Russia Warns Of Dramatic Consequences: “Situation Will Get Out Of Control If Agreement Not Reached”

by | Feb 11, 2015 | Headline News | 125 comments

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    Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived at the Minsk summit today to discuss a peace agreement for the war-torn region of Ukraine, where it has been reported that as many as 50,000 people have been killed since the breakup of the country a year ago.

    In recent weeks we’ve heard both, President Obama and President Putin, make statements that have suggested both countries are leaving all options, including nuclear war, on the table.

    Last year Putin accused Barrack Obama of hostile acts when he named Russia as a threat to the world. “We hope that our partners will realize the futility of attempts to blackmail Russia and remember what consequences discord between major nuclear powers could bring for strategic stability,” Putin responded.

    On Monday President Obama said that the United States is preparing a military response, including the arming of Ukrainian forces with lethal defensive weapons . “Now, it is true that if, in fact, diplomacy fails, what I’ve asked my team to do is to look at all options,” Obama said.

    But today the threats have reached a new level with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister outright suggesting that war is on the horizon should no resolution be found this week:

    Russia will not ignore U.S. arms supplies to Ukraine.

    U.S. arms supplies will have dramatic consequences.

    Excerpts Via Zero Hedge

    And Russia’s ambassador to the European Union took it a step further, essentially telegraphing that Russia will no longer sit on the sidelines at the eastern Ukrainian border, but that they will be left with no choice but direct military involvement.

    Europe understands that supply of weapons to Ukraine will increase the risk of direct involvement of Russia.

    For now the threats may be just lip service, but the situation in Europe is far from an amicable resolution.

    And the way things are going it doesn’t look like either side wants to concede their position.

    Where this leads is summed up by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko:

    The situation will get out of control if an agreement on de-escalation of the situation in Donbas is not reached in Minsk.

    The world has sat on the brink of nuclear war on several occasions over the last six decades, yet we’ve managed to avoid a global disaster because cooler heads prevailed.

    It is essential we all understand that these people are actually talking about World War III as a viable option.

    Perhaps it’s time to prepare for the worst just in case one of these psychopaths wants to go down in history.


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      1. Things we have no control over

        • YEP , No control.
          But i aint worried , Obama is not exactly a man of action.
          He aint gonna do shit.
          Just bluster and hot air.
          Hes gonna back off .
          And i,m thankful for that .

          • HH: I am not so sure about “Obama backing off”. The NWO WANTS a conventional war in Ukraine because they can win it, hands down.

            Russia is not prepared for conventional war and needs another ten years to modernize its conventional forces.

            Obola will send “defensive weapons”. Russia will accelerate its activities and NATO will join the fray, eventually.

            Any ceasefire or truce would be temporary and non productive for the NWO while it has a conventional arms advantage.

            War is the Agenda. 🙁

            • Everybody knows that the Russian military is in bad shape structurally , junk navy , old equipment , etc.
              So if the US pushes too hard the ONLY real deterant is to go nuclear .
              I would think Obama knows that much.

              Obama whats to fight ISIS wherever ISIS is.
              So is the CIA gonna find them in Ukraine ?

              • I wonder how much of that re Russian military etc is just western propaganda?
                Makes one wonder

                • I dont think even the Russians would dispute that their navy is toast, as they are currently trying to replace everything.
                  But i am sure that some of the info is more dis-info than truth , its like looking thru the fog for truth these days.

                  • The Russians are overweight tanks which are grist for the NATO aircraft mill. Everything else is in disrepair and NOT combat ready.

                    Most of all its conscripts. 🙂

                    • DK, I remember back in the first Gulf War our M1 Abrams tanks and jet fighters made those T72s Saddam had into mincemeat.

                    • Yes probably but it’s they have nukes !!!! And a lots of them !!!! If Russia is corned by nato they will unleash they’re greatest assets !!!! So a nuke made in the 60 ‘s or 80’s it’s still a nuke !!!!!

                    • At any other time , anything coming out of Washington or the presstitute media is all bullshit. But now – Russia bad, army old and stinky reports, believable? One EMP detonation, and who has what? Obama has cleared our military of all of the knowledgeable leaders that don’t kiss his ass in favor of the fudge lovers guild. Obama was elected “Commander In Chief”. That’s the scariest shit of all.

                • Russia speaks softly and carries a big stick. Remember the Russian aircraft that flew over the US Ship in the Black Sea and some how killed all the power of the US Ship which limped into the closest port for safety and over a dozen US Soldiers transfered off the ship in fear. Russiahas more tools than you can imagine. This Ukraine war is a proxy war Basically Israel amd the NWO provoking a war with Russia and the US puppets war mongers like John McCain dragging the US into another needless war all to enrich the Banksters and MICM. Military Industrial Complex Mafia at US Tax payers expense. Its all BS and another plot by the ZOG to bankrupt America and the Shills like Obama go along..

              • So their surface to air and air to air defense systems as well as their radar system’s being second to none means what? From what I have read, their is no such thing as stealth to their radar. Don’t forget their cruise missiles. They are deadly.

                • Remember the officers who quit the navy after the USS Donald Cook went dark? I wonder what they are doing right about now. And then there are the silent untrackable subs. Millions have underestimated the bear and came away the less for it. Because they have upgraded their equipment doesn’t mean it wont work, quite the opposite. Our missile computers still use 7 inch floppy disks. Hope they are not scratched or been near any magnets. Gives me the willies. Rethinking the unthinkable.

              • youre giving obama too much credit. russia is trying its best to push just enough vs. our president light weight to get countries to come on over and help. if enough come together with russia, the usa will have serious money troubles.

                if the usa gets to 2016 without a serious financial crisis, it’ll be sheer luck.

                i never knew what a lost decade looked like until obama.

                • Lena, I am not giving Obola ANY credit. He is a puppet. No country is rushing to aid Russia. They are on their own in Ukraine, and it is not enough against NATO in an all out conventional war.

                  Russia needs ten years. They don’t have it. 🙂

              • @ durangokidd, hammerhead

                Cite your sources for “the Russian conventional military is in bad shape.”

                They aren’t nearly as exhausted as the “teeth end” of our military is.

                The most authoritative sources are in Russian, which I don’t speak or read. Do you?

                “Everyone knows that ….” Oh do they? Then cite your sources. And please, don’t trot out “my anonymous expert who can’t be named” says so.

                • “The most authoritative sources are in russian ”

                  Are you kiddin me ?
                  Keep reading propaganda .
                  What are your souces for the “truth” friend ?
                  More disinfo…

                  • “SOURCES” not souces .
                    BUT i am sure you can translate .
                    Hows it goin at Langley today ?

                    • @ hammerhead

                      I ask you to cite sources for your unsubstantiated opinions and you come back with ad hominem? “Keep reading the propaganda.” “How’s it going at Langley.”

                      I challenge you to put some facts behind your opinion and you imply I’ve internalized propaganda.

                      You’ve internalized some propaganda too dude. It says “Russia is the bad guy in this. All the ferocious Amerikan military has to do is show up and Russia will wet its pants.”

                      What is the upshot of thinking the neocon warmonger’s opponent is conventionally weak?

                      The conclusion the neocons want us to jump to is: “They have no choice but to go with tactical nukes.” So we’ll go there first.

                      Nice try.

                      Your unexamined assumptions would have us racing into a war with someone who, unlike the last dozen opponents we’ve faced, CAN do our homeland grave damage.

                • John Allen do your own homework. I am here to inform you not DO your work for you.

                  Start with “Janes”. 🙂

                  • @ durangokidd,

                    I’ve been reading Janes for years. Do not have a copy at home. Janes is accurate as far as it goes. They suffer from hometown bias.

                    The best, the most authoritative information about Russian military capabilities is in Russian.

                    Unless you are fluent in Russian you have no more idea of their capabilities than is available to anyone with internet access.

                    Our submarines and carriers are nuclear fueled. Most of the rest of our surface fleet is not. Most of our oil comes from overseas. Russia has a professional submarine force.
                    That oil lifeline is severable.

                    I don’t need your tutelage. Valid conclusions are based on EVIDENCE. Present some.

                    • Whether I like the way the Russians/Syrians/etc… want to live or not, I believe in their right to live as they choose without interference from other countries. This is the same view I have on Ukraine and the whole middle east issue.

                      As long as they’re not bothering me and my country, it’s none of my business what they do…but if they stick their nose in MY business, I’ll send it back to them in a heart-shaped box.

                      That’s how I see it. It makes all of the propaganda irrelevant.

              • During the 1980’s I lived in Russia for 18 months setting up an alcoholism treatment program. I made and still have several Russian friends . Those of you that keep talking about the NWO beating them in the Ukraine and how the poor beleaguered Russian military can’t fight are INSANE. With the possible exception of the Isrealis their is no group of people tougher than Russians. We DO NOT want to go to war with them, especially a war on their very border that will involve the deaths of thousands of ethnic Russians. These people have endured wars and hardships that would have broken every Western nation now existing. You put them in a fight where they feel their very existence is at stake, and my Russian friends tell me that’s how people view what is happening there, and they will fight like maniacs. There are several mass graves in Central Russia containing the bones of over 1.5 millions German soldiers that back up my hypothesis. Obama is playing a game he has neither the will nor the people to win. I guarantee 2015 era America doesn’t have the will or the courage to take these people on.

                • My thoughts exactly, Thanks. All of the exceptionalist bluster and bravado needs to stop. This is not the time to wave the flag and chant USA, USA, USA.

                  This is the time to take a long sober look at exactly what this government is doing in our name, and what it is signing US up for.

                  We were never in danger from Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan or any of the other little countries we carelessly attacked, but THIS TIME WE ARE IN GRAVE DANGER.

                  We too can be picking up the body parts of our friends and relatives in our own back yard.

                  Is this what we want?

                  We have to stop this shit. Somehow. Or pray that Russia doesn’t want to cripple America, just the criminals in DC.

                • With the possible exception of the Isrealis their is no group of people tougher than Russians.

                  OK had 2 stop U right there. Is-reals claim 2 fame is Gaza… And After 10 years in Afanistan they STILL couldn’t take that ountry over like the US could.

            • Factor in the long range goals of world currency, world government etc, the single most effective method to achieve these things would be through economic collapse and war.

            • I think we can do it and take down Russia. The country is a gangster state and is all bluster. Its armed forces consist of sexually-abused conscripts and a handful of mercenaries. Under pressure from a well-coordinated, professional NATO force, they would collapse. We have a lot of experience in taking down Soviet-era-equipped militaries (Serbia, Iraq, Libya etc.).

              I would do it in three stages: arm Ukraine with modern weapons, then put in a lightening force of NATO troops, then unleash wide-scale instability within Russia. When fully distracted, launch a shock-and-awe strike on Russia like we did in Iraq and then a thunder-run to Moscow and St. Petersburg. I would give it six months to a year to do.

              • Frank Thoughts

                I missed the part where Russia bombed Pearl Harbor.

                How does one justify invading a sovereign nation? We stage a coup on a nations border and use its aftermath as a pretext for war. Somewhere in this mix you give us the high moral ground? I’m at a loss behind the logic or is the high moral ground not important? If it is unimportant what makes us better than them, or anyone for that matter?

                • Frank Thoughts

                  You think this might have something to do with oil and gas in the region?

                  No one from any side wears a white hat. Its all about controlling and profiting from resources.

                  Two time MOH recipient Major General Smedley Butler USMC wrote a book, War Is A Racket, about his career as a (in his words) Racketeer For Wall Street.

              • Frank

                I do not know if you know this but remember.Russia won WW2 with the never ending supply of man power SEE ENEMY AT THE GATES.

                THE RUSSIAN had motivators like guys behind saying if you do not fight you die.

                The GERMANS HAD the same thing SS special action units
                which told there soldiers the same thing.

                Yes we do have a great military but I believe and GOD I HOPE this does not happen a limited NUKE EXCHANGE will happen.

                Either way we look at it the gears are in motion for war.
                The writing is on the wall as well as the BIBLE telling us
                if you believe in the BIBLE.

                Either way are survival skills are going to be put to the test real soon not only here, but world wide.

                GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE.

                PEACE and LOVE

              • Hey Frank , Are you speaking of the “Pro Rebels” ie: Russian speaking folks, or are you referring the the Russian military it self. Cause they’ve been building their military and we’ve been or I should say oBama has been reducing ours. Trust me on this Frank, the marines are using outdated shit, and have been for quite a few years now. Hell I had to send my two sons socks and boot lace’s while they were in the sand box. Did you know that there were shortages of 9mm for U.S.personal in Iraq for a while?
                I wouldn’t go flipping any Russians off just yet Frank.

              • Yeah…. when winter catches us in Mother Russia, you shoot my horse and I’ll shoot yours. Then we both can eat.

              • @ Frank Thoughts

                The US is the preeminent gangster state in the world today. There are various warlords all over more or less brutally controlling their own localities. But only one out-of-control worldwide terrorist state. HQ in DC.

                “all bluster?” Cite your sources. Russia single handedly defeated 4/5 ths of the German military, on its own soil, years before too-little and too-late Lend Lease arrived. Hitler’s military would have pushed the Normandy Invasions back into the sea if the Red Army hadn’t gutted them first.

                The US military has essentially been thugs invading weak nations on their bankster masters’ orders. The “Iraqi military?” Iraq is a fiction as a nation. Except for a few hundred quislings who suck up to western imperialists, everyday Iraqis identify with their faith, Shia or Sunni, and their family or tribe. Over history, that is how they fought. British imperialists created Iraq by the Balfour Declaration. So their military is just as much of a cobbled together fairy tale as their government.

                We knocked over Iraq, Panama and Grenada … woo hoo, aren’t we bad.

                “sexually-abused conscripts and a handful of mercenaries?” Like all those women being raped in service academies and our military worldwide? The backbone of the Russian military is its career NCO corps and its senior officers. That every healthy Russian male of age is conscripted means their population has millions of trained people who would resist Western aggression. A MUCH LARGER proportion of their population that ours is.

                The people who think the Russian military is soft, that it will be a 96-hour cake walk will get their heads handed to them.

                A few thousand goatherders using weapons as old as they are have fought our military to a standstill. How tough do you think people who have world class technology, whose nation we are invading, would be to defeat.

                Dude, it’s dangerous to believe the statist propaganda.

                • JOHN (the ruski) ALLEN-
                  Please cite your sources .
                  I will just wait right here for the call from the Kremlin.

              • Then there is the part where icbm’s rain down on American cities.

                What kinda fool wouldo allow an attack on Russia….oother than BarryO and his team of idiots !!!

              • FT: The NWO does not want a nuclear war with Russia, just a conventional war. An invasion of Russia would result first in tactical nukes, then the ICBM’s.

                The idea is to weaken Russia then defeat them in Ukraine and cause the removal of Putin.

                The NWO wants to conquer Russia, not destroy it. 🙂

                • That’s the stupidist thing I’ve heard yet. Russia and nato fighting in Ukraine and think one will back down before the nukes card is played ??

                  Or maybe it’s not you but you ‘think’ the NWO or BarryO believes this shit.

                  Damn I hope barryO and his team of idiots and the NWO team of idiots are not that stupid !!

                • @durangokidd…

                  And of course, Russia will cooperate with that, right?

                  Dude, you are a tool.

                • You have no idea how many suitcase nukes were running around THE USSR and THE USA during the COLD WAR I wonder if the same things are running around NOW ????? 🙁

              • FT, you say we can take down Russia? Tell that to Napoleon and Hitler, who tried and failed. please lay down the crack pipe.

              • People who think like you, frank thoughts, is what’s wrong with the entire world. It’s what gets millions of innocent people killed. Your kind of thoughts are not conducive to peace and the preservation of life and liberties.

              • Delusional blather. Good thing you don’t have a finger on any buttons.

                Please tell me that you don’t have a finger on any buttons.

              • @Frank Thoughts….

                Yes….and then, with nothing left to lose, Putin pulls the nuclear trigger.

                Russia is not Afghanistan or Iraq.

              • A Thunder-Run to Moscow and St Petersburg? Are you serious? ROFL and LMAO!!! Hitler tried it already and lost a couple million soldiers in the process. You think we could do the same without loosing a couple hundred thousand soldiers?

                Shock and Awe? HA!! A country that size you’d need thousands of Fighters and Bombers going at it night and day for months to make a dent. In 2004 I watched Allied Fighters going over where I was in southern Iraq, doing round trips to bomb Fallujah. At night you could count up to 30 jets in the sky at any time going in both directions …. All night long!!!! For one small city. Do you seriously think we’d have a chance of flattening Russia like we did Fallujah?

                We need to stop messing with Russia. They are tough people. They are mentally tough and capable. There thought possess is not soft like ours either. Most Americans would go to pieces if they had to fight a large scale, modern conventional war for several months without any respite against Russia. If a war did kick off, I’d give it 2-3 years duration. And full on war like we’ve not seen in 100 years. Iraq and Afghanistan will seem

                Lots of people have it in their minds that the Russian Military of today is the same as it was in Soviet times. Good luck with that reasoning. We might have a go at fighting conventionally, but we need to remember the Russians will turn the United States into radioactive dung heap if they look close to being beat. There aren’t going to be winners in WWIII.

            • DK

              If Jim Bowie had nuclear weapons Santa Anna would have behaved differently at the Alamo.

              Encroaching upon a nuclear armed nation and penetrating their historic sphere of influence is madness.

              • Ukraine is a “proxy” war that will be fought by the Ukrainians and merc’s while run by NATO generals, provided with American arms. 🙁

          • I don’t know Hammerhead. THIS could spiral out of control because of Obama’s ignorance. Europe, all of it, may be more ripe for invasion and occupation than in anytime since Napoleon.

            Just some 30 years ago there was the largest concentration of military ever seen in one place on this globe. Since then NATO has all but ceased to exist leaving Europe a very juicy and ripe fruit just sitting there just for the taking.

            Russia has been placed in a position of desperation at this time with almost nothing to lose and everything to gain for a grab of this big brass ring. And there is nothing – nothing to stop them. Certainly not Obama.


            • And so it begins, just as it did in Vietnam:

              Fox News‎ – 13 hours ago

              A battalion of around 600 American paratroopers will be heading to Ukraine next month to train national guard troops there, a Pentagon …


              • @BigB…

                So much for DK’s “proxy war”.

            • BIG –
              I do agree with you , “certainly not Obama”.
              If the US military was allowed to take off it s pussy gloves and go all in on a battle rather than play PC rules of engagement bullcrap , Putin wouldnt be pullin this shit.

              All this pussy play in the middle east has given him ideas of conquest possibilities .
              Shock and awe has its place.

              • Ah, another strategic genius.

                That cuts two ways. and Russia isn’t the power with the long supply lines in this scenario.

                • Got that right there Gee Zus, some people still think it’s 1942 and America can outgun anyone we want to, that is unless you want to use nuclear weapons that is. We’ve got some real brain surgeons here.

            • @ BigB

              “Russia has been placed in a position of desperation at this time with almost nothing to lose….” Who says so? Neocon warmongers eager to justify aggression so they can plunder the RF?

              Read some Russian history. Be more skeptical of the neocon propaganda.

              From memory: Gerald Hosking, Prof. of Russian History, University College, London,
              Russia and the Russians.

              Except to be left alone Russia doesn’t need anything Europe has.

              • Sorry John, they have an economy that is in the shitter and like our republicans the only thing to cause it to get better is WAR.


                • Anyone who doesn’t understand that Russia has been infiltrating Europe for many years trying to sway public opinion, influence, and gain leverage over some European governments is ill informed, naive, and has NO grasp of the “Great Game”.

                  The names has changed, but the usual suspects are still lurking in the shadows doing their best (on both sides) to gain advantage. Its coming down to a shooting war because NATO has a distinct advantage in conventional arms.

                  In the end there can be only one. 🙁

                  • We cannot allow there to be only one in the end. This isn’t a TV show, it’s a fight to the death in real life, in all countries and languages.

                    If we lose, we die.

                  • OK Durango. You might be right……. Of course we haven’t been doing the same shit in Europe for years too. We’ve spent the last 70 years infiltrating just about every Government on the planet. Swaying public opinion whenever we can, putting leverage on foreign Polititains and Governments to do it our way. We are not squeaky clean. We are the worlds largest Dictitorial entity. Do what we say say or we’ll destroy your country.

                    The “usual suspect” has turned out to be us all along.

                • @ Big B

                  You are expressing a conclusion not an opinion. Cite your sources. Russia doesn’t need anything from Europe except to be left alone.

                  This, “They are desperate, they have nothing to lose so they are eager for war” is neocon warmonger bull hockey trying to justify aggression against Russia.

            • What is stopping Russia, is the fact that they are simply not interested in world domination. That desire belongs to the NWO globalists that own the U.S. All Russia wants is to be left alone and respected as a sovereign country…and the NWO globalist banksters are definitely not okay with that, because it interferes with THEIR plan to dominate the world.


          • Obama is not the instigator of action, only the messenger.

        • K: No, the answer must be formed as a question ie, “What are things that we have no control over?”

          THe NWO fears the right of the people EVERYWHERE to determine their destiny; with their own political system in which the people actually have a voice.

          Death to the New World Order!!! 🙂

          • Well they must be starting to sweat, look at Greece, India, Spain,,,
            Its going to be interesting

            • Yes, they are starting to sweat. That’s why they haven’t bothered with Clive Bundy. They have bigger fish to fry right now. 🙁

            • YES !
              And the global warming scam is getting more exposure everyday there are alot of people/countries waking up to it.
              More sweat….

            • I saw on faux news last night, Lou do bs was railing on ovomits comments about supporting Allah, and how America is beginning to question his intentions re: his ‘reaction to Mid East ‘ problems and willingness to work only w Muslims. Maybe others will run with it too and maybe wake up a few more sheep

        • The thing is this: the US has invested billions of dollars in the Ukraine situation– they are not about to let all that money go to waste. (So said Paul Craig Roberts several months ago).

          He said there would be war because of this. Russia, of course, doesn’t give a crap how much money the US had invested– they just want the US/NATO off their borders! And I don’t blame them.

          And that is the real reason Obummer is sweating his buns off– The elites insist on keeping Ukraine and Obummer knows this will lead to WW3 but he has no choice except to do the bidding of the puppet masters.

      2. The African virus is dragging us to WW3. He needs to be stopped and I don’t care who does it or how they do it. Make sure you have popcorn handy. This will be one hell of a show.

        • I agree RB, Obola is a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States and must be eradicated immediately if not sooner. I’m just glad he resides 3000 miles from me so when the mushroom clouds begin to light up his neighborhood it’ll give me plenty of time to start up my popcorn maker.

      3. OBama aint gonna do jack squat. Putin is goin to walk all over him and us

        Remember Syria? Nearly the same thing as ukraine. they were both talkin war and Obama backed down

        • Anon, I sincerely hope you’re right. We don’t need another war that we’ll just lose anyway. We have a shitload of problems at home to deal with. Ukraine is not our problem.

          • You get that, I get that, but we have people in government who think its our job to be the big bamboo!
            Makes me just go WTF

          • Sorry Braveheart, don’t usually dis-agree with you but:

            That is exactly what was said by the rest of Europe and America when Hitler did his little thing. Since then lessons have been learned. This wouldn’t be a protracted war. The Russians have much better weapons than the Germans did. This would be down and dirty and over in a month or two with the West going WTF happened?


            • BigB, I don’t think an EMP blast lasts a month, I could be wrong though, like the people who think a nuclear exchange would be survivable. I remember the last two above ground tests. Scared everyone including the bomb makers to go underground for future tests. If the younger generation is hankering to see a mushroom, they had best watch the newsreels or better yet watch the 1971 movie Hellstrom Chronicle and act accordingly, unless you are a spider.

              • GrandpaSpeaks,

                Tell Japan that they need to move from Nagasaki and Heroshima cause it’s only been 60 or so years.

                While your at it – tell’em to leave Tokyo as Fukashima is only 15 miles away !!

                • Because its been 50 years they now call the increase in background radiation caused by the above ground tests natural. Yep its natural background radiation, like it is somehow better, warm and fuzzy you know. There will be an exodus from Japan after the empirical evidence outweighs the lies. If they could stifle radiologic contamination like they stifle lies, we would be OK.

                • A 15kt blast vs. hundreds or thousands of megaton range blasts?

                  Yeah, that’s called a false equivalency.

              • Me thinks you are right Grandpa.


      4. Kula, the African virus is like a monkey out of control in a tropical rain forest.

        • They ought to take away that Nobel Peace prize he won before he got into office.

          • They can shove that worthless Nobel Peace Prize up his halfrican ass.

      5. If not now, then later, probably before Oblahma is out of office. Nuclear war is on the horizon and Jesus’ return is imminent! Prophecy will be carried out and it looks like it is in progress. God forgive us for being so stupid!

        • I simply don’t believe the globalist banksters can prompt the return of Jesus Christ. This isn’t Armageddon, it’s sheer stupidity and greed from a small number of people.

          Those who survive this, will still stand to receive their judgment.

      6. This gubmint will do nothing till its way too late to act. SOP for Obummer and company. Bad things are coming this way.

      7. I think we need to start a new party to field and run candidates at all levels of government to challenge establishment politicians, its happening everywhere else, only question is, are enough people awake for it to matter?

        • You think? 🙂


      8. Join a Tea Party in your neighborhood and INFILTRATE the Retards. That’s are best option for now. 🙂

        • Our local Teaparty is pretty much a joke,
          Better chance of getting in on a liberal ticket then switching and thumbing your nose at the constituency that elected you.

          • ours too.

            so much promise in 2010, just one lead ballon now.

            but as neal boortz says, the “Dumb-masses” have take control of the country.

          • I was right where you are….Our T-party was much as you describe. So I joined the militia, thru the folks there, I found another T-party in our town.Quite the rowdy bunch, good people.
            Monday nights, in a big old church that we rent. Keep trying, like minded people abound.

        • The problem is the so called Team Party in my area is actually is a “Green Tea Party”. The head of it thinks the word constitution is a red flag for being a terrorist or being labeled as one. Go Figure.

      9. Don’t worry about Russia. The important news is Obama just authorized military action against his own created sub humans army named ISIS.

        • You mean they are going to air drop more hardware to them?

          • Kula, your response really made my day. I still have country men and women who are intelligent and can read between the lines. Amen brother.

          • HARDWARE ?
            Or pallets of freshly printed USD ?

            • Pallets of RPGs, 7.62-39, grenades, MREs
              You know, nothing but the finest for his buds in the hood

        • YA, STOLZ
          And he says limited ground troops , just what everybody wants to here.
          But once congress signs of on this nasty little authorisation , Obama can change his mind at any time.
          Not to mention , it allows him to send the US to fight ISIS an ALL affiliated groups (whatever that includes ) in any country he chooses .
          HUH ! Sounds just like an open checkbook to me .

      10. I do not care anymore. After we exchange a few intercontinental warheads there will not be that much left. The Fool on Capital Hill can not fix the problems at home so how will he fix problems abroad. Oh and look at all the shit bags in the wings we get to vote for.
        We should be getting our gear together instead of all the talk about politics.

        Heads up.

        This past weekend sold around $250 in military gear at the Flea Market. People are looking for body armor and low temp gear. Entrenching tools and military knives are in demand.
        Heard a few talk about BOL’s and something happening in the future. These people are the Local Yocals as we say here.

        • I don’t see the exchange of nukes, slingshot.

          But what I do see is TPTB/banksters/joosters/NWO crowd, poking the Russian bear into the Ezekiel 38/39 scenario.

          It will happen as foretold and time is running out.
          It could happen in a few months, or possibly years.
          If the Lord tarries, which i don’t believe he will, these events will spark the incoming “man of Sin” ole Lucifer playing the role of Antichrist.

          I can’t wait to see it all unfold and the heathens start scrambling for those dust covered Bibles they have all but thrown away.

          Then we will see all the Jesus freaks praise and rejoice, for their redemption draweth nigh. i hope all my preps go unused, because the “reset” has taken place early.

          Time will tell.

          • PWTW.

            Nuclear exchange is not off the table and the Russians will sacrifice millions to gain an advantage.
            Redemption? Means different things to different people.

      11. Here is a very good interview with Paul Craig Roberts with someone in Lithuania…you have to read it, but it covers it all from A to Z…what the U.S. has been doing the last 15 years…(not good)…the Ukraine situation… he has said that Russia could just say they are not going to sell gas to any NATO country, and that would break up NATO…which would help bring peace to the world..anyway, it is very enlightening… At least read the first paragraph and the last…but the whole thing is very good..

      12. This Spring the U.S. is set to send 600+ Airborne troops to the Ukraine as “advisors” to train their National Guard. We are already supplying up-armored vehicles to them. Anyone remember Viet Nam?

        Again I’ll say it, even if it makes me unpopular here. Our Media has proven that it can’t be trusted. So why are we trusting another countries media?

        Pravda=NY Times=RT=MSNBC=PROPAGANDA

        Obama is a Commie Muslim, bent on an American Dictatorship AND Putin’s Russia supports Dictatorships in North Korea, Cuba, Red China, and Iran.

        Neither men are Saints and neither Countries have clean hands. We all know that this is about oil/natural gas/money. Not we citizens.

        Watch out fur them hogs!

        • Yep, right you are THogs,

          And for all we know, this whole damn Ukraine thing may have been planned by Pukin,Odrama, and TPTB for a long time. It was all staged.

          Especially since they all make $$ off of it.

          it would not surprise me at all.

          No keyboard commandos on this site or any other, got any inside intel to prove otherwise, so at this point it is all based on pure conjecture.

          Another vietnam war to replace the Iragi/afgani wars, but held in Ukraine. What a concept.

          Bend over and spread ’em sheeples, it’s non-lube reaming time again. The days of relatively cheaper gas is over, and headed for a heartbreak high.

          This time around, the cost of everything doubles in a short period of time. Gas has gone up by 10%, since two weeks ago, in our area.

      13. If they need a war why not join together and fight ISIS, Boko Haram, and Al Queda?

        • The U.S. has allied with and/or funded all three ISIS, Boko Haram, and Al Queda, so why would they really want to gang up on any of their best dogs?

      14. Do you all remember the last government shutdown? And how obami made it as painful as he could on the everyday Joe?
        He will do the same with this ISIS thing. He will make it as painful on us as he can. Expect multiple casualties for nothing. Remember he is the commander in chief and if he can make his opponents look bad he will. I guarantee it.
        This prick is dangerous…. period. Putin ain’t quite as bad as he thinks he is. There’s no way this going to end well for anybody. But if there’s gotta be a war I hope we fuck them up. Screw it if I gotta die I want all the communists to die. The hell with these socialist, communist pieces of !@#$.

        • Who cares if they want to be communists? Let them be communists in their own countries. We need to get them out of OUR country, because WE are not a communist country. What they do on their own soil is their business, not ours.

      15. This will be just like the Syria situation 18 months ago where nothing happens ….it’s just more drama , theater , whatever you wanna call it ….prepare for nothing to transpire from this !!

      16. Another day, another crisis. As King Solomon would say; “There is nothing new under the sun”, I’ll add a caveat to that, “just different packaging”.

      17. Turn the keys ……….

        • Turn the keys ,
          War plan A or B ?

          Semper Fi

      18. It’s already out of control for the mass majority of us. Only the so called Powers To Be are in control for all tense and purposes so lets prepare the best way we see fit for our own situations at hand and down the road. Stand tall and be ready!

      19. Don’t be fooled by the Obama, Putin show because they are working together towards the destruction of the United States.

        Obama, besides weakening our military, is doing deliberate acts which are provoking Russia to attack us. When the Russians attack, they will appear justified in doing so because of Obama’s actions.

        Have no doubt about it, Obama is the antichrist. One of the main goals of this usurper is to destroy the United States. First by robbing the country, and also by increasing the immorality in the nation. Then when the time is right, he wants America nuked by the Russians and the Chinese.

        Some may think to blame God for allowing this to happen. But don’t blame God. Hasn’t God been patient and hasn’t he been reaching out towards America in love for many, many, many, years, urging America to repent? Yes he has. But what has America done? America now among many other things, has most of her states allowing homosexual marriage, and continues in the wholesale abortion industry.

        There comes a time when God says enough is enough, and thus far and no further.

        Repent of all sin through Jesus Christ, and seek the Lord while he may be found because America is on the eve of great destruction which will shock many people’s senses into unbelieving madness.

      20. President Obama will use diplomacy and calm this whole thing down. If we had a republikan in charge, like Boosh, we would be at war already.

      21. Is it possible to make a nuclear bomb without plutonium? With tritium only for instance.

        • You can make a bomb with anhydrous ammonia and the lithium in rechargeable batteries.

          • You can make an explosion with a bunch of pig fat.

      22. doorman, you are right with all of your comments. I’m just not looking forward to this mess. We are getting closer to the time of the end. This is real. God Bless, Rex

      23. So many problems,so little time. I think Mac should run a pool and everybody pick a date when this mess blows up. Might as well make it entertaining.

      24. Russia should do what Israel does. The second a suspected ship or plane carrying offensive weapons shows up hit it hard with 1 kiloton nuclear weapons. Israel gets away with this all the time in Syria and Lebanon. Russia should to the same to Kiev.

      25. Guys…its really a silly point to argue…not matter the balance of forces. All it takes is for a medium yield weapon to detonate at the right height in a country’s atmosphere to EMP it back to the dark ages. Victory isnt necessarily hard. If anyone turns off the lights or power grid on either side of that equation its game over.

        • Civilian lights will go out long before the military. Don’t you think they thought of that? The military, govt and elites all hardened their power supplies and comms against that…WE are the only ones who will have our asses in the wind.

      26. The neutron bomb makes the cost of nuclear war………………..


        Bummer reality.

      27. Futher Mucker should be hung for War Crimes. Can you guess which one I’m talking about???

      28. Wasn’t the Nuclear Summit a few years ago that included NWO pins on some participants that included world leaders writing their response including nuclear responses to specific scenarios such as Ukraine, Syria, and a few other regions?
        At the time, it put me in mind of a Diplomacy game players writing orders to their Game-Master also known as a Judge who posts the results of the Spring, Fall, Build, and retreats also known as Spring, Summer (Retreat), Fall, Autumn (retreat), and Winter (Build) movement, retreat, and build seasons.
        … There are times that I wonder as Ukraine, Syria, and Iran makeup Russia’s buffer zone. Even from a theater viewpoint for bread and circuses, Putin can’t back down on any of those theaters in a similar manner China cannot back down to any infringement on North Korea that allows US forces to move closer to the Sino border that lead to the Chinese counter-invasion during the Korean War that led to a stalemate and the present Korean truce in effect today. Cuba is another major factor as it was determined strategically necessary to be under the US sphere of influence during the Spanish-US war and unlike the Philippines was not supposed to be temporary. Cuba much like Japan in the Korean War is a jumping off point and resupply line… And, Putin now has access to old Soviet bases in Cuba for repudiating Soviet era debt from Cuba not long ago…

      29. When government comes to herd people into “FEMA” concentration and reallocation camps (to separate people from family and force them into reindoctrination as permanent slave labor for the elites–the end purpose for all this), the people who value their families and their personhood will annihilate, with much more than just guns, anyone who attempts to approach them about anything of the sort.

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