Russia Shows Off NATO Military Equipment Taken From Ukraine

by | May 1, 2024 | Headline News | 2 comments

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    Russian crowds are getting to see a new exhibition in Moscow of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) military hardware that was captured by Russian forces in Ukraine. The display shows off a whole lot of “trophies,” ranging from United States-made armored fighting vehicles to state-of-the-art tanks and European armored personnel carriers.

    The military equipment has come from 12 countries including the U.S., United Kingdom, France, Sweden, South Africa, Turkey, Australia, and Germany.

    Russia Has Destroyed 1/3 Of U.S. Supplied Armored Fighting Vehicles Sent To Ukraine

    In light of this recent advancement by Russia, the rulers intend to send more weapons and gear to the front lines so they can finish the operation.

    Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu commented Wednesday that these additional weapons will be needed to maintain the pace of current offensive operations and will come in handy ahead of “further actions.”

    Nothing in the mainstream media points to a victory for Ukraine. Russia is advancing and making mincemeat of the equipment sent to Kiev by the West.

    A U.S.-Supplied HIMARS System Destroyed By Russia In Donbass

    According to a report by CNBC, Russia appears to be looking to bolster the combat strength and weapons supplies of its forces ahead of an expected new large-scale offensive in mid-May, or early June.

    “Operational-tactical aviation, missile forces and artillery from groups of forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation hit headquarters of the operational command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ‘South’,” the defense ministry said in a post on Telegram translated by NBC News.

    Ukraine’s Southern Command confirmed that an attack had taken place overnight but did not comment further. “Continuing their terrorist actions, the enemy on the night of May 1 launched another strike on Odesa with ballistic missiles from the territory of temporarily occupied Crimea. As a result of the hit, administrative and residential buildings, medical and educational institutions were destroyed,” it said on Facebook Wednesday.

    Russia Pummels Ukraine’s Energy Infrastructure


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      1. Oh, Mac! You spelled it all wrong. NATO is the “North American Traitors & Oligarchs”. While not the OFFICIAL name, that is actually what they are.

        Its great to be able to comment again, however, I am sad that all my friends have left. I appear to be all alone.


      2. Now for the real comment. We sent them all those billions in weapons so the Nazis in Ukraine could give kickbacks to the cooked scum back here in the states. They were all old stuff that the defense contractors had sitting around. Essentially the US fleeced its taxpayers so they could send these weapons to Ukraine. This enriched the defense contractors and got kickbacks to the villany and scum we call “politicians”.

        Welcome to the new world order!

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