Russia Prepares Large-Scale Invasion: “Battle-ready Force of Infantry, Armor, Artillery, and Air Defense”

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    A massive buildup on the Ukrainian border in the last 48 hours has seen Russia double its troop levels with 17 additional battalions and has left Western leaders trying to figure out what President Vladimir Putin is planning to do next.

    On Tuesday the Russian President called for an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council to resolve the “humanitarian crisis” in Ukraine that has reportedly left tens of thousands of people displaced because of fighting over the last several months, a move that some in the West see as prelude to a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

    “We are convening an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine,” Russian Ambassador to the U.N. Vitaly Churkin was quoted as saying.

    Earlier on Tuesday, the Russian Foreign Ministry said the U.N. and the International Committee of the Red Cross expressed “readiness” to discuss its plan to deploy a “humanitarian mission” to Ukraine, which some consider to be a pretext for an invasion by Russian forces.  

    Russia has significantly built up its troop presence along the Ukrainian border in recent weeks, according to U.S. officials, making it ready for a potential large-scale invasion of southeastern Ukraine if Russian President Vladimir Putin so chooses.

    According to a report in The New York Times, Russia has nearly doubled its troop presence along the border, adding 17 battalions and 19,000 to 21,000 troops who now compose a “battle-ready force of infantry, armor, artillery, and air defense within a few miles of the border.”

    The White House has openly worried about what would be, for all intents and purposes, an invasion under the guise of a “peacekeeping” operation.

    “We’ve seen a significant re-buildup of Russian forces along the border, potentially positioning Russia for a so-called humanitarian or peacekeeping intervention in Ukraine,” deputy national security adviser Tony Blinken said last week.

    “That’s a very real option,” a senior Defense Department official told The Times. “And should Putin decide, he could do that with little or no notice. We just don’t know what he’s thinking.”

    Source: Business Insider

    It should be clear exactly what Vladimir Putin is thinking.

    He’s thinking he can send his troops over the border and no one in Europe or the United States will have the will or fortitude to stop it. And, given the foreign policy failures of the United States over the last five years, he’s probably right.

    After heavy sanctions that threaten to seize the asset of Russian politicians and businessmen, and a direct attack on Russia’s economy, Vladimir Putin is about to show the world what a Russian response looks like.

    The following map, made available by Zero Hedge and generated within the last week, indicates that Russia now has up to 42,000 troops within a few miles of the border with additional units in reserve.

    (Click for larger image)

    russian troops 1

    As Charlie McGrath noted recently, the Russians have the weapons, the technology, the will and the manpower to see this through.

    For casual observers, pay attention, because there’s a strong possibility that you are seeing the buildup to the next great war.


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      1. Russia will not back down and lose face.

        • I agree Dave… This is serious stuff here, despite the ignorance of the mainstream media and public.

          Putin is not going to make threats or a show of force and then pull an “Obama” as was the case with Syria.

          All signs point to a Russian move into Ukraine.

          That real question is: what happens next?

          I have a hard time believing that the United States will come to their defense… That would, without a doubt in my mind, escalate within hours or days to a massive global conflagration.

          • Mac, Obama IS Putin….this IS the plan. These two have been two peas in a pod since day one (“tell Vladimir I’ll have more flexibility after my next election”). All we see now was planned years ago. Move along people….nothing to see here…..

            • Yep

              • Putin is a “short man” bully who ran the KGB and Obummer is a brat child king that ran nothing (except for the USA into the ground). This may not end well. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

                • Putin didn’t run the KGB. He was suck with boring jobs like research.

                  • James:

                    Got a ‘link’ to that info?

                  • RESEARCHING WHAT?!
                    How to take America without firing a shot?!!!!
                    Appears he was the man for the job!!!

                    “Hey, let’s send one of our top agents to America and have him run for the office of POTUS on Hope and Change (Code for welfare and donuts) – those fat, dumb, lazy bastards will never know what hit them. Heck, half of them don’t even know what gender they are, their parents let their son’s wear dresses and their daughters wear work boots. Now their soldiers are fighting over fingernail polish. They won’t even see us coming!!!”

            • BC you are correct before the election the mic was left
              on an anyone who was listing heard O’MAN tell PUTIN
              this was the plan long ago as far back as the Cuban missle crisis you nailed it BC

            • The context of that quote was never revealed.

              • It’s being revealed now!!!
                You’ll be dead or speaking Russian soon!!!

                • Unqualified CRAP!

            • Bath House Barry is used to doing what white guys tell him form money.

          • Russia cannot back down and allow themselves to be surrounded by the west, espeically on their soft underbelly that is Ukraine. The U.S. coming to the aid of Ukraine, no way. The U.S. and NATO however will agitate Russia by building up heavy weapons in the Baltic countries and Poland. Something that is prohibited by treaty, but the U.S. and NATO will find a loophole in it like BO loopholes the Constitution.

            The MSM are so one sided it is unbelievable. Russia is doing exactly what the U.S. would do if either Canada or Mexico was coming under the possibility of an enemy. NATO is the enemy of Russia, period. NATO promised Russia no eastward expansion for the cooperation in not pulling out their nuclear weapons. Promise broke with the ex-Soviet satellite states. Then the ultimate insult to Russia, losing Lativa, Lithuania, and Estonia, all ex-USSR. These countries border Russia, but have swampland that would prevent any tanks and other heavy weapons from crossing into Russia. Still it borders Russia.

            Russia will also do something if there is airforce powers are positioned in the Baltic States. Same as if China or Russia put aircraft strike forces in Cuba, Jamaica, anywhere in the Bayamas. Russia has been haevily arming the enclave of Kaliningrad that borders Poland for the past few months.

            It will not be Ukraine, it will be something real stupid that causes WW3. Like bringing in weapons that can strike Russia suddenly and easier in some of these NEW NATO countries like the Baltics. Then there is always the natural gas pipelines that Russia depends on for their monopoly and Syria. Not to put off Iran. let’s not forget about what the U.S. is trying to do to China either in Asia. If and when WW3 starts, any future historians will likely place the blame squarely on the U.S. and the imperialisitc attitude that started everything. You can’t go and take everything and expect that someone is finally going to say stop and fight back.

            • As usual BI your are right on target with very intelligent analysis. Thank You.

              • As usual BI is full of it. Why would Russia perceive the US under Obama as a threat? They are butthole buddies and whatever happens will have already been agreed upon in advance. Obama is a communist and Putin is a communist. The only reason Obama would do any military moves against Russia is to get troops and equipment destroyed or killed. That is the facts.

                • Because BO is still a puppet of the elitists. Because the U.S. continues with the policy of encirclinng Russia and China regardless of whom is in the whitehouse.

                • Putin is a communist?
                  Sources please……

                  • “Putin is a communist?
                    Sources please……”


                    Actually, in this case – Obama is Stalin and Putin is Roosevelt or Churchill!!!

            • Russia will not enter Ukraine. At least in August.

              • Now it is time for russians to respond western sanctions and lies of State Department.

                • noname … Russia has just announce blow back sanctions against of the western countries imposing sanction on Russia.

                  No western food for the Russian people for a year. (article on Zero Hedge)

                  Then the US response:

                  “Assuming that they take this action, it would be blatant protectionism”

                  Like the US sanctions aren’t the same thing. But it’s OK because the US imposed them. I guess with the US’s superior reasoning ability, they expected that Russia would sit idly by while the west tried to destroy the Russian economy. Imbeciles.

              • Sarcasm? We’re in August.

              • Why not?!
                They’ll take Ukraine in August and then hold the EU at bay with threats of turning off the gas soon thereafter….
                I was wondering what the Ruskies were waiting for?!
                They’ve been waiting for the Fall!!!

            • @BI

              Sir, excellent analysis for the above subject.


              -But I am confused right now:

              1. do I have to worry about ebola?
              2. Or do I have to worry more about this war?

              What a nightmare. -:(

              • “He’s thinking he can send his troops over the border and no one in Europe or the United States will have the will or fortitude to stop it.”

                I hope this statement turns out to be true. We wont and we shouldn’t……the whole world is NOT our business. Putin can do what ever the hell he wants to…..OVER THERE. The gall and nerve of not only the American government, but a majority of the citizenry is appaling and it is a no wonder we are hated by most the world.

                • Two words. Hungary. 1956. Yes, I’m old enough to remember it. I hope like Hell that I’m wrong.

              • or 3. Do I need to worry about the border situation and being invaded right here already in our own country.

                This should be thee number one prime thing on every ones mind. It should be what every one is talking about all day every day.

                Ebola isn’t here, at least not yet. The war isn’t happening at least not yet and may never happen or even happen here. What is happening now as fact is that we are being invaded by scum with no care in the world for us or our way of life…that is fact and that is happening RIGHT NOW and HERE!

                • Why, because CNN says so? MSNBC said it, so it must be correct? You believe everything you hear? Or read on the gossipnet? Oh! Alex Jones said it so it must be right? One sided Alex, married to a Jewess! Why don’t you look into it idiot! You call children scum? What’s “your way of life?” Are you a meth head? That’s what the majority of Americans are hooked on now! Or are you on those mental meds that 80% of Americans are on? Or are you living on a fake disability check like one of the millions of Americans that are doing that now. Or are you one of the millions of people who turn a blind eye to the abortion clinics all over your nation, in every city, where millions of babies have been murdered? Yet somehow you are morally superior to the “scum” as you call them. Fuck you and your way of life you fuckin douchebag! You live in one of the richest nations of the world, not because you made it that way, but because past generations made it that way, through their morals and their way of living meant you gave a helping hand to those in need and those that were fallen were given help for them to get up and help others too! You along with anyone under 70 are worthless and don’t deserve the nation that you inherited. God is just and he will judge you for all your filthy wars, including the ones that you your self mention, which by the way makes no sense in how you can rationalize calling others scum when it’s your nation causing so much mayhem and chaos, death and destruction around the world. You are definitely scum and have shown that is what you are! Now shut up! And Go sit in front of your computer and look at your bestiality porn, what a sick filthy country America has become!

                  • forget your meds this morning?

                    I agree America is a sick filthy country for the most part, and in part due to the scum that came here and didn’t adapt, but instead brought their trash here. And if you believe the whole small child BS coming across the boprder your blind as a bat.

                  • Yonama quit crying. I will be honest i do love seeing libtards from Mexico hating on America but doing everything they can to come here. You mad bro? I own you whiney baby.

                  • yomamma And just what country are you from ?

                • I think I saw an article on Drudge that there are so many Somali “immigrants ” in Minnesota that it is changing the political landscape.

                • I guess you didn’t hear they brought in 2 American Medical workers with Ebola to Atlanta, the city that lost anthrax, had anthrax exposures, and has a population of Affirmative Actions soo stupid that MARTA spent $11,000,000 on urine detectors in elevators. Talk about opportunity cost.

              • @ dmitry. At this point I would be concerned about the ball falling from all sorts of avenues. Ebola is something to worry about if it becomes air borne. There is still a small percentage of people that have become infected out of a population that is really living in extremely dirty conditions. West Africa is well, West Africa, and you would think that IF Ebola was that rampant that at least 1% of the population would now have it. 1000 cases out of millions of people is less than 1/10 of 1%. That could change, but thankfully it has not yet.

                War is something that is extremely unpredictable and can break out and spiral out of control at a moment’s notice. You could wake up in the morning at everything is “normal”. By mid morning there would be breaking news that divisions of Russians and/or Chinese are pouring into countries. This could be massive air strikes also. By noon time the entire world is at extreme crisis. By afternoon the air raid sirens go off. By nightfall the entire country is blackened out and on fire. That is something that could happen much slower than the first strike that Russia/China/U.S. could easily start.

                What we all have been told is that neither side will attack unprovoked FIRST without warning. What we would never be told is what is actually going on. Both sides have much provoked each other a lot, and behind the scenes probably to the point of the highest cold war levels. It is planned, rational or insane from any point of view, that a nuclear war is winnable under the “right” circumstances. In every military handbook there are those scenarioes that in case of nuclear war you must either win it or take “acceptable” losses. IF one side thinks that there is no better option than a first strike and feels backed into a corner and no way out, then irrational fear kicks in and all bets are off.

            • Unless “ex”-KGB Putin “goes off the reservation,” he will do exactly what the tribal banksters of the IMF tell him to do.

              That is the wild card. Will Putin go off the reservation?

              • JQP….. I really and sincerely hope that you are wrong. If this is another setup by the tribal bansksters via Putin then the bloodshed will continue for ever.

                • I just love how you morons always have to imply that it is the Joos. Too sick. Sure sign of a left wing progressive is the Joos did it. F-ing tard.

              • I just about fell out of my chair. Have you seen these William Duvane “Roslin Capitol” Gold commercials? He’s now hacking these “Buy Gold with your 401K roll over into a Roslin Gold fund.”

                He claims in the commercial “buying into this fund is just as good as gold in your hand.” Bwhaaaaaaaaaaaaa Oh apiece of phony paper is just as good as gold in your hands. Get ready for the mass fleecing folks, when they forclose your 401K Accounts. It is not money unless it is in your hand and possession.

                • The real danger is in Treasuries which are in a bubble. The amount in gold is not even worth mentioning while treasuries are in the trillions.

                • Yea!!! BUT, you get a FREE (Tinfoil) safe to store your worthless paper in!!!
                  Just bad that they didn’t think to put a carry handle on that (FREE) super-safe they offer, for added convenience?!!!

                  Roslyn Capital partnered with Toys-R-Us for that “Free Safe” offer.
                  And, of course we know that Toys-R-Us gets their junk from China, so the Chinese already have the Combo’s or key doubles for those Free Safes!!!

              • Umm wrong. It was the IMF/EU that deposed a democratically elected government in the Ukraine and installed a puppet.

                • Same thing they did here!!!
                  I’m just surprised that the new Ukraine regime didn’t run on “Hope and Change”!!!
                  Doesn’t the IMF/NWO know – “If it worked the first time…..?”!!!

            • Please stick to your earthquake forecasting.

              • He is full of crap on that as well. Self proclaimed expert.

            • As always, another outstanding post by you BI! Here is another factor working in favor of the Russians; our own hold over belief in our Cold War and immediate post collapse of the USSR propaganda. We still want to believe that we have the technology to off set their numerical advantages. We want to believe we have the BEST military hardware in the world, bar none. We want to believe that the average Russian troop is an alcoholic, who in the absence of an officer ordering him, can not and will not take any action on his own.
              Whereas we know with absolute certainity that our troops will kick their asses (just like in Red Dawn).
              Could it be that our mouth/ego is writing checks that our asses can NOT cover? Given the current state of our military, it is not a good plan to provoke the Russian Bear to go to war with us.

            • BI, spot on analysis as always. The BOY in the WH keeps throwing rocks at the Russian Bear and it appears the bear is at its limits of tolerance. I sympathize with Ukraine’s plight, but IT’S NOT OUR WAR, NOT OUR PROBLEM. Ukraine will fall. We don’t have manpower to send anywhere thanks to the defense budget cuts.

              • BH we southern folks have to disagree sometimes.I will try to quote Shakespear when he said ,the earth is a stage and we are actors upon it.Putin will play his part very well.Do not believe anything he has to say.He is a devil same as Obama.

            • Russia said from the beginning that it is not acceptable to have NATO on their borders. Now, recently the FM of Russia, (with a rather belligerant look on his face!) is saying the Americans are using the crisis in the Ukraine as an excuse to have NATO on Russia’s borders. And Russia has begun building up forces along the border… what do you think will happen next? Russia WARNED the US!

            • Speaking of nuclear weapons, didn’t some of them go “missing”? Or is that just my over active imagination?

              • No!!!!
                Obama just had the warheads removed from our ICBM’s and had them filled with what was left of our gold!!!!

            • BI you are the man! Love all your input and information.

              I feel that this the US will do nothing as our risk/reward ratio is not beneficial to the powers that be. I feel bad for the innocents caught in the crossfire.

            • People need to just accept that ANY fight with Russia will be a fight with China and Iran…..
              America is being set-up and will be “sucked in” and DESTOYED in her Blind Arrogance!!!
              The writting is on the “GREAT” WALL!!!

            • Has anyone bothered to mention that the US and EU also funded and sponsored the Neo-Nazi overthrow of the democratically elected president of Ukraine back in February? That the Kiev government has used NATO helicopters and White Phosphorous against it’s own citizens. The UN now also reports over 400,000 Ukrainian refugees have crossed the border INTO Russia in the last couple of months. I guess those people are so stupid that they’re running towards the people who are supposedly getting ready to attack them?

          • We are war weary.
            Our stuff is worn out.
            Our troops are burnt out.
            The F-35 is nothing but a fake orgasm.
            Thank God our Navy bought more F-18s
            We did nothing for GEORGIA in there time of need.
            We let the Russians take our Hum-vees from there.
            We have a Country that seems to be talking Civil Unrest.
            We are being invaded south of the boarder.
            It just keeps getting better does it not America ??????
            Our Government ?????????????????????????????????????

            LET THE SHTF or how does the song go?
            LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR ??????????????????????

            • @good guy

              “There ain’t no time to wonder why…whoopee we’re all going to die”! (not sarcasm)

              • sinner

                Open up the pearly gates I do not give a damn

                ( not sarcasm either ) 🙂

            • And….
              We are bankrupt.
              We do NOT have the manufacturing base to replace/make the new stuff, faster than what the bad guys can break it.
              War toys like tanks, ships and aircraft take a lot longer to make per item, have more parts to them.
              e.g we can not make as many F-18s per month like we did with the P-51 Mustang.
              We are NOT the same country, share the same common culture and core values the way we did in the 40’s.

              Novel concept: why doesn’t the FUSA, mind it’s own damn business and left every one else alone? I am sure if they wanted us to meddle in their affairs they would invite us to do so.

          • The Mainstream Media is the NWO Tribe Propaganda Mill. Ignore them. They are already Proven pack of liars, not worthy of any attention, and boycott ALL their advertising sponsors.

            It was reported today “Obama Secretly Sent Young Latin Americans to Cuba to Stir up Chaos and Rebellion. They went under the guise of humanitarian, tourists or business relationships. Link:

            Its not a secret any more!!! lol

          • Yep… Putin should have done it long time ago… now all those innocent civilians dead.

          • “Putin is not going to make threats or a show of force and then pull an “Obama” as was the case with Syria.”

            First, I’m under the impression that non-Military politicians halted that incursion.
            It’s a good thing too because Russo-Sino have already declared Syria, Iran, Pakistan, and North Korea as red-lined buffer zones. Germany, India, Brazil, and South Africa are the wildcards in the configuration. However, when India justified the draft in response to a so-called Chinese incursion by accident, it also brought 50K additional troops along the Indian-Sino border of all places along a hub capable of penetrating into Afghanistan within 24 hours. It doesn’t help CNN 404ed an article in which it ceded parts of contested Kashmir to China and not all areas were occupied by China and claimed by India either published in 2009.

            “I have a hard time believing that the United States will come to their defense… That would, without a doubt in my mind, escalate within hours or days to a massive global conflagration.”

            Recall, Russo-Sino were invited into Grid X and RIMPAC, and they have roughly around 600K training with DHS on US soil in case of natural or man-made emergency. In essence, Russo-Sino can knock the US out of the equation for an undetermined amount of time (interestingly, FEMA Corps has roughly the same amount of man-power). The result is inevitably economic collapse followed by martial law and World War III with a guaranteed foriegn threat politicians can rally their populaces against.

            It looks very contrived to me but then my based anchor is a cross-reference of mainly Diplomacy hobby as far as geopolitics goes.

          • We already have their gold, what else do they have that we want? Not much. There is no chance of prying Russia out of the Crimea. USA only has a chance of losing with no chance on winning anything. Obama just set this up for disaster like everything he touches.

            • We have whose gold?!
              You lost me with that one!!!
              Have you researched how much gold Russia and China have stashed over the last decade?!
              We haven’t even the gold we owe anyone!

          • President Obola is not looking too manly these days in Russia’s eyes.

            Keep getting those #10 cans.

          • Mac
            You are right. Obama will make noise but he will not challenge Putin. Putin will take part of Ukraine for now. He will then let the noise die down. Then do his next move. He has a long rang plan. Like all long rang plans, it could change or accelerate if the west pisses him off.
            Obama doesn’t have the balls for the job.

          • Well Mac, the west has been sanctioning Russia, because they WANTED Russia to put a stop to the fighting in Ukraine. IN FACT, WE HAVE DEMANDED IT. It sounds to me like Russia is preparing to do just that. You people are getting pretty schizophrenic on this issue.

            First, you punish Putin because he is not trying to stop the war in Ukraine, THEN, you bitch when he seems to be getting ready to do so…MAKE UP YOUR MIND! Do you want Russia to put a stop to the fighting or not?

            Personally, I see no reason why Russia needs our permission to squash the fighting between Russian people, in Russian territory.


            …oh yeah, I almost forgot. If we minded our own business in Ukraine, all of those western corporate interests might lose a few billion dollars.

            If we kept our nose out of other country’s business, we might avoid world war three — but we can’t let the Military Industrial Complex and the banksters who fund them, lose out on all of that PROFIT over a few thousand dead Ukrainians and American sheeple, now can we?

            BOTTOM LINE : Stop whining when you get what you wished for.

        • Nor he should backdown Dave. Banksters are home invaders….what do we do with home invaders in the USA?

          • Putin is fighting the NWO Tribes and Banksters in Ukraine. Lets get this strait. I wish our country leaders would Wake the F up and kick this tribe out of our country like Putin did.
            Putin will never have to attack America, as he just grabs his popcorn sits back and watched the NWO Tribe eat away and destroy America one bite after another, like 3rd stage cancer.

        • I GOT IT.

          • Isn’t that what should be done over carelessness and mishandling of a dangerous weapon? Especially by someone who has no business with a BB gun, much less a shot gun.

        • But we, the FUSA will do both, with the usual calls for the usual useless calls for stern action from the useless UN, more sanctions, and to show how tough we are, more hashtags and the horror of it all, unfriending on Facebook

        • I can’t help cheering when Russia imposes new sanctions on the US… which may sound wierd, since I am an American! However, when one country continually acts like they are better than other countries (as Obummer and other politicians keep proclaiming) they really do need a punch in the face to wake them up. Plus, of course, the constant lies and propaganda by the MSM needs a re-adjustment.

          Anyhow, at Zero Hedge, they’ve just announced Putin’s latest chess moves.

        • Ringa ding ding da ding a ding ding

        • Yea! No “Don’t ask, Don’t Tell” and/or effeminate soldiers in the Russian, Chinese or Iranian Armies.
          The American feminazi’s are soon to find out what MEN are and why they needed them – but only after they learn RUSSIAN, ARABIC and MANDERIN CHINESE.
          Poetic Justice is a Western Feminazi in a Burqa!!!
          And a gay politician in front of the Spetsnaz!!!
          HELL COMETH!!!

          • P.S.
            The bit about “WOMEN RUNNING THE COUNTRY” was pure sarcasm. Women now run our country – and they’ve run it into the ground!!!
            And of course, I’m not only speaking of the female kind!!!

            In prison, they reffer to the kind of people running our country, male and female alike, as B!TCHES!!!

        • Russia did not start this fight and we are tired of the USA talking about paecekeeping just like we see in Gaza today.

          Yes go Putin and save all the people in the east of the Ukraine who are being killed by western backs terrorist from Kiev

      2. May cooler heads prevail, what am I thinking there are not any….

        • I just happened to catch Apocalypse World War I on the tube. The first two parts of the series provide a fascinating look into the leaders behind the war and the total disregard for human life.

          The world literally went from having espressos and croissants in Paris one day to all out warfare the next. Within 45 days of the war declarations being announced nearly a million people were dead in Europe.

          Pure insanity.

          I, like you Eppe, don’t think there are too many cool heads sitting in the upper echelons. Couple that with the hundreds of billions of dollars in resources and war profits to be made, and I shudder to think of where this can lead.

          It may not happen next week or next month, but the chess pieces are definitely being positioned for a widespread future confrontation.

          For all we know, however, it COULD happen next week or next month.

          Enjoy your espressos and croissants folks… time may well be running out.

          • @ Mac. During the cold war people on both sides reminded me of a couple of peacocks displaying their plumes and trying to out flash and out do the other. Now you have many sides that are dead serious about war and winning it, or at least not losing it and being conquered. During the cold war Russia had it buffer states and really had much less to worry about than now.

            Insanity is the main course. Fear drives much to the most irrational acts anyone can imagine. Back a human being into a corner where they have nothing to lose and they will react this way and respond with insanity. The U.S. has backed itself into a corner with the petro dollar and the destruction of the strong economic status with debt and more debt. Russia and China both know that they cannot be surrounded without even firing a shot. You have a bunch of other countries that are in fear of being taken over like Pakistan, Iran, Syria, North Korea, and others. Fear is the strongest human emotion and is the catalyst for hate and war.

            There are a lot of people, and elitists that are not people, that are in deep fear of losing power and control. Still others are in fear of being controlled and conquered. Just look at how all of us feel about the death of the Constitition and our individual freedoms. We right now have a cauldron of fear that is more rampant that a plague. We all are just waiting for this irrational acts to begin to manifest themselves, just waiting as each day the indications grow stronger and stronger of what is to come.

            • You don’t tell a prize fighter you’re stealing his wallet.

            • BI, spot on again. I’ll say one thing for the Soviets. At least they were predictable during the Cold War.

            • BI,
              Quick question….Who are the elitist who are not people?

          • @Mac…

            Yep….and it was essentially a family feud. Just about all of the leaders of both sides were related in one way or another.

            It was a stupid, stupid war.

            And we had no business getting messed up in it.

            Within the period of just a few years, we had The Federal Reserve Act, the income tax and WWI.

            I’ve said on several occasions that the mess we have right now began in earnest in 1913.

            We’ve had nothing but wars ever since.

            • Right you are , Walt.

              It did begin with the formation of the early stages of the Federal Reserve Bank; which is neither “federal/us gov, or American owned.

              The “world banksters” ultimately control the dollar, the economy, and the bleeding of America’s prosperity.

              They only make a small percentage of their profits from the “interest rates” on lending money.

              The biggest bucks come from the spoils of war.

              They con the sheeple into thinking that their expansion of democracy and freedom around the world will make everyone all warm and fuzzy feeling; all the while using their sinister tactics to feed the war machine for their lust of power and greed,

          • This war is needed to provide the world economic reset we all know is coming. This is TPTB last resort for covering their mistakes. Printing money and low interest rates were just delaying tactics. The problem this time is they have armed our police forces to the teeth and I’m pretty sure it’s not to secure the border. Their telling us it’s us they are concerned about and are not afraid of killing patriots. After all I lost count how many different Americans have been labeled as terrorist by this government.

            • Correct. They printed money into their bank accounts and then loaned it to the gobblements. Then they used the printed money to buy assets. Now, either the gobblements remain debt slaves or a reset must occur. Either way they win. They now control the assets and have debt slaves. With a reset, they make a ton more as they have the cash to buy more assets. Its a repeat of 1920’s I think.

            • Off topic, But KULAFarmer out on the Hawaiian Islands is about to get hit by 2 in a row Hurricanes, “Iselle and Julio”. Weird for 2 in a row and they will land on Thursday. With these Spanish Hurricane Names, it may be a wave of illegals getting dropped off. Just kidding, So Stay tuned and wish Kula Safe refuge. He is probably busy getting ready today, like the masses on the Islands tying everything down. The last SHTFPLAN article yesterday, he said the store shelves were getting wiped out, no bottled water left. Maybe he can update us to what is going down on the ground there. Stay safe Kula!!

              • WWTI, I agree. Kulafarmer, best wishes for survival.

                • I think Kula will be just fine. Smart Man, well prepped.

            • There is “ONE Option” left for America to rid ourselves of the National Debt, and that is Kill the Bankster Loan Sharks.

              • I usually don’t respond to atheist; but, that is the most stupid comment I have ever heard.

                WTF do you think they are gonna do? Just line up and walk out to be identified.

                Shit man, you and the whole state militia of Fla. couldn’t find them.

                Get real.

                • looks like we got NO chance then….

                • BTW, i wanted to thumb up AND down

          • Remind me again why we should care one way or the other. The Ukraine had been part of the Russian Empire for several centuries and may, or may not, be again. Their being part of Russia never had an effect on the U.S. before and only now servers as a possible base for NATO troops should it be accepted into NATO. Small wonder Putin is getting nervous, he’s slowly being surrounded by NATO/Eurozone countries that use to be a buffer for their paranoid communists leaders. I’m no fan of
            Rootin-Tootin Putin, he’s a little man with a big ego and a bit psychotic. The Ukraine and Russia, at least the part that counts, are in Europe which makes this a European problem, so let them solves it if they wish. If they don’t have the stomach for it, too bad, then perhaps they’ll suffer again as they did when they were too afraid to confront Hitler. History does not repeat itself, but it often rhymes. This is not our fight.

            • Anon7, very good post and for the first time ever, you said something that I agree with. The US is bankrupt, the defense budget is being cut, we are all sick and tired of war, war, war. It’s their problem, not ours.

              • Chicken heart…….You again?

                • anonymouse, thought we were’nt sposed to call names on here anymore? is the truce over? well then, fuck you, you misconcepted, sexually assaulted, prearranged morphadite, queer-suckin’ son-of-a-bitch! fuck yerself, you prick! (never mind all that if you wasn’t serious)

            • For you to declare that Putin is “a little man with a big ego and a bit psychotic,” reveals the extent of your lack of discernment in reading human character.

          • time already ran out…we are being invaded right here right now! And no one is too much up in arms about it….and we are truly fucked beyond all recognition

          • Espressos and croissants?!Damn Mac,did not realize you made so much from your sites!Time for my coffee and a smoke,damn,thought I was a rock star being able to grind my own coffee beans!

          • If you may recall from the WWI show, the elites were also concerned that the workers were getting restless with poor wages and felt they needed a war to reduce the pressures they were feeling due to a disgruntled working class. It’s the old adage coming true that if you don’t learn from history you repeat it. The whole issue with Ukraine and Syria is almost completely created by the actions of our own government. The Saudis wanted to build a pipeline to Europe that has to go through Syria to compete with Russia’s Gazprom and take some of their market share in Europe. Syria is an ally of Russia so they refused the pipeline making Assad a target for removal, almost all of Russia’s pipelines into Europe go through Ukraine so our Government backed the overthrow of the elected government in Ukraine. If you listen to Victoria Nuland’s phone intercept in its entirety (look past the “fuck the EU” comment) she says who she wants in various positions within the new government. We are to blame for the whole thing. I dislike Putin vehemently but he is just reacting to what WE are doing to him. As usual, follow the money!

            • Sir you are correct. Follow the money. I fear a major war is a given and it is a question of when and not If. A major war would allow the bankers/special interests behind it to the current unrepayable debt to be written off the book, using the usual accounting tricks. War is a money making racket for those who sell stuff (and over charge) to the government. Dead people dont collect on entitlements. Dead people dont complain when the government takes their assets. And if the dead person is a member of a certain group/”minority”, then the more of them that are dead, the better. War is a great way to impose even more controls on the sheeple, all in the name of being patriotic!

          • Cooler heads? Our country is run by Psychopaths. There is no gray area here, or common sense or reasoning as an option with psychopaths. All they know is hellbent slash and burn at all costs.

        • Your right eppe there ain’t any. So instead of dragging this thing out and getting a bunch of young men killed and maimed. We should just go ahead and Nukem and then we would’nt have to play this game with Russia ever 20 or 30 years. And maybe the rest of the world would get the message. China you hear that. Now the rest of the world is at peace. Trekker Out.

          • MT…such a stupid comment.

            • Yea, I have to agree….

              it was a stupid comment; but, i won’t give it a thumbs down because i read through what you were trying to say.

              NO MORE american lives for the sake of foreign battles over land. While I agree with that, I can’t agree with playing God and killing millions of innocents just because we are a superpower and want everything to be as we want it. Isolating the enemy and striking directly is different.

              Like it or not folks, all are God’s children.
              Some are heathen and some follow a false god, but it is the Father’s option as to how to deal with them.

              If there is ultimately a direct threat from a potential invading source, then that is a different scenario. All countries and peoples have a right to protect themselves.

              Right now there is a bigger threat from the group called ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) that has proclaimed “death to America and that they will fly the flag of mohammed over america”.

              Who are these goons?
              Why hasn’t the MSM been reporting more info and exposing the truth about them, not to mention the “real” threat they are to America.

              Get this: they, = ISIS, are an off-shoot of Al-Qaeda.

              Reportedly, Al-Queda banned them from their organization because of their “brutality”. Imagine that. A group (so claimed) responsible for the deaths of 3000 American citizens on our soil, calling their ex-members “more brutal”.

              Well, they are sure living up to that reputation in Iraq and Syria. Their mantra/warcry is that they (ISIS) are the “religious authority over all Muslims around the world” and their plan is to bring all “muslim inhabited regions” (which includes USA),under their political control.
              Talk about a “caliphate”!

              America/USA is in their sights. This bunch is so radical, if they get WMDs, there won’t be any hesitation to push the button on Americans and on American soil.

              For once i have to agree with Bill O’Reilly of Faux News, that this bunch in Iraq is where we need to be bombing and eradicate the real threat and salvage what is left of Iraq.

              I was totally against the idea when he/Bill proposed it; but, after researching about ISIS and how evil they are, I concur; send them to God and let Him deal with them.
              They are nothing but blood thirsty serpents.

              • If you listen to Iraqis the don’t call them ISIS, they don’t call them Al Qaeda or Sunnis they call them “Wahabbis” that is the Saudi sect of Islam. Same with the locals in Afganistan, they are not Taliban they call them Wahabbis as well.

                • It doesn’t matter what or who they call them Tom, they are evil/mean mofos.

                • Excellent article at ‘truthdig’. thanks WhoWuddaThunkIt.

                  A good historic time line of three world wars can be found at:

                  h ttp:/www.three world

              • “death to America and that they will fly the flag of mohammed over america”.

                Uh, they already did that, when the father of that bergdahl guy, the alleged POW, spoke of the leader of islam, from the white house. That act proclaimed the white house as their own. I can’t find the link at the moment, if I do I’ll post it.

          • @ Mountain Trekker

            Sadly as I read your post…I thought to myself if anyone else has given thought to the pure “Reality” that somewhere on another Blog in a far distant land that someone …either written in Russian or Chinese or other various languages….is saying the “Exact” same thing you said…but directed to and about the USA…..Surely we can’t be so Obummernite Arrogant to think that “We” are the only country that could and would bring down the Wrath Of God if they chose to.

            The world is sick of the Playground Bully….Unlike most Americans….they are ready to go all in because it has been on their soil forever.

            And all we may see come out of this….is one Big Ole Flash of Light. Is that what we really want ?

            Eppe stated it correctly :

            ” May cooler heads prevail….what am I thinking there are not any “…..

          • mt
            I think your forgetting that Russia and china have subs that could nuke us even if we did a first strike and wiped them off the map. there will be no winners in a nuclear war

            • And the US has subs to send a renuke in case we missed anything first go around,and then their hidden subs…..,hmmmm……,ending not looking good.

              • When the Middle Class starts bitchin about everything, the Elite start a War and fill the Minion’s heads with propaganda and patriotism. Then the Elite ships them off overseas, to fight the bogus war, and when or if they get back, they are too beaten up or disabled to fight and bitch.

                Recognize the signs, and what the media spews out there. War is usually a distraction to internal government problems or to mask their incompetence and theft of the people’s money.

                Keep you eye on the BIG Picture folks. Let er’ Rip!!

              • And if you want to see how it would all end up….just watch the movie, “The Road”.

                You’re right robert paulson… winners here.

          • Trekker,
            you don’t understand the men making the decisions. They will brag on the numbers of young men they eliminate. And delight on the numbers of young women they leave lonely. Bible has a story about one King David who did the same. They will not use the strike option as they want to play chess with lives of the lesser classes.
            Blowed out

          • 1. You need to fire a big amount of nukes to neutralize Russia. You think you and humankind would survive the nuclear fall-out…. (Or are you already braindead??)

            2. Keep your DEFENSE forces inside your US borders to DEFEND your country.
            No need to challenge the Russians thousands of miles away from your shores in their backyard, neither now nor in 20/30 years.
            And keep this principle all over the world and thus close your >150 US military bases in 126 countries (??!!) and the world will already be less “threatening” to you, how ironic this my sound.

          • Just blowin smoke, for all the Putin, Russian lover on this site. And all you American and Israel bashers. Trekker Out.

            • USA, USA, USA…

        • Obama’s Approval Ratings plummet to only 40%. And that is just his staff and family members. lol

          Wow Obama sure fooled all these voters out there. Hopey and Changey was about as clever as Bushy’s Compassionate Conservative Motto. As it turns out Bushy is a War Criminal and Obama? well……… Fill in the blank_______________.

          • Here’s a link that might also explain why Malaysian planes are falling out of the sky, everywhere you look.

            ht tp://

            This is what you get when you piss of the elites.

      3. I can only presume, that rather than cowering in DC behind a herd of taxpayer funded security, Congress and Obama will be leading the US military response from the front lines?

        Also, seeing how important they seem to feel this is, I have no doubt that the lobbyists and corporate executives will be there in person, too, fighting their own war for once?

        • I think I even heard them say they were going to send their own children and family members into battle ahead of everyone else…

          • They could start by sending them to OUR southern border. We are so caught up with Ebola and the Ukraine we seem to forget our country is being INVADED.

            Kruschev, years ago, said the Russians would not have to fire a shot; that we would decay from within. How right he was.

        • Well AC, Joe Biden’s son went there like a leach to suck the money out. I guess he’ll soon be back to mommy and papa.

          • I hope Biden’s son gets stuck over there and gets his ass handed to him.

      4. God speed Putin. Send the blood sucking ZOG of Ukraine where they belong. Maybe this starts the world wide cleansing of the criminal banksters.

        • And a billion other people…

          The killing will be wholesale and indiscriminate.

          • Mac, no human wants war. However how can the crimes against humanity be stopped by the blood sucking banksters? At some point people won’t have anything to lose but to fight back to protect their home and families.

            • If you think such a war “cleanses” the world of banksters, you’re delusional. If anything they will profit from it and become even more powerful. The only way to eradicate them is to go after them personally in targeted strikes and I’m sorry. I just don’t see that happening. Anything else just needlessly wastes the lives of average people in wars used for population control. Remember: The average Russian, Ukranian, Chinese, Jew, Mexican, etc. is NOT your enemy. Your enemy is those few people at the top who run the whole thing and enslave everyone with the debt based financial system. Everyone else is just cannon fodder and a distraction to keep you from going after the real enemy.

            • “No human wants war”. Unless you exclude from the “human” category all these bloodthirsty Islamicists, you are wrong. They LIVE for war, and are telling us so every day. All over the world – Middle East, Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Philippines, their holy book tells them to kill and keep on killing. And they obey.

          • @Mac,

            I recently read an article comparing WWI to what is currently happening in the world now. As it stands there are remarkable similarities, with a few differences. That being said, will the current leaders learn from the past and avoid such a war, OR has bloodlust taken over and it is inevitable.


            • Populations back then were far more cultured and better educated than the present crop of idiots, myself included. When one reads the accounts by the soldiers and the letters they sent to their loved ones it seems so much more tragic the loss of the flower of their generation to such a sensless war. And then an entire generation of young women who lost fiances, and husbands, and would go through the rest of their lives unmarried and childless. What strikes me as particularly tragic about the Great War was the pointlessness of it all. The lives sacrificed in vain, as a prelude to the Second World War, all the chaos of entire societies overturned to revolution as the old order was toppled and swept away, and the echos of that war are still heard around the world today. Out of the violence of WWI came the modern world and its dysfunctions. The war that is approaching will probably spell the end of humankind itself; we will have frontrow seats to the use of nukes on helpless civilian populations, indiscriminate biological warfare against races of humans and crops, the starving of entire continents, genocide on such a scale that the book of revelation pales in comparison. Our capacity for destruction will have exceeded our capacity for defense; this will mirror the First World War. Truly horrific times in which we live.

              • No doubt today’s population masses are as dumb and numb as they have ever been. They have become lazy and useless, and won’t lift a finger to do any work or learn any skills or anything. They are just faces that eat food stamp benefits with their asses planted to their lazyboys. Oh but they are really good at breading more useless eaters for sure.

                Just a few SHTFPlan articles back discussions about bugging out. and how many people just could not leave their homes and couches and electricity and running water, to of all things, and go live in the woods or survive or thrive where there are bugs, and wild animals. And I referred, that if the People back in the early to mid 1800’s could read these people Anti-bugout written responses they would be laughing their asses off of how useless, whimpy and Pussified many of today’s Men are. No doubt many will die in SHTF, just for being absolutely useless with zero skills about survival. They will just give up lay in the dirt and die.

                • WWThunkit:

                  According to all I have read those bugs and wild animals will look like food in the near future.

                  Prissy will not be in our vocabulary.

                  • Yes Po’d Granny, The woods can provide everything you need to survive. Its been going on for millions of years as full proof that got us this far. Its just the last few generations that have never been challenged to explore nature and think. Not all people, as there are some of us out here that enjoy the challenge, exploring and have curiosity to learn something new. Maybe it’s all the dumbed down Fluoride injected water that did it over the last few generations. But as we on here know all of this Luxury can be wiped away in a flash. So keep prepping as your brain and ambition is your best tool in the box. I bet PO’d Granny knows how to make home made bread eh? And it is the Parents and Grandparents responsibility to pass these skills down to your offspring, no matter how old fashion the kids try to claim it is. What ever you do make it fun, like chopping wood, get the entire family involved in projects, even dads get your daughters involved in man jobs. Teach them how to change a tire, change oil, fix a plumbing leak, build a dog house, fix a fence, raise chickens, knit a sweater, run a sewing machine, milk a goat, make cheese, patch a leaky roof, raise a bee hive, gardening, hang a door, etc.

                • WWTI and POG, ALL nonpreppers are doomed; they just won’t realize it until it’s too late.

                  • And so are 99 per cent of all preppers after 1 year and their shit runs out.

              • Moon, I agree. Excellent analysis.

          • It seems I can see the four horsemen of the apocalypse mounting their horses.

            • Wk: Sorry to disagree but the dust is flying.

              River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!

              • Hey River Rat – I just ordered some Cast Iron pots to try out your Dutch Oven Recipes. lol

              • Old man,

                What is this “TSORITA”?

          • Is “Slavo” short for Slavonia “Slavonija, Croatia”?

            I think @Mac Slavo knows something more than he’s telling of the realities of War.


            • Coincidence but is Mac’s Birth-Day on 7-7-77? Yes a pattern is developing. lol

      5. Putin seems to be intolerate to the UN. We can just hope that the russian military can think for themselves and prevail under calmer heads. If not then prepare the the STHTF. The US currently cutting down strength and personnel make this an even more inviting opportunity to perhaps look south at the US? Remember, a single shot taken before wwII could have prevented the mass anialation of the masses, an single shot now could also prevent whats to come. History has taught us to prepare the the unexpected, well, it here>>>>>>

        • Also, three is a huge inefficiency multiple. IDK about the military; but, other gobblement arms are hugely inefficient now. The deal for the worker is to lie about what his department will accomplish, drag on that lie for decades. and never get anything done. They they keep the funding rolling in and their fat paychecks and retirement packages. The structure of a corrupt organization leads to more corruption and less productivity. That’s where the USA gobblements (state, county, city, federal) are now. If the military is anything like that, then a county with a newly formed military could whip them.

        • Over 400 Ukrainian army soldiers just defected to Russia, claiming they are not going to kill their fellow Ukrainian citizens. Just goes to show you the scandal the Banker tribe is pulling to get a nasty war going is unraveling into shreds. Like “they held a war and nobody showed up.”

          This reminds me of the WW1 Christmas Truce Story. Read this:

          During WW1: The Christmas Truce of 1914 remains a singular occurrence of combat troops taking it upon themselves to get to know the “enemy” instead of killing each other. In many parts of the Western Front on Christmas Eve, the shooting stopped and soldiers from both sides emerged from the trenches to talk, sing Christmas Carols together, exchange mementos, and play games. In this photo, see link below: The British and German soldiers, their weapons very much present, fraternize in a way that made generals suffer strokes from their rage. After Christmas passed they went back to their perspective trenches and the shooting ensued. Source: History and the Human spirit is an amazing subject to reflect upon.

          • Follow up: During World War I, starting on Christmas Eve, many German and British troops sang Christmas carols to each other across the lines, and at certain points the Allied soldiers even heard brass bands joining the Germans in their joyous singing. At the first light of dawn on Christmas Day, some German soldiers emerged from their trenches and approached the Allied lines across no-man’s-land, calling out “Merry Christmas” in their enemies’ native tongues. At first, the Allied soldiers feared it was a trick, but seeing the Germans unarmed they climbed out of their trenches and shook hands with the enemy soldiers. The men exchanged presents of cigarettes and plum puddings and sang carols and songs. There was even a documented case of soldiers from opposing sides playing a good-natured game of football. In other cases some soldiers used this short-lived ceasefire for a more somber task: the retrieval of the bodies of fellow combatants who had fallen within the no-man’s land between the lines. Source:

            • That was in 1914. It never happened again.

      6. Interestingly our military as of six months ago has gone back to training large force on force within the linier battle field. If you think we are not back in a cold war you better check your meds.

        Big thing now is we’re under attack from so many sides it ain’t looking good for the home team, also our military is being butchered by BH0

      7. Russia lie and invade? I’m surprised Obama isn’t kissing his butt

      8. No more brother wars.White people killing more White people in the name of ZOG. Our people are only what 7% of world population.

        We don’t need millions more of our own killed off. Race is real and it does matter. Do you think any non White country in the world believes in the suicidal Diversity is a strength BS.

        You don’t need to hate other races but you also don’t need to hate your own.

        • How many countries in Africa only allow Africans to own land there? I know Liberia is one example. Those dudes are really prejudice.

          • Not just Africa. It’s also true in Mexico.

      9. I am residing in a testosterone-challenged hug-a-thug city-slicker metro-fucking-sexual state where I’m supposed to not have a gun out of the house unless it’s unloaded in a case with a fucking trigger lock and I’m only going to and from the range. Maybe I should shave my fucking vagina too while I’m at it? Are the fucking pigs going to put a trigger lock on their fucking guns?

        I don’t know how you old assholes ever let the country get in this condition, but by fucking hell I will never comply like a fucking lemming with this fuckassed, fucktarded, shit-for-brains fucking faggotry. God damn you bunch of timid old people. I mean, what kind of shit society are we living in when it’s weird for a man to want to defend, to provide for his family, to learn to be independent?


        Today I was watching FAUX news with my family. The government said that ebola is contained and there is no reason to panic. The family jokingly asked if I had a hazmat suit and a gas mask. I said yes. They made fun of me a lot over that.

        • Mainly we saw dumb little shits like you being reared and said, “what’s the point?”

          • I’m thinking acid probably gets “reared” every day.

        • AE,
          Welcome to NJ !


          Semper Fi 8541

        • Acid,you live in Cali. or Mass.?

        • Acid etch.give it a break. I’ll line up with the other old people that want to kick your ass. We aren’t the only people on the planet and you can bet there are untold millions of others doing mischief out there that you would blame on us too. move out of the country id you can’t deal with it. Look in the mirror before you trash anybody else on here. You’ll be old someday,who are you going to blame then?

        • Acid/Eisenkreuz, while you made a few valid points, we “old people” are not responsible for what’s happened to this country.

        • Acid, Ever go to a Anger management class? lol Another reason why Pot needs to be legalized, for episodes of Anger. I would love to drop a case of joints in the halls of congress, and require all law makers to smoke a joint before they begin every daily session. You want to see people come out of their shells and talk honesty. Hell, they would be banning all these illegal wars and tell the military to chill out begin peace talks. Is that phrase in our vocabulary any more? “Peace Talks?”

      10. Make sure you have at least a type 3A Kevlar vest and a PASTAC battle helmet. I might even buy a plate carrier eventually. The more people make fun of me, the more I see how brainless they really are, the stronger urge I have to stash more propane/ammo/water filters/food.

        • Dear Acid,

          you might want join to PUTIN forces?

          • Putin is a fucking piece of shit. Get that little boy in the ring with me and I’ll shove that Judo black belt up his ugly slav ass.

            On my dresser are photographs of my great grandfather in WW1 and pappy in WW2. KILL THOSE FUCKING SLAVS. HITLER WAS RIGHT.

            • Etch-a-sketch….. here’s your words. “On my dresser are photographs of my great grandfather in WW1 and pappy in WW2.” OK- your “pappy in WWII”… this means you are AT LEAST in your late 40’s. WTF is your problem with “old people”? Yea, I know, I sometimes don’t believe I’m old, but I AM. Please see my comments in the next posting about the “old lady” and the 9-11 call. I reiterate and ask again– “WTF is your contribution to society”? Mine are well documented. Not only for the good in my life, but of the bad. In which I have asked for forgiveness from Jesus.
              One day you may plead for your life to an “old person” with dire outcomes. Or at least the outcome you wanted. Remember, Jesus is “old” also.

              • I just saw that you stated- “my pappy”. I didn’t realize you may have meant your grandfather, in which case, let me amend my statement to– “in your late 30’s” . Not your late 40’s.

              • tinker, acid/eisenkreuz is just another troll.

                • I think you “Old People” just misunderstand Acid. He is venting like everybody should be able to do. When rights like freedom of speech are gone, people can’t vent their frustrations against their oppressors. Acid is pissed off there are dumb gun laws that restrict his freedom. You Old People should be just as pissed off. Our freedoms are dripping away daily. And then there will be nothing left to live for soon as slaves. Acid is a barometer out there in the public reflecting what he is dealing with. Like many of us we too have relatives and friends that just won’t wake up to reality that doomsday is approaching. I tell ya Acid, I hear ya, just prep your ass off cause in the end you will be the one person still around laughing at the old corpses who made fun of you lay dead. After a while stop trying to wake people up. They are useless when SHTF. Just start making wood grave stones for them with their names on it, and tell them you are even preparing for them when SHTF cause they will never make it if they don;t wake the F-up. See you in the end my friend, You are not alone, and we can share prepping supplies.

                • Who asked your opinion chicken heart?

                  • He doesn’t need anybody to ask him, he’s a self appointed site moderator. That’s his reward for being number one doom porn shill.

          • dmitry,
            How you guys holding up over there? Seems you got as bad a deal as we did in the last 5 years,
            What is the climate of concern on the Ebola problem ? Seems like both our governments have been lying to us for years , what it all comes to is , you take care of your family and neighbors first
            The government has its own agenda and it does not include us except for cannon fodder . I think it’s time we all realise it’s all up to us as INDIVIDUALS to create the world we want to live in.
            We in the end will be the few survivors of a folly that start long before we were born .
            We just have to survive and learn from the mistakes of the past.
            We have come to far and endured the unendurable to just throw it all away.


            Semper Fi 8541

        • Hey Asshole Itch

          its your anything goes genaration that has taken down this country ,us (as you say timid old people)were the ones that built the country from hard ass bone and gristle work ,we all worked are ass off ,we have morals and ethics ,pride ,we never had the luxery of sitting in our momma’s basment choking our chicken wilst we jabbered on a computer thread ,and called that work

        • I can see you now with your cute little plastic Beetle Bailey helmet draggin’ your red-rider, titty-bottle and blankie (blanket).

          • PO’d Patriot, I just fell out of my chair reading your response to the troll. That was damned good.

        • Acid Etch…You make Biden look like a genius.

          • I think you Old Guy should stop teasing Acid and empathize with him. You never know a guy like Acid may be the Guy that saves your dumb ass in a crunch, when a gang comes to beat the shit out of you and your family. Acid will take all the thugs out just with his passion. And you can then thank your lucky starts a PO’s guy like Acid has the balls to fight the slave masters to save you. Karma!!!

        • I already have my body armor.

          Na, na, na, na, na, na.

      11. Holy fuck this shit’s about to get real. Good idea to fuck with russia, ya? Dummasses

      12. wouldnt it be sweet if the bankers put their kids on the first airplanes to the combat zone?

      13. I still don’t believe this is a shtf event. Ukraine is a mess. It has been a mess for ten years. When the government first formed, they took the IMF startup cash. They couldn’t pay it back so the European banksters kept giving them money as long as they serviced the debt with their rental income from Russia (Crimea).

        The country still fell apart long before Russia started making noise. If half of Ukraine goes back to Russia…so what. It’s not going to affect us and, it is better for the financiers.

        I believe the only people who have to worry about this are the 3 horsemen… maps, yahoo maps, and bing maps.

        • Your not too bright are you?

          • Me anonymous,

            25 years ago, when nuclear testing was rampant around the globe, I’ve seen Russia drill a hole in the side of a mountain, light a nuke, and focus the gamma radiation towards a town below, destroy it, and make it up habitual even through today. I’ve seen Russia destroy nuclear test sites in the Ural Mountains and Novaya Zemyla….all while in the USAF.

            Putin is not a conquered. He wants status, he wants to be revered. If he can rebuild the Soviet Union back to its glory days, that will go a long way to his legacy. If he gets half of Ukraine on the cheap, he’ll take that deal any day.

            If Russia had plans to start WW3, 20000 soldiers and a few tanks would be the least of your concerns.

            According to you, I may not be too bright….but then again, that is coming from someone who appears to be incredibly naive.

            • What he said.

      14. Comparisons to the calm before WWI do not take nukes into account. Is Ukraine worth starting nuclear war over? America and her allies won’t/can’t do anything to stop Russia here.

        • According to the Neocons, your death is worth it.

          • Yeah, Faux News Neocon Ann Coulter Quote: “Many will need to die and sacrifice themselves for our cause.”

      15. just in case the whole sale slaughter of the real descendants of Christ in Gaza was upsetting you… we have BS nonsense false flag pure story telling in.. oh yeah.. the Ukraine.. home of the khazars

        • Get a grip, dip, you and all of the other Anti-Jews. Whats going on in Israel is just like the last article about the 911 dispatcher telling the Lady to put down her gun. Hamas attacks and attacks and then when the Israelis kick their ass, you and the rest of the Muslim sympathizers start yelling put down your guns you might hurt someone. Trekker Out.

          • get your facts straight @m.t. your talkin sheeit about something you don’t know sheeit about obviously.

            hey @m.t. ya’ got some zio-joogoo dripping from your lips there, ya’ might want to wipe that off before your brokeback mountain boyfriend @grayfinger see’s it.

            @m.t. … you must hate rocky mountain american indians too.

            what is being done to the palestinians is no different than the brutal inhuman american genocide of american indians.

            the palestinians did nothing to deserve the genocide of gaza except be born a true natural citizen of palestinian.

            this recent slaughter was kicked off by a zio-jew mossad executed false-flag attack , where the zio-jews killed 3 of their own isreali jews in cold blood and blamed it on the gaza palestinians.

            it was the rothchilds , jews and nato who invaded palestine in the 1950’s , created the illegal zio-jew state of israehell and stole the country of palestine from it’s original people THE PALESTINIANS.


            • …where the zio-jews killed 3 of their own isreali jews…just like in WW2 but much bigger and call it a holocaust. Not a purge…just like stalin, mao, etc., etc…

              We’re the victims… it worked once, it will work again.

              How that for some conspiracy shit.

            • Zen Monk.. you spelled “sheeit” incorrectly. It should be spelled– “Shiite”.

              • lol ;0) nice, but so wrong.

                * Shiite’s are what we WASP’s made them, WE CREATED THEM, it started with the first Holy Crusade years 1096–1099.

                The First Crusade (1096–1099) started as a widespread pilgrimage (France and Germany) and ended as a military expedition by Roman Catholic Europe to regain the Holy Lands taken in the Muslim conquests of the Levant (632–661), ultimately resulting in the recapture of Jerusalem in 1099.

                It was launched on 27 November 1095 by Pope Urban II with the primary goal of responding to an appeal from Byzantine Emperor Alexios I Komnenos, who requested that western volunteers come to his aid and help to repel the invading Seljuq Turks from Anatolia.

                An additional goal soon became the principal objective—the Christian reconquest of the sacred city of Jerusalem and the Holy Land and the freeing of the Eastern Christians from Muslim rule.


                • The Shi’a/Sunni split in Islam goes back to conflict over who should succeed Mohammed himself. Ummayad vs. Abbasid. Omar vs. Ali.

                  The Crusades came 300 years later.

            • The Israeli Genocide on the Gaza people have been Horrific. 1300 Dead, and 7000 more Palestinians wounded. 1 in 5 dead in Gaza are children. Meanwhile not one Israeli citizen has been killed, and about a couple dozen Israeli soldiers were killed so far in the couple week conflict. The is very lopsided, slaughter by the Hell bent twisted Jew Zionist factions, who murder then lie about it. Bombing schools is not honorable.

              • Honorable combatants do not store their arsenals of rockets in school buildings, or under hospitals, or in mosques. They don’t force children to dig military tunnels in which hundreds die from cave-ins.

                The Israelis give warnings to civilians in time for them to flee, but Hamas instead piles these innocents into barricades around its’ positions. They know that they cannot win the military contest, so they create, often manufacture from whole cloth, “atrocity” stories to fool bleeding-heart liberals into believing the kind of crap you just spewed.

          • Pappy,

            Fuck the kikels and the towelheads both. And if you luv dem joos then fuck you too. $60 billion a year out of my pocket to the jew vermin in Israel? Fuck the fucking jews. Let them sink or swim on their own.

            • Etch-a-sketch—–” “$60 billion a year out of my pocket to the jew vermin in Israel?”
              your words, not mine. Soooo, you make approximately $60 quadrillion annually to pay $60 BILLION in taxes? Jesus! you’re wealthy!? Get out of your gramma’s basement NOW and drop the bowline. Idiot!

            • Acid/eisenkreuz, you’re the one who needs to get f#$%ed!

            • Etch-a-sketch… someone asked me the other day, if you realized you were, well, metrosexual, I told them that, yes you knew that, because when ZenMonkey was going down on you, he said it smelled like camel dung. Didn’t your school teachers’ mention that Homo-Sapiens are NOT the same as homosexuals?

            • Acid, It is more like $3 Billion a year in American Tax Payer Welfare to the Zionist Terrorists factions in Israhell. It is one of America’s largest disgraceful acts that feeds agression.

          • MT…you really are the lowest form of human intelligence. New born babies in a hospital don’t carry AK’s. I hope one day the mountain you live in will be occupied and see how you react.

            • Is that troll anonymous back?

              • Howdy chicken heart. How is your trailer park holding these days? Have you moved to Cuba yet? Move on boy……

          • WOW, I can feel the Love! Trekker Out. Viva La Israel!

            • We’ll see how Viva La Israel works in long term. Just check the rise of people in Europe.

            • Fuck the Jews let Israel get wiped out.

              • Etch-a-sketch…. are you STILL talking about your fantasies of corn holing someone and “blowing” someone up? tsk tsk tsk… naughty little boy.

                P.S. to Braveheart: yes, I know who and what Eisencrap is, I just love listening to his stupidity. sorry. My dad used to call me Maytag: every maytag has an agitator.

              • Iran claims they can wipe Israhell off the map in 11 days. I wish they would quit talking about it and just do it. That would be One less fat n worthless welfare Pig we would not have to feed anymore.

            • Trekker, I’m still with ya.

              I know what you meant, and folks will take a few misspoken words and paint you as a baby killer.

              You are not the first or the last to stick his foot in his mouth, so don’t sweat it.

              I’m pretty sure you aren’t sweatin anything, anyway.

              • Thanks Passin, I got the desired effect from the Putin Lovers. One thing you can count on, The Communist and the Muslims are so discreet about who they kill. And you better believe Putin is a died-in-the-wool-Communist. Let the blind lead the blind! Trekker Out.

      16. I worry this could be the start of the 2nd woe mentioned in the 9th chapter of Revelation. The first being the Gulf War.

        • Not yet, PD.

          These are the beginning of sorrows, but when the woes begin, everybody feels it.

          • Ever notice the “Praying Position” is the exactly same position as the “Execution Style Position?” There is something about people who commit their lives to being a slave on their knees to a cult, as well as cowards dying on their knees as a slave to their new Masters who decided when and how they die.

      17. i hope putin doesn’t stop till he takes down london!

        kick their nwo zio-nazi neocon asses vlad!


        • Amen ZM.

      18. Will Ukraine spark WW3? Maybe. Things are def heating up OVER THERE.

        What concerns me more, however, is what happening OVER HERE.

        Remember the slight of hand method all magicians use when they show you one hand while concealing the item in the other hand? That is what we have going on right now.
        America has real and credible threats to deal with right now, but we are all so easily distracted it seems.

        -The border crisis is still being directly overlooked whilst untold thousands pour across with who knows what.

        -The Ebola outbreak is already the *worst outbreak in recorded history*. That’s significant. It is now confirmed in SPAIN and possibly Portugal. How long before it has gone ‘hot’ in the U.S.? Not long now…just in time for ‘Back to School’. You know, the place where germs multiply like rabbits in heat.

        If the Ebola threat has not grabbed your attention yet, you are watching the wrong hand!

      19. As the late Trappist monk Thomas Merton incisively wrote, “The root of all war is fear.”

        Nowhere is this MORE evident than in THIS situation.

        Allow me to explain.

        Mr. Putin deep down is terrified of something. It is the job of the United States and all other nations to join in dialogue WITH Mr. Putin to invite him to speak, disclose his fears– his fears for his country.

        In all of us human beings the way we EXPRESS (and at the SAME time mask and HIDE) our fear is through POSTURING, sometimes very AGGRESSIVE posturing!

        As in THIS case with all the tank and troops buildup!

        The MISTAKE we could make is to IMMEDIATELY infer it means WAR when it FIRST means FEAR!

        Your cat does not need to be backed up in a corner to LASH OUT its claws AT you when it is either pissed at you or fearful, right?

        So FIRST, we must DECODE his MILITARY posturing as FEAR, and possibly FRUSTRATION at not being “HEARD”, and NOT as Aggression, per se. If Mr. Putin WANTED to “aggress”, he would have INVADED the Ukraine ALREADY, AS we speak!

        SECOND, we must DIALOGUE with him to UNCOVER or LEARN his fear and THEN work to ALLAY it.

        This is PRECISELY what President KENNEDY did in the Cuban Missile Crisis. He reached out to Mr. Kruschev! After very tense and equally unsuccessful negotiations, and unbeknownst to his aides, Mr. Kennedy, in a private and PERSONAL letter hand-delivered to the Russian Premier himself, noted that EACH was the proud but concerned father of children who each wanted to see them live, and, live in a world of Peace.

        Mr. Krushev, while reading the President’s letter, was EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT and ASTUTE enough to detect and sense that Mr. Kennedy was surrounded (and his diplomacy impeded/hindered) by WAR HAWKS.

        Reading that PRIVATE, personal letter, touched by Mr. Kennedy’s vulnerability and his carefully refraining from public brazen posturing, the world became SAVED from the brink of nuclear annihilation because ONE man recognized that DESPITE their cultural, language, and political DIFFERENCES, his opponent or “enemy” was just like him: a PARENT.

        In fact, SO DISTRESSED was Mr. Kruschev shortly AFTER he received news on November 22, 1963 that President Kennedy had just been assassinated, he SUMMONED his top KGB leaders and ANGRILY demanded, “FIND OUT FOR ME WHO KILLED PRESIDENT KENNEDY!”

        In short, Mr. Kruschev’s pain was that of the world’s– the inhabitants of our planet had never before cried en masse for a world leader who died– nor after– and a visit to any historical film library will evidence that fact.

        Mr. Kruschev no doubt was subsequently informed that elements/people WITHIN Mr. Kennedy’s OWN government conspired to assassinate a man whose popularity with his intelligence community, his military, and the NONfederal reserve (against whom he issued an Executive Order so that control of U.S. currency would be returned to the government and its citizens) was at an all-time low.

        I CAN’T get out of my head an IMAGE of Mr. Kruschev, alone in the privacy of his study, holding his face in his hands, quietly weeping for the death of an outstanding statesman who, to resolve an ultra-serious crisis, had put BOTH their interests first, and then, less than two years later got shot down like a dog in a triangulation of snipers hired by those representing the selfish, satanic interests of a few.

        No doubt Mr. Kruschev privately hoped that ONE day the American people, after UNMASKING the deceptive lies embedded within the Warren Report, would RISE UP to demand the JUSTICE which Mr. Kruschev himself knew he alone was powerless to effectuate, something he no doubt wished he COULD do for a man who showed deep respect, regard, and concern for the Premier and his own family, because THAT was their eternal connection, and bond, no matter how many miles “separated” them.

        Put more simply, while EACH of their respective countries both encouraged and PREPARED for war, ONE of these two men identified and recognized the humanity of the other: our President did not want either man to do anything that would jeopardize the future or very lives of the children each brought into the world

        Thus, the way to peace IS peace.

        In a NUCLEAR exchange, the LIVING will ENVY the dead. Imagine.

        Therefore, as individual citizens AND as a Country, we must be VERY careful to interpret Mr. Putin’s behavior NOT as AGGRESSION, but as FEAR + Frustration.

        Mr. Obama MUST call Mr. Putin and reach OUT to him to LEARN what the Soviet Premier thoughts are, and what his fears are ABOUT. Just imagine.

        Come ON, Mr. Obama, GET on Air Force One and meet WITH your counterpart, sit DOWN as fellow leaders, and fellow parents, and WORK to achieve something very very few world leaders have ever achieved. You can do it. Imagine that.

        Were YOU ever pissed off at someone and they just were NOT GETTING it?

        Were you ever pissed off at someone and they just were NOT LISTENING?!!

        Now you know how MR. PUTIN must be feeling.


        When someone does not get how YOU feel, you buy MORE ammo, you stock UP, you POSTURE, and every day at this site you say, “Go ahead, make my day.”

        Well, Mr. PUTIN is saying, “Why isn’t anyone LISTENING to me!!!??”

        “You may say I’m a dreamer
        But I’m not the only one
        I hope some day you’ll join us
        And the world will live as one”
        – IMAGINE, by John Lennon

        – the Lone Ranger

        “The root of all war is fear.” – Thomas Merton

        • @Lone Ranger

          I am with you.

          • dmitry, thank you! Now I am not so “lone”– God bless you, and everyone who made the time to read my post!

            the (not so) Lone Ranger 🙂

        • it’s about that time…

          putin knows there comes a point when it’s time to put down a mad rabid zio-nazi jew dog.

          he gave them plenty of opportunities to stop committing genocide unjustly attacking biting everyone in east ukraine and the rabid zio-nazi jew dogs just keep killing innocent civilians women and children.

          it’s time for a russian master to step in and curb the zog amerikan israehell zio-jew nazi rabid maiden dogs of ukraine.

          Vladamir Putin for President 2016


          • Flight MH17 – What You’re Not Being Told




          • Putin’s fight in this Ukraine War is against the New World Order. Frankly I hope he wins and kills them all.

            There is nothing good about supporting Agenda 21, NWO and Bankster Tribe. Remember Enemies Foreign and Domestic and who is the culprit in destroying America, strapping with debt we can never pay back. I say default o the debt and tell the Banksters to go F-off. I will not let my Government choose for me “who” the enemy is. We already know who they are. Wake up America!!

      20. Maybe off topic, hell I don’t know any more:

        Is the ballet box broken? Well the incumbents just keep on winning and winning everywhere now don’t they? For every one out there that say vote or keep your mouth shut, I’m sorry, but you have drank too much COOL-AID. The vote is fixed; the two parties have seen to that, yes both parties. Oh yes what an evil web they weave. The VOICE of the people has been SILENCE, make no mistake about it. River Rat you just have a sour taste in your mouth. Yes I do because there is only one box left for us to use, or take a number and wait for it to be called. ALL ABOARD!! The choice is ours.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!
        The Smell Of Revolution Is In The Air!!!

      21. Could E U join Russia instead of fighting them???

        EU could have more economic links with Russia and China, not with the US – expert

        A need to decide on fresh sanctions against Russia placed the EU between a rock and a hard place. With the US pressing hard for punishing Moscow over its alleged role in Ukraine, EU nations feel the step could affect their economic growth. Nine EU states, including France, Germany and Italy, indicated they would block the decision to impose more sanctions on Russia.
        River Rat just thinking out loud.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!

        • @RiverRat

          According to Cliff Kinkaid, the Germans are getting pretty tight with Mad Vlad’s Neo Soviet Union.

          • Germans got tight with Stalin in 939, too. Then what happened?

      22. I have no idea what will or will not happen in the Ukraine!

        What I do personally know from a citizens perspective, is that I have military friends (ex now I’m sure) from the Ukraine and Russia from long ago in what now seems like a completely different world! My friends from those countries and I are exactly alike in every way imaginable. We all have families we love, we all want to live a good life, we all wanted peace!

        We all agreed that the politicians created more problems than they solved!

        These friends of mine would have given their life to protect mine and vice verse. We were all in a place people have little knowledge of and don’t even remember anymore. While at that place we were on the same side, they were “my brothers”.

        That’s the personal side of life! It is a tragedy that things are going the way they are!

      23. I have no idea what will or will not happen in the Ukraine!

        What I do personally know from a personal stand point & perspective, is that I have military friends (ex now I’m sure) from the Ukraine and Russia from long ago in what now seems like a completely different world! My friends from those countries (whom I haven’t heard from in what seems like forever) and I are more alike in every way imaginable. We all have families we love, we all want to live a good life, we cared about others, we all wanted peace!

        We all agreed that the politicians created more problems than they solved!

        These friends of mine would have given their life to protect mine and vice verse. We were all in a place people have little knowledge of and don’t even remember anymore. While at that place we were on the same side, they were “my brothers”.

        That’s the personal side of life! It is a tragedy that things are going the way they are now at this time!

        It’s a shame we don’t follow Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce words of wisdom, “From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever”.

      24. Montana: A career criminal Army Vet fights and kills a career criminal Marine Vet in a fight over which branch of service is better.

        Army won the fight with a slashing 3 inch blade across the Marines throat.

        There is definitely something in the Montana water as this seems to be a very common problem amongst Veterans in Montana. Veterans harassing other veterans over which branch of service they served or didn’t serve in, this is not a new issue.

        The fact they are now killing each other over it says something of the times we live in.



          • FACTS: 1/3 of returning Vets consider suicide. Why do you think that is? A girl I know who works at the VA said 50% of the patients are Hispanic and barely speak English. 25% more are Black, and the other are white and mixed. Just an observation I had asked her about and thought I would post here. Take it for what it is.

        • Very sad indeed…most of us here love our vets.

        • I have friends/family from all branches of the service and they all put each other down/laugh at each other.That said,when things get tough from the tales I heard they were all there for each other no ?’s asked and would kill and die to save each other.My guess is this arguement and sad ending could just as easily happened over a type of car/women/fishing lure ect.

      25. The DOD could answer with 1/4 of the number of forces Russia just deployed in order to keep a possible invasion at bay.

      26. grow up no one has to die we arnt god so stop acting like one people

      27. We amassed troops, tanks,air,missile strikes and heavy weapons(along with NATO) into how many countries over the last 10 years that were never a threat and never part of the United States??????

        And we destabilized by proxy how many more nations??

        and now Iraq again..

        and Russia stood by and did nothing..


      28. Russia is another behemoth just as the west is..

        Read the account from Business Insider

        They utilize “humanitarian”…and “peacekeepers” just as our side does to justify a military action..

        A prelude to all out war?

        None of us know for sure nor do any of us have the inside plans that were already laid out in the first place..

        I for one do not take sides nor do I support either side in this potential conflict..or any other conflict now ongoing across the globe..

        These asshats have been strategizing for thousands of years at our expense..laying waste to innocents by the tens of millions to ultimately fill the coffers of the never ending war machinations financed and orchestrated by the central banks as always..



      29. Mac

        Face it mate – the US is a failed state.

        It will cease to exist as you know it within the next decade, probably sooner.

        What can the US/NATO do? Absolutely nothing.

        The US has comprehensively failed in EVERY conflict over the past century. (Forget WWII – everyone can now see through the western victory claiming propaganda and knows that Russia defeated the Nazis through extaordinary determination).

        Events in Ukraine are compeltely engineered by the US.

        Anyone who can process the least amount of analysis understands what is occurring.

        Take on Russia at your peril – Field Marshal winter is coming.

      30. Once again Lord, save us from ourselves.

        • @Confederate

          I was taught in Seminary that God is a God of Grace, but also Justice and Wrath. So I’ll join with you in your prayer, “Lord, once again, save us from ourselves”, if that be Your will?

      31. It is not our problem we should stay out of this mess. It is in Russia’s self interest to do something. Remember that republics do not have hundreds of overseas bases and get into war after war, ONLY EMPIRES DO!!. RESIST THE AMERICAN EMPIRE.

        • @Craig

          4Q! and may God Bless America once again

      32. where is the evidence that russian troops are being sent to their border? US wants to station troops in Ukraine as evidenced by the congressional bill giving ukraine special status, repeating stories like this give them pretext for such action, stop pimping for the warmongers. remember that “saddam is sending troops to saudi border” was a lie.
        where is your evidence? new york times? “US offical”?, LOL!

      33. 80 Brics in the attic.

      34. It’s plain to see who the murderous aggressors are. Who deals the most deadly arms around the world? Who has 900 bases spread accross the globe? Who is responsible for false flag events in the past and present including the JFK murder when America was assassinated, the OKC bombing and 9-11 to declare it’s inhabitants terrorists. Aurora, Sandy hook, Boston marathon to instill fear and confiscate self defense guns? Why it’s the congressional, military, banking, intelligence, industrial greedy bastards. They ravage, rape, pollute and destroy the earth for more profit. The common people just get in the way. Yeah, it’s the bad old USA that drives the engine of our destruction.

        • It is the banker/globalist cabal WITHIN the United States that does this.

          This is why I maintain that the current government of the United States is no longer legitimate. It has been hijacked.

          The assassination of Kennedy was not the work of one madman. It was a CIA operation and was nothing less than a political coup by the CIA/globalists so that the United States would escalate the war in Vietnam and stop Kennedy’s plan to institute REAL money.

          In case you folks haven’t figured it out…..the CIA doesn’t work for us. Is EVERYONE in the CIA bad? No. But the good ones are just pawns of the bad ones. The upper management IS bad. Evil in fact.

          If you look at trouble around the world, you can bet the CIA has had a hand in causing it.

          • Yea, it is a shame that the CIA was/is just a cover for a corrupt organization.

            If one digs to the truth behind the most powerful man that ever held the post as CIA director thay will find a man that got his background and bloodline from Germany. One of the most influential traitors to the USA and the Constitution.

            He changed his name and came to America.
            He maried the daughter of one of the most outspoken satanists of the time.

            His name GHW Bush.


      35. with Christmas less than 5 months away..will we ever make it ?
        ‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the White House
        Not a creature was working, not even his spouse;
        No stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
        because Michelle and the kids were in Hawaii spending 7 million there;

        The Obama voters were nestled all snug in their beds,
        While visions of free cell phones danced in their heads;
        And mamma with her free healthcare, and unemployment benefits with no cap,
        Had just settled down for a free winter’s nap,

        When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
        I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.
        Away to the mail box I flew like a flash,
        Tore open the mail and got my free cash.

        The welfare check hadn’t got wet in the snow
        Obama was still passing out free dough,
        When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
        But a sign I must not work, at all of next year,

        With a Socialist driver, so conniving and quick,
        I knew in a moment he was their Saint Nick.
        More taxes for the working and spending pretty much insane,
        and he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name;

        “Now, Daschle! Now, Boxer! Now, Franken and Reid!
        On, Pelosi! On Feinstein! On, Baucus and Biden!
        over the debt ceiling! No spending fire wall!
        Now tax away! Tax away! Tax away all!”

        • VRF:

          5 thumbs up*****

      36. Slightly OT:

        I’ve recently read a couple of vague references to the development of a “rift” or “schism” that is occurring within the fedgov labor force. Apparently, a good percentage of the federal employees are experiencing extreme doubts as to the current direction that the nation is being led. If this information can be verified and established as fact, then any possibility for unity or solidarity has been permanently lost.

        I’m reminded of that poem written by William Butler Yeats.

        “Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold.”

      37. If Russia roles into Ukraine we will do nothing. This clown we have in charge. Will kiss Vald’s ass and like it. I feel for the folks in Ukraine, They think that Obullshit will help them. The lying bastard (bastard a child with an unknown father)(He can say WHO’S my daddy?) won’t even help his on nation!

        Obullshit told Vald that he would be more flexible.
        The clown we have in the Whitehouse is just that a CLOWN!

        He is like a ball play that gets a big contract (re elected) and then does nothing on the field, he just sets back and collects his money.

        This clown won’t even close the borders or stop to unarmed people from coming across What the hell do you think he will do with a armed Russian army? (NOTHING)

        Here is what will more than likely happen. The true US Patriot will stand by until we have been invaded by a armed force. (noticed I said an armed force) Which I see is a mistake. We will Vote and get the same Bull Shit we have now. One day we will wake up and “SAY I HAVE HAD ENOUGH” On that bright and shining day we will take back our Liberties, and right the ship and we will see the Camelot that this nation once was restored! The US wasn’t perfect, but she was a Damn site better that anything else!

        Now if the Nuke start flying all bets are off. I pray that they don’t, and I don’t think they will. Stay Tuned we will see!

        Aim Small Miss Small

      38. This is clearly a struggle over the energy profits. There are no good guys or bad guys. The Ukrainian and Russian people will suffer. Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, has already been put on the board of directors of the largest energy company in Ukraine. One of John Kerry’s in-laws is also on a board of directors of another Ukraine energy company. Also, the Ukrainian Parliament dissolved after it was unable pass a bill giving 49% control of Ukrainian energy business to the Globalists. Follow the money. It’s just obscene.

        • I hope Biden’s son ends up at the end of a long drop with a short rope wrapped around his neck.

      39. I want God’s will to prevail, whatever it is.

        However, on a personal note, if you’re in the middle of a Bar Fight, it’s no time to decide who’s in the right, you or the other guy?


      40. ***** “it will take a serious event” *****

        Only Serious Event to Reverse US Defense Spending- Former DOD Official–Former-DOD%20Official.html

        “It will take a serious event for the United States Congress to rethink its defense spending policies,”

        uh oh
        the military industrial complex types complaining that defense spending is too low

        they want an “event”

        last time they said they needed “a new Pearl Harbor”
        and 911 was the result

      41. Ukraine is not our fight. Not our problem.

        Ukraine has been a defacto sub-state of Russia since Catherine the Great.

        Our CIA helped overthrow the duly elected President of Ukraine and we are surprised that there is blow-back from that.

        If the Russians go into Ukraine, it will be as much our fault as it is Putin’s. We helped create the conditions for it.

        How do you think we would react if Russia worked behind the scenes to overthrow the President of Mexico so they could install someone friendly to Russia? Or perhaps a better example would be Alaska. What if Russia tried to get Alaska to re-unite with Russia? Think we’d stand for that?

        The Bankster’s enforcer department (i.e. CIA) set out to turn Ukraine to the West so they could bring them under their NWO agenda. Had they been successful, Russia would have likely lost their only warm water port. Does ANYBODY really think that Russia was going to stand idly by and let that happen?

        Hundreds of years of alliances and grudges don’t just go away overnight.

        And the USA needs to stop allowing the globalists to force their agenda on the rest of the world.

        • “Hundreds of years of alliances and grudges don’t just go away overnight.”

          And the USA needs to stop allowing the globalists to force their agenda on the rest of the world. Oh now you get it ,, how convenient

          you sure didnt think that way about the Original fight of the Indians here ,Walt!

          Two faced Hypocrite ,,, oh only when it works for you? ahhh uhh I get it

          • What a non-sequitur.

            Hey Red Hawk….take your revisionist crap somewhere else where it will be appreciated… a university campus. Lots of non-thinkers there. You’ll be warmly welcomed.

            Or….you can just piss-off. I really don’t care.

            Did you read the links I posted about the barbarity of the native tribes? I would imagine you didn’t. It’s much more convenient for you to believe your Disneyland view of what native Americans were like. I’ll bet you think “Pocahantas” and “Bambi” are documentaries.

        • The USA is the globalists, sad to say.

          • I refuse to believe that the PEOPLE of this country support the globalist agenda once they recognize it for what it is.

            Case in point…..Smedley Butler. (I’ll let you google him if you want to know)

            The problem is….because our educational system and the media are nothing more than extensions of the globalist cabal, people don’t get the real truth.

            For the most part…..people don’t spend much time digging into things. As a result…they are extremely vulnerable to the propaganda that’s put out by their politicians and leaders. And all it takes is a false-flag to incite them to follow their leaders into oblivion. Every major war (and probably most of the minor ones too) in the last century have been brought about by the use of false-flags.

            WWI The sinking of the Lusitania

            WWII Was mostly a continuation of WWI. It took Pearl Harbor to get us involved. Prior to that 90% of the country was opposed to involvement in the war. Was Pearl Harbor a false flag? I don’t know. But Roosevelt created the conditions for it and probably knew it was imminent.

            Korea Again….unfinished business from WWII

            Vietnam The “Gulf of Tonkin Incident” was a complete fabrication so as to provide an excuse for escalation.

            1st Gulf War Our State Department gave Saddam Hussein tacit approval to invade Kuwait.

            9/11 Plenty of evidence that it was a false-flag. CIA had Bin Laden in their sights at least 10 times prior to 9/11 and didn’t pull the trigger.

            Iraq Do I really need to talk about WMD’s that didn’t exist? Besides…..Hussein was moving away from the dollar. Can’t have that, can we?

            Need I go on?

            • I agree with you Walt, that once people are aware of the truth of the globalist system that has been shoved down our throats that most, knowing the truth would not support that system.

              You go on to tell us why people do not recognize the globalist system.

              It is obvious from the last two elections (and elections before that) that the majority of the population does not give a damn what system is in place, ruling our nation, as long as the freebees keep coming.

              So, Walt, what percentage of people in America, seem to be able to discern where this nation is headed. Seems to me that most are still asleep as far as recognizing just who and what those globalists are, and what their true agenda is.

              As long as the “shoe is not pinching hard enough” on an individual; people will not rock the boat. However, that pinching is going to get harder and harder to ignore.

              At that point maybe, just maybe, someone will take the time to really find the truth. Looking for that truth is going to get harder and harder, Walt. I look for any information pointing to the real globalist perpetrators and their history will soon disappear from the ‘net’ then where is anyone going to go to find any truth?

              Never in history has information about any subject been so easy to find; however seems most people are even too lazy or indifferent to even ‘let their fingers do the walking’.

              The globalists have schemed for years and the mess our wonderful America is in can be laid directly at their feet. However, by Americans going their ‘merry way’, believing that people were honestly looking out for their best interests, we have brought this on ourselves.

              It will be interesting to see if and how we are ever able to rescue our country from these evil people.

              • And Walt, I did look up Smedley Butler. A hero if there ever was one.

                Did most Americans believe and follow his advice, or did we go the route of the MSM and the “globalists”.

                We both know the answer to that……

              • I view free access to the Internet as one of my “lines in the sand”. When that is gone, we truly are beyond the point of no return for any hope of a peaceful return to republican principles. We will have become no better than Nazi Germany..or Soviet Russia or Cuba..or any other slave state. We are not far from that now. But the truth is still out there for those who want to know it.

                I don’t know what the percentages of people who know and understand vs. those who don’t are exactly. I see polls. For instance, right now, there is a Wall St. Journal/ABC poll that says Obama has only a 40% approval rate. Frankly…..I am amazed that it’s that high. Either people are totally uninformed, or they are true believers. If it is the latter….then I see no chance of changing this ship’s course outside of civil war.

                It is human nature for people not to “wake up” until they are getting smacked between the eyes with the problem. Is suspect it will remain that way. For some it is willful. They know things aren’t right….but as long as they are getting by ok, they choose to ignore the reality.

                I’m reminded of the Ayn Rand quote: “You can avoid reality. But you can’t avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.”

                Sooner or later, they will have to deal with it.

        • I only want to make a point about Russian naval ports, Walt. While Russia is leasing Sevastopol as the Black Sea port for it’s navy, it also has a brand spanking new base in Novorossiysk just down the coast in Russia proper.

          Novorossiysk is the main port base for the Black Sea fleet when the lease in Crimea runs out. They don’t really need Sevastopol.

          I guess they have both now. This actually seems to add credence to the claim that the Crimean referendum WAS a real referendum and that the people wished to become a part of Russia and were NOT annexed against their will as we are being told by the teevee.

      42. Russia is about fed up. They’ll pull the trigger soon. The preliminary crash site photographic forensic analysis is in and it clearly shows that the section (2) of Ukraine SU-25’s supposedly escorting MK17 through the area, turned and strafed the cockpit with their 30 mm Gatling guns killing both pilots instantly. The story fed to all of us was that rebel terrorists did it with BUK ground to air missiles. There is no physical evidence MK17 was downed by a missile, but plenty that it’s cockpit was strafed by 30 mm guns at close range. The Su-25 has 30 mm guns. BUK missiles explode in the vicinity of their target making it possible for pilots to survive until they either eject or crash, giving time for radio distress calls. There were none in this instance. The Ukraine government couldn’t risk the possibility of distress calls over the guard channel so killed both pilots instantly with 30 mm rounds through the cockpit at close range. But what did we hear from our government and from the our media with absolutely no evidence to back up their claims moments after the event?

      43. Let’s see, the United States invades Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and a host of other nations the media ignores and kills hundreds of thousands of people, most of whom are innocent civilians ALL IN THE NAME OF FIGHTING TERRORISTS predicated on 911 – a false flag, and now politicians and their media henchmen are upset about Russia entering eastern Ukraine to protect ethnic Russians from Ukrainian ethnic cleansing. Give me a break.

      44. and the police state goose steps on

        Cop: ‘If Obama Doesn’t Follow the Constitution, We Don’t Have To’…t-have-to.html

        Connecticut Supreme Court Says State Cops Can Detain You Simply For Being In The Vicinity Of Someone They’re Arresting

        wanna know what it was like to live in Germany in the 30’s and early 40’s under a totalitarian regime?

        we’re finding that out
        piece by piece

      45. I want Russia to take back Ukraine…as it should be.

      46. I have come to realize that ALL this nonsense is to keep us in a perpetual state of negativity thus keeping us in a low vibrational state so as we as humans cannot evolve spiritually as our destiny intends !!!! I’m opting out of the GAME

        • “All these negative waves.” “Can’t you say anything righteous for a change?” WOOF, WOOF.

          “Kelly’s Heroes”


        no needles: why i will never allow myself to be vaccinated again… hospitals are killers.




        • if you want a chance to survive this sickness season…

          check out , buy , introduce into your daily diet some vit d , rose hips vit c/ ascorbic acid , garlic powder , onion powder , curcumin , echinacea , l-lysine , calcium magnesium iron and basic amino acids supplement.

          there are more herbs and vitamins that fight viruses look em’ up.

          colloidal silver still benefits you if you have a virus protecting you from 2nd secondary bacterial infections caused by a virus weakened immune system.

          use as directed.


      48. governments lie to start wars all the time

        Tonkin at 50: One of Those Times America Lied to Go to War

        The US Lies About Satellite Photos To Justify War

        “When George H. W. Bush ordered American forces to the Persian Gulf – to reverse Iraq’s August 1990 invasion of Kuwait – part of the administration case was that an Iraqi juggernaut was also threatening to roll into Saudi Arabia.

        Citing top-secret satellite images, Pentagon officials estimated in mid–September that up to 250,000 Iraqi troops and 1,500 tanks stood on the border, threatening the key US oil supplier”

        remember that little incident ???

        or how about this

        The Kuwaiti Incubator Baby Hoax

        government=lying sacks of shit

        the deaths of millions mean NOTHING to them

      49. Early one morning, a mother went in to wake up her son.

        “Wake up, son. It’s time to go to school!”

        “I don’t want to go, mom.”

        “Give me two reasons why you don’t want to go.”

        “OK. The kids hate me for one, and the teachers hate me, too!”

        “Oh, that’s no reason not to go to school. Come on now and get ready,” admonished the mother.

        “Give me two reasons why I should go to school,” whined the son.

        “Well, for one, you’re 52 years old. And for another, you’re the principal!”

      50. Given the Ukie bombardments of civilian targets, and the situation in eastern Ukraine coming toward the SHTF School situation, for me it would be difficult to fault Russia for going in and cleaning out a bunch of Neo-Nazis.

      51. can we trust the government to keep us ACCURATELY informed on EBOLA ???

        CDC Refuses to Identify Where Previous Ebola Tests Originated…sts-Originated

      52. If Putin, Obama, or any political puppet starts a war in Ukraine, only a complete poltroon would agree this has anything to do with the citizens of the US.

        How about the US Government end its annexation and occupation of Hawaii as a gesture of goodwill?

      53. “The White House has openly worried about what would be, for all intents and purposes, an invasion under the guise of a “peacekeeping” operation.”

        Well now you know what the REST of the world has felt like since the 1960’s.

        Sucks, eh?

      54. Dutch Oven:

        Chicken Cacciatore

        3 lb frying chicken, cut up 1/4 tsp black pepper
        3 tbs oil 1/4 tsp cayanne pepper
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        1 can (1 lb) tomatoes 1/2 tsp celery salt
        1 can (8 oz) tomato sauce 1 bay leaf
        1/3 c minced green pepper 1/4 c Chianti wine
        1 tsp salt

        Brown chicken pieces in hot oil in lid of oven. Layer onions in
        oven. Put browned chicken pieces on top of onions and add
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        Chicken in a Pot

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        Wash chicken and pat dry. Sprinkle cavity with salt, pepper, and
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        Cover and bake for 4 to 6 hours or until tender.

        Arroz con Pollo

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        1 jar (2 oz) pimiento, diced 1 pkg (10 oz) frozen peas, thawed
        3/4 tsp chili powder 1 tsp salt
        1 jar (3-1/2 oz) stuffed green 1/2 tsp white pepper
        olives, drained 1 tsp paprika
        2 cloves garlic, minced 1 c raw rice (long grain)

        Mix salt, pepper, and paprika together. Season chicken with this
        mixture. Put all ingredients except rice and peas in dutch oven.
        Cover and cook at 300 for about 2 to 3 hours. Add rice and peas
        and cook at 375 for 1 hour. Water may be needed near end of

        Apricot Glazed Cornish Hens

        6 Cornish Game Hens Wild rice and sausage dressing
        (1-1-1/2 lb) 1 jar (12 oz) Apricot preserves
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        Place chicken in dutch oven, add salt, pepper, celery, onion and
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        out each as thinly as possible into a 15″ square and cut each
        square into 2″ squares with a sharp knife. Add potatoes and
        celery to the broth, simmer 25 min. until vegetables are tender.
        Taste the broth and add more salt or pepper if needed. Add the
        chicken pieces and bring to boil. Slide the squares of dough into
        the broth, a few at a time, pushing them down gently. Cover ans
        simmer 20 min. Ladle the pot pie into large soup bowls and
        garnish with chopped parsley and the wedges of hard cooked eggs.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!

        • Rat you are making me hungry again. stop it. lol My dutch oven cast Iron is being shipped as we speak. Give me a few days. cut n paste again. ha.

      55. All of the tragedy and bs going on is deliberate manipulation via 0 and Putin and the Bank of England (Israel/jewish/ rothchilds).Wanna bet?

      56. This site sadly has become openly pro-Putin, pro-Communist, pro-totalitarian, and anti-capitalism, anti-American-values.


        • Don’t let the door hit you in the arse on your way out…

      57. What if this Prophecy when like this >>>Daniel 11: 40-45) And at the time of the end shall the Chocolate king of the south (NATO) push at him Putin King of the North (RUSSIA): and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter into the countries, and shall overflow and pass over. He shall enter also into the glorious land (Israel), and many countries (turkey) & (EU ) shall be overthrown: but these shall escape out of his hand, even(Saudi Arabia ) Edom, and(Jordan) Moab, and the chief of the (ISIS)children of Ammon. He shall stretch forth his hand also upon the countries: and the land of (Kuwait Yemen, Qatar, Egypt) shall not escape. But he shall have power over the treasures of gold and of silver( BRICS), and over all the precious things of Egypt: and the Libyans and the Ethiopians shall be at his steps. But tidings out of the east(China) and out of the north(USA) shall trouble him: therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy, and utterly to kill many. And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain( Israel) ; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him. (Daniel 11:40-45)

      58. The US will invade Syria days after Russia invades Ukraine!!!!!!

      59. Please do not quote the terms humanitarian crisis – I don’t doubt there is, indeed, such a crisis. The west – Washington in particular – has promulgated this crisis via an extremist-backed coup. It also appears there is a plan to extract and exploit shale natural gas resources in Eastern Ukraine. The Eastern Ukrainian people voted to break away, not trusting the new “government” in Kiev. The Russians appear to be the closest thing to allies these people have. The west should leave it alone, but they won’t because there’s money to be made in energy and warfare.

        Correct me if I’m wrong, really.

      60. Did anybody mention the idea that the US may be trying to get Russia booted out of the UN? Once that happens, then they can focus on getting China booted out. Both Russia and China have veto power, and have blocked the US in many middle eastern affairs. The long term goal may be to do this, then nothing would stand in the way of the US. Just an idea…

      61. The events unfolding are proof enough the us as we know it know it now is gone. The us of old was murdered by thunderous applauses and dead silence. The last defences of freedom are gone. When the us falls so will the rest of the world and freedom itself only to be a memory written in the blood of the last patriot. Putin told us to keep our guns he knows what’s coming to the us. We sit and criticize because msm tells us to. We have one one the deadliest viruses known to man in our borders yet we decree its humane to them to be home regardless of risk. The citizens of the us have barely any immune system left thanks to GMO and antibiotic filled food. Be wary of the news event when the report its loose or air born. Those stock piled coffins thruout the country will be used. You can say I’m off my meds all you want but that is a good thing in my opinion and I don’t care for cool aid. I don’t wear aluminum hats either due its toxicity to our bodies. We are almost in checkmate and when the players make their move with all of pawns scattered and fighting each other the game will be over. This should be term and motto for the entire world “United we stand, divided we fall”. And if we don’t unite as a SPECIES everything that we hold dear and made us human is gone.

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