Russia Fires Nuclear-Ready Ballistic Missiles: “Increasing Tensions With the U.S.”

by | Oct 12, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 93 comments

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    Got nuclear war?

    Russia is clearly prepared for it, and ready to send a message to the belligerent American policy hacks who have been continuously egging things on.

    With diplomatic ties between the U.S. and Russia at their lowest point since the end of the Cold War, it is difficult not to take notice of how rapidly Putin and his generals are preparing for all-out war.

    And they may have it.

    Most recently, Russia test-fired three nuclear-capable ballistic missiles – from submarines in the Sea of Okhotsk and the Barents Sea, as well as one from an inland location.

    via The International News (Pakistan):

    Russian forces fired a nuclear-capable rocket from a Pacific Fleet submarine in the Sea of Okhotsk north of Japan, state-run RIA Novosti reported.

    A Topol missile was shot off from a submarine in the Barents Sea, and a third was launched from an inland site in the north-west of the vast country, Russian agencies reported.

    The latest display of might by Moscow — which has been conducting regular military drills since ties with the West slumped in 2014 over Ukraine — comes as tensions have shot up in recent days.

    Russia has pulled the plug on a series of deals with the US — including a symbolic disarmament pact between the two nuclear powers to dispose of weapons-grade plutonium — as Washington has halted talks on Syria

    The message is clear – U.S. misleaders have gone far enough in provoking regard to Syria and Ukraine, and they will defend their interests accordingly. Officially, of course, Russia insists that this activity is merely military training and nothing more.

    Unofficially, we have to wonder how much further things will go before it is too late.

    Few candidates have ever been so openly-hawkish as Hillary Clinton, and war may be a certainly with either presidential contender.

    Russia’s foreign minister Sergey Lavrov ribbed the controversy over Trump’s “pussy” comments, in turn stating that there are ‘so many pussies’ among the advisors of both candidates, that he couldn’t comment further:

    Call it what you will, but it is clear that things have come unhinged in 2016.

    Americans have been left cartoonish choices in their ‘democratic’ elections, while the country loses its grip on world hegemony.

    The economy, the dollar and the organizing principles for war are all surfacing as serious – and potentially catastrophic – factors in 2017 and beyond.

    Stay vigilant.

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    A Force To Be Reckoned With: China And Russia Are Building Some Seriously Advanced Sea-Based Weapons

    Update: “Putin’s Favorite Chauffer” Killed In Accident… Exactly As Former CIA Director Described On TV

    Expecting War? Russia Conducts “Armored Train Drills For First Time In 15 Years”


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      1. Nothing to see here, move along..

        • “including a symbolic disarmament pact between the two nuclear powers to dispose of weapons-grade plutonium ”

          So why does obama honor this agreement and dump ours as fast as he can ? HMMM ?
          OH yeah , his head is up the UNs ass , almost forgot.

          • Usa and Russia’s agreement was to build reactors to burn the material , Russia has built theirs and is running , thus a has not built hers and it is in ” cost over run ” and unfinished .





          NOTHING MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!



          • YOU ARE SO STUPID, ACIDFACE/EISENCRAP…(pathetic). Here we are, on the edge of nuclear war and dumbasses like you are still promoting you stupid, racist agenda– divide and conquer…. (God help us!!)

        • ” He said there was nothing he could do.” Really ? You sure you weren’t talking to an american fat ass left wing. He said all that and you let him get up and walk away so he could come back and kill you ??!! Bull shit every day more bull shit. Are you trying to tell the people of the U.S. there isn’t any hope, they are going too walk in and kill us. Please send Blue helmets to my address I will sell back to U.N. buy bullets, guns and redistribute. WE THE PEOPLE WILL NEVER ALLOW SUCH TREASON,unless you already have GAVE UP so they better START with them CAN’T WAIT TO BE KNOCKING ON THE TRAITORS DOORS.

      2. Is this comment thingy working? I’m a real person, Mac, I promise.

        • Working! Dropped to moderation automatically by AKISMET. If you utilize an email address when posting the system *should* trust you after a few posts have been approved.


          • It doesn’t because I’ve tried many times and still “moderation”.

            • Me too…years of the same handle/e-mail, and still the moderator “error” message….

            • So after Several Years of Every reply I submit goes to deep limbo-moderations…Perhaps I will very Soon see my replies get recognized by askmet systems? Wont That be swell eh!

              ps: does Anybody else here have their replies get totally fully deleated and end up disaperaed as soon as they hit the submit button? I ask since every now and then mine do that and simply disapear into vast oblivion never to get seen again….And that after spending so much time typeing with two fingers and then trying to correct every misspelled word that my terrible writing always produces.

              What a shame to waste so much time to see it disapear when submit is hit!

              • Them Guys…. It does happen to me as well at times. The most frustrating part is when someone ask you and question or responds to your post and not able to respond back.

              • Just for reference, I’m a Texan. A connect sent me to this page and it stopped above your post. I was attempting to locate some information about a Chinese man who I guess is a regular solider in the UN Peace Keeping Forces. This is in reference to the Joe Joseph (Norwegian & UN Solider as well) statements about guarding against voter fraud in a couple of weeks. But, I was unable to locate any info about this Chinese guy.

                While reading your post I became very interested in what you were saying. However, my biggest problem was trying to understand your terminology. Based on what I read, I’m assuming your in Detroit, which means our slang (Dialect) is considerably different, hence a comprehension hindrance. Not that I’m Hillbilly, because I do own a few degrees, but because I grew up around it I can interpret it…. I only mentioned the Dialect thing in hopes that you will be understanding and show pitty while I try to understand what I hope we will be a good discussion.

                First, if you are aware of and can directing me to any info on the U.N. Chinese guy and voter fraud it would be greatly appreciated.

                Second, I’m highly interested in what you had to say about the Jews destroying the Christians. This is where I didn’t understand a lot of the lingo. I do agree that two of the ancient jewish religion sects disliked Jesus. The Sadducees (The Political Arm / Enforcers of Moses Old Testiment Laws) didn’t hate him but they feared he would upset Ceaser/ Rome via a political threat. It was Joeseph Caiaphas that organized the plot to kill Christ therefore the Sadducees are actually responsible for indicting Jesus and pushing Pontius Pilate into a corner to execute him. (I prefer the term murdered). The Pharisees (the blue collar sect) actually hated him for condemning their greed and desire for wealth and earthly possesions. They are the sect that actually elvolved into todays Jewish religion. However there were two break away sects, the Christians (The 12 Deciples. 13 with Paul) and two men of the Sanhedrin (a sect of the Pharisees). Those two were Nicodemus who defended Jesus & Joseph of Airamathiea who surrendered his Tomb for Jesus’s body. Although they remained as Jews, they proclaimed Jesus was Christ. Their actions evolved into today’s Christian Jews (They are Jews but they believe that Jesus is Christ, the son of God). Needless to say the strict Jews disavow them…

                My point being that not all Jews will fit into one category. Its the same as stereotyping. But, your statements of the Jews actions in today’s society is what I’m interested in. I would truly like to know all of your reference material (News articles, Books, historical & biblical text along with chapter & verse) so that I can research your findings. I am a historian but I haven’t really kept up with jewish current events and your statements interest me.

                The evolution of the Jewish sects is a very interesting story as is the division between the protestant and Catholics when Martin Luther translated the biblical latin word into German, which led to all the translation of today. But thats another topic.

                Please respond about the Chinese UN Solider and the voter fraud issue first. I’m writing an article and I need to investigate every lead for additional sources. God Knows I Cant Trust Anyone In The News Media For Any Form Of TRUTH.

                As for the Jewish current events, if you have time to slow the roll on the dielect that would be great. But for now I’m fighting a Monday deadline on my article which I will share with you when completed. Heck, you might even want to jump in once you read it. Its about avoiding the NWO Globalist Agenda while maintaining America as a sovereign and free nation.

                Thanks, Rick

            • Does it to me all the time
              Same email address , same screen name

              • me too…but im old and not good with these computer things…so I thought it was just me.

      3. I’m close to several ground zero targets, it will be over in a flash. None of this happens until the antichrist is revealed, then a third of mankind is killed, around 2.5 billion with todays population. I think we still have a ways to go, unless Hilda beast is elected and she becomes the women riding the beast in the wilderness.

        Things might start to get interesting?

        • I wuz doin sum research on all that myself. America IS mystery babylon out of tha bible. and in 1 day, just 1 day, all hell will break loose on her. If u don’t hav GOD JESUS CHRIST HOLY SPIRIT in your life heart thoughts mind, ur goin ta b in sum serious trouble. People better wake up an get prepped up get their lives and minds in order. I believe we will see true hell on this earth like no one has ever seen or experienced in this evil generation. Just my thoughts though. U better know Jesus…..

        • Don’t it say that the Woman who rides the Beast and is named Babylon on her head crown label has also the Blood of the Saints aka christians in her Cup shes holding like a trophy?

          Because if she is responsible for the christian saints blood shed thru time and centuries etc…Then she Must represent international jewry and ziojewry…Because to date Nobody else has ever mass killed off more christians globally other than that bunch has done.

          Just in the last century alone! Via use of their invention of communism that bunch has mass killed off at least a Third of a billion mainly white christian folks.

          It would number Far more if they were not halted when they atempted to do the same mass deaths within western European nations, beginning with germany. Thankfully a few wized up german leadership were wide awake to the dammages and ruin caused by that group and those germans stopped em in their tracks asap fast eh.

          Just too too bad as general Pattons said in his Diary at end of wwii war that “we americans founght the wrong peoples!” indeed picture usa and the world today if usa sided with germans and anhialated every stinking kommie soviet jewdeobolshevik eh?….it would have spelled the total END of ever again that tribe being able to ruin and wreck another nation, especially whtey nations they so love to destroy. Same as Todays mid east wars eh…Once again usa is on the wrong side of history as they were in WWII. Just further proof solid the usa is and has been totally Hyjacked and controled by real jewdeo zio bolshei kommies same as russia was prior.

          a Quick research of the historical past wars and revolutions going back to at least french revolution, then russias revolt, then WWI and WWII and Every war/conflict since proves beynd all doubt that the main most fingerprints that completly cover every such event has consistantly been jewish prints.

          We wont even begin to discuss eras prior to those eh! It will reveal so many same fingerprints that even the usa’s corupt fbi may get forced at Act and begin arresting various ziojewry culprits and perps.

          • Them Guys:

            Love you Them Guys. ?

            ? truth & courage ?



        • The Beast of Revelations is found in the mirror. Keep looking. The False Prophet is your own mind, telling you all the things you want to hear.

          • No, Sorry but that is total Bunkola. Has zero to do with anybody looking into a mirror etc.

            The entire NT books are filled with warnings and info advice that Yes TWO distinct types of human people exist.

            #1 them that are “Of/In The Light aka Gods True children” aka true real Christians. And not fraudulent self chozens as many wish to believe.

            and #2 those of/in Darkness aka Satans brood devils children…and ziojewry are his and the Tares spoken of also. If you Rank satans kids like the military uses Rank, they would rank at very top #1 of satans children of darkness and that is outlined in great detail too many places blbiically to list here.

            One biblical section states in no uncertain terms and Names aprox a Dozen types aka unbelievers, liars, antichrists etc etc as the Darkneess and Satans children.

            And the very final last sentence in that entire paragraph of verses Commands real children of God and of the Light to…”Therefore as you are children of God and of the Light and NOT of the Darkness and Satans brood children, From Such…TURN AWAY From Them types and have zero to do with them period” Paraphrased in modern day detroit street speak but means exact same as orig bible verse does.

            Soooo it Begg’s the question that after such a command and warning to have zero to do with unbelievers and antichrists etc…WHY do we still have a third or more of american folks aka evangelicals still so clinging onto and so defending of and supportive of The main group of actual antichrists? aka Talmudic jewry eh.

            There is no other race or religious group on the entire planet that is so anti Jesus Christ, and so anti Christianity and basically so anti everybody goyim and non tribe member as That tribe is and always has been since They first ever heard of or saw Christ.

            NONE and No others are as antichrist period. Yet they maintain an Army of american Dupes and it is due to the past 100 yrs of americans being so judaized. And The full Blame for that goes directly To and At americas Pastors whom Teach such anti New testement and anti Christ crapola. Not sure how many they number? but out of aprox 300,000 usa pastors I would guess a good estimate to be at least 99% are judaized and Teach others to be the same.

            pastor Chuck Baldwins articles recently have outlined this very Fact as, usa problem number One as to why america cannot seem to get Out of this forever limbo existence of being a Colony of israel state and being further wrecked and ruined by ziojewry in highest of offices and controls of america. And as long as a third or more usa folks adhere to a warped judaized notion and zio pharisitical fables, in Place of True real christianity as first taught by Christ and the apostles.

            Then we won’t ever see any real positive good changes period. Tribal antichrists have zero good will or intentions for america or any white christian nation, and the proof of it all is now Overwhelming and as obvious as the wetness of Rain as it Falls down on top of their duped heads and faces. Yet they continue to Ignore Every attempt to awaken them at every turn.

            Biblically they are called the christian “Goats” and that is No mistake! Ignorant Goats stuck in a juadized mindless format that leads to total ruin and loss of salvation. So dump the mirror and try the NT books that has all this info intact and freely available is a better choice perhaps eh. It all comes down to Nobody can fight an enemy unless they can Know whom or what that enemy really consists of, and to Name that enemy as so Few ever do, thanks to PC and the big Taboo scam, is the first step to knowing.

      4. Coordination for Mr. Putin:

        NY City
        London Financial District and the Buckingham palace
        HQ of BIS in Switzerland. Please make sure Rotchchild’s are there.

        • Wie geht’s und gutten morgan zu Ihnen Professor Stolz…It is most interesting that you list the BIS. I like that…Add to the list, L.A. where(((das juden))) pornography industry is headquartered…? ?

          • Ich tue gut, danke Sir Chauffeur.

            Thanks for adding to the list the most destructive tool that “das juden” have been using to destroy the societies within. The Pornography industry as you know is a billion dollar industry but it is a source of moral decay, rape, destruction of women, child molestations, and many other damaging factors. However these parasites only worship the money.

      5. “Stay vigilant.”

        “Be polite. Be professional. But have a plan to kill everyone you meet.”

        —–General James “Mad Dog” Mattis USMC (ret)—–

      6. An ominous quote from Fail Safe 1964 ; ” We’re going to have a situation that nobody bargained for … and only a lunatic wants. ”

        Lunatic – aka Obama / Clinton .

      7. My guess is you wont hear anything in regards to this escalation tonight on the MSM news. Keep your powder dry

      8. if they nuke U.S. and nobody survives, does it make a sound?

        • All I know is that it’s all over but the screaming….

          • Right on that one GENIUS

        • Yes, It says, you’re dead too.

        • yes it makes a sound for everyone in Mexico and Canada will hear a loud boom

      9. Hurrah for Russia, The globalist bully USA government needs a formidable foe to keep them in check.

        • Old Guy

          When the USSR was in power exporting communist ideology with, “From them according to their means to them according to their needs”, the US did not intentionally destabilize capitalist nations. The USSR was waiting in the wings for the opportunity to move in. So yes the US certainly, “Played better with others”. Simultaneously the exporting of industrial capacity to the third world was held in check as communist nationalization as experienced in Cuba with Castro made corporations hesitant to invest too heavy when their assets might be taken. Once again a bi-power world is preferable. The USSR kept Islamic Crazies in their sphere of influence in check not wanting to be drawn into conflict over their religious insanity. Post USSR breakup the US has abandoned all previous norms and is intentionally destroying nations with resources to keep them politically fragile thus controllable. The best example is Libya that had the second highest standard of living in Africa with the associated niceties like electrical power, utilities and medical care. The country is now a failed state resembling Somalia.

      10. Mayhem follows HRC where ever she steps foot. Her mess is spread all across the Middle East and the Russians know this far too well. Obummer has weakened this country to point where our armed forces don’t defend our planes and ships when harassed. We show weakness across the globe. As Ronald Regan stated “No one starts a fight with the strongest kid on the play ground”. I fear time is short and the window to attack us is before the change of administrations (Jan. 20th, 2017). The Russians know that HRC is hopeless but maybe Donald gives us a chance being he is a negotiator. Nobody wants to use the “Big Stick” but it’s a fast and quick way to stop an adversary from being a pest. The once great USA has been weakened to pest status. I really do believe Nuclear war is close. I live in the Central Valley of California for that reason but I work in Silicon Valley. I’m in a traget zone. I have prep’d well and have many plans. I keep my bug-in bag with me at all times and know to shelter after the first EMP. I know not to look at the flash and to keep my mouth open when the shock wave passes. I’m ready.

      11. Wow … what a beautiful picture … whoever took a snapshot of Moby Dick surfacing the top of the water did a fantastic, bang up job!

        What a glorious and majestic beast indeed.

        “save the whales … harpoon the mudsharks”

        • The mudsharks are the ones harpooning the whales…

          • Mudsharks eventually become, Coal Burners. Then produce another Biege spoolie head kid named brillo.

        • That’s an older pic of a Los Angeles Class Sub performing an Emergency Surfacing exercise. (It’s a trip to be a’board a boat when she’s doing that …fyi).

          Didn’t we drive one up a fishing-boats ass a few years back? Japanese trawler I think …don’t care tho.




        CHECK OUT THE WW3 CLOCK OCT 28, 2016


        • what does this mean ?

      13. Russia’s saying bring it on bitch. Iran is poking us with a stick. North Korea is a timebomb. 2017 will be an eventful year. Putin is laughing his ass off. First America elects a Muslim puss chimp. Now they elect an old woman. Sorry trump I’m voting for ya but I think you already lost. We got LGBT bullshit, kardashian trash that people try to emulate, and now a 17 year old boy on the cover of cover girl magazine. I think only people that give Putin pause is hillbillies and rednecks armed to the teeth. Maybe ww3 is exactly what we need to get the trash out of our country. Bring it on I’m ready.

      14. Definitely not his mother tongue.!!!

        __. Did that sound descent to you??

        It sounded pretty funny to me.

        If I had $$ I’ld invest in “Hello Kitty”. Pussy is on the table!!!


      15. Please mr. Putin when you launch the first nukes. Make sure to hit Washington DC, then take out New York, then Chicago. That should cut down on a lot of the dumm ass Democrats.

      16. Well… the cost of welfare will drop.

        And nuclear war is awesome if you’re a Keynesian. Plenty of broken windows will need to be replaced!


      17. Sorry for the subject change but I need help with geography. Is the Gulf Of Tonkin located adjacent to Yemen?

        • Vietnam

        • Kevin2, the gulf of Tonkin is off Viet Nam…lbj’s bullshit false flag operation that destroyed this country. We really never recovered from Vietnam…

          • YUP,
            allot of my OLDER school friends never came back!

          • I seen this Yemen thing and thought, “Well its the Gulf Of Tonkin all over again”. I assumed that the Gulf Of Tonkin geographically moved. Ok so the Gulf of Tonkin is in the same place but the false flag moved. That clarifies it.

        • @ Kevin2…

          I see what you did there.

          There might soon be boots on the ground in Yemen, too. They have oil fields that need opened up to western oilcos since the Saudis are running out.

          Oil is the reason for the US backed Saudi war with Yemen… not some Houti rebels.

          • JRS

            So its about oil. Damn.

            All kidding aside Wesley Clark has a 2 minute video about the nations scheduled for regime change after 911. Its not about them being responsible in any way for it, nor do they foster it, but in the confusion, post 911 sets up the justification as the public lied to more than an alcoholics wife actually believes their government. Dr Paul Craig Roberts spelled out the game plan.

            I read the posters on the AOL BB that say, “Bring It On” about war with Russia. Sorry for my expletive but “Utter Assholes”, fits.

      18. FTW, think submarine not whale.

      19. gosh the light is so bright………….

        • Yes it is, I must get a welding helmet lol.

      20. It’s funny how the msm never discusses the real reason of the conflict in Syria. The two dopes running for president won’t bring it up either. The pipe line into Europe, the Saudis vs the Russians with the US looking to decide.

        • Real reason for mid east wars is “Greater israel” Land Grabs…as often admitted to by many various top rabbis and israeli officials in their daily israel newspaper articles. LAND GRAB! Gas Pipelines rates Distant second at best. Khazar fraud jewry land grabs Via a huge worldwide mass Deceptions racket primarily done thru their ownership of every tv news station and most every global newspaper of any worth.

          Same as we was taught is the devil satans best tool and weapon…Deception! aka 99% worlds goyims think Khazars are really jews…That Must change and fast!

      21. “Cartoonish”, yup best description ive heard so far.

      22. If China and Russia become allies against NATO….we’re finished. We won’t even know what hit us when they attack. All whilst Ash Carter spends all his time making sure the LGBT soldiers get more ‘rights’….and the Carriers/Subs get more birthing quarters and transsexual latrines.!!!!

        • What a bunch of crap,,, what the hell is wrong with people now

        • Sexuality issues is a drop in the bucket for this neocon. Google his book written in the 80’s – Ash Carter Managing Nuclear Operations. This POS thinks nuclear war is winnable.

      23. I saw this on the news and came straight here to read about it. It’s a bit unsettling. But Fox is simply talking about Trump groping women 10 years ago.

        • Nikki – It might not matter much. Looks like Hitlery’s 33,000 emails just surfaced and are about to be released.


          I can confirm rotten Hillary’s 33,000 emails have been obtained. Word is it will be a “November surprise.” Wow, something new every day!

      24. Watching Obama poking at the getting the reds Russian bear is like watching a idiot child play with a big rattle snake says the old swamp rat.

        • WERE ALL GONNA DIE!!!! eventually

          • I just hope I get to capture some of these fookers responsible for all this shit and make their death as horrible as possible.

            • Genius….. We might be twins since we think 99.9999% alike.

              p.s. I always wanted a Genius brother.

      25. What does trump groping women have to do with him being pres. What about Bill clintner he was a whore monger and he was pres. anything to defame trump.

      26. What do expect Russia to do. Right now she is flexing her muscles. Saber rattling. If they recall all of their ambassadors then I’m going to worry.

      27. Arkansas state trooper L.D. Brown who was Bill Clinton’s personal body guard when he was president – finally came clean today that not only was Bill Clinton a sexual predator (we already knew that), but – importantly – that Hilary was complicit and enabled Bill, including Hilary working to silence Bill’s victims through threats and intimidation. 3:28 min.

        Lamestream media will, of course, not report this, but a few other stories dealing with that are at or

        Remember: For the lamestream media, Trump bad for words, but Bill and Hilary are good for their evil ACTIONS perpetrated against women.

        I can only HOPE a few of you will copy paste and pass this on to others, after verifying what I wrote via the links above

      28. Off Subject:

        This time of year, you can find spices, pumpkin, pomegranate, cranberries, frozen Turkey and Cornish Hens plus discounted sales on cooking essentials. Start stocking up early. Parsley cleans your breath and is a nutritional bonanza. Various spices like Turmeric for inflammation and fennel seed for digestion go a long way in keeping the doctor away. Seeds from pumpkins are great for the prevention of prostate problems. Let food be your medicine.

        Make your own condiments. Store bought condiments are two thirds sugar. There are recipes everywhere. Either get a good cook book or print out from the Internet. Very easy and tasts much better to do yourself.

        Make your own bone broth. Beef bones are good for hair, skin, and nails. Chicken bones are good for joints and for leaky gut. Bone broth is essential to good health. Make and serve your family daily.

        Boil bones in water overnight. Simmer in large pot or make in crock pot. Use cotton towel after straining thru strainer to eliminate all traces of little bones. Put liquid back, add garlic,onion, celery, and simmer and reduce. Add spices at the last fifteen minutes. Serve.

        You can also continue simmering until broth reduces to about one inch at bottom of pot being careful not to burn. Let cool. Pour into ice cube tray. Freeze. Remove from tray and put cubes into freezer bag or seal-a-meal freezer bag. Use to make soup, broth, or for beans, etc.

        If you start now, The Holidays will be more fun. If SHTF, you will be glad you stocked up. If there’s a direct hit on your house, you’ll be missed, and probably envied.


        • Great tips, B – thanks for sharing. Just about to put my pressure caner away after canning all of my beets from my garden. I might just leave it out and go and see if I can pick up some yams / sweet potatoes / squash at discounted prices and can them as well. Cheers.

          • Firestorm:

            Beets are a powerful detox. Cilantro pulls Mercury, a horrible poison, from the body. Some people stop eating these foods because after consuming them they feel sick. This is the immediate result of detox. It will only last a short time. It is proof that your body was full of very toxic elements. Great to have your own organic supply to process and eat.

            Sweet potatoes and yams are a terrific superfood.

            Home Canning is the smartest and most cost efficient method of making both homegrown food and food purchased in bulk from farmers markets or big box stores, last throughout the months ahead. These home canned foods are fantastic.


      29. Click bait i see since the words “Test” is missing from the title and the USA is not the only super power in the world that can conduct tests is it now.

        if Americans want to die protecting “Moderate Rebels” in Syria and fighting to protect Saudia Arabia (Who apparantly did 9/11) in the Yemen conflict then who am i to stop them and if they want change then they had better stop sitting on there hands over 9/11 because that didn’t work out too well for the Germans in WWII

      30. It is hard to believe they would lay waste to the surface of the planet. Time to cull these imbeciles.

      31. “… Cartoonish choices…”
        So true!

      32. Ronald Reagan had these gentlemen on their knees. Who let them up?

      33. Well, they won’t target where I am in Aus, even the nearest city won’t make a difference to me.

        Anyhow, stand fast, stand tall.
        If things go south, your government falls, that’s when you, Joe Citizen must rebuild your country as you saw it – with common sense dictating every day life. Do away with those who demand fairness but have done nothing to earn it (social justice types). On common law for every man and woman.

        Tip: While towers provide great observation posts, tie fishing line between trees, shrubs or even on large enough weeds, attach fishing line bells hidden in amongst scrub, when someone shakes it, you get the heads up. At night use a rat trap connected to a wire so as when the wire is tripped, the rat trap closes, using different coloured glow sticks you can estimate direction and distance. Remember you’re more likely to see white light at 200m than you are red light. Stick on a tree or post. The crack of the trap may set some folks off in the other direction however if you have no visuals and another trap goes off at a closer distance, prepare to engage if necessary, NVODs will help in this situation.

        Do well and prosper.

        • @ Cypher, thanks! I like the tip on the rat traps and glow sticks:) I will be sure to add to my preps.

      34. I am seeing news reports this morning that all regular communications between Russia and the US have been cut-off. Also seeing reports of air raid sirens at San Diego and Tacoma went off last night with jets scrambling…Trying to confirm this. Anyone have any additional info?

      35. Now that just made my day.

      36. There’s a Ted Talk online by an Israeli artist who made a picture of himself holding a sign showing support for Iran. “Dear Iran, I love you-signed an Israeli.” He posted it to Facebook and the response within hours was incredible. Soon, thousands of Israelis and Iranians were posting pics of themselves saying “I Love Israel” and “I Love Iran” and “We Don’t Hate You” and “We Don’t Want To Fight.” The story was very compelling and it showed how the people can get around their government’s official hostility to contact each other. I can’t help thinking we need that same campaign now with the Russians.
        If any Russians are reading this- I don’t hate you, either. I love your pierogi and borscht, papirossi, and Nu Pogodi.

        • I love Russians. I don’t want to fight. ?


          • I might not love the neighbor down the street but I don’t pick fights with him.

        • Good point! Here’s a beautiful message from Russian folks to all of us, posted only about a month ago.


          The Russian people are beautiful!

      37. I just heard some really disturbing shit about something going on in Texas down here. I am sorry but I cannot post it. All I can say is that Chinese soldiers have been inching their way closer to all the major cities including Houston, Woodlands, Conroe, and other major cities and our state government knows that we will be under attack between now and the next 3-4 months. A chi-com soldier just threatened someone that I know very well recently and he is not happy about the incident. When chi-coms are telling Americans in my state where they can go from where they cant go, then we have a BIG PHUCKING PROBLEM. All the military equipment is here in Texas, pre positioned during JADE HELM 15-16 and the soldiers have already been placed in our state and all they have to do is just go out, jump into the UN vehicles and roll out to the major highways, and deploy to neighborhoods. All over 2017 is when the civilians will be getting the worst of it. I know something is up because this link is matching up with what I am hearing.

        The UN and Chinese know already in advance that they will be rolling down Hwy 45, Hwy 290, 1960/Hwy 6 from 45 north to deploy to take out these area of subdivision, and one of the biggest major attacks by the UN, and chi-coms will take place between 1960-hwy6-south down to Sugar land. They plan to do the same thing on the Katy Mason rd area, hwy10 area. Good luck when you get to that area.

        The ammo continues to clean out of the shelves in Academy, and when I told one man about them tracking and reporting ammo sales in the store, his response, is that if the military feels that they have a problem with him, that they can come to his house and try to take it. You soldiers who are illegally in the US, you better accept the fact that your not going anywhere and will pay a heavy price on American soil. Get out the country and go back to where you came from while you have the chance.

        We have a very, very serious fucking situation on the horizon.


        • GTFOOH

      38. I would take most Russians over most Clintons as neighbors.

      39. Wonder if russian black sea fteel coming back to the gulf.

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