Ron Paul: Phony Sarin Attack Carried Out By A Gov’t “Terrified That Peace Would Break Out”

by | Apr 14, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 177 comments

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    The Idlib chemical attack in Syria was a desperate attempt to reignite a war in Syria.

    It was a catalyst. A fraudulent pretext, and a false flag.

    The past year or so in Syria has decisively pushed out the al-Qaeda lite forces while simultaneously diminishing U.S. influence there as Russia has become the de facto regulating force in the region, making its own bilateral deals with Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

    But American objectives are not to be forgotten, and somehow they will be met.

    The phony chemical attacks of 2013 and the phony chemical attacks of 2017 were both engineered to garner public support for an attack on Syria, and for ousting Assad to meet the objectives of a secretive agenda.

    The effort failed in 2013 after Congress got cold feet about launching another war, and the public spoke out in overwhelming opposition to more war.

    In 2017, President Trump acted so quickly that a public dialogue was not possible. No one waited for evidence, inquiries or proof of the deeds done.  Instead, it was a hasty pretext to do exactly what cheated presidential candidate Ron Paul suggests was done to prevent ‘peace from breaking out’…

    via RT:

    “A victory of neo-conservatives” – that’s how Ron Paul, a former member of the US House of Representatives and three-time presidential candidate, described the US strike on Syria, adding that he does not expect peace talks to resume any time soon.

    Speaking to RT, Ron Paul said that there is no proof of Damascus’ guilt that could trigger such a rash and violent response from the US.

    “I don’t think the evidence is there, at least it hasn’t been presented, and they need a so-called excuse… our government and their coalition.”

    “If any of this was true, I don’t know why they couldn’t wait and take a look at it. In 2013, there were similar stories that didn’t go anywhere, because with a little bit of a pause, there was a resistance to it built in our Congress and in the American people. They thought that it was a fraud and nothing like that was happening, and right now, I just can’t think of how it could conceivably be what they claim, because it’s helping ISIS, because it’s helping Al-Qaeda.”

    “From my point of view, there was no need to rush. There was no threat to national security. […] “I have no idea what his purpose was. Maybe he just didn’t want to hear the debate, because the last time they debated it, they lost. And this time, it was necessary for them to jump onto this, before people came to know what was really going on.”

    Every indication points to the fact that this was a false flag pretext to bomb Syria – designed to keep the U.S. engaged in the region, and upping the ante with direct intervention, all while being engineered to give President Trump a little bump in the polls.

    Perhaps more importantly, it earned Trump a few points and pats on the back from the establishment media – who quickly sang his praises in unison after striking Syria, completely reversing on their constant derision of him just before.

    Launching a strike, and assuming the role of Commander in Chief means fulfilling his real campaign promises, the ones that really count. Not the ones he made in stadiums and arenas and debates, but the promises he made when he struck a deal. That’s business.

    In the world of the Deep State, Donald Trump just became a made man… now that he has launched missiles, true presidential material.

    Never mind that just a week before, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told the world that Assad could stay for now. Nobody seems to have tipped him off that there was about to be a 180; or perhaps it was this statement that triggered a coup within the system.

    They wagered, rightly, how the President would react.

    “I don’t believe that our people or the American government should be the policemen of the world, it makes no sense, it causes us more trouble and more grief, it causes us more financial problems, and it’s hardly a way that we could defend our constitutional liberty.”


    There is a bit of hypocrisy going on here, because at one minute we say, well, maybe Assad has to stay, the next day he has to go, and we’re there fighting ISIS and Al-Qaeda. At the same time, what we end up doing is we actually strengthen them! It is a mess.

    “The peace talks have ended now. They’re terrified that peace was going to break out! Al-Qaeda was on the run, peace talks were happening, and all of a sudden, they had to change, and this changes things dramatically! I don’t expect peace talks anytime soon or in the distant future.”

    More important questions hang in the balance:

    Will this break out into wider war? Are the rumors true that Trump will inevitably send in ground troops? Or is there a master strategy in the works? Who is steering this dangerous game? The POTUS? The generals? The deep state? A shadow advisor?

    Read more:

    This Is What Has Kept More Tomahawks From Falling On Syria: “The Russians Appear to Be Using Leverage That May Damage The President”

    New Cold War Lines Are Being Fortified: There Are Interests Behind The Throne That Are Not Controlled By The Trump Administration

    The Political Parties Are An Illusion Designed To “Relegate The Governed To A Position Barely Above That Of Cattle”

    Bombshell: Trump is Being Manipulated Into Sending 150,000 Troops to Syria


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      1. This website shows what would happen in your city if you had a MOAB, or nuke, dropped on it. Might be helpful for preparedness considerations.

        Or… for a real life example, just look at what the left has done to Detroit (which hasn’t had a conservative mayor since around 1960, and is the first major city to adopt the socialist Model Cities Program, a sister initiative of the leftist War on Poverty, which has now spent ~ $20 trillion (done a LOT of good, hasn’t it! Thanks, leftists.)

        Y’know, Democrat Detroit. The only city you can walk 12 blocks and STILL be at the scene of the crime.

        • Hey Durango Kiddy, go to Minute 8:30 of this video.
          ht tps://

          It clearly says that in 2015, Russia began selling Oil to China in renminbi directly, and all the while these countries began to become net sellers of US Treasuries.

          Now the Chinese are building up their own commodities markets as a leading producers and consumers of Gold, they created a Shanghai Gold exchange. “Backing their Yuan on the GOLD Standard.”

          Here is the info again that the Chinese are already backing their Yuan Currency with GOLD. You lost the best, send Mac the $100 ASAP Looser.

          • The yuan is NOT backed by gold. You are a fucking idiot. If it were backed by gold then it would be directly convertible to gold and holders of yuan would be able to go to the “window” of the People’s Bank of China and demand gold for their yuan.

            They can’t.

            Anyone wishing to buy gold with their yuan must go to a gold exchange in China, use a broker, and pay a fee for the privilege: just like everywhere else in the world, including the USA.

            With respect to trade between Russia and China in their respective currencies, so what ??? There is a long history of trade between the two countries where settlement was in gold or by barter.

            It doesn’t change anything. And is not much more than a flea on an elephant’s ass at this point. Eventually, there will be TWO SYSTEMS: GOG and MAGOG.

            BTW, all major western nations have similar commodities exchanges. Glad to see that you are catching up and have now figured out 2015. 🙂

            • Hope your neighbors don’t watch when you bury the Skippy jars in the backyard.

              • Neighbors ??? What neighbors ??? 🙂

              • Wow, a medium sized skippy jar full of gold? That would be like $200,000 USD. I’ll be watching my neighbor for sure.

                • No, Gandi. He buries 10 dollar bills. Or so he claims.

                  • Hahaha thanks ciscokid, that is a sure way to lose buying power since inflation will eat up the bill’s value unless he uses it for mulch.

            • sigh, the yuan is not backed by gold on purpose. but they have more than enough to back it if required too just like russia but unlike the US. IF the US even had the 8500 tons it stole from the people then it would mean gold would be 50k an ounce to deal with the massive debts. instantly making china and russia trillions in profits.

              both nations could dump their T bills on purpose and cause a crash for that very purpose, any threat to the petrodollar cannot be tollerated which is why libya and iraq are gone and they keep trying for syria, north korea, iran, russia and china – all of whom backed the gold dinar to trade oil in.

              • In reality the only thing backing any major currency is bullets. You are forced to use the central banksters money. Gold is just pretty.

          • You are delusional if you think the peasants money will actually be backed by gold. Peasants will have to buy their gold on the taxed and inflated market like every other slave. Only big big big corporations trade gold at gold exchanges for goods. We are slaves because we are dumb.

        • “It was a catalyst. A fraudulent pretext, and a false flag.”

          Maybe. Maybe not. I want to see the EVIDENCE. But, even if the chemical attack was a false flag attack, the bombing of the HOSPITAL where the victims of the chemical attack went for treatment was NOT a false flag.

          That deliberate bombing of a HOSPITAL full of civilians was a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY, and that action by ASSAD is NOT in question, and that action justifies the US missile attack on the airfield where those jets originated.

          TRUMP needs to put ASSAD on a short leash to create “safe spaces” for Syrian Snowflakes to stem the flow of Jihadists to Europe.

          It was a great STRATEGIC MOVE !!! 🙂

          • ” But, even if the chemical attack was a false flag attack”

            No No No. This would be too big to be reduced to “But, even if”.

            This requires conspiracy if not in execution then certainly in post attack reporting with “Intelligence Agency” collusion.

            “the bombing of the HOSPITAL ”

            And when the US bombs a hospital like in Afghanistan, and the US has the best most comprehensive targeting ability the result is, “Oops, it was a mistake”.

            Today civilian refugees fleeing the fighting headed TOWARDS Syrian government controlled areas for safety were attacked by Islamic suicide bombers, the people we support better known as, “Our side”. Nary a word of combination.

            • Condemnation not combination.


              • OOPS

                Airstrike Hits Doctors Without Borders Hospital in Afghanistan
                OCT. 3, 2015

                BIG OOPS

                United States bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade
                May 7, 1999

            • Two wrongs do not make it right. Hang Obola right next to ASSAD. Hang Clinton next to them both. It works for me. 🙂

              • “Two wrongs do not make it right”.

                A false flag is not a mere wrong, its an announcement that your government is rogue. That destroys the foundation that everything is based upon.

                Assad has been protecting the 10% Christian population that also are in the Syrian government. The “civil war” sure has a large amount of outside influence, manpower, funds and arming that one cannot reasonably conclude that its a civil war at all, but rather a invasion of a foreign army in civilian clothes. Saddam a tyrant? The Iraqi people were far better off under his regime than now. Gaddafi was a tyrant? Libya had the highest standard of living in Africa, Christians were protected, women had rights. So who is the tyrant? Please tell. How is reducing Libya to a Somalia a nobel endeavor? The great questions go begging; why? Why repeat the same actions that obtain the same results if its not intentional? The short term goal, protect the oil peg. The long term goal, facilitate chaotic states that cannot effectively govern their respective populations thus preventing any unified front to tell TPTB no on anything.

                The US arms Islamic Fundamentalists post 911 that cut off Christians heads. Thats a fact, that can’t be justified for any reason. It’s war crime quality criminal.

                • you nailed it Kevin…

            • You two debate like a couple of academic-knoweverything-dildos. One trying to prove the
              other wrong. Worse than a couple of orthodox rabbis. A few hours from now nobody will
              care because there will be another crisis. False flag or no false flag, its out of our hands.

          • ” I want to see the EVIDENCE”

            How about the responders washing off “nerve gas” victims W/O protective equipment? What is bothersome is the if we see it, the intelligence agencies see it, but they ignore it. That spells collusion, conspiracy, intentional deception and we’re supposed to believe them at a later date. How about the gas canisters ruptured from an outside force? Why after WMD in Iraq, Gulf Of Tonkin, JFK would you believe evidence from them anyway?

            Simple question. “When has the CIA last told the truth”?

            Things just never add up with them. Period.

            • I don’t believe the CIA. I believe the Marine Generals currently in charge of Defense and Intelligence, because I have a pretty good idea of the kind of men they are; neither do I believe TRUMP would order such a thing.


              • The evidence, for the 3rd time.

                1. The responders cannot decontaminate nerve gas victims without protective gear.

                2. The canisters were broke open from an outside explosive force consistent with a bombing.

                Interestingly the two items above are avoided by the Main Stream Media. Solid evidence and yet its not discussed. That in itself is indicative that something is wrong.

                Like the bullet that pauses in air and changes direction on Nov 22nd 1963 the official narrative is predicated on a falsehood hence its all false.

                It looks like the Marine Generals are either co-opted or ignorant because their supposed integrity does not change the above.

                I trust no one in power as its been a historical mistake to do so. I question them all.

                • And Kevin you are right to do so…

              • Marine generals/ Marine colonels. Remember Ollie North?
                “Ollie took orders from the No. 1 man but the crap hit the fan and superiors ran.
                Democrats tripped, the committee said can him. Now I’m ashamed of my national anthem.”
                Sir Mix-A-Lot lyrics, ” My National Anthem”.

        • Things to keep you up at night:

          France has nuclear weapons
          The UK has nuclear weapons
          Turkey has American nuclear weapons in their territory
          Updated American B61 nuclear weapons are due to be deployed in Belgium and Germany

          Europe is quickly falling under Islamic rule, and refuses to acknowledge that fact, let alone fight back.

          USA better buddy up with Russia and/or China.

        • According to Keynesianism goodness equals spending.

          Twenty trillion doing the work of the lord.

          Which lord?

          • Question? How did Benjamin Franklin get rich?

            He counterfeited money on his printing press. That is why he lived good. It was in his auto biography.

            I care not who owns gold. If I control the money I can buy it all.

        • Test you are right. We should just let kapernick, Jesse jackass, or Ron Paul parachute into any area we want destroyed by bankers and socialism.

      2. RON you are not in office anymore. You must not know the history of the mid east. Those bastards have been fighting with someone for almost 1500 years now. What makes you think that peace was about to break out?????


        • Ron Paul is definitely out there on this. He needs to shut up.

          • I disagree. He has a point. This is an engineered war. Warmongers are lighting fires to get the public reaction they desire calling for attacks to “save us”.

            Problem>Reaction>Solution. Its all about money, power, and control to those greedy bastards at the top of this engineered war.

            • you’re right moe…

            • Bush/Iraq war/WMD refuted/ public fed up,sick of war/ Obama wins election(McCain helps )

              classic Problem>Reaction>Solution

              Obama doubling national debt in 8 yrs./ relentless social engineering/ Clinton- criminal/
              traditional Americans disgusted / Trump Wins

              another classic Problem>Reaction>Solution

              Actually there were WMD/material in Iraq, many of our troops knew this and saw it.
              Yellow cake uranium was taken to Diego Garcia, and later shipped to Canada. This was
              after all the MSM hubub about no WMD’s. The MSM wore out the narrative about no WMD’s
              and after some were found it was no longer a newsworthy item. Security clearances and
              chain of command dictate what can and cannot be released for public dissemination.

        • Iraq & Libya’s military chaos is directly attributed to the US. Syria’s “civil” war is likewise. Syria was no problem until Assad said no to the natural gas line from Qatar. All of a sudden foreigners came in and they didn’t get transportation via frequent flier miles, Uncle Sam paid for the transport and armed by Uncle and his friends to do the globalists bidding.

          The above is fact, avoided by the main stream press like the clap. Much of this warfare is directly attributed to the US doing the bidding of globalist corporations. Much of the public voted for Trump because he campaigned to end the above and now he is furthering it. TPTB got him. Maybe they had him initially, maybe they got him a couple of weeks back, regardless they got him.

          We still got a USSC Originalist so my Trump vote wasn’t waisted but A. Trump, B. Hillary should have been followed with, C. none of the above. Rand Paul was the choice with Sanders as VP just to confuse the masses, get the middle class vote across the isle and screw the political party’s. This would confront the globalists with a dilemma.

          • Not so sure, K2.
            The airbase was “completely destroyed”. They were using the runway the next day. Its easy to find pictures of the aircraft shelters. A few burns on the outside, but structurally intact.

          • Ron Paul and his kids are worthless career politicians. Deal with it. The same people that cause these problems are not capable of solving jack $hit.

            • What problem did Ron Paul start? He is Dr NO.

              • Ron Paul is “doctor didn’t “

                • Ron Paul refused to vote for the wars, the tax increases, the spending out of line with the US Constitution.

                  Ron Paul didn’t go along with the globalist program.

                  • Ron Paul lost every vote.

                    • Just view what you missed standing on the sidelines.

                      Jun 6, 2013 How Ron Paul Was Cheated Out Of Presidency

                      A compilation of footage that shows how the establishment used illegal tactics to get Ron Paul out of the presidential running. Everything from bias to voter fraud. It makes us sick and we hope Ron Paul and his family have a bright future ahead.


                    • He lost because the sheeple are not awake. And the great majority will never be awake
                      because they get all of their information from Fox News or CNN.

        • Sgt. Dale

          ” history of the mid east.”

          I’ll give you one. Kermit Roosevelt, son of President Theodore Roosevelt, while in the CIA overthrew the Democratically elected President of Iran who wanted to nationalize the Iranian oil and use it for the Iranian people. The Shah of Iran was put in power who tyrannized the people.

          Your getting the edited history apparently.

          When oil was found in the Middle East in the 1920s by BP the region was carved up into controllable by them and often ungovernable for unity nations. The Saud family was given Arabia, hence Saudi Arabia. OBTW they are the Islamic Fundamentalist Fanatics, Sunni in origin not Shite, the Persians (Iranians) that are far more moderate.

          US and British fingerprints all off over the trouble in the middle east. They don’t wear white hats.

          • Keven,

            Don’t forget to mention we set up the Shah of Iran’s feared and hated secret police known as the Savak who were the tool the Shah tyrannized the people with.

          • K2,

            Explain the breakup of the Turko-Ottoman Empire and you will understand the current situation better.

            Louisiana Eagle ?

            • laeagel

              When oil was discovered the British as the bequest of BP broke up the Ottoman Empire dissolving natural religious / political alliances into fragmented and thus controllable chaotic states.

              If the Middle East’s export was coconuts it would be far more peaceful.

              • K2,

                Are you saying that WWI was fought for the oil companies and the globalists?

                Louisiana Eagle

                • No oil was discovered in the 1920s however they were looking prior.

                  WWI is tricky as the Rothschild’s and their cousins the Warburg’s loaned both sides money so they could slaughter each other. Its been a practice for the previous 100 years. Germany was winning, England if the loser couldn’t repay, the US was brought in to end, “The War To End All Wars” and “Make The World Safe For Democracy”. Germany was raped in reparations, the bankers got their money, and WWI part II resumed 21 years later.

                  • The bansksters raise and lower the price of our oil to control the markets, oil price is a defacto tax and money control,

          • Yes the Rockefeller family did the same here. That oil under the ground belongs to the people, not billionaires.

            • Gandhi

              I’m not a communist. The People would never have created the oil, steel and auto industries and with it the wealth they created. Domestically I like them highly regulated. I worked in Refining and Chemical and if left to themselves the problems would be immense. An example is Union Carbide at Bhopal India. Regardless Iran was their country. If Iran decides on nationalization then nationalization it is.

              These facts upsets the comfortable narrative of Truth, Justice and the American Way. Its sad when with a little bit of looking that the people won’t bother to look. They prefer the comfortable illusion and revisionist history.

              • You are confusing communism with bankers who lend themselves the money to buy everything. Capitalism means only privileged people have capital. Capitalism = banksterism. So the banks reposes the land by taxing it, then they strip the mineral rights, then they sell the land to noobs with no mineral or water rights. Then they make drilling illegal for the idiot slaves without buying a permit from the banksters. Got it?

              • The only true communism is in a loving family where all is shared including the work. We have corporations who hogged it all.

              • If the “people” did not create the products then what did?

                • From the telegraph through the computer chip communists created nothing.

                  • Geeze, hard to argue with ridiculousness

                  • Well the communist have bigger nukes than us.

                  • Kevin2, I am starting to visualize you as a neck bearded red neck. Am I right?

              • Kevin2, do you wear a neck beard?

          • Don’t forget the role of Zionism in maintaining Middle East instability:


            “• US Supreme Court Justices Louis Brandeis and Felix Frankfurter were covert supporters of political Zionism in its determination to occupy the land of Palestine, a part of the Ottoman Empire that was later mandated to Britain.

            • Zionists pushed for the United States to enter the First World War on Britain’s side “as part of a deal to gain British support for their colonization of Palestine.” In 1917, the Balfour Declaration, promised that Britain would “view with favor the establishment of a national home for the Jewish people,” a key document in the creation of Israel.

            • As part of a State Department delegation to obtain a separate peace with the Ottoman Empire, which “would have prevented Britain from acquiring Palestine and enabling a Jewish state,” Felix Frankfurter persuaded the delegation to abandon its effort.

            • At the Paris Peace Conference in 1919, Brandeis and Frankfurter lobbied for a Jewish home in Palestine, despite strong warnings that unlimited immigration of Jews would violate the Wilsonian principle of self-determination.

            • During Hitler’s rise in Germany, Zionists “sabotaged efforts to find safe havens for Jewish refugees to convince the world that Jews could only be safe in a Jewish state.” According to an Israeli source, “the Nazis wanted the Jews out of Germany; the Zionists wanted them to come to Palestine.”

            Zionist organizations established in the 1930s and ’40s lobbied President Harry Truman to recognize the state of Israel despite strong objections by Middle East experts. Loy Henderson of the State Department warned that the UN partition plan would “guarantee that the Palestine problem would be permanent and still more complicated in the future.” Both the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the CIA echoed that view.

            Ultimately, however, Truman accepted the advice of Clark Clifford, who argued that US support for partition was necessary to win Jewish votes in the upcoming presidential election. The president’s decision set a pattern for deciding US-Middle East policy issues on domestic political grounds.

            American Zionists were equally successful in lobbying the UN General Assembly, when it voted on the partition plan. According the Weir, passage of the partition resolution provoked violence against local residents, the expulsion of over 400,000 Palestinians and the May 15 declaration of the new state of Israel (which the United States was the first to recognize).”

        • Hey SGT…….. text me! 520-390-6069. I want to come out to Ottawa, Illinois and say hello! I’m in Kenilworth, north of Chicago. We are close enough! My name is mike.

        • Please…don’t worry. Amerikans are the biggest cowards and losers in the world. We won’t mess with a superpower like North Korea. We could not even beat Vietnam. A people who still used water buffalo for transportation.

          • “We could not even beat Vietnam.”

            And neither could the British Empire defeat the Colonials nor the Russians in Afghanistan.

            Guerrillas don’t “win” against an occupier, they just stay in the fight until the occupier decides its no longer worth it. Typically the occupier, possessing far superior weaponry and logistics “wins” every battle but ends up “losing”. War is politics by other means.

            North Korea has zero political support in South Korea and any fight between them would be conventional not guerrilla. In that fight NK would get its clock cleaned as defections in NK would be rampant. NK guards at the DMZ keep people fleeing south, no one wants to go north. This generally ignored truism is an Achilles Heel of NK and they know it. Think East Germany would fight hard for the USSR when they were fenced in by the wall?

            The Zulus with spears gave the British a lesson. An armed civilian population desiring not to comply at a minimum make an area ungovernable and hence of no economic value. In the end its all about that economic value.

            • Yep, that is what I said ?

              • Gandhi

                Great, so you agree that the North Korean government would collapse as their people fled south once seeing what life is outside of the Hermit Kingdom. You also therefore see the difference between a war with Vietnam, largely guerrilla and North Korea, quite conventional with the US utter dominance in the latter.

                • You don’t need a working government if the slaves are disarmed.

      3. Ron Paul is getting senile and should not be listened to by any intelligent person.

        He’s making stuff up out of thin air.

        • Smokey

          That “senile” SOB wants to audit both Ft Knox and the Federal Reserve and those politicians against him are sane and smart enough to be on the payroll of the aforementioned.


          • Exactly what would an audit be expected to accomplish?

            The average person won’t understand the results one way or the other and won’t care about it because they don’t.

            • I think if there is significantly less gold in the Federal Reserve & Ft Knox vaults the American people might desire to abolish that institution. If the money , in the trillions that was created was given out to friends and not recorded that might be understandable to the body politic.

              There is no was is ignorance preferred.

              • I was “biggly” involved in the Ron Paul revolution. I spent thousands of dollars trying to get the word out. Let me tell you it was an education for me. Amerikans are the dumbest MF’ers in the world. I spent so much time just trying to educate idiots to how the system works that I gave up trying to change things. People are a$$h01es, me included. I should have not spent the money and time. But it was fun realizing that people have lost the ability to comprehend reality. Most people can’t tell you what the square root of 25 is. Try answering that idiots!

                • five

                • 5!

                  • No the square root of 25 is not just 5. This is a quadratic function of degree two that means there are two solutions. If you graph the function of y=x^2-25 the roots ( where y=0 ) then you will find that x= 5 and also -5 so you are only 50 % right with 5. So you fail. I am glad I did not ask you to do the an integration, geeeze.

                    • Ok people you can see what we are up against. If a student in one of my graduate classes gave a lame answer like “5!” Which actually means five factorial, I would kick them in the balls and if they were not transgendered already I would hang those two trophies next to the printed answer on the chalkboard.

                    • That’s a negative number with the same property.

                    • A negative x a negative = a positive.

                      -5 x -5 = 25

                      Thought I would simplify it a tad.

                  • I knew that but I didn’t think you would know!?

                    • Ok, I will give you extra credit if you can draw your backup 9mm and put two on a paper plate in under 3 seconds at 5 yds from concealment.

                • Gandhi

                  About 20% of the population where I live is German. They know multiple times more than an American. I like engaging them in conversation because they’re worthwhile to talk to on a subject besides fishing.

                  • I understand kevin2

                  • Yes Kevin2 there is only so much one can say about torturing fish with hooks. I deal with German engineers working on our control systems. They are smarter but they are haters.

                  • Not only are Germans smarter than amerikans but so are gerbils.

                    • That’s not true, and I don’t liken your attitude. You sound like one of these Professors that are brainwashing the snowflakes. My son also has a Masters degree in math, and has been published in several math publications. You asked a simple question, you got a simple answer. Math was not my forte, I did not like algebra or geometry, but I did pass all my courses. My son taught at a college, and would never be so rude as to put someone down to make them feel inadequate. My father ,the Master Sergeant, also had a degree in mathematics. He was a structural steel draftsman and tower designer, back in the day before computers. Also a member of the engineering fighting unit nicknamed “Hell on Wheels” in WWII. Don’t be telling me Americans are not as smart as anyone else. The rich kids get the college education because they have the money, not necessarily the brains. That’s why this country is where it is today because the rich run it. Also Americans do not emphasize education like some other ethic groups. I always talked to my children about furthering their education, and to date three out of four of them have a college education. The fourth son is still working on it. Also one of my sons speak fluent Russian, and another one speaks both Spanish and Russian fluently. Americans are just as intelligent as anyone else. Are you an American? My uncle married a German woman, and she did not strike me as being intelligent. So I guess we can say no, all people do not possess the same intellectual ability, but cannot label a certain group by saying they are not as smart as another group. Also there’s more than “book smarts”, there’s common sense. What good is one without the other? People can be self taught by reading and studying on their own, they do not have to go to college. My mother did not get out of the eighth grade, but she was one of the smartest people I ever knew.

                    • I just can’t get over your statement. Every time I read it, it makes me so angry.

                    • waiting

                      Technically the US is the most advanced as has been shown. Politically the masses are possibly the most ignorant in the entire developed world. When Germans know more about US government than Americans, that’s frightening. Mark Dice makes a living showing this.

                    • Waiting, don’t get mentally ill over the fact that you got an answer wrong on a simple test. You are prolly just a typical amerikan after all ?

                    • Waiting, thanks for making my point so eloquently. The amerikan schools only care if the tuition is paid and will lower their standards to the point that even your family looks smart by being given a degree…sad?

                    • I’d rather be a typical American than an asshole like you.

                    • You didn’t answer my question about you ethnicity and if you are an American.

                    • My son was not given a degree because the standards were lowered. After graduation the military offered my son the opportunity to go to nuclear engineering school paid for, no uniform, his own apartment and a salary. I’m confident they (military) investigated him thoroughly before they made this offer. He turned the offer down. I wanted him to take it, but was not something he was interested in. He wanted to teach.

                    • Doers do and can’ters teach

                    • We need teachers, good teachers. When I decided to take the ACT test at age 42, I asked my son to tutor me in my math skills. He made it so easy to understand, and he had a lot of patience. He is a good teacher. I didn’t get to start nursing school until the age of 50. My ACT test scores were high enough to be offered tuition at less than half the usual amount. I was the oldest student in my class, and I scored the highest on Pre-NCLEX tests…..missing only one……oh, but I forget the standards were lowered for me! I’m 70 years old now, and I’m still a fighter, and I’ll fight to the death for what I believe, I was raised that way…..and yes I’m still ambulatory and in decent health. Take no meds but baby aspirin, vit C, culturelle, and magnesium, which are all over the counter meds. I’m proud of my son, the teacher. I’m very blessed, and thankful for everything I have, even though I am not rich monetarily. God is my strength. I hate that saying “Doers do and can’ters teach”…..this sounds like it would be something someone might say to put someone down to make themselves feel better. Everyone should be proud of themselves no matter their job; all jobs need to be done no matter the job. I’ve cleaned houses, worked at 7-11, Walmart, nurse aid, school bus driver, until I decided no matter how hard it would be I was going to nursing school, my dream. I thank all teachers that helped me get there.

                  • I’m sure you haven’t discussed politics with “all” the American population.

                  • I did not know Mark Dice, so I looked him up on Wikipedia. I agree with everything I read about his theories. I have read these things before and do have the same thoughts about these different groups he mentions. I just got my information from other like minded people. I know older generations and the brainwashed snowflakes don’t want to believe some of these things, because they can’t bring themselves to believe that their own government could do bad things to its own people. I know I tried to convince my mother about the experiments done on returning WWII vets without their knowledge, but she wouldn’t believe me until I showed her an article about it in a VFW magazine. It’s like pedophilia, it’s so bad that no one wants to admit something this bad could be done to a child. Their minds just won’t let them believe it could happen.

                    • Yes waiting, people just can’t believe that they are truly stupid. But we all are.

                    • Yes, I am stupid when I referred to my father, the Master Sergeant, as being in an engineering unit called “Hell on Wheels”. I was mistaken it was an armored division, not an engineering unit. Sorry. After getting out of the military he went to school and became a structural steel draftsman and tower designer, compliments of the GI Bill.

            • Audit the Fed and the castle would crash.
              That is, if the truth of it came out in the media.
              And the population was paying attention. Yeah, won’t happen.

              • And just when the world returns to gold I wonder how the people will deal with only echoes in Fort Knox. Same as the echoes in the gold vaults of Libya, Venezuela and the, Ukraine I guess.

          • Haha audit the FED. We would just learn who runs things. Slaves

          • i agree, kevin.

      4. I heard that Trump Bombed Syria with 59 Tomahawks cause his zionist loving b!tch daughter Ivanka cried cause some kids got killed. Really start WW3 cause your punknass SoninLaw Kushner is a paid shill by Soros. $250 Million Soros gave Kushner to get his Biz going. The shit flows south folkes. All BS emotions will get us all killed. Crazy world we live in.

        • And the gas attack was a false flag by the West’s white hats working in Syria. Assad had nothing to do with it. Its a pathetic foreign policy we have. Traitors are deep in our Gov.

          • Hermes,

            You are basically saying that Trump gassed Idlib!? He used the Russian airbase, used their poison gas from their dump nearby, used their airplanes, gassed and bombed a bunch of civilians, then sent ‘Tomahawks’ to ‘play bomb’ the Russian occupied airbase that is still functional, all to create a ‘false flag’! If Trump is so capable I would say that he is omnipotent, omnipresent, and perhaps omniscient! Wow, Hermes, you may be on to something! No wonder the MSM has underestimated him!

            Louisiana Eagle

            • Nerve gas was not used as the responders were photographed without sufficient protective gear on touching the skin and clothes of the victims washing them off. That would have been fatal. The gas canisters, no doubt blistering / asphyxiating agent such as phosgene / chlorine were broken open from an outside force indicative of a bombing.

              That gas was in ISIS / AQ possession in that munitions dump / warehouse.

        • This “chemical attack” didn’t even nesessitate gloves when handling the “victims”.

        • You’re a flipflopper on everything …
          Nobody takes you seriously

        • There is a reason why 59 Tomahawks were launched. Listen to Dave’s latest podcast on
          the X22 Report. Has to do with numerology and a message to those who will understand
          cryptic messages in the battle of good vs. evil ( deep state ). Before you have any
          preconceived thoughts, listen to it. Also research the meaning of angel numbers. They
          communicate to us with certain digits. Those digits have meanings. 111, 1111, 333, 444,
          very important. Understand the age we are living in. The supernatural and metaphysical
          world is just as real as the everyday world. They are intertwined.

      5. Ron Paul is losing it, a little at a time.

        This is truly sad, he was such a great man once and it’s difficult to watch it happening.

        • Well, just remember the ol’ Paulster is selling doom books now. He is just doing a little PR work.

        • how’s he losing it? because he correctly called out the false flag chemical attack? (eyes rolling)

          • Chip, maybe we needed the false flag to get the uneducated slaves to go allong with the bankster’s wars?

      6. While Ron Paul of the past did understand the financial issues bedevilling America, his current political explanatory efforts are laden with wild speculative propositions; the quotes above exemplify that process and are no longer worth consideration.

        Sour grapes from a three time loser?…a more credible explanation for his political malaise.

        • A three time loser?

          Is it because you supported these people instead?

          Jorge Bush Senior the neoc*ck?
          How about another neoc*cok, John McCain?
          Lastly, I wannabe a god in Mitt Romney?

          Is it people like you who are the roadblock to getting good people in politics, a phony conservative.

        • Ron Paul is mentally ill, and so is anybody who thinks we should be dropping bombs. The only difference between bombers is one drives a minivan and the other drives a plane.

        • nekahnetah3

          Your another new poster, lots of them lately, interesting, welcome. Ron Paul hasn’t wavered. The public has just apparently accepted the current convoluted system.

          • Kevin2, spot on about Ron Paul. When he was in Congress he was the ONLY HONEST PERSON in the entire US Congress. I also supported his candidacy. He and the country were both screwed when they threatened him and his family if he didn’t step down from the race. I believed Ron Paul back then and still believe him today. The naysayers on here can go f#$% themselves.

      7. I have seen the public manipulated and lied to again and again. When Reagan was president his intelligence director was a guy named Casey who said he considered his job successfully completed when nothing any American believed was true. There is an old saying, “knowledge is power”, another is “most of the time the majority is wrong”, and one more says “the truth shall set you free”. Only a top few are allowed to know the truth, everyone else is only a resource for TPTB to use and extract from as they see fit. You must not know the truth, you must not be free, you must not be empowered.
        I’m not saying those dictators over there are nice guys but Syria has a secular gov’t, Christians were protected and lived peacefully in that country, they even served in high levels of gov’t as they did in secular Iraq. Now the fanatics are slaughtering them with the US aid. People must ask the question “What in the hell do we have at stake in a shithole country who has never attacked us, why are we there?” I can only answer by saying things are the way they are because it benefits someone. We are not allowed to know who or why. Pres. Roosevelt said gov’t does not do anything by accident. We are ruled by secrecy; vile, unscrupulous psychotic people with dirty secrets.
        Von Goethe said those most hopelessly enslaved are those who falsely believe they are free. Ron Paul is correct, when someone tries to discredit him they are in reality kissing their shackles.

        • Bill

          Well said.

          Educate the masses.

          • Kevin2,

            I don’t know who you are, but thanks for defending the only honorable politician of our modern era in Paul. I just don’t get these short sighted, mypotic people who throw ridicules at him.

            These people who pretend to be in the knows, yet sloppily say some terribly sophomoric diatribes against the only principled politician of our lifetime.

            Somebody said, it is just a sign of the time, that everybody’s an expert, cynic in today’s “look at me generation.” Accordingly, prophet is never accepted during his lifetime. I don’t know what the future holds for the late great united states; I don’t have much hope for it. But, if you make it past one generation from today, you will all be looking back to the time when you had THREE CHANCE to make a difference in our country. And, THREE TIMES, you chose the neo-con, globalists. And sheepishly, a fraud such as “nekahnetah3” proclaims to be wise by spewing and mocking “he is a three time loser.”

        • SPOT ON BILL!

      8. More speculation

      9. *
        ***** Neo-Conservative = ZioCommie Chew


      10. When Ron Paul says audit the Fed, I say do it. When he says we should never get into
        conflicts I sometimes disagree.

        • Roughly 53,000 Americans died and saved South Korea but cost themselves auto industry jobs at home. 59,000 Americans died in Vietnam and the net result was the enrichment of the Military Industrial Complex. Both of these consisted of considerable draftees. Post 911 the US has created chaos destroying secular governments and either intentional or intentional, the Islamic Fanatics, those we’re supposedly fighting have failed the void.

          Ron Paul is correct. The US military exists to protect the US people and guard its freedom.

          • Filled not Failed

            • K2,

              “either intentional or UNintentional” I think was what you meant to say!

              • I tend not to proof read or make an ops on the 1st pass. Thanks, my point came across.

      11. I like Ron Paul. He is a good man.


        • yes, one of our “best” congresscritters in a long time…boy, that’s pretty damn sad.

        • Jimmy Carter was/is a “good man” but was a horrible president!

        • why would like like him? you’re a socialist leftist. he’s not.

      12. Wonder where the big hand and little hand are at on the Doomsday clock.

        • It was just moved to 2 minutes and 30 seconds to midnight! Trump is being blamed!

        • The doomsday clock time is different for every man. For any thug that pulls a gun on me it will be midnight on their doomsday clock.

      13. Hey SGT…….. text me! 520-390-6069. I want to come out to Ottawa, Illinois and say hello! I’m in Kenilworth, north of Chicago. We are close enough! My name is mike.


        I have been saying for years to switch to Linux. An easy one to start with, which just works, is Linux Mint 18.1. Not nearly as vulnerable as Windows, and free software. Faster, safer, easier, and extremely virus and malware resistant. Haven’t used Windows for years, and this is just another reason to never go back.


      15. Ask your neighborhood multicultural leftist with his “We are no afraid” signs if he (she? it?) agrees with female genital mutilation, per a Dr. Jumana Nagarwala, employed by the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit MI, who was arrested Thurs. by conducting this Muslim practice on girls between 6 – 8 years old. After all, all cultures are relative, and equally valid, right????

        Per CNS News: ( — Jumana Nagarwala, a doctor employed by the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, Mich., was arrested Thursday and charged with the felony crime of female genital mutiliation (FGM) on minor girls between the ages of 6 and 8 years old.

        Gee… and she looks soooo nice, doesn’t she! Full story at I am also still awaiting word from my leftist neighbor about what she will do when the radical Muslims come marching in to enforce Sharia law on the radical gays in San Francisco, but no word from her on that, either.

      16. The FED needs more than auditing. The Libertarians and Republicans are in favor of auditing the FED. Even Bernie Sanders is in favor of auditing the FED; however guess who is against auditing the FED…….you guessed it , the Democrats. Wonder why? Ron Paul is a smart man, and so is his son Senator Rand Paul. Anything the Democrats are against we should be for. The Democrats have turned into a mafia gang of thugs. There was a bill introduced to audit the FED in 2017 Jan 4 by Sen. Rand Paul and Rep. Thomas Massie. Not sure where it stands now. Trump also said he was in favor of auditing the FED. Sen. Rand Paul called the chemical attack in Syria a false flag. He also said if Assad is taken out of power, there could be a take over of Syria by ISIS. Look back at history: Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein. Look at what wars took place after their fall from power. Things went from bad to worse. The middle east has been unstable ever since; and all for what? GREED. The USA needs to get out of the middle east, I can’t count how many times I’ve said this. It evidently is part of the NWO plans, or they wouldn’t be so dead set on getting involved in another middle eastern war. They don’t care how many of our young men they kill to achieve their selfish agenda. The time is close, and I hope Americans have the guts to step up to the plate when the time comes.

        • I have a question. If the Fed was audited why would they tell the slaves jack $hit?

      17. I agree. There was no evidence presented that proved Assad did the chemical weapons attack. Trump bombing Syria so quickly is very troubling. The question to be answered is this: Is Trump compromised by Soros and the NWO crowd?

        If Trump is now working for the NWO because of being compromised, then it is time for we the people to remove physically all traitors within the Federal government. There is no other remedy because no amount of talking and alternative news reporting is going to change a thing without the people taking action.

        Our founding fathers risked their lives to fight tyranny, so must we. The remedy to tyranny is death to tyrants.

      18. Even though Ron Paul is revered as a champion of truth here, he’s a Zionist disinformation agent.
        Look at Ron Paul’s ties to The Mises Institute and read about Ludwig von Mises elite connections.
        Read Ron Paul’s thoughts on the Paris “terrorist” attack and 9/11.
        Ron Paul follows the narrative that these “terrorists” acted own their own.
        Ron Paul voted for Authorization for Use of Military Force Against terrorists after 9/11.
        What the Zionists are doing is using disinformation agents like Gordon Duff and Alex Jones to sell the East vs West Zionist narrative.
        The Zionists aren’t stupid and sites like Infowars, and Veterans Today are spreading their propaganda.
        Those people who have felt they have “awaken” will be more receptive to The New World Order, which will arrive to “save” the world from the “bad” guys.
        The strategy the Zionists are using is just like the good vs evil paradigm used to make Christians obey.
        As you Americans are starting to realize, Trump sold himself as a anti-establishment ,yet he’s a Zionist puppet.
        The puppet is in The White House and everything’s going according to plan.

        • You in your own double-scheming device, out-schemed yourself. Or, perhaps you are a shill for the globlist.
          Or, perhaps you think you know it all, but in reality, you know nothing.

          Paul is a just war advocate, not a pre-emptive proponent or a pacifist. Prior to the authorization for use of military force Paul introduced legislation for Letters of Marque and Reprisal to go after the people responsible for terrorism. Thus, he voted for NDAA to give president the power to go after people who had ill-intention against the US. However, he voted against going to war, as well as the war resolution, in Iraq because he believed Saddam had nothing to do with 911. He believes it was the job of the congress to declare war, if our country deemed we need to go to war against Saddam.

      19. Watched part of NK Sun Military Parade live on YT.

        I looked up the GDP for NK. Non-existent.
        So who is funding all the equipment, military uniforms, guns etc…?
        Communist China according to the reports I found. Prior to that Russia when still Communist. (POST WWII)

        What could be taken care of in a BIG way with nice flyovers (during the parade)is being conducted via armada, in conjunction with China???

        Is the armada a double check on Communist china or a very stupid move? If we engage on the front into NK will China flank??? While fly over US etc…?

        If China enters NK will it stop at the N/S Border or take peninsula? Is this reason for the double check armada?

        Is Communist China pulling the US into a triple play trap that will include Russia from the North? (I remember when radiation was detected in Norway a map showing Russian troops in the arctic. False map?)

        Get your maps out and mark where everyone’s troops are; its interesting. Lots of questions. Geography wins wars but is this war or a set up to fail?

        Who will protect the US mainland?

        Who cares about NK, follow the Chinese money! I guess all those goods we bought outfitted NK with the best to be used as BAIT for US. STUPID! But we hate Russia because they were Communists???

        This entire mess does not add up. I call BS on the Narrative! DJT could do the right thing and tell them all they are BS and save money!

      20. Trump dropped the MOAB to show that he isn’t afraid of Putin the Chinese or the north Koreans. Its like when we where teens if you kicked someones ass. It garnered respect & everyone else left you alone. They might know they would win in a fight with you. But they also knew that it wouldn’t be easy. nice guys finish last.

        • O G
          You said whatg I’m thinking!!! Thank for putting into words.

          I voted for Trump becasue he said he was going to kick the shit out of ISIS, and he has started. I don’t undersatnd people. Obullshit just about torn the country in two pieces, and they complained, and now Trump is doing what he said he was going to do, and they are still complaining.

          Remines me of the time I lived with my 1st. wife and my three daughters I had Bi–h and complaining evry day evry month!!!! (LOL)


          • Aren’t you the guy who put a stamp of approval for poster who said Ron Paul was a “three time loser.”

            As you admitted you ‘voted for Trump.” What do you have to say for yourself, NCO? A person with lack of discernment? No judgement ability? No intelligence? Perhaps, lack of critical thinking ability? It’s good thing the Army did not place in the position to make critical, life/death decision.

        • It is afterall a big game of chess,
          Having been one of those kids who would fill the odd tonka toy or toy military truck with duck brand firecrackers to see what it would do i get why they used that bigazz bomb,,,
          Seems a pretty harmless way to test it in real time and at the same time shake that big stick at those fookers

          • NAIL
            Thanks for the laugh. I blow thing up too. MUCH FUN!!!!!

      21. I wonder if this endtimes tribulation that’s coming is because never before in history have scientists gotten to the point were they can mess with Gods design on the genetic level? What is being done at secret labs? They are forcing Gods hand? I bet ya! The wheat has been warned to be separate from the Tares. And to have your lamps and your flasks full. A cup of wheat for a day’s work . If you got work? Prep or burn?

      22. I wonder if many believe that after a large attack and the buying frenzy that empties the stores. They will just eat out or order pizza. And the unprepared heavily armed ones will hijack every delivery truck they can. If you don’t get murdered in the first month.And can last another . We won’t need much of a delivery system to supply the few survivors?

      23. Not so fast on dismissing ol’ Ron. Just bombing a Sarin gas storage facility doesn’t eliminate the gas, just releases it. Those crews milling around in civies right after would have never made it back to the door.

        And those planted white kids all laying out comfortably just happened to be vacationing in that cesspool?

      24. The entire Syrian situation is phony. Going back almost 7 years. The US State Dept. tried to start another color revolution. It didn’t work. The State Dept. helped to organize the terror group ISIS. Turned ISIS loose on Syria and Iraq. Syria and Iraq are governed by Shia leaders. The US has chosen sides in the Muslim conflict between Sunni and Shia. The US sides with the people who attacked us on 9/11, the Sunni Saudis. The Saudis wanted to put a gas pipeline through Syria and Assad said no. Any questions?

        • That’s right, this is all about the Saudis and that pipeline. You said it all. What is Trump thinking?

      25. The US has been involved in the war between Saudi Arabia and the Houthi rebels of Yemen for about 5 years or so. Why is Saudi Arabia attacking Yemen? Why is the US attacking Yemen? The Houthi rebels were winning the fight against the corrupt govt. of Yemen. The Houthi people are Shia. And remember the US has chosen sides. With friends like the Saudis, who needs enemies? And when are the Saudis going to stand trial for 9/11? Israeli and US govt. accomplices?

      26. The only way to know what is going on is to be one of the people carrying it out! There are all kinds of accusations from all kinds of people, but who can you trust?

      27. Another thought experiment:

        If a “trump bomb” were developed and then dropped, what target would be it’s intent?

        a. Religion
        b. Science
        c. Money
        d. Conflict
        e. All of the above.

        • “truth bomb” Sorry about the spelling.

      28. I’m with Ron Paul when he says audit the FED. Jan. 4 2017 a bill was introduced by Rep. Thomas Massie and Sen. Rand Paul to audit the FED. Ron Paul is a smart man, and I don’t think he’s losing it. He’s with it enough to know the Syrian chemical attack was a false flag. This BS with the chemical attack in Syria is just a ploy to have a reason to go to war to get rid of Assad. Trump better quit insulting Putin by involving him in this attack. Remember the fake reasons the USA used to usurp Gaddhafi and Saddam Hussein. Ever since we have been embroiled in the middle eastern wars. I’ve said it before numerous times, the USA needs to get out of the middle east. The American people are no longer willing to sacrifice our young men for this BS. The sH%t is getting ready to hit the fan in more ways than you know. waiting

        • Waiting, if you are smart answer this question please. We know the Fed is crooked. So if they audit the Fed (who ever they would be). Why would they tell your stupid ass anything about the results?

          • Sorry, I don’t talk to impertinent people.

      29. Ex CIA director from 1981 to 1987 William Casey said ” We will know our disinformation program is complete when everything the public believes is false.” Almost there.

        • Who believes the CIA? They’re nothing but a bunch of lying thugs. They’re part of the NWO. Look how Comey let Hilary Clinton get away with the murdering of Americans at Benghazi. I don’t need anyone to tell me anything, I can watch with my eyes and then use the power of deducing what is real by their actions. Actions speak louder than words. Their lips say one thing and their actions say something else. The CIA has been an arm of the NWO for sometime now. Can’t trust them. Lips moving, they’re lying.

        • aljamo, did you read how Casey died? One of his own spooks got him.

      30. After 911 the US started its “War On Terrorism”. The globalist business interests make it a “War Of Terrorism”. First Iraq is invaded thus creating avoid that filled with Islamic Fundamentalists who Saddam internally fought against.The US then used its air power to facilitate AQ taking over Libya creating ISIS in the process. ISIS was quickly armed, funded and transported to Syria to repeat the process.

        Can anyone deny the above? Can anyone justify the above?

        If you can do neither its intellectually dishonest to support the US middle east policy. This is what Ron Paul is saying and he is correct.

        • Glad to see someone actually gets it…

      31. a void not avoid

      32. MOAB

        Mother of all Balms

        (((government))) thought control centers [“public schools”]

        (((all media, esp. TV)))

      33. Even though Ron Paul is revered as a champion of truth here, he’s a Zionist disinformation agent.
        Look at Ron Paul’s ties to The Mises Institute and read about Ludwig von Mises elite connections.
        Read Ron Paul’s thoughts on the Paris “terrorist” attack and 9/11.
        Ron Paul follows the narrative that these “terrorists” acted own their own.
        Ron Paul voted for Authorization for Use of Military Force Against terrorists after 9/11.
        What the Zionists are doing is using disinformation agents like Gordon Duff and Alex Jones to sell the East vs West Zionist narrative.
        The Zionists aren’t stupid and sites like Infowars, and Veterans Today are spreading their propaganda.
        Those people who have felt they have “awaken” will be more receptive to The New World Order, which will arrive to “save” the world from the “bad” guys.
        The strategy the Zionists are using is just like the good vs evil paradigm used to make Christians comply.
        As you Americans are starting to realize, Trump sold himself as a anti-establishment ,yet he’s a Zionist puppet.
        The puppet is in The White House and everything’s going according to plan.

        • For all the Paul Tards on the sight….raspberries ?

      34. Truth

        Dr Ron Paul is still revered to me. I haven’t seen a stricter adherent to the US Constitution yet. He was against Iraq, Libya and would like to bring our military forces home and guard the homeland. If he is the Zionists friend they’re not too choosy.

        I’ll take Alex Jones long before the NY Times.

        • Dr Paul is a senile old grandpa fart.

      35. This Ron Paul thread has generated considerable and controversial debating points; the real “Truth” in several areas continues to lie masked from general consumption by both corrupted MSM and ‘deep state’ agendas. Still, we need more caution with the over-worked phrase false-flag.

        It is more fair and appropriate to withhold simplistic name-calling such as “puppet” until clear-cut action proves/disproves mere words. No doubt, for many months now, POTUS has shown some personal faults; principal among those his impulsivity and penchant for repetitive overstatement. HOWEVER, I choose to believe, at least for the time being, that while this presidency may experience some deficit in statesmanship, the alternative available to the electorate November,2016 was substantially worse.

        Respectfully, I write to suggest to those wavering in their support of POTUS, be patient, stay the course,while DJT acquires more skill on the job. Fewer tweets lately, and perhaps that too is a growth indication.

        • A typical paid shill of Trump. You want people to give Trump the benefit of the doubt. He does not warrant one as he already has a long track record of who he really is, a self-absorbed narcissist. Stop being a tool or shill. Stop worshipping personality, especially one with mental disorder, an inflated sense of his own importance, a deep admiration for oneself and a lack of empathy toward others. Behind it all, you worship a little man with a fragile self-esteem who lashes at the slightest criticism. This is YOUR POTUS. Trump is the leader America deserves.

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      37. In your case, ignorance is bliss.

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