Ruling Class: More COVID Is Coming This Fall

by | May 27, 2022 | Headline News | 26 comments

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    The rulers are still trying to panic the public into obeying their ridiculous orders.  They are now “predicting” and “warning” of a rise in COVID cases for the fall.

    Dr. Ashish Jha, the dean of the Brown University School of Public Health and the White House Coronavirus Response coordinator, predicted a rise in COVID-19 cases for the coming fall and winter during his recent appearance on ABC’s “This Week.” The ruling class is planning for a “variety of scenarios” regarding the COVID-19 scamdemic in order to get even more money created or swindled from the slaves.

    “We’re making sure we have a new generation of vaccines that are being worked on right now, that we have availability of treatments and testing, and we have the resources,” he said calling on Congress to pass more funding.

    “By the way, one of the reasons I’ve been talking a lot about the need for Congress to step up and fund this effort is if they don’t, Martha, we will go into the fall and winter without that next generation of vaccines, without treatments and diagnostics. That’s going to make it much, much harder for us to take care of and protect Americans,” Jha told Martha Raddatz.

    The “experts” said that administration officials should do a better job of preparing the public for a rejuvenated virus in the fall and winter seasons when people spend most of their time indoors. They added that if people become complacent by waiving booster doses or neglecting to vaccinate their children, they could pay a price later. In short, this means more propaganda will be needed to convince the public to destroy their own way of life over the common cold.

    Dr. Jha added that people need to just obey the rulers. He reiterated the command: “When you’re in an indoor space, you should be wearing a mask. I feel that very strongly, that in crowded indoor spaces, in places with high transmission, people should be doing that.”

    Are Face Masks & COVID Rituals Occultist Symbols For Submission?

    The CDC ADMITS: PCR Tests CANNOT Differentiate Between Coronaviruses!

    “The attitude is, ‘We’ve got this, we’re over it.’” said Dr. Eric Topol, a professor of molecular medicine at Scripps Research in San Diego. “People should be gearing up, they should be getting booster shots. But there is no awareness.”

    It looks like monkeypox hasn’t ended the propaganda around COVID. But did we really expect it to? It’s likely more of a distraction from the fact that people are getting AIDS and cancer from their “vaccines.”

    U.S. Ruling Class Data: Fully “Vaccinated” Are Developing AIDS



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      1. Is there anyone out there
        who is still falling for this
        garbage from these liars
        and manipulators ??

        • Every County with Nukes should have fired Nukes on Davos during this globalist Pig meeting with all the devils in the world. Kill all of them once and for all. Bunch of cowards for letting this BS to keep on rolling.

          • Just 1 would do. No need to kill off everyone.

        • well, let’s be frank…there are still those that believe arabs flew into the trade centers….so, there is that…and believe kids died at Sandy Hook that had been closed for a year or more…..condemned buildings.

      2. “We’re making sure we have a new generation of vaccines that are being worked on right now, that we have availability of treatments and testing, and we have the resources,” he said calling on Congress to pass more funding.

        Funding being the key word.
        Covid is a cash cow $$$$$$
        which these psychopaths
        will never let go. $$$$$$

      3. Just when I thought
        I was out, they pull
        me back in!

        • No early retirement for you buddy!

      4. They have millions of doses of (vaccines)now with no demand for it. Save the money for something else.

      5. These elitists think they own us. Like livestock. They are looking at seriously culling the herd. Yet Bill gates and Fauci are still treated like royalty by the half of us who seem to be too afraid to face reality. This entire Covid cycle industry is like cancer, It will not just go away, it needs to be eliminated..

        • All those two need to do is show their faces in the real world and they’d be ended quickly

      6. The “Scamdemic” is over…enough already.
        Big Pharma has went to ludicrous lengths to persuade as many fools as it could to simply accept their “Witch’s Brew” of dubious effect and CLEAR, unambiguously harmful side-effects (likely what was intended from the outset)…but a threat still remains in other arenas.
        The current Monkeypox episode being thrashed in the news daily is nearly perfect cover for any “Bad Actor” to effect a launch of the far more debilitating Smallpox virus…which exist in fully viable form in the inventories of every major Nation-State on Earth.
        Unlike Monkeypox, which manifest mostly at the level of the dermis, Smallpox attacks nearly every part of the Human body, hence it’s lethality. Imagine internal manifestations of the pustules seen on the skin forming on your internal organs to get a notion of just how dangerous such was ere the (too) successful, bygone effort to eradicate it.
        Just as clearly, Big Pharma can no longer be trusted to administer the creation of a program to develop and distribute any potential vaccine since there are no Jonas Salk’s left…only compromised, money-grubbing vampires.
        Nothing that THAT segment creates or proposes can even remotely be trusted given their craven performance over the duration of the Scamdemic…unless they of course are willing to accept immunization from random sample lots (not preselected!) before witnesses…every last one.
        Once TRUST is GONE, it isn’t readily restored…

        Cheerio Kiddos…JOG

        • Trust is only needed for voluntary compliance, the “bayonet in your back” kind doesn’t need it.

        • JOG – Good comment.

      7. Oh yeah? Well, FUCK you!


        Lock the goats down again. Just like last time I’ll enjoy open interstates and $2.50 gas.

      8. Look Mommie, an airplane in the sky.

      9. I am in North County San Diego. Yesterday and today, articles are being put out regarding Covid and the need for masks.
        They are ALREADY planting the seeds!!

      10. COVID is over; at worst its just another flu or cold now thanks to Omicron.

        Not that the flu or cold are anything to sneeze at.

      11. Methinks the democrats are so panicked by the polling that claims they are going to get blown out of power in the November mid-terms, that they are desperate to try to repeat the same thing they pulled off in November 2020, using fear mongering to scare people away from in-person voting and then repeat their massive flooding of zillions of mail-in ballots into everyone’s mail boxes.

        Then, they can do the same thing they did in 2020. Stuff fake ballots into these ballot-drop off locations, creating all sorts of havoc and chaos and long delays in having them counted, which gives them time to see how many fake ballots they need to close the margin in the ‘swing states’, to make sure their demonrat wins.

        And, I also do not think it is a random or innocent coincidence that, as the mid-terms get closer – all of a sudden we are seeing a huge uptick in mass shootings.

        The last two, Buffalo and Uvalde, having a growing number of highly suspicious details beginning to emerge that cast doubt on the ‘official narrative’ that is being peddled by the mainstream media and by the politicians most closely connected to the locations of these shootings.

        I’m still scratching my head, after seeing that photo of a woman who was supposedly shot in the head at point blank range by the Buffalo shooter, lying on the floor and there was not a sign of any blood anywhere near her body. How can that be possible? Was the photo a fake and uploaded in order to spur doubts about the official narrative? Or, if it was real, why no blood?

        • Everything you see is fake.

          Especially when you look in a mirror.

          • “People” like Fucker…oops, I mean Tucker, are lost causes. 40% of this country are too stupid to live and there is no amount of truth, proof, or evidence that will ever wake them up. It’s a shame idiots like them are ruining this country.

      12. I watch lots of real crime–I just saw pictures of a man and woman shot point blank in the head and the hole was there…no blood–it happens.
        But, like you, I don’t believe any of it.

      13. putin has 3 years left to live he may end it all for everyone else too!

      14. I wonder will colds and flu completely disappear again this fall and be counted as Convid2022?

      15. Moar Covid coming OMG! Will there be a test for that? HAHAHAHA ROFL DARWIN EATING SHIT TOO!

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