Running of the Sheep 2016: Black Friday “Getting Scary Now” With 2 Shot Dead

by | Nov 25, 2016 | Commodities, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 85 comments

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    Black Friday madness has reached one of its most dangerous points in American history.

    As the Sheeple lined up and mobbed retail stores after Thanksgiving dinner and early Friday morning for deals to kick off the holiday season, there have been at least three shooting incidents at stores across the United States – and at least two people were shot dead in the resulting frenzy and mayhem.

    Many people lost all sense of perspective as they got caught up in it at Walmart, Macy’s and other stores during this grim holiday tradition in American stupidity.

    via the Daily Mail:

    Two people were shot dead and two others were injured in three separate incidents in New Jersey, Nevada and Tennessee as Black Friday shopping kicked off.

    A man was fatally shot and his brother was wounded in a shooting outside of a Macy’s in New Jersey on Friday morning while another was shot dead in an apparent road rage incident in a Walmart parking lot in Nevada on Thursday.

    A fourth person suffered a gunshot wound on Thursday at a mall in Tennessee as shoppers were taking part in early Black Friday sales.


    A 20-year-old Atlantic City man was shot multiple times and pronounced dead at the scene while his 26-year-old brother, from Clayton, was shot in the leg and listed in stable condition at AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center.

    One shopper who was at the scene and has been coming out for Black Friday shopping for the last ten years said the shooting was sad, adding that Black Friday is ‘getting scary now’. 

    Obviously, this is getting serious. People are willing to kill and die over their place in line, and over petty conflicts with other people in parking lots, stores and shopping centers.

    It is sad and downright dangerous – not just for the people who unfortunately lost their life or were injured, but for society in general. This is the madness we have unleashed.

    Meanwhile, these crazed shoppers caught on video are fighting and furiously mobbing over cheap towels and toilet papers!

    Black Friday Fight Walmart 2016 – Walmart Black Friday Fight 2016 | Black Friday Attack 2016 Brawl

    Black Friday Walmart Shoppers FIGHT over TOILET TISSUE & SOAP (Black Friday Fights 2016)

    Black Friday Fight 2016: Brawls Across Nation mostly over Jumbo TVs on Black Friday Shopping Frenzy

    The same America that is so deeply divided over politics, presidential elections and race is also prepared to lose it over consumer goods and holiday sales.

    If that’s how people react over sales and ‘insane deals’ on household items…. how do you think they will react when the economic collapse hits home and people become truly desperate?

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      1. The shootings are probably not shoppers, but rather gang bangers merely continuing there battles to where ever they happen to be at the time. The Chicago area is swamped with expressway shootings. None of them have been solved. I guess those expensive camera systems on the roadway light poles don’t work.

        • Him, some of the Black Friday shootings just might turn out to be shoppers. If some of them will hurt someone else over any type of merchandise, then now there’s some that will shoot someone else over the same thing. And most of the Black Friday incidents perpetrators are BLACK. Check out Black Friday videos on YouTube. Camera systems are a joke; they don’t prevent anything.

          • Back when all the sales started at 6AM I used to go down to the local Walmart and people watch since I was up anyway. Sometimes I even bought something and have had very little trouble using my skills to circumvent crowds, avoid altercations, etc. Anyone who can’t successfully navigate Black Friday unscathed doesn’t have prayer when SHTF.

            • PP, the best thing is to avoid Black Friday altogether. It’s just not worth it. Those videos clearly show what has become of people.

              • Black Friday is the perfect example as to why one should steer clear of people during shtf.

                • Jacknife, you ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie about that.

          • “Gibs me dat!”—the multigenerational creed of some, egged on by (((others.)))

            • John Q., I’ll give them something they DON’T want if they come to me with their BS.

            • My Peeps, you would be proud of me. I stopped into a Wally World last night to get some ice cream (pre Black Friday rush). The parking lot was jammed. I stopped anyway wanting some of that Sam’s Sea Salt Caramel ice cream.

              The store was jammed too. The entrance was limited to one door in and one door out, and as you may have guessed, the one door in was on the opposite side of the store from the food section.

              It was a massive shopping cart traffic jam inside. Worse, the store manager had cordoned off much of the inner store with “police line don’t cross” yellow tape, making a U around the perimeter of the store; making the traffic jam inside worse than it needed to be: complete insanity. Those aisles were packed with sheeple and shopping carts.

              I made my way around the perimeter pushing past stuck shoppers behind their shopping carts, stuck behind a long line of sheeple and their shopping carts, stuck behind more sheeple with their shopping carts. I made my way to the ice cream, grabbed the ice cream and headed for the front to check out, only to find that the way to the checkout counter was also blocked by yellow tape.

              I was told that I had to get in a line of shoppers and shopping carts reversing the way I had come. I looked across the yellow tape barrier and saw several checkout clerks picking their noses, so in my best imitation of Alexander the Great cutting the Gordian Knot, I ripped the yellow tape down and walked to the nearest checkout clerk just a few steps away and put my ice cream down on the counter.

              Looking back, I saw a stampede of sheeple following my lead. It only takes one to say “NO!”. The sheeple will follow. Can you say “Rosa Parks” ???

              • DK, I’m glad to hear you were successful, but you took one HELLUVA chance with that.

                • DB: Ya gotta measure the risk vs the reward. LOL Ever had Sam’s Sea Salt Caramel Ice cream ??? 🙂

          • All Dat Talk about Black Friday is Rascisst, Dats right just because the darkies going ape shit at the dollar store, giving peeps smackdown if they get in their way, you calling Rascisst.

            Well here is a dose of Reality: Headlines say different:

            Retailers Panic: 63% Of Americans Plan Not To Shop On Black Friday
            11-24-2016 • by Tyler Durden
            However, in recent years, this trend has seen turned upside down, with sales on Black Friday slipping, as retailers offer pre-Thanksgiving deals ever earlier than in recent years to capture heavily discounted market share (think OPEC) and draw shoppers as “Black Friday” no longer marks the spending peak at brick-and-mortar chains.

            According to National Retail Federation data, the number of Thanksgiving weekend shoppers has fallen by nearly a third in just the past three years to 102 million in 2015, from 147 million in 2012, not only as a result of bricks and mortar stores starting the selling season earlier but due to stiff competition form online vendors, most notably Amazon. Moreover, early holiday promotions and online shopping hurt in-store spending by more than 6 percent last year.

            As a result, participation in this year’s Black Friday looks like it may be the worst in history: according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll of 1,639 adults showed 63%, or nearly two-thirds, did not plan to shop on Black Friday this year. Some 32% said they plan to finish about half of their holiday shopping on that day. While selling tactics are certainly a factor, one wonders how much of decline in spending is due to lack of disposable income for the tapped out US consumer?

            link: ht tp://

        • The cameras only work for traffic violations.

        • Those red light cameras are meant to separate citizens from their money and is a system fraught with corruption….with all the controversy, the yellow light is still short timed and one can barely get thru the intersection if it changes from green to yellow and you are just starting to move….

          There seems to be selective use in crime solving and the CPD seems to get more useful data/video from business’ security cameras….

      2. These shooting incidents are just one more reason to avoid Black Friday sales altogether. The shooting incident in TN was at a mall in Memphis. One person was wounded and 3 suspects are supposedly in custody now. And it will turn out to be another black-on-black crime incident. Only blacks will go out and hurt or shoot someone else over things you and I consider to be petty and insignificant. Call my remarks racist all you want. I don’t care. I’m never afraid to speak the truth. The FBI and DOJ statistics back up what I’m saying. There’s nothing I want or need bad enough to take part in the Black Friday BS. It’s called BLACK Friday for the most obvious reasons.

      3. Only 2 shot dead so far isn’t all that bad.

        Of course, the day is still early.

        • they qualified for discounted coffins

        • We can count on Chicago to come through with a high number.

      4. Uncivilized.

        • This is ALL a Commie Consumerism Scam on dumb sheep, placing guilt in their hearts, in order to trigger the sheep to buy their useless over priced crap, that nobody wants or needs. And all marketing to celebrate another Fraudulent Pagan Holiday. And like clockwork its time to drag out that Ol’ Drunkard Santa Clause to push the cartoon fraud end of this scam on small innocent youngsters polluting their minds, duping them into believing the fraud.

          Kids then grow up to think life is full of helicopter Gifts, and then then drift towards Liberalism, and thinking the Government too will just shower them with gifts and benefits, and freebees, for them being useless, irresponsible, careless, and making a boatload of bad decisions with no accountability. And the more irresponsible they are, like the more babies you can pop out, the bigger the free shit safety net is, and free benefits they are given. Its a friggin race to the bottom.

          Lets call out the Holiday Fraud and teach children the truth for a change. This alternative scam we had going for a hundred years, has got us to where we are today. Still ignorant and broke. Instead of buying your kids a video game, go buy them a few ounces of Silver and teach them about investing for their future. Not self indulging useless and mindless entertainment that serves them nothing but wasting precious time in life.

          • I thought consumerism is an invention of capitalism and not communism (aka every thing is owned by the state)? You white people need to get your tirades in order lol…

            • someone came back to stand up for his fellow apes.

              • Yeah man …I THOUGHT I could see a set of teeth back in the lurker shadows, but wasn’t sure.

      5. Does it seem to anyone else that black folk are over represented in these scenes of violence and chaos?

        Maybe racists taking the video’s to make Black’s look bad?

        • Anonymous, what you see in those videos is REAL. And HELL NO it’s not white people making them look bad. They’re perfectly capable of doing that to themselves. If I’m racist for saying it, then so be it. I’m NOT PC and I’m not afraid to tell it like it is. They are trash.

          • They do a good enough job of making themselves look bad, no help needed

        • And when the Doors open at the Walmart, and they all pile in, they soon discover it not a shopping store but it is the check in point for the local FEMA Camp. They are processed and stuffed into holding cells in the basements never to be seen again.

          Oops, I was just dreaming there for a sec.

        • No one needs to do anything to make black people look bad, black people do that all by themselves. It’s what they do best.

      6. Watched all the vids but just couldn’t waste the time with CNN’s

      7. Mac tells the truth.

        “The same America that is so deeply divided over politics, presidential elections and race is also prepared to lose it over consumer goods and holiday sales.

        If that’s how people react over sales and ‘insane deals’ on household items…. how do you think they will react when the economic collapse hits home and people become truly desperate?”


        Now let those words sink in a bit.

        • Thats why i maintain several different weapons platforms that can sustain a high rate of fire,,,,,

        • Anon, “how do you think they will react when the economic collapse hits home and people become truly desperate?”

          It will hit home in January, when their CC are maxed out and they get the bill, they cannot pay, then the stock market crashes and they loose their jobs. On a positive note, they will have plenty of computer games to keep them occupied being layed off. Or until their electricity bill doesn’t get paid and its lights out.

        • The wife and I were discussing that THIS (what is depicted on film, no arguing its authenticity!), is just a fraction of what The Sheeple will be in the midst of when the money eventually runs out and the greater part of America is hit with one hell of a Depression. No Recession just straight into a Depression that will make the first ‘read like a walk in the park’ …due to the sheer numbers of mouths we are unable to feed as of RIGHT NOW!

          Perhaps “it” will never happen, for reasons unknown to anyone and perhaps having a CEO for a POTUS may be just what the doctor ordered. He’ll go a long ways in cleaning out “the tares” from “The Wheat” in D.C. (hell, he’s already started on that much which is why they are “in cahoots” to oust him before he is sworn in, but they are already too late).

          If we are not careful, Obama will have us all acting like they do in The Middle East. Left fires on right, fires on top to bottom, then bottom to top, and nobody fully realizes who is supposed to shoot what or when or how, but just pull that trigger after pointing! Chaos is what I mean…

      8. People are just stupid,,,,
        We are soooo overdue from a thinning of the heard

        • Nailbanger, same here. The ‘great culling’ can still happen and will eventually.

          • It has to happen, things are way too unbalanced,

            • IF “THE CULLING” is nothing more than a “starving to death” of the millions who have been brought into this nation, as there IS no “real food” set aside for them (and everyone knows this including government), and none is being purchased to offset what we are already sadly lacking in, (except water – perhaps), that right there will amount to a “culling” of what? (millions?)

              They still seek to cull what is it? 90% of the planet? That’s a lot of whites and Christians left to kill folks. Again, maybe I DO NOT have enough ammo (so we are making more once the stuff arrives to do so). We ‘roll our own’ and prefer it to commercial rounds. Nothing wrong with commercial in the least, just costs too much when you can make it way cheaper, and possibly better after a few years at the bench and lots of reading. (And the better your tools, the better your output …THAT really applies when you are purchasing reloading equipment. Never purchase cheap shit or that’s what you’ll get. Shit.

      9. Anon, BRAVO! You win the cupee doll! Those are exactly the kind of people to beware of whenever the balloon finally goes up. If they try anything with me, it will be the last thing they ever do.

      10. These are the true faces of the psychotic deplorables….after stuffing their fat asses with food they don’t need, they are now out stuffing their stockings w/ crap they don’t need; And willing to trample their fellow Americans to death to fulfill their greed and amorous. America has become a psychiatric ward zombies. Yes, imagine what the coming economic collapse will look like. And yes….it’s coming.!!!!!

        • Nailbanger, DH and J.

          I am glad I do not have to out in the crap and shop. One good thing about getting older is that you got all your stuff you ever wanted. In fact many of us have so much stuff it has a problem of how it will be divided when we kick the bucket.
          I do not fear what is coming but would be really pissed if I kicked the bucket the day before shit started happening. I would hate not being able to Stand Up against such evil. At the Time when you prove your mettle.

          • We dont do the gift thing, just doesnt make sense anymore, we all have everything we could ever need or want really, just spending some mellow times during the holidays is much nicer, to go out in the fray for a better price on crap, never ever never going to happen,

        • J, good points, but WE are the ‘deplorables’ that the hildebeast spoke of during the campaign. They are zombies.

      11. If they had jobs they could afford the regular price. Instead everyone gets a trophy because progressives consider losing a micro aggression. Thus we forget how to lose. When I was younger when one lost they were expected to accept the fact graciously and to learn from it. The irony now is that when everyone is allowed to win, everyone loses. The coming mega aggression is thus accommodated. I’ll bet these videos bring tears of joy to old Soro’s baggy eyes.

      12. Just drove by the local Wal-Mart. Parking lot nearly empty. No riots, no shootings, no excitement of any kind. Raining like hell though. Portland has some good points too!?

      13. Now here’s an amusing thought, IN New Jersey, with the toughest, no right to carry gun laws, two home boys are shot. One dead, one wounded. Lesson here, stay away from crowds AND monkeys ?.

      14. How many people have been trampled to death? Heaven help you if you trip and fall!

        • Or if you’re on the bottom of the dog-pile for that last jumbo TV set.

      15. Didn’t go out and not going to either. I’m boycotting retail Christmas is about Jesus not some jolly guy bringing a bunch of junk. I don’t need a bunch of crap and don’t wanna buy crap to give away. I looked the deals aren’t that sweet. People are so conditioned that they can buy happiness. It’s the biggest lie set forth by those who want to part us from our $. I hate stores. these people acting like coyotes over a dead deer is rediculous. someone got shot over a parking spot. Why would anyone want to partake in this ritual.

        • I no longer celebrate christmas.

          But I do rejoice in CHRIST-mas.

          There is a difference.

          vive la différence !

          • My family also grandee. We began boycotting holiday gift giving and the holiday insanity many years ago, and now my children are doing the same thing with their children.
            Handmade gifts are allowed but not required, and the focus of our gatherings is God, family, friends and just being together.
            Such a relief to not have to fight the crowds, or feel pressured into spending money on meaningless crapola.

            The really sad and scary thing is that if people are capable of such insanity during the good times, when all of the ATM’s work, and paychecks/welfare checks are still coming in, what will these same folks be capable of when the SHTF?

      16. If you ever thought all humans are of equal worth and intelligence, then watching those videos will dissuade you of this fantasy. Intelligent people would never be in the situation to be treated like cattle like that.

        My research shows three key groups are the source of current economic and social decline: 1) blacks, 2) Muslims and, yes, what Hillary calls ‘deplorables’, 3) unemployed or poor whites. These groups are the source of 95% of the drawdown on welfare, the source of nearly all crimes, and nearly all acts of terrorism.

        Trump needs to target these groups for lock-down and discipline but also to bring their breeding and multiplication to an end. There are many hardworking Asians and Europeans that can be brought in to invest and work and rebuild the country. These groups will never do it.

        • FT, good points, except you shouldn’t mention us ‘deplorables’. We are the ones with intelligence and are not like the other groups you mentioned.

        • @FrankLackofThought

          And what research would this be? The info you got out of your white supremacist coloring book? You do know that MOST people on welfare are White right? And yet you the ignore the actions of YOUR OWN PEOPLE in the decline of this nation: who decided to ship jobs overseas? WHITE PEOPLE! Who decided to dumb down the educational system? WHITE PEOPLE! Who decided to launch this fake “war on terrorism” in which we have gone bankrupt invading other countries and yet getting our asses kicked by Brown people with rusty Ak47s and pick up trucks? I will let you answer that one….

          • Gnat Turd,
            Again your so ignorant and easy to refute. You get your information right from the soros black lives DONT and never will matter color by numbers book. There are more white people in welfare in terms of numbers but not by percentage. Whites outnumber groids. In terms of percentage of population your groids have the highest percentage by race on welfare ( jail too – lol).

        • Frank, I sincerely doubt that Trump needs your advice, with all due respects.

      17. Why bring in more people? We have the people we need right now. We already added 135 million people to our population since 1965. Mostly through immigration. If that wasn’t enough, then perhaps we brought in the wrong people.

        • @Her

          “Mostly through immigration. If that wasn’t enough, then perhaps we brought in the wrong people.”

          You should ask the Native Americans their opinions on who are the rightful owners of this land.

      18. Trump made the drunken bums and toxic dumps rich again, and they are feeling it already, so they are going to celebrate American coward style by consuming useless shit and killing each other over it in the “land of the toxic dump slave, home of the drunken bum coward”.

      19. New thing to be thankful for in post-Christian Amerika: Not getting shot the day after Thanksgiving.

        We certainly DO need to thank the vile cultural Marxists for this latest!

      20. I want you all to keep in mind who we will be up against.
        Right down from a Highly Specialized Combat Veteran who can place a shot easily at 300 yards. To the jerkoff who waves his weapon around like an idiot but makes that one shot that does you in. SOB! Right.

        Some of these people have never sighted a weapon in at the range. Many are lucky to successfully mount a scope to a rifle. Then they buy cheap scopes, that can not handle the recoil and soon drift off center. Not to mention to take the precaution of preventing mounting screws from loosening with Lock Tight. Also different makes and weights of bullets can change your center.

        So what type of threat level can we expect?

        Hard to judge. I figure as I watch the riots or protests, many will be ill prepared to go up against an average prepper.
        We preppers know what a battle lay out is. Anywhere from 120 to 210 rounds. High capacity magazines. Very deadly forms of ammo. We understand bullet penetration in material. Even Body Armor.

        Yet I figure that many insurgents/intruders will carry a semi auto rifle and maybe a pistol. I assume they would have an extra magazine for each. Wear street clothes. Pants down around waist and a hoodie. Travel in small groups. No military training or load bearing gear First Aid Kit. Runs at first shots fired.

        Next you can encounter the more educated. Some military knowledge by reading books. Not much hands on.
        Street smart. Knows the terrain. May stand his ground.

        Stepping up we encounter those that are equal to the average prepper. Has working knowledge of weapons and there usage. Some tactical. Can lead others. Has some gear and military training. Understands tactical as in diversions, cover fire, cross fire, direct fire. Uses hand signals/radios with group.

        Then we have the bad guys with all the TOYS. State of the art night vision, MRAPS, body armor Helo’s All trained up and ready to go. Local Law Enforcement has become militarized and is close to becoming an military arm of government.

        On a side note.

        It has been terrific reading here with all the discussion as to what we would do. Very diverse and each one has diverse problems to solve.
        We have had discussion on religion and who we would kill or save. Now with this election the divisions could have become wider. Time to reassess others as their true colors come out.

        On the Wild Side Prepper Tip.

        Those that live in buildings that have fire escapes.

        Intruders climbing up to see you, Boiling Hot water will tell them no. Hard to get away with that shit raining down on you.
        Worked in the castles.

        • anon, well put.
          The people we’ll be up against have been a focus of my preps.
          Like those in the videos, most will be the least prepared of all, and that’s why the behavior will be off the charts.

          • ketchupondemand

            This all plays a part on how we make it through the reset.
            To add on.

            Force multipliers. Simple augmentation like caltrops/simple nails or nail boards. Will many be wearing puncture resistant boots or a pair of sneekers. How would they react being caught up in fish hooks. Trip wires. Maybe a flash bang or siren sound type device. As simple as a motion detected flood light.

            Here is an odd one.
            Ignition of a smoke bomb. The large ones that you buy around Independence Day. Inflicts further Disorientation in navigation in the dark. Kind of a mind game.

      21. For the More sophisticated intruder using small drones.

        Nothing like Birdshot to take you eye in the sky out.

        So besides those slugs and buck shot, a few boxes of bird shot might be good to put away.

        • Heavy goose rounds, and the proper tool to deliver, thats why my shotgun choice is my Jerry Miculek competition mossy 590, 8 round semi auto and accepts all standard threaded choke tubes,

          • Nailbanger, 590A1 12-ga. pump with several varieties of ‘food’ for her.

            • You can shoot drill-bits with any Mossberg. My little 500 rides around with me everywhere, faithful friend. I feed it 00-BUCK.

      22. Any one who has doubts that race war and ethnic cleansing will not happen. just look at the videos and you will see the evidence.

        • Evidence for? Or against?
          Id say odds more for than against, unless they really just want a bunch of gimmedats to feed,
          Personally id rather a society of independent folks, much more chance for a healthy society with commerce and innovation.

      23. There is nothing I need after Thanksgiving that I need to go out and compete for and fight crowds for. I’ll do without or buy it online. most of the stuff on black Friday is overstock and junk they have been trying to get rid of all year. I’ll kick back and take a nap,read a book or watch some football.

      24. …All to fight for first place in line to give even more of someone else’s hard-earned money, borrowed from Communist China, to buy junk that can’t even be used for anything self-empwering and to make the rich man even more rich and powerful over us all.

      25. Just disgusting. I refuse to be apart of this people’s disgusting life!

      26. People fighting over toilet paper and soap is a new one. The brawls for bath towels seems to be an annual tradition at Wal-Mart; I guess lowering the price every year is their idea of searching for the lowest common denominator.

        This has me going on two different thoughts. First, when people act like this over the most run-of-the-mill items where they are still plentiful, and you don’t get more run-of-the-mill than toilet paper or bars of soap, it has nothing to do with the items and everything to do with the “opportunity” for these people to get their hands on them. The disturbing part: these people were behaving like wild animals over the “opportunity” to get their hands on one or two packages of toilet paper and two or three packages of bar soap; in other words, quantities that will get you through two weeks to a month. Hardly an “opportunity” worth fighting over, but Wal-Mart knows there are people out there for whom real opportunity is a non-existent commodity, and they pander to it by dangling this stuff in front of these people.

        Onto my second thought. These people have nothing. The how and why of it is irrelevant because when you have nothing, anything looks like an opportunity, especially when Wal-Mart expertly exploits it. We literally have millions of people in this country who are two weeks, three max, without a pay in their pockets away from being just like them. How would they respond to the opportunity to get a single meal in their belly on a single day, after going at least three days without one? They’ll sharpen their knives on each other in the ensuing carnage, and those left standing will be some of the most hardened, dangerous people you can ever imagine yourself having to deal with.

        • PeterFrancisco.

          Good point.

      27. This looks like training.

        I believe ((tptb)), plan to get the general public trained to respond this way to any shortage. Scarcity of anything raises it’s perceived value. But if this “custom” was associated with organization and peaceful transactions, later on during this planned food shortage, people will automatically react violently. They will have been pre-programmed by this yearly ritual.

        Japanese people lined up for hours waiting for water, food and supplies without so much as a complaint. Their leaders have developed over a millinia, a respectful, peaceful, non-violent tradition. Japanese never use direct confrontation. They employ a third party in even the most trivial disputes.

        We could benefit from the Japanese custom. And don’t bring up Pearl Harbor. That is not relevant.

        Black people are easy to manipulate. They enjoy confrontation. This is more fun for them than it is economic. The economic aspect simply justifies their cultural attraction to tribal warfare. But unfortunately it plays into the hands of the ((“elites”)). One day these people will become cannon fodder. They should wise up. But I think they’re unlikely to change.


        • ? TRAINING DAY ?


      28. All those stranded shipping containers filled with cheap junk made it to port just in time for holiday shoppers.

      29. One of the things to consider here is that these people are lining up and fighting for “a bargain”. As the population grows, and some resources tighten – or even when some natural or wartime disaster happens – you can expect the government to seize control and distribution of various items. Imagine the same crowds fighting over a shortage of infant formula, or a gallon of milk, or some other necessity, only it might be YOU needing to be in the fight.

        • Nope, not I nor one soul here will NEED anything in such ‘times’. (And the gov ain’t seizing SHIT from this ‘good ole boy’).

          • milk….butter…yeast….cheese…. mayonaise…wieners…hamburger…..naaawww, we won’t need NUFFIN.

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