Russia’s Combat Suit Gets A Nuke Resistant Upgrade

by | Oct 11, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Headline News | 34 comments

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    Russia’s new combat suit is getting a major upgrade. With threats of nuclear warfare pending in important regions of the globe, the nuclear resistant watch was a necessary addition to the futuristic fight suit designed by the former Soviet Union.

    According to Newsweek, citing Rostec, the Russian defense contractor building the suit, the third-generation Ratnik-3 suit “comprises five integrated systems.” Those five subsystems include “life support, command and communication, engaging, protection, and energy saving subsystems,” according to Tass, a Russian state-owned media outlet. This could be the most advanced combat suit on the planet.

    In total, the suit comes with 59 items, Tass said, including a powered exoskeleton that supposedly gives the soldier more strength and stamina, along with cutting-edge body armor and a helmet and visor that shields the soldier’s entire face. The suit also has a “pop-up display that can be used for tasks like examining a plan of the battlefield,” Andy Lynch, who works for a military company called Odin Systems, previously told The Daily Mail Online.

    Russia did release a video of the combat suit in late June, but it only showed a static display of the suit making it incredibly difficult to discern if it actually has any of the capabilities that are claimed.

    But the newest addition to this high-tech combat suit is fitting with the state of things on our politically volatile planet. The suit is being fitted with a watch that “retains its properties upon the impact of radiation and electromagnetic impulses, for example, upon a nuclear blast,” according to Rostec’s chief designer of the suit, Oleg Faustov.

    The first-generation Ratnik suit was reportedly given to a few Russian units in 2013, and some pieces of the suit were spotted on Russian troops in Crimea, according to a report by The New York Times. The third-generation Ratnik suit will supposedly be ready for service in 2022, said Russian Colonel General Oleg Salyukov.

    The US hopes to unveil its own Tactical Light Operator Suit which would be similar to Russia’s Ratnik. The US’s suit is also known as the “Iron Man” suit and plans to show it off are scheduled for 2018. France is working on one too, the Integrated Infantryman Equipment and Communications system, or FELIN.

    It’s the “space race” of combat suits. But in this contest, it appears that Russia is winning handily.


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      1. Bet ya won’t see our cannon fodder getting something like this anytime soon…

        • After Action Report: Category 5 Hurricane and Ensuing SHTF

          I dont wanna talk about this but I owe you people that much.

          We had four days warning before the storm. As soon as the forecast was made transportation off the island as well as goods and services became prohibitively expensive if they were even available. Also, some people didn’t evacuate because they couldn’t afford it, were medically unable to, or were worried about their property. You can say “your stuff can be replaced, your life cannot” but in reality if you wind up financially destitute your life may not be much worth living anyway. Still clueless politicians were on TV screaming “why don’t these stupid people evacuate?!” before returning by helicopter to their mansions with their armed guards well out of harm’s way.

          I agonized over the decision to bug out or bug in. I decided to shelter in a strong building on high ground many miles away from my house with only a few other people that I knew to obviate the possibility of drowning in the flood, at the high cost of leaving the vast majority of my preps behind. Realize even if you have a vehicle you can carry only enough preps to last you for a few days. What I had with me at the BOL: food, water, a pocket water filter, pocket stove, fuel, two handguns, headlamp, lead sap, handheld ham radio, medkit, blanket, body armor, helmet, and raingear. The rest of my preps I buried underground at night in several waterproof containers on the highest points I could find near my home. I turned off the main breaker, shut off the water, stopped the toilets with rubber balls and bugged out in the middle of the night and made a smooth getaway to the BOL. People who waited for later to move to another location found the roads to be gridlocked, gas supplies nonexistent, and tempers flaring. Many outbreaks of violence occurred in places where people were fighting over supplies. The looting started as soon as people evacuated and was widespread throughout SHTF. I even heard criminals were looting during the storm itself and some got killed. At first they steal useless shit like TVs, jewelry, shoes, etc. Later on in SHTF they will come for your preps.

          Riding out the storm was fucking horrific. I wore the body armor and helmet and emerged the next day unharmed. People who were injured in the storm were not able to get a medic for at least several days and some died. You need to be trained in First Aid and CPR at a very minimum. There were no supplies in stores; no power, no water, no sewage. Most people were homeless and desperate. After the storm the police set up barricades and curfews and wouldn’t let anyone back in. This was necessary so that the government could clear the roads, restore utilities, stop arcing cables, move the dead bodies from the streets, and set up supply depots and homeless shelters.

          So I was trapped at my BOL desperate to get past the roadblock back to my house and preps and worried about looting. After several days of reconnaissance I buried most of the preps I had at the BOL and risked arrest or worse in order to circumvent the checkpoint. I made it back to my house at dawn in very bad shape. My structure was salvageable. After resting the next day I recovered my preps and brought them back to the house. Thereafter I had to go out in the daytime coming back several times a day to check for looting, make major repairs to my house in the evening, and sit up at night on guard. Don’t forget you need tools, buckets, garbage bags, sanitary items, and cleaning supplies. In SHTF daytime is like a warped parallel of reality. Night is fucking downright scary. I had a gun in my hand at all times, even while taking a shit. It was not the least bit funny at all. It was horrible. Several times I heard noises and got up to investigate with a pistol with a strobe on the rail thinking I might have to shoot someone. My hands were shaking and I felt sick walking slowly around the house waiting to see somebody. And indeed I once had to chase a looter away at night. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw his face. Well I didn’t kill anyone in SHTF. But I will never forget. It wasn’t badass or cool it was fucking harrowing and I have terrible nightmares now. I don’t know what I would have done if my preps would have been looted. After that I reburied some preps as insurance. If you have power should you turn the house lights on or off? I left them on every other night to show that someone was there to scare away looters, and left them off in the interval to avoid sending the signal that there might be people who had supplies. I also made use of night vision a lot to surveil my property. There was a loose association with my neighbors as far as helping each other out but I mostly kept to myself. Two of my nearby neighbors had generators running. You can hear that shit halfway across town. When the sun goes down you gonna have some visitors motherfucker. Solar charger is much better actually. Beware of criminals knocking on the door claiming to be from the government and here to help you. When dealing with others in SHTF be polite and don’t lash out unless someone is threatening you. You don’t want to risk a fight in this environment. Probably you will have to get tough with a handful of people in SHTF. This isn’t posturing, you understand that? Tensions are sky high and this is for real. Forget about walking around outside with camo gear, armor, and assault weapons in SHTF. If the neighbors see that shit they will go fucking ballistic and think you’re a criminal. Good way to get shot actually.

          No matter how well prepared you are you will be begging for the government to restore order for the simple reason that desperate people around you are doing desperate things and this will only be stopped when their needs are met. Do you understand that? The lone wolf shtick is pure movie bullshit. You cant ignore the thousands of people around you even if you are out in the woods. I went to the government supply depots once every three days to gather more bottled water and food at the risk of leaving my preps unattended for a few hours. When I showed up I always made sure to look and act just like everyone else and be ready with a cover story for anyone who starts talking to you. Think about this very carefully. You want to tell them nothing important but get useful information from them. At that time I didn’t have my radio and was desperate for information. Rumors abounded and it was very hard to discern what was true from what was false.

          I got through SHTF using only bottled water. The only freshwater sources around were contaminated with raw sewage from broken pipes, rotten food from refrigerators, and piles of debris and garbage thrown into the streets. Bacteria permeated the air and people got sick. The stench was unbearable. Get some Vics Vapo Rub and wipe it under your nose. I got a horrible skin rash and was sick on my stomach and weak throughout SHTF; the only foods I could keep down were bland items such as mashed potatoes, plain rice and beans, and cereal. I couldnt eat any MREs. I tried to keep myself clean with a solar shower filled with salt water combined with sanitary wipes and mouthwash. I didn’t dare use a shower even when the water came back on if anybody hears that they will know you have water and come knocking. When I used my portable toilet I decontaminated it with digestive enzyme and other hygienic supplies. I lost a lot of water through diarrhea. Gatorade can help this. I threw the waste into a small pit I dug. You live like an uncivilized animal and it demoralizes you day by day. Buy a lot more air fresheners for SHTF. How much bottled water should you have? A LOT, as much as you can.

          I was always the gray man in public. Don’t give anyone a reason to be interested in you. Never try to be the big man barking orders someone will quickly challenge you. The least said, the least noticed. Be mega careful what comes out of your mouth. Don’t trust anyone. And I mean ANYONE. A friend today is a vicious desperate man tomorrow. Especially avoid people with kids. If asked by friends, family, or coworkers about your situation the best answer is: “I have some major repairs to make and I have people living with me but with a lot of hard work we’ll get by and we are getting on better than other people Suzy and Tommy across the street have it worse blah blah blah.” Say whatever you have to to convince others that you have nothing to offer them yet you aren’t doing bad enough for them to come over and investigate, visit you, or try to “help” you. You don’t need people asking questions. However, you might very well need help to repair your house. It’s a judgment call. For the first week after SHTF people were kum ba yah but that soon faded and people became impatient and lashed out at each other. Is everyone in SHTF aggressive? Absolutely not. It’s a situation that brings out the best and worst in people. I saw touching acts of kindness performed for total strangers. And I saw people tear each other apart. The bad people tend to chase the good people out, unfortunately.

          You must have cash reserves at all times. Carry some on you and hide some as you could very easily get robbed. Slowly in SHTF normalcy resumes. Eventually the barricades and the curfew were lifted and I returned to the BOL in the middle of the night to get my preps back. What I was most desperate to retrieve was my ham radio. Some stores eventually opened with progressively more stuff on the shelves. Alcohol was banned but being sold for very high prices on the black market. I myself got drunk while on guard duty the first two nights because of the stress. You should never do such a thing but allowances have to be made for your emotional reaction to what you see in SHTF. The utilities are eventually all restored for the people who can pay for them. I am still living in SHTF but things are more manageable now for the simple reason that most people by this point have food water and a roof over their head.

          Lessons Learned:

          Stop arguing about gun calibers and gadgets. Focus on tactics. Practice clearing a building for intruders and quick drawing. I had no use for long arms. A machine pistol platform such as the AR pistol, draco, uzi, mac-10 or a modern handgun such as the Glock with a rail to fit a red dot/light/strobe combination, this is best I think.

          Fat people will never be preppers. I’m fit and I still had a really rough time.

          Nobody wants to hear about politics during SHTF. They want problems fixed.

          The decision to bug out is the most important consideration in SHTF and it will have grave and lasting consequences for you. If you leave plan on never coming back. Make the decision as soon as possible. It may take a few days to get where you are going and you need to be days ahead of everyone else. And if you plan for your ass to be somewhere else your preps need to be there first. Everyone should have three places in mind to ride out a SHTF event.

          Practice bugging out and bugging in like it’s the real thing. Turn off the utilities and put rotten meat and shit in a bucket in the corner. No it’s not a joke.

          Don’t glamorize SHTF like the recent spate of end of the world movies. It isn’t funny, hip, or cool. SHTF is unfair, brutal, disgusting, exhausting and nauseating. I never want to do this again for the rest of my life.

          Timely information in SHTF is priceless. For example I was already long gone by the time the main evacuation started. If you are in a survival group start feeding them information even days before SHTF and stay in close communication till the event is over.

          I would prefer to be in a group of preppers but it is really hard to trust anybody with a huge responsibility like putting your life in their hands.

          Any questions, please feel free.

          Thanks to everyone who contributed to this site over the years the training saved my life.

        • the more moving parts, the more likely to break.

      2. Wonder if they have biochem integrated, and made it non-hackable? Heck, while at it, might as well make it GMO foods resistant, protect against leftist fake news, put in spam filters and make sure it automatically screens telemarketers. Just sayin’

        • Sorry to butt in with an off topic comment (not really lol). Why does everyone think that a great marksman is only from the military or some other shit? Anyone with a small amount of talent and self training can shoot as well or better than the mil snipers. Fook the cops, fook swat, fook the mil, take on an ol’ country boy who loves his long shots and see how you do then lol.

          • still, you’re talking a few years worth of constant practice.

            • no, not really. It just has to be effective practice rather than f’king around at the range and broscience.

        • WTF are you on about?

      3. A nuclear resistant watch? is it digital or analog?
        Because the cockroaches can’t read an analog clock.
        They were all raised on digital.

        • The most EMP-proof timepiece is a $10 wind-up Timex.

        • Bar none, the most EMP-proof timepiece is a $10 wind-up Timex.

      4. But…. how do they answer ‘nature’s call’?

        • Just poop yer pant’s then you have something to eat later lol,

      5. US will copycat pouring more billions into unaccountable waste and murder whose controllers seek a repeat of Russian outcome from 100 years past. Russia holding the most untapped resource wealth in the world. The thieves at the top of US fascism want it and tirelessly plan to get it.

        • You would think Russia would have the intelligence on the whereabouts of the rothschilds, rockafellers, etc. and be able to micro nuke them. Or perhaps the buttpuppets under their control would automatically nuke Russia if they did? Too bad the US is such a bunch of isrealhellieee cooksuckers and totally owned by the global elite. If the military had any fuckin’ brains whatsoever they would immediately shoot every sob that takes orders from these freaks and set us free. But the chances of that are ZERO. 🙁

          • Genius

            I have thought that their first strike would be a Bilderberg Group meeting with the goal of it being first and only.

            • The bilderberg group are just representatives NOT the actual power behind them.

      6. no one survives long term in a nuke war.
        Everything will be contaminated. How will the grow crops & raise animals for meat without radiation contamination?

        • The radiation from a nuclear weapon is quite unlike that from a nuclear power plant. US troops were walking over ground zero a couple of months post WWII. Its the half life. The destruction in not only size but location (infrastructure, knowledge, manufacturing) will set the targeted world back into the stone age. I suspect that the undeveloped world, largely located in the southern hemisphere would rise to dominance in its wake.

        • Now we know why they didn’t choose torium… it’s not deadly!

      7. I’ve already seen all the Star Wars movies….

      8. I think it’s funny that the elite keep this nuclear war fear propaganda going.
        The elite can’t implement their NWO with most of this planet destroyed and contaminated with radiation.
        And the common belief that Putin is against the NWO is a smokecreen to the fact that Russia will be used to bring about the NWO.
        The NWO will come along as a answer to a global outcry for world peace.
        Millions of people are going to be fooled.

        • Trillions of people already have been fooled throughout history lol.

          • But we won’t be fooled this time right? (for the 10 billionth time)
            Like I said, my dislike of humanity grows by the day…. (but I’m not going to kill anyone lol).

      9. Brought to you by the umbrella corporation.

      10. Awesome we have an iron man suit ?
        Wonder if he/she/ it / qwerty. Will be wearing underwear in the outside. Lol

        • Yeh look up Ned Kelly the real suit

      11. Because the thing you’re most concerned with after a nuclear blast is what time it is.

      12. The Russians have always planned around fighting a nuke war and winning a nuke war. They do not think that is a no-go area. If they feel Russia itself is under existential threat, they will go nuclear. And they have the bunkers to hide in all ready and the population drilled to respond. Now compare that to where you live …

        • Our subs outfitted with the Xbox controller must really have them spooked. That option where if you die you can start again at the last checkpoint must have never occurred to them.

      13. Think about this, the US can’t handle a damn major hurricane, what in the world are they going to do with nuclear war – yeah, good luck with that one folks. It is painfully clear: We are on our own, hands down! Make sure you always keep one round in your front pocket – for Yourself when the time is clear.

      14. In Russia suit wear you.

      15. The Russian people are no different than the average us citizen. It is all a power grab by the elites. The rhetoric is just that merely a show. War is never clean if one breaks out between the us and nk it will b the catalyst for the biggest war the worlds ever seen. It’ll become a two coalition effort engulfing the majority of the planet. Nk, china, Russia , Iran , and misc smaller ones spread over the world will unite against the us and allies. This has been a long time coming the first two world wars never settled the real issue. I am not a globalist but not a supporter of excessive amount of nations. The world is due for a change when governments fall the money flows to the victors. We claim to be civilized but we follow the same path of our ancestors.

      16. Your fashion model, here, looks to weigh about 95lbs, can’t possibly be fit for labor. Is it a woman or Foot Clan from TMNT.

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