Russian Cover Up? Polish Govt’s Airplane Crash Videographer Assassinated!

by | Apr 21, 2010 | Headline News | 25 comments

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    On the day the Polish government was decapitated in a plane crash over Russia, we opined that it may have been a tactical hit instigated by a number of different parties.

    A few days ago, we received an email from Robert Jones at Blue Battle Flag, in which he included a link to what is believed to be the first video taken of the crash. Upon reviewing the video, after about the 50 second mark, observers report that three gun shots were fired over the course of about 30 seconds. While this seemed strange to us, we found it difficult to discern whether these were, in fact, gun shots or something else, as the plane was still on fire – though admittedly, whatever the tiny explosions were they sound like gun shots.

    Today we learned that the videographer who shot and uploaded the film to Youtube, a Mr. Adrij Mendiere, was stabbed and taken to a hospital in Kiev on April 15th. Upon his arrival to the hospital he was still alive and placed on life support. The following day, however, it is reported that three individuals entered his room, removed the life support and Mr. Mendiere died.

    The Russian government has reportedly responded to the question of Mr. Mendiere’s death by calling it a coincidence.

    The raw video is posted below. Following the raw footage is an additional video, edited in the USA to show that someone was walking within the crash itself. Whether it was a survivor or one of the voices heard in the distance in the raw video is up to the audience to decide.

    We maintain, however, that it was very convenient that Poland’s executive government, almost in its entirety, was on the airplane that went down. This article from World Reports, also forwarded to us by Robert at Blue Battle Flag, details the specific Polish personnel that were on board the flight.

    We continue to believe that this was a coordinated attack on the Polish government, with the motivations not yet completely clear, but they are likely multi-faceted.

    If this was, in fact, an assassination, then Russia is sending a message to the rest of the region that they are still in charge of Europe. An alternate scenario, is that the delegation may have been wiped out due to a new policy shift made public the day before the crash that Poland would begin devaluing their currency against the Euro; making it possible that European banking interests were involved and found a perfect opportunity to pin the crash on the Russians.

    The videos below, however, if they are in fact showing what we have described, suggest that it is more than likely Russian involvement, as Russian “emergency personnel” would have been first on the scene.

    The original report regarding Adrij Mendiere’s death (In Polish)

    The Original Raw Footage:

    An Edited, Stabilized Video depicting at least one survivor:


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      1. Given the number of top officials killed and relevant information from these other reports, I have to conclude that this was a “hit” by Russia.
        The Rooskies appear to be creating a new infrastructure in Poland, but
        how could the Poles be so stupid as to put all of these officials on one plane?

        Look for the mole that made these arrangements.

      2. Reminds me of the Clintons ordering the murders of the Branch Davidians in Waco Texas, then covering it up by arranging ‘training accidents’ for the special forces personnel that blew up the bunker that protected the women and children at Mount Carmel.   Yes Bill and Hillary, you did this.    These federal government sponsored killings of citizens are really what drove Timothy McVeigh to bomb the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City as revenge.   The real story can be found on the Youtube video series below.  
        U.S. and Russian government handling of internal and external opposition is handled in exactly the same way, by murder, then by silence.              

      3. Based on the assumption that anyone seen walking around the wreckage is a survivor, the videographer must also be a survivor.

        I’m waiting for your “faked moon landing” article next.

        I’m afraid that is headed into total tin foil hat territory with this and other recently posted “news” articles. Such a shame.

      4. We are definitly on the brink of the abyss.  I have been seeing it coming for quite awhile as have many of you. If you know history, you can “predict” the future.  The need for resources,  corruption, greed, and power mongering have reached a zenith. The tension is palpable and extreme.  It is part of the human condition, when the stress levels reach a certain point, the great tranquilizer, WAR, becomes the remedy.

      5. So THAT’s what a plane crash site looks like.  After viewing the footage from Shanksville, PA for Flight 93, one would believe there should be no evidence of wreckage… or even a plane.

        No one should be surprised that this plane’s fate was sealed before it took off.  All governments worldwide are racing us towards the NWO…How this event or even why the Polish leadership’s murders are relevant may never come to light.  Just know, it was another piece in the puzzle.

      6. The Elites are positioning themselves for armageddon. Everything is starting.

      7. Correct, that is why the elites are stealing everyone’s money while they have the opportunity to do so.  How are they doing this? Through financial fraud on Wall Street and ever increasing taxation from Washington D.C.    

        Who is aiding and abetting these criminal acts and stalling for time so the theives can complete their heist?  Why Barack Hussein Obama of course!   Mr. HAC (Hope and Change).      He’s either a co-conspirator or the most ineffective president this country has ever had.  

        Marc Faber said it best “Obama makes Bush look like a genius”.   That’s not saying much for Mr. HAC.  

      8. @ David: Well Said.

        I feel needs to be a bit more discerning with the content it is posting.

      9. Thanks for your comments and feedback.

        David and BD, I want to point out that I did not claim, with 100% certainty, that this was a survivor:

        • Whether it was a survivor or one of the voices heard in the distance in the raw video is up to the audience to decide.

        The reason for this particular post was in follow-up to my previous post on the Polish incident. My personal belief is that if this was more than just an accident, it has global implications for all of us. An entire executive and military branch of government was wiped out in this crash. The events surrounding it are, if nothing, else questionable, with Vladimir Putin leading the investigation, some witnesses claiming there was no fog, and as of yet, no access to the black box audio.

        If this is a cover-up, then chances are that there will not be a single piece of evidence that can conclusively be considered a smoking gun.

        Most of the information that will be coming out will come out in little bits and pieces. All I am attempting to do is bring some of these pieces to light.

        Though the only news source reporting the videographers death is a single Polish news agency, I still found it necessary to make this information available. It may have been, like the Russian official reportedly claimed, a “coincidence.” But doesn’t it pique your interest just a little bit, in the context of a government decapitation, that there may have been a survivor? That those did sound like gun shots? That the videographer and on-site witness  is now dead?

        We can put up mainstream media news reports here all day long… there are thousands of stories you’ll find on the major networks that we can also post here, but my reason for starting this web site in the first place was to provide information and/or commentary that may not be available in traditional media.

        My purpose is to provoke thought and discussion, sometimes popular, sometimes unpopular (as has been the case with one recently published article 🙂 .

        Admittedly, some of the material posted here may require a tin foil hat while reading because it is so far out of the mainstream, but I try to provide as many sources as possible and let the readers decide.

        RE: Moon Landings… I, for one, believe we landed on the moon. I am 99.9% sure of this, but that still leaves an outside chance… heh.

      10. @ Mac:

        The efforts of this website are appreciated.

        When watching the footage, it is manufactured as if it were some chase or captured footage of bigfoot. The music alone sets the tone of of some Dan Brown novel that is revealing the mysterious figure behind all the chaos.

        Does the subject pique my interest? Yes, but there is still not enough information – and all that is presented as evidence/information is sketchy footage at best.

        That said, I’m not sure footage such as this allows room or time to provide more evidence. In this world where Generation ADD toils and slumbers, they are all too quick to jump to the first tidbit of info/rumor that the media reports.

        Perhaps this site would benefit from providing more hard facts that lead to good debates and thought-provoking discussions versus assumptions/conspiracy theories that lead to critical/unpopular feedback.

      11. These events are tactical indicators of where are in the overall decline and are not important in themselves I believe. What is important, given that we are near the brink of a dark age for western society, is that we prepare for what they portend. As far as “who did it” is concerned the obvious choice is the bankers. Their speciallty is the removal of heads of state so look at the euro connection here. Like jfk and his attempt to curcumvent the federal reserve with US gov issued currency just prior to his assasination this has the same fingerprints.

      12. BD, I won’t argue with your assessment that the footage is sketchy, and I have most certainly made assumptions within the articles related to this crash, so I understand your point.

        Thanks for your constructive feedback on this.

      13. I too was immediately suspicious of this incident being an arranged hit, and this was confirmed further when I learned that none other than Vladamir Putin himself was personally in charge of the crash investigation.   A coincidence? I think not.

      14. @BD – Bigfoot? Dude, all the Bigfoot video I’ve seen was WAY more clear than this.  Heck, the shape in the crash could have been the Loch Ness Monster! 😉

        As for the “that’s what a real plane crash looks like” comment. I assume you are making a reference in that you think the flight 93 debris field is somehow fake compared to this video.

        1) This crash was a large airliner on final approach. Airspeeds of around 170 knots and a shallow angle relative to the ground produces an airframe breakup and a very long debris field as the plane sheds parts as it enters the trees and finally makes its way to the ground possibly hundreds of yards away from its initial contact with high trees.

        Perhaps you recall the DC10 crash where almost all the passengers survived and crash crews were amazed how all the civilians got to the crash site so fast – then they realized these people were PASSENGERS from the crash!

        Flight 93 plummeted from over 30,000 feet and impacted almost at a 90 degree angle at over 400 knots. Such angles and speeds leave very little in the way of identifiable parts after impact.

        If you recall the crash in the 90’s into the Florida everglades of a MD90 that was illegally carrying oxygen bottles which exploded in flight leading to a decompression and loss of control, its debris field was almost impossible to identify by highly trained SAR crews, even when told exactly where to look.

        There’s one thing that will set “truthers” free, and that one thing is an education.

      15. I have no doubts that it was a hit. One must ask “Who benefits” and we can see Russia benefitted big time for the NWO with this crash. This isn’t just a minor benefit, what Russia got was massive if you understand geo-political maneuvers. The problem with NWO is that as an idea, it can hide very easily for centuries. However, as soon as you attempt to execute the plan, you risk exposure. This is like a sniper staying hidden but as soon as he fires or moves he is exposed.

        This is why if you pay attention to the big picture, you will see the maneuvering for the rise of the NWO. For the NWO to exist, it MUST risk exposure. And this plane crash is one of the many exposures but we have been trained to think that events such as this are all isolated and disconnected. That is false.

        That Polish president was about to do something the NWO doesn’t like. That videographer was stabbed then had his life support discconected for uploading that video. Russia needed to position their power in Poland as it gives them direct access to Europe. China is being pushed away by the USA because the NWO wants China, Russia and Iran to be the eastern “enemy” while Israel, USA and UK will be the “western” enemy. The playing pieces are moved into place, set for WWIII.

        Just remember what Gutle Schnaper, Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s wife said “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.” You think on that for a hard minute. The Rothschild, Rockerfeller etc. Dynastic families are playing an elaborate chess game. They send their children all over the world into positions of extreme power and their children are playing a giant chess game against each other using us as the pieces.

        When two players play a chess game, the only casualties are the pieces. We’re the pieces.

      16. I haven’t seen anything  above that would preclude the possibility that this crash was an assassination.  The Polish president who was killed was very pro-West and supportive of the U.S. attempt to place defensive missiles in Poland.  This obviously placed him on the “fighting side” of Putin.  This flight gave an opportunity to not only eliminate the president but also many of his supporters.   The stooge who is now in charge in Poland is pro-Moscow.  And Putin had himself placed i n direct control   of the investigation of the “crash” for obvious reasons.

      17. The Russian government, as all governments, are controlled by the financial elite.  This was done at their direction.  Russia did not act alone.

      18. Hey guys, I think Mr. Adrij Mendiere’s death was an accident. I mean the knife wielder must of slipped on a banana peel and fell into Adrij by accident while holding a knife in his hand and in his haste to apologize accidentally thrust the knife several more times into Adrij.

        Also, the life support system must of accidentally disconnected. Like i mean the three visitors were probably his friends and when they left, one of them accidentally kicked the wire loose and nobody realized it.

        I mean sh*t happens right?

        It’s all an accident no homicide here, move along.

        This story reeks of disinformation. Putin is not an idiot to attempt anything of the kind, but there are other forces willing to pin on Russia certain crimes (Litvinenko, Politikowskaja, etc); The story of Andrij Mendierej ( supposed author of the video) assassination in Kiev (Ukraine) or Minsk (Belarus) emerged from unknown sources and was widely read. But WHY would Russian government even comment on some crime in neighbouring country, when people are getting killed every day somewhere? Such a claim is idiotic and nothing confirms it. Is there so many gullible people, ready to believe anything?

        Who advised Poles to put all the elite on one plane? Russia? Who is that guy with briefcase(?) quietly leaving the site of catastrophy? Who would wait at the site to kill those survivors, without a chance that burning plane will fall on their heads? Who REALLY put that video on the internet? The same people producing late bin Ladens videos? Eh!

      20. @David-
        Ah, of course.  Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.
        Funny thing is, you spout “Facts” about Flight 93 as if you were in the cockpit.  How can you say for certain the plane crashed at a 90* angle from 30,000 feet?  That is most certainly assuming facts not in evidence.  What, did the black box fall on your property?  No, you’re simply spouting the company line fed to all of us by the MSM. 
        Turn off MS-NBC & CNN and open your eyes to reality. 
        Comparing a crash site in the everglades to one in an open field is dubious at best. 
        All of the first responders in Shanksville were stupified at the lack of debris, human parts/remains/metal ANYTHING!  All that was there was a copecetic, 15 foot hole.  Poof!  An entire plane just vanished.
        Thank you David!  I’m now fully enlighted to your brillance.   How wonderful it must be to be you. 

        PS (What are you doing on a blog site like this anyway?  Anyone who mimics the beliefs of the MSM in a forum like this certainly must have an axe to grind…Now that we know, grind away my man).

      21. What person walking around.  I looked and looked and looked and couldn’t see anything that looked like a person in all that mess.  Please put an arrow in there or something because I couldn’t see anything at all resembling a person.

      22. @Daddy – sorry, but I’m not going to get sucked into your baiting jabs. Obviously you will see what you want to see, and I will see something different. Its difficult to have a civilized conversation with someone like you when you seem hell bent on dropping to personal insults immediately. And if insults weren’t enough for you, you jump into contrived assumptions that I have an axe to grind. If my axe is reality and the truth through the eyes of an engineer/pilot, then I guess I’ll grind away while you mire away in your terse rhetoric and mind closed to alternative views of your perceived reality.

        Can someone pass the tin foil? I need a new hat. Thanks! 😉

      23. “Flight 93 plummeted from over 30,000 feet and impacted almost at a 90 degree angle at over 400 knots. Such angles and speeds leave very little in the way of identifiable parts after impact.”

        if its quickly and promptly cleaned up like all wtc steel was, with total reckless disregard for it being a CRIME SCENE, and once again proper protocols were NOT followed…

        math and physics dont lie, PEOPLE DO.

        so why was there only one crater only 10ft by 15-20 feet, dont the engines have the most mass? which would have accounted for at least two more craters,  from the so called perpendicular dive into the ground…..airplanes dont vaporize nor does titanium, same manure goes for the pentagon crash….more lies.

        wtc7 says more than enough.

        by the way where were the  black boxes that were FOUND and not released (multiple witnesses confirming)? possibly that the hijackers hijacked the planes before they even took off(multiple witnesses confirming), and were allowed to take off, much to the same extent that NOT ONE PLANE WAS INTERCEPTED that day, and over 20 false radar blips of hijacked airlines due to military exercises, contrary to the lies of rice and bush. the list of firsts goes on and on.

        argue about one piece of the puzzle all you want, you can still complete the puzzle, if you take the time and have the brainpower to put it together.

        “If you recall the crash in the 90’s into the Florida everglades of a MD90 that was illegally carrying oxygen bottles which exploded in flight leading to a decompression and loss of control, its debris field was almost impossible to identify by highly trained SAR crews, even when told exactly where to look. ”

        theres your explanation for flight 93 coming from your own mouth, including rumsfelds miss-speaks, and reports from europe the day it happened, the plane was shot down.

        making insults about people who say they are in pursuit of the truth is not the way to go about it, because you just defined your self as NOT BEING in search of the truth and therefor readily accept the official government conspiracy theory, and claims of them being uneducated vs your insinuations of you being educated is at best laughable.

        go argue with over a thousand degree holding architects and engineers right here, loud mouthed, arrogant prick.

        ive had enough of this smoke and mirrors crap, government lies, deciet, corruption, media smoke, disinformation, worthless distractions, which produces an ill informed and ignorant public, and any half truth is a whole lie.

        thanks for the video post.
        another tragedy that should NOT have happened.

      24. Ok if this whole thing isnt real why was the author or video guy killed by stabbing but the first attempt failed  so 3 guys visited him in the hospital to stab him 3 more times and unplug his life support. Most criminals who stab someone on the street doesnt do a follow up stabbing the next day WTF! Through in the fact that the core of polands govornment was on the plane. On top of all that poland was the only EU country to have gains finacially. Plus poland didnt want to switch to the Euro. Then through in the energy issues russa was having with poland and IMO it all adds up. Some higher ups really wanted poland out of the way. Watch next couple of years and those issues will be resolved. Russia will get their pipline and poland will switch to the euro.

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