Russian Analyst Calls For Nuclear Attack On Yellowstone National Park

by | Mar 31, 2015 | Headline News | 156 comments

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    Russian geopolitical analyst Konstantin Sivkov has called for Moscow to launch a nuclear attack on Yellowstone National Park and the San Andreas fault line, noting that the devastating consequences would ‘disappear’ the United States as a country.


    Sivkov made the comments in a piece for Russian trade newspaper VPK News, which were translated by the Sydney Morning Herald.

    Arguing that NATO aggression against Russia required the “complete destruction of the enemy,” Sivkov went on to depict a chilling scenario.

    “Geologists believe that the Yellowstone supervolcano could explode at any moment. There are signs of growing activity there. Therefore it suffices to push the relatively small, for example the impact of the munition megaton class to initiate an eruption. The consequences will be catastrophic for the United States – a country just disappears,” he said.

    A Yellowstone supervolcano eruption would kill millions of people in the initial blast and bury much of the United States in volcanic ash. According to some experts, it could cause the end of the world. The last time a supervolcano exploded in Siberia, 85 per cent of all land species and 95 per cent of all ocean dwellers were completely wiped out.

    In 2013 it was revealed that the magma below Yellowstone was two and a half times larger than previously thought, giving the park’s supervolcano the potential to cause an eruption 2,000 times more powerful than Mount St. Helens. Some experts say the caldera is overdue to erupt.

    Sivkov also said that while Russia’s geography protected it from the threat posed by tsunamis, one could be triggered in the United States with an attack on the San Andreas fault.

    “Another vulnerable area of the United States from the geophysical point of view, is the San Andreas fault – 1300 kilometers between the Pacific and North American plates … a detonation of a nuclear weapon there can trigger catastrophic events like a coast-scale tsunami which can completely destroy the infrastructure of the United States,” he wrote.

    Sections of the San Andreas fault are overdue for major earthquake activity. “Researchers found that three sections of the San Andreas Fault system in Northern California — Hayward, Rodgers Creek and Green Valley — are either near or past their average recurrence interval and have accumulated sufficient strain to trigger earthquakes of magnitude 6.8 or greater,” reports CBS News.

    Fearing that the United States plans to “destroy Russia,” Sivkov says that Moscow is in a much worse position than it was 50 years ago because it has far fewer allies and cannot compete against the military might of NATO and its allies.

    While it would be unthinkable for anyone inside the Kremlin to take Sivkov’s comments seriously, his rhetoric illustrates how fraught tensions are between Moscow and Washington.

    Last month, General Sir Adrian Bradshaw, NATO’s deputy supreme allied commander in Europe, warned that the threat of a conflict with Russia, “represents an existential threat to our whole being”.

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      1. That would piss me, Yogi, and BooBoo off to no end.

        • Russian Analyst Calls For Nuclear Attack On Yellowstone National Park

          How about just removing Obola from the equation and sparing the rest of us?

          • “While it would be unthinkable for anyone inside the Kremlin to take Sivkov’s comments seriously, his rhetoric illustrates how fraught tensions are between Moscow and Washington.”

            Unthinkable? No. Military planners in Russia have probably considered this option before. They have probably concluded that the eruption of Yellowstone would destroy the USA rather quickly, and that while a few souls would survive around the world, most Russians would die a slow, wretched death, over a longer period of time: 5,000 bomb shelters or not.

            On that note, a couple of cruise missiles into the Three Gorges Dam would drown 500 million Chinese along the river system. Unthinkable? No. I am sure military planners in both Russia and the USA have gamed that possibility.

            Just remember: you are not getting out of this life alive. Until then, be the best that you can be, at whatever it is you do.

            Life is about expressing what is inside, outside. Make yours matter, if only to your family, friends, and neighbors. 🙂

            • Durango:

              The most plausible (and easiest to pull off) would be a nuclear explosion on the rim of the La Palma Caldera in the Canary Islands. That volcano ridge is set to break off and slide into the Atlantic..Just a matter of when not if. A chunk of Earth the size of Manhattan sliding into the ocean at 50 MPH would create a Tsunami that stretched from Maine to Rio de Janerio killing no less than 100 Million and effectively wiping out the entire East Coast of the United States.
              Somber thoughts…

                  • What does this crap have to do with the article? Oh, wait, you see a Jew hiding behind every tree, just like the deluded Muslims. Or perhaps you agree with the Muslims that Jews have a special death ray that caused the Indonesian tsunami?

                    • As if Muslims own and control US media?

                      Tell us another funny one.

                    • possibly nothing intelligent to say so therefore must
                      fall back on space magic.

              • Hey dad!: Glad to see you out there. Any inside info you can share with US about Nibiru? Its there. I know its there and coming this way.

                My sources have confirmed as much.

                What I don’t know is how fast it is coming in and what is its ETA. Other than that I suspect it coincides with events in Revelation, and we can estimate that time line based upon current events. 🙁

                • Hey Durango:

                  Yep, I’m still out here. 🙂 Good to hear from you too.

                  I’m not sure if you are familiar with the prophecy of the “3 Days of Darkness” but my guess is that prophecy and Nibiru are linked. Essentially, the prophecy advises that God will perform one, final act of Mercy for the conversion of the world known as “The Illumination of Conscience.” During this miracle, each of us will see the state of souls from God’s perspective. There will be no debate, argument or doubt. Each soul will be given an immediate understanding of the TRUTH. I.e. there will be no more atheism nor will their be any doubt about who Jesus Christ is and what he did for our salvation.

                  Just after this, the world will experience an “8 hour Earthquake” and will be subjected to 3 Days of Darkness where no human made light will work…Only Blessed candles made of beeswax (yes, I have my personal supply 🙂 ). The Earth will shift on its axis 23*

                  Trying to figure out what could cause such worldwide turmoil the only thing that makes “natural” sense (to me) is a massive, inbound object that can take over gravitational control of the Earth from the Sun.

                  Nibiru is theorized to be 2.5x the size of Jupiter and heading our way. An object (brown dwarf star) of this size would MOST certainly shake the Earth just as prophesied above.

                  There’s alot out there, but try this blog site for starters.

                  http :// (remove space)

                  I know you asked “when”…unfortunately, I’m not privy to any time frame. But ‘very soon’ seems apropos…At a bare minimum, spend $50 on some beeswax candles and have a Priest bless them. Being blind during this event is just hard to imagine.

                  • I also believe the earth will shift on its axis– Edgar predicted this too… However, if I buy any beeswax candles (aren’t they all beeswax?!) I certainly won’t have any mumbo jumbo pedophile priest saying words over them!

                    • That is certainly your prerogative, however I’d advise you to save the time and trouble purchasing them as they won’t light up for you without that Blessing.

                • Hey DK, Don’t know if you’ll see this reply, maybe I’ll repeat this in a future comment.

                  Check out the story about some dreams and predictions by a pastor (priest?) in Puerto Rico. We are going to be hit on 9-24-2015 at 2a.m. just east of Puerto Rico by an asteroid. It will immediately kill 40 million people, cause major tsunamis, cause a level 12 (yes the richter only goes to 10) on the richter scale. Opening the new madrid, sinking florida, etc.

                  But the biggest thing to jive with “yourdaddy” comments are it will cause the 8 hour earthquake and will stop the rotation of the earth for 3 days and we will have 3 days of darkness.

                  I can expand on this in the future, if anyone would like.
                  molon labe

                  • That’s interesting. I would like if you could elaborate a bit more. My general opinion on predicting events is not good to say the least. I don’t believe any human will know the hour of our destruction. But I’m always open to hear.

                    • Hey dad: Just saw your comment. I was thinking about the “3 days of darkness” just last night as I contemplated Nibiru’s passing.

                      I am sure that we will have that three days of darkness. How it manifests I am not sure, but obviously, Nibiru is a HUGE possibility. (Excuse the pun) Some years ago I was meditating upon just that; the 3 days of darkness, and had a dream about it.

                      No light. At all.

                      There have been two times in my life where I have experienced such total darkness: in the jungle of SE Asia and in Tucson while visiting Colossal Cave.

                      As part of that cave tour they extinguish the lights for a minute. Total darkness. You literally cannot see the nose on the end of your face, or anything else for that matter. 🙁

                      WIprepped: I am aware of the prophecies. Thanks for the mention. 🙂

              • “While it would be unthinkable for anyone inside the Kremlin to take Sivkov’s comments seriously, his rhetoric illustrates how fraught tensions are between Moscow and Washington”.
                I imagine people inside the Krelin ARE taking his comments seriously!

            • Blowing up Yellowstone would not only end the USA but would end Russia and everything in the northern hemisphere too. What goes around comes around is prevalent here. Idiots.

            • @durangokidd….

              On that note…I am offering a once in a life time 25%OFF SALE on all my recently finished “Upcycled”..”Distressed” furniture…Looks good even in a Bomb Shelter !!!

              Like ” Drinking With Bob ” says on Youtube

              ” What’s Next….What’s Next…..What’s Next !!! “

            • DK, thank you for your insightful and meaningful
              comments, a breath of fresh air!!

          • “They hate us for our freedom” – G.W. Bush


          • Since Obumer is causing most of the hate and discontent right now; agree he should be offered as a sacrifice to the pacify the Russian and Chinese evil gods. Then we reincarnate Teddy Roosevelt into a modern rough rider with powerful nukes instead of a big stick!

            • old whats his name
              GREAT idea, NOW just need to have it happen!!!

          • –(quote)–

            “…How about just removing Obola from the equation and sparing the rest of us?”



            ‘Tis a measly start / beginning…but at least its something!!!

            That said:.. –(per deep in the U.S. Constitution)–

   ’bout we subject to trial, the real enemy of us all…and if found guilty of “Treason”, execute all those dual-citizenship bastards infecting our Republic’s matter their position / stature etc..etc.

   they lobbyists, Congress-critters, staffers, advisers, Czars or cabinet-level cretins etc..etc.

            Next, we go after all their ‘Orcs’ on Wall Street & unto all their “Banking-houses”, ..who’ve supported / enabled and helped write(the bills / laws of late)…that have proven to be the…anathema / bane a ‘free-thinking / liberty-loving, Christian people’…here in the USA!!!


            Z-slave…you need to kick your ‘preacher’ in the crotch..and when he finally wakes-up……..

            …have him define / elaborate..on the passage in Revelations concerning the Savior’s reference to…

            ..the Synagogue of Satan..


            ..then extrapolate his answer..onto the reality of the current world (Geo-political)sit-rep…amid economies / nations collapsing…not only “financially..”

            ..but “morally” well.

            …with the probability that ‘Global Thermonuclear-War’…will morph into a 21st century judeo wet-dream…known as…”PURIM 2.0″..


            -(advice)- ..follow the money trail, per everything anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-family and anti-White..over the last 50-60 years…

            FYI, always leads back to the “SAME” effing tribe!!!

          • Its not only Obola. I’ve heard and read mentally insane comments being made by the likes of Juan McInsane and Louie Gohmert where these psychopaths are screaming that the USA should start raining nukes down on Iran, and if Russia has any beef with that – then, we should also nuke Russia.

            This is fact: The #1 most serious threat to the survival of mankind on this planet – are the gang of mentally insane, war mongering, Israel lobby toe sucking cockroaches inside the Washington D.C. Beltway. If Putin wanted to do entire world a favor, he should hit D.C. with no less than a half dozen of his sunburn cruise missiles and relieve America of it’s psychopath problem.

            By the way, you can bet the farm that neither Louie Gohmert or any of the other war mongering, blood thirsty, Israel donkey fellating RINOs or neocons will have a son or daughter involved in WW3. No, they’ll make sure that their kids or family members are kept out of the disaster and out of harms way.

          • I would buy Obama a plane ticket and the Russians can have him, and leave the rest of us alone

        • As of next year, 1% of the population will control 99% of the wealth. Still white knighting unbridled capitalism, you stupid old fucking tools? Still think redistribution of wealth is a horrible travesty, Republicans? Stupid old white men. You make fun of me for being a left libertarian? You bunch of useful idiots!!!! You make fun of my sexual preference? Do you realize all of you are bitches for Jamie Dimon and John the Slime Corzine??? You ask me what it feels like to plow asshole? You can tell me one day as you move to get your money out of the bank and THEY DONT HAVE IT.

          • Acid; YAWN!

          • Acid, I can appreciate your point of views,
            though mostly harsh and foul mouthed, at least
            one knows without a doubt how you feel about
            any issue addressed in your comments.

          • waaahh,waaahh,…waaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!

          • Acid, if you really think we are in a “capitalist” economy, you obviously dropped out of school somewhere in the third grade. Capitalism in this country ceased to exist in 1913, with the creation of the Federal Reserve(Re: “the Creature from Jekyll Island”). Only now are we feeling the full consequences of this destruction of our economic system. Inform yourself – and your sexual orientation is irrelevant. Why do you flaunt it? Who really gives a crap?

        • and I’ll bet Mr Ranger won’t be too happy either

        • I am so glad that I swallowed my beer before reading your post. Made my day.

        • Jogi and Booboo actually live in Jellystone which is very near Yellowstone.

        • That would be Jellystone

      2. It makes one wonder….would that plan actually work? Could a nuke be that powerful to tip off a supervolcano? It honestly never crossed my mind. It does show that at least some in Russia really are growing tired of the US and our arrogance.

        • some in RUSSIA are growing weary of U.S.???…PFFT!…the WORLD wouldn’t send a get-well card if they nuked U.S. into the stone-age!…get it!!…they are SICK of america’a war-mongering.

          • 1 fucking trillion billion thumbs up bcod…did I hear our arrogance????…fuck I don’t have any arrogance..this fuckin government doesn’t represent me or the multi millions of patriots who feel in their hearts that we are going to war with extreme prejudice against them and those fuckers who support them…don’t ever include “our” as a consensus to my or others consent to this fucking traitorous regime…GOT IT!!!

            LIVE FREE OR DIE…god dammit!!!

            • Hey asshole talon. Why don’t you get off your ass and go do something about this country you despise so much yet still live in? GOT IT? I can’t stand my government either but still feel this is my country. MY country acts arrogant on a global level but it is still MY country.

              • Shut the fuck up you retard. There’s noting exceptional about this country or the people in it. The only thing special was the constitution and that shit is winding down fast.

                You aint no fucking different from a Chinaman or a Zulu.

                Aint no fuckin such things as countries just imaginary lines on a map. Just a bunch of talking gorillas posturing for dominance in the stupid herd and vying for resources.

              • That’s right, Gtlong.

                It’s America….love it or leave.

                Yea the politicians are crooks, but most have always been either crooked as a dog’s hind leg or stupid.
                problem today, is that they are both.
                It is getting worse by the day, and won’t get better, anytime soon.

                The true christian believers that make up the majority of American Patriots, are the only parts of the fabric that hold it together.

                The good LE, there are a few left, and the majority of the military are what keeps us “free”. I use that term lightly because “free” is different than it used to be 100 years ago.

                But; the fact remains, you can get into your vehicle. with your gun and your bible and go anywhere within the lower 48 and still be at home. Still camp out under the stars and not worry about bombs falling on your head. Still defend your property and person, from thieves and thugs. Still sit in a state or fed park and read your bible. Still pull a dollar bill or coin out of your pocket, that has “In God We Trust” on it, and pay for food or gas.

                Until that is taken away, we are still the most blessed nation on earth. The fabric and foundation of America was built, and is still held together by the true Israelite/Caucasian, covenant blessed, peoples of the Bible. I did not say Jewish. There are a few little jews among us but they are not God’s chosen peoples.

                Most people will never understand or get it, but; America was founded upon Christian, KJV, principles and the majority of those that make up America are descendants of the non-jewish, ten tribes that migrated here from western Europe beginning in the early 1600’s, and before.

                We are the “house” of Israel. As that “house” we will be supernaturally protected from aggression by Russia,Iran, and China, when they come. They will come, and i believe it will be via the Arctic and Alaska, possibly parts of Canada.
                America “is” the Israel spoken of in Ezekiel 38/39.

                The latest “dealings” with Iran and Russia, are just more pieces of the puzzle being fitted together for the big event to unfold in the near future.

                See it, believe it, and watch it unfold, just as foretold.


                • I don’t know where you get your history from–maybe a white supremacist site?–but the 12 tribes were ALL Hebrews/Jews. And although everybody discovered America long before Columbus, there is no evidence that 10 of the 12 tribes migrated to the U.S.

                  As for the Founding Fathers, they referred to themselves as Deists, not Christians. Everything they wrote and said confirms that. They specifically wrote the Constitution to keep religion out of government and vice versa. You might also remember they put in that government may not institute any religious test for political candidates.

                  • A theocracy ,Christian or otherwise would be horrible unless of course I was the head religious leader. Not so bad then.

                • PITW: I quote to you a line from “Atlas Shrugged”:

                  “We didn’t have to let them have it, did we?”

              • This is not a single person issue

                This is not an “I” thing my friend
                It’s a fuckin “WE” thing and we dam sure better get up off our dam hands and quit pointing fingers at our neighbor and ask why HE’S not doing anything as we sit there in judgement!

            • Yep, like a friend of mine used to say,
              “Whats this we shit”
              This government does shit then expexts that everyone will obey or back it up,
              I would just as soon take a bseball bat to MOST government people.

          • Butt, The whole world would cry like a baby if the U.S. were destroyed. They’re just like the poor in this country. Everybody hates America, but they all have their hand out. As for Russia they hate America because we’re the only thing that stands between them and world domination. It really gets old listening to everyone bash America. Are our rights being Infringed, you betcha, do I still do as I please, Pretty Much. Trekker Out. And Yes, We Give Russia Foriegn Aid!

            • Mountain Trekker
              Well put. I’ve been all over this world, a few times. I have been in some of the worst places and some very nice places, but none as great as AMERICA. Our government is not America. The people with there hand out is not America. The people who want to be taken care of and coddled…they are not America. America is an idea. Do not attack America. Attack those who would see the IDEA die. You all love America because most of you all post the same comments with the same ideas. You are America. Stay focused people. Remember the only way to kill an Idea, is to kill those with the collected idea. That’s all I got folks.

              Have a good one.

              • SoCMarine87.

                If and when we ever get to clean house. I hope we clean it very well. We know the majority who has enabled our freedoms to be destroyed. We can not let them escape.
                It is not going to be pretty. We just need to get the job done.

                Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way.

                • Well said marine. I salute you

            • Nobody has their hand out. Guess how money countries owe America money?
              You owe US.

              • You missed my point. Regardless my statement wasn’t ment for you. It was to my fellow Americans.

            • Mountain Trekker is lost in the Matrix: completely 100% brainwashed!!! doesn’t know what the crap he is talking about!

              U.S. TAKES a hell of a lot more than they give– money and everything else! U.S. is an empire and empires steal assets from other countries in order to survive– they are like parasites! they suck the life blood out of other countries! US is trying to take over the world (NWO– heard of it?!) You’re on the wrong board, trekker. People on this board are supposed to be awake– not drowned in vomit!

              How many countries has/is the US bombing, trekker? How many has Russia bombed (not counting the imaginary bombings talked about on the Presstitute Media)? think about it!!

        • When I was researching the plausibility of the question to a science fiction novel, the Yellowstone Volcanic Observatory said no.

          • Send a nuke or just crash a jetliner into hoover dam and the I think the South West is toast.

            • Hoover Dam has the same mass as the Great Pyramid. Good luck with your airliner.

        • AS a Geologist I can give you a definite maybe. On the other hand if it did, I’m not sure Moscow would like the effects much better than we do. On the fault I don’t think that wold work, an A Bomb on LA would be a better idea.

          • an A bomb on LA would probably improve this socialist disaster it already is

            • Actually about 6 or 8 or so. Of the Tsar Bomba class. Before they pussied it down to half yield because of the evil fallout.

              Dramatic improvement. Though perhaps we could be a tad more reasonable, target the really bad areas with tacticals (you know what these areas are)… and push the 8 Tsar’s right up Sacramento’s cornhole.

              Probably more effective.

              • Just wait a year and it will sort itself out just fine when their water supply runs out. 😀

            • drop that sucker on DC if you want to accomplish anything,TEST….i say god bless our troops, and god DAMN the sons-o’-BITCHES that sent them over there!

              • WOW, are you saying it’s not their fault that they are over there?

        • ” It does show that at least some in America really are growing tired of the US and our arrogance.

          There fixed it for ya. 😉

        • Nope, it wouldn’t work at all. In spite of all of the alleged “critical” thinking that Russian ex-spurt has done, he’s missing the mark by a long shot. What a moron. We live very near to Yellowstone and have been amused by the so-called “experts” from OUTSIDE the area, who make such idiotic claims. Go for it, Russia, see what happens. Only a fool would believe such drivel.

        • As for burying us in ash, the scientist has never heard that the prevailing winds in the summer blow from the south to the north and in the winter, the opposite direction. He’s presupposing that all the ash would get caught up in the jet stream and cover the U.S. When Mt. St. Helens erupted, how much ash covered Canada? Oh, sure it fell, but seriously, how much actual damage was really done? Minimal. Even if it were 20 times more than Mt. St. Helens, how much is going to fall in the U.S. if it’s summertime? Back to the lab Mr. Russian scientist. One further note: How is a super-volcano going to kill off all of those people when they don’t live anywhere within hundreds of miles from the epicenter of the eruption?

      3. Well, I hinted before but to be clear: a tritium bomb would not crap up the country forever like a plutonium would. And a czar-bomb, or whatever they call it, would not crap up either. Unlike psycho land of jihateists, Russia’s main problem is any “terrorist” they sent to Amerika would probably simply defect and write thank you notes homes. 🙂 Haters come here and get mad at the prosperity. Russians come here and jump to it and start making their own prosperity.
        Rather than talk about war, the Russians need to get their stuff together and make Russia the best place in the world! That’s how you really beat your competition.

        • Right on! Mexico and other small-worlders need to do the same

      4. “Last month, General Sir Adrian Bradshaw, NATO’s deputy supreme allied commander in Europe, warned that the threat of a conflict with Russia, “represents an existential threat to our whole being”.

        • RIGHT ON!, anonymouse.

        • Acid, let’s do a tinfoil hat conspiracy theory. It should be fun: OK, here goes:

          1) Let’s assume(for this exercise)that Obama is a full-fledged Muslim(not much of a stretch, but…)
          2) Assume that Obama hates Israel(Easy to do)
          3) Obama would love to destroy Israel by any means, but can’t, for obvious reasons(He’s not THAT stupid).
          4) He looks around for some sort of proxy to do the job for him – a “gunslinger”, in other words.
          5) Oh, hello – Iran wants to build a nuclear weapon and hates Israel, too. Perfect!
          6) Obama begins negotiations that will guarantee Iran building its own nuke, and hopefully USE it to destroy Israel. Mission accomplished!

          At what point in my conspiracy are we at right now? I thought so. Anyway, I said it might be fun to do, so there it is. Enjoy.

      5. It ystone blows completely and @ 100% power, humans could wind up with a total population of 5000 or less. ELE event for sure.

      6. Blowing up Yellowstone to get even with Washington DC is like kicking Moochelle in her tranny twat to get even with Barry .

        • I normally ignore comments like yours, but…

          That just struck a cord with the 14 year old inside.

          Too funny, and only because it is true on all accounts.

        • @ Joe in JT

          Now that is funny !!! I got one helluva visual on that one !!!

      7. It would kill a lot of us and they would only have about 1 week to live.
        One strike on the US would have response from the US of many nukes coming at them.
        Then again maybe not with Obullshit in office.
        All this news is throwing us off from what the hell is going on with Iran nukes. Has Obullshit caved in yet? If he does you can bet if a Republican gets into office Israel will strike on/by Jan, 20 of 2017. If they don’t do it before.

        • waaiiitt a minute,….you mean it’s up to obama to decide if we have a response to russia sending NUKES down on U.S.???…oh DEAR!

          • BC
            Remember when Clinton said that we would take a first strike and wouldn’t respond. He would only respond if a second strike was on its way. Obullshit has the same policy.

            • Beauty of that philosophy is most the Democrats die. Who is going to miss all the blue cities?

              • Rellik,
                Remember where we live friend,
                Ohhh what ohhh what would we do without the democrat representation in our little corner in the middle of the Pacific?
                Sarc off

          • many of the commenters here on this story seem to not understand that america no longer EXISTS,….leastwise, not the america I KNEW as a young man/kid…..and it’s about to get MUCH worse. it’s collapsing around U.S., and most don’t even realize it.

      8. While they are launching, they could still do some high EMP blasts to completely screw things up. And they might hit the New Madrid fault and others also.

        The South keeps looking better and better. Yellowstone would only lay down a little ash this far southeast. After the air clears, we could wash everything down. The fields have had so many minerals removed, the volcanic ash might help farming in the long run.

        We need more air masks and filters for the windows so we can get a breeze inside in the summer, which may still be warm in the South.

        If the Russians will just forget about bombing the military bases around here, we might make out okay.

        • They won’t nuke the bases. The first thing Military does is bug out. There won’t be anything there to nuke. Targets will be cities, to de-moralize us. Problem is half of America won’t miss Democrat strongholds. They’d be doing us a favor.

          • Yes, they will nuke military bases dumb-ass. What do you think they are going to do? Give them a warning to make sure everyone leaves base? You think everyone will be off base in 33 minutes give and take? As for our known weapons stores, they’ll hit them and massively irradiate the whole area. As for cities, they are not going to just randomly hit them. They will hit those cities that we rely on for our military industrial complex.

            • As an old SAC trained killer – the important weapons on a given base will be gone in under 15 minutes. and my ass is pretty smart.

      9. Are the Russians that angry at us? Yes. Would they actually do it? No. The Russians are known for thinking things through to their logical conclusion, the way a chess player would. Therefore, a nuclear strike on Yellowstone, would end the FUSA as it is known. But, such a strike would effect the entire planet, causing unforeseen damage for years if not decades. There would be unintended consequences from it, and they know it.

        However would some Islam nation do it they had a nuke? Yes. It would in their mind, make themselves to be martyrs. Bring in the final Iman. And I believe they are so filled with hate for all infidels and kaffirs, they would do just because they could did it. They are both evil and insane.

        • But, such a strike would effect the entire planet, causing unforeseen damage for years if not decades. There would be unintended consequences from it, and they know it.

          So… you’re saying… we have a DOOMSDAY DEVICE.

          OH SWEET!!!

          Yeah you know what Russia? Nuke us, and start winning. See what we do. OURSELVES.

        • Oh gawd. Don’t you worry. The Mad Mullah of Iran is not going to nuke your sorry ass just so he can send his entire country to visit 72 Virgin Transvestites. In fact, if a nu-clee-er-er bomb goes off in the continental USSA, and our – spit – government blames it on the Boo-Boo-slim, I’m going to call bullshit and call it a false-flag.

          Now, let’s get something straight. Obama removed troops out of Iraq because of the Bush treaty with Iraq dictating to do just that. A Treaty, ya know? Then Obama, continuing with the Bush 7 countries in 5 years plan, destabilized Lybia, Syria, Egypt. And what was the outcome of that State Dept., CIA, NGO (wink-wink), destabilization, to spread, as we are told, holy American dumbocracy, abortion, and LGBT/womyns studies? It destroyed the infrastructure, the power base, that kept the CIA flavor of the day Jihadis in their sceptic tanks. Meanwhile (wink-wink) while we are destabilizing the Arab world, Iraq, in whom we liberated from our once you love me long-time Saddam, is making nice with Iran. OMG! We can’t have that! Well then! Thank gawd for the CIA flavor of the day to stir up trouble in liberated Iraq! Oh-oh! And what about Yemen!? OMG! Iranian proxies are backing the Yemen Houthis in their attempt to oust USA/Saudi Wahhabism. In other news, it is reported in a 28 page report, that various Saudi insiders helped plan/finance the “we know nothing/we didn’t see it coming” Dial Emergency 9-1-1 and LET’S ROLL. Meanwhile, while most Americans were out of their wits mind and going OMG! OMG! OMG! stick a dildo in my eye-socket, I was saying 1, 2, 3… that just doesn’t look right. But shit man! Who am I to argue with the genius of The New American Century and The Pentagons New Map to bring the GAP into the New World Of Disorder into the CORE!? So we attacked Afghanistan and it has been one total cluster-fuck since then. Because booboisie Americanus are too dimwitted to pick up a map, study some oil/gas/mineral deposits of the region, research plotted oil pipelines, and couldn’t find the Caspian Sea, Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea if it was etched on their eyeballs. And hey! What’s this shit about Ukraine? Huh? What did he just say? Huh? Huh? The NWO is Corporate Fascism. And you are just a pimple on their ass.

          • Oh yeah. Meanwhile, Americas bestest of buddies are falling all over themselves to join China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and be a “founding member”.

            And you know who brought this all upon America?

            Well, gee? Think… USA! USA! USA! USA! Ohhh say can you see…

            Look! Shiny stuff!

            Hey! Don’t blame me! I’ma prepper! I’ma just a’gonna sit on my ass until it all goes down the toilet! Then watch us fight fer our consteetootion and freedumb and libertard! And… and… shoot zombies who’er gonna take our stash! I’ma been training on the square range with me buddies!

            Sigh. Americans. The least educated in the western world. Group hug every-body!

      10. I dont believe for one minute that Russia threatened to Nuke yellowstone. However i do believe the the current Natzi cabal runing this country tried to Nuke us in October 2013, with EMP missles, and was stopped by the white hats in the navy. These are the same natzis, the same people who plan on doing this to create the conditions necessary to have a martial law turnout. They will use the environment as the blame to contain the popolous. This i believe is the case. Dr james Garrow explains best.

      11. The United States would not be the only thing to “disappear”
        Ash circling the globe for a long long time. Water systems down, no sunlight and burrr cold!

        • The end of global warming.

          The start of global warring.

      12. does this mean Hillary’s stupid reset button didn’t work? maybe it’s time to lunch her flying monkeys from her Wicked Witch of the East castle…

      13. We can only hope that an attack of this nature would not impact Michelle Marie Antoinette Obama’s monthly Superlux vacations

      14. Super Volcano
        Yellowstone is gonna ruin someone’s day
        but probably not ours

      15. I could believe the u.s. nuking Yellowstone before Russia would. The importance of speeding up getting rid of the majority of the population is the goal of the globalists. They want it all and they want it now.

        • AL: The figure I saw was 1/2 million(500,000) worldwide – just enough to have plenty of resources and service staff to keep house and cook dinner for the Elite.

      16. The anger and rage of those who post here (measured by the words of the commenters) is way up over the last two years.

        Is that because “the little people” (us) are really that much angrier or have government provocateurs and “bots” been turning up the heat?

        • At the risk of being “flamed” I suggest that the rage and anger has much to do with most of us being lawful, honest folk having lawless, immoral Democrats and establishment Republicans destroying all we respect. We only have violence as an alternative. Our normal systems are failing and we aren’t ready to start shooting first. We all know action beats reaction, and all we are doing is reacting. So we are frustrated.

          • When being honest and truthful gets you labeled “lawless” and being a lying, cheating piece of trash is “lawful” I would rather be called lawless. To be called law abiding is fast becoming an insult to an honest man.

      17. Oh please .. Its always something



        MAKE IT QUICK!!!!!!!! PLEASE

      19. Turnthekeys…………

      20. Nimrod; People are fed up with the government(pick a topic) and while we would suffer we would feel good seeing it taken down a notch. You just don’t mess with people in general regardless of location(pick a country). Our government no longer serves us,we serve it.

      21. The Yellowstone caldera already blew, hence the reason it IS a caldera. The Russians must be reading “Infowars” and other Alex Jones drivel.

        • Or trying to compete with it.

      22. Russian Analyst Calls For “a nuclear attack on Yellowstone National Park and the San Andreas fault line, noting that the devastating consequences would ‘disappear’ the United States as a country.”

        Stupid jerk! It would “disappear” Russia as well. Jerk!

      23. What happen to Bravehart do not see him around much.Did ole bertha break a spring?

      24. Hmmmm….,nuke and hope to erupt volcano,article says last killer volcano in,wait for it,Siberia!Seems it probably has rebuilt it’s potential just waiting to be released,plus,russkies(bears)wouldn’t want to hit the home of so many bear,oh,and with all our nuke subs we retaliated really wouldn’t be much worthwhile left in Russia!All that said,really do not think they would do it but certainly stranger things have happened!In regards to poster asking wether posters here getting angrier would say yes,the lies and bullshit the govt. brings forth along with in country war games/new laws daily/daily disregarding the constitution/list is endless I am angrier and in more of a don’t give a fuck mood.I will say went thru a mentally challenging year on a personal level and thus my patience for nonsense has grown very thin,that said,do believe folks getting angrier and the numbers grow as more open their eyes,would love to see that change in a positive way but feel perhaps too far gone,time will tell.

      25. This is all to distract from what’s really going on. Russia has always been the boogeyman. The fact is Isis and the Islamic extreme ideology is more powerful IMHO than a nuke sent our way by Russia. Russians know it will end up in MAD. The terrorists are the real problem people say how can they be more of a threat they don’t have the $ or the hardware. They just need to recruit fighters on a grand scale worldwide there is your troops then of course you have your sympathizers who support the cause and put out propaganda. Lastly you have financiers of the struggle. It is cheaper to wage an unconventional war worldwide than a government to deploy 3brigades to a nation on the other side of the earth. Your fighters live in their battleground and blend in to daily life there waiting for orders to strike. There is no deployment a fighter just needs a rifle ammo the clothes on their back and knowledge to use the materials nearby to his advantage and these fighters are religiously motivated to sacrafice their own life. I’d say they can beat the governments low paid soldier that just signed up for the gi bill. I think the government army’s are obsolete the enemy lives next door now and acts alone under 1 cause. The infrastructure to support unconventional fighters is the streets everywhere on earth. The boston bombers made a pressure cooker bomb from materials they sourced easily in the community and nobody batted an eye while they were build in the bomb in a garage or wooded area. It didn’t cost them huge sums of $ to improvise this weapon it was cheap and effective enough to strike fear into the public. When these guys strike you never know where or when it will happen if Russia strikes you’ll get alert all over your tv. Even the us military tries to use private forces whenever they can. The only thing that can defeat a terrorists insurgency is an armed populous of men and women that are vigilant but not over reactive. Anyone that thinks the gov needs to invade privacy of citizens is living in fear and falling for the propaganda that the gov needs to do this to protect the population.

      26. Sigh.

        With morons like this guy, you might as well put shit flinging monkeys in charge.

        No kidding, genius. Yes, that would do what you think it would.



        … nuclear reactors. Moron. How many times do you want to ignore the obvious?

        Have fun growing tentacles.

      27. The old Russia is the enemy crap. People the Soviet Union fell the Cold War is over I’m not saying it’s not possible but I feel it’s unlikely. What should be concerning to everyone Iran nuclear ambitions the us is so intent on getting a deal they keep lowering the bar backing down. This is the problem with negotiating with terrorist. George bush said it best America does not negotiate with terrorists. We have a sympathizer in the White House that wants to get the deal done at all costs.

      28. While we look to the skies for incoming ICBMs Russia and China will buy up REAL commodities (Gold, Silver, Copper, Oil, Iron, Coal, Grain, etc.) and dump US Paper Monopoly Funny Money like they have been doing for years. The US economy is an Ebola Patient waiting to liquify from all orifices. The ZOG Banksters have done far worse to Amerika than what a Russian ICBM would do if it made it over the Artic Circle and past NORAD (probably not).
        Additionally, on the Korean Peninsula, the S.K’s will be looking to the skies but there is more than one way to deliver a nuke.

      29. just like clockwork every 3 months someone once again screams yellowstone is gonna BLOW…

        just setting off a nuke in the old faithful geyser of yellowstone wont do squat, except maybe clean out it’s hot lava water pipes.

        yellowstone has been here for a million years and will be for another million to come.

        • Do your homework Rufus. Yellowstone has been around a lot longer than a million years and erupts, cyclically, on average every 700,000 years years or so.

          The last major eruption was 740,000 years ago.

          On a positive note, I have often thought that the BIG One in California might release the pressure under Yellowstone and give it an outlet to the West, as the West Coast is on a “hinge” that rises and falls over millennia. Thus the Great Salt Lake.

          This would also conform to a number of descriptions of future events by those who have had visions of future earth changes; as annotated at SHTF Earth Changes.

          Though not good news for Oregon and Washington State. 🙁

            • quote by dk : “The last major eruption was 740,000 years ago.”

              my response “exactly!” 740,000 years ago is a long time ago!

              hi dk hope your doing great, i always enjoy your intelligent worth a read posts by the way.

              i do hear you dk , though please note the sun is entering a quiet phase , the suns which affects not only the tides of the earth, the weather , plant photosynthesis and all life cycles in general on earth but also whose constantly changing living magnetic field effects volcanic activity depending on the earths place in it’s oval orbital path circulating the sun .

              so besides the normal volcanic burp or pimple forming , i’m betting nuking a fault line will do nothing more than cause things to shake a lil’ and a few localized to the blast area ground zero general destruction.

              as the zio-jew 3/11 fukushima japan false flag attack showed us all,

              if daisy chained nukes are placed in a ocean fault line like the fukushima 3/11 nukes were that would cause a tsunami and things to shake around the 6.5 mark of the Richter magnitude scale nothing more.

              so i’m calling bullshit on this russians nuking the fault line fear porn.

      30. If they were to do that Russia would disappear too in less than 2 years from volcanic winter complicated by radioactivity which would cut off all growing cycles around the globe. Everyone not directly impacted by the blast would starve to death soon… Global suicide.

        • yep, they would be biting off their nose to spite their face with that one, we at least have the southwest, what do they have?

      31. You bomb our Yellowstone, we bomb your Siberian Traps. MAD at it’s finest.

      32. Obama plans ‘executive order’ for UN climate rules.

        Drudge Report

      33. RUS nuking Yellow Stone, US/NATO nuke RUS, RUS nuking EUR/US…. All in one afternoon… Every person north of the equator would die within three years from starvation, and all mammalian life above ground on the entire planet would die within 10 years due to 1,000 nuke plant meltdowns. The insects rule the world for the next fifty million years.

      34. So let me get this right. The Russians are plotting to destroy the US with a nuke. Really how stupid do you have to believe this bullshit. Let see I figure Russia is smart enough to know they just have to wait and besides isn’t it kind of funny that all of a sudden the cold war is heating up just in time for the central banks to blame Russia for collapse of US and not themselves. Pull your head out of your ass and play attention dumbass.

      35. Not sure if anyone else posted this but here goes,,
        The Russians or anyone else, or even Mother Nature blows Yellowstone,
        Russia is going to be UN-inhabitable along with just about everything else in the northern hemisphere.

      36. How fitting one of the banner ads was for “Dating Russians” maybe I should get a Russian bride. In case we need to re-locate there. Or use her to re-populate the world.

      37. For those of us west of the Mississippi… if you, Mr Putin, decide to retaliate against our fascist, imperialist governed country for having caused massive death and destruction around the globe (and I wouldn’t blame you), detonate a thermonuclear warhead on Cumbre Vieja and watch the east coast, where the majority of slime exists, go under for the count. I might even cheer you on.

      38. Heres what this piece of shit anti American government of ours is doing to serve us here on Maui!
        Add the usual prefix, sorry cant wait for moderation

      39. This kinda sounds like more tactics to keep the sheep fearful, most folks are not buying the isis, isil, corisanth, al CIA duh or whatever, we werent buying Assad as a threat so lets think big fear,,, russian nukes, hell most of us here grew up fearing russia, its ingrained in our Psyche, have some moscow bob come out and scare the hell out of americans, do a couple EAS alerts, let em wonder if its a russin invasion, have a few drills that mock martial law now even awake ppl get nervous, the whole thing reeks of psyop…all of it one big manipulation of fear….

      40. I do not fear the Russians doing this, but rather terrorists using nukes. While symbolic attacks on NYC or DC would cause major issues, they are not extinction events. Yellowstone could be, and disrupting California agriculture and large population would be more disruptive than any single city.

      41. On the bright side, this would solve the nation debt problem.

      42. But seriously, in retrospect how much BS was the whole cold war charade? How much money was wasted on all of that nonsense? All those planes and bombs and missile silos and fear campaigns and drop lock and roll BS…. and all that money wasted….

        Think of all of the things we could have spent that money on, all the health care, libraries, hospitals, schools…. all the good that could have been done… but instead we wasted all that money and it is gone…. bunkers sold off bombs destroyed, wages paid to fly jets 24/7… and for what? It was a MIC profit con job, a total waste of National Money.

      43. Bond James Bond… always has to fight a madman bent on destroying the world…
        like Dr Evil, who loves to say the word ‘magma’…

        “turn on that love light
        turn on that lava lamp…”
        worship that phallic A bomb…

        … like Slim Pickens riding that bomb right out of the chute… bomb bay…
        yeeeee haaaw!

        the US is so batshit crazy, hell- we attack OURSELVES, we don’t need Russia…

        Remember that cartoon vulture?
        “patience my ass…
        I’m gonna kill something…”

      44. Russia is not insane, nuking Yellowstone would have consequences impossible to predict and unleash forces impossible to control. Poisoning the world with volcanic ash does not seem to be a winning strategy IMO.

      45. Well if the USA wants to come over to the Ukraine to play hard ball then don’t be upset when you come across some russian that wants to pay the americans back in kind.

        The banker puppets runing the USA from Isreal are starting wars all over the earth and will need to be taken out by force if the world is too have any peace and americans lack the balls to do the job themselves.

        Every day we hear an american politician wanting to bomb someone or another and they hate to think that someone might just hit them back.

        Bottom line is to leave Europe and the Bear alone and deal with yor own borders and not ours.

      46. This is some entertaining fluff..damn!



        San Andreas




        Muslim terrorists

        and best of all..The tranny moochelle

        Love it…


        • Almost as entertaining as watching The Princess Bride!

        • Almost as entertaining as watching The Princess Bride!

          • Yes Kula

            and at least the then nubile Robin Wright morphed into Frank Underwood’s wife as a cougar..


      47. There are so many…and less destructive ways of screwing the US.
        NUKE DC
        NUKE THE IRS
        You don’t need to kill a lot of people all at once. .. let loss of modern technology do it.



        TAKES US WITH IT ?

      49. Has Obammy & Company announced the date for this Russian nutcase to address Congress?

        I’m sure the invitation has been sent – the negotiation for Obammy to surrender the country can follow the Juneteenth lawn party ….

      50. Good LORD the PYS-OP’s campaigns have really kicked into high gear now. Make everyone crawl to the corners and say please help me I’m scared.

        I’m from the Government and I’m here to help you.

      51. Kill the snake by cutting its head off== Destroy the U. N.

        Enough said!!!

      52. There is a lack of asymmetric thinking and analysis here. More like the ‘Samson Option’ touted by the Israelis.

        Activating the Yellowstone Caldera would, by all historical geological analysis, would destroy the growing seasons globally for some six years — killing billions, INCLUDING RUSSIANS!

        Yellowstone Caldera : The Biggest Volcanic Eruption Ever Awaits Mankind

        • The diagram shown above before starting the video?
          Kinda reminds me of an ex-girlfriend….

      53. Drop Hillary’s e-mails on Yellowstone. It will erupt while trying to spit them back out. Why won’t the MSM just say, Hillary’s actions are consistent with the actions of someone engaged in criminal activity and the cover up of said activity? She is a professional world class criminal and will never be charged.

        • Yet you or I will at some point be rounded up for wanting our country back from the theives

      54. A buddy of used to tell me women always magnify what you are not doing. Boy is that ever a true statement when you do stuff it’s no big deal when you don’t because your tired or not feeling good or because you work like a slave 60 hours a week your a piece of shit. Guys don’t bother with bitches your better off a lone wolf. These birds will get you killed during shtf. She’ll say something like we need medicine when it can wait she will haggle you to go out for it there will be gangs out looking for supply’s they will kill you for something you could have done without. I was watching this show on tv called naked and afraid and these women on the show are looking for adventure they are not interested in surviving in a camp dealing with the same boring gathering fire wood boiling water eating bugs no they want you to go after dangerous creatures to show them what a man you are putting you in jeopardy of getting poisoned or bite wounds that are sure to go septic. There is a BIGG difference between survivalist and adventurist the tv world don’t seem to know the difference. Iv watched a number of episodes of this show and most of the women on the show are of the adventurist type. Guys don’t be some macho moron to impress the girl. Keep in focus with what it takes to survive shelter fire water food. Women don’t seem to analyze the situation the same they just keep their desire to have their will be done in their heart. Where as guys are more patient and look at the situation. Being naked with a woman you don’t know is easy to deal with now add no shelter water food and it’s easy to see what is needed to make it through the challenge. The women always have their emotions come out when the stresses hit and the guy is always calm and looking for solutions . The thing that gets me is the guys a lot of time end up tapping out due to the stresses of the challenge. But the woman will keep on going and believe me it’s not because they are tougher it’s cause they are crazy and they have pushed the guy to the point of no return. Tv don’t like to portray the woman as being the weaker it’s not in line with political correctness. When shtf there will be no tapping out going to the camp next door for a hot meal. You will need to control your woman and rule your house with an iron fist. It is for the family’s best chance of survival.

      55. If Yellowstone poses that great a danger, then the US hegemon is essentially flicking matches at Russia and China while sitting on a powder keg, and really ought to reconsider what it is doing.

        Actually, even if Yellowstone doesn’t pose as great a danger as some imagine, the US hegemon still ought to consider George Washington’s advice from two centuries ago.

        “Observe good faith and justice towards all nations; cultivate peace and harmony with all. Religion and morality enjoin this conduct; and can it be, that good policy does not equally enjoin it – It will be worthy of a free, enlightened, and at no distant period, a great nation, to give to mankind the magnanimous and too novel example of a people always guided by an exalted justice and benevolence.”
        — Washington’s Farewell Address 1796

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