Running of the Sheep 2012: “Look At You Slaves Lined Up For Your Chinese Goods” **Videos**

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Do you LOVE America?


    It’s the 2012 Annual Running of the Sheep in America, and this year has shaped up to be much like those of Black Friday’s past – long lines, stampedes, fights, pepper sprayings, shootings, arrests and total madness.

    Watch as Americans the country over fight for cheap, off-brand, worthless products that’ll be broken by this time next year.

    “I will stab one of you motherf**kers!”

    Cop: “I got the Walmart Shift”

    Via LiveLeak: This guy got slammed so hard he went straight out.Man put two games under his shirt because his grandson got knocked down and hurt in the rush and he needed his hands to help his grandson. A cop saw and immediately arrested him for shoplifting. The man was cooperating while the cop was putting on the handcuffs. The cop out of no where tripped the man and bashed his head nose first into the ground knocking him out and there is blood everywhere. The cop did not know how to care for the man so someone that was there shopping had to help get blood out the mans airways.

    Walmart: 10PM Thanksgiving day: Fights, Flip-Out and Pass-Out:

    Arrest: “Please Stop! I didn’t do anything!”

    Target: Man gets trampled by rush through the doors – Is it really worth it to get a good deal if you break a leg or worse on your way through the doors?

    Victoria’s Secret: Masses rush the doors in search of cheap lingerie:

    Grown men fighting over a convertible toy car

    Snow, Freezing Temperatures Long Lines:

    Walmart: Dumb people fighting for smart phones:

    Mark Dice Bullhorns Shoppers Waiting in Line: “You are so ignorant you brain dead Zombies”

    From Via The Daily Sheeple

    You are all a bunch of mainstream media watching morons.

    It’s enemies of America like you that are causing our country to collapse financially.

    Look at you slaves lined up for your Chinese goods.

    How many thousands of dollars of credit card debt do you all have?


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      1. What a sad reflection of our society.  I shudder to think how things would be in a country wide crisis.

        • Amen KY, Amen…


          • When warding off starving refugees at gunpoint, it will help to have images of these events tattooed in your mind.

            • I would hope that you would never reach such a situation… mostly because a mob will be nearly impossible to keep at bay once it gets to that size. 

              • If a riot get to “That size” This is when air power and artillery are used.


                • Agreed… though in some cases this may not be possible to do so (some guy’s idiot teenaged kid brags about the preps and lives in a suburb or urban area, etc).

                  Overall, your best bet is to (wait for it…) *keep quiet about the whole thing* if you can. Otherwise, at least live in an area with a lower population density, so at least you can see a crowd coming from a goodly distance…



                • This can’t be happening.

                • If it after SHIF then they are coming for your families future survival.

                  Shoot the crowd or run from it. No other choices. This why the 5.56 works. Lots of projectiles per pound for large crowds. Think what lost of control and lack of bullets a 308 would be. This is the only time a controllable (Trained) spray is a must. Or uses of homemade chemical deterrents but with these they will be back.

                  And yes Daisy to save you time if in that crowd there is starving women with even babies. You will most likely need to shoot and maybe everyone of them. Because you can only run so long until you run into the other crowd on the other side of the mountain..

                • you got that right ,FP,cause once in acrowd,you’re subject to whatever goes.

              • “One man with a gun can control one hundred without one.”- Valdimir Lenin


                • It hit the news. Now you can see my friends “On the move”.

                  Best of luck get every fucking one.

                  Maybe a first step. Didn’t a different president change his tune in the early 60s right after an election.

                • Surplus 7.62 x54 fmj They’re cheap and if shot at a crowd, should run straight through a half dozen or so before it runs out of steam.  Not to shabby for first round 

                • FB

                  What do you mean, your friends are “on the move”, sorry, you lost me.


                • I lost track of a “friend” I have been talking about it for a while. Obama changing his tune on where he is willing to put forces.

                  All of a sudden Wink Obama is watching over the southern borders of Israel.   Timing current of been planed better.

                • One man can control 100….. We should be doing OK with our group having (XX) people all well trained,well armed and well stocked with food.


                • FB,

                  Yes, I recall you mentioned something before about your friend getting ready to move, but so many things are happening, and so many people are on the move, I was’nt sure what you’re talking about. Are you referencing US Mil moving into the sainai? I know they are gearing up again over there, but I am becoming numb tothe mideast crap, I guess. I’m sure it will affect us here, there are parasites who would’nt have it otherwise.


              • Odd Q  – Although large mobs do get hard to control. it does show the benifit of a pinch point. They trample each other then it’s easier to pick off the ones that get through.

            • I have seen a true food riot. Many 1000s of people trying to get to 2 trucks with flour and rice.  It was a bloodbath and there was not one shot fired they did it to each other.

              Even when it was brought in by air with heavy guard. It was bad.   Finally for a short while it was done with no announcement and the guarding force just got out of the way. That didn’t go so well either but the Mean Soldier’s were at least out of the way.

              AL    I know what it feels like.  Sucks doesn’t it

              • Remember the Iraqis and Kuwaitis who were crushed by air drops because they wanted to get first crack at the supplies inside?

                • Then hating us because some of the MRE had pork products in them. I will admit it got so bad you had to laugh at them to keep sane.

                  We watch a woman beat another woman with a bag the kind they sling around them selves. That woman when the fight was over. Place the baby that was in the bag in the ditch at the road and went and look for more. Our medic couldn’t hold the line and got the baby. And confronted the woman. Here story was I can make more of the later I need food now. After a few hours our medic wrapped the baby and place it back in the ditch. We were not allow to do anything. He was removed from theater a few days later. He didn’t do so well in life.

                  Point is the was the mentally of most there. My plan was not allowed to be heard that day. Good thing. I would of been releived.

                  That Medic was my friend. I visited his headstone when I returned after he blew his head off.

                • @fbp-L Fool


                  Is this child dead enough for you?


                  This little boy was named Naeemullah. He was in his house — maybe playing, maybe sleeping, maybe having a meal — when an American drone missile was fired into the residential area where he lived and blew up the house next door.



                • Coco puff= Maybe  if his parents had taken care of the nuts next door, we wouldn’t have to.

                  In ww2 We used to Level ENTIRE CITY BLOCKS. They should be happy thats not still the standard

            • Exactly Ausprepper! delete the chinese crap you see them fighting over and just imagine that it was sporadic food items on supermarket shelves. I dare say it would be gunfire you hear along with the current screaming.

              • First the large corporations bought their way into government. Then they shipped, with the help of the government they bought, most jobs overseas because they’d rather pay slaves  than decent wages to American workers. And finally they twist/pervert a good holiday into a consumer orgy so that most fools will buy the goods that their slaves made at the expense of hard working Americans. Say no to greedy, manipulative, and oppresive corporations and bouycot Christmas shopping, or at the very least buy American only!

            • This so reminds me of a scene from George Orwell’s 1984, where a mob of the “proles” breaks out into a loud roar. The main character, Winston Smith, thinks THATS IT…the proles are finally rebelling.

              No… they weren’t..they were just rioting over some cheap saucepans. (Sound familar?)  But the kicker is that Winston Smith is left wondering “Why can’t they ever get upset over something that matters?”

              2012, meet 1984

            • yeah, my sister in law and i were discussing the walmart strike as she was getting ready to leave thanksgiving dinner to go black friday shopping…. her comment was something along the lines of cops and nurses gas station attendents etc all have to work thanksgiving so what’s the problem- the problem is cops get riot gear for situations like this and get paid pretty well. also most jobs offer time and 1/2 for working holidays, did walmart? i’d bet not.. walmart temp part time min wagers having to endure getting trampled, or manage “crowd control” being shoved, spit on yelled at threatened when something runs out. …. who would put themselves in that position for min wage? people desparate and in need of a paycheck, thats who.

          • Is it my imagination, but in the 5th video down, every single person rushing the door is obese—it looks like a stampeding herd of buffalo…I’m being serious, perhaps it’s just the camera or something…

            • No sixpack you were seeing right. Some big ‘ol hefers trundling in. The PTB might need to up their calibres just in case they corner one and it comes charging at ’em. Them 4o’s and nine mm, gonna have to hit the brain pan, heart, or big bone to whoa um up.

            • The camera does add  10 lbs or is it 100.  I now it’s one of those

        • What makes me shudder is that yeah, they’re fighting each other for worthless baubles…


          …now imagine them starving and fighting over food.

          • If this is what is happening just on Black Friday can you imagine what it will look like when the economy collapses? And you wonder why the TPTB stockpiled hundreds of millions of hollow point bullets? 😉

            • When most countries want to showcase their economic might, they show off rows and rows of people manufacturing something. USA shows off slobs willing to kill each other to get at a cheap TV.

              Sorry, Target sells nothing I am willing to stand on my neighbor’s head in order to buy.

              • anonyomous, I’m sorry, I know it’s not funny but it’s the way you worded it that made me laugh hard. Target probably doesn’t sell anything I want that bad either. I can’t even remember the last time I was in Wal-mart. I was turned off to wal-mart after the cashier stole from me.

            • The herd mentality is predictable. All of these junk-slaves would easily be led down-the-tracks if those Chinese goods were loaded in trains.

            • thats why I wont be any where near it

            • It’ll be a most funky situation.

        • I have to say, Mac, what an awesome title – “Running of the Sheep”!!!! That’s hilarious!  😉

          • So you get a kick out of this behavior and would probably fault a person who try to protect themselves from this if it was over food or protection of their people.    

            Loved your Pity story yesterday.

            • Hello, Creepy Stalker.

              • I got your back. My Lady

            • Laughing at people for injuing each other to purchase crap. is different from Pitty we would have for people doing what they need for their family.

              But that doesn’t change the reality that people that don’t plan even a little are destin to be in a mob just like this one. it is just a matter of time

            • FaceBookPage: Yeah, I get a big kick out of these animals mauling each other, they’re worse than stupid cattle, so what if they get hurt. If buying cheap Chinese crap is so important to these morons then they should buy during the various sales thorughout the year, they’d end up saving a lot of money and would avoid all these crowds. But as I just said, they’re too stupid, so who cares what happens to them. Like the comedian Ron White said, “you can’t fix stupid”.  These idiots can’t even prepare for Christmas, so you know they’re not prepared for what’s coming. That’s one of the reasons I moved to a small town, so that when TSHTF, the few that aren’t prepared  won’t be a huge mob like these animals.  What I don’t understand pal is why you seem to feel badly for them. They’re the same folks who’ll come for you and yours when they run out of food and other goods.  These littles videos should be reminders to the rest of us that time is short and that these are the folks were are preparing against. 

              • Gregory8    I do not feel for them at all. I feel badly about what I will have to do if that was heading at me or mine. 

                You have to laugh at it or you will go insane.

        • What an insightful comment! Shopping for a few extra items I needed for  Thanksgiving dinner was bad enough, and it was only Tuesday. My daughter said the grocery store parking lot was a demolition derby by Thursday, and yes, I have to say I’m scared. Our area isn’t particularly friendly or courteous in “normal” times, and there’s no way I’d go out on a push and shove mission after dark. I think we’re doing gift cards from the local grocery and some credits for the survival stores for Christmas. Don’t know how welcome they’ll be, but they’ll be useful. Kids are getting winter clothes, so we’re not going to be the popular parents or grandparents this year. Personal “Dear Abby” note: One of our daughters-in-law is getting her seven-year-old girl a cell phone for Christmas! They can’t afford it; in my opinion, the child doesn’t need it; and I doubt few of her friends have one as this is a relatively poor area. Oh well, one of  my few virtues is that I can keep  my mouth shut!

          • Don’t you just hate the “cool” parents?

          • I am a dad and a teacher. Here is my opinion, for what it’s worth:


            These dumbasses must have been cloned in the same batch as my ex wife

            On the plus side, I predict that many if not most of the sheeple will STILL  be chasing the shiny trinkets and cheap junk, even when they’re starving. Think about Katrina: a huge devastating flood, people dying, people hungry and without drinking water, yet they’re running down the streets with….flatscreens. No power on, nowhere to plugin, but they’re stealing television sets

            • I can’t wrap my brain around a 7 year old “needing” a phone.  For one thing, she should be with her parents or another trusted adult at all times at that age.  If she is supervised, who would she “need” to call?

              My youngest daughter was given a cell-phone when she was 11 because she walked home from school in the city.  The phone had the capability of calling me at work, our home and 911 and sending text messages. We both felt better about the fact that we could be in contact on her walk, and I felt better that I could reach her if she was late giving me her “Hi, Mom, I’m home” phone call.  

              Was it absolutely necessary?  Probably not but it was a security measure for peace of mind.

              When we moved to the country we discontinued the phone because there is no longer a “need” for it.

        • KY Mom      The answer will be

          “Prepare for combat”   

          The strongest and smartest will survie

          • What surprised me were all the cops on these clips. They were ALL obese!! I doubt most of them could do a push up, or run a hundred yards without having a heart attack! And with out being rude or hurtful toward anyone, most people in these clips were obese or over weight to some extent. It was a case of spot the skinny? I’ve never seen so many unhealthy looking people.

        • Mac, I haven’t watched the videos yet …. are you sure you haven’t slipped any in from last year on US??? Some things never seem to change!!! 🙂

          • Very hard to tell the difference and more. Look at their phones that will give you the date for historian to tell.

        • The stage has been set with mindless zombiatic mentality that votes for Obama AGAIN and then runs debt deep into worthless consumer retailers.  When it all comes down, it will take a moment and the freakout will spread like gas on a fire all across this country.  

          • romney is just another obama.  who cares, they are all the same.  Stay on task and don’t get distracted by MSM.

            • They can’t stay on task, that is one of the problems. The tape in their heads plays a continuous loop. 

        • These will be the hordes coming our way soon enough!


        • Black Friday  shopping …. Wife and I drove to Waynesville NC to the prepper store and stocked up on more supplies.  Went and had a nice lunch in the tourist town and went back to Tennessee.  Didn’t have to shoot a single sheeple.  Prepper shoppers are polite shoppers … and usually armed.

        • i just wonder why people bring their kids to this madness ( reference to the guy who got knocked out by the cops in the 2nd vid, which was just f*%*ing disturbing…) it’d be akin to bringing you kid to a riot. one video i saw some guy pushes his kid through to get some piece of junk. or how about the guy that looked like he was having a heart attack entering target, then moved on to continue the stressful act of fighting over made in china crap that’ll be in some dump in a month.  that sort of total disregard for personal safety should make ya’ll realize there is little chance of any valuable uprising in  this nation.  like pavlov’s dog,  most americans love their masters no matter how many beatings, they do love their well earned treats.


          at least lots of sales taxes went into the bank to get us out of debt! ha!


        • If people are acting this lawless over cheap chinese made junk,when the SHTF and survival was the only priority,these people would butcher one another. In all honesty,after seeing how people have lowered themselves to this level over this junk,I cannot really say they are people anymore but savages.

          • It is getting increasingly difficult not to loath people like this. In the abstract, I think most folks are OK. But then you see this and…your heart changes.

            There was a seer, a woman I believe, in the last century who talked about how most people would eventually become good for nothing but cannon fodder. It was said not approvingly but regretfully. Marching off to wars we have no moral right to be in, acting like animals to buy some piece of crap to distract our attention more than it already is…it begins to make sense.

            As my handgun license instructor said, the object is not to hate a threat, it’s to eliminate it. I guess the best that can be done when you see this is to say to yourself, ” I won’t hate you but you WILL NOT be coming over me to harm my family.” And then do what you need to do.

            • Ya know…I really hate to say it….but when I see stuff like this, I understand why the NWO elitists refer to them as “useless eaters”.

              Scenes like this create a real cognitive dissonance.  On the one hand, you have a respect for people’s lives and worth of the individual…..but then when you see people like this, you realize that they truly are from the shallow end of the gene pool, and sincerely hope that when TSHTF, they are the first ones to eat a bullet.

              These are the people….or zombies if you will….that WILL be coming after your stuff.  And if they will trample their fellow man just to save a few bucks on cheap electronic junk…what will they do when they have totally run out of food?  Forget about them being interested in feeding their families.  They will just be interested in feeding their own faces.

              It will be times like these that we will all wish we had bump-fire stocks on our AR’s with 100 round magazines.

        • So does this count when it is writen “NOT TO WORSHIP FALSE IDOLS”

          I think this certainly applies

          • I tend to view the malls, especially the mall of america, as being temples of materialism.  Most of them have a bunch of junk and womens clothing but not many have gun stores!

            Have a wonderful day.

        • This would not be happening nearly as much in an all-White society. Most of these “shoppers” are negroes and Mexicans.

          • sorry metal but  greed knows no race or color, remember the bankers are almost all white.  Majority of those in office checks the white box too. Greed is universal.

        • And just  think what society will be like after it breaks down…Everyones a zombie in my eyes!  Stock up or shut up!  Oh yeah, good luck 🙂

        • Very sad.  This is the first year I/we ever have participated in one of these sales.  Found a great deal in a Sears ad on a couple of Dewalt tools that would fill a couple of holes.   It was a mad house, but with my daughter’s help was able to find the tools in the back room.  Sears did a great job, “most” of the people in line looking/shopping for items were great, but there were also the greedy out of line people with their hand out.  The later should have made the news.   The bottom line is the sales are dangerous.  I would never send my wife or daughter to one of these ordeals with out me (6′ 235 lbs. of muscle).  Much safer to buy on line at Amazon.


        • I  avoid the mall hysteria by doing my shopping online. I broke my leg last week and wouldn’t have a chance in the mob!!! Got some great deals at Their sale ends Monday night so you’re not too late to get some great deals on preps. Even got free shipping!!

      2. We have become a society that is morally bankrupt.  we stampede each other for cheap, poorly made crap that we don’t need.  The bread and circuses that the government and media feed us leaves us empty, hollow, a smartphone will surely make us feel whole and worthwhile. or maybe a 60 inch tv.  We value material goods above our fellow man. we place instant gratification above our freedom, our future, and our souls. It is a horrible downward spiral and people demand it. More, more, more. Faster, bigger, better. A part of me fears this coming collapse. For my safety and my families and friends. I pray for more time to prepare, to ready myself and my loved ones. But a growing part of me wants this insanity we live to collapse now. I want a comeback  of sanity, integrity, honor, freedom, compassion and responsibility. 

        • You do realize that you can help foster a return to sanity, without all the crash and bang of a whole civilization collapsing… right?

          Now IMHO it will come crashing down (the economic math is impossible to avoid), but all the same…

          Start by working locally. Get together a community. Bring folks together and live by a good moral code. Look out for each other. Share skills. The rest of the world can take care of itself at that point. 


          • Odd,

            i agree.

            the old poem goes…

            “When i was a young man i wanted to change the world.

            I found it was difficult to change the world, so i tried to change my nation.

            When i found i couldn’t change the nation, i began to focus on my town.  I couldn’t change my town, so as an older man i tried to change my family.

            Now, as an old man, i realize all that i can change is myself, and suddenly i realize that if long ago i had changed myself, i could have made an impact on my family. My family and i could have made an impact on our town. Their impact could have changed the nation and i could have indeed changed the world.”

            I am striving to make myself better every day in every way. I live by my moral code. I cannot and would not force my values on others. I try to always do the right thing, not because it is easy, or popular, or for any accolades. but simply because i feel it is the right thing to do.  I will live by my values and hope that it rubs off on my family and friends.

            But the evidence in these videos and the results of the recent election don’t  lead me to believe that the sheeple of the world want a society of hard work, integrity, honor, responsibility, and liberty.  We will all carry on.

          • The Meme is finally taking hold, that no man is an island, nor is a single ‘local’ group…

            What if it goes on for so long you run out of, well, everything? Can you produce everything to maintain your local civilized life? What if somebody in your group gets sick or hurt?

            And there is a prepped up doctor living 5 miles away, and you don’t know about him because you’re not willing to expose yourself to others like yourself…

            Ultimately, we all have a Trust issue, maybe a legal Trust is the way, call it a Guild. This is how people did it in the past.

            This is a conundrum, that needs a resolution.

            Mac has a great start here, but it needs to be taken to the next level…  

          • @Angelo the Mysterious,

            Angelo, I replied to your post on the McGraw thread.

            So hard to keep up with them all, and people seem to make one or two comments and then move on…never to return to a thread.


        • Any crash will not bring any semblance of ‘sanity, integrity, honor, freedom, compassion or responsibility’.  It would do the exact opposite actually.  Like domesticated animals, humans once they learn how easy it is to deal with another human in a permanent way, are much quicker and more likely to do such again far sooner.

          Any man who says a bad peace is better than a good war has never been nor seen war.  And a collapse in this nation will be far worse than any war we have ever had before.  No going ‘home’ for survivors.  No putting ‘it’ behind you.  No shadows of memories this time.  It will be there, in your face and the faces of each survivor for all their lives, and etched into the very land.  Entire swaths of the country will be nothing but a vast grave.  And people will not forget, nor forgive, or give up any semblance of power after seeing what happens to the weak.

          You want hell unleashed?  All for your pathetic idea of bullshit ideals since they don’t live up to YOUR standards even as you know yourself you are a hypocrite in many other ways just living up to your own standards?  I hope you are not religious, you would fail any standard of compassion or thought.

          • general,

            you seem very angry.

            First off i don’t want “hell unleashed”. i want a return to honest values.

            Second the reset many of us hope for would not be in the collapse itself but the rebuilding afterwards. I’m sure as we all are that this coming collapse will be very painful for millions of people.

            Third, if your think honesty, responsibility, compassion, integrity, and liberty are “bullshit ideals” then i feel very sorry for you. But you can get your free phone from the government so you  are all set.

            I live by my moral code.  You live by yours.

            And finally we are a nation of addicts.  Our drugs are irresponsibility, apathy, and dishonesty.  Our government is only to happy to enable us. some addicts  might get set straight with an intervention but for most they have to hit rock bottom. The collapse will be rock bottom.

          • Hey there General,

            Just to try to distinguish myself in your mind, I am sincerely hoping that this shit DOESN’T happen. I ain’t no Rambo, and my only super strength will come from a tidal wave of fear for my wife, my children and myself.

            That much being said, I’d also like to believe somehow, a re-elected Obama won’t be a complete douche like he’s been the past four years; I’d like to believe that Bernanke won’t keep cranking out trillions of fakeass “Benny bucks”; that people and corporations who have been on welfare for years and decades will suddenly wake up and decide to become responsible and self reliant; that a government that wants to cripple coal and oil production in this country won’t drive up the price of our gasoline and truck drivers diesel, thereby spiking the price of everything; that ObamaCare somehow won’t bankrupt the states who are already teetering on the edge of financial ruin; that the flash mobs and home invasions of places like Detroit and Baltimore will magically stay away from the suburbs, as if they’ve bounced off a deflector shield from Sat Trek.

            Finally, I’d like to believe that somehow, if this shit goes sideways, that Obama won’t lash out at his usual scapegoats, including people like us. 

            Yes, I’d like to believe all that. I am a completely unheroic four eyed computer nerd schoolteacher from New England… not exactly one of the “tough guys” you’d expect to see battling the mutant zombie hordes. However, I’ve read too much history to realistically believe that somehow, America can go down the same bad road trod by so many other nations in history, and emerge completely unscathed.

            I am NOT unsympathetic to the plight of those who are so unbelievably blind living and working all around me. But I am realistic about their chances: ZERO. I have a co worker who had to move south with her husband from Michigan. My GOD, the horror stories of high taxes and crime and control freak government bureaucrats. And yet, she just voted for Obama… for the second time! Her contention was that “he cant fix stuff in four years that took eight years to happen”

            This is a smart, educated woman…yet she cant see that the VERY SAME POLICIES that have brought Michigan to its knees are the very same that HAVE NOT WORKED in the past four years nationwide, and that MORE OF THE SAME will not produce any different results!

            If SHTF, will I feel sorry for this woman and people like her? Yes. Will I say “serves her right”? No.

            Will I be able to help her? 

            You tell me… can you teach a blind person to play tennis?

            • Hey Jethro, do you hear that music?

              Yeah Amos. Sounds like Dueling Banjo’and you know what that means?

              Yes sir, Closet Yankee’s coming south. 



        • That’s rediculeous. It would take at least a 72″ TV.

      3. In the not too distant future, reality will smack these people in the face.

        • I go every year just to get a glimpse of true human nature.  I arrive an hour after opening and park off to the side.  After entering through the garden center I people watch for about an hour and usually end up picking up a doorbuster or two.  This year I had a nice conversation with someone with several carts whose daughter was bitten earlier over a towel that was on sale.

          At the appointed time the plastic wrap was ripped off pallets of electronics and everyone dived in like a football pileup. I came out with a portable DVD player for emergency pacification of my toddler during our 8 hour drive to her grandparents for Christmas.  I immediately checked out without waiting behind a single person and left. I must admit I felt a little exhilarated.

          • And you call youself a “PASTURE”,……? You sir are no smarter than the sheep you shop with. I would have never thought you would have dived or even put youself in that situation to save a buck or two for Chinese manufatured crap. I wish you well old man, and pray you never put youself at a disadvantage again.

          • PP, I played that imaginary scene of you in my head and busted out laughin’. Bully for you ‘ol boy. I bet that action at the electronics pallet looked like a fumble on the one yard line.

      4. On this day after Thanksgiving I thankful for my family and friends. Thankful for my job and my home.  I am also thankful for you Mac and your blog. You keep us informed so we can better understand and prepare. You are doing a great service to anyone that will open their eyes.

        • Thanks so much for your kinds words – as i said yesterday, i am thankful we have such a great commnity of people willing to share their insights and knowledge.

      5. And to think no on wants to finish SECOND! in line either…

      6. I agree KY Mom. I think we’re going to find out soon though.

      7. Yep ;0p … this is why we need TAKE A STAND as

        One Freedom Loving Nation to Forever Protect the 2nd Amendment .

        So we can still Protect our Families and Selves from the very MSM Eugenics dumbed down Golden Horde Obamaniacs Sheeple EBT Snappers on SHTF DAY .

        This is just a taste … of what is coming .  Prepare .

        *Attempting to even Shop on Black Friday is simply Idiocraticy Moronicness at its Best .

        ~N.O. ;0P


        • admittedly, i considered heading down to home depot today to see if they had any doorbusters on chicken wire….I’m opting out though, and will have to just pay regular price toorrow…

          • Ditto.  Going for Barred Rocks.  Funny how a women completely melt for a flock of baby hens.

          • Needed to pick up an axe handle. Local hardware was about three bucks more than HD, but no crazy crowds and I rather give my money to a local small business owner than some corporate big box store.

            • You save more in gas most likely.

              • Yeah no kidding, that was another factor. When I thought about it, I figured it would cost me almost that much in gas plus my time.

          • Mac, have been reading your site for about a year now I think. Have posted a few times. Thanks for everything. My brother just became aware of all the prepping sites and stuff a few weeks ago so I turned him on to this site. We live far apart and don’t talk that often but for the last 2 weeks we have been talking everyday. Now if my girlfriend would wake up.

             BTW, Home Depot now has gamma lids for $6.97. ( in the paint dept. )

            • Hi Mike!

              Thanks for jumping in to the conversation. Eventually, at least with my experience, those closest to us will come around. At the very least they will witness an event that gets them thinking ‘hey, maybe there is something to this’ and it goes from there.

              I think Hurricane Sandy opened a lot of eyes – just as Katrina did before it. Once people start looking into the possibilities — and all it really takes is a couple hours of watching some videos or reading some alt news/info web sites — the reality begins to set in.

              Perhaps for many the reality was always there… It may be as simple as a “something just doesn’t feel right” response to what’s going on around them. I think once people realize that they’re not alone in what they are thinking or the feelings of anxiousness or uncertainty they experience, they become a lot more open to productive actions they can take to relieve those feelings.

              I think a lot of it starts with direct communication, as in the case of you and your brother. Some don’t have that opportunity, so perhaps it starts in chat rooms or forums. And from there, the information for where to go next is literally at our fingertips.

              In my opinion, living the ‘prepper lifestyle’ encompasses a lot of different things, with one of the key elements being the willingness to take our minds where they are not supposed to go.. It really does become a lifestyle change.. Prepping starts with ensuring our survival which may include stocking some basic emergency supplies, but I think it’s all based in a deeper fundamental beliefs of ‘personal responsibility’ and ‘self reliance.’

              Deep down, we all want to be free, and the ‘prepper movement’ seems to open the door for achieving this.

              Perhaps I’m rambling, but I thought I’d throw that out there.

              Thanks Mike and have a good one!


        • You haven’t taken a stand except for saying I will run for the woods. And I do keep my word to other Web issue you support by not giving them all of your time. And wasting it here.

        • @ninaO:

          Best wishes Sir.

          Not many red thumbs, the trolls must be shopping.

          Spent my Friday at the range.

          It was my black powder Friday…too cool.

          Range owner provided free Civil War zombie targets, said next year they will be of his in-laws who were at the mall to get goodies, lol.


          …may everyday be a holiday, or at least include bacon…BA.

          • I’m still in the fight, sir. Still in the fight.

            • @COCO…..Glad to see you back!!  I was worried about U!  Enjoy so many of your posts…..take care CC

            • *Hugs* @Coco – hope you had some free-range turkey this week!   I’m glad you’re back!

              ~ D 

        • Ahhh, CoCo,

                 Wondered where you’d been…perhaps feeling better? 🙂 The board was hard to read in your absence…far too slanted in favor of lower caste characters….

      8. I am saddened for these people that value material over the human spirit.. When I look at these videos I am reminded how we still have so far to go as a society in a spiritual sense. These people are stuck in the Matrix..

        • Nice analogy using “The Matrix.” And so apt! It’s the dumbed-down/plugged-ins and the Agents of whom we must be aware.

          Warmest regards,

          – Stoosh


        • Gimmie the Blue Pill, I want a steak…


      9. I didn’t even go this year. People lose their self control and don’t think. I also shudder at what it would be like at a country wide collapse.

        • I don’tike crowds. There is no way I would go. I buy only what is necessary and will pay more not to be in the mess these people cause.

          • Seems to me, if a person has to endure all the violent crowds of sheeple, just to get prices they can afford, they are shopping way beyond their means. I already know I couldn’t afford to give everyone expensive gifts, so I’ll go kill or be killed for cheaper goods??? Nah, I think I’ll just give everybody a monogrammed pencil set and skip the adrenaline rush…

        • If there is some form of National Collapse, whether man made or Nature acting up and putting on a show, it seems clear to me that in some regions, based on the substantially low IQ factor of either the ethnic group(s) involved or based on the poverty level of that locale or both, we’ll see or hear about wholesale, undeterred genocide where people will kill simply because they can, and, won’t think twice about it. It will be like some contagious disease sweeping neighborhoods and infecting the already mindless masses into a frenzy so that a disconnect will take place whereby all compassion for fellow human beings will be for naught. All their pent up rage and agression will come pouring out, like a dam bursting, flooding the lowlands below. It all boils down to possessions, toys, illusory assets. Happy when they have them and unhappy when they don’t.


          In the days, weeks and months to come, we will see to what great lengths certain (possessed) humans will go, to experience their perceived happiness, at the expense of everyone around them. It has the potential to be real gruesome and X rated.

          • I’d have to agree with you on that one.  I get a sense that many here would welcome such chaos.  We only need to look at the police who currently have carte blanche to do as they wish to get a feel for what society will look like when everyone can act out as they wish.  It wont be pretty and will lack for any sense of reason.

            I suspect that we’ll see an orgy of violence that will quickly subside once people begin to go thirsty.  After all, you can only survive for ~3 days without water so that alone will calm things down rather quickly.  Many will attempt to drink from the polluted rivers, lakes and streams and the tens of millions that crap their guts out and die from dysentery will leave behind a big mess for the shell shocked survivors.

        • I checked every single local ad and found that  all of it was pure crap. Overpriced crap at that. I have a small talent : I remember pricing. I have been grocery shoppig on a budget since I was 16 yrs old, way back before we even had Walmarts. Alot of those items have been marked up in incriments since september. At least in my area.  One example:The cheap  bobo faded glory quilted coat for women started out at 14.95 in September. it went up  to  26.95 by Halloweeen, then for black friday: 16.95.

          • You are absolutely correct about the pricing scam. A family member worked for a major retail chain as a dept manager. He/She confirmed the practice, at least at the chain he/she worked for.

            (I’m practicing not giving away inadvertent personal info online)

      10. Sad, doesn’t begin to describe it. I sometimes reminisce of days passed. I can remember sitting at friends old home in Wisconsin, about 50 years ago. Sitting with his family. His wife, his children and me a young man without a family of my own, but with a friend that invited me to eat with his family. They didn’t have much and they really didn’t have heat in the old house. But I can swear that the love they were showing me was giving me all the warmth I needed at that moment. We ate and talked and enjoyed each others company. I don’t see that much anymore in other people. Most are hard calloused souls. They are always thinking of buying some new gadget so that they can have their face plastered to it. They will walk by you and totally ignore everything around them to the point that I have seen them walk right into walls and vehicles and then look up as if they were in some dazed fog. I am so depressed at what  I see. I wonder about this thing we call life nowadays. No happy thanksgiving for me, God help us.

        • It;s not that they are hard, calloused souls, but conditioned to the core. Most of them are incapable of original thought, most don’t have a thought that was not put into thier heads by some form of msm. The parasites figured out how to condition people decades ago, and the spectacle you see today is the near-finished product of that. But, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet…


          • It was begun at Tavistok training center. First located in germany, then moved to england I think it is. It is where and when they basically devised plans and methods of useing Physcology and shrinks etc to map out human attitudes and devise systems to Undo all whats good and Replace it with what we see today.

            Its all about Conditioning folks. All we see in msm or holywood movies etc and schools is born from tavistok. That began aproz 1900 era.

            Like justme said….We aint seen nuthin yet!

            And unlike many I do not believe any type of good re-set will occure. More like an exact Copy of soviet russsia after their revolt happened.

            That took almost 75 yrs just to Return to somewhat normal after Kommie bolshevisim overtook russian society etc.

            Them Tavistok type folks that ran it and devised all these methods to condition/control masses of people, were/Are of the exact same ilk as them soviets were.

            America yes its bad now in so many ways….But if shtf happens as many here describe it?……You can “Hope” for a chance to redo it all….But best to prepare for opposite and way closer to russian soviets rule after any real shtf events here.

            Unless a massive reawakening in america occures first, and todays idiots everywheres do not show any positive outcome in such an awakening any time soon I think.

            Soviet/kommie/Liberalizim IS a Real live Mental Derangment process. More than 1/2 of usa is infected with it after the last 100 yrs of actual Tavistok methods employed upon Our entire society. And we only found out of all these evil things the last aprox 10 yrs due to internet access!

            Them Kommie evil bastards got a 90 yr Head start!…..Todays america Proves me correct.

            At some point the odds are greatly against Us types simply due to we number so few. And if we aint yet seen the time frame when the final person to awaken has been reached?……We soon will.

            And the ptb crowd alothough fewer yet than we are, has way more “power” in so many ways. And I think we here all realize Who  their(tptb) Real main number one Targets are…….For any new here who do not yet know….Its Us!……The awakened and prepared. Even just awake and refuseing to believe the evil ones mantras any longer gets you apointed as enemys.

            I wll continue to Hope for a reset and future with likeminded awakened folks. But unless I see alot change soon, won’t count on nor bet on it.

            One of the best things anyone can now do is Yank kids OUT of ALL public school’s……And begin to Re-train kids with reality because if we boomers was lied to(yes we were) and scammed so badly?…..Picture how today, with 1/2 of a century later They(tptb evil kommies) has so improved methods to brainwash kids at schools now!

            Without todays “Youth” well prepared to carry on after We are dead and gone?……..Whatever we may be able to “fix” will again be trashed badly within 1 yr of us gone. Maybe less time, like 6 months even!

            Definatly difficult to know factual truths……and yet remain Optomistic no.

            • AM, you are right, but I can’t think of a way to wake the sheeple up!

              They’ve been shot for, well, who even knows why;

              …been thrown out of their own homes into the street, or worse yet, forced into a nursing home against their will;

              …had their children taken right out of their arms;

              …had some jerk fondle their wives and children, right before their eyes;

              …put in a tent to freeze to death, while looters stole everything they might’ve salvaged from their own, destroyed homes;

              …been disarmed, then murdered like fish in a barrel, helpless to defend themselves or loved ones;

              …told what to drink and eat, and what they can’t;

              …had their air, land, food and water poisoned, forced to submit to toxic vaccines;

              …taxed literally into poverty;

              …lied to at every turn by the government;

              …lost their retirement savings to pay for more wars;

              …herded like cattle in their own hometowns;

              …denied the right to move freely;

              …been brainwashed into servitude;

              …watched helplessly as their jobs were taken away and given to foreigners;

              …imprisoned for speaking their minds, after obtaining a ‘permit’ to protest;

              The list goes on and on…what will it take to wake these people up? I don’t know. Perhaps they’ll awaken in the afterlife.

              • They have probably been damaged for the next hundred lifetimes.


      11. KY Mom,    I have to agree; these people have no decency, no morals, no nothing.   When the balloon goes up,   These will be among the most dangerous people out there and will stop at nothing to take someone else’s preps because they didn’t “get it” and prepare to take care of themselves and  their families.   They can always find money to spend on useless junk, but can’t spend the first dollar for extra food, water, water purification items, medical supplies, guns, ammo, camping equipment, etc.; things that will help them survive adverse situations, disasters, etc.  A huge percentage of them would die in the first month of post-SHTF.   i dread what I may have to do to any of them who come to my place to take anything I have.  Still prepping and hoping everyone else is doing the same.  Stay safe. Oh, almost forgot, I hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving,   Braveheart

      12. The 80s rock band DEVO had it right. We’re evolving in reverse. 

        • Are we not Men?

          Crack that whip…

          Give the past a slip…



      13. How is it I’m still shocked and horrified every year? What an embarrassment.

        Don’t take away my “chick card”, but I hate shopping on a slow day when there’s hardly anyone else in the store. There is no deal on earth that could compel me to shop on Black Friday.

        • What would you do if this Crowd was heading to your house. This is an example where if this was SHIF overwhelming force would decrease the suffering. Same as the poor Welfare PEOPLE in other areas you defend so highly.

          Think they know you have Something. WHat will you do. All it look like was a dorr opening at a public stoning in the Midde east OA. What is the defference.

          • Still following me around, I see, FBP.  Lonely?


            • No this was a weekend my entire group was in one place.

              Are you ready for whats coming. You may have skills but you better get your mind set right.  I look at the tables and look at the young and reconfirmed all I have talk about is worth it to get them though the shit that is coming.  Maybe they can create the world that you and many thing can happen.

              Let people like me be prepared to “thin the herd” (If they mess with mine) So if they survie, people like you can hope you can make a better world.

              • FBP,

                Leave her alone, shes done nothing to you, and her mind is about 10 points ‘righter’ than yours… you are verging on adolescent psychopath.

                If you want to pick on somebody, choose somebody truly eccentric, like me… 😉

                God bless


                • I thought this was about an exchange of ideas. Is that only the case if we agree.

                  If you don’t want a comment. don’t put your thoughts out there.

                • Yes I saw your reply to me piper…Thank you.

                  And Yes again! to your “Adolescent Psychopath” aimed at FBP!!!!!

                  Great analisys!

                • Thank you, Piper.

            • @ Daisy – Me thinks someone has a crush on you dear lady 😉 

              and – Thank you for the warm words yesterday regarding my gal.  She’s not mine to claim, but claim her I did as she was a cast-away teen and I saw potential with just a few kind words and a refuge when she need to see ‘normal’ home life. 

              • Hi Wee!

                I believe that family is not always just an accident of birth. Our families are who we choose to surround ourselves with (or not, in some instances).  It sounds as though you are incredibly lucky to have found each other.

                ~ D

                • “Amen.”

            • Commenting about the stalking seems to just try and  avoid his point.

              like it or not he does have a point sorry.

              • …repeatedly attacking people isn’t making any ‘point’. The only ‘point’ FBP is making in regards to Daisy, is that he is a jerk. Point taken.

                • Thank you Sixpack   🙂

        • here is a thought,,,eleminate black friday,,midnight openings,,,crap like that,,,who is greedy here???


          • Hi, Snake!  Hope your holiday was nice!

            I agree – it’s “set up” to be this way.  The bigwigs at Walmart corp headquarters are probably rubbing their greedy little hands together watching videos like this.

            However, it’s up to consumers to show some self-control, for crying out loud.  

            This reminds me of  the scene in the Hunger Games where the kids get released to run towards all those weapons that the PTB put out to tantalize them into acting like beasts – the ones who got away unscathed were the ones who ran in the opposite direction and waited for the greedy ones to kill each other off.

            • Daisy

              it was spent time with my grandsons in fla.,,i want to say this to all again daisy is my girlfriend,,,leave her alone,,althought i dont think all is picking and dont we all have different opinions,,i sure hope so,,,people i have never seen daisy or anyone else in here but i WOULD die for her beliefs,,,and yours



          • Eliminating blck friday would require people facing who the source of that is, not likely…

          • What are you talking about?  This is entertainment at its best.  Seriously though, how would you eliminate Black Friday?  Passing a law?  Enough, this is a choice between common sense and the free choice to get your ass kicked for a toy. 

            • elimenate by not going


        • Dh and I went to Kmart …I know, but our sofa is ripped on the cloth part, mostly hidden except for us, but the leather is okay.  I decided to go with two recliners instead of a sofa, and they were $105 off(and I have been waiting for a sale), so we went.

          There was a line there at 7:30 and kept getting longer..standing in twos.

          It was young kids, early 20s…not many middle age or my age.

          When the door opened, the line proceeded in by twos, no problem, no pushing, very orderly and polite.

          While waiting for the recliners to be put on a cart, I got the other thermals, and flannel shirts and when ready to check out…we were allowed to go to the front of the line—no one screamed, no one insulted us..after all, we were blocking a large area with 2 boxed recliners on a flat cart. 

          It was a calm experience—not anything like you hear of.  That’s Kentucky.

          And I ain’t leaving it!!


          • You make an excellent point. Although it was crowded we didn’t have any real problems. A communities ability to survive Black Friday provides a glimpse into what would happen in a real emergency. I completely understand wanting to avoid the crowds, but those who are legitimately afraid to go to the store should really rethink their permanent address.

        • Think of the fun that management has watching this play out on ccTV.

        • Daisy

          I regularly give thanks to the genius that invented online shopping. 

          Someone mentioned Xmas gifts for non-prepping families – here’s a suggestion for the city  kids aged 5-11.

          “Enid Blyton Famous five” stories are cool for this age group and easy readers – get them a set.  Then next birthday or Xmas give them their own little “adventure backpack”. Fill a kiddies backpack with useful items like a torch, compass, penknife, magnifying glass, coloured pencils  etc from the dollar store.  Over time top up the kit with educational items such as plastic jam jars for storing bugs etc. (My son is getting a head torch this year in his Xmas stocking).

          Include a bottle of ginger pop and a couple of suitable worksheets from the nature detectives site to get them started. It works even in their own back yards.

          Several friends have copied this idea and we print worksheets from this site for outdoor activities that can even be done in a city park. Their backpacks contain the gear they need to do the actvities. It’s perfect for home edders nature studies.

          Enid Blyton is  a very non-PC author but seems to fire kids own imaginations back up and is a great antidote for early readers to the  school  indoctrination that sucks the imagination and ability to think for themselves out of our kids in schools today.  DS started a bit of a playground craze with this idea and it’s been great for those parents stuck on a low budget. Not an igadget in sight either lol!

          As their reading skills improve then keep feeding them stories like Mark Twain, Little house on the prairy, Swallows and Amazons etc and topping up those backpacks. Later you can add little pocket guides to local  plants, & wildlife etc, and start incorporating genuinely useful preppers items such as a water filter straw or bottle, maps etc. 

          Eventually when shtf the kids at least will have a torch, water filter and a few other genuinely useful items to hand to help save their lives – even if their parents are dumb as fook.  Never mention prepping when you give these gifts for the sake of your own OPSEC.

          • I’m 62 years old and have great nieces and nephews at an age to have children.

            What happened to 4 chairs and a king size blanket and heavy books for anchors???  Tent anyone??

            I did this for years!!!  


          • Once they learn to read all that stuf, and they are at age 10 t0 12 yrs old.

            Buy them kids a years subscription to the New American magazine. It is published by the John Birch Society. Very conservative and very anti kommie org.

            They also used to have copies you can order from their June(?) 1997 issue….Chock full of info and lists the names of what back then was the entire Iluminate/bulderbergers group and also listed all aprox 4000 members of the “Council of Foriegn Relations aka cfr” evil org(in NY).

            Just under 4000 persons in it and at least a full 75%+ were MSM and Fed Govnt types!…..Very swell info for young budding inquireing minds.

            Teach em young who the kommies are. While teaching Firearms at same time frame is a good start.

      14. Wow This shows how programmable people are.I am 40 something and can remember when people acted courteous and had manners.You did not see this kind of stuff till holloweird and the mindless media made it in vogue to act like a self centered asshole ,just look how people have to beat you to the next stop light. rude rude rude!  We are the reason the country is in the shape it is,not the crooks in Washington.The good ole days are gone and now it is time to change your way of life so you and your family do not fall in line with the rest of the mindless sheeple. 



        •  second that. i have some older divorced women that live around me that are treated with no respect by the younger men and women(20s) that live near them. its really sad, 

          • Are you sure they deserve respect.

            There is a reason they are divorce women.

            • They probably kicked the guys that didn’t respect them to the curb.

              • Or they are sure the next one will be better. When all a long they are the ones in need of improvement.

                • Oh the irony 🙂

                • FBP

                  You stalk Daisy

                  You spell like a 10 year old 

                  Your use of grammar is worse than a 10 year olds

                  You  are blatantly a mysogenist 

                  You appear to think its okay to kill and maim based on religion 

                  You appear to think its okay to kill and maim based on politics

                  You appear to think its okay to kill and maim based on anything actually.

                  You seem to think that everyone other than you will bite the dust pretty fast in a collapse situation, especially if they are female

                  Low levels of literacy, mysogeney, lack of empathy and delusions of grandeur are all pretty high on the scale of psychopathy. maybe you should talk to someone who can help you

                  Take care



                • I was just going to ask facebookpage many of the same questions burt the brit has just posed, but i think she has summed it up better than i could. Just who are you facebookpage? This is getting old Mac. This twit has become too offensive for even me to deal with. Can we please start to be serious here. We have a cabal of the few making the lives of most miserable. It has to stop. It will stop god willing. Can we please start by getting rid of facebookpage , by ANY MEANS NECCESARY. after that , lets get rid of the rest of these people.

                • @ Facebook ;   Burt really summed it up.,   put in a nice little package and put it in a bow for you. 

                  She is correct.   

                  Facebook., please join us in adult conversation, it’s Thanksgiving and your giving out more than you should.  

                • Burt

                  My spelling and grammar are at least at a 12 year old.

                  I love women. I believe you and Daisy are the ones that have issues with men in your life’s. Maybe try being a woman instead of a feminist might help.

                  I believe in nothing that has to do with a religion.

                  If it to protect American lives or to enhance them OK. Someone has to lead.

                  For the fun of it Never. But if it has to be done go in do it right and get it over with.

                  Psychopath  I do talk to a lot of people that are helping.  

                  And I have notice the only thing you girls do lately is Kiss upp to the “Guys”  And go after me.   



                • Eeder

                  You say the few look at the debates the other day. 50 50 mostly. You are just mad now that Macs site is growing you are not the top here anymore.

                  You are just pissed because your points are now being worshipped. Daisy and Burt.    Mac is it winning the most many come here just to see the comment battles.

                  Yes this has become a politic site. Once it became this big it is not possible to stop. The one that sell it will keep up the gear talk. We will work with the mind here.

                  Eeder what have you to say now.

            • FBP what a bullshit comment!

              • FBP

                I haven’t been on here much for many weeks, maybe  you have maybe not, I don’t know but if I were ‘going after you’ trust me, you would know about it.  As I haven’t been here posting I cannot be kissing up to the guys as you call it. For the record, I have a ‘guy’ of my own and very happy I am with him. 

                I am so far from a feminist it’s unreal and there people on here I converse with outside of the forum that know this, they also know I don’t need them to jump to my defence.

                What I am is a woman who comes on here to learn from those who know more than I do and to offer them any information I may have that they might find useful.

                Seeing you pop up almost everytime Nina posts or Daisy posts makes it look very much as if you are targeting them, I am a curious person and I wonder why that is….

                Now personally I don’t give a bulldogs bollock what you think about me, I don’t give a rats arse about your views and opinions, that of course may change when you actually say something woth listening to. Until then,

                take care

                • Hi Burt,


                     Hope you’re all getting a LITTLE less soggy than when last we ‘chatted’….How was your weekend? I swore I would NOT overeat this Thanksgiving f(or the 50th some-odd time)…I failed. 🙁

            • while, yes; there are some women that will make thier husband eager for divorce, you still should treat those that live by themselves with respect and decently.

              every woman that lives alone knows of some story of some woman that lives alone and was taken advantage of and that’s in the back of their mind much of the time. trust me, as a brother of 4 sisters; i know this is true for many women.

              no man lives with this as a regularly occurring thought.

              • Lena,some people just dont get it… sadly far too many than that do.I know there are still decent people left but nowa days it seems that the greedy and selfish out number the good.We as a group will never fix this either that is why I think it is best to move out to rural areas and small town’s were the people all know each other and are accountable for themselves.These rude people you see will never change they are content in there persons it is the other person’s fault that cause them to act that way.I live next to peoria Ill. and have a descent job that I am going to quit to move to the ozarks and take a job that is half of what i make here but will be living a much peaceful and better way of life with my wife and adult kids.I can say the move can not come soon enough.We hope to start a small community with another family or two (we have enough room for 6 more on our land.with the amount of garden space there is.)I am getting of f tract here but the current state of country (the people)is why we have been working toward this for the last 2 years.It is not we the people but me first gimme gimme and to hell with you attitude from our our councilman to the guy next store to the 5 yr.old at school on the playground. It is time to move on.we only live and die once so I choose to surround my life with like minded people and stay away from the rest.

              • Just One Guy

                At this precise moment I am looking out of the kitchen window. It’s the first time in 72 hours it has not been raining but more is expected.

                Area east of here have had it very bad, and we are downhill of them so the flood warnings continue. The is a good bit of space between me and the bottom of those hills so I am hoping all will be well here, there is no major river close by.

                our usual dog walks are washed out or too deep in mud to contemplate But we are lucky, some have sewers overflowing and homes devastated once again by river water and flash flooding.

                take care

                • Firstly, Are you all right Burt? Your description sounds worrisome in the extreme. We’ve had – here in the States – many several, terrible incidents of flooding during the last several years….moving water IS NOT to be ‘trifled’ with!

                      If you, and your’s – for any reason – even think you might be in ‘harm’s-way’ I implore you to exit the area you’re in and GET to higher ground, seriously Hon….Don’t jerk around and wait too long.

                      I’m going to stay here for a while till I see a response….NOW you have us worried! 🙂

            • FBP

              You are just another player in the global war against women. In the last 50 years more women have been killed just for being women than all the men killed in all the wars of the 20th century. I suspect that the women who survive the coming decline will be well prepared to protect themselves from the men who think like you. I also suspect you’re going to be mighty lonely.

              • perhaps if the masses thumbs down FBP, every post regardless, then we won’t have to see his posts, stalking Daisy and generally cluttering up the page…has someone hijacked his moniker or something?

              • Just One Guy

                We are good right now, but many quite close by, within  a few miles are struggling. It’s crazy just how much rain we have had this year it’s quite simply a case of it has nowhere to go anymore, the ground is saturated and even a regular rain shower now has the ability to cause a minor flood.  we are soggy but safe and with no rivers near by hopefully that is the extent of our problems, nothing at all compared to many. The local stream s high, it’s usually a few inches deep with 4 ft banks above it, now it’s the other way around, 4 foot deep with a few inches of bank but evenif it goes it will have to flood 1/2 mile of woodland and road to make it to me. Also, its uphill, only slightly but enough. I swear it’s those fields and woodlands that have soaked up so much for us here so far. My drive s 6 inches above the road and then a step up to the porch and another into the house. All in all another 4-5 feet before I have to seriously be worried.


                Thank you so much for your concern.

                take care x

            • FBP you may be right so many ladies learn behave from pop tv  : Jersy shore, House wives of what ever county, Bride zilla it goes on and on.

              don’t agree lumping all divorces in that group but you still may have a point.

            • burt Wouldn’t let me reply directly sorry,

              FBP seems to be attempting to make a point right or wrong

              You on the other hand are going after who he is

              Doesn’ty that make you the stalker ?

              • Large Target

                No, I’m not a stalker. A stalker obsessively pursues another person. All I have done is observe and state my opinions based on those observations. If you read further down the posts you will see I agree totally with freedom of speech even when I disagree with that persons  opinion.

                take care

                • FaceBookPage is attacking peoples opinions / statements thru conjecture.  Where as Burt is relying on past statements made by FBP.      BIG DIFFERENCE !!!   

                   Conjecture is:  forming an opinion or conclusion on the basis of incomplete information.   

                   Have a nice evening Burt 🙂


            • fbp if they are living and breathing they deserve respect,,,because even you dont know why they are divorced,,,,think about it




      15. Are these people not exercising their rights?  What would you do, have Big Gubment ban Black Fridays?  Being critical of people exercising their liberty to be stupid seems hypocritical of you .

        • Joe

          you poor soul

          you just don’t get it do you??? 

          • He was probably one of the people in the videos.

        • Not being critical of people exercising their rights. First, no one has the right to assault or harm another person. Second, the criticism is of their lack of respect and decency. The way people will treat others like dirt for some cheap shiny baubles is shameful. Their lack off values is appalling and mind boggling.

        • But Joe your STUPID and I forgive yoooooooou…………..

        • JoeinNC: No, a person has the right to be just as stupid as they wish in public and on t.v. as we have just seen.  What they don’t have is the right to hurt others in the process which they don’t seem to grasp.  These idiots are some of the same ones who didn’t care that factories were being closed here and American workers being put out on the dole so that these large companies could move those factories overseas, pay slaves wages and then ship the cheaper made crap back here for folks to buy.  Sure the goods are cheaper but they are paying for it at the other end in the form of welfare payments to former factory workers and their families. It’s that hidden cost that most folks don’t see.  These idiots on the news clips are playing along with the greedy corporations and causing the demise of their own country’s economy.  Folks who don’t actively seek to buy American goods are helping kill this country where most jobs created these days are at fast food joints or the big box stores full of Chinese slave goods that were once made by Americans. The greedy corporations love stupid people like these clowns, they buy without concern for anyone but themselves.  And when the economy finally does hit bottom, they’ll be some of the first to perish because they are so stupid.  So yeah, go on, be as stupid as you want to be. 

          • Gregory8,

            You are correct! The concept of buying cheap, poorly made, foreign products while expecting to have a decent paying  job speaks volumes about the math skills and the thought processes of that group of people. It appears to be very difficult for those in the South ( Home of Walmart) to grasp the concept of the increasing amounts of  foreign made products and the decreasing  amount of  US job openings that pay a living wage. I can only imagine that the slavery meme is still bouncing around in their heads. Unfortunately, this time the slaves will not only be the black folks!!!

            • SD Mule: thanks, it seems that a few here get it but many still don’t. I live in a small town in Florida and the only things I buy from China-Mart are ammo, when they have it, and canning supplies; all made in the USA.  I’m one of those idiots who will actually look and pay more for American made goods rather  than spend my money buying cheaper crap from China and elsewhere.  Example: last year I went to buy a hammer and nails, etc from HD. I didn’t buy the Chinese made hammers they had in abundance.  I filled out an on-line survey and complained that most of their tools were made in China. Corporate got it and withing 24 hours the manager of the HD called me at home and said they a small section of tools marked with the American flag. So I went back and paid at least 30% more so that a fellow American can still be employed with some dignity.  I do feel sorry for the slaves in those sweat shops but our folks come first. Thanks again.  

              • Thank you for purchasing American made products. I say that for all Americans that are still employed!!

        • Joe,

          You are correct! I think the quantity of “red thumbs” show that the majority here do not believe in liberty, only “their way of thinking” of liberty.

        • Just hoping in humanity that people would have more common sense than this

        • Eagledove, eevening

          hope you and the family are well and you had a happy Thanksgiving, time to start preparing for Christmas now lol. We are going away for the first time ever this year. It will be very odd not doing the stuff we always do but I am so happy to be getting away from the damp for a couple of weeks. Little one has been assured that Santa will throw a gift over the side of his sled as he flies overhead so she’s happy. There will be no midnight church service for us this year but we can still thank God for holding us in His Grace.

          take care

          • Good morning Burt;    we had Thanksgiving  at my parents house , with about seven family members showing up.  I got stuffed with all the good food.    

             I pray that you and your little one have very nice Christmas this year and enjoy your trip to somewhere.  🙂  

             I will be in touch.. 🙂


      16. Dirty animals. If you needed more proof as to why most people are not going to survive SHTF, this is it. 

        Everyone, please revisit the article on this site entitled “A Survival Q & A: Living Through SHTF In the Middle of A War Zone”. This is very instructive.

          • Surviving Katrina



          • I have been very moved by Selco’s story — a true SHTF survivor

            • I’ve found Selco’s articles to be very informative and helpful.  He really brings home the reality of a SHTF situation.  There’s no glamour to it.  Nothing romantic about it.  It’s going to be real hell when it happens.

              Reading Selco’s articles is what made me come to the conclusion that despite all the prepping, we are all going to need a lot of luck….or Divine providence if you will….to survive.

              People would be we advised to read Selco’s material…and take heed.

        • I was in Tulsa last year visiting relatives and saw a local TV news story on people camped out at Best Buy waiting for Black Friday. The story ran on Monday night.

      17. “Would “The Real” Middle East Victim of Murderous Genocide and 1000’s of years / Generations Old Family owned Homes Property Farm Land Theft – please Stand Up !”

        ~N.O. ;0P

        • I thought you were only going to check in and challenge my JOO statements. Now you are starting. Was it extra credit day.

          • FBP

            why would Nina only check in to reply to you? See delusions of grandeur in my previous post. As for it being a university holiday last week, not here in the UK, or in Europe, Australia and many many other places. That’s the beauty of these sites, any of us could be anywhere. Your pathetic and numerous attempts at psychological detective work regarding certain posters is boarder line comic….You carry on lurking, that’s what you do, you sit around, watching and waiting for some comment between posters that you can latch onto and use another day, very infantile and hardly original and  very like the tactics that many people believe are employed by various agencies. I notice some days your syntax and spelling is much better than others, why is that? 

            • Borderline..sorry about that. X

            • Because that what he stated his purpose here was from now on.

            • When it come to the syntax and the grammar difference. Its these google glasses. They dont always follow your eyes mostly when I am moving.   

              Also when I do it thought the phone. Most of the time. When I use a platform in one of my machines I have a full size keyboard and a back up program to help me be better than a 12 grader.

              Also if I remember my meds and how much tequila I have had. Medical tequila of course.

        • I just notice your absent was at the same time the University had a holiday break.


          • fagbookpage, what university? the univeristy of boca raton? the univerity of tel aviv? get a life you pshycopathic freak. you are a disgrace to yourself and everyone. shoo.

            • As a youth I did live in Boca Raton..    But strangely I am pure German. 

              What I was referring to was the UNiversity of Minnesota’s mid term break. 

          • Good god, learn to spell.

            • No that’s what spell check is for.   And if that’s all you can bring to the preppers table. Well need I say more.

      18. Thus the madness of mammon nears,

        they have no will, nor eyes or ears,

        spirit trampled in mindless fears,

        crowds of mindless vampire tears.


        Depravity on show, for all to see,

        dregs of a lost humanity,

        marching downward to the sea,

        roaring waves of perfidy.


        Thus it starts, it takes no side,

        the dark within will have your hide,

        rushing on December’s tide,

        promises of the greatest ride.


      19. There are sooooo many of them.  Fat and happy zombies are well behaved zombies.    Holiday was stressing.  Cutting out for some “ammo therapy”. 

      20. here’s something else everyone needs to see

        just as pathetic but in a different way

        it was posted by Drumshanbo on a previous thread



        these families will last all of 15 minutes WTSHTF 

        • One would think that a 2×12 about ten feet long would solve the problem most of the year. hard to believe that anyone thinks this is a big deal. A three foot wide ditch with a trace of water. OH, so scary.

          • Not scary, but it enforces that people cant think for themselves but need to run to government to solve all their little problems.  But what will they do when the shtf, probably behave like the videos above, stampede to their own end.  That is beyond sad.

      21. The Chinese thank these people for buying their crap.  I wonder what percent was bought on credit?

        • My recliners are made in the USA–why I watched and waited for 3 months for a sale..:-)

      22. Different strokes for different folks. Some like to prep and some like to shop. I do plenty of activities that some people could mock. Such as, I get up at 1am, make a pot of coffee, fill my thermos, hit the road by 1:30. Drive 3 hours and then run 30 miles offshore, fish all day, come back in, cook crab in the parking lot while I clean my boat and my crew cleans tuna. Then I drive 3 hours back home and on that drive home I’m planning my next trip out. I work and save all winter so I can do it again the next summer. In the shoppers eyes, I’m crazy to go tuna fishing when I can just go to Costco and buy canned tuna by the case. 

        • +++100, Rick – I love crab with a wild abandonment that I forget my own table manners – eat ’em with gusto and butter running off my elbows.  I would gladly beg for a ‘crazy’ ride to have the adventure and cold water crab so fresh.

          I do wonder if there are any reservations about the quality of seafood from the Fukushima fallout / wash?  What do you hear around your place on the map?


          • Locally, Fucushima and radiation comes up in conversation and the people that are in the know all say that it’s negligible in our seafood.  The tuna that visit our waters are on average, 2 year old and don’t feed or pass through  Fukushima waters. They are tested by NGF (non governmental fishermen) that work for the fisheries or the  scientific community. I trust their judgement.  Our crab are just fine and right now are great, full and in great numbers, easy limits. My mouth is watering at the thought of taking a day off, gather some buddies and go crabbing.

            • Thanks, Rick, for the reply.  It’s been on my radar as I’m about 250 miles from the Gulf of Mexico and our ‘Disaster’ is a real concern.  Best fishing adventure EVER  before BP, was DH booked us a fishing trip way into the deep blue waters of the gulf, 3hrs out.  I was on a ‘party barge’ best I remember because I thought – ugghhh.\ ~ the visions I had.  Very excellent Captain, great crew and watched the real fishermen catch Mai Mai, various other unknown species and 2 wrestled with a small (5-6′) hammer-head for about 45 min.  The fish won when a brief second of slack and swipe ~ off it went.

              Uh,O, I think I am off-topic.  sorry, gang. 

              I’m waiting for our Christmas present from Mac and got carried away 😉 just pickin’ at ya ~ Mac.  I have some limited IT and know the challenge… it’s worth the wait.


              Cesium 137 and Fukushima marker Cesium 134 found in tuna off California coast.

              My research on this topic indicates that there is no safe fish coming out out of the Pacific…and the West coast has also taken a hit with radiation exposure from Fukushima in the atmosphere.

              I won’t buy anything grown, caught, or packaged in California or the West Coast.


              • Here in BC all pacific seafood has ‘Some Concerns’ labeled on the packaging, I only buy atlantic seafood as I am a little bit more than concerned.  From what I have read government has raised the safety limit of radiation in seafood to label it as such.  Either way I’m not taking the chance.


          • You too?….I am absolutely craven where King crab is concerned…complete loss of all rational functions;

               Boris Karloff, “Frankenstein”,

                  “Ummmm, CRAB….GOOOD!!!”

          • “eat ’em with gusto and butter running off my elbows.”

            WeeVoice, that is a mental picture that is simply……INSPIRING! (I’m kinda fond of crab too, does it show?) thanks!

            • YESYESYESYES!!!!!

        • why are you hogging all that man??????


        • Rick


          I love fresh crab and tuna….exactly where is that carpark you refer to ? I’ll be thinking about that all day now.

          Take care

          • Hi Burt,

            The parking lot is at Newport, Depoe Bay, Garibaldi and Hammond Oregon.

            As a side note, you can freeze crab meat in milk. If put up fresh, it will still taste fresh when thawed and rinsed.


            • I did not know that, thanks RIO!

            • RiO


              take care

      23. i decided to pay off my monthly credit card bill this weekend while the black friday people are most likely loading up their more. its not due for another week, but i thought it would be funny if the computer system that is probably flagging a bunch of people for hitting their limit flags me for hitting zero.

        and i am quite sure there’s a flag if someone hits zero, visa doesnt make money off those guys. i’m guessing free visa checks are coming soon. i get those from my long time zero balance discover card regularly.

      24. So what’s the problem?  Half of the people  have always been dumber than average. and average is none to smart..  If the day ever comes I cannot out everything this bunch I need to be dog food.  The only thing these people do it waste parking space.

        • Like “takin’ candy from a baby”.   Bet a turkey dinner 95% are Obama voters!

          • I’ll take that bet!!

        • This crowd take up all of the handicapped spots, and monopolize all the power chairs in the stores. I once needed a power chair after a knee problem. As I returned it, a 300# woman glared at me, obviously thinking “How dare you take my chair?” I rarely see one of these in use where the user’s handicap is not obesity. Someday, I expect to see one of these chairs catch fire due to an overheated motor/battery.

          • I’ve noticed that a lot of these women in dresses or “spandex” have tattoos on their legs : I believe they feel the tats make them look “slimmer.”

      25. Very soon those people will be waiting for food, not junk!  Judgement is here!

      26. this situation bears watching


      27. True Fact 347:  these people enjoy the fray; they seek it out intentionally, they have tactical plans.

          I think it’s agreed that the moral compass for these lost souls is not broken, it was never in their possession to begin with and you sure as heck can’t buy one.

        This ‘event’ has been going on since my 23 year old was little – it was just fewer people fighting over a doll or video game console; therefore, less chaos and few videos / sites to witness from the safety of our homes.

        Now –  what makes people go out seeking this chaotic environment is something I don’t want to understand.

        But good to know… least we lack examples that the general population of unstable inmates are still at large and walking among us.

        But WOW – that Victoria Secret’s mob thing really left me speechless.  For the love of all things lacy no less 😉  what could it have been? BOGO 1/2 off with 2nd BOGO free????       WhoKnew, did I miss something while listening to everyone about the value of PMs?  Is this something we need to add to the barter box?

        • Depending on one’s stature and age, these could be considered “working clothes” if times get tough.

        • Iv’e seen them there Victoria’s undies and she ain’t got no secrets!

        • I don’t know, I think it has changed drastically in the last 10 years. Seems like the inate respect  for other people is gone.. I am feeling more and more like we are losing the basic values that used to define us. There is a seriorous moral decay going on..

        • yep – put lacy things right next to the chocolate! will help the ladies feel like ladies and the men feel like men 🙂   btw, this week-end shelf reliance has canned brownie mix (just add water) with a 25 year shelf life on sale for about 12.00.  i’m not a rep, just know chocolate goes on the “vital” list.

          the 2 other b’s… bras and boots.

          • @ kinintn.  They had a 3.0 in Tennessee and this is NOT part of the New Madrid fault.  It is part of the Appalachian Mountains that is capable of a 6 in this area, 25-30% the force of gravity which is about a 6-6.3.  All mountains indicate earthquake faults are there and can produce good size earthquakes.  This was probably just the mountain range “breathing” in and out. 

            • @ BI –  thanks so much!  (want to make a comment here about how i thought it was the “lacy things” causing a 3.0, but not sure how to post a blush…)

      28. These arent normal people, they are disgusting greedy animals, who should be caged up every year prior to the holidays and not releashed until, after the holidays are over .

      29. I like Mark Dice’s activisim in the last (bottom video) video, tis a brave or nutty thing to take a stand like that, but good on him for trying so.

        • It’s not really a brave thing to do.  None of these morons would lose their place in line to confront him.  They would not get out of line if their mothers were being raped.  Now if he stuck around long enough for them to buy the crap, put it in the mini van, drive it back to the hovel, turn around, run out of gas and then walk the 3 blocks back to the store.  That would be brave.  🙂

      30. These arent normal human beings, they are stupid animals, who should be caged before the holidays, and not released until the holdays are over, there is no such thing as manners, politeness, nor morals anymore and each year it gets worse.

      31. Sad. Where is the America I grew up in? If you think this is bad, the worst is yet to come. We have lost our honor, to stand in line, even  f ight for Chineese junk. Now I know why they call it Black Friday.

        • A store employee chastised him for heckling the store’s bread and butter. The cops outside the store were totally unconcerned with the notion that the store could be overcrowcded. I don’t blame them for not wanting to wade into that cesspool.

      32. Solar Update:

            Space Weather Message Code: SUMSUDSerial Number: 164Issue Time: 2012 Nov 23 2201 UTCSUMMARY: Geomagnetic Sudden ImpulseObserved: 2012 Nov 23 2156 UTCDeviation: 25 nTStation: BOU

            The Boulder magnetometer has recorded the passage of the IP shock wave preceding the arrival of the CME generated by the previous M-3.8 solar flare. Generally, the delay between the observance of the ‘Sudden Impulse’ and the CME arrival is 2-8 hours.

            Monitoring of the terrestrial effects may be done at;


            which is the Rice University monitor feed.

        • Thanks, Just One Guy. I subscribe to “Space Alerts”, but this has more information. I’m not very educated in this area, so what are you thinking? Haven’t seen the poster lately who does earthquake information. I do know something about that, but would appreciate any insight you can give a layman on your topic. Thanks! 

          • Hi Vicki,

                Be Informed has been in and out frequently over the last few days…believe me he’s always WATCHING. 🙂

                We’re expecting the incoming solar plasma to begin arriving sometime in the next few hours, we’ve already seen the precursor to that which is listed at NOAA’s Space Weather Warnings page as the ‘little triangle’ on the timeline to the right of the heading ‘Sudden Impulse’. Same of course denotes the recording of an interplanetary shockwave – ‘a bow-wave’ –  passing the Earth prior to the arrival of the main body subsequently.

                  We’re not expecting anything ‘spectacular’ from this event inasmuch as the genitive source was a relatively small flare, an M-3.8, a few days ago…nonetheless we always watch just to see what actually happens.

                Oddly enough, though we can know with exceptional precision exactly how much energy is involved in any flare which we can image, it’s VERY much much more difficult to prognosticate on how any given CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) will affect us here. Same is a ‘matter’ phenomena and as such the particles bounce-off each other …unlike photons who simply pass through one another unhindered. The mass transfer analysis associated with is something which only NASA/NOAA have the computational and observational resources to accurately evaluate. Kinda like 100 identical cars being wrecked deliberately in exactly the same way…no two will deform in exactly the same fashion.

               Having said that, what is incoming at present is not likely to be exceptional or severe….had the initial flare been X-class or even high M-class (along with it’s near center-of-visible disk position) then there would very likely have been something to worry about.

                In closing, given current indications from the two far-side satellites which we use to monitor events/conditions behind the standard terrestrial line-of-sight, said sat’s being the SDO STEREO platforms, we’re pretty sure that the next several days will be relatively calm. Anywho, Y’All have a good night. Don’t hesitate to ask questions here…there are no ‘dumb’ questions, just one’s which sometimes are beyond our meager talents! 🙂

            • @ Vicky,


                    The following is a link to a sub-pane of the main page over at which is the time elapsed animation graphically showing the progress of the mass on approach….


                  I have no affiliation with the good folk over at solarHam, it’s just one of the very best places to get to all things solar. 🙂

              • Thank you so much! I’m always amazed by how gracious the posters on Mac’s blog are to strangers. I miss “Be Informed” and have turned our basement “family room” into a large chart area connecting the hot spots. I find your information fascinating and will begin studying the subject so that I can ask better questions. Thank you for the links, the patience and the willingness to share. Blessings!

                • @ Vicky and JustOneGuy.  I have been having throuble with the computer and the other modern mechnical “wonders” of the 21st century as of late.  I have been watching, especially over in the Middle East.  I think the Sun flaring up is causing Morsi over in Egypt to have delussions of grandeur, he wants to be King of the Nile, not just a dictator, but an emperor.  The Middle East seems to have a hole in the atmosphere over it that is letting in cosmic rays.  I am kidding of course, but those characters over there are just nuts.  Just inagine if someone let lose a bunch of anti-muslim cartoons or another film again.  I think there is already a “stupid” virus loose and it has affected 99% of the population.  Thankfully 1% are immune to its effects.  😉

      33. There were people getting excited about getting the last Twinkie off the shelf!  🙁   

        These highly prizes items are becoming big time trophies for our Door Buster Sheep and not keeping their eye on the real prize.  🙁  

        • Check E Bay for Twinkie price insanity. It’s worse than you think.

      34. I went to black Friday sale last year to buy a Gun at our local Gun store, there where maybe 40 people there everyone was very nice we all waited our turn and talked about what guns we like no yelling it was one of the best times i have had shopping. whats makes it so different when i went then i see at places like Walmart and in these videos ?

        • They were all over 30 and white???  🙂

        • Armed  and Dangerous

          No Armed and Polite

          (or else) LOL

        • The quality of the people. How many of the real troublemakers in the lines (like the guy threatening to stab someone)  have a criminal record? 

          The best people I ever knew I met through the shooting circles. Most often the riff raff is weeded out. 

      35. If the “Powers To Be” ever wanted to take a page out of the Adolf Eichmann play book and institute a “Final Solution” upon “Useless Eaters” as Mr Kissinger has labeled so many these mob mentality low IQ types would follow a sale right into a gas chamber. They would be lined up outside next to the sign stating 95% OFF. They would never put two plus two together that people are entering but not seen leaving focusing exclusively on the SAVINGS. 

        • …just tell them there’s a palate of twinkies in the back…(doors close and lock clicks…

      36. I just went to work all day and then to work on saturday….. all day.  I made money not spent money.

      37. They know the price of everything….


        ….and the value of nothing.



      38. what kind of silly people would partake in this foolishness? can you ever imagine what these people will do to the grocery stores when they are hungry? i have never witnessed this happening before. does this happen all over america? these people are all true animals. i will not wait to respond to these people in a shtf. thankfully none of these pussies would ever make it here and if they did, they will soon find out the law of the jungle here is not their version. to all people still living in urban areas, please consider making the change you know you have to make. you need ot leave , now.

        • Do you ever feel like there is some sort of weird ‘division’ going on in the human race?  Sometimes I cannot for the life of me, comprehend being anything like I see in videos like these, or commercials, moronic tv programs… on and on and on it all goes….


          • There is, those of the Spirit and only IN the World, and those of the Animal of those OF the world.


        • Would love to get further away, just no way to afford the move



      39. Look at those faces, good. These are the ones that will come knocking on our doors when the stores are empty. These are the ones that will be frothing and foaming at the mouth for our hard earned belongings. The reality is, they won’t be “knocking” on anything other than the heads of those who aren’t ready. 


        When I was a kid, I watched Davy Crockett on the Walt Disney show. Fess Parker was Davy.  When it came to the last show of that series, I’ll never forget, Davy was on the top ledge of the Alamo wall. Mexicans were running up the inside wall steps towards him. He didn’t have any ammo but he was swinging his rifle like a club. The music got louder and you never saw them over power him, he just kept swinging.


        • I just happened to watch this the night before last…loved it still..still love what Crockett stood for…

      40. While these individuals scrabble around like slaves waiting to get a few scraps of food, kind of like when the tyrant in the Waterworld movies threw down a few cans of food for hundreds of rampant animalistic individuals, there is a new Virus out related to SARS in Qatar and seems to be stronger.

        Can anyone say pandemic, if not from this, then somewhere else as new viruses pop up all the time as the popluation continue to crowd the space up more and more in these crowded cities.

        Then the eastern Caribbean plate had a nice 4.6 just to the west of it about 125 miles away.  This earthquake was almost exactly in the middle of the eastern portion of the plate.  If this had been directly on the plate, then I would say it was not so locked.  However you see these earthquake all directed away from the eastern flank of the plate which means it is locked and “LOADED” to go off, as the hammer is cocked by and on a hair trigger.  Still until Dec.3 there is an over 80% chnace of a 6.5+ in the locations I gave earlier in the week.

        Yeah, everyone is living their little lives unaware of the world outside the chaos of the holiday rush.  Talk about; the 99%, “the herd”.

        • Glad you checked in, BI.  Thank you for the update and our ‘eyes’ on all things moving & shaking.  I’ve come to depend on you and JOG’s updates… as I have other buns in the oven and wouldn’t make head/tails of it anyway.  What a tribe of Mac has put together – happenstance, maybe / maybe not so much that we come to gather at the table.

          • “The Lord Moves In Mysterious Ways….” 🙂

            • @JustOneGuy…….”His wonders to preform”…….to Both you and BI…Thanx to you both for all “up to date info” here on earth and above…take care CC

        • of course, our government seeding the populace with experimental WMD doesn’t help either.

      41. Maybe we should all start a list of those ‘types’ whom we should distance ourselves from NOW, rather than later… ‘black friday bargineers’ are at the top of my list…


      42. The enemy are people.  The currency are relationships.  Make wise choices, because when the U.S. dollar collapses…being saved or dying will be by a person.

        • No man is an island…

          Do you have all the skills required to maintain your civilized lifestyle…to manufacture everything you will need far into the future?

          No? Well, who da thunk it…

          No, long term survival will depend on communities or networks of productive folks.

          See below, this meme has finally started to take hold, as the next level of prepping begins to sink into the conscious minds of the aware and thinking..


      43. i aviod the black friday like the black plague…


      45. Think Logically for a moment…

        1.  7 Billion souls on the planet.

        2.  Running out of  resources, oil, crop land, food, water

        3.  Just a few elite running everything.  It’s always bad when you have a few making decisions for many.  They always have a depopulation agenda.  Think Stalin, Hitler….

        4. UN and other socialist organizations trying to disarm free America

        5. Spraying of chemtrails for a decades.  Haven’t you noticed the sky is NOT blue anymore?

        6.  Monsanto gets patent for aluminum resistant seeds.

        7.  Elite construct a few doomsday seed vaults to store up seeds for a “restart” when they need to.

        8.  Monsanto suing farmers to get everyone growing their mono-crop.

        9.  UG-99 type wheat rust raging globally.

        10.  Extreme weather and drought killing the crops.

        11.  Laws passed to keep folks from saving rain water.

        12.  Laws passed about folks who grow food, cannot share it.

        13.  NDAA executive order…lets Obama lock up millions without trial.   Think global food riots and what they will do when it hits.    That’s the big one!!!

        14.  GMO food.  Designed to destroy your liver.

        15.  Codex Alementarious.  Designed to make your food not so nutritious…so you get diseases and die off from any engineered flu strains.

        16.  Federal Reserve, printing money to devalue it.  Google: St. Louis Federal Reserve Monetary Base.  The graph is identical to Weimar Germany from 1919 to 1923.

        17.  Don’t forget about Acid Rain…when you do get rain….it’s bad for plants.

        18.  The gulf oil spill slowed down the ocean gulf stream….means the weather is on a one-way ticket to hell.

        19.  All this is triggering the ice caps melting.  Changes the salinity of the ocean. More unstable gulf stream.

        20.  Well…I could go on…  I’ve been researching all this since 2009.  Yeah, I’m plenty of fun at parties…  I rock folks world.

        The important thing is that you realize that the world is changing too fast and things will collapse.  Folks have this growing sense of hopelessness and the end of days mentality.

        What to do?

        Here come the numbers again….

        1.  Store up dry foods.  Forget canned…all could be fine for 5 to 9 years…and the canned goods would go out of date…if you do canned…keep rotated.

        2.  Get armed.  I recommend a Rugar 10-22.  Plenty of rounds of cheap ammo.  Light, can be fired by anyone with decent accuracy.  Spare me the chatter about high powered ammo and weapons.   Anyone getting hit in the face or gut with a single 22 cal. will have a very very bad day.   The Rugar holds a ten round clip.  So you could really defend the home front nicely.  Besides.  Do you really want to kill someone….just remember…they might have a real mean buddy who will come looking for you and yours after the dust settles.   Be wise.

        3.  Wealth…  physical silver.   Gold if you have alot of it.  But silver is used in electronics and will have a real value long into the future.

        4.  Keep bugout bags ready.  Stocked with MREs, candles, lighters and mylar blankets and other things.

        5.  Get a first aid kit and then think like a medic…can you do sutures, treat a gunshot wound?  Don’t forget the bag balm…is could save your life from an infection.

        6.  Don’t discount sheltering in place…  The entire world could be going to hell…but  a well stocked closet and a locked door keep you from the hell going on around you.   

        We’ll I’ll stop there…  I’m preaching to the choir.

        I love all you guys.  There’s hope in this world because of the folks in this movement.

        In the next few years I will contact all of you.  I’m pulling together a group of men who will be able to provide services to you all for creating our own ecommerce websites.   This will open up the door to American ownership of new businesses.

        For our IT friends among us…

        We will be using mysql for the backend database, grails web and jqeury mobile.

        All bleeding edge tech.

        With some good communication and planning, we’ll all be able to participate on the creation of new ventures.   I have content mgt. software ready to let us all communicate and share ideas.   Note…I am NOT interested in doing anything subversive…just groups of people forming to create new economic ventures…business selling American made products.  See below for an example…

        Think about it…  What do socialists and commies hate?

        They hate it when like-minded capitalists organize and create new ventures that undermine their enslavement efforts.  WE HAVE THE POWER TO DO THIS…

        Folks…we have the rights and means to form new corporations across state lines.

        Think about it…  A large corporaation(s) of preppers, patriots and tea party folks 

        coming together to spark new business ventures.      The founding fathers would be proud!!!

        A free man has the following attributes:

        1. Education, can be self education.

        2. Thinks for themselves.

        3.  Is armed….you just cannot mess with an armed gent.

        4.  Can participate in the creation of a corporation(s)…to be an owner.  YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO GATHER AND FORM CORPORATIONS.  THAT’S POWER!

        5.  Is debt free…or is headed in the right direction.

        So I’ll stop there…..

        You get the idea.  The evolution of the prepper, tea party, patriot and freedom movement is to take back America.  We will do this by organizing, communication and educating others.  Then we will gain economic power buy owning new businesses.

        I welcome your thoughts…

        Let’s do a test…  Everyone go buy a new wallet from these guys.  You must know someone you have to do a xmas gift for?

        I have no affiliation with them.  Then we’ll contact them and see what the economic power of the preppers are.  Think about it…  Americans only buying American made products.    Smells of success to me!!!

        Here’s a product made in America.. I bought and love this wallet.  I’ve had it for 3 years and it’s tough, and the best I’ve ever had.

        Where to buy it.


        • Ruger 10/22 also has a 25 round clip.  Go with the ruger brand clip almost all the others are junk.  Nothing like being able to throw out 125 consecutive rounds at the head of a nail 100yards away in less than two minutes.  56lbs is what is considered necessary to make a hole.  .22 round has more than this at 240 yards, however it’s hard to hit the broad side of a barn at that distance.  Very quiet and no flash with an oil filter and home made adapter.  Don’t get caught with that.

          • I’ve had good luck with Ram-Line an Butler creek mags. Butler Creek is a little longer for the same capacity, but does the job. 

            • Bought 2 butler creek . have never been able to go through an entire clip without it jamming. go ruger it’s worth the extra 5 dollars

        • Store up dry foods.  Forget canned…all could be fine for 5 to 9 years…and the canned goods would go out of date…if you do canned…keep rotated.


          Now that is just too funny when the shit his the fan be sure to check your expiration on that can beans before you eat it!!

          • I have yet to throw away any canned food.

        • Sometimes I think the best thing that could happen to this country is a plague or an emp. There is never going to be a reset to the ways of the past. Which is what all the Neo Conned Republicans think. Get rid of the Stupid people right off the bat makes room for the rest of us.

        • First, absolutely agree about the canned goods. they have a shelf life. Only disagreement is about weapons. If you ever shoot at a person, the intent is to kill. Never draw a weapon unless you mean to use it, never use it unless you mean to kill. Should always be the last resort, but that means just that, last resort.

          • OK…so you killed a guy.  Say he was in a biker gang.  Now they know where you live, you have a wife and kids.  They are pissed and hell bent on getting revenge.   Now what?    Don’t underestimate the power of hate with the contrived logic of “revenge”.   Maybe I’m just getting older and I’ve seen some things in life that tells me that the cosmic scales balance.

            Imaging a bunch of bikers or some sorts playing pool.  “Did you hear about John, he got shot breaking into a guys house?”   Is he ok?  Yeah, the guy shot him in the gut with a 22.  He’ll be ok..  Ok… get me another beer.


             “Did you hear about John, he got shot breaking into a guys house?”   Is he ok?    No…he’s dead.    WTF….who did it??!!!… That was my best friend!!!.  Let’s fuck up the guy and his family.   Make him pay for killing my best friend.

            See… Is this dialog clear for you all….?

            What if “John” was the guys son?   That will open pandora’s box for you and your family.

            What you broadcast to the world comes back at you 100 fold often.

            Better to be smart.

            I’m just saying…  fine to be armed for self protection.

            But when you kill someone…there’s these universal laws that kick in and someone just might have you in the cross hairs.  Even if it takes years….being in those cross hairs is not good.

            5 year NRA member

            I’d like to think that the NRA member are a higher caliber group.

            Fathers, mothers, business owners.  Responsible and think at a higher level.




            • You do make a valid argument, however, if you’re not going to defend yourself and loved ones, you might as well go ahead and turn your guns in now. Do you think that if anyone is going to go to the trouble to force thier way into your space, they are not going to kill you? In a situation such as is being discussed, you will noly have 2 choices, one being to roll over and die…

            • Nice try “reality” But you don’t think gut shot biker will make agood case to his buddies to come screw you up.

              The fact is once you have to make that choice to kill or not, the choices only get tougher. It’s to bad but that’s just the way it is.

              It will never be easy after that and you’ll always be looking over your shoulder .

              yeah it sucks but the apocolypse will be full of tough choices.

            • I’d prefer the guy doesn’t walk away and go tell his buddies exactly which house he was doing, so they CAN return…but that’s just me. Dead men don’t talk later.

            • The bikers in clubs that I know have more respect than most people and won’t be breaking into anybody’s house. Don’t believe the BS on the matrix TV shows.

              • He is afraid to mention who WILL becoming to your house…


        • @Darwinian Socialism,

          I too have been trying to do the same thing, form a brotherhood of preppers…

          Not gonna happen. They are a paranoid bunch, and for good reason.  Our very individuality, intelligence and fear, is our Achilles heel. The Beast system will take us down one… by … one… this includes the idea of forming corporations, especially small corporations… think about it… we’re entering the era of Atlas Shrugged. Your small corporations are already a target, by 2014, they will be going extinct on the back of Obamacare…  If you have money, goods or supplies, you will be a target for the looters and moochers. Period.

          So what is the answer?  If you can’t beat them, join them…kind of. Preppers already have it half right, get your money out of the system and put it into tangible wealth, regardless of your proclivities, gold, silver, food, ammo, is wealth in the old definition of the term.  What does this do? It removes you from their ‘sights’. If you have no money, they lose interest in you, you have nothing they want, and that is the key to survival and thriving.

          How do you join them, kind of?  Use the tools of the Rich. Loopholes, create legal Trusts… and patent your land if still possible. The family business, is sold or given to the Trust, the Trusts are networked together. In essences, Go Galt en masse, by leaving the system and going dark. You, make no money, except an allowance, your bills paid by the Trust, your wealth held off the books. With enough Trusts in the network, people can form a family of producers, that ‘trade’ only outside enough to get cash flow until, the system collapses, otherwise we trade within the network. The Trust network defines what is needed, and the skills needed to produce it, and provides it to those willing to work the Trust. The Trust can have its own currency, based on barter value, like the old Real bills system used before the Federal Reserve.

          Nobody makes any ‘real’ money, thus, the looters ignore you. But you have the right direction, the ‘good guys’ need to understand, that what’s coming is a long term problem, and their supplies will need replenishing, life must go on. We cannot depend on a supernatural fix, for the consequences of our own actions, or lack of actions. The crisis upon us, is our own fault, at least, the political / monetary part. God gave us over to the depraved mind, but said to trim your wicks, fill your lamps and hide. What is the purpose of lamps? So that others can see your light.

          God bless



      46. From watching these videos (especially the one at Walmart) it looks like obesity goes hand in hand with black Friday shopping.


        • I was as Thanksgiving dinner…a buffet.

          We were getting a kick out of seeing all the fast bastards making multiple trips to the “feed trough”.

          Enjoy the link… Think….Ted Kennedy…

          Man I hated that liberal enslave us fuck.

          Glad he’s a rotting corse now.

          A true…FAT BASTARD

      47. all this simply demonstrates that this nation is,  by determination of a vast majority, a selfish, ungrateful nation…  and we wonder why the rest of the world mocks, despises and ridicules us…  no folks, the rest of the world is NOT always wrong about Americans…

      48. Amazing.  If the perfect gift was available and it cost absolutely nothing because it was so priceless there wasn’t enough money in the world to pay for it and it was being given away for free, you’d think the crowds in these videos would look like rotary club picnics.

        Yet that gift is offered everyday and it was paid for by the most precious thing, the blood of the only begotten son of God. The gift of eternal life given away freely and all one has to do is accept it. So where’s the lines and the mad crowds?

        Tell people you’ll give them a deal on something they have to pay for out of their own pocket that will only bring temporary happiness and they’ll show up in mobs ready to kill each other. 

        Remember Jesus is the reason for the season and  He is God’s Christmas gift to humanity.

        • But there is the problem, people are at heart are competative and want to win. if you give it to them for free it is worthless. I know, a serious human failing, but that is what it is. People don’t respect that which is not won. We, as a people used to value a lot of things that really should matter today. Somewhere, we lost our focus. That is what I hope for, that we regain that focus that reafirms, family, hard work, and charity.

      49. These americans are brain washed to the point where they are under the complete control of the new world order. Most of them know nothing about the government other than the fact that their anointed dear leader was re-elected and the gravy train is still running. They are the majority now and that is the most frightening aspect of our future in America. There is no pride present, there is no dignity, no self respect and no conscience in most of them.

        The public school system is a complete failure, the government is corrupt, the programming on tv is vile and disgusting and the things your kids can find on the internet is an abomination. We are a failed society and in the final throws before a cleansing will happen. Nothing this disturbing can last forever, it is coming to a head and it will get worse before it disintegrates completely. If you want to deny this as the truth then in my opinion, you are not living in the real world. Yes, we have been tested before and we have thought the worse about where we are headed, but not like this, never before like this. We are now living in hell on earth.

        It is not just America, the whole world is just as vile and in some places evil beyond your imagination.  There is no where to hide so the best thing to do is live in your own private space with your own civilized and decent set of standards, regardless of what the rest of the world is doing. Have high morals,  and do not allow the filth to enter your home; pray, prepare, learn, and love your family.


        • Having lived in seven different decades, let me throw out my perspective on this. As a young teen, my buddy’s mother was an ordained minister…however, not a practicing one. She would say the very same things about the sad state of the world and felt the end times were near. To me, as a young man, I didn’t see that much was wrong. The older I get, the worse things seem to be. I suppose, if we asked a teenager about the state of the world, they would think things are OK. I believe things cannot go on much longer as they are. I have been wrong many times before. So, as your last paragraph says, I will go on living my life by my own moral standards and let the chips fall where they will.

        • Somebody has to say it…


          Unfortunately, it will not be men who fix it, it will be the Power of God.

          But when it all falls down due to money (Rev6:6?), there won’t be any restoration of the Great Experiment, for the experiment is an epic fail.

          Men cannot govern man, that is the result of the experiment. It always, always ends up in corruption and immorality, whenever centralization of government or money is instituted. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely…

          Remnant of the Elect, trim your wicks, fill your lamps, and hide, prepare to go into the wilderness, outside The System, for it will be the only way to survive what comes.

          God bless




        I have never shopped at a mall – Walmart or fast food slop joint. I’m only one but it is my protest to a world gone mad – small town America destroyed with these mega junk stores that pay (part time) $8 bucks an hr, no benefits – with TAXPAYERS picking up the bill for Medicaid – Food Stamps – WIC that these workers are eligible for.


        I am glad I live far from any city – it is really unnerving to see these masses gone mad for JUNK. Plus we’ve all seen (news) groups robbing convenience stores…gone before police arrive.


        When you ‘program’ people for decades that they are Consumers or Victims this is the result. God help us in the event of  a crisis – a crisis that interrupts food shipments, cuts off electric, gas stations, etc. Here in the NE we’ve seen how unprepared people were….while the media is down playing it —tens of thousands are without homes – can’t rebuild, as the majority did NOT have Gov Flood Insurance (even that doesn’t pay for total replacement – plus it is a bureaucratic nightmare).


        WAKE UP – FEMA gives out phone numbers – marks homes uninhabitable – Red Cross (please)…ask folks in Haiti , other storm ravaged areas. Billions collected for whom?? 357,000 still residing in tarp shacks/ cardboard shanties years after Haiti disaster. These people shoving over plastic junk would be better served spending their money stocking up on ( inflation is going to skyrocket) needed items, duh, like food  – batteries – extra propane – clothing – etc…instead of  thinking somebody is going to help them.


        Hurricane Sandy should alert everyone – YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN…..ask yourselves honestly ‘ What would I do (family) in a crisis / how would we survive for six months? ‘ Most important though is knowing the Lord. NO not the Christianity of the money grubbing mega churches – but a PERSONAL relationship with Christ. You need the Lord to direct and guide you – to protect you.



        Perfect love drives out all fear —-simply Google, How to be born again……How to be filled with the Holy Spirit (which will empower you – reveal Scriptures meaning). You have nothing to lose and believe me – everything to gain. If not for the LORD I would not be advising you this day…..when reporting horrific abuse (See The Walls Cried Out – Judith Moriarty) at an institution – abusers did everything in their power to silence me…… they failed and the Lord protected me.

        • Hatians have done little to help themselves. Any aid should have been given in the form of food or building supplies. I saw numerous video clips of Haiti after the Earthquake where there are about three people trying to dig someone out of the rubble and a thousand others standing around.

        • Jude, a form of Judah, in Hebrew is: the praise of the Lord.

          It fits you and I’m Judy, a version of Judah.  And Judith also, meaning ‘light’.

          Great post.

      51. Barbaric Savages. Even cavemen were more evolved than these disreputable miscreants.

        Thanks Mac. Hope you and your family had a very Happy Thanksgiving.

      52. @BI, I am speechless with the earthquake in Dominica today, a 4.6.  I am two islands down from Dominica; what does this mean for the chain of islands?  This is really scary.  I was out most of the day buying my preps and when I checked the situation on the earthquakes I instantly got a headache.  Thanks for the great work you do.

        • @ Truebrew.  I don’t ever like to alarm and frighten people with any type of fear mongering as I would want the same for myself.  The Caribbean plate is so loaded and ready to go, as is the Cascadia fault.  Months ago I gave 14 locations that were ready to break with very large earthquakes, already 3 of these have happened.  The Caribbean plate is extremely dangerous, and I use the word extremely as no exaggeration at all. 

          In 1812 after the New Madrid AND the San Andreas blew, there was a mega earthquake down in Venezuela that was part of this eastern portion of the Caribbean plate.   Since any pre-1900 earthquake is difficult to determine the magnitude, some readings say it was mid to high 8 range, and on the USGS there is a section in which you can look up past earthquakes from 2100 BC to 1994, and it says it was a 9.7.  I wonder about this, but I don’t question that this fault zone that is very similar to the Cascadia fault and the Japanese area that broke a year ago, that this area is capable of a 9.0.

          A simple measure of the amount of miles between the zone around the Virgin Islands down to South America shows just how much of this fault can break.  On top of this it is a thrust fault, which means up and down motion on top of horizontal movement.  The more mass that breaks the higher the magnitude of the earthquake and more energy that is released.  This was the case down in Chile in 1960 in which the largest earthquake ever recorded as 9.5.  The closer someone is to the area that breaks the larger the tsunami will be.  Around Japan the tsunami reached I believe 78.2 feet tall on one island, and could have been higher in areas without any recording devices. 

          It is very disturbing to see these faults that are so locked that there is not 4-5 pointers on them.  To have 4 to 5 pointers would indicate that the fault has some time to go before it is ready to break.  That 4.6 was on the plate, but NOT on the eastern portion of it.  On top of having three 7.3-7.6 earthquakes within weeks of each on the western portion tells me that the plate is ready to fail.  I belief that this 3 chain reaction of earthquakes completely the cycle on the western portion of the plate.  A fourth earthquake would be south of Costa Rica in the Panama region, and if this was in the 7 or higher range, then I would give hours to days before the eastern portion went.

          I cannot live with myself without trying to alert people to this true catacylsm that is ready to happen.   After the last major quake I gave a list of places that MUST be ready to experience an earthquake and tsuanami that will be horrible.  This included the Island of Anguilla down to Trinidad and Tobago all the way down to Guyana and Venezuela.  It is not the shaking that will kill people, it is what can fall on them, the fires afterwards, the explosions from natural gas lines, the massive tsunami, and other dangers.  Simply put, when you feel the shaking, at least 30 seconds or more, afterwards get to higher ground no matter what, but there will not be much time before the water rushes in at 25-50 mph.  Anything over 8 is going to produce a tsunami, you don’t want to know what a 9 will produce.  If the shaking is over 3 minutes you are talking at a mid 8 range. 

          IF I was living on one of those islands I would not feel at all safe after such an earthquake below at least 100 feet in elevation and at least 1 mile inland.  In fact I would try to get as high up as possible and as far to the centre of the island as possible.  Literally, you just can’t wait, WHEN this happens if it is over 8 everyone needs to get out of the way of the tsunami coming.  I tell you this in hopes you will alert your family and everyone around you of the MONSTER waiting to unleash a true hell.  Most people don’t understand that this region has produced killer tsunamis before just like Japan and in the Pacific, and will DEFINITELY again.  Try to get you government to get an island wide tsunami warning system in place to save lives and that people will take it seriously.

          I am not joking around here, this life and death here, I am not exaggerating this at all as I only look at the facts and figures, as numbers don’t lie.  Please talk to people about this, so less people will die when the Caribbean plate goes. 

          • Hi Bi,


               Caught your comment above about the ‘stupid’ virus…you noticed that TOO? Per a previous post, ‘…it just keeps gettin’ better and better,…don’t it?’ I am heartened a small bit by the efforts – posturing – on all sides, to attempt to ameliorate the hostilities, though I’m not sure that ANTONE has a lot of ‘wiggle-room’ left in which to work. Time will tell I suppose.

                 I was partly out, partly in over the last 72 hours…at relatives for the holidays, with limited access to the Web… thanks fo r the update on the carribean. Solar is WAY down after the last session – No obsevable CME interacted with the terrestrial field (measureably) effectively givingh us a ‘pass’ on that. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to examine the latest HMI imaging to ascertain the exact stae of 11618 but given that the X-plots are straight-line flat and the high band X is bouncing off the bottom of immeasureable I don’t think we have a lot of concern there for a bit.

                Primarily wanted to stop in and touch base after geting home, I’ll post a later ‘Solar Evening Report’ in a few hours…

                Till later all! 🙂


            PS; Mac has put up a new forum!!!! 🙂

      53. Things wont even have to hit the fan for people like this to get dead….points to remember though…(A) these are not Americans…just because you are born or manage to crawl inside these borders does not make one an American….these are just posers,sorry it just bugs me to be lumped in with these clueless wannabees (B) There are millions of us who never go anywhere near these people or these situations at any time for any reason…so… (C) these morons are but a speck on the screen of the American experiment…I mean honestly whilst this stuff is insane where it happens the numbers of insane retards engaging in this type of behavior compared to the numbers who just go about their business and act normal and do not kill/maim/steal ect are beyond miniscule….be safe,be alert…dont be parinoid….  🙂 unless you live where this crap goes on…then the question becomes…are you just like them? and if not WHY are you still there?  🙂

        • OBAMA 401K AND IRA THIEF…

          Recall the four boxes of liberty:

          1) The Soap Box

          2) The  Ballot Box

          3) The Jury Box

          4) The Cartridge Box

          We are fast running out of options. The more intrusions government make to steal from savers to reward their corrupt & destitute political scum brings option #4 that much closer to the table. That is not a call for anarchy, it simply means everyone has a limit, and at some point, somewhere, someone will say enough is enough and snap. Hence, the billion+ round ammo orders submitted by the domestic federal agencies can ONLY mean that they are expecting this outcome as well.

          • 5) Pine Box…..for those that have committed treason against the people.

            • Anonymous,

              Well said and thank you! Pine Box is hereby officially added to the list of boxes.

      54. WE NEED A WAR !!

        • @lonewolf – genocidal warmonger ;0P

          Here’s your AR-15 5.56 b.b. gun , 2000 5.56 b.b.’s , DOD (non-bullet proof) Combat Body Armor , non-camouflaged military BDU uniform , bloody blister boots … And 30 DOD MANDATORY poisoned eugenics genetically modified intravenous shots to give you Gulf War illness , other genetic diseases and a early death !

          * Have fun PLEASE TAKE @FBP-L FOOL with you , he gets off on killing defenseless kids women too ! ;0P

          ~N.O. ;0P

      55. DS and Incognito, you’re both right about the Ruger 10/22.  i have one and love it.   Livefree and REB, both of you are right on the mark about these Black Friday morons.   When the REAL SHTF finally comes,  I expect the scenes inside the stores will be much worse than Black Friday.  I don’t any of them would make it past 2 weeks into post-SHTF and I may be a bit generous with that estimate.   For all of us older people on here, the America we grew up in is gone.  I’m totally alarmed with the America we live in now.   It’s on life support and the plug can be pulled at any time.  I’m putting more urgency into my prepping now.  We are definitely running out of time; hope everyone else is doing the same.   Braveheart 

      56. Another gas explosion in Maine…just 90 miles from the previous. I am really starting to think these are drone strikes, or terrorist operations that the government wants to keep quiet for fear of panic. Am I just being paranoid?

        • Probably not. In the 80s, I lived near a city of about 50K. There were a few gas explosions due to leaks, one of which involved a house that didn’t even have gas service. The gas followed the water main into the house. The system was evaluated and over 900 leaks found. City officials were more concerned with the monetary value of the lost gas than anything.

          • In the Indianapolis case, no evidence or leaks were found. It is now being investigated as a homicide by the FBI.

        • just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean everyone isn’t after you…  would you please post the links to these 2 explosions in Maine as i live there…

      57. Everyone check this out.  Direct link:     Everyone get your preps and batten down the hatches.  Looks like SHTF for Christmas! best wishes to everyone.   Braveheart

      58. Greetings Everyone!

        “Black Fridays”….

        Things are evolving(in the real sense,not Darwinisms)to the next level.It gives real meaning to the passage that says”They(see the top)will be buying and selling,marrying and being given in marriage,taking no notice(doing things in a selfish and self-centered fashion) till they were swept away.”.Rich or poor,it won’t matter,those who haven’t prepped will get a ringside seat of both God’s mercy on those who both prepped and had a GOOD relationship with God and the contrasting fate for themselves.As things play out to it’s conclusion,we may all have  our own Alamo stand,defending our loved ones to the death,may God in his mercy help us .Yet, God’s will and not mine be done.No matter what happens, we’re in line for a “return from death card” afterwards.These modern day vandals won’t.I’ll feel  a little sorry for them afterwards,even if they earned it. Nevertheless,I’ll look fwd to the Kingdom with out all the problems(human and otherwise) we have now.

        Meanwhile,back at the Ranch…..

        Best to All,


      59. The 22 is bullshit its for 12 yr olds and squirrel hunting

        when the shtf you better have your primary AK or AR  and plenty of mags

        then shotgun and pistols  only if needed

        • The .22 you have beats the AR you couldn’t afford.

          • But remember Walmarts are now selling AR-15. They received the Oly Contract.   Out the door for $525.

            • Facebook Page,

              What kind of quality AR-15 can you get for $525?!?!?!

              As someone who works on AR-15’s it would be impossible for me to assemble a 100% Mil-Spec AR-15 using quality parts I trust for less than $800-900.  I don’t care if that Wal-mart rifle only has to fire once to save my life, and then fails. I’m not betting my life on a rifle with such highly suspicious quality.

              • Olympic has signed the contract with walmart.   And the parts they are selling are the same they sell to law enforcement and most are mil-spec.   Just no fancy names on them.  Made in the USA. That was what surprised me the most.

                I hope this grow to more states as it moves east. It is starting in Washington.  I heard they may move to Idaho. (Rumor)

                • Facebook Page,

                  The name Olympic has arisen in many conversations I’ve had with gunsmiths far more experienced and knowledgeable than me, and the name Olympic has a very bad reputation within the industry in terms of quality and customer service.

                  That was in the past. I don’t know if they’ve gotten their act together lately, but I have been warned repeatedly to avoid Olympic firearms. If I didn’t build my own I’d spend a little extra cash and buy one from CMMG, Rock River, Remington, or Bushmaster to get a reliable weapon and consistently good customer service.

                • All of that is true.   The current ones are entry/Plinker guns.   But for the price it is very hard to beat. They are not Wilson or Lewis’s by a long shot.    But it allow for more power especially for the ones with limited training. And I would prefer a plinker over an SKS any day.         Once you learn on your plinker past it on. Trade at a show or upgrade it yourself.

                  Note the CAST Oly were complete shit   all seem to be milled now. And I do know the people working there they are assholes. That why many of their former employees quit and open their own shops just down the street.  Quite a few actually.

                • Well, if they (Olympic) get their quality control and customer service issues squared away, and can put a safe, American made Mil-Spec AR-15 of good quality on the market for under $600 dollars, that is a heck of a good deal. But they’d better do it quickly before Obama reveals his true colors.

        • In book, Surviving Economic Collapse in Argentina written by someone that experienced it said a handgun was the weapon to have. Mass mobs did not attack a home from distance but rather people were caught off guard while looking under their car hood in the driveway or distracted for any number of reasons. It was to be carried 24/7. 

        • Full disclosure – .22’s are only the primary weapons of our smaller children.  The older ones and adults have something with a little more oomph. 

          With that said, any gun is better than no gun and a quality 10-22 carbine model  and a few mags can be had for under $300 NIB.  Add a Bushnell TR25 red dot for $75 or so and you easily have a 100 yard 4 MOA weapon for $400 and carry it and 1000 rounds pretty easily.   The human throat is roughly 4″ wide as is the human heart.    If you can find the Ruger Take Down model then you have a long gun you can carry in most any bug out bag and deploy and bring to bear in a few seconds. 

          I’m _not_ saying a 22LR should be your primary weapon _if you can afford better_ and _can afford to train with it_  but if you’re having trouble putting food on the table as it is, it’s about your best option in terms of cost vs fire power vs quality vs reliability vs carry ability.   And the best centerfire weapon in the world does you little good if you can’t afford to train with it.   Getting training under life fire is a dubious option for most. 

          The downsides of the 22?  They require better marksmanship to be effective, they have a higher rate of feed/jam issues that’s inherent in their low power, distance is limited, put down power is low. The up sides?  Cheap to acquire and cheap to train with and stock for, you can carry significantly more rounds ounce for ounce vs center fire,  they’re disregarded as a ‘real’ firearm by many and telling people you have a 22 doesn’t raise any eyebrows or give people the impression you’re ‘one of those crazy preppers’, they’re quiet, especially a 22″ or longer barrel and can be made much quieter cheaper and easier than a center fire, follow up on target shots are instantaneous due to lack of any recoil which also makes them highly usable by even small children accurately. 

          So bottom line, if a quality 22 is all you can _afford to buy and train frequently_ with, then it’s way better than the AR+ACOG you can’t afford to buy or shoot more than once a year, then it’s a viable option. 

        • LOL!

          Typical response is the bigger the boom the badder the primary.

          However when someone you are attempting to overrun is shooting at you in the dark and all you can zero in on is a  slight rapid clicking sound that changes position with no visible  flash while strategically and accurately placed holes are appearing in your person what do you do?   With a .22 we can do this all night and into the next day.  Hope you have at least thousand rounds in your pockets.

          Don’t get me wrong I think that each has it’s place and is very good at what they can do.  If someone should choose to hunker down behind a car in front of the home to use it as cover from .22 you it could be helpful to be able to then switch over to say a .308 FMJ or .50 one ounce slugs to penetrate the cover vehicle rendering it and the perp into swiss cheese.  Someone makes unlawful entry into your home with the intent to cause harm… well then that’s where others come in handy.

          I’m just saying I think that the 10/22 is a must have survival weapon for anybody…. and for me my primary being my strengths are extreme accuracy and stealth.  If I could only have one though I would agree about AK or AR.

          BTW – did you see the one that looked like Burt Reynolds?

      60. Well, all these video’s and associated comments do vex me…

        But I met a couple of kids this thanksgiving that gave me hope for the future.   Polite.  Well spoken. Kids that could make decisions on their own, and understand the consequences of their actions.

        So quit your pi$$ing and moaning and try to support children like I met this weekend and keep us a future going, eh?

        Like Ben Kenobi, they are our only hope.

        So suck it up and teach our young’uns how to behave!  Don’t let retards of our day get you down, let these videos be a lesson to us.  ‘Cause these are grown @$$ adults acting out in these videos, and you know your children will have to act better than this to keep going.

        • TheFulishBastid,

          The problem is, these grown ass adults as you call them, are having kids at an alarming rate. Who is going to show them how to act better, the public school system? Sorry, pissing and moaning is what you are doing, my kids are home schooled therefore they are polite, decent, educated and enlightened. You can’t save them all, but you can make a difference in your own home. Suck up what, the fact that society is degraded to a point where there is little one can do to reverse this train to hell? Guess what, the gang members will inherit this society, the welfare babies, the drug addicts, the teenage alchoholics, the mentally and physically abused kids, the forgotten kids who grow without a conscience, the kids put on meds to control and destroy their imagination, they all outnumber the fortunate ones who have decent role models and healthy childhoods. How do you propose we teach them how to behave, shall we call on Ben Kenobi, or get real and conclude that we can not change them and we can not help them all. I can pray for them and their souls.

      61. I didn’t go to a single store.

        • You Commie…


          • Don’t need electronics.  Have most everything I need. 


      62. somebody wrote..what would you do if this mob were coming for you…my reply is simple…reload..Sure a big crowd like this would likely win..but my neighbors would have a lot smaller crowd to deal with…and a heck of a cleanup job to prevent bad smells and the spread of disease…but I know my actions would make the world a little better place…the good part is that my neighbors and I do support each other and are all friends…In fact a few of us have talked about mutual defense planning for WSHTF and are like minded…In my opinion, if a half dozen of us (there are plenty of vets in my neighborhood) saw this mob coming, and we just got our rifles with scopes out…we could easily start picking off  targets at 500+ yards…if we are located in random high and low points and start rapid aimed shots at leaders in the mob, those in the front of the mob and a few headshots (causing lots of spray) on targets within the mob…each of my neighbors  from a different position, this mob would not be able to locate the shooters…this mob…any mob actually would quickly looses momentum, and the fire in their bellies and break and run…sniper fire does that to even trained soldiers…to an untrained mob…an organized sniper ambush would have them pissing themselves in pure terror…The survivors of such a mob would steer clear, and word would spread that we live in a safe community.

        • Stop playing “World of Warfare”. No armed zombie mob is coming to take your “stuff”.

          • Who said they’ld be armed. Libs don’t beleive in guns  (right ?)

            • Largetarget,

              They’re not responsible enough to own guns IMO.

        • I wanna be YOUR neighbor!

      63. @BI   2.1 quake in New Jersey….3.2 miles deep

        • Jersey not having a good year.

        • @ badpupydog.  The 2.1 is really not anything to be concerned about, this area is still active and should remain so for a long time. You start have a large swarm of 2 pointers, then I would be worried. 

          • BI ~

            You are such a kind-hearted person to answer all of our questions individually the way you do.  It takes a lot of time and a lot of  commitment to the rest of us.  I just wanted to say how much I appreciate you.

            Thank you.

            ~ D


            • @ Daisy.  I remember an old Star Trek Voyager episode in which Neelix, one of the charactewrs said, “it is nice to be nice”.  Many times I will skip over very large comments section not because I don’t want to respond to a question, but because it is so long I simply miss it.  When it gets past 400 comments it is quite trying to see everything.  Not intended to miss it, just too many comments and the down button missed it.  Other times there is only so much time to comment, but I try.  The last few days the old computer has had some issues so I was not online for almost a whole day.  I think you yourself also try a lot to comment to everyone, and that is impressive. 

              There are some really nice helpful people here, just look at even when a semi-troll has a problem how many try to solve it for them.   With trolls you can only be so nice, then it takes a firm nice big stick approach towards them.  There sure has been so whopper trolls here and everyone can either ignore them, or let them have it with both barrels.  It sure is a better day when everyone can constructively work together to give each other ideas and information.  This is what Mac’s site has become, and that is a valuable tool for what is coming. 

      64. Considering that the people in these mass mobs are well trained at reading signs like “SALE” it may be wise top put a “PLEASE GIVE US SOME FOOD, WE”RE HUNGRY” sign on your front yard in event of a SHTF. This would be the equivalent of a “NO SALE” sign thus getting them to bypass your home. It’s essentially psychological camouflage.

      65. shit makes me sick, these are the hordes you will deal with when they find out you bought food instead of cheap throwaway china shit , beware they are comming and uncle S. will not be there to help. I went out on black friday night and actually got in one line , I wanted to know what it would feel like waiting in a bread line with hundredes of overweight greedy humans, it was cold and it sucked, good reinforcement, 30 min before opening I got the hell out of there. I will prepare more, these people do not care about much other than themselves

        • Good thing you got out of there. You probably saved yourself from getting a concussion after being knocked down and trampled in the ensuing stampede.

      66. Its sad that so many people dont know the difference between a gun that uses a


        VS a gun that uses a


        I am not uptight over the issue, but I respect the need to use correct terms. Most professionals and weapons experts know the true definitions, so here’s my shot at helping to educate new shooters.

        A magazine is what is used to feed the weapon itself, whereas a clip is used to feed the magazine. Clips make loading of magazines much easier and faster, and in some cases, a clip is required in order for the magazine to work (e.g. M1 Garand).Some magazines are removable (like in the case of all of the magazines pictured above), and depending on the design of the gun, it can have a fixed magazine. Most SKS’s, bolt actions, shotguns, and Garands have fixed magazines.In the case of “stripper clips”, you simply “strip” the rounds off of the clip and into the magazine. In the case of the “en bloc” clip used by the M1 Garand, you simply place the clip into the fixed magazine and the clip stays in the mag as the weapon fires.It is speculated that the confusion and misuse of the terms came about in the world of guns when troops who used the M1 Garand in the US Military started using other firearms and continued to used the term “clip” when referring to what was actually a magazine.Whatever the reason for the incorrect use of the term, it’s there and it is often misused by many new shooters.Another term that is often misused is the term “bullet”. Many people use that term to refer to the complete round/cartridge.The bullet is simply the projectile that is fired from the weapon, and only 1 of 4 parts that a round of ammunition truly consists of (which includes the case, powder, and the primer).


        • sorry tried to post pictures and dont know how, or if i can

        • VFR We know the difference between mags and clips but since the ar uses mags and the ak clips its all bullcrap word games. just have plenty of  them because you wont be able to buy them soon.

          • sorry i got off on a tangent, its a pet peeve of mine

      67. You  people must be a miserable, uber depressed lot.  You are never happy.  You scream about “Big Gubmnet” and praise capitalism, yet in the next breath, complain about the actions of people that are the result of gubment staying out of people’s lives and capitalism.  Black Firday is a result of both.  If you people are so unhappy with life, do us all a favor and use one of those rounds you have stockpiled so the rest of us do not have to put up with your crap.

        • What crap would that be? Perhaps you marxist-socialists should move to an already-installed “workers paradise”, rather than destroying the United States, and ruining the lives of free people. Never happen though, puppets of parasites that you are. And if free people exercising thier 1st amendment rights is too much for you, why do you show up? Can’t stand the idea that we don’t grovel to your vision of the drone-state?


        • @ JoeinNC

          Do us all a favor?

           Just who is,  “all” ?     What affiliation or source do you give to this word?

      68. For a minut there,….I thought I was back in the “Mog” Mogadishu that is !

      69. Not going near a mall.  I’m done with Xmas shopping,spent less than 100.00 before Oct.  funny how as you get older you start getting rid of all the stuff you’ve collected over the years.  Finally out of debt and lean and mean except for my preps.  Now if the electic,water and gas bills would go down it would be hunky dory.

      70. Just watched these and it inspired me to do a little shopping of my own. Going to go pick up a 75 round drum magazine for my AK.

      71. Snake Pliskin,  while I agree that it’s always better to have some heavy artillery,  NEVER  EVER UNDERESTIMATE THE .22!   It’s not only great for small game and target practice, it could be a primary defensive caliber if you had nothing else available.  John Hinckley used a .22 revolver in his assasination attempt on President Reagan on Jan. 30, 1981. His White House Chief of Staff, Jim Brady, was also wounded by a .22 round that severed his spinal cord and paralyzed him for life.  His wife, Sara, used that attack as an excuse to join the gun control crowd.   Although it’s possible to survive a .22 wound depending on what part of the human body is struck,  there are cemeteries everywhere with people who have been killed by the .22.   The .22  was used for assasinations in Vietnam.     Braveheart

        • Not to mention the weight of the ammo, and the area it takes up, especially if your on foot

        • braveheart  your right the 22 is a good little p shooter but in an end time shtf scenario the assault rifle has no equal —squirrels and coons are not coming to take your goods desperate evil people are.    ITs all good have one of every kind


      72. Not that this element hasn’t always been with us, but I believe that this period was defining for America.  It promoted the unbridaled desire for success in the form of ‘things.’  We can ALL be happy as long as we are ‘one up’ on the other guy. 

      73. Savages.

      74. Howdy – this is in response to all those calling for Facebook Page to be banned from the site.  When we demand censorship then we can all get censored and there is no free flow of ideas. I, for one, am horrified and deeply offended by anything anti-semetic, and I get to red-thumb to my heart’s content – but I don’t call for that person to be kicked from the site.  Chill people.

        • PuppyPrepper

          Agreed. We are all entitled to our opinions.

          take care

        • Antisemitic= Disagreing on Anything jews say= antisemite.

          Saying anything truthfull about jews= antisemite

          Exposeing any ziojews=antisemite

          mentioning that Khazer fake jews are NOT actually ‘semitic”= antisemetic!

          When Non semite jews bash True semitic arabs…Thats NOT antisemetic?!!

          Anyone who refuses to believe Phony preachers BS projew crap= antisemite.

          What really I find so offensive is to be surrounded by a nation so full of foolish fools who believe whatever they was told to believe about jews or isreal(todays bandit state version).

          And then its always Them fools who so complain of antisemitizim. Kinda reminds me of Liberals so full of white guilt they actually think to defend africans or mexicans regardless what wrongs was done is somehow going to absolve said libs from their guilt. And then said africans etc will for Sure love the libs and never ever Turn against them fool libs.

          Guess Who such fool libs and Misguided haters of “antisemitics” turn to for Help once they realize ,the very same blacks and mexicans and jews the libs so worshiped and defended regardless how wrong the blacks mex’s and jews may have been,  turn against the libs?

          They will run for Help to the exact same groups they formerly labled as racists or antisemites or Proguners etc!

          I bet when that day arives many will Refuse to aknowledge the libs and allow em to suffer for their own good so maybe they finally will wake up to real enemys that libs seem hellbent to love so much without ever Self education about such issues.

      75. The wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas and my reply to her was, “A Pizza”.   Just do not get into the Holidays anymore. More or less I think the soul of America is dead as actions speak louder than words when people do acts that were reprehendsable a few years back. Whether it be a storm or shoping experience you can see the inner self  of people.   You can all read others , right here, as they state what will or will not do in a crisis. To what degree of danger where a bad shoping experience is compareable to a food riot, is the amout of people involved. Which one are you more likely to chance? Another year of the SOS,only worse.

        • She thought you meant the stuff from the hut. You really said “piece of…..”

      76. Morning Solar Report,

             By all appearances the predicted CME has bypassed us here on Earth. After  observing significant deflections at Kiruna  (Sweden), Boulder  (Colaorado) and HAARP (Gakona, Alaska) prefaced by the the distinct passage of a ‘sudden impulse’ event as recorded by NOAA SWPC last night no concomittant increase in the measured solar proton levels has occurred.

            Solar activity is low this morning, with only two C-class events having been recorded since last eve. Per SolarHam, a significant filament lift-off was observed through the afternoon from the STEREO A platform. The initial evaluation relative to this is that same will not be geo-effective inasmuch as the primary effective vector of transit appears to be predominantly southward.

            At this time all planetary magnetometers are returning to nominal traces and the solar electron flux is returning to ordinary elevated levels.

        • @ JustOneGuy. Always good to see what is going on with the solar output, especially if a potential EMP could be coming.  I sent a comment about the La Palma volcanic island slipping into the ocean and causing a mega tsunami MYTH, and I included a link that shows how to calculate the amount of damage and tsunami waves and much more from asteroid impacts.  This I used to compare the kinetic energy between an astroid impact and a much slower moving island collapse into the ocean.  You know about kinetic energy meaning everything with the velocity over the mass.  When Mac approves the links I included I think you and others will enjoy reading it.  I strive for accuracy and this myth about the mega tsunami hitting the Atlantic Coastline seems to always pop up. 

          I am concerned about the Caribbean plate breaking, but I am hardly saying a 50 foot, or even a 30 foot tsunami will hit Boston or nearby areas.  Even a 9.0+ earthquake down there might generate a 5-10 foot tsunami in the northeast.  Around Florida that is much closer to the Caribbean plate is a different story, as it would be very devastating, especially to islands even closer to the thrust fault.  I try very hard to give the best ball park figure I can.  These articles about the mega tsunami from the La Palma island collapsing is not even good science fiction it is so unbelievable. 

          • BI, good Friend,

                Until such time as you and I can converse in the more direct sense (PM) I would ask that you reconsider the implications of the La Palma/ El Hierro situation. I am wholly satisfied that you are consumately aware and knowledgeable as to the salients relative to most of the earthquake/tremor circumstances here on Earth, but I – again – ‘beg to differ’ with you as to the ramifications of an event such as described above. I reiterate, “The potential associated with El Hierro is not kinetically dominated…it IS momentm driven…” Hold on this a bit friend until we can converse meaningly…thus I ask. 🙂

            • @ JustOneGuy.  Momentum is kinetically driven in the firstplace and that momentum is slowed much by distance and the drag of gravity and anything in front of it.  Unless you are in the vacumn of space, an object will be slowed by any body that it comes into contact with.  Firstly the momentum of the La Palma collapse will not have that much momentum behind it.  Velocity means everything as drag slows down any object. 

              The area you are talking about in absolutely TINY incomparison to the Atlantic Ocean that is 29.6 million square miles,  A total collapse would be at the most 30 by 4 miles or 120 square miles.  This is 1/250,000 the area of the ocean.  This would be the same as dropping a 10 and 1/2 by 10 and 1/2 foot boulder into an one mile by one mile size lake.  The splash at the site you threw the boulder in would be large, but by the time it reached the opposite shore it would be less than an inch or so tall.  Open water dissipates the size of the wave greatly.  This is what the article I sent was saying, in the past large big splashes did nothing when it hit open water.

              Earthquake ruptures are far different because they cover hundreds of miles of ocean floor in horzonital and vertical directions.  When you get this much land mass moving and at a higher rate of movement than a La Palma collapse you will get that type of tsunamis that Japan and Indonesia experienced, and what the Caribbean and the Cascadia area will go through.

              Lets put it this way.  If anyone were to bet me on the size of the wave that hit the Atlantic Coastline after La Palma went off, I would bet them that it was under 2 feet, and most likely under a foot tall.  I might even bet them it was under 6 inches tall.  Easy money. 

              Try this sometime with the parameters shrunk down on a lake or even a pond.  Using the correct downed size compared sizes you will see just how quickly that big splash becomes a tiny ripple. 

              • Hi Bi,

                   INCORRECT Friend,

                    Much as I HATE to pursue pursue this in open forum – as I suggested above – the fact of the matter is as follows.

                   Energy is a detemining factor in ‘Collision Physics’ but ONLY one -half of the neccessary SYSTEM of equations which must be  solved in order to arrive at an analytical solution.

                 Let’s return to basic physics for a moment. I am quite sure that everyone smart enough to be here has at some point heard the phrases “Conservation of Energy”, “Conservation of Momentum”, Yes? As it happens, in the real world the conservation of energy is conditional…Why?

                    The conservation of Energy depends on the summation of the original total energy equalling the dinal total energy SUBJECT to all changes of ‘form’. ie Energy can change form but must be conserved throughout. Any process having a specific energy can at most yield – through transformation processes – a value of same equal to or lower than the original energy LESS any energy transformed.

                    Yeah, I know that was THICK!

                    Here’s the ‘rub’…the summation of all individual momenta entering into a process MUST equal the summation of the momenta of all collision products exiting the process…WITHOUT exception. No transformations EVER occur on the momentum side of the system of equations which define ANY collision…period.

                    For those who have suffered through the preceeding, the ‘Ah, gotcha!’ moment (the light bulb going off over one’s head) comes now. IF 20 or 30 cubic miles of terrestrial substance slides into, or through a body of water then 20 or 30 cubic miles of water will neccessarily be displaced – at EXACTLY the same speed as the original mass was.

                    20 or 30 cubic miles…envisage that. How much effect would occur – even accounting for the dissipation due to geometry – the ‘spreading-out; which would occur as a wavefront moved ‘outward’ from a central point on a (2* pi* radius) curve?

                     This is why I asked you to pause a bit Friend…there are -at times – good-natured disagreements that SHOULD first be discussed in private such that clarity can be arrived at there …not ‘here’. I hope this is accepted in the spirit in which it is offered.


                • I perhaps misunderstood what you were saying, as you are talking about the displacement of water and why I brought up the fact about the shear size of the Atlantic Ocean and it being 250,000 times the size of the amount of material (120 cubic miles)  that might collapse into the ocean.  This is why in a confined space these big splashes cause massive waves, like a bathtub.  Upon reaching open waters it becomes a ripple. 

                  I do fully understand spacial rational, as the tidal forces around the Bay of Fundy as an example as opposed to the tides in the open sea areas that are tiny.  If you have that much displacement of water say in the Gulf Of Mexico, YES you could a moderate tsunami, also because of the proximate closeness.  Over 3500 miles of ocean in one direction and thousands of miles north and south, NO WAY, this is pure utter nonsense about some mega tsunami. 

                  Please try this simple experiment on a water body in the correct proportions into the worst case scenario of 120 cubic miles of collapse, you will find out that water displaced over an area means that the wave shrinks considerably, down to a ripple. 

                  You are not talking about a force that is directionally AIMED at a target like a rifle bullet.  You are talking about a mass dumped into the ocean and the energy and displacement radiants outward.  A simple demonstration of this is shown by dumping material into a pond or lake. 

                  This is why again I brought up the size of the ocean.  I do understand what you are talking about as I can see in my mind your words that you wrote.  In the article it talked about the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands, very highly respected university that has done studies of this and the displacement of water like you are talking about over open water.  These people have more knowledge about physics than me or you could ever hope to accumulate. 

                  If you don’t believe what I am saying about the open water and shear space of the Atlantic Ocean and the difference of a confined bay such as in Alaska, that never did anything to the Gulf of Alaska after this avalanche caused a 1700 foot wave in a confined bay, then please contact the university directly. They will tell you that everything I am talking about is accurate about this nonsense about some tsunami hitting the East Coast from an island collapse.  Please don’t take my word for it, contact the Univeristy of Delft in the Netherlands.  These individuals I am sure would appreciate your intelligence and interesting questions about the La Palma event, worst case scenario.  These people are hard core scientists and can explain this far better than I can what National Inquirer garbage that these news sources are spreading around terrifying people with utter nonsense as was described in the article I linked to. 

                  By the way I do appreciate you taking your time to try to explain my miswording.  Many times I am already ahead of myself as fast as I can type.  This is why I brought up the spacial fact of the size of the Atlantic Ocean and the confined space equation.  I did understand what you were saying.  I do as other also appreciate the solar updates, this keeps us all updated about a possible real hazard in the future.  Seriosuly though, please contact Delft University to prove to yourself that the La Palma myth is just that, a myth, more like cow manure.

      77. I did some on-line shopping on Wed. and got some really good deals plus free shipping.  Cabella’s had some really good deals on ammo and I was able to get my prep quantities up where I really wanted them to be.  I had checked out all the local BF ads and Cabella’s was just as cheap (free shipping & 2.5% tax).  Good part was I didn’t have to fight any of the crowds.  Also scored a 25 Ruger 10-22 clip for $24 there.

        I did go down to Dick’s around 2 in the afternoon to check out a 20 guage Mossberg field/deer combo for $330.  Wound for buying it cuz unfortunately I lost all my other guns in that canoe accident this last summer.  Only bad part was the background check was 8 hours due to so many people doing the same thing.

        I have to give Dick’s & Gander Mountain kudos cuz I have not come across any chauvanist (spell?) in their hunting department.  I haven’t had such luck in some of the other name brand big box stores.  I can’t count the times I have stood at the hunting good counter trying to get waited on while their salesmen would chase every male customer down that walked into the department after I had. 

        Seems some guys don’t think women buy and shoot guns too.  Now if only I could find some salt peter slugs I would be happy.  Sometimes it is a serious drag being a female prepper in a “man’s world”. 

        I read this blog everyday and have come to rely on all you regular bloggers on this site.  FB, better hope I never find those salt peter slugs cuz you sure would deserve a few blasts.

        • “…better hope I never find those salt peter slugs cuz you sure would deserve a few blasts.”

              Oh my…..”Blistering” 🙂

          • “JUSTONEGUY”

                 Couldn’t even type my own monicker I was laughing so hard…

      78. Mac,

        I could only make it through the first 3 videos and I was so disgusted I can’t even watch it for the humor.

        My kids and I got up early on Friday and it was a black Friday for 3 wild turkeys!!

        We ran the trap lines, back home by 10:30. I spent the rest of the day wrapping up the processing of our last hanging deer. 4 Bucks 3 does…Dried Jerky, sausage (w/ a little pork added) slim Jims, ground and roasts, & back strap steaks.

        I honestly feel bad for the kids that have to look at these sub humans as their example of what life should be like.

        Park them in front of a television with a mindless program about smart ass kids sassing their foolish parents or a video game that gives them a false idea of what real violence is, and let their brain(s) turn to mush…SAD, SAD, and SAD!!

        Consumerism gone mad. I don’t know if we will ever see a total systemic collapse of the economy, but I am glad we have chose to build a life outside of a city on the 60 acre retreat, just for the sanity of it.

        On another note, I have decided I kind of like city dwellers trying to go rural in the suburbs. They get outside the city, buy ½ – 1 acre lots with a nice house, decide to buy small livestock, and then after a couple of years of feeding and caring they get tired and virtually give them away in the paper or on Craig’s list.

        I took delivery yesterday of a nice 2 year  oldregistered Nigerian Dwarf Billy (named him Obama) to add to my stable of males, get this, $25.00, and they delivered him to me.

        I have gotten 25 buff Orpingtons (nice layers) plus various breeds of chickens, a breeding pair of white geese, 4 ducks, 12 rabbits, free firewood, chain link fence & post & gate, bikes, and junk steel for the scrap pile.

        The other day, I had a guy call and try to sell me 6 – 3 year heifers and a nice registered bull for pennies on the dollar, he ran out of pasture and can’t afford the hay to feed them….

         I decided to hold off. I don’t think I have time to work them into my system right now.

        Well off to the shop, to refurbish some galvanized chicken feeders, I got for free, just for hauling them away.

        Stay Thirsty My Friends!!

        • Yup, also ‘repulsive’, ‘indecent’, ‘sub-human’ and a variey of other adjectives apply methinks….good call.

      79. i love how everythings on sale but all the stores make billions that should show you how greedy they really are .

      80. Well if you believe in a total collaps ……..then all goods EXSEPT the ones made here will stop . Its not that we dont know how , its that for greed reasons we dont …….look at that part of a collaps as a positive , like the outbreak of WW2 . All of the sudden , we will have to retool and make everything here , which leads to low unemployment , it also forces frugality . It will also be the end of the globalization experiment . The rest of the world will be in the same boat , nationalism will be on the sharp rise . Historically , the biggest downside to a collaps  is war .

      81. Greetings Everyone!

        Just a note that “TPTB” are at it again in W.Tenn with the “contrails” again.I just don’t get it,THIS piece of the country isn’t all that much to begin with.It would be nice nice of the Feds to at least give a good reason for this LONG-LASTING stuff.It might be for a good reason.Their refusal\denial stance bodes ill for those of us it upon whom drifts down upon.and I wonder why mainly in daylight they do this?I’m guessing it takes about a day to reach the ground.

        Any thoughts?



        B.F. is over!It was so 10 minutes ago over to start with!


        • Yes, neighbor here from Ky…early TG morning as I began cooking–chemtrails, non-stop.  They are paid well, or are threatened.

          I’d say threatened. 🙁


          Clear day today; as I hung clothes, I witnessed only 2 planes with contails exposed.


          • Sorry, I failed to read your entire post before submitting.

            GFG..they are sprayed at night.  I am a very light sleeper; have heard the planes for we are near Bowling Green, and not much air traffic here.

            I also have seen the planes spraying on nights with full moons.  It is very obvious when you see white spans of spray streaking behind planes across the sky with the light from that big, full moon.


      82. @ Everyone.  I think one of the biggest problems with disaster warnings are the “crying wolf” syndrome.  Legitimate people that try to forewarn people of TRUE potential disasters are not taken seriously.  Many people that have spent much time trying to figure the accurate results of a disasters are “drowned out” by those looking for sensationalism.  “Again there are more articles about the La Palma volcanic slip causing a mega tsunami on the Atlantic Coastline that floating around the internet like turds that won’t flush in the toilet”.  This is pure CRAP.  The real danger is the Caribbean plate or an asteroid impact, with a big tsunami.  I use the word “big” not mega. I get tired of hearing this about the mega tsumani MYTH.  So I give everyone accurate figures to go by so everyone knows the truth.  In an article there is a notion that 120 cubic miles of land mass will slip into the ocean along the Canary Islands, whic is a way overblown number, but let’s say for agrument it does.  The velocity of this would not be very fast, but let’s say for agrument it is going at 100 mph, pretty fast.  This is about a mass 4.93 miles wide, high, and deep.  Using the formula for kinetic energy e=1/2mass(velocity squared) or (v2), this comes to about a 480 foot asteroid travelling at 11 miles per second.

        Using a site that calculates asteroid impacts you can see what will happen at various distances.  Here is the site:

        When you plug in the numbers of a 146 meter big asteroid or 480 feet big, of dense rock, actually volcanic is porous rock, travelling at 17 kilometers per second or about 11 miles per second, at a common 45 degree angle, in water depth of 1000 meters deep or about 3280 feet deep, at a distance of 5600 kilometers or about 3500 miles away (the distance from the La Palma volcanic site to the Atlantic Coasline), you come up with an interesting size tsunami that would hit Florida. 

        5.2 INCHES.

        Try other sizes of asteroids to see what would happen, it is kind of interesting to see the different scenarioes. 

        La Palma MYTH of a megi tsuanmi, more than just hype, bad taste garbage that is FOOLING a lot of good people out there that are concerned over the dangers of a mega tsunami from an island collapse thosands of miles away.   

        For a 30 foot tsunami to hit the Atlantic Coastline like the manure articles out there trying to fool people it would take an asteroid of almost 3 miles big moving at 11 miles per second.  “3 MILES big”  We are talking half the size of the dinosaur killer hitting the ocean.  For comparison at something moving at 100 mph it would take something almost 200 miles wide, deep, and high  about the size of Ireland with the same amount of kinetic energy as the 3 mile large asteroid that would cause a 30+ foot tsunami at 3500 miles away.

        Almost 5 miles high, deep, and wide is equal to 120 cubic miles of mass.  It is very unlikely that much island would fall into the ocean.  If it did, 5 inches tsunami at 3500 miles away.  Velocity means EVERYTHING when it comes to kinetic energy as one can see the difference between a .223 travelling at 3800 feet per second and a .22, (about the same size) travelling at about 1200 feet per second. 

        There is a huge difference between an asteroid screaming into the atmosphere moving at 11 miles per second, or 58080 feet per second, and a land mass “slipping” into the ocean at a rate of 100 mph or 147 feet per second.  This squared is a difference of 156,100 times.  You can see where a slow moving hug mass is nothing in comparison to a very fast moving much smaller object. 

        Those that came up with this shameful myth should have understood about what kinetic energy means.  Here is another link given the other day from someone in the Pacific Northwest:

        This explains the MYTH partially without going into the kinetic energy equation that I have explain ed above.  Worry more about true thrust faults in the ocean as they are PROVEN catalysts of very big tsunamis

      83. we’ve had what? 3 suspected “Natural Gas explosions” lately..seems like an odd trend.

        • 3? I know of two but where is the third?

        • More and more people are using Natural Gas because of it’s low price. Considering all that do I’m surprised there is not more accidents.

      84. This reminds me of the saying from the movie Fight Club:  the things you own wind up owning you.  If people really knew what was coming, there would be lines out all grocery stores for supplies to keep your body alive; not your entertainment alive.

      85. Get out now! save yourselves….run……

      86. What a disgrace these folks are. It’s sad that they will be seen a representing the US to the world.

      87. Why is it that a day for giving thanks and being with family has been given over to riots for things that are  to be used for another day that should be for family and friends just enjoying a good meal and each others company,  but it seems that it has gone from a day to celebrate the birth of a child long ago to finding it necessary to go out and buy cheap inported things to give our family and loved ones.  We all need to give ieach other kindness and love from our hearts.  If giving gifts is necessary to show our feelings why not give of yourself by sharing food, laughs, and love.

        We do not buy gifts for Christmas we give things we make to show our love it can be as little as a loaf of fruit bread or cookies.  Giving gifts that are bought in the store and usually expensive doesn’t really show our love it just shows we have money to spend.  Money has become a replacement for giving of ones self to others.   

      88. If you wrote SALE large enough with two for one these nit wits would stand outside in the rain overnight for a fruit cake. 

      89. OK…I’ve checked out of brainwashing.

        I’m now enjoying watching everything crash.

        My silver doubled in place….yeah I know the dollar devalued.

        The way I see it…

        It’s like I’m in a hunting camp and everyone is out of ammo but me.  I’m fit and in shape and I’m faster than everyone in camp.  The bear is chasing them and I’m watching the bear eat the weak who where too stupid to plan for basics.

        At my own company..  I prepped up on a decades worth of computer books.  I read my ass off…and the jerks who made fun of me and called me “nerd”.  We’ll time ate them just like the bear and they got fired on by one.  We just had a lady get fired.

        So screw all the Obama Kumbya crap.  In the coming collapse….it’s dog eat dog.

        Would I help my neighbors? Sure.   

        The preppers will find that in the coming collapse that the media will turn on them…when that goes down…  you’d better hide your preps.  The govt. can track your machines and they know the sites you visit.   I’m sure they will ask the shipping houses for their shipping lists.

        I think as a country, we are better off collapsing…then we can purge all the social programs that Ted Kennedy enslaved us with.

        At first I was really bummed out seeing churches for sale and everything collapsing.   But just view it as a step in the right direction towards a new reality.

        The smart ones will understand that the govt. is planning on stealing their 401k and IRAs.  So…  it’s time to stock PMs.  

        As for day to day….  we stopped all spending on shit like Disney and their NWO crap.     Now, we just pay off all our debts and get ready.

        It’s all going down.

        Watch Obama remove the 401k tax benefits…then he’s wave the socialist patriotic flag from Americans to buy their govt. bonds as the Chinese don’t want it anymore.

        Personally I do think that China is now printing money and buying up the US.  It’s a foreign invasion by own own dollars coming back at us.  The inflow of dollars will drive hyperinflation.

        Who knows….

        My own Dad…now 80…he said their generation does not care about our generation or the US.   So.. better to plan at the micro level.

        As for wealth….  I’ll stack silver.

        Obama cannot tax it if he cannot find it.

        Further, one will be able to use it in the coming underground economy.

        When the dollar is shit.. a global electronic currency with transactional taxes and a national sales tax will kick in.   At that point…  Say you wanted to buy a motorcycle used from a guy…  you show up with silver in your pocket…he will take it.   This will especially be true for those not in the corporate jobs pool.

        Many work “under the table” for cash…  these will be the types to get silver.

        Then…eventually the silver will funnel up to the industrial demand for electronics.  So there’s your thing that will preserver it’s demand.

        Any thoughts?



        • Unfortunately a motor vehicle of any type is a registered item. They will get you at DMV at registration. I agree with things like food from the farmer, used non registered items, firewood, “possibly” some gasoline and fuel oil. If Uncle Sam knows about the transaction his hand will be out for a cut. 

      90. Wait, so money can buy happiness?  (Please note sarcasm)

      91. Mass mobs have “group think” where the loudest and most forceful tends to lead as opposed to the most prudent and cerebral. You can pretty much bank on very poor leadership. If caught up in one agree with the masses, chant with them and get the hell out of there. 


      92. I’m so glad I have more brains and common sense than these people. Not that it matters much  since government terrorists plan to kill me as well as them.

      93. The Schiff report on Black Friday adequately sums it up: It is not the buying of “foreign made” products (on credit), that helps the economy, but rather the making of products.

        “Go back to sleep America, your government is in control. Go back to sleep. Look here; it’s American Gladiators! Go back to sleep”

        If Bill Hicks had lived, he would go hoarse telling everyone, “I told ya so.”

      94. i’m ready and prepared!

      95. Reminds me of the farm growing up and the opening of the barn doors in the evening for the evening feed and nightly milking….

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