Russian Military Prepares For WW3 By Creating ‘Giant Cloud’

by | Jun 11, 2018 | Headline News | 18 comments

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    The Russian military is building a massive cloud which will serve as backup internet in the event of a war. The cloud will be ready in two years and will allow Russia to survive in wartime, even they are totally disconnected.

    This new move is part of the country’s ongoing modernization drive, reported The Daily Mail The intent is for Russia to survive during a major world war, one in which they’d be cut off from everyone else. The “war cloud” will connect to the Russian military’s vast internal network.

    President Vladimir Putin’s top IT adviser Herman Klimenko has previously stated that during wartime the country could run on the military’s pre-existing internal network – called the Closed Transfer Segment. “Technically, we are ready for any action now,” he told Russian TV station NTV back in March.

    It was first revealed the country was creating an “independent internet” at the end of last year, which would operate separately from the Domain Name System (DNS) used worldwide. During a meeting of the Russian Security Council, officials discussed an initiative to create an alternative to the DNS, claiming the move could protect Russia and a handful of other nations in the event of a large-scale cyber attack. However, there is some speculation that this “war cloud” could be a way for Russia to launch its own malicious operations, Defense One reported at the time.

    According to a new report, the country could run commercial traffic using its own internal network aptly dubbed the “war cloud.”  The war cloud, which is being built at a cost of 390 million rubles ($6 million/ £4.5 million), will rely on data centers all over the country and the first one has purportedly already been completed in the military’s Southern District.  The creation of this first center increased Russian power and influence in the area as well. According to a report by Defence One, this is an area that includes the illegally annexed Crimean peninsula as well as parts of eastern Ukraine.

    According to Sam Bendett, an associate research analyst at non-profit research organization CNA, Russia sees this as key to helping protect its data from Western interference. “Russia is investing in military high-tech development, and especially in domestically produced software and hardware,” he told Defence One. “The data centers working with this cloud are all made with ‘Russian components,”  said Bendett, who is also a fellow in Russia studies at the American Foreign Policy Council.  “Until recently, many IT components in the military and civilian sectors were Western – that is starting to change,” he said.

    “There is a deep irony in Russia citing the increased capabilities of Western nations going attacks in the informational space,” technologist Peter Singer told DefenseOne. “It is like the fake social media account of the pot calling the kettle fake.”



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      1. Ok uhh this is melinnial fear shit cus if we be haveing ww3 going on not so sure internet service would be of top 20 important concerns unless your a melinnial then it would be like #2 or 3 with phone reception #1 and messaging #2 and then internet #3 so to update their face book status lol.

        • if you’re gonna be a troll, at least learn how to spell, dipsh!t.

          • They’ll learn to spell when you learn to speak, asshat.

        • Come on you gots to have your post-apocalyptic porn…

      2. I recall having an interesting conversation a few years back with a business partner who read a few articles that the future of computing was “The Cloud”. I had to remind him that it’s just a euphemism for someone else’s server located somewhere else and connected via the internet. If you’ve ever seen a map of the internet you’d know that within a given country all nodes are connected as an autonomous network with a number of border gateways (Border Gateway Protocol) that connect it to the rest of the world. This is how China controls it’s citizens internet access. Disconnect the gateways and the network within still functions but has no access to anything that lies outside it’s network. More than likely Putin’s “Cloud” is a network within Russia that is hardened to withstand EMP. A tactic employed by our military long ago.

        • You’re right about that but it isn’t in keeping with the fear of doom and predictions of total destruction of this site.

          Don’t be a spoilsport.

        • Acutally im pretty sure they just wanted something that wasnt made by the west… e.g. they could probably just replace all the internet gateways etc. with their own gear and be about right

      3. Holy Shit Batman……….

      4. So they are building their own internet. So that Russia can continue to do business over the internet when the remainder of the world is destroyed.

        What business are they going to do? Russia does not manufacture anything.

        • Oil, natural gas, plutonium, gold, arms, chromium, food. And the usual day to day items.

          • Russian nesting dolls?

      5. This article might just as well have simply stated that Russia is updating their internet at a cost of six million.

        I would not deny that.


      6. R&D pays off.

      7. I have my own “war cloud.” I save everything on the internet that I think might have future use. This includes files, pages, and some entire websites. I use HTTrack Website Copier to download websites.

        I have multiple computers, multiple backup drives (many terabytes), and printouts of the most important info. I also have backups of the most important files on flash drives, CDs, and DVDs.

        Go to archive (dot) org, and you can download books and magazines on any subject you can think of. They also have video and audio files you can download.

        Internet newsgroups have millions of files that you can download. I use a program called News Rover for that.

        • I also like gutenberg dot org for old books now considered to be in the public domain.

      8. If you are going to repeat the lie, that Crimea was illegally annexed, there really is no difference between you and mainstreet news, just saying…

      9. Everyone who knows what prepping is must double up on foods and clean water, or means of making it clean. The question is not “if”, but “when”. Now its almost useless to start, unless you have ample finances, or means to farm way out in the country. And get smart about primitive survival.

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