Russia Begins Testing Of ‘Robocop’ Exoskeleton

by | Aug 29, 2018 | Headline News | 20 comments

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    Russia’s new super-soldier exoskeleton is said to be able to endow its wearer with superhuman abilities.  The “Robocop” prototype military exoskeleton reportedly allows infantry soldiers to fire machine guns using one-hand and achieve “computer-like accuracy.”

    As the Daily Mail reports, the suit resembles the work of an action-packed science fiction movie. The exoskeleton’s design is reminiscent of the Stormtroopers in “Star Wars”, or the fictional mechanical police officer in “RoboCop.” The suit allows a soldier to not only carry an enormous amount of weight (extra ammunition or weapons) but it also helps the wearer run faster than is normally physically possible without the suit.  The exoskeleton, which is constructed from titanium, is designed to boost a soldier’s strength and stamina while a layer of body armor protects the wearer from any incoming bullets and shrapnel.  The exoskeleton fits over the torso and is secured around the waist, dispersing the weight of the built-in backpack, which can be filled with up to 110 pounds (50kg).

    Chief designer Oleg Faustov told the Russian news agency TASS that trials are underway for the new super soldier suit. “We have already held trials for the prototype of the active exoskeleton,” said Faustov. “It really enhances a serviceman’s physical abilities. For example, the tester was able to shoot from a machine-gun only with one hand and accurately hit targets.”

    But the development of the exoskeleton’s prototype has stalled since running into an obstacle.  There is currently no room to store an external power source, according to a report by The Daily Mail.   That means the suit can only be worn for a very limited amount of time before it is nothing more than dead weight. Russia says it is confident that the battery issue can be resolved.

    The Russian firm will also continue to work to improve the design of the exoskeleton super soldier before it is introduced to battlefields in 2025.


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      1. The one weakness that Titanium has…

        “Titanium can catch fire when a fresh, non-oxidized surface comes in contact with liquid oxygen. Fresh metal may be exposed when the oxidized surface is struck or scratched with a hard object, or when mechanical strain causes a crack.”

        Stainless Steel Flechette based weapons attack simultaneous with a “flame thrower” like hosing with LOX.

        Yeah having LOX in the field is be-otch, but some inventive engineer can take the concept and come up with the counter weapon system to Robo-Russky…


        • I didn’t know this. Thanks for the info.

          Question? What would a micro wave weapon do?


          • Rig your microwave to operate with the door open and point it at them and see lol…

      2. LOL

        Just call it the Deathtrap. Christmas wrapping with no way out. Silly. Nonsensical.

        Go back to swilling your vodka, Ivan.

        • Foolish, puny Earthlings! They will cook nicely in those silly shells. Zirnix pethrob ornuk-ra?

          • 2 words… Napalm Cocktail!

            • I wonder if titanium has a non stick surface? 😛

              • It would be easy to make a cannon that shot napalm grenades that ignite on impact. However, the russians aren’t our enemy, they just want you to think so….

      3. Its the start – we will see future wars between teenage computer nerds and their robot weapon systems, soldiers, drones etc
        I am old fashoned – I will still prefer our American fighting men and women.

      4. 2 mile jog then it’s dead weight.
        Then you scrap it & have to carry everything anyway. Armored Transport does the job better.
        Soften targets with Artillary, & then move in your troops. Better light weight body armor is always a great idea. Meterial Science and nano-fiber mesh works better than running around like robocop until the battery runs EMPTY 0%

      5. Well, okay. So, now we know the Russians watch Tom Cruise movies. Specifically, they watch Emily Blunt (like who wouldn’t).

      6. Uumm….coming out of communist UK…..I’m not buying it.
        First anything made by man can be destroyed by another
        man. That is what we do.
        The UK likes to mettle in our affairs. Terrorize us as much
        as possible. Pit us against other countries. That is what
        they do…..and have done throughout history.

        Robots…..we already have weapons that will Zap the batteries
        of anything. A stupid computer can’t function without power from
        something. There are things that can explode a tank why not
        a fragile robot?
        Too funny!!! Not shaking in my boots…..sorry.

      7. Has anybody ever looked at Youtube videos of Russia?

        Watch some. Most of their entire country is poor, rural and stuck in the 1930s.

        Then compare to China. China is booming.

        • George Carlin use to say: “If God was looking out for you, he would have put a roof over your head, and give you three square meals a day. If he was looking out for you.”

          Historically, the prevailing philosophy in the US has been: “You either work or you starve.” That might have “worked” a couple of generations ago when the US was indisputably the largest economy on the planet. But in a country that has hollowed out its economy, out-sourced millions of jobs, and tens of thousands of manufacturing plants, “You either work or you starve” is nothing but propaganda now. We have plenty of Socialism here in the US. The state just denies its existence. Everything is fully-rigged, manipulated and controlled. That’s either Socialism or something far, far worse.

          Over in Russia, the government does just that. And public transportation is free. Sure, the place looks plenty run down and backwards to an outsider. I can’t argue with that. The Russians acknowledge that in order for Socialism to work, the standard of living must be lower overall to be affordable for the state. Other Socialist countries that are collapsing — Venezuela, Brazil, Canada, England — might try paying attention.

          An acquaintance I met from Spain finds the American way of life unsustainable. “You make your children pay for the same potato peeler twice.” In Spain most homes have been in the family for generations. They are larger on the average, and designed to be separate living units.

          I once knew a woman from India, Bombay (now re-named Mumbai), how came back from a visit to New York City and told me how there were slums that looked better in India than New York City. How do you argue with that? It’s true.

      8. This eco-skeleton could And will also be used for disabled veterans and civilians. It is expensive, but I predict our aging Americans will embrace the technology. I predict that it will become commonplace. Police uniform, security guard outfitted. This is the future.

        For the downside of tech, and dna, micro chips (causes brain infection) and the enslavement of mankind leading to the universal death of all dna beings; watch today’s Show on the Rense radio Archives Dr. David Duke interviews a neuro-scientist who just put out a book answering scientific questions. August 29th, 2018

        Btw: the show day before yesterday, August 27th, 2018 was awesome.

        For those unfamiliar with Duke, he comes from a family of scientists and engineers. Duke was preparing for a career in science when he became aware of the plan to genocide white Europeans. He switched gears because he felt it was his responsibility to save his people and all mankind.


        • Well that was mighty white of him! I have heard Duke before and yes he is good. Rense is one of the few hosts that dare talk about the chosen ones… kudo’s to him!

      9. Russia became the world leader in sales of wheat for export, follows from the report of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. It has been published on Friday, June 10. Export of Russia for this date is estimated at 24,5 million tons of wheat, Canada – 22,5 million tons, the USA – 21,09 million tons.

        • Without saying whether GMO’s were strictly dangerous, or not, Chicken Little paranoia seems to have been used against US agricultural concerns, with the intent to slander.

      10. It’s not strictly necessary, to put a live human into this machine, subjecting him to dangerous conditions.

        Also (at the risk of triggering people, who fear AI) every robot in the car factory does not require a single, human operator.

      11. They will end up powering this with nuclear module.

        Will be bad ass when field ready and it will be field ready.

        A tank you can wear. Fk yeah!

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