Ron Paul: ‘When Our Financial System Crashes…The Elites…Will Suffer The Least’

by | Jan 10, 2018 | Experts, Headline News, Ron Paul | 32 comments

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    When the housing bubble popped in 2007, the Federal Reserve went to work to re-inflate the bubble by printing more money – quantitative easing. But the policy has made matters much worse, as now everything is a bubble, and according to Ron Paul, when it bursts, only the elite will come out unscathed.

    The Federal Reserve has once again created an artificial and unsustainable economic bubble. Central planning still doesn’t work, and the sooner we move to sound money the better. Ron Paul discusses the monumental mess that The Federal Reserve has wrought.

    “Some very serious consequences of this policy of unprecedented credit creation have set the stage for a major monetary reform of the fiat dollar system,” says Paul in a special report video. And the economic trouble that the United States is in should concern every single one of us. It is far from a minor issue.

    As our financial system unravels, the seriousness of it will become evident to all, as the need to pay for our extravagance becomes obvious. This will make the country much poorer. Though the elite class that manages such affairs will suffer the least.-Ron Paul

    “The housing bubble is back along with subprime loans. There’s an auto financing bubble encouraged by subprime loans for many customers. The stock market is in a bubble waiting to be pricked. The bond market is in a huge bubble as a result low or negative interest rates.”

    The Fed wasn’t alone in its interventionist monetary policy. Central banks around the world followed the same prescription. All in all, the central banks of the world increased their balance sheets by $8.3 trillion, with only $2.1 trillion worth of GDP growth to show for it. That’s going to become apparent when all of these bubbles burst.

    “This left $6.2 trillion of excess liquidity in the banking system that did not go where the economic planners had hoped. Central banks now own $9.7 trillion of negative interest-yielding bonds. The financial system has been left with a bubble mania, financed by artificial credit and unsustainable debt. The national debt in 2007 was $8.9 trillion; today it’s $20.5 trillion. Rising interest rates will come and that will be deadly for the economy and the federal budget.”

    The biggest takeaway from Ron Paul’s report, is that central planning and large government never works out regardless of the intention behind both, and at the expense of liberty.

    A compliant citizenry that fails to grasp the importance of liberty, and instead accepts dependency on government as a substitute for self-reliance guarantees that the bursting of the QE bubble will generate a much more serious crisis than it need be.”


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      1. What is the definition of an “elite”?

        • any one of those who has benefited from that 20.5 trillion dollars.

        • elite=smart

          • Like the NRA?

        • Ron Paul, shut your cowardly mouth. you had a chance to make a difference almost your entire life and did nothing but bitch. go join the NRA, maybe they want to hear your crap.

          • Gandhi

            Ron Paul was one of a few dissenting voices to government policy but as one of 435 Congressmen his ability to effect change was limited. He voted against the Free Trade Agreements, Iraq wars, gun control. They called him Dr No.

            • he lost every vote except when he voted to get tax money for his state. Dr No should be called Dr. Loser. he had zero clout, he never pressed charges against corrupt colleagues, and on top of that he reared a sissy that got his ribs broken by a socialist. the babies he delivered were tougher than Rand.

              • @Gandhi…you are a narcissist…seek medical help

        • An elite is a member of the Eyes Wide Shut club.

      2. Somebody more rich than I.

      3. I dunno Mr Ron, where will the Elites go to, and avoid being raped pillaged and robbed of every resource they have? Sure they have security with full auto weapons, but the rest of us have more bullets.

        • The Financial System collapsed with the great depression yet “The Elite” still bought Packards. Your not getting close to them. Speak out against them in times like this and your disappear because they own government.

        • It won’t take long after a complete collapse for the elites body guards to figure out, that there is nothing stopping them from killing the elites, and taking all their supplys for themselves.

      4. JS, I thought you knew. Big shot, someone who gets their wealth by illegitimate means.

        • Their income isn’t necessarily illegal because they control what is and what isn’t legal. Its certainly unethical but not always illegal. The Elite for this discussion are those that control the system. They’re not rich, they’re wealthy.

          • nothing hitler did was illegal. he made if legal.

      5. I don’t much care. There will always be the rich and the poor.

        • I’m not wealthy but I AM rich!

      6. “”””””””””””When Our Financial System Crashes…The Elites…Will Suffer The Least’””””””””””””””

        come on Ron, that’s a no brainer, it’s always been that way

      7. The elite will NOT be unscathed. With the breakdown of civility that accompanies the collapse, ANY appearance of wealth will be viciously attacked.

        • They are not the former business owner, they’re the controllers of the world economy. Your not getting anywhere near them.

          • K2, correct! They have the full protection of the US military! They sit around laughing while they have their stooges protect and conquor for them. Ever wonder why they are called “dog tags”? Troops are their personal attack dogs…..

          • Dont really neet to get too close anyway, 1600m about right

        • Yeah they’ll be wearing a sign sayin’ “shoot me cause I’m wealthy”.

      8. We are listening Ronnie. The rest of the world is not.

      9. The so called elites. Are mostly people who inherited a lot of money? And are use to picking up the phone and getting anything they want delivered fast? So why stock up?

      10. Pleased to meet you. Hope you guessed my name.

      11. Yea, they will suffer the least because all sensation stops when that copper jacketed bullet pops their noggin

      12. If you can’t change the system, you can still make the most of it. For example: by budgeting wisely, you can save enough to buy a house or two. You might not get rich, but at least you won’t be living under a bridge. Those people die when it snows, or they are forced to accept help from the government.

      13. The very nature of debt is destructive. Yet most folks go into debt to live beyond their means. Inflation encourages debt, because it inflates prices in fiat currency beyond what most can pay without going into debt. The entire system is corrupt, and if it fails we will all be better for it. Houses should not be one, two, five hundred thousand. Vehicles fourty thousand. All due to inflation. It’s nuts, but it is how it is because the system has been allowed to grow into this mess.

      14. if humans have a brain left they wont let the elite screw them over again and get away with it. remember, never forget, never forgive.

      15. Non issue for the time being. Look at the debt ratios over the past 50 years. We are in better shape now than we have been many times in the past.(Especially now with Trump in charge!) You will know the SHTF when we can’t sell bonds. So far, the demand is higher than the supply. I hope it lasts until I croak! Remember, they were spouting this exact same line back when Carter was in office and the debt was around 300 billion. Had they only known!

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