Russian President Vladimir Putin: If The US Attacks Russia, He WILL Use Nukes

by | Mar 1, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 38 comments

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    Russian President Vladimir Putin said the United States is planning to deploy five cruisers and 30 destroyers near the Russian border. Should the US make the mistake of attacking Russia, however small the attack may be, Putin will launch nuclear weapons.

    Putin’s warning came during a state of the nation address delivered by the Russian president on Thursday, in which he presented a number of new advanced strategic weapon systems. He said he would render all anti-missile capabilities that the US currently has powerless with his new and advanced weapon systems.

    We are greatly concerned by some parts of the new nuclear posture, which reduces the benchmark for the use of nuclear weapons. Whatever soothing words one may try to use behind closed doors, we can read what was written. And it says that these weapons can be used in response to a conventional attack or even a cyber-threat,” he said.

    “Our nuclear doctrine says Russia reserves the right to use nuclear weapons only in response to a nuclear attack or an attack with other weapons of mass destruction against her or her allies, or a conventional attack against us that threatens the very existence of the state.”

    “It is my duty to state this: Any use of nuclear weapons against Russia or its allies, be it small-scale, medium-scale or any other scale, will be treated as a nuclear attack on our country. The response will be instant and with all the relevant consequences,” Putin warned. –RT

    A nuclear war is not something to take lightly. It would end civilization as we know it. Russian Lieutenant General Evgeny Buzhinsky told RT that by training its European allies to use their nuclear arms, the US is moving towards an atomic war with Russia, forgetting that it would mean the end of the human civilization. The US is also attempting to make a “show of force” against Russia by sending ships to the Black Sea.

    *The video below contains some curse words and may not be suitable for those at work or for children.

    “This is a gigantic story and nobody’s talking about it,” says Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk.  Americans are too busy being bombarded by gun control rhetoric and propaganda in the mainstream media to even realize that the US is posturing for a nuclear war with another nuclear superpower. “We’re rolling the dice with World War 3.  That’s not hyperbolic,” Kulinski continued. “So you keep f***ing slowly tumbling toward armageddon and the entire time we all act like there’s not even a story here.”


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      1. Hasnt this been the plan of both countries since 1954 or so???? What am i missing here?

        • My thought exactly JW. I think it is called MAD – mutually assured destruction. And you know? If we did attack Russia without cause, Putin would be well within his rights to defend his country. That is what a nation is – like a person, “you have a right to keep and bear arms” and “to defend against all enemies foreign and domestic”. We don’t hold a monopoly on those simple rules.


          • Putin imposed a sanction on the us doctrine of the use of low-power nuclear weapons anywhere in the world .

      2. Kaboom. Some things it would be best not to live through.

      3. What a freaking joke! Stick your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye. How about starting off slower and prove it by ridding Syria of invading forces. This all smells of a joint effort between the US and Russia driven by the khazarian banker mobsters to kill off the masses worldwide while both supposed opposing sides retreat to their hidey holes.

      4. Of course, if the US was a legitimate thread to the Ruskies, we would’ve annexed them when their country collapsed. Instead we actually helped them.

        • Well, we had Yeltsin…

      5. So the USA scares Russia, and then Russia destroys the US attackers, and then Russia destroys the US mobile strategic units, and the USA is for all practical purposes incapacitated. This will quickly be understood by everyone in Mexico, and that’s when one or two million Mexican nationals, acting as individuals, and carrying pistols, rifles, machetes and anything else they can get their hands on, invade the USA by crossing our southern border without effective resistance by anyone. So where I live, which is 250 miles from Mexico and near a major highway, will be overrun by the descendants of the Maya and the Aztecs and other original native North Americans, plus all the millions of such persons presently residing within the US already around here, and all the brave men in my town, nearly every one of which owns firearms, will not be able to stop them.

        What do you think will happen next? I’ll tell you. These invaders will murder as many whites and they possibly can, and there won’t be any hesitation or loving neighborly consideration of your needs or mine. They will just be shooting and killing. So what do you think will happen then?

        Well, the descendants of the original native North Americans, many of whom are the result of cross breeding with the very persons who conquered our continent in the early sixteenth century (the Spaniards), will easily prevail in many locations, and English will cease to be spoken around here because all of the English speakers will be dead.

        There is one alternative possibility that I see, and that is if the individual people around here, and north of here, stop being sissies afraid of being called racist and actually do something worthwhile to prepare to defend themselves, and I am not talking about writing pamphlets or giving drug dealers jobs.

        We need to get over all this crap about being correct politically and do what is necessary to ensure that we and our progeny survive.

        • Never happen.

        • Zimbabwe Africa Congress just voted to confiscate all land owned by Whites. Whites created the productive farm lands back in the 1600’s when they Colonized the area and now about to loose it all to the negro which will surely turn productivity into Ghetto land with in a few years. There is a Global war on the Euro White Man. Stay well armed and create your Msurely to protect everything you own. The Evil Foeces like DemoRats are trying to flood America with Brown people to destroy us from within. Never Give Up Your Guns or Ammo.

      6. I could never understand why any sane person would want a Third WW with nuclear weapons involved. It would not mean the end of the world “as we know it “, but the end of the world period. No survivors in the long run. Read Matthew 24:verses 15 through 22.

      7. A nuclear war would NOT end the world. Enough of this fear porn bullshit. Educate yourselves. I have put this link up in the past- apparently this writer hasn’t read it.

        ht tp://

        ht tps://

        • Sobering links. Thanks DMONIC.

          • I’m happy someone actually appreciates it and wants to understand and be educated! It really ISNT as bad as everyone thinks.

            BUT- if EVERY country launched EVERY nuke they had….. well, grab your cheeks and kiss your ass goodbye! (except for the folks in bunkers like Raven Rock or Cheyenne Mountain Complex.) But they might be worse off dying in a concrete tomb of their own design…

            • Yes it is as bad as everyone thinks, because everyone who has nuclear weapons will be launching theirs. Then add to it the nuclear power plant meltdowns that will occur from multiple bomb blast. It will be hell on earth! No one will survive for very long. Be realistic. I’ve read your links, plus many more. As I said, no one in their right mind would start a nuclear war.

        • It won’t end the world. It will drive the world back to the pre industrial age as manufacturing centers and knowledge are erased from the planet. The Southern Hemisphere, composed of largely sub developed nations will rise in prominence. Its like a “Planet Of The Apes” as the demographics will be massively altered.

          Fear Porn? Medical science reduced to pre 1900 as the major centers of hospitals, universities, equipment, and most importantly staffing are destroyed. Energy, infrastructure reduce to rubble, certainly not functioning. Toss in a Bio-Viral attack to complicate matters an its not “Fear Porn” for the sane.

          • Kevin, I read all of your posts and appreciate most of your insight but I have to disagree with you here. Hate to say it, but “modern medicine” keeps 100% of the non-productive parasites alive. Same goes for welfare. There are TOO MANY people that are takers and not makers in the world today. I, and dare I suggest 90% of these readers, feel going back to basics and WORKING for your meal, life, things, etc its 1,000 times better than this shithole we currently live in.

            SURE- we have games, internet, porn, etc- but you are missing the big picture. How many families actually sit down for dinner together? How many go to church? (I’m not a religious person, but church teaches morals/ethics) How many families have a FATHER figure in it?

            Seriously. This society has degraded past the point of no return. Fuck it. Hit the god damned reset button. NOW.

            • I don’t know what to say but a post nuclear war world would make something now so treatable as an appendicitis deadly. This isn’t a reset button but rather a ticket to the pre industrial age. The life expectancy discounting direct war casualties would likely revert to 1900 levels (45 years old) with a potential of even lower if bio-viral are the follow up which is very likely. I like electricity, cars, modern medical care, good food and security.

              ” “modern medicine” keeps 100% of the non-productive parasites alive.”

              Its kept me alive too along with my father who worked continuously from 1934 until 2009. He was a self employed barber.

              Seriously its madness to desire a nuclear war.

            • Absolutely right. This shit life we now called civilization is making us mindless creatures

      8. Kyle Kulinski is an Captain Obvious Chicken Little idiot. Instead of hating a nation of great white men and great white women, perhaps we should love these Russians as much as America loves the Jews, Africans, Muslims, Mexicans [USA loves all people except white]; as much as the Germans love the cowards running away from their “homelands” of Africans and Muslim. Fine, instead of mutual friendship and mutual cooperation, USA/ISRAEL/NWO keep up the fear and waste trillions of American debtdollars on weapons that can never be used, and they keep the American population in constant fear and fiscal bankruptcy. I have nothing against Russians. They are not bad people. Good honorable Ameicans and good honorable Russians live peaceful prosperous lives but the NWO can’t stand it! I say USA and RUS team up and destroy the NWO and those responsible for the enslavement of mankind. Six cities come to mind.


        • You know Sarge..I hope you check back here, to this thread-line in +72hrs, as Mac’s gate-keepers usually allow my posts thru, within such a time span…”FUCK THEM”!!!!!

          ..that said, always remember..this is an election year, both here & in Russia. For us, it’s various Senators & Reps(you know the congress-cretins)..for Russia, it’s for the top dog spot(presidential)..

          Notice: ..our politicians declare them as the enemy & snarl/beat their chests & roar that they’ll hold them accountable for their “X” sins/transgressions etc..etc..

          Hmmmm…don’tcha think ole’ Vlad the wicked isn’t doing the same thing??!!?? …and our LSM decided to run w/ his employment of our systems tactics, too scare the living shit out of the (majority here, population wise) non-thinking sheep in our nation…as well as massaging/placating the same in his country?

          I say BRAVO to the Russians, if their technology is able to produce a delivery system that’s nearly impossible to defend against…as I prefer a standoff reality, where the nukes aren’t launched..versus the visual(by me & all of us here) of mushroom clouds & radio-active fallout/death that would result, if the neo-con tribal idiots in the deep state, endeavor to start WW-III..

 it M.A.D 2.0 doctrine, writ large.

      10. Provoking and trying to intimidate the other side is going on all the time. Wars don’t have to be all-out and open;there is covert war going on all the time. If we knew all about it, none of us would sleep well at night unless we were in a bunker (maybe). Is there intelligent life on earth?

      11. So this was the nonsense going on with obama! Why does it continue!

        • Because people are RETARDS

      12. This reporter sounds like shit. WTF. How come he can’t say two f——ken words without f— —ken swearing. Is he ignorant or just plain stupid.

        So, I see the sales in underground bunkers going up.

        I don’t care how big your nukes are. Mine are bigger.

        Trump is just delivering a shipment of vodka and returning the Russian dolls.


        • “Is he ignorant or just plain stupid.”

          Likely neither, just passionate. These actions should inspire passion in the sane. Cursing while poor for delivery doesn’t dilute the validity of the message. The people giving these orders might very well speak in a tone and manner fitting for an American courtroom but are pushing us closer and closer to a violent confrontation with Russia. That is what is vile and repugnant, they’re literally playing with the lives of the human race in their goal of plenary control.

          • The man is frustrated because he can’t understand why any sane person would want to start a nuclear war. It’s just unfathomable. You can tell the man is so frustrated about his on powerlessness to do anything about this situation. It makes me want to use a few well chosen words too.

          • Passionate?

            The overuse of certain words renders them ineffective and therefore pointless.

            _ Nuclear War is the least of our worries. There are a HUNDRED MILLION people in the USA on psychiatric drugs. The FDA, a criminal organization, knowingly promotes the sale of poisons designed to murder tens of thousands before being recalled. Eventually the merchants of death will resort to bombs, but why bother when so many are willing to swallow.


      13. The USA and Russia may face each other in the middle east or Korean peninsula, but I don’t think the US will ever attack Russia in their homeland.

      14. All 6 corporations that own 98% of the MSM are owned by Zionist war-mongers. All world wars were started by Zionist war-mongers. “Think Rothschilds bankers”. 911 done by Zionists and blamed on Arab patsies for Israel’s benefit of course. ISIS and Al-Qaeda were started, funded, and supported by the Zionist-owned deep state. WW3 will be started by and funded by these same creatures. The creatures that own your congress, MSM,and Federal Reserve Bank. The ultimate goal of these Zionists is the destruction of the USA, capture of Russia and her resources, and a one world government owned by these self-appointed devils. They will use Clinton, Obama, and the MSM to Divide and Conquer the country from within and if that fails they will start a world war to achieve their aims.

      15. On September 13, 1976, the major daily THE KANSAS CITY TIMES published this Vision of the FUTURE: “He came to town for the Republican National Convention and will stay until the election in November TO DO GOD’S BIDDING: To tell the world, from Kansas City, this country has been found wanting and its days are numbered […] He gestured toward a gleaming church dome. “The gold dome is the symbol of Babylon,” he said.” […] He wanted to bring to the Public’s attention an “idea being put out subtly and deceptively” by the government that we have to get prepared for a war with Russia.”

        It’s taken over 40 years, but that 1976 FUTURE is NOW with the Revelation of the details GENERALLY unfolding in the spirit of the letter. The World is finally waking up to see Trump just may hasten “its days are numbered” part of the 1976 Public record.

        The KANSAS CITY TIMES did a follow up report on ALL SOULS DAY, November 2, 1976. When the TV movie ‘THE DAY AFTER’ Kansas City was incinerated in a Nuclear Holocaust appeared in 1983, most likely, I was the only Human on Earth, including the newspaper reporters, to note at the END, the movie pauses at the very same picture frame THE KANSAS CITY TIMES chose for the ALL SOULS DAY record 7 years earlier.

        Any way you look at it, that HISTORICAL FACT is a confirming SIGN for our Generations, the World has arrived at this point of Decision, of an “idea being put out subtly and deceptively” by the government that we have to get prepared for a war with Russia.” Multitudes! Multitudes in the Valley of Decision. The Day of the LORD IS NEAR in the Valley of Decision.

        The Nuclear Holocaust of Kansas City made 7 years later:

        • Mr. Cormier:

          Nice work.

          The children of Satan want to wipe out the Caucasian Race. Russian people are Caucasian Christians. The war against Christianity continues. All Caucasian (white) countries are being flooded with non-white Muslims and others of a religious persuasion other than Christian.

          You do not need to be a Christian to recognize the danger to us all.


      16. I fucking get it. When you have russians up in your fucking face in my city like I have, you will get it. Fuck Putin. That fucker is the why the chi-coms have nuclear weapons and are taking over all the oceans in bum fuck nowhere, claiming that they own the fucking sea, so I get it.


      17. This is the most overblown click bait ever! There is NO plan of any kind for the USA to attack Russia! Behind the scenes we are doing great business with them, in back of the “sanctions” that are for looks only. This idiot is simply trying to get clicks by using this stupid chicken little story. Ignore him.

      18. The US has published a doctrine of the use of nuclear weapons ,and Putin has warned the use of any power of nuclear weapons will be followed by the destruction of the US state instantly. And then the choice is for the American people.

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