Robotic Optical Mail Bombs in the Uncanny Valley

by | Oct 25, 2018 | Headline News | 12 comments

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    This article was originally published by Doug “Uncola” Lynn at

    To those who are politically and cynically aware, the October Surprise designation has become a misnomer. Instead, these predictable events should now be termed October Inevitabilities, or, even, October Hand-Writings-On-The-Wall.

    Just like the hands of an old-fashioned clock count down the minutes in circular certitude, so too do election years churn up the same old tired shenanigans meant to manipulate outcomes via emotions stimulated by media shock and awe.

    For over two years, the Orwellian Media has ceaselessly shilled a phony Russian election-hacking narrative, perpetuated by a bogus special counsel investigation; even as both operations demonstrably overlooked the real election collusion between Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign, the DNC, the FBI, and the Department of Justice.

    Furthermore, in Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination debacle, the nation witnessed the self-perceived purveyors of social justice attempt to convict and hang an innocent man.

    More recently, our high-tech screens have relayed the magic manifestation of impoverished South American migrants spontaneously coordinating together and traveling thousands of miles; on track to arrive here just in time for the midterm elections on November 6, 2018.

    Then, today, mail bombs were sent to prominent Democrats, thus allowing them all, one by one, to stand stoically before the cameras and sadly lament Trump’s leading the nation into white-supremacy and right-wing terrorism.

    It should also be noted that none of the bombs exploded. Not one. Additionally, some of them were sent to the wrong Democrats at the wrong addresses; including one to CNN addressed to former CIA Director John Brennan. Both occurrences of which, in the eyes of the persecuted victims, surely affirm the perceived stupidity of the alleged Caucasian Terrorists. Undoubtedly, the devices could of have had boughs on them.

    In response, CNN Worldwide President, Jeff Zucker, Tweeted:

    There is a total and complete lack of understanding at the White House about the seriousness of their continued attacks on the media. The President, and especially the White House Press Secretary, should understand their words matter. Thus far, they have shown no comprehension of that.

    Unbelievable. The president of a media network that has vilified President Trump over phony charges of treason with Russia, has again pointed his crooked finger at Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the only White House Press Secretary in history to have required Secret Service protection.

    Next, queue the same day’s 600 point stock market correction right on schedule; as the hits just kept on coming.

    Whether by bombsbullshit, or bear markets, who benefits?

    Obviously, with the Orwellian Media, it’s all about the narratives; movies of the week.

    Consider the Latin American Express:  All we need now is for a Gandhi-like figure to rise up before the cameras.  But, seriously, how hard would it be for either Mexican or American secret-agents to flatten a few tires or otherwise disable the vehicles? Of course, it would be very simple for even low paid mercenaries to turn that “caravan” into the unluckiest trip to hell, ever.

    That would be something to see. But no. It’s not happening.

    Additionally, since Trump has made the case for national security, how difficult would it be for the boys and girls in our shiny billion-dollar super-secret surveillance facilities to track a few phone calls and bank transactions to see who’s pulling the strings?

    But no. The drama just plays out like it always does as the simplest questions go unanswered and common sense solutions ever remain just out of reach.

    Isn’t it strange that the financial backers of the migrant caravan, who allowed for such terrifying visuals of a slow-motion national invasion, have made Trump, and his Republican supporters, the inevitable choice in the midterms? If the Independents were undecided before, they sure as hell aren’t now.

    It seemed that Kavanaugh and the caravan had dissipated any predictions for a Blue Wave, but at least with the Honduran Mob, the Democrats still held out hope for a military engagement on the southern border, as a last minute game changer.

    Either way, this particular movie of the week will force a final in-your-face consensus on borders, law, and national sovereignty.

    Therefore, not only is the American Political Left ideologically bankrupt and with limited options currently, they also reek of fear. Kind of like a boxer or UFC fighter who, in a match, first begins to consider (if not accept) that they MAY be outclassed. Yes. The left is now seeing parallels to 2016 complete with overconfident pundits and pollsters, and with Trump still filling venues across the land.

    Plus, now, another meme.

    This time, though, instead of a green frog, it’s Non-Playable Characters (NPC). If there’s one thing liberals hate, it’s being ridiculed, and given its coverage in the mainstream press, the NPC meme appears to have hit a nerve.

    I’m not a video gamer, but it seems Non-Playable Characters work on many levels in describing the Leftist Mob: They’re single dimensional, they repeat what they’ve been programmed to say in robotic ways, they can’t be engaged effectively, they lack originality and self-will, and they can’t change.

    Worse yet, it now appears all of the Democrat’s heroes have feet of clay. Obama spied on a presidential candidate, and that should have been no surprise because he warned how he’d bring a gun to the knife fight. Remember that? More recently, just a few weeks ago, Hillary Clinton said:

    You cannot be civil with a party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about

    Last year, a gunman upset over Trump showered the Republican congressional baseball team with bullets. Even so, Maxine Waters recently called for Trump administration officials to be harassed and Eric Holder has incited violence as well.

    Now, it appears Robert Mueller has shot blanks, while Stormy Daniels and Michael Avenatti went down in flames, and even the Great White Native American hope, Elizabeth Warren, has met Custer’s fate.

    Perhaps this is why the NPC meme resonates so much with Trump’s supporters: After all of that fail, the mob still rages. Nothing can avert their zombie-like, blind animation, and this, in fact, hits at the heart of the NPC meme: The overall creepiness is rooted in what has been technologically termed as the “Uncanny Valley”:

    …the uncanny valley is a hypothesized relationship between the degree of an object’s resemblance to a human being and the emotional response to such an object. The concept of the uncanny valley suggests humanoid objects which appear almost, but not exactly, like real human beings elicit uncanny, or strangely familiar, feelings of eeriness and revulsion in observers.

    In other words, the NPCs are soulless robots. Vacant. Look at their eyes closely and you’ll see there’s nothing there.

    But in spite of everything, the mob knows it absolutely must win the midterms, no matter what. It’s either that or irrelevance, and I can’t think of anything they would fear more.

    In the opinion of this blogger, the Red or Blue wave depends upon which team pulls the most from the vast sea of previously non-voting Americans. It’s a large segment of the population and one the media has been trying to radicalize on behalf of the Dems. However, it appears the opposite is happening: Just as Kavanaugh helped to pull Republican Ted Cruz ahead in his tight Texas race, so too might the Honduran mob doom Democratic Kyrsten Sinema in Arizona.

    You would think the organizers of the Latin American Express would have thought that through, no? Unless they believe the silent majority in America now desires unceremonious suicide. Or maybe the globalists want the Republicans to win so they’re stuck with the full tab when the economy resets sooner or later. But if the Dems win, then that, of course, would be a mere bonus whereby Trump could be inquisitioned.

    I once debated someone in the fall of 2016 who said the election was over because the polls showed Trump as having no chance to win. At the time, I argued the swarms coming out of the woodwork would crush the polls, and that’s exactly what happened in key electoral races.

    So the question remains whether the hatred for Trump will override those now angered by Kavanaugh and the Honduran Mob; or, more specifically, how many of the great unwashed register and show up to vote.

    There are also many Hispanics currently in America who feel just as threatened by the never-ending southern invasion as do Deplorables. After all, they’re here and got theirs. People are greedy and don’t want to share. That’s human nature regardless of color.

    This means more Hispanics could vote for Trump than the so-called experts might realize.

    The same goes with blacks. The economy alone might cause them to go Full Kanye in the privacy behind the polling booth curtain.

    At the same time, it’s also quite feasible the hatred for Trump is stronger than anyone realizes.

    In any event, if the mail-bomber turns up wearing a white hood, they will be proven very stupid indeed, for jumping the gun and unnecessarily throwing weapons into the game. A game, in fact, their team was winning. Of course, in this scenario, the media will NOT report how the right-winged elephant was poked first.

    On the other hand, if this was another desperate Hail Mary by Trump’s opponents to even the playing field before the midterms, it will backfire bigly.

    Here’s how to tell: If the suspects are right-leaning Caucasians, we’ll know very soon. If not, it will become another never-ending movie of the week.

    No matter what, though, just as during the 2016 Presidential Election, the pundits and pollsters are now stumbling around in the dark; shining their lights into the same old dusty and musty basement corners after all of the occupants have vacated the premises.

    Turnout always makes the predictions moot, anyway. We’ll know soon enough.


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      1. Control the information people are given and you control what they think about.

        Control what people think about and you control the conclusions they draw.

        Control their conclusions and you control their actions.

        Control their actions and you get what you want without having to use coercion or force.

        The Left naturally knows and practices this, the Right rationalizes then fails to understand why the people think and do the way they think and do. The right continually plays catch up with what the Left has already done.

        Winning is about understanding and applying these simple principles in daily life, what do you think Alinsky and his rules were all about?

        • Very astute.

      2. Your credibility suffers when giving such a biased viewpoint I think.

        • This site is aware of it’s own rightist bias. Also, the NPC meme is intentionally being used for propagandist (emotional) purposes. Noone’s being tricked.

      3. Distraction. Deception. Lies. More Lies.
        Media communist at normal work.

        StarBucks Coffee CEO said he would hire 10,000 muslims.
        StarBucks Coffee CEO said that bums and vagrants were allowed to hang out, use thier restroom. While they oogle female customers. He even closed stores for a day for reeducation communist type indoctrination.
        CEO is allowed his viewpoint. No problem.
        I NEVER returned to Starbucks.
        I BANNED StarBucks cups in my Business. I bought a very over priced machine for breakroom that can make all the g wiz fancy coffees. Staff thinks I am a hero for doing this. Can not tell you how many employees have come up to thank me, have sent cards, etc. They say this machine saves them more money and allows more money to stay in their pocket than a raise. Thanks StarBucks for making old bastard like me so loved at workplace.
        Also my family is banned from Starbucks. I control ALL finances in home. I don’t want my wife and daughters endangered by StarBucks hang around bums or a wacked out muslim with a grudge, that might take it out on my blond, blue eyed, American ladies. Also no Starbucks gift cards bought. My account said I spent $1500+ on those gift yards each year in the past for over ten years.
        —-So No StarBucks. Problem solved.

        NFL wants to take a knee. No problem. Not one NFL game watched in our home for second season. Not one piece of NFL gear or swag bought as gifts. For two years now.
        My children think it’s great. NFL made me a hero to kids because now we do things as a family.
        —-No NFL in our home. Problem solved.

        Nike shoes supported anti American knee takers.
        —-No problem. No Nike products. Problem solved.
        (BTW: Swiss Gear shoes are great comfortable and better priced.)

        Movie actors are constantly anti American and anti Trump.
        My family has not paid for a movie ticket in 5 years.
        We play board games on weekends. Popcorn at home is cheap and healthier. Liam Neeson and Matt Damon have come out against gun ownership even though nearly ALL of thier movies have stupid amount of gun play.
        —-No movie tickets bought. No movie pass gift cards for friends, family, employees, for 5 years now. Because the loud mouth Hollywoods hate NRA. I Now give NRA memberships as gifts. Thank you Hollywood mouths.

        Shut down these Anti American communist.
        Abort FaceBook.
        Abort Twitter.
        Don’t give communist your time, info, or money.

        ARREST for treason and inciter of riots, George Sorros.

        • A THOUSAND THUMBS UP!!!!!

          • YOU are ABSOLUTELY Right….Money is the only language these dipsticks understand.

      4. It has been pointed out that these items were fakes. And some of these were hand delivered at the same time in far distant locations. Meaning, more than one person involved. And some, if not all of them, were not handled as if they were unexploded bombs. Example, news media people were allowed to approach and film the items before they were “made safe”. I smells a rat. And we must ask ourselves, who benefits from this?

        • Who benefits from this?

          It seems to be the Republicans so far.

          The intensity and support of their base is increasing as a result and they seem to be gaining ground in the upcoming elections with fence sitters moving to the right and more likely to vote and support them as a result.

          • Anon, wrong again. Agitation propaganda from the far left. Just because the far left miscalculated, doesn’t mean they didn’t do it.

      5. The Progressive Socialist Democrats planted the bombs to distract the people away from the caravans. Why? Because its an election year and perhaps (and I say just maybe) even they are beginning to think they have gone a caravan too far). Regardless, nothing is going to happen. The illegal US government will move these illegals right in, hook them up with housing, welfare, healthcare, register them to vote, drivers’ licenses, schools for their kids — all at the American taxpayer’s expense. Complain and you will be vilified, called every name in the book — racist, bigot, a xenophobe, a nationalist, and God knows what else.

        The Republican planted the bombs to distract the people away from the caravans. Why? Because nothing is going to happen. This illegal US government will move these illegals right in, hook them up with housing, welfare, healthcare, register them to vote, drivers’ licenses, schools for their kids — all at the American taxpayer’s expense. Complain and you will vilified, called every name in the book — racist, bigot, a xenophobe, a nationalist, and God know what else.

        The truth is simple. Your government is illegal and must be taken down. Just as exponential growth on a finite planet is impossible and suicide; so is inflicting infinite population growth on a finite country.

        Revolution is the only way. People must stand up and take a stand.

      6. It’s entirely possible that the deep state feds will produce their patsy. The fall guy that they aided and abetted. The guy that they urged to do it. The guy that they provided with inert fake bombs. He’ll probably be wearing a MAGA hat during the perp walk.

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