Russian Man Accidentally Kills Himself After Taking Pin Out Of Grenade

by | Nov 29, 2017 | Headline News | 28 comments



A Russian man accidentally killed himself after removing a pin from a grenade and snapping a photo of himself with said pin. Needless to say, the grenade went off, ending the man’s life.

Alexander ‘Sasha’ Chechik, a 26-year-old from Krasnodar, died in a grenade blast he caused.  The death is ruled an accident and not suicide.  Chechik also took images of himself with the pin removed from the grenade which he managed to send to several friends before the detonation. Police say that the images he sent to his friends indicated that he didn’t intend to kill himself.

The incident took place in the city of Labinsk in south-west Russia and the grenade detonated in Chechik’s hand. Russian news service reported that Chechik had been sitting in his car at the time of his death.


When looking at the photos the young man took, one can clearly see the pin is no longer in the grenade. Moments before his death, one friend had messaged him saying, “Where are you? Are you OK?”  Chechik responded saying, “Depends on what OK is in your understanding?” and sent the picture of the grenade with the pin laying on the seat. “Listen, don’t do stupid things. Where are you?” responded the friend.

But it was too late.  The grenade had gone off and the friend’s warning likely unread.

Police said they believe Chechik expected the grenade would not explode as long as he didn’t throw it. As he had also sent pictures to other friends, police have categorized his death as an accident, not suicide, according to reports. Unfortunately, Chechik was wrong, and he paid for his mistake with his life.  Police say that the blast killed Chechik instantly.

The Russian Investigative Committee is probing the incident, said official Natalia Smyatskaya.

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    1. who knows who cares

      you should drink no more than half a bottle of Vodka before doing these things, smirk….

    2. Nyprepper

      If you remove the pin from said Russian grenade F1 series you also need to release the spoon to activate the fuse. This article states he wasn’t trying to kill himself but if you release the spoon time to throw it. So sounds like he didnt want to which might mean he knew what he was doing or Darwin award winner of Russia.

      • gandhi

        that doesnt look like a grenade, it looks lke an old vacuum switch?

    3. Roscoe Rules'

      “Stoopid is as Stupid does…. “Forrest, Forrest Gump”.

    4. Cat Herder

      Oh man…Darwin Award. Sorry-but I couldn’t resist. Didn’t he know that grenades don’t like being fondled when the pin is pulled?

      • gandhi

        that twernt no accident. that is like saying clintons steeling money and bill boogering little kids is a loving charity.

      • gandhi

        NRA members would demand all such arms be banned. besides if you used grenades for duck hunting on a pond it would not be fair to the fish. i think it would have been sweet if he sat on the grenade while hugging a NRA friend wearing a NRA hat that says,”from my cold dead anus!”

      • BlackMoe

        They should hand those out in SanFranciso with little rainbow flags tied to the pins.

        • gandhi

          hahaha rainbow flags yes.

    5. Illini Warrior

      I think the car is for sale on Moscow CraigsList ….

      • gandhi

        grenades do what grenades do. politicians do what politicians do…destroy freedom.

    6. Braveheart1776

      This article sounds bogus. In Russia, civilians don’t have access to firearms or any type of explosives. Only military and law enforcement do. Unless this guy was one or the other, how the hell did he manage to get a grenade?

      • Kevin2


        I think they’re corrupt as all get out there. They have compulsory military service (draft). Little doubt that the inventory control is questionable. Solders likely have taken them.

      • Anonymous

        If the guy pictured dead in the car is supposed to be the victim, I’d have to put that grenade in the firecracker class rather than the military class of grenades.

    7. Old Codger

      Yep, Darwin Award, Game, Set and Match!

      Are all Russian drivers INSANE?

    8. rednek101

      “I didn’t know it was loaded!”

    9. TEST

      Essentially this is what the American left is doing to their own country.

    10. Heartless

      last words, “oops”.

    11. Godsoldier

      Instructions are simple pull pin then Throw even a 9 year old nagger can do it…just saying

    12. TorresD30

      Once the pin is pulled, Mr. Grenade is no longer your friend!

    13. Da Yooper

      Play stupid games

      Win stupid prizes

    14. NewVegasBadger

      Once again children: When the pin is pulled, Mr. Grenade is NOT your friend!

      • Kevin2

        A co woker, Vietnam Vet told me grenades scarred the crap out of him. He fired 155 SP artillery. Supposedly someone on another gun who liked to have them got killed accidentally with one and they confiscated whatever others were around unless needed. Heights, explosions and fire frighten me. I spent my working life having to deal with the former and preventing the two latter.

    15. Braveheart1776

      I wish I could say that was one of our libturds who did it.

    16. Old Sailor

      It was suicide. These are the words of a suicidal person: Moments before his death, one friend had messaged him saying, “Where are you? Are you OK?” Chechik responded saying, “Depends on what OK is in your understanding?”

    17. Yahooie

      Hard to believe people still think they can win at grenade roulette.

    18. tazweiss

      Ignorance can be educated.
      Crazy can be medicated.
      Who said there ain’t no cure for stupid?

    19. Annonymous5

      I think we have a Darwin Award winner here

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