Ron Paul: “All Wars Paid For Through Debasing the Currency”

by | Jul 30, 2015 | Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 64 comments

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    And at some point, all empires crumble on their own excess, stretched to the breaking point by over-extending a military industrial complex with sophisticated equipment, hundreds of bases in as many countries, and never-ending wars that wrack up mind boggling levels of debt. This cost has been magnified by the relationship it shares with the money system, who have common owners and shareholders behind the scenes.

    As the hidden costs of war and the enormity of the black budget swell to record levels, the true total of its price comes in the form of the distortion it has caused in other dimensions of life; the numbers have been so thoroughly fudged for so long now, as Wall Street banks offset laundering activities and indulge in derivatives and quasi-official market rigging, the Federal Reserve policy holds the noble lie together.

    Ron Paul told RT:

    Seen from the proper angle, the dollar is revealed to be a paper thin instrument of warfare, a ripple effect on the people, a twisted illusion, a weaponized money now engaged in a covert economic warfare that threatens their very livelihood.

    The former Congressman and presidential candidate explained:

    Almost all wars have been paid for through inflation… the practice always ends badly as currency becomes debased leading to upward pressure on prices.

    “Almost all wars, in a hundred years or so, have been paid for through inflation, that is debasing the currency,” he said, adding that this has been going on “for hundreds, if not thousands of years.”

    “I don’t know if we ever had a war paid though tax payers. The only thing where they must have been literally paid for, was when they depended on the looting. They would go in and take over a country, and they would loot and take their gold, and they would pay for the war.”

    As inflation has debased the currency, other shady Wall Street tactics have driven Americans into a corner, overwhelmed with debt, and gamed by rigged markets in which Americans must make a living. The economic prosperity, adjusted for the kind of reality that doesn’t factor into government reports, can’t match the costs of a military industrial complex that has transformed society into a domestic police state, and slapped Americans with the bill for their own enslavement.

    Dr. Paul notes the mutual interest in keeping the lie going for as long as the public can stand it… and as long as the gravy keeps rolling in:

    They’re going to continue to finance all these warmongering, and letting the military industrial complex to make a lot of money, before it’s admitted that it doesn’t work, and the whole system comes down because of the debt burden, which would be unsustainable.”

    Unsustainable might be putting it lightly. The entire thing is in shambles from the second the coyote looks down and sees that he’s run out over a cliff.


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      1. Strange, but possibly true…

        • As usual, we get the fat, they get the lean ……

        • Interesting concept Mac. Good thinking.


        • Dr. Paul notes the mutual interest in keeping the lie going for as long as the public can stand it… and as long as the gravy keeps rolling in:

          Dr. Paul is quoting Nazi Joseph Goebbels

          “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

          • In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. –George Orwell—

      2. “Beep Beep!”

        • Prepper tip…

          Seventeen Ways to Sabotage Your Family Food Storage Plan

          “Once aware of these preparedness hazards, we can avoid these common stumbling blocks and keep our family storage plan on track, in balance, and ready for whatever may come our way. It’s all in the way we plan, budget, organize, and keep track of our best efforts and intentions to prepare and be self-reliant.”

      3. Of course it’s true. Run up the credit card to pay for the bankers wars. Like getting paid to have mind numbed military go out and steal shit for you and force your will on other countries. But hey, it’s unpatriotic to point out the truth. What a scam the banks run on you. You die for them, pay them trillions and trillions of dollars, obey their commands, allow yourself to be enslaved by them, worship their phony money, steal for them, kill for them, all for pieces of paper and digital credits. Pretty fooking pathetic if you ask me. If you really wanted to support the troops you would teach them the truth and have a mass awol and come home and fight for OUR country. Like I say “you can lead a sheep to knowledge but you cannot make it think” 🙂

        • “Banker think” I don’t like several of my neighbors so here’s what I’m going to do. I am going to print up some debt notes on my printer for the cost of ink and paper and lend them to you with interest. I will print up all you need to buy equipment and personel and all the crap you need to take them out for me. After you finish killing and dying and borrowing more of my debt notes I will take all the bounty you stole for me and all the interest on my debt notes I created and trade them for your real and tangible property and goods till I own all your property and you still owe me for the rest of the debt notes I lent you. You will register all your belongings and personal self with me so I can keep track of my assets. I will own you and all you have forever as you can never repay me. For I am the King of Zion!

      4. US Military bases are ripe with FRAUD. Its a horse and pig trough to slaughter the US Taxpayer. They havw built these bases up to make sadam hussein’s palaces look like circus tents. They many construction projecta oma every squate friggin inch of the land base. Destroying water ways nature and they have this BASH Program to harass and illegally kill exotic and endangered species. Nobody gives a shit cause it is their Country Club Compound Complete with 36 hold golf courses on the base. And the public haa no idea tje waste. One lounge on one FL Base has a lounge so expensive $90 Mil it could build 4 Brand new highschools complete with pools. @ $20 Million with Union Labor. Its a feed bag for the MICM- Military Industrial Complex Mafia. Go look at John McCain’s biggest campaign contributors… MICM

        • AMEN!

      5. That’s how you keep the people in their place. War, the politician’s best friend. There always has to be an enemy, when we all know who the true enemy is. War is the engine that drives the madness. Notice the antiwar activists have been severely suppressed? “War, what is it good for, absolutely nothing. Aint nothing but a heartbreaker, friend only to the undertaker.”

      6. Ron Paul the man who SHOULD of been America’s 44th President!

        * Nothing will change until a few Angry Americans arm up and take back America from the Zog with deadly force!

        Violent Revolution is the only way to Freedom!

      7. Mr. Paul…..I worked in your campaign as a volunteer. I knew the ZOG wouldn’t give you a chance but no one said freedom comes easy. Please advise your son to follow your footsteps and your character and integrity. He is already being declared a foot solders of the AIPAC tribe and you know their lobby has no positive intentions for the well being of the non tribal citizens.

        Nothing would change my love and respect for you. You are the pure definition of a Good American who loves his country and his follow country men and women and fears the God.

      8. Ron Paul is a loon who works for a Russian TV/News outlet. It does not surprise me that the loons on this site like him!

        Maybe Paul will run for President for the 14th time, oh wait, his pot smoking knucklehead son is instead.

        The day that there is a “Paul” in the White House is a day we are way passed finished as a Republic.

        Watch out fur them Hogs and Paulbots too!

        • Them Hogs, How is the weather in Tel Aviv????? btw.. GO and F%$#% yourself. Your and your tribe can’t stop the worldwide awakening.

          Sleep well while you can.

          • Listen,Shmuck
            What do the Jews have to do with it!
            Sh*t heads like you have caused a ton of suffering for my people.
            You are the scum of the world & a defective cretin who belongs in a dumpster along with the rest of the garbage!

            • Retarted…. You are right…the International crime money laundering cartels AKA Central Banks are not behind the current worldwide bloodshed and specially are not running by the Zionist tribe.

              Did you get your weekly paycheck from the tax payers in the US btw? It is late in Tel Aviv. Get some sleep.

        • TH, who do you recommend voting for? What tv outlet do you recommend also? Also who do you recommend listening to on radio or internet?

          • Genius…. he wants AIPAC to make the selection as they have done it on regular basis.

        • Yeah Hog…..I can tell you are the voice of sanity, and everyone else is a loon.

          • “snickers”

        • We are not, and have not been a Republic since it’s early inception.
          Rand Paul is a shitstain Israeli supporter and a traitor to the American people, Ron on the other hand is not.

          Ron Paul’s wife should of swallowed or aborted the shitstain Rand when he arrived into this world.

          WTF is wrong with Pot? If you had a dire illness that you were sure to die from and Marijuana was the only cure. Would you still be bashing Pot?

          • Bo6y, you must have so much hatred bottled up inside you. You know Rand Paul THAT well? I doubt it.

        • Ron Paul is a loon who works for a Russian TV/News outlet

          Well isn’t that interesting, do you have proof of that statement? So anybody who shows up on RT is a member/affiliate of that news channel? At least RT reports on subject matter that BBC,NBC,CBS,FOX,CNN,MSNBC….etc. will not touch. Maybe you just have a problem with Russia in general. Still buying into the MSM theatrical bogus reporting about Russia? Still stuck in the COLD WAR ERA?

          Sorry, but Russia has moved way past and beyond of the 1960’s Communist Rule.

        • I had a lot of respect for RP until he started the chant about pulling out of “all” countries and leave them alone.

          I am afraid that would not be the best position when dealing with the likes of crazed idiots in charge, like the bunch in Iran and that slime ball idiot in N Korea.

          If they only have hand blades and small weapons that might work out OK, but not with them having nukes and intercontinental missiles, as well as war ships.

          These idiots want world domination, period.

          • Iran, Nkorea? are you kidding? They are no threat! We have tech to blow their shit up as soon as it leaves the pad. Are you afraid of mice too?

            • Read Jeremiah 51:11 and then say Iran is no threat. They are the Medes. Give it some thot. thanks

            • Yea, genius dumbass, can’t you read and comprehend English?

              The subject was pulling out from all countries and “leaving them alone”. In other words, don’t interfere with their business or anything they are doing. That is what Ron Paul said we should do.

              It has nothing to do with what our military might is.

              BTW, I don’t think “we” would be blowing anyone’s shit up, if our systems were hacked and disabled, because we had not been vigilant with what new technology they had, etc,etc.

              Me thinks you need a new handle, cause genius doesn’t fit the comments you make.

          • oicu812…and who made you the decision maker for other countries as how they want to live? If you are so brave why don’t you get your ass out and fight the savages named ISIS unless you are on the side of their creators.

            • Oicu812, Oh how right you are retard lol. WE ARE THE MORAL EXAMPLE TO THE WORLD! It is our right to play big brother to everyone else. If we didn’t keep every other country in line with our views the world would fall apart. Give them a good dose of our democracy at the end of a gun barrel after we blow them into the stone age. God bless Amerika nyuk nyuk. Maybe you better go back to your mama’s boobie where it’s safe from the boogiemen 😀

          • “These idiots want world domination, period.”

            Typical propaganda ploy—INFERENCE.

            Even though I AM in the only country that has taken steps to do so, it is “These idiots [who] want world domination.”

            No, not ME. I just have more than 200 military bases parked all over the world, and my NATO lapdogs have bombs and missiles pointed at all points of the globe, I’ve spent billions on regime changes and mass civilian bombings in little harmless countries, because THEY want to dominate the world…

            yeah, right.

        • “Ron Paul is a loon”? Are you stupid, crazy or just full of shit…or all of the above? What the fuck’s wrong with you? Dr. Paul is the only true statesman we’ve had in the congress, and if he had been elected to the presidency he probably could’ve averted the fucking catastrophe we find ourselves in, or atleast mitigated the impact. I voted for him, campaigned for him, participated in his “money bombs”…basically did everything one man could do to help the cause. I had to listen to the blithering idiocy from dumbasses like you who kept saying “Ron Paul is unelectable” as they blindly marched to the tune of the false two party paradigm. Well asswipe, if he was unelectable then it was brain dead shitbirds like you that made him that way! Fucking morons!

          • I must say, the moron is the one that thinks one man is going to change the NWO plan and system. Not happening with all the moral decay we have in this world.

            Anyone getting a ticket to the White House in this time of the Age, is either in on the NWO deal or is just waiting to be Vince Foster’d.

            Ron may have been our best bet for a patriot king, if all the Illuminati were done away with.

            • You might be surprised what one man can do.

          • @TickTock: Oh yeah, well if Rand Paul had been elected to the Presidency everything would be ok, then we wouldn’t need preppers for teotwawki. What kind of screwed up world would that be. Wake up!

        • @Them Hogs….

          Congratulations….you are yet another that has bought into the nonsense that gets spouted by the MSM (including FOX News).

          Yeah…can’t have someone like Ron Paul being President. He might actually follow the Constitution. You know…..that antiquated document that the elitists you sheep follow like to use for toilet paper.

          Here….get some education….

      9. I have a hard time with Mr. Paul. But then again there are several things I agree with him.

        Our nation is being run by thugs/bankers, and until they are cleared out they will wage war and want us to pay for it.

        Where I live I have many tall trees and some rope but I need some more rope. Can anyone help?

        • Sounds like THEM HOGS has a lot of HEMP rope lying around. Just a minute ago he had a lot of praise for Marijuana.

        • Ya Paul isn’t the best but he is a far cry better than anyone else running. But it doesn’t matter because presidents are SELECTED not ELECTED. As far as rope goes, an incinerator is a lot more efficient and no having to dig graves. Also you get free heat from it lol.

        • Hehe Sarge…
          99¢ stores have 100 foot polyurethane cord for $2.99…a super buy for a very worthy cause!

        • I saw an ISIS video with a very creative use of Primacord( AKA Detcord). That would be a lot more fun, and a lot easier on the trees, I would think.

        • What exactly do you have a “hard time with Dr. Paul” about, Sgt?

      10. You can tell the truth to people, but in the end they will only believe what they want to believe. Watch the Netflix biography (An Honest Liar) its about a magician and escape artist that exposes fraud. Its good learning and an excellent show.

      11. as stated on c-span 5 years ago

        an i quote:

        “They’re just gong to Kill the Dollar!”

        “If you are in America you’ll be okay as the markets adjust to the new dollar. If your outside of America it wont be so smooth!”

        GOT PHYZZZ?

      12. On a side note, a FOURTH “Bucks for Babies” Planned Parenthood butchery video was just released today, Just over 11 disgusting minutes. How is this relevant to the headline story here? Because, **economic corruption always follows moral corruption** as night follows day.

        Apparently that fascist California judge in the LA circuit court who had an injunction against them releasing more videos wasn’t successful. This is our very own Japanese Unit 731 that conducted experiments on up to a quarter million humans during WWII Google Japanese Unit 731, or start here:

        BREAKING: New Undercover Video Reveals Planned Parenthood Willing to Sell Organs From Delivered Babies
        Per Katie Pavlich at

        The Center For Medical Progress has released a fourth undercover video showing Planned Parenthood Vice President of the Rocky Mountains and Medical Director Dr. Savita Ginde discussing how babies that are “delivered before procedure,” aka born alive, are used to harvest “intact” organs.
        “Sometimes, if we get, if someone delivers before we are able to see them for a procedure the we are intact,” Ginde is shown saying. The video also shows abortionists pointing out “another boy!” has been extracted and celebrating intact baby parts as “five stars!” “I just want to see one leg and one foot,” an abortionist in a lab is seen saying. “It’s a baby…here’s the heart…do people want to do stuff with eyeballs?”

      13. US Military bases are ripe with FRAUD. Its a horse and pig trough to slaughter the US Taxpayer. They have built these bases up to make sadam hussein’s palaces look like circus tents. They dump so many construction projects on every square friggin inch of the land base. Destroying water ways nature and they have this BASH Program to harass and illegally kill exotic and endangered species. Nobody gives a shit cause it is their Country Club Compound Complete with 36 hold golf courses on the base. And the public haa no idea tje waste. One lounge on one FL Base has a lounge so expensive $90 Mil it could build 4 Brand new highschools complete with pools. @ $20 Million with Union Labor. Its a feed bag for the MICM- Military Industrial Complex Mafia. Go look at John McCain’s biggest campaign contributors… MICM

      14. jade helm

        is military preparation for mexico’s political factions having a civil war in the soon to be future and the resulting invasion of mexican refuges invading southern u.s.s.a/ amerika.

        it’s projected that at around the same time race war’s will kick off across zog amerika with various races in the majority of certain ethnic dominated regions taking control away from the local white governments.

        this is projected to happen over the next 10 years in south west and south east u.s.s.a.

        white flight will be in the millions to northern white controlled states.

      15. …and so when the dollar goes into collapse…I guest all war will be free!

        Live Free or Die…Freedom isn’t Free

        • EEEEH, they will just transfer the balance into the new currency. You be owe us 50 trillion yuan!

          • LOL…Viva Amero!…

      16. I always liked Ron,agreed with most of his ideas,russian tv or not!

      17. Everyone blames the banker, the politician, and the Globalists. Like well, why the hell don’t people take a good look at the Veteran, The Welfare Mother, The Government Pensions, Sports Arenas, Taking land by eminent domain, Entitlements, and on it goes. Look, take a good look at the people, places, and things that you glorify and you will see the problem. People could, if they would, grow their own food, instead of giving to Government supported farmers. People could, if they would, read their Bible, instead of endlessly worshipping some expensive electronic gadget. People could, if they would, clean up their act and become real individuals, instead of just a face and an ass in a not so pedigree feed lot of freeloaders looking for a handout. But that would me the Zombies would have to fill their own feed through. God forbid that should ever happen.

        • I live in an apartment complex. I can’t grow much that doesn’t fit in a pot. Some people really CAN’T grow their own food. I suspect people trapped in cities can’t either.

      18. It is time to kick @$$ and chew bubble gum, and I am all out of bubble gum

        • There Here. Good movie.

      19. And the alternative in WWII was to save the debt and let Hitler run the show. SARS contribute minor impact. Just let a liberal POS like Obama run the show….he’s run the debt to $17 trillion on low interest rates….what do you think will happen when int rates climb….and they will climb….

      20. WWI, Wilson (dem), WWII, FDR (dem), Korea, Truman (dem), Vietnam, LBJ (dem). Great depression FDR (dem). And, as stupid as the Iran war was, ALL demotards in the Senate signed on with Kucinich being the only exception.

        wheres the problem?

        oh and dont get me wrong the Repukes have a lot to answer for too.. the only way we are ever going to take back this country is to Remove both corrupt parties and all the corrupt players , and the best way to do that is a clean sweep ..Not sure if people will know what i ment by that, but the action starts with and R , and ends with We the People

        anything other than this is just mental masturbation, and a waste of time

      21. I agree with this article, as far as it goes. We went off the gold standard so TPTB could spend unlimited money to expand and secure the Globalist Hegemonic Empire. Yes the currency has been destroyed. But Americans tried to get cost of living raises to keep up with the lost buying power, to no avail. Few kept up. In order for employers to survive the rising cost of labor they outsourced and in sourced. Thus we created the immigration crisis. The Empire is against borders. They have destroyed us. The currency is almost worthless, the demographic integrity is destroyed. The job outlook is horrible. The Pew Hispanic Survey says that almost all new jobs go to immigrants not Americans. Nearly all new jobs are service industry. Low paid and part time. Those people don’t buy homes or new cars. The middle class is on it’s last leg. If that isn’t enough to rise up, what is?

      22. Today’s news headline, home ownership hits 48 year low. Part time low paid workers can’t buy homes.

      23. It’s not the wars. The wars are paid for. PERIOD.

        The entitlement spending is orders of magnitude larger than war spending. PERIOD.

        70% of the federal budget is transfer payments.

        See for yourself:

        I’m tired of everyone blaming our fiscal problems on war while they give away the store on social security, medicare, medicaid, SSDI, obamacare, welfare under a zillion different program names, SNAP, section 8 housing and intergenerational handouts to the inner-shitties. The whole USDA revolves around food stamps and farmer subsidies. Enough diverting every conversation to war debt being the sole problem already.

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