Game Changer: Russia Is Reportedly Set To Release Clinton’s Intercepted Emails

by | Jun 14, 2016 | Headline News | 79 comments

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    By Defense & Foreign Affairs via; Sourced via Zero Hedge

    clinton-craps-pants2 clinton-craps-pants

    Reliable intelligence sources in the West have indicated that warnings had been received that the Russian Government could in the near future release the text of email messages intercepted from U.S. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server from the time she was U.S. Secretary of State. The release would, the messaging indicated, prove that Secretary Clinton had, in fact, laid open U.S. secrets to foreign interception by putting highly-classified Government reports onto a private server in violation of U.S. law, and that, as suspected, the server had been targeted and hacked by foreign intelligence services.

    The reports indicated that the decision as to whether to reveal the intercepts would be made by Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin, and it was possible that the release would, if made, be through a third party, such as Wikileaks. The apparent message from Moscow, through the intelligence community, seemed to indicate frustration with the pace of the official U.S. Department of Justice investigation into the so-called server scandal, which seemed to offer prima facie evidence that U.S. law had been violated by Mrs Clinton’s decision to use a private server through which to conduct official and often highly-secret communications during her time as Secretary of State. U.S. sources indicated that the extensive Deptartment of Justice probe was more focused on the possibility that the private server was used to protect messaging in which Secretary Clinton allegedly discussed quid pro quo transactions with private donors to the Clinton Foundation in exchange for influence on U.S. policy.

    The Russian possession of the intercepts, however, was designed also to show that, apart from violating U.S. law in the fundamental handling of classified documents (which Sec. Clinton had alleged was no worse than the mishandling of a few documents by CIA Director David Petraeus or Clinton’s National Security Advisor Sandy Berger), the traffic included highly-classified materials which had their classification headers stripped. Russian (and other) sources had indicated frustration with the pace of the Justice Dept. probe, and its avoidance of the national security aspects of intelligence handling. This meant that the topic would be suppressed by the U.S. Barack Obama Administration so that it would not be a factor in the current U.S. Presidential election campaign, in which President Obama had endorsed Mrs Clinton.

    Moscow’s discreet messaging about a possible leak of the traffic, in time to impact the U.S. elections, was designed to pressure faster U.S. legal action on the matter, but was largely due to Russian concerns about possible U.S. strategic policy in the event of a Hillary Clinton presidency.

    Apart from the breach of U.S. Federal law in the handling of classified material, the Clinton private server was, according to GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs analysts, always likely to have been a primary target for foreign cyber warfare interception operations, particularly those of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), Russia, and North Korea (DPRK), but probably also by others, including Iran.

    By Defense & Foreign Affairs via; Sourced via Zero Hedge


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      1. As a nation, we are swirling around in a dirty toilet bowl and treading water in anticipation of the great flush…

        It’d be worth it to just never hear obola give a speech again…

        Come on EMP!!!

        • …or asteroid, mushroom cloud, 12.0 quake, Yellowstone super volcano, New Madrid Fault line, etc.

          • Hell, id settle for an indonesia eruption that turns the sky dark for years

        • Can you believe it ? We are just 25 years from the usa at the top of the world and today the usa cant wipe out a bunch of ragheads that don’t even have one plane.

          it’s downright shameful what this country has become and hen texas flips to purple in 2024 from decades of illegals; it’s 3rd world status is assured.

          the future of the usa is just going to suck.

            • Howell Thursten:

              The enemy is not the white European, your enemy is the uuuuu (not allowed to use the correct spelling as it will automatically go into censorship). Get it straight. Entertainment, and slavery were not done to blacks by whites. Slavery and entertainment is dominated by uuuuus. They consider you an animal. They consider European Americans who are the real white people to be animals, too. They divide and conquer. This clip creates black hate for whites. Black against white is promoted so we will annhilate each other just as you showed black children fighting each other for the amusement of “whites”.

              • “Confessions of the Zionists, Disturbing”
                A. Holtz

                On YouTube

          • Lena, it is all by design, not a chance thing that we are wimpy. AND we are hated for a reason due to our BS buttinsky shit all over the world and our corruption due to greed and corruption for more oil, power and money.

          • Proves to me you don’t need much to phuck with the establishment
            Maybe instead of sitting around , this countries people should stand in solidarity and run these bitches out of our house

            • Dam
              Moderation hell on this board.. Hey Mac , If your not going to post any more of my comments just let me know .. there are many other EOTS friendly sites out there for me

              Nothings changed in my name or address and this is happening a lot

          • The US has never been good at fighting irregular armies. We “won” the Cold War because we were capable of outspending another large nation that had a deeply flawed economic model. This war against Islamic militants is a war against an idea and a faith, both of which are hard to destroy. Since it is ultimately allegiance to a way of thinking, anyone can be a part of the fight for our enemy. Anyone who wants to kill Westerners in the name of ISIS is free to do so and consider themselves members of that organization despite never having been officially recruited. There is little need for centralized planning because the idea is for them to inflict fear and suffering on as many people as they can. It is not a normal war which is fought purely over territory.

            This way of doing battle is terrifyingly brilliant. A sufficiently frightened civilian population is more than willing to give concessions to whoever in return for some sort of return to normalcy. This lets ISIS (and other radical Islamic groups) get concessions in law in Western nations and fundamentally change those countries without having to actually take control. It also lets those governments use the extremists as a convenient excuse to eliminate fundamental human rights (like free speech and firearms ownership) and push through changes they never would have been able to achieve otherwise.

        • Come on EMP!!!!!!!

        • There is no evidence that Russia wants to release anything. Only evidence that supports their govt hacking which is exactly what our govt does all the time….hacks and snoops.

        • Emp is right. Bring it. I know it’s gonna b awful but only way to clean this toilet. But I’m afraid happens to us enemies will roll right in. B a bloodbath for sure. Needs to b a worldwide emp.

        • Dern! I thought that I was the only one to think like that! Yet, we must be cautious! Too much fuss and we end up with martial law and a permanent dictator named o-Butt-Face.

          However, if things continue along until November, we just might be able to get TRUMP 2016 into office.

      2. To hell with the presidential election. They’re both a couple of retards. Join the NRA instead. Stand up for our rights in a meaningful way, the ONLY way that’s likely to count. It’s only 25 fucking dollars.


        • Gun Owners of America does good work, too. One thing they will not do is compromise with those who would further the left’s wet dream …………….. a police state.

        • And what, exactly, is the NRA going to do without supporting candidates that are pro gun? So yes, join the NRA and other organizations like it, but don’t forget to vote for the candidates they endorse too. Otherwise you are just screaming into the wind and there will be no one who will listen.

      3. Sgt. Dale: Just got a Tavor today, Love it so if at all possible get one. Make sure it’s the X-95. All this is IMHO.

        • “I2”
          You lucky dog you!!!!
          I’ll look at getting one. Just don’t know how I’m going to swing it right now looks like I’m going to have some surgery on my right hand. Have a bad case of what they call trigger finger. Damn middle finger keeps hanging up and I have to use my left hand to push it open. Hurts like hell!!!

          The X-95 I’ll be looking. Just might have to trade something?????

          Thanks for the advise.

          P.S. I’m up right now because the finger got me. LOL

      4. I’ve seen this elsewhere, Free republic maybe?
        I don’t believe it.
        Russians want Hillary to win. What better way to destroy
        America? Russian don’t have to do anything, the
        Democrats will do it for them!
        They despise Obama( so do I), but they
        have done everything they can to keep him alive.
        Hillary is the same as Obama, destroy America ASAP,
        hope and fuck you, keep the change, and put some ice
        on that.

        • Second.

          Hillary all but gave Russia the green light start invading other countries.

        • Bullshite Putin isn’t stupid if America falls its a domino.He knows he can work with Trump.It’s a world economy.Quit trying to take it all!!!
          Maniac out

        • If Russia intends to annex the Baltics – as some top NATO officers are now warning (e.g. General Sir Richard Shirreff in his new book, “2017 War With Russia”) – then an isolationist American president, hostile to bailing Europe out militarily, would be ideal for them, surely?

          • Much better that USA “liberates” the Baltics like we did in the 90s, eh? Ol’ Slobo had it right. The muslimes are a cancer that must be eradicated by any mwans necessary.

            The stage has been set. USA will see ethnic cleansing that will look like Bosnia on steroids.

          • Jay in UK, I’ve personally known a few people from the Baltic states who told me horrifying stories about their experiences under Soviet rule. Stalin kidnapped 40,000 people from all 3 Baltic states in June 1941 shortly before the Nazi invasion and sent them all to the gulag. Only 30% of those who were deported survived to return home. They haven’t forgotten their experiences at the hands of the Russians. I believe they’ll fight to the death if Putin invades.

            • Not Russians . Bolshavics.

        • Yeah its BS.. i read about it elsewhere ,, its been debunked

      5. Nobody likes Hillary, not even the Russians whom she gave a sweet heart deal on our uranium mines. They have our secrets now and the stupid bitch doesn’t even realize the gravity of what she has done.

        • she puts the cunt in country!

      6. Russia should release the information.

        • right NOW, please?

          • BTW, i was commenting on karl denninger’s story at the daily sheeple, and i had to change my USUAL line for such cases…here it is

            when SECONDS count, a cop is only HOURS away!

            i thought it was pretty funny at first, but it suuure is a sad testament to what happened in orlando. my heart goes out to the victims. RIP

          • Supposedly Putin has authorized the email releases for this coming Sunday? We shall see , I can’t wait. The sooner the better ! Love to watch her squirm under pressure and far better in jail , but we still have obstacles at DOJ.

      7. Sure, right after Eric Holder is put in prison for contempt of Congress.

      8. Let the Russians release the info. While I’m sure it would make for some interesting reading, the hildebeast will never face any legal action. The Clintons have always managed to avoid being brought down by any kind of scandal. This time won’t be any different.

        • Illary is worse than a wet fart on a hot day

        • Brave. I hope your wrong on this one. I hope the Russians release all kinds of classified and or security,technical emails. I can’t see how she could possibly dodge that bullet. But u may b right. Darn it. No wonder bill screwed around on her. I could just see her being a total bitch in bed. And wasn’t she a lawyer too? No more Gd lawyers in White House. I put lawyers in same category and used car salesman cow pies in the field.

        • Brave. I hope u r wrong on this one. I hope she fries.

          • TM, I’d love to think I’m wrong on this but I doubt it. I would prefer to see the hildebeast pushing up daisies myself. Same goes for all of the elitists.

        • I think there is a 50/50 chance, but outlier events can change that any day to greater or lesser. We are in a period of extreme events and the illusions are all breaking down in every matter and event very quickly now ! This has been ongoing for about a year now and gained momentum in the lat 6 months and much more just prior to Orlando. Now anything is quite possible because the Obamaites will be desperate going forward. PRAVDA/MSM is all that is holding them together at this juncture and few understand just how powerful PRAVDA/MSM actually is. But that too is fading.

      9. We are going to wake up one of these next mornings to find obola has nuked one of our cities.

        What a prick. Oh yeah jeh johnson can suck michael obolas dong too.

        Hillary is welcome to have an aneurysm tonight.


        • Damned moderation

          • I hear ya.. Ive had comments sit in Mod for days.. some never post ..

            Im bout to give up on bothering here

        • Feel like we are living in a book by Bracken

      10. MOLON LABE

      11. Yeah, the superduper teflon Clinton coating, the truth trashed aside, the NWO darling. Obama would give her amnesty if charges were brought against her. I read that she raped a 12 year old girl in the past that also has been covered up for many years. If she somehow does get tossed, that indicates to me that TPTB will begrudgingly accept Trump. Who am I kidding, that’ll never happen.

        • The wife and I just said the exact same thing.

          we are going to wake up one of these next few days to find one of our cities a radioactive crater

      12. So we had our first faggot president married to a tranny. When hillary gets in and she will, we wil have the first lesbian as president….ain’t america grand!

      13. It is now time to play cowboys and muzzies.

        Damn , you almost feel bad for the muzzies. almost

        • No, I don’t. Never will.

      14. The Democrat flock would vote for her if she sprouted horns and grew fangs and her eyes glowed infernal red. Actually many Democrats would prefer that for a ruler. The Republicans would do the same with whom they’re told to vote.

        • Anonymous that B1 Lancer Bomber was right on schedule again tonight. If you noticed, I said 5 mins. ago at 11:XX pm. that 5 mins. ago could have been 5 or 55 anywhere between 11&12 PM they cover several 100 miles in an hour I had already thought about them getting a fix. Not that they need it cause they know right where I am as soon as I send a comment. Trekker Out. Love The Practice, Done it for years!

      15. I don’t often root for the Ruskies, but in this case: “DO IT!!! BURY HER WORTHLESS ASS!!!!!”

        • I was just wondering if perhaps the russians are afraid hildabeast will become pres, and don’t want her to be pres cauz maybe they would prefer Trump? So they want to take her out so that Trump wins?

          • Sure they do all we have done is blame Russia for everything we started Ukraine!!Imposing on there borders
            Maniac out

          • Trump has already stated that he would fix the relationship with Russia and if memory serves, he and Putin know each other. So yes, I do think they would do what they had to to ruin Clinton’s chances as they do not want another military expansionist in the White House.

      16. Truth be told, I trust Putin more than I trust Obama.

        Obama the worst President in US history.

        • Agreed.

          Obama is destroying America. Hillary will be worse if she is selected.

        • I agree. Putin see himself as a Russian whereas Obama sees himself as an internationalist/emperor. We need a president who sees himself as a proud American, not president of the world.

          • Of course you trust Putin more. You know hat he is. He knows what he is, And lets the world know it – the KGB is back big time, in the catbird’s seat. Obasturd” changeling – on any given day whatever he needs to be t whomever he is pandering to or trying to crucify. A rudderless, amoral thing that has only it’s own desires and wants and needs to be satisfied, with no care to the rest of us in America. Raised in a Muslime environment, he cannot do other than be a slightly subdued Muslim. As a 5th Columnist, he is at the pinnacle of that scum ridden crowd. Putin may take you by surprise? Do you really think our NRO satellites didn’t catch all the military movement towards the Crimea long before he sent them in. If you do, put your head in a waffle maker and heat until thoroughly scorched.

      17. Isn’t Putin planning to address the world on Sunday. Just maybe he will do what our DOJ wont do. Show the US the evidence that Hitlary broke the law!!!

        Go Putin Go!!!!! Man I hope it is true and he fries the bitch!!!. After Obullshit I dislike her next!!! As if you can’t tell. LOL


      18. Folks we have been set-up and there is not one damn thing we can do to stop it. Prepare for the day and take it to them standing tall, like the American Patriot you are. Liberty’s tree is about to be watered.

      19. Sorry but i cannot see it.

        Russia is too friendly with Israel and if the worlds bankers want Mrs Clinton to win then she will win and the Trump voters will have to say to themselves that the played, they lost and call it democracy where if you did sex with the ex-president then you are good to go to be the next leader so long as you said “Go faster” at the right times.

        Cast your minds back to when Russia deployed S-400 missiles all over Syria and then ask yourself how come Israel was allowed in with it’s fighter jets to hit targets in central Syria with all these S-400 around.

        After 9/11 i knew not to trust anything that comes out of Washinton but thats not to say that i am blind to what Russia does.

      20. Wonder what would happen if a bunch of gays shot up a mosque full of Muslims for revenge?

      21. Oh, boy! If this is true, things are going to really get interesting.

      22. Putin would rather trump be pres than hitler. Bury this cunt. it’s simple your vote should be based on your gun rights alone. Forget about all other issues. Trump endorsed by NRA or Hillary who tells you she will take guns away. The choice is clear.

      23. Now they are saying the cops could have shot some of the victims inside the Pulse. Plus other perps involved leaking out, there goes the lone wolf domestic terrorist sham of a lie.

      24. Hello?

        Yes, this is wardrobe…. The orange pantsuit?

        Sure. OK. I’ll make sure they get it dry cleaned and pressed immediately.


        Well. it’s kinda hard to verify this information. No links are provided in the oilprice piece and if you search out GIS you get a site that is available by subscription to government only.

        So, until I see more documentation, it’s just hearsay.

      25. Putin is going to have some world wide speech on Sunday.
        maybe he will do what our DOJ wont do. Tell the TRUTH!!!

        Hitlery say hi to your new girlfriends in the orange jump suits. You will have a lot of fun with them, and Bill will take care of all the girls outside of prison for you.


        • Sarge, I’d love to see both the Clintons get fried myself. I’m not holding my breath on this one. The Clintons do have a knack for preventing any kind of scandal from bringing them down.

      26. I read that this story is Bullshit .. so its put up or shut up time

        • So “put up” EnemyOfTheState. WHERE AND WHAT (EXACTLY) DID YOU READ THAT IT IS BULLSHIT. I have, so far, found nothing to prove or disprove it …but you say YOU HAVE? Why no source of such? (Cause YOU are ‘spewing’ bullshit …that’s obvious).
          The author of the post warning us DID SAY that they had no idea if it is true or not, but just something he essentially caught a whiff of before it just disappeared in mid-sentence, or somewhat like that.
          He also stated something to the effect he refused to be held liable for whatever he chose to set before us and DID encourage everyone to find out the truth in a hurry. If it IS bullshit, he’ll probably forever hang his head in shame, let alone never repost again …and it is your type that would LOVE to belittle him despite his very words. But, if it IS NOT BULLSHIT, then he DID DO what he felt was his-calling to do …cuz there is going to be a literal world of shit to follow next week, and not one soul here, save trolls, are remotely going to like it (unless it means we get to hang evryone in D.C. by their necks until dead).

      27. I just read an extensive review on the California primary swindled vote from Bernie Sanders. What a bunch of disgusting criminals involved in fixing the vote to Killary. Sanders got more votes than Clinton there, all stolen away, flipped and not counted. That this level of corruption exists by the one percent spells doom for Trump and this nation. It’s time to hit the streets to shine a spotlight on the corruption that totally erases the peoples voice of choosing their elected representatives. The people can’t be this complacent. The crimes against this nation and all of humanity hang in the balance. Public opposition is what TPTB fear most, certainly the crackdown will be vicious, however a mass rebuttal is in order. Every day waited is another step backward.

      28. Dear Vladimir Putin,
        Please tell all you have about the evil Hillary. She will start WWIII if selected.
        Do what you can, we need help!

      29. Russians, many of us in America love you. Like you, we just want to be left alone. We do not want war except those on our soil to defend our soil. Sadly, governments won’t do that.

      30. Anyone seen or heard Putin’s speech today?

        • I expected something and never saw it. PCR will report it when it comes out

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