Russian & Turkish Intelligence Find “Substantiated Evidence” Linking Ukrainian Nationals To Terrorist Attack

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    This article was originally published by Lance B. Johnson at Natural News under the title: Russian and Turkish Intelligence Find “Substantiated Evidence” Linking Ukrainian Nationals to the Moscow Terrorist Attack

    U.S. and NATO leaders continue to ship weapons and ammunition into Ukraine, including anti-tank and air defense systems, drones, tanks, and fighter jets. This is a conflict that could have been ended before it ever escalated. Instead, the stakes continue to rise, as cocky, incompetent leaders from the West continue to provoke Russia into nuclear war while emboldening neo-Nazis and Ukrainian nationals into further depths of war and terrorist attacks.

    Now, the Investigative Committee of Russia has made a connection between the suspects of the recent terrorist attack in Moscow and Ukrainian nationalist groups. It has been revealed that substantial financial transactions were made from Ukraine to the individuals responsible for the attack on Crocus City Hall, according to statements from the Russian Investigative Committee.

    Turkey working with Russia to eliminate Ukrainian-financed terrorists in Moscow

    An aide to Turkish President Erdogan has indicated that the terrorist attack in Moscow was supported by a foreign state. The spokesperson for Turkey’s ruling party, Omer Celik, suggested on Thursday that the involvement of state-level intelligence is evident in the orchestration of meticulously executed acts of terrorism, referencing the recent tragedy at Crocus City Hall.

    This event, which occurred last Friday, saw an armed group launch an assault on the Moscow venue, resulting in 143 fatalities and injuries to more than 300 individuals. Following the attack, Russian security services apprehended eleven individuals, including the four primary suspects. The suspects were captured several hours post-attack in the Bryansk Region of Russia, which is situated along the border with Ukraine.

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    In the wake of the attack, Celik mentioned that Turkish intelligence agencies are collaborating with their Russian counterparts to combat terrorism and that Ankara has extended its heartfelt sympathies to Moscow in light of the catastrophic events at Crocus City Hall.

    Celik, who also serves as the AKP’s deputy chairman, conveyed his insights during an interview with the Turkish broadcaster NTV, stating, “The complexity and precision of this operation undeniably suggest the involvement of state intelligence.” He further alluded to certain groups desiring the prolongation of the conflict in Ukraine as potential sponsors behind such acts.

    ISIS attack used as cover story for Ukrainian terror in Moscow

    In a briefing conducted on Thursday, the Investigative Committee of Russia reported “substantiated evidence” to suggest that the individuals implicated in the terrorist attack had ties to Ukrainian nationalist factions. According to the agency, these individuals had received “significant financial support” from Ukraine. Further investigations have led to the discovery of concrete evidence indicating that the suspects were financed through cryptocurrency transactions originating from Ukraine.

    Additionally, law enforcement authorities have successfully apprehended another individual suspected of providing financial assistance for the attack. The identity of this individual has not been disclosed by the Investigative Committee.

    Previously, Aleksandr Bortnikov, the Director of the Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia, had informed the media that there might be involvement from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Ukraine in the attack. He speculated that these actions could be part of a strategy allowing the perpetrators to flee back to Ukraine, where they were expected to be hailed as heroes.

    Initially, the four individuals apprehended in relation to the attack were identified as ethnic Tajiksas, claimed by the terrorist organization “Islamic State Khorasan” (ISIS-K). They were believed to have been recruited from an online forum linked to the Islamic State’s branch in Afghanistan. Nonetheless, the Investigative Committee later suggested, that despite the group’s declaration of responsibility, there may have been involvement from another entity, possibly a Ukrainian intelligence agency, in the planning of the attack. However, Ukraine refuted any involvement in the attacks, almost immediately after they happened. Despite assertions from the United States and the European Union disclaiming Kyiv’s involvement, they have not provided evidence to support their stance that ISIS-K acted independently.


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