Ron Paul: Unless the Fed is Stopped, America Will “Soon Experience Major Economic Crisis”

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    Ron Paul

    Ron Paul has written another column advocating the auditing of, and eventually shutting down, the Federal Reserve system.

    Until the United States has the political will to tackle this important issue, America is in grave danger of “a series of ever-worsening economic crises” which will wear down the purchasing power of the dollar while further eroding the standard of living for everyone.

    In stark terms, Dr. Paul warns that this country and the world will “soon experience a major economic crisis” unless they change course on monetary and economic policy.

    via the Ron Paul Institute:

    Last week Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen hinted that the Federal Reserve Board will increase interest rates at the board’s December meeting… However, there are several reasons to doubt that the Fed will increase rates anytime in the near future.


    The failure of the Fed’s policies of massive money creation, corporate bailouts, and quantitative easing to produce economic growth is a sign that the fiat money system’s day of reckoning is near. The only way to prevent the monetary system’s inevitable crash from causing a major economic crisis is the restoration of a free-market monetary policy.

    One positive step Congress may take this year is passing the Audit the Fed bill. Fortunately, Senator Rand Paul is using Senate rules to force the Senate to hold a roll-call vote on Audit the Fed. The vote is expected to take place in the next two-to-three weeks. If Audit the Fed passes, the American people can finally learn the full truth about the Fed’s operations. If it fails, the American people will at least know which senators side with them and which ones side with the Federal Reserve.

    Allowing a secretive central bank to control monetary policy has resulting in an ever-expanding government, growing income inequality, a series of ever-worsening economic crises, and a steady erosion of the dollar’s purchasing power. Unless this system is changed, America, and the world, will soon experience a major economic crisis. It is time to finally audit, then end, the Fed.

    The decline in the stock market following Friday’s jobs report was attributed to many investors’ fears over the impact of the predicted interest rate increase. Wall Street’s jitters about the effects of a rate increase is another reason to doubt that the Fed will soon increase rates. After all, according to former Federal Reserve official Andrew Huszar, protecting Wall Street was the main goal of “quantitative easing,” so why would the Fed now risk a Christmastime downturn in the stock markets?

    With the 2016 election in mind, Paul mentioned the efforts of his own son, who is a candidate, while also acknowledging the recent statement of controversial GOP frontrunner Donald Trump – who sounded off on the Federal Reserve and accused its chairwoman Janet Yellen of holding off on rate out of political consideration for President Obama – who doesn’t want a bubble to burst, and subsequent round of “recession-slash-depression” during his term in office.

    Ron Paul agrees, writing:

    Donald Trump made headlines last week by accusing Janet Yellen of keeping interest rates low because she does not want to risk another economic downturn in President Obama’s last year in office. I have many disagreements with Mr. Trump, but I do agree with him that the Federal Reserve’s polices may be influenced by partisan politics.

    Janet Yellen would hardly be the first Fed chair to allow politics to influence decision-making. Almost all Fed chairs have felt pressure to “adjust” monetary policy to suit the incumbent administration, and almost all have bowed to the pressure. Economists refer to the Fed’s propensity to tailor monetary policy to suit the needs of incumbent presidents as the “political” business cycle.

    Presidents of both parties, and all ideologies, have interfered with the Federal Reserve’s conduct of monetary policy. President Dwight D. Eisenhower actually threatened to force the Fed chair to resign if he did not give in to Ike’s demands for easy money, while then-Federal Reserve Chair Arthur Burns was taped joking about Fed independence with President Richard Nixon.

    Without a doubt, a clearer picture of the Federal Reserve decisions and secret deals would prove the tyranny of monetary control.

    The market is vulnerable to any rate increase, as Yellen well knows, while the future prospects for American jobs is being whittled away.

    Ron Paul’s full column can be read here on his Ron Paul Institute website.

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        It’s one of the best survival games ever made.

        • Let the idiots in colleges like Yale and the one in Missouri have their “safe spaces”. Spend your tuition elsewhere. They surely don’t need any funding (or jobs) from us bigots either.

      2. They always bullshit around about fiscal policy, which never changes.

        Not a word is spoken about monetary policy.

        • Hey Acid Retch..>>

’s an old timer recognized by all here, ..jammin’.

          ..’tis uber-cool that he’s a 2nd amendment “ZEN-guru” also.
          So much for your: ..we old folks suck meme / accusations.

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          Bruce ‘ROCKS’…

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          • Hunter, I think acid is just jealous because he can’t be normal like any of us.

            • Brave…

     the end of the day, a broken clock is correct “twice” through-out the cycle.

              Yet, its still broken, yes???


              Ditto, per our resident sexual-deviant..Acid.

              Look, if he were smart enough to keep his ‘sickness’ unto himself & in the closet..we’d likely ignore his old folks rants / beliefs..& mark them off as a youthful reflection of opinion and, yet still accept his reporting, on things relevant to “shtf-survival”…yes(again)???

              Thus,…we’d all likely cut his ass some slack…whilst, wanting to bitch-slap his!!!???


              Yet, because this deviant cretin, likes to “pitch and catch” (sexually)..per his same gender..should require “PAUSE” amongst the faithful here.

              ..insomuch as, would you allow him to baby-sit your kids???? Your son??? Your daughter???

              ..and yet, some among us regularly accept him as a part of the crowd(?)….Hmmmmmm!


              Perhaps the disease of “cultural-Marxism”…is indeed, FATAL…& and a few (here)…are merely clinical witnesses, for the record..of its onslaught..rampaging thru..and nary resisted..

              ..within a nation & people that..

              ..once(a long time ago)..Revered GOD!!!***


              ***..and his truths / edicts!!!

              • The demographic data says that people under 30 are not bigoted pieces of shit like you boomer shitstains.

                When you cows die off we will put an end to all the homophobic hate speech.

                • Acid, go f#$% yourself!

                • You mean the homophobic hate speech that says gay sex is a sin according to the Bible? Or that the same Bible says abortions are a sin? Besides according to Webster phobia means: a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it. I don’t have a fear of homosexuals…I work with several butt burglars/carpet munchers, I have no problem working with them, it’s the lifestyle I don’t agree with, not the person. There is a big difference. Also you’ll never “put an end to all the homophobic hate speech” because I’m under 30 so that throws that out the window….And since your obviously pro-gay what is it about hairy assholes that turns you on?

              • “The market is vulnerable to any rate increase …”

                LMAO!!! The USA might actually BENEFIT from a small rate hike. It’s China that will tank first even in the face of massive ADDITIONAL Chinese QE. Especially with massive additional QE. Brazil is near civil war, Venezuela is about to expire, and inflation is crushing Russian consumers.

                Ron Paul does not realize that the FED is at war to preserve its hegemony. And the number of Senators who will vote in an election year to audit the FED ??? Less than 20%, if that many, is my guess.

                Hyperinflation IS coming, folks: to China, because with ALL of its gold, its still not enough per capita to support a gold Yuan. And even if it did back the Yuan with gold, the gold would disappear from China as fast, if not faster than the CCP accumulated it and the $500 billion dollar equivalent of Yuan that has fled the country this year would return ….. in exchange for gold.

                So then, not only would the gold be gone from China, but the idea that the Yuan is a fungible currency accepted ubiquitously around the world would disappear as the Yuan disappeared from the global financial system to be redeemed.

                The alternative for the CCP is to stop QE in China which would cause a MASSIVE financial crash unlike anything the world has ever seen as their corporations go bankrupt, their real estate tanks, and their jobs disappear because the American consumer has disappeared.

                LMAO!!! The FED has outsmarted the CCP !!! 🙂

                • durangokidd says:

                  “LMAO!!! The USA might actually BENEFIT from a small rate hike.”

                  Do you think a 25bp rate hike actually means anything DK?? That’s like voting in a national election and thinking your vote actually means anything! News Flash: It doesn’t.

                  The Fed rigs the rate for the benefit of the crony class. The common man is thrown under the bus in the process. Uncle Joe Stalin would be proud!!!

                  If you don’t have a free market in “money”, you don’t have freedom!

                  • YMWW: I agree, a 25bp means nothing to the American markets, except psychologically. Maybe not even a 50 bp rise in rates.

                    However it would signal an attempt by the FED to “normalize” rates, and would likely then dampen the “froth” of elevated PE ratios which are not supported by the fundamentals, lowering market levels with a correction, rather than a crash.

                    News Flash: Voting DOES matter. Follow the money. The winner gets to spend trillions of taxpayer dollars on the agenda of its Party. That’s why each party will spend billions of dollars to elect their candidate.

                    In this presidential election, TRUMP signals the last great hope of US ever reclaiming the Nation from the NWO as he would reverse all of Obola’s EO’s, deport ILLEGALS, and open investigations long since closed by the NWO, like 911. He would demand FAIR TRADE and close our borders. That alone is worth your vote.

                    A Trump Presidency would likely bring real transparency to the Office. I would remind FED Haters like you, that TRUMP calls bankers “KILLERS”.

                    He knows. Give him your support. 🙂

              • Hunter, when he makes decent posts and offers prepping tips, I do cut him some slack. But when he starts his ranting and raving, I go after him just like I do a troll.

                • yes, and you have the same deterrent effect on him as anyone else. He’s not going to stop posting, I hope you’re intelligent enough to realize that.

            • in other economic news…

              Obama Explains Why ‘The Greatest Corporate Power Grab In History’ Is “The Right Thing For America”

              “While some have called The Trans-Pacific Partnership, “the most brazen corporate power grab in American history,”

              President Obama tells Americans – in an Op-Ed released today – that “it’s the right thing to do for our economy, for working Americans and for our middle class”

              Despite independent analysis that appears to confirm the creeping corporate coup d’état along with the final evisceration of national sovereignty,

              President Obama explains – in simple words – ObamaTrade is “a trade deal that helps working families get ahead,” due, in his opinion, to the “toughest global labor laws” which will allow American workers to compete on a so-called “level playing field.”


      3. The only sane voice in DC…

        All be well…

        • Not anymore. Ron Paul is not in congress anymore.

          He is the only person speaking the truth on the economy. All his other beliefs on social policies are bull shit, but his economic policy is spot on.

          • JS, WHOA THERE! Ron Paul’s beliefs on social policies were NEVER BS. It’s everyone else’s views on social policies in Congress that ARE BS. Ron Paul was the only chance we had for PEACEFUL change in the US and that’s gone for good thanks to TPTB. The Tea Party movement was originally started as THE movement to get Ron Paul into the WH but it was hijacked by the damn neocons. Now we’re going to have civil war 2 since there’s no peaceful options left.

            • Let me clarify, his social stance on legalization of drugs. Ron Paul was for the decriminalization of ALL drugs, not just marijuana.

              Anybody that knows anything about crime knows that the vast majority of property crime has a direct link to drug abuse.

              That is why I dislike Ron Paul’s social beliefs.

              • BULL SHIT OLD MAN

                Countries that have legalized and decriminalized drug use, such as Portugal and Uruguay, have lower rates of drug use.

                There are already laws against breaking into someone’s shit.

              • He believes in personal responsibility. You cannot legislate morality… or stupidity. Are you inferring that if drugs were no longer legislated, then you and those you know would become heroin addicts?

                Freedom means exactly that. The freedom of choice.

                That you don’t understand that is why we in America are in our current position… we are held hostage by a clueless electorate.

              • John, the majority of crime connected to drugs is a result of it being illegal. Any black market goods command a high price because those supplying it are taking risks as well as paying off key people. Legalize drugs, regulate and tax them as we do alcohol, and keep their price affordable, and you eliminate the need for addicts to steal in order to maintain their habit. More importantly, it ends turf/gang wars which kill innocent bystanders along with the criminals. Events like the St Valentine’s Day Massacre happened during Prohibition not after it was repealed. Now I would want to see much harsher penalties for anyone supplying drugs to minors, either life in prison or the death penalty. In no way do I advocate the use of drugs but the current manner of dealing with the issue has been an abject failure for decades and needs to be scrapped.

              • I’m for it because I figure most of the druggies would die from OD in very short order.

              • True about property crime….but now ask why.

                If all drugs were legal, the price would be so low the users would either kill themselves off, or live with a level of use they could afford.

                You could grow your own opium poppies, for example.

              • @john stiner…

                And anyone who has an intellect more than a mile wide and inch deep can understand that the illegality of drugs simply inflated the price so that it become necessary for people to steal to acquire them.

                Not justifying thieves. I hate them. But all the criminalization of drugs has done is erode our freedoms and corrupted law enforcement, the courts and government in general. It has also helped create narco-terrorist states like Mexico.

                Tell me John….how did alcohol prohibition work out for us?

                I’ll answer that….All it did was empower an already existing criminal class by providing a means for them to acquire lots of money. And the corruption of government institutions was rampant.

                Did it stop people from drinking? No.

                And looking at alcohol as a comparison…it could probably be argued that alcohol is every bit as dangerous as other drugs. (notice I said “other drugs”, because alcohol is itself a drug) Yet, despite the dangers of alcohol and its effects….it is now legal. AND….there are countless people who consume alcohol who DON’T become alcoholics….or graduate to more dangerous or addictive substances.

                Criminals are often under the influence of alcohol when they commit their crimes. Yet…we don’t hear anyone talking about banning alcohol again, do we? Why is that?

                So, we need some consistency here. Either ban ALL substances that alter your state of consciousness, or decriminalize all of them.

                Because the war on drugs had done nothing but create a whole lot of collateral damage.

              • I don’t think you understand how it works. Decriminalization means that you start to undermine the drug markets and you link access to drugs to rehabilitation programs. Been done in other countries and people come off drugs and also crime falls as they are not looking to get money to score the next hit. The failure of the war on drugs is an utter failure like many policies in the US.

              • John Stiner:

                Sorry but you don’t know the facts.

              • John Stiner,
                With all due respect, you’re clueless about the implications of legalizing drug use. The crime and other things associated with drug use is caused by the enormous profits because it is ILLEGAL. The profits disappear if its legalized. The horrific amount of crime that the drug cartels cause and the petty thefts and murders caused by the users is ALL related to the fact that drugs are EXPENSIVE. Legalize them and they won’t be expensive.

                Please wake up and smell the coffee.

            • Civil war Two? Only if it’s fought on the internet…..

          • But he has been saying this crap forever. “America Will “Soon Experience Major Economic Crisis”. It isn’t over till the NWO says it’s over.


          • or this?
            Steve Quayle Alert 2
            Dear Steve,

            In regards to the Saturday aerial incident of southern California: My son was recreating at the Imperial Sand Dunes located in Glamis, California. From his perspective. he could see the large white aerial display and all of a sudden a deep blue orb shape inner cloud appeared within the white mass. Then a search beam was panning from within the blue area, to the circumference of the entire mass. He said it reminded him of youtube videos of hovering searchlights within a cloud formation. He also believed it may have been a UFO (ours) perhaps apart of the so-called test. Using binoculars, he could see silhouettes of helicopters outside the perimeter of the event. Some were flying, some hovering. The source of the beam of light within the blue seem to bounce 3 times at right angles then shot out of the mass. It appeared to be only miles away from his perspective, but it could have been further and just very huge. Now what is also weird, a couple of hours later, 4 F-18s with full afterburners on flew directly over the campsites at Glamis. Elevation, at 1000 feet and probably sub-sonic. the RV shook during the fly over. These planes were probably from MCAS Yuma. The next morning, he got on the highway to leave and there was a fast moving military convoy heading towards the general direction of the event. He estimated the speed of the vehicles at 85 mph plus. link to follow

      4. Same shit, new day…

      5. Anyone want to bet the audit of the Fed’s cookie jar will be done by Fed children? I like Ron Paul, but he’s a broken record nobody listens to.

        • Ame, While you are correct about Fed children (children of satan), but Mr. Paul is not broken record except to those who watch the Faux News and think Hannity and Bill O are the true American patriots.

          • No, she’s right, he has an ever shrinking audience with every day that goes by. Nobody can continue to say the same thing forever and expect reasonable people to keep nodding their heads like bobble head dolls. I can tell you that the Earth is certainly going to be hit by a giant asteroid that will kill off most or maybe even all of humanity, but will you spend all of your time dwelling on it? Doubtful, you’ll be spending time earning a living, making ends meet, taking care of a family, trying to make a better future for your family, so I don’t think you’ll want to hear me crying we’re all going to die someday day in and day out, because you can’t change it and it only becomes boring repetition, so I agree with Ame, he’s becoming irrelevant.

      6. “Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here”

        The Federal Reserve.

      7. The FED was given a 100 year lease in 1913 it came up for renewal in 2013 . And nobody talked about it then . We are slaves. Being lied to by everyone. Totally manipulated. Only a higher power can save us from these bloodsuckers?

        • You are only a slave if you pay your taxes!

          • Yeah, and if you don’t pay your taxes, you’re waiting to be thrown in jail! No, I think we’ll have to chop this tree down from another angle!

      8. Well I guess we will have a meltdown. The fed will not be stopped. But then Ron Paul knows the fed will continue as is. Paul is a broken record and unfortunately he will be ignored by most people due to the little boy who called wolf syndrome. . He has been saying we are going to go broke for decades. He is right but ignored by many.
        Good example of comments on this site. Years of the same people saying we will go broke any day now. The government is doing trial runs whenever a crisis happens. Right or wrong, and I believe eventually right, but even I don’t bother to read certain people’s comments here. Too many warnings based on spurious information.

        • Reminds me of the 1919 Communist Rules for Revolution:

          1. Corrupt the young, get them away from religion. Get them interested in sex. Make them superficial. Destroy their ruggedness.

          2. Get control of all means of publicity.

          3. Get people’s minds off their government by focusing their attention on athletics, sexy books and other trivialities.

          4. Divide the people into hostile groups by constantly harping on controversial matters of no importance.

          5. Destroy the people’s faith in their natural leaders by holding the latter up to contempt, ridicule and obloquy.

          6. Always preach true democracy, but seize power as fast and as ruthlessly as possible.

          7. By encouraging government extravagance, destroy its credit and produce fear of inflation with rising prices and general discontent.

          8. Foment unnecessary strikes in vital industries, encourage civil disorders, and foster a lenient and soft attitude on the part of government toward such disorders.

          9. By specious argument cause the breakdown of the old moral virtues, honesty, sobriety, continence, faith in the pledged word, ruggedness.

          10. Cause the registration of all firearms on some pretext, with a view to confiscating them and leaving the populace helpless.

          • Pretty scarey, but truthful. They’ve gotten away with about 95% now.

          • @John

            Those so-called rules were a hoax perpetrated by the New World News. They didn’t exist, though some would say that we are experiencing much of the falsehoods in real life now.

            (Look it up on Google)

          • The New World Order or Global Communist Totalitarianism- a rose by any other name.

          • You could also refer to the 14 indicators of Fascism which is much more descriptive of the declining US empire. After all the US is becoming a fascist totalitarian state. I guess for some perverse reason Americans think it is a commie plot, ha, ha.


            • I think some refer to is as the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan.

      9. people like Ron Paul
        and Paul Craig Roberts have been warning us for years
        but the vast majority are too concerned with sports teams,the Kardashians and Dancing With the Stars to
        take notice

        “Then Jesus said to them, “A prophet is not without honor except in his hometown, and among his relatives, and in his own house.”

      10. USURY. That is what the “FED” is all about. A Den of Parasites that need to be dealt harshly with.

        • EA, Good to hear from you. Indeed correct. The only way you can destroy Parasites is to exterminate them. THE ONLY WAY.

          • Yeah, yeah, yeah. You guys will be here 10 years from now saying the same thing over and over like you’ve been doing for the last couple years. It’s easy to keep saying over and over that x or y needs to be done, then logging off till the next article comes up and repeat the process all over again, sounds like the same kind of talking you hear in the local bar, everybody knows what the answers to all the problems of the world are, then orders another beer and goes home afterwards. Waking up the next day, of course nothing will change, it was the alcohol talking, and now the reality of the world sets in, it’s difficult to effect change, a lot easier to talk instead.

            • Is that the best you can come up with, Parker S.” Yeah, yeah, yeah? Do you happen to be researching again, under the influence, right now…at your “local bar”? Or are you just having another bad day, ad nauseam?

              • No, doing fine, thank you for asking. What I’m doing is merely stating the obvious, your reply is somehow meant to upset me I guess, but it doesn’t change the basic facts of my previous comment, When it comes to taking action, there won’t be any, there never will be. It’s just easier and safer to fight cyber wars by keyboard, you guys will be doing the same thing years from now, you’re not going to do anything to upset the apple cart like everybody else, but it makes for good reading to talk about it all the time because that’s all you’ll be able to do, so by all means, have at it, but don’t think anyone really believes you’ll do anything.

            • Parker ~ I can’t speak for anyone else, but my personal attitude towards this issue is one of extreme caution.

              Back in the 1960s, people (mostly kids, but a fair number of adults also) stood up to Big Government/Corporations to protest the Vietnam war and other social issues. Some were arrested, beaten, spied upon, persecuted…. but there was a significant grassroots movement, aided by a sympathetic media. And it made a difference. You never hear it mentioned nowadays, but the overall awareness of environmentalism, sustainable farming, organic foods, etc originated with the youth counterculture — which was almost universally condemned by mainstream America as “filthy lunatic hippies” and “brainwashed commie sympathizers” whose only intent was to destroy our country. It is ironic and somewhat amusing to see these issues now embraced by much of middle America…. most of whom have no idea how this huge change in attitude came about.

              But whatever momentum we had then seems to be gone now. Endless, pointless, unwinnable wars; a shockingly fast erosion of privacy and protection against government heavy-handedness; the never-ending technological advances in constant cradle-to-grave surveillance; police killing unarmed citizens almost weekly; laws that allow the authorities to confiscate everything you own without ever charging you with any kind of crime (civil forfeiture); the demonization of self-protection and A2 rights; currency controls that severely limit what you can do with your own hard-earned money; bailing out private banks with taxpayer money; the list could go on and on….

              –and the public’s reaction?

              * crickets chirping *

              Nothing. Barely a ripple. An occasional tongue-clucking on ‘Frontline’ or an occasional newspaper (hey, remember them?) article, which go unnoticed by 99.9% of citizens.

              And the government continues to roll on; granting itself vast new powers, watching and tracking and recording us constantly, defining the slightest expression of dissent, activism, or disapproval as “unpatriotic” and “a warning sign of terrorist inclinations”.

              It’s all very well to talk big about effecting change; but what specifically would you recommend that the ordinary person might do? The 1960s are long gone, and so is the counterculture that could offer a support system to those disgruntled with or persecuted by the authorities. This era seems much more bleak. TPTB are stronger than ever, and electronic systems watch every move you make without ever blinking. Step over the line a bit too far, and it’s all too easy to suddenly find yourself out of a job; hauled into court; on a ‘watch list’; your bank account frozen; your mortgage called in; your children taken away by DHS; your phone calls, emails, and texts ‘red-flagged’ for any remark which can be convoluted into a “threat” to “public safety”.

              The climate is now very cold to those who attempt to effect change. For myself, I have to say that I am no longer young, not in the peak of health, and frankly, I am scared at what TPTB are able to do with impunity to ordinary citizens. Perhaps you will say that people like me are cowards. But many of us have to pick our battles carefully, which is not the same as being a windbag on a bar-stool.

              I believe that there is very little that the average person can do that will affect TPTB; the times are simply not with us. The most likely outcome of an adversarial situation would be for any of us to be crushed like an insect. However, I also believe that I am being a good citizen by staying informed, getting ready for the darkness that I see on the horizon, and searching for others of like mind. (Alas, the latter no easy task in the notoriously liberal northeast.)

              And so, I ask once again: how do you recommend that the average person –whose family is often living a precarious paycheck-to-paycheck existence– put himself (and his loved ones) at risk to “effect change”?

              And incidentally…. what are YOU doing?

              These are not intended as hostile questions; I really would appreciate honest answers. Sincerely ~ KV

              • Karl v,

                No, I don’t think of you as a coward, that’s ridiculous to even think that. I think you’re an average guy with all the problems everybody else has, and notice I did say earlier to EA that he wouldn’t do anything to upset the apple cart, like everybody else { including me!} I appreciate the references made back to the last century, when those ” hippies” were vilified by the mainstream citizen, media, and law enforcement, and in spite of all that did make a big difference in the world often at the point of their own safety. That takes a lot more courage then pointing a gun at somebody and yelling at them.

                Now, as far as myself and what I am doing, just going about my business, trying to stay ahead and put some stores away for possible disruptions in the future, and maintaining a peaceful existence, as much so as I’m allowed to. You’re correct, there’s damn little anybody can do anymore to make any real changes in the world, so you have to forget about that for now, maybe times will change in the future, but I don’t think so. Lastly, my point to those guys is it simply gets old huffing and puffing and beating your chest about all the things that they’re ” going” to do or what ” should” be done. They’re here almost constantly banging that drum on a daily basis, year in, year out. So the point is yeah, we all know what the situation is, it’s simply ridiculous to spin big yarns and talk tough every day about it when we know they aren’t going to do anything. That’s why I used the bar room analogy, everybody knows how to solve the worlds problems when the talk gets big, but the same problems still get talked about every week that comes along and never seem to get solved. And the same people always keep talking about them, week in, week out. So my thinking is why keep talking big when they know, as does everyone else, that nothing will come of it? It begins to sound like schoolboys on the playground, talking tough about fighting but really hoping to avoid it. In this case, it’s all keyboard bluster, so when people continually keep doing it they look ridiculous. That’s the best answer I can give.

        • Yes and ron paul like all others who speak or write on it never mention anything of get rid of usury. Only that we need replace fed(with who ron? ron never says) and go back to gold backed cash…yet no matter WHAT cash is backed with or if its backed by nothing at all matters not as long as usury remains and who or what ever then gains controls over cash the same crap will happen…Small group filthy wealthy due to said usury, and all you Goyim remain poor as can be serfs.

          Some great Plan eh Ron?

          I Vowed long ago to Not trust ANY political types or so called experts no matter the issues unless and untill he/they end the FEAR of Nameing the true, usury and ALL other Ill’s and problems we face, Real Culprits…Not by actual persons name per se…but the TRIBE and its never allowed to be mentioned real name of self chozens…like I do!….All this TPTB-Eliets-1% .01% etc etc is a Farce based on abject Fear of being called vile names such as raysist and antisemite…Maybe it is High time we ALL fully Discuss in deep depth what exactly Is a semite? whos a real semite?…and just why is it so damn forbidden to name any members of the self chozen via use of the dreaded Feared “J” word?

          it has become childish at best and total lunatic at worst for most of 300+ Million folks to so Fear the tiny 1.7% who keep this fear control aperatus crap going. PC and White Guilt is How its been done…Wake Up you whitey Goys! or end up same as 1917 russians or ukrainians did fools.

      11. Give them circuses and bread.

        Give them free phones, housing and food.

        • Good one.

        • x2

      12. Ron Paul has been speaking the truth but his recommendations needed to be heeded two plus decades ago. We’re well past the point of no return, any actions at best may delay the inevitable but not stop it nor significantly lesson its impact. While the focus is domestic, the geo-political-economic ramifications are, in the big picture, even more worrisome and dangerous.

        It looks like all roads lead to chaos; its just a question of which vehicle gets there first.

        • Yes, there is no hope of fixing this mess. The only repair is a collapse then reset.

          That is why it is important to have gold, silver or hard assets to preserve your wealth.

          Cash will loose value really quickly.

          After the reset you can exchange your gold for the new currency and start anew.

          • John Stiner.

            It is apparent that whatever was called the Normal can not be fixed. So damn blurred as to where the point of no return was crossed. Our sounding of the alarm has little effect as far as I can see.

            • It is just like the Titanic sinking in 1912.

              At the start of the sinking people refused to get into the life boats. They claimed the Titanic was unsinkable. The life boats first launched were only half full.

              As the sinking became more inevitable, the panic grew and people fought over the last few life boats.

              I think people are paying attention. That is why you can’t find bricks of 22 ammo at the stores. People realize what is going on and they are stocking up.

              It is just not in the media.

              • John Stiner:

                If they had gone below and rescued the poor families with children. But no. If you are poor, your life isn’t worth saving. Then as now, money talks. It makes you wonder what is wrong with people. I guess we still haven’t evolved. We are Neanderthals in better shoes.

              • Great anology of our nation and its sheeple, John.

              • What they did do when the Titanic struck the iceberg is a lot of rearranging of the deck chairs.

                They also had the band playing for people’s entertainment.

                The Titanic was a classic illustration of Normalcy Bias……”This ship can’t sink”.

                The Titanic was effectively sunk when it struck the iceberg. It just took another three hours or so for it to slip out of sight beneath the surface.

                Likewise….this country is already dead. It’s just taking a while for people to notice the stench of a rotting corpse.

          • Gold & silver will not save you. TPTB will replace this system with an electronic one complete with everyone getting an implanted chip. There will no longer be any runs on the bank, they can create as much money out of thin air as they please and cut your chip off when you get out of line. The Mark is coming. It’s never been about money. It’s about control. Good vs Evil. Light vs Darkness. The lines are being drawn in the sand.

      13. I think in the near future,there will be a lot of Americans wishing they had listened more closely to the “broken record”.In my opinion,Ron Paul is a true patriot and is doing his best to help all of us have a better life.

      14. It is getting to the point where US debt
        is so large, we cannot pay it. I assert
        that Democrats have no intension of paying.
        Anybody with half a brain knows it is all
        funny money anyway.
        PM’s won’t help, when you allow
        immoral people to run your government,
        your media, your police, and your military,
        you will die.
        Take as many Democrats with you as you
        can, do it for the children.

        • Remember during the voting on the Obamacare passing, when it was determined one trillion would be added to the national debt, Nancy Pelosi said, “What does that matter, we are never going to pay it off anyway.”

          • Please, for the love of God, place a warning before you utter anything for the pig-lips of that succubus female demon spawn from hell. Thank you.

        • i remember a couple three decades ago hearing that by the time i’m able to collect soc. sec.(another 5 years) there will be one person working for every person on social security….looks like we made it there already.

          • Buttcrackofdoom,
            Actually the figure is about 2.3 payers for every 1 social security recipient by 2030. Pretty bad, but not 1 : 1.

            At present it’s about 3.5 payers for every 1 recipient, so it’s steadily getting worse and will bottom out at 2.3 : 1 in 2030. I guess after that all of us Baby Boomers will be dead and the ratio starts improving. Of course by then, we will have long since bankrupted ourselves.

        • OK the world is in so much debt that we can never pay it back but who do we all owe all this money too ?

          Jewish owned banking tools like the FED and the WTO along with BIS but if we cannot pay then does it not become the banks problem.

          National parks in the USA have been used as colateral for more loans but just how are the bankers going to collect on the debt ?

          They are starting to work this out and want real estate they can own and control so they are using americans to try to steel land from Syria and because the public would not allow the bankers puppets to start another war they came up with ISIS.

          Both sides of the house are taking bribes or are being blackmailed by these bankers, it’s a cancer that must be removed for democracy to work like it was designed to do.

      15. ron paul has been in power for years,he’s part of the problem!

        • 1776,
          He’s been in “power” with 535 other bozos. 1 out 535 is not a recipe for getting much done. He tried, but he’s a lone voice for reason, but he’s NEVER been part of the problem. Get your facts straight.

      16. Media magnifys controversy to swaggle the public into taking their eye off the ball while tptb manipulates and steals the public blind. So drag the suffering public through the mud to keep a collapse from happening while Obummer is in office. He’s more important than all of we the people combined the collective has failed. keep your $ away from Walmart and Amazon and any big box stores. Look up boycott israhell you will see all the brands to stay away from. I think it’s totally doable there are so many other products out there. play the game they play hurt them in the wallet.

      17. MR. Paul may sound like a broken record, but the truth never changes. Furthermore if we had voted this man President we wouldn’t have these monetary problems today. Instead we sidelined him for run of the mill politicians that sold us down the river. Oh well.

      18. Perfect example why our government is corrupt, incompetent, and in such debt:

        $1 Billion was Spent on 1 Online Digitized Immigration Form with all that money.
        –sources -Newsmax, Washington Post, Fox News, ijreview

        The top of my head blew off and still trying to find it.

      19. When the people dump the phony paper “dollar” and only accept cold, hard cash–coin–that will be the Depression that it will take to bust things down to reality. Without the phony paper “dollar”, every cent will be worth what “$10” in paper are (accepted as being) “worth” today.

        It won’t take gold or silver. “Even” the copper and nickel coin in circulation today (though which, no doubt, will be outlawed if paper “money” is rejected by the people–or, maybe less controllably, by the rest of the world) is quite valuable in itself–the mark of true money. That’s why people have been electrocuted trying to climb power poles to steal copper!

        There’s no need to steal it, though–unless merely possessing it is called a “crime” by the powers-that-be. Hoarding it won’t make it valuable either. Barter is the next most valuable thing other than copper or even silver or gold coin, and is what will take their place if those with “wise” ideas attempt to hoard coin.

      20. What would happen if they never raised the interest rate. Printed more money. And stopped spending money on foreign wars, foreign aid, and foreigners living in the US. And if we started paying off debt or just forgiving debt such as student loans. Could we slowly reset rather than letting the economy collapse. And what would happen if the Federal Reserve really was dissolved? Could we ever go back on the gold standard or silver, copper, or nickel etc.?

      21. Off topic, but my wife and I were butchering chickens today and picking the last of the garden. We have pretty much a prepping life style, not so much for disaster but because we both came up ruraly and continue to cling to some of the old stuff. Anyway, I was thinking about how much time is spent growing, raising, and preparing food. If we could no longer go to the grocery store most of our time would be spent preparing to eat and we are pretty practiced. 52 chickens is a whopping 1 bird a week for a year. Won’t be a lot of laying around time for people if things go sideways. Speaking of chicken—Does anybody have any experience with plucking machines. I would like advice on same. Thanks

      22. You mean the same Ron Paul who sells financial services on TV that are attempting to cash in on these fears? Paul is just trying enrich himself.

        • @Sean….

          Can’t you come up with a more original criticism?

          I know…when you can’t come up with a logical response, a personal attack by impugning his motive is supposed to pass for critical thought regarding his claims about the Fed…right?

          Just curious….do you consider companies who provide security services to be “cashing in” on people’s fears? Or are they providing a service that people want and need?

          Or how about this? Do grocery stores “cash in” on people’s fear of starvation?

          Is it “cashing in” when someone provides ANY product or service that people want or need?

          Are you, by going to work every day, “cashing in” on your employer’s need for help?

          • good one, anon

      23. Today the mind set of all our so called leaders can be summed up with one song: Steve Miller Band “Take the Money and Run “.

      24. The MSM and NWO can’t stand Ron Paul and he was and is deliberately ignored and marginalized. Jon Stewart did a clip about this back around the Iowa caucus in 2012. I’m surprised he wasn’t murdered, but he had enough people listening to him which would have certainly caused major blowback for the NWO.
        I’ve read his books and listened to him and I never heard him state he wanted to legalize anything illegal(i.e. drugs). He did want to see the end of the “war on drugs” because of the civil forfeiture and loss of freedom spawned by the federal gov’t intervention. He said it was the states that should determine the issue and not the fed gov’t.
        Of note also is that he refused the lifetime federal retirement that comes to any person that gets elected to the house or senate.
        Bottom line, keep preparing, look up ‘for your redemption draweth nigh’, and stay informed….

      25. With all the Central Banks coordinating the printing of money they could keep this game going for a long time. Each Central Bank prints money and we buy their bonds and they buy our bonds this will continue as long as we are zero or positive on the interest rates, but at about 1.5% individual countries start having problems on the debt service. The real question is what happens when interest rates go negative -.25 or greater which we are starting to see in some countries.

        Monetary policy isn’t just rates. Some emerging markets that feasted on US dollars at cheap rates are now experiencing problems with paying due to the strong dollar. It cost them more of their own currency to repay $1. Monetary policy is a multiple edge weapon that cuts in every direction. Have a nice day Boys & Girls. It might be a good time for Chain-Mail armor made out of Gold, Lead or Silver!!!

      26. The coward pussy Zombie boot licking brain dead filth in the shithole of collapsing fascist America do not have the will to wipe their own ass anymore. The brain dead dumbed down chemically altered Zombie coward filth have to wait to be told by their fascist disgusting evil shit stain US government of psychopathic criminal monsters what to do, what to think, and how to act like a good boot licking shit stain Zombie filth in America.


        yes, i can assure my fellow sht-effers that they the feds have plans. I just read this link from, pretty much outlining what my scientist friend is keeps telling us. The article outlines the almost same idential numbers, that i am being told, via 350,000,000/48 states=50-100k per state, resulting in 3-5,000,000 survivors. The 3,000,000 preppers, only 25% of them will survive from what i was told because of the prepper wars, since preppers know that preppers have prepps. This is what he told me triggers the civil war among preppers. In fact i am going told get more supplies, just incase. And the fact that i have a girlfriend now is even more disturbing. You all may have noticed that i have been a little quiet lately. So now i have a liablity on my hands. Now i have to build that bug out bag for her to carry around and luckily she lives only 15 mins away from me and 15 from her work, so this helps. Then again, i could run like hell clear out and she would be on her own, then thats just tough.

        I shouldn’t be calling my girlfriend yet, since i am still getting to know her, but she sure acts like it..She is not a beaty queen and is average looking, and a little chunky, however, this is better for my than the arrogant super models strutting around Houston. Sorry super models, your out of luck, this lady gets a studly guy, me. She accepts my leadship, and she has a career, and she likes me for me. Then again, lets not get too exicited, i am a pessimist, who thinks that this could turn sour, and i dont give a rats ass, i will continue to get ready ready for the main event.

        Bravehart is right.

        And i need to thank Bravehart for reminding me of my obligations to myself, and quit investing in women.

        The so called EMP sun event, that wont be happening, but that is being used for the excuse for the pope plans us, the mass genocide and kill out to wipe out 90% of the global population, etc



        F….k the elites.

        • Good luck with new lady


        I am already dead so i have decided to fight, and to survive shtf. Elites and senators, and the likes, talked about how the borders needed to be opened up to let baby Jesus types come into Texas and Arizona, while they entire time, she and her minions were letting in mexican soldiers, jihadist, entire armies armed with weapons, then per JH 15, shipped down all the military hardware for those advancing armies to use against Texans in our state.

        Like Dr James Garrow warned us about, that there is and entire army of jihadist and other nationals coming accross our borders and are being flown in and landing at undisclosed location all over Texas.

        Now matter how optimistic i try to think, and not matter how positive i try to be. I keep listening to my scientist friend, and keep reading a listening to Hodges, Quayle and ?, who is best friends with my scientist friend, and other sources, that keep confirming that something really bad is about to take place, that is not a solar system event, thats next April, March, This the fake EMP, that will be the crap about, China and Iran, North Korea, Russia is theatening to EMP us, so that they can condition us to belive that this is whats coming, to then hit us with that EMP.

        The solar system event, will be commensing during the civil revolutionary war, preper wars, etc and that event will be off setting the soldiers, leaving them stranded in the battle field, running out of food and water, and then this is when they flee the battle scene, only to get turn up and shot up by the citizenry.

        MAJOR ED DAMES, warned us about the cancellation of the 2016 Elections. What does Ed Dames know. You see my fellow sht-effers, my scientist friend was told the same. You all have noticed that as soon as i done posting, attacks follow immediately as if you guys are dumb enouth to dump you supplies into you local trash can and go to sleep. At least most of you have been taking me seriously, you should. From this point on, i have decided to not even respond to the trolls, let them post, and keep at it. A $7.00/Hr fusion center troll employee wont be going down into any DUMBS, thats what my scientist friend was told. The trolls are already dead, and they wont know what hit them.

        I will be having a talk with a girl friend to lay down the laws of SHTF to her and will expect her full compliance, to work with me, to get her ass in shape and start working out, to drop a few pounds, etc, adapt to and implement the Lifestyles of the SHTF..

        I will ofcourse tell my boys here on shtf, what the results are, if i will be told that i am wasting time, and if thats the results, and non cooperation is where she stands, then i will be cutting off communication, and move on. In other words, her ass in History. At this stage of the game, i dont have time to lecture and teach. She is either with me, of she is with the dumbdown masses. I am sure that she is with me, but the unpredictable behavior of women and thier gereral stupidity, and the current normalcy baised way of thinking is still 97% of the women you see around you daily. And for the women who have formed women prepper groups, more power to you. You ladies are really smart and intelligent, and i belive that you will survive. Just make sure that you get in contact with your male counter parts, thats trustworthy, meaning that they will be protecting you when the exist begins from your city. And for the ones, super models, etc, reading my post talking crap about my issues with women, good luck to you. Have a blast with the 100,000 dred lock and mexican gangs in your area supplemented with the russian and chinese soldiers. Texas will not make it to February of 2017. No chance. If the people dont get what they want, and the changes that needed to secure thier jobs and the future of them selves and thier familes. Once this is now aparent, then and massive uprising is what is predicted, and its going to be a literal HELL ON EARTH AS WE KNOW IT.



        Unward to the SHTF EVENT HORIZON.

        • Hcks don’t wastet your time with woman t h at don’t prep. These trolls will regret not heeding your warnings

      29. Wow! How many multiple personalities can exist inside of only one brain? Don’t worry about any super models reading what you say, I will guarantee you there aren’t any.

      30. Just a little late to the party which means my post won’t show up until everybody’s moved on, but I’ve been making some videos for YouTube and buying silver since the price went down so much this week. I guess it’s easy to get into a stew about the inevitability of the economic crash that the thoughts immobilize you like a deer in the headlights. I thought about just how paltry my purchase was today as I drove to the post office to mail my check in to the bullion folks. 25 ounces today, total. Those are the kinds of nihilistic feelings and thoughts that can paralyze you. But each time I take that course of action, I add measurably to the survivability of my family if an emergency occurred.
        Ron Paul is right. He has been a public servant all his adult life as a physician and politician. If sounding the alarm is what he can do, the more power to him.
        I will tell you that the value of my integrity and the relationships I have with my spouse,kids and grandkids are more valuable to me than simply surviving. Without those things, I would gladly meet my maker post haste. We survive to Live… not live to survive.

      31. too late already

      32. Good Governance requires the FRB be audited every year, just like any other private company of its size. Why are the rules different for the FRB? After all, nothing to hide, nothing to fear, right…?

      33. How long US economy will survive by exporting US $

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