Ron Paul: Voting Won’t Change Our Problems, “The Control Is The Deep State”

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    ron paul voting deep state

    This article was written by Carey Wedler and originally published at The

    Editor’s Comment: If anyone knows first hand how rigged elections are, it is Ron Paul. He chose to grin and bear it (but probably shouldn’t have) as the establishment covered up his victories in the 2008 and 2012 GOP primaries, and downplayed the huge crowds that showed up to support him everywhere.

    The simple fact is that there is no one on the ballot who can simply get elected in and fix the mess, even with the best intentions. There really is no hope of change at all within the system, despite reassurances that we should put our efforts and hope in that cruel illusion of control over the affairs of American politics. The fact of the matter is that the deeply entrenched government – the “deep state” – has taken control of the levers of powers, and for better or worse, are steering the future.

    Recognizing the worst in it, the American people have revolted and demanded “change” to a variety of problems in government… but if they get it at all, it won’t be at the ballot box, no matter how dramatically candidates are matched up and determined to fight for the White House.

    Ron Paul: Vote All You Want, the Secret Government Won’t Change

    by Carey Wedler

    Former congressman Ron Paul is outspoken. When he retired from Congress, he called lawmakers psychopathic authoritarians to their faces. He’s also called Donald Trump an authoritarian and asserted Hillary Clinton could have run as a Republican. And just last week, Paul took aim at the foundational structure of American ‘democracy.’

    In a recent episode of his web show, the Liberty Report, Ron Paul discussed the Department of Homeland Security’s decision last month to take a more active role in U.S. elections. Secretary Jeh Johnson said he was “considering whether elections should be classified as ‘critical infrastructure,’ affording them the same kinds of enhanced protections that the banking system and the electrical grid receive,” POLITICO reported.

    The potential move came on the heels of the notorious DNC leak in July, which exposed intentions within the Democratic Party to manipulate the primary race against Senator Bernie Sanders. Politicians and the media quickly blamed the hack on Russia, failing to cite conclusive proof of their allegations yet spawning the narrative that the Kremlin and other foreign threats could compromise U.S. elections.

    On his show, Paul took issue with the notion that the Department of Homeland Security, an agency riddled with incompetence and failed objectives — case in point, the TSA — is capable of securing U.S. elections.

    Speaking on DHS’s decision to become more involved in the process following the DNC hack, Ron Paul offered a scathing indictment of the federal organization, arguing it will capitalize on troubling events to seize power:

    They may have false flags and they may do a lot of things, but no matter how an emergency comes up, they’re going to make use of it. And the use of it isn’t to say ‘Hey, how are we going to protect the American people?’ Are they worrying, when they talk about doing something about rigged elections, [that] the votes are counted? No, they’re making sure that the votes aren’t counted and they’re irrelevant and the government has all this power.”

    Ron Paul speaks about rigged elections from personal experience. In 2012, when he ran for president within the Republican Party, he was silenced by the media and the political establishment. Primaries and caucuses in Maine and other states showed irregularities, and at more than one caucus event, the lights were simply turned off when Paul supporters stood up to Republican leadership. At another caucus, police assaulted and arrested them.

    The elections don’t matter. This is a ritual that we go through,” Paul observed last week. Instead, he referenced a seemingly omnipotent power much more influential than the ‘will of the people.’

    My belief is that the control is the Deep State, and people have to realize that,” he said.

    Michael Lofgren, a former Republican congressional aide, has written extensively on the Deep State and describes it as “a hybrid entity of public and private institutions ruling the country according to consistent patterns in season and out, connected to, but only intermittently controlled by, the visible state whose leaders we choose.

    Lofgren continues:

    The Deep State does not consist of the entire government. It is a hybrid of national security and law enforcement agencies: the Department of Defense, the Department of State, the Department of Homeland Security, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Justice Department.

    Lofgren notes the financial system is also under the influence of the Deep State and that certain areas of the judicial system, namely, the secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, are manipulated by the opaque, shadowy apparatus.

    As Ron Paul observed:

    Those powers are already there and I think those individuals who are behind the scenes who really find out what the policies are going to be, regardless of who’s in office, know exactly what we argue: that this place, our country, and our financial system and foreign policy is very precarious and something terrible is going to happen.

    One of those things, he argued, is the continued usurpation of civil liberties:

    This is where the real enemy is right now. Sure, we have to have a national defense. But I don’t agitate and read and study and try to change people’s minds because I think somebody is going to invade us. I want to change foreign policy so we are less in danger. But really, the greatest danger since 9/11 has been the taking away of our liberties. Our civil liberties have been undermined. This will only add fuel to the problems we have already.

    He concluded:

    We do accept the notion that our elections are rigged, but we certainly don’t come down on the side of believing that the Department of Homeland Security and the TSA will unrig our elections.

    It is a distressing thing to think that — [this is probably a] true statement — no matter what you do [with] your vote, whether you vote or not, the Deep State is in charge and that is what we have to deal with.”

    Nevertheless, Paul remained positive:

    “But it is good to be politically active, to preach this message, to show people exactly what the government’s doing to us and why we should be involved.

    But of course, the whole purpose, in the end, has to be that we change our economic philosophy, we change our attitude about protection of our civil liberties, and we change our attitude about getting involved in the internal affairs of other nations, occupying other countries, and being involved in nation-building. If we do those three little things then, believe me, the world would be much more peaceful and we would all be much more prosperous.”

    This article was written by Carey Wedler and originally published at The


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      1. Next at bat for the campus speech & thought police? Kim Jong Un bans sarcasm in N. Korea

        Kim Jong Un bans sarcasm in North Korea. Expect this policy to reach the PC campus speech and thought police’s to do list within the year (Uh-oh. This email will probably get me arrested under that new campus policy….) or or or

        • Just gotta love little dick un, his favored punishment is locking dissidents in a cage with starving dogs….beats I love lucy re-runs for entertainment.

        • TEST, I’ve got ‘hot lead’ for any ‘thought police’ who come for me. They can take that PC crap and stuff it.

        • Yes, the DEEP STATE controls events long term, and influences events as they can in the short run. Think cycles within cycles.

          But a TRUMP Administration would mark a return to NATIONALISM and many NWO TRAITORS would be purged from positions of power in the bureaucracy.

          The longer TRUMP remains in power the greater the ROLLBACK of NWO Policies. This election IS different. It markes EITHER the return to American Sovereignty OR the complete subjugation of the American people by our enemies under a President Clinton. Think Obola Squared.

          Life is plastic. Never more so than during a presidential election. Put your stamp on it. Humor me. All of the Patriots here should humor me and vote TRUMP.

          Its our last chance for a peaceful return to the America we know, remember, and love. 🙂

          • Trump is certainly also Deep State. Libertarianism is the only thing that advocates an institutional dismantling of the Institution of government and returning it to everyone on;y over him or herself–and in self-defense against those who won’t govern only him or herself.

            • LMFAO !!! No TRUMP is not “DEEP STATE”.

              If TRUMP were Deep State, all of the lame stream media (which is its propaganda arm), the established political leaders of BOTH parties, and Hollywood would not be joining forces to try to minimize him, undermine him, and steal the election in every way possible.

              Wrong again !!! 🙂

            • So your voting for Clinton?smart move Sherlock!
              Maniac –out

          • durangokidd,

            I completely agree with you.

            How many times have we thought we were voting for a true patriot and find out they are no different than all the others that came before them. It has been said ,that ‘everyone has his/her price’.

            If the ‘Deep Government’ NWO is as big, powerful, and entrenched, into the global system (think control of governments, economies, religion, education, social thought drivers, media and entertainment), is there anything they can’t do or promise to dissuade some one from carrying out a particular action? The Trumpster truly has a formidible task ahead of him. It will not be easy to reverse all the liberal NWO policies this administration has overtly and stealthily incorporated into our system of governance and body politic. His distractors and enemies are legion and very powerful and not to be thought of lightly.

            • No, the Globalists should NOT be taken lightly. But they have overplayed their hand and have moved to far, too fast, and have been far too noisy doing it.

              They have awoken the American People.

              The MASSIVE crowds at every TRUMP Rally demonstrates the depth of American sentiment. Compare the crowds to those that Hillary draws. UNBELIEVEABLE. This has emboldened Patriots in government (think Snowden), the (Alt) Media, and activists.

              The RNC/NEOCON establishment is on the run but must support TRUMP to hold on to what power they have now, hoping to influence government from the inside after the election is over. They understand that a TRUMP defeat would spell the end of Corporate Global Governance and the final transfer of power to the LEFT.

              TRUMP is right, (excuse the pun) it IS a movement. 🙂

      2. HILARY EAR PIECE at last Townhall debate

        Once again, the lying leftist media first didn’t report this, then tried to spin it. But then – as you see below – got caught. Please consider passing this on, as you KNOW the lamestream media will try to bury this.
        Hillary Clinton was spotted wearing a nearly invisible earpiece yesterday during the NBC TV Town Hall event. Story at multiple sites, including

        True to form, the dimwits at Mediaite are claiming this is all a conspiracy, first with urgent missives like “Fox News Now Reporting Anonymously Sourced Theory About Clinton’s ‘Earpiece’” and “Donald Trump Jr. Spreads Hillary Clinton Earpiece Conspiracy Theory on Twitter”, to name but a few.
        Well, it turns out that Wikileaks actually captured an email from Huma Abedin to Hillary Clinton asking whether the elderly, infirm, and oft-injured catlady had remembered her “earpiece”.

        Josh Feldman, usually one of the few voices of sanity at the far left media-watching website, was quick to react to the Wikileaks revelation, offering up the ludicrous explanation that — not only are you imagining that earpiece in the photo, but — Hillary simply needed her “earpiece” for the United Nations General Assembly. Pity Josh never bothered to actually look up what UN General Assemblies actually look like.

        Psst, Joshie: do an image search for united nations translation or un translation service and you’ll see what the headsets look like.

        They’re not teeny earpieces that your Abuela forgets to bring to the UN. (For more from the author of “MEDIAITE WRONG AGAIN: Yes, Granny Catlady Wears an Earpiece to Get Instructions From Handlers” – see the for screen dumps of the evidence!

        • IF she was wearing an ear piece

          so what ???

          it was a political forum
          not a college final exam

          big deal

          tempest in a tea pot

          Trump yelled and screamed about Obama using a teleprompter


          NOW ???

          guess what

          he’s using one



          so what if he is???

          at least it keeps him on message

          all this is just manufactured “news”

          • now here’s some real news to be concerned about

            Dell Fires 3000 US Employees, Requests 5000 Visas For Foreign Workers

            h ttp://

            let Trump or Hillary put a stop to this crap

            and oh

            “It’ll be a cold day in hell before I buy a Dell”

            you can quote me on that

            • those are only 3000 jobs Americans won’t do…because Dell won’t let them…

            • satori, thanks for letting me quote you…I think I will be using that statement to define my own intentions as well…

            • Satori, I always knew there were good reasons for me to avoid Dell. This is just another one.

          • So what, you ask? It shows, at best, she does not have a grasp of events, and at worst, that she is some Manchurian candidate. That’s what.

            Guess what? When Mentally Il Kim Sung launches an EMP, or the Islamofascists pull of their next big evil action, a leader needs to be able to think on their feet, not wait for instructions while whining “What do I do next??? What do I do next??”

            Moreover, why was she trying to hide it? A teleprompter is obvious, so perhaps no problem. This was no teleprompter.

            Very disappointing post from your usual good ones.

            • nothing personal against you Test

              I say let Hillary use the damn ear piece all she wants

              her performance in that venue was pretty pathetic by all acounts

              if someone was whispering sweet nothings in her ear

              they were doing a piss poor job of it
              and did her no favors

      3. It is OVER Folks! We are just living in the after glow. We know what is coming. For me and Mine we are doubling up on everything.

        Let us just hope that Trump isn’t a puppet also. We know what Hitlery is. Trump might be our last hope. We will see. I just fear for my Kids and Grandkids.

        When The Shit Hits The Fan, it is going to be a lot worse than we think. My GOD be with you ALL. What ever or who ever your god is.

        Keep your Family and Friends close. When the fight starts you are going to have a small army to survive.


        • About 21,000 people day of starvation every day in the world. God is not with them nor will he be with us when SHTF.

          • RJ
            Oh yes he is. He is must taking them home earlier.

        • I think your analysis needs tweeking. There are a zillion armed and ready men, women and children in the US. And, then there are the alphabet soup agencies, etc…

        • Sgt-

          Doing the same here. Agree about Trump, he is a wildcard. But with the supreme court appointments coming up… all we can do is vote him is and hope he is a true patriot. People say alot of things about him, but so far he seems to me to be the real deal, time will tell.

          keep your powder dry my friend.

        • Sgt. Dale : Not just double, triple. Somebody on here ends there post most of the time saying 2 is 1 and 1 is 0. I do agree. Triple up on everything you can afford to.

          Off topic question for all with a good idea.
          I practice opsec for the most part. I do not know or want to know who most are but I do respect some of there opinions. I don’t care where most live except for the fact of news in a different part of the country. I have had some of my opinions changed by reading on this site, and I have also hardened some of my opinions. With all that being said, I think it is time to reach out a little. I have narrowed a few posters on this site down to either within my state or within a few hundred miles of me. I am not interested in giving out my address or getting anybody else’s address but I would be willing to give a 50 – 100 mile radius ( of my location )to make a little more contact within my area. When TSHTF, I have a plan just like a lot of other people. But you know the internet is going down, your cable will be shut off, and your cell phones off to. I do have CB’s and 1 radio with ham, but when the SHTF, who on the other end are you going to trust for accurate information? Troop movements, gangs or marauders in the area and so on and so forth. I know a few are already living in there BOL, but even then it would be nice to know when a ton of unfriendlies are in the neighborhood. I will not give out my info or expect anybody else to either on a public forum, but I would like to here opinions on a way to exchange info with some like minded people. I am sure that something on these lines would be of interest to others as well.
          Workable ideas welcomed.

          • Fish,am in New England region,you?

            • War : West Central Florida

              • Fishandmud.. We are probably within a hundred miles apart from one another. Stay in touch, I have friends in SW FL that we have an agreement to come stay at each other houses depending on Hurricanes where they are landing. Being a few hundred miles out of the Hurricane SHTF Path is a good thing. Maybe we can meet up sometime. Figure that deal out.


                • WWTI : I agree we are within 100 miles of each other. I will not say where I think you live but It is nice country up there. I would like to have a little more communication with yourself and others without reveling true identities and contact info on an open forum. Any ideas welcome.

          • fishandmud:

            This might help you to anonymously secure communications with those you wish to while on these sites. Think layers. With that said these are Suggestions only:

            Network Communications Opsec (on-line only/while browsing [using TOR]):

            1) Secure Browser (Browsing Anonymously)

            Use something that gives you anonymity. Try TOR (The Onion Router) network. It routes all you browsing traffic through at least 3 separate decentralized points (other users). Comes complete with it’s own browser (modified FireFox), and for different operating systems.

            2) Email (Anonymity)

            Use a service that is free and if possible, open-source. Use on TOR.

            Guerrilla Mail ,
            Dispostable ,
            and more. Agree on rotating email addresses and/or user ID’s while on these sites.

            3) Encryption

            Use encryption when using on-line (or any) email. Try PGP, GnuGP or others.

            Using all these together can effectively help anonymously secure communications with most anyone (and all on-line/while browsing).

            If anyone else has better ways of doing this, then by all means, please share.

            • Release : I will check into some of these. I am not very computer savvy. I think for what I am trying to do, I guess I could get another email address and post it until I get the results I am looking for and then cancel it. Thank you for your suggestions and I will look at them.

              • That is all anyone can ask for, to look at it and consider.

                BTW, I have been using TOR for my on-line Commo OpSec for years now. I also use an alias email address(es) on these sites using the email sites provided. Currently only need to use encryption when you want no one else to know what the info is.

                (I like to maintain anonymity as much as possible. For in that, is a level of freedom not found elsewhere.)

                All this may not be a cure-all, but it beats nothing.


                “Good day, fishandmud.”
                “Your mission, should you decide to accept it is to consider the proposed options necessary to keep you and yours safe. As always, should you or any of your S.H.T.F. Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This post will self-destruct in ten seconds. Good luck.”

        • I have been coming to shtfplan for quite a while but I’ve never posted but here goes. About 2 years ago I was researching all the “issues” we have in this once great country and I realized things were getting pretty bad and as a result ran across you guys; great site by the way, as I started prepping. As time went by I began to realize that as most of the people on here and other sites like this one, the theme was, “Get ready for dooms day cause it’s coming.” Where as at one time I was all in, I have sense begun to rethink all of this. Prepping and getting ready “for sthf” or whatever is a good idea I have realized we are missing something and that something is we are just giving up or at best giving in to those who are causing all of this. As I started down the rabbit holes of all the conspiracies which have gotten us to this place in time it dawned on me that we were being played. All of this is just one huge “dog and pony show”. What I mean by that is we are being lead along from one “issue” to another without any real solution to the real problem.
          Don’t get me wrong here, if you think we should just keep putting stuff away and just wait for shtf, hey keep knocking yourself out, But I think you’re letting a lot of people down in doing so and also letting a lot of people off the hook.
          We are where we are for a reason, it didn’t just happen on it’s own without help. I also think that we owe it to our children and grandchildren to at least put up a fight to fix this mess. The fight that is coming in a shtf full blown shoot out is going to be a loose, loose for everyone. This thought is what got me thinking about finding out what went wrong, when and why. When I hear Ron Paul speak all I hear is a lot of BS about “Deep State” this and that and no real ideas about what we can or should do. Now maybe he knows that is is all just hopeless and all he’s doing is just trying to stay alive, ok maybe.
          But I think we have to try and “we the people” have to do it. Now saying any of this on a shtf site may be way out of line but so be it. Just tell me where to go with my silly ideas about trying to save what is left of our way of life, and I’ll just leave you guys to rave and rant about the end of the world as we know it. Otherwise I’ll be glad to engage anyone in a discussion about fixing this mess. And it ain’t Trump, it’s about getting involved and getting in the thick of things.

          Mr.Charlie, out.

          • Mr Charlie,
            I too came to this site and others looking for answers and found none. There are a lot of key-board warriors, but that’s about it. I personally have stopped prepping and started living a normal life, as best as I can in an atmosphere of uncertainty. The times are changing, and I think bloodshed will come, but I don’t know the answers either. Good Luck

            • gatheringbird,
              It was a search for answers that set on this quest in the first place. The one thing I guess I’m trying to find out at this point is if I am wasting my time trying to get through to anyone here. We are indeed running out of time on this and so I think we need to stop playing games and get to the root of the problem, which is very old and complicated but not insurmountable if we apply ourselves to it.
              Mr.Charlie, out.

          • Mr Charlie : While I am a believer in the fact the government is screwing us on a daily basis, lets brake it down a little. If you are of working age and you loose your job, the Shit just hit your fan. If you live anywhere a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, fire, flood, etc, etc, and one of those events hits your neighborhood, the shit just hit your fan. If you look at the looting that goes with any of those events, here comes the protection of. The level of preparedness that you have for you and yours is your business but it is also your lives. When you live it, it does not consume you. If I choose to have 60 + fruit and nut trees and 5000sf of garden, yea it is some work but I am eating better and cheaper. If nothing ever happens, I don’t need to buy ammo for hunting season anymore. If you bought today and not tomorrow look at all the money you just saved. A lot of people choose to eat out a lot, we eat out once or twice a year. It is in our DMNA as Americans to be prepared. Is some of the stuff on the internet a little over board, maybe or maybe not.

            The real point is you don’t have to be a conspiracy theorists or anti government to be prepared to take care of you and yours when the shit hits your fan.

            • DNA

              • fishandmud,
                I get what you are saying and I agree. My point is there is something we can do. We can educate ourselves as to what went wrong and why and with that knowledge and understanding go about changing things for the better and not just sit around waiting for the shtf. We must fist realize we have all been lied to all of our lives about just about everything. We have been mislead and so poorly educated we have no idea the extent to which we have been lied to. We have been so well indoctrinated into the system we can’t see how we are being lead along and fed lie after lie. I know it is difficult to grasp the extent and depth this runs and on top of that most people just don’t want to know the truth. They would rather go about pretending to seek the truth yet fleeing from it when it is presented to them; this is the depth of the indoctrination.
                Step one, face the fact you have been lied to about everything and you are living in a Matrix of lies and illusions.
                The answers lie in seeking the truth no matter where it takes you. Our answers start with questions about what happened during and after the “Un-Civil War”. I will fill you in on more if you wish but remember the rabbit hole is long and deep and very, very dark.
                Mr.Charlie, out.

          • Being politically active and “prepping” are not mutually exclusive. Do both. In fact, they are “hand in glove”. Do what you know how to do today, prepare for tomorrow.

            Create a FREEDOM CELL where you live. Become politically active where you live. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Think La Raza, BLM, or the IRA. Make a list. Check it twice. Know who has been naughty and who has been nice. Know your enemy.

            Target them. Politically of course, unless push comes to shove and a firefight breaks out between Globalists and Patriots. The NWO Globalists can be eliminated overnight, and at 500 yards. 🙂

        • So true, agree with you Sgt Dale, it’s all over, they really want Clinton to be President, no matter what cost, including her health, which you have to feel sorry for the witch. If she gets in. I sadly think her health will see her last out her term.

      4. I am afraid this will be the last election. Prepare accordingly and be sure to vote.

      5. Sir…you are an Anti Semite.

        • SV
          Who are you asking the question?

          If it is me I don’t care what your religion is just as long as it doesn’t try to hurt or kill me, or you don’t try and pour it down my throat. Your Faith is your Faith.


          • Sarge, my way of sarcasm to this article since Rpn Paul was called AS when he was running for president. Anyway just to give you some good news….. you should care about the children of satan since they haven’t only pour it down on our throats but gave it to us without any lubes. Read the summary below….. BTW I don’t think his name is a Muslim or Buddhist…..

            Dustin Moskovitz was the college roommate of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and his current net worth is estimated at $10 billion. Until now, he had donated less than $5,000 to political campaigns – but this time, he says, it’s different.

            His Thursday announcement continues the trend of the richest one percent of Americans overwhelmingly favoring Clinton, donating more than $200 million to her campaign by the end of July

            • Stolz, Ron Paul is an authority on ‘the system’. He served in Congress for 3 decades and he and his family were threatened with death by TPTB during the 2012 campaign. He didn’t stand a chance because he wouldn’t submit to those disgusting ‘money changers’.

            • And yet, for all the money the ultra-wealthy are spending to put their puppet in power, she can’t seem to get more than a few percentage points ahead of Trump. She is not a likeable candidate and most people see her as dishonest, even those who support her.

      6. Hitler is informed about the Super Tuesday Election Results

        Duration: 2:05

        • Given that Nazi means National **Socialist** German Workers’ Party (German: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei) and ADOPTED EXPLICITLY SOCIALIST PLANKS AT THEIR VERY FIRST CONVENTION, MUNICH, FEB. 1920 (leftists could easily google “Nazi political planks” – IF, that is, they had one shred of intellectual honest, which they never do).

          So, you ask, why did Hitler fight Stalin? Let me ask you: Why did the USSR and China fight in the late 1960s on the Ussuri River, where reportedly Brezhnev inquired with the US about nuking Red China (didn’t want things to get out of hand); why did China attack Ho Chi Minh’s Vietnam in the late 1970s? In fact, why was the USSR NKVD’s leader Lavrentiy Beria, taken out and shot/

          I always, always get a hoot out of utterly ignorant leftists calling people Nazis, being so utterly stupid they dont’ even know what the acronym stands for. But, hey! When you go to some PC university, and graduate owing $100k and a degree in 18th C. Belgian Lesbian Musicology, I guess ignorance of fact, history and reality is all you have!

          • Test:

            Is the USsURI River near Kazaria??

            You said it is around China and Russia.

            Isn’t that where the warring tribes of Kazars were before the Chinese exiled them out of China for being such vicious, warlike people. I mean before they became professional victims. I know those Kazars are religious converts to J*wdism. They didn’t have anything to do with Christ’s death as their ancestors were from a different geographical location. But I guess they brought on the curse of Jesus’ blood by their conversion. If you believe in generational curses.

            I guess, I’m digressing again. But I couldn’t help but notice the name of that river being so close to the word for “interest” on a loan, “usury”.

            ___. If you don’t know, maybe Them Guys knows.


      7. The future seems really bleak, how do we fight the depression that goes with it? I have been following the prepping scene for years. Everything that is written or spoken about has been on the physical needs. In the Great Depression of the 1930’s, the ability to go to the movies helped to uplift people. The movies had a happy ending with things getting better (especially Shirley Temple). This SHTF will probably go on for a long time and may keep getting worse and worse. Finding art, music, movies, etc. that is uplifting could be critical since mental depression can lead to suicide. In your preparations, give some thought to this.

        • ” The movies had a happy ending with things getting better (especially Shirley Temple).”

          Things weren’t too good for Shirley Temple as she was a victim of child molestation throughout her acting career as a child.

          • RJ:

            Not so. I think you may have confused Shirley with Sandra Dee or several other screen child stars. Shirley was a genius. Her IQ did not impress the fellows who tested her “I”ntelligence. They expected she would perform somewhere near an Isaac Newton. Shirley’s J*wish mother developed her child’s talent and her intellect. Shirley played the drums but not for the public. Shirley refers to an incident where a Producer tried to molest her but Shirley told her mother who handled the situation. She was protected by her mother throughout her career. She married at 17 and divorced. When she met her soon to be second husband, there was an investigation into the character and background of Mr. Black. His results were spectacular and thus the romance began and she lived happily ever after. Shirley went on to represent the United States in government. Yes, I have enormous respect for her work as a performer. She brought happiness into the lives of children and still does. That is quality.


        • Brian:

          Most of these articles are aimed at reminding people of all that is going wrong which could prompt a need for the items sold on these sites. There is nothing wrong with that,iMHO, as long as the reader is mature enough to realize that and keep his/her mind from being adversely affected.

          In the thirties movies were art. By comparison, today’s Producers who obviously hate white European nonJ*ws, give us nothing but filth and VERY destructive messages. With few exceptions, staying away from the movies and TV is imperative.

          I have written many comments expressing my interest in and support of pursuing the arts. My belief is that unless we learn and produce our own art, be it motion pictures, radio, painting, sculpture, dance (especially Ballet), music (particularly Classical music), etc.; we will be lead like sheep to the slaughter.

          I am personally acquainted with talented musicians and singers. I know of bands who would have been or become superstars but could only perform if they sang about sex and used profanity. The arts have not deteriorated by accident. The perversion of the arts in America is the exact same agenda used again and again by the J*ws in Germany which contributed to their eventual expulsion by the National Socialists.


          • In a prolonged SHTF crisis, inspirational art & music are a necessity. The right music can really counter depression which we would all have. When everything around you has gone to hell, a small alcove with the right art is like a long cool drink of ice water. As for the movies, we will need something like “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Hollywood hasn’t come near the quality that is needed.

            • Let the bodies hit the floor.
              Let the bodies hit the floor.
              Let the bodies hit the floor.

              Inspirational enough?

              • Not really. Not being a person who looks forward to the inevitable conflict that is coming, I do not relish the thought of death and destruction. I also realize that it is just as likely that it is my body or yours that will hit the floor as it is those who we oppose.

        • You can download all the older music and movies you want for free, either from Youtube or from Usenet newsgroups.

          I have a 24-foot wall of built-in shelves full of old LPs, 78s, and 45s. I have 8-tracks, cassettes, CDs, even a box of cylinder records, and all the equipment to play them, plus extras. I don’t ever have to buy another record.

          Everyone should stock up on old movies. The DVDs are cheap. I have all the old Shirley Temple movies, hundreds of old westerns, and lots of old TV series, such as “I Love Lucy” and “Carol Burnett Show.”

          Also, be sure you have extra equipment and solar to power it.

          The old entertainment is best.

          • archivist, you bring back some memories when you mentioned 8-tracks. I used to have a zillion of those along with cassettes. Older entertainment is the best. What they call ‘entertainment’ today is the biggest freakin’ joke.

            • I have a professionally restored 8-track player/recorder. As I get to them, I am copying all my tapes to the computer. Then I take out the tape hiss and make backup CDs.

              I have found that many of the tapes used foam rubber pressure pads, which have disintegrated into powder. I have some really good 8-tracks that used metal strips with felt pads. I took one apart after copying and put the tape aside. I then take apart a cheap tape and put the tape into the good cartridge body. After I copy the tape, I can repeat with the other cheap tapes.

              I also have splicing tape, so I can repair broken tapes.

              There’s a lot of music that was only issued on 8-track and nowhere else. Also, there were discrete 4-channel stereo 8-tracks.

              Experts will tell you that cassettes more than 10 years old should just be discarded, but I have made good restorations from cassettes over 40 years old that sound good as new. I still pick up a few now and then at the thrift stores.

        • Go see “Sully” – good flick about an upstanding and outstanding man.

      8. Sgt. Dale,

        Maybe we should start voting with our AR-15’s?

        The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either
        the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it
        will ever remain, in the hands of the people.”

        –Tenche Coxe

        • CR
          AR M4’s would be nice. I’m going to use my M1A Scout. A couple of 300 Win Mags would also be nice!!!! 870 and 500 12Ga. would be helpful!!!!

          I’m In.



        2nd nuke attempt failure:

        Sarge, see video. We almost get our asses nuked again. This is the second attempt from the cabal..

        You all need to listen to that video. I have verified sources that Dr James Garrow was a real CIA guy, and that he is 100% legit. Like I tell people that my scientist buddy said that I can happen any minute, any day, any week, any month, any time soon. Mac you may need to do and article. I am all about the negativity and increasing the fear, especially when I just found out that we almost got our asses reduced to molecules and dust particles. Those who have BOL, go now, those who don’t get solar and get alternative energy sources. How is this affecting me? I am getting lighting and power as in solar, phuck it, I am getting more readier.



        • HCKS
          Thanks for the video!

        • HCKS
          Thanks man for the site.

          OH shit almost got to cook the dogs out side with out a fire. We could have glow in the dark smores too.

          When are we going to stomp on that little cock roach?

          Obullshit is just waiting for him to do it, and when he does he will thank him.


          • 5.45×39 found it Wikipedia

        • You’re a

        • “Mac you may need to do and article.”

          For Mac to do this … you’ll need to post an actual Link, as in an article that has been already written and documented on the subject matter. A YouTube Video, by itself is not always a credible source – considering. Dr. Garrow had made this same kind of claim back in 2013.

          Is he correct with his information? … he very well could be, and if that is the case – then I would believe somebody would of followed up with his story/claims.

          Is there any other news outlets, that has covered Dr. Garrow’s information on this subject matter?

        • HCKS, are you anywhere near Kilgore? The wife and I will be there next month.

      10. ?

        If Trump becomes President, Ron Paul would be a good choice for Supreme Court Justice. His background is as a Medical Doctor, not a lawyer. But unless it is a requirement to have a law degree, I would.

        At least he has common sense and ethics. He is white. And he is right.


        • Not a requirement to be a lawyer to serve on the SCOTUS.


        • White has nothing to do with wisdom and intelligence. One of the biggest defenders of the Constitution that is on the Court is Clarence Thomas. He also happens to be black.

        • Ron Paul would NOT be a good Supreme. Constitutional Law and Case Law are quite complicated (as intended).

          Ron Paul may be a good doctor and he may have been a good Congressman; with old fashion American commonsense that is in short supply by political leaders the world over; but unfortunately you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

          TRUMP needs to choose four or five YOUNG Conservative Judges as he has identified, to dominate the Court for decades. Without a TRUMP Presidency, America is lost. 🙂

        • Ron Paul would NOT be a good Supreme. Constitutional Law and Case Law are quite complicated (as intended).

          Ron Paul may be a good doctor and he may have been a good Congressman; with old fashion American commonsense that is in short supply by political leaders the world over; but unfortunately you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

          TRUMP needs to choose four or five YOUNG Conservative Judges as he has identified, to dominate the Court for decades.

          Without a TRUMP Presidency, America is lost. 🙂

        • Ron Paul would NOT be a good Supreme. Constitutional Law and Case Law are quite complicated (as intended).

          Ron Paul may be a good doctor and he may have been a good Congressman; with old fashion American commonsense that is in short supply by political leaders the world over; but unfortunately you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

          TRUMP needs to choose four or five YOUNG Conservative Judges as he has identified, to dominate the Court for decades.

          Without a TRUMP Presidency, America is lost. 🙁

      11. It didn’t stop him from running way back when though to line his family members pockets with the salaries they were paid to run his “campaign.”

        • Sad but true.

          • With all his talks on money issues and fair tax and how welfare drains taxes etc. I wonder when ron paul is going to do a video to explain his new plan to return that $75 Million or so in us dollars he earned from so many trusting folks who donated it to him, while they believed he would remain in the running and see it to the end as promiced always by him.

            Much talk about Paul never recieved congress perks on health care or retirement perks etc…

            but none speaks of how he twice ran for us prez and each time earned vast amounts free cash donations.

            And how whenever a politition retires or fails to get re-elected all they need do is permanantly quit the game, pay normal reg irs taxes on all campaign cash and can then Keep all that remains after taxes are paid.

            So I estimate his after tax gains from both us prez runs, and both time he quite running just a coyple weeks prior to election, his “Take” after taxes is likly to be aorund $50-Million at least eh.

            Not a bad trade off for foregoing normal congress perk retirement package eh?

            I more consider him a very good con man at best.

            Yes yes I am well aware that statement by me is going to create many pissed off ron paul Bots/worshippers anger now…Oh well just Glad I never donated a penny to his two in a row con games.

            I also do not see why many so praise him for simply always doing a NO vote on most congress bills issues.

            It cannot be too hard or difficult to always vote no when you know in advance that doing so will not have an effect either way regardles the issue or law or bill voted on.

            But that is what gained him so many supporters even though in his entire carear I do not recall him ever getting a single thing done or passed?

            So in end game senario at best ron paul wasted 20-25 yrs in congress doing No votes for most everything, which gained the usa folks a big fat zero end result.

            That, even a small kid can accomplish or a highly trained zoo chimp.

            Maybe its the mentality of too easy to dupe tea party types at large eh?

            First they fell for pauls game, then fast fell for electing fast talking swindlers as leadership in the biggest tea party orgs nationwide.

            Devey Kidd wrote many articles that fully outlined how for example that Texas tea party group voted to elect some new commer woman and husband team as new leadeship of that TX org.

            WithOUT first investigating how that women and husband team just prior recently Lost a huge bundle cash in a failed buisness attempt, then lost a several hundred grand home mortgage and went belly up bankrupt, just before comming to texas tea party and soon being elected as top leaders of she as Prez and husband as Treasurer!

            Then as fast as possible granting their selves over a hundred grand plus salaries pay, each! for heading tx tea party org….Very very Poor method of doing things no?

            So yes I Can see how easy it was for ron paul to get such huge donations so fast…

            Just Prey upon well meaning yet very easily duped patriot folk, and also helps to make plenty use of religious sayings I rekon. That bunch always falls hard for that stuff…

            I’d wager most anyone Here at SHTF could get donations, vote support and even elected if done at right time and place by simply stateing their “Undying defense and support for israel state and Nuttyahoo”

            And it also helps if they call all who dare question any of it all an nazi or racist antisemite.

            Nothing gains faster support from a huge subset of us voters eh.

            oh, and after all that transpired to Paul by many of his own repubs, like is now happening to trump by same neocon repubs, and everything else too in past 15 yrs…Paul still remained a repub period.

            That fact alone tells me he was never as serious to be us prez as so many believe him to be. I would have quit repubs party asap fast if in his shoes.

            Maybe “some” party perks are just too good to quit eh?

      12. Yes Sarge and MommaD, that’s why the trolls don’t like guys like’s my grammar isn’t it. Gives new meaning to phrase, you can feel the heat.


        From the ashes we will rise to build a better world..

        • HCKS
          You keep it coming my friend. You have every RIGHT.

          As far as TROLLS go. I try to respond to them one time, and then just turn my back on them, on this site. But there are time I will read what they have to say about other things and if I agree with them I will tell them so.

          You keep after the Ass Clowns we all like that. You don’t have to fight my battles, but it is good to know you are in my corner.

          We all know that there is time where you have to read between the lines. So like I said before KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!


        • HCKS, give em’ hell! I’d be glad to become an ASSISTANT agency ass clown moderator. You know my feelings on trolls.

      13. If voting won’t change our problems then why did he spend all the time and money running for president?

        • Yeah… that’s a good point that you’ve got there. I personally like to first put all my eggs in one basket, and then drop/spill them just before reaching home.

          • Mac:

            Perhaps he was in on it from the beginning, or, TPTB let him go for it right up to the point where they wanted him to stop. Most people have something to hide or someone to protect. People are not going to take their cause any further when their children or grandchildren are being hurt. These people are professional bullies. They know how to apply pressure that no one can stand up to, and no one knows until it happens to them.


        • There is always a leader in place waiting to step out in front of any grass roots movement and then lead it astray. That is most likely both Paul and Trump.

      14. American man is one hundred and fourteen years old and counting. What does he eat every day of his life? HONEY!! Did I tell you. Keep plenty of honey in your preps. It never goes bad. I’m not saying you shouldn’t store sugar. Store sugar in five gallon food grade buckets. But honey is a superfood, unlike sugar. They are processed differently. Read a book on the benefits of honey.

        What are the other four foods this centenarian eats every day.? GARLIC, of course. Olive oil.

        There are two more, but I don’t remember what.


        • My Italian mother-in-law made home made bread daily. She set aside a plate with olive oil and garlic to dip the bread into.

          I think one of the other foods to eat every day is tomato.
          I bet you are thinking that this 114 year old is Italian. In the video he definitely looked African-American, but who knows what other DNA he has.


      15. Toss the trolls in the shredder and let em come out fish chum..Any one hear any thing about any warnings or any thing for Sunday 9/11 and what exactly is going to happen on oct 1st when china and saudi run /oversee our internet what is it exactly that they are gonna do? Ya know all them 9/11 family members can sue saudi now

      16. Godsoldier.


        • Yep but it’s better than the trolls. Hello, Hello is there any body in there just nod if you can hear me is there any body home.

      17. Hicks and Mac and rest of ya on on the top article is titled All hell breaking loose this Friday. It has some good info and pics regarding hicks scientist statements per Chinese being here and October

      18. Any one know what kind of rifle the Chinese use now and caliber

        • AKM-74 I’m not sure.

          • If it’s an AKM 74 variant then it probably uses the 5.45×39 Soviet round.

      19. If you go down on stories on there is another one about the Chinese military vehicles by Steve quale

      20. 5.45×39 found Wikipedia

      21. Wake me up when you get the first exchange of gunfire between Chinese troops and Americans that is verified.

        • Might be too late by then.

          Red Dawn could be right around the corner.

      22. Can you believe gene wilder’s net worth? Sheesh!

      23. Ive been saying all along it is a dog and pony show. Ive many times stated that there is not any viable political or ballot box solution. until the lopsided situation of too many parasite takers and too few producing makers is rectified. The nation will continue to decline. As long a the makers are robbed and the takers enabled voting will still be futile.

      24. Come what may,I will be ready with my AK-74. Went to the range today,and boys and gals,did it sing. The problem was the trigger reset spring which was installed incorrectly. I LOVE IT!!. Yes,I am a very happy gun owner today.

      25. The dark state the children of Satan accumulate money by printing it ala FED. Then they can pay you guys with guns 1000 dollars of paper a day to do whatever they tell you to do. Just think you will be able to put your little children through the best colleges . You owe it to them . You must sacrifice for them. They are family . A 1000 dollars a day. I can get a new truck and a bass boat and an ATV. And build me a shop. And get the wife a tit job. I got to have priorities . My family first. A 1000 dollars a day . I could really stock up . Solar system everything. And you will be like the Apache police when they are done with you. You think they are going to let you keep all that money? Useful idiot?

      26. Ron Paul is a straw man, he had the people, he had the revolution movement in 2008 but he decided to back down at last minute and let Obama take all the glory and the election. I will never forget it. Shame on him, he is just sounding an alarm bell, be prepared for the disappointment. What you really want to know about is the secret lunch meeting Trump had with Murdoch back in late June in Scotland, what angle and timeline Murdoch press will take to support him and ruin Clinton (did not occur), or the alternative.. disappointing all round.

      27. FTW, your a troll.. your ass is banned… I saw how you attacked me over a month ago, calling me a nut job, telling me that I have mental problems.. you are in no position to call bullshit on Dr James Garrow.. you trolls work very hard to convince people other wise, and have failed in the info wars.. Karen Hudes backed up the first nuke attempt, I hear it from a local source that’s law enforcement that the incident in 2013, that it do happen and one very serious local government source that it did happen, and you think that you can come on here and act like your one of us, then call bullshit on Dr James Garrow… hit the street and don’t come on here and insult my intelligence dumbass. North Korea is a US Colony and this is a fact of life.. they pay those regimes to do the false flag and attacks to blame them, when in fact the enemy is in our country and owns the main stream media..and you FTW don think that the rat bastards, your bones won’t try to cancel the elections, declare martial law.. we on shtf are not stupid people..


        • Grow up HCKS!!!

          Just because I disagree with you on some issues, that now makes me a troll?

          As I said in a previous post – “I did not disagree with Dr. Garrows statements — the thing I was getting at is … “who else is backing up his recent findings? … so far there is none that I can find … this Garrow, ex CIA … who says he isn’t still playing the game?

          Information & disinformation is what these people do – whether they claim to have or do not have anymore affiliation with “said” government agencies.

          As you noted above “don’t come on here and insult my intelligence.”

          This I did not do to you, nor do I need to.
          You do that very well … all on your own.

      28. On the daily sheeple there is a article and pictures showing just how buddy buddy Trump & the Clintons where not very long ago. It makes me really question Trumps credibility?

      29. Old Guy: Just go Read Trumps Speech he gave to/at the once per year huge, 20,000 jewish attendees AIPAC event a few months ago!

        read Every Word and let it all sink in slowly.

        If even 90% of that speech was BS to garner support or votes? Then even the remaining small 10% if truth as stated by trump of his real feelings and plans?

        Well to me if even 1% of that 10% is such it will sooner or late prove trump to be the same ol same ol as per usual and typical of all polititions so far.

        • Them Guys:
          Please continue posting at SHTFplan, even if you don’t read the articles. I went back and listened to Donald’s speech before his friends at (A pack).

          Yes, it’s frightening. But what other choice is there. Would you prefer Hillary? I don’t think we can do anything but vote Trump. Forget Isreal. There’s still the trade agreements. There’s the wall with Mexico. And the soon-to-be refugees coming here, to consider. Vote Trump. We can’t take four more years of the policies on unchecked immigration.

          Thanks TG. Hope you are well. My prayers are with you. I hope you recover soon. Find a Naturopathic Physician. I will give you some info but in the meantime check out “The Truth About Cancer A Global Quest”. I have the book and DVDs. But you should be able to get on the web. I have the phone number of the MD in Texas if you want it. He does some technically advanced stuff that may interest you.


      30. I wonder if trump had to deal with New York Jews forever he knows he had to kiss their asses and now it’s payback time. But he knows they’ll kill his whole family like kennedys and Romanoves and destroy his people like Hitlers. How can these Jews have so much power? The paper money to pay mercinaries.? Pay off everyone ? Pay army’s ? Paper money. Print as much as they want. And we sell our souls for it.

      31. Them Guys:

        According to Duke, if memory serves me, that speech was written by Trump’s J*wish advisors. Trump, who had been shooting from the hip in other speeches, read this one word for word. This concession to J*wish power demonstrates it’s existence for all those who deny the existence of J*wish power over Americans. I have no doubt that Trump will acquiesce to J*wish power in order to survive. The only question is, to what degree. Hillary is the J*ws preference. She will anything and everything for them, and be richly rewarded and protected from criminal investigation. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Mossad carried out the Clinton “suicides”. A vote for Trump is a vote against corruption. It is worth putting in a Trump vote merely for its symbolic resistance to tyranny. Who knows. Maybe Trump won’t disappoint us after all. Time will tell. November 8th we’ll know who gets the title of President of the U.S. Six months after that we’ll have a pretty good idea what’s up. Until then, pray for peace and hope for the best.

        Them Guys, do you have a ham radio?? If so, can’t you broadcast an informational radio show of your own using it? I think you can. I don’t have one but I knew a kid who had one when I was a child. And I had a radio in my truck many years ago. But I think a Hamm Radio is able to send out to many people at once.


      32. Yep beginning to believe were screwed no moatter who wins. Trump wants to police state us more and Clinton wants to take our guns.

      33. Ron Paul is right but i am still waiting for the FED to be audited when it comes to Ron doing his job right so why is it taking so long.

        The election is just a puppet race and both puppets have been brought and paid for so don’t be fooled into thinking that any puppet can wipe there own bum without permission from Congress who all work for the banksters from Israel

      34. The problem is political parties are now sustained by corporate donations not people, the first job of a politician is getting re-election that involves selling votes and influence to corporate interests. Unless that is changed Trump and Paul are going to be outsiders.

      35. At the rally in Pensacola, Trump promised to give the government back to the people. He said, “When WE make President…” This had a nice ring to it.

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