Russian Source Claims: World War Could Start “Even Before U.S. Elections”

by | Oct 19, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 162 comments

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    This article was written by Paul Joseph Watson and originally published at

    Editor’s Comment: Our U.S. media teaches us to prepare for hurricanes, floods and brief power outages, and perhaps for a few other situations, but by and large, the American leadership is deaf, dumb and blind regarding the unprecedented build up to war.

    Germany has warned its citizens to stockpile food and prepare to survive for weeks without the system, in large part due to the internal chaos surrounding its refugee crisis; Russia has conducted massive drills with 40 million people to prepare for the possibility of nuclear war; its leaders have repeatedly warned that it is being pushed to the brink.

    While U.S. foreign policymakers arrange new conflicts and brash clashes with global powers, its people know little to nothing about why they are fighting, or who its government plans to fight next. When the lights go out, and a hot war begins WWIII, there will be tens of millions of Americans caught completely by surprise. The world will never be the same, and they will never know why, except what they are told to keep them compliant, afraid and under wrap.

    As individuals, we can’t prepare for everything, but that which we can be ready for will catch us that much less off guard. Knowing what crises may come, and the limits to what one can do about it can be very empowering. The question is, what’s next? Are things really as late in the game as Putin and his associates have suggested?

    Kremlin Insider: ‘War Might Begin Even Before U.S. Elections’

    by Paul Joseph Watson

    A Kremlin insider has warned that war with the United States could break out “even before the November elections in the U.S.,” urging citizens to stockpile food.

    Sergei Markov, a member of the Civic Chamber, a Moscow-based state institution, told the Daily Beast, “These are the most serious tensions between Moscow and Washington in decades….the war might begin even before the November elections in the U.S.”

    “I personally plan to stock 200 cans of pork to be ready for a potential war crisis,” Markov added, “and I advise everybody to do the same.”

    Markov’s warning should probably be treated seriously given that he is known to have “close ties to (the) Kremlin”.

    As we previously reported, Russian citizens have been stockpiling food and essential supplies for months as paranoia about a major conflict escalates.

    Tensions have risen yet further in recent days after it was revealed that the Obama White House was considering a major cyber attack against Russia in retaliation for Moscow’s alleged “interference in the American presidential election”.

    While Americans are kept distracted by the media’s obsession with Donald Trump’s alleged mistreatment of women, Russians have very different priorities.

    State-owned television stations are urging citizens to find out where their nearest nuclear bomb shelter is located, while managers of the Zenit Arena, a huge half-built stadium in St. Petersburg, recently received an official letter from the Ministry of Emergency Situations demanding that they create underground facilities that will be used to protect citizens from nuclear fallout.

    As we reported earlier this month, 40 million Russians from all levels of government recently took part in a civil defense “emergency evacuation” drill that was a test run of how the population would respond to a “disaster occurrence” under an “emergency” situation.

    This article was written by Paul Joseph Watson and originally published at


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      1. Bring on big asteroid 2016!

        • Why is this insider given an credit? Haven’t there been numerous articles here on SHTF about some DHS insider said it was about to hit the fan? 200 cans of pork? More like 200 bottles of vodka. In the final analysis look around long enough and you can find someone to say whatever you want so that it fits your narrative and like Mr. Watson you can sell a story.

          Of course we haven’t seen a war here in the US since the 1860’s so our normalcy bias prevents many from seeing the need to prepare.

          • Good point.

            I feel that I will have to leave people behind who decided all of a sudden they needed to armed themselves and store food.

            Will be no time to train and advise. I know people who never watch the news and probably you do to.

            • Yes WW 111 will start on halloween. Run out and buy gold and silver. Its your last chance before Nirvana. 🙂

            • Question:
              How do you get people that you care about to listen?

              Do you just leave the wife-girlfriend/parents/friends/adult children behind?
              They will Die when war comes. Ground Zero is a sad place to be.

              Smart thing to do is to leave sold off to NWO-UN Traitors “changed” USSA YESTERDAY.

              How do you get your loved ones to Leave?
              –Any useful advice appreciated.
              –Any women’s point of view: How to get a woman to leave everything.
              Leave the country she fought so hard to come to? She is German-Naturalized American.
              –How to get Dad n Mom to leave their homestead in order to live?

              I know it is time to go ASAP. But no one will go.

              Almost all Jews that stayed in Nazi Germany DIED.
              Only those brave enough to leave early lived.
              My GrandMother was Forced to leave by her Father.
              He stayed with wife who would Not Leave. They both were Murdered by Nazi machine.

              Leave. =Live.
              Stay. =Die.
              Was true then. Is true today. But I would have to leave alone. No one will go with?
              How do I get them to go?

              • I am sorry that you are stuck where you are. It is difficult to get someone to do the logical thing when there is such normalcy bias in our society. Unfortunately all you can do is keep talking to them in ways that they will understand the seriousness of the situation, or you can leave alone. There are soooo many people with their head in the sand. My mother is one of them and so is my husband’s entire family. God only helps those who help themselves, those who prepare or do what they think is necessary to survive. In the end if they are unwilling to listen they may die, and if they do, they will most likely bring down many other family members with them.

              • Leave? And go where exactly .. Unless you’ve got some hide out already
                Stocked up and protected most would want to be around familiar things.
                If you have a mega prepared place .. They’ll know all about it and the discussion
                About leaving everything will have already happened ..

          • Just insure that Klintons are in the target area.

            • 3rd Debate.. Results are in… Trump gave Hillary a Thumping. Hillary was simmering about to explode with frustration. Hillary looked so tired she just wanted to lay down on the floor there and go to sleep.


              • she had alot of hand movements going too.

                touching her chin, side of her face. more movement than the last debates.

                after the hand movements she seemed to concentrate (not D.T.) and then make notes.

                i really wonder if she had a listen piece in her ear or earrings.

              • WWTI, Grandee,

                My wife was impressed with Clinton’s youthful looks. She did smile a lot with less ‘bitch face’. She has been working on that for the past 30 years and it may be paying off. I was surprised to see the Breitbart poll showing Hilary won the debate. I thought Trump did pretty good but I am not sure there were any homeruns. The wicked witch kept repeating lines from previous debates. Perhaps she was tired. I was disappointed that the topic of Benghazi didn’t come up.

                Louisiana Eagle

                Weird, my comment went into moderation!


                Mac, You could do an article on this. Project Veritas Action. The Hillary Chaos makers at Trump Rallies and what Trump was talking about in the debates last night. How they are organized and paid off lots of undercover video with admissions of Hillary’s plot to steal the election.

                Rigging the Election – Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies

                16 Min Video – ht tps://

                ~WWTI- Hillary is a criminal and needs to be put in prison.

                • Veritas Project Action Video #2

                  ht tps://


                • Until Hiliary gets arrested and imprisoned for all her felonious crimes, I hereby declare all laws null and void.

                  If those at the top can get away with lawlessness, so shall we. No more do-as-we-say-not-as-we-do hypocrisy.

                  • BlackMoe, once the balloon goes up everything will become null and void. No one will be around enforcing anything. It will be NO HOLDS BARRED AND ANYTHING GOES.

                • I watched these. Yes, you are right, they should be a full article. The Clinton machine is VILE.

      2. Any such war should be named: “Destruction of the Virus called Zionism”. All patriots worldwide should be ready to participate fully and do their parts. Remember the goal is to destroy the creators of the ISIS barbarians and the designer of the financial slavery of mankind.


        • Gen. 12:3 dumbass…

          • roflmao! very nicely put! lol…

            • vocalpatriot and Equorial…….

              It is good to know that you two MOFU’s are pro ISIS and Slavery. So no worries soon you’ll be facing your faith and until then go fuck yourselves.


              • Gesamtsieg=total victory

                you are German. i asked once.

              • Generation 3 from me too then

          • I know the blasphemy of those that call themselves Jews but are of the synogouge of Satan. They call themselves Jews but are the children of Satan. You are of your father Satan and know only lies. Who’s the dumb ass?

          • Ge 12:3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

            • Grandee Matt 27:23 If you believed in Moses you would believe in me for he wrote about me.- The jews are not even jews, they are not Israel, they are impostors.

              If you have not the son you have not the father.

              How can they be Israel then if they have not the father?

          • Oh no you don’t, “vocalpatriot”.

            The blessing was CONDITIONAL on them retaining the Messianic faith.

            History proves they didn’t, hence the curse of the Captivity and later dispersals.

            And they will stay under that curse until they turn, en masse, to Christ in the future. But turn they will (Romans Ch 11).

          • Bereshis 12:3Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

            3 And I will bless the one blessing you, and curse him that curses you; and kol mishpochot haadamah shall be blessed through you.[T.N. There is a brocha in this verse that many do not know but that every true follower of Moshiach should know.]

        • (((They))) are now getting desperate. (((They))) have manipulated officials in Austria to order demolition of the house in which Adolph Hitler was born. Like that will protect them from a pissed off European population infested by third world invaders.

          • Indeed Hans, Enemy always get desperate when they feel the destruction is coming. Let them demolish the house but as have you stated the angry Europeans won’t stay silence over the heard of 3rd world migration that was planned and executed by the same Zionist tribe in control of Europe sucking their blood via forced ransoms due to fraud and imaginary Hollywood movies.


          • Hans, Indeed you are correct. Burning the house or anything else for that matter won’t stop the patriots from cleansing the viruses who designed and executed the invasion of countries by the army of the barbarians.


        • I mean 12 :3 so sorry

          • Mike in VA… .. No need for dumbass to be sorry. Just retain your position as dumbass.

      3. I hate to agree with Markov – but I too have been stocking/putting away provisions. For essentially the same reasons. And…. I would counsel all of you to do the same if you haven’t been. I’m sure that many, if not most, of you agree and have been doing the same.

        thus ends my public service for the day

      4. Russian Source Claims: World War Could Start “Even Before U.S. Elections”

        Whatever…… long as my iPhone works and I can watch Dancing with the Stars.


        • And the Halloween cake challenge!

        • oohhh!! ohhhh!! Wait!!!! You forgot mention the Kartrashians!

        • More like “whatever, as long as I have a full welding tank of nitrogen and a full face scuba mask”.

          Again nuke war = aside from the usual shit… melted down Fuku type reactors and denial of resources by means of irradiation of food producing land, if shit gets bad enough… which hint, it can’t NOT get bad enough… once it starts it just keeps escalating.

          • Heres an American “Source” that well Describes why america is so messed up Now. from pastor chuck baldwin article.

            From a spiritual perspective, I believe all of this is divine judgment upon a careless, indifferent, prosperity-driven, statist, Zionist Israel-worshipping American Church. Modern Zionism and Talmudic Judaism are nothing more than the Phariseeism of the New Testament. And it is just as evil now as it was then; and never forget that Neoconism is mostly owned and operated by Zionism and Talmudic Judaism. By worshipping Zionist Israel, the modern Church is actually worshipping in the “synagogue of Satan.” (Rev. 2:9; 3:9)

            • Equorial, Mike in Va and vocalpatriot.

              This post from (Them Guy) is for you and the rest of dumb assess.

      5. The thing about this mobilization of 40 mil Russians, not one photo, nothing has been presented so far. Strange, no?

        • Try googling.

          Even mainstream media is reporting it:

          ht tp://

        • Propaganda. Be surprised how much of their stuff breaks.

        • Photos?
          They are underground waiting for Launch.

          War is coming. This is clear.
          USSA/UK is provoking war with Russia. Russia will accommodate that request.
          China will join in with Russia. It will be two on one.
          Russia will likely first Launch with nukes. That is their war doctrine.
          Fight to win. USSA idiots think there will be “limited” war.
          USSA thinks it is a fist fight. Russia will fight with both barrels OO buckshot.
          USSA will retaliate with subs. But all who were at ground zero now dead.
          That is how I see the game played out.

          Long Story:
          Like any other fight with tough kids No one really wins.
          I “won” the fight with the tough kid. My injuries lasted 3 months.
          He now walks with limp. His arm healed OK. But no one really “won.”
          We beat the hell out of each other. Tore each other up.
          Giving and receiving in equal measure until his arm was broken and his older brother stopped the fight. BTW: The “tough kid” still wanted to fight. He was forced to quit.

          People said I “won”. I said, “Bull Shit”. I hurt for months after. I didn’t win.
          In fact, Maybe I’m an Idiot now, due to the concussion of having me head pounded in? Other wise I would be as brilliant as arm chair commandos here. Or maybe as Brilliant as TRAITOR USA Politicians provoking a nuclear war?

          Any way, long way around the Horn. But I learned that you don’t “win” a real fight.
          Best way to “win” is to Avoid them when possible. Stay out of it.
          But politicians have not learned that.
          USSA being run by Treasonous SocioPathic “Bought and Paid for Morons” is provoking a “tough kid” with nukes.

          No one will stop this Fight. Broken arm or not.

          No one “wins”. Humanity and civilization DIES. DEAD.

      6. A very big warning (last one?) is being given to the British and EU warmongers by the latest deployment of the Russian carrier group from the northern fleet.
        Look at the maps, this Russian carrier group is about to pass through the English channel. That potentially puts it within just 10 miles of London city centre (and the ‘City’ itself).In light of the British authority to shoot down Russian jets in and around Syria, and Frances deployment of a carrier group, oh, and calls for war crimes tribunals from the EU and US, this Russian deployment is a massive warning for the warmongers amoungst the British and French, and EU in general.
        With its ‘invisible’ nuclear sub escort and highly visible surface nuclear battle crusier escort, the group is waving around for all to see approx 200 nuclear warheads (including the subs MIRVs), and all within spitting distance of the super elite in the city of London. Not just that, they are also just a stones throwing distance of Euro HQ in Brussels. Only a slightly bit further to Paris too.
        En route the group pass the NATO bases of Gibralter and Akroti (Cyprus airbase overloking Syria).
        Last time a Russian battle group passed through the English channel they practiced a nuclear launch drill and were joined by several long range bombers and another navel vessel which headed towards the British nuclear submarine base in Scotland. The British Royal airforce and Royal Navy were well prepared for the first group but were ’embarrassed’ shall we say by the extra deployments.
        I would expect a simlar Russian ‘drive past’ or ‘sail by’ somewhere on the US east coast or perhaps Cuba in due course as a polite reminder that Russia currently has approx 1700 nuclear warheads deployed, or ready to deploy (and who knows how many in storage / reserve) no one will win a nuclear confrontation with the Russian Federation, so no point getting into one.
        The Russians have played fair with the warmongers and can never be accused of not giving the NATO world plenty of warnings and chances to back off. I think this carrier group is last chance stuff as it challenges the key NATO bases in Gibralter and Cyprus like no other time.

        • Can’t the Russkies sail by Hollywierd, and maybe take all Learjet leftists and limousine liberals there off to North Korea, where they would certainly be much happier living in Mentally Il Kim Sung’s workers paradise?! We could also then take ALL the illegal aliens in this country, and house them in the zillion room mansions of all these hypocrite leftists. They should be grateful for the opportunity to give up their mansions for the indigent!

      7. War could, would, should, might, possibly….

        The bottomline is Obama and Putin are working together to destroy America.

        Be careful and discerning when it comes to the WW3 rhetoric. Things are not the way they appear to be in this world.

        • Observing and Preparing

          You are truly enlightened. Obama is going to change America forever. Doesn’t anyone remember Obama on hot mike stating he will have more flexibility after the election. The elites are all in it together. America is at its turning point I believe. God help us if I am right.

          • Observing and Mike in VA:

            It does seem like these two could be working together. The facts are many but if you follow the money, you usually can figure things out.

            First off, who are the global leaders and what do they want?

            I know some. And most are Rothschilds which means Zionism/Marxism/Communism = means to an end = $$$ & power

            The head of Isreal is Rothschild
            The President is like a manager
            The President ([of Isreal]said he would bleed America and then turn it to dust).

            What better way than a Nuclear War to turn us to dust.

            Exposing the crimes of the not really chosen and stirring bad feelings toward them could be part of the Theodore Hertzel approach, for example, bad feelings created the push to go to Palestine. Now, the Zios plan to take over the rest of the Middle East. They need an excuse to bring the remainder “home” the lands in Greater Isreal/Palestine (Syria), Iran.

            We are being fed the truth even though they don’t make it easy. Still, we have learned just how bad the Communists were. And the truths of Ww2 have emerged as well. It all plays in.

            These hateful lyers are working to destroy Christianity. And genocide the white man via war and die ver city. Or getting the Arabs, blacks and Asians to impregnate white girls and women by consent or by force. That’s part of the reason for pushing immorality, porno, and trafficking.

            Now it’s speeding up to nuclear.

            But still, Trump and Putin could be legit. We just don’t know.


          • Mike:

            That hot Mike slip up looked intentional. I never bought into that. If Obama was aware he could be heard, it could be the double agent trick. Putin looked at the Mike. Putin was aware. His eyes told us that he knew Obama’s words were being sent over the microphone.


            • B from CA

              You may be right. Things are never what they seem. We all have to watch what the left and the right hands are doing. There is too much going on right now for nothing to happen. Just such a dangerous time.

      8. If a saber is rattled in “the forest of the US election rhetoric”, and no one hears it, did it make a sound?

        Doesn’t saber rattling require the apponent to actually hear it to be effective?

        • I think this falls under “rumors of wars”.

        • CR

          It’s like giving a person the finger.

          Get’s your motor running, you know.

          • Only if you were looking their way.

            I nearly missed an exit and made a quick move, it was tight though and the young men I cut in front of were pissed. As they started to drive by one started to give me the finger so I did the crossed fingers to ward off vampires. They all looked and cracked up laughing.

            Obama wants the Russians pissed, like he has divided America he also divides the nations of the world. He doesn’t want to defuse the conflict, he wants to play it. If Trump wins I fear he will be handed a real sheat sandwich of a divided America in conflict, and a divided world in conflict.

            • PTPO

              We are going into the abyss one way or another.
              We are under threat of World War or Financial Collapse.
              World War if Hillary wins. Financial Collapse if Trump wins. Take your pick. Only the judges picked for the Supreme Court is the major Difference.

              • the thing that MANY of y’all don’t get, is that we are having a war BECAUSE of the debt….that we can’t PAY…we HAVE to have war, because we can’t pay our debts, and that means default……………..and default means EVERYONE will be PISSED…at U.S. the FED has caused U.S. to implode with their massive inflation….it’s ALL tied in together….pieces in the puzzle…..DEBT MAN WALKIN’!

                • BCOD

                  I agree, we can not pay off the debt and we can not absorb any major banking defaults without crushing the nation. A small interest rate increase can do it.

                  WTF BCOD I am about wore out. Trying to help others on prep information and it seems like I am shoveling the shit against the tide.

                  Like at the gates of hell the sign reads, ‘Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.”

                • buttcrack

                  Your’e right. History proves it. War always takes place in financial hard times. This will be the biggest ever. History proves your thoughts.

                  • “the beatings WILL continue, until moral IMPROVES!

              • I’ll take financial collapse over world war.

                Then again it don’t matter what I’ll take. She’s pulled the Golden Vagina card on him and no one’s woke up enough yet to realize that all humans are quite capable of lying their ass off if the incentives are there, I don’t give a shit what gender.

                At this moment in history, as fucking stupid as we all are, the Golden Vagina card is like bulletproof kryptonite deflecting teflon, it’s goddamned indestructible and he’s done.

                • TheGuy

                  Women will sell us down the road. Hillary will win this if that comes true.

                  • You speak in future tense.

                    It’s kind of cute.


                  • Women who aren’t protected by the Lord love the words of the serpent. They will vote the will of Satan and there’s little anyone can do about it.

        • That wasn’t a saber rattling – it was Hilary coughing yet again

      9. Two hundred cans of pork!
        No Muslims at his dinner table.

        • Only 200,

          • LMFAO, nailbanger! i buy every week what’s on sale at the supermarket by reading the sale ads. i often buy 10 CASES of corn, green beans, mixed veggies for around 38 cents a can. tomato sauce 20 cents. cream of mushroom soup 48c, pintos, 33c, macaroni 48c/lb, rice 40c, chilli 69c, spam 2.00, tuna(SOLID, not chunck), BBQ sauce 48c, canned soup 98c, hope you get the idea. don’t buy one at a time when it’s not on sale…your preps will be at much lower cost if you PLAN it out. unfortunately, time is VERY short now….GIT BIZZY!

          • I like Spam, but 200 cans?
            I have three pigs, oops! Now four.
            50 or so cans of Spam are enough
            for me.

        • Two hundred cans of pork?

          Yup, I only buy powdered eggs that come with either ham or sausage.

      10. Gosh , the news gets better everyday !
        If there is a cyber attack in retaliation then its an act of war right ? Havent the russians just threatened ?
        I doubt they have interfered as of yet and really think its just saber rattling . This is likely cover for hillarys election fraud attempts , just blame it on someone else .
        I call BS , obama aint that damn stupid , is he ?
        Start a hot global war to get hillary in the house ?
        I dunno , but i think if it happens before the election , more folks will vote Trump , just sayin .

      11. USA. WTF???

        That drill is not a test run. Russia is telling the citizens that its a test run when in fact its the real deal, while brain dead dumb fucks are at star bucks typing away in their little bullshit conversations, and the stupid that they talk about all day, wont even know WTF JUST HIT THEM. What a bunch of stupid retarted dumb phucks.

        RUSSIA: WTF??????

        40,000,000 into DUMBS. Damn you have got to love this shit. THIS IS NOT A FUCKING DRILL, BULSHIT ITS REAL.

        The people will be told that they have to stay put once the way starts, post today elections debate, since Trump will finish off Clinton, and put her,and that rapist and the rest of the cabals asses in place for the final BITCH SLAP. Now the the cabal and the UN nations of muslims will start ww3. We are in deep shit, and I keep stressing this. I have taken some steps and have rehearsed with my partners, since I believe we will hear a loud explosion in the form of either and EMP, Nutron Bomb, Hydrogen or possible Nuclear, which will be followed by a grid collapse, YES, RIGHT IN MY CITY, and I have a mountain Bike. And did follow James Rawles on that, damn good advice to able to ride fast and get the “CAPITAL FUCK” OUT OF THE AREA, ASSUMINGLY MY ASS DIDNT GET VAOPRIZED, THEN BACK HOME ASAP. What I keep telling idiots around me is that, if Trump kicks the cabal in the BALLS tonight which he will, this is what’s going to make them act up, and get violent. Expect ww3,and a false flag all over the US, I can see this coming a mile away, and it makes my stomach sick.


        Besides, if they think that they can go on CNN AND FOX and show a map of the US, showing that Trump won Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, but lost all the other states to Clinton, and then announce that she won by a landslide, then they just told me, you, others, and the pissed off citizenry that UN, chi-coms, Russians, lativians, Nato, jihadist, mongols, and other traitors that my future is nothing but invasion, massacres, rapes, murderors, distruction of my city centers, all over. Grid down, water cut off, food cut off, cell cut off, trucks not moving. THEN WE ARE PHUCKED. One can bet your your “CAPITAL ASS” THAT A CITIZEN UPRISING WILL COMMENSE AND IT WILL BE ON BIG MOTHER FUCKING UPRISING TO EPITOME OF SHTF. The rat bastards are so confident and they know that we wont be accepting that shit, so they got all the military equipment deployed into my state, and have moved in the chi-coms, coming in from Mexico, El Paso, North Texas, East Texas, etc…

        Now we are hearing shit about how they have the list and everything that they are going to be coming in 3 months to shoot, kill rape, murder. Good luck trying that shit in my state, you don’t phucking know white men very well. Every week at Academy, bullets, bullets, more bullets, being bought, more bullets coming out of the average red necks ass all over the city. One red neck I met smells like gun powder constantly.


        NOV 2016-2019- ?????????

        Prove me wrong. SHTF WILL COMMENSE!

        • if the war is starting by dropping the big portobellow on the city you live in, then we at shtfplan are taking up a collection to move you on over to washington DC….hope it’s not TOOO big of an inconvenience.

        • Guess that’s why there are so many outs in the popular stuff at the Academys I’ve been to lately.

      12. If either the US or Russia fire on the other and it makes the news the worlds financial markets will crash. If there are any subsequent miscalculations of intent of either party, and considering the dynamic nature this is a very high possibility there can be an immediately jump to the use of nuclear weapons. Discounting this possibility ignores the close call aboard the Soviet Submarine during the Cuban Missile Crisis and is nothing more than normality bias.

        These are very dangerous times.


        • There have been at least 3 times that I know of that we have been minutes and possibly seconds from Nuclear war. One would be what you listed. One would be when we launched a rocket. We had notified Russia. It did not get communicated down the chain of command. A lieutenant in the Russian military chose not to push the button at the last second. Mistakes are made and that is why a quote from a movie is true. ” Having our forces in such close proximity with there forces is inherently dangerous “.
          All that has to happen is one mistake.
          Problem is our president is a colonialist. He hates our country. He has weakened our military on purpose. He wants us to lose. That’s a fact.

          • In a US v Russian confrontation that goes nuclear there is relative parity. In a conventional battle along the Russian border its in Russia’s favor due to resupply. Anywhere else its no contest as the US has a significant qualitative and quantitative advantage having both bases and fleet aircraft carriers for air power around the globe.

            The US military is more than adequate.

            Obama has so far kept us out of a war with Russia despite prodding. Unfortunately globalist ambition is increasing.

      13. I think we are all being played for fools. There is far more going on behind the scenes that we could possibly be aware of and with more “players” than we think. I am chilled to the very bone at what I believe will happen next. The NWO is making their move NOW and, in order for THEM to survive, many must die.
        Be ready, for I fear the Call of the Trumpets is near
        Have Faith
        Have Sisu
        Keep Love in your Heart

      14. It seems that a few well placed super EMP (Electro magnetic pulse weapons}detonated approx. 200+ miles above their target areas would be enough to fry most microchips. I read that only three are needed to cover the continental United States and send it technologically backwards many decades. Targeted countries would never recover, because an enemy would periodically launch repeat EMP attacks to counter any meaningful recovery efforts. Just imagine EVERYTHING you own that relies on micro chips rendered useless. Your car unusable – unable to collect the kids from school, or do the supermarket shopping. No electricity, water and sewage services, no mobile phones, laptops, TV’s microwaves, fridge freezers…zippo. Abroad, deployed navy fleets would be nuked, and loved ones stationed abroad either dead or stranded. An estimated 50 to 90 percent of americans dead through disease and famine. Still think that our leaders know the consequences of war?

        • “Targeted countries would never recover, because an enemy would periodically launch repeat EMP attacks to counter any meaningful recovery efforts. ”

          One Ohio Class boomer, out of sight and hence out of reach can destroy all by itself 192 targets with 100KT nukes. That one submarine, in and of itself, would be more than enough to deter any nation with a return address.

          • Or ALL (on the shit list) if the return address can’t be determined.

            You think I wouldn’t?

      15. What a lot of people don’t recognize is

        The War already started
        It just hasent reached your doorstep yet, be patient
        It’ll be there soon

        • Rebel Son

          True words.

          Everything is hunky dory till it hits your doorstep and now YOU have a problem. Then most want others to help them with their problem which they were warned it was headed their way.

          I’m ready. You ready? I don’t give a shit either.

      16. War? Nukes? Destruction? Don’t tease me.

      17. This has been all talk , currently is ALL TALK and will continue to be ALL TALK ……theatrics , chest pumping , muscle flexing NONSENSE !!! PERIOD
        I called it several years ago with the naval standoff in the Mediterranean , I said it would fizzle out and it did ….I said over 5 years ago that the economy wouldn’t collapse for quite some time and I was right again but who am I !!

        • A fizzle of all talk is the maintenance of the current situation which is the US not attacking Syrian Government and Russian targets. That is a US political defeat both military and political. As Putin stated the US “fears him”. This isn’t because of their nuclear weapons but rather his successfully standing up to the US.

          The wild card is an accident, a miscalculation, an opps the likes of which almost occurred during the Cuban Missile Crisis. You can’t have order indefinitely maintained with this level of chaos. This is going to have to back down or get worse.


        And its partner, SELENIUM

        SEA VEGTABLES and KELP are rich sources of IODINE

        Brazil nuts are the best source of SELENIUM

        Don’t wait for Nuclear War before getting ionized and selenized.

        __ ?

        • You’ll need far higher amounts than what you can tolerate of it, and, you would be needing Potassium Iodide (both Potassium and Tincture of Iodides). To take a pill with NO radiation around would about kill ya, yet keep your motor running (somewhat) if you took a hit of ‘rad’ and have “the sickness” (I can’t imagine).

          I hate Brazil nuts. 🙂

          I’m not so confident that any amount of what you mention would make any diff if you wound up in the midst of that kinda nightmare.

          • Wow, Equorial:

            You actually believe high doses of Iodine will kill you.

            That is so wrong.

            I, personally, take Iodine at doses of one hundred times the Recommended dose. Not only is it safe, it is necessary for my continued good health.

            More people die of Cancers of the sex organs (breast, ovaries, and prostate) than would if they were protected by consuming foods with these or supplements.

            Read “Iodine, Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It”
            By: David Brownstein, M.D.

            This book is a must read. You can’t live without it.


      19. I DO give a shit because of what comes to the generations after US. We have failed as parents. We did not question enough the curriculum of our children. And have not kept the Faith of our Fathers. We have failed to keep God at the front and center of our Republic….and We are now to be punished. We have fallen to such depths I do not see US rising up ever again. What was planned many, many years ago is just NOW being realized by those who planned it. May God have Mercy on US all now in our hour of need.
        and be ready for the bloody war to come.

        • The masses will rise up when there is no food. They always do, but I think they are starting to feed us human meat. I ate a swanson salisbury steak dinner a couple nights ago, dont ask me why, but I swear that was human flesh.

        • Feisty Old Broad

          Post WWII affluence redirected American culture. Greed, the ends justifying the means, once considered a sin, got elevated beyond mere acceptability to become the reason for existence. The wealthy are literally worshipped regardless how its obtained.

          Interestingly TPTB are still getting sufficient cannon fodder serfs, too ignorant to see the who, how and why, to kill and die for them.

        • Well said.

          And reality does have a nasty habit of punishing those that can’t think of the future effectively.

          I completely agree on the kids thing. It’s been going downhill since the 50’s in that department.

      20. One aspect of these articles; is that they NEVER tell you what to DO in case of a Nuclear Attack. While the Russian Government WARNS its Citizens of a potential attack from NATO/US Forces; crickets from our thoroughly owned Main Stream Media. Another thing; I read somewhere that EVERY American Town/ City with a population over 100000 is targeted; and all 60 Nuclear Power Plants in the United States. I live approximately 7 miles away from a Nuc plant in PPa.; as the crow fly’s. When the Mushroom clouds are going up over every major American City; I want to be as far away as possible.

        • Dave – I also live near a nuke plant in PA and I am very apprehensive.what is your plan??? HELP!!!

        • I kind of hope all 60 power plants are targeted for direct ground burst. If you hit dead on it might (might?????) vaporize all the bad shit.

          I hope…

          It’s the near miss a couple ten miles off that’s going to be the issue…

        • I believe we are up to about 97 or 98 Nuclear power plants now. Pleasant thought…
          /sarc 😉

        • Dave

          This is what you do if you expect a nuclear exchange between the US and Russia that would no doubt be followed up with a bio attack.

          1. Close all of your windows
          2. Go to the lowest part of your home preferably the basement
          3. Find the wall most likely closest to where you expect the detonation
          4. Pull Your Pants Down
          5. Bend Over
          6. Kiss your ass goodby

          As they say up in Philly……… Forgetaboutit

      21. Bring it!
        Drop the first one right on top of my house at about 12:00 midnight any old night!

      22. We interrupt our normal programing of the debate to bring you this Special Alert.

        The Russians Are Coming!, The Russians Are Coming!

        • The Russians Are Coming

          “Emergency………everyone to get from street”

      23. Nonsense. There will not be a war with Russia before the election or after the election.

      24. On an important note is Thanksgiving Day Football canceled in event of war with Russia?

      25. The Obama admin has been threatening Russia with cyberwarfare, which would not only be considered internationally to be an act of war, but could also impact the command-and-control structure of the Russian military, which could even lead up to a nuclear ‘event.’ All this to prevent leaks about Hillary’s corruption, lies and filth by Russia — i.e., the left has no problems playing nuclear brinkmanship with the lives of you and your children to win the election.“Yes, really.

        I may not be the biggest Trump fan, but when it comes to a forced, binary choice, the issue is clear.

        “Further, where is the leftist media with their usual anti-war position? Truth is maybe Trump is against nuclear brinkmanship. Maybe Putin just doesn’t like Hillary (remember her stupid ‘reset’ button!?), as she is a warmonger and wants to subordinate Russia (I am not a Putin fan either, but IMHO, Hillary is about identical morally).

        “I suspect we will probably be fine. But the fact is that the left is certainly willing to take a risk up to nuclear war, all for their satanic (yes, satanic) lust for power. And if that makes me partisan with the whiny leftist readers, then they can write me back from their bunkers as they spend the next month waiting for the gamma rays from the nuclear war to elect Hillary die down. WWI started with the exact same idiot brinkmanship.”

        Oh yeah. Jill Stein, the Green Party presidential candidate, recently tweeted that “Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy is much scarier than Donald Trump’s, who does not want to go to war with Russia.” Of course, the fascist leftist media has long dismissed Stein as a Putin stooge because she took part in a third-party presidential debate sponsored by RT, the Kremlin-funded English-language news channel. No word yet about the ZILLIONS stooge Hitlery is getting from Geo. Soreazz, Goldman Sucks, etc.

      26. The Russians aren’t going to do anything…They are bluffing just like Saddam…They have everything to lose…The 40 million mentioned would be dead in less than 90 days.

        • Most likely you are right. But you would have been probably right in July of 1914. The issue, mon ami, is miscalculations and accidents, made worse by miscommunication.

          There are a half dozen or so times we were minutes away from nuclear disaster in the Cold War. Now we engage in brinkmanship again, all so Hitlery can get elected. THAT is disgusting.

          You are right, we probably won’t have a war. But WHY DO WE HAVE TO GO TO “PROBABLY????” When you get on a plane, do you want the pilot to say “Well, we probably won’t crash.”

          Point is, the Clintons and their fascist left buddies, and their Goebbelian lamestream media are utterly vile.

      27. Where is the money in this war? There isn’t any. And no one really gives a shit about Syria. It is just something for governments to justify their bloated defense budgets.

        • Do you know NOTHING about the Quatarian gas line, worth billions???? THAT is where the money is.

      28. Off Topic

        The Heller Decision had nothing to do with children and guns and Trump did not call her on it. That decision was about Dick Heller not being allowed to posses a handgun in Washing DC PERIOD. No kids are part of this.

        • Kevin2

          So far the debate is a farce.

      29. Sean; To TPTB, they are seeking to drag Russia into their midst to allegedly blow hell out of them for total lies that would be fed to The Sheeple by news medias (and social networks); FoxNews, CNN …everyone knows at least one.

        Russia is a nation of whites and they have Christian Churches of an accepted ‘faith’ with America. (At the moment my mind is pulling blanks …but they’ve got these churches everywhere possible).

        The Pope doesn’t do a thing for them. Roman Catholicism is lunacy to them (me too but whatever) …they were here first yet teach dramatically differing ‘sermons’ and concepts. I don’t get into discussing that kind of stuff for good reason.

        Anyway, Vladmir Putin, Prime Minister is being constantly prodded in several “manners” that would be enraging to most men, yet Putin isn’t stupid and isn’t going to offer up his troops for a slaughter. But if we do not break off to give Assad a better hand Putin will play his hand and do what he agreed to long ago. Support and back up Assad to include nuclear should it come to such a thing. (Back then, were they “in the planning” even way back then)? Seems most likely to be a yes …nothing ever just happens. Nothing.

        I wonder what might happen if Putin redirected his fleet to Diego Garcia? 🙂

        • *****Russia is a nation of whites******

          So Equorial…. I am black and Christian. Based on your comment I have no place in Russia but the funny part is I’ll have more protection in Russia than to be a neighbor of a white trailer trash POS like you.

          • How can you blame Equatorial when you see what blacks are doing to our country . Not all maybe most ? And what they and there brown counterparts have done in every country they control . Do you want brown people in charge here? We will be like Mexico. Or some African shit hole. It seems anyone that advocates of brown or black rule . Aren’t paying attention to what they do in there own countries. Isn’t it obvious? If we don’t start getting rid of them soon we are doomed to a third world lifestyle. Isn’t it obvious?

            • Anonymous, (one of many..couldn’t think of anything else?) what part of Equorial’s post says you have no place in Russia? Baloney.
              You see racism where there is none. We didn’t know you’re black before this and we didn’t care.
              Still don’t.
              But it does explain the viciousness of many of your postings.

        • “I wonder what might happen if Putin redirected his fleet to Diego Garcia?”

          This isn’t the Battle Of The Coral sea or Midway. There is no navy victory. The second its reported that one side fires on the other we will have a very swift cascading series of financial events that will crash the global stock markets. The only way this won’t happen is if (A) All of the markets suspend trading (which will no doubt occur). (B) Both the US and Russia make public nice nice. The markets will have to reopen and if hostilities are present in the minds of the global citizenry they will withdraw their accounts. The global financial system is in no position to withstand a good breeze let alone hurricane force winds. This is a Black Swan event and I’ll bet those in power are positing themselves for it as its possibility becomes more of a probability every day this continues.

          At worse ignore the second paragraph and it jumps to missiles away.

      30. i dont see any advertisement for nuclear fallout shelters here in america. hmmmm perhaps our arrogance will lead the chickens home. (the really funny thing is how many dipsticks sitting around scratching thier heads going “chickens home? wtf is he saying”

      31. I suppose most everyone is watching the debate. To each their own but of course. We don’t miss television (changed far too much).

      32. While Americans are kept distracted by the media’s obsession with Donald Trump’s alleged mistreatment of women…

        So I have a question here.

        You punish guys harder and harder and more and more frequently for “mistreating women” and yet MAGICALLY the incidents keep increasing…

        Is it that guys are that incorrigibly stupid?


        I’m just saying.

        Pull that lever as a chick… possibly get free money. Certainly nothing BAD will happen to you. So… ???

      33. Also, once again.

        Dear Russia.

        Before any of us (you included) go starting some shit, let’s all recall that one can shelter all one wants, but a bunch of cobalt jacketed ground bursts in one’s food and water producing land areas renders all of that extremely moot.

        Let’s all calm the fuck down and think this shit through a little better huh?

      34. Lastly.

        Obvious is obvious here.

        Once you make up this “Russian election tampering” bullshit and people buy into it you know what you have?

        The ability to scream “Russian tampering” if you lose. Then you can force a recount. Then you can Diebold the recount.

        She stole it from Bernie.

        Guess what her back up plan is here? Steal it from Trump. Although to be honest at this point I sadly doubt she’s going to have to pull out the back up plan.

        The point is you do not deny the Queen Bitch. Ever.

        You should be afraid of that.

        It makes McCain look positively sane.

        • TheGuy

          I want one statement or question asked. Why is it tampering to bring out the truth. Why had Hilliary not been called out on it. Trump should have said that it is not tampering when the truth is brought out about you.

      35. Clinton wants a no fly zone in Syria.

        The Russians will not go for that and WW3 will begin in earnest with the first fighter shot down of either side.

        • she did say that.

          then didn’t really answer Wallace’s question about what she thought the Russians would do.

          evasive. she’s good at that.

        • “Clinton wants a no fly zone in Syria.”

          Thats like telling the US it can’t fly over Canada because we said so.


          The US just had the smaller, but still tuff kid in the school yard tell him, “I’m not giving you my lunch money”. Having intimidated the weak kids with impunity the US doesn’t desire to get hurt but just get its way. The other bullied kids are looking at all of this. Its put up up or shut up time. The wild card is its rumored that both of these kids have guns in their lockers. One has used it before and was acquitted. The other, known for a bad temper if greatly provoked and having a reputation of fighting like the dickens tends to command respect so that the bullies friends are inclined to say, “I’ll just watch”.

      36. Knowing very little but some…in previous operations the Russians and Chinese have put up big distractors and attention getters to deter and miss-orient the US when the US turns on a main effort. I will not elaborate.

        Anyway, you just cannot know, ever. And, a mistake is a real possibility. I am not sure their carrier is a big deal. Just a big target exposed.


      37. Been watching the debates.
        Looks like Trump won in my eyes.
        If he gets elected, I hope he is for real.
        Where is the once great country headed?

        Sad to say, but the last 8 years have been dismal.
        We do need to defend our country, and not stick our noses in everyone’s business.
        Where is this world going???

        • If he does and he isnt its time to eradicate anything that resides in DC

        • Personally, im sick of this bullshit

          • Amen bro.
            Will be nice when it is all said and done.
            Maybe Trump will right the wrongs that have been done.
            We do need to take care of ourselves first, and then help others…

            God bless this nation, and may all make it to the other side with the least amount of pain…

          • I’m filling out my ballot tonight, and then turning off, tuning out, and cursing Democrats. They are far more dangerous than any Russian nuke.

        • At this point I don’t give a shit if he’s for real or not. I just care that he’s not HER.

          For real like I didn’t like her before but this Russia shit makes her more of a warmonger than good old “bomb bomb Iran” McCain ever was.

          I want no part of that.

          The 80’s were bad enough as it was. And that was just pansy-ass shit compared to how this could play out.

        • E. Been to the Chinese buffet lately? That was funny. Thanks for the text.

        • Eppe

          I hope he is for real too. He may be since Republican leadership seems to be doing everything they can to stop him. It could be a set up as well. We just don’t know. I did not vote for him in the primaries.
          Now he has my vote by default.

      38. If the Washington political class starts a war with Russia, I hope the Russians takes the political class out with the first bomb. I have no grand boys that I want thrown into the meat grinder of war like my friends and I were thrown into the Vietnam war by LBJ. Crooked LBJ was the forerunner of todays modern political class so beware of every move they make, says the old swamp rat.

      39. Telling that both Trump and Clinton answered the question about US troops being sent to Mosul, Iraq to retake that area. Neither answered the question though.

      40. yes we are all gonna die. The question is when and how? I read the obits every day. And more are younger and fewer are older than me.

      41. We better not have WW3 before the election. Or even until after Thanksgiving.
        First reason I have a hunting trip coming up on Nov. 8 to 16Th. Our 34 year with family and friends.
        Second reason is I have a 22 lbs. Butter Ball in my freezer for Thanksgiving dinner. I really don’t want a Russian nuke cooling it.

        • Sarge,

          Forgive me if I’m mistaken, but wouldn’t that Russian nuke you refer to COOK the Butterball, not freeze it?

        • Sgt Dale

          I’m with ya. I couldn’t give a damn about the worshipping of the spheroid on Thanksgiving but if I’m going to check out I want to go with a full belly. Turkey, home made stuffing, candied yams, peas and onions, mashed potatoes, gravy (lots of gravy), cranberry sauce.

        • Sgt Dale

          What bothers me is you have not invited me to Thanksgiving dinner. I just may be offended.

      42. I guess my problem is that I watched “Wag the Dog” when that movie came out. It seems everything that the news reports lately is so fantastical, both domestic and abroad, that NONE of it makes sense. Or seems legitimate.

        There is more distraction, misdirection and nonsensical crap in the news anymore, that it is an affront to the intelligence of the citizens of this country. I have lost count of the all-inclusive and tabloid-esque inventory of allegedly imminent disasters. Aliens, super-volcanoes, mega-quakes,faux climate change*, war, refugees, border-crossings, financial collapse, EMT and/or cyber attacks causing cataclysmic failures of our infrastructure, riots, Some Peoples’ Lives Matter, Niburu and Solar Storms* – on and on and on….ad nauseum, ad infinitum.

        First, the items with the asterisks, above – my cynical humor is roused by these two, in particular. I have perused the climatology data for most areas of the country. Interesting how FEW cities and towns have had ANY record hot temperatures and/or prolonged heat waves this year. How many are BELOW the average “cooling degree day” averages. Oh, and no, the Arctic ice cap did NOT melt, as it was “doomed and gloomed” to do this year. FURTHERMORE, SOLAR STORMS?! We are now coming out of yet ANOTHER “solar maximum cycle” where activity was VERY low. In fact, we are SCIENTIFICALLY WELL ON THE WAY to another “Maunder Minimum”. Those are typically connected to global COOLING – if not the historic “Mini Ice Age” during the latter 1600s and early 1700s.

        Anyway, back to “Wag the Dog”. I think we can ALL feel it. SOMETHING is not right in the world and SOMETHING seems like it is going to happen. It would seem we could see some major things happen. “John and Daniel have told us so”.

        So. Prepare SPIRITUALLY. Prepare PHYSICALLY. Turn off the damned news. Watch Monty Python instead. At least it is honest about being farcical!

        Best advice as well is to Be SMART and to TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!

      43. You realize, of course, that cyber war to take out a country’s infrastructure is considered an “act of war.” Also, that a cyber attack by the US could impact the command and control structure of Russia, possibly contributing to a nuke “event.”

        All this – your life, the life of your CHILDREN, millions of other innocent people, all so Hitlery can play a game of chicken with Russia in order that all those incriminating emails showing what a crook she is won’t get released. That’s what this is all about.

        The woman is an utter socio and psychopath.

        Why are we risking war with Russia? They aren’t the USSR anymore. No one says Putin is a nice guy, but Hitler is even worse on a moral level.

        I doubt anything will happen. But then, in the summer of 1914, I would have said the same thing. And here are some links telling about close calls we had during the Cold War: and

        Of course, speaking of computer glitches causing WWIII, just be GLAD they weren’t using Windows 95 or Vista on these missile detection systems, or we’d all have been killed 50 times over!

      44. I am putting this here. I am going to call B.S. on the Russia calling citizens to find nearest bunker and nuclear bunker drills. I have searched high and low for the original footage of this supposed live Russia news cast telling citizens to find their nearest bunker.

        I have not found a SINGLE footage of this supposed news. I have scoured RUSSIAN news sites and there is absolutely nothing talking about this.

        This live drill of citizens going into bunkers, I also call B.S. people have cell phones. I have not found a SINGLE cell phone video of people lining up and going into said bunker. You’d think the teenagers would film this and post. Nothing

        This entire world war 3 thing is only on NA media, especially the alternative media. This leads me to think, we need to be very careful of what we hear from alternative media. Nobody actually fact checks.

        Maybe I am wrong. But if you guys find the actual news footage of Russian state television asking their citizens to find their nearest bunker, or emergency broadcast across their TV sets telling citizens to report to their local leaders, or people getting into buses and going to bunkers..then SHARE it.

      45. The script written. The movie is in production. We will have WW3, it’s in the script. Read about Albert Pike, who outlined all 3 World wars in the late 1800s. The debt ( as a reason for the war), migrants, economic collapse it’s all there as supporting roles. True reason to bring down all the major super powers for the one world government ruled out of Israel.

      46. How did we get to here. The little folks with no voice did not do it. No power and really no voice.

        The leaders, yep those fools were led to this. because they can only Parrot what the hear and Monkey what they see. None have a original idea, like a bunch of card cheats sitting in the “Nuclear Saloon”, keep your elbows on the table and don’t scratch your groin.

        Which takes us to next item.

        Do these leaders have a (save themselves ) screw everybody plan ?

        Little people of the world outnumber the elites and are getting harder to control. Because if it comes to total war (NBC) Nuclear,Biological,Chemical, it won’t matter how many cans of spam/ham that Joe Sixpack, Igor Vodka or any other have. We are all screwed.

        Next question.

        How do you filter irradiated water ?

        • “How do you filter irradiated water ?”

          Leave it sit.

          • The water question was rhetorical. No doubt people need water more than the Russian have stored water and recycle facilitates in the Zhuguli or any other hardened area. Then the 40 million Russians are no better prepared than the average American.

            The other than 40 million of Russians are just write offs.

      47. It is a giant game of chicken. The window is now 2 weeks before the Russian naval fleet reaches Syria. That’s 2 weeks the Americans have to decide if they really want Assad gone or not. I do not think this will lead to the nuclear war that some believe. There is no value in that for the elite. I do, however, believe we will have an enormous conventional war with Russia and its allies.

        NATO has always been on schedule to do the Russian take-down for this time (and then Iran). NATO believes it can do it and that Russia’s weapons boasting is just that; that Russia is a corrupt, rust bucket country that will fold when the war starts with shooting down Russian jets to make a no-fly zone in Syria.

        Once the Americans successfully implement the no fly zone, Russia’s global military resurgence will collapse, as its weapons customers fold and realize they have been sold a turkey. It is about luring Russia in and then breaking its confidence and global reputation. America’s military and economic supremacy is so over-whelming, Russia will buckle.

        • Frank Thoughts

          ” I do not think this will lead to the nuclear war ”

          “Russia will buckle”

          JFK was assured by General Curtis LeMay and the Presidents reply was, “If your wrong there will be no one left alive to tell you so”.

          We didn’t realize just how close we came to annihilation.

          With the above in mind:

          h ttps://

          In 2002 Thomas Blanton, who was then director of the US National Security Archive, said that “Vasili Arkhipov saved the world”

          Regardless of an accident Syria is not a civil war as the troops fighting Assad are imported in with the help of the US and Saudi’s. We do not have any moral high ground. This is all over globalist monopolist control of energy resources and distribution. Russia derives 50% of its GDP from energy sales its highly probable that this can escalate with unintended consequences as it is just too important to their economic survival.

          • Frank Thoughts

            Just to add another variable in the equation, once news breaks of direct military hostilities between the US and Russia every financial market in the world collapses. I would suspect that the price of oil will skyrocket as a cut in its supply, due to the geographic location of hostilities and its participants, would be presumed to be highly likely. The social / political ramifications are tremendous and difficult if not impossible to predict. Add in a US policy of “First Strike”, that would prod the Russians to possibly fire first in “defense” along with China seeing oil prices go through the roof, and a huge supply of oil in the South China Sea, and the striking of a match quickly becomes a raging inferno.

            The effects of all of this isn’t math its calculus.

            • Like many, I can’t see how war can be avoided at this point. I remember years ago thinking that Iran crossed the red line on getting attacked at least 100 times. The only reason it didn’t happen was timing.

              I still think it will stay conventional and be like WWII in the last years: lots of vicious street fighting/urban warfare, occasional set piece naval battles, lots of aerial bombardment.

              If nukes come out (and some believe tactical nukes have already been used there) it will be in the middle east. All sides are very cool with using them in that theater.

              The Chinese could do a Pearl Harbor on Diego Garcia, with so much air power now parked there. Many things can set it off but it will probably start with the no fly zone in Syria.

              • The Chinese don’t have a dime in this game but they would love to obtain a supply of oil that can’t be cut off that resides in the South China Sea.

              • Its not in China’s interests to provoke the US, but if the US happens to be busy in Syria China would see an opportunity to move in and get squatters rights over that South China Sea oil. The US would be hard pressed, to sell to a fearful public, that its involved in two military actions with nuclear armed powers and neither of them are posing a direct threat. It would be an even more difficult sell to Europe / NATO. The self appointed global cop can either start firing his gun or put away the nightstick and quit beating up others.

        • Frank

          I hope you are correct. My thought has always been this. The problem with the US being in direct conflict with either Russia or China is this. What happens when one side starts to lose? Do they just sit back and lose or do they break out there biggest weapon? The conflict in Syria is all about energy. It is about a pipeline. If we win Saudi Arabia gets to put a pipe line through Iraq and Syria to supply Europe. Russia currently does that. Russia would lose most of there economic might by losing the income of supplying Europe with gas. I just don’t think they will set back and let that happen.

          • Mike in VA

            You think and reason sir.

          • I am 100% sure that the Saudis and the Zionist Government of the US will lose. The issue is you so called intellectuals don’t realize how much we are hated by the world but most importantly we as a nation under the Zionist control have more innocents blood on out hand that God will make us suffer and to lose.

      48. Trouble starts as of… 11-9-2016
        That’s 9-11…

      49. FT

        The Sheeple says the entire Northern Russian Fleet has left port.

        As I have stated before, when the fleets go to sea, we will go to war. No info on which US carriers leaving port.
        Not a good indication for peace in the foreseeable future.

      50. Ounce again. The king of the north and the king of the east will allie with Persia and Damascus will become a heap of ruin. It’s all happening right in front of us and still many don’t believe. We have been warned. For a reason.

        • Amen Lone wolverine . 1000x Amen.

      51. I don,t understand why so many of you listen to all this free fear porn. Probably nothing else to do ?In the end no Putin, Hillary,Donnie or any other will set the world on fire with nuclear weapons, because they themselves and their children are in it.Or do you think Putin wants to see his kids live 60 years undergrounf..Mainly bullshit this website.

      52. That’s a bullshit.I’m Russian and nobody warned us about any war. Moreover nobody stockpiles foods because of “war with US”. Some do that because of imminent civil war in Russia. The truth about Syria is that America and Russia do the dirty job for Israel. All the problems in Europe is because there’s a decision to move all jews from Europe to Russia. Putin and all our elite moved their asstes to US and Europe.There’s no chance they start a war with NATO. There will be a “war with NATO” where the main aim will be to utilize as many people (goym)from developing countries as possible.

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