Russian Airbase Bombed By 13 Homemade Drones

by | Jan 11, 2018 | Headline News | 18 comments

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    In the early morning hours of January 6, a Russian airbase in Syria was bombed by homemade drones. Russian forces came under attack by a “massive application of unmanned aerial vehicles”, says the Russian Ministry of Defence.

    According to reports, 13 small drones descended on Russian forces, but none of them did any significant damage. Seven were destroyed by anti-aircraft defenses and the others were brought down using electronic countermeasures to hijack or jam the drone’s controls and land them intact. The captured aircraft seem “crudely made,” with a wooden undercarriage and plastic sheeting, and powered by a small liquid-fuel engine. The drones carried several locally made bombs fitted with 3D printed plastic fins under their wings.

    The Russian Defense Ministry has reported that the swarm of GPS-guided drones carrying improvised explosives were very high-tech. Ten of the 13 drones aimed themselves at Russia’s Hmeymim air base and three more headed for a logistics and supply base near the Syrian city of Tartus.

    One of the homemade drones the Russians alleged attacked their airbase.

    One of the homemade drones the Russians alleged attacked their airbase

    According to the Russians, six of the drones were owned by an electronic warfare specialist and diverted from the attack. Of that six, three were successfully collected for examination but the remainder detonated after landing. The Russians report the other seven were blown up midair by a Pantsir-S anti-aircraft missile system.

    “Currently, the Russian military experts are analyzing the construction, technical filling and improvised explosives of the captured UAVs,” said the statement. “Having decoded the data recorded on the UAVs, the specialists found out the launch site. It was the first time when terrorists applied a massed drone aircraft attack launched at a range of more than 50 km using modern GPS guidance system.”

    While the home-made bombs look authentic, the drones themselves look cobbled together and low-tech.

    Bombs carried but not detonated by the homemade drones

    Bombs carried but not detonated by the homemade drones

    The drones appear to be powered by a single propeller that will be familiar to anyone who has flown a model aircraft. They also contained a control package and presumably, a fuel tank built into the body of the drone. However, they appear to have few metal parts (are composed mostly of wood and plastic) and lack even landing wheels. Russia has not shown details of the GPS control system, but insist they were highly advanced machines.

    “Attacks on the Russian objects in Syria could be received from one of [the] countries with high-technological capabilities of satellite navigation and remote dropping control of professionally assembled improvised explosive devices in assigned coordinates,” Russia’s military said.


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      1. The US needs to get the hell out of Syria and everywhere else.

      2. It’s \BS
        Either israel or us most likely.
        Last uav manufacturing facility taken from terrorists was a frigging joke, nothing made there would ever fly.

        Just a prop to scare people and justify more lies and killing, hay dump a few more billion right here.. scary teck advanced terrorists


      3. Photo
        One of the homemade drones the Russians alleged attacked their airbase

        BS …. If you added two coats of paint to that RC plane it wouldn’t fly
        They have zero payload cap

        • The engine on that plane look like standard weedwacker two cycle engines. Quite reliable, cheap and good power to weight ratio, and can be made quiet. They are common on quarter to 1/12 scale model planes. That plane has by my guess a 10 to 12 foot wingspan. I’m gonna guess it can carry five to ten pounds if well designed and constructed.

          The cute little bombs are confusing. Much better to make one big bomb ( 5 to 10 pounds, a rigged RPG warhead is perfect) and just fly right into a target. To be effective assume GPS will be jammed at the first alert. I’d add a video camera and some software to identify a target by sight. An internal inertial navigation system, comparing with active GPS signals will tell you the moment GPS is being jammed, it means you are close. Have it fly to its target using GPS until GPS goes wacky, then fly dead reckoning until targets are recognized and visual targeting takes control.

          You don’t want a fancy drone that can be remote controlled and talks back and forth, unless you have a system of communication that is reliable, remember high tech armies will control the air waves. Cell phone tech is very attractive but will be jammed. It’s going to be a one way trip for your drones.

          If some thousand dollar drones could take out a $50,000,000 aircraft sitting on a runway, and you can escape without a trace, you win.

          This is a huge task for a few people to pull off. I’m thinking a Middle East state or even the CIA was in on it.

      4. I don’t know but it seems like a pretty concerning situation.These Muslim & Arab ‘sand-apes’ are truly something else. I am sure Iran has their hands in this little party in one way or another.

      5. Recall the Vietnam war and one major lesson – low-tech CAN, if not defeat, at least bog down a high-tech enemy. Before we disparage any such primitive drone mechanism, consider what WE would do if we had to face off against the powers that be right here. I’m betting that we’d be using some pretty down-the-ladder of progress tools ourselves.

      6. Democrats object to the term “illegal immigrant” because of the word “illegal”. Americans need to be upset over the overuse of the word “immigrant”. When someone enters the United States and refuses to respect our laws and wants to destroy the Republic to replace it with sharia law, that person is an invader and not an immigrant! Any American who helps them is a traitor! They call themselves “Soldiers of Islam” but that is an insult to soldiers everywhere.

      7. oooo.. the leftists on US soil should be shitting themselves right now…if americans would actually learn anything from this
        …not likely, nevermind.

      8. Learn from this folks we might just have to build our own someday.

      9. Being an avid drone flyer I can see a real threat here! I am surprised that terrorists have not used this technique more often. All the sand trucks in the world won’t stop a drone flying straight down into a crowd from 1000 feet up! Fortunately, access to high explosives is very well controlled here in the USA.

        • There are already commercially available electronics counter measures systems for sale to airports and police who can afford them, that can protect against all commercially sold drones. You can find them if you google the subject.

          I’d hazard a guess that one was deployed at major city Christmas and New Years celebrations.

        • Never mind explosives unless you are attacking a refinery or fuel storage depot. Think anthrax (or other agents) if you want to do some real damage to troops. It will happen eventually. And possibly from long range. A few years ago someone flew an autonomous RC plane across the Atlantic.

        • The explosives manufactured at the factory of Ukraine

      10. Russia will find that they just as America have only purchased friends. They now are getting the assaults that were directed to America. they dont have the restrictions that we did. they have no qualms about killing civilians.

        • Grampa

          “They now are getting the assaults that were directed to America.”

          They are actually getting assaults DIRECTED BY AMERICA. The US (and its allies) have been and currently are arming the Syrian “Insurgents”. This is no civil war, its a foreign inspired globalist coup just as the previous in Libya.

          Tulsi Gabbard | Stop Arming Terrorists Act, End Regime Change And War In Syria

          h ttps://

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