Ron Paul: ‘The Fed Is At A Crossroads…Crisis Is Coming’

by | Feb 28, 2018 | Forecasting, Headline News, Ron Paul | 30 comments

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    The Fed has created a mountain of problems for everyone in the United States and every single solution that they come up with leads to even more problems. Ron Paul recently discussed what the Fed has done, how it tries to keep things going, and the inevitable economic crisis that is coming.

    Ron Paul has been one of the few steadfast proponents of liberty, which is likely why he’s no longer associated with the government at all. In a recent video, Paul discussed the problems the Federal Reserve created and why their solutions will generate an economic crisis of epic proportions.

    “They [The Fed] have a lot of power, but their main goal is to do central economic planning which always fails. It’s also a gimmick because they have meetings, they are supposed to have eight a year, and then there’s a big announcement…they come out and they make a statement and the chairman is interviewed, and then, later on, you get the minutes. It’s big fanfare. But I see it as mostly propaganda, just carrying a message. Getting it from the people who really run things, the deep state, and they get it out there. But it does have a lot of effect on the market. I actually believe that there are some people who know how fictitious the Fed really is and how inept it is, but still watch it because they know a lot of other people are going to pay attention…the deep state is not a part of the government, but they have a lot of influence.”

    Paul went on to explain that often we are told it’s not right to criticize the Fed. But that will change.

    “The next downturn, which I think will come soon, the Fed’s not going to get credit for getting us out of it. They didn’t get any credit for getting us out this last recession which we’re really, in many ways, still in…times are different. But times are getting much worse now. This next downturn is going to be a serious one and the Fed doesn’t have any magic whatsoever…central economic planning never works no matter how long they get away with it.”

    And something we’ve heard from top financial experts such as Peter Schiff, Paul also says there’s a trend to ditch the dollar, which will lead to its collapse.

    “I think it [the dollar value] is going to continue to erode on international exchange markets and this will hurt us because that’s also the reason that we see interest rates going up,” Paul says. “Peter Schiff is right,” Paul continued. This whole house of cards will come crashing down as interest rates rise.


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      1. IS THIS TRUE? From Q-Alerts…

        Dear Steve. The Illinois speaker of the House has called today Gun Day, ,meaning today day feb 28 2018 the guns in Illinois will be taken away. The bills passed through committee so fast we didn’t get the normal chance to submit Witness slips to the committee. Even gun dealers are being targeted. The democrats smell blood and their going hard. It looks like they are going to get magazines, semi-auto rifles and hand guns. Illinois gun owners will have 90 days to comply or become felons-

        • Its better to be a Felon, than to be disarmed and then disappeared by the leftist. And you know they will come.

          • Oh this could be fun.

          • the problem is that a felon can not have anything but a butter knife tp defend their selves with.

        • They smell blood? Well time is fast approaching when there will be blood in the streets–Theirs.

        • You’re right Genius. Still not voted on at this time (2:10 Eastern). So? Will the lawful (as of this moment) owners comply? Maybe this is what we need to kick things off, huh?

        • Must be true…. I saw a huge line of thugs and drug dealers lining up at the police stations to volunteer to turn in their guns.

          Just after the gun turn in line there were about 50 liberals with donuts and hot coco. They were hugging the murderous thugs and singing “We shall overcome”.

          Behind them was the Hillery 2020 campaign with a voter registration campaign. It was a 2 for 1 deal…. sign once, get two different voter ID cards.

        • And everyone be all “they can never do that… door to door… blah blah blah… they’ll get shot… blah blah blah… ”

          Well looks like they can do that, huh?

      2. It’s bad and getting worse. I can’t do anything about it. I sure wish I had more power. Buy American. There are plenty of people buying Chinese products. As long as China continues to have a strong market for their exports, we probably will remain safe. But we need our own factories to make products, too. Because when China finally pulls out, we will be entirely dependent on our own production. At least, that’s how I see it.


        • I am sick and tired of cheap Chinese crap. You can’t buy a drill bit for shit nowadays.

          They must make drill bits out of tin. They barely cut paper, none the less metal.

          • JS, I know what you mean. I have been buying the cobalt (not cobalt brand but cobalt material) bits, they are pricey but they work great and hold their sharpness. I had to drill a ton of holes in an oversea container and they worked great. Ace has them in their own brand for a lil less.

          • I bought a large supply of good bits back in the 1980s. I think I’m still good for a while.

          • Go to flea markets and yard sales. Tools get cleaned out from cellars and garages by wives who get the house via divorce, or by (adult) children who want to get rid of Dad’s old tools (after the parents have died) so they can use the money to buy a shiny new iPhone.

            If you keep your eyes open, you can find USA-made stuff from the 1970s and 1980s. These opportunities will eventually fade away, so buy while you still can.

          • you don’t want Chinese products, don’t shop in their off shore stores, Tractor Supply and Walmarts.

      3. HOLY SHIT! Look out Dallas, Houston, louisville… Check out these crisis actor ads!

        ht tp://

        • New Orleans having a drill today too.

            ht tp://

            Another to add to the boycott list!

            • Dicks can suck my, well, dick.

        • meh… Anchorage????

          There are not enough people in Anchorage. Plus, the ones that are there are armed to the teeth. Not because of pro gun ownership, but because they are all afraid of bears.

      4. To the young people and the few snowflakes that will listen. Ron Paul was a long-time congressman. He worked in the belly-of-the-beast (Washington D.C.) for decades. His efforts to audit the Federal Reserve and Fort Knox were repelled by the Demonrats and Rhinos. His experience and knowledge are valuable.

      5. Ron Paul has been talking about this for a long time but nothing ever gets done. I read that Deutche bank is up to their necks in money laundering for all of the oligarchs, Putin involved also. Trump said to owe $360 million to that bank for loans when nobody else would loan him anything. Millions of dollars in fines for the people involved yet not one prosecution of anyone. The Fed must know about all of this. End the Fed, that’s a joke right?

        • aljamo – and he’s not got a snowball’s chance in hell too. the Fed is independent. Only an Andrew Jackson as POTUS could stop them. Listen, if the S does HTF – we all need to remember never – ever – to allow a central banking cartel, foreign-controlled to have anything to do with our currency.

        • The fed will pull another rabbit out of their ass. Ron Paul just has not thought of it yet.

      6. Everybody. Yesterday I posted about the Sheriff in FL. giving weapons training to men in the terror linked mosque. To get yhe full info on that and his CAIR related deputy,go to pam geller website. Then get REALLY MAD.!

        • Wouldn’t surprise me any. He has been quite the chummy one with the Muslims: Hell, his deputy even has fairly good rag-head pronunciation. Probably an immigrant.

        • NYPD just settled 3 lawsuits for $180,000 to three Muslim women that sued because they were required to remove their hijabs when taking the mug shot photo.

          Got to love New York.

      7. Does anyone believe that the Federal government will ever balance its budget again much less run up a surplus?

      8. nope, don’t believe it. No incentive to do so.

      9. The Sky has been falling for over 15 years!

        Rothschild’s Jewish Organized Crime is the sky, and what you see in the markets is done intentionally by them.

        They want to shift to the total enslavement of the human race, through digital currency, but when they will, or can, make it happen has long been anyone’s guess.

        Don’t hold your breath!

      10. Why not have zero interest rates? That will fix all the ills today–free loan money !

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