Russia Conducts “Nuclear Drill” With 40 Million As U.S. Pushes for War in Syria

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    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.

    Editor’s Comment: Pure insanity. The powers that be are now flirting with the option of all out war, and potentially unprecedented levels of destruction. The American public has never been presented with any cohesive rational or good reason at all for why we are still embroiled in the Middle East, and one can only assume that there are other hidden agendas at work.

    As the article points out, the rivalry to supply Europe with energy, and a proposed pipeline from the Arabian peninsula through Syria and Turkey into Europe may be a much better explanation for why we are being dragged so perilously close to war than anything else we’ve been told. It certainly appears that the West intends to allow radical Islam to take hold of the region amid a vacuum of power, and that the U.S. would prefer to partner with terrorism rather than lose its grip on the existing world order.

    40 Million Russians To Take Part In “Nuclear Disaster” Drill, Days After US General Warns Of War With Moscow

    by Tyler Durden

    As relations between Russia and the US disintegrate as a result of the escalating proxy war in Syria, which today culminated with Putin halting a Plutonium cleanup effort with the US, shortly before the US State Department announced it would end negotiations with Russia over Syria, tomorrow an unprecedented 40 million Russian citizens, as well as 200,000 specialists from “emergency rescue divisions” and 50,000 units of equipment are set to take part in a four day-long civil defense, emergency evacuation and disaster preparedness drill, the Russian Ministry for Civil Defense reported on its website.

    According to the ministry, an all-Russian civil defense drill involving federal and regional executive authorities and local governments dubbed “Organization of civil defense during large natural and man-caused disasters in the Russian Federation” will start tomorrow morning in all constituent territories of Russia and last until October 7. While the ministry does not specify what kind of “man-caused disaster” it envisions, it would have to be a substantial one for 40 million Russians to take part in the emergency preparedness drill. Furthermore, b[y] reading the guidelines of the drill, we can get a rather good idea of just what it is that Russia is “preparing” for.

    The website adds that “the main goal of the drill is to practice organization of management during civil defense events and emergency and fire management, to check preparedness of management bodies and forces of civil defense on all levels to respond to natural and man-made disasters and to take civil defense measures.” Oleg Manuilov, director of the Civil Defence Ministry explained that the exercise will be a test of how the population would respond to a “disaster” under an “emergency” situation.

    Some further details, on the 3-stage, 4 day drill:

    I stage: organization of civil defense actions

    The stage is going to practice notification and gathering of senior officials of federal and regional executive authorities, local governments and civil defense forces, deployment of civil defense management system on all levels, readying civil defense communication and notification system. After the National Crisis Management Center have brought the management signals, all management bodies, state authorities, forces and facilities on duty and people will be notified through notification systems available.

    II stage: Planning and organization of civil defense actions. Deploying a team of civil defense forces and facilities designed to respond to large disasters and fires.

    The stage plans to practice deployment a mobile interagency multi-functional team of civil defense forces and facilities in each federal district in order to carry our rescue and other urgent operations, civil defense actions and to deploy special civil defense units in constituent territories; putting rescue military units, divisions of the federal fire service, rescue units on standby. The stage provides for the team to be reinforced, activation of backup control centers and practicing collecting and exchanging information in the field of civil defense.

    III stage: Organization of actions of civil defense management bodies and forces for response to large disasters and fires.

    The stage will deal with the use of the civil defense team to respond to large disasters and fires, setting up aerial and mobile control centers, revising of routes for save evacuation of people, organization of vital services; taking off fire and rescue units of the federal fire service to put out fires and conduct rescue operations at potentially dangerous facilities, including closed administrative territorial entities.

    The drill will rehearse radiation, chemical and biological protection of the personnel and population during emergencies at crucial and potentially dangerous facilities. Fire safety, civil defense and human protection at social institutions and public buildings are also planned to be checked. Response units will deploy radiation, chemical and biological monitoring centers and sanitation posts at the emergency areas, while laboratory control networks are going to be put on standby.

    The fact that among the measures tasked for the civil defense team will be a response to “disasters and fires” as well as the rehearsal of “radiation, chemical and biological protection”, makes it clear that Russia is about to hold its biggest nuclear war drill since perhaps the end of the Cold War.

    Why now? Perhaps, in addition to the sharp deterioration in relations between Russia and the west, where tensions are on par with the cold war, another answer may come from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford, who last week warned Congress that the implementation of a No Fly Zone in Syria as proposed by John Kerry recently, and a centerpiece of Hillary’s foreign policy strategy, would result in World War III.

    During testimony before the Senate Committee on Armed Services last week General Joseph Dunford rang the alarm over a policy shift that is gaining more traction within the halls of Washington following the collapse of the ceasefire brokered by the United States and Russia in Syria saying that it could result in a major international war which he was not prepared to advocate on behalf of. Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi asked about Hillary Clinton’s proposal for a no fly zone in Syria in response to allegations that Russia and Syria have intensified their aerial bombardment of rebel-held East Aleppo since the collapse of the ceasefire.

    “What about the option of controlling the airspace so that barrel bombs cannot be dropped? What do you think of that option?” asked Wicker. “Right now, Senator, for us to control all of the airspace in Syria would require us to go to war against Syria and Russia. That is a pretty fundamental decision that certainly I’m not going to make,” said the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff suggesting the policy was too hawkish even for military leaders.

    As a reminder, Hillary Clinton strongly argued in favor of a no fly zone ever since October 2015, just days after Russia began a bombing campaign aimed at maintaining the stability of the Syrian government. “I personally would be advocating now for a no fly zone and humanitarian corridors to try to stop the carnage on the ground and from the air, to try to provide some way to take stock of what’s happening, to try to stem the flow of refugees,” said Clinton in an interview with NBC in October 2015.

    Despite the warnings, the former Secretary of State and current presidential candidate, who has a well-known hawkish position towards regime change and matters related to Russia, has continued to advocate this position which has gained traction in recent weeks among top US diplomats.

    Clinton is not alone: as the WSJ reported in June, more than 50 US diplomats endorsed a notorious dissent memo, demanding that that the Obama administration employ military options against Assad, such as the implementation of a no fly zone if not a direct attack against the Syrian regime. The argument from the diplomats is that the situation in Syria will continue to devolve without direct action by the US military, an argument of dubious legality if undertaken unilaterally without a UN Security Council resolution but which as Sputnik reports, the US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power has been laying the groundwork for under the controversial “right to protect” theory of international law arguing that Russia’s opposition to a resolution should be ignored because they are a party to the conflict.

    Russia, in turn, has countered that if the Assad regime falls then terrorist groups including ISIS and al-Nusra Front will likely fill the resulting power vacuum descending the country into an even greater harbor for international terrorism. Ultimately, the Syrian conflict is fundamentally about the transport of energy, and whether Russia maintains its dominance over European natural gas imports, or if – with the Syrian regime deposed – a Qatar natural gas pipeline can cross the territory and make its way to Europe.

    As for the Russian nuclear war drill, we can only hope that any such rising hints of nuclear warfare remain in the realm of the purely theoretical.

    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.


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      1. Scary stuff and nothing in the MSM. They are too busy bashing Trump and promoting Hildabeast .
        Personally i would think Europe should decide who supplies their gas , I simply dont care and dont think its an issue for American blood and treasure to be spent on .
        F the saudis and all them worthless sand dwellers in the ME , let em pound sand and kill each other , it aint anything the US needs to be involved in .

        • On a Positive Note: Americans are Armed to the Teeth.

          Gun sales hit 17th straight monthly record, up 27 percent
          10-04-2016 • Washington Examiner

          Gun sales hit the 17th consecutive monthly record in September according to FBI data released on Monday, and overall sales are up 27 percent compared to the same period last year.

          A total of 1,992,219 background checks were processed through the bureau’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System for the month of September, higher than the 1,795,102 conducted in September 2015.

          ht tp://

          ~WWTI… Come on, I dare you. Come and take them, you biotches..

          • I’m about to help next month to be as good or better

            • “On a Positive Note: Americans are Armed to the Teeth.”

              Americans are a race of slobs, obese, transgendered, addicted to all sorts of prescribed medications, OTC medicines and synthetic vitamins. This race of subhumans are extremely gullible and unable to think for themselves (trained not to think critically).

              Regardless if they have SEMIAUTOMATIC guns, these animals will be very easy to subdue.

              • Igor Kasspov, a certain percentage of Americans are that way, BUT NOT ALL OF US. Go ahead and try to tangle with those of us who are armed, if you have a death wish.

                • It’s so good to know that our government has made as many preparations for our survival in a nuclear war as the Russian Federation has for their people.

                • Good Article DK. The commenters after the article nailed it. Could be Germany’s Douche Bank was selling assets to raise capitol? Or a controlled tidal wave to crush the small players. Imagine the margin calls today for paper longs caught with their panties down, which triggered more sell offs. One hell of a ticker down algorithm can do a lot of damage. Follow the money trail to see who was up to this manipulation today.

                  When there are wild swings like this, people are lined up all over on this. Grab the rope and hold on. This could also climb $5 in a week as well. I did not loose a single physical Ounce today. Buy on the dips and keep stacking like all the big banks are doing on the cheap. Back up the truck. Buying Silver at Tues close price, is like buying Silver with No commission, strait up spot. You can make that $1 commission on top of spot price, all back in one bull Mkt day.


              • Igor Kasspov,
                Glad for your opinion, IF i may ask you, where did you get your information? did you visit the big cities ? and IF that is where your getting observations from, then you are correct! BUT, come on out to some other areas and visit some of us who are NOT city dwellers!! you might find your wrong about allot of us!
                (no offense to those of you who dwell in the city but are not like he said)

                • Igor is sitting in some eastern block country, No guns, No food, No housing, constant war, poverty, shivering as winter is about to set in, all the windows are shot out, and he has no gloves, and they can’t get any damn gas into their country for heat, because of the Syrian conflict.

                  Just lashing out is healthy Igor. Keep em coming. You can blame our Government and all of NATO for that, about 47% of the population keeps voting for these liberal commie shills who dictate policy. Its not my policy.

                  And I don’t feel exceptional. I already am. And deplorable. Hell yeah!! Especially that, and cunning.


              • Yup. And Russians are aborting themselves into oblivion.

                Sadly, for the ignorant like Igor, he is not able to see in any other manner that vague generalities – the hallmark of a simpleton. Did Igor tell you about P*ssy Riot and all their antics there? Did he tell you about the rampant alcoholism that outstrips every other country. Has he told you that Russia’s population is declining due to massive number of abortions?

                The truth is, as Solshynitsyn wrote, the line between good and evil runs through EACH of our own individual hearts. There are good and evil Russians and good and evil Americans (cf. Hilary for the latter). Point is, the American Constitution enshrines rights that were unique in world history, and provided unprecedented prosperity and freedom.

                IGOR is correct ONLY insofar as America has departed from the Constitution and its Judeo-Christian heritage. Where America has gone leftist and PC, he is correct. But that is not historic America, that is not the real America, and by God’s grace, it will not be the future of America. Even if it takes 100 years, I will never give up the fight for freedom.

                And regarding subduing people with guns, Igor? I believe in non-violence totally, but the 2nd Amendment was put there for a reason. If it comes to you coming to this country, all I will say is, as the saying goes, Molon labe. Your attempt to subdue real Americans (not the ignorant leftists – they won’t even gt up to resist from their lair in mommy’s basement) will indeed be a one way trip – of course, taking the irenic route, one option is that your trip might cause you to wake up and remain here, joining other freedom lovers!

                • TEST , your riled by this NJ hack .
                  dont be fooled by screen names .

                  • Understood. But either way, it is the slam on the essential nature of the American republic – whether that is by a Russian or by a NJ crypto commie – it is, as the French say, “meme chose”; i.e., my response is exactly the same, to the exact same ignorance of the American republic, including the fact that if this is some NJ fascist leftist, he is just as ignorant of American freedoms than somebody Bubka way out in Siberia.

                    Whichever real person is doing the speaking, Russian or communist New Jerseyite, the comments are puerile, ignorant and without a modicum of what the real America outside the decadent, welfare-ridden, effete cities, particularly in the Northeast and west coast.

              • Kasspov you have a point about soft Americans, most who live on the concrete of the cities. If you want to see the real America look into the green curtain of trees in the country side. There is where the real army is. Millions of us have military experience, although it has been a long time for myself since I packed my M60 across the Vietnam jungle, I along with a great many still know what it takes to root hog or die. The political class has sent we country people off to every war they could start but we still quietly survive and await those who think they can very easily subdue us. Kasspov when you go into the green curtain of the American countryside, bring a good lunch with you because its not going to be a cake walk says the old swamp rat.

        • I dont get it why we buy oil from overseas then ship our oil etc away,,, just freakin stupid if you ask me, i dont care that ours isnt as high quality,, up the refining process charge a bit more and were good to go, im sure theres some dickheaded politicians who get fat on the deals they have with these sand grubs though, should stick a blade in all of them

          • Nailbanger

            “just freakin stupid if you ask me”

            First its not “our oil” as the US oil Industry is not nationalized. US oil from fracking is sweet and not too viscus. Where does it bring the highest price is where its sold.

          • Remember all these PM Mining Stocks articles that have been advertised on here the last 3 months? Trying to suck you in on buying this crap with 600 P/E ratio’s.

            Well if you bought AG- First Majestic Silver Mining Corporation -Ticker symbol “AG” on August 9th 2016 for at $18.42 a share, which is less than 60 days ago, its now selling for $9.94 today. A nearly $10 haircut, 50% loss in less than 60 days. Sorry about your luck.. lol

            Told ya its all a suckers play right now in mining stocks. I hope you all did not get sucked into that Miners stock scam like I was against on here, every article. Friggin pump and dump Scam. Told ya they were trying to dump their shares.. And find some sucker to buy them out, so they can lock in their gains and profit, as it crashes in your name.. Timber…..

            ~WWTI… They beat the crap out of Silver and Gold today. Silver closed at $17.77 down a full $1.00 and Gold below $1300 to $1268. down $42 in one day. Oh my. This has got to be their last big push down to scarf up all the physical metals they can on the cheap, before this explodes when interest rates rise in a month or so, and everything turns batshit crazy. I may go buy more Silver tomorrow. Buy on the dips and secure your wealth folks. Average in. The central banks are trying to crush the little guys. I bet many people lost fortunes today, and margin calls on this manipulated plunge, and some made some big profit o the manipulation. When you are buying a Billion Dollars in Gold Bars, being $42 cheaper an ounce is a lot of money saved. Same thing, a dollar down in Silver.

            Its gonnna be a wild ride. Stick to Physical Gold and Silver, Anything paper is an IOU and possible fraud.

            • After watching PM’s bomb out today one has to ask how many “paper” ETF’s (PM’s) that the Deutsche Bank / subsidiaries is holding. If you were invested in paper gold / silver there, what would you be doing today? Might be the reason for such a dramatic drop in prices. That money is going to go somewhere. Physical would be my guess and just shortly. If it isn’t in your grubby little hands, it ain’t yours.

          • Because it only cost Saudi $4 a barrel to produce it. And many places here in the States it costs. $40 a BBL. Oil is bought stored, resold, refined, and who knows where it came from. And the “buyers and sellers” of OIL in the US are not on the same team. Its every Oil Man for himself.

            Why do they import Pineapples to Hawaii from Viet Nam, when Hawaii grows pineapples? Its probably that cheap labor cost over in Vet Nam, slave wages and it all happens under free trade agreements for the 1% corporate fascists. Hey Corporations are people too, as Mittins Romney claimed. Wait until TPP trade deal kicks in. Look-out!!!


            • Don’t think Hawaii grows pineapples any more. When I was taking care of my parents over there on Oahu, they said the pineapple industry, Dole in particular, had closed down. I think your right about Vietnam. What say you, Kula Nailbanger?

              • Remember that the US dollar is the reserve currency of the world and is used in international transactions. This facilitates a demand for US dollars that is fabricated. If Hawaii grew its own pineapples it wouldn’t need to import them from Vietnam and that much less US dollar demand would occur. Their goal is for everyone to buy off someone else.

        • Psychopath USSA Politician TRAITORS in the “changed” USSA are PUSHING for NUCLEAR WW III.

          Obama may DESTROY USSA with War before he leaves office.
          ***Obama is a TRAITOR and an EXTREME DANGER to American people, American National Security, and World Peace.
          No one will Impeach and ARREST these TRAITORS who are DESTROYING America.

          I have told you before. I tell you again. “America is run by NWO TRAITORS. They work towards the Intentional Destruction of our Nation.
          No one Arrested Hitler. So Germany was destroyed.
          No one Arrests USSA TRAITOR Politicians pushing for war. Destruction likely result.

          Leave Amerikka while you can. Save your family. Leaving is Life.
          Staying at ground zero USSA is DEATH.
          Your choice.


          • And if Obola doesn’t, Hiliary will for sure.

            • The people that destroyed Hitler and Germany won. And now they are trying to destroy us. We are so brainwashed it’s unbelievable. The winners of WW2 . Are doing this.Is that not obvious. The Russian bolshavics. Took half of Europe. And Germany. The western bolshavics took the rest. We have a Bolshavik government. Isn’t it obvious?

        • Because You refused to Impeach Obama and allow Psycho Politicians to provoke a nuclear war. Here is you future:

          Blind Side Attack on USA by JOINT China-Russia:
          -USA and Euro/NATO orbital Satellites taken out.
          -Nuclear Air Burst over Central USA. EMP. USA dark.
          -Nuclear Air burst over central Europe. EMP. Europe dark.
          Civilian Communication, GPS Navigation, Internet, Electrical ALL are now dark.
          US/NATO Military coms are affected, but redundant com systems still operational.
          There is still command and control of nuclear assets and sub based SLBM’s nukes.

          Things escalate until both sides launch ICBM’s-SLBM’s, and the bombers arrive over targets. Both sides have launched.

          Less than 30 minutes later civilization destroyed.

          Now civilization is gone.
          Everything humanity has accomplished will now be back to around 1860 technology.
          You are likely dead.
          ………If you do live.
          ***You are NOW in Hell. You will wish you were dead.
          All comforts, civilization, are no longer here.
          Death-Disease-Sickness-Poor Hygiene-Being Dirty-Hunger-Famine-Thirst-Cold-Heat-Radiation-more Death and Disease, this is your “survival.”
          You are just screwed.

          ***All because you failed to stop less than 500 nut job TRAITOR Politicians that are pushing Russia into a war, that Russia doesn’t want. They have seen that sh@t.

          But I believe China does want war.

          Hell on Earth.

          Your preps won’t help long term.
          Your guns are near worthless.
          Leave the Targeted USA areas NOW. Leave.

          Get your family into Southern Hemisphere. Prep like hell there.
          Food-Water-Seeds-Medical-Tools-Building Materials-Small Livestock-Feed for them.
          Coriolus effect might offer some radiation relief if in Southern Hemisphere.
          Staying in USA is suicide.

      2. two takeaways from this-
        1: the us talks, and Russia acts.
        2: I’ve long wondered about controlling European gas and oil via Turkey ever since that Bond film came out (world is not enough). interesting to see it actually mentioned as an actual reason for this proxy war. if tactical nukes were used, the region would be pretty much uninhabitable for awhile, necessitating more dependency on Russian pipelines. Russia then has something to gain from nukes flying, at least within the region.

        • Marcus

          Once the nuclear threshold is crossed the potential for rapid escalation is too great. We damn near were there in October of 1962 and were only one vote shy, aboard a Soviet Sub of all things of crossing the boundary of sanity. This stuff starts taking on a life (death) of its own as the insane discussion of winning a nuclear war takes precedence over the historically proven Mutually Assured Destruction. Both sides have military advisors, modern cave men with nuclear clubs that influence decisions. Curtis LeMay was one and he advocated bombing and invading Cuba stating, “The Soviets will do nothing’. JFK cleverly pointed out that, “If your wrong no one will be alive to tell you so”.

          The leadership, not the politicians that are just employees of TPTB, have supposedly bought hideouts on non targeted areas. It would actually be prudent, to avoid war for belligerents to tell them that they have sufficient ICBMs to target their bunker in Tim Buck Two or whatever cave they think they’re going to survive in. When the leadership understands their vulnerability to the damage of war, the sobering effect moderates their greed as survival then gets incorporated in the decision making process.

          Nuclear weapons to date have done more to facilitate peace than all of the treaties ever written. Its been said, “familiarity breeds contempt”. That may apply to nuclear weapons and high tech targeting as the madness of “First Strike” has made its rounds in strategic debate.

          • Kevin2, excellent points, but I must point out that we don’t have any ‘rational thinking’ people in DC, at least not that I’m aware of. I agree that the possession of nukes have prevented another world war from breaking out. But the neocons and their allies aren’t exactly known for being ‘rational’. I think we could have Mickey Mouse in the WH and still go to WW3.

            • Braveheart1776

              The mindset of nuclear weapons being useful for more than preventing the other guy from using nuclear weapons is relatively new that unfortunately I believe started in the 80s as accuracy increased. As we have lived with their presence their formality has been marginalized. The same mindset has permeated the Financial Sector as the regulations imposed in the wake of the great depression like Glass-Steagall were considered antiquated. Because they greatly contributed to preventing a depression the depression never occurred. The illogical conclusion is that because a depression hasn’t occurred it won’t occur therefore this is unnecessary.

              I’ll call it Kevin’s Law. “Eventually the easy cheap and fast route will be taken regardless if its been tried before and failed because its easy cheap and fast”. Stupidity is just too damn tempting.

              • K2 , kevins law is correct , but unless its 1145 pages long , it dont pass muster .
                Plain english dont work , maybe jazz it up with some wherefores and contingencies and such . lmao !

          • Kevin2, If Hillary is selected Pres, I bet she will start Drone bombing Americans hostile to her policies or politics. She is that Batwitch Crazy. And very serious when I say that. So I say no lobbing missiles around the country. No Thanks,

            You can however, simply pour gasoline down into the air vent shafts into TP2B enclaves, and follow the gas with a lit road flare. Woof!!! I’m thinking a one man crew could do that all on his own, and without asking a lawyer for permission, unlike lobbing missiles.


      3. The Hell of this International Situation is; that a VAST MAJORITY of Americans aren’t even AWARE of whats going on in Syria; between the Americans & Russians. While the Russian People ARE aware of a very real nuclear threat from the West; Americans have 99.9% of what happens at Home and Abroad COMPLETELY filtered out by our Thoroughly owned News Media. When the missles do fly; which I think is maybe 50/50; the American population will be slaughtered in the 1st salvo. 200 Million Dead in the 1st Hr.; because our own Traitorous Government thought it too inconvenient to warn us.


          • I cut the cable 20 months ago. Like why pay to be lied to? Makes no sense.

            Then you have clock puncher on here, who works for the Zionist Cabal Cable Company in GA. Traitor!! That’s why he’s not right? A life of Guilt, and drinks himself to sleep.


            • The comcast guy asked why I was canceling and laughed at my answer that I was sick of all the propaganda.

              Its one thing to have the propaganda ooze from all the news feeds but the problem is that propaganda is buried in all the storylines of the shows and then there is all the product placement stuff that goes on.

              I could not figure out if he had heard this several times before or if he thought I was being overly sensitive. I don’t care for the lies and certainly refuse to pay to listen to them.

              • Lurker says,
                we cut TV 12 years ago and have NEVER missed it since and that in its self was a real eye opener!! we keep current from internet and that is all we need, and of course we have to laugh when we get around people who still watch TV and that is ALL that can talk about, VERY sorry for them, so brainwashed they don’t have a clue!! and so it also makes perfect sense of why there are so many couch potato’s who just go along with the flow and our country is sinking because of it!!

        • Dave

          “VAST MAJORITY of Americans aren’t even AWARE of whats going on in Syria”

          Ever watch the Mark Dice videos? I live in an area that has a high German population. They’re far more knowledgeable about world affairs and even US affairs than Americans. By and large Americans, “Don’t know, don’t care and don’t care to know”. Fat, overindulged, intentionally ignorant, superficial and self centered describes far too many. ‘It don’t effect ME”. “The game in on”. “What’s your handy cap”?

          We post on this BB because there is a shortage of somewhat knowledgeable people to discuss topics with outside of food and circus.

          It doesn’t matter if the Russians have a hole to get into as the aftermath is the store age and that is without Bio Weapons thrown in as they guaranteed would be. Its the thought that the US would establish a policy of hubris rather than prudence that can lead to this. There is not a President post WWII that would consider doing what has been done after 911.

          Insanity and madness are the only two words my limited vocabulary has in its inventory to describe this.

          • “Fat, overindulged, intentionally ignorant, superficial and self centered describes far too many.”

            I refer to them as “sofa pilots”…. Remote in one hand and nothing between the ears.

          • Thats why i find all of this quite amusing, most people just have no clue that anything is wrong

      4. I’m not as worried about a cold with Russia.
        I’m very worried about a hot war!
        Keep prepping folks!
        Take care all!

        • MommaD – I’m just old enough (62) to remember the ‘duck-n-cover’ drills as a grade-school boy. Too, I recall the start terror of the Cuban missile crisis in ’62 @ just 8 years old. Didn’t fully understand, just what my parents told me ‘could’ happen…….. and the looks on their faces. I agree with you. Should this go ‘hot’ – well, all I can say is “S’mores” anyone? Cause the last thing I hope I’m doing is hanging with family and/or good friends enjoying the last of this sweet thing we call life. No one wins a nuclear war. No one.

          • Heartless, I was 5 years old when the Cuban Missile Crisis took place. My older brother and I helped our Dad build a bomb shelter in our basement and stocked it with supplies. I also went through the ‘duck-n-cover’ drills in school later. Those were really scary times.

      5. They need to just “Pull it”. Right now. This is dragging on way too long.

      6. There’s an excellent video at Fort Russ News– “Lavrov Makes History: ‘Ceasefires’ were bogus, nixes future ‘unilateral measures”

        So, basically, the US says Russia has to stop bombing ISIS or the US will no longer cooperate with Russia– WAR. And Russia is saying the same thing: they have given up hope on working out a peaceful solution with the US…because the US keeps lying about everything… Force meets force– not good.

      7. And Russia is saying the same thing: they have given up hope on working out a peaceful solution with the US…because the US keeps lying about everything… Force meets force– not good.

        And WWTI is saying the same thing: they have given up hope on working out a peaceful solution with the eppe…because the eppe keeps lying about everything… Force meets force– not good.

        So WWTI keeps calling out the liars.


        • Why are you giving eppe free rent in your head? what he post doesn’t take any nickles out of your pockets? have you got some knid of weird fixation on him? From now on Im not going to even read anything you post.

          • No doubt

            There’s a world and country falling apart out there , that’s what this place is about
            I can’t say Fck without being censored,but you two can fornicate on this board til it becomes obcene
            And you two are giving this place a negative vibe

            You two wanna date ? Than exchange numbers and get a room

            I’m sure I’ll be next to get attacked
            Like I GAF

            • +1

            • RebelSon.
              Try being attacked, slandered, lied about gor 32 months???
              Not attacking you, I am just tired of the BS.
              It does make one wonder:
              What is wwti’s problem???
              Is he a NSA troll???
              Inquiring minds want to know…

              Bless all here…

      8. Let’s face facts: the current war in Syria is the fault of those Syrians dumb enough to start the civil war with their government (something anybody with a brain knows history tells us will end badly). They ruined their country and got half a million plus people killed. Many millions have been displaced. Those Syrians who started this catastrophe are losers and should be in the Hague for war crimes, not being offered welfare so they can suck coffee and munch donuts in the West.

        Dunford is very right: the politicians do not understand the gravity of this request for a no-fly zone. This is much, much more than just a gesture. In order to enforce the no-fly zone planes will have to come out of the sky. That is an act of war and Russia will not take kindly to it. They will strike back. Maybe not in theatre (assuming the US could pull off a no-fly zone) but somewhere else (Ukraine? Northern Canada?). America keeps forgetting Russians are not porch monkeys with nukes; or dune coons with rifles: Russians invent things. They make advanced weaponry. They are hard-ass and they will fight back. They also have some of the most beautiful women on the planet, and when men have their backs to the wall, that is the sort of thing you fight like a banshee to keep safe and preserved. And if it takes dipping some ghetto junk into the deep fat fryer along with their finger lickin’ chicken ‘n’ chitlings, then Russia would probably do it.

        • “Let’s face facts: the current war in Syria is the fault of those Syrians dumb enough to start the civil war with their government”

          For all intent the majority of them are paid for mercenaries. These “popular revolts” like Libya with the second highest standard of living in Africa, free relatively good medical care, cheap fuel, subsidized food, free education are not the conditions that create a revolt. Selling your oil in gold, rather than US dollars is. These uprisings are not indigenous. They have a return address, the CIA, MI5 and 6, Israel Mossad, Saudi Arabia. A diverse group for sure with common goals for often uncommon reasons.

        • Frank Thoughts, I have to agree. The Russians are not pushovers. The cabal who runs this country needs to stop all this BS NOW! They’re going to screw around and get this country destroyed. Russia BY ITSELF can defeat the US. Don’t need China or anyone else. Our military has been so degraded and manpower cut back so much that we don’t stand a chance. Russia has weapons systems today that outmatch and outperform anything we have. We would be toast in any nuclear war.

        • Frank.
          This war was started over Saudi Arabia, and other wanting to put a gas pipe line through Syria to Europe.

          Russia didn’t want it, because they would loose their grip on the E.U. Syria didn’t want it because they weren’t going to be able to put anything into the line to make money.

      9. World war III has already started. The stupid Democrats just haven’t figured it out, the Russians have and are fighting it.
        Our Democrat Federal government is backing the wrong horse.
        I would not surprise me if many of our ships and aircraft suddenly broke down and we could not put up enough forces to enforce the directives of the POTUS.

      10. Russia was our allies in WWI & WWII they have never attacked the USA like the japs did. China was helpful during WWII. Why does our goverment side with japan and other unsavory nations? Actually I know why it has to do with a certain tribe. The same tribe who fund Black lives matter. The same tribe who own the media and support Obummer & hellery I think the Russians would eventually prevail in a war with the USA.

      11. Frank Thoughts

        Right on.

      12. Jesus said to look for certain signs of which one was “Wars and rumors of wars..” Either He returns or we are doomed!

        • Well that means we’re doomed then if your hopes are for a dead man to return.

          • Jesus is Risen Indeed – HE died once for our sins, and HE resurrected (even the Jews CANNOT deny the empty grave – Christian martyrs are NOT suckers – they chose to die for the living Christ, not a dead man) and live & reign FOREVER more – HE is coming back – are you, BlackMoe and the like, ready for HIS Return?

            • Ready in TN

            • You’ve drunken too much of the mindless biblical koolaid. Time to snap out of it and come back to reality now. “HE” is not coming back. Ever.

      13. Nice way not t5o have an election? I believe we will have on but just saying.

        Why should the Us and Russia be any different than let us say. Pakistan, and India, N. $ S. Korea, Israel and the Arab world.

        One trigger finger on the right button, and BBBOOOMMM!!!


      14. Hitlery – the very definition of a person with a messianic complex . Pack your bags boys . It’s going to be one hell of a mess after the liberal nutjobs complete their agenda.

      15. Where is freaking anti-war Cyndi Sheehan when we need her? Where is the leftist anti-war media when we need them???

        Oh, right! How SILLY of me. They are the EXACT same place the feminazis were when Slick was molesting/raping FOURTEEN different women – nowhere to be found.

        The fascist left. Always and ever freaking HYPOCRITES

        • how come there are no public figure right wingers who
          are anti-war ???

          and why are you conflating Sheehan with Clinton’s womanizing ?

          and Sheehan is a fascist ?

          oh really ……….

          • Yes, really. AS a matter of fact, Nazi planks – adopted Feb. 1920 at their first convention on Munich – are freely available with a quick google, where you will find they adopted explicitly SOCIALIST planks. Which is why their name, translated to English was the National SOCIALIST German Workers’ Party, NSDAP, or Nazi. Yes, leftists are, in the denotative sense, literally fascist.

            I am conflating Slick’s rapes with feminists in that there is the exact same grotesque hypocrisy by the anti-war folks (who are now all gung ho for Obama’s wars, in contrast to 10 – 15 years ago when they were rioting in Chicago’s Loop area over the war, which is just as hypocritical as the vile feminists leaving their sisters to be raped by a pervert, who was defended by Hilary. all so they could get power.

            I am staggered that you aren’t aware of conservatives or libertarians who are against the NWO wars! Paul Craig Roberts is one. Ron Paul, and Rand Paul are others. The author of is. Gernald Celente is I am. I support our military fully, and for the purpose it was created for – national defense. But I don’t support the military for a one NWO order mandate. My nephew just got out of the Marines, and one of my close friends is a former Marine BUT military spending should be used for national defense, and that only. As a conservative, I have ZERO problem with non-communist Russia. Why should I? And I have no interest in revanchism, or fighting WWI again to draw some lines on maps.. The point is, I stand for national defense 100%; but not for a military industrial complex that rapes the nations of money, puts out shoddy products, and in many cases then has been used to push a very unAmerican vision of the world. The American military should be for America, NOT for some fuzzy “one world/NWO” BS.

            I trust I have answered your questions. And I repeat: Where are all the anti-war celebrities from 10 years ago, of those from Vietnam (ironically, Hilary and Kerry were anti-war during the Vietnam era… and now have become even more vile and more murderous than any Vietnam anti hero like Lt. Calley – e.g. see Hitlery cackling over Khaddafy’s death here

          • Satori

            Conservatives are anti war America first. Neo-Cons are not conservatives. The Bush’s are poster buys for the Neo-Cons as is Hillary.

            • seriously dudes
              neo cons arent conservatives ?
              really ???

              they would beg to differ

              PNAC and The Grand Chess Board by Brezinski explain it all

              I’m afraid many people here are under some rather serious misapprenhensions

              you can’t literally cherry pick who conservatives are

              and Test really ???

              conflating again rather badly aren’t you?

              I have studied the politics of the early 1900’s rather extensively
              and I’m afraid your comparisons are just not accurate
              although I do not doubt your sincerity

              you can put a jig saw puzzle together with a chain saw and sledge hammer
              but thats not the recommended method

        • She was just on RT for a half hour show and sheehan was speaking against hobammy and these mid east wars etc…I was kinda shocked to see her finally admit to it all like she did. It may be posible that sheehan and her antiwar crew are actually speaking out but zio controled tv news shows are refuseing to air it now?

          RT has aired her and every word she spoke was against hobamy and hillary and these sensless wars for israel etc.

          Disclaimer: No I do NOT like that woman at all, the sheehan leftist kommie bitch. But…I also believe we should post truth and facts as they occure regardless which side, left or right is stateing facts.


        Andrew Maguire: “Close to a staggering 1,000 tonnes of paper gold has been rinsed out in the paper gold markets today….

        Andrew Maguire continues: “That’s just below the targeted 100-day moving average that was taken out earlier today. Before this is finished today, this will exceed over a shocking 1,000 tonnes of paper gold that will have been rinsed.

        This takedown is a complete joke, and the wholesale market is all over (on the buy side of) this paper takedown. This is a desperate effort by Western officials to cover massive offside pre-Brexit over-the-counter short positions put on by their agent bullion banks near the $1,275 level.

      17. Fire up the D-9s and bulldoze the District of Columbia into the Potomac River.

        Then salt the ground to make sure it don’t grow back…

        • AMEN!!! start the engines!!

      18. This is entirely geo-political to continue the reliance of the almighty dollar and stymie Russian profits. Saudi Arabia/Qatar have massive gas reserves and need Syria/Turkey for pipeline transit. Why else has the US stuck our nose in Syria? Ukraine? Follow the money. It is all about the dollar. Putin is not, cannot, back-off. Better check your preps.

      19. Seems like Russia is going to a lot of trouble and expense to have a “drill”. That might be their excuse to get their people under cover before something is launched. We have nothing for our people….you are on your own folks.

      20. Just keeps getting better. Russia installed SAM sights in Syria.

        ht tps://

      21. Wow a few well targeted tar and feathering with a sprinkle of hemp rope hangings would have put a stop to this years ago. But you can’t find any real men left in America that’s willing to come together to do it. We are some sad sob’s!!

      22. Just a not so funny thought, maybe I should get a welding mask. That way I can maybe look at it for a few seconds before I get vaporized. I know we all hope this will never happen….

      23. sorry, but this story is false.. I have friends in Russia and talk to them daily on the phone… NONE of them knows anything about this drill… How the heck could a nation have some drill involving 1 out of every 3 people in the entire nation (40 million folks) and nobody has heard anything about it?? this is propaganda designed and created right here in the good old US of A… to manipulate public opinion about the “bad Russians” who are out to get us… Bullpaddies!! All they want is for us to leave them alone…

      24. I came across this and its probably the best 53 minutes of audio you could listen to which will explain the how and why of the insane Neo-Con foreign policy.

        Dr Paul Craig Roberts

        h ttp://

      25. Let the ICBM’s fly. I don’t give a shit. If you live past the exchange it will suck. Life sucks now anyway.
        One thing for sure things will change and you may have a bigger say in how the future turns out.

        • Be careful what you wish for. If Russia gets all their critical personnel and equipment “out of town” to staging areas, what would prevent them from going ahead with the first strike. Our retaliation capability would be greatly reduced. I bet/hope our military has already seen this and is on high alert, if the media is correct about the drills. Wouldn’t that be a coup.

          • redneck101

            Might be better to let the Russians burn the nation to the ground than live under a nation run by democrats.

          • Actually First Strike is a codified US doctrine that replaced MAD over two decades ago. The Neo-Cons are nuts

            h ttp://

      26. Nuclear war is not something I have any control over. No one cares what I think. I can’t intercept incoming bombs. And I don’t have access to the red button.

        I saw some clothes pins that are made in America by a guy named Kevin. They are made of hard wood, Maple, and the spring is stainless steal. The springs won’t rust, but you are advised to keep indoors when not in use. They cost about $1.50 each. You can buy a pouch to put on your clothes line which is about $20.00. It too, is made to last a lifetime.

        Buy American. Check out on the Internet.


        • lady and the
          Kevin’s quality clothspins



      27. 5 4 3 2 1

      28. What only 40 million because last year Russia did the same “Duck and cover” training and that involved 60 million people.

        Trouble is you need lots of bunkers to do these “Tests” and Russia has these bunkers and the USA does not so they cannot play cowboy and indians on such as scale.

        Keep pissing off Russia and americans will be out trying to buy spades at the last moment to try and save themselves because the gloves are starting to come off and american agression across the world will be stopped at any costs.

        I won’t say more because the red-neck run for the hills chickens here will only get upset.

      29. I am sure we can come to a deal with the Russians. We nuke Mecca and Riyadh and the Russians take out Detroit and parts of Paris, Marseilles, Brussels and London. We could give them a free pass on bioweapons in certain neighborhoods filled with low IQ trouble makers. Because, to be frank, does anyone really want to fight a war to defend the garbage that now lives in most urban centres and ghettos in the West? I don’t think so…

        After the conflict, we can form a Honey Alliance with Russia, China and North Korea, helping to get their hot babes married off to our best dudes with money. Then we share power, control the Middle East and Africa, and get the world back on the track to prosperity and peace.

      30. I would like to know why there is nothing in the major US media about recent disturbing statements made by US State Department spokesman John Kirby and Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley regarding Russia and Syria……

      31. Isn’t it telling that we’ve never made a serious effort to protect our population, while they did? The Russians all prepare for trouble because they can remember trouble.
        Our country only invests in shelters for the leadership.

        I can’t help thinking it reveals their honest opinion of the people.

        I would much rather have shelters for doctors, engineers, scientists, carpenters, plumbers, mechanics, chemists, farmers, mothers and children, etc than a bunch of old, senile lawyers in suits and their guards.


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