Ruling Class Increasingly Calls Upon The Private Sector To Make Lives Of The “Unvaccinated” Difficult

by | Aug 25, 2021 | Headline News | 26 comments

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    Is anyone sick of being ruled and owned yet? The ruling class is not letting up and increasingly calling upon businesses in the private sector to help them roll out the permanent slave state.

    They aren’t even trying to hide the fact that they want to own us, our bodies, and our minds at this point. Gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe is just one of the tyrants calling on businesses to mandate Covid-19 vaccines after promoting efforts to make the lives of those who are unvaccinated more “difficult.” Joe Biden has already tried this play right out of the slave owner’s handbook:

    The Ruling Class Urges Businesses To Mandate COVID Vaccines For Employment

    It’s like these rulers know they cannot do this alone.  The slaves have to help them and sadly, all too many are all too ready to help make this planet a permanent prison. This only gets worse though as more people start to figure out what’s really going on.

    McAuliffe called on “every Virginia employer” this week to mandate Covid-19 vaccines among all “eligible employees,” according to a report by RT.  

    “I have long said that the best way to defeat this deadly virus, keep our students in school and keep Virginia’s economy strong is by getting every eligible Virginian vaccinated as quickly as possible,” McAuliffe said in a public statement announcement, which followed the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officially approving their first Covid-19 vaccine, a Pfizer-BioNTech two-dose vaccine, on Monday. –RT

    So now, private businesses are going to do the bidding of the state making sure some slaves get at least a little control over some of the other slaves.

    It’s still insanity to think that any business is still around after mandating people get injected with an experimental gene therapy drug that the manufacturers of face no liability whatsoever even if that drug kills them. Who owns you if you have no say as to what goes in your body? The ruling class has admitted they can’t force these shots on people…yet, but they can make their lives as slaves a living hell.

    “Make it hard for people to get on planes or go to movie theaters,” he said at a Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference in Las Vegas.  Acknowledging that you can’t “force” vaccines by law, McAuliffe – recently endorsed by anti-Trump ‘Republican’ Bill Kristol – called on private businesses to be the ones to punish those who refuse to get inoculated. –RT

    But when have the rulers, who make the law ever cared about following it anyway? Laws are for the slaves, not those who own slaves.

    “We can’t force them. We’re not going door to door, but you make life difficult,” he said. “If you’re going to come to the HIMSS conference, you got to be vaccinated.”

    This Twitter user summed it up perfectly:

    They want us to know they think they own us and many are still too far entrenched in the left vs. right paradigm lie to see it. It’s the ruling class against everyone else. Time to wake up and apply the critical thinking we have been honing for the past year and a half. This is only the beginning in many ways.


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      1. This country is divided into the SANE and the leftists insane. If they are not removed from any office of power they might be currently holding we are DOOMED!

      2. Who is the RULING CLASS ?

        • Hollywood, the political insiders (both elected and non elected), the social leaders we all seem to worship, the ultra wealthy who keep their associations untouchably among their own kind and exclude others, etc.

          It should be obvious to anyone with reasonable observational powers, why do you have to ask?

      3. McAuliffe said ” The best
        way to defeat this deadly virus” What deadly virus???
        Where?Where? As we all know by now Phony-19
        does NOT exist and yet all
        of these evil assholes such
        as McAuliffe keep throwing
        this “deadly virus” bullshit at all of us non-stop ? smh

      4. Between the intended “side effects” and deaths from the
        “not a vaccine” – The ones whose lives are really going to be made much more difficult won’t be the unvaxxed but the “vaccinated” ones ?

      5. Oh PLEASE do go as far as you think you can to alienate even more of “We, the People” from any notion that ‘Authority’ has any further meaning in this Country….PLEASE, hahahaa.
        Now say it with me all at once children, our Word of the day is;
        That spells SECCESION….

        “It’s a Wonderful day in the Neighborhood…a Wonderful day for a Neighbor – would you be mine?…could you be mine?” SUBJECT to significant constraints on non-Liberals, non-gender confused, amongst other points.
        Have a GREAT DAY kiddos!


        • secession

          • @notu,

            I STAND corrected! Many thanks…just another reason why one should NEVER Drink And Text simultaneously ;). But you did get the notion, eh?


        • I take the idea of secession seriously. I have already written at least a few detailed arguments/comments supporting the idea (on this site and others). I won’t go into remaking the argument for now but will say three things.
          The first point is the US is now beset with intractable problems, which will not and cannot be solved to satisfaction. The political, social, moral, and cultural factors have become too complex, too varied, and far beyond the ability to reconcile into creating common values and goals. We will all sooner or later be caught up in the mess whether we like it or not, and be forced to make certain pragmatic decisions for ourselves and our loved ones.
          The second point is that many of those who see Secession as a viable solution won’t support it for one reason, only because it would diminish the territorial area of what we presently call the USA. It appears some these individuals would rather live under an authoritarian or totalitarian gov’t with all that entails, than to see parts of present American territory break away, even if they could be freer, safer, and enjoy all the rights and liberties the Founding Fathers intended, who ardently supported what we call Secession.
          The third point is that the US was founded in European culture, heritage, and values. We all understand, even subconsciously. That the most peaceful, safe, and unified are countries that are generally based on a nation’s people all having common traits and characteristics. That there are so many different European countries in Europe prove that. In reality, only the totality of Europe has basically one thing in common – race. (Note how Europe has become much less free since the implementation of the European Union.) I am not against having a large country, if it works. However, at no time was the primary goal of the Founding Fathers to merely acquire vast amounts of territory, it was to make Americans free in the territory that had. There are examples today; ask the Russians if they want more muslims moving into their country, ask Israel if they want more Palestinians and Africans in their country, ask Japan, China, and S. Korea if they want to fill up their countries with others. The list is extensive.
          However, just as cutting the Gordian knot unraveled an intricate and highly complex knot (a metaphor for an unsolvable problem), we too have a similar solution to extract ourselves from this nation-sized mess, which will only get worse. It is called Secession, it is our last, best, and remaining hope. And it’s not just for Southern states.

          • By all means, take you, your family, and any other mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, racist troglodytes you can scrape from under nearby rocks and get the f*ck out of my country. And leave that AMERICAN FLAG behind…it’s not for you. You can keep that sh!t-rag confederate piece of garbage. There’s plenty of open space and a multitude of idiots in Alaska. Have at it. ??

          • An incisive and excellent analysis CB!

            A certain homogeneity of values, ethics and the ability to trust that neighbors share those values is – IMHO – a requisite basis for any functional society…hence the bedlam we see all about today.
            The Founding Fathers expressed a distinct and very real fear of the political process devolving into “Hyperpluralism”; a state where the competing interest we so varied that no common ground could found from which to forge a path forward. I suspect that they are turning over in thier graves were they bearing witness to the societal ‘Balkanization’ of not only the political process in this country but moreover the state of division of Society as a whole today.
            Were it the case that even a few Red State legislatures actually put Bill’s of Secession on the floors of thier Legislatures I’m fairly sure that every State from Idaho to Ohion to Texas would follow suit in due time. Furthermore the Western Provinces of Canada have long been extremely dissatisfied with the Governance in Ottowa and might well be persuaded to band together with an aggregation of our central states who far more closely share the same non-liberal ethics which they themselves are grounded in. Imagine that…a country stretching from Brownsville Texas to Prudhoe bay to Kentucky, Tennessee…leaving all of the Lib-Tards infesting our once great nation; I find the notion to be breathtaking…
            Your analysis of the current morass is – I firmly believe – fully correct in every point: The divides separating us have become too broad to bridge in any wise that give any party satisfaction and if that single point is – in fact – true, then it naturally follows that the geographical experiment which was “These 50 United States” is at an End. But that is not a thing to fear, for Jefferson himself stated that “We NEED a Revolution every 20 years (or so) to keep the Government HONEST.”…emphasis added.
            I believe- as did you obviously- that it’s high time every Freedom Living Citizen begin petitioning thier Legislatures to at least begin contemplating drafting Articles of Secession in preparation for what is sure to come.


            • Thanks JOG, it’s good to know there are other like-minded people on this site.

      6. But, we’re all going to be millionaires…

        • Millionairs/ “Infationairs “Just like Zimbabwe or pre-yeni ( new) Lira Turkey, or Occupied Greece in WWII, or….

      7. Back in the day when a lord or a baron was hanged because of the BS they did upon the people things actually changed and they took notice. Perhaps if it is “The Elite” that are pushing all this BS upon we the people then maybe THEY are our enemy? Perhaps the blame for this treason should be lain at THEIR FEET and they should be treated like the traitors they are? I wonder how quick things would change if we went down that path?

      8. Back in the day when a lord or a baron was hanged because of the BS they did upon the people things actually changed and they took notice. Perhaps if it is “The Elite” that are pushing all this BS upon we the people then maybe THEY are our enemy? Perhaps the blame for this treason should be lain at THEIR FEET and they should be treated like the traitors they are? I wonder how quick things would change if we went down that path? The elite are the ones that consider us cattle. We are only to do the rich and powerfuls bidding.

      9. WOW! the censorship is so thick on here

      10. Ruling Class- Reptilian Industrial Overlords.

      11. “Is anyone sick of being ruled and owned yet?”

        Yes. I’m certainly sick of the unvaccinated insisting on putting my livelihood at risk (my boss is well past retirement age, but still working). I’m certainly sick of my local pub staff refusing to vaccinate, which means that they’re limiting my ability to enjoy going to the pub, because I certainly don’t want to risk catching a breakthrough infection through them, and their entitlement at feeling that their right to put me at risk for an activity that is purely optional is more important than my right to perform an essential job. I’m certainly sick that the nearest city has a low vaccination rate, which restricts my shopping trips.

        So my revenge is going to be that I’ll never, ever, knowingly be a customer of unvaccinated people. Once you start losing your jobs, hopefully you will vaccinate and stop restricting my life. I’m sick and tired of you owning and ruling my life due to nothing but sheer unadulterated selfishness.

        • What? The unvaccinated keep you from going to the bar? Drink at home.

          You’re vaccinated, right? Please explain why I have to get the shot that doesn’t work for you.

      12. Good! Life for the unvaccinated (except for children, of course) SHOULD become difficult! The only way this pandemic is ever going to end is if responsible people get the jab, and the idiots who refuse to do so die off. If you’re too stupid to take care of yourself and those around you, you will eventually get what you deserve. Either way, hurry the f*ck up…I’m tired of wearing this mask.

      13. I can’t see why people are so confused? If your afraid get a shot go back in hiding and wait for your next order. I say don’t listen to these low life shit-spitting people. I have a perfect immune system . It will be a cold day in hell before they stick a needle in me and ruin a perfectly good system that I was born with period.
        So hurry up go get your shots because they will want to give you more until you won’t be able to do anything with out a shot. Your body will be so infected you will end up being a shit spitter like they are, Having to wear a mask on their new butt-hole right below their nose. Masks will .com on rolls like toilet paper. If you don’t want me in your place of business that’s fine your probably independently wealthy so you don’t need the business. HaHa!
        NO SHOT for me ever. Or NSFME. Elbulleheal
        P.S. l am. Over 65 I have never put on a mask and I won’t. As far as the rest goes I say good luck .

        • ? not me. I too, have a strong immune system.

      14. Just stop the consumerism. Get the rich in the wallets. I’m enjoying this ride in life. Says that “condescending.” You can’t get to me.

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