Rulers Claim Blocking The Sun Is A Good Way To Cool The Planet

by | Jul 5, 2023 | Headline News

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    The ruling class continues to blame the sunlight for “global warming” and now says blocking the sun is a good way to cool off the allegedly too-warm globe. This agenda to block the sun, which is essential for life on Earth, is getting ridiculously out of hand rather quickly.

    Joe Biden and fellow rulers are pushing for a new “geoengineering” plan to take shape that would allow mad scientists to artificially block natural sunlight as part of an ill-conceived plot to “cool” the planet and save it from so-called “global warming.”

    How Should We Regulate the Sun (Since Our Government Regulates Nearly Everything Else)?

    Already, a massive amount of Americans are terrified of the sun (thanks to the ruling class’s propaganda and fear-mongering) and vitamin D deficiency is a major problem. Studies suggest roughly one billion people are vitamin D deficient. In the US alone, 42% of adults are deficient, while 50% of children aged between one and five and 70% of children aged between six and 11 have low vitamin D stores, according to HealthMatch. 

    Blocking the sunlight is also a good way to make plants much more difficult to grow. Expect the food supply to dwindle if the ruling class is successful at blocking the sun. According to the Biden regime, Congress requested the report, not anyone from the executive branch, according to Natural News. 

    (Related: The World Economic Forum [WEF] wants to deploy “space bubbles” to block natural sunlight from reaching the earth’s surface.)

    Every idea the ruling class comes up with involves chemtrails as a means to block the sun. Since many now believe that chemtrails are used, among other things, to “seed” the skies with more clouds, which in effect blocks natural sunlight from reaching Earth. This is not going to end well. Messing with the nature of the sun is an obviously bad idea unless you are the master seeking to keep food and vitamin D away from your slaves.

    According to Natural News, what the Biden regime wants next is the formation of a “program of research” into these various proposed strategies, which it says will “enable better-informed decisions about the potential risks and benefits” of blocking natural sunlight.

    As if the masters care about the risks to the slave class. The absurdity that is having a government (master, ruler) is on full display, and yet most Americans are still too blinded by the illusion and propaganda to see their invisible chains. Blocking the sun should be seen as an act of war on humanity. It’s necessary for our survival on this planet.

    As of now, the rulers claim that “there are no plans underway to establish a comprehensive research program focused on solar radiation modification.”



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