Russian Weapons Company Unveils 13-Foot ‘Killer Robot’

by | Aug 22, 2018 | Headline News | 46 comments

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    Photo: Kalashnikov Concern

    A well-known Russian weapons company has just unveiled it’s newest deadly weapon: a golden 13-foot tall killer robot. Kalashnikov Concern presented the large bulletproof robot that’s currently in development at the Army 2018 fair near Moscow.

    About 1,200 Russian defense companies and weapon manufacturers take part in the Army 2018 event, according to reports by the Daily Mail. Between those companies and manufacturers, there was a whopping display of an estimated 26,000 pieces of weaponry and military equipment. This gold-colored killer robot was one of the most impressive pieces of weaponry displayed at this year’s event.

    Kalashnikov Concern, who is one of Russia’s largest “assault weapons” manufacturers, posted a video about the machine and the technology that went into the design of the odd-looking “Robocop” on its website. According to the weapons company’s website: “The promising goal of using the anthropomorphic complex is to solve engineering and combat tasks. The development of technologies will be demonstrated at the next forum.”

    According to Fox News, the gold robot, which the company calls a “controlled bipedal walker,” reportedly weighs 4.5 tons and can hold objects with its claws, those objects could mean this robot could hold weapons. And based on its size, the killer robot could wield any weapon it or its operator chooses. A cabin can be seen behind the robot’s glass panels where people could sit and operate it from inside. The gold robot is called Igorek and is still in development. Its creators do not have any desire to reveal all of its features until they have fully completed the soldier robot.

    “This robot is probably one of the hottest new models of the ‘Army 2018.’ Currently, it is only a demonstration of the path we are planning on following,” said Vladimir Dmitriev, from Kalashnikov Concern to the Daily Mail“We understand that there are robotic machines driving on caterpillar and wheel drive, we also understand that there will be demand for anthropomorphic automatic movable systems,” he added.


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      1. Buy AERO…..stock is set to explode in value.!!!!

        • What is aero?

        • why do you think AERO is about to explde

      2. Entangle it with steel cable.

      3. It’s essentially a one man tank / exoskeleton with heavy armaments that a human being couldn’t carry.

        The genie is out of the bottle. Eventually it will be autonomous using AI.

        The globalists want robot soldiers who won’t refuse orders. At that point, humanity is doomed for a robot apocalypse.

        In other related news, years ago researchers found a mutation in cows that allowed for enormous musculature and strength. Then Liam Hoekstra was born. The kid is labeled the German Superboy. He has the same mutation and is incredibly strong.

        Now it’s alleged that the Pentagon has been doing animal and human experimentation to pass along this mutation in dogs and soldiers.

        See Liam Hoekstra and myostatin muscular hypertrophy.

        • Why does Germany get all the super villain advantages? Weren’t most of the Manhattan Project scientist former Germans? Most of our rocket and missile technology came from Germans.

        • Damn, if they could sell that in pill form or even make it some kind of surgical alteration… goodbye gym industry.

          Imagine being able to do that to a kid in-utero.

      4. Crap this tall makes good targets for an Abrams…

        • Or anything launching a hellfire.

        • I can see an A-1O Thunderbolt destroying this with it’s gun.

          • AT4….. We fixed this problem back in 1987.

        • Tombstone would chop it off at the ankles.

      5. The US has had a working exoskeleton for the last six years. China and obviously Russia have them too. If they are not perfectly timed and calibrated, they would tear off the arms and legs of the soldier operating them.

        It’s obvious they would encase this in a housing. Essentially this is depicted in Aliens (1986) which Ridley operates as an advanced forktruck.

      6. This thing could probably terrorize an unarmed civilian population, but seems to have plenty of vulnerabilities to typical battlefield hardware.

        • It seems almost unbelievably pointless you ask me.

          RC Airplane loaded with white phosphorus surface to air missiles is dog cheap and a trillion times more effective.

      7. Looks pretty, general. Can it fight?

      8. How much are they? I’ll take two. One coyote tan and the other urban camo.

        • Send the one with urban camo over to the projects. Ghetto Blaster Deluxe.

      9. 13 foot tall makes it a pretty good target, and a hard to conceal one as well.

        It had better be as at least as well armored a tank or it’s gone real quick like in combat.

      10. I can’t wait for it to self destruct or go full retard and gun down the spectators at the Military Arms Show… you know just like the Russkies love to do with their aircraft at the Paris Airshow.

      11. What do you think those flying drones are that we’ve been using on our enemies since 2000? In that circumstance, the flying robots preceded the killer ones on the ground, the order is usually the reverse, with ground devices being developed first. Machines will eventually cost too much and be too complicated to service. Walking soldier robots won’t really catch on, since they can be defeated in a lot of ways. The soldier robots to beware of are the ones that fly at low levels. The other ones to watch out for will all the little ones, smaller than half-dollars, sent on missions to incapacitate thousands of troops.

        • Sean, you nailed it. A swarm of even say bee-sized and flight-capable robots with lethal appendages would be a far better idea. Eventually, the option to add a self-replication program using any materials found will be figured out and such weapons would be unstoppable.

          • Such things actually exist, although (AFIK) they are still in the early stages of development.

      12. The greatest danger with drone technology is maintaining flight for DAYS. They developed a drone which has flown in excess of twenty days. Right now, it’s only used for photorecon but eventually such a craft could be refueled and carry heavy armaments and perhaps rearmed. If the limit on fuel is removed, and these are made autonomous ie robot drones, then they pose a greater risk than robot infantry or robot tanks.

        • If you know about these lightweight drones, they lack the capacity to carry weapons as they are solar powered and flimsy. But if they were substantial and fueled in the air as we have long refueled our airplanes, then they could have multiple power sources and they would be terrifying weapons that are largely out of range to disable them.

          Some years ago, there was a film called The End of Violence and in it space based weapons coupled with surveillance could take out Earth based targets easily. That is our future.

          Such weapons would be impossible to fight against as they are in orbit.

          Pilots will either black out or “red out” based upon flying in various manuevers which alter blood circulation to the brain and gravity. Their flight suits have to be pressurized in some circumstances. This limits the plane as if it were autonomous, it would not have the human limits.

          Withan advanced autonomous plane or drone or satellite, there is no human limitation, just the stress tolerances like metal fatigue.

      13. We started down this path with nitinol. Nitinol is a metal with memory and when current is passed through it, is contracts by a set amount based upon a predictable scale along a 4-20 ma range. That equates to a MUSCLE. At that point, these were utilized in chart recorders which then moved be a previse amount to chart changes in say temperature received by a transducer and then sent on to the recorder.

        Then they experimented with nitinol for muscle emulation and also studied servomotors.

      14. Lets see its hydrologic driven so all you have you do is bust a hydraulic line and it bleeds out just like any excavator or skid steer.

      15. Force equals mass times acceleration. For a small drone to be dangerous, it has to move at the speed of. Aa bullet to have takedown power.

        Or it merely uses poison and breaks the skin.

      16. Never mind the robots.

        China is raising IQ by positive eugenics.
        In other words; the Chinese are getting smarter
        while Americans, soaked in Holocaust Guilt, are
        losing ground.

        We can not compete in the modern high tech world unless we have
        high tech mental capabilities.

        Eugenics is why 3ews have high IQ.
        The Germans and Europeans have very high IQs.
        But are they being intentionally bred down with by migrants? Probably.

        Eugenics can be done in a lab with embryos. It can also be done the
        old fashion way with a smart young man and a smart young woman.

        The Germans were condemned for encouraging births by the high intelligent
        Germans. But it is just reality. Encourage births by smart people. Prevent
        births by the mentally incapacitated.

        In America, we are taught eugenics is evil. In China eugenics is State policy.

        Who will make the best robot, a genius or a moron?


      17. Wait….are you seriously trying to make a case for Asians breeding in America and supplanting whites, because Asians have higher IQs???

        That is how eugenics is insidious.

        • Mara:

          No, I’m not suggesting any such thing.


        • “Wait….are you seriously trying to make a case for Asians breeding in America and supplanting whites, because Asians have higher IQs???”

          How the hell did you come to that conclusion?

          We do NEED to breed more intelligent people. This country is like a retard ranch. Like it or not, that is a fact…

          • (Natural News) Is society getting dumber by the day? It may not just be your imagination: As Dr. Russell Blaylock, a retired neurosurgeron, posits, the stupidity of the masses may be by design. Through a barrage of toxic chemicals and compounds, Blaylock says the government is purposely trying to dumb-down the masses. A dumber society is more easily controlled, after all.

            ht tps://

          • Because GOOFY, Asians have higher IQs! Every time you eugenics bozos come out of the woodwork, you think whites are the smart ones, but science says otherwise!

            So if you are pro-eugenics as good little satanic nazis recite in a litany, then what you are actually for is the superiority of Asians over whites!

            Too funny!

      18. This is true. It’s likely to be hydraulic but might be pneumatic. Either way, it’s a weakness to exploit, but obviously heavily armored to protect this aspect.

      19. D maranataha and thats why we are getting dumber

      20. Nothing is bullet proof.

        Sure it might take out some tanks and man power but 13′ tall easy target to find and hit. With just about any thing but small arms. I would say if they have a robot we have a weapon to take it out.

      21. I have seen that thing before. It was in the movie Avatar. All we need to is make the small helicopter gunships from that movie, and we can blast them from out of tge sky. The MIC is probably already licking their lips over that big fat sweet contract. Heck, all future weapons should be based on movies. Perhaps, the new Space Force is working on completion of the Death Star as we speak.

      22. Race theory has been thoroughly discredited as pseudoscience. Any arguments based on race are illogical.

        If you were to study DNA in America, lots of people who look one “race” are blends of ethnicities over time and include folks from the Middle East, Native Americans, Hebrews, Slavs, Gypsies, Western and Southern Europeans, Africans, etc.

        Race theory is bogus.

        What is absolutely ridiculous is some white dude who is really a Nazi sympathizer who then will end up praising Hitler and espousing eugenics theory.

        Yet when we test by “race”, it is Asians, particularly Japanese and Chinese and people from India who get the highest scores. Anyone can look at American medical schools to see this phenomena.

        So if you pro-eugenics, you’re anti-white based on IQ tests. How funny!

        Figure it out. Hitler was a lunatic who restarted a neo-pagan revival and was a terrible strategist who lost WW2 despite having a good chance of winning due to remarkable scientists and incredibly brave soldiers and tacticians and strategists.

        For crying out loud, the Battle of Britain was a total stalemate and it shouldn’thave been. And then Germans developed the first jet fighter and Hitler refused to create more.

        Hitler was an antichrist.

        • History is written by the winners? Seems the bottom line is , The Germans fought the communist, And we helped the communists, rape and enslave half of Europe? Deny that?

      23. The Empire had way better ones and they got beat by a bunch of Ewoks

      24. A robot with all the design capabilities of an upright ape — possibly, one which can fit in a standard doorjam or behind the wheel of an automobile — means that no human life needs to be put at risk, in a war or wasted on backbreaking labor.

        Have you ever bled, dangerously, or had a limb lock up.

      25. Lmao. A simple cable snare can take that 4.5 ton 120 million dollar waste and make it a large speed bump with a thud. Paint balls on the windshield. No visibility or change the terrain and over it goes. The occupants will be burned or smoked out or starved out. Maybe bulletproof coffin lmao.

      26. You idiots are not seeing the point: This thing will be used against dis-armed civilians, not armed military. It will be very effective in terrorizing the sheeples into submission.

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