Russia Warns Of ‘Precise And Painful’ Response To Any Future US Sanctions

by | Apr 19, 2018 | Headline News | 11 comments

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    Russia is continuing to warn the West of further attacks against Russia. Whether it be in the form of missiles or sanctions, the former Soviet Union doesn’t seem like they wish to play “war games” any longer.

    The United States this month added several Russian firms and officials to a sanctions blacklist in response to what it said were the Kremlin’s “malign activities.” Moscow says those sanctions are unlawful and has warned that it will retaliate in a “painful” manner.

    “No one should be under any illusions,” said Valentina Matvienko, who is closely aligned with the Kremlin, was quoted as saying by the Interfax News Agency. Matvienko, the speaker of the Russian upper house of parliament, said on Wednesday that Moscow’s response to any United States sanctions will be targeted and painful, Russian news agencies reported.

    “Russia’s response to the sanctions, our so-called counter-sanctions, will be precise, painful, and without question sensitive for exactly those countries that imposed them [the sanctions] on Russia,” she was quoted as saying, according to Reuters.   “Sanctions are a double-edged sword and those who impose them should understand that sanctions against countries, especially those like Russia, will carry with them risks of serious consequences for those who impose them,” Matvienko added.

    Lawmakers in the lower house of the Russian parliament have drawn up legislation that would give the government powers to ban or restrict imports of U.S. goods and services ranging from medicines to software and rocket engines. However, the Kremlin has not yet said if it backs such measures.

    U.S. President Donald Trump mentioned the joint U.S., French, and British military operation last weekend that struck several sites in Syria to punish the Russian-backed government of President Bashar Assad for an apparent chemical attack that killed civilians. Trump said the strike was “absolute precision.”

    A senior U.S. administration official said on Monday  Trump has delayed imposing additional sanctions on Russia and is unlikely to approve them unless Moscow carries out a new cyber attack or some other provocation that would warrant sanctions.


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      1. The sanctions really seem to be hurting Russia but it isn’t just Russia. There are a number of Western investors who have a financial stake in this. There are also Western businesses who are going to be hurting from the reduced trade. The sanctions hurt the West as well as Russia. Still a whole better than nuclear war!

      2. Sanctions are the abolition of the dollar as the only means of calculation. This is a real opportunity and should not be missed.The attack on Syria with 110 missiles showed the real possibility of the US armed forces and its technical support. If Syria was able to destroy 80% of missiles ,and 2 got as trophies which didn’t break ,corruption in the highest echelons of the power of the USA which plundered the military budget and left army without the weapon became visible.

      3. Putin said that before, but did nothing after Trump striked Syria, again. All talk and no action. Putin already showed the whole world that he’s just a big pussy.

        • Or the only sane leader with this catastrophe in the making. It will get worse and with each increment less maneuver room exists for anything except a military confrontation. The possibility of misinterpretation of actions in the field, like that which occurred during the Cuban Missile Crisis increases at least proportionally the closer the nations come to actual war. Its virtually a self fulfilling prophecy.

      4. When in college, took a couple of years of Russian. Interesting language. One word that they do not possess in their native tongue is ‘compromise’. They lack a true understanding of the term. Our powers that be should take note of that.

        • Excuse me, but I think compromise is компромисс
          Its nearly the same word (kompromiss).
          You can check it at

          So it looks like your comment is an attempt to mislead people into thinking that Russians are somehow responsible for the level of anti-Russian hysteria today.

          On the other hand, its fairly clear that the US regime does not understand compromise. Let’s look at some recent examples:

          1. Firing 103 missiles at Syria because they saw a youtube video. Evidence? we don’t need no stinking evidence! Wait for the investigation? No way. No compromise.

          2. Trade war with China. No negotiation, no compromise.

          • Thinkingheart – you are right in the sense that Russian uses the English word for compromise. However, there still is no native/natively created word for that concept. We do the same in English. Pinata for example. As no English-speaking nation ever came up with the idea of a stuffed paper-mache hanging …. whatever… filled with goodies to be struck by a bat/stick… we use the word to describe such an item as taken from the host language of the culture that did come up with the idea.

      5. Here we go again. More *warnings* from poohtin. Why doesn’t this moron do what gavin suggested. Go home and shut up. This stoopid idiot and his *warnings* are nothing but a joke. There has been hundreds of provocations. This *leader* refuses to do anything signifigant and now he has proven himself to be just a mouth piece who will do NOTHING. This moron has had too many chances to show he has some kind of spine. He just smiles N waves every time theres an attack military or economic and he does NOTHING. F Off poohtin you lier. We don’t believe you no more. You are a proven LIER. Useless.

        • You seem quite ignorant AND stupid. Both are not the same. Bet you did not know that either. And learn how to spell. And why are you writing like the way you did like you want something bad to happen and that you are against America and want war. Go to NK and talk your rubbish.

      6. There are many things the the U.S. needs for their aircraft and aerospace manufacturing that comes from Russia. Currently Russia has been supplying rocket engines for the space program but as I understand it Russia is now reconsidering the deal given the additional sanctions that are being put on Russia by the U.S.. I guess the American government is going to have find their own way out into space.

      7. Americans should try come to terms that Russians are smarter,and intelligent than they.

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