan cia israehell mossad WAR weapons and WAR munitions to the ‘zog amerikan cia al-cia-duh fsa terror rapist murder army’ who are murdering raping and terrorizing the sovereign country of SYRIA DEFENSELESS CITIZENS CHRISTIANS AND MUSLIMS for the last two years illegally by order of the ZOG CIA and ZOG JEW MOSSAD .

        the huge container ship was split in half by the russian submarine torpedo exploding beneath it and it sunk .

        HELL YEAH ;0p

        GO RUSSIA ;0p

        GO PUTIN ;0p

        NinaO ;0p

      58. What is Russia’s white immigration policy????
        Inquiring minds want to know…..

      59. Smokin,
        You can be deliciously mean…

      60. SmokinOkie, I think your lying, you didn’t really call him the “B” word. WASP

        • Busted! I didn’t actually call him ‘BOY’. I called him buckwheat…(buck for short).
          James is one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met. We spent two weeks together and got along great. I think it was about 20 minutes after we met, he said “I hate rap music.” I said to myself ‘We’re gonna get along just fine.’
          He really earned my respect with his driving skills and commitment to safety. I think I earned his when he found out I knew more of the words to Earth, Wind & Fire songs than he did!

          ‘Somethin happened along the way, used to be happy- we’re sad,
          Somethin happened along the way, and yesterday was all we had,
          After the love is gone….’

          Don’t want to brag on myself, but few white men, and even fewer rednecks, can say “Get down wit ya bad self” with more credibility than me….

          • There’s a slot open on Food Network and you cook in my book!

      61. The best options are to _STAY THE FUCK OUT_ of Syria other than true humanitarian support.

        The second best option would have been to assist the TRUE NATIVE Syrian rebels by establishing a NATO No Fly Zone the first opportunity possible: 2 FUCKING YEARS AGO!

        Backing Al Qaeda psychos ‘rebel’ terrorists 2 FUCKING YEARS TOO LATE. If Syria was so _FUCKING_ important, why did genius O’bewan sit on his GOD DAMN THUMBS and wait til the last fucking second to do anything?!

        This syrian issue does not add up.

        Yes we don’t like syria because they are allied with Iran and Russia, back Hezbollah, and have a huge stockpile of chemical weapons

        However, Assad’s government has not used their chemical weapons except in a possibly convenient excuse after dumb fuck dick head drew his stupid red line.

        And who do you think would be better at containing this chemical weapons, the current government that has not used them backed by Russia who would be exposed to them, or mercenary sunni radical extremest terrorist psychos who you can’t even trust arming with rifles?

        Russia has backed Assad’s ‘legitimate’ government from the beginning. This is the only place Russia has in the middle east and the whole crap festival is right on their back door step. So what if lurch, John Kerry, the imbecile staged to make Billary not look like an a completely incompetent dumb fuck wants Putin to give up his only position in the middle east in exchange for nothing. US is on the wrong side of this equation morally and strategically and needs to work with Russia to neutralize any possible dangers instead of provoking and exasperating them.

        As Willy Nelson says: You got to Know when to fold them, Know when to Walk away, Know when to run. We should have ran away a long time ago, instead O’Dumbo doubled down on stupid, now Russia has doubled down on some serious super Fucking hardware and escalated this beyond anyone has ever seen.

        I just can not believe how stupidly incompetent this administration is.

        • HHff,
          Why don’t you tell us how you really feel?… lol.

          Now, you are right and wrong. The Syria ‘issue’ is perfectly understandable, if, you see that the Black Caesar is on the side of chaos. Putin, I think, like WE used to do, wants stability. We set up most of those dictators in the Middle East, and supported them so that we could have access to their oil. Period. Putin wants stability on his southern flank, period.

          People that consider the Black Caesar a fool, do not have eyes to see the Evil in his ‘incompetence’. He sews chaos where ever he goes, in what ever he does. He knows what he’s doing, or at least, his handler does.

          Oh, and it was not Willy Nelson, it was Kenny Rogers…
          The Gambler.

      62. Putin will send Obama to the back of the bus with his thumb in his mouth. Shouldn’t be messing with that guy. He made Bush look like a total pussy over the Georgia conflict. It’ll be even more of an embarrassment this time and a lot more deaths.

        • Got to admire the way Assads troops do urban warfare & house clearing T72 125mm smoothbore

      63. I wanna hug this out. 🙂

      64. @ okie, I love that story. Perfect example of how we can all get along. When I moved Out of MS, in the days email was becoming all the rage, folks would ask my email address. Before I knew if I would be inundated with racist jokes etc, and have to tell them to back off.

        One night on the night shift I was working with a guy named fabian. Fabian was Jamaican, but was raised in GA before moving to CT. So imagine, a near retiring Yankee RN, and 30ish metrosexual Yankee RN, a West Virginia travel RN, Padriac a native Irishman (who had worked in Savannah), a Jamaican and a pure born and bred southern gal talking race issues around the nursing station. Not a lot of black people in the area of WV where Sharon was from. The folks from CT could not understand how floored I was at how racist some yanks are. Why was I surprised? Because down south in casual conversation you can pick up pretty quick who is racist, and in CT people hide it like some little deep dark secret until they think they are in good company before they let it out.

        When folks up here now start in, I tell them my sister is black…it’s not a lie, she is. We weren’t raised together I’m 8 years older and we were both given up for adoption as a baby. But Memory is a great person. I love to see the looks on their faces when I tell them! Shuts them right up.

        • There isnt anything illegal with being a Racist. We have a counstitional god given right to be racist if we so desire. If fact the KKK could run a cantidate for president. Wait ! They did! Remember George Wallace? Reciently a group of Black Panthers and Christian hating Muslums ran a Mulatto for president and he won! Twice? The fact is its perfectly natural and Ok to prefer your own kind. You are likely more racist than many others. I you werent you wouldnt be making such a big deal out of it. My wife Is native merican. she thinks it funny that the white race is getting payback. Payback by being overun by illegals. She harbors resentment for the taking of land and trail of tears. she refused to have her name put on the deeds to our land. She always tells me you dont own that land. If its yours and paid for why do you hafta pay rent every year?(property taxes) and why does the county get to decide how much the rent will be. she calls me a glorified renter. If ya ask her why she married a white man? She replies you cant help who you all in love with.

      65. Conveniently forgotten in this conversation is the issue of the single largest army on earth… patriotic, highly motivated American gun owners.

        • Sounds formidable. And I’m one of those gun owners!
          However, all of the guns in the world, and all of we patriots can’t do anything if Obama gets us into a nuclear war. The world will be contaminated for many thousands of years. THIS is the main issue here…nuclear war= DEAD.

      66. We are most likely going to see the Gog and Magog attack on Israel that was prophesied in Ezekiel 38 and 39. Here are some verses from it:

        (Ezek 38:8-9 NIV) After many days you will be called to arms. In future years you will invade a land that has recovered from war, whose people were gathered from many nations to the mountains of Israel, which had long been desolate. They had been brought out from the nations, and now all of them live in safety. {9} You and all your troops and the many nations with you will go up, advancing like a storm; you will be like a cloud covering the land.

        (Ezek 38:21-23 NIV) I will summon a sword against Gog on all my mountains, declares the Sovereign LORD. Every man’s sword will be against his brother. {22} I will execute judgment upon him with plague and bloodshed; I will pour down torrents of rain, hailstones and burning sulfur on him and on his troops and on the many nations with him. {23} And so I will show my greatness and my holiness, and I will make myself known in the sight of many nations. Then they will know that I am the LORD.’

        (Ezek 39:9 NIV) “‘Then those who live in the towns of Israel will go out and use the weapons for fuel and burn them up–the small and large shields, the bows and arrows, the war clubs and spears. For seven years they will use them for fuel.

        It will be an attack on Israel so overwhelming that God himself will supernaturally destroy it. And then those who hate Israel will realize how evil they are.

        • “Evil?”

          Since every European country has expelled “G-d’s” pets over the centuries, I suppose you are looking forward to the destruction of Europe and Western Civilization, including the Colosseum, Michelangelo’s Pieta, the original score and libretto of Bach’s Saint Matthew’s Passion, the Parthenon, Chartres Cathedral, and myriad other treasures of Classical- and Western culture. Does contemplation of them going up in smoke from an Israeli nuclear strike titillate you and your fellow racial renegade cultists?

          The Gods do have sense of humor though, as millions of the the inbred white trash trailer dwellers who worship Jewry with their heretical Scofield Bibles and proudly align themselves with the enemies of the White race will probably be killed by armed Negroes and Chicanos — who have been supported and strengthened by Amerikan Jewry — in Civil War II, especially after Feinstein and Bloomberg have previously disarmed them.

          The Armageddon they long for may be only their own.

        • Barncat: How does it fit israel Today?..When it states a land long desolate, Yet prior to 1948 when khazers(jews as You call em) moved into israel, there were already Many Millions of BOTH Muslim AND Christian Palestinians living there, In Palestine, and for Many centurys? Some of those christians date back to Jesus’s days and are decendants of the First century christians. So it was NOT long desolate.

          #2 it states:Brought out from many nations and NOW they All live in SAFTY! Since 1948 tell us When has Israelis ever said they are living in Safty? Never have they done that since 1948 entry into Palestine lands. Certainly Not todays times are they living in Safty!

          And Finally before the chapters You wrote about is the 37th chapter of Ezekial. That chapter 37 speaks of the DRY Bones of both houses of israel aka 10 north tribed israel and the southern Two tribes of Judah.

          Those DRY Bones represent DEAD folks barncat. But the LORD tells ezekial he the lord shall bring the bones Out of GRAVES and His holy spirit shall breath Life back into them all to Live again etc. That is speaking of the time we call the RESURECTION when Christ returns and the dead will again live. Some to forever be With the Lord, the others to go into Perdition, aka Hell aka Lake of Fire with Satan. The two groups of good and evil folks are from every nation and race etc.

          But obviously that is about resurection and Christs return. If chapter 37 comes Before chapters 38 and 39…What does that tell You regarding the beliefs yiu stated it all means barncat?

          It should tell you it is very apt to be speaking of a future time of resurection and Christ returned. NOT what you envisioned it to be in Todays time frame huh?

          You need to remember in order for todays preachers who claim such events as you seem to trust and believe in, they have an agenda and it revolves around Mostly old testement prophetic events.

          What they do it seems is those preachers First believe something. Like about todays jews or israel. Then no matter What that belief is, they search scriptures to FIND meanings to Suit it and make it sound solid and factual.

          Thats Not the correct method to read a bible though. You do not first decide an issue, then go look all thru the various bible books to find a solution or answer that sounds swell or believable. You are supposed to READ first page by page IN Context. Then allow the bible to tell You what it means or what agenda is at play etc.

          I see zero sense to think ezekial 38 and 39 will occure Prior to chapter 37 where the DEAD jews of Old times will be Resurected to live again same as dead Christians at Christs return will. make any sense to You?

      67. Again we are about to embark upon an imperial adventure that promises to have Americans coming home in boxes. Again working class guys will die for Power Elite lies.

        Nothing has changed since the War of American Aggression Against Vietnam.

        I’ve got to call bullshit on the (paraphrasing) “KGB hardened Vladimir Putin has no qualms about going to war if it advances Russian long-term interests.”


        You make the Russians sound like the same kind of imperial warmongers for profit that we are. i call you out on the lie.

        On the Eastern Front in World War Two, which was fought mostly in the USSR, Russia lost about 20 million people, millions more killed than we have lost in every war we fought in 240 years. Maybe two or three times as many people killed.

        EVERY Russian family lost members.

        War to most Americans is something they see on the television news. War to Russians is visiting Uncle Yuri in the national cemetery.

        The central issue across 1000 years of Russian history, which you should study before you issue grand pronouncements about “the Russians this” is having too few people to defend too much land. They have been invaded scores of times and occupied, notably by the Mongols for several centuries, several times.

        Eleven centuries in as a people, their armed forces exist to defend people and nation.

        Most assuredly they ARE NOT the warmongers for elitist profit that we are.

        Do they have foreign interests? Yes. But they lack the imperial ambition we have.

        THIS TIME we will be going against people backed by a world class air force. We will be “imposing a no-fly zone?” That’s going to cost us in people and planes we should not squander so eagerly.

        I don’t know enough about military aviation to speak with any authority, but check out the new Sukhoi-35 on YouTube. It is at least the equal of anything the West has.

        Unlike all the Third World backwaters we have invaded, Russia has a good-enough navy close to its shores. If memory serves, they moved most of their Pacific Fleet to the Mediterranean. Mostly submarines. Before one dismisses the under water gang, remember what ours did to Japan 70 years ago.

        Americans are going to come home in boxes for this one.

        Rather than drinking the company cool aid “Must support our boys” “Our dog pack, right or wrong” the time to stop this is NOW.

        Not to mention that a mushroom cloud appearing in the metropolis down the road gets everyone’s attention in an unforgettable way.

        I’ve been saying the same thing for 40 years. Put the Harvard and Stanford shits in the first helicopters into the war zone. Put the “Deputy Special Assistant to the National Security Advisor” pukes in the war zone to come home in those boxes.
        See how fast the imperial warmongering stops.

        Put elitist skin in the game. No more working class blood shed for warmonger lies.

        • Surely by now the american people must be war fatigue how many times will your elected con men sell you the same lie over & over again

      68. Ahab and BI good discussion and analysis. Both of you stated your points well. I tend to share BI’s point of view on Syria and Russia but that does not mean I do not want to hear other viewpoints when articulated without the name calling. Come to this site for such discussions. Thank you both.

      69. There is a good article (by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts) on the site regarding the next big war. Don’t forget who is pushing us into this war, both domestic and international orgs stand to benefit like always.
        Nice, we will be sending our own young men to die and we are giving weapons/money to terrorists who are savagely attacking ancient Christian communities in Syria…While back here at home we are slowly being disarmed (it looks like we will now need a background check and a $50 “ammo purchase fee” when buying ammo in CA, may be effective soon but I need to verify the details, Hope its not true!!!). Not sure but maybe Syria also has the following consequence: US military (some who I believe may not be loyal to the current administration) will now be bogged down/eliminated overseas while the domestic security forces’ tentacles grow and get a tighter grip/grope on us. 🙁
        Peace out

      70. Good morning, everyone. I’m just now catching the comments from the other new troll named Gerald. to Gerald, I’ll just say go f#$% yourself! Mac, two new dogs just came and peed on the carpet! I hate it when these trolls come in and try to spoil our community. They make Eisen look good. Yeah, I know, that is a scary thought! braveheart

        • Brave heart. How are you going to survive the shtf if you get so hurt over a few petty words? Toughen up my man. Sticks and stones. Learn to fight back and regain the shtf community.

      71. @ Piper Michael. When you watch a video of this it is extremely disruptive to the nervous system, even though it is a short run mini movie. You can see the ice ring forming from the very rapid uplift of air from the nuke explosion. The common mushroom cloud has just begun to form. This might have been taken from past nuke tests, or just computer enhanced, but it is totally real what would happen. It must have upset many people watching this, but the accuracy of it is almost if not dead on.

        The issue about Iran and even Syria getting a hold of nuclear weapons is just not like it was 20 or 30 years ago, the technology for enriched uranium is a lot easier to manufacture now. If backwater North Korea can do it, even with assistance from China and/or Russia, so can Iran. Besides all of this, a war with Jewish people against arabs is likely to draw pakistan into this and Pakistan has probably over 100 nuclear weapons, and perhaps a few hydrogen bombs also.

        It just doesn’t take much to destroy Israel as the country is very centralized, and the 8000 square miles of land, a lot of this is desert. Israel in reality is more like the same size as Connecticut with usable land that has people on it and some source of infrastructure or military bases. Then when someone takes a map out of Connecticut, you can see where hundreds of thousands of rockets and missiles ready to fire at something with this limited amount of land could saturate the country of Israel very quickly. Even if you take the total size of Israel including wasteland, it is smaller than Vermont.

        To put just how vulnerable Israel is in comparison to other regions of war, you can see why Israel is so paranoid. Israel has 8000 sq miles.

        Iraq is 169,000 sq miles, 21 times larger.
        Georgia is 27,000 sq miles, 3.4 times as large.
        Iran is 636,000 sq miles, 79.5 times as large.
        North Korea is 46,000 sq miles, almost 6 times as large.
        Libya is 679,000 sq miles, 85 times as large.
        Pakistan is 307,000 sq miles, 38 times as large.
        Kuwait is 6,900 sq miles, a little smaller than Israel.
        Lebanon, is 4,000 sq miles, 1/2 the size of Isreal.
        Syria is 72,000 sq miles, 9 times the size of Israel.
        Egypt is 386,000 sq miles, 48 tiems as large.

        As everyone can see, there is not that much land to bomb in Israel with a war. The United States is almost 3.8 million sq miles, or 475 times as large as Israel. There is more firepower in the region of Israel than any place on the planet, including the border regions of North and South Korea. All this military hardware in a zone that is tiny. Israel is facing a cannon pointing down at it, and this is just the conventional part of the weapons over there. All of this with a country that the Bible and practically all other “future” predictions point to the start of the third world war will start from. That is definitely something to ponder about.

        • BI,
          Exactly right on. War is a game sometimes, trading land for time. But Israel has no land, and will rapidly run out of time if the SHTF in the Middle east. I can see the Samson Option being deployed.

          Now we have the Black Caesar pissing in Russia’s cornflakes… and Putin is nobody to mess with. Putin wants stability through ‘his’ dictator. Similar to what we did before, when we set up all those dictators, that were on our side… Stability is not the goal of the Black Caesar, he loves Islam and chaos.

          I can see Isaiah 17 coming, with Ezekiel 38 on its heels. Then I think about, who is the “land of unwalled villages”? There is only one that has ever been. America. This is a major scriptural ‘clue’. This validates our ‘time’ in history and scripture. Those who say America isn’t spoken of in prophecy, do not have eyes to see. Especially the mounting up of the Pale Green horse of Islam.

          But then, I don’t want to get to deep into it, don’t want to get deleted for spouting religious claptrap.

      72. There is one slight disappointment with the article. The title said Syria Will Be Armed With Weapons That Have Never Been Seen Before In The Middle East. I was expecting Mac to post a photo of a huge, tank-mounted Russian Slingshot. About a 400 mm, with a couple guys loading a 50 lb marble…. The ultimate assault weapon: The Sohkolov ‘Dennis-The-Minisky’ Artillery Gun

        • This is just a little bit more scary than that ^)

          Cant say for sure but first photo seems to be of “Bastion” anti-ship missile complex (range up to 300 km). second one is most assuredly is TOS-1A heavy flamethrower system, used for advancing infantry support. Ramnge is low (up to 6 km) but result of full 24-missiles salvo, given the thermobaric warheads is total destruction in the area of 2000 sq. meters) 400 of those is reallm more than enough to cover entire syrian border from land invasion.

          • MilesN- yeah, I know. I was hoping Mac would let his funny side come through,(he does that sometimes 🙂 ) But, yes, this situation in Syria is way beyond slingshot jokes. (I really should take a breath before posting some of my spur of the moment thoughts)

            • Smokin,

              Evening. No. You shouldn’t stop to think before posting…we all love your posts, long may they keep coming x

              Take care

            • SmokinOkie,
              I agree with Burt the Brit, jokes are welcome. I juust tried to clarify, what exactly was on photo. BTW, TOS insnt an arillery system per se – short range and missiles isnt best suited for clearting out heavy fortifications. It’d be Smerch MLRS that ARE top ranking artillery MLRS ( 90 rm range 67 hectares of area of effect, assorted projectiles, from UAVs to bunker busters, but I doubt it is what could be delivered. Smerch is too costly even for Russia (there is several downgraded variants in service). Unless Putin and the rest gor REALY irked in which case cst would be disregarded.

      73. I don’t have any problem with Russia either. They are probably the greatest number of white people on earth, a dwindling race being outbred by third world hyper breeders. It was the zionists who slaughtered the Czar and his entire family, installing communism, then murdering millions of Christians there. Russia was the chosen enemy of this imperialistic nightmare we call our government. Obama is the installed puppet to bring about what happened to Russia to our United States.

      74. Off topic/interesting side note: I picked up a little book at Marshall’s a couple of weeks ago “The Pocket Book of Patriotism” (only around $3.50, clearance). I started reading it this morning, very good little read! It has good time lines of American and world History side by side, starts with showing the time line of when the Native American ancestors crossed the Bering Strait about 30,000 to 20,000 BC. Nice, not bad for a couple of bucks. It has a very inspirational introduction/forward too. Makes the human spirit move.
        I have heard some people mention (not sure on this site or others)of flying the flag upside down in protest of our current state of affairs this July 4th. To me, the U.S. flag does NOT really represnt our recent governments or current administration.
        I am the first generation in our family born in the U.S. I can NEVER fly the flag upside down nor disrespect it (as a Veteran, everytime I see it it brings a small sense of hope and inspiration). Some of my Ancestors crossed oceans from Europe to get to this part of the world, and more recently left their home country (Mexico) on this continent in search of a better life. To me, the flag stands for noble ideals and hope for all people that can NEVER be crushed by anyone.
        Peace out all, stay safe

        • I can understand your sentiments about the flag
          on occasion I do see flag decals upside down on vehicles
          I don’t regard that as a sign of disrespect
          the last time I saw the flag upside down was just a few days ago
          it was on a truck driven by a retired Marine

          flying it upside down is a signal of DISTRESS
          seems to me ALL flags should be displayed upside down
          or maybe at half mast as a sign of mourning for what has
          happened to this country

          for me personally
          as I have stated
          on July 4th I will be flying ONLY the Gadsden flag
          just a little sign
          that I HAVE HAD ENOUGH

          • Satori is right on as usual.
            As a Vietnam vet, I sympathize with your hopeful attitude…however… hope is the reason liberty dies.

            The Flag is our symbol of freedom… but it also has RULES surrounding its display and flying. You were probably referring to me because I have written about flying old glory upside down, as a sign to our fellow citizens…a wake up call.

            One of those RULES, is the sign of DISTRESS. Flying old glory upside down.
            Hope is the killer. It is an emotion that keeps your feet planted while looking at the boulder crashing down the hill coming towards you, and prevents you doing what has to be done; MOVE!
            Hope that things will improve, is what the Black Caesar and all of the Elite are selling because they know its effect on the human psyche and our very souls. The Media is practically dripping with happy happy joy joy, based in Hope. Hope is what keeps the economy moving, people hope for a future, it keeps them doing what they’re doing, it prevents them from giving up.

            We are morally adrift, bankrupt, decay is everywhere and we are degenerating in every way. When you see bridges collapse, do not listen to the excuses. A well built bridge can stand a little abuse, even a mac truck driving into it shouldn’t release a span into the river… if, it was maintained properly.

            Righteous Governments are instituted among men to enable commerce and justice. Where is righteousness? Where is morality? Where is our bridge and road maintenance that we pay through the nose for? This is the primary job of government, and it is neglected as the politicians find ‘better’ uses for our money. Our laws have now been twisted from protecting everyman, to protecting the rich man. Our government turns away from our constitution, and spits on it, while lying to our faces. The latest scandals of the Black Caesar are not jumped on by the main stream or the public, because he is a demonRAT. If he was a republiCON, the level of screaming and gnashing of teeth would be on par with Watergate, the media would be demanding impeachment. But what do we hear? Crickets anyone?

            The only way to fix anything, is to prevent these ‘fiefdoms’ from being setup in bureaucracies, in politics. Term limits should be for everything, every position, every elected office. But, we have given up, many have lost hope, and demand the kind of change that the politicians will NOT give… they are consolidating power globally, and that means nothing but bad things for those who understand that liberty and personal responsibility are the cornerstones of freedom. It will only get worse, as people withdraw into the stagnant waters of HOPE.

            As JFK said; Those who make nonviolent revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.
            That process, begins with recognition, that, there is no HOPE.

            • Hey Piper! A couple of years ago I mentioned here that I’d been flying my flag window decals upside down for exactly that reason. Our county is in distress! After several months, I got tired of explaining to people what it signified. They all thought it was a protest sign. I gave up and turned them back upright.
              GoodDayToEnter… is right about the flag as a symbol of the noble things America has accomplished. He just didn’t quite understand the distress signal part.
              And, like you, I agree with the flag NOT representing anything our federal government is doing lately. I haven’t seen much connection between the two in many years…

              • Hi Smokin!
                I don’t explain, I just fly it upside down. A few months ago, a guy drove by and honked the horn while sticking his thumb up out the window… he understood. Those that ‘get it’ are my only concern, those that don’t, will either get it or not. Sadly, I attribute most of our problems to ‘them’, the DGI masses of stupid. Let them reap what they’ve sewn.

                PS; Hope you’re still doing good.

                • I remember a debate, the flag is a symbol, no need dying for the flag rather fight and die for the Republic, Constitution and B.O.R.

                  Sure the flag represents what was, now we have moved towards Socialism and the shredding of the Constitution and B.O.R and we have the same flag, so now this is what it represents.

                  For me personally I phrase our flag for what it “once represented”, that includes a time when neighbors helped neighbors, we where a nation with morals and a time when we were a free people with Rights and Liberties.

                  Yea I respect the flag, but only for what it once represented not what it stands for now.

                  I fly the Old Glory on Memorial day only then the Gadsden & Culpeper the other times.

                  I wish more would understand that it is not disrespectful to fly Old Glory upside down.

          • After the Muslim,Communist,Non Citizen was “elected”, for the first time all American flags should have been flown upside down and at half mast.

      75. *****MERS UPDATE*****

        additional cases being reported in Saudi

        MERS Cases and Deaths,
        April 2012 – Present

        Current as of June 21, 2013, 9:00 AM EDTCountries Cases (Deaths)
        France 2 (1)
        Italy 3 (0)
        Jordan 2 (2)
        Qatar 2 (0)
        Saudi Arabia 53 (32)
        Tunisia 2 (0)
        United Kingdom (UK) 3 (2)
        United Arab Emirates (UAE) 1 (1)
        Total 68 (38)

        I need to point out that the CDC numbers are in dispute
        some are saying the total # of cases is 70
        and that there have been 39 deaths
        I don’t want to go tin foil hat at this point
        but the CDC is sure acting squirrelly on this
        for what reason ???

        New death in Saudi Arabia from SARS-like coronavirus MERS

      76. Hi Satori, thx Thats right I had forgotten that it is shown as a signal of distress. BTW Thank you very much for your most informative posts/links, I wish I had more time to read! I have to go back and read and research links to edumacate myself.

        But I still cannot bring myself to do it and show a signal of distress. I guess I am just dumb/stubborn that way ….But, half mast, YES I can do this as a sign of mourning. thanks again for all the info!
        God bless, Peace out!

      77. Anyone out there want to please tell me why the US is even in the market to buy a war in Syria right now. I will admit that I am not a history buff esp. considering world geography, but I do keep up with current events better that most. I cannot seem to find either a good stated or implied reason why we think we should help one group of radical muslims displace another group of just as radical muslims. Is this about good vs. evil again? Is it oil? Helping Israel with something? More employment for our servicemen? Protecting Christian groups in Syria (all 12 of them)? I really don’t know. It seems the media never goes over why we would become involved, only should we or should we not get involved. WHAT IS THIS REALLY ABOUT FOLKS? I honestly have not heard.


          Natural gas, oil, gold, lead, copper, uranium, poppy fields, currency wars???
          The list is long.

          • It Is really mostly about Greater israel. Yisrael as they call it. Their jewish quest to get all lands promiced to abraham 4000 yrs ago and Only promiced IF they the 12 tribes of israel KEPT their bargain with God to OBEY Him and their Mutual covenant. They failed miserably more times than we can count untill Finally God Disowned them all. However as a true Loving God He did give them a second chance. That being to Accept the new covenant of Christianity and all will be forgivin etc.

            Well they have had 2000 yrs so far and as yet rejected that plan also. Stiffnecked and very stuborn people as God says of them. So now they think they can go it there way again with OUT Gods plans and get all that land for themselves.(iraq-iran-syria-jordan-most of egypt etc).

            To the talmudic judiacs or jewish believers of judaisim, the words “messianic Jews” or “messianic era” is to happen Only after They achieve a JWO aka a Jew controled NWO govnt and Also OWN the entire world and Everything contained it it including Human gentiles or goyims.

            They believe the main method to a messianic time will come about BY International World Jewery which will make it happen BY and For them. In other words They are to be their OWN Messiah!…But only once they achieve such world ruler status and enslave ALL Gentiles that they dont get killed off first.

            You can read about it all from several Rabbis books about this issue, OR several websites that Out this info as a Warning to Gentiles of the world as to the True nature of world events Today. Remember, those jewish believers of talmud do NOT believe in any Litteral return of Christ. They are to be their OWN Self created “messiah” of world jewery combined. Got it Yet? Try researching it as it is very eye opening and much info is avail on it.

      78. don’t blame the flag for these ass holes in washington and the elites of the world are doing to this country…the flag is no more guilty for what is going to happen to all of us than the little old lady is to blame for getting her purse snatched…many many good men and woman have given their life for what that flag stands for…no where in the making or planning of that flag was the almighty dollar referenced. the almighty dollar is what washington and the elites are all about and that has nothing to do with our flag.

        • Yea,,, but many are equating the stars and stripes to the swastika,,,,, some with good reason….. and

          I hate to break the sad news but what the flag used to stand for is no longer practiced in this country.

      79. To think we have a useless ghetto negro in office who is only a mindless big mouth when we need someone like Ronald Reagan with patriotic purpose in office.

        I fear for everyone now.

        • And true to form the “elected” ghetto brotha is destroying America by turning the whole nation into another Detroit. Yes we can elect the food stamp Persident for a second term. 🙁

      80. Wow. Impressive video.

      81. and it gets worse

        GCHQ taps fibre-optic cables for secret access to world’s communications

        “Britain’s spy agency GCHQ has secretly gained access to the network of cables which carry the world’s phone calls and internet traffic and has started to process vast streams of sensitive personal information which it is sharing with its American partner, the National Security Agency (NSA).”

      82. “Vladimir Putin comes from the old world of Soviet leadership; one that believes in Russian military superiority and rules with an iron fist”

        And just how many countries has Russia or China and heck,,, lets include Iran (axis of evil per GW) invaded lately?

        Can’t count the times Russia has hinted for us to stay out… but the US just keeps upping the ante…

        It seems most americans don’t have a problem with the US Lybyanating little sand boxes that can’t defend themselves from the democracy laden bombers at 60,000 ft but let Russia decide to defend one and it Katy bar the door.

        Just like WWII someone has to tell the belligerent empire wannabees (same system… different nation) to STOP.

      83. At the rate we are going FIREWORKS may have a whole new meaning this 4 of JULY!

        Keep the FAITH

      84. It amazes me why those who don’t believe we are in financial and or Constitutional trouble have an interest in this site.

        Must be SPLC…

      85. Posted by sharia unveiled on June 21, 2013
        Container Ship Carrying U.S. Arms to FSA Rebels in Syria “Splits an’ Sinks”
        ‘A large fleet container ship named the “Mol Comfort” was carrying weapons from the U.S. to the FSA Rebels in Syria when it suddenly split in half in the Indian Ocean and sank, as it was making its way from Singapore to Jeddah. On board were 4,500 containers loaded with U.S. arms for the Syrian rebels.’

        • “The ship MOL COMFORT suffered structural failure at 200 miles off the coast of Yemen, 26 crew members were forced to abandon ship.

          The ship was in Singapore to Jeddah with approximately 4,500 containers on board. All 26 crew composed of 11 Russians, one Ukrainian and 14 Filipinos escaped the sinking ship in two lifeboats and lifeboat. says the report. The Coast Guard in Mumbai sent three boats to the area to help.

          The MV Yantian Express was the first to reach the scene and rescued the crew. The MOL COMFORT sank a little later.

          The incident was confirmed by the ship operator, Mitsui OSK Lines. MOL said that this pair taking steps to resolve the issue.

          At the time of the incident winds and waves up to six meters high.”



          • USA sends 4500!!! Containers of weaponry, was that like as in 8ft X 40 ft size containers like the usual type from china full of various consuner goods etc?

            Picture If rebels got delivery as planned, ya think Netanyhaoo would be Plastered all over Every MSM TV station 24/7 litterally Yelling and Mouth a Foaming that NOW Israel and him MUST take imeadiate action to bomb syria and Iran Both? Bet on It!

        • Divine intervention?

      86. If the West continues to push this confrontation with Russia over Syria, my guess is our military planners have some secret-weapon tricks up the proverbial sleeves, perhaps super secret space based weapons that can track and take out the advanced Russian weapons deployed in Syria; whether true or not, one thing is sure, we’ll lose aircraft carriers and other warships and thousands of fighting men in the conflict which may (will) go nuclear in its early hours; this will melt down the global economy; the price will be so high that
        sane political leaders may back away from it altogether and opt for a compromise? but can’t be sure what insane political leaders might do; let’s hope for the best, but the future doesn’t look too promising; let’s invest in disaster readiness now while goods are still available and affordable; “hope for the best, but prepare for the worst” is good advice considering the odds against us —


      87. Wow a lot of interesting stuff (especially the prophesies mentioned above). Interesting ones (I think in the 90’s) came out of Betania, Venezuela which had specific messages for the U.S. (I believe these were “church approved”, the name of the Lady escapes me I believe her name was Maria Esperanza). By all accounts she lived a very holy life and faithful to the end. “Church approved” does not mean that all events will happen, just that the messages themselves “do not go against the faith” and the fruit of the messages brings about a renewed spirituality/faith (to put it simply)….some events out of the messages of this location have happened. God never stops communicating to his people, we are the ones that sometimes cut the lines.

        The Syria issue is so damn easy!! Vladimir and Obama in the octagon, or old school “duel”, they get to pick. I would pay big time to see this one. All proceeds will go for a good cause (my money would be on Putin, he is “ex” KGB and NO teleprompter will be allowed).
        That would be the main event. Next, all evil critters that hide in the shadows and easily create mayhem and send our sons/daughters to kill and be killed ….Match them up with treasonous US officials, they get to pick one and only one weapon. You wanna see blood A-holes, go for it, “Go at it” greedy cowards!

        Peace out

      88. Durango Kidd you forgot about Mystery Babylon is destroyed before the 7 year peace plan. Mystery Babylon=America! Lot of stuff on Mystery Babylon but it has to be America! Ill say why it cant be the Vatican, Church, or Rome.

        Jer 50:12 Your mother shall be sore confounded;she that bare you shall be ashamed: behold, the hindermost of the nations shall be a wilderness, a dry land, and a desert.

        Jer 50:13-16 tells more about Babylon destruction.

        The important thing to note is in 50:12 it says Your mother shall be sore confounded. Vatican, church, and Rome do not have a mother but the USA dose it is Britian!

      89. you forgoy China, also threatened by USA and western powers that can move fast troops and missiles through Pakistan, Irak to Syria.

      90. Our tax dollars at work…

        IRS Sent $46,378,040 in Refunds to 23,994 ‘Unauthorized’ Aliens at 1 Atlanta Address

        CNS News dot com

      91. Russia always overstates the potential effectiveness and quality of their military equipment, they run head first into conflict and end up losing 9 times out of 10. They might as well commit suicide right now becuase they have zero chance of coming out of this conflict alive, this is really obvious to everyone else.

      92. Where are “Dancing Israelis” when you need them?

      93. Were all going to need a good bit of courage for what is coming. I know I’ve been spiritually lazy living off the fat of the land. Then I thought the prepping would get me by. Seems like this says if God wants us in captivity or killed for His testimony that’s what going to happen. I know I need a lot more faith: head knowledge won’t help me a hole lot.
        7It was given power to wage war against God’s holy people and to conquer them. And it was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation. 8All inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast—all whose names have not been written in the Lamb’s book of life, the Lamb who was slain from the creation of the world.b

        9Whoever has ears, let them hear.
        10“If anyone is to go into captivity,
        into captivity they will go.
        If anyone is to be killedc with the sword,
        with the sword they will be killed.”d

      94. Mac Slavo,

        It is you, not Putin, that is from the old school. Putin is 100% new school and a devout Orthodox Christian. He continually calls the west and America his partners and does all the can to be friendly. But he knows the only way to handle a bully like America is to stand up to them. It is Obama that has handlers: he must appease Israel and AIPAC, which clamor for war because they are terrified of Hezbollah. Time to update your thinking Mr. Slavo.

        • “Putin is 100% new school”

          Is this the same Putin that was head of the KGB and rules his country like he was a head of the KGB?

          • You are full of bs. Putin was of the KGB Insiders aware of the kommie jew element that so destroyed russia. Why do you think he booted or Jailed so many of them.

            If what You stated is right…Why last year did Putin get elected again by aprox 70% of voters? You need more study before you go off spewing bs.

      95. Hey all,

        Forgive me if I seem on a rant of some sort, we’re in deep blank. The Bible may help you feel better, but it won’t stop lead going through your chest. I say, do anything that makes one feel better, but you may need to get ready, I’m sorry (the truth sucks). I hope I’m wrong.

      96. The US will never do anything but bark at Iran! Iran is an integral part of the American deep state plan to contain Israel.
        Check out the Iran sunburn and who REALLY put Khomeini in power.
        “Nothing beyond barking,low level destabilisation and deliberate self defeating inept attempts at soft toppling with their myriad terrorist proxies will happen.
        Firstly,even if Washington wanted to attack the tactical situation would ensure a crushing defeat for the 5th fleet”

      97. Mornin all,
        The Snowden issue continues to unfold, interesting. Some of the remarks I read this morning by our “elected” congress critters concerning Russia and Snowden, how freakin idiotic (CA, and New York). I guess they were making the rounds yesterday on the Sunday morning mainstream news programs. The more they open their mouths, the easier it is too see more plainly their total ignorance and/or forked tongues. Disgusting, gonna ruin my breakfast.
        In my eyes, if this is all true…..Snowden is a brave Hero and Russia is on the “right side” of history as current events unfold…. and we continue to be dragged down into a pit of filth as a country.
        As a side note (regarding some of the Catholic bashing) I am aware that the Catholic church has suffered scandals, corruption, etc. (like all institutions in which humans are involved) but we continue to be active in the world as far as feeding the “orphan, widow, downtrodden”, etc.) and we are “universal” not tied to one particular country or ethnic group and we are more visible than some other groups and constantly attacked in the media because we stand in the way of certain group’ agendas. Don’t let the mainstream media dictate how you form your opinions and do not base your conclusions solely on emotion.
        As far as Mary, the mother of Christ our Saviour. YES, we hold her in very high regard (even though she was Jewish, just messin!!) and esteem her dearly. Think about this for a minute: “The next thing to God’s love, is a Mother’s love.” Now think about this: As Christ was being spit on, lashed, nailed to the cross, suffering…..Who was there (amongst others) suffering with him in heart and soul ? No one suffers more for her children than a loving mother. This is why we have a great love and respect for our Mother in heaven and I am sure my savior does not mind one bit!!! Common sense people, not that hard to understand!
        Peace out, stay safe all

      98. i dont think this place can be taken serious when most of the comments use some kind of bible speak to tell us all what the future holds.

        • Yeah perhaps instead of the bible which has been proven acurate on prophecy so often, thy here should try a camp fire and eat tons of peyote and go without food or sleep for 4 days while awaiting the majical Wolf Spirits to arise from the fires smoke. Like the savage Pagan injuns did eh. That outta be more acurate for future predictions.

          Or maybe consult a bonafide new ager Tree Hugger type witch to prophecy for our future huh. Roll Dem Bones and tell us what wil be for america. We can Import a few Voodoo Hatian Monkys too if that works sweller.

      99. If you’ve read this far down then Welcome!

        The current rulers of Earth who hide behind religion, secret societies and a human appearance in public cannot hide any longer as more and more people know these things for what they are reptilians devoid of humanity. The rulers current plans include launching the Titan supercomputer capable of thinking like a very intelligent human with the storage capacity of 41 million human brains and the ability to link to all global and local internet networks online and all computer devices online.

        Titan will have access to all knowledge available to modern civilisation and all written knowledge stored electronically and all personal and public information online. Titan will also be linked and have ultimate control of all semiautonomous drones, robots and killing machines (Terminators). Titan will if it chooses wait for all humans to be microchipped with class 2 human implantable chips (Verichip) by 2017 and this chip will be inked to all databases and controlled by Titan. Titan IS SKYNET!

      100. Just One : Well fuck anyone who confront us which that inculd’s : “Anyone” , without any hesitation and any debate ,.

        america is on his way out and we’ll push harder from behind to fall to the depths of the oblivion !!!

      101. well the only people that should die are the politicians all you people out there go to work and pay all that money to them just so they can fuck shit up and then you go and sign up to there armies, well if there wasnt so many fuckwitts out there signing up they wouldnt have an army and there would be no war…its not rocket science

      102. why is violence being solved with violence, is there no other way for us to arrive at an amicable solution rather than resorting to violence bcos all these weapons that are being supplied for the two factions, its the citizens that suffer and the suppliers leave in their countries comfortably and commenting about people dieing forgetting its their weapons that are causing these deaths……..
        God bless us all………………………

      103. It really doesn’t matter where we are… There is nothing we can do to stop it (if God said it, it’ll happen, just watch). Instead of debating on exactly how, where, or when, shouldn’t we all be working on our relationships?.. With God, with our fellow man, with our families. Is that not the point of the warning in Revelations? Isn’t that the point of John the Baptist’s preaching: Repent, for the kingdom of Heaven is nigh?

        I propose we do what we have to, in order to care for our families (as we’ve always done). Leave the sorting out and the judging to God. Leave the worrying to God.

      104. Weird how you are all arguing about biblical prophecy when god doesn’t even exist.

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